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Women Masterbating

Female Masterbation Story Archive - November 2010

November 1, 2010


I have a plunger at home that has a plastic anal-bead type handle, which really cones in handy when I haven't seen my boyfriend in a while. I'll use the suction cup part of it to stick it to the wall of the tub and I'll get on all fours and move back and forth with it inside me as if I'm getting done from behind and when I'm about to cum, I stop and wait about 30 seconds, then I'll move so my clit is under a stream of water from the faucet in the shower until I'm about to cum again, and I go back and forth between the 2, just denying my orgasm until I can't take it anymore. When that happens, I finger myself painfully slowly until I have a mind-blowing orgasm.

November 1, 2010

Fast and Slow

There are several different ways that I masturbate. It all depends on how aroused I am and how fast I want to reach orgasm. On days where I want to take my time I lay out a towel underneath me and explore my body. I will generally start with all my layers of clothing on and slowly get down to direct contact with my genitals. I make sure that I am really wet and I start to spread my juices all over. This is where I fantasize about women usually. Though I consider myself straight, fantasizing about women really turns me on. I fantasize about them giving me an oral and putting their fingers inside of me (while I actually put my fingers inside of me). I generally try to pause when I am on the edge of coming, but I usually only make it to two almost climaxes before I orgasm.

When I want it fast and hard I will reach down my panties with two fingers and flick my labia really quickly. This takes some time to learn the best technique, but when you come, you come hard.

November 3, 2010

cucumber or any fruit or vegg

I love taking a cucumber, putting it in the microwave for 15 seconds and then wash it. Then the warmth makes my pussy feel soooo good then I like going in soooo deep and just raming it in and out of my vagina until I CUMMMM YUM

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November 3, 2010

Pussy fun

I love masturbating, its the best thing in the world. I usually sart by watching lesbian porn and reading stories online, then when my pussy is really wet and I cant take it any more I go into room take off all my close and start to rub my wet fat pussy (i try to finger myself many times, but I cant)i start rubbing my pussy slow while spreading my juices and faster and harder until I cum, and I do it over and over my pussy is calling me, gotta go masturbate

November 4, 2010

My Weakness and other stuff

Okay before I talk about my weakness I should say something about me

I'm straight. totally straight. Though I do get kind of turned on by Lesbian porn. But I have also noticed I like to watch like... gay porn. I fantasize about guy's penises alot, sometimes during skool. I like watching guys jerk off. Or watch them f*ck each other while the guy who is being f*cked is jerking off.

That was going on for a while and it still is but now I have a big weakness. It grew. I have always had this weakness but it is like huge now

I have a weakness for male doctors. Just the look of their eyes. Reading them in literature. Maybe it is because of past expierences but seriously.

So one time I was watching some Hentai Porn. I watch that kind of born when I am not in the mood to have a orgasm. I was watching it and I came across some sort of video. I think it was like Male Doctor fingers nurse or something. And the guy. He was beginning to lick the nurse's pussy. And the look in his eyes. The way the glasses flashed just immediatly made me go up another step. I felt like 10 inches closer to an orgasm.

I went over to the Male Masturbations stories here two days ago and I saw two that had guys explaining there fathers were doctors and in one of the it was their father was masturbatin and the other time it was father explaining to his son about these body parts and masturbation. And it had A LOT of mutual masturbation. I was turned on so freaking much that I could not hold my orgasm for another 3 minutes and I had a very intense orgasm. I was only fingering myself a little.

November 5, 2010

Squirt lesson

I'm here to teach you how to have the strongest orgasm of your life! How to squirt (have a female ejaculation) First of all every single girl can achive it! So here what to do:

Step one: Get horny and wet. You can even have a normal orgasm. The more excited you are the less time it will take for you to squirt.

Step two: Push 2 fingers in your vagina face up and start pressing up toward your clitoris like you want to touch it but by inside. PRESS it like each seconds. (this is how to stimulate your g-spot)

Step three: Once you got it and it feels good make it fast and hard. You will soon feel like you need to pee. Dont be afraid its normal. If you arent sure then go pee and do it again. You will still have the feeling but remember you just pee so there cant be anymore. Do not be afraid! When it gets intense just go faster and harder and let it all gush out!

Step four: Squirt all over! You can squirt more than once the more you do it the more intense it will get!

Tip: to get it twice stronger put something in your ass like a pen or handle of hairbrush. Enjoy!!!

November 5, 2010

All alone

I've been masterbating for a few years now.

Everynight before I go to sleep, I like to get undressed and get in my bed. I lsay on my stumache, I lick my middle and ring finger on my right hand and palce them into my vagina. I use the palm of my right hand on my clit at the same time, and then I rock my hips back and fourth. It takes a while to get use to this technique.

Another way I love to masterbate is by using an electric toothbrush and a balloon. I get a balloon, and put warm/hot water in it. I put it into my vagina and put underwear on. After that I stack a few pillows on my bed and climb ontop of it and put one leg on each side of the pillows. After that I get my toothbrush and I put it in my underwear and on my clit and turn it on. I like putting my laptop infront of me, and watching myself on cam or watching porn while I ride away. It gives a really intense orgasm. Because you have underwear on, no matter how much you move your hips after you orgasm the toothbrush is going to stay on your clit until you move it which means it's going to be really intense after your orgasm.

Pictues of Nude Men
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Pictures of Nude Women
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November 7, 2010

ohh feels good...

 i watch porn or read this website first. I rub my pussy while laying on my stomach. with the other hand, I put hair clips on my nipples. I get naked and then I rub myself all over and moan so hard. I hump pillows and lick my nipples. I reach the climax then clear liquid shoots out of my vagina. I do this at night, every night. I love it! I feel so sexy, I look at myself in the mirror sometimes while doing this. Guaranteed orgasm! Well, I'm off to go do it now!

November 9, 2010

My sister's helping hand

Up until now in my late twenties I have always been uncomfortable about masturbating myself. I have a very good sexual relationship with my present boyfriend who is divorced and ten years older than me but we both get a bit upset when I can’t stimulate myself, something he frequently says he would love to watch. The odd thing is that I love watching him masturbate himself and get huge enjoyment stimulating his six inch hard uncircumcised penis to orgasm.

One night I was staying at my parents home when they were away. My very attractive, confident and sexy younger sister and her boyfriend occupied the next bedroom. At about midnight through rather thin walls I could clearly hear them talking and laughing . I then happened to find a slight gap in an adjoining door to find their light on and could very clearly see her laying on the bed masturbating herself with him kneeling over her with a very hard erection. As the excitement grew she arched her back, groaned and moaned until she had what was obviously a hugely satisfying orgasm. He then went down on her and humped her hard until he ejaculated

At about four in the morning I was awoken by the sound of someone going downstairs so I decided to do the same. I found her in the kitchen drinking a a cup of coffee so I joined her. She said she hoped she had not disturbed me earlier so I plucked up enough courage to tell her of my problem and that I had seen what had happened. I am very close to my little sister so putting our arms around each other she said lets find time to talk about it.

Several weeks later we duly met in my apartment . As we agreed to relax and be totally open we both undressed and lay on the bed. We had never talked and acted in this way before and indeed never seen each other naked in adulthood. She told me she had regularly masturbated on her own for about ten years. We then lay on my bed as I watched her fondle her breasts down towards her by now moist pussy. I was then able to watch how she moved her fingers in and out of her vagina and clit. As I began to gain confidence I then lay on the bed and copied her with the aid of a helping hand but without climaxing.

The following morning she came into my room and I did it again this time with a big climax. She simply kissed me and said now go for it with my boyfriend.

The following weekend my boyfriend came to stay the night as usual. I decided to surprise him and did not tell him of my experience. He was utterly amazed at what I could now do for him. Our sex life has since taken on another dimension. We only meet about once every week or ten days. I now find myself masturbating about every other day. On occasions I ring him up at night and we describe what we are doing to ourselves. It has also led to him introducing me to your website. This new found confidence has since allowed me to actually write this true story.

November 10, 2010

Fingering and other techniques

I've been masturbating since the age of 14. And over the years, ive learnt a lot of different ways to cum. Initially I only used to rub myself hard and I used to cum fast. Now along with rubbing, I put my fingers into my pussy...and as I rub I keep pushing my fingers in an out faster...and I orgasm hard...REAL HARD...I also put in different things like markers or tampons to get an orgasm. also try the showerhead...water spraying on the pussy....its an ecstatic feeling!! And if you are into very kinky and pervy stuff, watch Hentai(Japanese Anime Porn) you'll get turned by a lot of stuff in that!

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November 10, 2010


So, once im done reading w o n d e r f u l stories like these. I get in the bathtub, turn on the water, And I just let the water do its thing. I absolutly LOVE doing this. Its completely AMAZING

November 11, 2010

Good Masturbation Part 1

Firstly, go into the bathroom before a bath. Lock the door! Lie naked on the floor on top of a towel. Get a normal toothbrush and use the handle bit. Get some vaseline and rub a lot round your vagina, especially inside the walls. Then rub on your nipples and breasts. (Leave the toothbrush beside you for a minute) Using your hands, touch yourself around your boobs and everywhere. Then when you feel ready, grab the toothbrush and using the handle bit, gently tickle the top of your clit. Then put some vaseline on the toothbrush and rub it on. Do this for about a minute while massaging your boobs and stomach. Then gently and slowly rub the handle up and down your vagina. Do it slowly and gently or else it won't be good. Leading up to the orgasm it just as good. Anyway, do this for a few minutes, and return to tickling your clit. Close your eyes and concentrate on how the handle slides up and down your vagina. The vaseline should make it slippery. You may want to go faster, but DON'T. Once you feel cum, go a tiny bit harder and faster, teasing your vagina. Breath harder and faster. When you can't stand it, begin to go faster. Keep the handle sliding up and down. Then slowly edge the handle sort of near your poop hole. Once you think you've got it, begin to slide it up and down then near the poop hole. If you're ready for the climax, then go as fast and hard as you like but be careful, don't hurt yourself. Its so amazing I love the feeling of it. Enjoy!

Good Masturbation Part 2

I'd like to share another masturbation story. When you go to have your bath or shower, lock the door. Wearing just your knickers, get a towel and fold it so it fits inside your knickers. Lie on the floor stomach down, and begin to move your body up and down. You may need to adjust the towel so it fits comfortably. Start slowly at first. When you feel ready, go a little harder. You will have to find your way of humping the towel to get it right. Once you do, it feels so great! Its like you're humping a dick. This is only a quick masturbation so I don't use it so much. Its not easy to take it slowly with this one, because you have to keep the pace. So just keep on going anyway. After this you may feel tired and might not have a sexual desire to hump the towel once you finish. Enjoy!

November 11, 2010

1.get undressed and turn on warm water and lay in the tub.

2. take conditioner and rub it everywhere but what ever you do dont put it in you vagina. try the inside of your thighs and breast.

3.separate your legs and put them up on the wall with your vagina below the faucet. take your fingers and open your vagina wide. when you are a little more used to this method you wont need your hands at all, just use them to rub your body. then just let the pounding water slam into your vagina, it feels amazing.

4.close your eyes and picture some hot guy on you really slamming on you and grabbing your breast really hard. this isnt necessary if your not prepared though.

this normally give me an instant orgasm and all you need is conditioner and a plain old tub. I love it so much! another bonus since we still share a house is that there is no suspicion. also if youre home alone try shouting some. most the time I start shouting and breathing hard without even meaning too!

November 11, 2010

What are friends for

Once I went to my bffs house for a sleepover because her dad was in the army and her mom was staying with relatives in a different state. we started plying truth or dare and the convorsation eventually led to sex. she asked if I was still a virgin, even though she knew I was b/c we were only 13(we already knew abt sex). I asked her if she ever kissed anyone, she said, no, but I really want to. she seemed really sad that shed never been kissed, so I leaned over and kissed her. she looked at me, shocked, and I thought maybe I shouldnt have done that. but she said can we do that again? so we started watching a movie and we kissed a lot. by the time the movie was half done, we wanted more than just close-mouth kisses, so I asked if she wanted to try making out. we did it, and she got really excited and slipped her tongue into my mouth, and we started makin out for real. by now, I wsa really horny. I wasnt sure if I should do it, but I was too horny to resist. I rubbed her belly a little then slipped my hand under her shirt and sqeezed her huge boobs. she gasped, then moaned. in return, she sqeezed my boobs too. I think we should try having sex, she said. I didnt know that two girls could have sex, so I told her that. she grabbed my hand and pulled me to her parents room. take off your clothes, she told me. I stripped down, facing away from her b/c I wasnt all that comfortable, but when I turned around again, she was completely naked. her body was beautiful, with slim hips and big boobs. I could feel my juices running down my leg a little. she patted the bed and I jumped on it, sitting right next to her. can I touch you there? I asked. she grinned and noodded. I prodded though her pubes with one finger and felt around her area, stroking her clit and vagina. she was moaning really loud so while I touched her I sucked her nipple, and it got really hard. it reminded me of a boner, so I sucked harder. we did this for ten minutes, then we switched. she said it was her turn to pleasure me, so I layed down and stetched a litlle. she started by rubbing my stomach, and I was so excited I almost came. but I held back. then she said, hold on, ill b right back and she went to the bathroom. she came back with a tube of toothpaste and smeared it all over my privates. the timgle felt so good. we masturbated for a while, then she sucked me out, and I did it to her, too. when we couldnt take it anymore, we held our lips open and pressed our pussies together. when we let go, our lips locked on top of each other, and we humped while making out. later, we found some dildos and used them, on each other, but the humping felt the best, so we did that more. after we were done, we went back to the living room, but we were still horny. she wanted to get more excited, though, so I took her to the patio in the back, and we had sex there. we've been doing it for 3 years, but it still feels great. we both think that masturbating w/ each other is way better than real sex.

November 12, 2010

Female Masturbation Videos

I love playing with myself. I usually watch lesbian porn first on the internet, on the female masturbation videos section, it usually only takes me 1 video or so, until i'm very wet. Sometimes i'll put my hand inside my nickers while watching the video to tease myself a little bit and feel how wet I really am. After the videos have finished and my pussy is begging me to go and play with it, i'll go and lay down on either the sofa or my bed, i'll strip off all my clothes, but leave my nickers on. Then I start playing with my boobs, stroking on top of my nickers, rubbing my clit, until I can feel my underwear soaking wet, this is well i'll take them off. I usually smell my underwear as it turns me on, other times i'll rub them over my pussy coz it feels dirty and naughty. Then i'll get my fingers and rub them up and down my pussy tasting myself as I go along, making myself wetter and wetter, sliding my middle finger deep inside me really fast and rubbing my clit with my other hand.. when I feel like im about to cum, I stop, then I start again. I do this a few times, until I feel I need something bigger inside me, thats when i'll get my make up brush or the end of my hairbrush and i'll start humping myself with it, deep and fast, moaning ao loud coz it feels amazing, then I rub my clit so hard until I cum all over whatever I have put inside me

Off to do that now.. I'm dripping!

November 12, 2010

Ways to be turned on

Watch porn on Girl Masturbation Yanks. Some of its kinda disturbing though...i watch this woman masturbating by herself. She has a sex toy and uses it to stick in her pussy. When she groans its like high pitched and sexy and it turns me on real bad. When ur on ur period and can't masturbate properly, its annoying and pees you off big time. Like now. I'm reading all these stories and can't masturbate.

November 12, 2010


I think rubbing my pussy with normal writing pens is the best way to maturbate ... I dont doit gently or anything , I just rub as hard as I can with my pens untill I cant take any more ... then I do it again, and again , and again ! it is very gooooooooooOOOOoood

I am in my second year of secondary school

November 12, 2010

Lesbian Videos

I have just realized the pure thrill of masturbation a couple of months ago. I started out by using a Q-tip. As silly as that sounds, it got me started. I would rub my clit and feel a nice sensation. Now, I have learned to use my fingers and a vibrator. My vibrator is actually just a back massager, but works wonders. I lay in bed and tease my clit as I read juicy stories online and sometimes watch lesbian videos even though I am straight. This turns me on so much and makes me so horny that I just have to turn on my vibrator. I put it right up to my clit and fantasize about a hot guy licking my pussy. I moan and say his name and this brings me to a wonderful, breath taking climax.

November 12, 2010

Masturbating is fun when there is another person doing it too

I have been masturbating since I was a child. I first discovered masturbation when I was in the bath tub the shampoo bottle fell off of one of the racks and landed slightly in between my legs and on my lap. In my mind I thought that felt really good, so when I would take baths I would slap the shampoo bottles on my clitoris until I reach the tingly feeling. Now that I am older I have more mature techniques that I use when I am sexually aroused. Like humping pillows and fingering. Just recently I discovered something new and way more pleasurable. I have a boyfriend that lives far away. I can only talk to him on the phone and through the internet. One day we got on cam so we could see each other, but then things started to get kinda hot. He ended up telling me that he was very horny and he moved the cam down to show me just how horny he was and oh my goodness he had the boner of a life time. At this time I was also very horny, so when I saw that my pants became very wet. Then while we kept talking he asked me to show him my boobs so I did, then suddenly I look and he is masturbating, and I get turned on a lot. Then I decide to pull down my pants and panties and tease my vaginal lips. Then I put not one but TWO fingers inside and I go in and out while I am watching him jack off. We are moaning loud (microphones) and then we start moaning each others names. I don't know what came over me but I put a third inside (I am still a virgin). It felt good but slightly hurt. We are doing this for about 20 minuets then suddenly we both start getting a little louder and moaning each others names even more. Then I scream out, I'M GONNA CUM. Then all of a sudden BOOM we are both moaning very loudly as we are both having having an orgasm. I start to shake after wards and his hands are trembling. Then at the same time we say I have to pee. Honestly the best orgasm I have EVER had!

November 13, 2010

Masturbate to a Virgin Fantasy

I'm a virgin. I know if I had sex I wouldn't be able to stop. Anyways... When I masturbate I don't penetrate myself. I usually do it through my cotton undies or I rub something back and forth between my lips. Usually something thin like a pencil. I hold my breath and let out sounds. I fight against an orgasm to make it stronger. Usually I hold on to my bed frame with one hand tightly and arch my back. It feels so good. I've never cum though. I know different women cum under different circumstances. I know I would if I was being eaten.... Let me tell you my fantasy... My boyfriend drives me out to his favorite place. it's secluded high up in a mountain. We go to the mountains edge and we sit on a flat rock completely out in the open. We kiss and I climb on top of him. (he's still sitting down.) Our kisses get more and more passionate and tongues get involved. He sticks his hand slowly up my shirt. I moan. He kisses me with more force shoving his tongue in as far as he can and I suck on it. His hands are now under my bra where he thumbs my already hard nipples. He knows I'm in the mood. He lays me down and lays on his side propped up on his elbow and tickles my stomach and the bottom of my breasts. Finally my shirt comes off and he kisses my breasts. He pulls my bra off and sucks and nibbles on my nipples while he still tickles my stomach. He kisses the sensitive spot on my neck and my lips and tickles by my pantline. Slowly he goes between my pants and my skin. One finger at a time. Rubbing slowly back and forth. He looks directly in my eyes. He reaches down to my thigh under my pants tickles me on both sides. He finally goes striaght to my vagina and tickles my lips. I want him so bad at this point but he continues to tease me. He holds my arms over my head with one hand and unbottons my pants with the other. Then he masturbate s me til I'm trembling from the orgasms trying not to scream. That ladies... makes gets me hot everytime I feel like masturbating. Maybe it'll do the trick for you.... but picture your own boyfriend!

November 13, 2010

M-bate Showerhead

One of my favorite ways to m-bate is to go in the shower. I just tell my mom that I'm really tense and need time to think. It works like a charm. Then, I go in and get myself all cleaned up and clean. I usually try and do that quickly so the shower doesn't take too long, and I seem suspicious. My mom has a huge shower, so sometimes, hers works the best. I sit on the seat and put the showerhead slightly on jet and slightly on shower. I'm still a virgin~ So I usually put my fingers in a crescent shape and expand and contract the space in between them right around my clit. I do that with my fingers, variating that and massaging with the showeread. Then, when I feel i'm close, I switch the showerhead all the way to jet. Great orgy! Oh. And when I wind up home alone, or home where my parents are out and my siblings are asleep, I take out my mom's vibrator and head into the bathroom to m-bate.

-- P.S. I want to orgasm 2 times in a row... can someone post some m-bate experiences and ideas on multiple female orgasms from masturbating.

November 14, 2010

Masturbate with your Period

Girls, you can masturbate with periods! Only a few days ago I realised this. Ok, do your way of pleasuring yourself, but be gentle. You are still on your period, y'know! Just beforehand wipe the blood before you start.


November 14, 2010

Rubber Bands

Ever tried rubber bands? I have thick big rubber bands all tied together. I stand up, nude of course (in the bathroom) and hold the bands between my legs. I rub it along my vag to get warmed up. Then I move onto the best bit...


November 15, 2010

My Story

My story is fun. I feel lucky to have had such great experiences. I know it's not like this for everyone.

I learned to touch myself at a young age. I was about 8 or 9 years old when I first came. I had a cabbage patch doll and her face was about the size of an adult palm. One night, I pressed my pubic bone against it and it felt wonderful. I did this a few times over the first few days of discovery of this new pleasure. Soon, I added saliva and away I went. It was in orgasm heaven, although I did not know I was experiencing orgasms, I just called them the feeling in my mind. I learned to give myself many orgasms and did so each day. It was very pleasurable and I feel grateful to have been able to experience this.

Soon, told my best friend and next door neighbour about it. She was very curious and brought it back up again a few days later. Although we had never been sexually exploratory prior to this, together we set out to give her the feeling too. We had 3 or 4 encounters before we were successful. She came while we rubbed our parts together and I came with her at the same time. It was a moment I will never forget and I still get a feeling deep inside my pussy when I remember it. It was beautiful. We repeated this act several times until, her big brother walked in on us and we had to part ways. The rest is history.

I continued to masterbate daily up until I became sexually active and gave myself usually between 6-10 orgasms daily. There was some days where there were many more, my record being 26 in a span of about 90 minutes or so.

Today, I am a confident and sexually healthy woman, wife and mother and I can come many wonderful ways. I can rub my pussy on my palm or through my pants/panties, rub on hard objects, use suctioning, apply heat, use my fingers on my clit. The only important factor is an up and down motion. I think somewhere in my subconscious, the up and down comes from memory of rubbing... well... enough said.

Between sex and masterbation, I now cum an average of 12 - 14 times a week and love every orgasm I have.

Thanks for nice place to share this entry, hope it inspires sexual goodness.

November 15, 2010

Masterbating with Pillows and Porn

I watch the most popular porn untill I get really horny then when my pussy is all wet and slippery I get pillows or the bedding shove them inbetween my legs and hump away. when im masterbating and humping, I think of my boyfriend fingering me and sucking my tits. the feeling I get is soo intense its amazing I orgasm for ages moaning and groaning it feels soo good my legs go all shaky and then I do it again when im finnished until ive had enoughand want to go to bed. alternatively I like to use my electric toothbruth putting it up my pussy and switching it on the feeling isn't as good but I still get a rocking orgasm.

November 15, 2010

Former Frequent Masturbationist is now an Antimastrubationist

If you think about it enough, to mastrubate is really gross. I was one of the masturbationist girls that posted a story up there, but now I am an antimasturbationist. You put lust towards yourself instead of your mate, which might affect you toward them in bed. Also, if you finger yourself it might lead to vagina problems and infections. Some people think these are normal and don't get them checked out by a doctor. But some of those girls have had pain from those problems. I had a problem, but I went to the doctor. He fixed me up. So if you even bothered to read this far, thank you, and I hope you change.

November 16, 2010

Orgasm Multiple Times

Well i'm pretty hard to please.. but I figured out asure fire way to reach my own climax. Firstly I tease myself by pressing lightly on my clitoris and doing soft little circles.. sometimes this is enough to make me orgasm.. but most of the time after I really get myself wet enough I use my dildo and push it inside of me with one hand and keep circling my clitoris with the other. I then have a condom with a sock it in that I place on top of my clitoris and I grab a pillow then I hump it with the dildo inside of me and the sock in a condom rubbing my cittoris. works like a charm. I could do it for hours and I orgasm multiple times.. but it did take ALOT of exploring myself and testing different ideas to come up with something that works perfectly for me.

November 16, 2010

Best Way to Masterbate ?

All you have t do is get a remote control of any size and put a condom over it. Use some of the other female masterbation techniques in combination with this and enjoy!

November 16, 2010


I will try all veggies but always put on condom on them , just in case I get an infection. I love to use two onlly now , I start with a carrot for about ten minutes then a small cucumber, the feeling is great and when im about to orgasm I bite on a towel and stiffle my cries. My worse experience was once when I was in my room I was just about to orgasm I bit on my towel but at that moment I got cramp in my leg , I screamed out my mother rushed upstairs I was lay on the floor in agony , I was helped to my feet my leg was massaged to relive the pain and my mother never metioned was I was doing with a carrot on my bed , I didnt see the cucumber till later which had slipped down the back.


November 18, 2010


I found my moms vibrator and decided to strip down and I turned the vibrator on and pressed it deep inside me. I started moaning and pinching my tits and I got so wet!! Then I go my hair clips and clamped them on my nipples and it hurt but felt so good!! I'm wet right now just thnking about it! Then I rubbed my clit and screwed myself hard with the vibrator on full speed. I kept goin and going and came 3 times! My pussy juices squirted all over! So I did it again And taped myself and I cam even more!! I like to watch lesbian porn and think abou their big tits when I come. I'm actually naked right now with the virbrator shoved in deep.

November 18, 2010

Most Masturbation Orgasms

I was given an excellent masturbation tip from my friend when I was younger. It still is the most intense orgasms I have ever had using this method. But with everthing the is danger. It involves tieing yourself so you cannot escape easily. My friend had given me a vibrator to try, it was very slim and about 4 inches in length. The idea is you insert the vibrator and pull on some panties and tights. Secure your feet to the bottom of the bed and one hand. leaving the remaining hand free . then stitch on the vibrator and pull up your panty and tights , putting your hand into the final loop. As the excitment build ther is no way to control the vibrations and I will have several intense orgasms before stretching my arm up and with a finger loosening the cord and reaching to turn off the vibrator. It really is the tops. Like I say with all things they must be caution as on one occasion after I had orgasms several times the knot I had make only became tighter and I was trapped, I spent neverly 20 minutes in that position vibrator humming away inside me , until I heard my brother arrive home , what would be worse , your brother? . your Mother ? or god forbid your father ? Anyway my brother was coming up the stairs and I called out I was in trouble , my door has a very small lock. Try as I might I couldnt prepare him for what he was about to see, but said to push the door in and hurry. Which he did quite easily and then hurried in , stopped dead in his tracks , nervously laughed and then said go on explain? ' Ishouted just untie me. ' Do you want me to try that thing off fisrt ? NO just untie. That was hell for days and I didnt use that again for some time. But its still is the best ever and yes I still use it . I know it would be wise to leave one hand free , but I know I would probable turn it off long before the multiple orgasms I get.

November 19, 2010

Masturbated from a Young Age

I've masturbated since a really young age. I can't remember exactly how old I was when I had my first orgasm but I was probably about 4 or 5. Now, at the age of 26 I can make myself come pretty much anywhere, any time and any how. My favourite is rubbing myself til I come under my desk at work. I slip my hand down my knickers and rub my fingers around my clit in a circular motion. When I get really aroused, I rub my whole hand over my clit and lips harder and faster until I come. I leave the door to my office open so I have to be quick. My favoutite technique at the moment (and something I'm gonna do in a minute!) is rubbing myself against something. We have a leather sofa at home and the arms are the perfect height for me to ride. I mount the arm nude and rub backwards and forwards until I come. It doesn't take long and the leather feels great against my vagnina. Sometimes I use a lube and I rub lightly back and forth. It feels like I'm being licked out.

November 19, 2010

My old friend a great holiday.

When I was 11 I had a real good friend but her family moved to Paris when her dad got a new job,we kept in contact and the other day she stayed with me for a weeks holiday. My dad was taking my younger sister to see his mum for a week and as my mum worked too,I would be on my own, so she surgested that I ask Claire over to London to stay as we were both off from collage at the same time.SO. We picked her up from the Euro Star and headed home, she had changed so much,well we both had, she was now 18 and I was just a month off being the same,she look great.The next day was a sunday so my mum was home and my dad later left with my sister.In the afternoon we were laying on our beds which we'd pushed together in my bedroom,looking at some photos on her iphone,she showed me some of her boyfriend,then she showed me some of his erect cock,then some with it in her mouth,etc,she started telling me all the things they got up to.I told her I was still a virgin but had wanked a boy off once while he had his fingers up my pussy.That night a long while after I should have been asleep I heard some noises and thought I knew what they were,I switched on the bedside light to find Claire masterbating next to me,knickers off,tee shirt up and going for it,sorry she said not looking embarrassed at all, thought you were asleep.I'd never seen anyone wanking before and I asked if I could watch,she asked if I wanded to play with myself too but I said another time,I could see that she had shaved her pubic hair,just leaving a thin strip,she looked so sexy laying there, after about 5 minutes or less of frantic clit rubbing and finger humping Claire said she was cuming, I don't know what made me do it but I moved over to her and started to rub and squeze her tits,pinching and pulling at her lovely big brown nipples,like I like to do just as I'm cuming,when she'd calmed down she said thanks,turned on her side and went off to sleep. The next day she walked into the bedroom naked exept for a towel on her head after her shower, she layed on the bed next to me and I said I was sorry about touching her last night, she said not to be silly and that she'd enjoyed it, I then told her I thought she had a real sexy body and asked her about the pubic hair, she said her boyfriend liked it like that but it wasn't the first time she'd played about with them.Later that day she asked if I ever looked at porn on the net, I said I'd looked at it but not in any detail so off we went, as claire said she knew of a few good sites, we looked at all sorts but mainly lesbien and masterbation stuff, after a couple of hours my hand was in my knickers giving my little clit a good rubbing,we ended up with no jeans or knickers on before heading off to the bedroom to finish off,for the whole day all we seemed to talk about was sex, or should I say the whole week.On the third night we slept nude next to each other, that felt really sexy, next day I tried on some of her underware, it was all very small,lacy transparent and very sexy, I loved them.she took a couple of photos of me in them and I said she could show her boyfriend as he was never going to meet me, we had a shower together and rubbed our soapy hands all over each other, I told her I liked to play with myself in the shower so she helped me along the way with the shower jets.Next day it was back to the porn sites, we didn't even bother to get dressed,when we were back in the bedroom I asked Claire to sort out my pubic hair the same as hers as she was giving herself a little time at the time,it didn't take long and I enjoyed it when she was touching my pussy lips, she told me to rub in some cream and I even supprised myself when I asked her to do it for me, she looked at me for a second or two then said ok,she started off very gently over the shaved area then moved on down to my pussy lips,after a little while I had layed back telling her not to stop,she pushed my legs back so my pussy was on full show and rubbed away at my clit and finger humped me,even sliping a finger up my arse for good measure until I was a shuddering mess,the biggest orgasm I've ever had.On our last day having the house to ourselves, I gave Claire a great orgasm with my fingers and tongue, somthing she dared me to do,she went down on me and seemed to really enjoy it,we took a few photos for her boyfriend of us licking each others pussys and tits,as she told me he's always going on about her having sex with another girl.On our last full day together we went shopping and Claire bought me some really great sexy knickers as a going away present. We told each other that we'd meet up again some time and not to leave it as long as last time.

November 19, 2010

Best Time EVER

Last night I had an amazing time. I was reading the stories on here and it got me soo wet it was unbelievable. I took my clothes off and began to stroke my pussy. My clit was throbbing and it felt soo good, eventually I couldn't take it any more and I had to start fondling my clit, spelling out the alphabet, getting faster as I went. I hit a sweet spot where my legs started shaking uncontrollably and the sensation was unbearable. I inserted 1 finger into my pussy and started massaging my g-spot while still fondling my throbbing clit. Eventually I climaxed and was able to repeat the experience a few minutes later.

Finally, I dont believe in using any sex toys or tricks I just think that sufficient can be achieved with just your/your partners hands/genitals.

November 20, 2010

Masturbate with a Bottle

I masturbate myself by plenty of ways, but the most exciting is that I stuck in a small bottle (find any bottle with a size of around 1 inch width n three inch long) stuck in the vagina... cool the feeling! when i'm on the bed, i'll just vibrate tht bottle. but wht I find exciting is that, having this little thing inside my vagina the whole day, going to sch, go for shopping and even once to a party! i've tried three orgasm while listening to my teacher. and luckily, i'm behind the seats n no one c my hands rubbing the clitoris. but once got caught, n my girl friend told me riding on a motorcycle is much more better, but don't have the chance to try out

November 21, 2010

Masturbate with Anything available...

I love to make use of anything I can find at home. Most of the time I just grab a coke bottle and hump it at home. I would use a rubber stamp and push it up my rear (They shaped like a butt plug actually) and a smaller bottle up my pussy and wear a latex panty to hold the two toys in place and go for shopping! You might cum while walking Sometimes I stuck several ice cubes into my ass and I will cum in no time. Additional stuff I had used: Carrots, cucumber, deodorant, hairspray etc

November 22, 2010

My First Time Masturbating

I`m sitting there, home alone. its gonna be like this for the next 3 hourss. god. i`m so bored!! I find myself in my moms closet, trying to find her scrapbooking stuff when I come accross a small plastic tote. it was semi transparent witha pink lid. I walked into her room and pulled the lid off. I found 2 dildos, 3 kinds of massage oil, a bunch of lube, a vibrating ring, a bunch of condoms and some handcuffs. I found this rreeeaally fantastic. I had been wanting to give masturbating a try!!! I handcuffed myself to the bed after lubing up and getting myself super horny with porn videos. I pretended I was getting humped , and my dog walked in while I was moaning. he licked all around my pussy, and I let a hand free. I fingered myseelf really hard. great fun!!!

November 22, 2010

Horny and Love to Masturbate

 I love to masturbate, I usually start by watching some porn, getting myself wet and horny, then I either use a hairbrush or shaver, no messy buisness, I just get stuck in! it feel nice and have had many orgasms over the years, . when im on my period its a bummer but I just do exactly the same thing in the bath or shower! I do it at least 1-2 times a week, its so fun!

November 22, 2010

The start...

I was having a sleepover with my friend and I nervously asked her what masturbation was. She laughed and said Are you serious?I nodded. I'll show you she said. I watched her masturbate intently and started getting really horny. I asked her if she could do it to me and she agreed. She started fingering me and licking me and I eventually screamed out in joy. And now I'm questioning my sexuality...

November 22, 2010

Naughty Talk & Amazing Orgasm

I like to make myself orgasm to please myself A LOT. I like to lay down in bed and imagine me having sex with my boyfriend (my favorite thought is being in the shower). I think about this until I get so horny I cant take it anymore. I start caressing my pussy lips until they slightly open and I can feel my clit. I start rubbing it until I reach my climax. I stop for a couple of seconds then begins again, but this time I rub my clit with one hand as I finger myself with the other. Right before I cum I roll over on my tummy and hump my pillow while grabbing my thigs and breasts until I get my AMAZING orgasm!!

November 23, 2010

Masturbatorian Recommends Diversity for Best Orgasm (s)

I've been masturbating since I was seven, and I had my first orgasm when I was eight. Ive been able to orgasm hundreds of times after that. I've done everything from humping pillows to rubbing against hard surfaces. I finger myself and use my own saliva because it's already warm. i'm getting horny just typing. I pinch my clit and rub it all the time. i'm able to orgasm without being touched, I usually picture girls. am I crazy?


November 23, 2010

Spanky spanky

So before I start to masturbate, I like to take dirty pictures of myself to get myself nice and hot. Then I take one dildo and rapidly push it in as far as it can go while I rub my clit. I do this while laying on my back. I perfer to orgasm when im on my knees and legs spead whide open. So when I reach my climax, I get in that position and continue doing the same thing. Switching positions with my dildo works WONDERS!!

November 23, 2010

Hand or pillow

First, I start by reading sex stories or thinking of something that gets me horny. Then, I start to go down on myself. I rub my clit until I'm about to orgasm and I start over.I usually lay on my stomach. Sometimes, I use a pillow by just putting it under my hand while I'm rubbing myself and hump it. AMAZING ORGASMS!!

November 24, 2010


hey ladies- im a virgin and am at the point in my relationship that I am ready to have sex with my boyfriend. I want to enjoy it when it does happen (soon I hope!!) so i've been working on 'getting myself ready'; kinda streching myself out, before we have sex. today I was home alone and decided I needed to make myself a dildo. I took a washcloth and rolled it up and put a condom over it. my plan is to hump myself hard with it for a few nights, then add a pen in the middle so it gets bigger. after a few days i'll take it out and put in a marker. after that i'll find something bigger to put inside it.

of course i'll be on this website, getting all hott and weeeet by all these stories before I hump the hell out of myself! it worked already once today and im about to do it again!!!

November 24, 2010

Masturbate with Hentai

I have a few ways to masturbate. First I get horny by watching hentai. Then I hop in the shower and turn the setting to one long powerful stream. I like to switch the temperature around. Then I lay on the tub floor and let the water hit my clitoris & fill my vagina. I orgasm quickest when the waters cold. Then, when I get out the shower and dry off, I lay in bed naked with my door open. The chance of getting caught gives me thrills. I start off by getting either a neatragena wave or an electric razor. For the razor, I remove the blade exposing the vibrating parts. I put it on my clit and I'm in heaven. Or, I use a neatragena wave inside my vagina and I rub my clit in circles until I cum. Adding ice and letting it melt in my vagina really helps too. Hentai is awesome.

November 25, 2010


my mom said to me when I was 4, Honey, don't you think its time you started masturbating? and I asked her what it was and she told me everything. (everything) so now I masturbate like 10 times a day and I am 34. I ejaculate and I watch porn. my mom, carla encouraged me and my dad, joe made me rub his penis and swallow his cum... it was weird.

November 25, 2010

Weird... Mom Demonstrates Masturbation

My parents and I were always very open with each other. I was raised in a nudist family, so we often walked around the house with nothing on. I went to a very old-fashioned school, and they didn't have a sex ed program at all, so I didn't know about anything of that nature. When I was about 15, my brother (17 at the time) walked into my room, where I was, of course, naked, and touching myself down there. He asked if I knew what I was doing and I said No, but it feels good. I guess he told my mom, because the next day, she was in my room with a great big box. We need to talk, she said. I didn't know that she knew what I had been doing, so I said okay. She opened up the box and dumped everything onto my bed. There were at least ten vibrators, some love eggs, lots of different lubes, a bunch of dldos, and lingerie and stuff like that. I didn't know what it all was, but I knew that my mom worked at a store that sold a lot of sex toys, so I guessed that that was what she spent her free coupons on(all employees got to spend $100 at the store for free). What's that, I asked. These are for sex and mastubation, she said. I know that you've been playing with yourself in your privates, so I went and bought you some stuff to help. She explained everything to me, and even showed me(yes, she actually used them on herself) how to use them. I was really horny, watching her masturbate, and she could see my juices flowing on my sheets. She picked up some lube ans said that it was fire-and-ice, so it felt really good.

November 25, 2010

Female Orgasm Technique

My favorite way to make myself orgasm is to just make love with my whole bed. All you need is a few pillows,a bed or couch, and a sheet or blanket.

1.Get horny and ready for sex .Try looking at some porn.

2.Get one pillow, fold it in half (so the ends are connected and it makes a square shape.)

3.Place the folded pillow in the middle of your bed and then completly cover it with your sheet or blanket so the blanket/sheet is covering most of the bed and all you could see is a bulge in the shape of the folded pillow .

4.Take another pillow and place it where your head is going to be (unfolded).

5.Now get completly nude, turn the lights off, and lay down on the bed with the top edge of the pillow underneith your cunt and your laying on your belly.

6.Now close yor eyes and image your laying on a sexy person. And the pillow between your wet cunt is the ass and he/she's begging to feel your pussy on his/her cheeks.

7.Once you have the picture in your head move your crouch in a slow smooth motion up and down the pillow with all your weight on your lower half by bringing yourself up with your elbows.

8.Keep doing that and increase your speed.

9.Once you feel something,start pounding your hot pussy on her hot ass(the pillow) by barely lifting your cunt up and SLAMMING it down on the pillow in a super fast movement like an animal! When you go down your she feel your ass jiggle a little and waves of pleasure.

10.Remember that your humping someones ass so think of the noises he/ she is making and how your making it feel.Think of some dirty things you would say if your were actually loving someones ass.And also, moan as much as you want !Your pillows there to muffle put the sound.

11.Keep pounding, slamming, and rubbing your whole pussy onto the pillow as FAST and WILD AS YOU CAN! Lose your mind in anticipation of the orgasm!! YOU WANT TO CRUSH THE PILLOW! SMASH IT TO BITS!

12. Now let go and orgasm! CUM CUM CUM !

November 26, 2010

Masturbate the Clit in Circular Motion w/ Glue Stick Inside

I love to masturbate by rubbing my clit in a circular motion at a constant speed, that totally does it for me! Sometimes I also like the feeling of fullness in my pussy, so I stick a thick glue stick inside... mmmm the feeling of both things at the same time is so yummyy. in fact I have the glue stick inside of me as I writee. gotta go to touch myself bye... PS. im doing it while I listen to 'closer' by nine inch nails... its so hot you should listen to it

November 26, 2010

Can't live without it

I do know that when I first started; it was scary. I was afraid of the feeling, not knowing what would happen if I let it continue; it was massively overwhelming. I had a big bed, and it caved in I at the center, making me feel secure. I'd be in the dark of my room late at night, slide off my pants and panties, push my blankets aside, and spread my legs wide. The feel of my pussy being exposed and letting the air hit it was amazing. I'd be so wet, and I would take my juices and rub them all over my clit, having realized this intensified the feeling quite a bit. My fingers would rub circles, getting faster and faster until I came. I'd be still for a few minutes, not able to move. Things are different now. I masturbate quite often. I deny it when my friends say I do, only because they wouldn't understand. I've tried quite a few things, most thanks to this site. One thing I really enjoy is finding a fatish marker (I use a Trendz highlighter) and sucking on it, then sliding up my a**. I used to hate the thought of anal, but now it's something I really enjoy. I wish dearly I had something bigger for a better experience, but I've yet to find anything. So what I do is start reading some ofthese stories, which gets me decently horny to the point my a** is begging for something. I slip the highlighter in, loving every second. I turn off my lights and slide into my bed, pulling the covers over me. I just lay there, reading from this site on my iPod. iPods don't have flash player, so unfortunately it's very hard to find anything to watch. I really enjoy hentai though, especially the lesbian. I did at a time doubt my sexuality, but I'm def straight. Instead of a nuetrogena wave I have a clean and clear morning burst vibrator thing, so I pull it out and press it to the tip of my highlighter, sending vibrations to my a**. After a minute I move the vibrating object to where my clit is through my panties. I don't get naked anymore, due to where my bed is. If I don't reach orgasm from there, I stack my two pillows and ride. It's too much usually with the highlighter still in, so I'll take it out beforehand. I let out slight moans, not able to completely let loose. After I cum, I usually can't again, so I nap. Another amazing way is def the shower head. Even if you don't have a removable one, don't fret. All you've gotta do is lay in the tub, spread your legs Nd pussy lips, find a nicely pressuriZed stream, and let it pound onto your clit. It may be uncomfy or hurt at first, but battle through it, cuz it's an offing breathtaking orgasm. Sometimes I can go more than once Well my dears, keep writing down your amazing experiences and for those who don't like anal: try it. Start with something long and small. Just let it sit in your a** and walk, maybe even ride something with it in. Fill both holes, for goodness sake! It makes for a great orgasm!!

November 26, 2010

close your eyes

I started masturbating around the age of 9 or 10. Though right now i`m in middle school. I found that while watching porn vids with this dude I know that I got really wet. Often after he left I would go into my room,lock the door, and start playing with my clit. As i`ve gotten earlier I have started preparing for it. I turn on some really sexy britney spears music, dim the lights, strip and recline on my bed. I often begin by relaxing and imagine a huge dick. I begin to dtroke my clitoris and rub hard. the pressure makes it feel so intense and good. Keep doing this until you feel on the edge of orgasm. then dip your index finger in your lubricantand tap your clit until you explode.

November 26, 2010

Sex Me Up

I love watching people have sex! Espicially lesbos.I enjoy the sonds of there soft moans and groans and watching their pussy getting humped dicks being pumped in and out of them .But lately since im in my mid teens, I havent been able to watch that much porn on my computer in spite of getting caught. I have to just use my ipod which doesnt play videos. So luckly I found out that if you go to google image and type in something such as porn or boobs or pussy and type gif at the end, you will get moving pictures or very short videos as a result ! Its not as great as full porn videos but it still makes me horny ! Try it.

November 27, 2010

Back Massaager

My parents have a back massagerr . it works amazing as a vibrator for me . I usually put one of the balls right on my cilt and the other 2 wherever . Then I lay in my bed (where I am right now) and keep my legs slightly apartt . then I just kinda dry hump the air . im using my phone`s mobile web for typing this an im doin it right nao.amazing orgys.

November 27, 2010

Masturbating Reaility for a Horny Girl

I TRY to finger myself; but once I go in like 2 centimeters, it hurts and stings even when I'm wet. I really want to shove dildos or fingers or watever up there like they do in porn but I just can't! But I read about this online and it says that the reason it hurts so much is because your hymen has not broken yet . It says its a thin layer of skin on the entrance to your pussy, and it can break if you play sports ride horses, etc ! Just stick with rubbing your clit, shower heads, jets, toothbrushes, humping, and grinding. And in my opinion, clit simulation is a lot better than pussy cause there are so many more possibilities and you won't get hurt or an infection... and it feels so so much more pleasurable !

-good luck

November 27, 2010

Awesome Orgasm

Heres how to have an awesome orgasm when your parents aren't home. When there not home take a vibrator and put it on your clit. when you feel a orasm comming take the vibrator off and put an ice cube up your vagina hole. let the ice cube sit for like 2 minutes,(humping a pillow when the ice cub is up there adds pleasure) then put the vibrator back on your clit. Its amazing pleasure that every girl will love.


November 28, 2010

Homemade Dildo

I love to make myself a homemade dildo. I use something that can fit down there and use duck tape add like paper for the tip and ball then tape over it's amazing just like a store bought one and all u need scan object and duck tape. I. Also use it in the shower if you have a shower hose take off the part where it sprays water so it's just the tip of the hose and while water is on put it on your clit warning it will get you going immediately but it's so good hold on when you do it!

November 28, 2010

Masturbate with a friend

I used to masturbate with a friend. We would be on the school bus, and then she'd stick her hands down my pants, and start playing with my clit. I would push her hand further into my panties so she could feel my wet pussy inside her hand. Then, I would get on my knees an start sucking on her pussy so I could get a little moan out of her. Then, we would walk to her house, go into her bedroom, and lock the door. We would strip totally naked and get on top of each other. I used to love when she sat on my face, and her nice tight pussy was in my mouth. She would do the same to me, but we always stopped right before we came. we would suck on each others nipples, and would find things to stick up our pussies half- way. Then, we would lay on the bed, sweaty and hot, and start scissoring until we came all over each others pussies. then we would lick up each others cum, put our clothes back on, and walk out like nothing ever happened.

November 28, 2010

bed pleasures

When I get nice and horney from watching porn, reading about masturbation, etc., etc., I strip down and rub my vagina all-over. When I reach the point of orgasm, I open my vagina (my bed is a canopy) and slowly hump the pole of my bed. zthis sends me over the top. After I'm done, I take my pussy and rub it all over me, sometimes I even lick it. When my nipples are coated, I lick all over my boobs. Then I take a shower and adjust my stream to jet. I spray it up the hole of my vagina. By this time my orgasm is so intense I usually scream and violently shake with pleasure. To finish it off, I hump a chair. I start out soft and slow, then faster, faster , faster and so hard it hurts and I usually scream so much the neighbors probably hear. The final stage is massaging and/or tickling my vagina till I calm down.

November 28, 2010

Not just for your hair or a musical

Well I use hair spray. I know it sounds strange but it's true! I take out my hair spay bottle and but some on my finger then I put my finger to my clit then I take any thin that vibrates and put it on my clit. The hair spray provides a sticky hot feeling and you get and amazing orgasm when mixed with the vibrator!!! It feels sooooooo good!

November 29, 2010


When in the shower I like to take my computer and set it on my toilet and turn the web cam on. I face it towards me and I lay down in the tub and get the shower head turning it on jet and spray it at my clit and then my vagina. I then start to think about things that are sexy and imagine them telling me what to do or me telling them to hump me and hump me hard. Then I cum arching my back in satisfaction

November 29, 2010

My sister. WOW.

Yeah. I love masturbating, I've been doing it since I was a small kid, I used to love that feeling when I touched myself between my legs, now I'm 18 and I must masturbate about 5 or more times a week depending on how I'm feeling, I like wearing sexy underwear as it makes my feel good, the smaller the better, and the boys love it too, my mom looks at me sometimes when I've come home with something new but she's never said anything about it, I like to look at porn on my lap top, lesbian stuff really makes me wet although I'm straight, and watching girls masturbate is another. I've not got a vibrator but I've humped my pussy with all sorts over the years, I like sticking a finger up my ass sometimes, but never anything else, until the other week that is. My sister asked me to look after her cat while she and her husband were away for a couple of weeks on holiday, she's 10 years older than me and as I still lived at home, and was the closest, my other sister living miles away. On the Sunday and my second day of feeding the cat, I thought I'd have a little snoop around in there bedroom, they each had a little cabinet beside the bed, and not hidden away or anything was a pile of porn mags on one side, my heart started to beat faster and I was getting excited, on the other side of the bed, in the drawer I found a blue vibrator and a tube of lube, I resisted to look through the mags and went on snooping, I found her knicker drawer which had some nice sexy stuff in it, but the drawer next to it had some real kinky leather and pvc stuff in it, a load of vibrators of all shapes, color's and sizes, 2 butt plugs and some anal beads, a couple of dvd's and a video tape which I knew would be porn, I didn't find anything else so I went back to the mags and pulled a few out, I looked through a few before I noticed a couple of photo albums under the mags, I got them out and opened them to find they were full of porn photos of my sister and her husband do everything, and I thought my sister was little miss perfect.... far from it. There were photos of my sister in her kinky stuff I found, plus loads in just sexy underwear, sucking cock, getting humped in both holes, in every position, butt plugs and vibrators everywhere, as well as sperm, loads of it, over her face, tits, body, in her mouth, hair, pussy, ass, in some she was flashing her tits or pussy outside, she'd done all sorts to her pubic hair and in most she didn't have any at all, even her husband was shaved, and she had her nipples and clitoris pierced (ouch) and so it went on, you name it, it was there, I think there must have been about 500 or more photos,and it soon had me putting my hand in my knickers, I was soooo wet I can tell you and it didn't take much clit rubbing that day to make me have a great orgasm. By the next weekend I'd looked through all the photos and the mags a few times and had a few great wanks doing so, and I'd used a couple of her vibrators to help me along too (which I washed first), so I thought I'd have a look at the porn films they had, I popped the video into the vcr first, and settled down on the bed as all the stuff was in there bedroom, the tape was about half way through and when it started up it was a home made tape of my sister and her husband, I watched it for a while then decided to rewind it to the start. First up was my sister doing a little strip, down to some very nice and sexy underwear, then some tit and bold pussy rubbing before the vibrators come out and went into action, loads of close ups, later some lube, before she humped herself up the ass and so on, she moaned and talked a lot all the while before cuming loudly. By now I was naked on there bed really enjoying myself, next up was some sucking and humping stuff with my sister getting a face full of sperm, getting as much of it in her mouth as she could, then a little bondage stuff with her being tied to the bed on her knees and ass in the air for some anal stuff with the beads and a butt plug as well as her husband giving her a good humping too, he untied her and she masturbated herself with a butt plug up her ass untill she cum. The next bit was what made my eyes pop out, they looked like they were on holiday and were on a balcony with another couple, the other woman and my sister were flashing there tits to the camera, then they were lifting there skirts up flashing there knickers, except my sister didn't have any on, next up was some cock sucking, but they had swapped partners, they then moved into the bedroom and onto the bed where my sister was going to town on the other women, kissing her on the mouth, sucking her tits and giving her pussy a good tonguing and pulling her pussy lips wide apart, then the other block started humping my sister from behind while my brother in law got his cock sucked by the other woman as he held the camera, this went on and on, with both girls ending up being humped in both holes at the same time, lots of pussy licking and spunking on faces,finishing with my sister licking off all the sperm from the other womans face, all in all, hot stuff, better than porn on the net. I'd made myself cum twice while watching, so decided to pack in and tidy up, next day I was back to the tape and wanking myself off, this time I had an idea, I used some of my sisters lube and pushed a small(ish) vibrator up my ass while I played with myself, it felt strange but nice at the same time, I moved it in and out slowly at first then got quicker as I got used to it, then I stuck another up my pussy and held them in place with one hand while I watched the tape and played with my clit with my free hand, bring myself to a fantastic orgasm, telling myself that I must buy a vibro, or two.

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