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Best Masterbation Techniques

Female Masterbation Story Archive - 2010

December 2, 2010

Great Orgasm

I love masturbating. it makes me feel dirty and gross though. oh well; its worth it. hahah. my favorite thing to do is to go into my room and close the door. I turn the ceiling fan on and strip down. I lay with my legs spread completely apart and pull out my iTouch. sometimems I come on here, sometimes on the videos section of this site. I move my hips around which helps me to get horny. then, I tttake an ice cube and shove it far up my ass. then, I grab my neutrogena wave and tease my cilt. I shove a sharpiie up my vaj hole and then ride a pillow. great orgasm. I absolutely love this. have fun ladies.

December 2, 2010


When I'm horny, I immediately go watch porn online. 9 out of 10 times, I watch lesbian porn videos. I'm not a lesbian, but I love fantaszing about women. I imagaine myself sucking on the clit of a beautiful women with large natural breasts. I imagine myself stinking my fingers in her small tight little pussy, and when she comes, it's my turn. Other times I imagine myself getting humped so hard from behind while I'm tied up. While I'm imagining all this, I'm going hard on my clit with my right hand. Sometimes I'll insert a Sharpie into my asshole and penetrate, and other times I'll find a banana and stick it up my vagina. Then the pressure builds up and I squirt all over mymself, and I orgasm 2-3 times. I  f--ing love things up my ass and pussy.

December 2, 2010

handy tools

I find that a screw driver is awesome. First you take the handle and rub it against your clit then go faster. When your pussy is wet insert it into your vaginia. Slow than faster. Feels like a dick

December 3, 2010

The joys of Maturbation

I'm a teen, and like most, I've been masturbating since I was little, having discovered it by accident. However, during all my times masturbating, I've never managed to properly orgasm, but I've often managed to get a semi orgasm. One of my favourite methods is to, when everyone is in bed, I'll hop into bed myself, but I'd start of by rubbing my clit through my pants. I know so people prefer bare skin but the feeling of material is good enough for me. Since I'm very much into bromance and the like, I usually get myself feeling horny by reading them. Then, when I'm wet enough, I'd take a marker pen, one that I keep near by, and slide it into my pussy, and keep it in place with my pants. (I usually keep my pants on.) Since I can achieve a proper orgasm without a vibrator, I always use one that I keep under my bed. (it's quite big since I don't actually have a proper one, I use our massager which has a tip, great for grinding against my clit.) Then what I do it keep working my clit with it, stopping when I feel a orgasm coming and letting the feeling die away, then starting again. Doing this properly can really help get a good orgasm. Since I'm under the bed covers when I do this, I get pretty hot; great for warming yourself up during winter! 

Another favourite menthol of mine is using the typical bath one, where you position your clit under a stream of water. When I do this, I usually insert my fingers in my pussy, and wriggle them about and fantasise till I climax. It's not as great as my other method, but it's still very enjoyable!

Have fun masturbating.

December 4, 2010


OK so I go to bording school and the other day in the evening my friend and I went for a shower. after she asked if I could help her moisturise her back cos she couldn't reach. we're both straight so it was cool. she laid on her stomach naked so I couldn't see anything and I was already in my underwear. as I started rubbing it in I mounted her so I could reach properly and slowly began humping her. she had no idea as I moved up and down rubbing it in I was getting wet until I gave a little moan. she then turned at that moment and smiled sticking her fingers up my tight pussy. it was so hot and now once a week we do it when no one else is around. seriously recommend it. the best orgasim i've ever had.

December 4, 2010

Best Ways to Masturbate

I started to masturbate around the age of 6 when I slid down a railing in my basement and I would go down and just ride it when nobody was around. Then when I was in third grade I discovered that mastibating by riding my computer chair was cool, too. I still do ride it sometimes. But now I am noticing that if I rub agaist the foot of my bed I get an orgasm or here is my recent trick:

1: Get a pillow and lay it down on the foot board of your bed

2: Shove something shaped like a mans penis under the pillowcase like I use one of those little telescope things that you look at something and it makes it like bug vision

3: Get on top of it and position it where the object in rubbing against your clitoris and rock back and forth. You will get an orgasm, trust me!

4: When mastibating, Think about having sex with your BF and pretend the object is his penis and you are riding it!

December 5, 2010


Get a pillow and lay the neutragena wave on its side. staddle it naked and slowly ride the pillow and then get faster. rub your boobs against another pillow. FEELS AMAZIING

December 5, 2010

Double Hole Orgasm

I love this technique: I Lay in the bath (filled with water),then i take my detachable shower head and rub it on my clit, and just before I cum, I take it away, my puss beggs fpor more, so I take a hairbrush handle, toothbrush whatever, smother it in lube, or baby oil, and shove one up my ass, one in my vag, and then keep using the shower head, I also take ice cubes and shove them inside me. It causes a double hole orgasm.


December 6, 2010


I started to masturbate at a young age it felt so good the first time I knew u had to do it again so I started using things around my house and what I found that works good is a big hair clip that hairdressers use just shove that up there while massaging your clit feels sssooo good I had an orgasm instantly it was amazing. One time I taught my friend that and we masturbate together a lot. It gives me a pleasure that makes me want to scream. You have to try this

December 6, 2010

Masturbate with First Porno

Ever since I was younger, I always masturbate. In college, my roommate and I became very close friends. On a Friday night, I heard Connie moaning and breathing hard. She was partially drunk and I asked her what the f*ck she was doing. And she said, 'come here and I'll tell you'. I sat on her bed to see her panties were off and her hand was between her legs. She giggled, and Talked me into cuddling with her. I agreed, getting wet. Before I knew it I was moaning with her.

I caressed her breasts. Feeling the nipple and playing with it. And licking it. I rubbed her clit after a while. When she cum'd, I went down and licked it off of her pussy and thrust my finger into her pussy as far as it would go.

Then she came down on me, rubbing her pussy against my stomach riding me. First, she turned the camera on and pointed it at me. She started with kisses me. She kissed me on the lips first, then she forced her tongue in my mouth and I pulled on it then slid my tongue into hers. I got to lick her tongue and pull on it. And sucked on it. She twirled her tongue around my nipples. Pulling them into her mouth till they were hard. Connie licked my stomach and positioned us so my legs were on her shoulders as her tongue f*cked me. It started with nice kissed on my inner thighs, then she licked from my ass hole up to my cilt. It felt so amazing that I screamed. She put her tongue in my hole, then her finger went into my ass. I loved this.

We ended up playing the video for our boyfriends and they enjoyed watching every bit. We even demonstrated a bit for them both Connie still f*cos my pussy usually taping it.

December 7, 2010

Masturbated with pillow humping

I first masturbated when I was about 10 or 12. I was in the shower and I had this tingling feeling between my legs, then I touched my vagina had I had a powerful orgasm, so powerful I screamed and my mother asked if I was okay. since then, I love looking at porn, mainly incest stories between a dad and a daughter, while watching this I masturbate while humping a pillow, its the best orgasm you can ever have. I also love to film myself when I cum. you really should try cumming on cam.

December 7, 2010

Masterbate in the Shower - Fun

This is one I do when my parents are home so you can too But it's more fun when they're gone. ;P

So first I get in the shower and do all my shaving/washing first. Leave the fun 'till last Then I lie down with my thighs apart and the water streaming down on my pussy. With my foot I reach up to the thing that changes the temperature and switch it to cooold. Im a bisexual girl so I visualize a hot girl stimulating my clit in the rain on the street at night ;P Might not be fantasizing to you but hey, makes me orgasm

December 9, 2010

Good times

I have been masturbating since I was about 9 years old so 10 years now it started by accident when I found It felt good to touch down there. Then I started Doing it regulary I love it and it feels so good I usually stick m hair brush with the bristles poped Out in my vagina then massage my self and look at Pics man it feels so amazing some times I put ice Where the bristles go and let it melt in me also if You can't buy a vibrator back massagers from any Beauty supply place feels just as good

December 9, 2010

Shower Masturbation Tiips

So one day I was taking a shower and was soo horny. My eyes kept staring at the tube that was jetting the water out (The Bottom One, Not The Shower One) while I was using my finger to rub myself. Then I couldn't take it anymore and sat down on the tub floor, placing my feet on the wall untop of the tube and slowly bringing my vagina to it. The water was warm and hard on it, so I decided to slowly take the thing that changes where the water comes from {The Tube Or The Shower Thing} and bring it to the middle, so that it was softer and was directly hitting where I wanted it to (Adjust Your Vagina Placement If You Want). This is a great way to masturbate and I do it almost everytime I take a shower.

-Submitted December 11, 2010

really good technique

when I found out masturbation it made life so good! I lie down in bed with my legs apart then start rubbing slowly. start with one finger and make circles then use two fingers and go faster it feels so good

-Submitted December 11, 2010

Masturbating with a Plunger

Strange I found this helpful in getting off when I'm horny. After being stimulated via porn on internet or just plain horny. I find a place where I am uninterupted and comfortable, preferably low lighted bathroom. When I start masturbating, I play with my nipples, getting them hard, I finger myself. I'll grab 2 towels; one I lay on the floor, the other (thin towel) wrap around the bottom of a toliet plunger. Laying face down on the floor on the floor, I placed the plunger between my legs, standing up (rubber bottom on floor, handle in air). The rubber provides hardness that stimulates my clit. I am free to hump and wiggle against it and my hands can criss cross under me grabbing and folding my nipples. I continue to hump until I cum.

-Submitted December 12, 2010

Advice from my aunt

My mother was about as strict as you could get; sex was taboo. My aunt, on the other hand, was always giving advice. One of which was dont lose your virginity until you ready , you can have as much fun without rushing into that. And she was right .Isafely masturbated from a young age without the fear of pregnancy and judging from a few tales told by my friends boys would have sex with them and it was all finished in minutes. Ok then so I will have fun the other way. As I was three years older than my brother I made sure I would catch him at some point to learn more about the male side of it. This wasnt hard and I eventually catch and masturbated him to orgasm as well. I also managed to coax a few of his friends as well, and one thing I always loved was the different reactions you could get when someone else orgasms. This is also true of yourself as most times there is a different highth of pleasure depending on the situation. I once masturbated three boys , I was kneeling my top off so they had something to look at and if they could , they could ejeculate over my boobs, this in turn was one hell of a turn on and I could use my left hand under my skirt , the boys unaware what I was doing. I'm so much older now but if any oppotunity arises I will always mastubate a guy if he wants.

-Submitted December 13, 2010

I Love to masturbate.

I was very young when I first started to play with myself, I remember when I was about 6 or 7, a friend and I used to stick a pencil up our little pussys and bum holes in a game of hospitals, god knows how we started it but that's what we used to do, and I loved rubbing and touching myself when I was on my own. When I got a little older, I used to masturbate nearly every day, giving myself orgasm after orgasm. I started to develope very young and had good size tits and pubic hair at 11 which gave me more to play with. By 13 I was begining to think that maybe there was something wrong with me, as every time I asked my friends if they ever touched themselves, they all said no. One friend at last told me that she did which made me feel a hole lot better. Around that time I started to get out of the cute little girl underwear and started wearing sexy strings and shorties, my mum didn't mind saying it was up to me what I wore. By 14, I'd had enough of my pubic hair, so one day I shaved them all off, I kept myself smooth for a few weeks and loved the look and feel of it, but it was too much trouble having to shave every couple of days or so, so I grew them back and I now keep them very short with a pair of scissors, trimming them every couple of weeks. I also started from time to time to not wear a bra, my tits are very firm so they didn't bounce around like some, but it does feel sexy when they giggle about a bit inside my t shirt, I also went topless on the beach in front of my parents for the first time that year too, that was a turn on I can tell you, showing my tits to everyone who wanted to look. Now I'm 15 nearly 16 and I like to masturbate looking at porn on the net when I get the chance. I like to get naked exept for my knickers and start to slowly tease my pussy mound by rubbing my fingers and finger nails over the material, then when I think I've had enough I slip my knickers off and do the same thing over my pussy lips until I can feel some juice coming out, which I then rub over my clit, I love my clit, it's my best friend. When I've hit on a good film I start to hump myself with a few fingers or something else that I've had in mind and lined up ready, then I go to town on myself until I have a great orgasm. I love to watch myself masturbating in front of my bedroom mirror, I sometimes borrow some of my mums stockings and suspenders which I think look and feel realy sexy, I love to look at myself as I pull my pussy lips apart and slowly push something up my wet pussy. I've not got a vibrator and I've not found one in my mums room so I usually use a banana or a carrot or someting like that, but mostly I use my hair brush or my fingers, I've started doing a bit of anal on myself too, after watching it on porn sites, it felt strange to start with but I'm getting more into it slowly. I like the taste of myself too, and I see nothing wrong with licking my pussy juice off my fingers after giving myself a good humping. I'd like to try masturbating with an other girl at a sleep over some time, like in some of the storys here, I have a friend in mind who's told me she plays with herself and we're always talking together about sex, so I might ask her one day soon. I'd also like to suck a cock, in the porn films it looks so much fun, and I want to know what spunk tastes like. I found a porn site the other week where people send in there porn photos, I really got turned on looking at them, and soon had my hand in my little knickers, the site was called PUTEROS, and I've been back on it a few times since, I've even taken a few photos of myself with my own digital camera for a laugh, and I found it really turned me on looking at myself, but I'd never send any in. I hope you enjoed my story, maybe even turned you on a little, I KNOW it's made me wet, so I'm off to have a wank. bye.

-Submitted December 13, 2010

Squirting like never before

It was a hot night last week and I have returned from a party late night and I was feeling very very horny so just as I entered my room I undressed myself lied on my bed and took my vibrator and I began to play with my clit, my pussy juices were already dripping from my pussy which made my vibrator wet so I began to suck on my vibrator and placed my 2 finger inside me and then again my vibrator, I was about to cum but I stopped my self and then I placed my vibrator's level to high and then I penetrated it deep inside me and in a few seconds I squirted across and over my bed that was about 2 metres and I had such a nice orgasm that I just lied there for about 5 minutes. After that I sucked and licked my hand and my vibrator which had become very wet due my shot. After that I began again and squirted on my bed so many times that I had to change my bedsheet before I went to sleep.

-Submitted December 13, 2010

Bedtime's the Best Time

Sometimes it's hard to masturbate with your parents home, and it's especially hard when they don't give you enough freedom to go out and buy sex toys, or even a vibrating toothbrush, so I have a few ways to get off without tipping them off.

A good thing to do, if you have overbearing parents, is to wait until your bedtime (if you still have one) and lay quietly for a while until they think you're alseep.

1.Gumball Machine Containers Take those plasic balls that quater machine toys come in, and hold it with the lid facing your palm, and rub the rounded end on your clit any way you like. You can also position the ball underneath you, and rotate your hips against it.

2.Bra Strap/Mardi Gras Beads This usually works better with the expensive bra straps, so they don't irritate your junk. Hold one end of the strap/necklace in front with your dominant hand, wrap it around to the back, and hold the other end with your other hand. Make sure you use some kind of lubricant, before the necklace/strap is comfortably wedged between the inside of your lip and the hood. Use your dominant hand to pull forward, and the other one to pull back, massaging the hood gently, then adding pressure. I've found that more pressure and a tighter grip work better for this method.

3.Blush Brush Get a makeup brush: one with softer bristles. Tickle your clit. That's it.

4.Jerk Take something shaped sort of like a slim hairspray can, and coat it in vaseline. Put the edge of the can on your hood, and twist your hands up and down it, so it pounds into you. Basically jerk off the can.

5. Shower Head I see a lot of ways to masturbate involving a showerhead, but it's kind of loud, and when your standing up in an echoey bathroom, you can definitely tell the difference between rinsing off my body, and riding the showerhead. I like to fill the rub up about halfway, then take the showerhead and fully submerge it in the water, before turning it on to muffle the sounds. Keep it underwater, and play around with the settings until you find what's comfortable. A lot of the time, I like to put it on the strongest jet, then lean over and move it around my nipples to get me turned on. you may want to turn it down a bit before putting it on your girlfriend. It hurts like hell if you don't. Try different positions like sitting up on your knees and hovering over it, then bouncing when you start getting close.

I hope that helped. Now I'm not gonna say something slutty like I'm off to masturbate! Have fun! Just sayin.☺

-Submitted December 14, 2010

Best way to masturbate

The best way to masturbate to get to a quick climax is to start off by watching porn. Lots of moaning helps. After that, go into the bathroom. If you have a plunger, ride it like a toy. Lay down on the floor with a soft blanket beneath you and move the plunger around. Take a string of large beads and rub it against your clit. Continue rubbing, stopping when you almost reach your climax. I'm younger than all the people I've seen, and this always works for me!

-Submitted December 15, 2010

best ever

A while ago, I was jilling off and my mom walked in on me, I got scared and immedietly pulled up my pants. then my mom told me it was okay and asked if she could join me. I was embarresed and told my mom that she couldnt because she was my mom. instantly she spanked my boobs and pulled down my pants and started sucking so hard I thought I would now we were both completely naked. then I slapped mo mom as hard as I could and we put our vaginas together and had so many orgasms that I felt I would explode with pleasure. then my mom said we werent done yet and she got a camera and videotapped the whole thing. she then posted it on a porno sight and now whenever I jill off its to that video. I was only 14 when that happened.

-Submitted December 15, 2010

Caught Out.

I've not long found this site and I love all the storys, certainly given me a few new ideas for masturbating I can tell you. I'm in my mid teens and my story happened about 6 weeks ago when I was round my friends house, we both knew we played with ourselves as we'd talked about it before, this one day she asked me if I'd ever looked at porn on the net, to which I said no, so off we went to look some up as she said she knew of a few good sites, we looked at all sorts for about 2 hours, I was really wet and tuned on by it all and so was she, anyway, cutting a long story short, we ended up masturbating together naked on her bed, I was the first to orgasm so I layed there watching her work on herself until she shudderd to her own orgasm, when she'd finished we fell about giggling at what we'd done together,it was fun, and we stayed laying on the bed talking for a while after, I'd seen her in a g-string and bra before but never naked, I told her she had a nice body and she said the same about me adding that she wished her tits were more like mine, we then agreed that we should do it again when we got a chance. A couple of weeks passed and I was off school ill for a week, both my parents work and I was home alone during the day. So I thought I'd look up some more porn on the net as I'd enjoyed it last time, it didn't take long to find some and it didn't take long to get my hand in my knickers, my poor little clit and pussy took a real bashing that day, great fun though and great orgasms too, I was back to it every day that week and I found some great stuff, I found I liked watching girls masturbating, some lesbian stuff which surprised me, plus amature stuff, girls sucking cock and then getting a face or mouth full of sperm, and of course, all the rest. On the saturday afternoon when my dad was out, my mum called me saying she wanted a word, so as we sat on the sofa together, she asked why I'd been looking at porn on the computer, I thought, OH SHIT, so I tried to bluff my way out of it saying I was curious about it so I thought I'd have a look while I was alone in the house. Curiosty is not looking it up every day she said in a very calm voice, it's obvious to me why you were looking at it, but I think your a little too young to be looking at stuff like that, it's normal for a girl of your age to be playing herself and it's nice to know that your healthy and all that but please if your going to masturbate, in future, keep it for your bedroom and not in front of the computer. I think I was bright red at this point, my mum put her arm aroud me and gave me a little hug and told me not to worry about it. A few days later I was telling my friend all about what had happened saying I didn't have a clue how my mum had found out, I do she said, you didn't delete the history on the computor did you, so your mum could see exactly what you'd been looking at and when, I could have died from embarressment I said, so later my friend showed me what to do to erase the memory and that's what I do know, I still look at porn and other sites like this one and my mum is now none the wiser. Happy masturbating.

-Submitted December 16, 2010

Throbbing pussy

Today I woke up and was feeling extremely. Horny so I decided to play with. My nice wet pussy for a few minutes. First I stuck 2 fingers inside and with the other hand I flicked and stroked my throbbing clit as I was doing it I moaned in pleasure. Than when I almost couldn't take it any more I humped my 2 pillows thrusting and grinding up and down until I got super wet and then I inserted my index finger and tasted my sweet pussy juices mmm and that turned me on sooo much that I started grinding really hard and fast as I cummed all over my pillows ahh I feel feel like I might go pleasure myself now I feel my pussy starting to throb.

-Submitted December 16, 2010


My siter was the reason I had my first orgasm. She said we were going to play a game and I said ok. no one was home(she is 4 years older than me). She told me this game was called wet and screaming. I said ok how do u play she said you try to make the other person get wet and start screaming and who ever does it faster wins. I said ok you start. she told me I had to be blind folded so I said ok. then she striped me and tied me up I was a little nervous but I kept on playing. then she started rubbing my pussy and lightly tapping it. she began to lick my pussy I was just laying there not knowing what to do she then shoved 2 fingers in to my pussy I said owwww because nothing had ever been up there before. she moved them around in my pussy. she pulled them in and out she started going faster nad faster. she started licking my pussy as she was doing this. she kept getting faster and faster. it hurt so bad a started to scream and I said ok ok ok I screamed but she just kept going then she put another finger in me and kept going it hurt so bad I was screaming and screaming fianlly she stopped then I did her but twice as hard and twice as long. I now love masterbating. I go until I cant take it any more. I have a humping machine that has a timer I set it to any time I want and it keeps going until the time is up. like last night I set it to 1 hour and it humped me for and hour my pussy hurt so bad but I loved every second of it a do this once a week. I really think every girl should own a humping machine its the best thing for when your single. or if your boyfriend just cant hump you long enough to bring you to an amazing orgasm. the humping machine is your answer go out and buy one. its the best thing you will ever buy.

-Submitted December 16, 2010


I have some huge stuffed animals from when I was younger. I usually grab one, put it on the bed, and grind on it while watching porn.

-Submitted December 16, 2010

born to ride

The stories are so realistic, and knowing that they are real stories and experiences really turns me on. I started masturbating at a very young age my mom said I was about 18 months when she noticed my legs closed very tightly and breathing heavily in the stroller when she took me for walks. As I got older I started experimenting by touching down there on my pee pee but I didn't kno that it was a normal thing. My family is very religious and everytime my mom caught me masturbating she would punish me and take away my stuffed animals that I used to ride. As I got older I learned to keep it a secret and only did in in my room when everyone was in bed. I still remember how great it felt to sit on my floor ontop of a mount of pillows and hump until I urinated all over the pile because it felt so good that I didn't want to get up and go. Now years later I love being alone and masturbating I usually play with my clit a lot and try different things like flicking slapping and rubbing it at different speeds that gets me super hot and wet. At this point I am moaning in ecstasy,sometimes I stick objects up my pussy too like lipgloss glue stick or anything I can find when I am in the mood. Then I get up and put my comforter on the floor and place 2 pillows ontop and make a mount than put something hard up my pussy like a marker and hump away thrusting and grinding my pelvis it feels soooo good. I like to do it when no one is home so I can moan really loud and no one will hear me and I love to taste my own juices that is a huge turn on and just thinking about it is making me super wet.

-Submitted December 17, 2010


When I was young like I dont know 5 me and my cousins (there were 3 plus me equal 4) were curious so my youner cousin by 2 months we started masturbating together and in the Christmas tree box we started masturbating and I put her on top on my and we stripped and humped eachother and my other cousins would after wards like my pussy and oh my god I cummed everywhere

-Submitted December 17, 2010

Stepfather forces masturbating - Fun or Abuse?

I have been masturbating for about 7 years! I remember when I was 13 and I was in my bedroom masturbating. my stepfather walked in on me, he stood there for a few min then walked over to me and started rubing my cunt. I had no idea what he was going to do then he put 2 fingers up my pussy I screamed it hurt alot I had never had anything in my pussy before, he started to move this fringers around pushing down on my g-spot, he slowly move then in and out getting fast and fast, he then walked out of the room I was like omg why. he came back in with a dildo, I said no, but he did any way, I scremed my stepfather said scream all u like I am not going to stop, my stepfather pushed the whole of the 7 inch dildo in my pussy I was screaming and moaning so much it was the most amazing think in the world, I had a 3 orgasm, we masturbated for like 2 hours my pussy hurt so much the next day! over the next few years me and me stepfather masturbated almost every week!

I love reading everyone stories it makes me soooo wet and horny, I am off the masturbate

Editor's Notes: Personally, I think you should be more aware that you are a victim of abuse. What your stepfather did is against the law in every part of the world. I'm not sure where you live (and that is a good thing). However, you might be interested in researching sexual abuse. You might also decide to get help and counseling. The following site is only a U.S. site, but here is the link  -- Here is a U.K. website There are many other sites. Search Google for your country, state, provice, and locality. You can type "Sexual Abuse" (in quotes) and then type your country and locality after it.

-Submitted December 17, 2010

Young masturbator

I started masturbating when I was like 5. I used to hump this chair but that doesn't feel good anymore. so I made my mom go to the store and get a two pack of vibrating toothbrushes. you go to your room alone or with your boyfriend/husband. then you take one of the toothbrushhes and turn it on and put it on your thighs and tease yourself in any way. When you feel like your going to organism, you stop for 30 seconds. then you put the toothbrush in your vagina and pull it in and out. then when your toothbrush is nice and wet, you lick the toothbrush clean. Having someone watching you is soooooo crazy HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-Submitted December 17, 2010


I started masturbating at the age 10. One night I was in bed on my computer and my friend wouldn't shut up about puberty and sex so i said Fine. I typed in free sex videos on the computer and when we clicked on a website we were fascinated. I clicked on a lesbian video and we watched it. After we were like, okay let's try. So we took off our clothes and did as they did in the video. IT WAS AMAZING!!! So after she went home I decided to get back on. I got so horny I took my pants off and started rubbing my AREA. My parents or brother weren't home so I locked the door and watched lesbian porn. I got sooo horny i took my panties off and spit on my finger then rubbed it on my clit. I got excited so I stuck a skinny Burt's Bees Shimmer Chap-stick and stuffed it in. It was not exciting so I rubbed and rubbed until i screamed and thrashed on the bed try the technique.ENJOY!!!!

-Submitted December 17, 2010


When I was about seven, there was a girl that lived across the street from me. she was maybe three years younger, but I hung out at her place a lot. I dont remember how we started, but I do know that we masturbated a lot. of course we didnt know it was wrong, and we just sort of thought about that area as poop and pee but what we did felt soooooooo good. I remember one thing taht felt amazing. if you have one of those shag covers for your toilet lid, wait until you have to poop, but hold it. get fully naked, and set up a camera in front of the toilet. get horny by doing whatever, then sist on the toilet lid cover (This only works with a textured cover) and spread your legs wide. hold the toilet lid with your hands (i find this just makes it easier to keep the cover from sliding.) and rub your clit and cunt back and forth on the cover. it felt amazing when we did it, and the poop in your bum feels like a penis so you're like getting humped in teh butt and masturbatin your pussy too.


Neighbors continued....

another thing, she had this playhouse in her backyard, and we'd always go back there naked. her parents were usually gone as I was a sort of babysitter, even at that young age. we didnt have boobs, of course, but we liked to suck each others nipples. I remember that she loved when I spanked her or flicked her clit, and I enjoyed when she sucked me down there. once we got on the ground and she climbed on my stomach, and then humped away. another time, I gave her a moustache ride just without a moustache. she sat on my chest with her legs spread, and I licked her all over her area. I still cant get the same orgasms I had with her. taht playhouse was one of my happy places when I was a kid, and I wish i's kept in touch with taht neighbor after I moved. I have a feeling my sex life would be a lot better if I had.

-Submitted December 18, 2010


I stick grapes that have been in the fridge for awhile, ice cubes, and the ends of toothbrushes up my pussy. I also rub on the edge of hard surfaces and it gets me off like a charm!

-Submitted December 18, 2010

First time masturbating

The first time that I masturbated was in the shower. I was feeling really horny, thinking about the guy I liked. I put my hand and started rubbing my clit, fantasizing about the guy. But that wasn't enough. I quickly stepped outside the shower to see what I could find to experiment with. I found a toothbrush (no-one was using it) and stepped back into the shower. I then sat down, and put my legs up on the opposite wall, so my pussy was open. I then started rubbing my clit with the end of the toothbrush, and it felt so good. What felt even better was rather than putting my hand straight on my clit with the toothbrush, I put my arm under my right leg, THEN started rubbing it. It felt so good, and by that time I was also squeezing my boobs. Now, I do the same thing every time I take a shower. Remember: always make sure the item you choose to play with has been washed with soap first!

-Submitted December 18, 2010

Using horn intense vibrations for orgasm

I like to performe the horn sound masturbation. First I wear the black one piece body hugging swimming costume then I took out my loud set of horn (the integrated set of complete horn kit) realy enormous one and place the horn with mouth upward on my bed mattress surrounded by pillows so that little sound and vibrations comes out of my house. then I lay over it as my stomach touches the horn mouth which is ready to rock my stomech and the other hand on push on button taking controle of rocking session in a rythmic way. After that I hold the power supply button and start honking the horn continuously again and again. The enormous buzzzz of intense sound vibrations directly enters into the stomach and a storm of humming and buzzing vibrations produces in side the stomach with enormous horn sound !!!!--pannnnnn--pannnnnn...Pannnnnnn---PannnnnnnnnnPannnnnnnn. the whole stomach deep inside vibrates with the intense sound vibrations that is too penetrating and intense that I cannot hold my stomach against the horn through a complete honkkkkk of buzzing horn because of intense intolerable tingling and erotic sensation with pleasure deep inside so I honk the horn in small pulses and in between long honking like pompnpnpnpnpn-- pompompompompommmm----pommmm--Panpanpanpanpannnnnnn-- -Pannnnnnnnn---Pannnnnnn--Pann-PannPannn Repeatedly continuously again and again. Each time when I honkkkk the horn in a continuos rythm that will rock my stomech deep inside and take me to higher level of pleasure and near to orgasm but then I just taking a small pause in the honking horn session and take breath (during the pause I still fell my stomech vibrate like the horn is inside me) then again start repeat the same procedure with different different type and intensities of horns such as truck Air horn, Train horn, big vibra horn the extreemely intense one whose flat diapharam directely touches to the stomech and send whole enormous intense vibrations right into the stomech with rocking sensation but the train horn is mind blowingg!!!!! very very loud and extreemely intense with enormous vibrations rocking whole body with solid sound and reverbrations of Pommmmmm---mmmmm--mmmm--mm-mm-m---Pommmmmmmmmm-- mmmmm--mm-mm-m only one session of this horn end up with colapsing body orgasm. I repeatd the different horn sessions on my stomech several times till I cannot control my self and taking complete horn vibrations without taking off the stomech from horn insted I just move my stomech up and down left and right with continuos honking of horn in small pauses and feeling of shivers with each honkkk--- Pannnnnn......Pannnn...starting from deep insde the stomech to whole body again and again ultimately with several repeated session of horn pannnn--Pannnnn I end up with exteemely intense orgasm colapsing on horn. Another one I love train horn session in which when I honkk the train horn (single matelec long tube Air horn) the extreemely intense hummmm of Ponnnnnnnnnnnnnn---- Ponnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn---Ponnnnnnnnnnnnnn with slowly decreasing reverbration hummmm vibrates and buzzzzz whole body and I repedly move my stomech up and down some time touches the horn mouth where matelec vibrations enormous then again upward where the sound intensity is maximum and enormous I cannot set escape my stomech from intense sound vibrations ponnnnnnnn..nnnnn....nnn Ponnnnnnnnnn....nnnnn...nnnn..nn and reverbration of horn is equaly effective that one reverbration is about to end the other ponnnnnnnn....ponnnnnnnn comes and a complete cycle of up and down vibrations rock my stomech deepely continuasly even with small pauses ultimately leads me to intense orgasm. Eevery time I hear a sound of horn from outside or on road I just turn on and feeling as it was for me on my stomech.

-Submitted December 18, 2010

Cold and Warm - Masturbating with Ice

I've read on here about trying ice cubes before, but I always thought that it would be a bit painful. Well, one day, I was really horny while texting my boyfriend and reading stories on this site. I had read the ice thing over and over, and I wanted to try it. So, I got a cup of ice water, a towel, and my nutrogena wave and brought them upstairs. I put the towel underneath me on my bed (Warning: if you want to try this, make sure you have a lot of towels, a lot of water will run out of your vagina and soak through a few towels.) and stuck an ice cube in my vagina.

It kind of hurt at first, so I took it out and rubbed it on my lips and clit first. Then I stuck it back in, and it felt great. It was chilling and tingly, and my favorite thing to do is to clench my kegal muscles (the ones in your vagina) and try to keep the melting ice water from leaking out. Then I held the wave to my clit, and it felt really good. But I wasn't really getting anywhere.

So then I (with my clothes back on, a pad in my underwear, ice cube in my vagina, and wave on my clit) walked to the bathroom, took my clothes off, put my hair in a ponytail, and turned the water in the bath tub on. The water was hot, the ice cubes were cold, and it sent me over the edge almost immediately. It was an awesome orgasm.

Now I just start off in the tub whenever I take a shower. It's great!!!!

-Submitted December 18, 2010

Fill me up

I like masturbating in my bathroom. I sit naked on the edge of the toilet seat. Knees bent with one foot up against the wall and the other resting on the side of the bathtub. Then I lean back and start stroking my breasts with both hands, and move down to touch my belly and then my inner thighs. When I can't stand it any longer I gently touch my pubic hair, working slowly towards my clit. I only briefly touch my clit before wanting to check how wet I am. Usually at this stage I'm VERY wet. I open my labias and using one finger I start penetrating my pussy. After a while I insert a second finger and it feels great! I turn the fingers around, wiggling them to touch myself everywhere inside my pussy. When I'm starting to go crazy I remove one of the fingers (usually I start with the middle finger, then indexfinger - so I remove the index finger) and start sliding in my ring finger instead. By the time the fingers are soaked with juices I can gently slide all three fingers into me. It feels absolutely amazing!!! It's tight and it makes me wanna scream. That tight feeling is the best! If I want to really go for it, I take all the fingers out, and with the side of my hand I stroke the side of my little finger against my wet pussy. I'm usually dripping at this stage and it feels like I'm gonna explode. Then I slide the tips of all for fingers into my pussy and push them in. My pussy stretches and it feels soooooo good. I climax within a few seconds - and often without even getting more than an inch of my fingers in. The sensation of the tightness in my pussy and agaist my fingers is mind blowing. Try it and you will have an amazing orgasm...

-Submitted December 18, 2010


I was divorced a few years ago, after my husband found out I was infertile. what a jerk, he only wanted me for the kids. so, after we separated, as a rebellious act, I adopted. Sunny was half a pair of twins, but shed been taken from her sister years before. when she came to live with me, she was 16 it took a while to get her acceptance, of course, but we became best friends eventually. I gave her everythin she wanted, and I think I was a pretty good parent. the one thing she was extremely uncomfortable about was sex. if we were watching a movie and there was anything more intimate than a quick kiss, she would blush and mumble, im gin to the bathroom. I think she was trying to hide her discomfort, but I wasnt stupid. one day, when she was abt 17I went to her room and she was sitting there reading. I pulled up a chair and said, dear, I know you're not very comfortable talking about this, but you;re at that age, and I need to give you 'the talk' her cheecks were crimson, so I put my arm around her. Ill keep it short. if your going to hump a boy, use a condom. if youre sexually active, if you want, ill put you on birth control. its your cohice. but let me just tell you that I think masturbation is better than sex. no dirty no-good men needed. she grimaced and told me that she wasnt a virgin and that she'd had an abortion before living with me. I was surprised because that never showed up in her records and she said that her previous foster mom payed for an abortion, then dumped her at child services, and that she already knew abt masturbation. I asked if she did it often and she said almost every nite. Wow, I said. I never knew. I asked if she ever masturbated with anyone else, because id read a lot about that happening at sleepovers and she spent about two nights a week at various friends houses. she said no but ive always wanted to. now, I was quite young, only 23, so I was only a few years older than her. I got that michevious glint in my eye and said, do you want to try it now? she looked up at me curiously and said you mean...? I nodded and she nodded back. I thoght the best way to start was to instantly gratify her and see if she was pleased before trying to make it last. she only wore undies and a very long Tshirt that used to be my husbands, so I lifted the shirt and rubbed her through her undies. she almost orgasmed right there, and she still has a very sensitive clit. I pulled sunnys shirt off and sucked her breasts while I peeeled her wet panties off. I gave her oral, and she loved it. I told her to wait for a minute, then went to grab all my sex toys. I used a dildo on both her vagina and asshole. it hurt her to get humped in the butt, b/c she'd never done that before. she orgasmed so much that night. finally, she collapsed on the bed panting and said, its your turn. she masturbated me even better than I did and soon I was screaming with pleasure. one of my sex toys wwas a pluch manniquin that had a stiff penis, like a sex doll for girls, but it had like ten dicks in random places. you could fold them down so they would not poke you while you humped another, so I folded most down, leaving one on each side. sunny eased onto it, then layed down on her bed. sittin on top of her, I got my vagina around the massive fake penis and curlled my arms so I was hugging the doll and sunny, then humped. the dick was so think and long that it didnt move in my vag, but it pulled the other in and out of sunny. we had a ton a fun that day, and we still masturbate together. I am dreading when she goes to college because I know she will be studying a lot, but I know that she will have a lot of test. hey, someone needs to get rid of all that extra stress ;)

-Submitted December 20, 2010


I love to think of women when I masturbate although I have never touched a woman or masturbated with one. I get really turned on by the thought of a sexy woman wearing nothing but a suspender belt and stockings. I get some stockings and wrap them around my dildo then I rub my pussy hard against it. I get so turned on that the stockings get wet with my pussy juice. Then when I'm really wet I ease the stocking wrapped dildo inside my pussy and hump myself hard. Sometimes I straddle the dildo and bounce around on it as it has a suction cup on the bottom of it so I can stick it to furniture or walls and ride it hard. I love the feeling of the stockings inside my pussy. I watch myself in the mirror and video myself of take pictures of myself riding the stockinged dildo. Sometimes I put a stockng on my hand and rub my clitoris and pussy lips. I just love the feeling. I would love to meet a woman to masturbate with or a woman that would let me rub my naked wet pussy on her stockinged legs until I cum. Does anyone else like this and do this too? I also like looking at porn of men wearing panties and stockngs...i love to see a hard cock poking out of the side of a pair of sexy panties or straining against a pair of tights. I would like to know if any other women also like this.

-Submitted December 20, 2010


My bedroom has this chair thing in it, and it is really pointy in the corner.first I get on my computer and watch lesbian porn(im lesbian and proud!!!)after that I take off all of my clothes and spread apart my legs as far as they will go. then I spread apart my labia with my fingers and put the corner on my clit. when I get all wet, I put the corner inside of my vagina and wiggle it around. sometimes I stop and wait for a minute when im about to organism, then when I start again and I have a mind blowing organism!!!!! Ok even though im at work right now, I have to relieve myself! Good thing I have my 2 hour brake in 20 minutes!!!

-Submitted December 21, 2010

Best Friend Fun D

Alright now i've been masterbationg since I was like 5 or so because I used to take my sheets and rub them in between my legs. I didn't know what the feeling was but all I knew was that it felt good. but anyway I had the most AMAZING orgasm of my life yesterday and I thought i'd tell you how. So I was at my friend Allison's house yesterday and we are really comfortable around each-other and we've talked about sex and masterbation before. Anyway she asked my how I masterbated and I told her I used a vibrating toothbrush and then she told me that she used a dildo from her moms box of sex toys she'd found. then she asked me if I wanted her to masterbate me because she'd heard it was better with somebody else. I said why not and then we both got naked and relaxed on her bed and watched some porn for a while to get ourselves wet. after we were wet she went and got her moms box and pulled out some handcuffs. I told her I wasn't sure but she pinned me down and handcuffed one arm to each side of her bedpost and one leg to each side at the bottom so my legs were open wide. then she gently started teasing me down there. I told her that I thought that she should let me go but she told me to shut-up. then she started gently licking me down there until I was about ready to cum but she told me to hold it. then, she pulled out this huge vibrator like 8 in. or something and shoved it into me. I had to try hard not to scream because i'd never had anything inside me. then after she started taking it out and shoving it back in and I was already orgasming she turned the thing on full blast vibrating and I just about lost it. her parent weren't home but her older brother was and he heard me yelling and came into the room and saw me all tied up with a vibrator stuck inside of me. well I guess he was turned on or something because he then took out his dick and shoved it to the back of my throat until he came in my mouth.and the vibrator was still on inside of me and I was about to die of pleasure. anyway finally Allison untied me and told me that her parents would be home soon and that she wanted to do this again sometime. I told her I would too and we already arranged for me to go over there again next week. glad it's not today though because my vagina is SORE!!! Happy masterbating!

-Submitted December 22, 2010

My Naughty Time

I usually start by stripping completely naked when no one is around. I pinch my nipples until they are hard, and I slowly rub my fingers against my pussy, making sure I am very wet. Next, I grab a thick marker and rub it against and between my wet pussy lips, covering it with my wetness. I like to bend over a desk or get down on all fours so I can get good access to my ass hole. I rub the wet marker against my tight ass hole and then thrust it all the way inside me, so only the tip is left out. Then I hump myself anally until my hole starts to hurt. I can make my pussy cum so fast if I hump my ass really hard. One time, I heard someone come to the door when I had just shoved the marker up my ass. I quickly put on panties and threw on a bath robe and answered the door. There was my neighbor from next door, she was so sexy. She was standing there, her mouth open, staring at me. I had forgotten to do up my robe and she was staring at my naked boobs. She asked to borrow something from the kitchen, so she followed me into the house, but she noticed I was walking a lil funny. She pushed me against the wall suddenly, the marker went deeper into my asshole and I moaned. She gasped while I blushed furiously. She asked me what was wrong. I didn't know what to say. So I undid my bath robe, pulled down my panties and turned around so she could see that I had anally penetrated myself with a marker. She stood there staring at me. I leaned over the kitchen bench so she could get a better view of my ass. I started to hump myself slowly while my pussy juice started to drip from my cunt. She pulled my hand away from the marker, ripped it out of my asshole with one swift motion. Then thrust it back inside me and she began humping me so hard I started to cry. I begged her to stop cause it was hurting so bad, but she kept anally humping me, making my pussy cum over and over. She comes over a lot and makes sure to put different things in my asshole. I love being her little anal slut. But sometimes I can't sit down very well when she's done with me. I love being anally humped, especially by a sexy girl.

-Submitted December 23, 2010

towel fun

I couldn't get an orgasm to save my life! then I tried this and it never fails me! fold up a towel as many times as you can. then put on your tightest pair of jeans. drape the towel over the edge of a bathtub and sit on it with one leg in the tub and one leg out. then begin to thrust your hips back and forth. first start slow then when its feeling good go faster and faster as desired. don't think about trying to get an orgasm or it won't happen just keep thinking about how good it feels. say it over and over and breathe deeply and moan a little too if you can (it helps) then bam! instant orgasm. even works great with other people in the house cause you don't have to moan and they never have to know! I usually do it before a shower cause once im horny I lay in the bath tub and let the warm water run over my clitoris and vagina and I get another orgasm. trust me these will work!

-Submitted December 26, 2010

Best Orgasm

I discovered this technique when I was 12. Okay all you need is - Internet and access to Porn - A razor that vibrates - A Pen - Ice Cubes Go into your bathroom or other room thats lockable. With your go on to a Porn site and choose what film you want Strip Start rubbing your nibbles to get them perky start rubbing your clit and vagina will your juicy Rub that all over your clit Take the Blades off the razor and press the vibrating end agaisnt your clit. insert as many ice-cubes as you can into your vagina and ass. Rubbing your lips,clit and legs contiusouly.

You'll be screaming and orgasming in mintues.

-Submitted December 26, 2010

using bingo dabber

I have not had sex for 10 years. After reading these stories and losing my husband , I needed a release. I take cooking oil, put the dabber in it, rub my cllit with it and then insert and move What an orgasm after so many years. I was probably partially virginal again, so there was a little blood, but no matter. I need to go again!1

-Submitted December 27, 2010

So many ways

I have been masturbating since I was very young. My older sister (also young) taught me how, though I don't think she even knew what she was doing. One way to do it is a dry hump against the corner of your bed. Do this by stacking up a few pillows on the corner so it doesn't hurt. Then (taking clothes off) sit on the corner and slowly pull yourself up and down against the edge. It's best to think of something in your mind to get you horny. Another way is using a stairway railing. Mine is the perfect size. All you need to do is straddle the railing, open your legs as much as possible, and pull yourself up the railing. Another way is the side of the tub. Straddle the tub's edge and pull yourself along it. There are a few other ways, and while I use my fingers daily, I find these techniques unique and fun. If you are just using your fingers, however, there are a few tips. One is to try and keep your feet off the bed if you are masturbating on your back in bed. It may be more work to keep your legs up, but it helps! Also, when you're on the stair railing, only use the muscles in your arms to pull you up, just barely let your clit rub against it. In every way, closing my eyes helps. Have fun pleasuring yourself!

-Submitted December 27, 2010

Super Excitement

It all started when I was 13. My math teacher would lecture for a long time and I would get so bored. So I would wrap my legs around the corner of the chair and start humping. I felt excited and naughty to be doing it in class and that made me super wet. In minutes I would cum but I tried not to make any noise. This helped so much to make it through the rest of the year.

-Submitted December 27, 2010

Homemade Dildo

I wanted to stick something in my pusssy, but didnt no what as I am a virgin, so I decided to get some clay or Play Doh. Get some cling film, and make yourself really wet it feels so good. Plus when your fnshed you can remodel the clay and throw away the clingfilm. Its a cheap way to pleasure yourself.

-Submitted December 28, 2010


The best way to have a great orgasm is to use a smooth rounded edge of wooden furniture It warms up quicker than metal. Put lots of lube on your clit and then position so you can stand or kneel and rub yourself very softly at first on the edge of the furniture. As it starts to feel very good slow down and hold off and then start again. Do this in front of a mirror if its a small piece that you can move, and you will get off seeing your body as you hump the edge of a chair. It feels so great its hard to hold back but its worth it when you come.

-Submitted December 28, 2010

In the mirror

One day, after a shower, I was really horny so I started masturbating rubbing my clitoris and tits. I moved in front of the mirror and watched my self get wetter until I found a sharpie and stuck it in to my vagina thrusting it against my g-spot making me squirt all up the mirror. After squirting I shoved the marker into my bum and rubbed my clitoris making me squirt even more.

-Submitted December 29, 2010

Rub 'n hump

I can normally get an orgasm from penetration or clit stimulation. I never tried the humping thing, so I did. then I had a fabulous idea. I wanted to try humping AND rubbing my clit. heres what you do: step 1: start off with a pillow or blanket swaddled in between your thighs, with just enough room to fit your hand in. DONT START HUMPING! step 2:start rubbing your clit slowly. gradually increase speed step 3:when you think your hand cant go any faster, start humping. you might cum before you hump, but thats fine. HAPPY HUMPING LADIES!!!!!

-Submitted December 29, 2010

Just Rubbing

OK so what you do is make sure that you are alone and not to be bothered. Put on some nice porn. (i love lesbian porn. im bi) Then you strip down and stroke your entire body very very lightly. This in itself feels nice. Not is a sexual way nice, but still nice and it will get you turned on. Next, you take your fingers and just start to rub your clit. I usually go hard and fast. It gives me an orgasm within 5 minutes and I usually have to bite down on something to keep me from screaming. Something to help the orgasm, take a marker and shove it up your ass and move it as your rubbing your clit. Have fun ladies. (;

-Submitted December 30, 2010


even though it doesnt make me orgasm, I looove to put my index finger on my largest pussy lip and start rubbing it against the other one real slow (you have to be wet to do this) & then eventually go faster and faster.

it also feels really good to listen to a song and rub it to the tune of the music.

-Submitted December 29, 2010

Not just for teeth

I've been masturbating since I was 10, and I absolutely love it! What I do is I get an electric toothbrush - not one that I use - and put the head of it on my clit. Then, I turn it on to maximum speed and get a mind blowing orgasm in less than a minute!

(/p)(hr /)-Submitted December 28, 2010


First you need an electric toothbrush. thats it. so you go into the washroom and lock the door. get the toothbrush and massage your clit with it, but dont turn it on yet! when your ready, turn the toothbrush on and rub your clit with it, massaging slowly. if this doesnt get you to orgasm, turn it off, insert it into your vagina and turn it on again. Hump yourelf. keep switching back and forth from clit massage-f*k-clit massage-f*k until you orgasm!! WORKS EVERY TIME!!!(/p)

-Submitted December 30, 2010

Quick Clean

I have been doing this for awhile now and it gets me to orgasm every time... I take an electric toothbrush (not the spinning kind) and place it inside my inner lips. I turn it on and slowly shove it deeper and deeper inside me. I get wet almost instantly, and I come soon after. I come so hard at least 3 times, and have multiple orgasms in just about 10 minutes. Another tip is, if you close your legs while doing this, no one can hear the vibration so it's a good way to masturbate if you're feeling horny and the family's home.

-Submitted December 30, 2010


So I'm a young horny teen who is looking for a good orgasm. I get so stressed out and a good orgasm helps me unwind. So late at night when everyone is sleeping I close my door in my bedroom and go watch some lesbian porn. I can feel myself starting to get wet. So I slide my cute silk panties down and slip my hands in between my legs. I'm All wet and ready so I stArt rubbing my clit and start getting really hot and like I neeed to take a cold shower while still watching the porn and eventually I come. Hard. I then take my fingers out and suck on them. After I fall asleep instantly.

-Submitted December 31, 2010

The Best Way to Orgasm

I start by reading hot masterbation stories online, then I switch to watching porn. As I'm reading the stories and/or watching the porn I start to rub my pussy/clit (the whole thing) and buck my hips to get as wet as possible, the wetness turns me on SO much. And if I'm home alone or if my parents are asleep, I moan so much. Believe me it helps turn you on so fast and get you really wet. Then get in my tub and put my feet up against the wall so my pussy is underneath the nozzle. Then I turn the water on so its just a low stream and position myself so it hits my clit and ass. Then while this is happening I rub my nipples and watch porn. It feels beyond amazing and makes me SOSOSO wet and cum so hard, it's fantastic and feels similar to, if not better than a vibrator. Something about the warm water hitting my pussy gives me the most intense orgasms I've ever had, especially when I'm really horny. Writing this is makeing me sooo horny, my underwear is soaking wet. I'm already touching myself and getting excited!

-Submitted December 31, 2010


I had never been able to properly cum, squirt, or orgasm really. And I never knew, I just thought they weren't as powerful as people portrayed them to be. But boy was I wrong!! Me and my boyfriend were mutually masturbating through text message tonight actually. [We each masturbate and tell the other, in detail ;), what we are doing] and I decided to lay on my back and take my favoritee toy. [The end of a brush handle XD] and shove it in me as hard and fast as it would go!! I came everywhere! And I even squirted a little ;). Have fun :D hope this helpedd.

[It helps if you arch your back and bite your lip, I had to bite a blanket to keep myself from screamingg!]


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