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January 1, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Anonymous Masturbator Confessions

Happy New Year

I brought in the new year doing something that brings me the most joy in the world and intend to continue for the rest of today. I can't think of anything more enjoyable than watching porn and masturbating. Or maybe one thing. I do that on occasions when I can as well but can't always get to do that. My neighbour likes to walk around the house naked and I watch her whenever I can which is also very enjoyable. But unfortunately she is away a lot.

I went clubbing early last night before midnight and saw some very cute obviously underaged girls out partying. I would have loved to have brought a few of them home to continue the party. I have some nice little pills that they would have liked I'm sure! Then I could have done whatever I wanted and they would never have known.

I usually only use them for my own use but occasionally it has been used for other things. They add intensity to erections and when I ejaculate it is like my head is going to explode. It feels great.

January 2, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Undecided

Over 40 Years of Masturbating

Great Fun

Hi I am over 60 now and still wanking as often as I can. I pull my penis as often as I can I love to wank on cam and really enjoy others watching me.When i,m camming I show my face as I dont mind being seen,in fact the turns me on even more I love pulling my penis knowing that other guys are watching but I dont care [do's that make me gay] and when I cum it really excites me reading all the comments from them Its even better when I have a private show and watch each other pulling our penis like hell and talking dirty and watch each other shoot our spunk. I could spend all day looking at porn and wanking.I can wank for hours as I have been pulling my penis everyday for years and got my own way of not shooting my load until I want too. Anyway got to go as I wasting time I have a penis to pull.

January 2, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Fantasies while Masturbating

Asian Lover

I found this website some time back I can't remember exactly how long long but it was a while, and I have been a frequent visitor ever since. I really enjoy reading the stories you guys post here and I rarely go away disappointed after my visits. I like reading about most things to do with masturbation and have to admit I have contributed a number of things myself which I hope you guys have found interesting.

Now I don't imagine that everything I read is 100% true here and that is fine because after all, the main aim of sites like this is to share fantasies, and stories of things that turn guys on and excite them and improve the masturbation experience. For me, sitting naked reading the stories whether it be a man masturbating outdoors while watching a neighbour or a young guy who has just discovered his penis for the first time is good. Whatever the story, I just love to read about them.

I can tell you now, I am sitting here totally naked and it feels wonderful. I know at this time of the day no one is going to disturb me so I have at least 2 hours of nakedness and doing whatever makes me feel good. Which is usually a hour long session with porn and my hand or maybe doing a live chat which is sometimes interesting. It can be a little expensive though. I use be a phone sex junkie years ago until I discovered the live chat on internet. Seeing a female in lingerie stretched out on a bed is really great.

I prefer asian women though. Or more specifically girls. Girls from early teens to late 20's. Although, I was out a few days ago and I saw a mother and daughter together and either would have been good. The mother would have been around late 40's early 50's and the daughter mid teens. Daughter would be my first choice but either would have satisfied my needs.

Speaking of needs, I really need to take care of my throbbing penis it is just about to erupt and I really have enjoyed sharing my thoughts with you guys. I only wish you could be here with me to help me along for the next hour. I guarantee a lot of fun.

January 2, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight


Watching and Loving It

I never realised how much enjoyment could be had by secretly watching someone until recently. I have read about it and that's how I discovered my own interest. As I was reading this particular story I became so excited I actually came in my underwear. Totally unexpected. I mean I did intend to masturbate at some point because I was on the website and yes, I had began undressing but I got to reading this particular story about a guy who lived next door to a young girl and he was watching her. The story goes, he saw her by accident one day undressing and he watched until she removed all her clothing, and it became a regular habit.

After reading that story a number of times, and believe me, I still get as excited as I did the very first time. I realised that I love to watch. I am not overly aroused when there are guys involved but if it involves watching a girl undress, by herself. Or two girls kissing, or performing other intimate acts then I could watch it all day. And at times have watched it for an entire day. Depending on my supply of performance enhancing substances and timing. I have even been known to invite a girl over and get her to dance and I will masturbate while watching her do a strip tease. So exciting, it is amazing.

January 2, 2013 -

Urgent Need to Masturbate

Porn Watching

I enjoy watching porn very much especially girl on girl stuff. I am usually rock hard 5 minutes into the show. I recently discovered a really great one which caters for just about all my little needs and desires. Right at the beginning the girl comes on and does a 5 minute dance routine, teasing, tantalising and eventually stripping naked which then leads to sex with a guy. Usual thing head job, and pussy fingering and lots of moaning and ultimately ejaculation for me. Then fast forward to another favourite or most times wash myself off in the shower and put the porn away until next morning.

What I really enjoy about this particular film is they advertise in such a way that you think the girls are young innocent teens and the first one looks just like that. She looks very young, innocent and very shy. And starts to do a little dancing. Just looking at her doing that is enough to get me hard, which is how I am right now, just thinking about her. And as she begins to get closer to taking her top off she starts getting more and more seductive but still in an innocent, childish way. The first time I watched it, I was on the verge of explosion by now, I was so horny. I kept watching and she took her top off and she had a bra that was blue with some sort of pattern and she started doing things with her skirt, almost taking it off but not quite which excited me even more. Baring in mind she looks like a teen that should be at school and has perfect blonde hair and a figure that most guys would cum in their pants and here she is about to get naked.

I almost couldn't stand the strain, she began removing her skirt and revealed blue panties with some type of print on them that you would see on a young child's underwear, which made it even more exciting. Not sexy lingerie but panties that a 12 year old would probably wear. Not that I am into 12 year old's but it just was so exciting at that point to see such a gorgeous girl in underwear like that. I guess they did it to highlight the fact of the young girl thing for the movie. And then she laid of the sofa and did a little move lifting her legs high and removed panties.

She slowly stretches out and runs her hands over her entire body and just before they cut to the sex part with the guy they show her young virgin vagina with very little pubic hair and a perfect unopened package. So innocent.

At this point in every time I watch I usually time it so I am blowing my load just as she is getting ready to suck the guys penis.

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January 3, 2013 - Sexual Preference - In-Between

Over 40 Years of Masturbating

Still Jacking Off After All These Years

It's great to know that there is a website for my favorite pasttime: Masturbating, Jacking Off, Wanking, etc. I'm 64 years old and I still jack off as often as I can, which is ALOT!! I jack off when I'm driving, day or night. I jack off during the day while I'm naked and walking around the house. I jack off anytime I'm thinking about having sex with other guys. I jack off before I go to bed. I jack off when I'm viewing gay porn on the inernet. I jack off while reading erotic stories on the internet. I jack off when I'm wearing panties and a bra, or other items of lingerie. I jack off as I'm chatting over the internet with other penissuckers or crossdressers. I jack off in the shower or in the bathtub. Anytime, anywhere, there's no excuse not to jack off.

January 3, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Bisexual

Anonymous Masturbator Confessions

I just buried my daddy

First, I am bisexual. Second so was my daddy. I am married & have 2 kids and I love both my wife and kids, but I also loved my daddy very much?

My daddy was a mans man in almost every way! He taught me to hunt, fish, play golf and tennis, and to wrestle. Wrestling was the most enjoyable!

I loved to hug him from the time I was a child, and he, in turn, loved to hug me. He did not touch my sex organs at all as a child. I did see him naked often, and one time he had a hard on. We often showered together after swimming in our pool.

One day I swam alone, got out and went into the dressing room, started the shower, soaked my trunks while on my body to rinse them off, then stripped off. I had just reached puberty and was quite proud of my genitals. I was soaping my body and them down when I got an erection. Just as it became full blown, my daddy walked in to change and go for a swim.

I was embarrassed, and he told me it was natural, and then his got erect. He asked if I had ever masturbated and I said yes. He said all men do, even married men, again according to him very natural in all men. He asked me if I knew that the semen we ejaculated was full of sperm. I told him no because I had never seen them. We had a microscope in the house so he told me to masturbate and he would too. He took some of my cum and some of his put them in two jar lids. He told me after his swim we would look at the semen and we would be able to see the microscopic sperm

We hugged each other very warmly, pressed our erection against each other, and kissed. The hugging and kissing were not unusual, but pressing our erections against each other really turned both of us on. My daddy then gently took hold of my erection, started jacking me, then he went down to my hard erection, and gently kissed it all over the head. I told him I was close to cumming, he told me he wanted to put my erection into his mouth, so he did. He had a mouthful of warm salvia, rolled his tongue around my erection, and I told him I was about to cum and he sucked harder. I came and came and came and he swallowed all of it.

He stood up and told me he enjoyed my penis, and that he enjoyed mutual sex with other men at the country club. I was still shaking all over and I asked him, please, could I kiss and suck his. He said yes, so I sucked my own daddy off and swallowed his cum. My first but by far not my last. We hugged, kissed and caressed each others dick, balls and ass. I really enjoyed him sticking his finger up my ass, and fingering me. Again we did all of this often we and to each other. I just couldn't get enough of my daddy. I would crawl into his bed on the week-ends, and we would hug and kiss and suck each other.

I am married, enjoy a rather good sex life with my wife, but for just plain uninhibited sex, I loved to get with daddy. We hunted together, and would suck each other, we fished together and would suck each other, and we would wrestle in the den which was in the basement, pull down our shorts and jock straps, and suck and lick each other sweated balls and dick. Oh, he was so warm and giving and loving. I am all man, too, but my relationship with my daddy was the most loving.

I am going to miss him. I do already, and I am getting a juicy erection just recalling all our expressions of love for each other. I have just undone my pants, pulled down my short, let my hard flip out, and now I am going to jack-off, catch my cum in my hand and offer a toast to my daddy then swallow it, thinking it is his. L love you, daddy!!

January 5, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Bisexual

Unique or Strange Story

Movie Masterbation

I went to the male/gay x-rated movie house. After watching guys suck penis and spew cum, I was getting hard and so I unzipped my pants and started to stroke my penis. Within a minute someone sat down behind me. He started bumping the back of my chair. So I reached around and felt his penis just starting to get hard. After stroking it for a few minutes he got up and sat down next to me. Right away I dropped to my knees and started to suck on his penis. This was the first time for me. The penis was now large and hard, probably about 7 inches. I was hungry for that penis and was surprised how much I enjoyed it. I did not want to stop and I took it all the way in and down my throat.I was able to have the penis against the back of my throat and was able to have my lips touch the base. I was able to breath through my nose and suck that penis. I was sucking so much my mouth started drooling onto the floor. I did not stop even when he started moaning and saying he was going to cum. Suddenly he was shooting his warm cum into my mouth and down my throat. I was able to keep sucking well after he was done cumming. There was cum on my face when I stopped for a minute and I used my fingers to wipe it into my mouth. I really was so hot for the taste of cum I started to suck on his penis again. I was like a sucking machine, like drunk on penis.He was done now and had to wait for him to get hard again. I never knew how much I liked to suck penis and drink cum. I would say that I am quite good at it.

January 6, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Anonymous Masturbator Confessions

from boy to man

My first experience with jacking off was with two other boys. we were about 6 years old. one boy had seen his dad humping his mother, and his peter got hard. his daddy saw him with his peter out and jacked him to what felt like an orgasm. he showed the other guy and me so we played with our own peters until we had the same sensation. our curiosity got the best of us when the one boy told about seeing his dad, and the stuff that spewed out. I never seen any body hair. my dad died when I was a baby and my mom never let me see her naked or even sitting in the tub or on the toilet so I was quite naive. when I was in junior high, we had a boys gym class. we had to undress in the boy locker room. I took of my clothes and was surprised to see some of the boys had hair around their penis's and under their arms and on their legs. I asked the coach what had happened to them. he told me they were in their adolescence. their peters were bigger (soft) and their bags were longer, and the color of their peters was darker. I asked the coach why they had that and why the rest of us didn't. he explained that all of us matured at different times. the next year all my classmates were hairy, and I still wasn't. I became very jealous and just couldn't keep from staring at their peters. I would go home, go to my room, take off my clothes, and investigated my own naked body looking for hair. I would jack off and nothing would come out. I quit going out for any sport because I didn't want to be naked in front of all other guys of two and three years older than me with them hairy and me bare. a close friend of mine showed me his peter, got it hard, it was so big, and he let me jack him and he came. it had totally fascinated me. I was right down there with his peter as it shrivled up. the next day I went back over to his house,and we did the same thing only this time I wanted to kiss his peter and he let me. he came and spewed cum all over my face and I licked some off and got even more excited. I became bi-sexual and was very popular with all my hairy friends. I still liked girls, and when I finally got hairy, my dick got hard when I saw girls with their tits popping out. then when I started fingering them I would pull my peter out and they were fascinated as I would cum into a handkerchief or tissue. they loved to looked at the cum and smell it. soon my steady girlfriend tasted it in the handky, liked it and wanted to see if my big peter would fit into her pussy. it fit and from that point on I was totally heterosexual. I got married, had children, my wife died, so I became totally interested in my own hards. later, I joined a health club, saw other naked men in the sauna and steam room. saw others with semi-hards and it wasn't long before we were sucking and humping each other. still see and have sex with women, but with mem their is no affection other than helping each other relieve our male needs.

January 7, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Masturabatory Editorial

Long Time Masturbator

As the header suggests I have been masturbating a very long time. Over 40 years of absolute and thorough ecstasy. But as a youngster I was naive and did treat masturbation like a lot of young inexperienced guys, a quick frantic pull in the shower or maybe a little night time rub before nodding off.

As I have gotten older and especially in the last 25 years I have spent so much more time and effort in developing techniques and methods to enhance the pleasurable experience of masturbation. Nowadays, masturbation is an event that takes any where up to a couple of hours to complete. From the time I first begin by getting naked and starting to fondle my penis in front of the television watching my favourite bit of lesbian porn. Or maybe surfing through the net and gazing at some of the gorgeous young girls who persist in undressing and showing their bods on youtube. Youtube is a great place. It is amazing for a guy my age to be able to go and watch so many young girls doing god knows what for god knows what reason. But it get me off to a great start.

I also enjoy Facebook that is another revealing place for females to show themselves which is why I am there. Because lets face it, the conversations are lame, but the photos of the girls are awesome. Young girls of all ages showing everything. It is better than porn in a way.

Porn actors know that guys are horny and masturbating when they watch. But how many innocent young girls realise that their photos have been copied and printed thousands of times for the purposes of masturbation. I know I have copied a couple for that reason. My nephews girlfriend is a very revealing person.

January 8, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight


Hot And Horny

We are in the grips of a terrible heat wave at the moment and most people are feeling quite distressed. I usually find hot weather quite pleasant as it gets the juices flowing and wakens a lot of urges that some times don't want to emerge. We had the hottest day ever recorded about 35 years ago when I was at school and we were sent home which I was pleased about and yesterday reached two degrees below that, so it was pretty damn hot.

I was uncomfortably hot most of the day until late evening when I decided it was time to go to bed and try to sleep. I rarely wear anything to bed and in fact, when I am home alone I spend the majority of the time naked. Anyway, as I laid in bed on on the bed to be precise I gradually fell asleep and had about 3 hours and woke up and was unable to go off again. Partly due to the heat and partly due to the fact I was feeling a bit horny as I haven't had sex in a couple of months.

I masturbate quite a bit but I see my girlfriend who works in another city whenever we can get together. Unfortunately, this time it was not possible and her regular visitor was postponed. She is due home late today, which is probably the reason for me feeling so horny. The expectation of seeing her is getting to me and I am not sure if I can wait too much longer. But I am afraid that if I masturbate now I will not be able to perform for my girl in a few hours.

I called her cell phone earlier and she is actually on her way so I guess a couple of hours more is all. Although, my penis is rock solid and I am in pain it is that hard. How am I going to get through until my gorgeous baby gets here.

January 8, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Masturabatory Editorial

My Amazing Delight

I still remember the first time I took my little penis in hand and began to gently fondle it feeling it getting bigger and bigger in my hand. I thought it was heaven. I had what I thought was plenty of time and had been at school all day with my class mates boys and girls playing together and there was one particular girl that every boy liked and we often talked about her and how pretty she was and all that. This day was a bit more special for me. I had started to feel different feelings in my groin that I hadn't felt before little tingling in the balls and feelings of hardness which I didn't understand but knew I liked how it felt.

I still enjoy those feelings. The feeling of and impending erection just before it starts to form feels wonderful to me. The feeling of nice tingly wondrous delight as it fills with blood to form the firm, hard beautiful form that is ready for stroking is something that amazes and delights me every time I masturbate. Now matter how many years I do it I still look at it and feel delight at those first few moments of pleasure.

I mean, I don't know how many of you other guys think about how wonderful masturbation really is and really look at your erection the way I do. I get so much absolute pleasure at looking at my own erection and I think how wonderful life is that I am actually doing it.

For instance, now I am sitting here discussing all this stuff and horny as hell, naked with an erection you would not believe. And feeling absolutely wonderful. I couldn't care if anyone were to walk in on me right now, which could happen, I wouldn't care. I just feel that good. It wouldn't be the first time that someone has walked in on me while I have been in an awkward position and hopefully it won't be the last.

I discovered a long time ago that I liked being watched and watching others while they are either masturbating or undressing. I watched a girl and her boyfriend doing anal earlier which was interesting.

Anyway, I really hope this gets published to your site for your readers, as I really enjoy reading the stories and suggestions, and I think the guys and girls?? may like my story.

January 8, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Unique or Strange Story

Gaming Excitement

I have just had the most unusual sexually exciting experience of my life and it is so unusual. I was playing a computer game that I play regularly. But this time for some reason as I was getting more and more points and bonus points and nearing completion of the level I was on, I began feeling sexually aroused. As the game got more intense so did my arousal. It got to the point where I was rapidly nearing the end of the game and I was getting so excited sexually I felt like I was going to ejaculate. I didn't want to stop the game as I was so close to completing the level which had been a problem for a while so I continued going. The closer I got the more excited I got and then I couldn't stop it. I exploded in my underwear.

I have never had an experience so intense before. Does this mean that every time I play the game subconsciously I am going to think of today and become sexually aroused. I hope so!!

January 10, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Bisexual

The Ultimate Male Masturbation Experience

A hotel fantasy

Christmas is always rather a stress time for me. I don’t like the commercialism leading up to it nor some of the religious rhetoric so I tend to go off on my own and book myself into a chalet for skiing. It has been a good season so far and IK much enjoyed the invigorating exercise with new friends to meet, I am bisexual and on the whole prefer to have sex with a man so was kind of on the lookout but if a nice girl came on the scene that is equally good. On this occasion I had the best of both worlds which I would like to tell you about

On the first day I met a really nice couple on the high slopes. About my age – late twenties. . Even dressed up in all the gear I sensed the chemistry between them and found it a real turn on. As usual I imagined them in the nude humping each other., That memory alone would have given me a good fantasy to use in the background for masturbating

We bumped into each other later that evening in the bar. To me she was stunningly beautiful and he was very handsome. Lucky sod I said to myself! It so happened that I was in the room next to them. Out of curiosity I looked for ways I could perhaps hear what they were up to. Then by chance I saw a ledge which I investigated by moving around some furniture placing a chair onto a wardrobe. There I came across a narrow window behind a curtain which looked straight into their room down onto the bedroom. I had to keep my own room dark but this was potentially going to be fun. Later that evening I made myself comfortable and waited. I realised I may have to wait a long time maybe in vain but luck came my way. After about a half hour at 11pm I heard some laughter, the door opened and the bedside light was turned on on. A perfect view. They both began to undress each other and went to have a shower together, he putting his hand on her bum. At that point they were both facing away from me. I could not see them in the bathroom but heard some laughter and much splashing of water. After a bit she came out draped in a towel, sat by the mirror and combed her long golden hair. As he emerged she dropped the towel and he leant over her from behind and fondled her boobs. Both still facing away from me and I could not see the image in the mirror. By now I was beginning to become very horny.

He then led her to the bed upon which they both collapsed, kissed and he then started to fondle her boobs and suck her tits. Much giggling and whispering small talk which I could not hear. She then stood up over him and I could clearly see her part shaven pussy simply emphasising the central fold. She started to fondle herself then took his hand between her legs. Licking his finger for lub he placed it slowly over the entrance an clit. She winced in delight. He then lay on his back and she began to fondle him. He had what was probably the largest penis I had ever seen. Maybe 7-8 inches. Mostly shaven but as it was stiff I could not tell whethet or not he was circumcised. As she lay over him I could get a full view of the most wonderful curvy boobs and somewhat protruding bum which he continued to fondle. She then positioned herself to give him a blowjob. Taking his hard penis she started to lick the head. He was clearly enjoying it and started to wriggle in delight, then took the whole thing into her mouth into which he rammed as hard as her could. It did not take long for him to ejaculate but just before doing so she withdrew and the semen spurted onto her face. They obviously knew the right moment. I thought he was going to attend to her needs but no they simply cuddled down and fell asleep.

The following morning I met them at breakfast and she asked if they had kept me awake. I said no but I could certainly hear them chatting. She then broke the ice by saying I might not have picked up what was actually happening. It was a question that needed a response but I side stepped the issue. Later that afternoon, again on the slopes, we happened to meet again and the subject came up again so decided to be more positive and say yes I had guessed what they had been doing. To cut a long story short I said I had heard most of it and guessed she had not been satisfied. To this she said she had not long given birth so was not fit to do it. We got to the point of asking what else they would like to do in the circumstances. To my utter amazement her real wish would be for her to watch another man bring her partner to a climax as she had often seen him masturbate himself. He interjected, would I be interest. Of course I said yes but provided I could just cuddle her boobs and bum for a short while. They both agreed. That night I joined them in their room and we had an amazing session. It was finished off by them watching me jerk myself off. All satisfied we went our way.

Gosh, if only this story was true!

January 10, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Anal Masturbation

anal enhancement

Something I particularly enjoy when I masturbate is to include my aneros peostate massager. I use the Maximus which provdes an optimal amount of stimulation to my anal canal and rectum. I start with a hot shower and then give myself an anal douche. Laying on my bed nude,I lubricate my anus and the aneros with albolene. While pressing the aneros against my anus I also use my pelvic muscles to relax my anus and ease entry of my Maximus into my anal canal and rectum. I continue tightening and relaxing my pelvic muscles and enjoy the sensations created as the massager moves back and forth inside my rectum. Sometimes I'll lay on my stomach and rub my penis against my bed for stimulation of my penis while enjoying stimulation to my anus and rectum In time I'll begin to masturbate in my typical way by manually stroking my penis,pulling my left hand over the head of my penis in a slow rhythm while gently massaging my scrotum and testicles with my right hand. Simultaneous stimulation of my penis, anus,rectum and testicles is a totally absorbing experience of intimate pleasuring and connection with myself emotionally and physically for me. I experience a wonderful sense of submission and vulnerability to the power of my sexuality. I finally allow myself to masturbate to what typically is an especially intense orgasm and ejaculation with a particularly satisfying release of semen from my urethra as the contractions of my anus around the aneros add significantly to my pleasure and feeling of release. I've masturbated almost daily since childhood which is 40 plus years and find masturbation with my aneros in the way I've described as pleasureable and satisfying as I've experienced.

January 11, 2013 - Sexual Preference - In-Between

Other Masturbatory Entry

men's jockey underwear

I must be a real pervert. I read these stories about guys loving to smell, collect, masturbate on womens panties, and they disgust me.

I have loved smelling mens briefs forever. I love to smell the crotch, smell the pee drippings, and smeill the ass side for the odor of shit.

I really get hard when I score a big one where some guy has left or had some cum drip into the crotch. I lick hard at least imagineing that I can taste it.

I love to suck mens erections. I really like the kind that are big around and long. I like to stick my finger up their ass while I am sucking, then I love to jack-off.

jacking off always makes me feel young again. I love to see my cum spurt out and I catch as much as I can and keep it in the palm of my hand and lick it off over a long period of time. to me all cum taste good, but I still love to get a mans briefs or if lucky a sweaty smelly jock strap and sniff and lick the sweat and crotch area.

I am probably totally gay, but I do like to have sex with women now and then. I am good looking, a bachelor, and I work out at a gym everyday. when men drop their shorts before either going into the shower of getting ready to work out, I watch where their locker is, and when they leave I jackoff while smelling and or licking. make my personal jack off so much more explosive.

January 14, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Memorable Wanking, Jacking Off, and General Masturbation

Gay Porn

I was searching for porn earlier to watch while I had my morning hand job, and I accidentally opened a video thinking it was two girls having lesbian sex. It turned out to be to guys. One was doing oral on the other, and although I have never thought of myself as gay in any way, I must admit, the sight of an erect penis and a guy sucking it so intensely got me within seconds of ejaculating. I really got excited. And honestly still am. I have a rock hard penis and I can't understand why. Gay porn has never been any interest to me before, except for females. I absolutely love the mere thought of seeing two girls together or a girl working solo.

January 18, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Caught Masturbating!

Once Upon A Time

Once a upon a time there was a little boy and he had a secret. He had never told anyone about this secret before and then one day he came across a wonderful invention called the internet. The internet led this little boy to a magical place where this little boys secret could be revealed. But when this little boy started reading the other little boys secrets he realised that maybe his secret was not such a secret after all. That secret was that every day when he was by himself he would do naughty things. Naughty but nice things and those naughty things would result in magical things happening.

This little boy started coming to this magical place regularly and he found lots of little boys were there, sharing stories and secrets and making little boys very happy, so happy some times that magic things happen much quicker than planned and causing a mess. But that's okay, all little boys get dirty and today I am going to be very dirty. All my little friends are away and my playroom is full of fun things and I am very ready for a full day of play. My mommy and daddy are away and I am all alone to do what ever I want, and it is no secret anymore what I want.

January 19, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight


No Panties Girl

I have discovered something totally new and it came from reading one of the stories on another site not related entirely to masturbation, but it is very exciting in many aspects. This lady revealed that she never wears panties, and as I read further the lady revealed more and more about her habits and it lead to me becoming a little excited. I could not control myself, and ended up ejaculating in my undies before I had a chance to do anything about it. I have always had a little problem with premature jacking but I wasn't expecting to get excited so quickly. It felt good though. The clean up took a while and rinsing my underwear but it was good.

Pictues of Nude Men
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Pictures of Nude Women
Free Picture Site - In many cultures the nude body is considered a work of art. This is a free nude-study project with demonstrations of one hundred different nude women.

January 19, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Memorable Wanking, Jacking Off, and General Masturbation

Under a bridge

Once in a while when I'm really horny, I'll sneak out of the house to masturbate under a bridge just up the road. Under the bridge the sound of the rushing river echoes so loud, that it masks any noise I make. I place a straw mat down next to one of the walls under the bridge and start to rub my penis through my jeans. As I start to get hard, I unzip my jeans and pull my penis out of my boxers. I like to stroke dry at first because I last longer and I can build up a decent pool of precum. With enough precum I'll stick my finger in and taste a bit, then I rub it all over my penis bringing me closer and closer to orgasm. When I finally cum I stand up over the rivers edge and shoot my juices into the rushing river. One night after I snuck out, one of my neighbors saw me, I waved at him and he waved back. I continued to the bridge and placed my mat down in the usual spot, but when I sat down I looked over to my left and my neighbor was standing about five feet away. He asked me what I was doing so I told him I come here to meditate. He called me a liar and had a seat next to me. I told him he could believe whatever he wanted to and I sat there pretending to meditate, I was a little irritated that he was still there. He sat next to me and just stared for a while. I was about to tell him to go home already but he suddenly reached for my crotch and started rubbing it. This neighbor is a year younger than I am and has always been curious but I didn't think he'd go so far as to touch my crotch. I asked him what he was doing and he told me that he was helping me meditate using air quotes. I sat there and let him continue rubbing my crotch until my penis was super hard. He asked if he could see it but I told him not until he shows me his. He pulled his pants down and he was already hard and bigger than me. I pulled my penis out and he started to stroke it and eventually started sucking on it, I'm not gay but this felt good. I decided it would only be fair if I returned the favor so we got into a 69 position and sucked until we both came in each others mouths. We now go under the bridge almost every night together.

January 20, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Caught Masturbating!

Door To Door Sales

I don't know about the rest of you guys but I really get tired of people coming to my door trying to sell me stuff. Or phoning up at the most inconvenient moment to talk about selling products I don't need, don't want and couldn't care less about.

So imagine my ultimate frustration when yesterday after a really crappy morning I was in the mood for a little ME TIME. So I put on a nice video one carefully selected for the purpose at hand, got a little wine, my favourite. Then got naked settled back on my couch for what I thought was going to be an afternoon of sexual adventure.

About half way through the wine and well into the video, segment number 3, girl on girl blonde 5ft 5 petite breasts just the right size, and the other an asian girl black hair shortish, really gorgeous and anyway, moving on. I was feeling a little more than tipsy from my wine and much more horny and the crappy morning had become a distant memory, and I was about to go for another glass of wine when the door bell rang.

What the f---k, who the heck could that be. I knew it was nobody I knew because at that time of day no one calls in unannounced and I had a huge erection. Throbbing and really hard and nothing was going to make it disappear in a hurry. But I had had just enough alcohol at that time not to care. I decided to go to see who was there.

I peeped through the viewer and there were a man and woman standing there. I though, time to shock. I opened the door and calmly said yes, what can I do for you. They turned and left very quickly. The young woman was impressed I could tell!!.

I never did find out what they wanted. But maybe she might pop back another time!

January 21, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Memorable Wanking, Jacking Off, and General Masturbation

Female Masturbation

I have recently become aware of another website which caters for guys and gals you like to share stories about their exploits. And I was amazed at just how open and honest women are about the subject of masturbation. It was a real turn on for me when I started to read stories and share conversations with individuals about their own stuff. There is a lot of anonymity and privacy on the site because like Facebook you can chose people to become more close to or you can just be like me and stay anonymous. I mean, writing to someones wall and talking about masturbation and fantasising and having fun is one thing and an immense sexual turn on, but becoming too familiar is a no no for me.

For the past week while visiting that site and communicating with various people I have had some really intense and some of the best masturbation sessions I have had in months. Probably because not only can we share I thoughts like now, but people actually respond, immediately like forum like thing. So it is almost like internet sex. They are doing it the same time you are doing it and we are talking about it and it is such a turn on.

I am getting so hard thinking about my last visit. I was talking to a couple of people, one girl who said she and her husband have sex every day but they always begin by masturbating together. It then leads to other things.

One other girl has a photo of herself naked but you can only see her back, she has a beautiful tattoo on her back. I asked to see the rest of her and so she set her webcam up and shot a photo for me. She is 22 years old. A little younger than me and I was really hot when I saw her naked breasts. I began to masturbate immediately at the site of her gorgeous well rounded young breasts and she never suspected a thing.

Or maybe she did, and maybe she was fingering her wet pussy while she was typing message to me.

January 21, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Urgent Need to Masturbate

Naked and Naughty

I have read a lot of stories over the years about people and their sleeping habits, whether they sleep naked o whether they don't. I have always enjoyed sleeping naked. But I rarely do it. Reason being is I usually don't sleep that well when I am naked. I suppose it may be psychological or maybe just sexual but I ever since I discovered the joys of masturbation, I have associated the idea of sleeping naked as somehow a sexual thing. Which in turn makes me get aroused. So, if I go to bed naked I immediately get an erection and start to think about masturbating which usually ends up keeping me awake.

So, what I do now, is I compromise with myself. I wear pyjamas to bed but when I wake up early as I usually do every morning I get up take my pyjamas off go to the toilet and urinate and then return to bed for a hour or so until I am either very horny and need to masturbate or am in the mood for watching porn. I watch a lot of porn in the early morning and usually by the time the sun is up I have done the business and ready for a good breakfast. And after breakfast I watch more porn and masturbate some more!!.

What a life!

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January 23, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight



Panties. I browse this site frequently and it gets me horny and wet reading some of the stories. Male and female. I love reading about other mens adventures with panties. I love to sniff,lick and taste worn ,stained panties! White with some lace are my favourite panties. I've been lucky enough to have been given some panties by girlfriends or other female friends. They don't think it's too strange. I'm sure that it must also please and excite them giving me their stained panties and knowing that I am going to masterbate whilst sniffing and licking their panties. On occaision I have worn the panties given to me. I get horny,erect and start pre-cumming quickly.I love the feel of the panty material and also knowing that its probably frowned upon by most men and females. I'm staight but I love seeing females wearing just panties. It's just so sexy! Today I was out shopping for some low-cut boxer underware and on the way out I passed by the panty section. Right in front of me was this pair of white with lace, cheeky bottom panties. I felt them and they felt so smooth and silky. Of course I bought them. I've been single for far too long and I'm always thinking about sex and doing lots of wanking. Nearly every day! I did something that even shocked me. I found the shopping centre toilets, went to a cubicle amd took off my undeware, replacing them with the panties I had just purchased. They felt great and I started getting horny quickly. By the time I got to my car the panties were already starting to get quite wet.Its a 20 min car ride back to my place and I couldn't wait to get some privacy. Straight to the bathroom to get a look at myself in the mirror wearing nothing other than my new panties. They were now soaking wet and my penis was staining to get out but was just held in by the lace trimming on the panties.I'am now wearing them as I type. I can feel the pre-cum running out of the panties and I must go and have a good wank. I hope other men are not embarresed to write about their love of panties as well, even if you are sraight, It is just a harmless fetish. Enjoy...I do!

January 23, 2013 - Sexual Preference - In-Between

First Time Masturbating

My first time I did it 3 times that night

I'm in my fifties now so when I was just starting out masterbating there was no Internet, just Penthouse, Hustler and all that. I remember my family went to visit and uncle and aunt of mine that had no kids and I was looking around the night stand in my uncle's room and found a Penthouse magazine. It had these amazing shots, close up shots of pussy. I was floored, I'd never seen that before in pictures, I was mesmerized. Anyhow, the evening wore on and I would sneak around to have another peak at that Penthouse 4 or 5 times.

Got home later that night and went to bed but could not sleep as my penis was rock hard and those pictures were in my head. I went to the bathroom and quietly locked the door. I lifted up the toilet seat and sat backwards on the toilet and rubbed my penis head with just 2 fingers, one either side of the pee slit. I had NO idea what I was doing, I just rubbed and WOWK did it feel great. Then my whole groin area got really warm and my penis head was totally purple...then this really strange feeling like having to pee but not the same.... it was fantastic...and then the semen spurted out, one after the other....WONDERFUL. I cleaned up and went to bed finally understanding what the 'masterbation' was that was mentioned in sex ed class. I still couldn't sleep, I made two more trips back to the toilet that night to rub my penis head and cum. After that, I was hooked, a boy and his penis, what a story.
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January 23, 2013 -

Over 40 Years of Masturbating

At 74 and still going

I am sure I will not be alone in saying it is so good to have this website back again. It’s been a bit like abstaining from regular masturbation! I am now in my early seventies and have been pleasuring myself for sixty years. When it all began at school I of course very frequently had a hard-on. Loved to see the boys in showers a few of whom would be publicly stiff. In those days life was different and much more restrictive. However in the dorms late at night I occasionally fondled someone but not to a climax. By the age of 13 I was jacking off my 5 inch circumcised penis about once a night. All very privately. Then into the Armed Forces where there were even more restrictions due to proximity but it was at that time I had my first encounter with a friend serving with me when I went on vacation with him. It was the first time I had allowed someone to watch me cum and vice versa. This was followed by a career in business with masses of international travel punctuated with the occasional encounter in a hotel room. Sex in my marriage was unadventurous and became boring so again masturbation in private kind of kept me going. After her death a few years back I began to feel bisexual so there is much more intimate male activity now or at least fantasising about it.

Now I masturbate about twice a week. I still thoroughly enjoy it in the privacy of my own comfortable and warm bed. It can take time to get an erection except if I have abstained for a week or more. It’s holding that erection which can be a problem (and I have no wish to use Viagra or the like) Even if flaccid I love to just fondle my penis and particularly stroke the tip which easily becomes moist. When I do cum it no longer spurts out to my tummy button , more a dribble down my shaft and hand but still extremely pleasurable. Long may that happen. As is often said, if you don’t use it you lose it!

Pictues of Nude Men
Free Picture Site - The nude body is considered a work of art in many cultures. This study project demonstrates one hundred different nude men.

Pictures of Nude Women
Free Picture Site - In many cultures the nude body is considered a work of art. This is a free nude-study project with demonstrations of one hundred different nude women.

January 24, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Urgent Need to Masturbate

turned on by male cum shots

Although I consider myself straight and really love watching the women, there is something about watching a man cum that really turns me on. It has gotten to the point that when I am watching porn with a man and woman I am really looking forward to watching the cum shoot out of his penis. Men do not turn me on by looking at them. I do not walk down the road saying that guy is hot like I do with the women. I do not even look at the men. However the thought of a hard penis sliding in my mouth turns me on like you would not believe. The feeling of it sliding in and out of my ass is also a huge turn on. I believe that fantasy is a big part of masturbation and my fantasy is to be first off with a shemale. If that can`t happen then a crossdresser and last a man. So far I have yet to be with any of these but the masturbation session is really intense and my penis gets so hard thinking about and watching the porn of these types of sex. I found 4 male on male porn dvd`s in the trash last week. I could not wait to get home and put them in the dvd player and masturbate to all hours of the day. I live alone so to be naked all day and play with my penis is no problem. I enjoy going on craigslist to look at the ads and also look at the variety of peniss being shown on there. I have responded to some but without luck. I think most guys think about being with another guy but only through fantasy do they do any thing about it. I am sure that if given the chance I would suck a penis and be a bottom for a shemale, crossdresser, or another guy. A really intense cum shot is the best of all. The thought of all that cum sliding down my throat really gets me hard. I even get hard when watching a woman give a guy a blow job and she has his load in her mouth. All I can think of is frenching her in order to share the cum with her or if he shoots it on her body then lick it all off of her. To me whatever turns you on and gets you off is fine even if it means being with someone of the same sex. Pleasure is pleasure in my opinion.

January 24, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Bisexual

Over 40 Years of Masturbating


I was almost engaged to a girl back East. She caught a plane and came out to see me. Her mother ran in side the plane and was crying about losing her little girl, so I broke it off. I sat down in my room, and wrote down exactly what I wanted in a wife. The girl back East fit most of my requirments, and we did have sex occasionally. Admittedly she was really good!

A bunch of us singles all lived in the same apartment area. One Saturday night a group of girls threw a party to introduce their new roommate. I met her, and knew right off that she was my dream girl. As we dated, I got to know her much better, and she fit all the requirments I had sat out for a corporate wife. We had much foreplay, heavy panting and I would go back to my apt. with aching balls. She was a virgin and wanted to stay that way until she married. I respected her wish, visited other girls, and also jacked-off.

We got married, and on our first night she was tight and I broke her cherry. Didn't think much of her being uptight the first few times, but then it kept on. I had to be very patient with her so she could relax before I could enter her! Sex was beginning to become a chore after prolonged foreplay. Over the years we were truly blessed with four beautiful children.

I determined those four eggs of her must have thawed out, so my sperm could fertilize them. She was and is to this day one uptight - cold woman. Many marriage counselors could thaw her out. All had heard of this but none had ever encountered such a sexually frigid person.

When it reached the point where screwing her was like screwing a whore, I quit. She wasn't showing any enjoyment when I was in her nor did she want me poking around anywere else.

One day at a mall, I was sitting on a toilet in a men's room that did not have a door on it. A man came in, pointed to my crotch, used his finger to show he would like to put my penis into his mouth, so I shook my head yes. He sqatted down, suck my dick right there even though I had just made a huge dump.

Now I had been around men from the time I was 18, two wars, through college and two jobs and had never had a blow job. Did have a roommate once who was queer, and I would lecture him all the time. The idea of a blow job, just never appealed to me. I loved women.

I am still married to the refrigerator, and she has long passed menopause. Guess she passed out the frozen eggs. Neither of us believe in divorce, since both of us came from broken families.

Now I find blow jobs very convenient and easy. Also I still enjoy jacking off. Now, at my age 87 I can still get a semi-hard about once a week, and as the doctors say our testosterone is highest early in the morning I jack off into my shorts or sheet, and let whatever amount of cum I can muster, pour out.

It is amazing! Even though I am 87, jacking off and cumming feels just like it did when I was a boy and a man, so all you youngsters have a fountain of youth you can get a hold of whenever the urge or need hits you. You will have the same wonderful sensation as us oldsters. I can't hard enlugh to penetrate a pussy or an ass hole, but I can do nicely by hand or in a guys mouth.

January 26, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Sex Toys and Masturbation Tools

it's best with a vibrating penis ring

When I need a wank, which is on a regular basis, and I am on my own I always watch a porn movie on the internet.I first select a full length movie because the film does not feature continuous sex because of its story line. This enables me to bring my penis to a gradual erection by stroking it slowly at first and only increasing the speed when there is a sex scene. I release my penis from my grasp when such a scene is over until the next sex scene appears and I can start wanking off again. After about fifteen minutes my penis is really hard and it is at this stage that I slip a vibrating penis ring down my shaft with the bullet between my penis and balls.The ring comes with a cordless remote control and when switched on the control provide various setting allowing me to increase or decrease the vibrating sensation. A medium setting keeps me erect without any hand stimulation and when the vibration is increased the sensation is great. At this stage I apply lubrication to my penis and start to wank off at a steady pace altering the setting on the remote control regularily to vary the sensitivity.I like to keep going as long as possible and by adjusting the level of vibration this alows me to do so. After a while I switch to other sex movies such as handjob, blowjob or cumshot compilations,so that I can wank off continuously whilst watching the movie.I like to keep my penis well lubricated by applying more gel from time to time. I am cicumcised with a large penis end which is sensitive when I have a hard on so a lot of gel is applied to this area so that when I wank my hand slides up my shaft and I squeeze and tease the top of my penis before sliding my hand down again and then back up to the tip,each time concentrating on that area for a longer period each time. The sensation becomes more intense to the point that I am ready to cum. First pre-cum ouses from the tip which I use as more lubrication and then a small amount of cum which I collect on my fingers and rub it into the underside of my penis. I then turn the remote control to full intensity which makes me cum instantly without even touching my shaft. I then wank my penis hard until every last drop is spent. The feeling is incredible and for me this is the best way to have an orgasm, by taking it slowly and gradually building up to an ejaculation with the invaluable help of my penis ring.

January 26, 2013 -

Over 40 Years of Masturbating

Rubber is my friend

Like some of you other guys, I remember those days long ago when I would get an erection that just wouldn't go away. When I was in my early 20s back in the mid '60s, one of my girlfriends suggested that it would be a good thing if I didn't wear underpants. She liked to grab at my penis through my jeans and complained that she couldn't feel it when it was buried in my briefs. Naturally I went along with her idea, and even though she disappeared from my life after a while I never could go back to any kind of underwear. I liked the feel of my penis rubbing against the somewhat rough inside of my jeans.

This was also a good thing for me when I got one of those all-day boners some of you have written about. I could be walking down the street with my hands in one or both of my pockets and could easily stroke myself and fondle my balls in full view. Sometimes I'd be noticed, but I always did this in places where I wasn't known so it didn't have any consequences. A few times, when I'd just seen a girl who REALLY turned me on, I would get so turned on that I'd cum in my pants. Since this left an unsightly wet spot when it soaked through, I hit on what I think was a brilliant solution.

I bought a packet of condoms and began slipping one on on those Forever Hard-on days. That way, if I went too far I simply shot my load in the condom and could, at my convenience, remove and throw it away. Actually, there was something about the feel of a loaded condom dangling from my penis that was really sexy so sometimes I'd just leave it on.

These days, being much older, I don't get all-dayers much anymore, but I still like to wear a condom when I'm alone and settled in for a wanking session. Instead of putting it over my entire penis, because I like the feel of my skin in my hands, once I've unrolled it I re-roll up the part that covers my shaft so only my tip is sheathed. Then I go to the xhamster site, find some new videos that look promising, or go to some of my perennial favorites and give them a rescreening. (So much better than the old days of thumbing through magazines!) I especially like women in their 40s and 50s who've managed to stay slim, who have small but shapely titties with just the right amount of sag, and a full crop of pussy hair and whose pussy lips show through it. I like to see them masturbating in all their creative ways, and when possible I time my cumming to coincide with theirs. My wife knows I do this, but she lost most of her interest in sex after menopause and prefers my solitary video wanking sessions to going out and hooking up with other women. Bless her for that! Because she's freed me of any guilt, I still get the same sort of amazingly strong orgasms I did when I was young.

I began masturbating when I was twelve and suspect I'll be doing it until I die. In fact, I can't think of a better way to go than having a massive stroke or heart attack as I shoot my final load!

January 26, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Undecided


Masturbating in car for others

I have this urge to masturbate outside the house and if possible when soneone can see. When I'm horny I go out driving at night and pull out my dick or even get naked. It usually ends up jerking off while speeding and then returning home for shower. But yesterday it was different. It was about 3AM and the roads weere almost empty except me, cops and few others. I was driving naked on the main street and I stopped at the red lights when I decided to finish off and return home so I started stroking fast for result. I saw a car was approaching from behind but the counter showed less than 10 seconds and I thought he would not even stop at that time. I kept stroking while looking at my dick and realized the car didn't pass me. It wasn't in the mirror any more and it was green so I looked around to see the car on my right. The driver was a 30ish man looking at me with a grin on his face. Not expecting it, I had a devastating thrill but I was almost at the end and decided to finish what I started. I had my orgasm while he watched it through then gave a bye sign with my hand, he did the same. Then I drove home, making sure he wasn't following me.

Interestingly, I had the same pleasure I would have if it was a woman. I just want to be watched by somebody else, it doesn't have to be a woman. Still I will try evening hours to stop by a lady next time.

January 26, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Other

First Time Masturbating


Long ago, early teenaged and innocently home alone, I had felt a strange need to go back to my bedroom and closed the door. Then I was immediately compelled both to remove my clothes and sit down naked on the edge of my bed. Suddenly my small penis stiffened, lengthened and became fully erect for the very first time as I stared down at it in utter amazement. I was afraid, and full of guilt. I had never even heard of an erection before this occurrence, but this wasn't the end. I quickly felt an intense itching sensation deep inside the entire length of my penis and reflexively reached down and touched it lightly. This resulted in a sudden orgasmic ejaculation of semen across the room--deposited on the lower drawers of my dresser a full seven feet away, and dripping onto the rug below. I rushed to remove the evidence.

I can still recall the soft ppfftt sound as the semen spurt exited the meatus. This was by far the strongest ejaculation that I would ever experience.

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January 28, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Gay


Basic Intense Solo Pleasure using the Ice Jack

Why deny that masturbation is the most basic form of sexual pleasure since men have been waking up with boners? The Ice Jack I got about a year ago has been a mainstay of my solo sex adventures, most accurately duplicating a great blowjob, ass-plunge, or pussy-taming adventure. I have let a few buddies try my Ice Jack, and they were quick to thank me and soon get their own. As adults, we all know how important jacking is to a well-rounded sex life. After all, as my wise father once said, How would you begin to know how to sexually please another, unless you actively practice pleasing yourself? This is advice he gave me soon after witnessing (unknown to me until after completing my early-teen orgasm) my first-hand practice in full. Had the Ice Jack been available at that time, I am sure he would have given (or lent) one to me for such practice. A friend of mine recently admitted to me that he gave his teenage son a Fleshjack, advising him to insert penis and enjoy rather than becoming sexually active with other person(s) at his young age. This is yet another practical application of the Fleshjack for a very practical, honest parent. More recently, in discussion with my urologist, we decided that the Fleshjack has excellent applications for males practicing ejaculation control. Edging and withdrawal can be very controlled activities, allowing maximum penile stimulation before a man decides it's time to spray his seeds. The ejaculation, for me, even seems more intense and longer-lasting after a period of delaying the big load. It's also a great aid in determining and addressing erectile disfunction. The ability to relax and play with it as a solo sexual being can be as important as getting the hardon itself. Best part, no condom needed... rinse, reload, then.. UNload! My Ice Jack is a great travel buddy, and helps me take the edge off of jet lag in a distant hotel room. Occasionally, another man I meet on trips, will enjoy the device with me. Eventually, they most often admit that jacking-off is an essential part of their manhood, whether gay, straight, or somewhere in between. In addition, sharing a jackoff session with another guy can be alot more fun with the Fleshjack. In addition, most guys who don't already know about Fleshjack products express a sincere interest in getting one. I think that we can all acquire an appreciation of masturbation to improve our sexual health, and be unashamed of its importance to a balanced, less stressful life as males. In addition to our hand, the Fleshjack can take us there over and over.

January 29, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Unique or Strange Story

anal sex with oneself

Like many guys on this site I have been mastrubating for years and years and have tried many different things to heighten my experience. This is about one of those very different, but very stimulating ways to mastrubate that I have discovered and hope that you will enjoy and possibly try.

Several years ago, I began to add stimulation of my anus during jacking off sessions. At first, I would only insert one finger and gently slide it in and out of my ass. The first few times that I did this, it would make me cum almost immediately and with an intensity that was a good as any previous sessions. Over time, I increased the number of fingers that I would work into my ass while jacking my penis and today can easily take 3 or even 4 fingers from one hand. I love how stretching my ass increases the pleasure that I experience. I have also used many objects ranging from the handle of a hairbrush to a vibrator, dildo and long piece of sausage. I especially like using something long, slightly flexible and about the diameter of my own penis. I get on all fours and slide the object (jelly dildo or sausage)into my ass and then rock back and forth along it like I was being humped by a penis. I can control the depth of penetration and the strokes and sometimes I can cum without even touching my penis. I also have learned how to massage my prostate from inside my ass and that really increases the intensity of my orgasms and the qualtity of cum that's produced. If you've never done this you really need to consider trying it as the orgasms are really memorable.

I have always wondered what it would feel like with a real, hard penis in my ass, but cannot imagine finding a guy to hump me. many times when my penis was hard, I would bend it forward until it was resting against my asshole and just rub it. Because it was erect, I could never get it any further than just at the entrance of my ass.

One day, when my penis was soft and I was getting ready to jack off I wondered what it would feel like to just pul down my penis and rub my ass beofre it became erect. I moved my balls to the side, pulled down my penis and discovered that not only could I rub my asshole with my penis head, I could actualy push the head in. I grabbed some lube and easily slide my penis's head and about the first inch into my ass. I was so turned on and excited that I began to cum without even having a full erection. The feeling of cumming while my ass tightened around my penis was unbelievable. My penis slide out of my ass and some of my cum then ran out and down between my cheeks. I stood in front of the bedroom mirror and pulled my ass cheeks apart and could see the sticky cum all around my ass and between the cheeks. Needless to say, I was soon erect again and jacking off for the second time that day very quickly.

Since then I have gotten much better and learned how to self-stimulate my own ass. After sliding the head and first bit in, if you wait you will become erect and then you can slide several addditional inches in as well. By holding your hand over the length of penis bent down, you can easily slide it in and out a little. I also like to insert my index finger aslong side ly penis and into my ass where I can then rub it along my penis. Sometimes I orgasm from the sliding in and out and sometimes from my finger stimulating the head.

I don't so this often, but whenever I do it's fantastic. I have even shown a girlfriend this and she was very turned on and mastrubated while watching. She also ran her tongue along the exposed length of my penis to my asshole and made me cum that way.

If you are interested, you can see videos Googling self f**k or auto f**k. You don't need an extra long penis to do this as mine is only about 6 inches erect.

January 30, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Masturbation Addiction?

Adulthood and Maturity

I am a fifty plus year old man! I have read many of the stories printed here, and I am pretty disgusted with a lot of what I read. Don't misunderstand, I masturbate and have since I was a boy becoming a man. Ejaculation is a great feeling and a great release of tension. All men have these feelings, and all enjoy the release.

Obsession is all mental and emotional. You become what you think. If you think about your penis almost all the time, that shows great immaturity. No doubt when one is able to ejaculate, he has become an adult. To think of sexual pleasure as nothing more than getting an erection and masturbating to ejaculation almost or every day is pure immaturity. GROW UP!

All men and many boys get erections involuntaritily. To obsess and to brag about masturbating every day and to indulge in self satisfation once a day or more is true emotional immaturity.

I don't care if you are straight, bi, or all homosexual, if you obsess about your genitals beyond the norm you are a selfish self-indulgent boy in a man's body. You are an adult but you are very immature.

Most men get married, have sexual intercourse with their wife and are pretty content with this life, and may masturbate occasionally. Some men are just as obsessed with sexual gratification as you guy who brag about masturbating once or more times a day, but they hussle pussy either with whores or other women they are in contact with. Just as immature as you pathtic obsessors, but again in a very personal self-centered way.

Again, I love to masturbate. My wife if turned off with sex now, so I get my release when needed but on what I hope is on a need basis and not a self indulgent feels good basis. Feels good is a very popular saying, just as if you don't do it you will lose it, but just sayings by some immature.

Many men ruin the lives of boys and girls because of their runaway obsession with self- gratification. Many time boys inparticular, will continue to seek out the man who abuse them for their own gratification to the point that these boy, when they become men, have a difficult time maturing.

As men, all of us seek different stimuli to give variety to our sex drive through normal sexual relations with our wife, so we try different techniques to give satisfation to ourself and to our wife. To obsess about just selfish sexual satisfactiom, whether married or single is immaturity even though you are a big boy now!

Okay, I have preached long enough. Do a little introspection and you might be disgusted with the person you have become!

January 30, 2013 -

First Time Masturbating

A shy first timer

I love reading your entries. It allows me plenty of scope for fantasising in the security of my own little world as I am a shy and reserved person in public. It has at last given me the courage to write something here about myself. Now just turned 21 I have never had sex with a man or woman. I often think how wonderful that might be. Well I am six foot, with dark hair and not athletic. I have a rather uninteresting repetitive job in an office which seems reasonably secure but now wish I had been to University. I live at home with my Mom, father having died two years ago in a car accident and I have no brothers or sisters. I read a lot, listen to classical music but am lonely. I suspect naturally my Mom would like me to move on particularly as she is beginning to start up a new relationship. This is beginning to fascinate me as I have started to peep through windows hoping to see what they do. Have only twice seem her in the nude and I know she has big tits. This is has not yet worked so I have now planted a secret recorder in her room to hear instead. What really turns me on is their chat, lots of groaning from them both. I would love to be able to actually see what happens. Not sure my Mom gets an orgasm but he certainly does.

I have only once come close to having sex with a man. He was much older and propositioned me but I was too frightened to go through with it. Perhaps not surprisingly it is in my private little world that I have started to enjoy stimulating myself. In fact I never did this until a year ago. Looking back I can’t think why it took so long.

The reality is that I masturbate myself about every other day, usually in bed preferably early in the morning when I invariably wake up with a stiff penis. I lie there just fondling myself gently, running my hand over my substantive bush then on to my balls and between my legs. I can easily get an erection which when feeling particularly in need of a release of tension is very rigid at some 7 inches which I believe is above average. I am uncircumcised and realise that when stiff the foreskin retracts to make it look like someone who has been circumcised. The head of my penis is very sensitive and I can bring myself to an orgasm by simply rolling a finger across the tip for several minutes but of course I get great pleasure from running my clenched finger s the full length o my shaft. It takes only a few minutes to ejaculate so to prolong things I simply stop for a time of maybe put on a condom to reduce the sensitivity. When I do ejaculate it spurts forcefully nearly right up to my navel. Another way is to pretend to make love to a girl by pressing down onto a pillow. I wonder what it would be like to lick my own semen. I also like to fantasise about being stimulated by another man or doing it for him.

When my Mom is away for a weekend I enjoy wandering around the house naked. I will go into the lounge, sit with a beer and stimulate myself. It is usually on these occasions I am able to see some porn. When completely alone I make a lot of noise when I reach orgasm. Oh well, perhaps one day some nice male or female will be able to have a relationship with me.

January 30, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Gay


Bathroom Stall

Lately, I've been getting rather bored with my usual masturbation routines and techniques, and last week I was feeling rather horny at the local mall. It just suddenly came about and I started to get an erection. I rushed into the bathroom to avoid any embarrassment, and went into the stall. I sat on the toilet for a few minutes, probably 5 at the most, and my boner still didn't go away. I decided I might as well just jack off to get rid of it, instead of just waiting around on the toilet. It got really exciting, knowing that just a few feet beside me were some big juicy peniss, completely unaware of the pleasure they were giving me. The thrill was incredible. Now, if that was the entire story, I probably wouldn't have shared, but if you can believe it, thing got even better...

In my rush to get into the stall, I must have forgotten to lock it, or the lock itself was broken, but in the middle of me jerking off, the door opened up. A man peered into the stall, in utter disbelief. I instantly blew my load all over my thighs, and I could see his eyes widen. He stared at my cum soaked, hard penis for what seemed an eternity (although it was probably just a split second) and then turned around and went into another stall. I cleaned up and left, but I wish I could have known what he was thinking at that moment...Did he like what he saw? Anyway, I'd highly recommend bathroom masturbation for anyone looking to get some excitement!

January 30, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Fantasies while Masturbating

With a mate

My friend used to come over a lot when his parents were out or otherwise. These sleepovers always fell on a Friday, the night that SBS has late night foreign movies which almost always has a bit of sex in it. We used to watch these and wank in our own beds, but I've always wanted to take it further: First I would tell him I'm not gay, just curious. We would watch the movie or whatever, and then we'd start wanking, facing each other, fully nude. We'd get close to cum but then stop. I'd start wanking him and he'd start on me. We'd get close and then stop. Then I'd give him a blow job. He'd come in my mouth and face and then he'd do me. It always gets me excited. Sometimes I'd mix it up with a bit of anal sex but sometimes I just like to keep it clean and mysterious. It's my go to excitement fantasy. I just hope it happens one day.

January 31, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Memorable Wanking, Jacking Off, and General Masturbation

Best Friends helping each other out

When I discovered my Dad's Penthouse and Playboys I was just entering my teens and I owuld look at the pictures and rub my penis. Since I had not hit puberty, I did not ejaculate, but it felt so good. Like most guys, I was terrified that someone might find out so I never talked about this to anyone. When I was 15, I became friends with a ne guy at my school and over the next few months became best friends. We hung out all the time and began having sleepovers at each other's houses on the weekends.

One Friday night, my friend and I were talking about the girls we liked at school and what we would like to so to them. My friend (call him Gary), then shocked me by asking if I jerked off. I didn't know what to say and responded by asking why? He then pulled out a bunch of girly magazines and said that he jerked off every day and was really horney and wanted to jack off before going to sleep. I didn't know what to do, but he then began undressing and he pulled down his underware I could not believe his penis. My penis when hard may have been 5 inches and I was just getting hair. My balls were still pretty small. His penis soft was about 8 inches long, very thich and each of his balls were about as big as my whole scrotum.

He sat down on the bed, grabbed a magazine and began stroking his penis which quickly becam hard and was amazing. I could not stop looking at how big his penis was. He asked if I was going to join in and by now I was so excited, I didn't care about how small my penis was and I undressed. he looked over and laughed and said not to worry, once puberty hit my penis and balls would grow. That made me feel better.

So we continued to look at the naked pictures of girls and to read some of the letters to the editor. After a little while Gary said he was going to cum. He stood up and stroked his penis faster and faster. I noticed that his balls seemed to rise up in his sac and he began moaning. Suddenly, the first spurt of cum erupted from his penis's head and fell to the floor. I had never seen cum since just a small amount of fluid accompanied my orgasms. I was amazed to see that first spirt followed by 5 or 6 more that flew from his penis landing about 2 feet away all over the floor. He continued to milk the remaining cum from his penis which dripped to the floor below. He then took his hand which had some cum dripping from his finger and licked them clean.

I came immediately and it was so intense. Seeing his large penis spurting cum and then his eating what was on his hand was so erotic. I was also surprised that seeing another guy's penis had gotten me so excited. I told hims I had never see cum, and he invited me to touch it if I liked. I ran my fingers into one of the pools of cum and was surprised thhat it was so thick and that it was so stringy. I asked him why he licked it off his hand and he told me that he often ate some or all of his cum. I was curious what it tasted like and he explained that it was kind of bitter, but also was something he eenjoyeed. He also told me that he would sometimes flip his legs back over his head and cum right into his mouth.

We both became hard talking about this and he volunteered to demonstrate. Within minutes, he was shooting a much smaller load right into his mouth while I jerked and cam at the same time.

That first session lead to many other times where we jerked off together. Eventually we experimented with giving muutual hand jobs and toward the end of that year we both tried sucking the other off and did so for a couple of months later when he moved away. By that time my penis was bigger, I'd hit puberty and was ejaculating a nice load as well.

I never did this with anyone else, but now wished that I had. Every time that I think back on those days, it gets me hard and I have intense orgasms. I think I'll finish off tonight by rubbing one out and in honor of Gary, send that load right into my mouth.

February 1, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Sex Toys and Masturbation Tools

The Best a Man Can Get

Recently, I realized that those big companies that make razors have provided us with a new toy.

The latest and greatest thing in razors is to add vibration. You push a little button on the handle, and the whole thing starts buzzing gently to help you get that perfect shave. A nice, smooth, round-ended handle ... that vibrates. A marketing executive of one of the big manufacturers said recently that their razor boasts three vibration settings and a one-touch control button, allowing men to interact with their razor in a new way.

Well, naturally, given that kind of inspiration, I just had to give it a try. I'd just hopped into the shower, and there was this shiny new razor just itching to get to work. I took the blade off, turned the widget on, and began to play with it. The end of my particular model is round and smooth ... perfect for some anal rim job teasing with that pleasant buzz really adding to the experience. Running it up my perineum sent shivers down my spine and made my rock-hard erection almost painful. Swirling it around the tip was pure magic. Finally unable to stand it any longer, I just grabbed a fistful with the handle along the underside of my dick, and let the vibration do all the work. It took about ten seconds until I exploded.

What a handy, battery-powered, waterproof, wonderful little toy to have sitting innocuously on the sink or shower rack.

February 5, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Over 40 Years of Masturbating

Masturbating for over Fifty Five Years

I recall that I first masturbated at age 14 when I first shot some fluid. After than I was a very frequent masturbator. At least four times a week. I was living on a farm and often had the opportunity to be away from other family members as I did my daily chores. I continued to masturbate very often until my first marriage at age 25.

Then I slowed down. Of course, I still did masturbate, but about once every two weeks.

With the advanced state of pregancy, two times during my first marriage I became a frequent masturbator until after the six weeks check up.

Currently remarried for forty some years and I still masturbate, at least once a week. I am age 72 now. The most unique masturbation session I had was when I was 31 years of age and visiting my parents farm. I was operating a cultivator in the corn field on a very sunny day. I think it was June. I pulled out my penis and worked out a batch of ejaculate as I was going down the rows of corn.

I raised two sons from my second marriage and as they approached puberty I told them the advantages of masturbation versus pre-marital sexual intercourse. They are now married and have never had any consquences (i.e. births of children out of wedlock). I believe that it is necessary to be open and honest about masturbation habits. I enjoy it to this day and look forward to many years of self pleasuring. Besides that, I understand it is very healthy to either masturbate frequently or have sexual intercourse frequently. I will do my best to accomplish both.

February 6, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Caught Masturbating!

Caught Watching My Neighbour

I am so embarrassed but at the same time it was very exciting and a real turn on. I woke up much later than I usually do which put me way out of my morning routine. Routine which consists of an hour of naked masturbation in my back yard on my patio near my pool. I then have a leisurely swim and and go in for breakfast and shower in that order before heading off to the office for work. I work for myself so the time is no issue.

Anyway, this morning I was up late and as I was half way through my session on the patio which was really giving me a lot of pleasure despite the fact I was running late, I heard a noise and when I looked I noticed my neighbours youngest daughter was watching me. She is rather cute and rather well presented for a girl of her age. I have never really thought of her in that way but her seeing me like this and me being in that position I couldn't help but be a bit scared but I was also thinking how nice she looked, just at that moment and I was excited by someone watching me. She didn't realise that I had noticed her watching so I just continued stroking my penis until I began to ejaculate hoping that she would watch it all.

I immediately wiped off my penis and hopped in the pool and began swimming and I thought how good it was to do that in front of someone so young. But scared that if she told her mom, how would she react.!!

Anal Masturbation Techniques and Tools
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February 8, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Memorable Wanking, Jacking Off, and General Masturbation

Prick teaser

many years ago when mutual screwing was not done, men, me included, would fingering our dates, suck their tits, let them play with our dicks, kiss and eventually take our date home. My balls would ache so much. We called them hot nuts. The only relief was to jack-off as quickly as possible after dry humping the date at her door. Many times I would pull out my hard-on on the way to my car, and jack it. I would sit in my car, jack-off until I would cum and let it spurt out on my handkerchief. When you fingering and play around for a long time, your balls ache and you really shoot a lot of cum ouT.Now-a-days we don't have that problem. We either have sex or else we mutually play with each other. I particualarly like for the girl to unzip my pants, wiggle her hand into my jockey shorts, pop it out and jack me and/or suck me. Cumming seems to really fascinate most young women. Even as teen-agers, we learned all the methods and tecniques so nobody is surpriesd any more, but most girls I dated loved to see the cum really spurt out. Naturally I really enjoyed them jacking me and me doing the spurting. If I couldn't have sex with them because of their modesty or whatever, like being on the rag, I would let them jack me. Jacking is such a relief and pleasure, but making out is so much better! At school some girls loved to tease us boys and young men so we would obilge them my showing them our hard-ons either outside our pants or the outling if we were in the class-room. Now my wife is almost old shoe, but not really.

February 9, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Fantasies while Masturbating

one of my favorite things to think about

I have been jerking off for years and one of my favorite fantasies is, when my wife told me about a place to jerkoff with others, she heard about at work. The place is no more than a house on a wooded lot, The people there were a 50/50 split between men and women, and when the feeling hit you just played with you`re self. Some of the things that made it interesting was a mother and her dauther, other women with toys, an old man with a 10 in. dick, a fat kid that was so small he could only use a couple of fingers, but could pump out more cum than any three guys. And one day one of the girls my wife worked with. My wife liked to play with her self and always said she wanted to go, but never did. I came home from work one day and the two of them were on the bed fingering them selves and would suck each others tits. That night she asked if I would mind if her friend sat on her face. Of corse I said no, The image of her licking that bald pussy and sollowing the juice would give me a nice hand full of hard dick and a nice amount of cum.

February 10, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Bisexual

Caught Masturbating!

Naughty Neighbor and Me

I just found this awesome site and decided to share my latest masturbation story.

My neighbor is a recent widower who I have known for several years. When his wife was alive he seemed like the Man's man, sporting a beard, riding a Harley, etc. After his wife died I began to notice some changes. he shaved the beard, had smooth legs, and his appearance seemed, well, feminine.

My house is on an incline and looks directly into my neighbors. A few weeks ago I glanced toward his house and noticed a female in his kitchen. I thought he may have a girlfriend. On closer look, I realized it was my neighbor dressed in women's clothing! I ignored it thinking I was mistaken. A few days later the same thing happened. This time I was sure it was him! I have always been attracted to she male/CD types and have dressed-up several times myself. As I watched my neighbor I got a raging hard-on and decided to show him how pleased I was with his show! I stripped nude and sat on a chair in full view of my neighbor. I began stroking my penis slowly and made sure he could see my full erection. I continued to jack-off, swiping dribbles of pre-cum off my penis and putting it in my mouth. I finally exploded and cum flew onto my chest and arms. I wasn't positive he was watching, but I suspect he was just out of view.

I now strip and jack-off where he can see me every time I see him in drag. A week or so ago he mentioned that he can see everything in my house and left it at that. Last night he looked particularly hot and I immediately stripped down and made sure he saw me. I jacked-off and blew one of the biggest loads of my life.

I've been jacking off all morning today and think I will finally approach him and see if he would like to get together for some playtime. I am really nervous, but I know we are both missing out on what looks to be a real fun time! Stay tuned!

February 11, 2013 -

A play day with friends

One day when I was about 11 I had my friends come over to my house to play. There were both boys and girls of various ages that came. We all were playing games in my room when one of the kids a girl from down the street touched my crotch. She did the trying to be vary inconspicuous but it startled me as I was not expecting her to do this. She smiled as my penis begone to grow in her young hand through my pants. I remember the tingles were so intense that I was hoping she would never stop. There were two other girls and boys there and they all decided to play a game called spin the bottle. It's kinda like truth or dare or strip poker. If the bottle landed pointing twards you you had to tell a sexual story or do something sexual. This girl decided that when it was her turn she would do the same and touch me again but she wanted to grab my penis in her hand. I unzipped my pants and took out my growing penis. She wrapped her young warm sticky hand around my instantly hard member. OMG it felt so good. My penis started to throb in her hand and she smiled. She the to her hand and placed a pool of her own spit on it and had me lay down with my penis on her wet sticky spit covered hand. I began to rock back and forth rubbing faster and faster. It was tingling so much that I could not stand it anymore and I could feel something shoot like I was peeing. She could feel the warm cum squirt out onto her hand. She felt my penis throbbing and bobbing . She just smiled at me and all I can remember was that every time she came over after that day she would take me to my room and touch my penis and let me rub on her hand.

February 14, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Memorable Wanking, Jacking Off, and General Masturbation

Happy Solo Valentine's

So I'm about to get an early start on my valentines day activities. It's about 11:30pm only 30 minutes til valentines day, I've got my lube next to me, some porn playing, and my crusty towel ready. I'm gonna make this night memorable, I don't need anyone else. I'm planning on just fondling myself through my clothes and removing a piece of clothing every 15 minutes ending with my boxers. After I'm completely naked, I'll caress and stroke my penis gently until I start oozing precum. Once that happens, I'm gonna rub it all over my penis until I'm dry again. Then I'm going to change into my best pair of underwear and go out into my yard. From there I plan on rubbing myself through my underwear until I'm rock hard, pull my penis out and beat it hard until I cum into the grass. From there I'll lay in the grass and caress my penis until its ready for more. When I'm hard I'll go back inside and jack off into my towel and sleep naked. That's the plan anyway, hopefully I can pull it off. Have a good one everybody.

February 15, 2013 -


Taking off with Flight

My Flight arrived a few days ago and so far it’s been a tremendous ride. I had tried a cheap stoker sleeve in the past and thought it was time to try something of a little higher quality. It was a toss-up between this and the STU since I was looking for something that would help me build stamina. When I slipped into this thing for the first time it almost blew my mind. It was so intense and felt so much like my wife’s live pussy I couldn’t believe it. I can’t see how the STU can feel any more “life like” than this. One word of caution. When you wash off the powder the sleeve becomes one sticky gooey glob. Don’t let that fool you. Just use plenty of lube and then after cleaning and drying, apply a light coating of corn starch to restore the nice smooth feel before putting your toy away.

February 15, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Memorable Wanking, Jacking Off, and General Masturbation

On the beach

I live on the Gulf Coast. I frequently swim in the ocean usually with my tiny speedo on. One day about mid-morning I had finshed swimming, I was walking along the beach to dry off. There was a middle aged man lying on the beach on his back wearing a speedo too. the beach was totally vacant except for the two of us. I nodded to him and spoke. then I looked down, rather discreetly, and lo and behold there was this rather long dick lying against his belly, so long, in fact the head was peaking out near his belly button. It was hard. I asked if he minded if I lay next to him so we could visit. I laid down, we had hardly started talking when his hand brushed my thigh. He apologized, I said that was alright, so just seconds later his hand was high on my thigh near the bottom of my speedo. I,too, was on my back and my penis began to grow. He sat up, leaned on his elbow, saw my erection through my trunks, and laid his hand across it. By now I didn't care. I was so fired up. He started gently rubbing my belly, lifted up the upper part of my speedo, and my dick literally sprang up. He laid his head on my belly, pulled my dick down onto my stomach, and started licking the head. He asked if it was ok for him to do that and of course I said yes. He put his mouth onto my hard dick and rolled his tongue around on it. I couldn't help it, I pushed his head down so all of my dick, about six+ inchs, and he really sucked hard. I blew my wad, a lot of it. Then he rolled over onto his stomach, pulled his speedo down, spread his ass cheeks, to show me his asshole. The whole ass area was clean with little black hair around the hole. He then took my semi-hard dick started licking it until it got hard, then spread his cheeks again and ask me to have sex with him I had never done this before, but I was more than willing to try. His hole was tight and rather small, but I felt my dick push through the sphincter and on into his colon. I lasted a long time and really was enjoying it, when he humped up,kinda on his elbows, and I thurst it all the way, and came once again. He turned over onto his back again, took my receding dripping dick into his mouth a cleaned me up. We hugged, he tried to kiss me, I refused, got up, pulled up my speedo and with wobbly legs strolled off. I still swim there, but I have never seen him again, but I do hold the memory of that encounter at the top of my fantacies, so I relive it regularly.

February 15, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Masturbation Biography

How many boys growing up is normal

I would like for you guys to write in and tell what you think is a normal number of different boys that a boy typically has sex with growing up. Most of what I've read and heard, most guys have sex with only one or two other boys growing up. From the time I was four or five years old through high school graduation, I had sex, dick to dick contact, with 28 different boys. No one I have ever heard of or read about had that many. The dick to dick contact included everything that boys do together. These boys included my cousins and friends, and a few boys who I didn't even know. Of these there were five sets of brothers, one set was three brothers, and one set also included their cousin. Some of the boys I did it only one time with, some only a few times with,and most I did it many many times with. All of the boys, including myself, were circumcised. I have never felt an uncircumcised guy, one just never came my way. Most of the boys were around my age, but some a few years younger and some were a few years older. I did initiate it some of the time, but the other boys initiated it also. We did it everywhere you can possibly imagine that boys would or could do it, even at school. So, of those of you guys who did it with other boys, how many was it??

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February 18, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Anal Masturbation

That's how I like it

My typical masturbation session is not passive. Of course, if time is short, it's fine. But, I'd rather be a bit more 'interactive' with the videos that I am stroking to.

Before I begin, I give myself a warm water enema to clean myself thoroughly. I also enjoy a good drink to loosen up with.

As I begin watching videos from my laptop with penis in hand, I quickly move down and start inserting fingers into my tight ass. I begin with one and progress to four. I usually finish this warm-up by inserting two or three fingers of each hand into my ass and stretching my hole open. My ass is no longer tight.

Now I'm ready for my 10-inch dildo. I rarely use lube. Therefore, I have to use plenty of saliva, from the beginning and throughout my ass humping. That means that I engage in a lot of self ass to mouth. (I'm thoroughly clean, so it's no problem. And the ass juice tastes fantastic at times!

I hump my ass in several positions. I begin by lying on my back and using one hand to have sex with my ass. As time passes, I work to get the dildo in to greater depths. I then move to position the end of the dildo on a small pillow between my legs and have sex with my dildo that way (like a slut riding a penis while on top of her man). This allows hands-free ass humping so I can stroke my penis.

In not too much time, I'm able to get the full 10 inches in my ass. It's very filling and feels great! Sometimes, I'll move over to a mirror in a squatting position where I can watch my ass swallow the full 10 inches of pleasure. It's kind fun to watch... though the gals in my videos have better asses than me!

On occasion I will put myself in pile driver position. With my ass in the air, it's amazing how open and hollow my colon can be when I stick my hand inside.

My anal masturbation sessions always end with the dildo in my ass and cum flying. Sometimes, I'll hit my face and pillow with it. If I'm lucky, I'll get some into my mouth.

I love anal sex, and I want to recognize those that inspire me: - Shyla Stylez (the hottest anal babe in the universe) - The gaping holes of Alysa, Isabella Clark, Kelly Wells, Tarra White - Hot Kinky Jo... DEEEEEP anal...how the hell does she do that?? - and the videos of Jay Sinn (hell of a pornographer!)

February 19, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Gay

Other Masturbatory Entry

Practical Masturbation in Tokyo

On a recent short visit to Tokyo, my capsule hotel visit was worth its weight in masturbation adventure. For those not familiar, a capsule hotel is mostly a Japanese phenomenon, invented as a place to sleep. Most are all-male facilities with rows of sleeping crypts (capsules), with hallways of facing lower and upper berths, each about 6ft deep and 4x4ft width/height dimensions; essentially designed to meet the sleeping needs of Japanese business men who work and/or stay out drinking too late, and miss the last train home. The hotel supplies a small locker for your clothes, and a short sleep robe and shorts as you might desire for sleep comfort. Check-in for the night, clean and relax in the communal baths/sauna, then awaken and refesh for work in the morning. Having just spent 12-plus hours on a trans-Pacific flight, this was the perfect economical Tokyo sleep option. The hotel supplies toiletries, razors, toothbrushes, everything a guy needs for an overnite. It's a Japanese model of efficiency and cleanliness to be sure. A few hours into my sleep, at about 1am, I awoke with my usual morning wood rising from the mostly- opened robe that was my sleepwear. Also, the small TV screen was lighting my capsule, as I had fallen asleep with it turned on. The bamboo screen/blind that affords some sense of privacy at the foot-end of the capsule had not been drawn closed, permitting greater ventilation in the often stuffy sleep chamber. To my surprise, I glanced to the opposite capsule to view a young Japanese man rapidly stroking his generous bone. He was, no doubt, watching the Japanese porn on his television, which I had earlier discovered, was a convenient channel option on the small TV in each unit. At first, he was not aware that I was awake, not having missed a beat in his continuing strokes. He might have also been enjoying the view of my boner standing in his clear view. I wasn't about to hide anything, enjoying the mutual appreciation of men in an all-male environment. Why hide anything this natural, spontaneous, and enjoyable? Undoubtedly, his feeling as well. I soon grasped my pulsing penis and began the same routine which he had well in hand. As quickly as he realized my awareness, he smiled, then repositioned himself to give me a better view of his gleaming, lubricated penis, and stroked with slower intensity, as if to say, watch THIS! I then reached for some lube and my Fleshlight IceJack which were tucked next to me in the capsule, and began a slow, deliberate masturbation excercise with the device. Eventually, I offered him use of the sensational jack tool by passing it to him across the 4-ft wide aisle between the capsule rows, which he happily accepted for a try. We passed the toy to each other a few times with understanding smiles during activities we shared. Shortly thereafter, the thin shade of a capsule next to his rose, revealing another totally nude, nicely-proportioned, Japanese man pleasuring his early morning glory. He, no doubt, must have observed my activities thru a small gap from behind his privacy screen, and decided if I had no shame, he might as well join the early-morning male ritual. After a few minutes, the three of us rose to explosive ejaculatory spurting within a short minute of each other. I had the pleasure of watching each of the men's juicy spasms from my opposite chamber, while each of them could watch only my stroke session (unless there may have been a happy jacker adjacent to my unit), as their capsules were divided by a common wall. Amazing that probably without speaking each other's languages, our non- verbal communication allowed us to share a very basic, natural part of our lives as males. This shared erotic experience underscores the importance and enjoyment of cross-culture activities that bring us together on a human scale. Men will enjoy being men, anywhere in the world! ..And why not? My only regret was not inviting at least one of the sexually-charged men into my capsule for some closer international relations. I'll save that for my next visit to Japan. ...And when in Japan, fully participate in the Japanese way of life.

February 21, 2013 -

Memorable Wanking, Jacking Off, and General Masturbation

Dry dreams

NOW I am another old man. I too am 87 years old, and I still jack-off. Like other old men the pleasure is as wonderful as when I was a youngster. Feels just like it did then.

Just recently I have had two sexual dreams including women, as opposed to men. My wife is dead, but not my dick. Twice now just recently I dreamt I was about to screw a woman. I would just about enter them, and wake up. Never had a wet dream, but I would wake up with a really solid hard, so I would fantazie about the dream, and jack off. Boy, it feels so good. At my age a really solid hard is hard to come by, but semi or hard it is still a joy to be able to cum and feel the rush of semen pushing out my dick. almost all boys and men jack off. Other animals only get horny about once a year but we get hard sometimes totally unexpectedly. I now love male blow jobs and love blowing other men. Never thought I would mess with other men, but it is so much easier than farting around with a woman. Most want to get married, but they are too expensive, and too complicated. Blow jobs and jacking off are easier and almost just as pleasurable without the residual emotions.

February 21, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Caught Masturbating!

Caught In Diapers

I love to jack off in my big diapers. I have about 3 dozen soft cotton cloth diapers layer with soft cotton matting between them. It makes a super soft diaper about 4 inches thick. I keep them on with two pair of cotton panties womens size 14. I also put on a womens bra size 44D stufed with some more matting to make me have big breast. This is my favorite way to please myself. So one warm day when I was home alone in my shop building with the overhead door open and wearing my bra, diapers, and panties watching porn viedos. Now my shop is seperate from the house and not facing the road, I jack off here all the time. I was on an old couch there turned around facing the back of the couch in my big diapers and bra just a humping away. All of a sudden I heard something and looked over my shoulder and there was my mail person who is a lady pulling up to my shop. She had a package to deliver which required a sigiture. I don't know who was more surprised me or her. I was really felling good and to far in to it to stop now. As she got out and said what are you doing I started comming and comming in my big diaper. She realized then I was jacking off and said did that feel good? I said yes and was embaressed and did not know what to do next. I then pulled the front of my diaper down she could see my erection and all the come in my diaper. She laid the package down and I signed for it. She said she never seen anthing like that before. I told her to come by anytime and I would let her watch or join in. She declined and left in a big hurry. That is the best orgasm I ever had. Now I want other people to catch me jacking off in my big diapers. What is a body to do?

February 23, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Fantastic Feeling and Pleasure . . And It's Hands Free

I have discovered a fantastic new way to masturbate ! ! ! I just realized this weekend while the wife is out of town how I can increase my pleasure and orgasm intensity ! ! !

I've always loved wearing women's panties, and she knows it, but rarely permits me to in her presence. We used to coordinate certain panties together, but never lacey or frilly, but lately she has declined to participate . . sadly, we used to have such intimacy wearing matching panties.

Anyway, when she goes away, I always lounge the evening and sleep in sexy pair of panties (I have a few secretly stashed away . . .) and even sometimes I'll wear her garter belt w/ nylons. . . it's really SAD that only women have the societally acceptable benefit of such attire pleasures.

I love to slowly and gently stroke myself through the panties, always ending in a deeply pleasurable blast of cum soaking the panties. I'll even sometimes grab one of her vibes and tease my penis . . but this weekend I found a new way to reach the peaks of self pleasuring orgasms ! ! !

After putting on the sexiest panties I could find, I grabbed her silver bullet vibe, and placed the bullet in the panties at the base of my penis, right where the penis is meeting my balls. The panties have to be rather tight fitting to keep the bullet in place. I turn it on, and return to whatever I was doing . .. watching TV, or doing the dishes, anything. And it feels really good when walking around, as it moves all over my genital region through the walking motions.

Once aroused, I sat down in my lounge chair, and began slowly rocking back and forth with the vibe simply rockin my penis ! ! ! In it seems no time at all, I reached an incredibly pleasing thrusting orgasm, spewing cum all over the panties. . .soaking them greatly !

And it's all HAND'S FREE ! ! ! I've done it twice this weekend already, and just might go right now and get one more before she gets home ! ! !

You should try it ! ! !

March 1, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Urgent Need to Masturbate

Awesome way

What I like to do, is jack off on the phone with my now ex-girlfriend(who lives in NC while I'm in OR), but we're still very close. She masturbates every now and then, and knows I masturbate, so we decided to call eachother and start doing it. The sound of hearing her moaning while rubbing her pussy just puts me over the edge while I jack myself off. I moan into the phone to help her along, and we both go until we shoot our loads, and then go on with our normal conversations. She sounds so relaxed when she's doing it and just knowing she wants me so much she's fingering herself on the phone with me makes it even better. If you can get out of a close friend of yours that they masturbate and they know that you do, see if you can eventually get them to do it on the phone with you at the same time. It is AMAZING.
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March 4, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Other

Over 40 Years of Masturbating

Positions Over the Decades

In my early teens, I had no previous knowledge of masturbation and had never even heard of erections. Then one day my penis became erect while I was naked, and I spontaneously ejaculated a long stream of semen. I was shocked for awhile, but the next day I found myself naked and erect again. Tremendously excited, I quickly squatted and began to stroke my penis until I ejaculated another long stream of semen. Then I did it two more times, and the squat became my default position.

Since puberty, I've masturbated/ejaculated about 9,000 times, squirting out something like eight gallons of semen.

My penis is small, but did get quite stiff and hard when erect, and rose just slightly above the horizontal. My distended glans would turn purple and swell and stretch so tight that it would become smooth as glass.

I think I liked the deep squat because it was my normal, familiar position for defecation and allowed my anus to contract more freely and completely. I had already defecated in a squatting position hundreds of times (over a small pail containing a little water), and defecation was also a private act, like masturbation. Also, I was stimulated by the tension in my thighs, buttocks, and anus when squatting.

When I wasn't squatting, I sometimes got down on hands and knees to masturbate. I would back my buttocks up against a fabric-draped bed corner, reach back with each hand, and grab each buttock to spread open my (well-washed) butt crack so that the fabric/bed corner fit comfortably inside my crack. Then I would vigorously wiggle my anus by alternating right and left buttock contractions while pushing back with hands on the floor and squeezing my anus tightly. This produced an exquisite friction on and around my anus and I didn't always even need to stroke my penis to produce an ejaculation.

After a few days of abstinence to accumulate semen, I would lie on my back, throw my legs over my shoulders, and place my knees near the floor beside my ears, with my anus pointing over my head. Then I would manipulate my penis and insert a busy finger inside my anus until I finally ejaculated generously, straight downward into my open mouth. This challenging position became much more enjoyable as my neck and spine became more flexible.

Other times I would lie on my back with my knees spread wide and drawn back above my shoulders to open up my butt crack and expose my anus. Then I would proceed to stroke my stiff penis while observing my anus, buttocks, and genitalia in a large mirror. I could see my anus contract and release with every squirt and spurt. I also performed this technique on my knees and elbows with my buttocks positioned again for maximal opening of my butt crack.

Sometimes I would lay face down across two chairs, with my genitalia hanging down in the open space between, and masturbate. But my moving hand continuously bumped my scrotum and my testicles ached after ejaculating, so I used this position sparingly.

When standing, I preferred to press the front of my thighs against a desk, arch my back, and stroke my penis until I ejaculated onto the desk. Once a gust of wind blew open the curtains in front of the desk and caused some critical remarks.

On some dark nights, I would slide naked out of my bedroom window, stand quietly for awhile, and then insert my flaccid penis into a knothole in a garage wall. It was a tight fit in the erect state, so my penis needed to be flaccid to allow my wider glans to initially pass through into the garage. Once I became erect, my distended glans was locked into the garage until I finally ejaculated and my penis became flaccid and could be withdrawn. Pelvic thrusts needed to be slow to prevent damage to my penis. After a half-hour of bouncing buttocks, I tightly squeezed my anus, pressed my pubis forcefully against the wall, and tried to push my erect penis as far as possible into the garage space as I squirted semen into the darkness. There was usually some bleeding in the penile skin, mainly from required faster thrusting at the end.

Presently, I'm practising most of the positions described above, and also looking for new ideas on this website. My erections have declined, but I've been able to find work arounds. My anus, at least, seems stronger than ever after doing bulbo spongeosum exercises for some time. When I insert a finger into my rectum, my anus feels like a thick circular band of hard rubber.

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March 4, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Unique or Strange Story

Self sucking for years

I began mastrubating when I was about 10 years old. When a friend told me about rubbing his penis into a pillow and how god it felt, I tried it and was hooked form then on. I remember how great it felt and even though I was to young to cum, it still was my favorite thing to do when I was alone. I hit puberty when I was 14 and along with my penis getting larger and beginning to grow hair, I began to ejaculate when Ihad an orgasm.

I used to borrow copies of Penthouse from my Dad's stash and between the pictures and letters to the editor I was jerking off at least once daily. As a kid my parents had me doing gymnastics as something to keep me busy and out of trouble. It turned out I was very good and eventually landed a schlorship to college. But this story is more about what else gymnastics allow me to do.

When I was 16, I didn't have a girlfriend, but some of my older teammates did and they were always saying how good it felt to get a blowjob. I was horney that I just wanted someone to give me a blowjob so I could know what it felt like. Jacking off felt so good that I could only imagine what cumming in a girl's mouth would be like. The letters to the editor about girls who let guys cum in their mouths also drove my interest in getting a blowjob.

One letter really got my attention because it was from a guy who could suck his own penis. Reading about it got me especially hard and because I was so flexible from my training, I decided to give it a try. Without warming up, I threw my legs back above my head and got my penis within about 2 inches of my mouth. I was so turned on that when I began to stroke my penis I cam alomst immediately. The cum shot directly onto my face covering my lips, cheecks and forehead. I opened my mouth and let some in to see what it tasted like and it wasn't bad. I knew then, That I wanted to actually get my penis into my mouth and suck myself off.

The next day, after working out at the gym, I was very limber and when I got home took a long hot shower. My penis was hard just thinking about what was next. In my room, when I flipped my legs up and over my head, I walked them down and my penis got closer and closer to my mouth. With a little work, the head touched my lips and I could then lick the head. It felt so good. I was able to get the head and about 2 inches into my mouth. I stated sucking and licking the head and I knew that I wouldd cum soon. I felt the orgasm building and just before I came, the head seemed to swell. I stroked the length that was outside my mouth and began to cum. The first contraction didn't consist of much, but the next several were very forceful and I could feel the warm thick cum filling my mouth. I continued milking and penis until it began to soften. My mouth was full of my own cum. I didn't taste bad and I really liked the sticky consistency. I then swallowed my first full load and knew that I had discovered something that I would continue doing for years.

I was able to continue to suck myself off for about 15 years and stopped when I had a back injury in an auto accident. I really miss those days and still will jerk off and eat the load, but it's not the same. Recently, I have considered finding a guy who would like to be sucked offf so that I could experience tasting cum directly from a spurting penis again. My current girlfriend thinks it would be hot to watch so maybe I'll be writing about that in the future.

March 5, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Masturbation Technique

Meat more than just for dinner

Like most of us who mastrubate regularly, I'm always looking for the next best thing to bring some variety and intensity to my orgasms. Last weekend when my wife was away, I was planning to spend Saturday taking my time and edging and jacking off all day. Sometimes when she's gone, I take the whole day and edge while watching porn. On one occasion, I remained erect and stimulated for over 8 hours and when I finally did cum, it was so intense that it felt like my insides were being forced out of my penis. The amount of cum and how far it shot added to the pleasure.

Other times, I take the opposite approach and see how many times I can cum while she's gone. My personal record is 10 orgasms in 18 hours. As most guys who jack regularly know, each , so as I was preparing for the day I noticed that she hadbought a roast for Sunday dinner and it sat in the refrigeratororgasm produces less and less cum, but the intensity builds. The last 3 orgasms of that day produced no cum, but felt so good that it almost hurt.

Lsst weekend my wife was visiting family, so when I went to the kitchen to get a beer prior to my jacking session I noticed that she had bought a round roast for Sunday dinner. The roast was about 14 inches long and about as big around as my thigh. That's when the light went off in my head and I thought thsat using this hunk of meat for mastrubation would be fun. I was naked and my penis immediately got hard. I took the roast out and rinsed it off and dried it. I found a long narrow knife with a blade that was about 3/4s of a inch wide. I slide the blade into the end of the roast to a depth of about 10 inches. I then made three other cuts ending with an opening that looked like a plus sign.

I put the roast on the table and lubed my penis with some olive oil. I knew that this was a great idea as I placed my penis head at the entrance and slid into the meat. It was very tight and while a bit cold felt fantastic. I beagn sliding my penis deeper and quickly buried it until my balls were pressed against the botttom of the roast. It was so tight and just the thought of humping this roast had me even more excited than usual.

I love to be watched when I mastrubate, so I moved to the computer room and logged onto a site that lets people watch and show. As I continued to hump the roast, I soon had over 150 people watching. I increased the pace of my strokes and could feel the orgasm build. As the first contractions passed over my groin I pushed my penis as far in as possible and pumped my cum deep inside the meat pussy. The orgasm was very intense and as I withdrew my oiled penis, some cum appeared at the opening of the whole. I knew that before long I'd be humping that roast again. By the time my wife returned the next day, I did cum in that roast 5 times. My wife knows that I enjoy jerking off, so when she opened the door to the kitchen, I had been timimg my last session so she could watch. While she was surprised to see me there balls deep in her roast, she did enjoy watching me cum. It was a great weekend and I know that I'll be doing this again in the future, Give it a try, you can't go wrong.

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March 8, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Caught Masturbating!

Cumming for a friend

When I was younger, I mastrubated as often as I could. It seemed that every morning I would wake up erect and horny as hell. I usually would jerk off in the shower before going to school, and my mother was always telling me to hurry up and stop wasting hot water. I'm sure she and my dad knew what was going on, but I believed that they had no idea, besides cumming in the showwer meant no clean up. None of my friends talked about jerking off so I was never sure if I was the only one doing this. That was until one evening I was asked to babysit our neighbor's daughter.

Sophia was 12 and while we have grown up together, being 3 years older, I often sat for her parents. We lived right next door and if there was any problem I could run next door to get myparents.

on this night, as Sophia sat next to me watching a movie on TV I could not help noticing how she looked sitting there in her oversized T shirt and panties. Her tanned legs lloked great and I started wondering what she looked like above where her shirt sopped. I became so turned on that after a little while I excused myself and went to the bathroom. I immediately took my penis out and began stroking it while thinking of Sophia's legs and where the came together higher up.

I continued stroking my penis and knew that I would soon be cumming. I had not noticed that the door to the bathroom had opened slightly,as I was so involveed stroking my penis. When I did open my eyes I was horrified to see Sophia standing outside in the hall and looking directly at me. I guickly jumped up and closed the door, terrified. I told her to go back into the living room and that I would be there soon. It was quiet for a while and then I herd her ask what was wrong. I didn't know what to say, but suddenly she opened the door.

She told me tthat it was ok and that she sometimes touched herself down there too.She asked if I did it because it felt good and I said yes. Despite my embarassment, my penis began to swell and since my pants were on the floor it was easy for her to notice. She said that she had never seen a boy's privates and could she see mine. I removed my hands that were covering my penis and let her see my full erection.

We talked for a little while and she asked if I would let her watch what I had been doing. I was so turned on that I agreed and began stroking my penis. Being watch doing something that was so private and taboo by a girl was so exciting. She was standing in the doorway and I was about 6 feet away stroking my penis over the sink. I told her that I was going to cum and when my orgasm hit I shot cum across the sink and hit the mirrow that was about 1 foot away. the remaing cum covered the vanity top and ran into the sink.

Sophia was amazed. Later after I cleaned up I asked her not to tell anyone and that this would be our secrete. She agreed.

After that night, I jacked off for Sophia many, many times. She seemed to enjoy watching, especially seeing the cum shoot from my penis. Sometimes I would I would jerk off in my room with the blinds open so she could see from her room across the yard. I would let mu cum hit the window and run down the glass. A memorable time was when I asked Sophia if I could see her naked while I jacked off and she agreed. That orgasm was one of the best that I can ever remember. About a year later, she moved out of town and my jerking off became a more solo venture. To this day, jerking off while someone watches still excites me and I do it whenever I can.

Well that's my story and now I need to rub one out. I'll be thinking of Sophia, her tanned legs, flat stomach and that beautiful bald young pussy I got to see just one time as my orgasm runs over my bobd and my penis sprays it's load across my belly.

March 9, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Masturbation Biography

Love to stroke my penis

I love to get hard and get my hands on my penis. I love the feeling in my penis as it starts to get hard, straining against my clothes. I move my hips to feel it pushing against my pants, and feel it get harder and harder, grinding and rubbing against my jeans. I take off my pants and I grab my penis through my underwear with just a couple fingers, focusing my grip and squeezing on the shaft, to feel the pressure all the way through my penis, not just on the surface. My underwear have a pouch on the front, so there’s room for my hard-on, so I continue this way for a while, savoring that sensation through my whole penis, feeling the fabric rub against the head, until I’m just about to blow, and then I stop. I take a deep breath and let go of my penis, holding off the cum. I take it right to the edge, and sometimes I’ll squirt a single wet shot into my underwear, but it’s wetter like this than usual, and not the pulsing squirts that I usually have when I cum. So I stay hard, and I’m able to go back at it in a minute. This leaves some more wetness in my underwear, along with all the pre-cum spots I’ve left as well.

If I’m at it for a while, the fabric starts to irritate the sensitive head of my penis, so I’ll put on a condom. My penis is short, but it’s thick, so condoms squeeze it tight. But that squeeze feels good at the moment, and the skin doesn’t rub on the fabric so I can go on squeezing and yanking, feeling that incredible sensation in my penis that I wish would last forever. When I’m really into it, I zone out and try to focus all of my mind on that wonderful feeling running all the way through my hard penis. I wish that feeling could stay forever – when I'm in the moment, it’s the best feeling of my life – those amazing sensations in my penis that feel like heaven. And I’m amazed that this one appendage makes me feel so good, but the sensation is as close to perfection as possible.

I like to squeeze out the drops of pre-cum onto my finger and lick it off. It doesn’t really have any taste but I like the feel in my mouth. When I shoot a little wet single shot before I cum, I’ll wipe that off and swallow it too. It’s a little cloudier than the pre-cum, and it tastes a little bitter. I’ve never tasted a full load of cum – I think I’d like to, but after I cum, I don’t want to taste it anymore. A few times I’ve lied down on the floor, put my legs over my head, and tried to cum in my mouth, but I missed and squirted on my face instead. One of these days I’ll hit the target, and I’ll swallow it.

When I take my underwear off, I jerk off the same way I have for most of my life. I like it best dry, holding on to the skin with my whole fist and sliding the skin back and forth over the length of my shaft, covering about half of the head on the up stroke. Again, it’s more about the sensation in my entire penis than the feeling on the skin. I masturbate mostly in front of the computer, so I’ve learned to use either hand so I can work the mouse. I look at porn and web cam girls – most of the time I just watch their free shows, and I like to tell them when I cum. Most of them don’t care if I cum or not since I’m not a paying customer, but sometimes a sweet girl will congratulate me. When I’m ready to cum, I almost always switch to my right hand. I feel the pressure building in my balls as my penis swells to its maximum size. I lean back in my chair, close my eyes, tense the muscles in my legs, and focus all my energy on the load I’m about to blow out the end of my penis. At the first shot, I squeeze with my hand right where the head meets the shaft, and I can shoot far that way, at least on the first shot. If it’s been a week or more since I’ve cum, that first shot will go over my shoulder – it’s almost always to the left because I’m squeezing with my right hand when I cum, and that angles my penis to the left. When I cum like that, it’s the most amazing intense feeling, like I’ve cum with my entire body, not just with my penis and balls. Sometimes when I masturbate online with my girlfriend like this, I cum so hard, I can’t talk straight for about a minute afterwards.

Other times I want to get to the cum as soon as possible, and I can get there before my penis is even fully hard, in less than a minute. Once I made myself cum while my penis was still completely soft. Needless to say, this doesn’t build the same sort of sensations as when I get hard and take it slow, but still it’s a nice feeling to blow that load. Though I have other hobbies, I prefer masturbating over anything else, and I’m generally pretty happy to just cum if I don’t have a lot of time.

Another thing I like is to take off my underwear and wrap it around my penis while I masturbate. The fabric tent pounds against the tip of my penis on the downstroke, and on the other end, the fabric hangs and tickles below my balls.

I’ve had hard-ons as long as I can remember, and learned at a very young age that looking at my dad’s magazines caused them. My first orgasm was about a year before puberty – it was dry, of course, and very intense, but I knew that it would feel even better once I started squirting cum. My first cum was mostly clear liquid, which just got better and better as I started to make more, and once my penis started to grow to full size. In those first couple years I would get hard and stand in front of the mirror, looking at my hard penis from all angles as I yanked on it and watched the cum fly on my belly. I still like to look at it sometimes, and I wish I could suck it but I can’t get my mouth down that far. I have a recurring dream that I’m sucking my own penis. I have other sex dreams as well, and the best of these is when I’m lucid dreaming, and I realize I can do whatever I want because it’s just a dream. As soon as I realize it in the dream, I walk over to the nearest girl and stick my penis in her mouth without saying a word. Despite these dreams, I never cum in my sleep anymore, like I did when I was younger. I tried once to make myself cum without touching my penis at all, but I couldn’t do it. I got hard but I couldn’t cum. I’d still like to be able to do that if I could. One time I tried it while doing yoga naked in my house. Again, I got hard, but couldn’t cum until I grabbed hold and yanked my load all over my yoga mat.

The first time someone else made me cum was when I was a teenager, making out with my girlfriend, and she was rubbing my penis through my jeans as I was rubbing her pussy. I didn’t think I was going to cum until the moment just before I did, and I was a little embarrassed but happy. I’m not sure if she had ever made a guy cum before that, but I’m sure that hot little beauty has brought about thousands of cumshots since then.

I only masturbated once in front of my wife in the entire time that I knew her. It was at the end of our marriage, and she wouldn’t have sex with me one night, so I rolled over and rubbed one out. My current girlfriend and I masturbate together a lot, and watching her cum is one of the greatest joys of my life.

March 10, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Bisexual

Memorable Wanking, Jacking Off, and General Masturbation

Truth or dare game gets me going

My best wank was last night. I downloaded a truth or dare game, and the damn thing got me incredibly horny. I have a couple of vibrating toothbrushes that I use for masturbating sometimes, and I like to put a rubber band around the head of my penis, just below the flange, so that the toothbrushes are on the side and the rubber band stretches across my frenulum. When I turn the brushes on, the vibrations go through the head of my penis, and the rubber band transfers them to my frenulum. I was wearing very loose boxers, and standing in the lounge, leaning over the back of the couch. I then started reading the dares and rocking my hips backwards and forwards. The vibrations from the toothbrushes were making my penis vibrate against the material of the boxers. I was getting hornier and hornier reading the dares, and closer and closer to cumming. After about 10 minutes I walked back to the bedroom and the walking and vibrations put me over the edge and I came while I was entering the bedroom. I cleaned up but was still horny so I got the fleshlight out and lubed up, then watched some porn of guys giving guys head jobs, I came again in the fleshlight, but stopped the stimulation as I came. I was still hard so I started going again and came a third time, this time moaning loudly. Fantastic. I’ll always remember this because of the number of times I came, and how horny I got just reading the dares. I felt like I was cumming for about five miuntes….

March 13, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Bisexual

Over 40 Years of Masturbating

subtle masterbation

This is a tchnique that has worked well for me, especially when you want to secretly masterbate, even though a partner may be sleeping with you. this technique involves both hands. Use the tips of your fingers to gently grip the tip of your penis around the ridge of your head (helmet). with the other hand, use the thumb and index finger to lightly grip your penis about and inch under the tip...right at the sweet spot. start to pull in opposite directions with a very small amplitude, and work the motion until it's a pulse with just th right frequency to give an almost electric sensation in your penis. The next part of the method involves a small spherical dish like a relish dish...preferably with smooth sides. Once you have some precum oozing, use the dish to place over your penis and slide it in circular or side to side motions. It feels almost like a blowjob. If you get to a climax, just roll to the side and cum in the dish. A recent story on this website spoke of the desire to eat his cum as he was masterbating. his a common feeling, especially if you have a fantasy of sucking another guy off, and swallowing his cum. You can't wait to eat yours, but you loose the desire after you cum...not horny anymore. His recommendation was to catch your cum in a small container, then freeze or refrigerate it until you jerk off again. then you can take it out, while you're masterbating, and sip it. It works great! The refigeration actually improves the flavor, and you cum very quickly...imagining sucking another guy to completion. try it...you'll love it...especially if you fantasize sucking another guy off, like I do.

March 19, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Over 40 Years of Masturbating

a few weeks ago I saw a video of the magnsam buzz I got so excited about it that I just had to have one I ordered one it was my luckly day it came when my wife was away for the day she dont know my love of masturbating I opened it up I was excited an nervous at the same time it didnt take me long to get naked I lubed it up real good an inserted it in my rosebud it slide in real easy then I turned it on as I stood in front of the mirror an watch my penis get hard I was amazed at the vibes then I started to cum I hadnt cum that much since I was younger I cant thank the person that made it it is simply out of this world I used it three times that day I think every man that liks to masturbate should one I know he wouldnt be soory

March 20, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

First Time Masturbating


I had my first cum at age 13 , at that point I had been playing with my penis for a while , when I had my first cum it was earth shattering pleasure I remember that glorious day over 20 years ago , the first time that hot white creamy cum burst out of my penis was a door kicked open to a world of jacking off pleasure , watching and feeling that creamy cum burst out of my hard penis was awesome I remember being overwhelmed with joyful pleasure , I did not know what to think I was just stunned by shaking with over load joy of jacking off to a cum he first time , this changed my life and for over 20 years I have jacked off loads of creamy cum i'am jacking off right now and very very proud of it and i'am about to cum!

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March 20, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Bisexual

Other Masturbatory Entry


The guy who is aching to jack off with his buddy asked for some advice on how to go about making it happen. I would suggest that you ask hime to go for a long hike, bike ride, or whatever type of activity you might share. Make sure to head to an area that will afford you lots of privacy. When you get to a spot that looks really comfortable, stop for a rest there. At sme point, you'll need to urinate. Make sure that your buddy has a clear view of your penis as you urinate. When, you finish, take a lot of time shaking off and stroking out any residual drops...make eye contact. I'm sure you won't need too much time before you start to become erect. Tell him that you're feeling really horny out here in this privte setting with him, and ask him if he is too. The rest should be like falling off a log. Good luck, and enjoy each other's peniss...he'll appreciate you taking the time to get this together. I'll bet you even wind up sucking each other before long...it's hard to resist when you feel the other's hard penis throbbing in your hand, and cum is actually quite tasty.

March 20, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight


sex cinema jackoffs

Some months ago I told you about a couple I met in a local porno cinema and how the young lady liked to wank off men in the audience. I saw them two or three times in the cinema and then they seemed to stop going or I just happened to miss them.I remember the handjobs she gave me and it was a shame that I didnt see them again. That is until the other day when I happened upon her whilst shopping. I was reluctant to approach her which is quite understandable but I was suprised when she said hello.I said hi in return but was lost for words. She must have sensed my shyness when she asked if I still went to the cinema to which I said I did. She then asked me if I wanted to go there. Before I could say anything else she told me that she had broken up with her boyfriend and that was why they had not been to the cinema. I said ok if it was alright with her. She said it was but she was insistant that it had to be on her terms but that she would take care of me but she needed to take the lead and afterwards we would have to go our own way. I agreed to this and so we went set off to watch some porno.The cinema was quite busy and in the darkness it seemed that there were very few seats at the rear so we had to sit some rows nearer the front. She told me to sit down three seats in from the left, she sat on my right leaving the end seat vacant.The movie was pretty hot and I started to get a hard on. She put her arm round my shoulder and reached across my lap and massaged my penis through my jeans. This was not lost on the guy sitting behind us in the end seat.After a few minutes he got up and moved to the row in front ending up sat next to my companion.She ignored him at first and whispered in my ear telling me to unzip my jeans so she could reach inside to feel my penis but not to pull it out. I did as I was told.After stroking me for a minute or two she moved her hand away and sat up straight in her seat. She seemed to ignore the guy next to her even thought he had his penis in his hand and was wanking off as he watched the film.Without looking at him her hand reached for his hard dick which he let go of and she slowly started to jerk him off. Ever so slowly at first but occassionally increasing the pace but only for a moment or two. This went on for several minutes and then she stopped turned to me and told me to take out my penis. She returned to the other guy said something to him and started to wank him off again.I then heard her tell him to let her know when he needed to be wanked faster if there was a scene that turned him on. He nodded in reply and and told her now when the time came.She was in no rush to make him cum which was her way.She wanted it to last as long as possible.By now we seemed to be getting some attention as another guy sat behind us kept leaning forward for a better look. She must have sensed that the guy she was working on would not last much longer. She stopped for a second leaned my way and said im going to make him cum now.I watched as she went to work on him and I started to wank myself in anticipation. Within a short space of time he came in her hand and she continued to gently stoke him until she had extracted every drop. After composing himself the guy got up and left the cinema.She then turned her attention to me gently stroking my hard on.However the movie was coming to an end and shortly the lights went up.It was however still fairly dim so she still worked on me until I asked her to take a break. I eased my penis inside my jeans until the next film came on.However before this happened another guy to the vacant seat next to us. We were waiting for the show to resume when it was announced that the next event would be striptease to be performed by a young busty blonde.When she appeared the guy next to us took out his penis and started wanking off.I wondered if she could see what he was doing as she was performing on a raised stage. It didnt seem to bother him however and when my companion took his big penis in her hand he left it up to her whilst he had his eyes glued to the stage.Admittedly the young lady performing was attractive but I sensed she had noticed what was going on as she kept glancing our way. Working on his penis all the time I sensed she was going to try to make him cum before she left the stage and I was not far wrong as he shot his load just before she had finished her act. After the striptease the cinema started to emtpy somewhat and the guy next to us left. My companion went to the toilet and Iwaited for her return. When she came back she said we should move to the back row as some seats were now vacant so we did and in no time the next movie started. As the lights dimmed she reached across unzipped my jeans and took out my penis and gently stroked it until it was erect and then slowly wanked me off he then leaned futher across and started sucking me. She was an expert at this something she had not done to me before although I had seen her do it to her boyfriend.Iwatched the film as she went to work on me then I noticed the man sat next to her was trying to feel her boobs. She didnt seem to mind and when she took my penis out fo her mouth and sat back in her seat he had managed to undo the buttons on her blouse and he reached across to fondle her tits eventually managing to expose them by taking them out of her bra. She sat there showing off her boobs for all to see. Without hasitation she turned to the guy next to her unzipped his trousers putted out his penis and started to give him a handjob. She really weny to work on him until she knew he was about to cum when she suddenly stopped. Pre cum oused from his penis and after a few moments she rubbed this into the guys penis as a lubricant and rubbed the tip of his erection. This really turned him on and without removing her hand from the tip he came in the palm of her hand. Next up to get the treatment was a guy younger than her. She whispered to me this wont take too long and in no time at all he was cumming.Next it was my turn. I had a permanent hard on from watching her and I thought I would explode in next to no time. So I asked her to take it easy which she did only to stop now and then to give another guy her brand of handjobs.The last one she wanked off was memorable as his penis was circumcized and he had a very large helmet which she worked on as she sensed it was very sensitive to being stroked and squeezed. This really turned him on but she was determined not to let him cum until she wanted to so she worked on him endlessly sometimes stopping for a few moment until the point of return was reached and as he shot his load she again loosened her grip and he came without any further assistance. All the time I had been watching her I had been wanking myself and I told her I wanted to cum so she took my penis in her mouth wanking me and sliding her tongue around my shaft until I erupted. My whole body was shaking and this was the best orgasm I ever had. We have agreed to met again so no doubt I will be able to watch her wanking off many more guys before I get my just deserts.

March 21, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Masturbation Technique

Makeshift pussy

When I was still with my ex wife, I hadn't had sex for over 7 years! My only release was masturbation. I tried all sorts of ways to simulate the feeling of a real woman. What I stumbled on was amazing!

I poured some lube into a plastic bag. Next, I got a washcoth wet and threw it in the microwave to heat it up. Then I put my dick into the bag with the lube, wrapped the warm washcloth around the bag, and then put all of it between two pillows, so that I just felt the wet warmth on my dick and as I pumped up and down humping the bed, my dick under the pillows, it felt just like a real pussy. You will not beleive how good it feels. It isn't as tight as a woman, but you can adjust the way you stack the pillows or wrap the washcloth. But the warm lube is actually slipperyer than a real pussy. I discovered this after about 5 and a half years without actually putting my dick in a woman and my mind was blown.

March 21, 2013 -

Memorable Wanking, Jacking Off, and General Masturbation

The hand

I to remember as a young kid having play dates where there was both male and female kids that came over to play in my room. There was one girl that touched my crouch and smiled at me. It ticketed a lot and my penis began to grow and throb. She grabbed my penis and balls in her warm little sticky hand and its felt amazing. I was scared but I did not say anything She suggested that we go to a private room and I followed her to the next room. She placed her warm sticky spit on her hand and had me lay face Dow with my penis on her wet spit covered hand. My penis gre fast and began to bob up and down throbbing hard. She to rub so I started to rub on her sticky wet hand. OMG it tickles I said she smiled and said rub faster. She began to breath her breath into my nose while I rubbed on her hand and It tickled even more. I rubbed harder and faster and then all of a sudden my penis shot a load of cum as I was moaning and moving.

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March 22, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Caught Masturbating!

Caught by sister

I was younger when this happened to me. Like most guys my age, I mastrubated almost daily and feared that someone would find out. Back before the internet, you really had no idea how common jacking off was and figured that since no one talked about it you were the only guy doing it. I used to steal my Dad's Penthous magazines and read the letters while slowly strokin my penis. I would then look at the pictures and bring myself to orgasm imagining what it would be like to be having sex with one of those girls or having her suck my penis.

I would usually jack off right after school when my parents were at work and my older sister was at hockey or volleyball practice. I would usually have at least 2 hours before anyone would come home and that was more than enought time to take care of business. I was always very careful to make certain that I cleaned up all the cum because I did not want to leave any evidence.

On the afternoon in question, I was in my room, naked and stroking my penis. The Penthouse that I had in front of me was one that I had stolen months ago from the trash and one where I had shot my cum onto many times which resulted in most of the pages being stuck together. But there were still several photos that I had not covered in cum and one in particular that truned me on so much. It was of an asian girl with very long jet black hair and I can still remember the picture where she was laying back in a field with her legs spread and almost no hair on her pussy. Her lips were slightly parted and you coild see just a bit inside where she was pink and very wet. To this day memories of that get me hard and I still jack off to that thought.

I was sitting on my bed, naked and stroking my penis to her pciture. Without knowing it, my older sister (16) had come home and when I heard the floorboards in the hallway creeking, I looked up and she was standing in the doorway. I threw the Penthousee to the floor and grabbed the comfortor to cover my erect penis. My heart was racing and I didn't knwo what to say.

My sister walked into the room and picked up the magazine. She noticed that many of the pages were stuck together and she told me that she knew exactly what I was doing. I have to admit that I was not very nice to my sister and had told on everything that she did to my parents which ended up getting her grounded quite a few times.

Susan closed the door and told me that she would take the magazine and give it to my mother, but that she would first show it to the girls in my class unless I did what ever she asked me to do going forward. Sitting there covered up, scared to death that she would do just that I agreed. I begged her to please not tell anyone.

Susan then said that I would be expected to do her chores around the house (cleaning our shared bathroom and her nights doing the dinner dishes as well as walking our dog). I agreed immediately. She then told me that she wanted to see exactly what I had been doing when she walked by. I told her no way, but she held the magazine out and asked who she should show it to first. After some arguing, she left the room and then came back without the Penthouse. She told me tha magazine was locked where I could not get it and that if I didn't want Mom seeing it as soon as she came home in about 15 minutes I had better get busy.

Reluctantly I removed the comforter from covering my penis and let her see me. I was not hard, but as she looked at me sitting there naked I began to egt erect. She told me to do what I would if I were alone. I wrapped my hand around my penis and began stroking it for her. I have to admit that my embarassement left my mind and I began to be really turned on by having someone watch me stroke my penis. Susan asked me what it felt like and I told her that it began in my balls and insides and then felt better and better along my penis. I told her I really loved the feeling of my hand sliding over the head and then down the shaft.

I stroked my penis for about 5 minutes and told her that I was going to cum soom. I began stroking faster and faster feeling the orgasm building. She was looking right at my penis, concentrating her full attention on it and that increasd the erotic nature of what I was doing. I stood up and pushed my hips forward, clamping down to hold back my orgasm and stroking very fast and hard. When I csould not hold back anymore, my orgasm started. The first spurt was nothing to speak obout, but the next 3 or 4 flew out of my penis and landed on the floor several feet in front of my. I continued to milk my penis and the cum drianed out and into a small puddle on the floor. I had not cum for about 3 days so the volume was about as great as it ever was.

I sat back on the bed exhausted. My sister was wide eyed. She told me that I was the first boy that she saw cum. She said the girls talked about this all the time, but she had never seen a guy jack off and cum. Nor had she ever touched a penis. She promised not to tell anyone, but she told me that she did expect that I would do this again for her whenever she asked. Before leaving, she dipped her fingers into the puddle to see what the cum felt like. As she left, she wiped them along the doorframe and that truned me on quite a bit. I cleaned up and there was no mention of the days happenings at dinner or later.

Over summer, Susan watched me jack off many times and I grew to enjoy giving her a show. Sometimes she would watch wearing only her t shirt and panties and that got me even more worked up. Even though she was my sister, seeing her long, tan legs and imagining what was under those cotton pantied really got me turned on. She never touched me, but did get very close to my penis when I came. At the end of the summer, she brought home her best girlfriend and made me cum for them both. That was incredible and I guess that's why I enjoy being watched so much as an adult.

I mastrubatd for my sister until she left for college. Since then we've joked about those days, but never revisited them and I must say I mis her watching.

March 22, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Anonymous Masturbator Confessions

Eating my cum

When I first started jacking off, I was afraid that someone would find out and that thought terrified me. I had discovered porn on the internet and really loved to cum watching girls giving blow jobs. I don't know why that particular type of pron was so exciting, but I loved watching the guys shoot their loads into the girl's mouth. I wondered what that must be like for the girls who seemed to really enjoy the cum. I especially loved the videos of real amature people filming themselves and watching the girls swallow the loads or eat them off their lover's skin.

I had experimented with tasting my own cum many times, but it always seemed that after the orgasm the urge to eat it dropped off. I was most successful when I placed my legs back over my body against the wall and walked them down so thhat my penis was directly above my mouth. Then I would shoot the cum into my mouth directly. if only I could have gottent my penis into my own mouth! If I had, I would probably have never left my room.

I did discoveer that if I edged myself to the verge of cummin and stopoped just before the first wave of orgasm began, I could milk most of the cum from my penis and still remain turned on and erect. If I edged several times, I could rain all the cum, but still have not orgasmed. Then the urge to eat my cum was still strong and I would place it in my mouth. When I did orgasm, while no cum would remain to shoot out, the contractions seemed even stronger and having the load already in my mouth was perfect.

Today, I never let a load go to waste. If I'm mastrubating, I will eat it. If I'm having sex with my girlfriend, I'll go down on her after cummin in her pussy and claen her out, she loves that. And finally, if she gives me a blowjob, she knows not to swallow, but to collect it in her mouth and kiss me s we can share the load.

If you've never tried it, I would suggest you do. Enjoy and now I need to drain the balls as writing this turned me on.

March 22, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight


Lesbian Neibours

I have a great story to tell you guys, and you will love it. I live in a area close to a college and there are a lot of female students living in my neighbourhood. I even have one living in my house with me but that's not my story. The house next door has two girls in particular who are not very shy when it comes to walking around the house naked which I find wonderful. But I also discovered one day after a long time watching that they are prone to a little lesbian action.

It started after another two girls were there and they were all sitting around drinking talking about gods knows what when one of them began kissing the other. At first it looked as if it were a reluctant and almost embarrassed event but it soon looked as if they both enjoyed it more than they let on.

By this time the other girls were laughing, teasing and goading them to go further, and they reluctantly proceeded. This made the girls very excited and me too!!. By this time I was hard as a rock and stroking myself without and thought to my room mate returning and catching me, and the girls were naked and really going at it. This definitely wasn't their first time at this. I could see the tongue disappearing into the other girls mouth and she was loving it.

Then it went to pussy passion. The blonde went first opening the others legs wide and massaging her clit with her tongue until she moaned and groaned with pleasure. I then saw the other girls returning to watch.

That's when my room mate suddenly appeared to see me pounding my erection. She was shocked surprised, and horrified. But I soon showed her how nice it was, to feel it inside her.

March 22, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

First Time Masturbating


Hi, I am young and have a kinda short dick, but love to masturbate. I masturbate on bike rides, at home with parents gone, in the shower, on the can. But now I write of my first time.

My brother had showed me how a year ago, and I was interested, but it was too short back then. Two months ago I tried it. My parents were gone. I sat on the toilet and got horny thinking about girls. I then stroked up and down and up and down. I gfot so comfortable I was half-lying down. After 15 minutes or so, the pleasure started to build. The climax was coming. I closed my eyes and felt it. I panted, almost shouted, while I had my first orgasm. The feeling was so good, I kept stroking, and it felt even better. Time for the second climax, I thought. Here it comes! I thought. The feeling emmiting from my dick was undescirbibly good. And then I cummed for the first time. It shot out gloriously onto my stomach. I was so suprised and happy. Back then, I was scared of eating it, but I can do it now. I cleaned it up and took a shower. I was so excited for the next time the parents were gone.

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March 23, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Fantasies while Masturbating

Wishful Thinking

I've read a lot of mutual masturbation stories and it both turns me on and makes me jealous. I wish that I had a jerk off buddy; if I did, I'd want to experience jerking off with him in all sorts of places. We could jerk off in the locker room, beach, forest, mountains, at each others house, any where. The furthest I'd go with him is oral, no anal at all. I'm not romantically attracted to men but sexually I am and I wouldn't mind sucking a nice penis and swallowing its juices. Lately I've been watching more gay blowjob porn than anything else and it kind of makes me wonder about my sexuality but I could never be into a man romantically which leads me to believe that all I need or want is a jerk off buddy not a boyfriend. I'm kind of always on the look out for one but how does one really find a jerk off buddy.

March 23, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Caught Masturbating!

Caught By Roommate

I was telling you guys the story earlier about me watching my neighbours while they were having some lesbian loving and my room mate walked in and caught me. It was a little embarrassing at first being caught like that. I mean, I am usually so careful about my masturbation activity so as not to get caught but I guess it was bound to happen one day.

After the initial surprise of seeing me like that, she and I got to talking about things and it turned out that we both had very similar interests. She liked to watch also. And she also liked to be watched, but secretly. So, we talked about how we could arrange it that I could watch her in the shower and not let her know I was there until afterwards.

For instance, if she was planning to be home and being naked or taking shower or whatever, I would watch her from the outside, like a peeper. This really excited her, the thought of a stranger watching her and seeing her touching her naked body excited her beyond belief.

We ended up masturbating together after we had talked about our ideas. We were both very excited and in need of relief. And then we had sex, which was wonderful. I didn't plan that, but it was great.

March 24, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

First Time Masturbating

My First Jerk

It was a weekday. I have heard stories at school about how to masturbate and what it felt like. So it was about 10:00 PM, and I felt horny and had a steel boner. So I went to my bedroom's adjacent bathroom. Inside the medicine cabinet I kept a small jar of Vaseline for my legs and arms to keep them from not getting dry. And when I would lubricate my extremities, it felt good. So I decided to masturbate for my first time. I was only 10 then. My penis was only about 3 inches long then, perfect for one of my small fists. So I only took a small amount, and evenly rubbed it on my hand, and made sure my boner was still there. It was. So I tried not to wake up my sister in the next room, and walked slowly and carefully back to my queen-size bed. Then I rested my head on my double pillows, and pulled down my pants. My penis was very hard, and I slowly put the bottom of my hand on my head. Then I went down to my base. It felt like heaven. Then I kept on, slowly, to savor the feeling, then started to get faster. All of a sudden, my legs flew up and my stomach crunched, so I sat up. Then I kept rubbing, then my whole body started shaking when I bent my middle finger in. Then a few seconds later, I felt a feeling in the back of my head, (my other head), and I felt a contraction. The second one came a tenth of a second later, then I came so hard, then did it again, 15 minutes later. I stayed hard, so you know. Then I shared this story with the kids at school, then a day later they said they all came as hard as I did. It was the best feeling ever.

March 26, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Anonymous Masturbator Confessions

After Pool Fun

I went for my normal swim the other day and to my great delight there were many more lovely young females there than usual. This made it a very pleasant swim as I was very close to the lanes they were using and I could see them clearly as I moved through the water. After my swim I made my way to the showers and being a uni sex with only a small door separating each shower and change area it was quite easy to hear and take peaks through the opening as the girls came in and left. There was one already in there when I walked in and she was already fully dressed and doing her hair so I missed her. But by the time I was stripped and shower was running the other girls were coming in, and I was fully prepared for a little watching.

I was having a wonderful time, watching, as my penis was pulsating in my hand and I was looking through the gap in the door which showed me every girl entering and leaving. And giggling like girls do, and me a few feet away, masturbating.

it felt so good masturbating in such a public place. I had never done it in a public area before which is probably why it felt so good. When I started to come, it squirted out all over the door and some even through the gap in the door. I don't think anyone saw it. I then showered paying special attention to my penis and dressed and left. Leaving every one behind to wait for another day.

March 30, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Bisexual

First Time Masturbating

My First Time Jacking Off

I was around 11 when I first masturbated and had my first orgasm. I was in my room watching TV, and I got an erection. I was wearing basketball shorts and a T shirt, but nothing else. I started to rub my penis through my shorts and it felt really good. I wanted more. I slid off my shorts and used two fingers to jack off. Then, after about 15 minutes, I had the most amazing feeling. I remember moaning (luckily my room's in the basement). I had my first orgasm, and I had about 3 more that night. I've been masturbating ever since.

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April 2, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Memorable Wanking, Jacking Off, and General Masturbation

under a toilet stall wall

I am an outside salesman, so it has always been important to me to learn of all available restrooms. One day I was sitting in the toilet taking a dump when I looked down and saw a hand waving oat me from under the stall wall next to me. I didn't know what the guy was doing so I just naively reached down and shook hands with him. He pulled away then his hand reappeared with a note. I took the note and he was asking me to stick my hard dick under the wall. Up to that point my dick wasn't hard, but it instantly started rising for the occasion.

I had to pull my pants and shorts down to my ankles, kneel down and stick my dick under the wall. It wasn't very comfortable, but I got it under. I guess he was bent over or down on his knees too, because he took my dick and I could feel it getting moist and being sucked on. I told him, through the wall I was about to cum and he said go ahead and he just kept on sucking me. Boy it really felt good. I thrust my dick as hard as I could into his mouth and felt my cum rushing out of my dick into his warm mouth. When he finished he unloskec his stall door and left. I had never had a blow job before, and was surprised when he quicklly left the restroom anonomously. That was all he wanted was to suck my dick off and apparently didn't want or expect me to reciprocate.

This particular restroom was in the pasement of a hotel which was part of an office building complex. I soon discoved that if I went to that restroom at noon there were a lot of young men standing at the urinals and in closed door stalls peeking out or if at the urninals plainly looking at the other men's dicks. I got sucked very regualrly after that.

this was before hiv or aids so shooting off into a guy without any qualms was very liberating. One day a I was sitting on the john when a guy came in, peeked through the crack of my shut stall door, I reached up and unlocked the door. He came in, pulled down his pants and shorts, bent over, I saw his asshole with the hair around it. He signaled for me to have sex with him. I was so excited, that I was shaking all over. I had never stuck my dick up any other guys ass, and it really had me sharking. I gently pushed my hard dick into his ass, and he started going back and forth while I was rhymthically thrusing. Again, when I was about to cum, I told him so, and he kept on so I shot my wad up his ass, pulled my dick out, and he pulled up his shorts and pants, zipped up and was gone. Again I was left flabbergasted.

Another day I was taking a leak at a urinal, I heard the door to a stall benind me open up. I didn't pay any attention, but after I had pissed I turned sideways to zip up my pants when this guy indicated for me to come into his stall. I walked in, and he softly asked me to pull my pants and shorts down, turn around, and bend over. I told him I didn't want to be screwed,and he said he just wanted to lick my asshole. The thought of it really turned me on. I bent over and his warm tongue started swabbing my asshole, my ass crack and from my asshole to my balls. He grabbed me by my thighs and pulled my butt right up to his nose, he licked my balls, stuck my bag and balls into his mouth, then ran his tongue back up to my ass hole licking me all the way, and then turned me around ahd finished me off. Man oh man what a fantastic experience. I was completely wrung out. I fantazied about all he did to me for the rest of the afternoon. I wasn't able to think about selling so I went back to the office, closed the door, fanatzised and jacked off. I haven't had that asshole licking since then, but I keep searching.

Now I reciprocate on the sucking, but I have never licked another mans asshole. Sometime when I get with a man at his place or a motel, I will get him into the shower, wash him real good myself and then maybe lick his ass. Probably would have to have few drinks with him, bot of us naked of course and playing with each others hard dicks.

Just recalling all this has given me the hard I want, so I will enjoy playing with myself and ultmately massaging my wonderful hard dick to ejaculation. Whew!

April 3, 2013 -

Masturbation Biography

reading these stories

I really enjoy masturbating although at my age it can be lacking. I love these stories here. Today I read about this older man who still masturbates and apparently always did it privately.

I am a bit older than that guy, but as a youngster, young man, veterarn of WWII and Korean plus an all male college, I never masturbated with anyone else, always very private and assumed I was weirdly unique. I have sired 4 children, had sex with my wife very often, and would still masturbate in the bed or in the shower the next morning. Horny all the time!

Unlike him I have been sucked, have sucked, humped and been humped with and by other men. I really like to suck a truly hard long dick. I don't hump or suck around with big bellys or really fat men. Some of my friends can only get a semi on as do I now, so we suck on each other. sometimes a we cum some and rub it onto each others dicks to make them slick and slimy. Also it is safe to swallow nowadays. don;t mess with younger men too much because they may have or get some STD that I sure don't want.

Always enjoy reading other older guys experiences. Makes me get horny, semi-hard, and reliving their experiences gives me fantasies to jack to. My balls hurt right now so got to release the juice, and maybe just wipe it onto my fingers and suck them.

Keep the stories coming or should I say cumming?

April 3, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Fantasies while Masturbating

masturbating catholic priests

My paents sent me to a Catholic school when I was thirteen. As with most boys my age, I would wake up with an erection, and often jerk off =- as we called it. this school was a boarding all boys school so many times when I would wake up I would masturbate.

I was not and am not Catholic, so I never called the priests Father, because they were not my dad. The restroom stalls had no doors, and one day I was sitting, had taken a crap, and was playing with my toy. A priest came in saw what I was doing and chastised me. He knew I wasn't Catholic and didn't not go to confession.

I often thought about those young men, and what they did when they would wake up with a hard-on! I asked that priest what priest did and he said they would pray every time they had an erection. I found that hard to believe. They walked around in those long black robes and I was sure, in my mind, that they often had hard-ons. Also I can't believe they couldn't subdue the natural urges to masturbate to release the tensions.

Now I read about priests who have fathered children, and I know there was no star in the East. Now of course it all comes out about priests abusing boys and young men. I noticed from the articles that they abused these guys many times, so I can only assume the boys enjoyed all the abuse and probably joined in. We know these men were perverts of the worse kind, preying upon kids to satify their own selfish urges. Then of course were the queers, now called gays. They probably sucked or had sex with other priests, and most amazingly when caught were merely transferred to another place. the Bishops knew they had broken the vow of chastity, yet never reported them.

So the can of worms is out, now we know these men are human, and some are queers or perverts. I would think it would be difficult for the heirarchy to consider masturbating a sin, because now we know not all are chaste. I even know for a fact that some nuns do it too.

I wonder as they sit in their confessional, if they get hard-ons listening to boys, men, girls, women, etc. confess their sexual dreams. Who knows they may be playing with it or jacking while given them absolution!

April 5, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Memorable Wanking, Jacking Off, and General Masturbation

My friends sister

One week end I was over at my friends house.his sister who was really hot was in and had just arrived from tennis practice. As she got out if the shower I noticed that the door was cracked,so I took a peak instantly I got hard at what I saw. Standing there she was but naked and I knew I had to relive the pressure so as soon as she went out I went in. I pulled my pants down with my hard penis and started stroking but then I noticed that here panties were laying on the floor so without thinking I started rubbing them all over my penis. I was about ready to cum when my friends sister walks in and just stands there!.then I explode all over here panties and the floor. She just smiled and told me to keep them that's still be the best moment if my life.

April 5, 2013 -

my aunts panties

one day I was swimming at mit aunts house with my sister mother and little cousins. First I'd like to say I have had a huge crush on her for years, I was 17 at the time. My penis is throbbing hard as I think about her luscious body, her small tits and tight pussy. Anyway at some point they decided to walk down the street to get ice cream, I stayed behind. I got out of the pool to take a pee. On way to the bathroom I saw them. My aunt bra and panties left on the counter. I made sure they were gone, then stuffed those tight little pantie in my face. The smeel of my aunts pussy on them made me harder ten ever before. I licked where I knew hey milf pussy sat. Imaging her juices all over them. After some sniffing and tasting I went back to the pool. I had the most memorable Jack off session I've ever I had. I came while they were walking in the front door. Oh how good it felt. I've been stroking my hard penis the whole time I've been writing thi im about to cum. Writing more makes me fhjeel so good, IM tasting my precum right now. Anyways happy masturbation to all!

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April 6, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

The Ultimate Male Masturbation Experience

Produces very strong orgasms

I masturbate at least once a day and have quite satisfying orgasms, but I have found a technique that produce really strong orgasms. There is a catch though..it takes time and you have to be disciplined. Oh yeah and no porn.

This started when laying next to my wife in bed when I wanted to jerkoff but not wake her. So I turn away from her and lie on my side and wrap my hand around my penis below the head. Now here's the different part. Rather than stroke I squeeze my penis followed immeadiately tensing my asshole. I try to think of the hottest things I can think of and I get into a rhythm of squeezing and clenching. Now you are going to get tempted to resorting back to your regular stroke, but don't. So at first the squuezing wont feel as good as your regular stroke but keep at it.

You know you are doing it right if your partner next to you can't even detect your doing it. The longer you do it the more intense it gets. If you can hold off for 45 mins. or an hour its explosive. The key is, even when coming, is just squeeze and don't stroke.

Ive never tried this technique when Im alone...just to tempting to stroke away. Give it a try you might be surprised what the orgasm feels like.

April 9, 2013 -

Memorable Wanking, Jacking Off, and General Masturbation

Ejac in a classroom

I spent the other night studying for a calculus exam. I was really nervous about the test, because I really needed to do very well. I studied all night. I took two uppers during the night, studied until test time without eating breakfast or anything. I did have a lot of coffee. Anyway by exam time I was really buzzed. I was nervous and shaking all over. To make matters worse, I had a screaming hard on,and I couldn't get my mind off it.

I sat down the prof handed us our exams, and we were told to start. My erection was occupying my mind. I sure the stress and worry about the exam made my dick rigid hard.

I squeezed my legs together, and suddenly I felt myself cumming. The release was super, and I really loaded my boxer shorts as well as my tight jeans with my cum. Fortunately there wasn't anybody near me who could hear my rapid breathing. My cum soaked my pants, and I could see the huge spot on my pant leg. Also I could smell it.

as soon as I released the cum my mind cleared, and I moved very easily through the exam.

I have noted many times when I get too stressed out that the best thing for me to do is masturbate. Then I can concentrate and do whatever was causing me stress.

Do any of you men experience this? Stress seems to go right to my dick, and I love jacking it off.

April 14, 2013 - Sexual Preference - In-Between

First Time Masturbating

From One To Many

At about the age of twelve me and a friend of mine realized that we would get a funny feeling in our penis when we climbed the ropes in gym class. We would have to grab the rope and wrap our legs around it to keep from falling off. When we did this our penis would be up against the rope. As we pulled ourselves up the rope we would get a really good sensation in our penis. This was the start of masturbation for us. Soon we were playing with our penis's every chance we got. We would jerk off together for months and get that great feeling but no ejaculation. One day we were in the woods jerking off and he ejaculated and had semen all over his hands. About two months later I began to shoot semen also. From that time on I would masturbate every chance I got. I sometimes would go for months at a time jerking off every day. Eventually I would jerk off in public when I got the chance, and got into exhibitionism. After several years of exhibitionism I felt it was too risky so I started going to adult clubs. I would go into a private booth and jerk off. I always picked a booth that had a glory hole so that the person in the next booth could watch and I could watch them. Once in a while a woman would come in with a guy. I always loved to be watched by women. If a guy would stick his penis through the hole I would just ignore him, but eventually I would jerk them off. I remember the feeling I got the first time a guy came all over my hand. There was something nice and exciting about it. Well finally the time came when I had the desire to suck my first penis. This guy put his penis through the hole and it just looked so good so I did it. I remember driving home afterward, I kept spitting out the window rather than swallow. I couldn't believe I had sucked another guys penis. As time went by I did it again and again when I got the chance, and I really like the feel of a nice thick penis in my mouth, especially the feel of the head and rim around it. I still like sex with women but more and more I'm beginning to like men. At this point I have probably sucked about two dozen peniss. When I watch porn I only watch gay porn it really excites me, and I'm looking forward to my first anal sex experience with me on the bottom. What used to seem so taboo now seems so natural and I owe it all to masturbation. We have a new guy where I work and he really turns me on. I would love to suck his penis, but I am waiting for him to make the first move.

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April 19, 2013 -

Urgent Need to Masturbate

A step by step commentary with myself

I have really been turned on by reading your stories for the past few months so felt I would like to add mine. I am a 25 year old from Denmark and now live in the US. I live on my own as I split up with my only girlfriend about six months ago. Our sex life was good but she decided to go to do foreign aid work so here I am on my own. I feel the loneliness very much and it has taken me about a month to get some grip on my inner feelings. It has led me back to masturbating all on my own for the first time since I was at college. Given that I have a private apartment with thick walls I feel safe to make as much noise as I like, so perhaps to make a change, I ran a tape recorder last night and describe here what I was doing and exactly how I felt. It was fun running it back just now so let me share it with you. It went something like this.

I am feeling very horny this evening. It's about 9pm and I have just had something to eat and drink. I am sitting by the TV but can feel my penis throbbing and becoming erect. I am beginning to feel quite horny. I am pressing my hand down on it from outside my trousers. I am now going upstairs to my bedroom and will take a shower after which I turn on my laptop by my bed. Oh where is that porn video I looked at last week. Nothing very steamy but its nice to see the one of the girls with big tits and bums masturbating each other. Ah, there it is, good. It's semi dark out there so I turn the lights off. I feel relaxed and romantic but certainly need some sexual release, after all I have not jacked off for three days. Normally I do it about every other day maybe more. . Anyway its the weekend. I am now under my warm duvet with just my boxers on. I begin to run my hand over my chest and abdomen. My nipples are feeling unusually sensitive. I am now running my hand further down my body but wish to tease myself by avoiding my penis by massaging my thighs. As I brush my hand over my boxers I can just feel a wetness there under which my erection is dying to get some attention. Let me say that my uncircumcised penis is 6 inches when erect and about 3 when flaccid with trimmed dark brown pubic hair.

I am now beginning to run my flat hand inside my boxers and start to fondle the base of my balls and between my legs. My erection is subsiding occasionally That's fine as I like to prolong things as long as possible which can often be difficult. The tension is beginning to rise. Don't think I can hold off touching my penis any more. I am taking off my boxers. Its lovely to be naked in bed. I slowly run the foreskin over the moist tip which is very sensitive. Although fully retracted when I have an erection, I play with its relative looseness around the shaft. I will now run this over the tip. I can hear a squelching sound. Gosh that's very sensitive and say how good it is to be uncut. It makes me wince and breath bit deeper. I can feel my heart beating faster. I am now holding my penis with my right hand wrapped around the throbbing shaft with my thumb gently massaging the tip. I would like to watch myself in action. I am pushing aside the duvet, place a pillow in the small of my back, part my legs, all of which I can see from a large nearby mirror. In so doing I become rather flaccid but when settled again soon it returns to being hard. I don't need any lub as I use my own saliva and soon produce a little precum.

I am now lying flat on my back with my legs apart. I have a very stiff penis. The foreskin is fully retracted. I can see the glistening of the moisture at the tip. The shaft continues to throb. I take the palm of my right hand and lay in over the tip. I lightly grasp the top of the shaft with my fingers then slowly but firmly run it the full length of the shaft right down to the base. I can see a little more precum oozing out. I am beginning to shake, shudder and move my body from left to right. I am beginning to feel things happening inside me. My movements are beginning to get firmer and faster. Must not go too fast. Must prolong if possible. I am now getting to what I think may be a point of no return. I stop for a moment. I am sweating slightly. I can't hold this any longer. I put more pressure on. I groan and moan. I'VE CUM. I can see all that semen spurt on to my chest. Now another ejaculation. This time with less force and a third which just dribbles down my shaft on to my hand. All in a moment of immense joy. My penis subsides and I am lying there replete and happy with my hand on my now flaccid penis. I scoop up some of the cum with my fingers and swallow it. It's warm and sweet tasting. I lie there for about fifteen minutes then turn over and sleep soundly.

April 21, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Over 40 Years of Masturbating


I am pretty well off financially, and recently widowed. While still married my wife and I built our dream home. Both of us loved to swim so we built a two lane lap pool in addidtion to a pool for enjoyment along with a hot tub. The lap pool was adajacent to our regular pool so we were able to heat it and the hot tub without the expense of heating the regular pool!

We always swam in the nude, and enjoyed fondling and humping each other in or at the hot tub.

Now I have a rather large TV waterproofed close to watch porn while lounging in my hot tub naked. My neighbors know I swim and lounge in the nude, and also have a small, but complete bar next to the hot tub along with a small refrigerator. I have a few drinks every evening, and now some of my male husbands around the area come over, take off their clothes, swim and drink with me.

While watching porn ( anew pic every night) there is a tendency to get an erection. There has been a lot of masturbation both alone and mutully. We, the men, play with each others penis and assholes. Being slightly enebriated helps all of us lose all inhibitions so a lot of sucking and humping goes on.

Now the plot gets complicated! A couple of my good friend male neighbors wifes come over in the afternoon, have drinks, get naked, and swim, and play around with each other. My concern , of course, is my liability, so being my own boss,I often come home early, hoping to find these ladies? enjoying my happy place. I am never disappointed, but, of course, nature takes its course so I end up playing with and humping one or both of them.

My problem is my conscience. It used to bother me, but now I find my self enjoying sex with friendly neigbor wives and husbands. More complications!! Each the husbands and wives have told their friends about my hospitality, and I am gradually getting jaundiced, and having a hard time getting it up for all the afternoon and night frivolities!

While I own a very successful business which I developed from the ground up witha lot of hard work on my part, I am now spending too much time fantazing at my office, and I am conceerned abvout my busainess going down hill, but I love to suck, be sucked, jack0ff, by men and also love to be sucked and humped by their wives. My doctor told me to ge a hold of myself so I do as often as possible. Oh screw it. My dick is hard again. I simply have to go out to my pool and get ahold of myself, have some drinks, watch some porn, and entertain my neighbors. WHAT A LIFE!!!

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April 26, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Other Masturbatory Entry

young or old we are all the same

I am a midddle aged man, and I am married, have children, love to screw my wife, but I also like to be sucke by men and suck men.

Today I was at the club looking for any horny man. The place was pretty empty so no real concern about being caught. I had showered, been in the whirlpool, and sat in the steam room. Nobody came in so I ambled out.

I had given up when an old tall, skinny man came in and took off his clothes. He had lost a lot of muscle so his arms and legs had lots of wrinkles. I would only glance at him, becauae I didn't know him, and didn't whether swung both ways or not.

What was interesting was when he took off his briefs. Hs had a huge long dick, but it was just hanging there. He had very little body hair, so seeing his dick and balls was easy.

I couldn't help but think, he had the body of an old man, but his penis look like it had never been used. He was circumsizeds, and it really was a long thing of beauty.

He had on a wedding ring so I presume he had sex a lot, but his dick look so unused.

Larter I thought about his dick, and knew it had been used probably very often, but it looked so young. Isn't that great? Even as we get older our peniss never seem to age. I know mine still looks young and it has really been used and abused.z

April 27, 2013 -


awesome fleshlight masturbation

I am horny all the time and up to anything that feels good sexually. A few months ago I bought a new couch that is very soft. On one of my horny days I was naturally naked walking through the house playing with myself. For some reason I started rubbing my penis on the couch which felt amazing. I noticed that between the arm rest and the back of the couch was an area that was not attached but together. I slid my penis inbetween the two and almost shot my load right then it felt so good. I slowly humped this area before going elsewhere to finish jacking off. I thought how good it would feel if I wedged my fleshlight in between the area and masturbated that way. I put some porn on the television and lubed up my fleshlight and had one of the most intense orgasams ever. I love getting to the very edge and pulling out for a few seconds or however long it takes to compose myself and then slipping my penis back into the fleshlight. By keeping it lubed up it feels like a real pussy as I slide my penis back in. I like lasting at least an hour but that is with a lot of pulling out just before I cum. That is about the best way I have found of being near to actually having sex with someone. Hands free to play with whatever else I want to play with. From my nipples to slipping a finger or two up my ass. I also love just to rub my naked body while humping the fleshlight. Good feelings.

April 27, 2013 - Sexual Preference - In-Between


In the forest

One day I had decided to go for a walk through a local forest, it was a nice day so I decided It'd be fun to go there. The whole time I couldn't stop thinking about my penis, I wanted to let it out and play with it. This was also a good time to experiment with public nudity, I always wanted to try it. So I found a good spot in the forest and got comfortable, I took off all my clothes and threw them to the side. By that point I had pretty good boner going so I decided to go at it, the thrill of this experience had me pretty excited. I went at it pretty hard, I couldn't stop myself from moaning I didn't care if someone heard me! Finally I blew my load all over the forest floor, even after that my penis was still throbbing. After that I decided to walk around like that, it was fun taking in the forest without my clothes on. One of the best experiences I've had, makes me hard just thinking about it.

April 27, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Masturbation fantasies and confusion or insight about Straight, Bisexual, or Gay Sexual Identities


For majority of my life I considered myself straight, but right now I'm not entirely sure. I love boobies, but I equally love penis. My favorite genres of porn involve tit-f***s, bj's (by a man or woman), vaginal cream pies, self-sucking, male mutual masturbation, male solo masturbation, and heterosexual hentai. It's very mixed, which makes me wonder if I'm possibly bisexual or just a straight guy who enjoys some gay things. I'm definitely attracted to girls and guys sexually, but I don't know if I could share the rest of my life with a guy. I also thought about if I did end up with a guy, then he would probably want to have anal sex, and I'm completely disgusted by anal sex. I would totally blow him and jack him off but that's as far as I'd go. Which makes me wonder if maybe I just want a jack off buddy. I then think about going to a brothel or something and just having a guy blow me and I blow him, but how clean is he. I wouldn't know if he had any std's and I sure don't want any. In the end I don't know it's all very confusing, hopefully I make up my mind soon while I'm still young. I'm kind of hoping I get to experience some things and maybe that'll help me.

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April 28, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Bisexual

Jerking off is Awesome

Love to masturbate

I love to masturbate and can't think of a better way to spend my time. I began masturbating as a preteen and remember enjoying my penis at a young age. Since then I have enjoyed over nearly 30 years of pleasure with my penis and can't imagine ever stopping. While it used to be about getting off, I have since learned to enjoy the experience of masturbating. Rarely I will masturbate only to achieve an orgasm, but most often I will enjoy being naked and stroking/edging my well lubricated penis for hours. I like to control my orgasm and achieve many small orgasms, often ejaculating on my chest or legs several times before cumming completely. By that time it is often a dry cum, but oh so satisfying! I love the fact that I have a penis and can get so much pleasure from masturbating! I have done it in many situations and love my extended sessions, often occupying a whole day, 8-10 hours of intense masturbation aren't uncommon! For me it is my preferential form of sex. It's awesome to know that so many guys are as dedicated to masturbating as I am.

May 6, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Jerking off is Awesome

Soaked in pre cum. At the moment...

My penis is hard as hell as I type this. My pre-cum is oozing out in different streams all over the tip of my penis. I can't wait to blow my load all over my stomach and hands. My hand is working my penis as good as I ever have before and the stories ive read over the last hour are absolutely amazing. wish I was in the room while everyone was jacking thier hard peniss. I use the traditional tehnique with my right hand while picture myself in a sauna room with other dudes with hard peniss in hand that point striaght up. I can hear the slurping noises of hands stroking peniss up and down.

It's the same noise I am making now... I can't type anymore, I need to cum now!! Let me hear your hands guys goin up and down soaked in pre cum..

May 8, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Bisexual

First Time Masturbating

first time sucking and being sucked

I am an old man! I am an infantry combat veteran, so I have spent a lot of time with and around men. I never really checked out any other soldiers in the barracks, in the shower, or out in the combat zone, so all my sex was solo hand jobs.

After wwII those guys with enough points came home and the rest of us were re-assigned

I was assigned to 8th Army Headquarters in Yokohoma. Christmas of 1945 our group got drunk. We figured one guy was queer so we fed him more whiskey. It wasnt long until I went into the restroom to pee and he followed me in. He asked if he could help me pee by holding my dick. The minute he said that my dick obliged me and him by really getting a 20 yr olds dick hard I turned toward him with it sticking straight out and he grabbed it went down on his knees and stuck it into his mouth.

WOW! It had been a long time since I had had sex, and a little while since I had jerked off so when he stuck it in his mouth which was full of salvia. I really started shaking all over. He used his thinck lips and tongue and really gave me a wild ride.

I was drunk enough to ask him to let me reciprocate. He had a huge thick dick, big around and long. I lipped it tongued it and grabbed his ass cheeds and shoved it down into my mouth to the gag point. I was surprised at myself. I knew then I was a full blown bi. I really liked sucking his dick and now almost anybody else's. I love to jack off with others or by myself, but I still like to have sex with my wife although my dick doesn't get as hard as it used to. I use viagara and testatrone shot so I get it up easily and relatively hard.

I alway love the relief I get, and love to concentrate on the cumming process from my taint area to the end of my dick. Now I love to eat my own cum. Wipe it into my palm and slowly lick it out of my palm. I get horny just thinking about it, and now the pre-cum is flowing so I will squeeze that out and lick it. Gotta go do it and get ready for dinner!

May 9, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Jerking off is Awesome

I like reading these storys they make so hot I am also a masturbating lover it all started when I was young we lived on a farm one day a neighbor brought his horse over my dad said that they were going to mate an I could watch when our horse mounted his penis shot out an entered her my penis got so hard it hurt when they left I went into the barn an took out my penis an started to rub it the more I rub it the better it felt then I thought I had to pee when I did it wasn't pee it was whit an sticky but it sure felt so good that I had to try it later that day ever sense I masturbated ever chance I got even when I got married I never stopped I couldn't it was so pleasurable that was a long time ago as I am writing this I am so hot an hard that I am going to masturbate right now it is the best feeling I ever had when I ejaculate

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May 10, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Memorable Wanking, Jacking Off, and General Masturbation

chriopratic adjustment

I read all these experiences here and usually either masturbate or, if my timing is right have sex swith my wife. However, at this time I have been cut off for awhile so I am really horny.

My wife will deliver our new daughter soon, and her doctor told her about a month ago that we better not have any sex until after the birth.

Feeling rather pure of heart, I have tried to remain chaste during this time, but lately I have been experienceing lower back, back aches. Although I had never been to a chriropractoer, I decided to go to him to see if he could adjust my lower back to relieve the pain.

I called him and he answered the phone so I made an appointment to see him the next afternoon.

He didn't have a receptionist or secretary, and his office door was open. I went into the waiting room, he came introduced himself and asked me to come into his adjustment room.

I filled out the usual questionaire about health and the reason for my call. I explained why I was there, and he told me to disrobe down to my underwear. Then he pointed to his table - it stood at about a 90 degree up, with a place to point my feet. I stepped up onto the foot platform and he lowered the table down with me riding it to the prone position.

There was an opening a crotch level, which, I found was to allow the genitals to be there. He turned on a vibrator and started vibrating my lower back muscles, buttocks, and on up to my shoulders. Then he put me into various positions and adjusted my back. I have to admit all of this made me feel better but my back still ached.

He said I probably needed a prostate massage. He asked me to take off my shorts, because he was going to give me a digital massage. He put on a rubber glove, put some lube on it and, with me lying down on the table and my gentals hanging through the opening, he proceeded to insert his finger, then gently massaged my prostate. some clear whit stuff started coming out (it looked like pre-cum), and he took a glass slide and put some of it on it.

I was concentrating on trying to keep my penis soft, but it enlarged some. I apolized for it and he said that was pretty common for first timers. He then reached under the table, took my fairly engorged penis and milked out more fluid. I had relaxed my guard and I got a full blown erection. He said he needed more fluid and started milking my penis rythmically. Quite honest I now know he was really jacking me.

He quit for a second, got what looked like a glass jar lid, then continued jacking me until I ejaculated. I really almost filled that little glass lid. He brought over a microscope, lifted me upright sat the scope on a table looked through it at my seman, called me over to look and I saw all those microscope sperm. He said I was dangerous from across the street. I noticed a bulge in his pants, got horny again and asked him if he was alright. He said his penis hurt, unzipped his pants and showed me his erection.

I started putting on my clothes, and he laid up against the upright table on his back and completed his jack with lots of happy groans. I paid him for the treatment went home - fantazided about it and have decided to go there at least once a week for the complete treatment, even after the baby is born. My back no longer hurts!!!

May 11, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Jerking off is Awesome

hands free

I have loved masturbating ever since my first session in puberty,over the years my styles and techniques have become more sophisticated and, I would say more erotic ,an average ''play time '',these days is about half a day. This is my favourite to date.my wife has gone to stay with her sister for the weekend,she knows how much I love my solo time and generally encourages me,like her parting comment was, 'the knickers are in the laundry basket',,,I know there will be a choice of at least 3 pairs that she has worn night and day, .she has such a rich aroma. So to begin I pull on a pair of her hold up stockings,this gets me going with a lazy lob on, my penis beginning to drip pre cum.Next on is a specially prepared pair of long leg control panties,crotchless! They are sooo tight. Over these a panty corsellette,with a cut out at the front ,this kinda squeezes my penis and balls up and out,which by now is really throbbing as I am now just writing this,,,,I think i'm going to stop to get dressed.Twenty mins later ,''thats better''.So!! at this point I lube up a penis and ball latex cover all sheath and slide my engorged man hood all the way in,fantastic sensation.Dressed like this I go up to the bathroom my 6 inch penis bouncing excitedly and choose two pairs of the most pungent knickers. Then to the bedroom,i sit on the edge of the bed and put on a small but powerfull vibrator it has a thick latex ring that holds it in position at the end of my erection the active bit just underneath my swollen glans,,like the title says this is a hands free thing,i'm getting really excited.I put one of the pairs of knickers over my head so's the gusset is covering my nose,the gusset of the other pair i stuff into my mouth and make them really sticky.I lay back on the bed with the remote control unit in my hand and begin my journey of pleasure, to the edge and back again and again and again,i can stroke the rest of my body,or change the position of the knickers ,or move the vibrator,which all the while is pulsing me with pure sexual feeling,i writhe and moan in ecstasy.The first orgasm builds I know there,s not going to be any thing to clean up after i've cum,,, all contained in my beautifully tight coverall sheath,my orgasm builds and builds.... I cum with a shaking pulsing electricity.such an awesome experience, I lie quietly dozing ,i know its just half an hour or so,and without touching a thing the remote will be off again.Wow! i've never written any stuff like this before it's got me really horny,i'm off for a hands free

May 12, 2013 - Sexual Preference - In-Between

Jerking off is Awesome

I just read about the man who loves female panties I to am a panty lover whenever I am in a store I cant pass up a pair of sexy panties I have silk nylon thongs see though I also love pantyhose thigh high sheer nylons I also have bras I like to dress up as a female I wear womens panties an nylons all the time I never wear mens shortsi like the feel of them rubbing my penis all day

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May 12, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Over 40 Years of Masturbating

I love to jackoff I have doing it for many years it is so pleasurable it seams like I cant get enough of it I always manage to jackoff every day sometimes two or three times a day I like better than entercourse I can control my ejaculation better even when I was dating an having entercrouse with them before I got home I just had to jackoff I guess I am hooked on jacking off I dearly love as I am writing this I am hot an hard that I am going to jackoff right now the precum is ozzing out

May 12, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Undecided

Other Masturbatory Entry

Thoughts while reading male masturbation stories

I was also intrigued by the man who wrote about his wife leaving used panties for him to play with. My wife hasn't done that, but what she doesn't know is that sometimes I nick one of her pairs when she's out of the house. One time I got a pair she's put in the laundry after one evening during which she farted a lot. As I always do, I put them up to my nose and took a deep sniff. There was a lovely pungent sweet residue permeating them and I inhaled deeply through my nose. This got me hot, and I thought back to what had caused the farts in the first place: my pleasure at her giving me rare permission to hump her butt hole and cum inside her. We used to do this doggy style but she now prefers to be on her side, one leg raised high, both asshole opening and my penis well-lubed. I like it better this way, too, since my eventual orgasm is maximized when I'm not also holding myself up. There was a special joy to that time: she hadn't pooped lately and my penis kept nudging against the lead end of a lovely turd. The memory of how my penis tip looked when I pulled out after cumming -- a mixture of white cum and brown poop -- got me all hard. Laying on my back with my head propped up against a couple pillows and holding her panties over my penis, I slowly jerked myself. I don't like to do it fast because as so many others report I prefer a long slow ride with various detours and delays before the finale. After a couple minutes I stopped and reached over, got the tube of lube, put some on the middle finger of my left hand, and slowly inserted it in my asshole. Glory be, I had a poop waiting to get out that I could feel! Slowly moving my finger in and out, I continued to jerk gently with my right hand. After a while, I stopped again, changed hands -- saw a little of my poop on my index finger, which turned me on -- lubed my right index finger, and resumed. I did this a few more times, eating the pre-cum that happened frequently, until I finally shot my load in a strong finale surge. I love reading the various masturbation stories here, and hope you've enjoyed mine.

May 13, 2013 - Sexual Preference - In-Between

Unique or Strange Story

A Rocky Technique

One time, hiking in the mountains, I had a sudden urge to stop just off the trail and remove all of my clothes and shoes. It was a warm afternoon and the boulders were hot from the direct sunlight. At first I was just enjoying the simple nudity, but I quickly became aroused and my fully erect penis now demanded my full attention.

I had a strong desire to masturbate, but also had to exercise some restraint as there were other hikers in the area. There was a tall, narrow boulder nearby, so I placed my chest and penis up against the hot rock, literally hugging the boulder and soaking up the stimulating heat. There was no opening to accommodate my erection, just the smooth rock surface, so I kept it sandwiched between the rock and my stomach, pointing stiffly upwards.

The sensation of the hot rock against my chest and the underside of my penis was extremely stimulating. Now abandoning all caution, I began to shift my buttocks from side-to-side. This movement caused my penis to torque and roll, trapped between the rock and my stomach. I was able to continue this movement for several minutes of gradually rising excitement before experiencing a wonderful orgasm and ejaculation–thoroughly enjoying each semen spurt and internal contraction.

I dallied there naked for awhile to let my erection decline and watch the semen mess quickly dry on the hot boulder, and on my shrunken penis and groin, leaving only a glued-on whitish residue as a reminder of an exceptional experience.

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May 13, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Bisexual

Jerking off is Awesome

advice for a beginner

A few weeks ago, a young writer put out a request for advice on how to broach the topic of masterbation with his buddy. The writer was very interested in masterbating his buddy, but didn't know how to bring it up. I offered a few suggestions, such as, go for a long walk or bike ride in a private secluded area with his buddy. Be sure to bring lots of water along to keep hydrated, and to be sure thy would need to urinate alot. When they had thier peniss out to urinate, be sure they could see each other, then ask if being out there alone brought any horny feelings on. I was wondering if the guy had any luck. I would love to hear any details, as I'm sure, theother readers would too.

May 14, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Bisexual

Over 40 Years of Masturbating

masterbation is pleasurable and healthful

I've been masterbating for 50 years or more, and I still look foward to a liesurely penis- pleasuring every couple of days. This not only keeps life exciting (my wife is not very interested anymore), but keeps me healthy. You need frequent sex to maintain good reproductive system health, and to keep an optimistic attitude. Knowing that some intensive sexual pleasure is coming soon, produces a happy mood, which is great for your immune system too. It's important to not rush things along too much. Take your time, and build to a more intense orgasm by stopping frequently, changing speed and grip, and just enjoying the building excitement. Whatever turns you on the most should be your mental picture...with no guilt feelings. My favorite fantasy is to imagine being with another guy, while we fondle each other's peniss, and slowly suck each other off. By going slowly, and imagining pleasuring each other...feeling his pulsating penis in my hands and mouth, I achieve a nice flow of precum. Precum is that magical fluid that not only is the worlds best lube, but is actually delicious...try it! Good precum flow is essential for good prostate health, according to my MD. (nice little stream of it now, just by writing this) I uually intend to slurp up some of my cum as I'm masterbating, but after orgasm, all the horniness is gone, so I don't feel like it then. After reading in these blogs from another enthusiastic masterbator, I tried refrigerating the cum in a little dish for later. Now, I usually take a little cum in my mouth as I masterbate. It really intensifies my horny feelings (imagining my buddy cumming in my mouth), and the taste is actually improved. Another encouraging trend I've read about in blogs by other older guys, is that more and more, older guys look to each other for sexual gratification. They report increasing numgers of guys thier age are into sex with each other...mutual masterbation, and sucking each other off. This is right up my alley. Right now I'm imagining taking a buddies soft penis into my mouth, gently nursing on it, and feeling it start to grow and stiffen as he slides it lovingly back and forth over my lips and tongue. Almost time for the taste of cum! Take care, and enjoy all the pleasures your penis, and your buddies penis can bring!

May 15, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Other Masturbatory Entry

Ne found fun

I have been masturbating for a number of years now. I always used to masturbate by just lying on my back and rubbing my dick. that was until recently. A few weeks ago, I discovered wanking on my knees. I kneel on my bed and then I just msaturbate. It's great to kneel and wank for so many reasons. Firstly, you have a stronger erection as gravity is on your side. Secondly, you can see your dick. Thirdly, it feels like you are more dominant over the lover that you are masturbating over. Fourthly, you can have a photo of a naked woman in a receiving position, either with her legs spread and pussy showing or her ass. By masturbating on your knees, you feel like you could be on top of her. Fifthly, the orgasm is so much more intense than lying down.

You may have already discovered this, but I thought I'd share it with you so that if you haven't done it yet, you can do it. Give it a go.

Anyway, I better go, all this talk of masturbation has made me horny and my penis is bulging out of my pants! Have fun wanking!!

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May 19, 2013 -

Other Masturbatory Entry

Thanks for the advice

Thanks for your suggestion about the walk/bike ride. I actually went on a hike with a friend the other day and brought lots of water like you had mentioned. We hiked for a good two and a half hours or so. I brought the conversation towards girls and sex, we even joked a little about masturbation. Everything was going well. Unfortunately, he barely drank water during our hike, so the whole peeing thing didn't happen. I was disappointed but kind of relieved. The whole hike was nerve racking, I kept thinking about what I would say and how he would react. Also, looking back I think I could've asked him about how he felt about being horny and alone while we were joking about masturbation. Sorry, that this didn't end well. Such a fail... I'll think of something else I guess.

May 20, 2013 -

Anonymous Masturbator Confessions

jerkoff in my own mouth

I awoke this am with a raging hardon. I took a Levitra to keep it going and then put a cumshot video in and sat an arms length away and began stroking watching load after load on girls faces. I lay down and heels over head began licking my glans and stroked my hard penis and felt myself cumming and sprayed one shot on my face and then pumped out so much cum in my mouth and continued licking until I shook all over,ddown came my legs and I swirled the jizz around my mouth savoring the viscuous fluid and let it dribble down my chin as I looked in my hand held mirror and then let it out on the mirror and licked it off swallowing until it was gone. Time for breakfast and then back to the video watching guy after guy unloading and I stroked off again into my hand and licked it up. Wow what a morning!

May 21, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Memorable Wanking, Jacking Off, and General Masturbation

House sitting

So I had the house to myself for a week and what better way to enjoy an entire house to yourself than to jerk off everywhere. I seriously jacked off everywhere in the house that I could possibly think of, my room, my brother's room, my parent's room, on the stairs, on the couch, in the laundry room, everywhere. The best day was when I walked around naked for an hour or so just practicing my kegel exercises here and there, until I had the urge to jerk off. I decided to go to my parents room because they had a full length mirror facing the bed. I examined my penis as I made it bounce up and down flexing my of muscles. I then stared at my body and watched my penis go flaccid. I then laid back and caressed my body making sure to avoid my groin. My penis slowly rose as I did this, trying my best not to touch it. I eventually sat up and stroked my penis slowly as I watched myself in the mirror. I sped up but the friction started to make it hurt. Suddenly, I oozed the most pre-cum I ever had in my life. I cupped my hands under the head of my penis and let it pool in my hand. I licked a bit of the pre-cum just to taste it, it was okay but not as sweet as my cum. I rubbed my pre-cum all over my clock and stroked faster and faster until I shot all over the mirror. The room stank if my cum but I just sat there and watched if drip down the mirror a few minutes. Watching my cum drip down the mirror made me feel proud for some reason and horny. So, I got up wiped my hand across the mirror and rubbed whatever cum I caught over my penis and went at it again. That day I came five times in one hour, I actually felt sore for a while but it was worth it.

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May 22, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Jerking off is Awesome

I think masturbation is awesome that you can pleasure yourself the way you want now me there is two things that I like wearing womens panties an nylons an going naked as I live out in the country in a secluded place when it is warm out I go out an lay in the grass an masturbate till my hearts content it seams like I just cant enough I love my penis when I ejaculate to me masturbation is the most enjoyable for a man of my age

May 24, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Over 40 Years of Masturbating

Still a pleasure

As I type this I'm sitting here naked, having enjoyed earlier entries as I fondled my semi erect penis and thinking about enjoying masturbating as much as when I started over 65 years ago. Naturally I do pursue my favorite pleasure as frequently as I did the, however I do find it as to be a most satisfying exercise. I almost always masturbate naked and truly enjoy secluded parks and open beaches. I also like adult theaters although they are rather hard to find these days and I have not had the courage to strip naked in one--yet. When I was younger, I would never knowingly let anyone observe me in action. However, later in life I found it quite stimulating to be caught and now I actively seek out opportunities to be an exhibitionist. Even at home, when I settle in for a few hours of pleasure, I set up my webcam and visit sites where other like-minded folks are eager to watch and show off. Although I am 78, I do manage to achieve a good erection (with the proper stimulation) and maintain it for as long as I continue stroking. Of course I do use lubrication during those extended period of stimulation. At home, my choice is Albolene. I keep a small bottle of liquid lube in my car for use away from the house. When I'm ready to quit, I mostly ejaculate up onto my chest and belly. Occasionally it will only dribble out. Although I am most often alone when masturbating, I think it would be so much more fun if I could find another older gent to share the experience with a few times a month or so......

May 26, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Masturbation Technique

I like to masturbate as well as the as any man I have read many of the ways they do it an have tried many of them so I though I would try something else as I love enemas I gave myself to two quart enemas an got myself real clean then I lubed up my rosebud I like anal play then I started to insert some marbles about the size of a quarter I slide in fifteen I was quite full it felt good but not as good as I though it would so I expelled five I still had ten in me as I walked around the grinding an rubbing my prostate made me so hard the more I walked the it turned me on that I had to cum then it happened I started to cum like never before I had never cum that much before an I didn't even stroke my penis then I expelled the rest of the marbles would I do it again yes ever chance I get there is nothing like it

May 27, 2013 -

Fantasies while Masturbating

Greatest Fantasy

She was waiting for him to come in both senses of the word…he came thru the door and she could see that he was ready for fun and sex…they had met about a year or so ago and it was an amorous meeting…with all the usual pleasantries that were normal between first time meetings…as the meeting became more frequent he was feeling things inside of him that he liked…and he was sure that she felt the same…how to approach the situation was a different thing however he didn’t want to screw up a good thing… He started to fantasize about her as he played with himself...cumming in her pussy playing with her breasts sucking in her nipples and breasts…. all the things that he wanted to do he could fantasize and it felt good…he would fantasize her sitting on his hard penis as she rode it up and down with her wet pussy the juices flowing out of it and lubricating the both of them he could feel his penis inside of her pushing it in her all the way to the back of her vagina harder and harder he pushed harder and harder she sat on it making it go in further and further her could feel the tip of his penis hitting the back of her vaginal canal oh how it felt…yet this was all in his mind but it was as if she was there as he played with himself he would bring his body just to the point of cumming and then stop and wait…the precum would slowly ooze out of his penis and there was plenty of that he had learned the way to do it by constantly bringing his body to almost cumming again and again he knew just when to stop and wait as he would pull his foreskin down the sensation to cum would stop and the pre cum would flow…he would then use his fingers to wet the rest of his penis and slowly pull the foreskin up causing it to stay wet under it…he had done it many many times as he fantasized about making love to her…and oh how good it felt the sensations were the best that he could ever imagine and she was receptive to his fantasies and feelings. He would do this time and time again stopping just short of cumming…it felt great. He would fantasize about her as he played with himself he could see her pussy in front of him with her legs open and her juices coming out of her cunt…her pussy was wet and ready as he slowly rubbed the outside of her pussy she trembled with excitement and anticipation of him humping her making love to her slowly he took his hand touching her pussy with his finger rubbing her gently on the outside taking her juices to lubricate his fingers he gently moved his finger inside of her she trembled again as he touched her clit he could feel her body starting to get wetter as the feelings of his fingers on her clit as he played with it between his thumb and forefinger made her cum…she had lost all control of her emotions…he gently and slowly rubbed her vulva not putting his finger inside of her just rubbing the outside…she didn’t want him inside just yet she wanted him to do what he was doing that his slow deliberate touching of her and her really wanting him as bad as him wanting her took over her body…his fantasies were getting better and he could see in his mind that both of them had no control at this time her could feel his penis getting harder and harder as she then touched him and used his precum the way he had done rubbing it over his penis and the she put her finger with his cum in his mouth for him to taste…it was sweet...he returned the favor of letting her taste her wet pussy juice then then they licked their own fingers…she slowly put her hand down between her legs and guided his hard penis onto her pussy she was in control of her destiny now she had his penis in her hands and she slowly moved it up and down on the outside of her pussy not putting it in just ribbing it slowly, gently and lightly over her wet pussy which was getting wetter and wetter all the time…she then stopped and slowly rolled him onto his back as she climbed onto him putting her body where she wanted it her pussy on his penis as she sat down not putting his penis in mind you just sandwiched in between him and her as she rode it slowly back and forth making her body hotter and hotter as she moved and rocked back and forth slowly back and forth over his penis forcing his foreskin to move up and down her pussy on his penis stopping every once in a while to make her body expel cum and make the both of them wetter…it was so wet she knew what she was doing and did it very well making the both of them feel good without cumming yet…slowly she would move on him as his penis rubbed up against her clit which was now hard from the rubbing and excitement she slowly sat up on him just enough to be able to put her fingers in-between their bodies…she played with her pussy and then out her fingers in his mouth so he could taste her and smell her cum…she wanted him to remember it for ever and ever…and he would he knew that...she played with his penis and could make him start to cum and just as he was ready she stopped just so that she would get the little drops of cum to come out of his penis she put it on her fingers as she rubbed the tip all over making him wetter and wetter then she licked the cum off her fingers she wanted to remember his smell and taste…. She slowly moved her body up on his chest putting her pussy in front of his mouth she wanted him to lick her pussy and he knew it…as his tongue started to lick she started to cum in his mouth he could taste her cum it was warm and sweet he licked more and more as she moved her body in rhythm with his tongue the way she wanted to be wanted…she was in control of her own cumming and he didn’t care at all…she could have anything she wanted…she pushed her pussy on to his mouth covering it all with her vagina as he stuck his tongue into her her could feel her hot hot cum and taste it is was warm and silky and sweet…she continued to move her pussy the way she wanted for the best feelings and depth of his tongue inside of her…oh how he enjoyed it…she did not stop his fantasy was getting better by the minute…she pushed her pussy down on to his mouth as his tongue made its way to her inner cunt he could feel her clit as he licked an sucked ion it…she was cumming harder now harder and harder all the time her body was hot as he sucked and licked she used her fingers to play with her pussy also this made her cum more and more the juices wee flowing she didn’t stop playing and then it happened she knew what she was doing she started to squirt cum she squirted and squirted all over him as he drank it in it tasted so good…his fantasy was working he was hard his penis was wet and he felt good…he could see her in his mind as if she was actually there with him… It was time to change she now slid down off his face gain coming to rest on his penis with her hot wet pussy she rubbed his penis as she slid down going in-between his legs…she slowly stopped and licked his penis not sucking on it just licked it with her tongue and then she stopped…she moved up to his face and they kissed tongue in each others mouths he could feel the desire and feelings that she had as she kissed him passionately not only on his lips but his neck and face…he slowly and gently was playing with her breasts and nipples and she was rubbing his chest the same way he slowly moved his hand down her body to her wet, warm and pulsating pussy he could feel the heat from her body as he reached her pussy she slowly opened her legs and allowed him to enter her with his fingers slowly he pushed his finger into her slowly easily and gently she accepted him in her pussy he found the exact spot that she wanted to be touched as she moved her body towards his fingertips slowly she moved her pussy and she started to cum in his hand he could feel the warm juices flowing from her body, warm silky cum oozing from her pussy…she was satisfied and he knew it…she didn’t need anything else right now as he held her tight in his arms he could feel her sense of security with him she was content and he could tell as her breathing became less labored it became shallow and slow…they laid there together like that for a while…she was happy…he was happy

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May 28, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Over 40 Years of Masturbating

wske up hard

I am totally controlled by my erections! When I wake up to go pee, I have a stone hard erection, and try as I may to change my thoughts, I always end up holding on to my sweet lovely dick.

I can try to change my thoughts, but to no avail. I am married, but I snore. Apparently very loudly, so I have moved into a separate bedroom, and go to my wife pretty often to have sex.

Still when I wake up to go pee, most of the time I will grab that big beautiful erection, and give it some loving strokes. I am cut so my dick is dry. I will spit into my hand, rub the head of my dick, then lick my palm and all fingers which really turns me on when I start jacking and thrusting.

I jack and thrust and collect a lot of salvia in my mouth, then re-liquify th head. Oh, gosh, it is so good. I start out gently stroking, try to relax my body, and as I keep moistening and jacking my stroke goes faster and faster until I feel myself cumming. Then I put the top sheet under me and let the cum shoot out. I do this so I don't cum on the bottom sheet. I learned early on that doing so also stains the pad with cum. After my wife saw my dried cum on the pad she became quite angry, so now I wash my own sheets and can leave the pad exposed without cum stains.

Sometimes I will lick the cum off the sheet, but most of the time I am able to fall right back to sleep. I sleep naked, like to wake up and play with my flacid dick, spank my ass hard, pull the hair around my asshole, stretch, get up, go into the bathroom, and admire my new erection. After I have my wake up pee, many times I will stand before the mirrow, watch my self jack off, with my ball swinging to and fro. Many times I cum into my palm, and suck it into my mouth. Then I gargle, brush my teeth and parade aroun my room naked, hoping somebody is taking an early morning walk, will see me in all my glory. I have seen some women walking their dogs, and I have seen them look up into my bedroom. Life is good!!

May 28, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Bisexual

Memorable Wanking, Jacking Off, and General Masturbation

sorry my advice didn't work

To the guy who thnked me for the advice: Sorry it didn't work out for you, but I'm sure eventually you will have a deeply rewarding male to male experience. It sounded like a case of trying too hard, maybe. I guess I was very lucky. I didn't need to think up a good way of asking for mutual masterbation. A buddy of mine apparently had been doing some thinking himself, because he called me up and said he was home alone, and would I like to come over to watch a football game with him. When I got there, he came right out and asked how about I jerk you off, and you jerk me off? We were both around puberty...he was a year older. I still think of how my fingers felt around his rock-hard, but silky smooth penis. The one moment we had, that I still think of when I'm jerking off today, 50 yrs later, is when I slowed down to readjust my fingers. Mainly to savor the feel of his throbbing gorgeous penis. I was sitting next to him on the sofa, leaning slightly across him to work him with my right hand. I'm sure I was beginning to lean closer, and unconsiously beginning to part my lips some. When I paused, he looked into my eyes, and then down at my hand around his penis. It was like we became one at that instant. He had a beautiful orgasm just moments later. Afterward, after he had jerked me off, he commented Before you know it, we'll be blowing each other. But that's a story for another day. I hope you have a sensuous and fulfilling experince soon...you'll love it!

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May 29, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Memorable Wanking, Jacking Off, and General Masturbation

4 guys jerking to porn

In our town there is a porn theater where for $10. one can go into a dim lit room and sit on folding chairs and watch porn dvd's on a screen from a projector, no one pulls his dick out and most of us are squeezing our dicks through our pants. I decided to make an announcement that I had a great porn dvd collection at home that we could all watch[and j/o] without breaking the law, that I was not the law nor gay, that as a prostate cancer survivor I can't cum any more but would like to watch others while I j/o/myself[I can get orgasm,just no cum]I'll take the 1st 3 guys now, and walked out soon 4 guys came out and said lets go. They followed me to my complex and entered my apt. I gave them several choices,gay, all male j/o,trannie, gang bang, and more and it was unanimous they wanted Spermfacea compilation of over 350 cum on face scenes.I took off my pants and told them to do the same.3 on the sofa and 1 guy and me on the 2 chairs. Soon we were commenting on the pretty girls and look at that penis and wow that is a load, one scene had a counter as the girl took 41 loads and we were all stroking and I told them to let me know when they were ready to cum so I could watch closeup as I passed out paper towels. I' t wasn't long before the guy in the chair said hurry I'm cumming and he sent a shot about a foot before pumping out more,and then it was like a chain reaction along the couch with one after the other shooting loads of jizz as they watched the action on the screen. It was so exciting and I came also but without semen.Then they took turns using the 2 bathrooms and came back into the living room. Because all had participated they were not ashamed,but happy to have shared the experience. They asked can we come back tomorrow?We now meet 3 times a week,and I allow 1 person at a time to bring along a newcomer on one of the off days I think I want to have someone cum on my face and will bring this up soon.

May 29, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Gay

Caught Masturbating!

boys locker room

I remember one time when I was 15 and in 8th grade I woke up late for school and I was rushing to get ready. after I had taken a shower and was about to get dressed I realized I didn't have any clean jeans or shorts except for a pair of jeans that were 2 sizes smaller than the size I was. I kept trying to find other jeans or shorts but they were all dirty so I ended up having to wear the jeans that were too small. after i'd gotten dressed I started to walk to school but the jeans were too tight so I went back home to take off my briefs. as I walked to school I kept feeling my balls rub against my thigh. I started to get a boner but I liked the feeling of not wearing anything under my jeans too much to care if people saw. As school started my boner had gone away and I had gone to my first class of the day. our science teacher had divided the classroom for a debate. my friend and I had sat at the back because we didn't want to participate. the guy that everyone thought was annoying sat in front of us and kept being annoying. as the class went on the kid stopped talking to us and stayed quiet. I put my head down and went to sleep. a couple minutes went by when my friend tapped my arm and told me to look at the guy in front of us. he was putting on a show for her. he was rubbing his balls through his sweat pants. he had positioned himself to where we could see him but not get caught by other students. he later started to put his hands in his pants and jerk off slowly. as he did that I started to get ROCK HARD! but I acted as if I was grossed out when in reality I was amazed that he was doing this in public and wanted us to watch. I've always wanted to jerk off while people watched me but never had the courage to do it. seeing him look like he was enjoying himself and the attention turned me on. half way through the class he got caught by another guy in so he stopped. as time passed my boner went away. When the bell rang I headed to my next class which was gym. since I wasn't wearing underwear I went in a stall to change into my basketball shorts. we went outside but I didn't participated in anything. I didn't want to risk getting a boner. when it was time to change back and go to our next class I jogged to the locker room and LOVED the way my balls were flopping around. I felt a boner coming up so I ran faster and hurried into the stall I had gone in before and started to change. I started to remember the kid in science class. I got dressed and walked out the locker room but I really wanted to jerk off so as I was walking to my next class I thought to myself I could go back in and say I forgot something... plus it'll be easy since i'm not wearing briefs. I go back in and find the farthest stall to jerk off in. I was unbuttoning my jeans when I had a sudden urge to get naked, so I did. I ended up leaning against the wall that was right in front of the door. I was REALLY going at it. the feeling of possibly getting caught by one of the coaches in their office made me even harder! I heard guys come in to change but I kept going. as it started to get loud from all the guys talking I started to breath a little harder and louder. as I was slapping my dick a boy walks in on me and all startled says sorry and gets out without closing the door. after being caught I started to jerk off like CRAZY! I was so turned on over the fact that someone saw me. after i finished I walked out and saw the kid that walked in on me, he couldn't even look at me. he was so embarrassed. but I wasn't lol

May 29, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Fantasies while Masturbating


She laid there awakened by his soft touches she could feel her body start to tingle…he was already aroused and ready for fun and games…she was about to be…he slowly ran his fingers over her shoulders in circles getting bigger than smaller…she loved that it made her feel all goosepimply inside...he continued and slowly made his way around to her breasts...she tried to stop him from touch them yet but was unsuccessful…he knew what he wanted and it was her breasts and nipples…he got what he wanted an as she slowly turned to lay on her back he could see in the moonlight that was shining thru the patio door that she had hard erect nipples…her breasts were next as he slowly ran his fingers around each one carefully not touching anything but her breasts…this made her feel good inside…teased but good…then he did it he completely stopped touching her body…it was like throwing cold water on her body…she shuddered…as she stopped moving he slowly and gently touched the tip of her nipple it was hard really hard as if it was trying to break out of its skin…he could feel every ridge on it…he gently, softly and very easy ran his fingers around in a circle just on the tip of her nipple…then he did the other one she responded with sharp jerking movements of her body…a body that was getting more and more wound up and hot inside…she could feel the emotions building in her and he knew what she was feeling…he had done this before to her and knew what the consequences were going to be when he finished with the foreplay of her breasts…he could smell her pussy juices starting to flow…that was an unmistakable smell that she produced an odor of love as he called it to himself…he never told her that it was his secret smell…it was just like the smell that she produced when he kissed her he could smell her body it was an indescribable smell…he would tell her about it but she would just put him off not knowing what he was smelling saying that he was crazy she didn’t smell anything but he did and had since the first time they kissed…as she laid there he manipulated his fingers on her body all over slowly deliberately on her breasts nipples and just around them not touching them at all…this drover her crazy it made her hot and wet he could tell the smell of her body was getting better and better…he could smell her pussy juices flowing from her pussy…they were running out of her now the outside of her pussy was wet as he touched it gently…not putting his finger near the opening of her cunt just on the outside playing with her pussy up and down she was moving her body to try and get him to put his fingers in but he wouldn’t do it not just yet anyway…he wasn’t done with the foreplay yet….he reached his head over to her breasts and put his tongue on her nipple…she immediately pushed her nipple into his mouth so that he could lick it as he licked just the tip of it he also played with her pussy again only on the outside this drove her crazy…then he started to play with her other nipple with his fingers rubbing it between them making them harder than they already were…she was getting hotter and hotter she was already starting to cum she climbed on top of him straddling him letting her pussy and clit rub his penis…she did this to make herself cum and she did it was a preview of what was about to occur…she did this for a while until he couldn’t take the excitement happening to his body…he rolled he off him opened her legs and inserted his penis into her she immediately came again and again he started to move slowly in and out of her pussy each stroke more defined than the last slower deeper deeper and deeper he penetrated he she was cumming now more and more she was ready to have a climax like she had never had and so was he…he pushed his penis into her pussy all the way in as far as he could then moving it slowly in and out he knew it was time to cum he pushed one more time holding his penis in her tight and he came she could feel his penis pulsate as the hot cum from his body went into her cunt filling her up…they stayed like that till he was fully exhausted of cum but she continued to cum and orgasm…it was beautiful what a feeling they shared….

May 29, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Fantasies while Masturbating

Fantasies of my mind

He went to the closest and removed his homemade pussy…not that he needed to hide it but he felt safer that way, he had a few different types sizes and shapes, various one even made out of a blow up arm band…that one was real good. He could put lube in it and watch his penis come out the end, and could also play with the tip while it was in it…oh how good that felt it was amazing, his imagination that is and the feelings that he could get from his toys, and they were well hidden from prying eyes. It was fashioned just like the ones that you can buy but he had made it with things from around the house…it served its purpose. He put warming fluid on it to make it seem wet like a pussy then he lifted his towel he had just finished his shower…he slowly pushed it on to his flaccid penis and immediately could feel the warm sensations coming to life on his penis. It was getting harder and harder stiffer and stiffer filling the tube of this device of his…he had a few of them but this was his favorite one it felt like the real thing or at least in his mind. The mind was a wonderful thing it could transport you wherever you wanted to go and right now, it was taking him too humping, humping a warm wet slippery hot pussy. He slowly moved it on and off of his penis and as he did he squeezed the end closest to the tip of his penis, this made it seem even more real he could control the feelings he was in charge. He dropped the towel and was now standing there completely naked in the early morning light playing with his penis in the toy. In and out back and forth to the point of cumming then stopping he didn’t want to cum not yet anyway he wasn’t ready he wanted to fantasize more and more, and he did. He continued this for almost an hour bringing his body to orgasm stopping making his body relax then doing it again and again what a feeling he was getting…he could feel, see and taste the pre cum from his penis it was sweet, wet and hot. The fantasizing was the best part of the whole thing he was in charge of his emotions could fantasize about different positions, different holes even the mouth…it was good, not as good as the real thing but it would do for now. He kept playing alone quietly fantasizing sitting in his chair with the towel under him up and down the toy went harder and harder his penis would grow it fit nicely into the toy and the wetness of his penis plus the wetness of the warming gel make it feel good. He even had lubricating jelly “KY” he would put that into the toy just around the top of it this made it even slipperier and made it feel just like the pussy he was fantasizing about…just the right amount of both made the same sounds as a real pussy, and again although it wasn’t it was doing the job. He continued to play then he tired of the chair got up and went outside to the patio, it was warm out, just the right temperature to be alone undressed naked with his toy. He laid on the lounge chair put the back down to a comfortable position and began to play again his emotions were building faster now very fast. He pictured her on top of him riding his penis, up and down on his penis as she went slowly methodically up and down. He pushed the toy down hard as if he was pushing against her cervix she liked that he knew it harder and harder he pushed and fantasized. Oh, how good it felt, on and off the toy came, wetter and wetter he became…he took some of the lubrication and put it on his ass, just touching his anus that made him even harder than before, oh how good it felt. It felt like her playing with him slowly softly easily as only she could do it to him. He stopped for a minute went inside and got another toy this time for his anus again homemade to hit the right spot, his prostate he was prepared for it all…he came back to the lounge lay down put the toy on his penis and inserted the other toy in his ass, moving it in and out slowly hitting his prostate making him harder and ready to cum.

Slowly in and out, in and out of his rectum hitting the spot that it was intended for, oh how that felt…he just laid there both toys where they were supposed to be penis hard emotions high fantasy working good. Slowly he moved the toy on his penis slowly up and down while moving the rectal toy in and out he could feel his body ready to explode he wanted it but he didn’t want it at the same time he wanted more extreme emotions higher and higher he wanted to go. When he came he wanted it to squirt all over him so that he could taste it lick it off his hands lick his toy as if he was licking the pussy that he was fantasizing about,…oh how he wanted that, he could see it in his mind and the mind was a powerful thing it was so powerful it was dangerous. It was his mind that saw what he wanted to and he was seeing just that in front of him….she was there doing him he was ready to climax at the brink of it ready to explode red to cum and he stopped stopped all playing his emotions high higher than ever. He grabbed his penis pulled the foreskin down hard real hard squeezed his penis to stop the cumming and it did, he didn’t cum, his body was ready but his mind wasn’t not just yet he wanted to play more. He got more lube rubbed his penis in between his ass cheeks on his anus all over…more oils now baby oil all over him, he was well oiled and lubed. This was just as she did to him he could see it in his mind vividly the picture of her over him rubbing him oiling him lubing his penis anus and balls…he took his toy put it on his penis again and began the ritual all over up down up down in and out in and out the body climaxing getting hotter and hotter ready to cum…

May 29, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Fantasies while Masturbating

Fantasies of my mind two

She laid there awakened by his soft touches she could feel her body start to tingle…he was already aroused and ready for fun and games…she was about to be…he slowly ran his fingers over her shoulders in circles getting bigger than smaller…she loved that it made her feel all goose pimply inside...he continued and slowly made his way around to her breasts...she tried to stop him from touch them yet but was unsuccessful…he knew what he wanted and it was her breasts and nipples…he got what he wanted an as she slowly turned to lay on her back he could see in the moonlight that was shining thru the patio door that she had hard erect nipples…her breasts were next as he slowly ran his fingers around each one carefully not touching anything but her breasts…this made her feel good inside…teased but good…then he did it he completely stopped touching her body…it was like throwing cold water on her body…she shuddered…as she stopped moving he slowly and gently touched the tip of her nipple it was hard really hard as if it was trying to break out of its skin…he could feel every ridge on it…he gently, softly and very easy ran his fingers around in a circle just on the tip of her nipple…then he did the other one she responded with sharp jerking movements of her body…a body that was getting more and more wound up and hot inside…she could feel the emotions building in her and he knew what she was feeling…he had done this before to her and knew what the consequences were going to be when he finished with the foreplay of her breasts…he could smell her pussy juices starting to flow…that was an unmistakable smell that she produced an odor of love as he called it to himself…he never told her that it was his secret smell…it was just like the smell that she produced when he kissed her he could smell her body it was an indescribable smell…he would tell her about it but she would just put him off not knowing what he was smelling saying that he was crazy she didn’t smell anything but he did and had since the first time they kissed…as she laid there he manipulated his fingers on her body all over slowly deliberately on her breasts nipples and just around them not touching them at all…this drover her crazy it made her hot and wet he could tell the smell of her body was getting better and better…he could smell her pussy juices flowing from her pussy…they were running out of her now the outside of her pussy was wet as he touched it gently…not putting his finger near the opening of her cunt just on the outside playing with her pussy up and down she was moving her body to try and get him to put his fingers in but he wouldn’t do it not just yet anyway…he wasn’t done with the foreplay yet….he reached his head over to her breasts and put his tongue on her nipple…she immediately pushed her nipple into his mouth so that he could lick it as he licked just the tip of it he also played with her pussy again only on the outside this drove her crazy…then he started to play with her other nipple with his fingers rubbing it between them making them harder than they already were…she was getting hotter and hotter she was already starting to cum she climbed on top of him straddling him letting her pussy and clit rub his penis…she did this to make herself cum and she did it was a preview of what was about to occur…she did this for a while until he couldn’t take the excitement happening to his body…he rolled he off him opened her legs and inserted his penis into her she immediately came again and again he started to move slowly in and out of her pussy each stroke more defined than the last slower deeper deeper and deeper he penetrated he she was cumming now more and more she was ready to have a climax like she had never had and so was he…he pushed his penis into her pussy all the way in as far as he could then moving it slowly in and out he knew it was time to cum he pushed one more time holding his penis in her tight and he came she could feel his penis pulsate as the hot cum from his body went into her cunt filling her up…they stayed like that till he was fully exhausted of cum but she continued to cum and orgasm…it was beautiful what a feeling they shared….

May 29, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Bisexual

First Time Masturbating

Dream come true

So there's this guy ive had a crush on for a while and he's just Perfect. He's a swimmer with a great body and cute face. He's really penisy. Me, I'm a swimmer too, and have an alright swimmers body. So Tyler one day offered me ride home and me liking him I accepted. So when we got to my house (which is way out in the country) Tyler said he needed to tell me something. Well he didnt really tell me anything, he grabbed me by the head and kissed me! I didnt pull back but accepted the kiss. We continued to make out hardcore for about 5 minutes and then he started to take off my clothes. He then got my naked and my long penis sprang out. He said wow your bigger then I thought youd be. and he went back to kissing me while jerking me off. I then took off his clothes and his long penis sprang out! I then started stroking him to while kissing. We did this for a while and then I leaned over and started to lick his balls and up and down his shaft. Tyler then said stick it all the way in your mouth and I did. I was now sucking my dreams crush dick! He said oh that feels great, and would every now and then force my head on his penis and make me choke, which he really seemed to like. While im doing this hes stroking my dick still. Tyler then pulls me off his dick and immediately starts sucking me! I let him for a while but once I got close to cumming I made him stop. He then said he wanted to have sex with me. We got out of his truck and got onto the bed of his truck. Tyler put his condom on and lubed it up and my ass. He then slid it slowly in and said damn Cameron, you have a super tight ass! He then started going in and out, slow at first and then faster. I moaned with pleasure and begged him to go faster. Tyler then reached under me and started to jerk me off again while humping me! We did this for about 8 minutes and then I said I couldnt take it any longer, im gonna cum! Tyler stopped humping me and turned me around and started sucking me! I then blew my load in his mouth and then pulled out just to blow to strings of cum on his face as well. Tyler said I tasted great and swallowed all the cum that went in his mouth. I then laid down next to Tyler while hes on his knees jacking off next to me! He then says hes gonna cum and shoves his penis in my mouth and blows his load in my mouth. I swallow it all as well. Me Tyler then just laid there and cuddled for a while. Me and Tyler plan to do this again soon, and ill post about that too!

May 30, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Gay

First Time Masturbating

What A Surprise

Even before I entered puberty, I enjoyed getting naked out of doors. I usually went to a private spot in a local wooded area. For years I loved being naked and taking walks through the woods with my clothes hidden behind a tree or bush some distance away. Then as puberty started, I felt the need or thrill of leaving the wooded area and going out into fields in the broad daylight. I was tingling all over with excitement as I did this. One day this tingling was especially felt at my crotch. Lo and behold my penis had gotten hard and was sticking straight out. I knew this would never fit back in my clothes without being noticed. I was somewhat scared and worried. I started pushed down on this erection. Every touch of my penis felt so sensitive. I started holding my penis down, I could feel it pulsing or throbbing. Then in an amazing moment, I felt an effervescent sensation run through my whole body, I felt dizzy, I felt an overwhelming release as a sticky nearly clear fluid shot from my penis. Whew! What a relief as my penis returned to nearly its normal soft size; but what a wonderful feeling. After that I tried to recapture that sensation. I've come close but nothing was like the first time.

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May 30, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Gay

Unique or Strange Story

In The Classroom

It happened in elementary school. I had been masturbating for several months at home usually in bed in the morning. My pajamas were wet with new cum almost every morning. These pajamas were stiff and dry by bedtime (I liked wearing them used like that). But I would get aroused at other times like when I went to school and would seek to jerk off. I was always feeling in my pocket touching my penis. At first if I started getting an erection I would go to the lavatory and use a stall and privately masturbate. One day there was a hole in my pocket, I could poke my finger through and feel for my penis. This was a pair of dark corduroy trousers and they became my favorite pants. The hole in the pocket became larger and larger. Finally the entire bottom of the pocket lining was torn open and I could fit my whole hand through and find my penis. I would work my underwear waistband down below my buttocks and handle my penis. I would bring myself to the brink of ejaculation many times in a day, I could feel the wetness of pre-cum on my hand. Meanwhile all around me class work was going on, and I would actually do some class work to prevent total climax. When I worked my underwear back into its proper place I felt the cool wet of the place where pre- cum was caught. The next stage was when I thought what the heck! So one time after I had finished a particular piece of class work, I worked my underwear down below my buttocks and kept handling my penis, feeling the pre-cum, getting more and more excited. I actually pull my hand out for a moment and sniffed and then licked the pre-cum on my hand, and a moment later I was shooting my load into the front of my underwear temporarily unaware of all my classmates around me. I did stuff a handkerchief into my underwear to soak up the excess of semen, and gratefully the dark cords did not show a wet spot. That was the first time in a classroom, but not the last. I usually made sure I had an extra handkerchief with me when going to school wearing my favorite cords so that periodically I could take a masturbation vacation from class work. The following year I took to not wearing underwear which in itself was arousing. Climaxes would occur and shots of cum would go down my pant leg. I would wipe up through my pocket what I could of my semen with my handkerchief. From my handkerchief I would taste my cum while it was wet, or wipe my nose with it when it was dry. I delighted in this adventure unbeknownst to all the friends around me.

June 1, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Undecided

Urgent Need to Masturbate

I masturbate a lot what I mean buy a lot I masturbate every day sometimes twice a day I started when I found that it felt so good when I played with my penis an never stopped my wife passed away a few years ago I live alone now I was watching some porn on my pc when I ran across a video of this man eating this womans pussy it brought back some old times when I ate my wifes pussy I would eat her till she was real wet then we would have intercourse till we both came then I would have her straddle my face bring her pussy lips down to my mouth an I would eat an suck her dry I loved the mixture of her an my cum I haven't had pussy since I sure miss it once you get the taste I would like have a pussy to eat right now

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June 1, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Sex Toys and Masturbation Tools


I have been every where sharing my secret way, the best way. you know girls have vibrators, well I found this Roc skin renovator system look it up you might be thinking skin remover wtf!!!! just don't put the liquid subs tens on the item. you see there is a really soft top to it witch feels like a vagina and when it vibrates it stimulates you penis giving you so much pleasure. please buy this and try it out I nearly use it every day lol so much better than ribbing, no work involved just flick the switch and the fun begins.

June 2, 2013 -

Memorable Wanking, Jacking Off, and General Masturbation


This happened to me just recently and I thought id share it. I go to the gym, as do my friends however this time I went alone, it was around 8:30 at night so it was pretty empty. I was in the weights room for around an hour and once id finished I went to the unisex changing rooms. I'm from a small village so the gym was only small, thus unisex changers. I got naked and walked into the male section of the shower to be greeted with a teen friend, zac. he was also naked and he was rubbing himself with his back to the wall. he had his eyes closed, his back started moving so assuming he was going to cum I shouted stop! he was scared, I walked up to him and he stared, turned around and bent over. I put my 7 inch, also thick penis and rubbed it between his cheeks. I put one hand on his back and one was guiding my dick into his tight ass. and I mean tight. he was straight and a virgin so as I pushed through his ass it felt great and to hear his cries was even better. after 5 minutes of humping he asked me to stop but I pushed him onto the floor and spread his legs. I once again forced into him, this time all 7 inches were in him, I humped him until I came and after that, he left and got dried. I finished my shower still horny as hell and went to get changed to find he was gone. but someone new in his place.

It was a girl, my age, and she was naked too. we both froze. nobody spoke. (let me just say I've been speaking to her for a few months and we were talking about getting together) out of the blue she drops her towel and reveals her tiny tight pussy. we walked to each other, she started kissing my neck and I played with her pussy lips and started to rub her clit. I broke the kissing and barricaded the door with a baby change bench. I turned and saw her once more. I fingered her and she blew me off, it took me a lot longer to cum than it did her. anyway, without speaking we both went for our showers. I washed my hair and as I opened my eyes I saw her enter the mens showers.she dried me down and whispered to me, I wanna lose my virginity to you. I grabbed her ass, she wrapped around me with her legs. I dropped her lower down. onto my dick and I held her around the arms and penetrated her as I held her. after a minute my legs ached so I put her onto the short wall between male and female showers. wiped her pussy blood from my dick and penetrated her again. we had sex for what seemed hours. she screamed my name as I grunted annie, her name. she was insanely tight and her tunnel was the same size as me now. she sat upright, grabbed my biceps as I put my arms across her back, I thrusted and thrusted. I pushed into her and eventually. pop! we both came, she screamed and I moaned. she creamed all over my dick as I shot into her pussy. she had the biggest smile ever as we both panted. I collapsed to the ground and she followed. she put my dick in her and she layed on my chest, her head beneath my chin. she kissed my pecs and thanked me, she said she loved me and then we got together. the best moment of my life as we layer in ecstasy.

June 5, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Unique or Strange Story

What a surprise....cum on in

When I was 12 y/o, my dad called me into my bedroom to give me The Talk. He went through all the information or body part names, medical and street terms. Then he went on about masturbation. He said it was alright for boys to masturbate. I am an only child and he said he would teach me. He went over to my bedroom door and locked it and came back to my bed and sat on it. He told me to take my shoes, socks, pants and underpants off. I looked a litle strange at him. He then proceeded to do the same thing. When were both naked from the waist down, he took his hand and wrapped it around his soft penis and began to stroke it. He told me to do the same thing to my penis. Suddenly his penis started to get longer and stiffer. I also noticed that my penis began to do the same thing. He explained that we were going to get an erection, which he also called a boner or hard on. He kept stroking it up and down and I did the same thing. He reached over and grabbed my waste basket and put it between us. Suddenly his breathing started to change, getting deeper and heavier. Mine did too. He then told me that I would get a strange feeling like I hd to pee, but not to stop stroking. Suddenly he leaned over the waste basket and this white creamy stuff came out of his penis hole. I almost stopped, but told me to keep going and to go a little faster. Suddenly I felt this funny sensation down in my balls and I felt a surging in my penis. I continued to stroke and all of a sudden white creamy goo shot out of my penis into the waste basket. When I stopped, my dad sat there with a smile on his face and informed me that I had my first orgasm. I asked him if it was wrong and he said no, it is natural. When he explained what the creamy stuff was I understood. Then we cleaned outselves off and go dressed. My dad told that it is not wrong to masturbate, just don't my mom catch me. Then he left my room. I locked my door and waited about an hour and tried it again. That night when I went to bed I masturbated 3 times.

When I was 13 y/o, I was still masturbating alone. Then one day I took a glass and caught some goo, which I then called cum, in the glass. I stuck my finger in it and tasted it. I tasted good. So, instead of shooting it in the waste basket I would catch it in the glass. I then put the glass in the small refrigerator I had in my bedroom, for sodas. When I would have about 4-6 ounces of cum, I would drink it. I told a few of my freinds what I was doing and they would come over on a Saturday and we would all ejaculate into my glass and I would refrigerate it. When we had a full glass, we would divide it up and drink it.

Then one Saturday the boys couldn't come over, yet the doorbell rang. I answered it an it was 13 y/o Patty from across the street. She asked to some it and I hesitatingly said OK. She said let's go to your room. My parents were working late in the city. Somehow Patty found out about what we did on Saturdays and wanted in on it. I said what can you contribute? She said this, and took off her tee shirt and exposed his nice little pink titties. She said if I showed her what I did, I could feel her titties. So I undressed and showed her how I masturbated. After I finished, she let me play with her titties. We did that 4 times that saturday before she went home. This happened a coule of other times in the middle of the week. Then one day she surprised me and stripped off all her clothes, and when I shot my load in the cup, she took the cup from my hand and took my hand and put if down between her legs and started to rub her pussy with my hand. I continued to rub her down there with one hand and her titties with the other hand. All the while she was taking sips of my cum from the cup until it was all gone. We would wait awhile and do it all over again.

We ae both 17y/o now and the boys don't come over any more, but patty and I are still good buddies. Many times when I am fingering her pussy and playing with her larger tits, she will jerk me off into the cup, and then we will both share the nice creamy cum. Sometimes we save up enough in my refrigerator and have a good cold cum-shake as we call them. I will be taking patty to the Senior Prom next year, I think we will both wear white and I will wear a white CUMmerbund. We both plan to go to the same college when we graduate and maybe get into co-ed dorms or rent an apt. off campus.

Oh, by the way, during all those naked sessions we had growing up, NEVER once have we had sex.

June 6, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Memorable Wanking, Jacking Off, and General Masturbation

A messy situation but enjoyable nevertheless.

When I was 14 y/o, I was home on Saturday while my Mom worked. My dad passed away two years earlier, so it's just the two of us. Anyway, the front doorbell rang and I went to answer it and was the 14 y/o girl next door. She asked if she could come in. I said yes and we went into the living room. She asked me what my bedroom looked liked so I asked if she would like to see it. She said yes. We went upstairs to my bedroom. My bedroom is very large because it is the master bedroom. My Mom sleeps downstairs in my old bedroom since my dad died. She, Katie, closed my bedroom door and locked it. I asked why she did that and she said, you'll see. The she went over to the private bathroom I had attached to my bedroom and said, this is convenient. I said yeah.

She asked me what I know about sex. I told her everything I knew, which I got only from my friends, since my mom would not talk about it. She asked me if I masturbated and I said yes. She asked how often, and I said whene4ver I can. She asked if I wantd to masturbate now, in front of her. I didn't know what to say. Then she came over and unbuckled my belt and pulled my pants and underpants down. By this time I had a hard on. She said Oh good, a boner. Then she knelt down infront of me and took my penis in her mouth and began to suck me. She said this was a form of masturbation. I knew it as just a plain old blow job. She stood up and pulled off my t-shirt and I was totally naked in front of her. I must have looked embarrased because she then proceeded to get undressed in front me. When we were both naked, she asked me if I ever had sex with a other boy. I said no. I asked her if she ever had sex with an other girl and she said yes, a cousin. The she asked me if I ever had sex with a girl, I said no. She asked, do you want to have sex with me, right now. I looked at her and just stood there. Then she went over to my bathroom and came back with a big bath towel and laid it down on the floor. She went back into the bathroom and after a few minutes, I heard the toilet flush. So I thought she had to go pee. By this time, my boner is throbbing & beginning to ache. I didn'y know why, untill she laid down on the bath towel and spread her legs. I then saw her pussy for the first time. She was a blonde, but her pussy hair was brown. My pubic hair, which I a had a lot of for a 14 y/o, was red like my hair. I asked her if the bed would be more comfortable, but she said the towel will be much better. Then she told me to get down between her open legs and lay on top of her. She then reached down and grabbed my throbbing boner and brought it to the opening of her pussy and told me to push. I push slowly until my whole penis went inside her. Then, just like I wad masturbating, I went in and out of her, until I got that feeling that I had to empty my load. When I told her that I was going to pull out and squirt my cum on her belly, she said no don't, shoot it all inside me. I said she could possibly get pregnant and have a baby, and she said no, we're safe. I didn't know what she meant by that, so I shot my big load of cum inside her and when I was finished, we just laid there. My penis got soft and slid out of her. When I rolled off her I realized my penis and balls and her pussy were covered with blood. I got frightend and said to her, Look, it's blood. She said that's why we are on the towel, you wouldn't want this bllod on your bed sheets would you. Then she told me that she had just sarted her montly period and she would have it for 5-7 days. During that time, her body is safe for sex and she cannot get pregnant. So eventhough it was a little messy, we did it three more times that day. The towel was really bloody after we were through. We both went into the bathroom and took a shower together and dried off. Then she pulled something out of her jeans pocket and stuck it up inside her pussy. She told me that it was a tampon she uses during her montly period. She had one inside her when she came over but flushed it down the toilet before we had sex.

After we cleaned up, we got dressed and took the bloody towel downstairs and ran it through the washing machine. We decided that we would have period sex every month in my room on the same towel. She did come over one other saturday and we went up to my room where she sucked me off and swallowed my cum and she allowed me to lick her pussy and suck her tits. But we have been having period sex for 4 years now and still enjoy it, messy as it is. However she won't let me lick her pussy when she has her period, and won't suck me after I have dumped my load. Boy does her non bloody pussy taste great, I could lick it all day.

June 6, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Jerking off is Awesome

I like to play with myself while I am reading these stories sometimes I play four hours I live alone my wife passed away a few years ago so now my favorite pastime is going naked an playing with my lovely penis when wife was still with me she liked to masturbate me to ejaculation she liked to see my cum shoot out it made her so hot then she played with me till I got hard again then we had the most amazing sex I miss her so bad that's why I play with myself an bring myself to a amazing ejaculation I play with myself every day I don't cum every time but it is so enjoyable for I am in my eightys but I still like to play with my penis

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June 7, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

The Ultimate Male Masturbation Experience

Birthday masturbation

I masturbate between 3-30 times in a week, depending on how busy I am and how horny I am. As a student, I also am able to jack off all night on summer vacation, without having to worry about getting up in the morning. . I jack off to porn often, but more often just use my excellent imagination. I literally pretend to get laid by a hot, sexy girl, envisioning her shaved pussy on my dick and her tits flying through the air as she penetrates my dick. For my birthday, I had some time to jack off at around 10:30 pm and wanted to make it extra special. I wanted to masturbate for the duration of the birthday, until midnight. There are two girls that I frequent, and in my mind I call them the queen and the first lady. At 10:30, I got in the shower and decided here I would do the queen first. There's plenty of room on our bathroom floor, so I just laid out as I often do and pretended the queen was on top of me, giving me her everything. As I prepared to cum, I suddenly had the fantasy she was sticking her hand straight up my ass, but didn't want to stick my hand in to simulate this because I just didn't want to get my crap all over my hands. But I thought what the hell, and suddenly I had intense pleasure in both my dick and my asshole, and had one of my most pleasureable orgasms ever. I showered and went to bed. By now it was between 11 and 11:15. I wanted to jack off for the duration of my birthday, but I knew I couldn't quite do it the way I wanted to, because I wanted to build up the tension and the sensations until 11:59:59 and then cum. I knew I was going to be getting laid by the first lady, who I call that in my head for a reason. She is hot and has perfect sized boobs. I've never (real-life) seen her naked, but she did post a facebook picture of her in a bikini on the beach. I have masturbated to the picture on multiple occasions. So, in order to wait until the perfect moment, I decided I would literally pretend to have real sex with her, a passionate event with lots of foreplay. I almost felt like I was in a porn movie, because for the foreplay, I pretended to suck her pussy, for her to suck my penis, for both of us to suck each others asses and nipples, and to French kiss each other. After all that it was about 11:45 or 11:50 and I had the best erection I had ever had without thinking about actual penis and pussy sex. I decided from here I would jack off like usual, and that I would just take it easy until my clock read 11:59. At that time, I thrusted myself and pretended she thrusted herself harder than ever before, and I believe in my mind I was so intense I thought I was actually f***ing her. This was the longest minute of my life, and I mean that in a good way. I continued to envision her heavenly titties and her perfectly groomed clit, as well as her panting, groaning face. Staying quiet during this experience is the hardest thing I've ever done. I finally came my greatest load at about 5-7 seconds before the clock struck midnight. Satisfied, I watched it turn as another birthday ended, and I rolled over and went to sleep naked, and slept about as comfortable as I have in a long long time.

June 9, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Masturbation Technique

Penis Abuse - Sensational

My wife is in her 40s, seven years my senior, and we've been married over 14 years. Masturbation has always been a thrilling part of our sex-life, either mutual or watching each other. I admit that my wife is the more inventive one, instigating new experiences and thrills. But two weeks ago she surpassed her inventiveness.

From the inter-net we purchased a frame that attaches to a sturdy door, the kit includes wrist and ankle shackles. Wife insisted that I was the first to be shackled to the frame. So totally naked wife shackled me to the frame, then started fondling my penis and balls. She knelt and took my penis into her mouth, and once satisfied I was fully erect she removed my penis from her mouth and stretched the fore-skin as far back as possible. With one hand tightly gripping my penis at its base she began masturbating me with her other hand, then minute or so later took my penis back into her mouth. For the next five minutes or she alternated my penis from her mouth to her hand. I was ready to cum and she knew it, but instead of finishing me she released my penis from her mouth. Took a few steps away from, hitched up her skirt and slipped her panties down. After stepping out of them she spread her legs and began fingering her pussy and clitoris.

I watched with bated breath, as my wife masturbated her-self. I wanted some attention on my penis, but obviously being shackled I could only watch the exciting performance before me. After some three minutes fingering her-self wife began moaning with the pleasure she was giving her-self. I knew she was about to cum. Then with crying out and a loud squeal she brought on her orgasm. After finishing her-self off wife approached me and offered her fingers to my mouth. Hungrily I sucked on them savouring her pussy juices.

Wife went to our bedroom and returned with her rabbit vibrator. My penis had wilted a little, but she took it in her mouth and soon had it fully erect. Wife turned on the vibrator and with a hand wrapped around my penis she again stretched the foreskin fully back, her hand gripped the base and she then work on my penis with the vibrator.

At first running the vibrator up and down the length of my penis. Then used the rabbit part under my penis, gently working along the prepuce. The feeling was sensational, but she wouldn't let me cum. After several minutes, in a 'girlie' voice she. 'I know you want to cum, but I won't let you. You only cum when I want you to.'

She continued thrilling the prepuce, again with a girlie voice she uttered. 'I think I'll make you cum now. Be a good boy and cum for your little wife.' Suddenly my penis began to pulsate, and most the powerful sensation I've experienced raced through my body. My penis shook as spurt upon spurt of spunk exploded from it. With the girlie voice she said. 'That's a good boy, cum for your wife.' Gently squeezing my penis she added. 'I know there's more so come on let it all out for me.' She extracted the last remains of cum that I could give. She released my penis and took it into her mouth, and made sure I no more to give her. But it was some hours before she released me from the shackles.

Guys that was a tremendous session, it lasted for an hour or so. Being shackled and unable to move, watching my wife suck my penis, using her hands on it and masturbating me. Watching her masturbate her-self. And then the ultimate over-whelming sensation when using her vibrator on the prepuce of my penis, she made me explode my spunk as I've never before done. I can't wait for the next time my wife shackles me and goes to work on my penis.

June 10, 2013 -


Pyro sexual

My fetish is with Matches and fire.I started masterbating when I was about 11. I remember how it felt to lay face down on the floor with my hand under my penis while rubbing faster and harder. I could feel the tickles everywhere. Soon I was rubbing on anything that I found made it get hard and tickle. I had a baby sitter that once had used some kitchen matches to light candles in our home. I found that the sound, sight, and smell of the matches made me very horny. I began to sneak match books and boxes into my room where I could place them under my penis and rub on them. I found that if they had already been used that it gave me really big tickles and my penis got very hard. My orgasms were huge. I soon began to strike the matches for myself while masterbating alone in my room. Striking them near my penis under it some times and under my nose so I could smell the sulphur as they lit up. I kept doing this for many years but then found out that having some one else strike them under my penis or close to it made e even more horny and hard. I knew this girl accross the street who came over to play and she asked me what I wanted to do. I asked her if she was afraid to light matches and she said No why was I asking. I then told her that Matches made me get very horny if they were struck very hard on the box or book and if I could smell them It would make me cum hard. She offered to try it smiling she grabbed the large box of Diamond matches and had me take off my cloths. She began to strike the matches lighting them hard and fast. She held the lit matches close to my wiener I could feel the heat on my peniss tip and underside. I could feel it getting bigger and throb hard making it bob up and down. She grabbed another hand full of matches striking them fast blowing them out into my nose. She asked my to lie down and rub on a already used match box cover that she had used. OMG it tickled so much that I got pre cum as she struck the last match I could smell the strong sulphur Oder and feel the heat she blew it out then placed the match box against my nose while letting me continue to rub on the other match box cover and her warm sticky hand. I then felt my cum expload out onto the box cover and She felt it on her hand It tickled so much that I still masterbaition the same way today. If you have never thought about trying matches or fire or even hot wax you should there is nothing more fun and enjoyable and you will come hard every time

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June 11, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Unique or Strange Story

Nancy's surprise

I lived on a farm growing up. The nearest neighbor was about 1/4 mile away. My parents grew produce for the farm markets. Every Saturday they would pack up the truck with produce and they would go to the farm market about 40 miles away. I remained home. My dad would sell the produce off the truck and my mom would sell eggs and home baked pies and breads. One Saturday when they were away, I was home along. I looked down our long driveway and saw someone walking up the road. It was Nancy the 13 y/o girl from the next farm. I was 16 y/o and I knew Nancy because her parents used to go to the farm market with their melons and fruit. When Nancy got closer, I noticed she was carrying something under her arms. I took a good look and saw that Nancy was naked. No one could really see her because of all the tress and shrubs along the road. When she got to the house, she came up on the porch and knocked on the door. When I answered the door she said, Hi, wanna play. I said play what and she said play with me, I'm all ready to play doctor and nurse or mommy and daddy. I said come on in. She came in and put her clothes down on the couch. She said, can I undress you, I said yeah sure, go ahead. She took off my shirt and pants. Then she took off my underpants. She asked me to take her to my bedroom and we sent there, where she got on my bed and laid down and spread her legs. She said we're going to play mommy and daddy, now get on top of me and let's make a baby. I said how do we do that and she said, Ill show you. So I got on the bed and laid on top of her and she took my boner and stuck it in her and told me to pump in an out of her. Then she asked if I could make cream come out of the end of my dick and I said yes. She said good, then we can play mommy and daddy. I kept pumping in and out until I shot cream inside her. Then we laid there. About a half hour later we did it again. After we did it 5 times, I got off her and she got up and put her clothes on and left. My bed was all wet and sticky, but I didn't mind because I knew my mom wouldn't notice because by the time they got home from market I was asleep. And it would dry over night. Nancy used to surprise me every 4th Saturday by coming over, walking up the road naked and we would go into my room and play mommy and daddy. When I saw her coming up the road, I would strip my clothes off and wait for her out on the porch We did this for about 4 summers, even when I went off to college. Every time my folks went to market, Nancy would stroll over for our game. When she got older, she began to develop tits and pubic hair. Then one day she came over and her pubic hair was gone. She told me she didn't like and shaved it off. She said I should shave mine off. I told her I would let her do it and we went in to the bathroom where she shaved my pubes. Having sex was so much nicer with shaved pubes. I enjoy it when my balls would slap up against her ass as we made love. We never had a baby together, but we sure had fun playing Mommy and Daddy. Oh yeah, when Nancy turned 26 y/o and I was 29 y/o, she had a little boy that we call Johnny. We got married when Nancy was 25, and live on our own non-working, 25 acre farm. We still play mommy and daddy every Saturday and do walk around the house and farm naked. And if you came to visit us, we would most likely be naked when we answered the door. The only time Johnny wears clothes is when we go shopping or visiting friends or to the doctor.

June 11, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

First Time Masturbating

Early Masturbation

I remember when I was very young and first getting erections and I didn't even know what masturbation was. All I knew was that when I took a bath I could rub my penis between my legs and feel really good. I found a white sticky fluid came out that I figured must have been urine. However I now know that I was masturbating until seaman came out. I still find myself (many years later) taking baths so I can soap my penis and have some masturbation with no mess. It still feels great. I just rub it in between my legs, or for a hands free approach, I open and shut my legs on my penis. All I know is it makes me satisfied.

June 16, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Memorable Wanking, Jacking Off, and General Masturbation

normal average day

Isn't amazing? You wake up, have a piss hard, take a leak, it goes down, you brush your teeth while still naked, looking at your limp dick, finish brushing your teeth, go into your bedroom, turn the light on, hoping somebody will be walking by and seeing you naked, put on some jockey shorts, abmire your profile with your dick tucked neatly in with a masuclin bulge, finish getting dressed, go down stairs, eat breakfast and go to school.

you sit in class, listening to the teacher, open your class book, and suddenly realize you have a hard on. Oh, it is sooo hard, and really looks neat in profile in your jeans. Suddenly, all you can think of is your dick, and how good it would be to stick it out for all to admire.

The class bell rings, you get up in all your glory, hope everybody sees your lovely hard on, go to the boys restroom, go into a stall, pull down your pants and jockies, wipe the stool, sit down and start acting like you are going to shit. Of course the stalls don't have doors, so your dick is noticable to any guy who wishes to look in. One guy licks his lips, rubs his crotch, indicating he would oblige sucking you off.

Precum is flowing, he sees that, laughs and leaves, so you are left alone really all sexed up, so you grab your dick, lift it up, its one eye looking into yours. You see the precum tears begging you to stroke and fondle it. You oblilge. First gently and lovingly, then with fast storkes, and straining. You start to feel the rumbling in your crotch, and the delightful surge of cum roaring out of the one eyed beauty. You catch some in your hand, rush it to your mouth before you can think, push your dick into the commode, let the rest spew out into the toilet, get some toilet paper, wipe your dicks head, milk it down to squeeze out any reamining cum, swipe it off, and lick your finger.

It is all a feeling, Finally your dick goes down, and you pull up your pants, zip up and nonchalantly stroll into the hallway. You recall all the stages of your ejaculation, and remember now it is just a memory of all the phases, but now your dick is soft, and you are perfectly relaxed and now able to concentrate on the classes ahead.

Want be long now before another epiletic type fit pushes against your jeans, givning you pleasnat memories of the past event, and keeps you from concentrating on anything except your lovely lonely big hard dick.

Life goes on!

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June 16, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Gay

The Ultimate Male Masturbation Experience

the best orgasm I ever had was also one of my first.a friend from school (luke) and I were on a caravan holiday with his family. In school, we always chatted about wanking techniques and sex, sometimes we compared size during lesson, we sat at the back and would measure our hard dicks with a ruler (through our trousers, we were allowed to wear trackies). One of the techniques luke told me was to use a shower head on the jet setting on the end of your dick, on the underneath side. I tried it a few times and I was nice when u hit the right spot so I was keen to try more ideas. We was in the pool at the campsite and noticed the powerful water jets squirting out warm water. we immediatley fought playfully for time with the jet, putting our cocks against the powerfull flow of water vibrating and tingling the tip of our dicks. we took it in turns till we both blew our load in the pool. we got out and went back to the caravan, still hard from the incredible orgasm. we spent the rest of the holiday in and out of the pool, sometimes we wanked together at night time in bed but mainly in the pool using the water jets. the most incredible sensation ever.

June 17, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Memorable Wanking, Jacking Off, and General Masturbation

Boys learning about men

I grew up in a small college town. it waz also mostly rural. I had two male friends, and one day on our way home from school, we went into a vacant rent house to explore. When we went into the bathroom we looked into the toilet and saw what we learned later was a rubber. at that time we didn;t know what it was, and didn't know what that sticky stuff was in it.

We took it out of the toilet, turned it inside out, felt the sticky stuff and rinsed it out in the toilet, then each of us tried it on our dicks. of course it was way to big for our little peters.

The next day we told all our male friens about it, and one of the boys said he found on on the school porch that morning. he had put in down next to the porch, so all of us went out, picked it up, and saw the sticky stuff. The school was still open so we went ionto the boys restroom, rinsed it out and each of us again tried it on, then we stuck it onto the door knob of the classroom where the teacher we all hated had her classes.

Our principal was a woman, and the next day she called all the boys into her office, and asked who had placed something on the door knob of another teacher. Of course, none of us would fess up. the next morning there was another used rubber on the porch, so we threw it into the school hall. It ereally excited us.

One of the guys came to school with an unused rukbber it had found in his parents bedside table. We blew it up into a big baloon and let it go in the school hallway, just as recess let out. All the guys giggled and all of us were lectured to, but we didn't care.

By this time we had learned of cum, so each of us jacked off in front of each other, but nothing came out, so we tried fucking each other in the ass but still nothing came out. Then we sucked each others little pricks. we enjoyed the tingling that happened, and when we reached puberty we did the full monte on each other.

Jacking off became the great past time and we would have contest to see who came first. the last to cum had to clean up the cum off the floor, and suck the remainder cum in and on the other guys dicks. all of us tried to be the last ohe to come because it tasted so good.

When we started dating we soon learned finger fuck the girls, lick our fingers. and brag about finger fucking our dates. One night I pulled hard dick out of my pants and my date put her hands on it and I shot all over the place. she liked what she saw so she let me stick it in. I was not the first to fuck her, but man oh man I thought I would never jackoff again because fucking was so much better. I still jack off regularly now even thouugh I get a lot of my wife and female friends pussy. I am totally obseesed with my balls and dick, and I must appeal to a lot of women because I fuck almost all of them. those I don't fuck it is not because I didn't try. I had a really bad or good reputation around the school. I also enjoy fucking and sucking men, and I really get my jollies when either a man or woman will lick my asshole. I keep it very clean, ready for any dates, male of female.

Jacking off, humping, and sucking are so enjoyable.

June 20, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Undecided

Fantasies while Masturbating

curious for male on male sex

For several years now I have had a fantasy about sex with another cock. At first it was shemales but now has even turned to males. I still love the women very much but the thought of a cock really turns me on. I love looking at a hard on and I especially love watching cum shots. Most of my masturbation time has revolved around gay or shemale porn sites. Just reading some of the stories on this site has me so turned on that I am jacking off while I write this story. I love to edge and have been masturbating for a little over two hours now but some of these stories of male on male sex has me so horny it is getting harder and harder not to cum. Just before I started this fantasy I answered an ad on craigslist. It was two guys wanting someone else to join them. One was a bottom and the other a top. The top wanted to watch while the bottom was having sex and after a while the bottom wanted to watch while the top was having sex. Finally they wanted to end up by having sex with each other while the outsider would watch. I told them I would be a top and bottom for their fantasy if they fullfilled my fantasy of one up inside of me while the other one was in my mouth. Had to stop and masturbate for a few minutes with my fleshlight. It feels so good. They both have really nice cocks that I just want to wrap my lips around. I do hope they get back with me so that I can have my first encounter and fulfill my fantasy. To bad we can`t show pictures on this site. I would love to look at some hard cocks on here. Will hopefully have another story to write if I get my fantasy fullfilled by these two guys. Think I will go to a shemale or gay porn site and keep on masturbating.

June 20, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Unique or Strange Story

listening and wanking

I masterbate about three times a week and I also visit a local massage parlour for hand relief-it beats doing it youself all the time.The parlour has two regular girls who now know me quite well.On one visit one of the girls was already busy and the other girl had popped out to the local shop so the young girl on reception suggested I wait in the massage room for her return. I undressed in readiness and then noticed I could hear what was happening in the adjoining room.Originally the two rooms had been one and had been divided into two by a wall made of thin wood hence me being able to hear so clearly. Whilst it was difficult to hear the conversation I could hear all the movements and sounds and after a short time it was obvious that they were shagging. This really turned me on and I started to get a hard on so I started to wank my cock. A few moments later the girl I had booked to see entered the room. She said I see you have started without me.I put my finger to my lips asking her to keep quiet. why? she whispered and I told her that I wanted to listen to what was happening in the next room. She smiled. Do you want to watch as well?. Without answering she took me by the hand and led me out of the room by another door into what was a small storeage room at the end of which was a full length black net curtain through which you could see quite clearly into the adjoining massage room.By the time we arrived the guy in there was getting dressed so I had missed the action. She told me to wait as another guy was waiting to see the other girl. I will be back shortly she said and left me there. In a moment or two the guy entered the room undressed and sat on the bed at which point the masseusse entered the room. He lay down on the bed and she started to give him a handjob. My Companion returned and said she would wank me off whilst I watched.Standing near to the curtain she took off her top and bra and standing next to me with one hand round my waist she started to give me a wank.This was pure heaven. I was being wanked off by a very attractive girl watching another attractive girl doing the same to another guy who had no idea I was watching. I was told that he had booked an half hour session so if I could last as long all the better. To that end the girl wanking me took her time and a couple of times when she sensed I was ready to cum she loosened her grip on my cock for a moment or two.See if you can both cum at the same time she told me.This was the best handjob I had ever had and then the other girl started to wank the guy quicker. Shes going to make him cum now are you ready as well? Without me answering the girl I was with started to wank me off faster and I could hold back no longer and I shot my load into her hand seconds after the other guy had cum.I still visit the parlour each week so that I can watch the action next door and I do wonder how many other guys are invited into the secret room to watch!.

June 20, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

First Time Masturbating

Introducing the masturbation's world to a friend

This happened a while ago. I was in mid school and I learnt about masturbation from my classmates. I started doing it and I loved it. I had a friend who was also my neighbor and we were both the same age. We used to hang out a lot and play with action figures, videogames among other things. I can't remember how but we started to play a game where we used to hide small toys underneath our clothes. Once I hid a toy inside my briefs and he looked into and got stared at my penis, nothing happened then. On another time playing the game I hid very well a toy and due to he failed to find it I told him to jerk me off. I took advantage of him 'cause he didn't even know what he was doing, he asked me what was gonna happen 'cause I was enyoing the handy job. I remember his face when I cum all over the floor, i'm pretty sure that was the first time he saw a cumming. I'm sure he masturbated himself that night. We masturbated each other several times after that first experience. Good old times.

June 22, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Over 40 Years of Masturbating

Gorgeous Morning For Self Pleasure

It's a warm calm quiet morning here in the midwest of the USA. . . .sitting on the deck looking into the woods, coffee's hot, and the wife is away again . . . and my cock is aching ! ! !

It's so peaceful to sit here, wearing some fine lingerie of hers, I love wearing a girdle and gartered nylons . . so tight and sensual I also have on a pair of satin panties.. .tight and soft! ! ! Gently rubbing my crotch, my cock grows and my balls swell . . .

This will be a short story . .. oh yeah, it's feeling so good ! ! ! stroking . . . . oh, it was quick. . the panties are SOAKED in warm jizzzzzz. . . time for a shower, and some laundry before she gets home ! ! !

June 22, 2013 -

Anonymous Masturbator Confessions

Well, this is going to be a quite strange, but here it goes...last week I was doing my laundry, collecting everything, when my step-sister asked to put a few items in as well. I agreed and was putting everything in the machine, when I noticed that she had put in one of the sexiest pair of panties I've ever seen, they had some lace on them and were somewhat see through...I imagined her wearing them, and instantly became aroused! They were really small like a thong, and I could only imagine how sexy she would look in them...they still smelled like her and it was incredible, the scents and my imagination took off from there and I started to jerk off, finally when it came time to bust I had no where to put my spunk, so I just shot the load right on her panties, it was the most exciting masturbation session I've ever had

Mutual Masturbation
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June 22, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

First Time Masturbating

How I learned

Back in sixth grade, some of my friends played a joke on me. They told me to close my eyes, bite my bottom lip, and pretend I'm shaking dice. They couldn't stop laughing, but I didn't get it. They told me it looked like I was jerking off, but I didn't know what that was. After school, I caught the bus with one of my friends that was in on the joke. I asked him what jerking off was and he laughed in my face. When he finally stopped laughing he told me to come over to his house and he would show me as long as I didn't tell anyone. When we got to his house, we went straight to his room and he locked the door. We sat on his bed and he told me to follow his lead. He started rubbing his crotch and I felt really weird, so I asked if I could just watch and I'd try it later. He was like whatever and started stripping. He grabbed his penis and stroked it up and down, faster and faster, until he let out a loud moan and collapsed on his bed. He told me that's basically it. So I went home that night and tried it myself, from then on I did it any chance I got.

June 22, 2013 -


Summer treat

This summer I decided to reward myself for the long and difficult school year I had, so I bought a fleshlight. My best fantasies always involve oral sex so of course I bought the basic mouth one. At first I didn't really care for it because I felt that my hands did a better job, but after a couple more uses, my hands can't compare to how good my fleshlight feels. I use it any chance I get. I like to fantasize about a girl from one of my classes sucking me off until she has every last drop of my cum in her mouth, then she kisses me allowing the cum to slip into my mouth. With the fleshlight, this fantasy feels almost like reality. If anyone is thinking about getting one, I definitely recommend it. Clean up is pretty easy, if anything drying is a little difficult only because it takes some time. I'm thinking of trying out the STU next, maybe this winter.

Editor's Notes: For more info on the Fleshlight, see page: Fleshlight Masturbation.

June 22, 2013 -

Other Masturbatory Entry

shower masturbaton

hold shower head under balls with a light spray while pumping cock with other hand lubricated with soap

June 24, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Gay

Memorable Wanking, Jacking Off, and General Masturbation

Recapturing The First Time

The first time was the most memorable - scary and exhilarating at the same time. I have never been able to recapture the total experience. I was young when I started into puberty - only just about to turn eleven and I had not been told anything about what happens in puberty. I also liked to get naked - I had been doing this for a couple of years, indoors or out of doors. When home alone, I romped through the house naked; when outside I sought the seclusion of a wooded area near my home where I wandered for miles. But I was always alone in my nudity. But some urge within me started wanting more of a thrill. On the very day I left the wooded area and went out into an open field, I got my first erection. I thought oh no, what am I going to do? I couldn't wear my clothes home and not be noticed. In my panic, I kept yanking on my cock, but it kept getting bigger and harder. By this time I near tears in hysteria, completely oblivious to the fact I was out in the open, I was totally absorbed in my myself (my dilemma). Then a sudden tremor over my whole body, it felt like effervescence tingling from head to toes. I clear sticky fluid shot from my penis, and I nearly blacked-out - it was so intense. After that I have tried to recapture that experience.

Was the nudity and the public-ness? I do masturbate naked all the time, and I look for or go to places where I am near to people. Growing up, those places included movie theaters (imagine stripping and jerking off in the near darkness with people only a few rows away), in rest room toilet stalls, in changing rooms, and along quiet streets at night. As I got older, I marked my presence with cum in college library stacks, along hiking trails, and at road side picnic areas or overlooks. The sensation came close, but not like the first time.

I have interacted with people in adult bookstores. At first letting patrons see me through glory holes masturbating in the nude. Then mutually masturbating each other through the glory hole. Then there came the opportunity to let someone into my video booth by leaving the door ajar and standing in the clink of light from the door naked and stroking. Finally came the day I left one video booth naked and walked to another, patrons were lined outside my booth, some to watch, some to share a wank. These were all thrilling, but not like the total absorption of the first time. Closer were the two nights when the adult bookstore was quiet, that I left the video booth area in the nude, sporting a hard-on, and went into the sales area. The first time I walked through with the clerk noticing me on my way out the door to my car in the parking lot (I had spare clothes in the car and never saw what I left behind again.) The second time, I pretended to be checking out merchandize. The nervous clerk came over and was checking me out and we discussed some of the DVD's (all in the male or gay section) and we discussed some of the sex toys. I have to admit I was feeling almost dizzy on those occasions.

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June 24, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Gay


Things I Do Before and After

Been masturbating since I was twelve or a little before. At first that was enough handling myself (meaning my cock). But one time I wiped the pre-cum with my finger and tasted its sweetness. I was hooked and would lick my pre-cum every time. It was only a natural step when I next caught my cum in my hand after ejaculating and licked its thick slightly musky flavor. After that half the time I ate my own cum immediately after shooting; and half the time I started smearing it on my food, either shortly after climaxing or directly from the source. I usually have to urinate after a climax, so I began wondering about that other fluid which came from the penis-tap. So one time when I was horny, before I started stroking, I caught about a glass of pee. While I stroked my cock and got hornier, I sipped the warm, salty liquid. I instantly climaxed. While finishing the glassful of pee, I got hard again and climaxed a second time. Afterwards, occasional watersports has become a part of my masturbating, whether drinking it or pissing on myself.

I find that when I am horny, kinky ideas enter my head. I have decorated my naked body with drawings using eyebrow pencils in the early days and body paints in later years. I have put lipstick on my nipples and penis head. I have smeared raw meat over myself, becoming sticky with the red meat juice. And I have smoked cigarettes out of out butt hole. (Picture me on my elbows and knees, crouched in a forest clearing, butt up in the air, with a lit cigarette sticking out.) Of course this led to some anal fixations. It started with my fingers, followed by soda bottles, frankfurters, corn cobs and cucumbers, before I could afford a dildo or a butt plug.

June 24, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Gay

Anonymous Masturbator Confessions

Boy Scouts

In the news recently there has been a bunch of stuff about Boy Scouts being allowed to be openly gay. I don't what all the fuss is about. I became a scout at age eleven. Nothing dramatic happened while I was a Tenderfoot. But as I was advancing to Second Class, I needed swimming class for my merit badge. In the changing room before and after swims were boys of all ages from eleven to eighteen, openly naked in front of each other. Some of them sported noticeably aroused penises. They did not seem to mind anyone seeing them and a couple even masturbated in the showered (sometimes in front of each other and sometimes with each other.) My patrol leader took me on a private hike in the woods to earn tracking, campfire and outdoor cooking merit badges. I met him at his house and was with him when he changed from school clothes to outdoor wear. He had stripped down to his white briefs, displaying a magnificent bare body and a noticeable bulge in his briefs. I could tell this was going to be an exciting adventure. Except for when I was tracking him, we spent several hours alone in the woods. Though we did not have sex, we talked about it and it was intoxicating being so near to him. Camping was another experience, sleeping in a tent with six or seven other boys in various stages of undress, talking about things boys like to talk about (sex). One or two would slip out of the tent in their underwear, ostensibly to go to the latrine, but not going far away to masturbate, alone or with another. When I took my turn, because I was aroused, I took off my underwear as soon as I was outside the tent and walked a small distance from the tent (still within earshot) and started masturbating. My patrol leader came out and joined me both in nudity and in masturbating. He even stroked me while I stroked him. Finally there is the Order of the Arrow, where older scouts dressed in loincloths. Ceremonially around campfires, these nearly naked boys spoke of Indian lore. But their nearness to the troop caused a lot adjustments to tight crotches and gave fuel to the talk in the tents that night. Though I never declared myself gay, because at that age I am not certain most boys are or know they are. Boys will do boy-things just as they have before this new ruling. I confess I am gay now, and probably had gay tendencies back then as I appreciated the sight of naked or near naked boys. But the times I joined in masturbating with another scout was always by mutual consent.

Penis Documentary
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June 25, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Jerking off is Awesome

Longing for tonight

I am feeling very horny. I have not masturbated for a week due to a lot of foreign travel. and am now very much in the mood. Am writing this from the office on a foreign business trip before I leave for the day. This is what I think I will do. I shall go back to my hotel, take a shower then, as planned, go out to dinner with a business colleague hoping to get to bed fairly early. On returning to my room I will lay on the large double bed and watch some porn. The sort of fairly gentle stuff of couples making love or men masturbating. During that time I will slowly undress and lie naked with the duvet over my body. I notice there is a large mirror above the dresser facing my bed so maybe I will be able to see what I am doing. By that time I will slowly draw my right hand across my chest and down to my abdomen. I will deliberately bypass my genitals and stroke my thighs and between my legs. I will slowly fondle my balls then lift up my bum so I can put a finger up my arse. By now I will be fully erect (as I am now just writing this). I am 30 years old with a circumcised 5 inch erect penis. It will be throbbing and urging me to stimulate it. I will then place some of my saliva on to the palm of my right hand and gently circle it over the tip. This will be almost uncontrollably sensitive. I will then run my moist hand from the tip down the full length of my shaft deep into my ample pubic hair. As I alternate between this and pinching my nipples or massaging my balls and between my legs, I will feel the tension rise and breath get stronger and deeper. I will start to moan and groan until I can wait no longer. The pace along my shaft will increase. I will see some precum and rub it in until soon after I will have a big orgasm. Maybe three or four separate ejaculations as I squeeze on the head. It will at first spurt over my pubic hair onto my belly button and then gradually run down the shaft onto my hand. I will taste this with pleasure until my erection subsides fully satisfied. Apart from thinking about the exquisite pleasure, I will imagine being with my girlfriend far away at home. We love masturbating each other. I then phone her to say what I have done and she will describe her feelings.

June 26, 2013 -

Sex Toys and Masturbation Tools

Couch sex

What I do is lift my couch cushion and put my part in it then I thrust in and out of the cushion. If you like it hard, put pressure on the cushion.

Editor's Notes: Please see page: Couch Humping Masturbation for visual examples. Also, people seem to like using the Fleshlight in the couch cushions.

June 27, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Other Masturbatory Entry

With Girlfriend

My now ex-girlfriend lives on the other side of the U.S....so we never could have sex or anything. What we would do however, is take videos of ourselves and send them to each other, or masturbate on the phone at the same time. I would listen to her hard breathing and moaning, while I was stroking myself until I came. She is my ex, but we are still very good friends and we still do this every now and then. She sends me pics of her naked, and I send some back. If you never have tried this, find a friend of the opposite(or same) sex and see if they masturbate or not. If they do, try and set up a time that you can masturbate together on the phone. If you get luckier than me, you can masturbate with each other in person! Hope I gave some good ideas :) HAVE FUN

June 28, 2013 -

Over 40 Years of Masturbating

A response to longing for tonight

On reading Longing for Tonight posted here on 25 June when I was in bed with my laptop I immediately got aroused as I too am on a business trip far from home but with no partner. There have been numerous occasions when I have imagined just what was described. Thank you to the writer. The only problem is that I twice the writers age and get frustrated by either failing to get an erection or failing to maintain it. I think one of the issues is I get so tired with all this business travel and staying in different hotels that I simply cannot perform. Am retiring soon so hope this will change. That said, I still have a high libido despite living on my own after divorce some years ago. In reality I feel the urge to masturbate probably every two days but often end up just falling asleep after some prolonged fondling of my softish penis. My doctor has advised me against using the likes of viagra due to a medical condition. Watching porn does have a positive effect provided there is no violence and is seen to be of genuine acts of couples of whatever age having sexy fun.

I have found that the best way to have an orgasm is to wait for a week or even longer – kind of storing it up. I will then make sure I am very relaxed and in a good mood. On my long trips this usually happens on a Sunday morning or night having been away from work for the weekend. With the aid of watching some porn I will kneel on the bed with my laptop and a mirror perched nearby. This will allow me to fondle my balls and around my crotch and as soon as I get an erection I pump away fairly fast so that I do not have time for it to go flaccid. It usually takes about five minutes to feel the inevitable and when I ejaculate , the cum simply dribbles on to my hand. Gone are the days of my youth when I did it virtually every day and shot my load afar. Oh well, better than nothing.

There has only been one occasion in my life when I have been with another man and that was fairly recently. I thought I might be in for a real treat but what I did not bargain on was the fear of this first encounter simply made me not perform and I found that embarrassing. Fortunately I was with someone roughly my age who understood my predicament and was very kind and encouraging. However I had the enormous pleasure of watching him get an erection, starting to masturbate himself and then letting me take over. I am circumcised and about 4.5 inches when erect. He was much bigger at probably 6 or so inches and told me he masturbated not less than every three days . I perched over his stomach and started to handle him as if his penis was mine. He asked me to be gentle to start with and run the palm of my hand up and down the full length of his shaft. He was rock hard all the time. It was a wonderful feeling to listen to his crying out as he was building up to an orgasm. When It came, all that lovely white stuff did not spurt out with force but ran down his erection on to his body. I rubbed it into my hands and massaged his balls with it. If only I could do all that myself.

Penis Documentary
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June 29, 2013 -

First Time Masturbating


I'm an incredibly horny teenager whose never done anything with another guy. I've always wanted to get my dick sucked and suck some in return... I'm into girls but there's just something about a penis that makes it so erotic. So anyway, I went to Craigslist and started looking at the personal ads and decided to just take a chance so I replied to this ad about having mutual oral, we exchanged some pics and decided on a place to meet. After 20 mins he got to my complex and parked in some corner. I went to him he was in a golden minivan. I got in and saw the guy, he was older around 40, chubby, not particularly attractive but a deals a deal and I was excited from the mystery of it all. We sat down and started to stroke our cocks then he took my hand and placed it on his, he was cut around 7 in and shaved, I have a 6 in uncut and don't shave so I was very bushy. Anyway we started stroking each others cocks. After about a minute he asked me to suck him, this was my first time ever doing that so I got on my knee, took his dick in my mouth, and acted as if I was a vacuum cleaner sucking his cocks he started moaning and telling me how amazing I was a sucking dick, I was surprised since I had no experience. Anyway it was nothing like I expected it was like licking/sucking a flavorless lollipop, I gagged like at least 3 times and this guy must've had incredible stamina, he kept it up for at least 5-8 mins. Then he told me he was gonna cum, I felt his hot juicy cum rush into my mouth and I swallowed, it was sweet yet salty. I got back up and he started to put his pants back on, I got into the seat and started to stroke mine to get it hard again. He told me it was dangerous the spot we were in and we might get caught, I told him not to worry but he decided to move the car, I didn't want to go any where cause I'm not that dumb so I just told him I had to go, he said another time and I said maybe. Bottom line, I sucked some guys dick and no one sucked mine :( ... Craigslist is great if your horny and not expecting much, I'll try again soon

June 30, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Masturbation Biography

Came a long way

When I first started masturbating I would have rushed soapy sessions in the bathroom. Now 10 years later, I watch an hour of hentai, solo, straight, and gay porn while rubbing my groin through my clothes, occasionally allowing my hand to sneak in and grab my bare penis and balls. After that, I get completely naked and lube up my junk starting slow and speeding up. From there I lube the inside of my fleshlight and place it between my pillows for me to hump away, starting slow and shallow then alternating between slow, fast, shallow, and deep until I can't take it any longer and cum inside. I then take the fleshlight and stick my tongue inside to drink up some cum. If I'm still horny I'll stick my penis right back in and repeat. These session can last up to 3 hours and feel amazing, anyway I've come a long way in my masturbation history.

July 3, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Memorable Wanking, Jacking Off, and General Masturbation

Never thought this would or could happen

Several years ago I worked for a big name supermarket. There were many cashiers there, a few of them young. One in particular was 47 years younger than me and she compared me as a grandfather-like figure. She was friendly, but no overly friendly, until one day I intervened when she had trouble with an obnoxious customer. Incidentally, I was the Asst. Store manager. After ejecting him from the store telling him never to return, the cashier, Pat, and I became closer and good friends. When I turned 69, I decided it was time to retire which I did. She was upset that I was leaving but said she would like to remain friends. I said Sure, why not. About six months after I left, Pat married her boy friend of 6 years. I too was married, but that's was neither here nor there. Shortly after that I was admitted to the local hospital for some minor surgery. It got back to the store that I was in the hospital. When I was admitted to the hospital I was lucky enough to get a window bed, which allowed me the added privacy of double curtains around my bed. One night, after visiting house were over, someone came into my room and around the curtains. To my surprise it was Pat, she was alone. She came over and gave me a big wet juicy kiss on the lips, using her tongue in the kiss. I returned the favor with an eq

July 3, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Memorable Wanking, Jacking Off, and General Masturbation

Never thought this would or could happen

Several years ago I worked for a big name supermarket. There were many cashiers there, a few of them young. One in particular was 47 years younger than me and she compared me as a grandfather- like figure. She was friendly, but no overly friendly, until one day I intervened when she had trouble with an obnoxious customer. Incidentally, I was the Asst. Store manager. After ejecting him from the store telling him never to return, the cashier, Pat, and I became closer and good friends. When I turned 69, I decided it was time to retire which I did. She was upset that I was leaving but said she would like to remain friends. I said Sure, why not. About six months after I left, Pat married her boy friend of 6 years. I too was married, but that's was neither here nor there. Shortly after that I was admitted to the local hospital for some minor surgery. It got back to the store that I was in the hospital. When I was admitted to the hospital I was lucky enough to get a window bed, which allowed me the added privacy of double curtains around my bed. One night, after visiting hours were over, someone came into my room and around the curtains. To my surprise it was Pat, she was alone. She came over and gave me a big wet juicy kiss on the lips, using her tongue in the kiss. I returned the favor with an equally wet kiss which she obviously enjoyed. She pulled up a chair, quietly next to my bed and sat down. We spoke to each other in hushed tones so as not to disturb my roommate, who was in his 80's and not to draw attention to the nursing staff, since Pat was there well after visiting hours were over. I was still wearing my open-backed hospital gown, no PJ bottoms or underpants. Suddenly she ran her hand under the sheet, up and over my thigh and took my penis in her hand. She told me she had always wanted to do this, and then she started to stroke me. I became hard very quickly. It felt good, and she continued until she made me cum all over myself and her hand. She pulled her hand out and licked it dry, she then gave me another tongue-in-mouth wet, juicy kiss and left. She visited me two more times while I was in the hospital and provided the same arousing service. I was released from the hospital and went home. Three months later I was readmitted to the hospital for some additional surgery and once again was lucky enough to get a window bed. The word got back to the store that I was again in the hospital and sure enough, that first night in the hospital, Pat showed up at her usual time and sat by my bed. After the pleasantries of long, wet, juicy kisses, she reached under the sheet. This time, she pulled my hospital gown up and over my pubic area, pulled down the top sheet and proceeded to give me the most spectacular blow job I ever had, which culminated in her swallowing my cum. She visited me at least several more times late at night. We were never caught during our escapades. She loved doing it to me and I loved her for doing it. My wife was a person who would never experiment with oral sex. I was released from the hospital and about 2 months later I received a call from Pat asking me to come to her house. I reluctantly went over to be greeted by Pat at the door wearing the most beautiful pink, see-through lace robe, bra and panties. She told me that her husband, who was a long distance truck driver, was away for 2 weeks. I went in and we went to her bedroom where I was able to slowly undress her and she undressed me. We covered each other with wet, juicy, sloppy and noisy kisses and I then took her to her queen-sized bed and laid her down and reciprocated her kindness to me by performing extremely passionate oral sex in her private area, licking and sucking on her love bud. This culminated in us having 3 rounds of the most passionate sex in several different positions and enjoying each one better than the other. We ended up taking a sexy shower together before I left. I have been in and out of the hospital several times over the following 3 years with secret night time visits from Pat. On other occasions, I have visited her several times. She enjoys the oral sex I give her, because like my wife, her husband thinks oral sex is sick. We don't think so; after all it's keeping us well and happy, especially for a 76 y/o man and 29 y/o woman. After all her parents are in their early 50's, who live in TN and don't know what's happening in NJ. And we don't have to worry about safe sex, since I had a vasectomy 40 years ago. Her husband doesn't want kids and neither does she, so we're living in a perfect world together. I have never told anyone else about my secret life. She told her best friend, but has never given my name away. It's driving her friend crazy, because her best friend was also one of my cashiers.

July 3, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Undecided

Unique or Strange Story

Summer at camp

When B and I turned 19, we decided to stay with the scout troop, only as adult leaders. When we went to scout camp the first summer as adults, we were told that we could now use the adult latrine for our private buisness and take showers. The kids under 18 were not allowed in there. So the first night at camp I told B I was going to take a shower. He said he was going to come along. We walked the 1/4 mile to the adult latrne. When we got there, we discovered that each toilet was partitioned off for your privacy. We also found out that the shower rooms were smaller, with two shower heads so that two people could shower in private. Each shower cubicle had a plastic curtain for extra privacy. We undressed and got into one shower stall and adjusted the water to suit outselves and began to shower. We both turned and faced each other and we giggled as we watched each other wash. Then B came over to me and began to lather up my whole body, I mean I was covered with soapy lather from head to foot including my privae area, which he seemed to enjoy lathering. I did the same to him lathering him up and down and especially loved to soap up and wash his butt. Yet, during that whole time of touchy-feely, neither of us got a boner. Strange. After we rinsed off, we went out into a small changing room. B stood on one side and sat on a bench drying off. I looked at him and he was staring at me, focusing in on my cock and balls. I looked at his crotch and his cock was mostly retracted into his penis. He walked over and stood right in front of me still looking down at my cock with was flacid. I couldn't tell how long his was because it was retracted. He was standing about 12 inches in front of me and I looked up and said, Who is going to make the first move? He said he didn't know. So I leaned over and licked the tip of his penis. It slowly started to get longer, when it was about 1.5 inches long, I took it in my mouth and began to suck on it. Suddenly it grew to \inside my mouth and I continued to suck on it, until he burst a large load of cum into my mouth. I dind't know what to do, so I swallowed it. He asked me if I swallowd it and I said yes. When he asked me how it tasted, I said it tasted real good. Then I looked down and my penis was standing out about 10 inches. He looked down and got down on his knees and began to suck on me. After about 3 minutes I dumped a huge load of cum in his mouth which he also swallowed and then told me it really tasted good and he liked it. When got dressed and went back to the campsite,we went into the tent we shared. We got ready for bed, only this night I slept nude and so did he. We had a great two weeks at summer camp going down for our nightly showers and. When we got home from summer camp we made arrangements to have alternate weekend sleepovers at each others houses. We shared a bed together and much more. We both went to the same college and were dorm mates, sharing a bed and other things. Our room was the only room with a private bathroom and shower. We utilized that shower together alot. Yet, whenever we showered and lathered each other up, we both remained flaccid until we got finished. When we finally got in bed (nude od course), then and only then did we get hard. Needless to say that we had VERY messy sheets at the end of the week for washday. We parted ways after college but see each other once in a while and trade stories. Never once have we ever slept together after that, yet I still get a boner thinking about our great times. I always wonder if he does too

July 5, 2013 -

Memorable Wanking, Jacking Off, and General Masturbation

My neighbor and her girlfriends watched me jerk off

My neighbor and her girl friends watched me jerk off. They sat in front of me and watched me jerk off and cum. They liked it. I could hear them talking about me and laughing as they watched me beating off, so I jerked off in front of them three times. Each time I came real hard. They watched me cum and it felt great. They were all gorgeous brunettes. I loved it :)

July 5, 2013 - Sexual Preference - I would rather not say.

Anal Masturbation

Anal Masturbation to Orgasm

I have been into anal stimulation since I was a young man. I'm not sure how I stumbled into sliding things in and out of my ass, but I do remember doing it when I was a lot younger, and how surprised I was at how good it felt. I have used carrots, zucchini, cucumbers, and other long smooth objects to stimulate myself. The first time I watched cum squirt out of me, it was a total surprise.

I eventually hit upon the idea of using an iron rod from my weightlifting set, specifically an iron rod used to hold dumbbell weights. After cleaning it, I learned to warm up the rod, either by soaking it in hot water or by heating it in the oven. Once the rod was at a warm but not too hot temperature, I would slide it between the mattress and box spring of my bed. Lubing up my ass, I would then get on my hands and knees and back myself up, sliding the warm iron rod up inside my ass. Then I would rock back and forth on the warm rod, screwing myself while massaging my cock. Mind-blowing orgasms!

One time I was laying on my bed watching a porno of Trinity Loren getting a cock up her ass. I was using a smooth wooden dildo on my ass while watching Trinity get a really good screwing. Suddenly I realized that I was on the verge of an orgasm, and I had not touched my cock. I was about to cum just from the dildo sliding in and out of me and hitting my prostate. Wow...I picked up the pace just a little, and suddenly I was cumming, my hard cock spurting thick ropes of cum.

That experience made me think about what it might be like to have a real hot cock inside me, to actually arrange for me to get my ass done by another man. But I haven't done anything about that idea, at least not yet.

July 6, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Caught Masturbating!

Caught by my Dad but caught him back

I grew up on a farm and we had animals, barns, sheds and coops all over the place. I had been masturbating for several years now, but usually at night after I went to bed. I would masturbate and shoot my load either in my pajama bottoms or on the sheets, whichever I felt comfortable with. I never masturbated in my underwear though. I had started masturbating when I was about 12 years old and I enjoyed it very much. One day, about 3 years later, I was out in the barn and I got horny, so I decided to masturbate in the barn. I pulled off my jeans and my underpants and laid down in the hay. I got a nice boner and started to wank away. I was just about to dump my load when my Dad walked in and caught me. He asked what I was doing I said, I was wanking off until you walked in and stopped me. He said, Well don't stop on my account, go ahead and finish. I looked at him and continued to wank. He didn't leave, instead he stayed there and watched me. I was a little embarrassed but I kept going. Suddenly I had the urge to cum and I said, I'm going to cum. He said, go ahead, I want to see this. So I sat up and came this humongous load of pure white, creamy cum and shot it into the hay. He said, Nice load, and then walked out. I put my clothes back on and followed him. I asked him, Are you made at me? He said, no, I'm glad you know about sex and cumming. I then asked him when was the last time he did something like that. He answered, I've never done anything like except when you Mom and I have sex. I said, You mean you never thought about just going somewhere and wanking off? He said nope. About two weeks later I decided to go out to the barn and wank off in my private little place. I had been wanking off in bed or the shower but wanted to visit the barn again. I went into the barn and as I got close to my special spot, I heard heavy breathing and moaning. I looked around the corner, and there was my dad, laying naked in the hay pulling on his gigantic boner. I had never seen my dad naked before and could not believe how bid his cock was. I had to be at least 11 long, hard. I stepped out into the are and said, Don't let me interrupt you. He looked up at me. He must have been real close, because he didn't even flinch or stop pumping. A few seconds later he shot this big long stream of snow white, creamy cum followed by at least 6 more shots before he slowed down. When he finished, he said, I guess we're even. I caught you and you caught me. I told him why I came there and he said, well you might as well add to the collection. So I took my pants and underpants off and wanked off and shot my load right where he shot his. I glistened on the hay. We sat there and talked and he said after he caught me a few weeks before, he thought about it and came out one morning and did it for the first time time. This was his second time. He said it felt real good. I looked at his soft cock and it was about 6 1/2 inches long compared to my 5 inch cock. Then he said, I'm glad we caught each other doing this, now we don't have to be embarrassed about it if we catch each other doing it. I said, Hey what if we come out here every couple of days and have wanking party? He said, that sounds good, I'd like that. Then he said, the day that we decide to come out here, don't wear underpants. That's less to take off. I said we will have to have a signal when we are going to do it. About three days later, at the supper table, my dad said that he was going to be working in the barn the next day. That was the clue. The next day I got dressed without underpants. Then after breakfast I went to do my chores and he went to do his. After lunch he said he would be in the barn. He went to the barn and about 5 minutes later I went to the barn. We met at out special spot, where he was raking in new clean hay. We both got undressed and laid down in the hay and started to wank off. After about 5 minutes we said at the same time that we had to cum. I turned on my side and faced my dad and he turned and faced me. Then suddenly we both shot our loads onto each others belly. Man we were both covered with creamy, white cum. There was a towel there that we used to clean ourselves off, then we got dressed. We enjoy going out into the barn and wanking off. One time I reached over and took my dad's cock in my hand and it felt good and I wanked him off while he laid there, I straddled him and shot his cum on my cock and balls. He did the same for me.

July 7, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Fantasies while Masturbating

First class all the way

I just came up with his while I was masturbating, so here it goes.

You just received a airplane ticket to Tokyo in the mail, which is for a first class seat. It also came with about $5000 in yen to spend there. A week later, you are all packed, and get in your car. On the way, you are so excited to go to Tokyo.

When you get to the airport, you pass through security, go to the first class lounge, and board the plane. You look for your seat, but it takes going down a flight of stairs and a U-turn to get there. But you find your seat (out of 8) and you settle in, put your bag on the floor, and put on your seatbelt. You look around the first class “suite” and there are free amenities like PJ's, slippers, socks, eyeshades, headphones, a TV, full leather seats that fold into a bed, among other things. The, well you have to admit it, hot Asian flight attendant comes toward you, noticing you are settled in.

You then notice her grab a bottle of some kind of champagne. You keep your composure, and then your eagle eye notices that is Dom Perignon Vintage 2004, one of the best champagnes. She is also holding a tray with a glass also. Then she keeps walking toward you. You say “Hello.” She then says, “Would you like a glass of champagne?” You then say, ”Yes, please.” She pours the champagne so well, not even a spurt whilst pouring. She then hands the galss to you. You then try to balance the glass in your hand while you move it toward the magnetic glass holder. You then set down the glass carefully, then say, “Thank you very much.” Then you felt hungry all of a sudden. So you ask, “When is dinner being served?” The hot flight attendant then says, “It iss all when you wish. Would you like for me to go and get it?” You then say, very pleased with her service so far, “Yes, if you can.” The chef comes out then with a tray of food. The first plate of food is the salad, which is very good (for a salad). Then comes a steak, which is thick and juicy. Then dessert, which is ice cream with edible gold and caviar. You eat it all, of course.

Then here comes that sexy flight attendant. She is now holding some kind of expensive wine. She comes towards you. She pours a glass, and says, “Meet you here in a couple of hours.” She gives you the I-wanna-fuck look. You happily oblige, and a couple of hours later, she is in your private suite. She knows you are becoming horny, and she starts to unbutton your pajama shirt. Then starts the gentle flow of precum, right when she is about to take your shirt off. You then start to remove her clothing, smoothly, until she is in her underwear. Then as she loosens your pants, your penis stands up straight. She likes how long you are, ad you seem to like her naked body. She then suddenly proceeds to suck your dick, and then you reach down to finger her, and she is already dripping. She moans then goes “Mmmm...” You then say, “Let's get on with it already!”, in a gentle and sexy way. She then lays down on her stomach, ass up. Then she says quietly, “I'm ready for your big cock.” You then slowly insert, and go deep. She needs it faster, you think. Then you gradually go faster for a minute, then reach your operating speed. She soon gets used to your speed, and she says, “Rub my clit and make me cum.” You then slowly rub her swelling clit making her moan and shake. Her shaking gets you going, too, and you and her cum at the same instance, which was almost the best cum since your first. You then pull out, and she collapses out of the ass-up posture and instead into the laying-flat-on-your-stomach pose.

She then says 2 sentences. First, “You probably didn't know, but my name is Elisa, and I am your guide to the mile-high club. I have succeeded, which is amazing.” And, “That was mind-blowing.” You seem pleased, and then put on your pajamas, then you go to sleep. Elisa checks on everyone else, in her uniform of course, and finds a Japanese guy in the next suite over masturbating. She seems very happy, as in fulfilling someone else's horniness. You then wake up, change into your comfortable clothes. You then land, and the pilot says, “We have just have arrived at Tokyo Haneda Airport, please gather your belongings and thank you for flying -------- Airlines!”

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July 9, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Masturbation fantasies and confusion or insight about Straight, Bisexual, or Gay Sexual Identities

I started to masturbate when I was 12. I really dont know on what will happen after masturbating. im very curious about it so I tried it on the cr while im taking a bath. it took me I think 7 minutes. it was one of the greatest feeling id ever felt. im just so sad I cant feel that anymore whenever im masturbating. sinfull yet enjoyable.

July 9, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Jerking off is Awesome

A great brother

My brother, who is one year older than me, taught me how to masturbate when we were younger. We share a room and a bed. One night I caught him masturbating into his pajamas and asked was he was doing and he said he was milking his lizard. I didn't know what that meant and asked him what it was. He pulled down the sheets and then pulled down his PJ bottom and told me to do the same. Then he reached over and grabbed my dick and started to rub it. I was going to make him stop, but it felt good and my dick got real hard. The he told me to grab it and wrap my had around it and start stroking up and down. Suddenly I started to feel good and we both started to breathe a little harder and stroked a little faster. Then he shot this white stuff out of the end of his dick onto the sheets. I almost stopped stroking but he told me not to stop, and then suddenly I shot white creamy stuff out of my dick. He said, You just milked the lizard.

Every night we would milk the lizard. Then one night we pulled down our PJ bottoms and he leaned over and got my dick hard. He then leaned over and stuck my dick in his mouth and started to stroke me with his mouth. He used a lot of tongue and saliva. That really felt good, I knew I was going to shoot my load and was going to tell him, but I didn't. Instead I just shot my load off into his mouth. He didn't even stop, he kept on going until I was sucked dry. Then he got off and I got soft. I felt that his dick was real, real hard and throbbing, so I leaned over and took his dick in my mouth and started to stroke his dick using my tongue and lots and lots of spit. He surprised me when he shot his first load in my mouth. I nearly gagged but didn't. Instead I swallowed his cum. He had swallowed my cum but I didn't know it. Every night from then on, instead of hand jobs, we gave each other blowjobs. Some night we would do each other at the same time. He said that was called a 69. I don't know why though. He wants us to try it up our butt holes, but we haven't worked up enough nerve. A friend, who does it all the time, told us if we go that route we should wear a rubber. But we're too young to go into a store and buy one, and we don't want to steal any. We're going to have to check our Dad's bedside night table. Maybe he has a some in there. We know our parents still have sex because sometimes we hear them at night when their bed squeeks, and they don't want anymore kids. If we ever do get a chance to do it I will write about out experience.

July 10, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Undecided

Masturbation Technique

Two finger

Grab your foreskin with two fingers and rub your fingers together. It's simple

July 10, 2013 -

Unique or Strange Story

Oops... I didnt delete the video

One night when I was in 8th grade I had gotten really horny and decided to jerk off. I had just gotten a new phone and I had always wanted to record myself jerking off. I went to the bathroom and placed my phone facing the mirror and pushed the record button. I was really horny so I went FULL OUT. I started to strip my clothes off but kept my boxers on. I started milking it at age 11 and ever since loved nipple play so I started to rub and pinch my nipples real hard to get a harder dick. I started to touch myself everywhere. With my boxers still on I started to rub my balls and penis but didnt jerk off yet. I then put my hands in my boxers and gently stroke my dick for a bit. I took them out and pulled my boxers down to where you could see my pubes and then put my hands behind my head and made my dick bounce. I played with my nipples again for a few minutes and I couldnt take it anymore! I slowly started pulling down my boxers to where my dick BOUNCED out. When my bockers hit the floor is when I started to smack my dick and BEAT it! I already had precum dripping so I used it as lube and GOD DID IT FEEL GOOOOOD STROKING IT NICE AND SLOW but I started to pick up speed after a while. I was beating it with my right hand and touching myself with my left. That was the first time I actually shot my load. The video ended with my back againts the wall, arms resting on my head and with me looking at the camera with a nuaghty smirk on my face all while breathing hard and sweating. My dick kept bouncing for a bit afterwords by its own pulse. It felt GREAT.newline The next day I go to school and a friend of mine asked to borrow my phone and I give to her telling her to give it back by the end of the day. The end of the day comes around and she comes up to me saying nice video and hands me my phone. As she hands me the phone I just look at her in SHOCK because I tottaly forgot to delete the video!! When I got home I still couldnt believe someone had seen me jerk off! I was embaressed but at the same time liked the fact that someone had seen ME! BEAT MY MEAT.newlineIt all worked out kinda well I guss. We ended up sexting till 4 in the morning that night ):p ha ha

July 12, 2013 -

Anonymous Masturbator Confessions

My Clone

Ever since I was interested in sex and masturbation, I've had this fantasy of either being a female version of myself and having sex with a female clone of myself. I had never thought this fantasy could become a reality for me, however it slightly has become real. My sister, a couple years younger than I am, looks extremely similar to me, only with female features. As she began to develop more, I realized my fantasies had started to come true. The first time I really noticed it was during our family vacation. On the beach, we were playing volleyball together, she was wearing a small bikini that showed off her features. I couldn't help but notice how her tits bounced as she jumped for the ball, and how her ass looked as she bent over for the ball. Once I had began to see this, I couldn't stop from staring and seeing more of how hot my clone looked. While we were swimming I used googles to take sneak peaks at her underwater. Because of how skin tight her bathing suit was, I could see everything, from her bubbly ass checks, to a faint outline of her vagina. I swam out deep into the water where no one could see, and began to jerk off to the images I had just seen, and came right in the water. Because of the size of the hotel rooms we were staying in, we also shared a bedroom while on vacation. I would catche glimpses of her while she changed clothes, and even was able to see her completely naked for a quick moment. While she was out, I stole a pair of her panties, they were lace and very revealing. I imagined her wearing these, and how her wet pussy had been touching them only moments ago. They were still warm and I could smell the fresh scent of her vagina. I began to jerk off with her panties, rubbing them on my face, my nipples and my dick. I came unbelievably quick and laid on my bed, somewhat hoping she would walk in to see my dick, covered in cum and touching her panties. Each night I jerked off, at first very quietly, But each time more and more loud so that she may have heard me. It was only on the final night of the vacation that anything happened. The clapping noise of my balls echoed through the room, and I heard a whisper call my name. What are you doing? She asked. I told her I wasn't doing anything, but she saw through me and told me she knew what I was doing. She asked what I was masturbating to, and I said to the girls I had seen at the beach that day, I guess she could tell I was lying and said she didn't believe me. I braved my fears of telling her what I was really jerking off to, and told her it was her. She didn't say anything for a while, and I had a bad feeling I had made a mistake. I stopped and began to fall asleep when I heard another whisper. I didn't say you had to stop, just like that my spark was back, and I got a giant erection. I went back into things, and even gave a bit of a performance and moaned softly in pleasure. She sat up and began to watch more curiously. I pictured her lucious lips, tits and ass, the way her body moved under the water, and the way her ass jiggled as she ran through the sand. She offered a proposition; if I kept silent and told no one about what she was going to do, she would give me a special present. I agreed, obviously, and she slipped out of her bed and onto mine. She sat on the edge and told me that if I was going to masturbate to her, I might as well get the real deal. She began to strip off her clothes. First she pulled off her panama top, to reveal her bra. It didn't reveal much but it was still sexy nonetheless. I moaned a little, and she said she took it as a sign that I wanted to see more, Slowly she took of her bra to reveal her supple titties and hard nipples, she played with them a little and I was on the verge of cumming. I tried so hard not to cum so quickly, and managed to avoid the inevetiable, even if it was only for a while. She continued until she was sitting fully naked on my bed. You've got me really wet she told me. I'm glad. I moved a little closer to her, and she began to rub her pussy. I reached over and ran my fingers of her vagina, she nodded in approval, and I began to explore her pussy even more. With one hand I jerked myself off, And with the other I fingered her. She reached over for my cock, and began to then jerk me off. It wasn't long until she got me to cum, and her hand was covered in my jizz. She licked it off, One finger at a time, as I continued to rub her. After a few Minutes she finally let out a big moan and I knew she had cum, we laid there for a while. After the vacation we have continued to satisfy each others needs, occasionally. Sometimes if we are home alone we take showers together, and she once gave me a blowjob when I came in to masturbate with her. I know it's a very unusual relationship we have, but I think it works well for us both and I wouldn't want it any other way.

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July 12, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Sex Toys and Masturbation Tools

electric vibrator cup

I bought an electric hand held vibrator with various attachments one of which is a cup that fits over the glans of the penis. It has two speeds, one is a steady vibration and the other is a throbber. I watch porn and stroke until I'm hard and then place the head of my erection into the cup and turn it on vibration speed and watch cumshot compilation videos talking to the female performers telling them it is my turn after a guy unloads his jizz on her tongue and then I begin to ejaculate into the cup and the feeling is so intense my glans swell so I can't remove it for a little while. When I do my cock is sore and I still feel the thrill throughout my groin. Sometimes I lick my jizz out of the cup looking in a handheld mirror to see the cum on my tongue. So Hottt!

July 13, 2013 -

Urgent Need to Masturbate

Fire works

It was the 4th of July and as most people do we were setting off fire works in the driveway. All the neighborhood kids were out lighting them and watching them expload. I noticed that the smell of the sulphur from the smoke that the fire works produced made me feel horny and began to make me have a hard on. I was watching the teen aged girls striking the matches hard then lighting the fuses on the fire works. It made me even Hornyer. I watches and played with my cock and balls through my pockets in my pants. I was so horny I just needed to rub and blow my load of cum. I noticed that it was getting late so I decided to clean up the trash from the used fire works and started picking up. One of the girls began to help me clean up the trash. She saw that I had separated match books and match box covers into piles. She said why are you keeping these. Of course embarrassed not knowing what to say or do I just told her that the smell made me very horny. She then asked what I was going to do with the match boxes and books I told her I would place them under my cock and rub on them. She said while smiling does that feel good I said yes it makes me tickle a lot and then I have an orgasm. She said can I watch at first I said no but she insisted so She placed a used match box cover under my cock and I began to rub on it my cock got instantly hard and began to throb. She said can I try I said try what she said let me try so she grabed a box of matches striking them Untill they were all gone then placing the box cover under my cok with her hand under it she said lay down and rub so I did OMG I came as soon as my cok touched the match box cover Wow It felt so good. Who knew that something so simple as matches could feel so good

July 14, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Undecided

Fantasies while Masturbating

I have been masturbating for 6 years. I try to do it often, usually once or twice a day. Generally, I use the basic grip, and jack off my six inch rock-hard penis to any porn I can. My deepest desire is to one day, however, find a friend willing to jack off with me or suck me off. Is that considered gay?

Editor's Notes: I have been helping to edit this site for almost 10 years, and after all the crap I have seen here, I would say that being "gay" seems to have more to do with falling in love with another man. This makes the whole issue more complex, and it will take more time to figure it out for yourself. In the mean time, it might be helpful for you to know that many straight men have had desires similar to yours, but they still end up being straight. Having said that, if you do end up finding out you are gay, it is not the worst thing in the world -- even if it may seem like it at the time. Also, things change as the years go by, so don't worry about it too much.

July 15, 2013 -

My neighbours son

About 6 years ago a lady called jen moved in to the house next to mine,we got on really but she is not quite my type,i am a straight divorced man in my late 50S,her son david at the time was a teenager,a few weeks ago jen came to my house and said david had told her is gay and would I talk to him to see what is going on,i said I would call later,she said that was fine as she would be at work.

I called at around 4.30 and david answered the door,he is now in his late teens and a good looking boy,we went in and up to his bedroom/study and I told him that his mum wanted me to speak to him,i said he would need to be completely honest with me otherwise it is a waste of time and he agreed,i told him I am not gay and maybe not the best person but would try to help,iasked if he had a gay relationship and he said no,i asked what excited him,he said a stiff penis was exciting and it made him hard,i asked if he had any mags,he opened a drawer and got out a gay mag with lots of erect cocks,i flicked through the mag and glanced over at his crotch noticing a bulge appearing,on the back page there was a girl masturbating a man,i commented that this was more interesting to me as I felt my cock start to stiffen.

I asked if he had any more mags,he took another from the drawer and passed it to me,the first picture inside was a cum shot with the sperm running down his cock,i showed david and asked what he thought,he said he liked the picture and it was making him really hard,i said it was also more interesting to me and I was also getting hard,i asked how often he masturbated and he said most days,i said me too,he said a picture of a naked girl was no interest to him and he could not get hard,but a naked man and a stiff cock really got him going,i noticed the bulge in his shorts was now quite big and said to him do you want to do something about that,he blushed a bit and started to rub his cock over his shorts,i said my cock was getting hard and would he mind if I rubbed myself,he blushed a bit more and said that was fine,i unzipped my trousers and stood up and pushed my trousers and shorts to the floor exposing my cock,which now was quite hard,i sat down and gripped my cock and started pumping with long slow strokes,david then undid his shorts and slipped then downexposing his very hard cock,he asked if I had ever been masturbated by a man,i said yes,over on the common I came across a naked man sunbathing,i was wearing shorts and carring my shirt as it was hot,i spoke to him and he asked if I would like to sit and talk for a while,he said he was married but liked to come to the common to sunbathe as thay lived in a flat,after a few minutes I noticed his cock was stiffening and he asked me if I would like to take my shorts off for a better tan,i stood up and slipped them off and layed back on the towel beside him,he was getting quite hard and asked me about my family,i said I had a late teens daughter,this seemed to excite him and he started telling me about his wife how she would come with him and masturbate him on the common or at the beach,my cock started to siffen and he reached across and gripped it and started to masturbate me all the time telling me about his wife and how she liked people watching her masturbate himmy cock was now rock hard and a few strokes later my hot spunk shot out,i reached over and gripped his cock and started to masturbate him,he asked me to tell him about my daughter as I wanked him,i told him about the time she saw me wanking,she thought I did not know she was there but I had set it up for her to see me,she had just come out of the bathroom and was naked,i could not see her that but good enough,after a few strokes she saw me cum,the guy on the common then exploded his hot spunk everywhere,i looked at david just as he spurted his hot juice,he said it was the thought of cumin that had made him cum,as his cock softened I pulled up my trousers and said I would finish at home and left,i think I will tell his mum I think he is gay

July 18, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Urgent Need to Masturbate

pre op check

I am due to go into hospital in about 2 weeks for some minor surgery,i am a 59 year old divorced man in good health and received a letter telling me I needed a pre op check,on arrival I was told I would be called in shortly by the nurse who would take the necessary details,as I sat waiting I thought about all the stories I have read about hospital and doctor visits and wondered how many happened,as the nurse appeared I realised nothing like the stories I had read would be happening to me,the nurse was in her late 30s to early 40s with quite a good figure and not bad looking,as I was the only person in the room she assumed I was the person she need to see and called me in,we went into an exam room where she checked my details and explained why I need a check,she said it was all normal practice now when you get to my age,she stood up and went to the door and locked it and told me to strip off to be weighed,i stripped down to my boxers and she said take those off as well and step on the scales she weighed me and said that's fine,come and sit down and I will take your blood pressure,she did that and said that fine,she told me to lay on the couch as she need to take some blood for testing,she took the necessary blood from my arm and then said I just need some additionl details,she said ,on your details it says you are divorced is that correct,i said yes,she then said do you masturbate,i said yese exam,she said when was the last time you had intercourse,i told her it was some time ago,she asked if I had ever had a prostate exam I said no,laying naked in front of her with her asking these questions was starting to give me an erection and I did start to wonder where this was leading.

she said due to my age it would be a good idea to have a prostate exam to make sure everything is o.k as long as it was o.k with me,i said it would be ok,she told me to lay on my side and went and put on a surgical glove,on her middle finger she put some gel and slowly pushed it into my bum hole her other hand came over and gripped my cock which by now was quite stiff,she said don't worry it is quite normal to get an erection when having your prostate examined,as her finger moved around inside me my cock was getting harder and harder.the sensations were teriffic ,I had never felt anything like it,she started to masturbate me telling me this was normal during a prostate exam and I didn't know any different as I had never had one,she said she needed to move her finger around inside me more and this might make me cum but this was quite normal,as she moved her finger around she masturbated me more quickly,she sensed I was about to cum and pulled out her finger and pulled me onto my back she was wanking quickly now and I shot my lot onto my stomach,she gave me some tissues and said I look forward to seeing you in a couple of weeks

July 19, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Memorable Wanking, Jacking Off, and General Masturbation

jo in porn theatre

I have a pair of light brown slacks that are worn out so I cut the bottom of the left pocket out and go to adult theaters and put my hand on my cock as it lies down my leg and I watch the porn. Soon I have an erection but I don't grip my cock, only caress the lenghth with my fingers and watch guys ejaculate on the girls. My favorite part is the previews where they show a lot of cumshots and I still caress and my balls are swollen and finally the jizz starts shooting out on my leg and I feel an electric thrill flow through my body and the jizz still cums out until I can't take it anymore and I nearly collapse as my cock goes soft. Soon I have to take a leak and walk up to the john where a guy stands inside holding his cock and says to me wow you must have really shot a load as I proceed to the urinal. As I unzip I see that all the jizz I shot out has soaked thru the pant leg. I cant go to a restaurant looking like that so I return to my seat after the guy smirks at me.I take my hanky out and try to wipe up the wetness and watch more film and soon I'm hard again but this time I grip my cock thru the hole in the pocket and jerk it off for another load although less cum. I finally say to hell with it and leave the theater and walk back to my car noting a few funny looks from a few people.On my way home I run the cumshots thru my mind and jack off on the steering wheel. Finally home I take off my clothes and lie down in the tub and pee all over myself shooting some up into my mouth and over my face. Wow, what a day!

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July 19, 2013 - Sexual Preference - In-Between

Masturbation fantasies and confusion or insight about Straight, Bisexual, or Gay Sexual Identities

Idk why I think this way

I go down and I read of all these stories and I find them, so intents and amazing, I keep think of how much I want a fat juicy cock in my mouth and I wanna really suck someone's dick and take all their cum, but I don't wanna be humped or hump anyone I just wanna suck a fat cock and cum in mouth... Does that make me gay?

July 20, 2013 - Sexual Preference - I would rather not say.

The Ultimate Male Masturbation Experience

Great experience

When I was 16 years old, I was in my bedroom after school. I didn't know what to do, so I took off all my clothes, went into my private bathroom and took a shower. I dried off and came back into my bedroom and decided to wank off. So, instead of getting on the bed, I stood out in the middle of my bedroom floor and reached down and took my cock in my hand and got a big hard on and I started to pump away. I was pumping away and ready to shoot my load when my mom walked into my room without knocking. Just as she came in, I shot this gigantic stream of jiz straight out from my cock and squirted it all over her shorts. She stopped and looked at me as I continued to shoot jiz at her. I didn't know she was standing there, because I had my eyes closed as I always do when I wank off. I opened my eyes when she yelled, to see her standing covered with my goo. She came over to me and slapped me right on my cock, which hurt, and then stormed out of the room. This excited me so much that I went over and locked my bedroom door and started to wank harder and shot a second load of jiz all over the floor. This was first time I was able to shoot a second time so quickly after a shoot. Now when I wank, I think of the time I jizzed all over my mom and have a wanking session.

July 22, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Gay

Sex Toys and Masturbation Tools

Toys I have used

As soon as I turned twenty-one, I couldn't wait to go to an adult bookstore. I was shaking with excitement and nervousness. I did not know what to expect. My first shock was the price of things from magazines to novelties to sex toys. Up to that point in my life I had always enjoyed my masturbating privately. I was private because I always masturbated in the nude. I loved running my hands over my bare body. So whether I was in bed under the blankets, standing in the shower, or more daringly roaming the house when no one was home or sneaking out into a wooded area near home, I was totally naked.

However while masturbating I seemed to have developed an anal fixation. I loved to put things in and up my ass. I think it started with a finger or two. I would pump my ass with the same rhythm as stroking my cock. I could feel a quivering spot into my ass that turned me on. I kept looking for other things to use instead of my fingers. The guys many times referred to their penises as wieners. So I used a wiener or hot dog, it was enjoyable, fatter than a finger but softer. Other objects included unpeeled bananas with a little Crisco, or nice wet peeled cucumbers. Soda pop bottles were the next step. All these satisfied my sexual urge and brought me to climax.

But then at twenty-one, I walked into my first adult bookstore and saw more possibilities. My eyes were drawn to the dildos and butt plugs. There were vibrators, but also vibrating dildos and butt plugs. And then there were all sorts of things for penis and balls, rings and straps, harnesses and ball separators. I was overwhelmed and frankly getting hard. So I went into a back room where there were booths for viewing porn. I entered a booth and as I said before I masturbate nude, so I put some coins in the machine, found a movie with guys in it, stripped and jerked off, considering what purchase to make out front. That day I left with a 10-inch dildo. This first dildo served me well, I never knew I could take 10 inches.

A month later I was considering a vibrating butt plug. I arrived early (just after opening) to the bookstore. There was just me and the cute clerk. Nervously I asked questions about the butt plugs, like how big (wide) they had to be to stay in and what did it feel like. He said that I could wear it under my clothes unbeknownst to anyone, and run the control into a pocket and turn it on anytime I wanted. After ascertaining the size of dildo I was using, the clerk actually opened a butt plug package, installed batteries, and pressed it against my arm. I made the purchase and then asked if I could try it out. He said since no one was around to go ahead and use one of the empty booths. (He also sold me some lube). So once again I undressed in a booth and lubed the butt plug and pushed it in and turned it on. It gave me an instant hard on. The clerk was just outside the booth I entered and called out how was it going. I called back great and opened the door so he could see my nude body, erect penis and vibrating butt. He was taken aback but recovered quickly to grab hold of my cock. He pulled me out of the booth into the passage way by my cock and continued stroking me until I climaxed. This was the first time another man had seen me naked and touched me sexually. Before I left dressed with my butt plug installed, he informed me of a couple of booths which had glory holes. Of course I would come back at busier times to take advantage of these, giving naked shows and getting hand jobs.

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July 22, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

The Ultimate Male Masturbation Experience

Masturbating brothers

My brother and I are 1.5 years apart. We both learned to masturbate when 9.5 and 11 from a cousin. He taught all different ways to masturbate. They way we like the best is getting undressed and standing or laying on the bed face to face. Then we get real close to each other and get hard ons. We both have cocks that are about 8 inches long when hard. Then one or the other of us will grab both peckers in one hand and begin to masturbate both peckers at the same time. One time it's me doing the stroking the next time it's him doing the stroking. We keep whacking away until we both cum. It's so great to feel the warm cum soak our crotches. Then we lick each other dry. We have never been caught. We share a bedroom but have twin beds. So one night I sleep with him and he sleeps with me the next night. We always make certain our bedroom door is locked. I have graduated high school but I don't plan to go to college until after my brother graduates high school. We want to go to the same college and share a dorm room so that we can continue our nightly cumming ritual. I know there is a name for that type of masturbation, but I don't know what it's called. If anyone knows what it is called, write a short article with the name. Thanks in advance.

July 24, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Jerking off is Awesome

Still going strong

I learned to masterbate when I was 9 years old. I have masterbated everyday ever since and I love doing it. My first wife enjoyed making love to me but she also enjoyed masterbating me as well. The reason being is that my penis is 11 when flaccid and 15.5 when erect and is 1.75 in diameter. When my wife died 12 years ago, I was devastated because I lost a great love partner. Fortunately I have recently married a woman who also loves me for my sexual prowess. I deliver at least 3 ounces of cum with each ejaculation. This is great because my new wife is only 23 years old compared to my 84 year seniority. . . . . . .and still going strong.

July 25, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Undecided


Wants me to watch

My 15 y/o brother taught me how to masturbate when I was 9 y/o. He taught me by showing me. He took me into his room and then took off his clothes and told me to take off my clothes, which I did. Then he showed me how to get an erection. After we were both hard, he showed the technique where you wrap your hand around you penis and go up and down. Then he reversed his hand and did it. He used both hands and did it. He must have showed me about 8 different ways to masturbate. Finally he went and masturbated all the way and cum shot out of his penis. Then he had me do it until I cummed too. I never felt so good in all my life, that my brother was sharing something with me, his little brother,

The next day he called me in his room and told me to undress as he undressed. Then he told me to go into his closet and close the door but not all the way. He told me to watch as he jerked off and cum on the floor. I asked him why, and he said that when I was in the closet it was like someone was spying on him and about to catch him masturbating. He also said that while I was in the closet, he would probably shoot more cum then he usually does.

So I went into the closed and left the door open about 3 inches. I asked him what should I do while I was in the closet watching him cum. He told me to masturbate while I was in there. I asked him where I should shoot it, and he handed me his underpants and said, do it in there.

So I stood in there watching him. As he started to masturbate, my penis suddenly became very hard and I started to masturbate along with him. He was masturbating very hard and fast and so was I. He started to breathe heavy and huff anf puff and moan. I did the same thing. Suddenly he shot out this tremendous load of cum, larger than the first time I ever saw him cum. He shot it out in front of him and onto the floor. Almost immediately after he shot his big load, I stuck my penis into his underpants and emptied my load of cum in the crotch. I was all excited and couldn't believe how horny I felt. I wanted to do it again right away. I came out of the closet with his underpants and showed him what I did and he was happy.

So now every day, after school, we come home and head for his bedroom where we undress and I hide in the closet and spy on my brother cumming while I cum in his underpants. I get just as much of a thrill out of it as he does. We have been doing it this way for 4 years.

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July 26, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Caught Masturbating!

A girl and my needs

Ok here's how it all started I was wanking of as a dear and a girl walked in how I happend to like she locked the door and sat next to me I stopped and poled my pants up she didn't won't me to stop so I poled down my pants and started up again she kissed me and sat me down on the bed she gave me a hand I asked her if she wonted to have sex as you know she was really horny so we went at it it was the best felling I have ever felt in my life and here's a tip if your wanking getting a hand job blow job or rotting stop right befor you cam what till you get a little bit soft then start up agine do this atleast 4 times you will get a bigger amount of cam and a better sensation try well back to the story ever since that night we have been doing stuff every time we can

July 26, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Urgent Need to Masturbate

spanish bukkake jo

I just finished a double header j/o session watching Spanish Bukkake. This is so much better than the german type with professional porn cocks and porn girls.The men here are normal and while I don't think the girls are amateurs they seem uninhibited and enjoy the work. The closeup of jizz shooting or dripping in the mouth are wonderful, and one favorite had a girl squeezing the guys cum into the performers mouth , one guy right handed and another guy with her left hand, The cum is always thick and white. Some scenes have the girl catching overflow in a glass etc. and drinking it at the end, but I prefer to watch it drool out their mouth, down her chin and over her tits and even down the body to her pussy.I came early on and then fondled myself for a while before placing the head of my dick in my vibrating cup and really going at it straining to ejaculate and then wow! Watching porn always gives me maximum arousal and this is the best so far.

July 28, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Undecided

Fantasies while Masturbating

male on male fantasy

Where I live we have a county lake/park with a lot of shelter houses for picnics, parties or whatever. It has a lot of secluded shelter houses in wooded areas. Each shelter house has a separate bathroom which is not real fancy. Usually I like to just drive around during the day enjoying the time. Today I was especially horny and my mind started drifting to a sexual mode. I fantasized about driving out their one time and pulling up to one of the secluded shelter houses. As I did a movement caught my eye at the restroom area which is always several hundred yards from the shelter house itself. It appeared to be a naked man. Thinking that he needed help I walked up to the restroom. Upon entering I saw 3 naked men. Two were engaged in anal sex and the third was watching while playing with his cock. I said sorry but I thought that you might need help. While explaining while I was there I also was observing what was going on and I was getting a nice hard on. I asked if they minded If I watched for a while and they said no. The one bent over the sink having anal sex performed on him really turned me on and got me harder and harder. I reached down and pulled out my cock to play with it telling these guys that I had never been with a man before. They just smiled and the third one had me sit down on the toliet to watch. He started slowly rubbing my face with his cock which almost made me cum right then. All I knew was that I wanted that cock in my mouth in the worst way. Finally he slid it inside of my mouth and it really turned me on then I sucked like a pro. I hate clothes so between sucking him off and getting myself naked my cock got harder still. After sucking a while I told him that I would really love to have anal sex done on me. We changed places and I lower myself onto his cock. God what a feeling. I loved ever inch of his cock as he slid up inside of me. Needless to say I hurried home after this fantasy and went about having an excellent masturbation session. At which time I slipped an large dildo up inside of myself that I had just got but had never performed anal sex with yet. I did not know if I could take it or not but surprisiling I did. I shot a huge load of cum almost instantly when I finally got to really humping on that fake cock. The feeling of a cock in my ass is always on my mind even though it has never happened. Hopefully one day.

July 30, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Caught Masturbating!

Caught my brother jizzing off

I knew a little about beating off even though I was only 11. I tried it a couple of times but nothing ever happened. Just a little clear liquid came out. I had heard that some guys shoot humongous loads of thick, white cum, but I never saw that. Then one afternoon, after school, I came home. My folks were working so I went to my room. I thought I was the only one in the house. When I passed my 15 y/o brother's room,I heard him yelling, Yeah, yeah, that's it, c'mon, do it, oh yeah! and he was breathing heavy. His bedroom door was slightly open so I peeked in to see who he was with. But he was alone, naked on his bed, lying down. He had the biggest stiffy I ever saw, nearly 11 long and he was stroking it with his right hand wrapped around it. He was stroking it real fast and it was making this slurping sound as he stroked it. And he kept on talking to it like it was a real person, Yeah, yeah, I'm getting close, do it, do it, do it now. Suddenly he let out this loud moan and this gigantic stream of white, gooey stuff came shooting out. By this time I was in his bedroom standing next to his bed. He never heard me come in because of all the noise he was making. In addition to his vocal sounds he was pounding his dick SO hard that the springs on his bed were making loud squeaking noises. He continued to shoot this cream out. I then figured this is what jiz is supposed to look like.

Suddenly he stopped and opened his eyes and looked at me. Hey! What the f--- are you doing in here? I told him he was making so much noise, I could hear him in the living room. Even if he didn't make all that noise the squeaking from his bed would wake the dead. Then I asked him if that was cum all over his belly and could I touch it. He asked Why do you want to touch it? I told him about the clear liquid I make a couple of times and he said, Don't worry. That's pre-cum and you'll make real cum soon. Yeah, go ahead and touch it, just don't touch my cock. I asked why and he said that after he whacked off that hard, the tip of his cock was real sensitive. I asked why and he said Just because it is, that's why My brother can be such a jerk at times. I asked him how often he does this and said, Usually when you're not around or on Saturday's, out in the garage. I asked him if he lays down in the garage, and he said, I don't lay down out there, I go up into the overhead loft and into the far corner. There I drop my pants and beat off up there. The only thing I don't do is yell like I did today, when I thought I was ALL ALONE. I asked him if he ever does it in bed, like I do. He said, No, because my springs squeak to much. You have a new bed with a box spring and it doesn't squeak. Once I went into your room when you were out and I did it in your bed. You did, I asked him, when. He said, About three weeks ago. Didn't you notice the damp sheets when you went to bed? I did, but I thought Mom had put damp sheets on my bed, I didn't know that I was sleeping in my brother's cum.

In the meantime, I reached over and wiped up some of the cum on his belly. I smelled it, and it smelled like laundry bleach. Then I tasted it. He Said, What the heck are you doing, eating my cum? I said, yeah, it tastes good. It does? he asked and then reached down and tasted it for himself. Yeah, that's pretty good. Hey, go in the bathroom and get two Dixie cups. When I got back, he had another big boner and was beating away on it again. This time he was standing by the side of his bed. As he was beating away, I asked him what that slurping sound was and he said that it was lubricating jelly that he uses to make him cum faster. He said he puts some in his hand and then wraps it around his dick and beats off. It gives the sensation of having sex with a girl. I asked him if he ever had sex with a girl and he said said Yeah twice, but she would rather see me beat it off or else she sucks me off. As he got closer and closer to doing it, his breathing got faster and faster and heavier and heavier. His face got all red. All of a sudden he bent his cock down and asked me to hold one of the cups near the end. Suddenly he made this huffing and puffing sound and he shot this load of cum into the cup. He kept going until he could do no more. The his dick got all soft to about 6, almost as long as mine is when it's hard. He then divided the amount between the two cups and handed me one cup. He said, To brothers and what they can do for each other. Then we both drank down the cum that was in the cups. We tossed the empty cups in the waste basket. He told me that I could touch and feel and hold his cock in my hand. So I took it, and it was still a little slippery from that jelly he used on it.

The he told me to go my room and undress and come back. I asked hi why and he said, You'll see! So I went and did what he said and returned to his room, naked. He told me to get up on the bed with him. I had never been in bed with my brother before. Even when we go on vacation we have separate beds, sometimes separate rooms. Nor have I ever been in bad naked with another another boy. The only time I have ever seen other naked boys is in the shower in gym class, and then I try not to look at them. Some guys get boners as soon as they see another guy naked. I have a couple of close friends and except for gym, we have never taken out clothes off in front each other, not even to compare dicks.

So I got on the bed with my brother and he reached over grabbed my cock. He put some jelly in his hand a wrapped it around my now hardening dick. Suddenly I was all hard at 6 and he continued to beat on my cock. So I reached over and grabbed his cock which was hard again. I didn't need any jelly, he still had enough left. We both started to pound each other pretty hard. He didn't pound me as hard as he pounded himself and just kept going up and down on his cock. The he started to breathe heavy. And he said to me Hey, why are you breathing so heavy? I told I wasn't breathing heavy, it was him. He Said, Not me man, you're the one huffing and puffing away. Then I realized I was the one doing it. Suddenly he shot a load of cum all over me and not realizing I shot a combo of pre-cum and my first cum shot all over my brother's belly. He said, Congrats little brother, now you're my big brother He and I both tasted my cum and his cum. I then leaned over and licked all my pre-cum/cum off his belly and he licked all his cum off my belly. We have become close cum brothers and we either meet in his room or my room and have our special time together, even it we just give each other hand jobs. I am now shooting white, creamy cum, not as much as my brother does but that's ok. At least once a week we have started something new, we suck each off and swallow what we suck off. I sometimes gag on the amount he shoots, but I have learned to do it in 2-3 swallows. I love my brother and I hope he loves me. We never told our parents what we do. Sometimes we even sneak up to the loft in the garage and shoot off up there. The wall is really getting a nice shine to it. Oh yeah, two things. My parents went and bought my brother a new bed with a quiet box spring, so now he can do it in his own bed at night. And my brother went and bought me my own big tube of lubricating jelly. I keep it hidden away so Mom can't find it. It's nearly half gone, and my penis has grown to 8 long when hard and 5 when soft. I'm catching up to my brother. Just thinking about the fun we have together, I think I'm going to sneak into bed with him tonight so we can have some fun, right after I post this and go into the bathroom and whack off.

July 30, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Undecided

Jerking off is Awesome

In the locker room

I like to stay late after school, because I have no reason to go home. I have 7 brothers and sisters ranging from 3 y/o - 15 y/o. I have no privacy. So instead I stay late and go to the gym locker room after everyone else is gone. There I undress and go into the shower room and go to the back corner where no one will notice me. This is my private time to masturbate and cum my brains out. I do this about 3 times a week. It is the only time I have to masturbate. At home I share a bed room with a 10, 11, 14 & 16 y/o brothers. All of whom have learned about masturbation. They want me to masturbate with them and I won't do it. I am a private guy and I am still undecided about my sexuality. OK, I will get undressed in front of them and they in front of me, but as soon as I am naked they run over and want to play with my cock and I won't let them touch me. They get annoyed about my being a private-don't-touch kind of guy. Then the two older boys get erect and start masturbating in front of me and will sometimes come over and cum all over me. This annoys me even more. I can't tell my parents why I don't want to share a room with them because my folks will get mad and tell me, They're your brothers and they want to play with you. Cumming all over me is not playing. And I don't want to start touching them, because since I am the oldest, they'll tell my folks that I'm trying to have sex with them, even though they have sex with each other. So, I do my thing after school. Sometimes on Sundays, I won't go to church and stay home to masturbate, hopefully getting finished before they all get home. I can hardly wait to go to college. Maybe I might meet some guys my own age there and maybe strike up a friendship with them. I really don't have any friends as school, because most of the guys and gals think I'm gay. But I'm not. . . .at least I don't think I am, yet.

July 31, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Masturabatory Editorial

Answer to In the locker room

Dear In, I don't think you're gay or even undecided. I think you are overwhelmed by all your male siblings sleeping in the same room. What you really need is your own room and privacy. Go ahead and tell your parents what is happening. Take your dad on the side and tell him. I think he will understand. At least you don't have to sleep in the same bed with them.

July 31, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Jerking off is Awesome

I like to masturbate I have doing it for quite a few years I have been reading these stories they make me so hot then I read one about eating his cum I thought I would try it but after I came I could do it I was telling my friend about it he told me that he eats all of his cum the hardest part is the first time once you do it gets easy the next time the more you do it gets better each time then he told me the best way to try it the next time I jacked off to ketch the first two or three spurts in my hand while I was still cumming to hurry an put it in my mouth hold it for a few secomds then swallow it the next time you jackoff you just have to try it again the more you try it the better you will like it after that you will never waste another drop of your cum

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August 2, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Undecided

Fantasies while Masturbating

Pleasurable day at the adult video store

I consider myself straight even though I have been fantasizing about sucking a cock and having anal sex. At first it was only about shemales which never happened but the feeling is getting so strong now that any cock will do. At one of the local adult video stores they have viewing booths which I had never been in even though I had been at the store several times. I heard that they had some glory holes in these booths so I thought I would check it out. Upon entering the booth I noticed cum on the floor from a previous customer. I started getting hard thinking about someone jacking off in this same booth. I took all my clothes off and proceeded to jack off. While doing so I heard a small knock on the wall. When I looked over I noticed a glory hole. Not knowing what to do I knocked back. A cock was suddenly shoved through to my amazement. I had never had a cock before so it was really turning me on. At first I just stroked it for a while. Then I slid my tongue up and down before finally taking it in my mouth. I was so horny by this time I sucked like I knew what I was doing. I must have done something right because before to long he shot a lot of cum down my throat. I swallowed all of it and kept right on sucking. Finally he pulled out and I was left to jack off some more. Shortly after he had left, so I thought, I heard a knock at the door. Still naked I opened the door and two guys stood there. I let them in and they proceeded to pull their cocks out. Now I was really getting horny. I started sucking first one cock and then the other and finally both cocks at once. Another knock came at the door but I kept right on sucking these hard dicks in front of me. One of the guys opened the door and a third man came in. Suddenly I felt hands on my ass which increased my sucking on these two dicks in front of me. The third guy was rubbing me all over and playing with my hole. I felt lubricant being rubbed on my ass and finally a finger sliding up inside of me which eventually turned in to two fingers. From that I felt a hard dick pressing against my hole. Being a virgin I am really tight. Slowly the head of his cock popped inside of me and then all of him was in me. We went on like this for some time when one of the guys I was sucking said he was going to cum. I sucked all of the cum out of his cock swallowing all of it. Shortly after that the second one was ready to cum so I quickly sucked his cum all down. I thought my dick was going to split apart I was so hard. They left right after I finished sucking them off leaving me with a nice hard cock still up my ass. We changed positions with me lying on the floor in the cum left by some one else. He was on top of me giving me every inch he had. Finally he moaned that he was going to cum and increased the rhythm of his strokes quite a bit. I felt his cum shoot up inside of my ass which in turn made me cum my own load all over my stomach. I reached down and started getting it on my fingers so that I could eat my own cum. He finally pulled out and I could feel his cum running out of my ass. All the way home cum dripped out of my ass and soaked my underwear. That was one unforgettable day. Good thing we all set up another day so now I have another pleasurable day to look forward to.

August 6, 2013 -

Memorable Wanking, Jacking Off, and General Masturbation

Still thankful

When I was 12 I saw my next door neighbor masturbating. He was 55 years old and was sitting at the kitchen table nude with his cock in his hand. I was hooked from that first time. About 1 month later he asked me in and told me this was a good thing to do. I went up and rubbed his dick for about 5 minutes. He asked if I wanted him to touch me. I pulled down my pants and he started touching my balls and cock. We both came at the same time. He had a hot tub installed when I was 13 and I spent years jerking off with him, sucking his dick and swallowing his cum. I remember he had to pee one time and I told him to go ahead and put my lips around his cock. I swallowed every drop... He drank mine as well. We added that to our agenda as well. I would pass his house on my way to school and I can't the number of times he wold say you thirsty. I will never forget him. Taught me about myself. My oly thing is I only like older men.... Well worth it! Thank u Harold!!!!

August 6, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Masturabatory Editorial

Another answer to 'In the locker room'

Please be careful about relieving your masturbatory needs at school. The last thing you need is for some idiot to record you on his cell phone and upload the video. Even though all of your classmates do it too, bullies always pick on people they perceive to be weaker than they are. You are not weaker, but you are vulnerable because of your home situation and your complete lack of privacy there. A bully who has his own room will have no empathy for your situation.

What your younger brothers are doing with each other is not healthy, in my opinion. You are smart to want to keep this activity private and you should continue to strongly encourage them to do the same. Like the other writer, I think you should ask your Dad for his help. While you don't want to 'narc' on your brothers, they're cumming on you and wanting to touch you is more than annoying. It is wrong.

If there isn't a spot in the attic or in the basement that can be converted to a small sleeping area for you, then please be a little more patient until you start college. You will have a roommate or two, but you can negotiate with them for the best private time for each of you. There is a website called healthystrokes.com that offers suggestions for those people who are in college.

Whether or not you are gay or straight will sort itself out all in good time, so please do not worry if you are or if you are not. You are still young and finding yourself. Just continue your growth as a human being who is kind to himself and to others. Being friendless is not a happy situation for anyone. You seem to be an intelligent young man who just needs a little help. Please speak with your guidance counselor or someone else at school who can help you with your social situation. It's your senior year and you should enjoy it. Making friends is easy to say and hard to do, but the best way to have a friend is to be a friend.

This is my last point, but it's an important one. If you are feeling depressed and are having suicidal thoughts, please seek immediate help. There are people in this world who care about you, including this complete stranger. While I technically should not be posting on this page since I am a middle-aged woman, your post spoke to me so strongly that I felt compelled to answer you. Please learn to love yourself and to take care of yourself. All is it not hopeless and there is a light at the end of the tunnel. God bless you and keep you on your life's journey.

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August 9, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Gay

Unique or Strange Story

Library Stacks

I have been to three universities for undergrad and graduate studies. Being demanding, the courses create a lot of stress. I have masturbated to release built up tension and relax. But there is a lot of study to do and so I started finding myself masturbating in the library. At first I would go to the rest room and jerk off in a stall (reading the graffiti on the wall). But because I might be hours in the library, I got myself a desk in the library stacks where all the reference books and most of the subject matter is kept. When I would be all tense and stressed out, I would pull my penis out and jerk off under the desk. After a while, I would masturbate having lowered my trousers and underwear past my ass or even dropping them to my ankles. It wasn't long before I would kick off my loafers along with my pants. Stripped from the waist down, why not take off the upper half. Still at my study station, totally naked for ten minutes while I stroked off my penis was so relaxing. Then late one evening, instead of dressing again, I continued to study in the nude. And masturbated once again before dressing and leaving. Then whenever I was going to be long in the library stacks, I would strip right away. I might jerk off right away or wander to some bookshelf stroking my penis. I would spend three or four hours totally nude, and climax as many times. But there were still times in the earlier part of the day that I would study with clothes on. Gradually I kept pushing the envelope. I would wear fewer clothes, no underwear, just a hoody and loose gym shorts and sneakers. I could slip these off quickly or get them on as quickly. As soon as things were quiet, off went the clothes and hand to the cock. Then as long as no one was in my row of stacks, I would go naked from my study station in search of a book. There might be people as close as the next row or two away. I would peek around corners to see if anyone and who was there. This always helped bring on a climax. Eventually I was going to be caught. Sure enough, while I was away from my study station in another row browsing for a book and stroking myself; someone passed the row I was in going toward my study station area. When I peeked around the corner, there two cubicles away from my desk was another male student. So I sauntered to my desk as though nothing was unusual and went back to studying. Of course he saw me. He came over to me and asked if I was worried about being seen. I told him he had just seen me and was seeing me. He noticed I was still stroking myself. He asked if he could join me. So now I had a buddy to jerk off with, be naked with and run interference with should anyone else come along to interrupt us.

August 11, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Bisexual

Sex Toys and Masturbation Tools

Vacuum mmm suckkk

I am sure there are others who do this but don't admit. I love wanking, normal hand, in the shower, into panties in fact most ways on this site. The ultimate though is the vacuum cleaner, one of the small ones with attachments can give the most incredible sucking ever. Get naked in the bedroom, get the vacuum cleaner out and ready to go. Start with the attachment on. Vacuum on the floor at the side of the bed with the pipe coming up covering the head of your cock. Hold your breath and get read, switch on. Watch and feel the machine take in your cock, feel the pressure and pleasure as you wank into your pipe. The variable suction can be used for extra delight. Depending on your cock thickness use different pipe or remove pipe altogether using just the end of the flexible hose. Added excitement by lubing your cock and putting on a condom, feel it sucking your silky cock. the best still to come. Remove all the attachments and the hose leaving just the main hole in the cleaner. Get the cleaner up on the bed the hole towards you set the vacuum going and present your cock to the hole. (careful it will grab your balls). Let it take your cock oh fuck yes. In further feel the suck. You can even get on the bed to really fuck your new found sucker, gripping your legs around it. Can also try the ultimate pressure. Get in as far as you can so you block off all air intake, stand up supporting your sucker. Feel the pressure and THEN, let go the vacuum hanging from your cock with ultimate suction. Doing it with the lubed condom gives ultimate feeling and means when ready you can let your load shoot. Plenty of variations you can try, believe me it is incredible.

August 11, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Undecided

Fantasies while Masturbating

fun time at the lake

I love masturbating and one of the ways I enjoy it is by having a fantasy session. I have been masturbating as I write this for about three hours now and am still hard and stoking I love to edge myself. Anyway my fantasy being about a little male on male sex although I am straight. By that I mean that men do not turn me on. Just their cocks and the thought of having a cock inside of me. One of my hobbies is collecting and selling aluminum cans. Every Sunday morning I go to our county lake to look through trash barrels and around picnic areas. The lake is fairly large with a marina and a lot of shelter houses for picnics. While at one of the shelter houses which is in full view of the main road around the lake I was gathering cans from one of the trash cans. A car pulls up with a man in it and asks if I have seen any one else there. I had not and told him so. He hung around and after a few minutes he tells me that he had replied to an ad on craigslist about getting his cock sucked at the lake and that he must have got stood up. I told him that I knew what he meant because I had replied to several ads wanting to suck a cock and take it in the ass but every time I tried to set a time and place they would quit emailing. Sounds like a lot of guys think about it but when it is time to act they back out. After hearing this he asked me if I would want to suck his cock since we were both wanting the same thing. It took me by surprise but I was getting turned on thinking of having my lips wrapped around his cock. I reached out and touched his cock through his shorts which started getting hard for me. I turned his back to my truck and pulled his shorts down exposing his hard cock to me. I had never sucked a dick before but now was my chance. I slid my tongue all around it before taking it in my mouth. I was so turned on sucking his cock and listening to the cars go by on the main road. Usually I have a gag reflex but somehow I managed to slide his cock down my throat a couple of times with no problem. After sucking his dick for a while he said he was ready to cum. I then slid his cock down my throat again and felt all his cum running down my throat. I was so horny by this time. I kept sucking his cock and he never lost his hard on. I told him that it was his turn to please me by doing anal sex on me. He said sure and produced a condem and some lube which he brought with him no knowing what to expect. I took my jeans off and bent over to lay on the seat of my truck. He started with fingering me. First one then two and finally three. Suddenly I felt his cock at my hole and a couple of pushes he was inside of me. It felt so good to have his dick inside of me and the turn on was incredible. Since he had already cum once he was able to pump me for quite a while. Finally he said that he was ready to cum and wanted to shoot it all over my dick. After pulling out I rolled over while he jacked off on my cock. The minute his cum hit my cock I exploded with my orgasm. What a feeling. I wish it would really happen but that is what fantasizes are for. The entire time I was writing this out I was masturbating and still am with my fleshlight. Being able to put down into words and letting someone know what turns you on really gets me horny as well as reading other stories on this site. It has now been a little over four hours since I started masturbating so I guess I had better cum. Oh yeah. I am completely naked and love playing with my body. Nipples especially

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August 14, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Gay

Fantasies while Masturbating

There he was online

Okay so I'm a pervert. I love looking at porn on the internet. I love looking at men bigger and beefier than I, imagining that they are dominating me. I'm turned on by naked men or nearly naked men especially in outdoor settings. I love looking at men younger than I and falling prey to their delights. I like seeing different scenes of men masturbating, or having sex together whether orally, anally or by hand. I will even slip into enjoying bondage and CBT, imagining myself the victim. I have even entered a few chat or meet sites. But in all my perusing of the sites on the internet, I have wondered if I'll ever see someone I know. It is beyond me that there can be so many guys, and some of them close to home, and I do not recognize anyone. Then just the other day on one of the gay exhibitionist sites, there he was online.

I recognized a young man I know (I'll call him Joey). I have suspected that, hoped that, dreamed that Joey was gay. I know he is somewhat of an exhibitionist as he shows himself in brief speedo swimwear or torn denims. But there he was wearing a hoodie and jeans with his penis sticking out and a non-committal coy look on his face. Now I fantasize how and where I can run into him casually or when he might be caught exposed. Since my suspicion about his being gay proved true, I suspect his buddies are, if not gay, at least sexually promiscuous with him. I am torn being fantasies of meeting Joey alone being naked in a rest room. I would admire him, and then begging him to favor me with a taste of his cock or his manly fluids. Or else, I fantasize that I come upon the group of Joey and his buds already engaged in some promiscuous activity and letting the whole group take advantage of me.

August 14, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Caught Masturbating!

Airline Pilot Caught

I landed close to midnight last night. Yet, after one exhausting day at work, all I could think about as I rode the shuttle to the hotel, was the moment when I could walk into my room, rip my uniform off, grab my bottle of personal lubricant, lay in bed, log in to a porn website, and masturbate until I could orgasm.

It had been at least a week since I had been able to masturbate at my leisure, and working away from home always provides the perfect setting for doing so. As much as I enjoy sex with my wife, and as much as I hate being away from home and my family, having some alone time on the road is one of the few perks that being an Airline Pilot provides. Sex is for home. Masturbation is for the road. I enjoy both for different reasons, and one doesn't take the place of the other.

At my current age, I'm still just as horny at the end of a work day as the first day I started flying for the airlines 20 years ago. I guess years of taking care of my body, not drinking in excess or smoking, and keeping my weight at the same level as when I was in high school has paid off.

I laid in bed, took my shirt off, and pulled my boxers to my knees . My penis was already hard and fully engorged. There was no doubt in my mind that the only way that my penis would ever be flaccid again, would be to treat myself to an explosive orgasm.

I looked at the purple bottle of lubricant that I always carry in my suitcase, and realized that I was almost out. I made a mental note to only use as much as necessary to achieve the desired effect. Enough to make my hand glide effortlessly up and down my penis, but not too much as to lessen the sensation.

My masturbation session wasn't anything out of the ordinary. Laying in bed, stroking my penis with my left hand while browsing porn video clips on my iPhone with my right hand. There was a time when I used to bring a masturbation toy in my suitcase, first a cheap but compact masturbating sleeve, and eventually graduating to a Fleshlight. And while the orgasms were mind-boggling, over time I stopped bringing it, partly for fear of someone seeing it, and partly because it took too much space in my suitcase, so I eventually reverted back to more traditional methods to achieve orgasms.

I always try to make the session last long enough for me to find a video that turns me on enough for me to orgasm to. From beginning to end, my leisure sessions last between 20 and 30 minutes, and last night was no exception.

After having a very enjoyable orgasm, I quickly cleaned up with a washcloth that I had previously grabbed from the bathroom. I always feel a bit sorry for the maid that needs to clean up after myself, but I realize that I'm actually very considerate, at least when compared to the other thousands of pilots throughout the country on their overnights, masturbating in their hotel rooms at the same time as me.

I always make a point to cover my tracks as much as possible, not leaving anything too obvious or gross in plain sight. I'll rinse the washcloth in water when I shower in the morning, and leave it with other dirty towels.

But for now, I threw the semen-soaked washcloth and bottle of personal lubricant on the floor. I put my boxers and T-shirt back on, rolled to one side and almost immediately started drifting to sleep, but already starting to feel horny again. The last thought going through my head before falling asleep was that I would need to masturbate again in the morning.

8 hours later, I woke up. And as expected, I had a raging erection. My penis was throbbing to the point that it almost hurt. I got up, went to the bathroom and allowed my penis to get flaccid enough to be able to urinate. As I walked back to bed, I took my T-shirt and boxers off and laid completely naked in bed. I had a full erection again and it didn't take long before both of my hands had a firm grip on my penis.

I rolled to the side of the bed and reached for the bottle of lubricant still on the floor from the night session. I didn't need the washcloth, as I would be ejaculating on my chest and stomach and I would clean up in the shower before heading downstairs for breakfast.

I squirted what was left in the bottle on my left hand and started stroking my penis, first slowly, then faster, focusing on the head. I arched my head back in utter pleasure as I grabbed the crumpled white sheets with my free hand. Morning sessions always seem to be far more pleasurable and quick than evening sessions so I always find some time to masturbate before work.

And that's when it happened. A knock on the door from the maid. In all of my years of flying and masturbating in the morning, I had occasionally forgotten the Do Not Disturb, so it wasn't the first time that my morning session was interrupted by a knock on the door. Normally once the maid tries to unlock the door and finds it double locked, she just walks away. I had learned to continue masturbating through this little routine, and today would be no different.

But this time, it WAS different. Very different. In addition to forgetting the Do Not Disturb sign, I had also forgotten the deadbolt. Before I had time to react, the door flew open, and the young maid just stood there for a split second, staring at my naked body and erect penis, still firmly grasped by my left hand. I froze, yet my erection didn't subside.

The maid just turned around and left, closing the door behind her. There was no reaction, no gasps, no I'm sorry. It was almost as if she had walked into a room void of everything, and just turned around upon finding nothing.

I laid in bed for a while, thinking about what happened, wondering if I should feel embarrassment, excitement, shame, or just shrug the episode off and continue masturbating. I thought about how many others had also been caught under similar circumstances in their hotel rooms. And after a while, I chose to just shrug it off and continue masturbating. After all, I had some unfinished business to complete.

Later that day, I texted two of my pilot buddies and I asked them if they'd ever been caught. After some laughs and poking some fun at me, they both accepted that they had also been caught, more than once, and under different and far more embarrassing circumstances throughout their lives of masturbation. By friends, roommates, coworkers, spouses, parents, etc, etc, etc. Turns out every horny male has some funny (and a bit embarrassing) story to tell.

And that's why I decided to write this today. To share my funny and embarrassing story and keep myself entertained as I fly to my next destination, prepare for my next overnight, and my next masturbation session. I'm making a mental note to put the Do Not Disturb sign up, double lock the door tonight, and I don't think I'll ever forget again!

August 16, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight


thick gobs of cum

I was just watching a Rodney Moore cum compilation and I noticed that in some scenes when they show closeups of the jizz on the girls face[his is always thick white jizz] that sometimes there are thick chunks of cum. It brought to mind the 1st time I saw a guy jackoff. I was a new boy scout on my 1st overnight and my tentmate bob asked me if I jacked off yet I asked what is that and he said get your flashlight and I'll show you. He opened his bedroll and pulled his penis out of his underware and started pulling on it until it got longer and bigger and he is pumping it faster and faster until he says watch this and white stuff comes out on his belly. After he finished he had me look at it close and there were chunks of cum in the streams. He then told me to do it and I tried and got a funny feeling and had a little fluid come out but not like his.

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August 16, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Undecided

Unique or Strange Story

In the airport toilet

I'm not very old, and I was at an airport in portugal heading on holiday. I went into the loos to have a piss and there is 1 guy standing at the urinals. I don't like people seeing me piss so I go in the cubicles. We are the only 2 in there and when I walk in he turns closer to me as if to make me see his penis. it aroused me but I ignored him. The cubicle was opposite where he was pissing so I went in and shut the door. Then he moaned loudly, and I was thinking 'wtf?' but it turned me on. He kept moaning and it got me hard, so I started moaning back. Then when he was done pissing, he went to wash his hands and dried them under the blow drier and was waiting for me to come out for 5 minutes, but I didn't. Had to wait a while to leave as I was so hard!

August 17, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Gay

Caught Masturbating!

Caught out of doors

Ever since I entered puberty and discovered the delight of arousal, erection and climax, I have taken every opportunity to masturbate. At home it was behind the closed door of the bathroom or bedroom. But I would become so horny that I was always looking for places to go and masturbate. The basement and the garage were the first places. Then it was behind the garage, first at night and then in broad daylight. Around this time I also started stripping off some and later all of my clothes while I masturbated. I guess the hormones were raging. I started going further afield from the house. At night I would go into a darkened back yard, get naked and masturbate. In the daytime I would hide behind or under a rhododendron bush, naked and jerking. I started going into neighbor's backyards at night and beyond hedges or shrubs in daylight, nude and hard until I climaxed. I guess I was bound to get caught sometime.

It was a neighbor's older son, already in his twenties. I was sneaking along the edge of the backyards along a dirt alley, having left my clothes several backyards back. I was so intent on looking for people from the houses, I did not hear him come upon me from behind until he grabbed me. At first it startled me, but when he turned me around and I saw who it was, I immediately climaxed and shot my load directly at him. He acted tough and seemed to be mad, demanding me to tell him what I thought I was doing. I quite innocently told him I get so horny that I want to get naked and jerk off all the time. He threatened at that point to take me to my parents naked as I was. This frightened me because I could see the impossibility of ever getting away to be naked and masturbate again. I started trembling and almost got tearful. I started begging him not to do that, I even fell to my knees and embraced his legs. That's when I became aware of the bulge of his crotch because my cheek grazed him there. He pulled me to my feet and said alright he would not tell my parents, but that I must be punished. He took me to his family's garage still naked. I asked what he was going to do. He said I deserved to be spanked. So he laid me across his lap and hand spanked my bare ass until it was red. When he stopped I stood and displayed a hard-on.

I really enjoyed his punishment, it was the first of many. I can't tell you how much I enjoyed laying across his lap and being spanked by hand or with paddle or belt on my bare bottom. Sometimes I insisted he keep on spanking or paddling me as I was getting ready to climax. I think he enjoyed it too.

August 20, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Fantasies while Masturbating

my stupid fantasies

I would like to start by saying that I am straight, just like it says so on the description. But sadly(for me),I have been fantasizing about masturbation with other guys. Well there are only two guys, well they don't turn me on or anything , but as I had young sexual experiences with them I guess I am aroused by the thought of masturbating with them. And for some reason my thoughts have gone further away from masturbation and it has become so wild that sometimes I imagine giving a blowjob or a handjob or even penetration. You might be wondering what my sexual experience with them was when I was young.

Well it involved us getting naked and feeling each other. But at the time I had no sexual thoughts, it was purely out of curiosity, and little did I know what I was doing but I knew one thing, it was naughty and it felt good.

These days I have tried hard to get them to masturbate along with me by watching porn with them although it has not been successful. I don't think they feel the same way about this matter, but something tells me there more to it than that, something tells me they feel the same way, but since they know its wrong, I think they choose not to explore.

So my plan now is to forget about this fantasy and find a girl that I like before thinks get worse.

That is why I chose to write this, so that I can move on from this wretched fantasy of mine. Because no matter what it is, I want to avoid what is damaging for me. Cause I have only one life and I want to live it right and go to heaven in the next.

August 21, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Memorable Wanking, Jacking Off, and General Masturbation

Mt Masturbating Fantasy Turns Into Reality

With my wife I've had some wonderful masturbating experiences, and one of them I related in my contribution 9th. June. However his particular experience is certainly up there with one of the most memorable. So encouraged by my wife to make this contribution we hope it’s considered a worthy contribution.

It’s a well-known fact that countless teenagers take on an infatuation for an older, and during my teenage years I had a teenage crush, an intense hang up for Eve who, at the time, lived in the same neighbour-hood and a close friend of my Mums. Out of respect Mum insisted I had to call her Auntie Eve. I was probably fifteen years old when I began taking a sexual interest in Eve. A gorgeous looking woman in her early fifties with a body that women many years her junior would crave for. Eve was my older woman whom I wanted to surrender my virginity with, my MILF; masturbating two, three, at times several times a day, and fantasising sex with her.

But it was more than lust for Eve, I became obsessed with her, fell madly in love with her!!! During her visits I fussed around her like the preverbal ‘Lap-Dog;’ Auntie Eve this, Auntie Eve that. Then when leaving, Eve gave me good-bye kiss, for a fleeting moment her lips on mine. Wow, if it wasn’t already, within a flash an instant erection.

Mum recognised my infatuation with Eve, and I well recall after one particular visit, Eve had left the house and Mum noticed through the clothing my erect penis and with a knowing grin on her face she said.

‘Before you have an accident in your pants, I think you should go to the bathroom and relieve yourself.’

Which I did, and from then on, after Eve left our home, on many occasions Mum would say just one word to me: ‘Bathroom.’ It was more of an instruction and that I had her permission to masturbate.

Sadly for me, I was seventeen years old when Eve moved house to another area of town. However she and Mum continued their friendship with weekly visits to each other’s house. And Eve was still an attraction for my masturbating fantasises. However, some two years later I was invited to a birthday party; a mate celebrating his twenty-first in a social club situated on the other side of town.

I arrived at the social club and sat drinking with few other mates, as I scanned my eyes around I noticed Eve room sitting with company on the other side of the room. I knew Eve lived in the area but I didn’t expect her to be at the gathering. A short while later Eve caught me looking towards her and much to my delight she gave me an acknowledging smile. Later in the night we managed to sit and talk to each other.

As always Eve looked amazingly beautiful, wearing a tight fitting dress that showed off her eye- catching body to the full. The hem several inches above the knee revealing her elegant legs and part of her thighs; breasts pushing against the top of the dress. Her entire stature, her appearance, belied a woman who then was her mid-fifties.

As we chatted occasionally Eve re-crossed her legs, giving me a quick sighting above the stocking tops to her white panties. All my sexual feelings Eve, the lust I had for her, my brain running riot for wanting sex with her..

The gathering started to break up, people were leaving. Making my own departure I approached Eve to say good-night to her, in doing so Eve quietly said to me, along the lines of.

‘If you wait on a few minutes for me outside, would you walk with me to my house?’

I didn’t need any second thought, and said that I would see her ‘safely home.’

Eve told me that her house is a walk of some twenty minutes. I felt on top of the world when she linked an arm through mine, holding her-self tight against me; my thoughts were running riot. Would Eve take me into her house, did she want sex with me? Despite my lust and wanting sex with her, I also recognised Eve is a close family friend and it wasn’t going to happen. However!!!

We walked for ten minutes or so then guided Eve guided me into a side cut, behind a block of shops. At first I thought we were taking a short cut to her house, but Eve pulled my arm and we entered an alcove.

Eve leant against a wall, I stood facing her. Placing her hands on the back of my head she gently pulled my face towards hers. Our lips met and within moments tongues were probing into others mouth. Through the dress I caressed Eve’s breasts, my other hand slowly drifted down between our bodies, I tried sliding a hand under Eve’s dress and between her thighs, wanting get a hand inside her panties, but she brushed it away.

However Eve unbuckled my trouser belt, unclipped the waist band and pulled down the zip. She put a hand inside my underpants and I felt her warm hand caressing my balls, then her hand took hold of my throbbing erect penis. After a minute so Eve eased down my trousers and underpants, then hitched up her dress to waist level, advising that she doesn’t want me making a mess on her dress.

Eve returned her hand fondling and playing with my penis, she began masturbating me. I peered down as her hand gently and slowly thrilled my penis; the whole scene looked so erotic. Eve with her dress up around her waist giving me a perfect view of her white panties, her elegant shapely thighs and legs accentuated by the height of her stiletto heeled shoes.

I groaned as Eve continued masturbating, the fantastic pleasure she was giving me and my climax began to stir. I tried to hold back my orgasm, Eve was aware I about to cum, her hand moved faster, to and fro along my penis. I couldn’t hold back any longer and cried out I was cumming; Eve moved her hand faster. I placed a hand between Eve’s thighs but as my fingers tried to enter her panties she clamped her thighs together, trapping my hand tightly between them.

The thrill of the climax shot through my body, my penis exploding its cum. Eve eased back the fore- skin whilst still masturbating me she uttered.

‘That’s it baby cum for me, oh yes that’s a good boy you really are cumming, make me happy and shoot it out for me.’ Then as she extracted the last shots of cum. ‘Oh yes the young man likes Auntie Eve making him cum.’

Leaning against the wall for support, my body shook legs on the verge of buckling. My penis throbbed inside her hand as she gently continued squeezing it. Eve released the hold on me, went into her hand-bag to retrieve a hand-kerchief, she wiped her hands onto it; I thought to my-self. Gee I've cum on her hand. Eve then dabbed the hand-kerchief around my penis, mopping what-ever last remains of cum. Then she said we had better be going. I watched as Eve straightened her stockings then pull down her dress. I re-dressed and we set off walking.

Eve asked if I had enjoyed her masturbating me, did she do it right for me. I told Eve it was fantastic, she responded.

‘That’s good I enjoyed it to.’

Asking why, I was taking aback when she advised me.

‘Come on, for a few years I’ve seen the way you have been looking at me, I know I’m your older woman masturbating fantasy, and you want sex with me; but sorry that’s not going to happen. But for quite a long time I’ve really wanted to that for you.’

We arrived at Eve’s house, her lips met mine then after a lingering kiss we bade each other good night. After seeing her into the house I flagged a taxi and went home.

Eve continued her visits to our house, showing no visible signs of embarrassment or regret. And yes, even though there was never a repeat performance, for many years to follow Eve continued be my older woman masturbating fantasy, my MILF.

I love my wife with a great passion and will never cheat on her, we have a tremendous sex-life; her speciality is the inventiveness when she masturbates me. But, and in life there is always a ‘But.’ I truly wish that Eve would have let me have sex with her, make love with her. However, that night when Eve gave me the pleasure of her hand and did masturbate me, it will remain as such a memorable occasion.

August 24, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

The Ultimate Male Masturbation Experience

My best friend

I have been masturbating since I was 13. I consider myself straight but I am very curious but I'm not going to get into that. So lets get to the story.

Me and my friend have been best friends for a long long time and we are very close. One day we were having a sleepover and we started talking about girls late at night. We were both getting very excited and I was very hard. I could also see his errction under the blanket e was using to cover it up. Sooner or later after more horny talk he said he was going to go cum in my bathroom and I went with him and we both cummed at the same time. It was so hot and one of the best experiences I have had.

Then me and my friend decided about a year ago we should try mutual masturbation and we have been doing it ever since. Like two weeks ago he came over and we rode out bikes to the woods and we were masturbating and he starting stroking me and I started stroking him. Then he decided to give me oral and I loved it. He was so good at it and we both came in the woods on each other. Later that night we were in my basement completely naked and we started to do our thing and we did a 69 position and sucked each other to orgasm. I will never forget these times with my best friend

August 26, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight


cinema wankers

You have kindly printed my previous true stories regarding the young lady I met who enjoys giving men a handjob while watching porno movies in a local cinema. We have continued to meet once a week and when I last wrote we had decided to try another cinema out of town. We visited that cinema again last week. It is near to a university and attracts young students who visit when not studying.It was late afternoon when we met up and the place was fairly quiet but after a while a couple of students came in together and like us decided to sit on the back row. My friend was giving me a slow wank while I watched the film and they noticed what we were doing. In no time at all they had their cocks out but not trying to be nosey they wanked off whilst watching the film but occasionally looking our way. My partner told me she fancied getting her hands on those hard cocks but they were several seats away. I Suggested we get up and go into the other screen for a few minutes and the come back and sit next to them. This we did and on our return we found one of the lads wanking his mate and also giving him a blowjob. We sat down and my partner reached across and took hold of the cock belonging to the lad givivng the blowjob and she started to slowly wank him to erection. When he was hard he sat back in his seat and just let her go to work on him while his friend watched.Just relax and take it easy she told him, Idon't want you coming too quickly.He just nodded and allowed her to take over. She likes to wank slowly at first increasing the tempo of the strokes as time goes on but then slowing down again to avoid premature ejaculation. The look on the lads face said it all - he could'nt believe his luck!. His cock was rock hard all the time as she worked on his shaft. Eventually she said to him I want to see you come. Are you going to cum for me?. He nodded and said oh yes make me cum. She gripped his hard on and started to wank him faster and in no time he unloaded his spunk onto the floor. She squeezed every last drop from him and then sucked him dry. His mate asked if she would do it to him and of course she obliged.He had a very large circumcised cock with a large helmet and as she went to work on him it was obvious that he liked her hand to slide over the helmet with each stroke.The tip of his cock was sensitive to her every touch so she gave him a slow wank to ensure that he would'nt cum until she wanted him to. After a while she stopped and unbuttoned her blouse so he could see her tits- she was'nt wearing a bra. you can look but don't touch she told him. His eyes were glued to her tits and he started to wank himself. don't make it cum she told him.But she sensed that he was near the point of no return and brushing his hand aside she took hold of his cock again and very very slowly started to give him a wank trying to avoid the inevitable. She managed to calm him down by using slow stokes and after about five minutes she quickened the pace. His big cock slid through her fingers until he came in her hand. She continued rubbing the tip of his shaft with his cum until he could take it no more and then she released her grip and gave him some tissues to clean himself after which he slid his cock away and zipped up his jeans.We would like to thank you very much for what you did he said very politely we never expected it.The first lad agreed but said he had to leave and got up to go. His mate said he would stay to see the next film, so they parted.Do you want another wank in a while or am I asking too much. I like your big hard dick. She asked much to my suprise. I don't know he replied. Well if you are staying to watch the next film you might. He did'nt reply. The lights came up as the first film had finished and she engaged him in small talk until the next film started. Now it was my turn as she slowly gave me a hand and blow job while I watched the film. I was in no hurry to cum so after a while she stopped and just stroked me to keep me hard. Half an hour must have passed when she noticed that the lad next to her started to rub his cock through his jeans.Take it out when you want to and i'll work on it for you again she said. He unzipped his jeans and pulled out his cock again. It was only partly erect. Can I touch it she asked. Yes but gently he replied. She ever so gently teased him to a full erection. He was big and I could see the attraction to her as she was eager to make him cum for her a second time.With a gentle grip she slowly took control again. At that moment we were joined by an older guy who sat a couple of seats away from us and was watching what was happening.In no time he was wanking off oblivious to the film on the screen. Without labouring the point the lad's cock was much bigger than average and she was enjoying the power she had over the control of his member.She kept asking him if he wanted her to wank him faster or slower. This encouraged him to exercise some control and he told her how he wanted her to wank him off including instructions when he wanted her to squeze him helmet. I think for once she enjoyed being told what to do. It certainly turned on the guy sat near to us who could hear all the instuctions being given out.suck me a bit he told her and she went down on him for a while before returning to a handjob and him continuing to give her instructions. He reached over and unbuttoned her blouse revealing once again her tits but he remembered that he could not touch. At this stage the older guy moved next to us for a closer look. She looked down at his cock and smiled at him-he kept on wanking. After afew more minutes the lad told her to make him cum. She started to wank him faster. Keep going he told her and in no time he exploded for a second time. She cleaned him up with tissues and then turned to the older guy took hold of his cock and gave him a wank until he shot his load into her hand. It was quite an afternoon and I was'nt forgotten. We later moved into the other screen and she gave me a hand job whilst several other guys looked on as I fondled her tits.

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August 27, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight


watching my new neighbours

Until recently my back garden was very secluded and was not overlooked by the people living in the houses behind.Then my neighbour decided to have a very large tree removed from his garden as it had grown very tall and bushy and was considered unstable.This was certainly an improvement as it increased daylight into our properties. The consequence was that from my bedroom window I could see into the back downstairs room of the property behind me where a young couple had recently moved in. That in itself meant nothing to me as I am not one to be nosey. However last night after it had gone dark I went upstairs purely to draw the blinds and curtains in my bedroom which I did without having to turn on the bedroom light.As I started to do this I happened to notice a man sat at a table in the property behind with his back to the window. The light was on but as their room did not seem to have any cutains and the room had patio windows I could see clearly into their room.Then a young woman walked into the room wearing only a dressing gown which was unfastened her boobs clearly visible.Curiosity got the better of me and I left my curtains slightly opened in the centre and I stood there momentarily to admire the scene.She stood by the table talking to the man who then reached up to fondle her tits. She then sat next to him and with one arm across the back of his chair reached across him. It was obvious she was giving him a wank with her right hand. By this time I was starting to get an erection. I unzipped my jeans and let them slip to the floor and taking my cock in my right hand started to have a wank all the time watching the scene. She then leaned further across him and started to give him a blowjob. He placed his hand on her head which I could see boobing up and down.I knew that they could'nt see me as they had their backs to the window. She alternated giving him hand relief and then a blowjob. I was really turned on pulling at my cock.Then he stood up and the woman leaned across the table and he started to fuck her from behind.This went on for about five minutes after which they both sat down again and she started to give him another wank and blowjob.The man again placed his hand on her head which was going up and down and then holding her head down all the time it was obvious that he was going to cum in her mouth.At this stage having been wanking myself continuously I also shot my load. In a few minutes the woman's head came up and she started to wipe her lips with a tissue. They exchanged words and she leaned across him again presumably to suck the remainder of his cum off his cock after which she sat up and again wiped her lips dry with the tissue. The show was over as they both sat there talking for a while so I went back downstairs. I wonder if I shall be lucky enough to see further scenes like that again. I'll have another try tonight.

September 1, 2013 -


You should genuinely control your remarks here

September 2, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Gay

Sex Toys and Masturbation Tools

Advancing with Toys

Before I was old enough to go into an adult bookstore, I had to make do with objects from around home. For cock rings, I used thick rubber bands and wrist bands, these were easy to put on and take off, but they did the trick of giving me an erection. I also used leather cord tied around my cock and I started tying it around my balls or to separate them. I was also fixated with putting things in my ass. It started with my fingers, one or two of them. But these did not go in deep enough. I turned to household items. To start with wieners were a likely choice, as were bananas and peeled cucumbers. Progressively these worked quite well giving me an anal sensation while I stroked my penis. On the kinky side, if I had not climaxed I would even eat the evidence of my fixation. This was a further turn on eating something that had been in my ass. I then turned to empty soda pop bottles, they were much more rigid but satisfying. I hesitate to mention I also smoked cigarettes in my ass, not because they stimulated an erection, but they gave me a buzz.

My first commercial toy was a leather cock-ring and ball-separator, the second was a 10-inch dildo. Amazingly I was able to take the dildo all the way in. Then for daily use I got a vibrating butt plug. I would wear my cock-ring and butt plug under my clothes most of the time. It gave me a turn on at work or when shopping to turn the vibrator on and start to give myself an erection. Once in a while I did climax in my briefs, such a rush. Since then I have advanced into some cbt (cock-and- ball-torture). I started with weights hanging from a parachute which encircled my scrotum, this gave me low hangers. Later I could use a metal cylinder weight just above my scrotum, to which additional weights can be added. The effect on my erection is wonderful. My latest acquisition has been an anal hook which I started using with a length of rope and pull over my shoulders causing me to rear up when tugged. And more recently I've attached the rope through a pulley on a beam and the pull to see how far I can go in lifting myself up hoping to leave the ground and dangle while masturbating. But the absolute best anal toy is a real penis humping me.

September 2, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Memorable Wanking, Jacking Off, and General Masturbation

The bag technique

When I masterbate I usually use the smae technique, the full fist, but every now and then I use the bag between my bed. This is the best. It gives me a great orgasm and have a hard time walking after. It can get a bit messy, but it is totally worth it in the end. I usually do this when I am home alone and really horny. I first start by getting a bag and filling it with lube and then I put a little on me. After that I put the bag in under my bed and turn on a little porn and go to town. It takes a little time and practice, but it is one of the beat orgasm and ejaculations will will have.

September 3, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight


Horny in Bodyglove 3t

I recently just bought a pair of bodyglove 3t shoes. When I first tried them on for some reason I got really big erection. So every time I hve recently masterbated it has been in the 3t shoes

September 8, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Bisexual


Golden Showers

The biggest turn on fantasy that I have is a golden shower! Either sex is just as big a turn on as the other! I think about getting stripped down in a forest and having a big juicy cock flow his piss all over my head and chest, and then sprinkling right in my mouth and having me suck him til I have every last drop, and then once he's dry jerking him off until he blows a big steaming load in my mouth...mmm the perfect combination! Or I'd loving to piss all over a girls lucious titties and then suck on them and enjoy the taste and smell of my piss all over her nipples. Rubbing them and using the pee as a rubbing lotion. Doesn't get any better than that...unfortunately I have yet to do this in real life. Hopefully that will change sooner than later

September 11, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Memorable Wanking, Jacking Off, and General Masturbation

Swallowing My Load

This is a story of consumption.

Porn for many years ended with the money shot all over the babe's face. And all was good. In fact, I never tire of watching Peter North eject amazing loads of jizz onto the faces of naked women!

Then many of our favorite porn stars started taking the cum shots in the mouth...and many of them swallowing! Well, I often like to be 'active' in my masturbation, and I got to thinking that perhaps I'd like to try swallowing too. Hell, if they can to, so can I...right!?

On one evening, I was enjoying a jerk off session in my hotel room watching porn on my trusty laptop. When it was time to blow my load, I aimed my cock for my wine glass and ejaculated my whole load.

I'm doing this as the guys (in the video) are filling Genesis Skye's anal cavity with loads of cum, which she farts from her ass into a waiting wine glass.

As Genesis takes the glass, I proceed to drink with her.

I did it!

I want to recognize my inspiration: - Genesis Skye - Cumshitters - Katja Kassin - Cum Fart Cocktails (swallowing cum right from the other gal's ass)

September 12, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Jerking off is Awesome

masturbation I love it I have been masturbating for many years what I like to do is set in front of a wall mirror when my love meat is limber spread my legs as wide as I can then I slowly rub my inner thighs up to my balls up the shaft to the head then back down I do this till get a full erection I love watching myself play with my eight inch cock I bring it to the point of ejaculation I stop I don't want to cum yet I do it as many times as I can till I cant stand it any longer an have to cum when I do it is a very large load it leaves me very weak in my knees but I love it

September 16, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Other

Urgent Need to Masturbate

I'm a chronic dedicated addicted SOLOSEXUAL

I love to jack my cock. I can arouse myself and I constantly crave to have that wonderful feeling of wanting to have great sex on myself anytime I want. I don't care how many times I've already stroked myself earlier in the day, I just have to get hard and get off when my cock twitches at the sight of a pretty face or pretty, hot body. I love porn and watch it , especially solo jill porn. I have been using porn to masturbate to for more than fifty years now, and the stuff that's available today was only available in my wildest sex fantasies when I was younger

I am over 60 years old, retired, tall , slim and have been told I am still quite attractive. During the years of my life when a female was not available, I would masturbate myself as many as five times a day, sometimes binge’ing for weekends, giving myself as many orgasms as I could pull off (pun intended). I have always been this way, even in childhood. As a boy, I had access to soft core porn, and would find places to indulge my need for masturbation in those places: attics, abandoned homes, in the woods nearby….anywhere I could find. I developed a repertoire of stimulation and masturbation techniques, and incorporated “challenges”, games and routines into my masturbation life. I'm always finding new methods to feed my need to masturbate myself.

I only hold off from masturbating myself when I want to get a buildup of my gooning reaction to porn….GOTTA have the porn…..ahfkkkmeeeee…..I SO love to watch the jill faces of real “O” SOLO !!! I “discovered” my perineum about eight months ago, and now I have found a technique that allows me to experience the “slow burn” that I think women feel in their gooshy, drooly pussies as they masturbate themselves, and I SO identify with what they must feel, because they “build” to their masturbation so much slower than we guy SOLO’s do in our stiff, rampant shaanks.Tom W, I know there are guys like us that LOVE prickplayin’ watching jill SOLO and LOVE watching that NEEDY cunt get finger-fucked,dildo- jammmed and vibed….ooooh….the sound of a vibe on clitty.!!! The “O Faces” so porny and pervy….yessss!!

Jilling done right requires as much pussy practice as guys who play with themselves; “learning” the clit, tits, and cunt is an adventure in slutty self-sex lust. I look at a well-played-with cunt and I think, “Ahfffkyess….a female addicted …like ME, to her SOLO, and my “muse” is amused !! Are you thinkin’ that, too, Tom W ?

I like to use my “perineum push” technique when I watch and wank to SOLO jill porn. It mimics my muse….my feminine muse, who is also “with” the jill I’m jacking to. The MIND of the pussy-player on screen is PENETRATED with the thought of guys jacking to HER….she is gettin’ of to guys gettin’ off….to her….ahhffkkkkmeee….this is a great time to be a jackaddict !!! FREAKIN’ to get guys off….hotwetpussysex!!! masturbate, masturbate, masturbate, masturbate, masturbate, masturbate!!!

The “perineum push” is SO OFF the HOOK !!! This is what it does: it GOONS you to the maxxx; eyes roll back, uncontrollable body twitch, groans and moans, you can hardly even keep your eyes open, let alone focused on the jill scene on the screen. What an INTENSE cock-rush !!! How it’s done: build your hard with very light feathery caresses. Best prep for this first stage is “dickdust”, better known as corn starch. It makes the dickskin SO dry and wanting to be light-stroked!! mmmmmfkkkkyaaa….love this first stage!!!

When you get stiff-shaft hard, STOP and grab your beatbone at the base with your non-dom hand or lightly hold the entire length of your shank…kinda tickle the frenulum a little here, too, THEN reach below your balls with the other hand, and PUSH on the perinreum with your fuck finger, and TRY to Make yourself CUM….that’s it, that’s ALL…… HOLD it, use your kegels to push the “O” feelings UP your reddening, stiffening rod. Get the pearly precum to leak out, make the FIRST bead of PRE !!! That’s faaackn HOT….visually and erotically. The swelling of the dick is so hot to watch….GOON on IT !!! GOON as long as you can stand it, fist fucker….we’re ADDICTED to this….let it BOIL that bubbly, slithery, stick-slick precum….mmmmmmmmfkkkkmeee!!! THUMB that cock cap with your pearly pre…..jacklube…… fkkkkyaaaaa!!! HOLD that “dry CUMMM”…..one minute…..two minutes…..three minutes…….fkkkkyaaa….DO IT !!! SO SOLOSEXUAL !!!

See how many “rounds” of this “EXTREME EDGING” your hot cockmeat can take. Build up to hardstrokin’,get faster as the masturbation session progresses, see if you can go one hour on this. You’ll become addicted to this “Dry O” FEELING in your dick….I’m SO addicted to it now, that I find myself longing to be able to get back to some of my other favorite techniques.


I've been slowly jacking myself for two hours now as I've been writing this. I love to see the word 'masturbate,'I love writing about masturbation, a love watching it , and I especially love masturbating myself and now I'm going to go to some hot jillporn and see how many times I can watch a jill finger and dildo her kitty to orgasm before I have to shoot my dickjuice. For the sixth time. In 24 hours.

September 16, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Caught Masturbating!

Surprise surprise.

So let me start by explaining I'm from Europe and live in a rather large studio apartment with two women, Deborah and Amanda. (Fake names to protect their identities.) Amanda is a petite artist who's almost always away for her schooling in graphicdesign, and Deborah is a bigger girl, not fat or anything but curvy, and she wears it well. She is normally only home between 1 am and 9 am other than that she is also scarce. This means I have a lot of free time to myself when I'm not working. I had the day off yesterday and decided to spend most of it playing skyrim, eating Doritos, and smoking weed. Around 7pm I was working on smoking the last of my weed, sadly the dank bud ended up clogging my pipe. Deb doesn't smoke, so I went into Amanda's room in search of her pipe. After roughly ten minutes or lazily searching I spied a rather kinky pair of panties that didn't exactly fit, the tiny nerd I know an loved. They were see through red silk, and didn't look like they would cover up much on any woman's body. Curiously I sniffed them and almost instantly recognized the scent of pussy. That one whiff set me off my dick was raging an throbbing within seconds. Biting my lip I liked around and made the decision to sit on Amanda's bed, pull out my dick, and give myself a good wank. All the while I smelled the panties, brought the crotch of them to my lips testing to see if I could taste her pussy on them, and even wrapped them around my dick as I fucked myself like I had something to prove. In the midst of my ecstasy I didn't hear Amanda enter the home. As I was on the verge of orgasm I heard something clack against the wooden floor I looked up to see Amanda with her jaw practically touching the floor, her purse laying next to her feet, its contents spread out. I was speechless and simple stated with my eyes wide in shock, and my dick wrapped in her kinky underwear, held firmly in my hand. Angrily she walked over and snatched the panties from me asking me what I was doing. I only managed to stammer jibberish. Do you do this when I'm away all the time?!? She asked me. No....this is the first time. I....I smelled them and couldn't resist... She looked down and saw my still hard cock awaiting attention. Her cheeks turned a light shade of pink and she asked if I was close to orgasminf before she stumbled upon me. I told her I was and she replied asking if I felt robbed. I had to think for a second and nodded in return. She bit her lip and simply removed her shirt followed by her neon green skinny jeans revealing that she was wearing a black pair of the same panties I was masturbating with. I was right they barely covered up a thing, and Amanda had rather large labia that hung down about a half an inch from her pussy. The sight sent my dick ablaze throbbing and begging for attention. She asked me to undress myself as she lay on the bed and bit her index finger stating at me. I complied and took off my clothes tossing them in the corner of the untidy room. Without a word I crawled onto the bed and she stopped me and told me I couldn't fuck her because she wasn't ready but she opened her legs and began rubbing her exposed clit for me to watch. I licked from the base of my thumb to my index finger lubricating my hand and began to stroke my dick wasting no time with picking up speed. She began to moan rather loudly, as her large labia began to spread apart and her pussy gape as if it were gasping for air. I'd never seen this reaction before and it turned me on more and more as I watched. I was getting really close to cumming ad she asked me to move closer, she said she wanted to be covered in it. As she finished her sentence her pussy gaped again and she squirted fiercely, it covered my dick, my arm, my stomach, and a few story droplet yes found their way to my face and glasses. And at the moment I lost it and my dick spurted think ropes of cum onto her stomach and pussy. Her eyes went wide and she commented on the unusually large amount if cum. I only blushed in return. We lay there nude, we cuddled and giggled telling each other about our silent feelings of attraction toward each other. And later Deborah came home catching us in our naked cuddling. She laughed and said surprise, surprise. I always knew you two potheads would end up together. Now you two get some clothes on and help me carry in groceries.

Needless to say today I'm moving Amanda's things into my room and she said tonight we are going to have sex tonight and she doesnt want me to stop until, she can't feel her legs and the neighbors know my name. I'm Kinda glad I got caught.

September 22, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

The Ultimate Male Masturbation Experience

First Times a Try

After years of thinking about what something In my ass would feel like I decided to do it. I got all lubed up and started by fingering my ass. It felt so good after 3 fingers. Then I picked up my dildo and went in very slowly. It felt amazing after I got the whole thing in there. Going slowly in and out of my ass. I ended up having the biggest cum ever and even now my girlfriend will do this to me while I do the same to her. She thinks it is a great idea. I do however think that doing by yourself is a lot better experience.

September 22, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Anal Masturbation

Japanese Cucumber

Last night I tried sticking something other than my fingers up my ass fur the first time. I felt experimental so I went out and bought some condoms and a Japanese cucumber. I was extremely curious as to how it would feel having something so big going in and out of my ass. At first I started slow and barely made it anywhere past the opening but in time I was shoving it deep inside my ass, despite the slight pain I had an amazing orgasm. It was a bit too much for me though, I'm not used to so much stimulation. I think I'll leave my ass alone for now, but it was fun.

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September 22, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Jerking off is Awesome

masturbation there is nothing better I think I am addicted to it no I know I am I love it my wife don't know about my love of masturbation I like it better than intercourse with her after we have sex about a hour later after she is asleep I go to the bathroom an masturbate to or three times an I cum every time for a long time that I was the master of my cock but now I know better my cock rules me ever time my cock gets hard it stays hard till I masturbate sometimes I have to masturbate three or four times a day but I love it

September 25, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Other

Unique or Strange Story

Here Comes the Lube

When I masturbate, my penis does not emit any lubricating fluid. However, sometimes while urinating, the slimy, slippery stuff comes oozing out between urine spurts. The emission is usually preceded by a strange feeling inside my groin. Also, I once had an emission while riding in a car, seemingly stimulated by engine vibrations.

I assume this stuff comes from the Cowper's gland. It dries hard and clogs my penis' urethral opening, so the next time I piss, the urine sprays unpredictably. I like to catch some in my hand and spread it all over my erect penis to test the lubrication effect with a little fist action. Quite good.

Still, it seems odd for this substance to appear mainly when I urinate, and never when I masturbate.

October 1, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Jerking off is Awesome

Still masturbating

I am an elderly man who still likes to jerk off. I love watching jerk off porn and at the same time I am doing it. I also have phone sex with a friend who encourages me and at the same time she is playing with her pussy. I remember when I was about 12 I watched my Mom having sex with her friend and I went back to the bathroom and must have jerked off a couple of times. I can't get it too hard anymore but I still love to jerk off and especially watching guys with good sized cocks jerking off and cumming. As matter of fact when I finish this I'll give it another try. I guess if I had a bucket list I would like to add the opportunity to jerkoff and/or suck someone cock

October 1, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Other Masturbatory Entry

Oh to be young again

What a wonderful feeling it is to have a hard cock in your hand and to masturbate. Noy anymore though, about a half a hard on is what I get even watching porn and remembering old times. I remember going to Atlantic City to an all male steam bath and having all the cocks you wanted, I really enjoyed jerking different one off. I have always had a small cock and I always admired someone with a good sized cock. I guess I still do but all I can do now is watch them on porn movies and internet jerking off. I guess I'm not alone in this category, again Oh to be young and jerk off a a big cock again

October 1, 2013 -

Urgent Need to Masturbate

A fantasy cum true

It's late in the evening and I am sitting here flicking through various porn sites and reading your stories going back several years. It all makes me feel very horny indeed. My fantasies range from a mutual masturbation session with another man maybe someone in his twenties. Some virile and energetic person with a big erection. I imagine the powerful cum shots. Or maybe someone older than me maybe in his 50s or 60-'s with a life of varied experiences. I then fantasise over some beautiful full breasted female of my age with large tits and bum raring to be fucked hard. Yes I am feeling very sexy right now and urgently want some release but I am on my own and unlikely to have company for the rest of this week. My cock is throbbing and my pants are beginning to get wet.

My fantasies right now go like this: I'll go down to the kitchen and make a coffee. That should calm me down (but it does not!). On return I continue looking at some porn. There is a couple of older men masturbating each other in the shower. A great sight and my erection returns. I then begin to go to bed. I take a shower and then lay on the bed with my laptop beside me. I'm not tired and just want some personal prime time and there is no need to get up early in the morning. I have now just read the recent story on yours about the 60 year old who described sex with another man at that age for the very first time. Must have been most exciting. Imagined myself watching what was going on. Then the story, also within the last week, of the female who described Rachel's masturbating biography. My cock is now rock hard and beginning to slightly hurt. I lye on the bed with the duvet roughly over me. I turn off the light but the full moon provides a soft light through the window, enough to see my throbbing cock. I begin to move my right hand between my legs and gently run the palm of my hand over my scrotum feeling my balls. And at the same time lift up my bum. By now the head of my seven inch uncircumcised cock is slippery with precum. Touching the exposed tip with my middle finger is very sensitive. With my other hand I move across my fairly ample but well trimmed pubic hair and then between my legs and down my thighs. I move up and gently circle the palm of my hand onto my nipples all the while twitching. I am on my own and in complete privacy so groan and moan noisily. My thoughts return to being masturbated by a man or having a woman sitting over me with me inside her watching her excitement and tits flapping up and down or me sucking them. The urge to cum begins to get greater. I run the palm of my hand over the tip again. It is most sensitive. I then grip my hand and stimulate the full length of my shaft making sure my foreskin slides over the head until I finally cum. A spirt on to my abdomen and two more feebler ones on to my hand. I lick off the semen which is a pleasant warm taste.

In reality all this fantasy takes but a short time. I go to bed and have the most wonderfully satisfying orgasm. I fall asleep with my hand resting over my now flaccid much smaller but slippery cock. I wake in the morning to find the dried semen has made my pubic hair feel rough Then I remember I can stay late in bed so gently fondle my cock back into action as I listen to the radio news. Somewhat exhausted from the nights fun I have difficulty getting another erection but when it does oblige I bring two pillows together, use my fake vagina toy, lie on my stomach and fuck into it. I come again this time staining the sheets but no matter. I am the only person who normally occupies the bed.

October 2, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Over 40 Years of Masturbating

jerking off with memories

I just finished a jerkoff session watching a cumshot recap from a POV DVD. I just don't have the patience to edge myself anymore, and remembered the old days in Ft. Lauderdale when I would go to the adult video booths with a gloryhole and play with myself while guys would put their cock in the hole and I would stroke them and the guys would say suck it and I would put it in my mouth but still stroke them with thumb and 2 fingers until they shot their loads, I just did not have the patience tosuck them off, but they never bitched when they were unloading, and I would get myself off with their jizz on my hand for lube, ahh the old days.

October 3, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Undecided


Masturbatring while watching porn

I don't know sometimes if maybe I may have a tendency to perform a sex act with another man. I enjoy watching men jerk off and I do it at the same time. Lately I have been watching men with different size cocks and printing pictures of them. ai have even bought a dildo and I practice sucking on it The next step is a prostate massage, but I haven't got the nerve up yet. I still love to jerk off, I hust wonder if others have the same urge?

October 7, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight


Britney Fantasy

I know this is going to sound lame, but it is true. I have a girl next door who looks exactly like Britney Spears did in her heyday. I have some great times at my window I can tell you. She is so hot and I can't wait until the next viewing. I sometimes sit up at the window naked for hours waiting for her to come and give me a show, and I am never disappointed. The wait, no matter how long is always worth it.

I often need to get a supply of kleenex to wipe myself as I dribble in anticipation of seeing her, but that it okay. I have enough self control not to allow a full ejaculation before seeing her get naked.

October 7, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Memorable Wanking, Jacking Off, and General Masturbation

First time

So I've been masturbating since I was twelve n I love it!! I've always been up for new ways to make myself ejaculate because it's so fun! About a year ago, I began having dirty dreams about a friend and by the next day I was exchanging pics with her. We would sext and I'd show her my penis and she'd show me pictures of her whole body. Every now and then we stop for a while and then start back up again. Just this past Friday we began texting again and I get hard every time I get a message from her. On Saturday we talked about different ways we masturbate. She told me she likes to use her pillow, for it helps her have an orgasm more often. I thought of what it'd be like if I masturbated with a pillow so I told her I was gonna try it. So she went and sent me pics of here humping her pillow and I got so horny for her I couldn't take it. I got naked and grabbed a pillow. I stared at the pics for a few seconds and then took the pillow, folded it in half, and stuck my penis into the fold. Until I have sex for the first time( she said she wants to have sex with me soon!) that feeling of humping a pillow will be the greatest sensation EVER. You can pick any position you want and f**k the hell out of that pillow. I may never go back to simply fapping on the toilet ever again. Oh and guess who just texted me? ;) time to hump my pillow while I say her name!!

October 8, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Memorable Wanking, Jacking Off, and General Masturbation

screwed anuly

i have been (was) married for forty years. I had really good fucking with my wife, but many times i would jack-off for the tension relief. my job was tension intense. I traveled a lot met and enjoyed fucking many women, would then jack-off or have heris time I thought why notisied jack me. soon met other men who would suck me off. later, I started sucking them,also.

now I am an old man. no real sex drive anymore, except occassionally early in the morn,

i have become very concios of my asshole, so now when I meet another man I presrnt my ass hole to, and ask him to fuck me,

a few years ago, another man told me he would suck me off, but really wanted to fuck me. I had often been told I had a nice looking ass and had been approached but found the idea to be repgnant. this time I thought why not.

i dropped my pants and under shorts to the floor in public restroom, he told me to keepan eye out. he bent me over and vgently, but easily entermy ass. he fucked and fucked me, kept saying in my ear I was good fucking. he had a good rythm and really lasted a long time, then he asked if he could shoot off in my ass and I said yes. he picked up the speed and shoved his dick to hilt and shot his load. while he was fucking me, I kept thinking it wasnt much feeling for me except kinda like a stick would feel, but I was hooked for a way to get mmen.

he was the best I have ever had. some men would try to shove their dicks up my ass dry,and it would hurt. others would get so excited they woud shoot off on my asshole. none have enteredmyass as easilyas he nor have any lasted as long!

i really like to be fucked, sometimes I wiil grab hold of another guys dick and jack him off and/or such him, but being fucked is the best.

October 11, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Masturbation Technique

flyingthere ain't nothin like flying

cetting down into your own cockpit, and grabbing your joystick, and taking off is exhilerating! pull back on your joystick all the way back to your bellybutton, then go into a nosedive pushing your joystick all the way down into your crotch - level off jerk your joystick up and down to help mane it more responsive, then pull it to the left - level off - then jerk it vigorously to induce more excitement - then pull it to the right! Now you are flying! Look ma, both hands now jerking your stick up and down! oh,oh,whar is happening? is it starting to sputter? something is coming out of the end of my joystick! its creamy! should I taste it? Some just lept out and hit my lips - my tongue jumped out of my mouth so it wouldn't get in my eyes. The motor just died so I guess it time to get down to earth and wait for another lesson!

October 11, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Caught Masturbating!

Gym Visit

Yesterday was a really intense workout for me at the gym. But for some reason after my workout and during my shower I had this really uncontrollable urge to masturbate. I mean it was so much so I just couldn't stop myself so I had to risk it. I began stroking my already semi hard penis and became very firm very quickly and I was really enjoying the experience, when suddenly I heard someone coming. The cubicle next to me was now no longer vacant and the person could no see but could probably guess what was going on. The water is on a timer and each time it stopped it was on again. So it was a longer shower than normally would be necessary.

Anyway, by the time I had finished my extremely enjoyable session and washed myself and exited the cubicle to retrieve my clothing, there was a cue and a couple of people. One glance at my still reddish penis would tell them what I had been up to. I dressed and left.

October 11, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Memorable Wanking, Jacking Off, and General Masturbation

The Summer with My Cousin

The summer when I was 15 years old, my cousin came to stay with us while he took some classes at the university in our town that wasn't offered at his college where he lived. I thought it would be neat for him to stay with us although I really didn't know him and had only seen him 3 or 4 times in my life, and it was only for an hour or so each time. I remembered him to be a fun guy, but I really remember the time when I was 9 years old, and we were in our grandparents garage and he made me pull my pants down and he felt my dick. I never forgot that.

When he moved in, we really hit it off together and had lots of fun. He had a car so he would take me to baseball practice, throw practice pitches with us and stay for the games. We looked enough alike that we told people we met that we were brothers. I really liked that since I don't have any brothers or sisters. A few times he took me to class with him.

He brought his computer with him and set it up in his room. After some time, he accidentally showed me some porn with fine ladies. Of course I liked it and we started looking at it more and more. My dick would always get hard and I would hide it with my hand or anything. Then he started slipping in some men porn. And he would switch it back and forth. I loved the ladies, and I thought most of the men were gross, but a few of them looke good.

He started asking me personal questions like if if I beat my meat or did it with my friends and things like that. I lied every time. One day I was in his room and we were looking at porn, my dick was on hard and I really tried to hide it. He asked me to pick out a mans dick that looked like mine. I found one that did look like it with the same circumcision scar and color of hair. He said that it looked like his dick too. Then he asked me to show him my dick to see if it looked like the mans. Something told me to do it, so I pulled the elastic of my shorts and underwear down , exposing my hard dick to him. He said, Wow, that looks good. He started feeling it and I let him. I liked it. He started pulling my shorts down further, so I laid back on the bed and let him. He really started feeling me good. I told him to now pull down his pants so I could see his dick. He did, and our dicks did look alike.

Needless to say, we jacked each other off, and started having sex every day. Both my parents worked, so after they both left, he would get in bed with me, we would get naked and stay in bed for a long time. Some time we would go riding out to some remote or secluded places and do it. I did like doing it wth him, and I wished that we were brothers, so he could live with us and we could do it all the time. But at the end of the summer, he went home. I really missed him, I kinda got depressed and I would beat my meat thinking about him.

But then there were the girls. I got very sexually active with girls after that summer. And away I went.

October 12, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Gay


Along the Highway

I have been a nudist since before I reached puberty. I loved running naked whenever I could. When I reached puberty, masturbating became a part of my nude exploits. I would wander far and wide throughout the neighborhood under cover of shrubbery or the darkness of night. By the age of fifteen, night-time nude romps would take me a mile or more from home. There was a highway under construction, widening it from three to four lanes. Late at night or in the wee hours of morning, I would make my way to the heavy equipment. This was a wonderland for crawling around or concealment if a car came by. Many is the time that I left a deposit of cum on those large tires, on the blade of a bulldozer, in the bucket of an earthmover or especially on the seat of some piece of equipment. (I always wondered what they found in the morning - probably just a dried patch of semen.) I also liked walking down the middle of the highway, and deciding on a spot to squat or lie down and masturbate. Sometimes I would be interrupted by an distant on-coming car and retreat to the side of the highway, lying down just beyond a guide-rail or on the edge of the highway if there was any sort of downhill grade. Exciting times.

When I got my driver's license, my prospects of location blossomed. In daylight, I would drive nude and search for places to pull of and get out to wander nude: in fields, along quiet secondary or utility roadways, or into hiking trails. One favorite road was a dis-used road that was replaced by a newer highway, both ends of which were accessible by foot and were very close to the new highway. At night, the potential locations were even greater: roadside pull-offs (like picnic areas or overlooks), rest stops, along any secondary road, on over-passes across highways. My favorite was behind a parked eighteen-wheeler on and on or off ramp. Sneaking along side the big rig, totally nude, I would come as close to the cabin before masturbating and taking a whiz on the tires.

October 12, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Gay


Along the Railway tracks

My first adventure along a railway was when I walked the tracks for several hundred yards to locate a path to a favorite swimming hole (a dammed up river where skinny dipping sometimes occurred.) When leaving the swimming hole, I could walk in the nude along the tracks. Sometimes I had to get off the tracks as a train came along. I would usually choose the wrong side of the track so that I had to stand there naked for several minutes. I took to masturbating while the train passed and climax on the tracks afterward.

After I had a car, I looked for more places to find accessible railway tracks. I would park off some railroad crossing, and walk along the track naked for upwards of a mile. Sometimes I laid on the tracks and masturbated waiting for a train. When one was coming along, I stood off to the side fully visible, fully erect and ready to climax. Occasionally I received a blast from the engineer's horn. The heavy rumble of the train, especially the engine, is exhilarating. Daringly, I have remained on the tracks while the train approaches, facing it on my knees masturbating until it is quite close (fifty yards away or so), before darting off to the side. I then return to straddle the hot rail while climaxing.

October 13, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Jerking off is Awesome

I am a older man who likes to jackoff I started when I was very young around ten or eleven I was taking a bath my peter got hard I started to rub it the more I rubbed it the better it felt then one day I went out to the barn took off all my clothes it felt so good to be naked I started to rub an play with my peter it got so hard I started to stroke it all of a sudden I had to pee but instead of pee out shot some white stuff I thought something was wrong it scared me the next day I told a older friend about it he told me not to worry that it was cum an it wouldn't hurt me an to jackoff every chance you get that he jackoff two or three times a day the more you do it the better it gets so I did now I am up in years an I still jackoff I don't cum as much as I used to but I love jacking off as much as I used too maybe more I haven't been able to jackoff for four days but now my cock is as hard as a rock an I am jacking as I write this an about to cum I hope it is a big load

October 16, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Memorable Wanking, Jacking Off, and General Masturbation

A friend in middle school

When I was in the seventh grade, we moved to a new city and I went to a new school. In PE class the coach made us take showers everyday. I was eleven years old at the beginning of the school year and definitely had not gone through puberty yet, as had many of the boys in the class. I made friends with a boy in the class who had not gone through puberty either. We started hanging around together at school and constantly talked about sex.

The following year my parents sent me to a private school so I did not see my friend. During that year, I went through puberty and started masturbating.

The following year, I was in the ninth grade and went to the local public school. My friend from middle school was there. We struck up our friendship again like I had never left. Again we talked about sex all the time. We had a class together and one day the teacher sent us on some errands together during class, and we stopped by a bathroom to take a piss. Standing next to each other, I saw his dick and he had definitely gone through puberty also. We commented on how our dicks had changed, and when we were done pissing, somehow, we quickly felt each other's dick. We both started to get on hard, but we stopped for fear of getting caught. We did this when ever the teacher sent us on errands, and one time he actually jacked off standing up at the urinal in the bathroom. I watched, but didn't have enough nerve to do it then. I did it on another time we were on errands.

We both lived near the school and walked home. He lived a little out of my way, but he wanted me to go home with him one day, so I told my mom, and she gave me permission to go. When we got to his house no one was there as his parents worked, and his older brother would not be in from college until later. I didn't plan on staying long at his house, but I think he had other plans. He started wrestling with me a bit on the floor and grabbing my dick in the process. So I started grabbing his dick. While wrestling, he started pulling my shoes and socks off, so I did the same to him. Soon, we were naked, and needless to say we were both on hard, and it went from there. We got on his bed and started started feeling each other, then jacking each other off.

We kept doing this nearly every school day for the rest of the year. I didn't see him all summer long, and the next school year he was gone. I have never seen him again.

October 18, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Anonymous Masturbator Confessions

secret pleasure

I have masturbated almost daily since about age 4. Over the last several years I have found that I enjoy looking at pictures of nude men in my age range of 60 plus years to enhance my arousal when I masturbate. I prefer pictures of men alone in settings/poses suggesting or showing them masturbating. I was initially shocked by this realization. I appreciate this forum in being able to anonymously reveal this. I have thought about making this submission and decided that this was the day. I showered and put on only a robe and sat down to compose this. I am surprised how excited I've become.I have not had an orgasm but sensing wetness coming out of my penis I pulled open my robe expecting to see precum, but in fact I have ejaculated some semen in just writing this.

I think my reason for finding looking at pictures of nude men my age so arousing is identifying with them in what they are experiencing, feeling and doing with themselves physically and emotionally. Enjoying their personal sexuality as I do. It is a sort of male bonding/validation of my own sexuality through the experience of masturbation.

October 20, 2013 -

scarpe hogan donna

You write very well

October 21, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Urgent Need to Masturbate

No Way Out

I was caught red handed and very red faced today, doing the old five finger massage of my very excitable penis. It all began quite innocently enough and I didn't really think I would get caught as I have done it before but not this time.

I was at the Gym and had my usual full workout with a really great session of weights, and bike and swim. And boy, was there some fit looking young girls there. All different sizes, tall, short, tight butts and all and for a man such as myself that is all the incentive I need to have a play.

Anyway I was going at it in the shower and I forgot to lock the door. And as I was just about to blow my load the door accidentally opened like they do sometimes without warning, and there was a guy there, and a young female very tasty staring right at me.

I couldn't hide it. My penis was as hard as a rock and red from my hand stroking it, and the girl was mesmerised. I was so embarrassed. I stepped discreetly back in and closed the door and miraculously finished wanking. I actually felt very excited at the thought of a young girl seeing my erect penis. Even though she was only a young teen, she probably didn't understand much about male habits. Or maybe she did. Either way, it turned out to be a very exciting visit.

October 21, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Masturbation Biography

Just love masturbating

When I was about 12 my Father passed away and it was just Mom and me. One night she asked me to sleep with her, at the time I didn't give it much thought. I had observed her several times getting fucked by some of her friends and such times I would then go and jerk off, sometimes watching them. After a few nights I started getting a hard on while sleeping with her and I would go to the bathroom and jerk off, being a teenager didn't take me long to come. She never made any advances to me but one time she felt my hard dick and she told me I should jerk off when I got that way I have often wondered if she wanted me to fuck her, as I said before I found out she liked to fuck young or old. Now in my older years I still like to watch guys jerk-off and I like to accompany them. We used to have acouple of glory holes in the area and I loved to jerk others off but the law has closed them up. I can't get but a half a hard on these days so I do have fun jerking it off and I have started eating pussy to satisfy my friend, which she loves. We also shower together and she jerks me off there. I still like my lone time once in a while watching guys with big cocks jerking off and cumming.

October 21, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Masturbation Technique


Iam the old man who likes hard-ons up my ass! I go to places where I know I will meet other lonely older men! I don't go to gay places! they are too promiscus! I prefer single older men who are divorced or widowed! They are horny - like me - and seek release in creative ways other than just plain old masturbation.

I have been showinf my asshole to all, and have had dicks o all sizes up my ass1 Recently a good looking man in his fifties asked me if he could rim me! I had never heard that term before, so I was curious! I spread my ass apart and he bent over too, and stuck his tip of his tongue on my asshole! Whew!What a sensation. Then he moved his tongue in a circle around mu asshole. My dic,got as hard as an old man dick can, andI started jacking. He pushed myhand off, pulled my semi-hard between my legs and includrd it in his licking. I came real soon for me, and now I see him regularly. If you have never rimmed or been rimmed - DO IT! Be sure you and tne other guy have clean assess!

October 21, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Bisexual

Anal Masturbation

Tight ass

I was on this website (which is amazing), and read the articles on anal masturbation and decided that I wanted to try it. Next time I was in the shower I grabbed axe body wash and soaped up my middle finger on my left hand layed down and inserted my finger slowly. Damn it was tight. But I quickly got up to my knuckle and was pistoning my ass while jacking my 8 inch rod. It was by far my biggest ejaculation until that point. My jizz sprayed all over my face. Now anal masturbation is a frequent activity but mainly in the shower

October 22, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Caught Masturbating!

Caught In The Act - True Story

So Late last night once my parents had gone out and me and my sister were home alone. My sister went off to bed. My parents had said that they won't be home till about 2, so it was about 11. I decided to put on some porn and get my dick out. I had my trousers and boxers still on but just below my balls. I started to stroke my dick as I played with my balls, until my dick got hard. I then grasped my dick tightly in my right hand and started wanking fast and hard (non-circumcised) you could hear my hand pounding against my balls as I wanked. Then to my surprise, since the porno had finished I got up to change it. Then as I turned around my sister was standing there with her hand down her knickers watching me. I went to pull my trousers up but she came over and pulled them off and started to touch my dick. She started to wank me faster and faster, she then pushed me onto the sofa and continued to wank me as she started to suck my dick. I was unsure what to do and it just felt to good to stop her (She is 2 years older than me). She then took off her bra and placed my hands on her boobs as she wanked me some more. I cummed a tiny bit, she then licked it off the tip of my dick. She got on my lap telling me to put my dick into her. I done so but asked what about if I cum in you. She did not reply and started to ride my dick as I held her waist as her boobs bounced up and down in my face. I could not help myself and I cummed inside her. She felt me cum in her and she got off my dick and layed me down and sat on my face and I could not resist and I licked her out as I always wondered what a pussy tastes like and had been a virgin until she had ridden me. She had an orgasm and her cum went in my mouth. I then took control as this had gone to far to stop now, I layed her on the sofa and stuck my dick into her wet pussy, I pounded. Hard. Fast. And Deep. She screamed and moaned loudly, she then squirted which went all over the living room. I then licked her out as I rubbed her clit. We were enjoying ourselves and having such a great time, that we lost track of time. Our parents had got home early and had caught us fucking on the sofa with my dick inside her pussy. Our parents are now splitting us apart, earlier this morning when I was in bed unable to sleep my sister came into my room and got in bed with me, she was naked. I told her that I didn't want to get into anymore trouble, she said she did not care as they are already splitting us up, and she said that I was so good last night she can't get separated from me with-out one last fuck. She kissed my lips and we made love for the rest of the morning. Before she went back to her room before our parents woke up, she kissed me and said that we need to stay in contact.

October 23, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Masturbation Biography

I like my cum

I wish they hadn't stopped the survey on have you tasted your cum I started a long time ago at first it was my precum I enjoyed the taste then one day if my precum tastes that good I thought I would my cum it is real thick so when I ejaculated I caught it in a big spoon an put it in my mouth but I didn't like but the next I jacked off I had to try it again I kept on trying it every time I jacked off which it turned out to be three or four times a day once I learned to like it I never wasted another drop I started when I was fourteen now I am in my seventies an I still eat all of my cum I think that is why I can get a strong erection an I can still fill a teaspoon full I also manage to jackoff once a day

October 24, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Undecided

Urgent Need to Masturbate


I enjoy reading the stories and they help to arouse me. I bought a medium size cock and while watching guys jerk off I inserted up my ass and what a good feeling moving it in and out as if I was getting fucked and then I finished up by jerking off and eating what little cum I produced, I hope that now I can have a live cock do it in the future. I think I would like that!!

October 25, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Other

Anonymous Masturbator Confessions

Older Men Jacking Off

This is in response to secret pleasure, who wants to share his masturbation feelings with another older masturbator. I'm over 60, and I, too, have been masturbating since at least the age of four, every day (with few exceptions) for all these years. I am addicted to masturbating myself, and I just love to get myself off. It is really arousing for me to read about how other guys experience jacking off. I sometimes fantasize about jacking off with another guy, and I sometimes like to watch jack off porn as I stroke off. I especially like to watch guys jacking off to porn.

I usually masturbate to solo jill porn, though, and I like to see if I can bring myself to the edge when the jiller on the screen is orgasming. I like to watch as many of those scenes as I can stand and it's always exciting to see if THIS one will make me shoot my load of dickspew. As I reach peak arousal, I like to urge my dick to produce precum. I am a very copious pre cummer, and I usually can get my dick to pearl a stream of pre pretty much at will during a jack off session. It usually takes me at least an hour of jacking to get to where it's almost impossible not to shoot off.

What I'm usually fantasizing about as I masturbate myself is what the jiller must be feeling and thinking, and I like to imagine she is as addicted to masturbating herself as I am to jacking myself off. I look at her pussy an try to imagine what her pussy has looked like in the past, and how much her jilling has made her pussy change over the years. I just can't get enough of watching girls jill off.

As we older masturbators know, in the past, we could only dream of having the chance to see how females masturbated themselves, and getting ahold of that kind of porn was sometimes a challenge. I had one disc of jillporn called Dildo Dolls that I jacked off to endlessly. This was quite a few years ago. Now a masturbator can get as much of that kind of porn as he wants, and this is a wonderful thing to have available, especially if you're a compulsive, addicted masturbator like me.

My cock is six and 1/4 inches, cut. I have learned how to get it very, very hard using my PC muscles, which I have developed over the years. At some point, my cock can't get longer during a masturbation session and can only, then, get harder and thicker. This causes all the veins on my dickshaft to bulge out to the maxxx, and my dickshaft gets cherry red from the cockhead almost all the way to the base. I can make my cumhole gape out and I can make the two sides of my dick separate so much that there's a small crease that develops from the inside of my dick that displays from my cumslit almost 1/4 of an inch when I'm fully engorged. I have a very prominent frenulum; it looks like a big muscle on the underside of my cock. The cumhole puckers out and gets almost translucent when I'm full-hard. The pores of the skin on my spongy cockhead are prominent when I'm at complete hard. My entire dickshaft glows red like a poker, and all the precum streaming out of my cumhole , mixed with my dicklube, makes quite a sight to see. I jack myself with my left hand, and I play with my balls and push on my perineum with my right hand during a masturbation session. I can make my dick pulse (get a little thicker, in waves).... that feels so good! When I push on my perineum,I try to make that perinueum bulge and I think about cumming without stroking myself. This puts me at what I call the Extreme Edge state. It actually feels like I'm cumming. This is typically when the precum emerges from my dickslit. I experience that intense Extreme Edge typically up to a minute at a time, sometimes longer. Depending on how long it's been since I last made myself ejaculate, when I shoot off I usually pump about five or six loads of thick, pearly cum.

So, I hope you enjoyed my thoughts and observations of another older guy's masturbation. Glad you asked. I enjoy everything about masturbation and I enjoy sharing with others about it. As you said, it's a bonding thing. If you're a single older guy, it's a great way to spend an hour or two. It gives me something to look forward to every day. It has gotten much, much better over the years. So, keep on jackin' on, man.

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I Love Panties. Just saying the word Panties starts to ge me excited. I love looking at women wearing just Panties, the look is just so hot and sexy. The way they shape around a women's pussy and the shape of their cunt lips is awesome. I enjoy this website ,both female and male stories gets me really horny and very ,very wet! I produce lotsa pre-cum which I really enoy. The wetness and I love tasting my pre-cum, it's so sweet.I'm straight but I love Panties, used Panties especially. I love the taste and smell of wotn Panties. I have been lucky enough to have been given Panties by some of my female friends. They think it's o.k. for me to masterbate using teir Panties and I'm sure they too get Off wanking to me masterbating using their Panties. I also enjoy wearing Panties to increase my horniness. In fact I'm wearing a pair of white ,lace,cheekiy bottom Panties as I type this. My cock is really hard and pre-cum is seeping through my Panties.I wish I could wear panties daily. They make me feel sexy and they are so much more comfortable than men's jocks. I have always worn men's bikini undewware but after an ex -girlfriend encouraged me to buy my fisrt pair of Panties I just love them yet I am totally straight. Go figure!Graet men's Panties are now available on the net and will be making my fisrt purchase soon. I don'T care anymore I enoy wearing Panties. If only you could see my Panties now! they are soaking wet with my pre-cum. Horny as hell . Gonna watch some porn of women masterbating and will enjoy a good wank as well. Might even use my Fleshlight. Gotta go and have some quality wank time. Panties ...enjoy

October 27, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Over 40 Years of Masturbating

more panties

I have just read about the man who loves women-s panties I am also straight an also love women-s panties but better yet I wear them all the time the sexy they are the better I like them I also wear a garter belt an shear nylon hose some time I wear pantyhose the feel of them rubbing my cock it keeps me so hard by time I get home from work they are soaked with my pre-cum as I live alone I strip down take a shower an put on clean women-s under wear only this time I also put on a bra an fake breasts size 36d a short mini skirt shear nylon top then stand in front a huge mirror an admire myself I have also went outside an walked around even I had some make passes that realy turns me on then I go home an masturbate by rubbing my cock through my panties till I cum an fill my panties full of my cum then I go to bed all of my women-attire on

October 28, 2013 - Sexual Preference - In-Between

Anonymous Masturbator Confessions

Reading stories here

I very much Enjoy reading these stories-talk about producing Alot of pre-cum.there is nothing better than stroking your cock,playing with your balls and seeing your precum ooze out and tasting it-you will love it.i wish I could watch you All Jack off and you could watch me do the same.taste your precum.lets stroke.there is nothing better than to feel and stroke another's man cock and play with his balls.you will love him stroking your cock and playing with your balls.many men want to experience this you are not alone.

October 28, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Memorable Wanking, Jacking Off, and General Masturbation

Strip poker

I am 21 yrs old now,and I have a unique story! I grew up on a farm, saw farm animals copulating, never sexually stimulating by watching or seeing male animals stimlated. We moved to town when I was 14 and I ran around with 3 other guys. we played sports and played poker almost Friday night. The poker was for funzies becase we didnt't have much money. That became boring so we started playing strip poker for fun. Always down to our underwear.

All of us were proud of our maturity, and would laugh about having erections in school. We were also proud of the size of our penises. One night we decided to show and compare size. that led to erections and comparsions. That led to becoming completely naked strip poker. That led to dares. That led to solo masturbation, and ultimately mutual. That led to tasting our cum, then to sucking each other. We would have contests to see vwho could last the longest and also who could cum the fastest.

Two of us went to the same college, were roommates so we eventually started fucking each other in the ass, and hat led to tonguing each others asshole. Soon we had others join us for naked poker and all the other stuff.

During all this we had dates with girls and would tell all our friends which girls put out. Now I am serios about 1 girl, so I keep her to myself. We continue our poker sessions,and ejoy each others company.

I also masterbate alone end enjoy lookong at my big erections and fantazing.

October 31, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Gay

The Ultimate Male Masturbation Experience

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October 31, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Bisexual

Masturbation Technique Variation

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November 1, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Anonymous Masturbator Confessions

pr ison confessionI have

I have carried this secret for many years, now thaans to this place,I am able write about it!

I am somewhat effeminate, but not interested in homosexual thoughts or activity! I guess to prove my manhood, I did some hard time in prison. Ten years to be exact!

Initally, I was in a holding cell with some really tough, cruddy men, each trying to out due eaach other about their crmes,fighrs,and sexual prowess.

Soon they started pointing at me, snikering, whispering,and I felt like they thought I was queer. It wasn't long before the attacks began! This one big ugly black ppulled out his huge hard dick, walked over to me and told me to suck it. I was scared, but shook my head no! He laughed, as did all the others. A couple of them grabbed me stripped off my coverallls, looked at my flacid dick, patted me on my ass. started strangle me and told me to suck him or dy. I sucked him and choked on his cum. Suddnly all of each fucked me in the ass. None of my screaming or yells for help were answered. In fact one guard watched, came in and had me suck him while another guy was fucking me.

In prison it was soon more of the same, first with my cellmate forcing me, then a lot of others. The prison doctors medically treated me but told me this was prison life. They also told me my asshole had been ripped, but only put antibiotics on it. I was even forced to suck and fuck others who seemed to enjoy it.

I am out now, and have been for a few years.

I am married and have a baby on the way. I still get horny,and jack off privately I enjoy cumming, and honestly fantasies about sucking and being fucked by those guys. Honestly, I got to where I could relax and enjoy their pleasure.

this is part of my shame.

November 1, 2013 -

First Time Masturbating

First Time - Best Time

When I was younger, of course I started getting erections. When nobody was home but me, I would take off my clothes and be naked, and that would always give me an ercetion. I was amazed and loved how big and just how unbelievably stiff my penis would get. I would walk around the house with my boner sticking rigidly up and it would feel soooo good! I also knew how good it felt when I touched it, or caressed my stiff length with m hand. I knew that having an erection had to do with sex, although I was not entirely clear on all of the details. Mostly, I just loved being a boy and having a super boner and how that felt. For fun, I would do all sorts of things to tortue and stimulate my boner, like lay on the floor and rub it against the carpet, do jumping jacks and make it whip up and down, and things like that. One day, I slipped on my jeans and was rubbing my hard erection through the cotton material and liked how that felt. Then, I forced my extremely stiff penis down one leg of the jeans, and began rubbing it that way. Suddenly I gasped and I thought that it was going to make me pee. I Immediately yanked the jeans down and all of this clear liquid was squirting out of my penis. It felt so good when that happend, I can't even begin to describe just how good! Needless to say, having discovered how that worked, I began to repeat the experience, and was quite successful in making myself ejaculate ... again and again. After that, I really becamse addicted to mastrurbating and did it about as often as I could. One day I actually mastuabted eight times! Today, years later, I still enjoy the pleasure of masturbating. I loved holding my hard boner and caressing and stroking its length and to be reward by a very satisfying ejaculation. The first time was the best time, but it is still the best even today!

November 1, 2013 - Sexual Preference - In-Between

The Ultimate Male Masturbation Experience

Handy Friends

When I was younger, a friend and I were feeeling kind of horny one day. We were kind of joking about it, and even as shy as we were, we decided to jack off together. Nobody was home, so we enjoyed the luxury of getting naked. Both of us had no problem in acheiving a nice stiff erection. It was a lot of fun being naked together like that as guys and friends, and to be so openly sexual, with our erections sticking up. It was naturally that we just started feeling friendly - romantically so. We did a naked embrace which felt wonderful, and while we were holding each other in our arms, down below we let our erections rub and slide and pretty much be sexual together. We laid on the bed, and continued to do this. Finally, after about ten minutes, we both ejaculated at almost the same time. It was so inetnse and wonderful. The best part, though, as we discovered, was smearing our semen together and mixing our sperm. That made us feel so unbeleivably close as friends! The next day, having had such a great time, we repeated the experience. While we were laying there, with me on top of him, holding one another and rubbing our erections together, our faces were just inches apart. Right then it seem like the naturaly thing to do, so we kissed. It was great doing that, and in no time at all we were coming together and thrilled in sharing that same satisfying pleasure. Neither of us thought of ourselves as being gay. We were simnply just friends who enjoyed being personal and intimate with each other was all. And I think this is the case in many circumstances. Being gay is not a requirement. Anyway, we began to enjoyt being male lovers, and within a week, we decided to try having anal sex, and this nproved to be even more successful! The two of us remained lovers for the next four years and had no regrets!

November 1, 2013 -

First Time Masturbating

Sexy Mom

I remember my first time masturbating very well. I was eleven. My parents had been divorced for a couple of years, and it was just mom and me. The two of got along fairly well, and my mother was blonde and quite attractive and easy going. I was at that age were I found girls - and women, especially, totally fascinating. The fact that my mother often went barefoot around the house was something that I found incredibly sexy. Often I would find seeing her pretty bare feet giving me a very stiff erection. She had no idea, of course. During this time, I sort of knew about sex, even if some of the details were not entirely clear to me. I already knew about how a man got a woman pregnant and all of that, the techinical details. I also knew that when I felt and played with my penis when it was hard, how good it felt. Well, one morning my mom was barefoot around the house as usual, and then she slipped on some sandals and went to the store. While she was gone, I sat on the sofa getting a very nice erection. For fun, I slipped my jeans down and started to play with my boner. I was caressing and teasing it and thinking about my mom's sexy bare feet. Suddenly I gasped and I thought that I was going to urinate righ there, and all of this clear liquid came pulsing out. It felt fanatastic, and I realized that I hd just managed to do what a man was suppose to do with a woman. I was completely enthralled by the experience, not knowing that I could do that on my own. Naturally, fatre that success, I started rubbing my boner almost daily and found that incredibly satisfying. So thanks to just how sexy my mom's feet were, that really helped me on the way!

November 1, 2013 -

Memorable Wanking, Jacking Off, and General Masturbation

One Good Summer

When I was younger, there was a boy who lived close to me that I was sort of friends with. One day the two of us were walking along this small creek that wasn't too far from where we lived. It was summer and warm, and we decided to take our shoes off and go wading. It was fun being barefoot and a kind of uninhibited thing to. We started talking about how we wished some girls would come and go wading, and then we started saying how neat it would be if they decided to go skinny dipping and we got to see everything. Of course we knew that this was not likely to happen, but it was fun talking about it. Then my friend admitted that talking about stuff like that was making his dick hard. I shyly admitted that it was making my dick hard, too. He said that since there was no one around, how we could take our dicks out and play with them, and how good that would feel. So we both opened our jeans and stuck our hard dicks out. It was pretty neat being barve enough to do that, and we commented on how large and stiff each other's dick was, and just for fun we felt one another's. Of course that didn't feel at all bad doing that and was vert exciting. So we continued to play with each other's hard dick and balls in a very deliberate way. Finally he said that he was going to squirt. Well, that got me very excited and I said that I was about to squirt, too. We kept rubbing each other, and he squirted and I squirted. It was the most intense climax that I had ever had, and I think it was the same for him. And it was so neat doing that together as friends and as boys. Even to this day, that time remains one of my most memorable experiences. And, yes, the two of continued to enjoy masturbating each other for that entire summer and well beyond.

November 2, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Bisexual

Anal Masturbation

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Urx5mT I really enjoy the post.Really looking forward to read more. Keep writing.

November 2, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Memorable Wanking, Jacking Off, and General Masturbation

Teenage Tent Fun

when I was a little younger, a teenager, I had a couple of very close friends, people I said everything to. one night we were having a sleepover at my friends house, in his garden in a tent. the 3 of us were awake all night and at about 1 am we started playing dares, on my friend robs turn he dared us two to dickslap his face for fun. so we did, I dickslapped him with my soft penis and he returned the favour, he slapped my face several times and put his tip in my mouth. I laughed and licked it and maybe even sucked it a little. at this point all 3 of us were getting pretty horny so we watched some porn and privately wanked ourselves off while we were stood naked all separate. rob decided gay porn could be fun to try so we did, we watched a man give blow jobs to another man and lick his arse hole, I got sooo hard. the guy in the video bent over the man and stuck his penis in and fucked him hard. all I wanted was to be in that film...it was sooooooo hot...

kay asked if we had ever kissed another boy and we both answered no, he asked if we'd try it so I turned to rob, we came close and kissed, a peck on the lips and our tongues came through too, it was pure ecstasy. kay came towards us and kissed our necks one at a time, I turned to him and passionately kissed him for what seemed like hours. my hands wandered up and down kays tshirt as I felt him. with my eyes closed rob came to my legs and pulled my jeans down, he took my dick in his hands and placed it into his mouth. it was heaven, he kissed licked and sucked me for a while until I started undressing kay, after 5 minutes we were all once again butt naked in the garden at gone 1 am.

kay bent down to remove his shoes and as I saw his arched back I couldn't help but pull it towards me, I felt his body, I ran my hands to his bum crack and my hands wandered some more. exploring his ass, I played with his cheeks and opened them up to reveal his hole, I poked it, I kissed it and I started to lick it. the taste was insane it was my favourite thing to eat, I lathered him up in my saliva and rob crawled to my crotch, as I squatted while sucking kays ass hole, rob set to work on my dick, he sucked me and hardened me, he even moved to my ass kissing me and teasing me I couldn't take it, I asked if they wanted a threesome in the garden. I've never to this day seen them so happy...

the response was incredible. rob bent over in front of me and opened his cheeks, his voice begged me to penetrate him. I spat on my dick and kay licked it to get it wet. I pushed at robs hole but nothing. I forced my dick up to him but it hurt both of us. I told him to relax as I licked his arsehole. I tried again and it popped. rob squealed a little and started moaning. I was in heaven. at this point rob stood up a little, we were still connected arse to dick when he tried to enter kay. once again it was a struggle but with moans and pleasure we all went to work in a train line. my dick was pumping sweaty meat into robs innocent teenage hole as his was inside kays little hole. rob asked to swallow my cum so as I pumped and pumped I felt it coming, the oozing feeling came rushing closer as I neared complete ecstasy. I pulled out as rob turned around, as I moaned he pulled out of kay and opened his mouth ready for my cream. I have never shot a load so big in my life, it went in robs eyes and all in his mouth, he played with it on his tongue and swallowed all of it. we kissed and felt each others bodies and set to work on kay...

first rob pumped into kays hole as I had my dick in kays mouth, we spit roasted him until we both came again. I was having a dream it was that pleasurable. kay took our cum all inside him and he said it was my turn, I got on all fours in the middle of the garden and opened my legs. kyme had a nice big cock about 8 inches, I felt every millimetre that day as he pushed his way inside me back door, I've never known anything to be so thrilling, he held my cheeks and pushed back and forth, he rammed me for hours, he was perfect, he fucked me hard and made me dribble precum once more, rob drank all of it as he fondled himself, kay continued and eventually came in my ass, I felt the warmth in my bum and it was great! I turned and sucked kay clean, rob licked my hole clean and we layer naked for hours just wanting each other off, it was total pleasure and to this day I haven't been so horny in my life. but we do this once a mont......

November 3, 2013 -

Fantasies while Masturbating


It was a fall afternoon when my friend jacob came over, we played video games and ordered pizza. We decided he should stay the night because my parents were going out and would not be back till after midnight. So as 10 pm arrived we got a bit bored and decided to set up his bed. After we finished we got into a game of truth or dare, he asked if I masturbated and I confidently said yes. He said he did too. We got talking about techniques, lube and finally porn. So we pulled out my laptop and started searching up some really sexy lesbian threesome videos. We both admitted that we were rock hard so we took off our shorts and started playing with are hard cocks. He asked if we should feel eachothers erections and I gladly said yes. His cock was about an inch shorter (6inches)than mine with little pubic hair. We then started trying different techniques on eachother. I suggested we try frottage, he didnt know what it was so he let me lead. He laid down on the bed with his haard dick pointing straight up. I got lubed up and started griding are cocks together till He came and I finished off using his cum as my lube. We both agreed that was the best orgasm we had ever felt. We continued into anal sex and 69ing and we still do it too this day.

November 3, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

First Time Masturbating

Cycling got me started ...

When I passed the exam for the local high school, I was given my first bike as a reward. Soon I was going everywhere on it, and quite far afield. (Maybe further than we should think safe today, but this was quite a long time ago) I learned to do simple maintenance, and was rather pleased with myself. One day I was mending a punctured inner tube, and had stuck a patch on and was about to begin re-assembling the tyre when I looked at the rubber tube lying on the floor, and thought,'That would fit on my cock!'

I had played with my penis, of course, but not reached any sort of climax, although I had an idea that one could be reached if I knew how. (I think I was twelve at the time.) My prick began to stiffen at the thought. There was an old inner tube lying under the bench, I expect from my big brother's bike, and I picked it up and looked for a way to cut it. There was an old pair of scissors in the drawer of the bench, and I cut off a length of the old tube and tried to put it on my now fully-stiff cock. Of course it was dry, and so was I, so that didn't work, and I began spitting into the tube. I had to do this for some time before, at the fifteenth try (or so) it worked, and I was able to slide my hard penis into the now lubricated rubber tube.

I had never felt anything like it! My cock seemed to get far harder at the sensation, as it slipped into the inner tube and, gently at first, I began gripping the tube as I drove into it a then pulled back. At once I had an intense feeling in the head of my penis, making it impossible to stop (Not that I wanted to!), so went on, still a little carefully, sliding in and out with feelings impossible to describe. I think I probably lasted about two minutes before I felt a great increase in sensation travalling along my prick as it got still harder and the first of several spasms shook me as I shot into the tube.

At that moment I heard my mother calling, 'Tea's ready', and I called back, 'Coming!' -- and I certainly was. Carefully I took off the inner tube and tucked one end of it into the other, to avoid any spillage. I wiped my prick with my handkerchief, and hid the length of tube in the drawer. Then I went into the kitchen to tea, looking forward to exploiting my new discovery.

After tea I reassembled my bike wheel and transferred the length of tube (which hadn't leaked!) imto my trouser pocket -- and very soon it was bed-time. Of course, I was eager to get to bed, and then I was very gently undoing the ends of the rubber tube. My prick was rigid again, and this time it slid happily into a tube lubricated with semen ('spunk', we called it then) and I resumed the delights of toing and froing my prick while grippimg my cock firmly through the inner tube. I lasted much longer this time, and took care not to cum too soon, but quite soon I shot another series of spurts into the tube. I was very sensitive, and couldn't keep on stroking for long before I began to soften.

Again I eased the tube off and tucked its ends in before hiding it under the bed. Once more I dried my prick with my handkerchief. I thought it would be the next evening before I could do it again, but I was certainly looking forward to many more pleasures to come.

November 4, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Memorable Wanking, Jacking Off, and General Masturbation

Prison recall

The other day I confessed my prison experiences. Admitting being rear-end fucked,sucking and being sucked was good therapy.

Another truth! While in prison I soon found out I was enjoying some the ass fucking I was getting.

My cell mate was really rough on me, initially. I asked him to be more gentle when entering my ass,so he would spit in his hand using the spit to lubricate his hard, and would enter my ass fsar more easily for him and for me. He became quoite loving toward me, hugging me and showereing me with kisses. Soon I was Kissing in return. I was giving in to the inevitable, but truthfully, I was enjoying most of it.

Some of the men were rough and indifferent to the pain they caused me. All they wanted was to cum in my ass and sometimes make me suck their dirty dick after fucking me. A couple of them would cum just as they touched my asshole. Stll they would use their cum as a lube to shove it up my ass.

Now, as I said, I lead a pretty straight life. I went to college, didn't finish, but I have a pretty goodjob and a good future.

Again, I have sex regulaly with my wifwe, but bdo still get hard-ons during the day, go into the men's room, go into a stall pull down my pants briefs, close my eyes and fantasize about the fuckings I got particlarly by my cell mate. Now I lick my own cum out my palm. Cumming always feels good! Don't you agree?

November 4, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Sex Toys and Masturbation Tools

My prefered homemade sextoy

Hi, I have always been frustrated by the sex toys for men. Only a few of them give me good sensations, and most of them are too small or too short, and they just don't last. My penis is not so big, just a little bit above the medium size.

Above all, I prefer the ones which are smooth inside and long enough to put my whole erection without reaching the end. That way I can vary the movements and the pleasures without any risk to arm my penis, even when doing very strong movements.

I like bananas, so I first experimented with them. The feeling was great, but they don't last long. After different experimentations, I try with some inner tube bike, the largest size for downhill mountain biking.

With a pair of scissors, just cut it near the valve, we don't need it. To know how long your new sex toy will be, you have first to wash the tube, make you penis big and see how it fit into the tube. For a large one, one length pf tube will be sufficient, for a medium penis, it will be best to double or triple the tube by returning it on itself. That way the extremities will also be smoother. And remember, if this slave toy is too long, you can always make it shorter with your scissors (don't try it when your penis is inside).

After deciding what length of tube you need, it is just to cut the tube a second time, and you have you new sex toy in hand. Return it like a sock at least at one extremity, the goal being to have a smooth entry.

The cleaning of such a toy is very easy, just use water and soap. You can also use any kind of disinfectant and lubricant with it, and it will last for ever or until someone steal it. The sensation this toy provide me are just extraordinary. You can warm it with hot watter before use, it will dry very quickly without loosing all its temperature, which is great.

I put some lube or split into it or on my penis, and begin to rob it on the head. Or I stick it directly at the bottom, depending to my envy. It feel very smooth, almost like a real vagina, and I can vary the movements as I want to. Sometime when I am heavily excited, it can go very quickly, other times it can last for hours, and each time I get an orgasm with it, it feel like if I was into a real vagina.

It is a few month ago, I was buying a similar sextoy but in latex and with a vibrator on its top. It lasted one week. but I was a lucky bastard anyway, because after removing all the latex of the tube, only the part with the motor, the battery and the command was remaining, and it fit exactly at the top of my bike tube toy.

When the toy is not too long but long enough, you can use it all its way without touching anything with the top of the penis, which give me the feeling of a really deep penetration, and by putting the hand or a sock at the top of the toy when masturbating, the top of my penis will touch that hand or the sock, which is another great feeling.

In short, the best sex toy I never had.

November 4, 2013 -

Anonymous Masturbator Confessions

I had no idea Confession

I had a stimulating experience that I was and still am quite surprised about. I take the city bus lots of times, and one day I was sitting there and this Asian man got on and sat a few seats up from me. I'm straight and really never go around noticing other guys. But there was something about him that just attracted my attention. He was in his early thirties, nice looking. He was wearing a sub-dued Hawaiian shirt and white shorts, and leather sandals. I don't know why, but he just looked sexy and appealing in this male-sort of way. Anyway, I was sitting there casually looking at him, and I was admiring of his bare feet and san dals. As I sat there notcing this, I felt myself starting to get an erection. It just happened, I just figured that I was feeling horny was all - no surprise there - and I just let it go as that. The next day, I saw the same man, and he was dressed about the same, in shorts and sandals, and again I found him to be unexpectedly appealing and quite sexy. Once more, to the point where I was getting an erection. When I got home I found myself thinking about him, and how sexy he was, and I decided to masturbate. I spent a good ten minutes jacking off and having a very satsifying ejaculation, all the while thinking about this man. A few days, I saw him on the bus again, and once more while I looked and studied him, I began to get hard. It was surprising how stiff this was making my penis. I mean, it was becoming rigid in my jeans. I loved the teasing sensation and how fantatsic that felt. Then, just hwne he was getting up to exit the bus, I suddenly ejaculated! I couldn't believe it. That had never happened to me before, but I was just so turned on. When I got back home, I cleaned up, started to get another eretion, and pleasurably masturbated. Over the next two months I would see this man on and off, and I always looked forward to the experience. I did feel a little worried about having feelings like this, if it was Gay or not, but I figured that I wasn't. It was just an unexpected and interesting sexy experience, was all.

November 4, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

The Ultimate Male Masturbation Experience

Best and Best Friends

My best time happened when I was younger. A frined and I would go to this secluded spot near where we lived. There was never anyobody around, so it was quite private and secluded. Sometimes we would talk about girls and stuff, like who we thought was sexy and all of that. One morning we had gone up to this spot, and we had been talking, and he grinned and said how it was giving him a boner. I confessed that it was giving me one, as well. Just for fun, we decided to show each other our hard dicks. So we pulled them out, and they were both quite large and very stiff. It felt good showing off like that, and very teasing, making us even more aroused. We started talking about to what extent, and each of took a hold of our erection, saying how it was so stiff that we could hardly push it down. Well, that was all it took. We both ejaculated right then and there! We were both completely surprised to be standingt here, and having our boners squirting! It felt fantatsic! Of course we were both pretty self-conscious about having that happen. But it had felt so good. We both grinned and laughed about it and how hornywe had been. A couple of days later we repeated experience, although this time neither of suffered a premature ejaculation. Instead, we actually rubbed our hard dick in front of one another, but that was fun and exciting too, as we soon discovered. The two of us remained jack-off biddies for the next several years. But that one particular day will always stand out as the best in my memories. Hopefully his, as well.

November 4, 2013 -

Urgent Need to Masturbate

Was I Surprised

This happened a few years back. There was a boy that I was sort of starting to be friends with. One morning he came over to my house and we were going to get together to do something and pretty much just hang out together. Anyway, it was fairly early, and I went to take a shower. He waited in my bedroom while I did that. I returned a few minutes later with a towel around my waist. He sort of grinned and teased me about being shy. Well, nobody was home, and not wanting to look like a prude, I took the towel off and started drying my wet hair. It was sort of a fun moment. I kind of liked being naked, and he thought that it was pretty neat seeing me do that. We got talking about what we wanted to do that day, and I sat down on the bed next to him. It was OK for a couple of minutes, and then I started to become aware that I was naked, and suddenly I began to get an erection. I couldn't help it, and there was no way to hide it. He noticed and grinned at the sight, as my penis pushed right up, big and hard. Naturally I felt emarrassed, but at the same time it was extremely exciting and very stimulating, making my boner unbelievably stiff. The tip was huegly swollen, turning a deep purple-ish red and shiny smooth. I really felt incredibly self-conscious over how erect I was. He remarked on how big was dick was, saying that he was impressed and that it looked nice. I was still self-conscious, but flattered to get a compliment like that from another boy. Seeing that he wasn't going to make fun of me made me feel a little more rleaxed, and I secretly enjoyed exhibiting my boner. The only thing was, I got so excited that I suddenly ejaculated. I gasped and all of this creamy white semen started pulsing out. I felt so humiliated by my lack of self- control. He thought bit was funny, though, and handed me a box of tissues to clean up the spill with, and there was a lot of it, too! He confessed that all of this had given him a boner, and I laughed and said that he should show me his. So he pulled his pants down to show me his hard dick, and then he started masrurbating and came, too. It was great. But I don't think that I have ever been more aroused than that time.

November 4, 2013 - Sexual Preference - In-Between

Urgent Need to Masturbate

Guys Together

I was with my parents on vacation at the beach. It was okay, but I was feeling kind of bored. So I went out walking along the sand, and some distance away, around the rocks, I discovered that this area was being used as a nude beach. As I saw, primarily by guys, because I realized that there were no women there. I was surprised and intrigued. The next day I went back, and there were probably about a dozen guys there, and I saw that several of them had erections, and it was like not a problem, obviously. So, feeling adventurous, I went ahead and stripped and walked on down. A few of the guys said hi to me, and that was about it. It felt really daring being naked like that, and naturally I got an erection. A really super stiff one, I can tell you. I got some admiring glances from the guys, and I felt proud and liked being able to show off like that. The following day I went back, of course, and enjoyed the thrill of getting naked and showing off my boner. I watched some guys making out and masturbating each other and having oral sex. I sat and masturbated while I watched, and had the best orgasm. Well, this went on for the entire week that we were there. My parents had no idea, of course. After we were back home, they asked me if I had enjoyed myself, and I happily told that I sure had. Naturally, I could hardly wait to find another place to be an exhibitionist and have some more fun.

November 4, 2013 - Sexual Preference - In-Between

Unique or Strange Story

My Daddy and Me

Ihave masturbated over sixty years and still going.My daddy and would hug and show affexion then one night when I was in my teens he came in to my room an got in to my bed.He started to pull down my under shorts then he fondled me till I was hard and sucked me off I then took his man hood which hard as a rock in my mouth and sucked him off.He said you know what you are doing hey I have sucking cocks for a few years.I masturbate real good.Wellmasturbated till I met my wife and we got married,but I still needed to jack off that lasted two years and she caught me and divorced me.Well Igave up on women then severai years later my sister who knew I masturbated because we would masturbate togather as kids.She had a friend that was just made for.So I took her out and and the first thing she said was im not like other women.I don't like some man on top of me going up and down I would rather Masturbate wow you are my kind of woman I would rather jack off that's more fun how are you on oral sex I love it to.So we moved in togather.

November 5, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Jerking off is Awesome

Sunday vthe Sunday Comics

I was an only child, and every Sunday morn I would climb into my parents bed with the Sunday comics section!

My mom would get out bed,get dressed and go fix breakfast When I was older (not much)I would looked to see her pussy. Get hard.

My dad slept in his boxer underwear, and he was pretty modest and protective of my innonce. Some time his penis would slip out of his underwear fly - sometimes hard - somtimes semi and sometimes flaccid. He would pull down his shorts put his penis back in. It was then I learned about pubic hair and his was red. He would do thiss with out stopping reading the comics to me.

One Sunday morn his erection slipped out of his underwear. I grabbed it! It so hard. I asked my daddy why? His answer was simply that it was nature's way of telling him he was ready to express his love to mom.

Being curious, I started jacking him ignorant of what I was doing. He must have been really horny, because he let me keep on. Shortly, he started moving rhytmically, and literally shot a wad out! He nonchalantly told me that he ejaculated as he would with mom and that the ejaculate was full of sperm and it helped make babies. Of course I was even more curious, and asked him if I could do the same. He told me to pull my pajama bottom down. He looked, saw I was marueing and said I would be able to when I got vhair down there!

When I did, I showed my dad. I was very proud of my hair! When it got hard, with him watching, he told me to massage it as I had his, and sure enough I felt this wonderful rumbling in my groin and I shot out a big wad og semen. I didn't know what I had done was masturbate, and that I was hooked on it.

My dad dropped his guard after that, and would let me masturbate him,and eventually he would masturbate me. We got to where it was an every Sunday morn ritual. Later he told me that sometimes mom would give his his a long open mouth kiss. Of course, I wanted to do that too! I asked to do the same to me! I came in his mouth, learned even more, so thereafter we had a full Sunday morn.

Later I told my playmate and we started plying withveach others. Been sucking jacking, fucking, being sucked ever since. Now I read the Sunday comics to my son, exposing it as much as possible waiting for the day his curiousity gets the best of him He is maturing so it wont be long now. He has seen mine hard a lot, and I casually stick it back in my underwear. He has touched it on occasion so I am really looking forward to the day we become playmates!!

November 5, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Over 40 Years of Masturbating

masturbation is the greastest

I am straight an I love to masturbate an have for a lot of years it feels so good when I ejaculate but lately I have been watching some porn videos of two men sucking each other an eating their cum it makes me so hot an I get a huge erection an a lot of pre-cum which I like to lick off of my fingers it tastes so good now all I think about is what it would be like to suck a man so I could eat his cum I eat mine ever time I cum it tastes so good I love it

November 7, 2013 -

Urgent Need to Masturbate

It was Incredible

This happened to me two years ago, when I was twenty-four. I was out in this secluded area, and I unexpectedly came across these two guys. They were naked and getting it on together. Well, of course I was surprised. I was behind some bushes so they had no idea that I was even there. I'm not gay, but I found myself staring at what was taking place. One of the guys was on his hands and knees, and the other was on his knees behind him, moving his hips and fucking the first one. I just watched, completely amazed by what I was seeing. I ducked down to make sure that I wouldn't be seen, and I found myself immediately getting the hardest erection. My dick was so stiff! Well, the urge to take care of my condition was too overhelming. I opened my pants and pulled my boner to start stroking it. I could hear the two of them grunting, and that really got me even more turned on. Within a minute, I was ejaculating and enjoying the pulses of semen explosively shooting out again and again. I cleaned up and very carefull withdrew. Later at home, I felt a little embarrassed, not so much over having been a voyeur, but by being so unbelievably turned on by watching two guys having sex. Still, it had been fun and exciting, and I still have a good memory of that time.

November 7, 2013 - Sexual Preference - In-Between

Memorable Wanking, Jacking Off, and General Masturbation

Summer Day

A friend and I were out in this wooded area where there was a creek. It was warm, and since there was nobody around, for fun we decided to take off our clothes and get naked, and wade in the creek. So we got undressed and waded out into the water which was up past our knees. The water was cold, but it felt refreshing. As the two of were standing there, he began to get an eretion, and I started to get one as well. There was nothing we could do about it of course, except to grin self- consciously, and stand there having our penises big and stiff. We waded out of the water and sat in the sun to let our feet and legs dry, with our erections jabbing rigidly up. It was kind of embarrassing, but at the same time it was pretty neat being that revealing with one another. It just felt good, and we both liked it. We talked about how it was nice not having to be all embarrassed about letting our male-feelings show like with each other, admitting that it really did feel good being so nakedly open with one another. Just to show that it was OK, we did a small kiss on the lips, and then we felt each other's hard penis, and began masturbating one another. It was really quite romantic being together in this way as guys. We did some more kisses and finally we both ejaculated. It was indescrtibale coming together like that. I know that we were both surprised to find it being like that. Needless to say, the two of us continued to enjoy our moments of naked, mutual masturbation. But that first time was, and always will be, the most memorable for both of us.

November 7, 2013 - Sexual Preference - In-Between

Memorable Wanking, Jacking Off, and General Masturbation

Summer Day

A friend and I were out in this wooded area where there was a creek. It was warm, and since there was nobody around, for fun we decided to take off our clothes and get naked, and wade in the creek. So we got undressed and waded out into the water which was up past our knees. The water was cold, but it felt refreshing. As the two of were standing there, he began to get an eretion, and I started to get one as well. There was nothing we could do about it of course, except to grin self- consciously, and stand there having our penises big and stiff. We waded out of the water and sat in the sun to let our feet and legs dry, with our erections jabbing rigidly up. It was kind of embarrassing, but at the same time it was pretty neat being that revealing with one another. It just felt good, and we both liked it. We talked about how it was nice not having to be all embarrassed about letting our male-feelings show like with each other, admitting that it really did feel good being so nakedly open with one another. Just to show that it was OK, we did a small kiss on the lips, and then we felt each other's hard penis, and began masturbating one another. It was really quite romantic being together in this way as guys. We did some more kisses and finally we both ejaculated. It was indescrtibale coming together like that. I know that we were both surprised to find it being like that. Needless to say, the two of us continued to enjoy our moments of naked, mutual masturbation. But that first time was, and always will be, the most memorable for both of us.

November 9, 2013 - Sexual Preference - In-Between

Jerking off is Awesome

Get Together

When I was younger, a friend and I got together one day at his house. It was typical, really and nothing special. Nobody else was at home, and it was just the two of us. It was kind of funny, because it wasn't like we had been very best friends forever or anyhting like that. Actually, we more like just casual friends, but there was this sort of easy and comfortable rapport between the two of us. Anyway, we were talkiing and he said that he was feeling horny, and I admitted that I was, too. He grinned and asked if I wanted to jack off. Normally I would have been shy about doing that, but I was feeling careless uninhibited, so I said, sure, why not? So we went into his room, and he asked if I wanted to get naked. That sounded like fun, so we got undressed. Both of us sortb half way had an erection. But being naked quickly made our pensis quite stiff. We sat on the bed and took a hold of our erections and slowly began rubbing them. As we sat there, we looked at one another, and complimented each other on what a nice dick the other had. Then, for fun, we took a hold of each other's dick and started masturbating one another, which felt really, really good. I loved how it felt to actually holding another boy's hard boner and being able to stimulate him like that, and to feel him doing the same to me. It was so wonderfully male. Afterabout fifteen minutes of doing that and enjoying ourselves, I could feel that I was going to come. I told him, and he continued rubbing my erection, and I could feel the urge building. I felt extremely excited in a way that I never had before, and I knew it was because of our doing this together. I drew in a breath and my rection throbbed and the semen pulsed out with an overwhelming intensity. It felt so absolutely fantastic! When I finished and had recovered, I resumed stroking his extremely hard erection and made him ejaculate with the same pleasurable results. Like I said, the whole thing was so pleasingly all-male, and the two of us found that unbelivably satisfying to experience. We remained friends for the next four years, and enjoyed our friendly get togethers frequently.

November 10, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Gay

Unique or Strange Story

One thing led to another

Very young I seemed to be a rebel and a horny little bastard. As I have read in several stories contained in here, I got my start in a wooded area. Even before puberty, I loved to roam in the woods naked or nearly so. There was an exhilaration feeling the heat of the sun or the breath of a breeze on my bare skin. I took to trying to imitate Tarzan by wearing a improvised loincloth - really just a pair of briefs with the crotch torn apart, actually covering nothing as my junk and ass showed. I enjoyed several years roaming woods and adjacent fields thus clad.

Then I reached puberty early on and which no one told me about, so I did not know what to expect when my penis got stiff. At first there was fear and anxiety about how to explain this problem when eventually I went home. But wondrously, I was over come with a dizzying experience when I shot a load of clear sticky liquid and the erection went away. Over the next weeks, I tried many times to repeat this experience and started learning that by handling my penis it produced the climax effect. But now I started getting kinky and horny. I kept trying to delay the climax while doing other things. I would swipe mom's eyebrow pencil and start drawing pictures on myself, on my legs, or abdomen. Or I would swipe an old tube of lipstick and color my nipples and cock-head. This seemed to make me all the hornier. By now the liquid squirting from my penis was becoming cloudy and thick. Before the climax, clear sweet-tasting liquid would drip out - this I would smear on myself or suck off my fingers. Next I took to swipe food from the kitchen, a small piece of beef or a hot dog. I would stain myself with the juice from the raw beef over most of my bare naked body. The hot dog, similar in length to my erect penis, seemed almost naturally to find itself going into my asshole. As you can expect it caused amazing climaxes. But it did not stop there. I swiped a cigarette from home. I did not smoke it other than to light it, and that too I put in my butt-hole. The nicotine made me a little dizzy, quite an experience when I climaxed. One day after climaxing with a cigarette in my butt, I put the cigarette in my mouth. Well if I could do that with a cigarette, I guessed I could do it with a hot dog too. After sliding the hot dog in and out of my ass until I climaxed, I slid the hot dog in and out of my mouth and eventually ate it. This kind of kinky activity went on, off and on through the next several years.

I suppose I was becoming anally and orally fixated. Soda bottles were next, at first empty and then sometimes with some soda still in them, small end into my ass. What soda did not go into my ass, I would drink afterward when I pulled the bottle from my ass. But soda bottle could hold all sorts of liquid, like water, Kool-Aid, or piss. All these found their way into my ass, and any left overs into my stomach through my mouth. I admit it took a while to convince myself about the piss. But once I did, I would repeat it again and again. I grew to love the smell and taste of my juices, they became a real turn-on. Unbelievably my own cum was the last thing I tried. I had usually just smeared my cum on myself, abdomen, chest, face. But one day I used it as a condiment on a hot dog I had used in my ass, and finally tasted my own semen. By now I was sixteen and well on my way to becoming a sex toy, if I ever would meet a willing guy.

November 11, 2013 - Sexual Preference - In-Between

The Ultimate Male Masturbation Experience

Not So Much in the Dark

I have recently, in this last year, discovered just how exciting adult movie theaters can be. I finally worked up the courage one day to go into one. I bought a ticket and went in, and stood in the hallway, letting my eyes adjust to the dark. When I did, there were all of these guys seated, and a hot sex movie on the big screen. I began to notce that most of the guys were sitting there with their pants open and masturbating. Well, that was something of a turn on seeing that being done so openly, and of course it gave me a pretty stiff ercetion. There were a few guys standing up along the back wall behind the rows of seats, and I saw that they had their hard dicks out and were playing with them. So I stepped over and stood there, and worked up the nerve to expose the boner that I had. It was so exciting to bare my hard dick like that in front of others, and that made it even harder. I began to play with it andf received some admiring glances from the other guys standing there, and I gave their exhbitionism a few admiring glances, too. It felt so great to be able to enjoy this raw display of male sexuality. I'm not gay, but I certainly could appreciate what I was seeing. I watched as one guy stoof there and ejaculated, squirting his cum out. That made me excited and I went ahead and ejaculated, too. It was so fantatsic having my boner squirt in front of other guys like that! Naturally, after having had such a good time, I went back to the theater and began to do so once or twice a month. I enjoyed seeing all of the male activity so much! Some guys had their pants all the way down and were display their boners quite openly for all to see, and enjoying the same excitement that I was. Some of the guys would get up and change seats, moving around with their hard dicks displayed. I tried doing that, having my boner sticking out as I went to find a seat, and it felt so good. When I climaxed, it was the most intense and exciting ejaculation that I have evver had under these circumstances. Now I can see why guys like these adult movie theaters so much! Definitely my best masturbational experences!

November 11, 2013 - Sexual Preference - In-Between

Urgent Need to Masturbate

The Hardest

This happened to me a couple of years ago. I was with a friend, and we had just come from the public swimming pool, and were back his place. We decided to shower and change and then go get something to eat. Well, feeling casual, we got undressed together in his bathroom. I showered and then he showered. It wasn't like a big deal. But while we were naked, we both got a boner. Of course we were self-conscious about that, but it was fun showing off in froint of each other. We admitted that we were obviously feeling horny, so we sat on the edge of the tube with our hard dicks jabbing up, and feeling playful, we felt each other's hard dick. It felt good doing that, and we began masturbating one another. That gave us both the biggest and harest erections. I loved feeling the smooth skin on his cock, and how ridgid it was, at the same feeling how rigid my penis was in his hand. Our boners were really straining, with the heads hugely swollen and turning a deep purple-red. We took our time, letting our fingers teasingly caress each other's length until we could hardly stand it. Then he ejaculated, and his semen went flying through the air to hit the wall some four feet away. I was amazed by his powerful climax. Then, when it came my turn, he worked me right up to the point and made me come. I ejaculated with no less intensity. I don't know if I ever had such an overwhelming climax in my life! The semen just shot out of my boner in these long streams that also went clear across the room to hit the wall. It was almost embarrassing just how hard our boners had been, and how explosive our orgasms were! After that, he and I had some more really great jack off sessions togeter. But I can tell you, that first time was so fantatsic!

November 12, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Jerking off is Awesome

nobody likes to jackoff any better than me I started when I found out it feels so good when you play with your dick then the first time I came it even felt better I never stopped jacking off I still do I have jacked ever way I could as I am up in years it stills feels good when I cum but a while back I thought I would try something new as I love ladies sexy panties an shear nylons I am wearing panties an thigh high nylons as I am writing this an my cock is as hard as a rock an leaking pre-cum an soaking my panties I am going to have to quit writing an go jackoff as I am in my seventies it feels so good when I can still cum

November 12, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Gay

Unique or Strange Story

One thing led to another-2

At the age of sixteen, with a lot of solo kinky stuff behind me (such as nudity, anal and oral stimulation, with body drawings, and male fluid tasting), I got a driver's license. Now I could move beyond the neighborhood. I took to driving nude regularly, stroking my cock as I drove. I would drive at first to quiet places. I remember a rest area with picnic tables and out-houses and a forest trail that led to a river side. If no other cars were there, I left my car in the nude and went to the trail, down to the river to skinny dip. I sometimes lounged on a picnic table masturbating. If there was a car or two, wearing a pair of gym shorts, I would go to the path before stripping. As I got more confident, I went to other busier rest areas which had trails. At first I reconnoitered clad only skimpily. I once saw two men just off the path exchanging sucks off each other's cocks. On a later occasion, I went along the trail to a quiet spot and there masturbated while using a hot dog to exercise my ass hole. Hot dogs were an earlier kink I had discovered. It was several times later that a guy came along the path and spied me naked and working my cock and ass. I stopped when I saw him, but he came nearer and offered to put a real hot dog in my ass, his hard penis. It was my first butt-fucking and extremely satisfying. After he left, I stayed behind and used my hot dog to pump my ass and extracted some of his cum on the wiener and licked it off before eating the whole thing. Sometime later on another occasion, another man likewise spied me and approached. He laughed at the hot dog up my ass, and suggested I get a dildo. I asked where. He said at an adult bookstore. Much to my surprise he had one with him and used it on me. Then he let me use it on myself while he sucked my cock. Part way through the experience, I pulled his dildo from my ass and sucked on it. This seemed to turn him on.

Around the same time, I started wanting to decorate my body. As a youth I had drawn with eyebrow pencil on myself (chest, abs, thigh and buttock) or put lipstick on my nipples and cock head. Now I was thinking a tattoos. I decided on tribal designs. Over the next several years I got symmetrical designs on my chest and abdomen, on my back and thighs and eventually my buttocks. I believe I made quite an appearance when I would stand naked along a rest area trail, playing with myself hoping for another encounter with a horny man. As I approached twenty years of age, I found an adult bookstore which, while on a major thoroughfare, had a quiet lane running behind it separated from the parking area by a thin line of trees. For a while I watched guys coming and going from the store from my car. But eventually I went and stood among the trees, stark naked waiting and wanting to be seen. One day a man saw me and approached me and asked what I was doing. I thought it was obvious, namely, masturbating and working my ass. I said I was wanting someone to get a dildo for me from the store. He told me to get dressed and he'd take me in. I was trembling with excitement as I entered the bookstore. The man guided me around DVD's and sex toys and clothing, and finally led me to the video booth area. I watched several DVD's with him and we watched one guy through a glory hole stroking his meat. Before leaving I made my first purchase, a ten inch penis-shaped dildo. This began many trips to the adult world bookstore. Mostly I hung out in the video booth area, giving shows of my use of dildo and jerking off techniques in the nude beside a booth with a glory hole. Occasionally a penis poked through the hole and I would either stroke it or sometimes suck it. One guy even pissed on me and in my mouth, it was delicious. My most daring activity was usually late at night with only a few patrons of the store around. I would leave the booth I was in and walk naked in the very dimly lit hallway among the booths. Mostly the other patron or two would buzz around me, fondle my cock or ass. More than once, when I was the last customer, and the clerk announced it was closing time, I collected my stuff and boldly walked out naked into the main merchandize room to be let out of the locked door passing right by the clerk. Once I did stop to purchase a vibrating butt plug before being let out. The clerk and I both seemed to enjoy the experience.

November 14, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Over 40 Years of Masturbating

60 yrs

I remember looking at pinup mags in a store before going to church and getting hard, and after the service going back and looking at these beautiful girls with tits barely covering their nipples and feeling my cock gat hard and turning the page with1 hand while my other slid up and downnoutside my pants until the jizz would cum and I would put the mag back on the shelf and walk home feeling guilty, and then go to my room to change and think about the tits and jerk off again before going down to dinner. That night at youth fellowship my buddy and I would talk about the girs there and soon go out for a cig and pull out our cocks and jerkoff . As I got to be 14 I would get a girl between 2 garages and fondle her little tis until my cock was so hard I couldn't stand it and pull it out and say watch this as I jerked and came and came and said touch it, and she would and my knees would get weak and she would pull up her bra and say I wish I could do that.Soon I was jerking off I my pants in school ,on the bus , and every time I got hard.I've been married twice and have had plenty of hetero sex but having a girl jerk me off or just doing myself while my eyes are closed thinking of breasts and cum on them, I get off so easily and do it again and again.

November 18, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Other Masturbatory Entry

Medival masturbation

Of course, this is just a story to get you horny and this never happened. Tobin, soaking from being thrown in the river, was walking home angrily. He hated being a servant to the prince and unfortunately he had shared this feeling in front of the prince. That was what got him thrown in the river. As he stormed back to the castle, he thought he saw some small girl about his age standing in the doorway but shook it out of his mind. When he reached the oak doors they opened ever so slightly and a girl poked her head out, seeing him she blushed and tried to keep the door closed with one hand while saying One second. Tobin pushed the door open and saw Samantha, one of the young maids, naked from the waist down with a red, hot pussy. She seemed so embarrassed but Tobin in a whisper said Get dressed and we can go somewhere more private. She put her clothes back on and they headed to one of the out of use Servants Quarters. They both sat down on one of the couches and began kissing. Then as Tobin began to thrust his groin up agains Samatha's, his penis began to get hard. She unheard todo her want for sex so she broke the kiss and told Tobin to strip off his pants and underwear, then she told him to sit ton the table. Tobin sat there feeling something he hadn't ever felt before, Samantha knelt down facing Tobin'spenis and started to massage it. Then about five minutes in she got on the table too and told him to lay down then still facing him she began to suck on it. Turn around. Tobin instructed, and as Samantha turned around he began to pull her skirt off, then they sat there in the 69 position for almost an hour. It was getting dark and they knew no one would miss them so Tobin went and found the most comfortable blanket he could. When he came back Samantha had started a fire and they cizied up next to the flames naked and sore, then Tobin woke up the Samantha slapping him lightly on the cheek. Hey sleepy balls. She said softly. Well, that was fun. Said Tobin. We're not done yet. She said. She got up and walked around to his legs, she began to massage his penis and he just lay back and let her do her work. Then when the shaft began to harden she stuck the whole thing in her mouth and gave him a blowjob. Then she got up and just lay motionless. They had never stripped down completely but they did now. Tobin began to slowly massage Samantha's vagina and he fingered and licked her until she climaxed, then they just lay there calming down. Samantha was back on top of him within an hour though. For the first time in his life Tobin had a girl on top of him. He began by penetrating the anus. She soon told him to lay on his back and she crouched an rode him. Then she lay on his stomach and said nothing. When they next got at it Tobin fingered her then penetrated his erect penis into her vagina and she moaned in pleasure. They would go up there every Saturday and have sex every week until they moved away.

November 19, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Masturbation Technique Variation

Up and all over

I have read most of the experiences on this blog. I have enjoyed most of them and have jacked off while reading some. I am always fascinated by the growth of an erection.

Now I love to masturbate to almost ejac. I do this whie totally naked. I love to walk around naked,lookinn various mirrows admiring very beautiful 6 very hard dick. Naturally I am fondling my dick and asshole.

Just when I have the wonderful feeling that I am about to explode, I get onto my bed, raise my legs over my head, pump my dick faster and cum into my mouth and all over my face. I savor the cum in my mouth and when I finally swallow it, I get up, go to a full lentgh mirrow, take my tongue to lick outside my mouth around my lips, then taking my fingers wipe all that I cannot reach with my tongue suckmy fingers and if any is left, put on my legs and lick it.

I do this alone. When I have a kindred spirit over, and we share dicks,ejac, assholes.

November 19, 2013 -


Show Off

I am a single guy, and I always enjoy going naked around the house. Usually it gives me an erection and I have a good time taking care of it. Personally, I have always found masturbation to be a very satisfying pastime. This past summer, one morning I was feeling in a somewhat daring mood. I have a fairly private backyard, so I decided to go sit out on the patio naked. Well, I found this to be quite stimulating and I had an erection in no time. A quite stiff one that was straining and which felt so good. I just sat there enjoying my extremely pronounced arousal, looking down at its length pushing up over my stomach, the head turning a deep shade of crimson- purple. I savored how big and stiff it was. Like I said, its length was straining and I could feel a teasing pulsing throb. I was content to sit there delighting in my clearly exagerated maleness. Suddenly I was surprised to find myself ejaculating without even touching myself. I felt the semen surge up my hard length, and the thick liquid pulsing through the hole in repeated white globs. My hands gripped the arms of the chair and my entire body tensed, and I just kpet coming with one throbbing pulse after another. It took my breath away. It was a consideerable discharge and a lot came out. The creamy liquid ran from my stomach and onto the cement. It took me about a full minute to recover from how intense my ejaculation had been. Catching my breath, I got up and went inside to clean up, my penis was staying large and remarkably stiff and was very sensitive. I was amazed, because I had never quite experience having such a fantastic erection before. Going into the living room, I sat on the sofa and happily masturbated to another climax. This time less came out - my reserves had been used, but my orgasm was quite intense and satisfying. I found the thrill of being naked and aroused outdoors, and the idea that someone might see me, to be extremely exciting. I had never considered myself to be an exhibitionist, but I discovered just what a turn on this can be.

November 19, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Anonymous Masturbator Confessions

Guilty Memories

I have had a secret which I have never told. My parents were divorced, and it was just my mom and me. During the summer I would have the house all to myself, and I would have fun walking around naked and masturbating. Pretty normal stuff. I developed this teasing habit, though, of remaining naked until my mom got home. I would stand in the kitchen until I saw her car drive up and I would see her get out. It was risky and very exciting and I loved masturbating while I stood there. My mom had no idea, of course. One day I was doing that, and my erection was super stiff from the excitement. As I watched my mom get out and close the door of the car and start for the house, I suddenly ejaculated before I was quite prepared to. I shot all over the kitchen floor, and there was my mom almost at the door. I panicked and ran upstairs for my clothes, not having any time to clean up. When I came back downstairs my mom just acted normal, not having seen anything. Then she remarked that I had spilled something on the floor. I practically had a heart attack. I quickly reached for the paper towels and said that I had would clean it up. I was so grateful that my mom hadn't cleaned it up, because there is no doubt that she would have known that it was semen. After that time, I was a whole lot more careful.

November 19, 2013 -

Jerking off is Awesome

Enjoying It

I have always found masturbation to be extremely satisfying, fun and enjoyable. Some people see it as a substitute for having sex. I see it as having sex. Personally, I find it very excting and I like how my erect penis feels in my hand. I like being able to control the stimulation, or to prolong the build up and experience different types of ejaculations. If I really take my time, and caress my penis gently until I can hardly stand it, when I ejaculate, I can squirt up to five feet.Other times I can stroke my organ fast and hard and ejaculate in short, throbbing pulses. Other times, I will just rub the sensitive spot on the outside of the shaft, right below the head, doing little circles with the tip of my index finger until I suddenly ejaculate and expereince repeated and almost continuous orgasmic throbs. I simply have always delighted in the pleasure of having an erection and getting to stroke and pet and stimulate my maleness. I have always found this to be very thrilling and satisfying in a way that is quite unique. Being basically straight, I do enjoy sex with a woman. I have, however, enjoyed the pleasure of indulging in mutual masturbation with another male. I find both things to be wonderful. Yet, I never fail to always enjoy my self-satisfaction and look forward to it. To be rewarded with the pleasure of making myself achieve an ever so pleasing and satisfying ejaculation.

November 19, 2013 - Sexual Preference - In-Between

The Ultimate Male Masturbation Experience

Very Best

This happened when I was younger. Like most boys, I was really into masturbating a lot. It felt so good and I loved it. I also loved doing in different places, especially outdoors, which I found very exciting. We lived on the edge of the country, and one day I walked barefoot out to where this creek was. There was nobody around, so I went under the bridge and sat down. Then, feeling in the mood for some fun, I tugged my faded jeans down and had no problem in getting an erection. I took it in my hand and slowly started rubbing up and down on its length, enjoying how good that felt. Suddenly and much to my surprise, this older guy comes down under the bridge. He looks surprised to see me sitting there with my pants down, masturbating this huge erection. He grinned and thought that it was funny. Then he said, mind if I join you? I watched as he took his pants down and revealed this thick erection that he had, which he began to rub. I went back to rubbing mine, fascinated to see him masturbating. After just a minute, he grunted and I saw this creamy semen pulse from his hard dick. That got me excited, and I climaxed and ejaculated, too. Then he smiled and said what a relief that was, zipped up his pants and left. I was amazed by the encounter and found it to be quite thrilling and a turn on. I sat there for several minutes and ended up masturbating myself to another really good climax. That day really stands out in my mind.

November 19, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight


Paint the town red

I'm a single guy in my twenties. I guess I have a sort of foot fetish. I'm rather shy, but I discovered that I find it very exciting to go barefoot. It took me quite a while to become comfortable about wearing sandals, and I still find it exciting to go barefoot in public. Doing this never fails to give me an erection. Well, not too long ago I happened to see some EMO looking boys, and noticed that a couple of them had painted toenails. I thought that was pretty different and I decided to try it. I got myself some deep red nail polish and painted my toenails. I was surprised what an unbelievably turn on this was! I jacked off twice that afternoon looking at my sexy toes! Anyway, I bravely applied my toenail polish and wore it around when I was at home. Thjis was teasing turn on. Finally, one day, I wodnered what it would be like if I went out wearing sandals with my toes painted. So I cautiously ventured out. I went down the sidewalk and passed afew poeple, and was disappointed that no one took any notice. Feeling rather blase about it, I continued on and enjoyed walking around with my painted toenails. I did get some admiring looks from a few young girls, and a couple of guys regarded me in a not sure what to think sort of way. It was a pleasant turn on, and I returned home to get naked and stroke the nice rection that I had to a healthy climax. After being brave enough to go out with painted tonails, I began to feel a whole lot more confident about going out barefoot, which remains the biggest turn on for me.

November 19, 2013 -

Memorable Wanking, Jacking Off, and General Masturbation


When I was younger, I had one of the most memorable of my life. That summer I met another boy who was blonde and extremely good looking. The type that all of the girls drool over. I had alwasy considered myself just to be average, and I was a little surprised when the two of started to hit it off. In fact, quite well. In no time at all, we were having this chummy friendship that was quite teasing. I never had been like that with another boy, but with him it was just so easy and not like a big deal. One day we were kidding around and we kissed. I was quite surprised, but he was all for doing that, so I got into it. We did that on a few occasions. When I was at his house, and nobody was there, he said how nice it would be if we were naked, so we took off our clothes. He had an erection and so did I. His penis was average in size and a bright shade of blushing pink. We kissed and held each other nakedly and felt each other's erection. It was so wonderful doing that with him. I guess that I was really having feelings of boy love. In no time at all, we jacked each other off. I was amazed that he had absolutely no qualms about being with another boy like this. The two of spent that entire summer having fun like that. But that first time, and my very first time with another boy, remains one of the most outstanding masturbation times that I ever had.

November 21, 2013 -


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November 21, 2013 - Sexual Preference - In-Between

The Ultimate Male Masturbation Experience

Why Not Friends

This happened when I was younger. There was a boy that I knew from school who was kind of a nerd. He wasn't fat, but he was kind of chubby and wore glasses and, of course, he was very smart. Anyway, he lived close to me, and he invited me over to his house. Having nothing else to do, I went. I was kind of surprised when he answered the door, because he was barefoot. I don't know, I just wasn't expecting him to even like doing something like that.But there he was, in his nerdy striped shirt and nerdy non-jeans pants, and he was barefoot. Well, he was realy happy that I had come over, and he began to show me all of his sruff - telescope, chess set and all all of that. I could tell that he was trying to impress me, and he was into science and did have some pretty neat stuff, and I was impressed. We got to talking, and I mentioned his being barefoot. I could tell that he was kind of shy about that, but admitted that he liked going barefoot around the house. I said that I did too, and he invited me to take off my shoes, so I did. He asked me if I ever went barefoot outside, and I said that I did sometimes, and that I liked to wear flip-flops. He was all impressed by that, and we talked some about going barefoot, and how it was sexy and felt good. He confessed that it was kind of a turn on, and I agreed that it was, and we talked some about that. I suppose by then we were both feeling pretty uninhibited, and he confessed that sometimes it gave him an erection, and I told him that it gave me one sometimes, too. Then we started talking about erections, and we laughed, saying how that was giving us both one. Nobody was home and it was just the two of of us, and he said it would be fun if we were naked. I figured that nobody would know, so I said it was OK with me. We got undressed, and we both had an erection. His was very pink and mine was just a little bit bigger. We commented how how they looked and how stiff they were, and then we felt each other's. Of course that was nice, so we continued to feel one another and eventually we masturbated each other to a climx. It was so neat ejaculating together. After about tweny minutes, we managed to masturbate one another again, and it felt so good! After that, the two of us started to become pretty good friends and that was really nice. He became less of a nerd, and I got to enjoy having a friend that I really liked.

November 21, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Urgent Need to Masturbate

Oh Wow

This happened some years back, but it was certainly one time that I remmeber having the biggest and stiffest erection ever. It happend when I saw my mother naked in the bathroom. It was by accident, but there my mother was, standing there completely naked from head to toe. My mom wasn't upset about me seeing her like that. She thought it was sort of funny. She just smiled. I was wide- eyed. She was rather full-figured. Her breasts were quite large, with big dark nipples, and she had a lot of dark pubic hair. I was amazed and surprised to see my mother as this naked woman. I immediately apologized for walking in like I had, and she said that it was OK. Well, I left and closed the door, and suddenly I found myself having this fantastic boner. I went to my room and closed the door and sat on my bed. My boner was so stiff that it was aching. I unzipped my pants and there it was, enormous and red. I started rubbing it and thinking about my mother being naked. Within about thirty seconds I ejaculated. These huge white globs pulsed out in abundance. When I had finished climaxing, I felt guilty and embarrassed for having such a horny reaction to my own mother. A little while later I saw her downstairs and she was dressed, of course. She just laughed about the incident had said how now I had seen everything, and thought that it was amusing, especially my looking so modest. The fact that she was perfectly fine with my having seen her naked, and even seemed to have enjoyed it, made me feel a little less embarrassed and guilty.

November 24, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Masturbation Technique Variation

I kike to masturbate an I have tasted my pre-cum an like it I have also tasted my cum I didn't like it I was telling my close friend about it but he is well endowed an real limber he can suck himself he told me that cum tasted better wright out of your cock I have tried every way to suck my cock so I got the idea to slip a small vinyl tube down my pee slit about two inches the tube is about fourteen inches long just thinking about I got real hard I started jacking off till I was about to cum I lubed the tube putone end in my mouth then I very careful I slid it in my cock about two inches I was so hot just thinking what I was about to do it didn't take me long to start to cum when I did I sucked on tube as I was ejaculating I suck my cum up in the tube while I was still cum- ming I slowly removed the tube but before put my finger on the other end after the tube was out of my cock I put it in my mouth an sucked very hard then I removed my finger an mu cum shot to the back of my throat it was still real warm my friend was right the warmer it is the better it is but it wasn't enough I wanted more so I thought if I got a longer tube it would hold moreso I got one about two feet long as before just thinking what I was going to do I got an erection like I never had before I didn't waste any time I was so hot I lubed up the tube put one end in my mouth an very carefully inserted about three inches in my cock I knew it would take me a little longer to cum I was real into jacking off it was feeling good I felt down to the base of my cock an felt the end of the tube all the way down to the base oy my cock which is seven an half inches then I started to cum I was sucking on the tube I sucked till I quite cuming then I put my finger on the end an slowly removed the tube from my cock an put it in my mouth an sucked real hard then I removed my finger I really got a mouth full an it was a lot hotter I will have to admit my cum is as good as my pre-cum I love it I will never waste a another load the first load is thick an creamey it is the best

November 24, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Undecided

Anonymous Masturbator Confessions

My First Entry

First off this is more than likely first of many posts. Second I love to masturbate everyday sometimes multiple times a day. Mostly just the regular hand around your penis. But I met a guy and he told me something else I could do. He suggested I try Anal masturbation. I tried it....and I loved it....it had a certain pain that felt exhilarating. I wanted more in me. I asked him how to get my hand in. He told me. So I grabbed the lotion rolled on my back and stuck my legs up and spread my legs. I shoved all five fingers inside me and almost got to the knuckle. It was incredible!!! I want more. So much more in me. I can't wait until I find something else to write about. Thanks for reading!! Happy Masturbating!!

November 24, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Gay

Memorable Wanking, Jacking Off, and General Masturbation

Alone In The Forest

So back when I was a teen I had this little motor bike that i'd use to run around and joy ride out in the country where I live. Well you know after you learn how to jack off and what it's all about, it's in your mind alot, especially at that age. So I was out riding one time and the trails i'd ride would go along the woods and through them, etc. And the neighbor that owned some of the land I would ride on was a big hunter. He did alot of archery hunting and he had one of the bales that bow hunters would use to target shoot. Only it wasnt a paper bale, it was a bale of plastic sheets. It was thousands and thousands of sheets tightly compressed together and banded that he had set up in the woods, beyond the tree line, with a clear line of site that he would use to target shoot from a point way back on his property. So the bale was within the forest quite well. Anyhow, i'm out riding and the thought occurs to me to check out the bale so I ride the bike up into the wooded area around the bale and park it and start checking out the bale. And next thing that pops into my head is that the layers of plastic might feel nice to shove my cock into so I dropped my shorts and stuck my cock right in. And to my surprise that plastic bale was all cool and wet and slimy cuz of course it sat out in the weather year round. so I fucked the shit out of that old plastic bale that first time and several times afterward. It felt great and needless to say, many of those layers were much more slimy than they would have been from just the weather. Good times. That old bale is still there to this day, some 20 years later. On occasion I see it while walking by at a distance and have some fond memories of many years ago.

November 25, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight


Paint the town red II

This is in response to paint the town red. I was quite pleased to see this entry. I am a straight single guy. About two years ago I discovered the fun of painting my toenails. I have to admit that I found it to be quite a turn on, and it would give me a fantatsic erection. ell, I started to have painted toenails around the house, and began to feel more and more comfortable with it. Finally, feeling daring, I began to venbture out barefoot in sandals with painted toenails. I was extremely self-conscious at first. Then about seventy-five per cent of the people I encountered did not even seem to notice. I got a few curious glances from others - men and women, and I got a few compliments, too. Mostly I was afraid of looking gay, but I soon got past that. I enjoy having painted toes and I find it is very satisfyingly sexy!

November 25, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

The Worst Wanking Experience

I was so embarrassed

This happened when I was younger. I had never had a same-sex experience before. There was a guy that I sort of knew, and he was always acting pretty guy-friendly with me. At first I was a little unsure, but I was pretty curious, and I started to encourage it. One day he started to get pretty friendly with me, and asked if I wanted to mess around. I nervously said, sure. So we got undressed, and it was a turn on being naked, and unvbelievably exciting to see him with a boner. A little too much so. As I stood there, I suddenly ejaculated. I just couldn't help it. I was so embarrassed, and he was obviously disappointed. I never tried to do anything with him again.

November 25, 2013 - Sexual Preference - In-Between

The Ultimate Male Masturbation Experience

Movie Goer

The best experience that I've had masturbating is after I worked up the nerve to go to an adult movie. At first I was very nervous. Then, as I sat there, I saw guys sitting there masturbating quite openly. So I tried that, feeling a little self-conscious, but it was fun. Then I began to notice guys doing things together. I was pretty amazed. I had no idea that guys were that open in the theater. Well, after I went a few times, I began to get braver. Finally one day I decided to get naked. So I slipped my clothes off and sat there naked, masturbating. I got a few interested looks, but no adverse comments. Encouraged and feeling very uninhibited, the next time I got naked and decided to stroll up behind the seats were there was always a lot of activity going on. I got some admiring smiles. It was such a fantastic turn on walking around naked like that with an erection, that I can't even begin to describe how excited I was. Needless to say, this has been a favorite past time to enjoy whenever I'm in the mood.

November 30, 2013 -

First Time Masturbating

Accidental Discovery

So I have no idea why, but along about the age of 11 or 12, i'm not really sure, I discovered how good it felt to orgasm only I didnt know what it was. For some reason while bathing I decided to partially fill a glass with water and turn it upside down over and around my cock and push it down so as to seal it around my skin so that the water couldnt escape. And then with the hand over it that was keeping the pressure down on the glass, I began just jiggling the glass back and forth, kind of shaking it and the water would slosh up and around my dick. And it must of felt good on my cock so I kept doing it and I guess I discovered the more I did it the better it made me feel so I wound up doing it longer and harder and faster with more intensity until something really good happened. But I didnt know what that good thing was. Eventually I found out I was experiencing an orgasm. I have no idea if I was cumming or not. But I was climaxing. That was my very first experience(s). All by accident.

December 1, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Jerking off is Awesome

I just love it

I like to masturbate an play with my self every night in bed I just have to hold my cock I just cant leave it alone I bring myself to the point of cuming then my wife is asleep I go to she is asleep I go to the bathroom an jackoff real slow till I cum it is pure pleasure when I shoot my load then I rub all of my cum on my cock an balls when it dries I go back to bed it wont be fifteen till I am holding my cock I just leave it alone I think I am in love with it I wish I could kiss an lick it but I cant I am to old for that but it is a thought

December 2, 2013 -

Anonymous Masturbator Confessions

I have a confession..

Ok, my confession is I am a female! I love reading these stories to see what masturbation is like for guys, and let me tell you, it gets me so wet! Reading your stories is as good as any porn for me and I often find myself masturbating to them...love them guys keep up the good work so I can keep up with mine ;)

December 4, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Memorable Wanking, Jacking Off, and General Masturbation

Spunking with Sally's Knickers

I am a male, late fifties, have masturbated since I was 14, and like to wank. I live close a couple in their twenties. Sally is blonde, petite with tiny tits but a sexy body, and I have often watched and fantasised and stroked my penis to her, imagining how it would feel to have sex with Sally and make some hot cum deep inside her without using a condom. Recently I had a morning wank session, getting hard to mags and porn and in a chat room, and I got a raging hard on to Sally. I went to her flat and in her bedroom, in the laundry, found some of Sally's underwear, some bras, including a beautiful pair of g- string knickers, which were musky and sexy. I started to fantasise about being inside her, being in her bed, having deep and satisfying sex all night. Her knickers felt so hot on my cock as I used a photo of Sally that was in her room, imagining Sally sitting on my cock, right up inside her. After masturbating frantically for not very long I had that sexy rush when I know I need to make a cum, and made a shooting, climactic, gob of hot sperm right up inside her. Magical. Making my wank in her bedroom and using her knickers was just such a turn on, it fills my head every time I see her with her boyfriend, and it will when I make my cum very very soon now.

December 4, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Memorable Wanking, Jacking Off, and General Masturbation

Lucky me - - - - Unlucky me

My senior year in highschool I dated a very rich but unattractive girl.Of course she was popular, but because of her plainness, she had very few dates. On one date I was fingering her good, when sudenly she took off her panties, raised up her dress, and told me she wanted fuck. I was surprized but ready.

She was a virgin, much to my surprize. The next night she called and TOLD me to come over. I was kinda apprenhensive for fear she was mad. When I got there, we went out to my car. She grabbed my dick, put it against her thigh and told me how much she wanted me to fuck her again. I did,and she wanted more which was ok with me so we fucked several times as only a young man can do.

The next afternoon she was waiting for me after school. We went to my car, got in and she reach iside my pants, unzipped them dug out vmy rising dick, er how to jack me offed it, and said se wanted to suck it, so I let her. Then I showed her how to jack me off. Her hand on my dick really felt good, far better than my own.

I was uncut, and told her that for a long time I couldn't skin it back from the tip ofthe head. I showed my dad, soft, and we went to a dr. who used a tool to enlarge the hole. Got hard while he was doing it! He and my dad laughed, told me to finish it off,took some and put it under a micro to show me all the sperm in on ejac. Told her she was full of my sperm. She told me she thought she was nymphomaniac, so we fucked I got sucked and jacked frequently.

I started trying to quit seeing her, but she pestered me all the time. I got scared because she was aggressive, demanding, and threatening to tell my parents. I told my dad, and he told me to pass the word around to other guys, get one to date her, work her up and fuck her. It worked! She became his problem

When I went off to college, I did a lot of jacking off thinking about her. She was good fucking. I was happy just jacking off. My roommate saw me doing it vone afternoon while I wasstudying, so we started jacking off first together, then each other, then sucking each other. Later he bentvover one night, I stuck my dick into his ass and shot my wad. It was good, but not like fucking a girl.

Now I am married,still jack off alone and swing with some guys. So now I fuck jack, suck and any thihg I am able to do.

Just reminising has made me horny, so now I am going toplay with my peter, jack off and eat my cum in some yogurt. Very healthy!

December 5, 2013 -

First Time Masturbating

My first time

One time I herd this thing called masterbating they said it was wonderful I was around 12 or so when I went into my brothers room and asked what is masterbating and can you tell me how to do it? And he said with a bad ass face😎 hell yea. And he did so I went into my room and started tugging my small dick 😆 and did not come but ohhhhhh it felt soooooooooo good ans that was my first time I will be posting a caught masterbating soon so keep on a lookout -Mr. Badass lol

The end

December 5, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight


Heat of fire

One day my older sister and I were playing and building a fort and she wanted to construct a camp fire pit. After we set up our fort and fire pit she said Maybe we could invite some more of our friends to hang out there and play. I went around the neighborhood asking if any wanted to come see the fort and several girls said yes. My sister decided that she really wanted to try the fire pit and even though I felt a little scared about the fire I agreed. She sent home a girl from down the block to get some matches. When the girl came back there was myself my sister and about 8 other girls there. The girl that brought back the matches began to strike them and tried to get the fire going. She lit match after match, I could smell the strong sulphur smell and watched as her young hand s struck the matches. I began to get horny and felt tickles in my penis and balls. She looked over seeing my hard stiff cock and asked me if she could feel or touch it. She giggled as she felt my throbbing cock. The other girls began lighting matches too making my wiener very stiff. One girl said look I think his cock is getting hard from the matches. Soon they all wanted a chance to strike matches near and under my penis and balls. I could smell the sulphur and feel the heat as each girl struck the matches hard making them POP on the matchbox . I layer face down on the floor and started to rub while they sat and lit more and more matches and one girl grabbed my hard hot throbbing cock in her hand and I began to squirt my hot sticky cum.

December 5, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Other Masturbatory Entry


Hey guys and girls! This is I think my third post on here? Anyway I have a confession. I love these guy stories! I'm not gay but it's fun to get hard from reading what other men have done! I usually lay in bed and read these stories on my phone and play with my 7 inch cock(suprisingly large for a teen!). I have another confession as well. I like going onto online chat rooms(isexychat: known as Senor) and talking to guys n girls n making them cum. It's so fun! I'll either instruct guys on how I want them to jerk off and cum for me, or I will role play with girls while they masturbate. And once I'm done doing that, I like to go jerk off in the bathroom imagining that I was really there with those people. I get a pretty intense orgasm out of it too! I also like to swap pix on Kik! I just love jerking off to naked women! They just have such gorgeous bodies and it gives me the hardest erection. In fact I think I'm going to go do that now!

Happy masturbating ladies and gents! ;)

December 6, 2013 - Sexual Preference - In-Between

Urgent Need to Masturbate

Hottest Time

This happened to me a couple of years ago. I met a guy who was several years older than me, who was very interested in sports cars and had a great collection of photographs and memorabilia. He invited me over to his place to see it. I had to admit that he had a great colelction. While we were standing there looking at some of the pictures on the wall, he slipped his arm around behind my back, and put his hand on my shoulder. It was chummy, and for some reason, with him, I didn't mind or feel bothered by it. In fact, I actually kind of like it, and I slipped my arm around behind his waist.Anyway, that was all that happened. It was a couple of days later I went back over to his place. Well, of course, I admired his colection some more, and again we ended up putting an arm around behind each other's waist in this chummy fashion. He smiled at me, and I smiled at him, and he mentioned how much he enjoyed my company. Of course, I said that I enjoyed his, too. Then he casually asked if I liked being close to another guy as a friend. Naturally I was a little shy about being asked that, and did't quite know what to say. I told him that I wasn't gay, and that I really never had been close like that with another guy. He said how he liked that sometimes, and without making a big deal out of it, he kissed me on the lips and we hugged. I was a little unsure, but it was quite nice and I liked how it felt doing that with another guy. It was just appealing masculine in a way that I had never experienced before. We did a few more kissing, which was very stimulating and arousing. Then he said how good it would feel if we had our clothes off and were naked. I went along with it, and we got undressed. I know that my mouth must have fallen open. I was amazed by the size of the rection he had. It was literally a foot long! He just griined proudly, enjoying showing me his enormous penis. I couldn't believe it. I thought that mine was pretty good sized, but his was absolutely incredible. I had never seen anything like that. To me, it was an incredible turn on. We hugged and kissed, and of course I felt his erection. I could hold it in both hands with lots left to spare! We sat on the sofa and started making out and playing with each other. I was having such a good time, and it felt wonderful doing this together as guys. Believe me, my erection was so stiff and straining that it practically hurt! I started stroking the length of his penis and after several minutes I made him ejaculate. It practically took my breath away to see his creamy semen pulsing out. Then he masturbated me and I ejaculated. It only took seconds, I was so excited. My semen just shot out in what seemed to practically be a no stop release. I had never ejaculated so intensely before! Needless to say, the two of became very good friends after that.

December 6, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Urgent Need to Masturbate

cumming on the tv

This just happened this morning, I awoke early with a great hardon and went to my tv and put on a facial porn dvd,that I was watching last night, I began stroking as one guy after another ejaculated on the pretty girl faces. There was a scene where 10 guys were getting off and she is talking to them and I'm

looking her in the eye as shots of jizz are cummimg over her face and in her mouth and I felt myself getting ready when she said to a cock -shoot and cum- and I stood up and did just that on the screen and she was looking right at me, so I began licking it off the screen thinking it was her face. wow a new first for this voyeur, i'm ready to cum now thinking about it ahhhhh.

December 9, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Gay

Caught Masturbating!

Self Fellatio

I had been quite lonely for a while, and that day wasn't nearly the first time I got caught masturbating, but it was the first time I got caught sucking myself off. I was in my bedroom, having come back from my dancing practice and not yet taken a shower. I quite enjoy looking at my sweaty body in the mirror, take a picture or two, but I usually did that after slipping some boxers on. That day, I was plainly naked there, and I don't know how vain this sounds, but being as alone as I was for so log, looking at myself turned me on and gave me a raging erection. I had to take care of that, and so I decided to take advantage or my flexibility. I laid on my back, on my bed, and threw my legs up, stretching myself down until I could comfortably have the head of my dick in my mouth. It felt so good, I couldn't spare myself. I started stretching myself down further and further until, challenging my own flexibility and the amount of time I could last feeling that much pleasure, I managed to fit a solid 7.5 inches of my 8 inch cock in my mouth. That felt so accomplishing and so pleasurable, I just kept going. In all that pleasure, I didn't notice my straight flat mate had arrived, and he was standing in the doorway, staring at me while I gagged on my own cock and moaned into myself. He asked me why I was doing that and I still didn't hear him, then he yelled Dude, what the f*ck! And right as I opened my eyes to see him standing there, angry and shirtless, looking at me, I shot a gigantic load of sperm right at the back of my throat, twitching. I don't know what got into him, but as he saw the face of pleasure I made, I think he reconsidered his sexuality, because from that night on, I haven't been so lonely anymore, and I dot have to cum into my own mouth or worship my own body.

December 10, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Masturbation Technique Variation

A new look

I am a man in my early fifties. I am almost straight arrow, but have sucked and been sucked by othermen. Also I am married, have all kinds of sexual pleasure with my wife, seen my teen age son masturbate, and I do play with myself very often. We have a ceiling mirror in our bedroom, so I have lain on my back, watched while my wife and Ifuck and she has lain on the bottom, and watched.

I often walk around our house naked. when my son is out I walk with a good hard or semi. Sometimes my wife will suck me just about anywhere in the house - kitchen breakfast room- floor anywhere just for the fun of it

I have jacked off many times in front of a mirror, either a mirror over the basin whlie shaving or any full length. But I have never looked at my facial expressions while either jacking or cumming. Well that is not exactly true, I have looked, but not realy studied my expression while jacking but never while cumming. This morning when I got out of the shower, I looked in the shaving mirror,saw I was hard, opened the closet door which had a full lenght mirror, admired myself and started jacking. I looked at my face, decided to watch my face, study it whle jacking and al the way to cumming. Boy oh boy what expressions I had - pleasure - joy - determinenation - stomach writhing - spurting - humping - licking my fingers of cum.

Quite an experience for me. I am sure some of you have alredy done this - I am going to do it again and again

December 11, 2013 -

Urgent Need to Masturbate

A Real Turn On

When I was younger, a friend and I used to go up to where this was a creek in this secluded area. It wasn't deep enough to actually swim in, but we would take off our clothes and splash in the water. It was always fun being naked and a turn on, and we would get the biggest hardest boners. In a way we were kind of being exhibitionist with each other, enjoying showing off just how enormously big and hard our penises could be. I mean, they were absolutely huge and rigid, with the heads shiny smooth and purple. Our erections were actually painfully stiff and would just refuse to go down. We'd be there for an hour exhibiting our boners and laughing and giggling, and we feel each other a little bit, caressing each others stiff length with our fingers. Which was about all it took to make us ejaculate and squirt. Oh, the pleasures of being a boy!

December 12, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

The Ultimate Male Masturbation Experience

Oh yeah

One of my best experiences happened when I was younger. It was with a boy from school. It was summer and we happened to be in this secluded spot where there was a stream. It was very warm, and I was feeling uninhibited and daring, and I said that I was going to take off my clothes. Well, he was kind of shy and not sure about doing that. So I went ahead and bravely got undressed and waded in the water. After about five minutes he worked up the courage and got undressed, too. I was surprised to see that he had this huge dick. I had no idea of course, and he was pretty self- conscious about that. I told him that I was impressed and he admitted to be kind of embarrassed about how big his dick was. I told him that he didn't have to be with me, and said that I thought it was pretty cool. That made him feel better and less self-conscious. We waded around for a few minutes, with his big dick swinging between his legs. Then we went and sat in the sun to dry off. Well, no surprise, as we sat there, I started to get a boner. It wasn't exactly like I could hide it. He smiled and I felt kind of embarrassed, then he started getting a boner too. It wasn't like his dick got a whole lot bigger, just stiff and it pushed clear up to his chest.Of course I was really impressed and I reached over to feel his boner. It was the first time that I had ever felt another boy's dick and it was exciting doing that. He didn't mind, and he felt my dick, and we sat there masturbating each other until we both ejaculated. We had the best time and it was cool the two of us being that close and friendly. A couple of days later we played around again, and we actually gave each other a blow job, but that's another story.

December 14, 2013 - Sexual Preference - In-Between

Jerking off is Awesome

Second Thoughts

I am a divorced male, and have been divored for three years now. Being on my own, I have begun to re-discover the pleasure of masturbation. There really is something quite satisfying and captivating about enjoying one's own sexuality. Living alone, I often like to go naked around my place, and find that this usually gives me an erection. When I was much younger, this was something that I had always enjoyed doing, and would spend having a great time jacking off. I really like how good it feels to hold my hard penis in my hand. When I was younger as well, I had the chance to enjoy mutual masturbation with a friend, and I discovered how pleasurable it was to enjoy the maleness of that. Recently I met a younger single guy, and the two of have begun to participate in mutual masturbation, and this has been so wonderful and rewarding as friends. I would like to encourage any guys who are curious about having this type of male-friendship, to go ahead and try it. This is quite apart from being gay or even bisexual as such. Yet, I think that too many guys are afraid of this aspect or of being labeled, and the cheat themselves out of having a genuinely good time. I have to admit that I have once more begun to really enjoy life and the pleasure of being a guy.

December 14, 2013 -


Gender Bender

This is something which I have told or confessed to anybody. I started crossdressing, and found it to be a fantastic turn on. I'm not gay and I don't consider myself to be transgender, but I discovered that making myself appear as a girl is terrific fun. It started a couple of years ago. I saw a young guy who looked basically straight to me, and he was wearing sandals and had painted toenails. I wasn't too sure how I felt about that at first. But then I started thinking about it, and wondsrring what it would be like to paint my toenails. So I got a bottle of polish, a mid- brown, nothing too flashy, and painted my toes. I was surprised that it felt quite sexy and unexpectedly exciting, and I enjoyed masturbating while having my toes painted. This went on for a little while. I would paint my toenails when I was at home, and I really found that to be a turn on. After a while, I began to feel more daring, so I bravely went out a few times wearing sandals with my toenails painted. I got a few curious looks, and naturally I felt self-conscious. I sort of toyed with the idea of, what if I dressed like a girl? It was an interesting and teasing thought, so I combed my hair into a kind of page boy, wore jeans and a kind of plumb color t-shirt, and wore a pair of flip flops, with my toenails painted, of course. I went out and, much to my surprise, no one even looked at me twice. That gave me the stiffest erection ever doing that! I could hardly wait to get home and jack off. I must have squirted five feet, at least that, because I was in the bathroom and my stream hit the far wall, which was that distance. Needless to say, I had found this such a turn on, that I began going out that way. I even got more daring, and bought a few more girly type of tops. There was no desire to get into dresses and gobs of makeup and high heels. I was just happy looking like a normal, everyday casual girl. I started to use a little eye makeup and some moderate lipsstick, but that was all. Eventually, I adopted a whole new persons, thinking of it as Barb. And I began going out regularly as Barb, and always enjoyed it being a great turn on, giving me some of the best masturbation moments ever!

December 16, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Caught Masturbating!


I started playing with my dick when I was around ten I really liked it then about twelve I came for the first time it felt so good I just couldn't get enough of it then when I was fourteen I was really going at it when my sister caught me I asked her not to tell anybody she said I wont because I like playing with myself so why don't we do it together we managed to do it about three times a week after while she said why don't you play with me an I will play with you I have wanted to hold your dick since the very first time I saw it that's when it all started she showed me how to do her while she jerked me off we both had orgasms about the same time then came the day that we was going to be home alone all day she said why don't we get naked an lay on my bed an rub our bodies together that's when it happened I was hard as a rock she was really wet she said why don't you get on top I saw my dad on top of mom I hear her say it felt so good so I did as we was rubbing together my dick slipped down between her legs an we got a little wild an my dick slipped in her pussy I started to pull out but she didn't want me to just lay still for a little bit but that didn't happen we moved a little an I slipped all the way in my five an half inches we must have lost our minds as I started to pull out she would pull me back in it felt so good for both of us all of a sudden she started to moan an said that she was going to cum that was all it took I ejaculated in her then we got scared that she might be knocked up but two weeks later she told me that she was oaky but that didn't stop us from having sex I got some condoms then we had sex about three or four times a week nobody never knew we both got married but when we get together we manage to slip away an still have the hottest sex an love it as much as the first time

December 16, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Jerking off is Awesome

masturbation is the best

I love to masturbate an have for a many years there is nothing better when you can pleasure yourself I started when I found that it felt so good an never stopped I am up in years now but that don't stop me I enjoy it as much now as I did my first time I like reading these stories of other men enjoying their ways some of them make me so hot that I masturbate while I am reading as old as I am I can still cum a good amount I am so proud that I can still cum I am playing with myself now my cock is so hard it feels so good uh oh I think I am going to cum right now oh god it feels so good when I cum I think what keeps me going is that I ketch my cum in my hand I have never told anybody before what I am going to tell you now that I eat all of my cum when I started I didn't like it but the more you try it the better you will like it an you will never waste another drop

December 16, 2013 - Sexual Preference - In-Between

Urgent Need to Masturbate

What a Turn On

When I was younger, I was with a friend and we were in this secluded area. It was summer and hot, and for fun we decided to take our clothes off and be naked. Well, that was great, and we both started to get an erection. I was amazed and completely captivated by the sight of his boner. It was just average size - the same as mine, but the head was this fantastic shade of deep purple. I found that just looking at his large swollen, purple tip was such a turn on. It made my boner so hard! Mine was just a darker redish-pink, but his was so maginifent! I watched him as we jacked off, and I just couldn't take my eyes off of his penis as the head got smooth and shiny and absolutely luscious. Then I saw the thick white semen pump out of his gorgeous boner, and that made me come. It was such a turn on that I have never forgotten.

December 16, 2013 - Sexual Preference - In-Between

The Ultimate Male Masturbation Experience

Oh yeah me too

I juts read the story Oh, Yeah! I had an experience with a friend who I found out was huge. I really had no idea until one day I happened to see him naked after a shower. He had this really big penis hanging down between his legs. Of course, I was very surprised. I complimeneted him on his size, and he confessed that he had always been very self-conscious about how big his penis was. I was curious about how big it was when erect. He said that I should take off my clothes and be naked too, and then he wouldn't feel quite so modest. So I got took off my clothes and got naked. Well, I was getting turned on and he began getting turned on, too. I just could not believe it when I saw his penis getting completely hard. It was fourteen inches! Mine is only a little over six, and seemed small in comparison to that. He didn't have any problem in lettng me handle his boner. I could put both hands on it and still have lots left over. While I was holding him, I began stroking his length, and he started masturbating me. I worked on him for about ten minutes and then he came. I watched with pleasure as his liquid came pulsing out in long milky streams. I had never jacked off another guy before, but doing that was such a turn on, that I didn't mind his semen getting all over my hand. That just made me more excited. He masturbated me to an intense climax I can tell you! It felt like I couldn't stop coming or that my boner would ever stop throbbing. Well, after that time, the two of us began to masturbate one another regularly and we have loved every moment of it. Neither of us are gay, just good friends. I sure can related to Oh, Yeah!

December 16, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Undecided

First Time Masturbating

A senior who is a virgin

Hi. Well I have been getting erection after erection while reading these stories. I an a senior of age&a virgin. I have a condition,that a side effect is not going through puberty,meaning,I ca'nt ejaculate,but can get a good hard on.I live with my mother,who I love a lot.But I have a weight problem&she is very protective of me.I have never had sex with anyone,and that is killing me,along with never being a father.I do'nt know if I am gay or not,but I like both sexes.A womans tits are nice,and have mever had the chance to touch,but would like too.I also like mens penises,and have a fantasy.I would to be fucked in the ass&feel the ejaculation.Just one.Also,i would like to suck a guys dick,until he cummed in my mouth,and do a 69iner with someone.When my dick gets hard,it is the best feeling.The best erection I get is when I lay in bed.Most of the times,i'll go to sleep with a flaccid dick,but wake up with a boner,which I have to every now and then gives a few jerks.Ty all for listening,but that is my story

December 16, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Anonymous Masturbator Confessions

Brief Affair

Five years ago I had a brief male-affair with an older man. We had gotten to know each other, and I have to admit that I was quite taken with him. He was very good looking, well built and manly. I had never had any sort of attraction towards another guy before, but it was different with him. He was quite friendly and chummy, which I really liked and had no problem with. I was even encouraging of it, because it felt special and different and to me, even a little daring being close to another guy like that. Over several months we became closer and more friendly. He told me that he really enjoyed my company, and said that he thought I was good looking and that he found me attractive and even sexy. I felt a little self-conscious being told that by another guy, but I felt flattered. He had his arm around shlouklders, and I had my arm around his waist. Then I kind of knew that it was going to happen, and it did. He kissed me on the mouth. I wasn't surprised. It felt so good, feeling his lips pressing against mine and it excited me. After we kissed, I was very aware of the stiff erection that it had given me. He could see that I had no objections to our being friendly like that, and we kissed several more times. He pressed against me, and I could feel his erection through his pants, which he made no effeort to keep from me. Then he said how we should go into the bedroom, so we did. He got undressed, and was standing there naked, smiling over showing me his large, hard erection. I got naked and let him see my erection. Climbing on the bed, we were in each other's arms, kissing and holding one another, rubbing our erections together. The moment was so captivatingly male to me. I was excited to feel his large, stiff penis up against mine. He took a moment to suck on my penis and when he pulled back, I tried sucking on his. It was icnredibly thrilling to have his hard organ in my mouth. It was so intimate and exciting. Finally he went to get a condom and put it on. He had me lay face down and then he got on top of me, and eased his erection into my butt. I gasped and tensed, and he waited until I relaxed, and pushed his organ all the way in. It was almsot painful feeling my opening being stretched like that, but at the same time it was thrilling and I liked how it felt to have his length filling me. He started going in and out, and I laid there so helplessly excited. I don't know how long he was in me exactly, maybe two or three minutes. His insertions had me panting and then ejaculating. I felt my hard penis throb beneath me. Then he grunted and I knew that he was coming in me. It was so good. I had never experienced anything like this. Afterwad we kissed and held one another and the masculine closeness was incredibly satisfying to me. I really loved it. I went back over to house a couple of day later, and we made love again, and with the same wonderful results. That summer we became itnimately involved and I loved every moment of it. Then I went back to college and he moved away during that year. I was really sorry that he had, but at the same time I was sort of glad that he was no longer there to tempt me. I still think about him often, and frequently enjoy masturbating to my memories of my only male affair, which I still find so exciting. Yes, I did try having sex with another once, but it was not the same and it ended up being very disappointing. Still, I love to think back on that time and delight in my fond memories.

December 17, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Undecided

Fantasies while Masturbating

Senior virgin-Part 2

It's me again.I'm 50ish.If you have'nt hada chance to read my story,go to the 16th.I want guys to tell me,even tho I ca'nt ejaculate,but can get on hardons,if I was standing in front of you,with a hard dick,what you do to me?I ca'nt wait to hear your responses. I have gotten hard erections reading some of these stories.

December 18, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

First Time Masturbating

First and Happy

This happened when I was younger. A friend and I would go up to this secluded woodsy place not far from where we lived. For fun and being daring, we decided to take our clothes off and be naked. Well, no suprirse, we both got an erection. Our penises were sticking up nice and stiff and bright pink, and it felt really good having them hard like that. We talked about good it felt to touch them, so we both began touching and sort of rubbing our erections. Without intending to, we both got to the point where it happened, and we squirted. That felt so fantatsic! About fifteen or twenty minutes later we did it again, and we were hooked. After that, we started masturbating all the time together and this went on for the next four years. Great memories.

December 18, 2013 - Sexual Preference - In-Between

Memorable Wanking, Jacking Off, and General Masturbation

Most memorable

This happened when I was younger. One day during the summer, I was out walking around in a this secluded area with a friend. We stopped and sat down, and were talking about things. We got to talking about some of the girls we liked, and He admiited that he was feeling horny and so did I. We were both pretty shy, but we thought that it might feel good to jack off. So we pulled our jeans down, and we were both half way to having an erection. Kind of modestly, we began to play with our penis and succeded in achieving a nice erection. So we sat there leisurely rubbing our stiff lengths, enjoying the fun of getting to see each other. We were daring enough to feel each other's penis a little bit, which was a pleasant turn on getting to do that as guys. Then we went back to rubbing ourselves, smiling at one another and enjoying the moment. We did a few small kisses on the lips which was nice, and then we both ejaculated, coming on our stomachs. The epxerience was extremely satisfying, especially doing it with each other, and we discovered how good it felt being this close as friends. Needless to say, we masturbated together a nukber of times after that, and enjoyed some very satisfying mutual masturbation. I think that for both of us, those times were just some of the most memorable, and I think back quite often on how simple and nice that was.

December 18, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Gay

Masturbation Technique

The vacuum suck-Very hit

The vacuum suck has been around for awhile but you just need to make sure that it's done correctly! Step one- Sometims you can just use the hose attached to the vacuum but if you have a thicker cock like mine, you will need a toilet paper or paper towel roll (empty). Step2-kneel on floor with a pillow under your knees for comfort Step 3- stick your cock In hose or in paper towel roll. If using paper towel roll, you will need to put hose through a little bit of roll and hold it together around hose with one of your hands,you can rest the rest of the hose on the floor so you don't have to hold the hose upright. Step 4- turn on vacuum and stick your dick in it. You don't have to necessarily have to be hard when you start. Slowly move the hose around a little bit, up, down, a little to the left or right until you hear and FEEL the pulsing and sucking of your cock. It generally is a high squeaky noise. Hold it at that position for as long as you can and once it stops, move hose around very slowly until you get that high pitched noise and your cock is throbbing against the hose. The more you hold It In that position, the better it feels and the quicker you get hard and you will cum quick! ENJOY!!!!

December 19, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Over 40 Years of Masturbating

after reading these stories I didn't know that so many men loved to masturbate I thought I was the only one that does I am addicted to it I cant leave my lovely member that hangs between my legs alone every when I am alone I get naked stand in front of a mirror so I can watch an enjoy what I am doing I think I am in love with my cock I have a nice picture of it that I carry in my billfold when I am not alone I take it out an admire it an the more I look at it the hotter an hard I getso when I get home I cant get naked fast enough so I am not the only man who likes to masturbate I am in my fifties now an I don't think I will ever stop I love it when I cum to me it is so rewarding had rather masturbate than have intercourse any day to me it is more pleasurable to please myself

December 19, 2013 - Sexual Preference - In-Between

Jerking off is Awesome


This past summer, a friend I were joking around, and we decided to crossdress. Nothing too elaborate. We just combed our hair out, put on some eye makeup and painted our fingernails and toenails, wore jeans and sandals, and feminine sort of tops. Man, we had a blast being girls and it was the biggest turn on for both of us! We had the hardest erection imaginable by the time we got home. So we stripped and jacked off loads. The two of us have done this maybe a dozen times now, and it has always been fantastic!

December 20, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Urgent Need to Masturbate

Going Bare

When I was younger, my parents were divorced and it was just my mom and me. She was pretty liberal-minded, and one day she happened to see me naked with an erection. She wasn't at all upset about that, and said that it didn't bother her seeing me naked. Well, after that, I would bravely walk from the bathroom to my room naked lots of times, and it was extremely exciting when my mom would see me. It never failed to give me an enormous erection, which I would then enjoy masturbating in the privacy of my room. I still think that those were some of the biggest and hardest boners that I have ever had, and I can tell you that I would squirt out a gallon when I ejaculated!

December 21, 2013 -

First Time Masturbating

It was so Nice

Like most young guys, once I had discovered masturbation, I was doing it a lot. One of my favorite places to do it, was in this secluded wooded area. I would go up there and pull my pants down, and have the best time stroking my hard boner and making myself cum. One day while I was walking up there, I saw another boy about my own age, and he was naked and masturbating. I was surprised and fascinated. I secretly watched him stroking his sizeable penis untl he took care of it. Well, that was quite a thrill for me, and after that I became more daring and started getting naked when I masturbated. A few weeks later I happened to see him walking up that way. I recognized him right away, he was blond and, like I said, about my age. Being casual, I walked over to where he was, and we sort of talked. He was friendly and nice, and we both said how neat it was coming up to this place and enjoying the outdoors. We started walking along and finally we sat down and talked some more. It was warm and he said that he was going to take his shoes off, so I said that I was going to take mine off, too. I joked how we could always take our clothes off, just to see what he would say. He grinned and said how that might be fun, and asked if I wanted to. I was kind of shy, but I said, sure. So we got our clothes off, and there we were, sitting there naked together. It was pretty neat and fun, and we were both a little shy. He said that it was starting to give an erection. I saw his penis becoming stiff. I started to get an erection, too. We smiled, showing off our hard dicks, and he asked if I ever jacked off. I admitted that he did, and said that he did, as well. So we both began to slowly rub our eretions, watching each other, and enjoying doing that together. We took our time, not rushing it, but making it last. Finally we both ejaculated. When we finsihed we sat there enjoying being naked some more, then got dressed. We agreed to meet the next day, which we did. We were out of our clothes and having an erection and enjoying it. This time, for fun we felt each other hard dick and masturbated each other. We had the best time together for the next couple of years.

December 22, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Undecided

Anonymous Masturbator Confessions

Why I still masturbate

This not my first entry and I just love reading all the other entries, Just reading them gives me the urge to jerk off. I am quite elderly now and I can only get a partial hard on but I still like to play with myself and jerk off and hope a little cum, comes of it.There were certain parks in my area where older men could meet, jerk off and suck a cock or two, but they are patrolled quite a bit so now I just have to remember how it was. Even one of the adult stores had to close their glory holes. I hope that I can meet someone again who I can freely jerk him off and also suck his cock. In the meantime I guess I'll just jerk off again and taste what little cum I can produce.

December 23, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Undecided

Urgent Need to Masturbate

Urge and need to masturbate

I love this web-site, I just read some more entries and I started to play with my cock and ended up jerking off, what a wonderful feeling. Cum tastes good too

December 26, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Over 40 Years of Masturbating

Jack Off Buds

The first time I masturbated and came I was taking a bath and enjoying stroking my hard young cock. I felt this strange feeling building up in my balls and cock. I was afraid so I stopped but it was too late and I shot a large stream of cum into the tub. Although it sacred me at first, the feeling of cumming was so good I had to do it again. Like most boys who first discover masturbation, I couldn't get enough and jacked off at least once a day.

Shortly after, my friend from junior high started coming over to my house for sleepovers bringing Penthouse and Playboy magazines he stole from his older brother and sister. At first, we would just read the articles which all started with I never believed these stories were true until this happened to me.. We would also look at the pictures and tell each other which ones we liked and what turned us on about each. Sometimes it was her nicely shaped tits or shaved pussy. I always liked the pictorials with two women engaging in lesbians activities. We would each be in our own sleeping bags and were too shy to let the other guy knew about what was going on under the covers. Then one night my friend asked if I jacked off. I replied by asking him if he did as I didn't want to admit it and find out he did not. He said he did jack off so I admitted I did too. Then he asked if I was going to jack off that night because he wanted to. I said sure and went to the bathroom and got each of us a towel.

We both agreed to get naked but were going to stay in our sleeping bags. We then began to stroke our cocks talking about how hard we were and how much fun it was. My friend then told me to say when I was ready to cum because he wanted me to go first. It didn't take much longer and I moaned I was cumming. That is all it took to push my friend over the top and he began to groani that he was cumming. It was so hot hearing and knowing someone was cummingwith you. He loved it too. That night we jacked off at least two more times until we passed out from exhausion. From that day, I had a strong desire for a jack off bud. My friend and I jacked off a lot during the rest of junior and senior high.

After getting married, I didn't feel the need for a jack off bud but once in a while my friend would visit and we would have a jack off for old times sake. I told my wife about our jack off sessions which turned her on immensely. She told me she didn't want me to meet other guys in person but she actually suggested finding an online chat site whenever I wanted a jack off bud.

When I have a day off work, she usually asks if I'm going to have a naked day which is her way of asking if I'm going to jack off online. If I say no, she is disappointed. If I say yes, she tells me to be ready to play when she gets home from work. She is an unquenchable fire on those days.

On my naked days, I lay in bed with my laptop and start by visiting sites with masturbation stories. Then I find some porn videos and typically vids with women jilling to orgasm or of male cumshots. That gets me really ready. Then I find an adult chat site. I used to try to chat with people with female names but figured out most of them were guys and didn't want to chat anyway. Besides, I got a bigger turn on chatting with guys my own age. We do almost what I did with my friend. We exchange pics that we find erotic and say what turns us on about them. We chat about how good it feels and then take turns cumming. That is so hot for me.

I found this site today and after reading some of the stories thought I would pist this one. Now I'm on my way to my favorite chat site.

December 28, 2013 -

I enjoy masturbating several times a week, usually totally nude and on the bed. I do it slowly with lube while thinking of sex with some woman I have had sex with. I think of their naked bodies, the look and feel of their breasts, nipples and how their pussies looked, the amount of hair. (I MUCH prefer a hairy pussy to a shaved one). I remember the feel of their bodies, my fingers in the wet, hot pussy. I thnk of how it felt for my cock to slide in the waiting pussy, the feel of it warm and wet. The feeling becomes intense, I can feel the hot cum wanting to purt, I slow down and let the feeling build again. Now My hand speeds up, the end is near and then the cum spurts out and I can feel it shooting deep, deep into that wecloming pussy, filling it with my love cream. My cock jerks and I shudder as the cum spurts again, slowing to just drops. I can now relax, savoring the delicious feeling of emptying my balls once again into a familiar pussy. Almost as good as the real thing!

December 28, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight


Totally Me Masturbation Session - take these ideas of how I enjoy it to the max

My TOTALLY ME male masturbation session - allow 6 - 8 hours, including recovery. Secure and unfettered location. set room temperature to a slightly warm comfortable setting. Turn off cell, e- mail, location aps etc. Relax in a warm terry robe. Boot your porn entertainment system and/or webcam and have it ready with your favorite material. Arrange your favorite 'bate chair, and within easy reach, remotes, keyboard, headset, towels, tissue, toys, lube, vibes, a drink and poppers...anything you desire.

In advance, know your body, and what provides you enough energy and stamina for 12 hours.

8 hours before your session begins, take a satisfying low-residual meal. Do not use laxatives. Some good pro-porn cleansing regimens can be searched online.

About an hour before the session begins...

Take 4 LibidoMax liquid caps (black) (available at WalMart...better bulk price at Drugstore.com) with a large glass of water.

Treat yourself to a luxurious facial shave. Use a new blade. I recommend soaking the beard with a hot moist towel for at least 5 minutes, then use shaving oil and a mild soap or shaving cream and take your time. Rinse with a hot towel and pat dry.

Groom body hair to comfortable attractive-to-you length ( Wahl battery-powered groomer with adjustable head) including removal of unwanted body hair. I trim pubes above cock, underarms, chest, legs and anywhere else I deem fit.

Shave or remove other undesired hair. ( I do not shave body hair and do not recommend any hair removal lotion I have ever tried..ie: NAIR. I DO highly recommend Magic Shaving Powder depilatory by Softsheen-Carson for perineal area (around the anus), ass cheeks, complete scrotum (balls) and cock. I do this entirely while in the shower as the product may leave spots on floors, rug or carpet and you will spill or drip a little. Be patient as you mix it in a cup with a spoon (I use plastic for dispose-ability). This powder slowly (and with some difficulty) mixes with warm water into a thick cream that you apply by hand to desired areas . DO NOT allow the cream to directly contact the anus (any pink tissue) or cock head unless you desire a very tender feeling there. ( Also, do not allow contact with jewelry...it can affect the fine finish on some metals.) The cream will tend to dry-out while applied. You may re-wet it with warm water, gently by hand in the shower, but take care not to wipe it off. Be aware that the product will remove hair anywhere it drips and stays for a few minutes. The product instructions say 5 - 7 minutes (for facial hair only) however I leave the cream on my genital skin for about ten minutes before gently but firmly wiping it and the unwanted hair off with a washcloth. It leaves incredibly smooth skin which feels very erotic to the touch.

Now, take about a 30-minute long shower with focus on deep-cleansing the ass. I cleanse the rectum every session, but do take more time for the high colonic about one out of four sessions, depending on my mood and intentions. Today, its prostate play, so I will use a showershot hose with a controlled-flow nozzle (available at many adult toy sites) in a very warm shower with an open drain with no strainer (for obvious reasons). For the initial 4 to 6 douches I fill the rectum, then exit the shower to evacuate in the toilet. Then by varying my position; standing, squatting, leaning back and twisting the torso, a very satisfying enema is masturbation foreplay. I will soap-up and play with my bare genitalia while running warm water deep into my hole at least a dozen times. This pre-play may include shower-friendly toys and light popper use. I enjoy jamming a standard butt plug or an 18inch beaded probe past second-sphincter for deeper pleasure. Give yourself 10 minutes after any enema for additional water release and final cleaning.

Which brings us to poppers. There is varying press on poppers, much rooted in other people's morality, or fear or lack of it. Here is my take. I have been using poppers for my (and my hetero partner's) pleasure for almost 30 years.

Poppers are used as inhaled vapors...directly from the bottle in most cases...and best capped between uses. I start with a good pull into each nostril and then holding my breath for a few seconds for an effect that lasts about two minutes. I adore the added sensations poppers bring to sex...excitement, increased heartbeat, the rush of heat to the face and neck, and relaxation of the anal sphincter for more pleasurable penetration. More or less is used, and frequency varied as the desired sensation develops. It can be particularly intimate for a partner to feed you poppers but, since this is a masturbation article, I digress.

I enjoyed the original commercially available nitrites in the mid 80's, but as far as I can tell, those more powerful versions are gone from the marketplace. Laws, formulas and availability have varied through the years, but I'll not bore you with history and chemistry. As I write (early 2014) various brands are obtained in some adult shops or by credit card, delivered discreetly to your doorstep. The best and most reasonably priced at this time are from USPOPPERSHOP.COM. I enjoy their HEAT brand the best, but occasionally dabble in others. Come to your own conclusions through your own discovery and experience. Poppers are not just a gay thing. For my masturbation, poppers are as much a part as toys.

Do your homework, enjoy in moderation, and be aware that poppers can be used incorrectly and as such, can be dangerous. (But, what doesn't that statement apply to?)Here are the DONT'S regarding POPPERS. NEVER use poppers (not even a little) within 24 hours of having taken an ED medication like Viagra, Cialis, and their generics or your blood pressure with drop off the charts. Don't let the liquid itself come into repeated contact with your nose, don't drink it, and don't take chances of it spilling it into your eyes. Poppers are flammable, so keep them away from flame or heat. Because nitrites are absorbed into the blood much easier than is oxygen, too much can turn your lips and fingernails blue. I do not use poppers for more than 30 - 45 comfortable minutes. Some head throbbing can be expected, but if you get a bad headache, become light-headed, feel nausea, or just can't stand the scent, poppers may just not be for you. NBD.

Now my session begins with a sip of Merlot. I'll drink a glass or two tonight. I am watching porn of all kinds, for fit y mood. My favorites run to anal, oral, fisting, BDSM, orgasm and large dildos. Tonight, I start with a lovely leather-clad female jailer enjoying oral-anal pleasure with an inmate. I am an ass man.

My anal toy of choice is an Aneros anal probe. I have five to choose from of various sizes, shapes and knockoffs available out there, but I recommend the real Aneros for its design and durability. The best model is the one that best fits your anatomy. Properly fitted, it stimulates the prostate by massaging contact through the lower membrane of the male rectum. I'll be more or less sitting- back...reclining...and therefore applying pressure to the exterior part of the probe protruding from my hole. By rocking and rolling, pressure is maintained and varied, stimulating the prostate to respond with a feeling akin to a deep, hot itch that triggers more response.

I can experience difficulty maintaining an erection, so I stretch a gel type cock ring around the base and occasionally press it firmly toward the pubic bone, forcing blood into my erection. Nicer to work with but not entirely necessary, as the technique I use will make me cum even totally flaccid if necessary. Again, I am NOT using an ED med for this masturbation session, so I now take a pull of poppers and feel my heartbeat take off.

Using hands to engorge the cock, I also caress the balls and entire smooth genital area. I am enjoying the porn...his face buried in the lovely girl's fat ass cheeks, lapping the redhead as she holds the back of his head, feeding her smooth ass to him. I am he. I take a hit...and return to her hole. I grow hotter.

Need more sensation. Left hand reaching down, taking left testicle resting between by index and middle finger...squeezing the ball from the other side with the left thumb. Pressing into it...creating tension and a little pain. Yes. Left, then right ball. Hold the sack, squeeze and smack. Flick them individually...making the balls feel it...and respond by producing more semen. Right...pain. Left...pain. Now caress together and stroke the cock head lightly. FUCK. Poppers. Rock and roll on the Aneros. Feel it the prostate deep down...growing in need for release.

Reach for the vibrator. Often the Hitachi Magic Wand...not just for women anymore. Tonight the Panasonic Reach Easy for a different RPM. If you have not experienced high vibration bating, well...I wonder if your'e really serious. For some reason, men have been trained that the only way to cum is either the in/out or grabbing dick and wanking up and down. Try vibration...of the head...of the base...the sides. Vibe your abdomen...the balls...ride it between your legs. Keep it there till you can't stand it. Fucking intense and no boner necessary.

This is the roughly the rotation I will employ for the next hour as the tension builds to a boiling point. Popper hit...ball pain...engorge the cock...caress it. Popper hit...vibe directly on the top of the cock head...precum...oh, fuckyes....stop...vibe the abdomen and whack the balls. Vibe those aching balls. New porn...another big gorgeous ass pushing out a large dildo. A deep popper pull and now I am sticking out my tongue, licking 'round the perimeter of the rubber protuberance where it slowly exits her ass...vibe on...rock on the prostate. Add clamps to nipples. Ride the vibe while rocking the Aneros. Do what feels good. There's no pattern..no instruction...no self - awareness. Just sensation.

Not much more to say, aside there are a lot of great audio/visual aids to male masturbation out there. I use all free sources. Here, a German Master is anally fist-training a lovely lantern- jawed petite slave. She's on her knees spreading her cheeks wide for him while he encourages her verbally....her effort is very special, indeed. Continue to build the pressure in every way. I will eventually reach a point of total abandon...watching the jackpot porn scene...my mouth and her ass...a final strong popper hit...rocking hard...pressing the vibe hard into the magic place that will trigger tonight's final cum...holding the vibe at high speed...holding it there, in spite it's being over-the-top intense. Hold it...hold it off....hold it...not yet...rock...fuck me...fuck me hard....ooooohohh yesssssssssssss. FUCKyeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. FUCKyeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

December 29, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Bisexual


Anal Orgasm

This fetish began after a divorce. I love to dress like a woman and masturbate. I did this on a small scale while married. When I divorced I was free to do what I wanted. I love to masturbate and this began out of trying new things. I went all out with wigs, makeup, and jewelry. But this particular session I decided to shave smooth all over and I think this is what caused me to find out I can have orgasms ( I'll explain later). When done I could barely keep my hands off myself. But I managed to get dressed. I spent the evening around the house dressed and watching porn. I was so horny. I finally took myself to bed to make love to myself. I had all my toys laid on the bed. I have three dildo's, one 6 another 7, then I have the big one, 10 and 2 1/2 thick. I'd never used in my because I could barely handle the 7. I began like always rubbing myself all over. I was wearing a very small nighty so I could feel all of myself. The smooth skin was driving me crazy. I have sexy legs and I spent a lot of time just feeling them. My ass felt great but I wouldn't let myself touch my penis or balls. As I worked my way up my body I began squeezing my tits and pinching my nipples. I'm lucky because I have very nice cleavage and when I had them in my hands I felt like I was feeling a woman's breast and I was loving it. The smooth skin and my tits were taking me to heights. I used my big toy and began sucking it. I finally got the small toy and slid it in and began riding it like crazy. I used it for just a short time before moving on to the 7. It felt so good. I was holding it with one hand and the other hand was on my tits and nipples. I guess because of being shaved, maybe something else, but I decided this night was going to be the night I used the big toy. I've had it for over two months but was to afraid to try it. It took a little effort but when the head slid in me it hurt but not as bad as I expected so I continued to push it. About half way it felt like I was stretched as wide as I could be. The pain got worse but I barely noticed and went all the way with all 10. When it was all in the feeling was incredible. I was still use my other hand on my tits. I began going up and down hard and fast. At times I would take it completely out and shove it in fast. After just a few of these I began to feel like I was about to cum. I'd never came without touching my penis but I was about to for the first time. When I did I felt cum hit my hand. I had never came so hard. Usually when I cum I have no desire to continue, but this felt different, I did want to stop. I kept going up and down. I lick my hand clean of cum and began playing with my tits again. Soon I felt like I was going to cum again and I did, only this time I didn't ejaculate. I had all the throbbing but no cum. It was so intense I shook and rolled to my side. I still continued. I had two more orgasms almost back-to-back. I never missed a stroke on my big toy. The last orgasm was several minutes later. I finally orgasm with ejaculation after that and literally collapsed with no strength. Since that first time I've did this many times. I've been able to have as many as five orgasms. I've always been able to cum multiple times but the orgasms are new and I love it.

January 2, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Undecided

Urgent Need to Masturbate

Happy New Year Masturbation

Couldn't wait to jerk off in the new year. Re-read some of the stories before and started to get a hard on, so I said why not. It sure is apleasure to be alone and jerking at my leisure. Although I enjoy Eating pussy with my SO I still like to jerk off, not bad for someone who will be 90 next month. Can still get a partial hard on and I enjoy cumming and tasting what little is left. I just wish I could enjoy jerking off a youger person with a nice size cock, and I would also like to suck it and taste a good load. I may be a :dirty old man but I love it.

January 2, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight

The Ultimate Male Masturbation Experience

mangasm buzz

I am a married man who loves to masturbate my wife don't know it I have masturbated ever way that you could think of I like anal play I have a lot of butt plugs then I found out about mangasm buzz I wanted one so bad but my wife wouldn't under stand if she saw it but I took a chance an ordered it anyway but as luck would have it came the day she was going to be gone for a week I was very nervous an excited as I opened it I knew that I just to try it right now I got naked read how to use it I lubed it up real good an my anus because I am really tight but to my surprise it went in real easy then I turned it on one speed at a time by the time I got to number five my whole body was shaking my cock was never that hard before then I started to cum an cum I had never had cum that much before I used it every day that week sometimes two or three times a day by the end of the week I had to have a rest but I love it I think every man that's masturbates should have one you will love it

January 3, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Memorable Wanking, Jacking Off, and General Masturbation

boy---man----old man

When I was a little, I was lucky enough to get a horny babysitter. She would bathe my younger sister first then me. She toldmy younger sister it took longer to bathe boys because they were dirtier than than girls.

She had been batheing me for about when I got a little boys hardon! She nonchalantly skinned it back and soaped it down real good. I got that funny feeling which was a dry orgasm. That turned her on, so it became part of my bathe whuch I looked forward to.

One day my dad announced he had been transferred to another town so he and mom were going out to eat,and our babsitter would sit us for the last time. I told our sitter to bathe us and me last. When I got naked to bathe me my little peter was hard. She bathed me, skinned back my foreskin, bent down and kissed it. Gosh Then she took my hand, lifted up her dress, and put my hand on her pussy. She grinned, took the back of my nead and pushed my mouth onto her hairy pussy, and told me to lick her. I DID. Man oh man I was hooked.

Tjereafter, I would fantasize and jack-off until I LEARNED that girls were horny too, then I started aggressively putting the make on them.

Then I got married, we fucked morning, noon aand night until my wife turned cold and became like a cadaver when we fucked. Totally lifeless.

In the meantime I had joined a health club, and noticed some men fondling themselves, so I was introduced to being sucked. That became too easy, so I started sucking men too.

I have been jackin off (masrterbating) regularly sice my bath times. All of this became to rountine, and I was introduced to this site. This too became boring, then a guy told me to type in old men sucking old men this has turned me on again watching this old fartsa suck each other so now I am looking for some old whie haired men to spend some time with. Any old men (70 plus) interewsted?

January 4, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Bisexual

Caught Masturbating!

fun with mom

So I was in the shower I had already washed my self and began getting hard. Not unusual. Well then the door opened and my mom came in. Not unusual. But then when I peeked around the curtain. I saw she was naked. And had a vibrator. She had head phones in. Watching what I later discovered to be porn. She didnt know I was in there so I started masturbating to her shoving that toy in and out of her pussy it was so hot. She never would have noticed me if I hadnt came. When I did cum I went out of the shower and all over her. She stopped. Looked at it. Then slowly looked up at me. She then proceded to take her head phones out. Swallow all the cum on her and then she got in the shower with me! She got all wet and then turned the water off. She sucked my dick so hard that I came again and then she put the vibrator in my ass and made me walk to her room with it in. Where she had more toys. She took the vibrator out and butt plugged me. It felt so good. Then she got ontop ofme and we had hot nasty sex. I never would have thought this day would come. But it finally happened. I came so hard. I didnt think I would ever stop. My mom made me wear that butt plug all day. And we had sex randomly throughout the day and all night. We eventually switched. She fucked me in the ass with all her toys. I came once without even jacking. I didnt in know that was possible. My mommy turns me on (:

January 4, 2014 - Sexual Preference - In-Between

The Ultimate Male Masturbation Experience

So Sweet

The best time that I ever had masturbating was when I was younger, with a friend. We were just casual frinds, mostly because we happened to live close to each other. A few times we had talked about girls and stuf, and then one day he mentioned how he had seen two guys making out together. Of course we both laughed about that. Although, in a way, we both ound the idea of two guys just messing around together for fun, to be kind of interesting, if just in the way that it would be easier to do that with another guy than with a girl. Well, we sort of shyly talked about, and we got turned on, so we decided to show each other our hard dicks. That was quite a turn on, displaying our stiff boners in front of each other. Feeling suitably uninhibited, we felt each other's boner, and that was even more of a turn on. For fun, we did this together a couple of times, and we decided to jack each other off. It was so fantastic making each other ejaculate! Naturally it was too good to stop, so we continued to enjoy mutual masturbation for several years after that.

January 4, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Urgent Need to Masturbate

That Was it

My parents were divorced, so it was just mom and me. Mom was not an exhibitionist, but she was not a prude, either. She was quite casual about my seeing her naked. I thought that was terrific! She had these nice full breasts that sloped down, with large nipples, and a lot of dark pubic hair. Lots of times she would partially open the door after taking a shower, to let the steam out, or be in her bedroom with the door open, and she would be naked from head to toe. Well, quite naturally, seeing her bare like that would give me the biggest and hardest erections. I would go into my room and stroke my boner and climax loads. I don't know if she was aware that she had that affect on me, or knew that I was jacking off like that becuae of her. At the time I did feel a little guilty having these sexual feelings like that because of my mother, but I never the less thoroughly enjoyed how she made my dick so hard and excited!

January 6, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight

First Time Masturbating

A few years back

Hey guys! I've been masturbating for about seven years now and love it! I first did it when I was about 9. My mom would watch soap operas and I would sometimes see sex scenes. One day after school I decided to shower (it was hot out). I got to thinking about those scenes and I got an erection. I started feeling funny and hot. I decided to play with it but I didn't exactly know how. So I decided to hold my erection so that the head pointed at me and rub it on the wall. Soon I was humping the wall! Minutes later, I felt my balls tingling so I stopped. My penis was throbbing and I grabbed and squeezed it. This did it for me. My balls felt almost numb and my knees gave in. I fell to my knees and a white creamy fluid spurted out all over my hand!!! It felt so good!!! And now, seven years later, here I am, still humping the wall! But I know how to properly jerk off now which helps, haha! Happy madturbating bros! These stories turn me on even though I'm straight.

January 6, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight

First Time Masturbating

A few years back

Hey guys! I've been masturbating for about seven years now and love it! I first did it when I was about 9. My mom would watch soap operas and I would sometimes see sex scenes. One day after school I decided to shower (it was hot out). I got to thinking about those scenes and I got an erection. I started feeling funny and hot. I decided to play with it but I didn't exactly know how. So I decided to hold my erection so that the head pointed at me and rub it on the wall. Soon I was humping the wall! Minutes later, I felt my balls tingling so I stopped. My penis was throbbing and I grabbed and squeezed it. This did it for me. My balls felt almost numb and my knees gave in. I fell to my knees and a white creamy fluid spurted out all over my hand!!! It felt so good!!! And now, seven years later, here I am, still humping the wall! But I know how to properly jerk off now which helps, haha! Happy madturbating bros! These stories turn me on even though I'm straight.

January 6, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Anal Masturbation

First time

Hey guys! I wrote the story about humping the wall and figured why not write this too! So here you go. ;)

About two or three weeks ago I was home alone. I was on isexychat talking to girls and got real horny. I was talking to a girl about anal masturbation and she said I should try it. Feeling uninhibited, I said I'll do it! So I got off and stripped down and hopped into the shower. My cock has grown since my first experience and is now 7.5 inches. I started stroking my length until I was throbbing. Then I covered my hands in soap and rubbed a little more. I then bent forward and spread my legs out so my butt cheeks spread apart. I started to touch my hole and it quivered. I slowly slid a finger in and it hurt but felt good at the same time! I stuck my finger all the way in. As I pulled out I realized I was moaning! I started going faster and then I started jerking off at the same time. Soon I tensed up and let go of my penis. I pumped my hole till I shot a large load of sticky cum right down the drain. I pulled my finger out and cleaned myself up. My hole hurt for about an hour. I did it once last week, this time with oil. I'm hesitant to try again but it makesasturbation fun. It was definitely worth it and enjoyable!

Happy masturbating dudes! P.S. My name on isexychat is senor ;)

January 6, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Urgent Need to Masturbate

about me

about two days ago I was surfing the web about jacking off I came across this video of a young man naked an jacking off as I watched it I was getting hard then it hit me I jacked off the same way 55 years ago the way he moved an caressed his body an his rosebud an moaning how good it was made me so hot like I was watching me only he did something that I had wanted to do he rolled on his back with legs over his head I heard him say I am going to cum he opened his mouth an caught his whole load in his mouth he raised up opened his mouth showed his load then he swallow it it made me so horny I said to myself if he could do it so am I as I have tasted my pre-cum an liked it I was so hard my cock was throbbing I got naked then I wondered how was I going to do it as I am sixty years old then I had a idea I got a shot glass an warmed it up I laid down an started to jack off I found my self caressing an moving thrusting an moaning it didn't take long for me to cum I held the glass aimed my cock at it just in time to ketch the spurt by the time I quite cuming the shot glass was almost full now was the moment of truth was I going to go do it I opened my mouth raised the glass an out it to my lips an poured it in my mouth I looked in the mirror opened my mouth it was full of my cum then I swallowed it I couldn't say that I liked it but at least I done what I wanted to do about three days later I started thinking about that young man jacking I got so hot I got naked I just had to jackoff I got my glass just in case I didn't think I would use it just as I was about to cum I grabbed the glass an caught my load when I was done cumming I just raised the glass an drank my load I liked it a lot better then from that day till now I drink all of my cum once you get a taste for it you just cant waste it

January 6, 2014 -


Hey Bros!

Sometime back I already chronicled my first time which I still remember to this day ~37 years later. I was just going through the advanced techniques section and was surprised to see how many I already knew of. When I was still living with my parents I ALWAYS used to kneel in front of the bath tub nozzle and let the water run over my glands, almost unbelievable the feeling.

Over the past year I've taught my wife how to give me handjobs and she's getting pretty good at it. If I feel the need, have also taught her how to slip a lubed finger into my ass to get me off with SUPER intensity.

At 50 I now have sort of erection envy for younger guys since my erections don't stay around as long as they used to.

I did get off once in the shower with an old vibrator we had around by placing it under my glands and turning it on...came almost immediately. I have a business trip coming up and will invest in a cock ring with vibrator to see if that can enhance things when I'm on the road.

Ok lads, happy wanking and cheers, Jim

January 7, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Bisexual

First Time Masturbating

My first time jacking off

When I was like 3 or4 I got up in the middle of the night to pee, and noticed my dick was bigger and harder. I would always try to get up in the middle of the night to play with it, but only caught myself hard like 5 other times. As a 3 year of boy, I spent most of my waking time with my hands in my pants anyway. Then In seventh grade, this kid that I knew from my temple who also goes to my school, had extra tickets to our schools play and since our moms were friends I saw it with him. I always try out, but our school is so theater driven I never get a part. Anyway, in the middle of the show, which was the lion the witch and the wardrobe, a girl I new came on stage. She had baggy pants and a long sleeved half shirt thing so her stomach was showing. I don't really no why, but I got a boner right in the theater. I hadn't seen myself hard since I was like four, so I kind of freaked out. I took off my hoodie and put it on my lap. His mom drove me home. It was dark in the car, but I still think he saw a glimpse of me. It didn't go away so I when straight to my room muttering something about being exhausted from lacrosse practice that afternoon. I tried rubbing it but it was dry so I went in the bathroom to look for lube. I decided on Vaseline, because I heard my friend taking about it at camp that summer. I went into my bed ad started kind of humping the bed. I was trying to think of the prettiest girl I knew, but couldn't think of anyone so I thought of Diana agron who was Quinn on glee. This was 4 years ago and I m sad o say I actually watched glee in seventh grade because I was convinced Diana agron was the most beautiful woman ever. I fantasized a lot about her, and eventually came. I was kind of freaked out because I had no clue what the hell was shooting out of me, but I flashed back to the talk we got in 5th grade. I was still kind of confused because they said that was how we made babies, but they never said it would happen when we weren't with a girl. A few months after wards, I started reading the definitions of what I considered dirty words to get off. Then I moved on to reading about sex and stuff on line. Now I am 16 jack off most nights and love it.

January 7, 2014 - Sexual Preference - In-Between

First Time Masturbating

When I was younger, I started getting these very large, stiff erections which felt so good. I quickly found that if I rubbed them, it felt even better. Well, around fifth grade, I managed to have my first orgasm. I was suprrised to have this clear liquid come squirting out and how terrific that felt. After that, I began to make it happen regularly and loved the excitemnent and pleasure. Soon, I had a friend who started talking about stuff like that, and we got daring and showed each other our erections, and we began to feel and play with each other. Naturally, aftre that, we were best buddies and masturbated each other all the time. We experiemented, too. Evetually, we got very brave, and triued taking each other's hard penis in our mouth, and with expected results. Then we tried pushing them into each other's butt, and again with the expected reults. It was so fanatstic! Great memories and no regrets over those early times!

January 7, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight

First Time Masturbating

Bro Time

My brother, who is two years older than me, taught me all about masturbation. We would get naked and have an erection. It was so great having our penises straining and stiff like that together as boys. He began to show me how to stimulate my penis, and I would play with his. He'd rub up and down and my stiff length. Then, he would take some spit on his fingers, and rub just the swollen head of my penis. That was awesome! Practically like having one continuous orgasm, and he would make this last until I could hardly stand the torturous excitement and stimulation. He would rub the tip, then my pee hole, and all around the edge, and then go back to rubbing the broad part of the tip. I would sit there practically shaking until finally the liquid would just explode out of my erection. I loved to stimulate him as well, rubbing his hard penis and teasing him until he finally came and I would be rewarded by a huge amount of his creamy liquid pulsing excitedly out. We did this for years, and then eventually grew away from it. But it sure was one great way to learn I can tell you!

January 7, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Other Masturbatory Entry

I want to but...

Hey it's me Senor! I have been reading these stories and I have a question for all who have done this.

I love masturbating a lot. I know my friend does too. I'm not gay, nor do I think this would be gay, but I want to masturbate with him. We talked a little about it a year or two ago once. But we have never done it. From reading these stories, it seems very enjoyable and I would love to try it, but I'm afraid to ask him. If you guys have any tips or suggestions please let me know.

Thanks for your help guys! --Senor

January 8, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Bisexual

Masturbation Addiction?

check it out

oq2Yhv Im grateful for the blog article.Really looking forward to read more. Really Great.

January 11, 2014 - Sexual Preference - In-Between

Anonymous Masturbator Confessions


I entered in-between because that seems to be the best non-gay way of describing my confession. But over the lkast couple of years, I have discovered how many straight guys are in-between and are perfectly open to male mutual masturbation. At first I was hesitent, but once I got relaxed about this, I have really enjoyed and delighted in male-male fun. I have really come to enjoy and appreciate what it feels like to hold another guy's erection in my hand, and, of course, to let another guy hold mine. There is just something so exciting and satisfying in this. My advice is not to turn down the chance. You will love it!

January 11, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight

First Time Masturbating

Learned by watching a teenage boy being driven to a climax

I was 7 years old and a neighbor kid said, The guy down the street is going to be milked and shoot milk. I was curious so I followed him to an old abandoned hay shed.

The teenage guy was on his stomach on an old house door that was stored flat on the old rafters. His 'thing' as I called it then, was hanging through a hole in the door. We got there just in time as another kid was standing underneath the door and milking his thing--we watched totally fascinated-- mostly by the size. It seemed huge to us little kids.

As we watched suddenly 'milk' shot out of his thing. We quickly left so he never saw us.

A few days later I was in the bathroom after school and I looked at my little thing. I started rubbing it and it grew--I was almost scared at first and then I remembered the teenager's large thing.

I stroked it like I had seen the other kid do to his friend. I wondered if I could shoot milk.

I kept stroking and for some reason my little thing got larger and harder--it grew to almost 3 long. I kept milking. All of a sudden a strange tingling feeling started in my thing and worked to the back were my little sac was. I almost stopped as it felt so weird--then it suddenly felt really good. I could not stop for some reason. I kept going and in just 3 or 4 minutes, the tingling came back.

I tried again but it became smaller and softer. The next afternoon and home from school, I did it again. I 'milked' off and on for the next few weeks. It soon became a habit--not every day but at least three times a week. I knew it was considered wrong so I was very careful. I never got caught.

When I was 12 years old milk suddenly blew out. By this time I knew more and had learned that as a boy nears his teens, white stuff does come out of his 'thing'!

I am an old guy now--my wife died a few years ago and the only way I can make 'milk' is the Stop and Go method. I am good for about twice a month now. A far cry from 2 or 3 times a day when I was 7 and 8.

January 12, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Gay

First Time Masturbating

First time in Wyoming

I traveled to Wyoming with my grandmother when I was 12. We stayed at a cousins of hers. One night I took a bath and started to rub my cock. It felt really weird, but good. After about 10 minutes I started to feel REALLY good . I don't think that I ejaculated, but did have an intense orgasm.I have been jacking off ever since - got caught in the showers in high school, and had the best blowjob/fuck in my life !!!!!

January 12, 2014 -

Caught Masturbating!

Father Son Time

Masturbation has always been an important activity in my life. I started when I was around eleven during one of my showers. The water hit my dick in such a way it made me hard. I continued to let the water hit the head of my penis until it felt so good,clear fluid came leaking out and my legs became weak. It was an amazing feeling, such a great feeling that I kept doing it until one day when white cum came out. I loved to jerk my cock and soon I found other ways to feel good. I was around fourteen when I was home in the morning. My mother had gone to work already and if it hadn't been a holiday I woulb have already been at school. I woke up and started my way down the hall when I heard strange noises coming from my parents room. The door was opened a little, so I peeked in. I couldn't believe it, my dad was laying on the bed naked jerking his rock hard cock. I saw and heard the video he had going. It was two guys in a locker room. The younger guy in the video was wearing a jock strap and the older guy was extremely hairy and wearing only a whistle. I was more focused on my dads cock. It was so big. I thought to my self that it wasn't fair because mine was only about five inches, but thick. His was massive, I guess to be about 9 inches and thick as a soda can. Kind of scary. Now I know why I could hear my parents when they were having sex, my mom screaming. I was watching my dad jerking his dick and I became rigid myself. I pulled my boxers down and started jerking off right there in the doorway. Then suddenly he looked over and saw me. He immediately stopped jerking and stopped the video. I pulled my boxers up really fast and ran to my room and sat on my bed. There was a knock at my bedroom door and my dad asked if he could come in. I said sure and he entered. He was wearing only pajama bottoms that hugged his semi hard cock pretty well and no shirt. I couldn't keep my eyes off his cock while he spoke. He said that it was ok that I jacked off and that every guy does it. I said I know. He then said that he was watching that video because he was bisexual and asked if I knee what that meant. I said yes. Then he asked me if he had ever masturbated with another guy. I said I wanted to, but didn't have a friend who I thought would do it with me. I saw him casually grab at his dick through his p.j.'s. It was getting bigger and that made me harder. So then I asked if we could jerk off together. He simply stood back up and and removed his pajama bottoms. I watched as his dick became hard again, it pulsed up. I was so mesmorized that I had forgotten to take off my boxers. He said son are you going to jerk with me? I responded by pushing down my underwear. My cock was so hard it hurt. We layed down next to each other on my full size bed so we were pretty close. I watched as my dad stroked his cock, I was trying to copy his movements. He would slowly stroke as he pulled his foreskin as far as it would go. Then he started moving faster, his hand became a blur. Then he just stopped and asked me if I wanted to switch, so I said sure. He grabbed my small dick while I tried to wrap my hands around his large tool. He said your mom has to use two hands so that's what I did. I loved having another cock in my hands and it was even better that I t was dad's. We really started going at it and in no time my dad's stroking brought me to the best orgasm I have ever had. I said I'm cummimg and let loose globs of cum, some even got me in the face. That's when my dad straddled my legs and finished himself off spouting his juice all over my cock and chest. It was like it just didn't end. After he was spent he leaned over and gave me a light kiss. Then he started to lick all our cum up off of my body. I was instantly hard again then he took my cock in his mouth and licked it clean, then started sucking my dick. The feeling was fantastic. I didn't last very long and when I said I was gonna cum he sucked faster and then I spurted in his mouth. He swallowed it down. After, we both fell asleep while he was holding me. It was a great feeling. When we woke he made it clear to me that this was something for us and we shouldn't share what we did with anyone. I agreed. I have kept this secret until now.

January 12, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Gay


Fantasy turned reality

Besides this website which offers great ideas, I have checked out blogs and other exhibitionist websites. Whether picturing scenarios in my mind or seeing some pictures and brief videos of naked men at various locations, I have wanted to try some myself. I have been a somewhat private exhibitionist most of my life, that is, near but not necessarily in view of other people. The fantasy started with driving naked. Then it became so easy to slip off my trousers and underwear while driving. Travelling along side someone while I'm handling my hard-on is such a turn on. Next I took to also pulling off my t-shirt. Totally naked driving down the road, through towns or along multi-lane highways. The thrill keeps my erection hard with little or no hand attention. Once on a one-way street I was stopped in the left lane at a signal light. A young man in a pick-up truck pulled up beside me on the right. He could see down into my car, see me naked and stroking; and I could also see him and his reaction. He gave me a thumbs-up and very animatedly showed his approval by keeping his attention fixed on me for the next block (after the light changed) until I took a left and he went on straight. I went slowly along the street wondering if he would make his way back to this street. From driving naked, I started fantasizing about stopping at various places which I had read about or seen on websites. These were places where I might arouse myself inside my car even to the point of climax with the possibility of people around me, such as parking lots by department stores or malls or shopping centers. It took awhile, and I started at the most extreme distance from the stores. I was also fantasizing about getting out of my car naked and masturbating. Well it happened one late evening, I was parked along side the last store in a strip mall where a couple of delivery trucks were parked. After stroking myself for a brief while, with my cock hard in my hand, I quickly stepped out and back into my car again. After a few minutes I did this again but for a little longer and looked into the cabs of the delivery trucks. Finally I stepped out and went between the two parked delivery trucks where I masturbated before returning to my car. I continued doing this parking by stores or at the far end of parking lots late in the day for a while, building up nerve to park closer to stores in the midst of the other parked cars and during the middle of the day. The excitement grows when someone comes close, but it is amazing how they are unaware of all that is going on around them. If no one is nearby I step out of my car and stroke my shaft. To date I have been seen twice. Once was by a store attendant collecting shopping carts. I was only two spaces away from the collection site. He looked, did a double take, and casually walked over beside my car to watch me; it excited me so much I exploded in a climax almost right away. The other time was when I parked near a several tractor-trailers. I was between them masturbating, when a driver came toward the trucks. I ducked under one of the trailers as the driver passed by. I thought he had seen me then, but he was headed for the tractor of the trailer under which I was hiding. I darted to the next trailer and that's when he saw me in his side view mirror. He pulled out, and did a wide sweeping turn to his right so that his headlights flooded under the trailer where I was. He flashed his high beams and so I decided to come out from under. Stroking my cock I approached his cab. He continued watching me until I climaxed, then smiled and waved and pulled away.

January 14, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Unique or Strange Story

First gay experience

Let me start this story off by telling you I fully regret doing this with another man and am straight and had sexual interactions with 3 other girls but ill get to that later. I went to visit my favorite Tia one day you lived a couple minutes from me but was still rare for me to ever see her. I loved going over there because of her boyfriend you was into the same video games as I did but him having Xbox live at the time and me not having it made my visit so much better. He had a brother which would be known as my cousin. We chilled for about 2 years until we got sexual with each other. He also made my visit so much better. One day I decided to spend the night and him living in apartments they had a pool and hot tub right outside. While everyone was sleeping we decided to go to the hot tub. We sat in there for about 20 minutes until daring each other to stick our dicks in the hot tub bubble holes. Mine didn't fit but his did which was stunning to be cause mines was no where close. I dared him to jump in the pool naked which was freezing cold and when you got in it it felt like needles were poking you. He did it revealing his little penis. I made jokes about it and he said it was because it was cold and to go inside and compare, I agreed. We went into his room and began masturbating I got in the closet because mutual masturbation was a thing I never thought about and never contemplated it happening. He dared me to sure him and after a couple minutes of arguing I did it. I just pushed the head through the closet. He flicked it which felt rather good but I didn't think nothing of it and finished climaxing in the closet.

I was 14 at the time and when I turned fourteen my Tia then lived in her own house now. Her boyfriends dad was visiting you had a truck. Me my cousin and Tia were drinking out side or they were cause I thought it was nasty. She got tired and went to bed and we decided to stay in the bed of the truck. Him being drunk called some girls we were talking to a couple nights before. They were talking and though I don't quite remember how it escalated he started sucking my dick. I was talking to the girls and after blowing me for awhile he decided to ride me so I shut the phone and said no because I didn't want to lose my virginity to man. He said you don't lose it until your dick enters a pussy. I agreed to it and he started riding me. It felt good and when we were done I sent him inside to grab a towel to wipe the shit off. That was the last and first time I fucked a guy and would take back if I could. I now frequently masturbate at the age of 16 to straight porn and my interactions I had with woman which I will get to later.

January 14, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Urgent Need to Masturbate

To The Max

My mom is a little chubby and she confessed to me that she has always been quite self-conscious because she had quite large breasts and nipples, and how she hates t be seen naked. I said how I thought that women were supposed to want to be well endowed like that, and how I didn't see a problem with it. She then said that was because I hadn't see her bare breasted. I teased her about that, and said how I wouldn't mind. Well, apparently she thought that would be daring and fun, letting me see. So we went into her bedroom and she took off her top. And there were my mom's huge breasts, with these large pink nipples. I was wide-eyed, and said how I thought they looked terrific! Mom was modcestly pleased. I reached out to feel her breasts a little, and began to caress them, which she said felt nice. Then she asked if I was getting turned on, and I admitted that I was. So she said that she wouldn't seeing that. I undid my pants and showed her the enormously hard erection that I had. I mean, it was straining, with the head a deep red and shiny smooth! She loved seeing that. She touched and caressed it a little bit. Then she got on the bed and I joined her, and continued to play with her breasts. Finally, feeling so turned on and daring, I took a hold of my erection and jacked off, squirting all over his huge tits. Mom loved my doing that! So far this is all we have done, but I suspect that soon mom and I will be doing more.

January 15, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Bisexual

Over 40 Years of Masturbating

pre-nup exam

My state requires a pre nup exam which is supposes to be nothing more than a blood test for veneral disase. My doctor was my primary who was a GP. He told me to strip down to my shorts. I asked him why since all I thought was just a blood test. He said since I was there for a pre-nup he thought I should have my prostate examined, and if ok with me to have my semen examined for actvity of my sperm.

Sounded like a good idea. He told me to pull down my shorts and bend over. He put on a rubber glove, put some lube on his middle finer, and stuck it up my ass. Then he started massaging my prostate. Some clear liqiid came out, he put some on a slide, noticed my dick was getting hard, so he jacked me off, he caught some semen, and put it on a slide, too. He left the room, came back witha microscope, put the semen slide under the scope for me to see my sperm. I was turned on again, so he said it might be a good idea to look at some more semen to check the second sperm. I asked him if I should masturbate this time, and he said no that he would do it. This time he put his face down there at my very erect penis. I couldn't help myself, I thrusted several times, told him I was about to ejaculate, and he let my erection go right into his mouth I ejaculated into his mouth. Man it felt so good! Nice and warm. He spit some out onto another slide, and swallowed the rest. He apologized, but said he couldnt resist.

I got marrried, had 2 babies, but started having a monthly check-up with this doctor. We would both get naked, and jack each other. Soon he started goinging down on me. I loved it!

The dayfinally came when my curiusity got the best of me, so I asked him to let me suck on his, but to let me know when he was about to cum because I didn't want him to cum in my mouth. I found myself sucking so hard and literally trying to pull the cum up,so that the next time I told him to shoot it down my throat. He did, and I pushed his ass so his dick was in my mouth up to the hilt. Differnt taste, but I learned to like it.

My wife I did the usual fucking in the pussy, in her ass, and her sucking me. Still nothing turned - turns - me on like being naked with a man. m an early riser, so many times I jack myself off in the shower. catch my cum and eat it before breakfas Some times I like to savor the taste of my cum, go to my office and breathe as close as possible to my secretary. I know she smelled it because one day she said my breathe had an unusual smell. Now I fuck her too.

Like one man said here - life is good!

January 17, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Undecided

Masturabatory Editorial

nice site here

H422Dx Thanks a lot for the blog.Really looking forward to read more. Want more.

January 19, 2014 -

Masturbation Addiction?


I am obsessed with my dick - with cumming - fantacise - anything sexual!!!! The result? I want and need new stimuli! Nothing seems to stimulate me to an erection.

I have read all the stories on this blog, watched a multitude of porn movies - done all known of dangerous stimulation such as going naked onto the street hoping to be seen yet not being seen - driving naked in my car with a hard-on jacking off in traffic showing it at toll booths, all risky actions, playing with my self morning noon and night!

I am married! wore my wife out! Go to porn movies, go to adult movies, go naked into steam rooms playing with myself t get blown or to blow, or mutual jacking,ass fucking male and female!

Any new ideas? I love my dick, but it anint cooperating I love all the feelings of pre - during and post cumming! I want to contine! Please help!

January 20, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Bisexual

Caught Masturbating!

Taking A Run At It

So I am in college and I live in the dorms on the ground floor. My desk is directly in front of the window because I enjoy the sunshine/breeze while I study. Whenever I can get the room to myself (not always easy with an introverted roommate) I like to have a long jerk session.

One friday afternoon my roommate left for the weekend! (it really was exciting for me because he never leaves). My girlfriend also left :( so it was just me and my computer all weekend ;) I waited about an hour after he left to have some fun. I was sitting at my desk looking at some hot pics online rubbing myself through my jeans (I like to start slow to get the most out of it) when I was getting hot (it was late August and the California sun was shining bright). My cock was hard and full so I decided to slip out of my clothes.

I didn't bother closing my window because my dorm is in the far backside of the school with my room facing the same direction. There rarely is anybody who goes back there except for runners on the trails, but even then there are some redwood trees that block my view pretty well so I wasn't worried.

After playing for myself for a bit I moved onto to dirtier harder porn. I was really getting into this hardcore bi gangbang. Grabbing my cock and pumping it faster and faster to match the speed of the actors. It was so hot, my breathing was getting heavy and I was nearing completion when my friend showed up at the window!

I quickly shut off the sound but didn't touch anything else for fear that it would make him suspicious.

Hey dude whats up? he asked, I froze. The first thing I noticed was he was shirtless and his body shined in the sun due to his sweat. Nothing much, what are you up to? I managed to say, cock still in my hand throbbing angrily. Just finished a run and wanted to know if you wanted to hang out...Why is your shirt off? Did you just finish running? he laughed. It's hot today dude, and the AC doesn't work. I lied.

I was confused, why wasn't he laughing that he caught me? Then I realized, the desk was blocking his view of my cock. In addition the lights in my room were off and the screen blocked some more visibility. I could see him just fine because he was in the light, whereas I was covered in the dark. Suddenly my dick throbbed again, pleading me to finish what I started.

I slowly started to stroke my cock again as I talked to him, eyeing his muscled runner's bod I began to increase speed. I asked him about his run for a bit but it didn't take long for me to get to the edge again.

As he went on about how far he ran and how fast I pumped faster and faster, really admiring how his muscles shined.

I was so close to finishing, my breathing got heavy and my heart was racing. My cock was full and hot due to the pressure building up.

I couldn't take it anymore. I blew my load all over the underside of my desk and wall. It was so intense to have exploded in front of my friend. I tried to keep a straight face during the ejaculation but I couldn't. It was just too good.

When I finally stopped shooting thick ropes of cum out of my dick I opened my eyes to see my friend looking in through the screen! He had a weird mixture of confused and interested face on and asked me what just happened.

I lied and said I had a pretty bad headache, he just threw me a disbelieving smile and a half laugh.

Well I enjoyed talking to you he said, I'll come over later to hang out. Yeah sure, just give me an hour to lay down I said. Just make sure you have clothes on this time he said laughing as he ran away.

It really was an intense experience, and the first time it ever happened to me. Since I'm a junior in college I think my record is pretty good ;)

January 20, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight

The Ultimate Male Masturbation Experience

Mom's Sexy Tootsies

My parents divorced five years ago, when I was twenty, and my mom lives alone. She is blonde and quite attractive. Lst month I was over at her apartment, and she happened to be barefoot. I thought that was neat, and I teasingly told her what sexy feet she has. Mom liked hearing that, and she teased me and asked if it was getting me turned on. I didn't know what to say, and I hedged and told her that it could. She found this very amusing, and said how I could always do it on her toes. I was surprised and not sure if I had understaood her. So I said, You mean, like ... And I did an up and down gesture with my hand. Mom just innocently said, Well, no one would know. I was very self-conscious, and said how I would be too embarrassed doing that in front of her. She told me that I wouldn't have to be embarrassed, and how she would find it a thrill, never having had anyone do that on her feet before. We both smiled over the idea, and finally I agreed to try. I took down my pants and began playing with my penis. As it started to get stiff, it was incredibly thrilling to have that happening in front of my own mother, and she loved seeing, complimenting me on what a nice one I had. Still a bit self-conscious, I got on my knees in front of her bare feet and began to stroke my erection. I never thought that I had a foot fetish before, although I have always found bare feet sexy. Anyway, I'm rubbing up and down on my length, and like I said, finding it extremely exciting doing this in front of my own mom. Then I ejaculated and shot out loads onto her bare toes and feet. It was very intense. Mom laughed, delighted with the results, and she playfully petted my penis with her wet feet. I recovred and still felt self-conscious, and mom happily cleaned up my semen from her feet. She said how much fun that had been. We haven't done anyting like that since, although I am tempted to ask her if I can repeat the experience with her. Time will tell.

January 20, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Masturbation Technique

The finger roller

This new technique will blow your mind, I wish literally. First things first, get the porn going and get aroused. Once you have masturbated enough and you need to blow your load grab your penis all the way around with your thumb and four fingers touching but not overlapping. now do a sort of rolling motion or try putting pressure off and on with your four fingers, do not pump. just keep doing a light squeeze rolling action. This method is amazing, when you do blow your load it shoots it out so far and the orgasm is incredible.

January 22, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Jerking off is Awesome

I love to masturbate

I like to masturbate while I am reading these stories it seams like cant get enough of it the other day I was watching a video of this young man masturbating it made me so hot an hard then it came to me that's the same way I masturbated fifty years ago the way he caressed his body till I had the urge to cum just like he was doing he stopped an waited till the urge passed he done this four to five times just the way I used to do by now I was so hot an leaking pre-cum I was about to cum then he did something that I had wanted to do for a long time but when the moment of truth came I couldn't do it sll of a sudden he raised his legs over his head rolled back opened his mouth then he ejaculated an caught it in his mouth he raised up an faced the camera opened his mouth showed his load he closed his mouth an swallowed licked his lips opened his mouth his load was gone I was in a daze an so hot that I stroked my cock in about two seconds I came a huge load without thinking iraised my hand to my mouth an took my load swallowed it an licked my hand dry an wanted more I cant say what it tasted like but I knew I had to try it again an I did about fours later an it even tasted better than the first time I am in my seventies an I manage about two loads a week an it still tastes as good now as it did then

January 24, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight

The Ultimate Male Masturbation Experience

A Scolding I Will Never Forget

When I was 15 years old, my mom and I, and two younger cousins drove the all day trip to see my grandparents. We started out early in the morning for the long trip and had car trouble twice, and had to stop to get it fixed. Late in the afternoon, we were high in the mountains and the car stopped on us. We pulled off to the small shoulder of the road and waited. This was before cell phones so we had to wait for help. There were no houses or anything around that we could see, except for a gravel road going up the side of the mountain.

We waited for a long time, and I my horniness started getting more intense, and I had to jack off. I had to do it. So, the hood of the car was up which partially blocked my moms view, and I walked a little ways down from the car, got between some rocks, pulled up my tshirt and pulled down my shorts and underwear, and started doing it. When cars would pass by, I would bend down to the ground to hide then get back up on my knees and continue. It felt so good, I came, and was so relieved. I went back to the car.

As night started to fall, we saw the lights of a house right above us. In daylight, we didn't see the house because of the trees. My mom decided that we would go up to the house to use their phone to call my grandparents. The man and lady welcomed us in and let my mom use their phone. The man told us that they saw us and were keeping an eye on us for safety, then he looked at me. I knew he saw me jack off, and I wondered if his wife did too.

His wife started fixing us something to eat, and the man asked me if I wanted to see his fishing boats. I said sure, and he took me to his garage and he showed me his boats. Then he turned to me, looked me right in the eye and said son, I saw you beating off down there. He proceeded to yell and yell at me for doing it, telling me that boys must not do it and all sorts of bad things that would happen to me if I did it, and made me swear that I would never do it again. I was so embarrassed, humiliated and now ashamed I felt like dying.

We went back into the house, I was very quiet and not hungry. I ate a very little bit, then we went back to the car to wait for my grandparents to come. He sure ruined my night, but I went on with our trip. I didn't masturbate for some days, but then I started again. I will never forget that time, and to this day I can show you exactly where our car stopped and I jacked off.

January 26, 2014 - Sexual Preference - In-Between

Memorable Wanking, Jacking Off, and General Masturbation

It Was So Good

This happened when I was younger. I had an older neighbor who I thought was really neat. He was really good looking and athletic, and I thought he was pretty cool. One morning I stopped by his house just to see what he was doing. It was summer, and I had on a t-shirt and shorts and was barefoot. When he answered the door, he had just come from the shower and was just wearing a pair of brief gray knit gym sorts. He told me to come on in and we sat in the living room on the sofa while he toweled his wet hair. I remember seeing how trim and lean and attractive he was, and being quite admiring of that. We talked a little bit, and then we laughed about something, and he poked me in the ribs. I was quite ticklish and I laughed, and he tickled me some more, and I started tickling him. The two of us wrestled around and tickled each other until we both had to stop to take a breath. When we did, I could see that he had an erection. It really showed. His hard penis was jabbing out at the front of his shorts. Of course I was all modestly amazed by this. He didn't seemed at all embarrassed, though. He just grinned and remarked on his having a hard one. I remember being impressed by how uninhibited he was about that, and suddenly I found myself getting an erection too, although it didn't show. He asked me though if I had one, and I shyly admitted that I did. Then he said, didn't it feel good? I said that it did, and he remarked on how big his was and asked if I wanted to see. Before I could say anything, he had pulled down his shorts and was exhibting this huge red boner. I thought it was incredible. I had never seen another guy with an erection before. He told me to show him mine, so I nervously took my shorts down and showed him the stiff bright pink erection that I had, which was only half the size of his. Playfully, he reached over to give my erection a friendly squeeze and played with it a little bit. His doing that felt really good, and I liked the way that he acted like it was no big deal between friends. He told me that I could feel his. So I took a hold of his stiff length, and it was very exciting getting to do that. The skin felt incredible soft and smooth and pulled easily over the rigid core beneath. He told me how good that felt, and just leaned back against th cushions letting me handle his hard dick. He moaned a little and that encouraged me to keep rubbing his erection. After a couple of minutes he suddenly ejaculated, and I saw all of the thick white liquid pulse out repeatedly in big globs. He moaned. I got so excited that my penis ejaculated, pumping out clear liquid. He got some tissue and we cleaned up. I thought thast it had been so great doing that together, and so did he. We have probably a couple of dozen mutual masturbation sessions together over that next year. It never made me gay, although it dd open me up to haveing fun with other male friends.

January 27, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Urgent Need to Masturbate

I like to jackoff

I like to jackoff its my favorite past time when ever I get a chance jackoff I don't waste any time the best way is when my wife is away for a day I get naked stand in front of a mirror with my limp cock hanging down I caress my belly an my inner thighs ever so lightly careful not to touch my cock as I do this I watch my cock grow to a fill erection then I start to stroke it real slow the feeling is so pleasurably it don't take long for the urge to cum I stop for I don't want it to end sometimes I do this for hours till I cant take it any longer then my balls erupt a huge load then I watch my cock go limp I rest for a few hours as my wife wont be home a while as I said I really love jacking off so I go for it again an have the same pleasure when I ejaculated this time as I did the first time

January 28, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Bisexual

Anonymous Masturbator Confessions

masturbation fantasizes finally acted out

All my life I have been kind of a gay basher up until several years ago. I love masturbating and do so every Sunday while eating breakfast, reading the paper, and finally looking at porn. I use to look a magazines which always have ads for phone sex in them. When I first noticed shemale ads it kind of turned me off but as time went by I started being more and more turned on by the feminine bodies and hard cocks. Soon I started fantasizing about sucking those cocks and having anal sex done on me with those hard cocks. I bought a dildo to fuck myself with and that would really increase my orgasm as well as turn me on much more then I ever have been. Eventually I started even masturbating to the men in the phone sex ads. Now I do all my masturbating by watching gay porn on the internet and fantasizing about having sex with another man. Would really prefer a shemale but they are hard to meet while it seems there is an abundant supply of men willing to have sex with another man. I started looking at ads for male on male sex and eventually started answering some of them. Just doing that turned me on so much I would have to masturbate thinking about what could happen. I finally started putting my own ads out and would get replies but nothing ever came of it. I finally answered one ad about sucking a dick and to my surprise and pleasure it worked out. I went to his house and we talked and got at ease for a few minutes. I then took off my clothes and he did the same. I bent down and started sucking his cock. I loved the feeling of his dick in my mouth. I sucked like I had noticed them doing on the porn sites. Finally he came in my mouth and I swallowed it all. I was so turned on by it. He sucked me off and then I left. I went to a bookstore a couple of times and sucked some dick as well as had my dick sucked. Even went to an adult movie place where I ended up getting my cock sucked. Doing all of this and thinking about it later really gives me some good masturbation sessions. I still had not been fucked anally so one saturday I answered an ad and it did work out. I got to his apartment where we talked for a few minutes and then got undressed and into his bed. I immediately started sucking his cock and playing with his balls. He started stroking my cock while I was sucking him off. Finally he pulls me up and has me suck his nipples which really turned me on. He rolled me over and starting sucking my nipples which really got me horny. Then he pulled me up and started making out with me. My first time ever kissing another man. I rolled on top of him so that I could rub my cock against his. I was so hot. I finally went back down and started sucking his cock while he started fingering my ass getting me ready for his cock. He rolled me over and crawled on top of me and slid his cock up my ass. What a turn on. We had sex like this for a while and then we went to different positions. First doggie style and then him standing up with me right at the edge of the bed. His best position for me though was when I was on my back. That way he could suck my nipples as well as run his tongue down my throat. After a while of sex in this position he came up inside of me. We lay together playing with each other and talking until he got hard again and rolled on top of me to fuck me a second time. He pulled out before he came and I grabbed his cock with mine and started jacking the two cocks off. I finally came on myself and then he proceded to masturbate on my cock. I do a lot of masturbating thinking about that night. I will probably go back for more but for now I am content to masturbate to my fantasizes. I am going to another adult movie house tomorrow where I hope that I can suck some more cock and possibly be fucked again. I would have never guessed having sex with another man could be such a turn on. Through the sex ads and replies I get I have been turned on to a free chat line where you can talk live with other men and have some pretty intense phone sex. I love listening to another man telling me how much he wants my cock or ass. Listen to his moans of pleasure as he finally cums the same time I am cumming. God I love masturbating.

January 28, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight

First Time Masturbating

First time having intercourse

One day me and one of my new friends decided to meet up at the mahal. He called this girl I seem around my school who I thought was rather attractive and sort of a cholla( come to find out she acted like it at all) . When we meet up I could tell she wasn't really into me but eventually to find out she would be. That day went on to be boring and nothing much to talk about. The next day however was one of the best days in my life. Me and my friend went back to her house the next day and spent the whole day at the mall just is three. When night time came along we were home alone(again just us three). Us all being freshmen's wanted to do something we weren't aloud to. So we went down to the liquor store where she stool a bottle and took back home to drink. I didn't like drinking cause it made me contradict myself me being against all that none sense. Anyways, through out the night we drank and found our selfs watching porn. We all began tired of the porn and decided to head to bed. We all acted scared as if their was something in the house most likely because of the horror movies we were watching. Me and her Andes up in the same bed and as my friend fell asleep we began holding each other very lightly and said you couldn't get away even though if I put little to no effort I could get out. We did this once to each other until we both faced the same way and eventually kissing said said she new I liked her and I replied how could I not. After making out for awhile I tried to put my hands in he pants but rejected me because in fear of waking my friend up so we went to the bathroom after we got naked I fingered her and went down on her but a hair got in my braces which was horrible and I newly stopped because of it. I kept fingering her and loved the motions she was making arching her back and the slight sweat she had. She told me not to put it in but it being dark and I really was put my dick in her I did anyways without her noticing but only once or twice. She gave me a blow job which was my first and felt amazing one standing up and one laying down. I climaxed as she made out with me while jacking me off and me exploding. We had a five month relationship of having oral sex which was always magnificent and grew old. We broke up after I found she was talking to someone else. I did happen to fuck her but was only in three times in and out and came. I came so fast partially because she wanked me before I did so. I never ate her out but did with this one black girl which tasted good. I didn't like the after taste though.

I don't know if this is just me but this site has made me think about men which I believe is really wrong. If you feel this same way inspire people to write more about straight experiences and less insest stories cause those stories always make you think and dream different.

January 31, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Memorable Wanking, Jacking Off, and General Masturbation

Mall Masturbation

The other day I was at the mall doing some clothes shopping. While walking around, I had seen many arousing women and when I walked past the lingerie section in Macy's I could feel myself growing and had to spank the monkey. Luckily, it was a Monday and the mall wasn't to crowded and I was able to sneak two pairs of sexy panties from a display into my sweatshirt pocket. One was a pink lace one with a small white bow on the front and one was a blue G-string. With the excitement of what was about to happen, I walked into the women's changing room (a poor yet amazing decision in retrospect). As soon as I got into a changing stall I dropped my pants to reveal a massive erection ready to be tamed.I put on the pink lace panties and started to rub myself through the material. I rubbed and stroked faster and faster to the point of cumming and stopped! I pulled the pink panties aside and used the blue G-string to stroke my huge, and at this point very wet 8 inch rod harder and faster. As I was moaning about to cum someone else came into the changing room and I exploded a huge load of cum all over the mirror. I think the women that came in knew what was happening but politely ignored me as I got dressed and left, leaving the panties behind.

January 31, 2014 - Sexual Preference - In-Between

Over 40 Years of Masturbating


I love reading these stories , and have a hard on while writing this. I masturbate just about every day and love it. I have had 3 head jobs down at the park and totally loved them, I am just not to sure about returning the favour. I suppose the only thing to do is try it. O well back to my hard cock which I have been tugging now for about 40 yrs. Ps is there some one out there in their late yrs who I can suck on?

February 3, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Anonymous Masturbator Confessions


The best part of my being left-handed is that it makes so easy to masturbate while looking at internet porn.

February 4, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight



First of all, I like reading the female and male stories. They get me hard and extremely wet. I pre-cum lots until it drips down my leg or seeps through the panties that I'm wearing.I love panties. I got into panties after having a few sexual encounters with females ,who unfortunatley, pussies didn't taste so good. So I quickly learn't to sniff their panties first. This led to me not only sniffing their panties but also licking and tasting them.I've had a few girlfriends who didn't seem to mind more getting them wet then sliding down their panties and having a sniff and a lick, as long it was their panties that I was using. I loved having a wank when they where at work or out, using their panties. I've been fortunate to have a female friend who used to swap me her stained ,wet panties for some wine . She never asked what I did with them but I'm sure she too masterbated thinking of what I was doining to her panties. Sometimes I would put them on ,knowing that they had been stained and would smell of her pussy. Another ex girlfriend ,who knew about my love for panties , encouraged me to go out and buy a pair for myself saying they woukd feel soft and sexy and it would get me hard ,hot and very wet! She was right. I'm currently wearing a purple lace g-string and my panties are soaking wet. I only wear panties to enhance my wank session. My pre-cum is soaking through the lace . I love tasting my pre-cum as it tastes so sweet.I would love to actually taste my cum , I've done this many years ago, but when I do cum I seem to lose the urge to taste it. I want to know what my female partners are tasting plus it's just so horny and kinky to do.maybe tonight? I wish other men would write of their panty exploits. I hope im not the only one. I love looking at females just wearing panties ,it's so hot, in fact just saying the word Panties gets me horny ,hard and wet!Hmmm just tasted the pre-cum in my panties and it tastes so sweet... Gonna go and have a nice ,long wank and cum all over myself and maybe a little taste!

February 4, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Anonymous Masturbator Confessions


Last year during junior year me and a friend caught this guy and this girl having sex on the stairwell, while we watched the principal was coming up the stairwell and they couldn't get out so I opened the door for them. The guy ran out and said thanks while the girl frantically buttoned back up her pants and put her little boobs back in her shirt. I then asked her what they were doing back there she giggled and said nothing. I told my friend lets get her to suck our dicks. With a little persuasion I then got her on another stairwell on her knees. I then pulled my throbbing cock out as she placed her lips on my tip and slid them down my shaft slowly it felt sensational. She then sped up as my penis was pulsating in her mouth eager to make her choke. I then decided she wasn't going hard enough so I grabbed her head and shoved my thick juicy cock down her throat and held it there as she gagged. I then pulled it out dripping with saliva while she gasped for breath. I never thought my dick was big until I seen it covered in her saliva shining. She then sucked my balls and put my dick back in her mouth. After 10 mins I finally bust in her mouth making her gag as it slid down the sides of her mouth. She then asked me if I would like to f*ck her I said no because me being a smart ass last year didn't go in without condoms.

PS . Start posting straight stories if you put your preference as straight those are the ones I read. Many of the ones that I read that say straight but really gay stuff and put different images in head, the things they make me think of and jack off to are unusual and I don't approve of homosexuals.

February 4, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Anonymous Masturbator Confessions


I am a man who loves to masturbate in ladies panties the sexier the better I have style they make it all started long ago I use to get my sisters panties put them on I would get a big erection then I masturbated when I ejaculated it felt so good I am much much older now I am in my late sixties an my love of ladies panties is as strong now as a matter of fact I never wear mens shorts I wear ladies panties every day I am not married but my lady that I go out with really gets turned on when she sees me in them she thinks it is so sexy I am wearing a thong now an it is really getting soaked with my pre-cum I am going to have take care of it right now

February 5, 2014 -

The Ultimate Male Masturbation Experience

That Was So Good

One day during the summer and friend both happened to be barefoot. We got to talking about how sexy it was, and admitted how it was kind of turn on. We were feeling silly, and we joked about how we could always jack off on each other's bare feet. So we decided to do it! We got naked and I went first. He sat there, while I got down on my knees and started stroking my erection. It was so exciting doingt hat in front of him, and seeing his hard erection. I continued to pull on my length and worked it up and ejaculated my semen all over his feet and toes. It was incredible doing this. Then, without even bothering to clean up, he jacked off on my toes. It was so sexy having pur creamy semen leaking between our toes! Anyway, that summer we had some really great barefoot jack off times together!

February 6, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Jerking off is Awesome

love it

I am a man in my eighties who still loves to masturbate an cum not as much as I used to but I still can I started when I was eight or nine it felt so good then came the day that I ejaculated for the first time I was so proud that I jacked off three or four times that day just to see the cum come out of my penis I am alone now so I go naked most of the time I enjoy my body I also like to wear womens underwear mainly sexy panties an shear nylons an pantyhose I have taken a lot of pictures of myself that I look at an it makes me horny that I end up masturbating an I love it now as much as I did when I started just writing this I am leaking pre-cum now so I am going to jackoff now

February 7, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Memorable Wanking, Jacking Off, and General Masturbation

sexiest woman

I was in high school when bill clinton was president, and read all the accounts of his outside of marriage sexual escapades. I would fantasies, close my eyes andjack off. went to college, pulled my hard-on out of my pants in front of any girl as long as I was not seen bby anybody else.

on dates it was surprising how much pussy and blow-jobs I would get. this was after fingering my date until she was hot. clinton was my example - not my ideal!

in n high school I leaned from a real cocksman the trick of stopping at a drugstore and telling my date I was going in to buy some rubbers. if the girl was still there when I came back, I knew I had some pussy!

between high school and college I would jack off whebever the urge hit me which was often.

when I graduated and went to work I saw this girl employee. I have had many women, have fucked and been sucked a lot, but this girl was the sexiestt I had ever seen! she didn''t try to be sexy. he just was period.

i got promoted, got a private office furnished with a computer. this girl was our computer guroo. i had alot of problems with my computer, called her in for her to fix it. the very first time she came in I shut the door, pulled out my hard cock, and she told me she wasn't that kind of a girl.hh trust me my cock was throbbing and I am known for the huge head on it.

several days later I needed her to fix it. I closed the door stood behind her while she worked on my computer. I was breatavily into her ear and onto her neck. when she turned around, I grabbed her and laid a very moist mouth open kiss on her very sexy lips. she pulled away, I pulled out my dick. she looked at it, told me she had fantasied abouit and was really wanting it. I pulled her upon my desk, pulled down her pantie, squatted down, licked her pussy, stood up,my dick eas dripping precim, she sucked it to get it wet, then I stuck it in. she responed the likes of which i had never had before. she was hot and ever bit as horny as me. it was the best fuck I had ever had.

we fucked any and every where after that. her husband got transferred. so I was back to solo jacking off, and thinking of her.

now I just fuck my wife, and suck and get sucked by this neighbor guy, whhose wife is as cold to him as I am to my wife she is a lousy fuck.

i still like to fantasie, lick my pre cum and eat cum. I like to eat hot pussy too.

sure miss that really sexy girl.

February 7, 2014 -

First Time Masturbating

That Was So NIce

This happened when I was younger. I had a friend that I was pretty close to and we would spend all of our time together. Lots of times we would go up to this secluded woodsy place. It was summer, and hot, and one day he said how we could take our clothes off. It sounded like fun to me, so we did that. Of course, being naked quickly gave us both an erection. It was fun having our penises stiff like that with each other, and we both liked how that felt. Also, it put us in a rather amorous mood. We tried hugging - which felt really good, and then we tried kissing. While we were doing that, we started to rub our erections together. That was so wonderful to feel that excitement. We did this for sevrela minutes and we both ended up squirting at almost the same time. I think he started squirting first, and theat made me squirt. We were both gasping and holding on to one another, feeling weak in the knees as we ejaculated. Needless to say, it was incredible getting to enjoying doing this together as friends. For the next five years we continued to have what you could call a gay friendship and loved every single moment of it.

February 7, 2014 - Sexual Preference - I would rather not say.

Caught Masturbating!


when I visited russle in new zealand I was camping and went to the bathroom and my friend was masturbating in the shower he told me to have sex with him so I did I told him I would not say a word we were 13 at the time his cum was warm on my 6 1/2 inch penis I shoved it is his a*s he did the same to me we are still doing it together today

February 8, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Bisexual

The Ultimate Male Masturbation Experience

My First Orgasm

I love to dress in women's clothes and masturbate. I would read stories were men could make themselves cum by anal only. I had tried many times alone and never could. A few months ago I began experimenting with men when dressed. I'm totally bi. and have never been attracted to men in the least. But I wanted to cum by anal only and I let many men fuck me. I would get close but always finished with my hand.

Finally it all changed. A man showed up at my house and when he walked in I became weak at the knees. As I said I've never been attracted to men, but this guy was so hot, built, and Oh my! I had know idea I could feel this way, I guess it's because I was dressed in women's clothes and look and felt hot. He showed me how hot I looked right away because he put his hand on my cheek and whispered that I was hot, then he kissed me long and hard (another first). I would have done anything he asked at that point. He led me to bedroom were he sat next to kissing me. I felt his hand began to wonder up my skirt and onto my hard cock. I moaned so deeply he thought I had cum. He Laid me back onto the bed were he continued to work his magic. He finally stood up and undressed. I watched as each thing was removed. When he pulled down his tight jeans I seen he wasn't wearing underwear and seen right away a gorgeous huge cock. He laid back down on top of me this time and continued to kiss and rub me all over. He lifted my legs onto his shoulders and began entering my hole. As it was going in I could feel me being stretched larger than ever. It felt so good. He started a very slow rhythm while both of his hands were under my blouse pinching and squeezing my tits. So I could feel I was about to cum and I told him so, when I told him he began to cum which I felt. Then I started to cum as well. The feeling is indescribable. I've never came so much. He collapsed down on top of me where we laid for a long time. I felt his cock get soft and come out.

That was my first ever. But it wasn't my last that night. He stayed the night. Before falling asleep he brought me to two more anal orgasms. The next morning before he left he did it to once more.

I'm not saying I love this man but I want him all the time now.

February 10, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Over 40 Years of Masturbating

I love to masturbate

I am a man up in years who loves to masturbate an cum an have since when I first started I don't think there is nothing better then a man who likes to pleasure himself I know I do I like to stand in front of a mirror an watch myself masturbate till I cum it feels so good when I see my cum spurting out I manage to masturbate at least three times a week an cum every time I think every man should masturbate if he don't he does not know he is missing once you pleasure yourself I don't think you will ever stop

February 11, 2014 - Sexual Preference - In-Between

Still love to jerk off

Oh, what a nice day it was again, I was watching porn of men with large cocks and I just wished that I could help them jerk off and some were nice enough to kiss and suck. So ijsstead I just jerked myself off again and when I came I ate what little I had. It seems the older I get the more I love to watch mwen with large cocks and maybe some day I would like to be fucked by one of them. Now I think I'll go back watch some more and jerk off again. I used to use a vacumn pump to get mine hard but my Dr. said not to anymore but oh how I still love to jerk off.

February 11, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Other Masturbatory Entry

Kik me

I love to masturbates and have mutual masturbation sessions if you would like Add me on kik TECHN9CIANAZ add we can share experiences and stories if you would like (I send nudes)

February 11, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Bisexual

Masturbation Biography

My Experiences

When I was a child, before puberty, I knew a lot about sex and masturbation. I was constantly trying to reach this fabled orgasm, but to no avail. So I just watched porn and hoped. One day, while I was watching some sort of typical man-woman porn. I decided that I finally was hard enough, and tried to masturbate again. As I began masturbating, so many different thoughts rushed through my head. Somehow I knew this would be the time, and I achieved that peak moment of ecstasy I was hoping for. Over the years, I became more and more interested in sex and masturbation. I discussed it with my friends, and they often said they yearned for more when it came to pleasure. I felt that I wanted to try something new, something EXCITING. So I tentatively offered to give one of my friends a blowjob. I was experimenting, and I felt it was something that I really wanted to do. I was about 13-14 at this time. I knew from this moment on that I would love sex, and I would be very happy with other guys, just as much as women. I soon was well-adored by my schoolmates, and I adored their temptingly large cocks inside me. I soon began dating girls my age as well, and I found a much different pleasure from this. When I was in my final year of high school, me and my senior buddies often had mutual sex, and our girlfriends soon found out and became spiteful. I decided to stick with men for a while, and soon began sleeping with my friend, who also became my roommate. And that's my life story, sexuality-wise.

February 12, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Over 40 Years of Masturbating

Early expiences

I remember a small group of friends experiment with masturbation at an early age after we swapped stories and one of the two girls in our group had seen her older brother jacking off and coming a liquid.We eagerly sat round discussing it and a few revealed that they had' pulled on there dicks ' at night but there was no liquid just a nice feeling. At that age we had skinny dipped in rock pools in our favorite place so we knew what each of our bodies looked like , the girls had no boobs or pubic hair. The boys and myself took it in turns to masturbate when ever we had the chance but didnt really get much of an erection and certainly didnt ejaculate as such. During one summer break I remember we had all gone down to the pool after being away from each other over the winter.There seemed a nervous atmosphere because we hadnt been swimming for six plus months, The girls were reluctant to remove there panties but it was clear that there boobs had stared growing and another lad had started to grow pubic hair as had i.During our drying off period it became clear that we had indeed matured a bit over the winter break and a few dicks were hard at the sight of the girls. So imagine as we swapped stories it became clear that some of us could indeed now ejaculate fluids. I watched as my friend seem to jack his dick for ages and I must admit it began to look sore , but he persivered and sure enough a dribble of semen emerged from the tip. I by now had also joined in the activaties but I could feel that I was close to coming and I shouted to everyone to watch . watch . watch . my bottom jerked and I shot a few squirts of semen into my hand. WOW WOW was the response. Everybody was wanking now but only another guy managed to shoot a creamy fluid. Most were clear liquid and not much of it. Through massive resistance I decided not masturbate all week and when we met again the next weekend after two lads had again fired some pretty feeble dribbles , I worked on my dick until I was ready to come but stopped just before, I explained that if you stopp a few times it will be more when you come.So everyone stood round as eventually my body switched and indeed I dribbled and then shot a piece right over my hand and on the floor. This then started probably the longest wanking session on record as we tried recreate my theory and achieve a big wad of semen.Of course for some if your not ready to produce sperm no amount of holding back will help. And it turned out that some were jacking off 4-5 times a day which meant that balls were empty before they turned up. Istill look back with fond memories at our first lessons in the old art of...and even now over 50 years on I can still hold a hard on for hours if I wish and I can still shot a good few feet if I edge for a while. Great Times....

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Caught Masturbating!

Caught a few times.

I always read on here that young guys are 'Caught ' by there parents. When really most parents know that there children are masturbating and do not want to intrude if they can help it. I seemed to have a knack of getting caught so to speak and it was almost a joke most of the time. My father left me and my mother when I was 8 years old and we struggled in very small lodgings until I was old enough to leave home and get a good job. I heard my mother masturbate several times in bed when she throught I was asleep and as the title suggests I was also caught out on several occasions. Living so close together it was difficult to find your own space. I remember my mother explaining the bird and bees one evening after a programme on TV showed a few naked people and it became clear I was interested and asked a few to many questions, As puberty set in I remember being woken by my mother saying I was late for school but as I swung my legs out of the bed I realised I had a morning wood , and no amount of telling my mother to go fix breakfast would she move out of the way. Her little joke I think but pulling down my night shirt and running to the CR caused me great alarm but it didnt scare me. It wasnt long before I was getting complacent and the mixture of the TV being to loud and me laying on my bed after school fresh from a bath , I had decided unwisely to use the free time to jack off , my mother had returned and was standing not four feet from me as I lay eyes closed and blew a load onto my chest. I opened my eyes to the greeting og ' How was it for you ? Anyone we know?. It did break the ice a bit and I was glad my mother took it in her stride but was careful from then on. Or so I thought on two more occasions I was caught in the bath when my mother burst in to use the toilet and being in a state of need ...she used it while I again try to scranble out of the bath to cover my embarrassment. Like I said this happened twice. But like I said parents know we mastutbated just like we knew they did it as well , the art is not getting caught or if you did , you hoped your parent was understanding. Im glad mine was.

February 15, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Undecided

Over 40 Years of Masturbating


If you haven't tried the fleshlight you need to, it's a great fuck. I cant stop using it. I love the feel if a hard cock in my hand and stroking it till it shoots that hot load of sweet cum. I'm hard right now and going to go fuck my fleshlight now. This cum is for you.

February 16, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight

The Ultimate Male Masturbation Experience

Ultimate masturbation

In over fifty years of masturbating in all kinds of ways, the best ever was something I sadly can no longer do. When I was young, my body was flexible enough that I could position myself against a wall and lower my cock into my mouth. At my best I could get the entire circumsized head and as much as two inches of my shaft in. I loved to suck myself, lick the head and especially my peehole, and shoot a powerful load that I'd swallow. I learned to love the taste of my own cum, and while I can no longer suck myself off I love eating it from my hand after shooting a good load.

February 18, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Urgent Need to Masturbate

Better Than Sex

I have recently discovered the ultimate in masturbation enjoyment, but first I need to explain something. Many years ago I was a regular user of phone sex which I found very exciting but also extremely expensive. So I reluctantly gave it up. Settling instead for wanking regularly to videos my brother stashed in his closet and some magazines I bought as well.

Then I left home and my experimentation began to develop. And then, the internet came along!. For a while I didn't discover the amount of stuff that was available virtually on call for me to enjoy.

And fast forward to a few days ago. I was doing what we all enjoy and decided to watch some new porn so I started my search and came across something fantastic. Something that combined everything I could ever dream of in my life.

I found a website where a girl not only looked fantastic, she talked and talked some of the most sexually arousing stuff I have ever heard in my life. Even before she starts removing her clothes I was well on my way to almost blowing my load. I know, it sounds hard to believe but it's true. Her voice and what she says is enough to cause any guy to cum, but then she tops it off by starting to undress and the ultimate is she masturbates for you.

But she makes it sound like she is doing it just for you and know one else. I am getting hard just thinking about it.

Now yesterday after a night of masturbation I went to the gym and had a workout. Swim and headed for the shower. Now, I really didn't have any plans of jerking off but as soon as I was in the shower and removed my swim trunks I started to get this really tremendous erection. So, what could I do, I started stroking and it felt wonderful. I could hear the words of the young lady in my head and visualise her naked body as I stroked my huge throbbing penis. And then, in came a guy with a little kid, much to my disappointment. I wanted so much to finish off what I had started but they were in there by then and I was in full view of them, with my still throbbing cock, facing the opposite direction so neither could see it. I showered and dressed reluctantly but this morning I woke early harder than ever before and watched and listened to her as I pleasured myself.

I have have many sexual experiences by myself and with females of all nationalities and ages but nothing compares to what I have discovered there.

February 18, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Bisexual

The Ultimate Male Masturbation Experience

Step mother

When I was young I would play naked with my step sister. We would play naked together and she would play with my penis and I would play with her clit. This was when we were pre teens. At that same time my step mom would come into my bedroom with a see throw nighty on, you could see everything. I enjoy seeing her very hairy bush and tits. I guessing that is where I got the love for hairy bushes. But later on when I was in high school she caught me masturbating a couple of times. She would just stand there and watch until I would finish. She would make a comment like not bad, or nice size. Around the same time my step sister would catch me looking in her window. A few times she would take her clothes off and lay on her bed and start playing with her clit. I would masturbate outside the window as I watched. A couple of times she would score me on my ejaculation. The beginning of my exhibitionist days, and still enjoy it today.

February 18, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Memorable Wanking, Jacking Off, and General Masturbation

old man twice within 5minutes

I just vhave to brag! I am almost 88 yrs old! I have gone through all stages of sex drive! Getting an erection (hard-on) isn't an everyday occurence these days for me! I still wake up early in the morn, sometimes, with some sex feelings. Other times it will get semi hard, I will start jacking then it goes soft and there ain't nothing I can do but flop it around, put back in my pajamas, and go back to sleep. I try thinking sex thoughts, hard dicks, pussy, fucking, sucking, and it just lies therewithout veven a stir.

Today I was readong these stories, looking at old men with hard-ons, men fucking girls - the whole 9 yards, and my dick got pretty hard - harder thhan usual. My wife of 58 yrs, most of which she was (is) colder than a freezer, has gone to lunch with a bunch other shriveled up pussies.

I pulled off my clothes, stood in front of a full length mirror, started jacking, watched my balls swing to and fro, then felt that wonderful surge as I was staRTING TO CUM. I WIPED IT OFF THE HEAD INTO MY PALM, then licked it off. Milked my dick all the way from behind my balls to get all the cum. Cleaned up, put my clothes almost on when I notice Lasuras was still alive.

I started jacking again, pretty frantically, because I didn't want old Las to play dead. Then I came again. Certainly not as much, but quite a bit. I used to be able do do this as a younger man but I thought those wonderful days were vlong gone.

I have been jacking since long before I could cum, still like to fuck, mostly widows, like to seek kindred spritis in steamrooms and do all that good cumming feeling stuff.

Can't wait to see if I can cum twice again!

February 19, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Unique or Strange Story

When chatting goes wrong

So my gf was away and we were talking on the phone. Somehow we ended up talking about masturbation and pervented things(She knew that I masturbate and I knew she does too). She got a little intrested and asked me how it feels to do something and I realized I never tried that so she asked me to do it and describe how it feels. We have gotten deeper in our talk and she started to tell me how to masturbate while I was doing it. I think this time I had the best orgasm ever. Later she asked me to help her masturabte and she rly loved it. So everytime she is away we tell each other how to masturbate. Its best way to do it. And trust me. Girls have so much great ideas about it. Try it out

February 21, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Memorable Wanking, Jacking Off, and General Masturbation

My bikini babe neighbor

Well I have been masturbating for a long time, and I do enjoy it. Across the street from me is a girl probably around 16. She is very gorgeous and has amazing boobs. Every day, she goes out ans swims in her pool in her short bikini. it's black and green and pink and she looks amazing in it. I dont know whu she's in school, but to be honest I dont care because that means everyday I can masturbate to her. Sometimes I will go outside to get a better look at her and she waves to me. Alot of times I imagine what I would do to her if she was older. One day I was mastuurbating to her, and she saw me through the window. I quickly stopped and covered myself, and she looked upset. The next day I did the same and soon she knocked at my door. I let her in and she helped me masturbate, and gave me oral sex. It was awesome, and we still do it once a week. She still sees me, and when she does she gives me a seductive wink.

February 22, 2014 - Sexual Preference - In-Between

First Time Masturbating

Great Firsts

When I started masturbating, I thought that it was just the best thing! My penis would get so hard and with the least provocation, and I loved it. Even better, I loved how it felt to caress and rub my erection and work it up to the point of ejaculating. Whenever my parents wweren't home, I would walk arounbd naked and enjoy getting the biggest, stiffest erections and masturbating myself silly. After a while, I started to become more daring, and I would go to some secluded outdoors spots to masturbate, which made it so pleasing to do. Finally, I was with a friend, and we were out in one of those secluded spots, and we started talking about sex, and naturally getting all turned on. He said how he felt like jacking off, and I was all for it. We took our pants down and started rubbing ourselves. It was so exciting getting to do that together, and we both had a marvelous ejaculation. Well, aftre that, and being less shy, we started jacking off at each other's house whenever we could. Naturally, feeling friendly, we began to play with one another, and jack each other off. That was so fabulous! Neither of us ever became gay because of our experiences, but we sure shared some really wonderful times being intimate as friends.

February 23, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Urgent Need to Masturbate


When I was younger, I was naturally sort of curious about my older brother and his best friend, and about the things that they did. One day I came home, and nobody was there, but I heard some noises coming from upstairs. I silently crept up and the door to my brother's room was open a tiny crack. Well naturally I had to peek in to see what was going on. Was I ever surprised! There was my brother and his best friend, and they were both sitting on the bed together naked and they were kissing! What's more, they each had the biggest red erection sticking up, and they were feeling each other's as they kissed. I was so amazed. I had no idea that the two of them did anything like this together. I didn't think that they were gay or queer or anything. I just thought it was so cool that they did things like that together as friends. Anyway, I sure didn't want them to catch me spying on them, so I quickly left. But that image of them naked and sexually aroused sure stuck in my mind, and I found myself becoming enormously turned on. My penis was so unbelievably stiff that it was actually painful. I went into the garage and took it out and started rubbing it. I ejaculated within half a minute and a lot squirted out. Even after I had come, though, I didn't lose my erection. My penis remained just as steadfastly hard and I continued to rub and stroke its length and in several minutes more I ejaculated again. I can tell you, that left me drained! My knees were practically wobbly. I never told my brother that I had seen him and his friend together, and I never got to see them together again - much to my disappointment. Never the less, that sexy image of their male- togetherness remained in my mind mind, and it never failed to turn me on, and I would often think of it while masturbating. It was several years until I had the opportunity to enjoy that kind of closeness with one of my own friends, and when I finally did, it was quite memorable.

February 24, 2014 - Sexual Preference - In-Between

The Ultimate Male Masturbation Experience

That was so nice

When I was younger there was a guy from school who lived close to me, which was how we knew each other, although we weren't exactly friends, but we would see each other around quite a lot. It was one day during the summer when we happend to see each other. We were both feeling kind of bored and didn't have much to do. The two of us ended up walking up to this woodsy area. The weather was hot, and he remarked on how we could always take our clothes off. There was nobody around and that sounded like fun. So we took our clothes off and got naked, which was a daring sort of thing to do. Well, no surprise, he started to get an erection and so did I. We were both about the same size. Naturally we were a little self-conscious, but we talked about it, and agreed that it was nice not having to be all embarrassed about it with each other as guys. We talked about how good it felt and about how stiff our erections were. It was pretty cool being so open like that, and seeing and even being admiring of each other's large and very stiff penis. We were laying there on our jeans, with our legs stretched out, and our boners curving up over our stomaches, the two of us grinning over our revealing nakedness. It was obvious how turned on we were, with the heads becoming a purplish-red and smooth and shiny. He remarked on how hard mine was, and he casually reached over to feel it. So I reached over to feel his. It was so neat getting to actually hold another guy's erection in my hand like that, to feel its smoothness and its hard curved shape. He had no problem in holding mine. While we did that, we began to caress each other's other's, which felt good. We took our time enjoying doing this and stimulating one another. We fondled each other's balls and continued to gently rub each other's hard length. This went on for well over half an hour. Finally he said that he was going to come. I kept gently stroking his penis and he ejaculated. It was really great getting to see his creamy semen pump out. When he finsihed, he made me climax, which by then I was more and ready to do. We cleaned up and enjoyed each other's naked company for maybe another hour before getting dressed and going home. This was the first time I had ever done anythng with another guy, and I had found it quite nice and had really enjoyed. Aparently so had he. The two of us spent the rest of that summer jacking each other off I don't know how many times, but it was always a wonderful experience and one that I was glad that I had.

February 24, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Jerking off is Awesome

I love it

masturbation I love it I am going to have a great session today I haven't been able to masturbate for about four days I am all alone now my wife is gone for a week so I am going to have a great time first I am going to dress up in womens panties an nylons which I love to wear I feel like going all the way an putting on my wifes bra she is a 36d stuffing them full I love large breasts then a shear blouse short mini skirt as I look in the mirror I get so hot an horny I know my jackoff session is going to be so intense I watched my self in the mirror my cock got so hard it hurt I couldn't take it any longer I just had to masturbate it didn't take long for me to cum an cum like never before it left me weak I my knees to me there is nothing better I guess I am hooked on masturbating I love it

February 24, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Over 40 Years of Masturbating

I love panties

I just went through 2012 entries I was amazed at how many men loved womens panties I am also a lover of panties the sexier they are the better I have every style there is as I am not married I never wear mens shorts I wear panties all the time I love the way they feel sometimes I wear thigh high nylons if I am not wearing panties I wear pantyhose I mean I wear them to work every day when I get home I am so horny the first thing I do is masturbate its my way of life an I don't intend to stop

February 26, 2014 -


[b]ñåêñ 3 äåâóøêè è ïàðåíü[/b] Ìóæ ïîñòàâèë æåíó ðàêîì, ÷òîáû ïîìåíüøå êðè÷àòü, îíà çàæàëà â çóáàõ ïîëîòåíöå è èç êîìíàòû äîíîñèëèñü ëèøü ñòîíû.

February 28, 2014 - Sexual Preference - In-Between

First Time Masturbating

My First Time

I still remember my first time so clearly! I was friends with another boy, and the two of us would go up to this private woodsy area together. It was summer and the weather was hot, and one day we thought it would daring if we took our clohtes off and got naked. So we did that, both of us laughing and grinning shyly. Suddenly being naked was giving us both an erection. Ouyr penises were sticking up, completely stiff. Well, we laughed about that too, and we playfully poked our erections together and talked about how stiff they were and how good that felt. And then we felt each other's, which was pretty cool doing that as friends. It also felt very good, so we just kept on handling and rubbing each other's erection. Tne, in a complete surprise, he suddenly gasped and tensed, and all of this clear liquid came squirting out of his penis. It was really exciting and he said how terrific that had felt when it happened. So he continued to rub and stroke my erection until I clamxed and squirted. Neither had ever felt anything so good before! That was the first time for both of us. After that, we began to regularly get naked and indluge in masturbating one another, sometimes we would do it two of three times in a row! Oh, those were the days!

March 1, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight


The Best Lube Ever

I have always been what I consider to be above average when it comes to my interest in sex. I've been heavily into masturbating since the very first time I did it so long ago.

I was a rather tall skinny kid growing up in the country where few girls were available to attempt dating with. Those I did meet would make negative comments on my tall skinny build so I gave up on girls for a few years, hit the weights & continued with frequent & long lasting sessions of masturbation. The weights worked well for me & I began dating at 18 when I was 180 lbs. I've never given up working out since & the gym is where I met my wife years later.

Being a tall guy I have a proportionate sized penis at 8 inches erect. My foreskin was cut very tightly I'd say so dry masturbation is good but the movement of the foreskin is limited to below the penis head only. It feels good but because I engage in long masturbation sessions dry can leave me with foreskin irritations & bleeding. I turned to lube trying to gain more time to spend masturbating & it sure boosted my hours per week & pleasure too. What I used first was good old Vaseline that I found in the medicine cabinet. I also used olive oil which was a great option too.

Moving ahead to my mid twenties I was married & my wife would spend 1 or 2 weeks at a time away with her job every now & then. This portion of her job went on for 3 years. It left me with time on my hands to masturbate. This is what I did on an average week.

I'd visit our local video store & go to the little room at the back where they kept the sex vids. I'd rent 3 movies at a time usually every other night on weekdays, then I'd rent 6 on Friday night & keep them until Sunday. I'd bring them home after work & after a quick bite strip nude & be ready in front of the TV with my remotes at my side. I'd cover the sofa with a towel & be ready for a fantastic event of masturbating which usually lasted from about 6:30 pm until about 10:00 pm. After I'd sleep like a baby & return the vids the next morning before work. On the weekends I'd usually go about the same 3 hours plus masturbating. One day I tried to see how long I could last which was fully erect & non stop other than water & pee break. I lasted 8 hours. It was fantastic!

Of course I mastered edging & holding back ejaculation. I consider myself a guru at that. My orgasms are now massive too which I attribute to my long sessions. I've seen others on computer masturbate & orgasm & their bodies hardly move. Mine involuntarily spasm hard & twitches heavily through each spout of ejaculation which is usually about 8 to 10 long shooting streams. The after the semen stops pumping I continue to enjoy the orgasmic spasms with dry ejaculations pumping nothing more than a great feeling.

Finally I will tell you about the best lube you will ever find. You MUST do exactly what I wright or it will not work. Take a very small amount of Vaseline & coat your erection. Begin masturbating & if you have used the correct amount which is just enough to give a fine coating over the penis, you should find your hand will not slide well after maybe 30 or 40 seconds. Continue stroking your erection until your hand cannot slide well at all. Now take a generous amount of baby oil & pool it into the same stroking hand. Coat your erection & you will find this slides better than anything you have ever used before. It's the best!

You should be able to masturbate for about 20 or 30 minutes before need to add a few more drops of the oil. DO NOT add more Vaseline! It will become sticky & destroy your pleasure. You should be able to go up to 2 hours or more with this. Eventually you will find the Vaseline will break down the oil will feel like just oil. Stop & wipe your erection clean with soft paper towel Do not wash with soap & water or it will take too long before you can start again. It's ok if you have 10 minutes of so but I like to get right back to it. If you must just redo the above & your ready to go again.

I'm not sure if an uncut penis or smaller penis will benefit from this or not. If you are circumcised & have a larger penis that requires long full strokes of your hand this will be the best you have ever tried. It allows your hand to be in direct contact with the bare shaft. I also enjoy holding back what little foreskin I do have at the very end just before orgasm. This allows direct stimulation without the foreskin moving at all. It's just pure hand to penis shaft stimulation which gives a purely perfect orgasm. You can also give hints to your wife or girlfriend when she's giving you head. Have her hold back your foreskin on your circumcised penis or do it yourself for her while she slides her lips back & forth as you ejaculate in her mouth. It is the best feeling you will ever have. Trust a guy with lots of experience.

Please enjoy!

I hope you enjoy.

March 3, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Bisexual

Memorable Wanking, Jacking Off, and General Masturbation

Group masturbation

This dates back to the 1960s when I was in a youth organisation called the Boys Brigade. We used to go on an annual camp, and there had been stories about the goings-on in the senior'a tent. There were several traditions, but the best was the night one ritual. I was surprised how much I enjoyed it!

The tradition was that everyone in the senior tent would masturbate in turn. We would work ourselves off and collect the semen in this strange little glass thing, a bit like a sherry schooner with a wide neck. It had a white line marked on the side, and we weren't allowed to go to sleep till it was filled to the line.

It wasn't the first time I'd wanked, but it was the first time I'd done it with anyone watching, and also the first time I'd had to control my spunk instead of letting it splash about. I think I was 3rd to go, so I'd picked up the trick of pinching off my foreskin as it started to shoot, and then milking it out into the jar. I got a huge thrill watching the others go before me, but I had no idea how excited I'd get doing it while my friends watched. That was so intense, and I produced far more spunk than I was expecting. I felt absolutely exhausted as I passed the jar on, and leaned against the naked chap next to me. He just ruffled my hair, and I wanted to kiss him, but didn't . Of course.

The jar came round again. The first time I'd contributed I had knelt upright - essentially doing it as close to standing up as possible. The second time I knelt on all 4s then took me weight on my left arm while I stoked my erection with my right. I wanted to play with my balls too, but no-one else had done that so I didn't either. I added my contribution, which I imagine was less the second time around. I wanted to try something different because I'd seen so many different techniques. Some boys wrapped their fingers round the shaft (like I did) but some reversed the grip so their palm was rubbing direct on the glans, and one chap use a sort of two-finger pinch on his knob-end. (I've had that done to me since and find it unsatisfactory). One bloke wrapped a neckerchief round his shaft and used two hands. He needed to.

There were about 8 or 10 in the tent, and after two goes each we still hadn't filled the glass, so we drunk beer for a bit and two chaps smoked a reefer. The smoke relaxed all of us. Then the game started again, and we all tried again. A couple of us failed to ejaculate a third time, but most managed it after quite a lot of work. I managed a far larger shot than even the first time, though I had to rub my prick for several minutes before I spurted. By the time we had all had our 3rd go the glass was filled, and we turned in. I lay in my sleeping bag with my prick in my hands as I went to sleep, reflecting on the variations in size of our various penises . I felt both liberated, and proud to have contributed!

March 5, 2014 -

Urgent Need to Masturbate

Right now I have been watching all the different types and sizes of penises. I am waiting for the cleaning lady and then I hope to have her help me jerk off and later I can eat her pussy. All the while as I wait Ive to play with my cock and fantasize what it would be like to suck anice medium sized cock. I have a dildothat I practice with but oh a real live one would be nice. I know that while she jerks me off she will also give me a blow job and then we do the 69.

March 5, 2014 -

Memorable Wanking, Jacking Off, and General Masturbation

As an addendum, all I can say the 69 was terrific

March 7, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight


panties and pads

Its good to see the other posters that enjoy sniffing panties here. I also love nothing better than getting my hands on a used pair of panties and sniffing and wanking with them. It really gets me going.

I was over in my partner’s sister’s house for dinner one night and decided to take a trip to the bathroom. While there I took a quick look in her close hamper to see if I could find a nice pair of panties. Unfortunately for me she must have just done a wash as there was very little clothes in the hamper and not a single pair of panties to be had. I then got another idea and looked in the small bin next to the toilet and found that it was full of her used sanitary pads. I took two and put them in my pocket. I went back to the kitchen and was very excited for the remainder of the evening, talking to my partner’s sister with her pads in my pocket was really turning me on.

As soon as I got home I went to the bathroom and took the pads from my pocket. I took my clothes off and unwrapped the pads. I was very hard at this point and spent a few minutes sniffing them and thinking of how they would have been pressed up against her vagina. I sniffed one while putting the other around my very hard penis. I exploded and came so hard and it took me several minutes to recover. Looking forward to calling around to her place again. Has anyone else gotten off with pads?

March 7, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Jerking off is Awesome

Always So Good

I have always enjoyed masturbation since I first began. Today, I still it enjoy it just as much. I like having sex, but there is always just something personally excting about masturbating. I love to be nude around my place, and when it gives me an erection - which it frequently does. I just enjoy having a boner, feeling its stiffness sticking up. I find this very pleasing, and I will often just have a boner for half an hour or so before I finally decide to take care of it. Then I will sit there, and take my organ in my hand, and slowly start stroking it, feeling the urge growing along its length, the head swelling out. And then there's that very exciting moment just before it happens, and suddenly my semen is squirting out in a serious of intense pulses. I think that I just like the masculine feel of taking care of it myself, and I have started to wonder what it would be like to masturbate another guy. I think that I would like to experience male sex on that level. Who knows? With the right friend ... maybe!

March 8, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Bisexual

Memorable Wanking, Jacking Off, and General Masturbation

first time with a friend

back when I was around 14-15 I was at a sleep over of 4-5 others all guys wer where watching some vids on a usb so when we where done with one vid we went to the next one it turned to be porn with he tryed to take it out but was stop soo we all ended up watching it togeter and since his mum and dad where not home he said was was hard and wanted to masterbait to me so that no one was able to hear him I then said I did to and then one of the others said I am hard I am going to masterbait and he pulled out his 6-7inch penis most of us where jelly with him but not me I was just .5 of a inch shorter then him and it just make me soo hard watching him soo I said can I feel it he looked at me for a bit then said yes I felt it and wanked it for him then one of my friend started to want me and this want o for aobut 2 hours I was the first to cum the owner of the usb was hard but not masterbaiting we all saw that and I said let me do it soo he let me and was red face and all he was 4-5 inch and he did not take long to cum after that night we did this mayby once a week we all enjoyed it and after 4-5 weeks of it we try anal was the first to giv anal and I loved it I humped untill I cummed in his ass he did not like the cum but he love being humped I was next to get hump I did not enjoy it but I did it and the last to get to anal was my best friend he had me to him self then aother joined in and did a dp to me it like that more then the first time and I got hard again and after he cummed in me I humped him till I cum all over him from that day we have done this every sunday untill we where in grade 11 it started to stop but after 23 weeks I got everyone togeter and we did it for the last time that was pure fun

March 8, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Memorable Wanking, Jacking Off, and General Masturbation

I Still Can't Believe This Happened

This happened my third year in college and I still can't believe it happened or how it happened, it still blows my mind!! Me and two other guys in one of my business classes went on an out if town one day internship. We would be gone two nights and stay on a motel room together. We did not know each other, but chose the same internship.

The first day we drove to the town in a neighboring state and got a motel room for two nights. That night, late when we went to bed, me and one guy slept in a bed together and the other guy had the other bed to himself. No problem, I have spent the night with guys before. I slept with no problem, but I suddenly woke up, laying on my side,facing the guy and he was laying on his side facing away from me, and I was rubbing my hard dick against his butt crack. It felt unbelievably good and I couldn't stop. But I was suddenly scared, shocked, surprised, etc., all at the same time. I kept rubbing against him wondering if he was going to yell, hit me or what. Then I discovered that the front of my shorts was down a little bit, about to my balls. I still don't know how this got started - was it me or him??

I didn't know what was going to happen, then he suddenly pulled his shorts way down and reached around and felt my dick. I thought then that it was going to be ok, so I pulled my shorts way down also. He then, with his hand, guided my dick to his butt hole. I knew what he wanted me to do, but I had never done that before. I didn't have any lubrication but I got my dick in and started fucking him. It didn't take long for the feeling to start, I whispered to him that it was coming, and I shot a load in him. He then started beating his meat and came. Not two minutes after this happened, the alarm went off. All of this happened in about five minutes or so.

The next day at the internship business, not a word was said about it. That night we went to bed late again. When we got in bed, we immediately started quietly feeling each other, we even pulled down our shorts. When we were sure that the other guy was sleeping, we got naked and held each other rubbing our dicks together. (The times when I did it with my friends, rubbing our dicks together was my favorite thing to do. I love how it feels.) We did this for a long while, then he handed me a small bottle of lotion and turned over facing away from me. I put the lotion on my dick and stuck it in him. This time I fucked him long and slow. After I came, he beat off like he did before. We fell asleep naked, and later in the night he woke me up for me to put my shorts on.

We never talked about it, but it is one of my favorite memories of the kind.

March 8, 2014 - Sexual Preference - In-Between

First Time Masturbating


Mom and dad were divorced, so it was just mom, my broether who was two years older, and me. When mom was gone to work, my brother would often walk between his bedroom and the bathroom to take a shower with nothing on. He would act very nonchalant about it, saying how there was nobody home - aside from me. Sometimes he would go downstairs to the kitchen to get something to drink and walk around the house like that. I was kind of more shy. Then, several times I saw him with an erection. His penis was sticking up extremely stiff and red. He just shrugged and said how that felt good, and then remarked on how I got erections too, so it was no big deal. He talked me into trying going naked around the house too, when mom was at work. Like I said, I was shy, but it was fun and teasing, and of course it gave me an erection right away. But since my brother had one too, I didn't have to feel embarrassed about it, and It was great being open about being boys like that with each other. My brother asked if I knew about jacking off, and I said I didn't. So he offered to show me. We went into his room and sat on the bed, and I watched as he began to stroke up and down on his erection. He had me do the same to my penis, which I liked how that felt. Then I saw him ejaculate and this white liquid come pulsing out. He groaned and said how good that felt. He had me keep rubbing mine, and I ejaculated, although only clear liquid came squirting out. He explained that was because I was still too young to produce semen. Anyway, it had been fun doing that together, so we started to do that so more. Of course I was worried that mom would find out what we were doing. My brother told me that mom didn't mind, saying how she had told him that he should talk to me about sex stuff. Well, knowing that, I felt a whole lot better. When we would get naked and masturbate, he started to play with my penis and would play with his, and it wasn't long before we were making each other ejaculate, which felt even better. Then sometimes we got very playful, and he would sit on top of me, and rub my erection with his buns while he masturbated, and squirted all over my chest. It felt so exciting when he did that, and lots of times I would ejaculated while he was rubbing me with his buns. We did this stuff together for several years, and eventually, as we got older, we tappered off. I sure have some good memories of those days, though. Thanks big brother!

March 8, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Caught Masturbating!

I Could Not Believe it

This happened when I was younger. One day I was feeling particularly horny, and I thought that I would jack off. It was summer, so I just took off my t-shirt and cut-offs, and was already barefoot. I stretched out on my bed, having this absolutely huge erection. I began to slowly stroke its length, eally enjoying how that felt, and closing my eyes and getting into it. The next thing that I know, my mom's coming in with some laundry. I was caught completely by surprise. All I could was to lay there holding my erection in my hand. Well, mom looked just as surprised as me, having no idea that I was in my room. She just stood there and looked at me. Suddenly, I ejaculated. It just happened. My semen squirted out uncontrolably. I saw my mom smile, looking quite amused. She said, Oh! That was a nice one! I was so embarrassed. Later, after I pulled on my shorts and shirt, and I went downstairs, I wasn't even sure that I could face my mom. I thought that she might be upset or mad. On the contrary, she still looked amused. She apologized for having intruded, and I told her that was okay, and that I knew that it had just been an accident. She could see how embarrassed and self-conscious I was, and she assured me that I didn't have to be. She said how that sort of thing was perfectly normal and healthy. Then she teased e and said how she had enjoyed the show. Her being so good-natured about the whole thing, made me feel better. I even wondered if maybe she had found the experience of seeing me ejaculate like that right in front of her to be a turn on. Only she assured me that she would be sure to always knock before she came into my room. For a brief moment I had actually wondered about maybe some mother and son fun, but that never happened. Still, when I think back on it now, It really had been quite a turn on for me obviously.

March 8, 2014 -

The Ultimate Male Masturbation Experience

Nice Squirt

When I was younger I of course had discovered the wonderful excitement and pleasure of masturbation. I was quite surprised and delighted when a friend confessed that he liked to masturbate, too. That was so neat. We decided to masturbate together at his house. No body was home, so we would go into the bathroom, get naked, and have the stiffest erections imaginable. It was so much fun to have one together, as boys. We would stand there and stroke our outlandishly huge members and see who could squirt the farthest. In the bathroom, with the tile walls and floors it was easy to clean up. I actually shot six feet! It would have gone even farther, only my squirt had hit the far wall. For fun, we started ejaculating on each other's penis, and we finally got to jacking each other off! Oh, that was good! Both of us could hardly endure the intensity. Our kees would get weak and we were about ready to pass out, after taking the time to torturously tease and rub each other's hard penis. Great fun and good memories!

March 8, 2014 -

The Ultimate Male Masturbation Experience

Nice Squirt

When I was younger I of course had discovered the wonderful excitement and pleasure of masturbation. I was quite surprised and delighted when a friend confessed that he liked to masturbate, too. That was so neat. We decided to masturbate together at his house. No body was home, so we would go into the bathroom, get naked, and have the stiffest erections imaginable. It was so much fun to have one together, as boys. We would stand there and stroke our outlandishly huge members and see who could squirt the farthest. In the bathroom, with the tile walls and floors it was easy to clean up. I actually shot six feet! It would have gone even farther, only my squirt had hit the far wall. For fun, we started ejaculating on each other's penis, and we finally got to jacking each other off! Oh, that was good! Both of us could hardly endure the intensity. Our kees would get weak and we were about ready to pass out, after taking the time to torturously tease and rub each other's hard penis. Great fun and good memories!

March 8, 2014 -

Memorable Wanking, Jacking Off, and General Masturbation

First Fun

This happened when I was younger, but it is still one of my best masturbation experiences. There was a bathing beach at a local lake where everyone, and all of the kids would go. I met another boy there, and the two of us started to become friends. We would spent a couple of hours there, and then put on our shorts and t-shirts and flip-flops, and then we would walk home. One afternoon he invited me in to have something cold to drink. It was summer, and warm. His mother was at work, so nobody else was at home. He said how it would be cooler if we took our shirts and shorts off, and were just in our swimsuits, so we did that. We both the racing style suits. It was fun and a little being almost naked together like that in his house instead of the beach area. We were sort of laughing about that, and he started to get an erection, which really showed in the front of his swim suit. The thin fabric just stretched over his hard penis. Well, I started getting an erection too, and it was just as visible in the front of my swimsuit. Since we bot had one, it was fun not having to act all embarrassed about it. We laughed about how much they showed, saying how stiff and big our erections were. He pulled down the front of his swimsuit to show me his. His penis was not espcially long or thick, but it was very well curved and had an enormous tip. I pulled the front of my suit down to show him mine, which was a little bigger in length, with a longer tip. Feeling brave, we went ahead and just slipped our suits off all together, which was exciting to do. We compared our erect penises, and felt each other's just a little bit. This was all happening right there in the kitchen. Then he started rubbing his, so I started rubbing mine. After several minutes he ejaculated and so did I. It felt fantastic, the two of us standing there naked, playing with our erections and getting to squirt together. We shot our liquid onto the floor, which we then cleaned up. It was such a wonderful experience to have together as friends, and after that we masturbated together quite regularly.

March 10, 2014 - Sexual Preference - In-Between

Memorable Wanking, Jacking Off, and General Masturbation

Okay With Me

This happened when I was younger, but it was one of most memorable experiences. There was a boy I knew, and one day he talked into masturbating with him. We got naked and jerked our erections and came together. It was a lot of fun. So we did that together a few more times over the next couple of weeks. Then, one day when we were naked and playing around, he sai that he wanted to stick his erection into my butt, so I let him. It hurt a little at first, but when I relaxed and got use to him going in and out of me, it was really exciting and I started ejaculating. I probably let him have anal sex with mre two dozen more times, and each time I would get so excited that I would start ejaculating. One time I was so excited that I actually ejaculated, but my penis remained enormously stiff and I ejaculated again. I have to admit that this is my most memorable time and I still think about it.

March 12, 2014 - Sexual Preference - In-Between

Anonymous Masturbator Confessions

With a Friend

A few months ago I had a chance to mess around with a male friend. We did it just for fun. We were both feeling horny and thought that we would jack off together. It didn't take us long to start playing with each other's erection. I was so turned on getting to hold his hard penis and to have him hold mine. We jacked each other and climaxed, and it was unbelievably exciting making each other come. I had never thought that doing this with another guy could be so good, but we both found out that it sure is. We have jacking each other egularly now, at least once a week, and we cxan hardly wait to get together and have a blast!

March 12, 2014 - Sexual Preference - In-Between

Anonymous Masturbator Confessions


This last summer a friend and I decided to have a gay affair. We were just in the mood for it, mostly to see what it was like. It was pretty cool just being openly friendly in that way with each other. We would kiss and hold hands, this never failed to give both of us an erection. Something which we didn't have to shy or embarrassed about with one another. In fact, we would both smile, which was always a dead give away that we were hard, and we loved enjoying that together. Of course, when we got the chance, we started jacking each other off, and that was so good. We did try giving each other a blow job, buut we never got to having anal sex. Mostly we just liked being affectionate male friends with benefits. Simple as that, really. We can see why so many guys - and girls - are enjoyin same-sex relationships like this.

March 12, 2014 - Sexual Preference - In-Between

Masturabatory Editorial

Finally and at Last

I have read so many stories which are like my own. Being with another guy and enjoying it, but not being gay or bi-sexual as such. I think that the gay issue is becoming passe. At last! Back in the fifties and before, one only had to look at young adult male literature, and boys having warm or strong feelings toeards other boys was considered to be acceptable. Then the whole gay movement got started, and anything going on between guys was considered gay, and they were somehow hopelessly gay - even if they didn't know it. Talk about your propaganda! But now, finally, people are starting to get past the gay thing, and are becoming more accepting of close male friendships, and are not labeling it was gay. Just what it is - a close personal friendship. I can only say that this is wonderful and I am sure that this view will continue as the shock of the gay movement dwindles and people just start getting back to being people, and enjoy the freedom of putting aside ridiculous labels. And of course, while I am talking about the male perspective, the same it can be said is true for females, who do not have to man-hating lesbians to enjoy a close, personal female relationship. So for those who are still stuck in the past, and dragging their own outdated and propagandist views, I would say get past it. Time has moved on, and so should everyone else. Look forward to reading more stories from those who list themselves - happily, I would say - as simply in-between!

March 15, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Other

Urgent Need to Masturbate

When I masturbate myself, I take my time and build up the masturbation session really, really slow. I have found a masturbation technique that allows my cock to get extremely hard, but it takes patience, determination and persistence to learn this technique. I don't use cock rings or devices, and I don't use anal insertion. I use my non-dominant hand to enhance my jack to the maxxx. This technique allows my cock to get completely engorged with blood. I've been masturbating myself using this technique for about three years now, and during that time my cock length and girth has slowly increased with every masturbation session.

I go real slow, hardly even stroking my cockshaft, but use my non-dominant hand to push on my perineum, that spot below your balls. I urge myself to cum, like when my cock is fucking a pussy. Only my hands are in control, not a pussy, except maybe the pussy of the jill porn masturbatrix on my monitor. With my non-dominant hand, I rest my thumb on the base of my cock (as you see it when looking down), reach below may balls and feel for that sweet spot on my perineum that you can make bulge by squeezing your PC muscles. I push against my fingers with my perineum, making it bulge and pulse. This makes my cock get stiffer and stiffer until it can't get any harder. Think of a water hose where you put your finger on the end of the hose and slowly increase the water pressure. That hose will be as stiff as a steel rod. You can make your cock get steel-rod hard using this technique. And it doesn't involve any anal stimulation or insertion. Just a very simple, elegant technique.

I've gotten about an inch longer since I started doing myself this way and my cockshaft is thicker and has finally gotten to be proportionate to my cockhead. The stiffness stays constant during a masturbation session, and I feel stiffness levels I've rally never felt before. Sometime, after shooting my load, my cock stays stiff for five to ten minutes after, just like when I was a kid. It's difficult to compare this technique to others because it makes your cock do so much more than other techniques. When I am at the very maxxx during a masturbation session, my cockslit bulges out, swells and puffs up, and gets a translucent red, like a cherry on a cigarette. It looks like an extremely aroused, dripping deep-pink tiny pussy. The veins on my cock stand out from my cockskin and everything is just fuller, is the best way to describe what this technique does. But I feel it's superior to using cock rings, which I think may be damaging to the tissues of the cock. With this technique, you're just arousing yourself naturally, and not inhibiting blood flow into or out of the cock; my cock stays maxxx hard naturally.

No masturbation technique I've ever used can even come close to making my masturbation as maxxxed out as this one, and the things I can make my cock do now because of this technique make it a very much more usable tool for solosex pleasure that it ever has been before. When I'm maxxxed out, I can make my cock and cockhead swell up in pulses, which is like maxxxing out masturbation the maxxx. It is very arousing to feel that cockrod swell inside your jackfist and see that cockhead bulge and pulse. I can release and make my cock dance for up to a minute before starting to lose the hard a little. I get lots of precum now, and depending on how much jacking I've done recently, I can make that precum flow out pretty much at will once the cock is primed and drooling. I like to watch squirt jills do their pussies, and I can time my precum shots with their pussy squirts.

This technique engages your cock, eyes and brain in the masturbation session much more than when you're just jacking your cock to porn and edging. I think the more you stroke, the less involved your brain is in the jack; the less you stroke, the more involved is your brain in the jack. With this technique, you're more like fucking your cock with your brain, and fucking your brain with your cock. Because it's a very slow build-up using this technique, you can more closely relate to the jill porn you're watching. You can watch several jillers in a row get themselves off, and not cum because your have more control. Steady stroking can cause your momentum to build too fast, and you lose your nut too soon because of the momentum build-up of steady stroking. The most important sex organ is the brain. (Xaviera Hollander, The Happy Hooker).

The arousal level of this technique is way off the charts. It's as sweet a cock torture as you can use without causing pain. It's really a continual full-body orgasm feeling. When I first discovered this technique, it was very difficult to keep the goon response under control. I was very surprised at how much like masturbation felt when I was a kid. It's that good. It took me a few months to where I felt like I had anywhere near control of the masturbation session. Then, the more I used this technique, the more control I had, and the longer my sessions would last. As you're feeling that orgasm feeling when you're at full maxxx, you really have about thirty or forty orgasms during one masturbation session. I can limit the number of sessions I need to once a day, or I can bingebate. I've gotten myself off three times today using this technique, and each was just as good as the others. One of the nice things about this technique is when you finally have to finish off, the difference between the slow, light stroking you been doing to the fast fist fuck finish is more dramatic, and you cum like a crazy jack monkey. I usually get about five to seven cum shots when I do myself this way. I call it BEYOND EDGING, Maxxx Edging, MaxxxJacking or Extreme Edging.

Happy MaxxxJacking, guys. Time for masturbation session #4 today.

March 15, 2014 - Sexual Preference - In-Between

Masturbation fantasies and confusion or insight about Straight, Bisexual, or Gay Sexual Identities


When I was younger, I started to have a few sexual experiences with a friend or two. It started with being naked with another boy and masturbating together, then masturbating each other, and finally with one boy we had anal intercourse with each other. Mostly because we were curious and excited, although we were both rather surprised to find ourselves really making love to one another, and enjoying how special it was that we could do this together. I never thought of myself as being Gay because of this, and I really didn't consider myself to be bisexual, either. To me, gay meant liking guys better than girls, and being bisexual meant having a regular and equal attraction to both male and female. Basically, I was attracted to girls, although I did find it fun and a turn on to be sexual with another guy on occasion, and I never found myself eyeing other guys or anything like that. Yet, because of everything that you hear now days, I had to wonder - was I somehow gay, and just didn't know it? After all, you hear this all the time from he gay movement. I just never felt gay, and I decided that I wasn't. And, like I said about experiencing an equal and regular attration to both sexes, I never had that, either. I think that so many guys just fall into being casually in- between. This is a title which I like and find quite descriptive. I'm not undecided. I liked having a little bit of sexual fun, or even male closeness on occasion. I know this. Although I would, in all honesty, thin of myself as being totally straight. After al, I do enjoy a certain amount of being homosexually indulgent Anyway, I suppose that what I'm getting at, is that I have simply made up my mind that I am just me and that labels are not necessary, nor is worrying about it. I simply like to enjoy life. As I have gotten older, I have had far more hetrosexual experiences, and find that this does in fact seem to very much be my natural orientation. Although, I have had a few quite nice friendly homosexual relationships which have lasted up to a year, but just as friends and nothing more than that. Which I have found to be extremely staisfying and uncomplicated - especially when I made up my mind that labels are silly things to worry about. Like I said, I just decided to enjoy life. I hope that other will finally get away from the gay thing and get on with things.

March 16, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Bisexual

Caught Masturbating!

Don't Stop now...

Okay, first let me say that Lizzie is biologically NOT my sister. My mom and her mom were best friends, heck my mom could have been married to her for all I know. When I was 8, and Lizzie was 10, lizzie's mom died of cancer, in her will it stated that my mother would become Lizzie's guardian until she was able to live by herself (her father died in a car crash when she was 2). All though it was really sad that 'Aunt Beth' died, it was so awesome for Lizzie and I, it was like having a new sibling to play with and you didn't have to wait for them to get old enough to play with. We would play Forts and dinosaurs and Army, and because I was raised properly, I returned the favour and played Princesses and Tea Parties and Dress Up (which I liked the most because the dresses were lose on my crotch and it was nice). Then when I turned 11 (Lizzie was 13 by then) we started to drift apart, in a way that little kids do when they make new friends.

Then a few days before her 14th birthday she came home crying. I was really worried about her, I didn't want her to be sad before her birthday. My mom told me that some kids at her school (we went to different schools because I wasn't Catholic) were making fun of for not having parents. Then it happened, and I mean it happened suddenly, she just started dressing like a slut. She didn't act different she just looked different. Right around that time we had started learning about our bodies in school, just the basics; men have a penis, girls have a vagina, etc...

When I was 13 (again Lizzie, two years older) I started masturbating, EVERYWHERE. It always felt so great to let my cock hang out and stoke it ever so gently to prolong the feeling, my mother always worked late into the night and Lizzie was always with her friends at the mall. So I would always give myself about an hours worth of jacking off everyday and it never changed, until that one day.

Lizzie was home early from school-one of the other kids lit a fire in the playground or something- and so I had to wait for her to leave to start the after school ritual. Once she did I wasted no time at all, I immediately stripped into my boxers and flipped on my laptop and went to the porn site I had grown attached to. I started right away to make up for lost time, I was about halfway through my session when the 'movie' ended so I stopped to put another one on. I wish I had noticed when the front door had opened about 15 minutes earlier, I wish I had heard Lizzie on the phone, telling her friend she forgot her purse, however I did not hear any of it, I barely registered Lizzie saying Well, don't stop now!

There she was, standing in the opened doorway to my bedroom, hand in her skirt staring at my harden cock lying in my hand. I was so embarrassed but at the same time so turned on by Lizzie's half nakedness. She said she always wanted to do this then took off her skirt and shirt and walked slowly up to my bed while undressing. I was getting so hard it was starting to hurt, she then took my 6 and a half inch cock and started teasing it. I was so close to cumming right there and then but Lizzie had other plans, she then crawled onto my bed and started sucking me. Oh man I was in heaven. I told her I was going to cum and she swallowed it when it was done she said I had the best tasting cum she ever had and then grabbed my still rock hard cock and shoved it in her vagina. she stared to ride me but after a while I started to take the lead. She asked if this was my first time and I of course said yes, she told me I was doing very well for my first time and we continued fucking for another hour.

Now, instead of having after school masturbation sessions we fuck each other's brains out and have masturbation sessions together in the mornings, she would suck me, I'd lick her out, she jack me, I'd finger her. Sometimes we would sneak a shower together and have a little anal. We are now going off to college (she waited a year so I would only be a year behind her) and we plan to get married after we graduate.

March 16, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Bisexual

Caught Masturbating!

Don't Stop now...

Okay, first let me say that Lizzie is biologically NOT my sister. My mom and her mom were best friends, heck my mom could have been married to her for all I know. When I was 8, and Lizzie was 10, lizzie's mom died of cancer, in her will it stated that my mother would become Lizzie's guardian until she was able to live by herself (her father died in a car crash when she was 2). All though it was really sad that 'Aunt Beth' died, it was so awesome for Lizzie and I, it was like having a new sibling to play with and you didn't have to wait for them to get old enough to play with. We would play Forts and dinosaurs and Army, and because I was raised properly, I returned the favour and played Princesses and Tea Parties and Dress Up (which I liked the most because the dresses were lose on my crotch and it was nice). Then when I turned 11 (Lizzie was 13 by then) we started to drift apart, in a way that little kids do when they make new friends.

Then a few days before her 14th birthday she came home crying. I was really worried about her, I didn't want her to be sad before her birthday. My mom told me that some kids at her school (we went to different schools because I wasn't Catholic) were making fun of for not having parents. Then it happened, and I mean it happened suddenly, she just started dressing like a slut. She didn't act different she just looked different. Right around that time we had started learning about our bodies in school, just the basics; men have a penis, girls have a vagina, etc...

When I was 13 (again Lizzie, two years older) I started masturbating, EVERYWHERE. It always felt so great to let my cock hang out and stoke it ever so gently to prolong the feeling, my mother always worked late into the night and Lizzie was always with her friends at the mall. So I would always give myself about an hours worth of jacking off everyday and it never changed, until that one day.

Lizzie was home early from school-one of the other kids lit a fire in the playground or something- and so I had to wait for her to leave to start the after school ritual. Once she did I wasted no time at all, I immediately stripped into my boxers and flipped on my laptop and went to the porn site I had grown attached to. I started right away to make up for lost time, I was about halfway through my session when the 'movie' ended so I stopped to put another one on. I wish I had noticed when the front door had opened about 15 minutes earlier, I wish I had heard Lizzie on the phone, telling her friend she forgot her purse, however I did not hear any of it, I barely registered Lizzie saying Well, don't stop now!

There she was, standing in the opened doorway to my bedroom, hand in her skirt staring at my harden cock lying in my hand. I was so embarrassed but at the same time so turned on by Lizzie's half nakedness. She said she always wanted to do this then took off her skirt and shirt and walked slowly up to my bed while undressing. I was getting so hard it was starting to hurt, she then took my 6 and a half inch cock and started teasing it. I was so close to cumming right there and then but Lizzie had other plans, she then crawled onto my bed and started sucking me. Oh man I was in heaven. I told her I was going to cum and she swallowed it when it was done she said I had the best tasting cum she ever had and then grabbed my still rock hard cock and shoved it in her vagina. she stared to ride me but after a while I started to take the lead. She asked if this was my first time and I of course said yes, she told me I was doing very well for my first time and we continued fucking for another hour.

Now, instead of having after school masturbation sessions we fuck each other's brains out and have masturbation sessions together in the mornings, she would suck me, I'd lick her out, she jack me, I'd finger her. Sometimes we would sneak a shower together and have a little anal. We are now going off to college (she waited a year so I would only be a year behind her) and we plan to get married after we graduate.

March 16, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Bisexual


My best masturbation ever

This happened several years ago while I was married. My wife was as straight as they come. She wouldn't even allow toys as part of our sessions. She had only been with one other man before me and she only let him masturbate her to orgasm. She was also very gorgeous, blonde, big tits 44DDD, and a ass that was so well shaped I could almost cum looking at it, and men couldn't help but stare and I didn't mind. I even fantasized while I masturbated about these men and her together.

I decided I would try and make my fantasy come real. The problem, I didn't want any man touching her. I knew her cousin Toni(a girl) was bi. She had told us. She also was a little on the heavy side but she had big tits as well. I finally got up enough nerve to ask her to seduce my wife. She first said no way and hung up. About an hour later she called me back and said this sounded kinky and she had always wanted to do my wife. We had a long conversation about all of this I told her to just follow my lead I thought I knew how it could happen. I invited her over on a Saturday night when I knew we didn't have the kids. After we hung up I was so turned by I jacked off in the bathroom at work. I spent the whole day teasing my wife trying to make her horny enough for anything. I'd done this in the past and had made our normal session wild, by her standards not mine.

We BBQ'd, sat and talked for the longest all normal stuff. I told them we should play cards. About a hour of this I invented a new rule, anyone that won a hand could challenge one of the others to do something strange or tell something nobody knew about them. We had a good time with for a long time. We all learned a lot about one another. I won a hand and I told Toni I wanted her to kiss my wife. When she did my wife turned her cheek and let her kiss it. I said no, I mean a lip to lip. My wife said no way, she also said I only get on request and that was it. I won the next hand and made the lip to lip kiss demand. Toni was very good at this and with a little coaxing convinced my wife to let to kiss. Watching my straight wife being kissed by another woman almost made me cum. And Toni laid it on her. I watched as my wife began kissing her back and seen her big nipples get hard. I knew we had her going. She made Toni stop saying okay, I that's enough. I could tell. This had made her hot and she was trying to hide it. She tried to hide her hard nipples. I told Toni to look at her nipples how hard she made them. My wife said she couldn't help it, she was embarrassed. I asked if she was horny, she said stop it, I told her could tell she was, she said I would be if I'd been kissed like that. Toni won the next hand, she told my wife to suck her own tits. To my surprise without much hesitation she pulled it out and started sucking it. I was getting so hard. She did a good job, I could tell now she was showing us she was horny and wanted to cum. She sucked it a long time. Toni never took her eyes off her. When my wife finished she stuffed her big tit back in bra and asked if that was what she meant.

I won the next hand, my demand was Toni suck the tit my wife just did. She stood up and walked over to her. My wife first said no, she said I don't think I can do it. Toni told her to relax and let her make it feel good. My wife kept resisting. Finally with lots of coaxing she pulled it out and let Toni begin. As soon as the nipple went in Toni's mouth my wife's eyes closed and she began moaning. Toni pulled the other tit out and began sucking them like mad. I knew my wife was completely enjoying this, she had her head back and was really moaning. Toni asked her if she wanted to go bed. My wife said yes.

When they got to the bedroom Toni undressed my wife slowly kissing every inch of her body. Neither of them ever looked at me, they were in their own world. My wife was enjoying this so much.

I was actually surprised when she began removing Toni's clothes. When she pulled her bra off, my wife began sucking her tits. I was sitting in chair rubbing my cock through my shorts. When I seen that I could help it and I came. But they weren't done. Toni laid my wife on the bed and began making love to love to her body. I seen her hand slip between her legs and fingers go in her. She had her first orgasm then. I was getting jealous she had never done that with me. I had pulled my shorts off and I was still rubbing myself using my cum for lube. When Toni began licking her pussy, my wife began playing with her own tits and sucking them, another first. Toni made my wife have several orgasms before my wife turned the tables and told Toni to lay beside her. My wife began exploring all of Toni's body with her hands and tongue. This turned me so much I came again. Not as much but just as hard. And I stayed hard watching my wife start licking her first pussy At first I felt mad, she wouldn't even suck me, but the anger turned to excitement when Toni had a orgasm. She was good at it because Toni had several more. When they were done, they both watched me finish off another one for myself.

By far this was the best masturbation I've ever had. This began a whole new life for my wife and I. We stayed together another five years before divorcing over other reasons. But I have many more wild stories that happened after this. I'll send them along as well.

March 18, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Anonymous Masturbator Confessions

My confession

I like this sight. I plan on spilling my guts on many different times through my life that I've masturbated in some special way or with another person. I'm very sexual & I have many stories. I've had an interesting life sexually since my late teens. Before that time I will not write about even though I was very active in enjoying my masturbation daily & many times each day. I'll write each one soon. I wrote a story above a week or so ago about my favorite lube & a bit about my life then. My wife has also added a story with my encouragement to do so. Here is my latest confession below.

About age 19 my new GF dumped me for some older guy with lots of money. Who hasn't heard that one before. About the same time my best bud moved out of his parents place & rented his own spot. It was an apartment over a garage in a the country. A short time later we went out one Saturday night & I stayed over at Mark's new apartment. The next morning Mark had to get up early & go into work for a half day so I slept in & we decided to do some stuff together after noon when he was done.

Mark's landlord's were a couple with kids younger than me & a son who was away at school bout my age. Mark told me his landlord & family were leaving first thing in the morning for the cottage so I thought I had the place to myself. I was up after Mark left & I turned on his sex movies so I could jerk off for a while. It was a treat for me since I was not able to have anything more than magazines hidden at home.

I jerked dry for a while then I wanted to lube for a better time so I got up to find something slippery to use. I walked to the small kitchen at the back of the apartment & out the window I saw somebody down in the pool just getting out. I didn't know who it was at the time nor the story but I found out later it was the son, home for the weekend from school but he stayed home rather than go to the cottage. He too thought he had the place to himself since Mark always worked Saturday mornings & his truck was not in the driveway.

What caught my attention first was he was nude when he got out of the pool. Even though I'm straight as an arrow I still peeked at him to see his nude body. It was a natural thing to want to see. I especially wanted to see his cock. He made his way to a lounge chair & laid back to face the sun streaming down on his wet body. The direction he was in gave me an almost prefect side view with him facing away just a bit on an angle.

I don't know what his name was because we only met one time later that weekend & I forget. What happened next though is etched deep in my memory. He had a small radio beside him. He was moving his body to the music while laying down with his eyes closed. He soon grew a good sized erection & naturally for a young guy his hand went directly to it to masturbate. As much as I felt weird watching I could not help myself. He only used 2 fingers to slide what appeared to be a circumcised foreskin up & down & it did make me even more excited than when I was watching the sex movies. I made sure he would not see me & as he jerked his cock I went back to doing the same thing myself. I was amazed at how exciting it was to be secretly watching this strange guy jerk off while I did it too. He went for bout 15 minutes then I saw his hand slow down & then some good long shots of cum sprayed out the end of his hard cock. He laid without moving for a bit after then stood up & walked over to flick his sperm off into the grass. It was not so interesting to see him wipe it off his body & flick it off but everything up to then was exciting. I went back to the movies & gave my cock a good workout with this oil I found in Mark's bathroom. Most likely what he had it for I guessed.

Later when Mark returned I was horny again thinking about the guy just like me jerking off in the sun. I told Mark what I saw but I didn't say it made me horny to watch. We laughed about it & later we saw him cutting the grass & Mark introduced me. As we shook hands I thought how we both were stroking our cocks with those same hands a few hours before.

That time stuck in my memory for a long time. Mark & I spent a lot of time together since neither had a girl at the time. One night we had a few beers at Mark's & I made the suggestion we could watch some of his movies. He said no at first but then I said I don't get to see them still living at home so he put one on. We watched the whole movie then Mark put on another that was about girls being interviewed by another girl. The girls were asked all about their masturbation habits & then asked to masturbate for the camera while the other girl recorded each one separately. It was almost too much for me. I told Mark he either had to turn it off or I had to jerk off right then & there. Mark joked to go for the latter & soon after a few comments back & forth we decided it would be quite fine if we did jerk off right there in front of each other.

We both stripped down to nothing & began to stroke our cocks. It was very exciting for some unknown reason again. I actually got right off showing off my long hard cock. I was pretty skinny at the time & being tall I have a matching length of cock at 8 inches if I push hard at full erection. I found out Mark had a shorter cock maybe 6 & 1/2 inches long but it was really thick & fat. I was so envious of his fat cock! I liked looking at it & I liked showing mine off. We managed to watch the whole movie then we talked about which girl we liked the best. We moved the movie to her part & watched her masturbate then we both came when she did. It was so much fun! Mark said we should cum on the coffee table then wipe it off for easy clean up. We both stood in front of each other then stroked off & shot our cum in long ropes on the table. We both shot about the same amount of cum but I shot a lot farther out than Mark. He shot out only 6 inches or so the drooled long gobs off the end of his cock. Mine shot like they still do in long streams. That day the cum felt better than ever. Standing there stroking out my cum gave me a huge orgasm feeling. My balls pulled up tight to each side of my cock & they felt like they were going to get sucked inside my body. When that happens the cum is so so good!

That was the first of many times we got together to jerk off to porn. It felt OK to do it together. We were just doing what felt good & watching your bud cum was fun.

That was my first introduction to jerking with a bud & watching another guy secretly. It was certainly not the last. It all happened about the same time & I liked it. We never did anything more than that nor did I want to. It was just clean sharing of our most secret personal things that we did, but shared with a bud.

March 20, 2014 -

Caught Masturbating!

Caught Dad Jerking it

My parents are divorced and live in different states. I go over to my dad once a month for about a week to hanging out and visit. Well this time when I went over I caught my dad doing something. When my dad picked me up from the airport he looked like he was kinda tired. I asked him why he looked so tired? He responded by saying he was home cleaning the yard and that work had him a little stressed. It would be nice to just take a load off. When we got home I hoped in the shower while my dad said he had some work to finish in his office. I walked into the bathroom and started the shower then slowly got undressed. I got everything off besides my boxers when I heard a moaning sound coming from my dads office. I walked down the hallway toward my dads office. The door was cracked just a little. I picked through the crack and saw my dad stoking his hard thick cock in one of his chairs. I could not help but look. My dad just stroked and stroked with his eye closed moaning. I then began to get a boner and it was noticeable. I slowly pulled down my boxers and started jerking my now hard cock. My dad went faster and started stroking harder and then all of a sudden. He opened his eyes to see me watching him jerking off in the door way. I just stared at him for a hard second and then just continued to jerk off. He said come in and join him. So I sat in the chair next to him and we jerked off together. A couple minutes later I cummmed all over my stomach, my dad said it was a good load. 5 mins later my dad blew a huge load all over his chair and stomach, I was shocked by how much he cummed. That well be a day I never forget. Maybe next time I visit we will do it again.

March 20, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Memorable Wanking, Jacking Off, and General Masturbation

Best times in our group

In my late 20's my wife & I slipped into a swinging situation with 2 other couples. It was just one of those thing that fell together without planning.

It was a huge blast. Like myself & my wife, one of the other couples kept very physically fit & the 3rd couple were non physical people but still in shape.

As well as the great times we all had as a group, we decided that on each of our birthdays we'd go away for a weekend & the birthday boy or girl would spend the night with the 3 opposite sex mates. Those were incredible times!

The 2 times that I remember well that involved masturbation for me are one of my own birthdays & one of Cindy's who was the hot bodied girl I wrote about at the start.

On one of my birthdays the girls told me that before they would do anything I wanted I first had to do a birthday task for them. The three girls were nude in front of me on the bed & made me sit in a the desk chair of the hotel room. They mad me masturbate for them to see how I did it when I was alone. It was a real thrill! I loved it & the girls talked all the way through to the end which was another fun thing. The hot one Cindy said I should cum on my wife's tits & she & the other girl would lick it off. That's just what I did. I stood in front of my wife as she cupped her hard tits & pushed out her chest. I pumped my big hard cock & then I felt my orgasm building. I stayed back about 6 inches or so then shot about 8 good long ropes of cum splashing on her tits. About half way through Cindy was right there licking it off nice & slowly & swallowing it down. She loved to swallow cum more than any of the girls. The other one licked Cindy's lips & only got a taste, she was not much for swallowing.

The other time was on Cindy's first birthday. She had us fill every hole at once which was so so so much fun. She came hard quite a few times that night. She asked before we all came that we quickly shower then she had us stand in front of her & jerk off to get ready to cum. Then when each of us was ready she took each cock in her mouth & gave a good hard suck until we came. WOW was that fun!

We don't do it any more but we did for 5 years. I wish I could tell all the stories here but this is for masturbation only. I have so many times to tell about. I suppose I could write about the girls masturbating. That actually happened each & every time by at least one of them or all of them. They never left their vibes at home & loved to cum over & over while we watched or as someone else was having sex.

March 22, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Masturbation Technique

Stuffed animal

I have had the best experience for masterbating with stuffed animals. Go to the store if you don't have one then make a hole somewhere try to get a soft plush then insert your staff into the hole and pump in and out a the desired speed. The stuffing feels great and you can stop and go for a really pleasurable release.

March 23, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Over 40 Years of Masturbating

The Art of Masturbation

The Art of Masturbation

I am a straight white male. I love to masturbate my hard penis in hand, or someone else’s hand for that matter.

It all started when I was in 8th grade. The girl next door was slightly older than I and we would go in their garage and take all our clothes off. We would play with each other’s bodies and genitals. She liked fondling my penis and made it jump. I loved it. After she moved away in class after lunch, I unzipped my pants and slid a pencil inside my underwear. I rapidly moved it up and down until I came. This was an everyday ritual. My mother want to know what the stuff was on my underwear. I ignored the question. I started about then and have been sleeping nude ever since.

When I was in high school I’d sneak out of the house naked prowl the neighborhood. I’d jack off before I came back in. Sometimes my girlfriend who lived across the street, and I would streak the neighborhood together; then we’d masturbate together. We’d do each other.

When I got my first car, I’d drive it naked and work my penis. Even now I drive naked whenever I get the chance. I like getting out of the car and wander around nude, I have been naked on over 250 streets and highway bridges. On the street sometimes I’d cum without masturbating. It feels great to let it go and is so exciting to be seen nude. I make sure I’m gone before the viewers can react. I’ve seen others naked in the streets. the same thing. The best time for this activity is around three in the morning. Parks and beaches are great to be nude in and jack off in. I continue masturbating when I return to the car. This way I cum twice.

When I was dating, before the date I’d masturbate until I came. After the date, making it with her I had a lot more staying power. I got compliments, some even said that it was the best sex they ever had.

In public, I wear shorts like those the NBA wore in the 50s and early 60s. I wear no underwear at all. I let my penis and balls fall out the bottom of the shorts so they can be seen when I sit down. I’ve notice something interesting; usually in restaurant booths. A woman will slide into a booth nearby and within eyesight of me; after a few minutes they spread their legs open and they aren’t wearing any panties.

Now, I masturbate two or three days a week. I masturbate nude all day and I’m careful not to cum until I have to do something else.

At the end of the day I watch porn and masturbate. I get my penis rock hard and quit stroking it just before I'd cum. My penis would be hard and wet with pre-cum, I can keep doing this for an hour or more. When I cum it will dribble or ooze out and Sometimes the cum will shoot out of my penis.

I love to masturbate and I love my wet penis. Masturbating is the best pleasure, I recommend it to everyone. Do it in private or in public. Just be discrete.

March 24, 2014 -

l am a man of 67 years old my wife died 3 years ago . I am recentley started to masterbate almost everday I cant stop I love it, I live with son but I dont see him yo much he works alot I am alone alot I like to whach porn everything I love girl to girl dvds I am so horney I love looking at my cock my penis is kind of normal but I wish it was bigger and longer I feel so alone sometimes I want to be with someone so badley it hirts can you help me. yors GARY

March 26, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Over 40 Years of Masturbating

I love masturbation

I dearly love to masturbate an have for seventy plus years I can still cum I think it is because I have eaten my cum for over sixty years an love every drop of it but in the last few weeks I havnt the chance to jackoff which I try to do everyday because to much company was around but today I am alone I think I am addicted to masturbation but my cock is hard right now I might be old but my cock thinks it is young so I have to take care of it right now I am leaking pre-cum it tastes so good I know my load will to

March 26, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Over 40 Years of Masturbating

I love masturbation

I dearly love to masturbate an have for seventy plus years I can still cum I think it is because I have eaten my cum for over sixty years an love every drop of it but in the last few weeks I havnt the chance to jackoff which I try to do everyday because to much company was around but today I am alone I think I am addicted to masturbation but my cock is hard right now I might be old but my cock thinks it is young so I have to take care of it right now I am leaking pre-cum it tastes so good I know my load will to

March 28, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight


jo to porn videos

I've been addicted to porn and j/o since my mid teens and am now past my mid 70's. After getting off 3 times today between 7am and now,3:30 pm I began wondering if I'm alone.i had prostate cancer over 6 years ago and still had sex with a woman for about a year.[ I no longer have semen but I do have orgasm,and sometimes a slight amount of lubricating fluid[precum]. Then nothing but j/o/to porn up to last year this time when a woman younger than my daughters and I started. we did everything but intercourse for 7 months and then she quit the romance and we are now platonic, so I'm back to porn,daily. First thing in am and later in the day with the help of a supplement pill, and on occasion a 3rd time also. I find now that I'm particularily interested in semen[ cum, jizz, jism,etc]and really like watching male videos,tranny videos and bukkake videos, the more cum the better. I think about going on craigs list to find a j/o buddy to watch cum and maybe take a facial and/or in the mouth,but I'm afraid of getting in trouble and disease. I'm not looking for romance, just something extra to get me off. I know this is not a get together site so I'm just blowing off steam[pun intended]

March 29, 2014 -

my private embressesing moment of masturbation

on valentines day 2013 when I was 16 years old my embressessing sexual masturbation moment all started with a gay nude kissing scene on my tv it was from the soap opera days of our lives as most of you probly no it's been on tv since november 8 1965 yup yup yeah beileve or not here's the embressesing moment it's seems I got so in the mood um it was hot that day in I had a little cold so i turned the fan on full blast high then while I was masturbating the fan fell off the chair and one of the wings broke off then I awhile had the orgasm

April 1, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Undecided

Fantasies while Masturbating

Caspar Lee and Me

I had a dream that YouTuber Caspar Lee, who is straight but cute as fuck and fit as hell, fucked me. He was staying with my family and for some reason I was sharing a room with him. It was like a hotel room with two beds. I remember I flirted with him and he did it back, and all I could think was how much I wanted to kiss him. We both stripped down for bed and I jumped onto his bed in my boxers and pulled them down a bit so my ass was on show for him. He liked this and shut the door, although I did not see him do this, and he came up behind me and pulled my boxers down and off. This got me hard. I asked if he liked it and he said 'fuck yeah' and slapped my bubble butt. Then he rimmed me for a bit until I got up. I turned around and saw he was also naked and tugged on his semi hard cock, which was massive. Then he pushed me down on the bed after I rubbed down his sexy body and jumped on top of me rubbing our sexy warm muscular bodies together. We then passionately kissed and it was amazing. He turned me over so my chest was touching the bed and he got on top of my back and lay on it, rubbing his sexy chest and pre-cum covered cock all over my back. I grabbed his nice ass from behind and started to try finger his hole. He liked it. Then he proceeded to fuck me. It was soooo hot. When we finished I got up and took a picture of his naked body to remember him by and then took a video of us making out. ( I was sad to find out they were only a part of my dream when I checked my phone this morning! ) We then wanked each other's cocks whilst standing up naked and he shot his load all over my body reaching my face. I licked some of it up before I came all over him. We embraced each other, rubbing our cum covered bodies together, and flopped on the bed whilst making out. We grabbed each other's bubble butts again before my parents knocked on the door telling us to get up, but we ignored them and continued to mess around!

Hope this was of some enjoyment for you guys, gets me so hard thinking about it I have to go wank over pictures of Casoar now haha!

April 1, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Bisexual

Caught Masturbating!

massaging the P-spot and cumming cumming cumming.

When u have something in your butt pressing against your prostate it feels really good. That is on the back side of your p-spot.Insearting a toy toob wire or pencils into 15ins. of your cock Evan feels better.That all makes it easear 4 a 12in.dick to slide down your mouth. U both cum about the same time. A big fist up your butt while being sucked is very tasty too.

April 1, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight

The Ultimate Male Masturbation Experience

Dad and Me

My aprents divorced after I graduated from high school. I get along with both of them, and see each quite often. During the summer, my dad invited me to go fishing with him. He rented a cabin up by this lake, and we went up. We had a great time fishing out on the lake. The next morning we got up and were having coffee. It was just the two of us, so we were both in boxers shorts, and we thought how it was neat just being guys like together and feeling relaxed about it. Anyway, we said something about how since it was just the two of us, that we could could do whatever we wanted, and we laughed about our having a father and son JO together. We said how it wasn't like anyone would know, so we took off our boxers, and we both started getting an erection. It was pretty cool being naked with my own father, and getting to see his hard penis. And I thought tht it was exciting being able to have a boner in front of my own dad and not have to be embarrassed about it. We both enjoyed showing off our hard organs. As we sat there and started to rub ouselves, we just casually reached over to feel each other's, nd we began to masturbate one another. I had never done anything like this with another guy, and apparently he never had either, so for both of us it was blast getting to enjoy some male sexuality. I had the best time getting to rub my dad's sizeable, thick penis, and then getting to make his boner climax and seeing a huge load of creay semen pump out. Then it felt fantatsic to have my boner come in his hand. We jacked each other off four times that weekend. This has just been our little secret, and we're planning on going fishing again real soon.

April 1, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight

The Ultimate Male Masturbation Experience

Dad and Me

My parents divorced after I graduated from high school. I get along with both of them, and see each quite often. During the summer, my dad invited me to go fishing with him. He rented a cabin up by this lake, and we went up. We had a great time fishing out on the lake. The next morning we got up and were having coffee. It was just the two of us, so we were both in boxers shorts, and we thought how it was neat just being guys like together and feeling relaxed about it. Anyway, we said something about how since it was just the two of us, that we could could do whatever we wanted, and we laughed about our having a father and son JO together. We said how it wasn't like anyone would know, so we took off our boxers, and we both started getting an erection. It was pretty cool being naked with my own father, and getting to see his hard penis. And I thought tht it was exciting being able to have a boner in front of my own dad and not have to be embarrassed about it. We both enjoyed showing off our hard organs. As we sat there and started to rub ouselves, we just casually reached over to feel each other's, nd we began to masturbate one another. I had never done anything like this with another guy, and apparently he never had either, so for both of us it was blast getting to enjoy some male sexuality. I had the best time getting to rub my dad's sizeable, thick penis, and then getting to make his boner climax and seeing a huge load of creay semen pump out. Then it felt fantatsic to have my boner come in his hand. We jacked each other off four times that weekend. This has just been our little secret, and we're planning on going fishing again real soon.

April 2, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Gay

Memorable Wanking, Jacking Off, and General Masturbation

hot sexy night

One hot summer day my sexy neighbor was swimming in her pool. she had amazing breasts, and a nice body. Her bikini was small and tight. I loved watching her swim. One day we were talking and getting to know each other. Eventually we became great friends. I came over to her house one day, and caught her in her bedroom masturbating. She was moaning and her back was arching. she was really wet, and it was hot. She saw me and covered herself. I walked in and unzipped my pants. Her eyes were fixed on my penis. I pulled it out and she started stroking it. It felt so good. I was closing my eyes enjoying it, and then I felt her mouth close around it. She was giving amazing head. She began to take off her clothes. I got on top of her and started kissing her entire body. first at her lips and then going lower and lower. She was moaning with pleasure. I began to lick her vagina, and flicking my tongue in and out of her hole. Then I stuck a finger in, then 2, then 3. She wanted me to fuck her, so I did. Her fingernails were digging into my skin as I went faster and faster, and harder and harder. She was screaming and moaning and I was close to shooting. I told her I was going to cum, and she began to start sucking my dick again. I came and she swallowed my hole load. I had one of the greatest orgasms i have ever had. It was so amazing. A couple years later she passed away. I really miss her and the great times we had. R.I.P

April 3, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Gay

Caught Masturbating!

got realy nervous

I'm 15 and I can't stop so it all started when I was 14 or 13 any way I was in elemtray when I didn't what sex was I was kind of wet all the e for no apparent reason. One day I walk in the boys bath room saw a 5th grader doing something werider he saw me open the stall push me in a stared have sex with me I fell very werid and extremely hard every 2 minutes I've come on my self when we stop I fell scared that I would get in trouble he said to me this your first time and left me with no under wear but I had jeans on. Now I'm in the 8th greade and gay I had my first sex and cry almost evening he said shut and got through it. Any way I was in the class room it was math very boring in there I walk by this random guy who saw me he look down and my penis sticking out under the desk I didn't know it because I forgot to zip my pants when I went the bathroom he stared rub he on the legs and made so warm and hot and so I walk out of class went to the bathroom and try to cut my self because I was deppresd when I stop I was really hard and stared to jerk and was how I knew what was masturbating was I was embarrassed horrny gay kid who could not stop. At around 2:00 I kept coming even if it was time to go home but before I got up this same kid was rubbing me got in to the same stall and had that evil horrny look on his face. He had sex with me hard and force me to suck it. I never swolled sperm before but when I did I didn't like it but he made me swollen it some how. Then he took his penis and gave me some spanking I cry and cry and cry then put it in my hole I stared to bleed little and he said sorry when he was done. After that sexual experience I'm kept jacking I wish I could have sex with guy I like you know? If you want to find me here's my number you can come to my middle school (754-265-8004) I have track phone it's out of air time but Ile still get the massage.=)

April 3, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Undecided

Fantasies while Masturbating

Caspar Lee and Me

I had a dream that YouTuber Caspar Lee, who is straight but cute as fuck and fit as hell, fucked me. He was staying with my family and for some reason I was sharing a room with him. It was like a hotel room with two beds. I remember I flirted with him and he did it back, and all I could think was how much I wanted to kiss him. We both stripped down for bed and I jumped onto his bed in my boxers and pulled them down a bit so my ass was on show for him. He liked this and shut the door, although I did not see him do this, and he came up behind me and pulled my boxers down and off. This got me hard. I asked if he liked it and he said 'fuck yeah' and slapped my bubble butt. Then he rimmed me for a bit until I got up. I turned around and saw he was also naked and tugged on his semi hard cock, which was massive. Then he pushed me down on the bed after I rubbed down his sexy body and jumped on top of me rubbing our sexy warm muscular bodies together. We then passionately kissed and it was amazing. He turned me over so my chest was touching the bed and he got on top of my back and lay on it, rubbing his sexy chest and pre-cum covered cock all over my back. I grabbed his nice ass from behind and started to try finger his hole. He liked it. Then he proceeded to fuck me. It was soooo hot. When we finished I got up and took a picture of his naked body to remember him by and then took a video of us making out. ( I was sad to find out they were only a part of my dream when I checked my phone this morning! ) We then wanked each other's cocks whilst standing up naked and he shot his load all over my body reaching my face. I licked some of it up before I came all over him. We embraced each other, rubbing our cum covered bodies together, and flopped on the bed whilst making out. We grabbed each other's bubble butts again before my parents knocked on the door telling us to get up, but we ignored them and continued to mess around!

Hope this was of some enjoyment for you guys, gets me so hard thinking about it I have to go wank over pictures of Casoar now haha!

April 3, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Memorable Wanking, Jacking Off, and General Masturbation

First fuck

This was just last week I an 14 and have a 9in shaft and it kepps growing There is this girl that I really like at school and we sit next to each other And im not scared to show of my cock I got really horny and got extremely Hard I had blue jeans on and my cock showed right threw them she looked Over and notice. I leaned back soo she could get a better view and boy Did she. She reached over and grabbed it she was jakinn me threw the jeans I told he that I was going to the liabrary and that she could cOuld come if She wanted. She cam with me and I told her that we could fuck in the bath Room I went and got the key and she followed me in she un did my Belt buckle and my pants fell my dick was crazy hard and she started Sucking I instantly came all over her face she told me to lick it off so I Did after that I told her to sit on the sink and spread your legs and I Fucked her but the the door oPened we stopped and someone walked Past our stall and then opend our stall it was my buddy he said u Lucky bastered and then walked out I started to hump her agian and Then bam her cherry popped I Pulled out my dick and she swallowed it I cam in her mouth she swalloed it all we cleaned up and then walked Out we became a pair he dad came and got her and I walked over to The buddy that walked in he said that he took a pic of us fucking the The next day I walked into school and everyone wanted to be my friend My buddy sent the pic to EVERYONE!! I am soo popular now and im Known as the kid with the monster dick as for me and her our routine Is to fuck at the library

April 4, 2014 -


I am 61 and cant stop masturbating not that it worries me it feels so good, just wish I could find some one to help me out every now n then , well might have a shower and c how much come I can loose

April 14, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Over 40 Years of Masturbating

masturbation theres nothing better

I love to masturbate I can masturbate at the drop of a hat I have wanted to taste my cum I love my pre-cum but when I ejaculate I just cant do it till yesterday I was masturbating an enjoying it so much just as I was about to shoot my load I heard my wife come in the door it was to late to stop I caught my load in my hand the only thing I could do I raised it to my mouth an swallow it an licked my hand dry it wasn't bad now don't get me wrong I don't do it all the time but ever once in a while I get the urge to do so I do but now I have the urge to do more often it seems like once you get the taste the more you want it when I started out it was about every two months but as time went on I was doing it more now it is six months later an I am eating ever load it seams like I cant do with out it I am masturbating more an more just I can have my cum I guess once you get the taste you just cant go with out it I love it I like to roll it around in my mouth to enjoy the taste before I swallow it

April 18, 2014 - Sexual Preference - In-Between

Anonymous Masturbator Confessions

So Good

Let me start by saying that I have always enjoyed masturbating. I have always found it so pleasurable to hold my hard penis and make myself ejaculate. And, of course, I have tried all sorts of things to make the exp[erience more pleasurable and exciting. It was a long time, though, before I began to experiment with anal stimulation. I discovered that fingering myself made my erections even bigger and harder, and made me shoot a lot more. After a lot of experimentation, I have gotton the point of stimulating myself to where it feels like I am going to have an anal orgasm. This is so incredible and breathtaking! I would like to hear more from guys who have explored this kind of stimulation and for them to describe what it feels like.

April 19, 2014 -

Over 40 Years of Masturbating

Hey Anonymous Masturbator

Sorry to read it's taken you so long to discover anal stimulation. It's a delight, isn't it? I have a long, slender plug that I like to lube up, insert to its hilt, and then slowly pivot back and forth. That is, not going in and out but sideways. This is guaranteed to give me a super-hard and very sensitive erection so that, after playing with it and my plug and prolonging reaching the finish line as long as possible, when I do reach it I have a very strong orgasm and can feel my asshole pulsating and clutching around the plug, which I keep moving, and which makes it all that much more pleasurable.

April 20, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Other Masturbatory Entry

Help from a dizzy woman

Nora is my best friends-parents-former next door neighbor and close friend who I have known since I was a young kid. My job took me to Harrisburg several years ago and I was single again after 3 years of marriage and bought a two bedroom house. Out of the blue Nora called me one day saying she would be in Harrisburg for the weekend, my friend gave her my number. She was always a funny but pushy type but I did and still do like her even though she is as old as my mother. I had lunch with her and found out she came here every third weekend to visit a relative in a nursing home (who I later found out is an older sister). Anyway she complained of high hotel bills and the next thing I knew I invited her to stay at my house when she came here. At the time I never considered what this would lead into. She began coming every third weekend on Friday afternoons so I gave her a key to the house. At first she was sort of motherly with me cooking breakfast and meals and actually doing laundry and cleaning while here which I told her wasn't nessasary. The last thing in the world was that I had absolutely no sexual thoughts about her at all. First off she is much older, quite heavy and far from attractive. Saturday and Sunday mornings she would just come into my room to wake me. Most of the time I had boxers on but sometimes I was naked. I was embarrassed the first few times and she made it worse by talking about my penis and rear end telling me she liked seeing me naked. After about six months went by, on Saturday morning, I awoke with her hand on my penis and without any thought had an erection. She began laughing histerically and I suppose because she had seen me naked a number of times I also began to laugh. You have to understand this lady has always been a jokester and always had a great sense of humor. The following month when she came, that Friday night she began asking about my sex life and although I did see a woman occassionally it was nothing serious at the time. Nora also has always been very blunt and mentioned to me that she saw me masturbating a month earlier. The next thing I knew she was asking me to let her see me naked. I thought she was joking around at first but she was relentless, saying why not because she already saw me naked the past few months. We were drinking a bit but we were far from drunk. I never did anything like this before but I got up in front of her and took off all my clothes. I was embarrassed a bit and she did notice telling me I was blushing which made me blush more. She motioned me closer to her and without warning she began fondleing my scrotum and penis. I immeadiately got a hard on and she began masturbating me talking to me the whole time and asking if I liked it, which of course I did. Needless to say it gradually progressed every month and for two years now Nora has been maturbating me and much much more. The odd thing is I have never seen her naked and one time asked if she wanted me to masturbate her which she declined thankfully. Sometimes she just likes to watch me jerk off myself and as I am doing it she touches and holds my scrotum. I don't know where or with who she ever learned all the stuff she does to me but the third weekend of every month is something I look forward to. She not only masturbates me but gives me full body massages and has me submit to prostrate massage as she jerks me off. She started doing this with a medical glove and still does but she also penitrates me with a long plactic thing almost like a dildo. The most rediculous thing I ler her do is to give me a warm tea enema every three months or so. She does this stuff to me every Friday and Saturday nights she is here, still cooks meals and cleans up for me. At this point I don't know if she is crazy or I am but I am so into it I can't wait sometimes for the third weekend of the month. Its like she is manipulating me but at the same time I enjoy it so much. She only tells me she likes doing this and how she always liked me. We have promised each other to keep this between us which is simple because there is no way I would ever tell my friend about it let alone anyone else. If I told somebody how I let this old lady play with me people would think I'm a lunitic especially if they saw what she looked like. I can't believe it myself seometimes and for some reason she likes me being naked around her. I don't know if this turns her on or not and don't know if she masturbates herself or has any sex life. She never gets undressed in front of me and has never shown any signs of being aroused while doing all this to me. I figured out that I have known Nora for over thirty years but only have really known her for about 2 1/2 years. She won't tell me how old she is but she has to be between 54 to 59. She is just fun to be around even when she isn't messing with me. She don't say much to get me undressed, all she does is ask me if I'm ready and wiggles her hands around. For more than a year she also has gotten me to let her shave off my pubic hair and often just plays with my genitals for a long time before she jerks me off and has me ejaculate. She does things to me that no woman has ever done not even my x wife. She must enjoy doing it but I can never understand the satisfaction she could get out of it. She's always high spirited, talkative and has a great personality besides being a good cook. I know her better now than ever and its obvious she knows me much more than ever. The weekend she is here I ejaculate sometimes six or seven times and many times when I think its over she somehow how manages to work me into another erection. How I don't know but she sure knows what she is doing and I reserve the third weeked for her every month. My present girlfriend thinks I work that weekend every month and I doubt she would appreciate Nora anywhere near I do.

April 21, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Over 40 Years of Masturbating

cumming on my monitor

I remember buying pinup mags in the 1950's and jerking off on the photos. I graduated to nude soft core still stroking and dropping my jizz on the photos. Finally porn is legal and I'm watching my 8mm loops some times alone and sometimes with a girl for mutual. Now at advanced age I'm relegated to jerking off to porn. I've found a site that shows guys jerking off on photos calling the act a tribute. Hmmmmm. I put on a bukkake video tilted my monitor and began stroking as one after another guys splashed their cum on the girl as she asks for more and I say to her ,my turn, unloading on her pretty face, it is almost like being there. Now I place my cock into my electric vibrator sleeve and cum on the bukkake girls along with the other guys, pulling out of the sleeve as my jizz oozes onto their face, Highly recommend for voyeurs.

April 21, 2014 -

Urgent Need to Masturbate

Playing with your tits and jerking off

As an elderly man who has problems getting a hard on, I find that if I play with my tits and as the nipples get hard my desire to jerk off increases and of course that's what I end up doing. When my maid is here once every two weeks she plays and sucks on my tits and helps me jerk off and then to please her I eat her pussy and we both end up happy. I love eating her pussy and maybe one day I can find a nice live cock to suck on.

April 22, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Masturbation Technique Variation

Stimulating the glans under the foreskin

insert your finger in the hole of your foreskin and twirl it around your head. If you can't fit a finger in your foreskin, use a smaller diameter device such as a Q-tip. Use lube if needed.

April 23, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Bisexual

Over 40 Years of Masturbating

Love masturbating

I really enjoy bringing this up on my computer. I enjoy watching the large cocks, the circle jerk, reading the entries and as I sit here naked ,playing with my cock wishing that I could join others, but I am content to jerk off cum and swallow what little cum I can produce in my elderly years. I just came and now to eat my cum.

April 25, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight

A Male Nora - Not As Fun And No Cleaning

I can't help but chuckle upon reading about that guy and the older woman, Nora. I find myself lately real into MILFs and cougars, at least online. In real life, I think it would be amazing to find a single older woman (no kids/never married...haha I can only hope) and have a sort of Nora-esque relationship with. Minus the cooking and cleaning. I say this as a man that has had a similar kind of fling with another man. Honestly I'd stop reading at this point as well, except I think what I have to say is deep and informative, especially for those like me who are totally opposite-sex loving!

It troubles me to even think that this scenario has continually played out because I don't like males in this manner (I'm sure of this!) i.e. I have no emotional or romantic connection with the dude. But yet my horny ways give in every time so in the blink of an eye we go from being buddies essentially to doing the craziest shit this side of intercourse (no thanks!). He's a fat old guy. This is pathetic. I always make sure to smoke a shit ton of Bob Marley's friend before we go into the bedroom setting. I dim the lights to pitch black and pretend like I am going at it with whatever babe happens to be on my mind. Lately, I haven't been feeling these flings as much as I did when I was younger.

I am more confident than ever with women and I've had the oral pleasure of gittin' some action with more regularity. The old flings were easy and guilt-free because I found it no problemo to separate my feelings from these sessions, which are as random and experimental as that of teens who are diddily widdilying with their male friends. I never did that stuff when I was younger and I am glad because like I said I really am not into guys! This thing just sorta came about because I was really horny and wanted to have sex with strippers and prostitutes. So in the presence of the dude, typically while watching a nice old fashioned VHS porno, I whipped my dick out and just started beating it and this continued for years until I finally was just like - this was/is my reasoning - you know as long as we go as far as we both agree and this is just one regular experimental horn- fest, who gives a shit if there's some rubbing and sucking - as long as I'm not the one doing these things. I have no interest in dissecting the ole dude's mentality. He probably hasn't gotten laid in years and is really bummed out to be missing out on that. But since he doesn't customarily (I imagine?) have any relations, he's sorta making the most of it. Psycho-analysis ain't my thing... I just want to cum. So not for a second do I consider our relations 'homosexual' - you all know that term was invented in the 19th century, right? I'm just horny all the time - quite literally. I've always said that once I have a steady girlfriend or something of that style, I'll stop with the experimental shit. Darn, I've been saying that for nearly a decade (lol) but I'm real comfortable with where I'm at and honestly am optimistic about what's to come! Of course I'd rather be eating out a wet vagina on the reg and taking it TO THE NEXT LEVEL and the time will come. So a lil dick on dick (ya, I'm repelled by my terminology as well) for me is almost like being really baked - it's a short experience, you feel anything is possible, and then you jettison back into your typical state of mind, which I hope for all of you is optimistic. That's the feeling I get from your entries. And for those who haven't posted their experience.......I know what that is like, but remember this is all educational. Nora is probably really Donna and the kid who is banging his MILF in her pool might just be overextending a fantasy. Or that is all reality and the rest of us are just chronic mast- her-bait-ors.

April 27, 2014 -


Barack Obama with the exceptional woman Michelle talk to several Vivid white Family home holiday-makers. Graphic: Pete Souza Barack Obama with the exceptional woman Michelle pleasantly surprised targeted traffic from the Bright white House Tues, while tours of north america presidential place started again following a strong eight-month bust stimulated simply by administration budget problems. How have you been? So competent to look at everyone,Centimeter obama pointed out, pleasant website visitors to new york state suites on the mansion in the center of Houston. She or he and also the first young lady, as well as your puppies Bo in addition to , shook hands and fingers and then spoke for a few moments utilizing tourists who actually made an appearance disturbed and even really glad, as reported by a relevant video shared about the White Residence web-site. Bright white Household organized tours, revoked ever since Drive Being unfaithful stemming from deep Everyone budget reduces known as the sequester, might be marketed 72 hours 7 days, straight down out of 10 days in a week until the ruin. Ad When it comes to Next month, the particular White wine House customers place of work said typically the adventures could be stopped until finally additional take note of because of personnel markdown among resources reduces. Approximately $85 billion dollars during across-the-board cuts throughout local plus a good defense investing entered result on Strut once Republicans as well as Democrats did not acknowledge a deal to trim down this lack. Having said that, beneath spending plan format transferred during mid-October, the magic formula Program said Vivid white Dwelling vacations may possibly job application, since for the cut down timetable, around by means of March 15 or more, if your existing finances for that governing is due to become depleted. The particular trips, that happen to be handled through Nationwide Car park Support, have to have booking, ordinarily a minimum of a couple of months before you go. Tourdates, which are usually self-guided, provide individuals find song in the Bright Place basements and also think bedrooms in a tree floors. The next floorboards, the spot where the Return to school family unit everyday life, will be off-limits, as is free airline Mentorship, the place that the Rectangular Work located. AFP

April 30, 2014 -


Can you amuse forward me the code for this script or amuse tell me amid detail amid relation to this script?

May 3, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Bisexual

First Time Masturbating

first time sucking another guy's cock

Recently, I met a guy from a nearby town on Craig's list. He answered a posting I made that described my desire to suck another man's cock. We recently met at his place while his girlfriend was away for the day. We went upstairs to a bedroom and got naked. I sat next to him on the bed, he reached over and started fondling my cock, I reached over and started fondling his cock...and we were off!! I quickly became so aroused, that I said I want to suck you as I leaned in toward his cock. He leaned back to give me room, and I slid his hard cock into my mouth and started sucking. It was amazing! It was like a dream come true...finally a cock in my mouth for me to suck. I had been thinking about this for a long while. We eventually wound up in a sideways 69 position sucking each other at the same time. I told him it was OK to cum in my mouth...which he did a short while later...it tasted so good...much better that eating your own, because as soon as you cum, your horniness is totally gone. This time I was still extremely horny. I can't wait for another session. Wish I hadn't waiting this long to try this. It was , literally, the best sex I ever had!

May 6, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Undecided

Masturbation Technique

The D sandwich

This technique was first recomended on yahoo answers as a great technique and oh it is what you do is get a pillow case with two pillows in that can part in the middle stick ya dick in with any lube like oils or ointments then hump like your having sex moving your body to find the sweet spot and you have climax

May 6, 2014 - Sexual Preference - In-Between

The Ultimate Male Masturbation Experience

At The Movies

My best masturbation experiences have come at adult movie theaters. This was a thrill which I discovered a few years back. The first time I tried it, I was quiet shy and surprised by what went on in these theaters. All of these guys were sitting there with their erections exposed and rubbing themselves. I kind of self-consciously started to join in, and found it quite thrilling to just sit there with my erection exposed and to be masturbating myself in front of others. Then I began to discover that there was a whole lot more that went on, as well. I soon found no lack of eager hands willing to jack my boner off, and I enjoyed the opportunity to actually jack another guy off. What a thrill! Of course there was also quite a bit of oral and even anal sex going on, and even without having to participate, it was a tunr on to watch and jack off while doing so. But my best masturbation experiences have been letting other guys watch me climax and getting the chance to stroke another guy's boner to ejaculation.

May 7, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Urgent Need to Masturbate

so good

I am on my sisters pc an I found this gay porn site two were sucking each other it made me so hot as I haven't masturbated for a long time maybe it is that I an 77 years old but watching them suck each other my cock got so hard I couldn't believe it hadn't been that hard in years as I watched the next thing I was stroking it an it felt so good that I couldn't stop then I felt my balls get real tight then I knew that I was going to cum then it happened I ejaculated I don't think I ever cum that much before I mean it was spurt after spurt I was in seventh heaven I didn't my old balls had that cum in them if watching gay porn does that to me I will be watching more an more

May 8, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Over 40 Years of Masturbating

I am an old guy and can't get it hard for about 10 or 11 days after masturbation. I am a widower so I masturbate. I had read years ago about Stop and Go; Stop and Go. I tried a variation. I doubled a rubber band and placed it at the base of my semi-erect cock. Then using my left hand, I stroke my cock about 6 times and Stop. 6 times and Stop. 6 times and stop. Finally after 7 or 8 mins. of this, I quickly switch hands and grip my pucker, cross my legs, and jerk like crazy. I cum in about 3 to 4 minutes.

That is the only way I can get off. I have tried Cialis and that helps a little bit but not worth the expense.

Try it. You old guys will enjoy it (some of you young guys will too.)

May 11, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Undecided

Other Masturbatory Entry

First time with another guy

So first of all, I started masturbating at the age of 12, and still masturbate three years later. For some reason I have the greatest orgasms when I am completely naked. I do not think I will ever stop masturbating , especially after the experience I am about to tell you about.

About a year ago I went camping with my dad, step mom, and four sisters. For some reason that weekend I was extremely horny. I was constantly having to hide my boner from my family so that they wouldn't know. We were in a small camper with barely enough room for the seven of us so I couldn't just Jack off in private to get rid of my issue. After Saturday passed I wasn't horny anyomore. I have no clue why but I wasn't, or so I thought.

We were at a campground that had a lake, so I told my dad I would be going swimming for most of the day. He said alright just be back for lunch and dinner at noon and 6:00. I was excited to go swimming especially since this was about a month after winter. As I made my way to the water, such was about a quarter of a mile away, I passed by a group of college guys without shirts on and my dick shot up! I had no clue that I was attracted to these guys so I walked kind of slow and watched them. They were shining with sweat and there muscles were bulging and for some reason this made me extremely horny. I watched them for a few more minutes and then made my way to the water a few hundred feet away, dick still hard as a rock. I noticed this and hurried to the water and jumped in so that nobody would see. I was successful and swam around for a out thirty minutes trying to get rid of my erection. Soon I noticed that it wasn't going away, in fact it had gotten bigger than ever! Then two guys both around my age and extremely fit jumped in shirtless and sweaty. That is when I decided not to fight my erection anymore. I just had to ignore it.

At least this worked for about an hour, but the erection didn't go away. It couldn't go away because I found my self staring at those teen boys wrestling in the water. They looked like brothers, both had medium length blonde hair and they were both very fit. The one that appeared to be older had well defined pecs and a clear six pack and he also had large biceps. His brother was similar but less defined and toned than his brother.

As they wrestled they drifted closer to me and I didn't move away. I waited until the were close enough and I said hey. They stopped and looked at me and said hi back. The older one said his name was Jack (not his real name for the sake of privacy) and his younger brother said his name was Tom (another false name). I said my name was Caleb and they asked if I wanted to join them. I was a bit nervous because my dick was growing even bigger than before but I didn't want to seem weird so I agreed. We all wrestled and as w did Jack noticed my raging boner. He said damn dude a little hard there? Before I could say anything he stood up to where the water was below his waist and showed me his massive boner renting in his swim shorts. He asked me how old I was and I told him 15. He said that he was 17 and Tom said he was 15. He was also standing and saw that his dick was hard too! His was a lot smaller than his brothers but still pretty big. I stood up too. Jack looked in shock and said, damn that is a big tent! I was confused because I knew that they were bigger than me. I looked down and was surprised to find how big I was! Jack suggested we go to his tent and get naked so we could compare. I agreed so we all walked to his tent, still hard as ever. As soon as we got to his tent, which was one of those family tents big enough for you to stand comfortably in, Jacked zipped up the tent and instantly took down his pants. He was huge, at least 9 inches and at least 7 inches around. He had low hanging balls and a ton of pubic hair. He obviously hadn't shaved it ever, like me. He told his brother to do the same as him. Tom seemed a little shy, but got naked anyway. He was also big, about seven inches, which was huge for a fifteen year old. Jack said he had never seen his brothers dick before and was impressed by its size. Then Jack looked at me and said your turn. I was the most apprehensive, but as I looked at Jack standing there with his huge dick between his legs, his finely toned muscles bulging and shining from the water. He was so confident I took off my shorts faster than I ever had before.

Now before I get to my part, I have to say something. Before this time I hadnt even touched my coco for about three or four weeks. I was extremely horny, but had not looked at my dick for a month.

As my shorts fell to the floor I looked at my raging hard dick as it BOUNCED out of my shorts. I was completely surprised! My dick had grown at least three inches in the past month. Before I was only 5 1/2, but at that moment I was a whopping 8 inches. I stared in disbelief with surprise on my face and Jack and Tom burst out laughing. They said I looked like I hadn't seen my dick in months. I told them one month and they stopped laughing and asked why. I told them I didn't usually have time to jack off. Jack looked at me and said well you are close behind me in size and I am a year older than you. I think you deserve a reward. So he came over, pressed his body against mine, and kissed me. I resisted at first but he wrapped his muscular arms around me and I gave in. By dick was extremely hard and so was his and they pushed against each other. Our hairy crotches rubbed each other's thighs as we kissed. He shoved his tongue in my mouth and I did the same to him. Jack pulled away and them ran to his brother and kissed him to. Tom was surprised and then excited and kissed him back. Then out of nowhere Tom ejaculated all over Jack. Spurt after spurt of chm came flying out of Tom's dick all over Jack's stomach, thighs, and even some on his chin. Tom finally stopped and Jack looked at himself and smiled. He ran at me and pushed our bodies together. We fell to the ground him on top of me with his dick in my thighs. I looked at my self and was so turned on by Tom's cum all ove Jack and I. Jack told me to stand up so I did. He stood up to and we started kissing again. He pulled away and bent down and started licking Tom's cum off of my body. He kept going down towards my waste and I was in heaven. There was a tingling all throughout my body and Jack and I were both shaking uncontrollably. He got to my pubes and started kissing me there. Then he started licking the base of my dick, slowly moving to the tip. Then without any hesitation he slipped my entire dick down his throat. All eight inches disappeared into his mouth and he started suck me off. His head moved slowly at first, taking my dick out of his mouth slowly they moving it along my shaft u.till he was deep throating me. All of this time Tom had recovered and was jacking off. My attention was pulled away from Tom when Jack started going faster. He was shaking so much and so was I and I was moaning as loud as I could since I knew nobody was around. Finally I pulled out of his mouth and said your turn.

He objected but I bent got to his level and pushed him on his back. I put chest in between his thighs and started to slowly suck his cock. I could only get half of it in without having but then I remembered a trick that got rid of the gags reflex. I squeezed my left fingers around my left thumb and my gag reflex vanished. I got all of him down my throat and as soon as I did he told me to stop. I did and asked what he wanted to do now.

At this he smiled and said I want to fuck you. I was so horny I didn't care that he was so monsterous. I got on all fours and he got on his knees and slowly made his way in. I winced a little bit but as it got in deeper it felt better and better until I was in ecstasy. He started humping me slowly and then gradually worked up speed until he was going so fast and hard that he was rocking my body back and forth and the whole time I was in heaven. He was moaning my name and I was moaning his and he cummed in my ass. I didn't care that he had no condom. He filled up my ass until it was full so he pulled out and was still cumming. He cummed all over me and his brother and his brother ejaculated again even more than before all over the walls of the tent, all over me and all over Jack. Jack fell onto his hands and knees panting saying that it was amazing doing this. I thought so too and I was still the only one not to cum yet. Jack said he felt rude that he hadn't made me cum yet and he told his brother to start licking the chm off of Jack. I started pumping my dick but Jack said no. He told Tom to get on his hands and knees. Tom knew what was coming and seemed elated. I walked over to Tom , got on my knees and slowly inched my large cock into his asshole. This. Was. Amazing. When I was all the way in I could feel how tight his ass was. I loved it so much and I started humping him slowly, chm still dripping out of my asshole. As I was humping Tom faster and faster Jack told Tom to look up. When Tom did Jack stuck his flaccid penis in Tom's mouth and told him to make it hard again. Tom was sucking and moving with my dick almost perfectly and I thought about how sexy we must have looked and I couldn't take it anymore. My entire body was racked with extremely warm and tingling pleasure as I cummed and cummed and cummed in Tom's ass. I pulled out and started cumming on Tom's back and hair and on Jack's stomach and face. I fell to the floor where Tom wasn't done with me. He carefully licked up what seemed like gallons of all of our come off of me. Jack then ejaculated in his hand careful not to lose a drop and rubbed it all over his chest and beautiful abs. I licked most of it and then kissed him with it, tounge in his mouth and dick on his leg. We were all flaccid now and looked at the mess we had made. I said I was so sorry and that I would help clean up and Jack said not to worry about it since it was just him and Tom on this trip. I was still hard so I jacked myself off to climax which didn't come close to the one earlier. Jack said he loved my dick and I said I loved his and his brothers entire bodies. I was fit and well toned but they were so muscular and I asked them if I could.touch their bodies again. They didn't mind and we talked about random things as I admired them by touching and occasionally licking them. At noon I got dressed and said I could come back after much but the said they had to leave. I kissed them both before leaving and left them naked and exhausted.

This was the single best experience of my life and my dick is still the same size as then maybe even a little bigger. I have sex with girls my age now, but I have never reached a climax as powerful as that day.

Now I have to go jack off now. I have been laying naked this entire time and my stomach and dick are covered in precum. Time to satisfy myself again ;)

May 11, 2014 -


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May 11, 2014 -


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May 11, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Anonymous Masturbator Confessions

Why waste it

I have masturbated for over 40 years, starting as a teenager. I have hundreds of memories of erotic masturbation sessions, and jack off at least twice a week. Over the past year or so, I've fantasized about jacking off on my wife's tits, then licking up all the cum. One night, we had a few glasses of wine, and just went for it. It was the hottest thing ever, and surprisingly my wife got incredibly turned on. Now, every time I jerk off, I swallow every drop. I

May 12, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Bisexual

Masturbation Technique Variation

check it out

hzs266 Great, thanks for sharing this article post.Really thank you!

May 13, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Over 40 Years of Masturbating

I love to masturbate

masturbate jacking off wanking jerking what ever you want to call it to me masturbation is the best I have been doing it since I was very young an as old as I am I still love it I have done it so many ways I cant remember but the most exciting way was dressing up in iadies under wear I like their sexy panties an nylons putting on a garter belt a bra size 36d then stand in front a mirror an watch my penis grow to a big erection then I slowly I mean real slow rub my hand up an down till ejaculate an fill my panties full of my cum its the most relaxing for me

May 13, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Memorable Wanking, Jacking Off, and General Masturbation

Most Memorable

This happened whne I was younger, but it remains my most memorable masturbation experience. I had found that I could secretly see into the bathroom window where there were a lot of bushes. I would watch my mother naked in the bathroom and it was such a turn on to me. It would give me the stiffest erections, and I would pull my pants down and masturbate - sometimes repeatedly. My mom never knew of course, and I would be embarrassed if she ever found out. But back then I thought it was the greatest thing getting to see my mother naked and sexy like that. h what a treat at the time!

May 14, 2014 -


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May 15, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Memorable Wanking, Jacking Off, and General Masturbation

Camping in the RAW

I was camping out in the woods near a river that runs through the central section of my State. I was 16 and had been fishing. I caught three nice ones and fried them and ate them. My two buddies had been with me, but they were both working part time and had to leave. I decided to stay one more night.

Around Midnight I woke up and was horny from a dream. I was in the raw as it was a warm night inside the tent-even with the flaps open. I soon got hard. I was kind of tired from the long day of fishing even though it had been lots of fun. I stroked a bit and stopped to rest. I stroked a bit and stopped. This was interesting--a really weird feeling was happening to my cock and balls. I continued to do that--stop and then stroke my cock about six or seven times; then stop. And start up again for six or seven times. I did not squeeze my pucker string--I just let it do whatever it did when I was semi- hard. I jacked like this for about seven or eight minutes. I reached a point that I could no longer stand it--I jerked like mad--Wow! What a powerful cum shot. It seemed like I could blow a hole in the tent. I didn't of course. It was a mess cleaning up in the dark.

My cock remained hard so I started the Stop and Go again. Stopping and waiting a few seconds and then jerking about six or seven strokes and then stopping for a few seconds. Again this took me about ten minutes. AND Wow! I blasted almost as much as the first time. That was a real learning experience. I later read about Stop and Go, but this variation I have not read about. Those stories are about stopping just before you cum. This is totally different!

Thanks for reading!

May 15, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight

First Time Masturbating

Masturbation and then Intercourse

I grew up in a small midwestern town. I learned to jack off from an older kid that lived down the street. We would go to an old barn that had not been used in years and hide in the hay loft where he taught me to jerk off.

Sometimes after school I would go there by myself. One afternoon I was jerking away and about ready to finish (I was not old enough to cum yet) and I heard a noise. I stopped and looked. A teenage girl from the next block had evidently seen me go in the barn and had followed. She was watching me jerk off and accidently made a noise. I didn't know what to say. She climbed the next rung of the ladder and crawled over to me. She quickly slipped off her blouse. I just laid there like a dummy-- hanging onto my cock. I was so dumbfounded I had not let go.

She reached over and moved my hand and started masturbating me. I couldn't seem to move. She then asked, Do you cum yet? I told her no.

Great! she said. She slipped off her skirt and then her panties. She lay back and pulled me over on top. Then she helped put my cock inside her hole. She started moving up and down under me. I had no clue what she was doing but my cock was getting harder and I was soon moving in time with her. Wow!

What a finish that was. Martie would me me once a week until wintertime. We found a way to break into the school furnace room after school where it was warm. This went on for almost a year. One day we discovered I could cum. She stopped seeing me. I had no clue about condoms and neither did she.

I saw her again a few years later when I was home on leave. She was married and her new husband was in the Navy and sailed out of San Deigo--I knew we were a long way from the sea.

I said, Marty! Let's go find that old barn.

She smiled, remembering, and said. I don't think we should.

We did. It was way more powerful than when I was 11. And I knew what a condom was. She was on the pill so I went in bare--what a night in the barn. She said as we finishe for the third time, You have really grown!

I had three more days left on my leave. We spent the nights in the barn. It seemed so exotic!

May 16, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Unique or Strange Story

Wanking while the family is away

I was in my bathroom while my family was away doing the full-fist grip and while standing up, when the ejaculation came as usual, but this time it squished all the way into the bath tub! It took a while to clean up, but it was a good orgasm! Later, I decided to try a technique that I've never tried before (sense I'm not supposed to masturbate). It was the technique where you take a plastic bag and put it between the couch cushions and then hump the couch with your penis in the bag. It lasted forever! Then I decided to get something to eat. I got up and picked up the bag so I could lube it up some more. Evidently, I was so hard, I broke the bag! I got a new bag and continued. It was a bad day for wanking!

May 16, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Gay

First Time Masturbating

my first orgasm during mutual masturbation and SEX with another guy

When I was about 11 years old, I was in the shower one night and I guess it was the warm water pulsing from the shower head, that felt AWESOME. It just felt soo good that I actually had to reposition the shower head, and lay down with my legs spread and up in the air and the shower flow directly on my dick and balls. At the time, I had no idea what was going on. I just knew that I had never felt anything quite like it before, and I couldn't stop doing it. Sure I touched my dick thousands of times before this. But this time was like no other, because my dick CAME ALIVE. I had no idea that I could ever feel so good and tingly down there. It just kept getting better and better. I was sure I messed something up, and wondered if I should tell anybody about it. It also felt like I was going to pee at the same time. OMG the sensation was wild. I arched my back, and pushed my crotch up closer to the shower head. At the time, I was positive that nobody else ever did this, and that it was just my own dirty little secret. I was scared to death that somehow my doctor would know what I did. But it NEVER stopped me from playing with my new toy. From that point, I was obsessed with my penis, and that wild new feeling that overtook my body. But somehow I knew that this was not really my own secret. Still I never told anybody at first. Then one day, my friend came over to spend a Friday night. I asked him if he ever touched himself, and how did it feel. I didn't even know what it was called at the time. But when he said that he did, I asked him if he wanted to do it that night. He said yes !!! So later when we went to my room for the night, we didn't waste much time getting our clothes off, bonerz boucin all over the place. We pretty much helped each other get undressed, and jumped into my bed. I still hadn't really figured how to do it because I always used the rush of the shower water. He rubbed his flat palm up and down the shaft of his dick, and so I did the same thing. Almost as soon as we got hard, he asked me if I wanted him to do mine & I do his. It felt AWESOME to have another hand on my throbbing hard on. It felt just as good holding another boy's hard cock at the same time. Totally sexual ! It was this night that I figured a lot of stuff out about being a dude, and how hot it felt just being naked with another human being. Not to mention he was also my best friend. The next thing I knew, he started to move his head closer to my crotch. I had NO IDEA what was cumming next, but he moved down even closer to my crotch, till his face was right there and my boner was rubbing his cheek. I felt the heat of his breath on my erection !!! The sensation I was feeling was earth shattering. Now was when he took my entire length into his mouth, and started sliding up and down the shaft. All I could do was push his head all the way down on to my cock, and he had the whole thing in his mouth. After awhile, I told him to stop cuz I couldn't take any more, and I thought I was going to pee. But he kept it up till I shot off directly into his open mouth. He took it all. Every drop, and licked his lips. It was the first time I actually ejaculated. I pulled his mouth to mine and started to give him a big wet kiss, sucking his tongue into my own mouth and tasted my own cum for the first time. That would be when I went down on him, and wanted to give him exactly what he did for me. It felt sort of awkward, and weird at first. But then I started to get the hang of it, and gave him EXACTLY what he gave me, and drained him dry !! Again I kissed him so he could taste some of his own. That was the beginning of my sexual awakening, and we kept it up all night, till it was light the next morning.

The next day, we never left my room. And we talked to his parents AND MINE to see if he could spend Saturday night too. My parents were going to be out that night. Since they were going to be gone, my older bro Erik, 15, came home early. He heard us in my room, and came in when we were wrestling on my bed. He saw Jason's hard on, and squeezed it, and slid his hand down my shorts !!! WOW, my big bro, and I do mean BIG. You need to realize we were like 11. Erik had these long sexy hairy legs, and puberty was really good to him. His dick was about 8 inches when he had a boner. He always had girls around him, and now I knew why! Anyway, after Erik gave me a FEEL, I put my hand down his shorts, and that's when I felt like a little boy !!! I had never seen my bro NAKED before. But I had to show Jason what he had in his shorts. So I jumped up and pulled his shorts all the way down. His hard on got stuck in the fly of his boxers, and Jay helped him take them off. Now my big bro was naked and we were both still totally dressed. By now Erik pinned me down, and started tickling me, and rubbing his face all over my crotch. Jason knelt down over my face, and sat on there, while Erik stripped us both. He and Jay started kissing, like really intense. Soon all 3 of us were all naked and rubbing all over each other, sucking licking humping grinding. Hot wet dude sex.

The whole night was so totally SEXUAL. Like I said I had my sexual awakening that weekend. Erik and me still mess around all the time now. We're even closer than we ever were before. He even moved into my bedroom, so my parents made his room into a workout room. And Jason spends more nights here than at his own house some times. I now have a king size bed, and it's so hot when we hook up.

Well guys that's about all I have to say. Erik wants to take me and Jason to the mall. And we do whatever we can, so we can spend time together...

May 19, 2014 -


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May 22, 2014 - Sexual Preference - In-Between

Caught Masturbating!

Caught beatin off at the beach

I live in South America, near a town called Montanita. It's a cool surf town that's pretty casual. A couple weeks ago, I was chillin on the beach, and watchin all the cool guys n sweet little young things getting me kind of horny. The sun was going down, and it started getting dark. I had a raging boner. I started feeling myself through my boardshorts, and couldn't help myself. It was pretty quiet, so I slipped my hand inside my shorts and started casually massaging my dick. Before I even realized it, I had my shorts down below my knees, and was rubbing all over between my legs, my balls and my stiff cock. That was when I saw this dude leaning on a surfboard watching every move I made. It got me even hotter knowing that this hot dude was staring at me beat off. To this point, I'd never actually ever been with another dude. I thought about it like crazy, and pretty much knew I wanted to try it. I was watching this dude watching me rub my dick, and it got me even more horny. I couldn't believe another dude actually wanted to look at me naked. So I got even bolder, and started licking my fingers, tasting my precum, and stared him deep in the eyes while stroking my dick. I never felt so sexually charged in my life. I wanted him so bad, and I really wanted him to join me. He motioned to me, and the next thing he was there standing right next to me, and I was staring up at him, seeing the start of a bulge in his boardshorts. He was standing so close to me that I could see straight up his shorts. I don't know where this move came from, but I reached up into his shorts, and wrapped my hand around his growing cock. He reached down, and held my hand right there. It felt really good with him holding my hand around his stiffening cock.

He had this big old blanket and we layed it out, and by now he had my boadrshorts completely off. So we got down and he started to kiss me really deep, sucking my tongue way into his hot mouth. Lickin me all over my face and neck. I started to untie his shorts, and reached inside to find that awesome dick again, so big and getting stiffer with my touch. I couldn't believe I was actually holding another guy's boner in my hand. So I pulled his shorts off and we were both naked and still kissing. We just rubbed all over every inch of each others bodies. The he pressed our dicks together so they were rubbing against each other, and he slid his boner under my balls, and between my legs. It felt so good with our hard ons rubbing against each other. We were both so wet from each others pre cum. He kept sliding his fingers over them, then into my mouth and back down to get more for him to lick off.

We kept this up for a long time, till I just had to taste him in my mouth. To be honest, I didn't even know what to do, so I started kissing him down his neck, and down to his chest where I sucked on his nipples till he was dripping wet again. And started to go down his chest and abs, till I found his hairy trail leading from his belly button, and just kept sticking my tongue in and out of his belly button. He was breathing hard and panting till finally he pushed my head just enough to tell me he wanted me to go down lower. Ahh yeah dude, NO problem ! I rubbed his hard cock against my face, and smelled him deep. He smelled soo good ! He tasted like the saltwater we had been in all day. I started to work my tongue and lips up his thick shaft till my lips were just above his cock. I slid my mouth down onto his dick and started to slide up and down the length. It felt so hot having another dude in my mouth for the first time.

He slowed me down a bit and lifted my body so we were closer and I was now on top of him, and then he moved his body around so we were both going down on each other at the same time. This was totally awesome! I didn't think I was going to be able to last very long, cuz I never had a blowjob before. But he came first, and I shot my load within a minute or so of him, and NEVER came so hard like that time. From that first night, we are now great friends, and have gotten together almost every day since. One day earlier this week, the 2 of us hooked up with another dude and girl we met from Colombia. Now that was even HOTTER. The girl never saw 2 dudes get off before. I undid the Colombian dudes shorts, and started rubbing his dick. He started getting hard in my hand, and was rocking his cock into my hand as I started to stroke him off. The other dude, my friend, had his hands in my shorts. The girl was just watching the three of us guys going at it. She was all wet and dripping and we sort of ignored her cuz we were more interested in getting off ourselves. It was that night that I had 2 dicks in my mouth at the same time. How hot is that?

Anyway, the 3 of us came like about 7 times between us. Then my friend started kissing the girl, while her Colombian boyfriend gave her what she wanted, while we watched. While he was doing her, I started playing with his balls, and licked him all over. He offered me his girl. So I started sucking on his hard dick while he was going in and out of her, till I started just going down on her. Now I wanted to be INSIDE her, so I moved up closer to her, and as I got started, her boyfriend wrapped his legs around my face and I started giving him head while I was doing his girlfriend.

It's experiences like this that make me love living here in this loose easy sexy place that I call home. My parents moved here when I was a little boy, and I grew up on the beach. We used to live in the States, but now we live South of the Equator, in this very cool laid back beach town. Every day, some new experience teaches me to be even more sexual.

I still love the thrill of someone watching me jack off. I do it more now, without even trying to hide it. I've been caught a lot of times since that first time, and it gets me just as hot every time. The best time is after the sun sets, cuz it's an awesome time of day, and the chances of getting a HAND are better when they think nobody is going to see them with me.

So, if you happen to be on a beach in South America, about 2 degrees south of the Equator, keeop your eye out for me.

May 23, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Bisexual

Other Masturbatory Entry

Joy Saw My Masturbation Pictures

In 2012, on a Saturday before Christmas, I saw her for the first time in a few months: Joy. Cute blonde, early 50's, about 5'6, nice legs, pretty smile. She is kind of special because he knows I am a masturbator and has actually seen pictures of myself masturbating that I had posted on Flickr.

The whole story is kind of long, but the short story is this: A woman who was apparently stalking me found my anonymous Flickr stream with pictures of myself masturbating and decided to out me. She wrote to various people instructing them how to find the pics. Apparently a bunch of people did look for the pics, including Joy. This other person was trying to make all the women who's pictures were on my stream in the non-restricted, non-sexual part of my account be incensed that I would include them in the same Flickr stream that had pics of me beating my meat! Well, her plan basically backfired as all except for one person thinks SHE'S the asshole and not me!

Only one person actually commented anything about the masturbation pics directly to my face, and that person was Joy. She and I were shooting video of something one day and talking about cameras, and Joy says Hey, you really need a new camera for your porn pictures!

I said,What do you mean, 'my porn pictures?' Of course, I instantly knew what she was talking about. I felt my face turning red, but played dumb.

You know, the pictures of you doing your thing! With that, she made a hand motion like a hand going up and down on a cock! She had this beautiful wide smile with a gleam in her eye.

I nearly fucking fell over, but continued to play dumb and treated it as if she was playing a joke. Oh yeah, my porn pictures! I rolled my eyes like the whole thing was a gag. The pictures really are terrible aren't they? I do need a new camera for those. A few other people were there and just looked at us like we must have had some inside joke among friends.

At the same time I was embarrassed in front of Joy, I was thrilled that she had seen the pics of me masturbating and was OK with it. And she was also OK with the fact her pics were on my personal photo account, and probably figured the whole thing added up to me masturbating to her (which of course I do. A lot!).

Four years later she is still a good friend, although I don't see her as often. When she saw me at this huge Christmas party that night, she came all the way across the room to hug me and talk. I stood there gazing into her pretty blue eyes thinking these are the same eyes that were wide and disbelieving when she found my masturbation pics on Flickr. The same eyes that saw my hand on my cock and my cum shooting then dripping down my fingers. The same eyes that read my captions about how much I masturbate, how I love to masturbate, and how I love to masturbate to women with nice legs and smiles and sexy feet and asses! The same eyes that saw her pictures in the G-rated part of my account and realized: He masturbates to ME! The eyes of the same woman who let me know she saw the pictures, but then is still MY friend and not the friend of that other person who outed me.

What's the point of this, other than the titillation of having a pretty woman I adore see me masturbating? I think the whole episode told me that just about everyone masturbates, and nobody who saw my pics found anything wrong with doing that. Beside, You had to do some work to actually find them in the first place. The people that did, including the woman who started this whole chain of events, must have had some huge interest in masturbation to go to all the trouble. I heard through the grapevine that most people she told, if they even tried to look, couldn't find my Flickr stream or at least the adult part of it, and really thought this other woman was a wacko. The people that DID find my pics thought she was a wacko and just plain evil and hypocritical.

I am a bit more discreet about my pictures and what I put out there about my masturbation habits, but I'm still proud to be this much in touch with my sexuality and am not afraid to talk about masturbation to reasonable, like-minded adults.

Thanks for reading! Im interested to hear your thoughts and any similar incidents you have!

May 23, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Bisexual

Anonymous Masturbator Confessions

I am In Love With My Friend Elizabeth

I am in love with my friend Elizabeth. I actually love her like sister, but have always been sexually turned on by her. I masturbate a lot, and I have to say she is my favorite masturbation muse. The first day I ever met her I went home and masturbated to her. That was neaarly years ago, and I still masturbate to Liz more than any other woman.

She's 47 now, dark blonde hair, about 5'4. She looks a lot like rock star Liz Phair, just a little taller. I saw her two weeks ago. Had on a short, tan skirt that showed off her legs, and sandals that sowed her sexy feet and pretty pick pedicure. Watching her sexy ass when she walked turned me on so. As soon as I got home I masturbated to her, and I've been masturbating to Liz again today.

I love to masturbate to Liz and I love her so much. There has often been a sexual edge to our relationship, but that has never progressed to anything else. I am married (Liz is single), and my wife knows I masturbate to all my female friends. However, she doesn't seem threatened by Liz and is OK when she and I do stuff together. Still, I don't think my wife knows how infatuated I am with her, and how I'd love to have sex with Elizabeth and would love to openly masturbate in front of her!

May 23, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Bisexual


I masturbate a lot at work

I love to masturbate to the people I see every day. This time of year is wonderful because sooooo many of the women wear skimpy clothes and flip-flops or sandals, and are such masturbation muses for me.

I work in an office building where my desk faces out the door toward the copy room. Next to the copy room is another office that used to be occupied by Gretchen and Kristen. (Gretchen left about a month ago, to my great disappointment.) Both are 40-something cute MILFS, the type of woman I love to masturbate to the most. Gretchen is probably my favorite. Late 40's, shoulder length red hair, cute smile, about 5'5, nice legs and cute feet she shows off regularly. Her office mate is Kristen: early-to-mid 40's, brunette about 5'4, nice smile, nice legs and feet with sexy red toenail polish she likes to show off in peekaboo pumps.

I often would sit at my desk with my pants around my ankles, discreetly pumping my cock under the desk and watching Gretchen and Kristen as they walk by, or even just listening to their girlish conversation and laughs from across the hall. It felt soooo nice to masturbate this way. Sometimes they would spend a lot of time in the copy room, and I could see them coming or going and as they chat near the door. One time recently they both were wearing short skirts and very bare sandals and were chatting for the longest time in the hall outside my door with anyone who was going in to make copies. This other woman in the building named Christie - she's tall, blonde, cute, with great legs and feet she shows off often in flip-flops and sandals - stopped to talk for about five minutes. The three of them there right by my door was almost too much to bear. My pants were around my ankles, my hand around my cock, and I was masturbating so hard and so well just about 20 feet away from them. I had a beautiful creamy orgasm over them as I checked them out from head to toe, watching their cute smiles, their sexy legs and asses, their delicious pedicured feet.

It felt so good. I had to wait for them to leave so I could stand up, clean up the mess of semen I released and get my pants back on. But it was so good. I LOVE being a masturbator, and I am in love with Gretchen, Kristen and Christie - at least in that masturbatorial way that we masturbators love our muses!

May 23, 2014 -

Fantasies while Masturbating

I had a sex dream about my friend Lee Ann

I had an erotic dream recently about my friend Lee Ann. I used to work with Lee Ann. She's about 5'9, 38yo, brown hair just past her shoulders. She's slightly tomboyish but really cute. Nice ass and nice legs when she shows them off, which isn't often. Lee Ann can be kind of prudish.

I've known her for almost 16 years, and I've had a bit of a secret crush on her the whole time. I love to masturbate to her, and when we worked together in a production facility I would accidentally leave a camera on in her work area and would masturbate to her while watching the monitor! I think she is so cute! I masturbate to Lee Ann rather often, and I masturbate a lot.

In my dream, Lee Ann and I were hanging around and were sitting on a sofa. She begins disrobing, and suddenly pushes me back and shoves her pussy in my face. I begin licking her clitoris and cunnilinging her. I was amazed she was doing this! She was very wet. I reached up with a hand and began massaging her bare breast, and I could tell she really loved it. She soon reached a shuddering climax.

Lee Ann then laid next to me and we started to kiss. It was nice. I was hoping we might fuck. The dream was over a minute later and I woke up.

I love to masturbate to Lee Ann! This erotic dream is such fuel for my masturbation sessions over her. She has no idea I do this, and I don't think she realizes how cute she is.

May 25, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Jerking off is Awesome

never to old

you are never to old to masturbate I am in my eighties an I still masturbate an love it as much now as I did when I started maybe I am over sexed because during the day my cock gets so hard that it hurts so I find me a safe place an masturbate sometimes it happens two times a day but I always masturbate every day an at night when I go to bed I always have my hand on my cock I just leave it alone I sleep naked an I have masturbated in my sleep for I have my cum all over me as much as I masturbate I have always cum a load I hope there is some other men my age still masturbating its such a great feeling when you cum at that age

May 26, 2014 - Sexual Preference - In-Between

The Ultimate Male Masturbation Experience

My girlfriend's much younger sister watched

This happened to me in the late summer just after my high school girlfriend had left for college. We had dated for almost 4 years and had been very sexually active. We had experimented with lots of different sexual positions and engaged in sex almost daily. After she left, needless to say I was very horny and had been masturbating on a regular basis. My GF's mother was divorced and to help out I mowed their lawn. On this day, I had finished mowing and since no one was home had pulled out a pair of my GF's panties from her dresser and was getting very turned on thinking about how her wearing them and how they would smell and taste like her pussy. I undressed and began to stroke my hard cock with the panties. I was so turned on and it felt so good that I just lay back on the bed and closed my eyes and rubbed my cock with those panties. What I didn't know was that her younger sister had come home from the neighbors and was standing in the hallway looking at me jacking off into her sister's panties. She was only 13 years old and while she knew that her sister and I fooled around, she had never seen us doing anything more than making out. She must have stepped on to a loose floorboard because the creak snapped me to attention and when I opened my eyes she was looking at me laying there naked and stroking my cock.

I was both embarrassed and turned on at the same time. I stopped stroking my cock and asked Susan to come in so I could explain. I told her about how much I missed her sister and that I was sorry that she had to see me like this. I had covered my crotch with an afghan and hoped that she would not freak out. She asked if I was jacking off and told me that the boys in her class used that term all of the time but she was never really sure what it meant. I explained to her that I was masturbating and how it felt and why I was doing it. We talked about masturbation for a little while and she asked if I was finished. I explained that no I was not and that I still needed to cum so that I would not be quite so horny. Susan asked if I would let her watch. By this time my cock was hard again and I told her that she could watch but that she could not tell anyone about this. She agreed.

I stood up and wrapped my hand around my fully erect cock. I explained to Susan what it felt like and began to stroke it up and down. She was looking right at my cock and seemed almost like in a trance she was so focused. I continued to stroke my cock and that fact that I was doing this is front of my GF's 13 year old sister was too much to take. I groaned that I was going to cum and felt my orgasm build and then wash over me. The first contraction produced just a small amount of cum but that was followed by 5 or 6 nice thick spurts that went about a foot before falling to the floor. I continued to milk my cock until every drop was expelled and covered the floor below with a nice thick pool of cum.

Susan was flushed and her face was red. She thanked me for letting her watch She asked how often I did this and when I told her almost every day and sometimes more, she asked if she could see me do it again sometime. I told her that she certainly could and over the next 4 weeks until I went away to college I masturbated for her many times. We would take a ride in my car and I'd jack off for her parked in a lot near the high school or along a country road. I especially liked being totally naked while she was clothed and watching me. Towards the end, when we were alone at her house, she would watch wearing only her panties and bra. That was so hot and the first time we did that I exploded with a forceful ball draining orgasm. On the day before I left for college, we got together for the last time and this was when she asked if she could touch my cock and jerk me off. I didn't have to be asked twice, and when she wrapped her little hands around my cock it didn't take long before I shot my cum all over my belly and her hand. She also confessed to me that she had been masturbating regularly after our sessions and that if we had the chance in the future she might let me watch and we could do it together. Sadly, that never happened, but I still get hard and cum thinking of those days. I can only imagine what her young, virgin pussy must have looked like and what may have happened.

May 27, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Masturbation Technique

with dental medium putty...... artificial vagina

first of all buy a light body dental impression putty from store. make your man maximum erected and apply a rubber band around your peni and balls to make it straight for long time. by watching a erotic clips or films can mix the two pastes of light body impression material. and then place it over your erected penis and allow to set... remove your peni from setted impression material. then you can make small pin hole over the mould to prevent your peni from air tightness. nw u can use this mold as life long artificial vagina. u can apply Vaseline or vegetable oil to the mold and proceed......

May 29, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Bisexual

Masturbation Technique

gym mat

First you get a gym mat and you unfold it so it is flat then you take off all of your cloes and you lay down with your butt on the mat then you put your feet flat on the mat to give you access to yljr balls and to your butt to finger yourself then grab your dick and jack off

May 30, 2014 -

Anonymous Masturbator Confessions

I masturbate to them in their summer clothes

I love to masturbate. It's my favorite form of sexual activity and I have to admit I'm addicted to it. I try to cut back on how often I do it, but I have so many cute friends and see so many sexy women. For example, I recently was at an outdoor picnic with three women friends who I adore. I'll alter their names for this purpose: Tina, Sheryl and Alka. All are late-40-something MILFS. All have pretty smiles, terrific legs and sexy feet. The show up at the picnics in summer clothes, showing off legs and sexy pedicured feet and flashing those sweet smiles. Especially Sheryl. She had on this short denim skirt and very bare flip-flops. I was trying not to stare, but she looked so darned good. I could not wait to get home to masturbate to her! And I've been masturbating to her and Tina and Alka a lot!

May 30, 2014 -


I have a foot fetish and I LOVE to masturbate to Jolie's sexy feet and smile

I love to masturbate and I do it a lot. I also have a foot fetish; I LOVE women with sexy feet. However, I like the whole package. I enjoy masturbating to a woman if I can see all of her. A sexy smile and pretty feet are such a turn-on for me.

I will give you an example. I have this mid-40's MILF friend I will call Jolie (because she is so pretty and Jolie is the French word for pretty). She's about 5'2, brunette, nice, firm breasts, beautiful blue eyes, terrific legs, pretty smile, and very pretty and sexy feet! A few nights ago I saw her and she had on these very bare, black sandals. Her feet looked so good. She looked at me with that sexy smile!

Then a couple of days later I saw her on a friend's boat. She was barefoot, and had on shorts that showed off her sexy legs. Such a beautiful head-to-toe package. I kept stealing glances at her while I talked to her and to Jeremy, the guy who owns the boat.

I have been masturbating A LOT to Jolie and those pretty feet, thinking about that pretty smile and cute figure. mmmmm...this feels so good!

May 31, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Bisexual

Caught Masturbating!

being caught by daughter

being a single dad with a teenage daughter around made it hard to find the time to safely masturbate. one day got home early from work and thought I had a couple of hours of alone time. got on the internet to find some nice pics to get me off with. got undressed and started pulling on my cock to get it hard. and then started jacking on it. jacking and looking at naked pics and having a great time. never noticing that I was being watched. I was edging to make it last longer and to shot a nice big load. so I was getting close to the point of no return. when I heard go dad go. I turned around to see my daughter there watching me, but it was to late I shot my load all over my chest and felt so awesome. you know that feeling when nothing matters just that awesome feeling you shooting your load every place. she got to see a great show from here dad that day. she said looked like you really needed that. I told her you have no idea. she went and got me a towel out of the bathroom and gave it to me to clean up with. after I cleaned up I got dressed and we had a nice father daughter talk about the needs we both have and ways to take care of them. didn't hide it from her that much after that, she caught me a few more times.

June 2, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Over 40 Years of Masturbating

masturbation I love it

I am a married man who loves to masturbate it feels so good when I ejaculate there is something I have wanted to do but at the last moment I lost interest that is to swallow my cum my pre-cum is out of this world I love it till last week I was at home alone an was masturbating just as I was about to cum my wife came home just as I ejaculated in my hand the only thing I could do I put it in my mouth an swallowed it an it didn't taste that bad that was the first time later that week I wanted to see if I could do it again this time I held it in my mouth for a while it tasted even better then the first time now I eat all of my cum just setting writing about I am so hot for a load that I am going to jackoff right now oh my god it feels so good to cum

June 2, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Undecided

First Time Masturbating

my sex story with my younger cousin...

When I was 13, I went on vacations to my aunt`s house in another city, I spent most of the time with my cousin, he was 9 at that time... one day we were playing outside of the house and we started at the beginning to touch ourselves and then eachothers dicks, it was an inocent thing but it was so good that we really liked it, latter that day we were alone inside and he suddenly bent over and started to suck my cock, he was little but he did it so good and I didn`t resist and return him the favor and I sucked bis little sweet cock... we decided to have a shower together later but for some reason we couldnt do it... a week after that we were sleeping in the same bedroom and he came to my bed pulled my boxers and started to suck my cock again, was a glorious day... years passed after this summer but I still dream about this day... we never talk about it again...

June 6, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Over 40 Years of Masturbating


After 60 years of masturbation, I can’t say I’ve ever tired of it. Started out when I and a couple of my friends (when we were 8 or 9) would go off to the woods, pull out our pre-hairy cocks, and see who could pee the farthest. We did this for a couple years and it was just about peeing at first, but after a while I found myself getting an erection at the sight of my friends' cocks and fondling my own. I was very surprised that after a little of that I suddenly had a very pleasant, warm feeling overcome me and then a sudden sense of release accompanied by shooting a LOT of cum at least a foot.

This surprised me, but not Harry, one of my two friends. I've been doing that for a while, he said. It was a new thing for my other friend, Richard, whose jaw dropped when he saw me cum. I'd stayed hard and they were both hard, so my friend who knew about jerking off took the lead and in another couple minutes we all came. After that, our pissing contests were replaced completely by cumming contests, and I'm proud to say I almost always shot the furthest (and often the most).

A year or so later, we'd grown out of our cumming contests, perhaps because we'd gotten bored with the inevitability of who would win (as I said, usually me). One evening we camped out in Harry's back yard. A tent big enough for all of us to sleep in had been set up by Harry's father, and we'd all brought along sleeping bags. After we were sure his parents were asleep, off came our clothes and we sat around fondling our cocks. Richard got an idea: Let's hold each other's cocks. We hadn't done this before, and we took turns. I held Harry's cock first, then Richard's, and they took turns holding mine. We compared sizes and shapes. Mine was the longest and straightest, but Richard's was thicker. Harry's curved and was in between mine and Richard's in girth, and he alone among us had begun sprouting pubic hair. I remember how it was both interesting and amazing holding another boy's cock. It felt different than holding my own cock.

The next thing that happened was that we clustered in a triangular arrangement, on our knees because the tent wasn't high enough, and touching and rubbing our cocks together. That felt pretty neat, as I recall. I don't remember any more if one of us suggested it or it just happened spontaneously, but we began jerking each other off. Who was doing who changed around a lot, and I don't remember all the variations. But I do remember at one point that I had Harry's cock in one hand and Richard's in the other, while both of them shared my cock. I think that when we finally came we'd spontaneously invented the circle jerk, sort of, and because we were close we shot cum on each other.

We freaked out a little then, because we had nothing to clean up with and this was years before we (or at least I) could conceive of licking up cum. But it had gotten a little foggy outside and the grass in Harry's back yard was damp. So we very quietly went out, rolled around in the grass until we were clean, and then ran our hands over the evidence until it disappeared into the dew. We all went back in, got in our sleeping bags, and after a little nervous laughter we got quiet and slept.

This night was never talked of among us afterwards, and before the next school year began Richard's parents had sold their house and moved to another town. I never had any feelings for either him or Harry, and back then homosexuality was an unknown to me. Exploring our sexuality would probably describe what we were up to, but it seems overblown. We just did what we did for the fun and thrill of it.

Fast forward a few years through my teen years, all of them filled with more or less daily masturbation. Since I was still living at home, this usually happened during my morning shower. I would have mental fantasies of girls in my high school for whom I had the hots, get more or less instantly hard, cum on the shower wall, and wash it all down the drain. Other times, I'd take a bunch of toilet paper to bed with me, jerk off silently (because my parents' bedroom was not far away and I was paranoid), wipe up the cum, and carry it in to the bathroom in the morning to flush down the toilet with my morning piss. My parents never knew so far as I know. If they did, they were more liberal and understanding than I've ever given them credit for.

Over time I had girlfriends, even got married a couple times, had some kids, a career, and all that. There were also between times when I didn't have a woman in my life. Through it all I continued to masturbate. If I had a girlfriend/wife at the time, at least some of the mental fantasies I used to get myself hot involved her (but not all—thank you especially (at various times) Sean Young, Julia Roberts, Lauren Bacall (in old movies like Key Largo) and others). If not, depending on the situation I'd have a collection of well-worn porn magazines (for pictures and letters) and/or videos. I'd do it less when married, and only my last (and current) wife has ever known about it. Turned out she's a lifelong masturbater, too, and we do it together at times as part of our great sexual repertoire.

She doesn't, however, know that I look at porn on my computer and judging from things she's said now and then she would probably disapprove. I do it to help prime the pump (it works well both at my computer and when I'm with her) and because I like/want/need it more often than she does, and among other places it's led me to this site. And in the course of doing so I find I've revisited my early masturbation years. If my wife died before me, I wonder if I would explore a wider range of partners, perhaps including men. I don't know. The most intriguing and vaguely appealing possibility I've run across is shemales. Many of them look too hard for me—not their cocks, but their appearance—although some look like a veritable shemale-next-door. It might be a big turn-on to have sex with one of them, and I could finally suck a cock without it being, exactly, a guy's.

June 9, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Memorable Wanking, Jacking Off, and General Masturbation

masturbating cocksucker

As a youngster (prior to maturing) I jacked off a lot. Still did in high school, screwed girls when available. went through college, jacking and fucking, happy with my life.

Then, one day a guy offered to suck me off. I let him and wondered how he could take my cum, swallow it and move on. I was always amozed that these guys would suck me, swallow it and wait for the next contributor. I could always get blown at lunch time. We called this one restroom their lunch cafe, because they were always there to suck us off.

Afterr many blow jobs, and really no interest in gays, suddenly, one day, I wanter to put a dick in my mouth. I told a gay about it so he let me put his hard in my mouth. I was pleasantly surprised out how his dick tasted just like my thumb in my mouth. I didn't let him cum, because the thought nauesated me.

I would put guys dick in muy mouth but would never let them cum.

Again one day I put a man's dick in my mouth, and I really started sucking on it. I mean, I sucked as hard as I could and realized I was trying to suck the cum out of his balls, and dick.

righrt then, I knew I was a sucking cocksucker. I am not gay, men, per se, do not appeal to me, but if a man shows his hard or semi-hard, really want to suck him. I mean really suck him, as hard and pulling with my vacuum mouth hoping he will cum.

One day I was sucking a man, and I felt him starting to really start humping my face, so I pushed on his ass as hard as I could to shove his dick as far into my mouth as possible, and he shot off into my throat. I really was excited and I found I liked it.

Now I will suck as many as possible. I am discriminating, I prefer older men - married if possible. I am not looking for nor do I want gays. I am queer, no doubt, but not gay. I am not arttracted to men, but I am attracted to men who are horny. Again, not the gay type.

I have admitted to myself that I like to suck dicks.. I really like to suck on a dick as hard as I can to pull the cum right out of their body. No doubt I am queer. I don't care. Just show me a good hard and I will pull all the cum out. Not interested in men who cant get it hard.

If time is short I will jack off while sucking them or they can suck me off.

Just wish more horny men would come to my Y here in Houston on the week-ends about noon. they will leave a new member of the Y a have their member remember this member.

June 9, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Bisexual

Fantasies while Masturbating

A masturbation anniversary of sorts

This week marks a masturbation anniversary of sorts for me.

It was 20 years ago this week that I met one of my favorite BFF's: Elizabeth. Not only is Liz one of my best friends, she's my number-one masturbation muse. I probably masturbate to her more than any other woman, and after 20 years the masturbation is just as good as when it started.

I don't think it's good for me to post a picture of her here, but I will give you a description and explain how I've come to call her Liz (Or Elizabeth) on these pages. She looks very much like rock star Liz Phair. Same kind of chestnut-blonde hair, similar frame. both Liz Phair and my Liz have nice legs and sexy feet, firm breasts, cute asses, and nice smiles. My Liz is about two inches taller than the 5'2 Ms. Phair. both ladies have nice shoulders, and look oh-so-good in tank tops!

I sometimes masturbate to pics of Liz Phair, but often end up thinking of my Elizabeth instead. Then, I have to find pictures of MY Liz to wank to! And it always feels so good.

I first met My Liz after I contacted a lady named Charla to inquire about becoming a crew member on a racing sailboat. That sport had always interested me, and I heard Charla ran a data-base of skippers looking to pair-up single sailors with boats needing crew. Charla gave my name to Liz, then called me back and told me to show up on Wednesday night at a marina and meet up with a particular boat owned by a guy named Murray. However, I was supposed to find a woman named Elizabeth first as she was the crew coordinator.

I got to the marina a little early and stopped at the bath house to use the bathroom. I could hear the voice of a young woman coming from the ladies room next door.

I think we have six of our regulars tonight, and we are supposed to have this new guy named Tim.

Gee. It's good they know I'm coming, I thought to myself. Immediately I was intrigued by the voice, and couldn't wait to see the woman it belonged to.

I wasn't disappointed. The voice was Elizabeth's. Cute package like I described above. Had her hair in a pony tail. Fairly serious about her job as crew coodinator, but still quite friendly. I met her outside the bathhouse and introduced myself. She introduced me to Murray and the rest of the crew. Friendly bunch, and I looked forward to sailing with them. But what was coursing through my mind the moment this masturbator laid eyes on Liz? I couldn't wait to go masturbate to her!

Liz and I became fast friends that summer. She was dating a long-time boyfriend, this guy named Deiter. It turned out we had some mutual friends, so we all got along very well. I had just begun dating the woman who was to become my wife, so I wasn't looking to date Liz or hook up. But masturbating to her became such a pleasurable pastime!

As the years have gone by Liz has remained one of my best, perhaps my best friend. She and Deiter broke up a few years after we all met. I married Cheryl, and Liz has become a fave friend of hers, too. I don't think Cheryl masturbates to Liz, but she knows I am masturbatorially infatuated with her and she tolerates it. (You don't live with a masturbator like me and not figure these things out!) Cheryl does not seem threatened by Liz, even though I end up spending a lot of time with her sailing and doing other stuff. Liz is much like a sister to me, and I love her so much in that way.

But Liz's girl-next-door beauty and charm always seems to get me reaching for my penis. Seldom does a day go buy when I'm not masturbating for at least a few minutes to Liz's smile and blue eyes; to those square, sexy shoulders; those perky breasts; those cute legs attached to that nice ass; those sexy feet with a nice pedicure and pink-painted toes in summer flip-flops. I probably reach orgasm over her at least once per week, and usually many times more.

I have a bunch of pictures of Liz that I will look at when I am masturbating at the computer. Most show Liz in shorts, tank-top, flip-flops, and sometimes bare feet. Other pics show Liz in ski clothes, or with just her pretty smile. I cum hard to all of them. I love every inch of my muse.

Does Liz know I am a masturbation fiend and that she is fuel for my bate sessions?

Well, she might.

I won't go into the whole story here, but a few years ago some douche bag of a person recognized me on-line at a photo sharing site where I post pictures of myself masturbating and decided she would outme. I had posted pictures of a lot of female friends and other people I masturbate over. Nothing graphic but if you were one of my family contacts and saw the pics of me jacking off, you came away with the impression that I was masturbating to everyone on my photo stream. She contacted many, if not all, of the women I had posted and told them I had a private area with my masturbation pics, etc., and informed them about what I was doing over their pictures!

I don't know if Liz actually saw the pics of me with my cock in my hand, but I heard she did see her pics on my site in the public area. She only has ever said one thing about it. We were having lunch and she looked at me and said, No more pictures for a while, OK? I turned red and realized what she meant as I nodded yes. She's never mentioned it again.

After 20 years, I still love Liz and still masturbate to her a lot. Would we ever hook-up for sex? I've thought about that a lot. I would do it with her. Not to become romantically involved, but because she is my friend and I want to share and bring her pleasure.

And you can be certain that if we did get naked together for some fucking and sucking, there would be plenty of mutual and solo masturbation involved in our encounter!

June 9, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight

The Ultimate Male Masturbation Experience

Let male brain or heart such happy as penis haveMale multiple orgasms

Wow!I saw the skill in Chinese site and I masturbate or make love with this skill , In surprise,I can control my ejaculation and No shoot sperm out to enjoy orgasm many times (Multiple orgasms) ¡¯once¡¯ a masturbation .And my penis erect all the time!First you should know the happy feeling of rubing penis is the biologic electric currents and it can be controlled by your thinking (mind). The thinking(mind) is energy!And practice by the skill you would better do it on an empty stomach,because the food have the resistance .another you must know the little happy feeling of rubing penis is not the feeling close to cumming (another words: it is not the feeling before urge to shoot or Pre ejaculation).but it is the forepart of rubing penis,and the little happy feeling of penis grow up can trigger the feeling close to cumming(Pre ejaculation or the feeling before urge to shoot), and the feeling close to cumming(Pre ejaculation or the feeling before urge to shoot) grow up can trigger the feeling of ejaculation(orgasm). ¡¾¢Ùthe little happy feeling of rubing penis¡ú¡ú¢Úthe feeling close to cumming(Pre ejaculation or the feeling before urge to shoot)¡ú¡ú¢Ûthe feeling of ejaculation¡¿ So my way is taking the initial little happy feelings of rubing penis to your head all the time by your mind!Because the happy feeling of penis had be taken to your head,so it can\'t trigger the feeling close to cumming(Pre ejaculation),and then can\'t trigger the feeling of ejaculateion(orgasm),(when your head or the centre of brain has the happy feeling like penis has,it can enhance the threshold of your ejaculation )so it can control your ejaculation!The same time, you will directly feel the head(brain) and heart and belly are be filled with the happy feeling such as the penis have ! ¸ÐFirst,exercise by masturbation,you should sit down on the edge of your bed,stretch your legs,your both of hands should handhold your erect penis,then masturbate,when you feel a little happy feeling,\'STOP\'(KEY POINT),Do NOT let the little happy feeling grow up!A little happy feeling is just all right!And you should think of the little happy feeling is the biologic electric currents and it can be controlled by your thinking (mind).Use your finger point at penis and used power of contemplation faculty(energy of thinking),pay close attention to the little happy feeling,then used thinking(mind) take the little happy feeling from the penis to your head ,at the same time your finger should move with your thinking (mind),and where your thinking reached,your finger and your little happy feeling should reach there.Another when you have the feeling close to cumming,¡¾First¡¿you should use the energy of thinking to move the feeling close to cumming(the feeling before ejaculate) to your head , ¡¾then¡¿take the little happy feeling of penis to head!the way is ¢Ùpenis to perineum ¡ú¢Úto the centre of underbelly¡ú¢Û to the centre of abdomen ¡ú¢Üto the centre of chest ¡ú¢Ýto the centre of neck ¡ú¢Þto the centre of head(brain),and in Yoga the way is called Chakras !when you feel the little happy feeling of rubing penis had be taken to the head (at the same time your penis has no feeling,but your head has the feeling like as rubing penis has),then continue to masturbate,when the next masturbation time ,the penis has a little happy feeling again,\'STOP\',and do it above like as move the little happy feeling from penis to your head again.Gradually ,your penis will changed to happy deeply,and your body(underbelly,abdomen,chest,neck,head)will happy like as the feeling of your penis ,and there feeling can grow up deeply too .And moreover,practice the Pubococcygeal muscle(PC muscle)is necessary,PC muscle can enhance the orgasm,especially,when you have the feeling before ejaculation,you can contract PC muscle to reduce the feeling of ejaculation.In these ways,you can control ejaculation so that NO shoot sperm out and still feel happy and can enjoy happy feeling (orgasm) many times once a copulation or masturbation.But I must say to everyone,the skill of mine is not the skill of ¡®edging or kegels¡¯!It\'s the s

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Caught Masturbating!

Fishing On the River

FISHING ALONG THE RIVER When I was in my early teens, I used to fish along a local river. In the summer I would pitch a small tent in the nearby woods and often slept there on a Friday night after school and more often in the summer. It was well hidden in the forest and my buddies didn’t know about my tent. I had caught several fish in the late afternoon after school. I cleaned them and put them in a skillet and covered them. I would cook them later for my supper.

I took a random trail to my tent and built a small smokeless fire. I made sure nobody had found my secret spot—there was no evidence. They had not!

A couple of hours later I cooked my fish and ate. The sun was down and it was getting late. My fire was only embers. I crawled into my tent. For some reason, a couple of hours later, I woke up with a start AND an erection. I had just masturbated the day before. I usually didn’t get a hard-on that soon.

I stroked it a couple of times and planned on going back to sleep. It got harder. I stroked it a few times more. I was excited. A college cousin had taught me a neat way to masturbate. It was the Stop ‘n Go method. Wow! Did that change things. My nerves were soon on edge. My big cock wanted me to finish, but I wanted to go on knowing it would be more fantastic the longer I could hold of cumming. I stopped longer than normal. The feeling subside. I jerked again. Within a few minutes, I got to the point that I either had to cum or stop. I stopped again. But at the ninth Stop ‘n Go, I could not stop. I had too! I started jerking hard in long pulls.

The little fire flared up for about a minute and at about that time my two buddies found my secret camp. I couldn’t Stop. I blew cum all the way to the fire.

They wanted to know how I did that, so I taught them the Stop ‘n Go method. They both loved it. That first time neither of them went past three Stops.

I lost track but ran across one of my old friends years later. He thanked me profusely—saying that his wife was medically unable to perform anymore, so he masturbated a lot and that Stop ‘n Go was a lifesaver at his age. I just grinned knowing I had done a good thing for my buddy.

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The Ultimate Male Masturbation Experience

Marge and me

I had grown up with Marge. She was like a sister almost. Between our Jr. and Sr. years (she was 16 and I was 17) we hung out together at the city swimming pool or in the park. Even in late June the park was not too bad if we could find a big shade tree. One Friday eve. Marge asked me to go hiking with her. She would pack some food that would survive the heat. Saturday morning we headed north towards Clarke Ridge. It was a good 3500 feet above our town. It cooled down at least 12 degrees from our houses. By 11:00 we were near the ridge. The temperature was not bad. We rounded a bend in the trail and I saw side trail that looked little used. Let's explore. This looks neat. If it dead ends, we'll just come back here. We took off. It got cooler. We saw some timbers scattered about. And then the opening of an old mine. Marge had put a small flashlight in the food pack. We went inside. There was small room chisiled out of the rocks. There was an old stove, a bed, a lamp that still had kerosene in it, and some blankets stuffed in plastic trash bags to keep them clean. Let's eat and then we can explore the mine a little bit. We sat on the edge of the bed and Marge unwrapped a sandwich for each and then two apples. She had some juice too. After eating I was sleepy. I leaned back on the wall above the bed. She looked at me and lay on the bed cross ways--her head on my stomach. For some reason this was exciting--my cock started to swell. There was nothing I could do. It was next to her ear. She noticed right away and put her left hand on it. I know she felt it through my walking shorts. It got harder and bigger. She slowly put her hand up the leg of my shorts and held on to it as it was growing. We had never had sex, but we had talked about it a few times. She was excited too. She slipped off her shorts without unbuttoning them. Then she pulled mine down. My boner stuck straight up. Marge said, I don't take the pill. Do you have a condom? I told her NO. I reached over and started stroking her panties right at her clit. She started jerking me off. You know Marge, we don't have to have sex. We'll just 'do' each other. I think I would like that. We both lay flat on the small bed and I fingered her and she stroked me. I was breathing harder. Soon Marge was too. She said, Bobby. Go faster. I told her I was starting to get close. She said that this was making her hotter and she was about ready to finish too. We kept going faster. I quickly blasted all over her hand. She was still moving her butt faster up and down--I fingered her and her clit faster. She said, I'mm gonna go! I'm goin' to go. Go. Go. Heeeeer I go. Hmmmmmm. Ah! She closed here eyes and moaned softly. I thought she was going to pass out. It was a fantastic experience for both of us. The next week I bought a multi-pack of condoms and the first week of August, Marge called me at home and said she had been on the pill for a month and that we could look for old mines a couple weeks longer--it was already getting cold at 3,500 feet. We had a great summer that year; especially the last couple of weeks before school started.

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Fantasies while Masturbating

sex stories a big part of masturbation

I love to masturbate and usually do it with a fleshlight until I am ready to cum and then I will use my hand because I love watching the cum shoot out on to my stomach and chest. Part of my masturbation turnons are reading sex stories and fantasizing that I was part of the story. One of my fantasizes is going to a camp near where I live. I have never been there but have read about it on a web site. I have heard that you can lay out naked and that male on male sex does occur there although they say no sexual activities while there. I finally get up the nerve to go and after checking in and finding the area that I can be naked at I go there, remove my clothes and find a nice spot to lay out and enjoy the sun. After a little while a guy comes up and starts talking with me. He is standing over me while I am lying down. All I can see is his nice cock and it is starting to turn me on. Anyway he says he has never seen me there before and I explain to him that I had thought about coming but that this was my first trip. He asks me if I would like for him to show me around and I quickly agree. We wander around the main areas and he tells me what is what and some of the basic do`s and don`t`s. He finally takes me to some trails that wind through wooded areas where we proceed to take one of the paths. We come to an open area where on the other side two men are having sex on a blanket. We both stop and watch and I am starting to get really turned on and my cock is starting to rise to the occasion. I look over at my guide and notice he is starting to get hard also so I reach over and take his cock in my hand while he does the same to me. I turn and face him and start sucking his nipples eventually sliding my tongue down to the head of his cock. I take it in my mouth and proceed to suck his nice dick. He is thrusting his cock in my mouth while I am holding on to his ass and sliding a finger up inside of him. We finally break away a get on the blanket with the other two that are really having a good session doggie style. I lie on my back while he finds the lube and condums and proceeds to get me ready to slide his cock in my ass. Very gently and slowly I feel his hard cock slide in my ass. First the head and then little by little which is driving me crazy. He fucks me in all kinds of positions before he finally pulls out,removes the condum and slides his dick in my mouth where I eat every drop of his cum that he gives me. While drinking his cum I jack off a big load onto my stomach and we finally collapse from exhaustion. My eyes are closed when I feel something pressing against my ass. The other two guys had been watching after they finished fucking and were now hard again. One slides his cock up my ass while the other one slid his cock in my mouth. After a while of this they both came together, one in my mouth and the other up my ass. My partner was watching all of this while jacking off so the three of us proceeded to suck his dick and have him shoot his cum on all of us. My turn was next and I was in heaven being sucked at the same time by three guys. After I came one of them said that they didn`t live far from there and that we could go and shower there. We left together and once there did things that would be another story at another time.

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Urgent Need to Masturbate

Summer Sun

When I was younger, I liked to go to this secluded wooded spot not far from where I lived. There was never anyone around, and feeling daring, I loved to trake off my clothes and be naked. This always gave me the hardest erections imaginable! I just loved how big and stiff my penis could get and enjoyed keeping it that way for as long as I could. Typically, I would end up leisurely rubbing my stiff penis, caressing its length until I could hardly stand it, and then squirt loads. On more than one occasion my erection was so incredible stiff and straining that it squirted all by itself and without me even touching it. I couldn't believe how far I could shoot!I did the same thing when at home by myself, but I always enjoyed the outdoors most of all, which felt more daring and that much more of a turn on.

June 16, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Caught Masturbating!

Masturbation - Mum Advises Me

Two months ago I discovered this intriguing web-site and having done so I've finally plucked up the courage to make this contribution; I hope it's considered a worthy publication. I was 16 years old and living with my parents, who I have to say are very much different characters. Dad can only be described as a bit of a 'Jack the Lad,' laid back and takes life as it comes. During the past ten years he has worked over-seas, away for four months and three weeks home leave. Mum is the opposite, a reserved prim and proper, one could say probably a prude who keeps her privacy away from those out-side of our family home. Yet there have been occasions when, in her bedroom or the bathroom, when I’ve happened upon Mum in various stages of undress, and a couple of times fleeting glimpses when totally nude. Mum hasn’t kicked up, she appears not to be embarrassed, but I make a hasty retreat. However, because Mum and Dad are very much different it could be questioned how they manage to have a successful marriage; but they have and they are very much in love with each other. Dad places Mum on a pedestal, she's his Princess and whilst Mum is the dominant one in the marriage it's obvious that she adores her husband. With Dad being away from home for long periods I now recognise, at times, it hasn't been easy for her with me now in my teenage years. I was 15 years when Mum sat me down to explain the sexual facts of life, and I have to say, despite her prudish persona, without a hint of embarrassment. But one aspect of the sexual side of life that Mum didn't explain to me was masturbation. I was 14 when I discovered the thrilling masturbating pleasures, and similar to countless other young teenagers I masturbated almost every day and more often than not two and three times a day. [I still do.] But whilst enjoying the obvious thrilling pleasures I was mindful of not been caught by Mum. That said however, I suspect that all Mum's are aware that her Son[s] masturbates; and unknown to me my Mum certainly did. I was 17 when I finished my school leaving exams. With dad working away Mum and I were staying at my Grans [her Mum] holiday cottage in the Lakes District. Our second day, that morning I went fishing, caught a few fish but too small for eating so released them back into the river. After a couple of hours I made my way back to the cottage, and what a shock I got. Mum was in the rear garden lay sun-bathing wearing just a pair of knickers, I mumbled my apology and was about to re-enter the cottage when Mum said. ‘You’re OK, it’s not the first time you have seen my boobs and probably it won’t be the last time.’ I sat a couple of yards away and Mum continued reading her book. I was trying not to ogle at Mum’s nice boobs; dark brown aureoles and pink nipples. My penis was rock hard which I tried to hide when placing a newspaper over my groin, in doing so hoping Mum hadn’t noticed my aroused state. After some twenty minutes Mum stood and put on a blouse and said she was going to get dressed before taking a walk into the village to do some shopping. When Mum left the cottage I was desperate in need to masturbate, the sight of Mum’s nude body, except for her knickers, was still hammering in my head. I waited a few minutes, then went into the bathroom and from the laundry basket took out a pair of Mum’s knickers. Yes quite often I use Mum’s knickers to masturbate with. In my bedroom after undressing I lay naked on the bed and with Mum’s knickers wrapped my around my penis I started masturbating; then suddenly to my horror I heard Mums asking. ‘What do you want for your tea? Oops so sorry I didn’t realise that you were.’ She didn’t finish her sentence. I looked towards the open door-way where Mum was stood, in a flash I rolled onto my stomach and in my panic stricken state I sobbed out my apology to Mum. Mum sat on the bed and patted my back then said. ‘Get dressed, put my knickers back where you found them and I think we need to about it.’ Mum left my bedroom and five minutes later, dressed in shorts and T-Shirt, trembling with tears in my eyes I entered the lounge, Mum bade me to sit next to her. She put an arm around my shoulders and after I gained some control of my-self she said. ‘I’m not going to bite your head off, I’ve known for quite a while that you masturbate, or whatever you youngster describe the pleasure: ’jack- off, wank-off, toss-off. I mumbled – ‘wank-off.’ Then Mum said. ‘I don’t like the word but OK you ‘wank-off’. It’s a natural pleasure that teenagers discover and shouldn’t be ashamed for doing it. Don’t look so worried, I’m your Mum and sooner or later it was inevitable that I would happen upon you pleasuring your-self; and now that I have it doesn’t bother me. So cheer, up at times, for what-ever reason, even us adults will have a need to masturbate.’ I faced Mum with a questionable look, after a few moments of silence she said. ‘Yes, if you want to know, when your Dad is away there times when I need to masturbate.’ I was now curious, I really didn’t know and hesitantly I uttered. ‘But how can a woman do it, they haven’t got a ……..’ I didn’t have the bottle to say the word ‘penis.’ After several seconds Mum said. ‘Females can use a finger inside their vaginas and bring them- selves to an orgasm, but most women use a finger on their clitoris.’ With a quizzical look I thought to my-self: ‘what the hell is a clitoris?’ Mum recognised my ignorance and after deliberating for several seconds she said. ‘I shouldn’t do this, however, let’s just say it’s another part of your sex education.’ Mum rose from the sofa and much to my amazement removed her skirt and knickers; then lying on the carpeted floor spread her legs and with fingers of one hand parted the lips of her vagina. Wow, I had an unobstructed view of the most intimate part of a woman’s body surrounded by a mass of black pubic hair; and more to my excited astonishment the woman revealing her-self to me is my so called: ‘prim and proper prude Mum.’ With a finger from her other hand Mum inserted it into her vagina and explained that some women masturbate this way; I watched as she moved the finger back and forth. After some ten seconds Mum removed her finger and quietly uttered. ‘But there is a more sensitive organ, the clitoris, and this it.’ I watched bog-eyed at the small button shape thing that Mum called a ‘clitoris,’ slowly her finger circled it and I could see it becoming slightly bigger. I watched as Mum gently fingered her clitoris, she slipped a finger into her vagina and began moving it back and forth. My erect penis almost at a stage of cumming without my hand touching it. Wow, so this how a woman masturbates, wanks-off. Mum’s breathing was getting louder, her face askew in obvious pleasure; then suddenly she whimpered and gasped out. Mum lay regaining her self-control then sat next to me on the sofa, after several she uttered. ‘That was nice.’ Then, pointing a finger towards my bulging shorts, with a grin on her face said. ‘I think you had better do something about that.’ I replied. ‘You mean I you want me to do it?’ ‘Well,’ she said. ‘You have just watched me so yes if you want to.’ Of course I wanted to do it. I have often masturbated, fantasising Mum watching me. I eased down my shorts and took hold of my already throbbing penis. It took about thirty seconds to bring my-self to one of the most explosive climax’s I’ve ever had; sperm exploding over my T-Shirt. We sat for a couple of minutes then Mum said. ‘Come on, let’s get cleaned up then you can help me with the shopping in the village.’ That evening we went to the village pub, with the meal we ate Mum bought a bottle of wine and allowed me two glasses. On our way back to the cottage Mum linked her arm into mine and as we walked she said. ‘I’m not regretting it but what we did I should not have let it happen, so promise me that you will never ever let it be known to your Dad, or for that matter any-body else.’ After making my promise Mum then asked me. ‘So tell me how often do you masturbate, or should I say, wank-off.’ I advised usually twice a day, but sometimes more, to which Mum asked. ‘How many more times?’ With some reluctance I uttered: ‘Sometimes four or five times.’ With a hint of disapproval in her voice she advised. ‘Sweet-heart I think that’s too much.’ That night we went to our bed-rooms, I lay thinking about Mum and I watching each other masturbate. Mum came into my room and said. ‘You will probably need these, put them in the laundry basket when you’re finished with them.’ With a smile on her face Mum handed me her knickers that I assumed she just taken off; Mum left my room. I wrapped her knickers around my erect penis and masturbated, it was wonderful. But this time with Mum’s licence to use her knickers I ejaculated my spunk into them. So that was the day when Mum broadened my sex education, and explained to me the females’ clitoris, until that day I hadn’t a clue about, or the fact that women also masturbate. However, after Mum advised me that she sometimes masturbates when Dad is working away from home, that was a little white lie. From behind her closed bedroom I now know it’s more than just the occasionally time; and not just when Dad is away from home. Mum masturbates at least once a day. I wonder if Dad knows, I suspect he does. However, I have to say that the old adage has taking on an alternative twist: ‘Like Father like Son.’ The twist being, with me and Mum it’s: ‘Like Mother like Son!!!’

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Over 40 Years of Masturbating

Still masturbating

Sure enjoy reading the entries and I too am still masturbating at the age of 90. Of course I can't get a full hard on like I used to but I still love to play with my cock and masturbate until I cum. I don't get around like I used to, but I still enjoy watching on the internet men with nice cocks and jerking off it gives me an incentive to do likewise. One thing I have never done is suck a cock, helped someone jerk off yes, but have never put a cock in my mouth and at this stage of my life I wish I could give it a good shot. I just know I could give someone good head and I would like to taste the cum, I swallow what little cum I produce and I'm sure I would just love it. Now that I have written this it is time for me to jerk off an while watching someone else doing it also.

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Over 40 Years of Masturbating

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Over 40 Years of Masturbating

Still masturbating

Love reading all of the entries. I still love to jerk off and now that I have gotten older and can't get a full hard on anymore I enjoy watching on the internet men with large or medium cocks jerking off. I love to eat pussy and help my friend use a vibrator after eating her out. Lately though I have wanted to try eating a cock and jerking someone else off. I have had some help me jerk off, by sucking on my tits and playing with my balls, and giving me a blow job. Oh what a wonderful feeling it is when I cum, and taste what little I have. I wonder if older men like my self have the same desire to suck a cock and help someone jerk off?

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Over 40 Years of Masturbating

I love jacking off

I am in my eighties an I dearly love to jackoff it feels as good now as it did when I started when I was nine or ten an I never stopped I jackoff ever chance I get I love it when I cum I don't cum as much as I used to but when I do it makes me weak in my knees it makes me weak in my knees but it feels so good as I am writhing this I am playing with my penis an leaking some pre-cum that I am going to jackoff right now fifteen minutes I have just jackoff an cum a little more this time my god you don't know how good it feels to cum at the age of eighty if there is any eighty year old men out there who don't jackoff now they ought to even if they cant cum play with your self any way you might suprize your self

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Anonymous Masturbator Confessions


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June 24, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Anonymous Masturbator Confessions


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June 25, 2014 - Sexual Preference - In-Between

Memorable Wanking, Jacking Off, and General Masturbation


To begin I want give some background of my masturbation. I have been enjoying this for many years alone and with others. Camping, at the beach and at home are just a few of the locations I have stroked. I like to tan at home and at the beach. I wear as little as possible, but my wife and friends enjoy seeing my tan lines, so I wear a tiny string side bikini when tanning. OK, now the latest true story that happened to me. I was at the beach alone laying on my stomach enjoying the sun and surf when another man walked by me and nodded. I initiated conversation and found he was an English tourist. Our beach is nor a nude beach, but where I go is used by men and those who enjoy an allover tan. Anyway, while talking with (I'll call him L), he mentioned how he liked my suit. I thanked him and asked if wanted a drink. He accepted and sat down near the top of my blanket. After some small talk, I was still on my stomach and decided to cool off and go in the water. As I walked to the surf, I heart him say how much he liked the way I tan. When cooled off, I returned to my blanket to continue tanning and talking. As I got to the blanket, he asked if I was wearing penis rings. I said yes, as well as frenulum and scrotum rings. As I played on my back, he continued to ask about my rings. After a few minutes, I asked if wanted to see the rings and he said yes very much. I rose up to my knees and, as we were on a public beach discretely pulled my suit below my balls and gave him a good look. As I did this, he took out his cock and started rubbing. I returned my junk into my suit and noticed his masturbating. I played on my back, adjusted my suit so he could see thru my wet see thru suit. As he was jerking, we were talking and I asked him to move closer to the blanket. As he scooted closer, I reached up and took hold of his cock. He looked surprised and I asked if he minded me doing this...he said no, it felt good. Here I am, lying on my back tanning on a public beach and stroking a strangers cock. I pulled and caressed his cock and balls for about ten minutes as he kept watch out. As he got close and started moaning, I asked if I should continue. He breathed heavy and moaned yes. It took just another minute and he shot his creamy man juice all overmy hand and blanket. I was continuing to caress his now softening penis, but he stopped me and said he too sensitive and thanked me. As we spoke for a ffew more minutes, I licked his cum off my hand and offered him some as well. He finished what I did not eat. I watched as he walked away and could not resist stroking my hard shaft. I pulled my suit down below my balls and began gently stroking the head in a twisting motion. Again, I was on a public beach, so was always on the watch. I was getting closer to shooting and slowed my actions to let the experience last as long as possible. I could not wait any longer and started a full on stroke from head to balls with my rings really helping me control and expand the session. As I was beginning to cum, another mans walked by and just smiled and nodded in appreciation as I came in a huge wave of pleasure. He smiled again and said it looked like I was having fun. He left and I cleaned up by licking my cum off my hands and stomach then continued my frontal tanning ,,,with a huge smile from what just happened It was an unforgetable moment that I will try to do again. I just wish he could have stayed and returned the favor, and I also wish I would have taken him in my mouth before he came. Oh well, there will be more of this I hope.

June 25, 2014 - Sexual Preference - In-Between

Anonymous Masturbator Confessions

A helping hand and more

When I was in my early teens I used to jack off every chance that I had. I would borrow' ' copies of my father's Penthouse or Playboy and would spend hours locked in my room jerking off to the pictures and letters to the editor. I didn't think that nay of my friends were doing this and I was always scared that someone might find out. The best times were when my family was out and I had the house to myself. I would just spend the whole day jerking off and seeing how many times I could cum. After the 3rd or 4th time, there was no cum left, but the contractions of those dry orgasms were so intense. I would also use my sister's panties by wrapping them around my cock knowing they had been right next to your pussy. She was older and I can still remember how good they smelled.

New neighbors moved in that year and their son was in my class and the same age as I (15). We became fast best friends and used to spend all summer outside exploring the woods at the end of the block. One day we were skinny dipping in the creek and after we finished we just lay in the sun to warm up and I noticed that Paul's cock was hard. Then he wrapped his hand around it and started to stroke it. I was shocked, but also a bit turned on. He said that he was horny as hell since he didn't have time to jack off that morning and hoped I didn't mind while he rubbed one out.

As I watched him stroke his cock, mine also became hard and I figured that if he was doing it I should as well. His cock was a bit longer and much thicker than mine with large balls. Something about doing this private act out in public with another guy turned me on like nothing before. When I noticed that he was watching me, I couldn't hold back and the orgasm washed over me in very intense contractions. The cum shot from the end of my cock and landed on the rocks. I continued to milk my cock dry as Paul stood and announced that he was cumming too. he groaned and cum began to shoot from his cock in thick spurts that landed about 3 feet in front of him and just missed my legs. I was surprised at the amount of cum he produced and how thick and white it appeared.

After that we sat and talked about how we masturbated and agreed that we should continue to do it together whenever we could. needless to say the rest of that summer was a jerk fest to say the least. I would bet that we came at least once a day and often 2 or 3 times. Our favorite was to jerk off over the same photo in Penthouse and cover her with our cum. There were times where the cum would miss her and ended up on each others cocks and stroking my cock with some of his cum on it was amazing.

Then one day without any hesitation, Paul asked if he could touch my cock and jerk me off. I was surprised, but agreed as long as no one would ever know. I must admit that when his hand touched my hard cock it was electric. No one but my hand had ever been there. It didn't take long before I was moaning and cum shot from my cock. Paul immediately put the head in his mouth and sucked while stroking the shaft up and down. It was felt so fucking good and he swallowed most of my load. After that, he asked if I would return the favor and I said I would once I was horny again. That didn't take long and I was sucking his cock in no time. I was so turned on that my cock was hard and I was jerking it while sucking his. When he came, his cum filled my mouth, but I was able to swallow the whole load. I had eaten my own cum many times, but his was different and a bit thicker than mine.

We continued to do this for the next year and then my family moved to another city. That was my only time with another guy, but lately I've been thinking that I'd like to try it again. There was something I really liked when his cock head would swell and then his cum would fill my mouth and I'd continue to suck until he was soft. Sometimes I'd continue until he was hard and make him cum a second time.

June 26, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Jerking off is Awesome

masturbation there is nothing better

I like to masturbate an have since I started I started when I was nine another older boy showed howhe said as I got older I would cum like he was I remember the first time I cum it was heaven t think I masturbated four times that day I never stopped even when I got married I liked masturbation better than sex I am a lot older now but I cant leave my cock alone we I sleep in my bed she in hers ever night I play with my cock till I am about to cum one night I went to far an I cum I didn't know what to di so I ate it that turned me on so I got some real thin condoms with the holding tip I went to the bathroom an put it on before I went to bed then I played with cock all I wanted to till I would cum then I went to the bathroom removed the condom that was full of my cum then I put it in my mouth bit the end an sucked all of my cum out I have been doing this for six years now an I don't intend to stop

June 26, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight


The Bon fire

One day all of my friends both boys and girls decided to do a Bon fire and s'mores at the deluded beach area.We all brought pieces of wood to burn and the girls brought some smaller sticks and matches to light the fire.there was about 15 of us of witch about half were girls. We set up our camp site and began to use rocks to make the fire ring adding the small sticks and then the larger wood on top. Then Breana took the large box of matches striking them hard and fast flicking them into the small tinder until lit fought flame. She was about 16 and very pretty. She made me really horny when I watched her strike the matches. I could smell the sulphur from the matches as she struck them one after the other fast and hard to get the fire going. Then all of a sudden it took of crackling and roaring. We all sat near the fire and were telling stories and making s'mores. Watching the girls roast marshmallows was another complete turn on . Soon my cock was bulging in my shorts and I saw a couple of other guys that were horny too. One of the girls happened to notice my cock sticking out a little from my shorts and began to giggle and was whispering to the other girls. One of the girls said I thing we should play strip truth or dare. So we began to play and soon it was my turn I was told to stand up near the fire and take off my pants and underwear. I did everyone staring at my cock witch was so hard it stuck straight out in front of me bouncing up and down as it throbbed. The hires decided that they should do something with my hard cock so they had me stand near the fire with my cock over the fire pit. The girls took turns placing their sticky warm hand on my hot swollen member and stroke it. Tickled so much I could feel the heat from the fire on my cock as they stroked me off. Then one girl grabbed the matches and began to strike them just under my cock and balls. The other girls were giggling and whispering to each other. As the girl struck each match roasting my cock and balls another girl stroke it in her hand. It tickled so much I could not take it anymore and I shot a boat load of white sticky cum into the fire. OMG it was the best jerk off I have ever had they kept doing this until all the boys there had ejaculated into the fire.

June 26, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Caught Masturbating!


Well to start, I am 16 years old with a cock size of 6.5 inches. Im fairly fit, with slightly visible abs. So yesterday I was sick and I didn't go to school. My parents had to leave for work around the same time my sister and other brother left to go to school. Since I was the only one in the house for the majority of the day, I decided to take it to my advantage and pleasure myself. I knew that I was the only one, so I felt truly free to do what I want lol. So I went online and looked up the best porn and put the volume wayyyyy Up. I got completely naked and lubed up and I felt really free. I could jack off, watch porn, be completely naked, and moan as loud as I wanted! it was a wonderful thought! I layer on my bed, completely naked, and slowly started to stroke my cock. It was throbbing with excitement to know that there was nothing to hide today! I started at the base of my dick, and slowly slid my hand up to the head. It felt wonderful! After about 25 minutes of just slowly jacking off my length, I wanted to step it up a little. I was incredibly horny now and I Just wanted to go out and fuck some big tit girls. My cock even appeared to be bigger! I went to my kitchen and got a plastic baggie and put some lube in it. Then I put the baggie in-between my mattress and box spring. I slid my cock in the baggie and started to fuck it. It felt like heaven! after about 5 minutes of fucking the baggie, I felt like cumming! But I knew I couldn't cum now! I wanted the sensation to last forever! I stopped fucking the bag and gave myself about 2 minutes to cool down, so I did cum right then and there. I started to jack off my cock again then suddenly my neighbor walked in my room! apparently she was also sick and she wanted to hang out. We always had that sort of relationship where we would just walk in each other's houses and chill with each other. But now I was sitting on my bed, completely naked, covered in lube, right in front of her. we were both very embarrassed, but then she continued to walk in. I sat there with my pillow over my package, really embarrassed. She walked up right next to me and sat down on my bed, then slowly took the pillow and lifted it, exposing my raging boner. Her eyes got big and I could see her nipples perk up from under her white shirt. She slowly moved her hand towards my cock and started to stroke it! I was Shocked! Now we were both really horny and I started to take off her shirt to expose her huge, juicy tits! Who would have thought that the girl with the biggest tits in my grade would be having sex with me!? It was amazing! She eventually stopped jacking me off, and put my cock in her mouth! he started to thrust her head back and forth as she gave me the best blow job that I have ever had! I was moaning with pleasure! She even deep throated ALL 6.5 INCHES! Every last bit! It felt soooooo good! I was moaning ooohohooo Babby ooooooo succk my faatttt dickkkk oooooo I felt like I was going to explode! I felt like she could read my mind! She suddenly stopped and I Started the feel the cumming feeling slowly going away. She really knows how to work a cock! By this point, I had removed her shirt and her pants. I was completely naked and she was in nothing but her panties. I couldn't wait any longer! I wanted to pound my dick in her plump ass! I quickly removed her panties and told her to turn around. She did so, exposing her perfect, plump ass. I stood up on the side of the bed and inserted my cock. I started to thrust slowly, then picked up speed as I was reaching climax! She was moaning like never before! Oo Baby Fuck me. Fuck mer harder baby! ooooooo I was SOO horny! I couldn't believe this was even real! I pounded her ass SO hard I felt like I was going to pass out! I stopped pounding her in the ass and she turned around. She wanted me to fuck her wet, juicy pussy! I put my cock in her pussy and started pounding harder than ever. OOoohhh Baby. babbby. Fuck mer baby. Make me squirt Baby Ooohohoooo omg I was so fucking horny. Her moaning was sexy as hell. I continued to fuck her pussy and then I felt like I was going to cum!! Baby, I'm going to Cummmm!! Cum in my baby. please cum in my mouth! She quickly turned back around and grabbed my cock and put it in her mouth, I knew that this was going to be the breaking spot. She started to deep throat me and I was getting really close. She started to jack off my big hard cock and then as I was about to explode, She put my cock back in her mouth and swallowed it ALL! Omg it was the best day Of my life. I couldn't believe that is how I spent my day sick. She licked my cock clean from all the cum and then she buttoned up her shirt and pants, then left. not another word. yesterday was such a wonderful day, can't wait to see if that will happen again.

June 27, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight


Sticky plastic pool toy fetish

One day when I was about 14 or 15 my sister who was in Girl Scouts was suppose to have a Girl Scout meeting at our house it was also her birthday so after the meeting all of the girls were suppose to stay the weekend and swim and play games. One of the things all of the girls were suppose to bring was blow up beach balls and blow up mats to swim in the pool with.there was about 25 girls in her troop in all plus my sister and then I was there. My Dad was out of town and my mom was the only adult . I have always been attracted to pretty girls but I also have a fetish for sticky plastic especially if it's been touched or blown up by a girl. I went outside where the pool was, they were all in the pool swimming and having fun throwing balls back and fourth. The girls all said don't be shy come on in with us it will be fun. I took off my shirt and got into the pool before long we were playing lots of games in the pool. My mom stayed inside but kept a watchful eye on everyone out the window from time to time. One girl came up next to me smiled and grabbed my cock and balls into her hand. OMG it tickled right away and I got hard. Then one by one they all took turns touching and grabbing at my penis. Embarrassed and a little scared but I also felt like part of me was enjoying it. Soon I got out of the pool and grabbed a towel to dry off . My mom ran to the grocery store to get us all some pizza, ice cream and soda. The girls knew she would be gone for a while and came into my room. They were all smiling and giggling and asked if I liked it when they touched my cock? I told them he'll yea it felt really good and that I was really horny. One of the girls said your sister told us you like to rub on sticky plastic. I said yes . They said well we want you to rub on our beach balls with our hands under neither them it will be fun.I said with a nervous voice I can't mom could come home soon and she might catch me. The girls said don't worry we will keep a watch for her but they insisted I do this. So the girls took one of the beach balls letting almost all of the air out and placing it on the floor then one at a time they each placed a little spit on it and told me to lay down with my cock in the pool of spit on the plastic each girl took turns placing their hand under the ball under my cock while I rubbed face down the other girls were busy Lighting candles in the room and I could hear them striking the matches as well as smell them. It made me so horny thinking about my cock with all of their saliva on it it was sticky on the ball and I could feel each girls warm hand through the plastics. They would move their fingers up and down making it tickle even more with each hump I did. Soon it became more and more intense I c could feel the cum welling up in my cock and then all of a sudden my legs stiff and my cock throbbing hard I shot my hot white cum load. The girls laughed and told me good boy now if you are a good boy tonight we might do something even better to you tomorrow.

June 27, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Unique or Strange Story

The next day

The next day my mom had to work for four hours and left my older sister in charge until she came home. I was still in my room sleeping when all of a sudden the girls came into my room grabbed me out of my bed tiding my hands and feet. They. Said remember we told you if you were good last night we would do something fun to you today, well we are! They took me to the living room and pulled my pajama pants down exposing my cock and balls. My sister told me now you better Not tell mom about any of this or I'll kick your ass. I was scared not knowing what they had in mind. The girls all being Girl Scouts knew how to light matches and candles. They had me lay on the couch and each girl was given a white candle and matches. They each got a turn to come up touch my cock and balls stroking it just for a few minutes and then they would strike the matches lighting the candle and let the hot melted wax fall on my hard throbbing member. This was the best and kinky est thingI have ever experienced in my life. They all had different ways of touching ,caressing,stroking tickling and making my cock tickle. They each had a unique way of striking the matches some making them pop hard then melting the candle over my throbbing cock After each girl got a turn then the first girl came back up and started stroking my cock in her warm sticky hand while all of the other girls but or kept lighting matches and blowing them out really fast.1 girl held the lit candle letting it dripped hot molten wax on my cocks tip and on my balls while the other girls stroked me faster and harder it did not take long and my cum came shooting out like a volcano erupting hot sticky white cum every where and all over her hand. Then one of the girls said OMG I thing your moms getting close to home. They blew out the candles put the matches in a drawer in my sisters room and in tied me. Then they opened the window to let any smell from the matches or candles out. The girls laughed and said it's been fun playing with you this weekend maybe we could do this again some time soon. They told me to be careful not to tell anyone what had happened. And then they all got ready to leave. Once the last girl was picked up my mom said to my sister and I so how was it did you both have a lot of fun? My sister smiled at me and said yea I think you could say that! My mom looked at me and said and what about you? I looked at both my mom and sister my heart beating fast yes mom it was fun.

June 30, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Bisexual

Memorable Wanking, Jacking Off, and General Masturbation

First hand job.

During my youth I used to spend holidays at my aunt farm , where I could a few bucks pocket money. She had all manner of livestock and I used to get filthy as hell cleaning them out, but once finished would go to the stream and wash off the days grim. I have seen my aunt nude so many times it never bothered me , and she me. But now things were changing and I was becoming more aware that my dick would go hard for no reason.Sure I had experimented a few times. one day we had cleaned out the pig sty and we both stank real bad, we wash off in the river and my aunt got out first , I watch her dry , which I had seen god knows how many times. But I knew this time my dick was as hard as could be, My aunt returned to the farmhouse and I follow after she had gone.We had a little discussion over dinner about all things sexual , she said I should not feel ashamed about growing into a man etc etc. Not the kind of talk I expected from her , but all the same , I had spent years around her and knew her like my own mother. i remember one day , I was sitting on the fence watching the stallion walking back and forth up the fencing as the mares were in the next paddock , the horse has one of the biggest cocks ever , and he was bouncing against his stomache.I was amazed , and didnt hear my aunt approach.She said ' Bet your glad you dont have one that size , we both laughed ,we both watched as the stallion just stood there steering at his amres until semen poured from his cock , god I thought , and we both sat there in silence until my aunt said ' bet hes glad that he got that lot out, must have been making his sacks ache lol .Does no good to hold it in.i nervously laughed but I knew what she was on about.As to many times at home I had nearly been caught and went to school with blue balls.Ill cut to the chase , it was several days later I managed to fall off the fence surrounding the stys. I thought my arm was bust , it hurt like hell, and I was covered fron head to toe in pig shit. My aunt decided put my arm in a sling and just hose me down by the barn.i was scrubbed from head to toe, but I knew if my aunt washed anywhere near my dick I was done for.She knelt and scrubbed both feet , then both legs and .........to late I was at half mast. and growing , she just glanced and said ' dont get poking my eye out with that. that eased the tention ,but she carried on washing , and the wash cloth soaped the rest of me.I was upright like a barbers pole.But never stopping she had wash all except you know where.Her words rang out , spread em . I was washed under , round the back , but I sure froze when I felt her hands on my dick , and she wasnt holding back,my entire body was clean and raw, back you would have thought my cock was the dirtiest, I was soaped well . and the hose was rinsed me off. I looked down , my dick was a picture and was twitching like hell , she said ' you look like that stallion ' I watched her get the towel and as soon as my dick was rubbed a few times I blew, but give her credit , holding the towel over it in one hand , while still drying my butt with the other , we seem to by pass any embarressment, and to the point were I was beginning to wonder if she had even she that happen , but sure she did. Better out than in. she said. we never mentioned it again , and I went back home the next day , It was never repeated , and years later I wonder whether she had planned that moment , I will never know.She died a few yaers later .But I do have a wonderful memory of my first hand job.

June 30, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Bisexual


Memories of my friend growing up.

Ive seen a few weird stories on here and offen think some may be fantasys or just wishful thinking. I spent my first ten years happy as any kid , plenty of friends etc. Then my father lost his job and securring a new one , it meant we moved. And oh boy did we move , virtually to the middle of nowhere.Well thats the way I saw it. The house next to the one we rented was 800 mtrs away and had lots of land to explore. The family there had one son which I was introduced to at a get together.Our father worked in the city and to cut expences only came home at weekends. To say my new found friend was a little weird was to say the least.i noticed first off he had the habit of always checking his dick , as I called it.I would say to him ' it will not fall off mate, its still there.Later I came to realise that guy must have been jerking since he was in the pram.I think I have lost track of the times I saw him masturbate to ejection when we were young , something I had barely achieved.What stuck me a few times was just how at ease his mother seem to be with him.It was a real weird situation.I remember once turning up early morning to go fishing and being shown to his room , he was on the bed naked knocking one out.Did he stop ? did his mother shout ? no . Come on now , finish up . was what she said , your friend is here to go fishing .Years later I thought , I would have loved a mum like that. But at the time , it was strange to me , my parent were not like that, well my mother wasnt.The times we spent together taught me how to masturbate well, but it was nearly a year before I saw any semen , the pleasure was great but dry , a little dribble of juice. he told his mother , much to my horror that I couldnt cum like him ,she said,he will , if he practises.As I grew I could talk to his mother about anything unlike mine. I once saw his father beat him when he saw him playing with his dick,which worried me about the bond with his mother.In all the years I spent there I never saw her naked , and yet our secrets were her secrets.I think that women knew more about me than my mother.My mother never knew at 15 I shaved of my pubic hair , as did my friend.My friend was circumsized but I was not. His mother also knew that at age 16 his dick was 6.5 erect and mine was 7.5.They really did tell each other everything.His entire childhood seem to be about masturbating , we tried games of seeing who could come to most in a day.Our dicks were sore , we would be firing nothing in the end just to try and outdo each other.Oh I just remembered another time ,his mother coming into the bedroom picking up a some soggy tissues we had used , sure enough she was back two minutes later, with a small towel each. Use a towel to wipe it up she said, I can wash that easy. All in all a crazy time and a great friend , if a little bizarre. I cannot imagine what the guy is doing now.Maybe he will read this, there cant be many families like that around.

June 30, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Memorable Wanking, Jacking Off, and General Masturbation

2 really funny thiings

Several years ago, I was an officer in a corp. One morning,early, I went to the preidennts office. His secretary told me to go on in so I did! He wasn't there. I needed to pee so I went into his private restroom. I had used it many times before, so it wasn't unusual.

I opened the door and there he was in all his glory ejaculating! Of course he couldn't stop it. He hadn't locked the door. He stammered while I was laughing. He was really embarrassed. Said he woke up needing it, but had to get to the office early, so he couldn't screw his wife.

I told him all men did it,so relax! Byy the way he had big balls, but just an average sized cock!

Recently I was having coffee with some friends. We're retired and meet often just to talk. One morn one of the men told about walking into the bathroom just as his grandson was cumming.

we are men in our 70's, so we dress nicely everyday. One morn later, I was playing vwith myself, and tried to visualize my friends jacking off. Both are portly,dignified gentlemen. I simply couldn't fathom either of them jacking off. I could imagine them screwing, but them jerking their dicks with their bellys hanging over their crotches - no!

Do dignified old men jack-off?

June 30, 2014 -

Masturbation Technique

Developed based on pool jets

The first time I had an orgasm was at a pool. I pressed my penis against the water jet. So when I first masturbated, I tried to simulate that as best I could. I used a non sharp syringe (the kind you use to put medicine down a cat's throat) to inject water into my foreskin (I am uncircumsized, and when flaccid there's room in my foreskin to put liquid in before the rest of my penis starts). I'd then grab the edge of my foreskin and sort of shake my hand back and forth. Later I found out this can be done without water. Now I prefer the standard technique, but the one I described is excellent for when you can't get hard as it actually works best when you're not fully erect.

June 30, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Over 40 Years of Masturbating

brings back old times

I like to masturbate better vet I love it I am a lot older now but I still masturbate not as much as I used to lately it has been several days since I masturbated I was reading some stories above but the last one I read made me so hot an hard its a good thing I was alone for I took off all of my clothes I was naked just the way I like to be then I took hold of my dick it was so hard an hot I caressed it teal slow an massaged my balls I felt like a young kid again it didn't take long to start leaking pre-cum I just laid back an stroked my dick ever so slow I felt my balls get tight I knew I was about to cum an cum I did it was the best orgasm that I had in a long time now let me tell you the best part I am 75 years oldbut that orgasm made me feel like I was a young kid again

July 1, 2014 -


Male candles

I have always found fire to be sexual I am not a pyromaniac nor do I get off on burning things up but I do love to feel the heat of flame on the underside and tip of my penis and balls. I especially like Matches but I will at times go into the bathroom take a stick candle light it with a match strike a few more just to get myself good and hard and then I'll stand over the lit candle letting the heat touch my cocks underside and tip.while stroking in my hand. Some times I like to run my cock through the flame of the candle just like you would when you run your finger tips through it. I can feel the fire lick my cock like a toungue. I stroke harder faster and soon my hot jet stream of white sticky cum will shoot out all over sometimes I'll even put out the candle with my cum. I fine fire to be very very sexual especially if there is another person female involved who can either strike the matches under my cock or light the candle and stroke it while running it through the flame Oh I also love Hot wax stripped on my dick and balls. Not sure why but to have a girl strike large wood kitchen matches hard on the box fast and hold them just under my cock makes me cum fast and hard. Hope there are other men out there that can relate to this story. I don't ever burn myself or get burned just heat it up a bit and play in the flame

July 1, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Over 40 Years of Masturbating

taste of cum

I have been masturbating for years since I was old enough to know what it felt like I couldn't get enough then when I ejaculated for the first time I was on cloud nine sometimes I would masturbate three or four times a day then I had a idea that I wanted to taste my cum but after I ejaculated the urge passed now that I am up in years I have been thinking about again the more I think about it the more I want to try it just writing about it I am getting hard I haven't been this hard in a long time right now I am stroking my ever so hard cock an I got pre-cum running out that I am catching with my finger an licking it off it tastes so good I guess this might be a good start as I am about to cum ooh I just shot two spurts that I caught in my hand its now or never I hurried up an put it in my mouth I just couldn't believe the taste I liked it I wanted mor