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Female Masterbation Story Archive - 2011

December 3, 2011

That Special Person

Before I started masturbating I was a good, clean, straight A student. But one day a new girl showed up at school. She was gorgeous. Black curly hair that framed her olive toned face. Her eyes were a warm chocolate brown outlined by long lashes. She had a smile that took everyone's breath away. And she was attracted to me. I could tell from the second she walked in to the classroom. Our eyes met and she licked her apple red lips as she stared at my face and body. I was uncomfortable with the way she acted towards me. When she asked a question she made sure her Han brushed my waist when she raised it. When I bent down to get a pencil she stared at my breasts. I hated it. Then one day she joined my study group, which met after school in the library on Friday nights. The librarian let us lock up when we were done. So the following Friday I arrived at the library and there she was. Wearing a miniskirt and and an oversized sweatshirt. I walked over and ignored the way her eyes roved over my breasts and butt. I sat opposite her and opened my textbook. But she reached over and shut it. I looked up and frowned. Listen, I don't appreciate the way you treat me. It disgusting. Oh baby I would never dream of disgusting you. she said softly. I stood up to walk away, but she stood and blocked my path. I tried pushing her away but she grabbed my wrists. Stop! Let go of me! Please I struggled and broke away and ran towards the door. But something made me stop. I was experiencing something I'd never felt before. It was in my pubic area. I felt good and I knew she had gotten what she wanted. Come here angel. Let me look at you. I walked over to her as if in a trance. I want you so bad. Do you ever touch yourself? You mean… down there? No way! Gross! but a voice in the back of my head said maybe not so gross. Mmm, silly girl, you have so much to learn. and then she wrapped her arms around me and she kissed me. Not too rough like my first kiss with a boy. It was slow and lingering like a kiss should be. She pulled away and smiled knowingly. I wanted more and lunged at her. But she dodged and spanked my ass. Naughty girl. Just wait she cooed. She reached for my shirt and she pulled it over my head. She kissed me again, this time on my neck then down to my collarbone, and finally to between my boobs. I gasped and pulled away. Shhhh, baby it's okay she whispered. I nodded and allowed her to resume. She lapped at my breasts until I felt an odd sensation in my nipples. They felt hard. She yanked my bra off my shoulders. My breasts bounced and she stared wide eyed at them. Then she licked around my nipples until I was crying in desparation. I told her to lick them but instead she moved my hands towards my own breasts and told me to stroke my nipples. One touch was almost enough to send me over the edge. The feeling sent shock waves to my clitoris. Oh sweet god! Oh ooooh ah! I cried out as I continued to tease my now rock hard nipples. She smiled and removed my hand which she replaced at my crotch. Open your legs, sweet she cooed. I sat on the ground and obliged. She kissed my stomach and then down to my thighs. She removed my skirt with her mouth and licked my thighs again. Suddenly she moved her tongue to my panties. I jumped and clutched her head. A slight chuckle escaped her as she continued to eat me through my panties. When I was close to orgasm she stopped and pulled off my pnties. I spread my legs again and she showed me how to finger my self. I teased my clit and traced my finger around my hole until I cautiously stuck one finger in my self. I screamed and bucked my hips as I inserted another finger. I shoved in and out until I came all over the ground. She crawled over and kissed me again. Thank you I whispered. No problem, love. Now I masturbate every night and I have weekly sleepovers with my new friend.

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December 10, 2011


So my method is probably strange but it totally works for me, I've been masturbating for about three year and experimenting... A lot, I never really have the house to my self so when I do I strip off.. So basically I start by laying in bed watching porn. When I'm all wet I slowly and softly circle my clit, and this feels good but I'm not exactly screaming.. So I decided to use two then three and by the end I had one hand either side of my clit pushing down hard and rubbing up and down as fast as I could, it feels AMAZING!! Then I put two fingers in my vagina and start pushing against the bone bit trying to find my G-spot and rub my clit at the same time.

December 11, 2011

My First Time.

I've tried other times to achieve an orgasm but it never worked. I was really wet one night and I decided to try it out. I was laying in my bed with only a large T-Shirt on. I started off my stimulating my nipples and running the tips of my finger tips across my stomach and breasts. Next, I inserted my middle finger into my vagina and started doing slow, circular movements on my clit. That didn't really work so I started going in and out quickly varying speeds on my clit, and it really worked! My back arched, the underneath of my legs got tense, my hole body was shaking with pleasure! As I was gasping for air, I stopped for a moment. I stopped and then started back slowly and then started going faster and faster! I wanted to scream from the pleasure I had never endured, but I knew my parents would hear me so I had to bite on my pillow. Feeling my nipples again, from the earlier pleasure, they were hard and touching them with my ice, cold hands made them rocks. Dripping wet, I got up and decided to clean up. Instead of cleaning, while I was standing, I spread my legs apart and repeated the same motions as I did earlier. My legs started shaking and I collapsed to the ground still doing what I have been; lying in the floor, shaking and gasping for air.

December 11, 2011

My pleasure

I will start with rubbing my nipples it starts to make my vagina throb. I will then lay naked on my back with my legs spread wide apart. I will lick a few fingers and start to play with my clit. I will start to feel my vagina start dripping with excitement. I will use my other hand and stick three fingers in my vagina while rubbing my clit. It makes me feel so good to feel myself getting so close to orgasm. I will switch positions and get on my knees and put one hand on the mirror and stick my butt out with my legs spread wide. I will rub my clit and finger my vagina till my legs shake. It is a huge turn on to watch myself finger my vagina and boobs bounce in the mirror. When I can't take it anymore I scream f*** me harder and let myself orgasm. It is the best feeling. I've made myself hot and horny just thinking about it.

December 13, 2011

My multi ways

Well my first way that makes me orgasm fast is putting a back massager on my clit lying on my back or stomach. You can increase the speed when you're about to orgasm. T

My second technique is just to rub my clit with one hand while putting an object in the other. I have this 6 inch thing from a kaleidoscope that I use, and its not too big or too small.

Thats all I do so far. Im off to masturbate...

December 14, 2011

Pure self enjoyment

I am an unmarried woman in my late twenties from Canada.. I am 5ft 8 inch body, fit and trim but with disproportionately rather fulsome boobs and bum. I’m not married simply because Mr Right has yet to appear on the scene but have the occasional sexual encounter with men that I can trust which I thoroughly enjoy, Indeed I just love that feeling of a man on top pumping away inside me with his a stiff penis, masturbating him or watching him do it. I love to watch his reactions and then the ultimate moment of ejaculation. I don’t mind how big or small his dick is or whether he is circumcised or not so long as its hard and he treats me with respect..

Yet for the past ten or so years I have been equally happy to get release from pretty regular personal masturbation.about every three days. I particularly enjoy doing it at the end of a working week on a Friday and Saturday night.

I live on my own and can indulge in whatever pleases me. I am a romantic at heart so have set up my bedroom with a large double bed, low lights at the sides, a huge mirror facing the bed, big puffy pillows and duvet, lots of lotions, TV to occasionally watch soft porn and above all the feeling of warmth and security.

First I would take a long lingering hot bath with lots of bubbles, I would gently touch my vagina and press on my tits. I would stand up in the bath and view all of myself in the mirror. Then naked into bed. I may read or watch TV for a bit at the same time gently brushing the palm of my hand over deliberately unshaven pubic hair. I open my legs apart under the duvet and feel my clit which by now is quite wet. I enter one then two fingers into it also searching for the illusive G spot. I then circle around my clit which is exquisitely sensitive at the same time using my other hand to caress my boobs and tummy. By now my nipples are erect and I squeeze. I may fantasise about a particularly nice man who had fucked me in the recent past. That wonderful feeling of him about to come. At that point I may get out my vibrator which can often send me wild.

I also like to place my other hand under my bum. It takes me quite a long time to come – maybe 20 minutes but that’s good because I love the slow build up. I then place one finger in my vagina and the other rubbing hard on my clit. I speed up with deep thrusting movements. I arch my back and can feel the tension rising towards a climax. Lots of contraction, groaning and writhing with pleasure then finally an explosion. I have cum at last. A wonderful feeling of release and contentment.

December 16, 2011

found my own g-spot

I used to hump soft toys or towels or the arm of my chair when my parents had gone to sleep, then I used to rub my clit and give myself amazing orgasms. The orgasms are nothing like this! Sit on the floor with your legs spread wide apart. Use your right hand (left hand if your left handed) and form a salute (3 fingers together, thumb and small finger holding oneanother down) with 3 fingers. Watch some porn to get wet then put all 3 fingers up inside yourself. Force all 3 fingers up into yourself high and hard and feel the ridges of the inside of your clit area. Fuck yourself like this feeling the ridges until you feel yourself about to come. Moan out loud if no one is home, this helps! Hold off for a few moments then start up again. After 10 start/stops you will feel yourself start to get really wet inside, continue finger fucking yourself and you will have the most intense orgasm and squirt everywhere. Have tissues ready to clean up.

December 16, 2011

First time

My first time was when I was about 13, I went to get up for school and slid off of the bed when I got to the edge I felt a tingle on my clit (i didn't know that at the time) so I crawled back in bed and tried to do make that feeling happen again. I explored so many different things but found that humping a pillow worked the best. Now I love to read erotic stories and read the stories from here. To this day I still always use the humping technique. I can't have an orgasm without something rubbing my clit. Even when im having sex I need a pillow to be there.

December 17, 2011

Sexy sleepover 4 a bloody situation

Obviously a fiction but I do masterbate over her every week! Enjoy and read my other sexy sleepover stories!

My parents were out this time to see a concert of some sort. My brother was at a friends to sleepover so I called kayleigh to cum (!) over. I was so exited! bye darling! called mum, and don't get up to any trouble or mischief while we are out, I don't want a ring from the police or katies parents! yes mum, and actually it's kayliegh who's staying round, not katie, she's nasty to me and pretty much everyone! I replied to her. I knew we were not doing anything too bad but it was dirty!  I was now dripping with hot vagina juice as my family locked me in the house. I ran up to my room, pulled shut the cuirtains and whipped off my top and trousers. I began to rub my plump breasts through my bra. I took it off and carried on rubbing but then cotiniued down to rubbing my tummy with my nails up and down until it drove me so mad I started rubbing my wet clit through my underwear soaked with vagina jizz. I began to sit infront of my full length mirror and moan. I pulled my underwear back to reveal my pulsing wet vagina which was now throbbing for more. I took my pants off, grabbed my hairbrush and hex bug and started circling my clit with the hex bug on. I wanted more though. I wanted much more. I wanted kayleigh but she wasn't here now so I pushed my hairbrush up far into my tight vagina, leaving the viborating hex bug sitting on the hood of my clit and carressing and sucking my erect nipples on my bouncing breast. By now I was screaming for kayleigh and them I came all over the mirror and orgasmed so my back arched. I took the hairbrush handle from my vagina hole and licked it off then turned off the hex bug and licked it off as well as the mirror. My vagina was still pulsing and I was still gasping for breath. I knew kayleigh would be here in about 30 minuites so I kept my clothes off. In 25 minuites she arrived but she seemed worried. hi babe! I said to her. hey she sighed, I got the dildo and there was another free one with this months issue so we got two. omg! Tonight is gonna be great! I cried kissing her. yeah, fab. she answered sadly. what's the prob hun, you ok? well, I got my period, that's all so tonight may be different. she moaned. it's not fair on me! she cried thought tonight was gonna be fab but... I shut her up with a passinate kiss. no big deal I reassured her. She began to kiss me back, I could feel her sexy tounge brushing against my braces and lightly brushing my gums, I was kissing her back, feeling around her mouth with my tounge. I could feel her clean teeth and smell her beautiful fresh breath mingling with mine.  We ran into the bathroom and undressed while grinding pussies passinatly. I broke the kiss and grabbed the dildos. We then fell back into eachothers arms and carried on snogging. We were now both topless and her hands were on my hips as mine squeezed her soft breasts gently. We took off eachothers panties. And fingered eachothers pussies. We layer down on the floor, me ontop of her sexy body, her plump boobs rubbing mine her erect nipples rubbing from my stomache to my collar bone. We spent an hour kissing and grinding on my bathroom floor until I grabbed one of the dildos and put it in and out of her wet vagina. I also licked her wet soft clit until she came on the dildo. I pulled it out and it was covered in blood. don't lick that! she cried. it's covered in my perion blood! she heaved. well, I am your vampire! I said and licked all off. It was gross but it was turning me on. She did the same to me until I cummed on her georgous lips but I licked it off. We read a mag and copied some of the moves until it was five in the morning and we got under the covers together in the bedroom and slept until mid day. After that we made out in the shower together and changed when our nude bodies were dry. See! I said to her. Having a period is not so bad after all.

December 17, 2011

The Pleasure Pillow

I'm still relatively young so I don't want penetration yet. For now I use a pillow, and some good old fashioned lesbian porn! One of the most erotic experiences of pillow masturbation happened to me just yesterday. I was getting ready for a party so I took a nice long bubble bath. When I got out, I out on a robe and grabbed my laptop. I looked up some really sexy vids of lesbians having sex. One in particular featured two blondes with large breasts and round asses. They were going at it pretty hard: kissing each other's breasts, eating there pussies. It made me extremely wet. I turned off my laptop and headed towards the guest room. Once I locked the door, I turned off all the lights and closed the blinds. My breasts come first. I cupped both of them in my hands and massaged them. Then I started to slowly circle my nipples, making cum drip down my legs. I rolled my nipples and started to breathe heavily. My hands traveled to my shaved vagina and they explored inside. I gasped and squirmed. I was near release. I climbed onto the bed and placed a pillow between my legs and on my clit. I laid on my stomach and started to hump. Slowly first. Savoring the feeling that sent shockwaves up my spine. Suddenly, the pillow rubbed against a spot that made me squirm with delight. Now I increased my speed and started to pant and scream. Heat was rushing through my body and an earth shaking orgasm. My back arched my tits bounced and I let out a final yell of pleasure. I pulled on my robe and smiled to myself.

December 18, 2011

all out

get a vibrating bullet, a vibrating dildo, a tight pair of pants, and a piece if furniture with a nice cushioned corner, like an armrest or mattress corner, and lube. place the dildo in your vagina. Place the bullet analy. put your pants on to hold dildo in. rub on piece of furniture to stimulate clit while jeans force pressure on and off of dildo.

December 18, 2011

Faster faster

My parents are hardly ever out so I have a hard time finding the right time to masturbate. However, I recently came across a way to keep it on the down low. I grab my pillow or a scrunched up t-shirt and stick it in my mouth and begin to stroke my breasts. They're big and soft and I often smother baby oil on them to make it more fun. I then work my way down to my clit and start stroking it slowly up and down. I'm breathing heavily, but the pillow stops any noise being made.

I start stroking it harder and faster. I can feel the heat from my vagina and it turns me on. I'm dripping wet and I turn over on my front to a doggy style position, thrusting my hips. I get faster and faster and the heat begins to rise in my body. I get my other hand and stick them in and lick them, suck them and start to moan. I put the pillow back in my mouth, I can't take it any more, I'm about to orgasm. I start to moan, I'm drooling and my heartbeat is getting faster. I stroke it harder, harder. Faster, faster. I'm shaking because it's so good. I start to moan even louder but no one can hear me. I finally cum and I lay there shaking, hot and sweaty.

The feeling of being having my voice suppressed and being in a dominated position turns me on so much and just typing this has got me soaking wet. I also like to masturbate with a hairbrush with grips on the handle. I don't know if this gets anyone else going but for me it's exciting and it leaves me gagging for air at the end.

December 18, 2011

I like to touch myself...

I have been masturbating since I was in grade school. I started with smaller thinks like sitting so my heel was at my vagina and riding it. When I got older, Before I went to bed I would take something like a lipgloss tube or nail polish bottle and force it inside my vagina. I had a huge tolerance for pain so the first time I tried it I was only slightly phased by the pain and blood. In the morning, I would take it out and lick the weird white stuff that I found on it. I like the feeling of the pressure it created and started using bigger and longer things. One day I even but something in at school. While walking to my class, it would shift and feel so good. I was walking really weirdly to make it feel even better and my friend asked me why. I knew what I was doing was not good but I didn't really know why I liked it so much. I ended up just telling her and she told me that she knew how to do something better. I went over her house that weekend and she has her hairbrush out. She told me to take off my pants and underwear and lay on her bed. She spit in her hand and then rubbed it on my vagina. Her fingers felt good and I instintively bucked my hips. She laughed and said to wait, that it was going to get even better. With the handle of her hairbrush she began to circle my inner thigh. I gasped when she used it to rub what I now know as my clit. She bent down and kissed it, sucking gently and I began to throb. My vagina was hot and wet. She took the brush handle and stuck it in my vagina. She began pushing it in and out. I cried out and she smothered my mouth with hers, still thrusting the brush. I was an early bloomer and already had c cup breasts so I began fondling them through my shirt as this was going on, pinching and pulling at my nipples. I felt like I was about to erupt and surely enough a faucet of cum splashed all over her hands. She lifted her hand to her mouth and licked it all up, smiling as she did it. I was sweating and took off my shirt and bra. We were both laying on her bed, me completely naked and her fully clothed. I told her to get naked and I began to do the same to her. We spent The entire day making each other orgasm and were screaming so loud that her older brother walked in on us. I immediately turned bright red and reached for my clothes but he reached down and grabbed them. He asked us to keep doing what we were doing and if he could watch and jack off. I was still to embarrassed to speak but his sister said no. I thought he was really hot and snuck off pretending to have to go to the bathroom. We made a deal that I would secretly video tape his sister and I if he would video tape himself masturbating and having sex with any girl he might. Have over. Today I still use the method that my friend showed my while watching her brother have sex. You all might find it gross and weird but that whole family is just so hot!!!

December 19, 2011

Play Dough

I have been masturbating since a young age and have always enjoyed it. I used to just rub my clit until climax but after losing my virginity that became really boring. I have tried many techniques but play dough is my new found favourite as I am not old enough to buy a dildo and my mum hides her ones. I get my tub of play dough and make a sausage/penis shape out of it, the good thing about this is that you can make it any size you want! Once I have made it I roll a condom over it. Then I start playing with my vagina until its wet and I slide my home made dildo into my vagina. I start off pushing it in and out slowly and gradually build up my pressure and speed. After about 5 minutes I am dripping wet. Sometimes I take it out and rub it gently on my clit to get me really horny. I climax every time I do this technique and the orgasms are amazing!! I am getting so wet thinking about it that I am going to do it now.

December 19, 2011


I either start out looking and bdsm porn or sexting my girlfriend it gets e so wet and horny. When I start to feel my vagina aching for it to be played with I start rubbing in little circles around my cilt above my panties. When I get to the point where it is aching for me to come I slid my panties and bra off and rub my nipples and slide my hands down my body. Fingering myself in a way where I'm almost doing an come here motion hitting my g-spot. Going faster and faster until my breath is fast and I'm moaning from pleasure I stop. Not having a dildo I use whatever is in hand. Dr. Pepper bottles work wonders. I slowly stick it up and slOwly go in and out and going faster and faster. Putting my heel at the end of the bottle pushin it into me. Rubbing my clit faster and faster until I start shaking with pleasure. Increasing with the speed until I cum so hard I almost pass out. It feels amazing.

December 20, 2011

Amazing Night

When I get really, really horny this is what I do: I usually read some lesbian stories to get really wet (I'm bi) and lie down on my bed, take off ever thing and then get on my stomach. I keep my legs spread a little and place my index and middle fingers onto of eachother and press rythmically over and over~ pressure masturbation~ I end up hot and out of breath. Then I turn over on my back and grab lotion and squeeze it all over my DD titz, stomach and some on my ass and vagina. I rub it all in everywhere and it feels so good! I rub my clit with my left hand and use a small bottle or hair brush handle to shove in and out of my vagina. It feels so amazing! Sometimes I do it on my hands and knees, but whichever you like. I cum in a few minutes either way!

December 20, 2011

Toilet paper dildo

Ok, so I was reading these while masturbating and I went to the bathroom after reading the play-dough dildo entry.( great story!) and I was thinking, hey! What if I made a toilet paper dildo!? So I wrapped up a few squares of toilet paper and was masturbating until I was really wet. Then I put the toilet paper dildo on my clit and it felt soo GOOD!!! I pushed it harder and it felt even better! Then I pulled up my panties and pants and after 30 min my clit was throbbing and I masturbated to orgasam. It was my first orgasam and it felt AMAZING!!! I'm masturbating now and I think I'm close to orgasam. I'm going to put in the dildo soon.

December 20, 2011


After I had my first orgasm (today!) I began exploring other ways to make my vagina tingle. I found that pain turns me on (not too much pain though). So I would knead my vagina until it started hurting and then it would tingle and I would stop. But today I didn't stop. And I had an orgasam. I tried the hair brush thing but it didn't give me any pleasure. I tried the toothbrush, humping my pillow and I tried putting a necklace with giant beads wrapped in toilet paper in my panties and after 2 minutes my vagina started to tingle. But not enough for my pleasure. So I viciously humped the corner of my couch. (my dad and sister had gone to jewel and my mom was working so I was alone) and I had a second orgasam! I cleaned up and when my dad got back he didn't notice. Except my sis said why is the floor kind of wet!? and I said I had just spilled some of my drink. Try my tecnique and you will definitely get an orgasam!

December 21, 2011


So first I get a pencil or two and my iPod. Then I lock myself in the bathroom and look up lesbian movies on you tube. Then I start to get really horny and I stick the pencil in my butt. Then, I might rub my clit until my vagina tingled. Then I put the second pencil in my vagina and I normally get an orgasam.

December 21, 2011

Sex with Teddy

I've always craved sex. Since I was a little girl, the idea of intercourse has excited and fascinated me. I am not old enough for it however, so masturbation was enough to keep my raging teen hormones at bay for awhile. One day while I was fingering my wet little vagina, it came to me. I could have sex with my large stuffed bear. Just that thought made my vagina ache with longing. I rushed almost frantically to my room and locked the door behind me. Heart racing, I placed my teddy on the bed propped up on pillows. I turned off all the lights and stripped down to nothing but my bra and panties. I walked to my bed and straddled the bear. I shook my hair back and set to work. I used teddy's paws to massage my already swollen boobs. I started getting hotter and pulled my bra down and used the paws to knead them once more. My nipples were hardening quickly and I was moaning softly. Now I took of my sopping panties and rode teddy's face. Each movement sent chills up my spine, making me arch my back. I was close to orgasm; I could feel the tension building between my thighs. So I shimmied down, flipped teddy on his side and placed my crotch on his. I cried out and grinded and twisted until a came all over the soft fur. That was this afternoon, and I can't wait to see what nighttime has in store.

December 23, 2011

Chat-Roulette Fun

Tonight I did something new. I've been masturbating for a while now, and I've always wanted to cam but haven't. Today I was on chat- roulette and this woman dressed in a tight black shirt was there feeling her breasts. She asked me to join her, and I did tentatively, over my shirt. She then told me to show her my full breast, so I pulled down my shirt to expose my navy blue bra. At her encouragement I slowly popped my left C-cup breast out, and then the other. I followed her lead and squeezed my whole breast and then went just to the nipple, rolling them between my index finger and thumb. We parted ways soon after, but I had gotten a taste for it. I was still on chat-roulette, looking for someone else, when this guy was there. He told me to rub my boobs, which I did without hesitation, and then to show my vagina to him. I unbuttoned my pants and slowly pulled them down to mid-thigh to expose my shaven, soaking wet vagina. During all this he had his dick out and was jacking off. Finally he asked me to show him my ass, bend over, spread my cheeks, and finger myself. He came to that, though I was close, I didn't. The same pattern of happened a few more times. I was on those sites for a good 2 hours before I decided to come on here to really orgasm. Before getting here, I stuck a pen, pencil crayon and a paintbrush up my vagina. They are still inside me as I type. All of the objects are long, so they stick out about an inch from my vagina, but since I'm wearing jeans they stay in. I like re-positioning myself to feel the tips of the paintbrush, pencil crayon and pen push against the walls of my vagina. It is uncomfortable but in a good pain kind of way. I am literally shaking in anticipation and built-up tension. After this I might go on chat-roulette again. This time I'll leave the objects in and see what the guys say about it.

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December 25, 2011

Girl's breasts

I am responding to the young girl who has posted twice. I'm probably old enough to be her mother. But I just wanted to say how amazingly erotic I found her stories about her breasts, I think because I can relate to what she writes so closely. I am a happily married wife and mum. I am blonde, blue-eyed with a peaches and cream complexion and am very curvy. I have wide hips, quite a round tummy and big 38D breasts which I have always loved. In just the last ten years or so I have taken to those same kind of 'private' masturbation sessions she talks about. And I have also got, omg, my special 'masturbation bras', perhaps because my discovery of masturbation really began trying on undies innocently in my room. Now when my hubby and sons go out, my heart races and I put on my white flowery underwired bra and matching knickers and pose for ages in my mirror. I am very, very breast-proud and breast-centred as a lot of busty women are and even the sight of my heavy boobs and blossoming nipples sends me. Like her, I love myself in my mirror with my breasts sitting out plump over my cups, the wiring adding to the toplessness of it and my nipples pink and enlarged. I love brushing nipple to nipple in my mirror and I have also kissed myself in the glass. I like to talk to myself on my 'self dates', complementing my curvy figure as I finally explore my mature hairy fanny with my fingers and orgasm dizzily with my legs apart and my vulva exposed. I have masturbated to your stories, and thought it might turn you on even more to know an older woman has the same inclinations. And, yes, I am in my bra now and my nipples look huge!

December 26, 2011

Worst day ever

This story is totally fake.

I have been masturbating for 3 years and I do it at least 2 times a day. So I really like sticking things in me and walking around. It gets me really horney! Then I put on jeans and look at lesbian movies. I grind my vagina on the chair so the marker or something rubs in my vagina. It's a good pain though. Then I rub my clit and keep grinding my vagina. Then I take my old sock monkey (the tail looks like a dick) and take out the wet marker. Then I rub his tail on my throbbing vagina. Then I take out my trusty play dough dick and put it in my vagina. Then I keep grinding the chair. One time my brother ( 3 years older than me) walked in on me. Then he grabbed my undies and pulled them up in a front-and-back wedgie. After that he left and told my parents. After that I have always locked my door.

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December 27, 2011

Feels amazing

I've been masturbating for probably six/seven years now. this year, I finally bought a vibrating tooth brush a few days ago. then, today, I was talking to one of my guy friends over the internet. after a while, it started getting sexy, so he told me to get my new toothbrush and start rubbing it on my clit. We went back and forth with truth or dare and then I started taking the brush side of the toothbrush side and rubbing my clit with that. adding to it, I stuck some fingers in my vagina. Oh, my god, it felt amazing, I kept alternating where I put things and have been masturbating for 3 hours of pleasure! you should definately try it!

December 28, 2011

Face scrubber heaven

I have been masturbating for a couple months now. I have a face scrubber that has a brush that spins back and forth very quickly. The first time I masturbated was with that. I put it on my clit and within 10 minutes i'm having an orgasm!

December 28, 2011

Clit Heaven

I Loveeee To Masturbate I do it everyday! There is nothing wrong with masturbating,its actually healthy. Well,what I do is first I get horny. then I put my hand on my clit and rubbing it slow then faster up and down. when I start going faster I bounce up and down lightly still rubbing my clit. It gives my a GREAT Feeling but not a orgasm and I dont cum by this. Its mess free and feels so good!

December 28, 2011

Hard Pillow and Panties

well, ive been masterbating since I was 12 and thn I found an AWSOME tecnique that left me breathless.

Needed: Sofa/Settee Arm. One that's thick and u can hump Old Cushion/Pillow, preferbly with hardened stuffing

Now, what you do is place the cushion/pillow on the soofa/settee arm. Sit on the sofa arm with the cushion and just hump - with or without bottoms or panties - and just grind or hump it like crazy. you can cum within a matter of seconds. I'm about to go do it know... so hotttttt

December 29, 2011

Flatmates and masturbation One very horny night

I hope you really enjoy my story as it took me over an hour to write. I enjoyed writing it and hope you enjoy Reading it. It's a story brought to you by the writer of sexy sleepover stories and is pure fiction. Enjoy!

Iput down my glass of wine, it was only my second. I never drank wine really but tonight was special. My sexy flatmate was out in town with her boyfriend for the night so I had some me time. I was in the bath, my bladder filling up wetting my vagina. I turned on the tap at the end of the bath then moved towards it so the water was on my clit. I put my legs up on the wall to relax. I was very desparate to pee so I walked over to the mirror in the bathroom, grabbing my hot vagina. I was posing infront of the mirror dying to pee. I was sweating cause I was so desperate, my legs shaking. I put on some clothes and sat on the sofa, putting all my strength into not peeing, tears swelling up into my eyes. I has a sip of wine as getting more desperate to pee. 10 minuies later my vagina was dripping and I was going to explode. My legs shaking. I jammed my hands in my crotch and crawled to the bathroom, some dripps of pee escaping. I was posing desperatly dying to pee so suddenly a spurt escaped from the panties I put on. I was too horny to use the toilet and too desperate to get to the loo two steps away so I grabbed on for another 5 minuites. I was beyond desperate, to desperate to move so I started rubbing my clit mumbling I was so in need to piss all over the place so I began to piss on everything. Once I finished my two minuite stream I lay in all my pee panting. I was extremly exausted and was so horny. I licked up some of my pee and climbed back into the warm bathwater sipping some rose before I placed my clit on the tap.

 I turned it on and gasped as the soft warm water ran all over my throbbing clit. I needed to pee again so I let it out so it mixed with the water in the bath. I undone the plug a bit so it wouldn't overfill and humped the gushing water rushing from the tap until I felt I powerful orgasm coming on. I tried to make myself stop but I couldn't I kept going as it felt so amazing. Iv had sex before but I had such a mindblowingly amazing orgasm it was better then sex! I splashed into the water my body dropped in and was screaming for breath as if I had been under water for minuites! I saw some of my cum dripping from the tap so I slurped it up then got out and went to my bedroom. 

I didn't dry off because it felt good wet, my skin was warm dripping and slippery like my vagina that was throbbing for more. I lay on my bed touching my erect nipples, brushing my breasts together. Then going down to rubbing my tummy lightly with my long painted fingernails, finally to carressing my thighs and stroking my wet labia. I touched my clit with my right index finger, first brushing it up and down, then circling it, then putting my index and middle finger into my wet vaginal enterence. I was still rubbing my clit but concentrating on the amazing feeling of my fingers going in and out of my vagina. I began to speed up, my fingers going in and out, in and out making squelching noises as they did, still rubbing my clit round and round at full speed until I got my second orgasm of the night. Not as powerful as the first but still shooting some delishious cum on the bed sheets to lick up. I did just that, my jizz tasted bitter but still satisfingly good. I wanted more though. I took another sip of wine then started humping the side of my bed riding it really fast I was tencing up until....

I heard the door open and a girl sniffling and sobbing. I put on my gown and there I saw my georgous flatmate in a sexy tight dress and high heels sniffling running to her room. She looked at me and I hugged her tight as she did with me. I felt her 38D breasts rub on my 36Bs , her big sexy hips resting on me and her sweet katy perry perfume. what happened babe? I asked. I waited and waited for three hours until he sent me I text of him and another girl in our hotel room saying your dumped you crappy cun... she sobbed, tears running from her beautiful hazelnut eyes and mascara running down her cheeks. babe it's ok, I reassured her. your way out of his leage! I laughed. c'mon , that's get you cleared up! We walked into the bathroom where the bath was full and my pee was on the floor. She said she smelt piss but I said I hadn't flushed the chain so I pulled down the handle on the loo, pulled the sink from the bath and wiped up my pee. I washed off her make up and gave her a mighty to get changed into. She stripped right infront of me and put on her nighty. She had a cute bald vagina and plump soft breasts and rosy nipples. Bare in mind I was still horny and this really made my cloy throb. 

She sat down and said I was looking forward to sex tonight. who said you can't have sex now! I asked. She then climbed on top of me and passinatly kissed my and grinded against me. She took off her nighty and pulled at the knot on my gown. I gasped as is fell off and revealed my fully naked body. We stared at eachother for a sec then went of th my room and started humping on my bed I needed to pee again so I told her and she told my to pee on her so I let the warm liquid run from between my legs to inbetween hers. She moaned a little and as I was on top I began to suck her breasts, then lick her tummy, then fully eat out her delishious hot vagina. She came in my face and licked all her hot vagina juice off it. She then moved onto my breasts, slowly petting my erect nipples with her tounge covered in our saliva and her cum. She was now slobbering over my tummy then collecting the juices on my vagina eating me out fully as I moaned and screamed. She then suckled my clit until I came on her and we licked of my cum together.  who needs boyfriends when you got flatmates? I asked her, but she was already asleep. 

December 31, 2011

Furry f+ck

Beens at the time I was quite young and scared to put any fingers up my vagina, instead before I went to bed I would do some sexy roleplays, read sex stories or even watch some porn that got me hot, then when I went to bed I would get a big cuddly toy {half the size of me} and put a pair of spare panties over it and put in a hairbrush, bristles below. Then I would think of a story/roleplay/porn video I'd been watching and act it out on the bear, usually stripping down and grinding a wet vagina against the covered bristles makes me hot, then to get the cum out I'd give the hairbrush a blowjob and rub it against my clit super hard and I'd cum, sometimes I'd do it during the day too. Sometimes I get it to eat me out - it doesn't feel completely like it but have a bottle of water on your bed and pour cold or hot water over it's mouth then riding it's mouth.


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