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Jilling Off in June

       NOTE: jilling off is a synonym for female masturbation   

Female Masturbation Story Archive - 2010

Jilling off in January., Feb., March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December 2010

Jilling in June 1, 2010

Bed Humping

I started masterating by humping a pillow when I was about 8 and I spent the night at my friends house and she accidently flipped the tv to porn... So we watched it and started copying what they were doing...... Now I hump my bed..... So much fun.... Instant orgasm!!! Get on you bed and lay on your stomach, pick a side that's most comfortable... I go to the right side. Put one leg on the floor like you are standing up and bend the other leg to contour the bed... For instance I lay on the right, right leg touching the floor and left leg hugging the bed top. Begin slowly humping the corner of the bed.... My body eventually starts to climax...... Pause for a bit and start over... Instant orgasm everytime... I do this at least once a week... Rub your tits at the same time or squeeze a pillow.... Watch out for a creeky bed if you aren't home alone..... So much fun and a great leg stretch if you have a high bed.... If you have a short bed you can stand on your knee on your outer leg!!

Jilling in June 1, 2010

Listen Up Girls

Have you girls read the male masturbation section on here! ITS SOO HOT. Just thinking about just rubbing their big hard cocks gets me horny, omfg. I'm getting horny writing this. I've been reading some of the stuff here. Just read the humping one above. And i'm ready to start humping already. I'm rubbing my tits right now and getting my nipples nice and hard. Thinking about a guy stroking his cock, shooting cum while i'm humping this bed. I'm getting soooooooo wet its unbelieveable.

OMG humping this bed right now feels soooo good. Riding it up and down against my wet clit. MMMMMM. I need to go now and masturbate lots and lots. Maybe watch some porn while I hump.


Jilling in June 1, 2010


I was once eating a lollipop and I finished it. I was watching a footie match at the time, so I couldn't just get up and put it in the bin, so I put it in my lap, sort of in between my legs. I squirmed around a bit because I was boiling. Then, I seemed to get an orgasm. I moved around harder, and started screaming(it was well hidden;; everyone else was screaming). Nobody seemed to notice what I was doing, so I carried on. I was exausted by the end of the game. (I had been doing that for a good thirty-forty mins!)

Jilling in June 2, 2010

Pillow and Animal

Okay I just experieced one of the best orgasms of my life about five minutes ago, and I didnt stick anything up my pussy! First I stripped for myself in the mirror.. teasing my boobs and my pussy and my ass. Then I got naked and started rubbing my clit for a little while about five minutes. Then I made a moutain out of two pillows and a meduim sized stuff bear. First I put some lotion on my nipples and rubbed them sothey would b soft and perky. Then I put some everywhere in and around my pussy. Then I humped, pound and grinded while watching lesbian porn (mostly dildo sharing.) Im not bI or les, it just turns me on for some reason. While I was watching after about two minutes I literally started shaking.. then I stopped for a minute, rolled on to my back spread my legs wide and I squirted Cum all over my sheets. I then got on my knees and cum was still pouring from my pussy so I continued to hump and grind and pound. Im doing it now as I type... I want to experiece that feeling again. I also rub only my nippples onthe bed and it feels, and felt AMAZING. Enjoy!!!

Jilling in June 2, 2010

My Girlfriend and I Masturbating to Castration Play

My girlfriend and I are about to marry. She is just beautiful and we were joking around a couple weeks ago about castration play. She thought it would be fun to tie me up to the bed and pretend to castrate me. I thought why not she will love it, so I agreed. So we talked about it and then it became very erotic to the both of us. She's currently overseas and we talk via computer. She will be here in a couple of weeks. Well, anyway Im a writer so I wrote here a castration story, she liked it. She became so horny thinking about pretending to castrate me she had an intense orgasm and came very hard while we were on-line and so did I. I can't stop thinking about it nor I think can she. Then on our chat last weekend on Saturday and Sunday we began to role play and develop a fantasy about her castrating me. We've been mutually masturbating together while talking about it. We both have intense orgasms due to thinking about it. Now its went from play to where she is so excited and horny about it that she really wants to castrate me for real. She was afraid to admit it at first but now is openly saying she wants to castrate me for real when she gets here, but says she's kidding. I have even expressed that I want her to castrate me for real out of being horny. I think about it all day everyday the things she has said to me about it. I don't want that at all but yet I'm so horny thinking about our erotic chat and how she described she would do it and how much she likes it that I'm begining to like it. I guess its about vunerability to her that is so exciting. Maybe were both just crazy!! but for some reason it seems so erotic to us and excites us to masturbate to it everytime we talk. I love masturbating and so does she, I just don't know where this is going. I'm concerned her desire and my desire of castration might become reality.

Jilling in June 2, 2010

Teddy Bear

I started masturbating when I was about 9 or 10. What I have always done and still do, is use my teddy bear. My bear is actually a monkey and he has a long tail. I pretty much strip, get on the bed or in the bed and begin rubbing myself up and down on my bear. I place the bear on my vagina area and rub up and down. Most of the time in my head I imagine theres a man beneath me

Then once I feel like i'm getting really close to my climax, I take the tail of the monkey and shove it up my hole basically. it's more physiological, imagining a man beneath you and then having his penis up your ass too. It feels fantastic, especially for young girls reading this, if you can't go out and buy any toys then use an old bear or something!

Hope this helped

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Jilling in June 3, 2010


When my bf is gone on a work trips I always have to relieve my burning lust some how and reading these stories always gets me hot.

First I read msutrbation stories like these until im really wet. i gently tease my clit with my hand and sometimes use my bullet vibrater to stimulate my area. Then when im nice and wet I put my bullet onto full speed and rub it on my juicy throbing clit.

Just before I climax I stop and get in the shower. I put the nozzel of the shower onto fast stream and spray it directly onto my vigina, lips and everything. I sometimes love to just lie in the bath and let the warm fast spraying water fall on my crotch and this brings intense orgasms.

ORGASMIC orgasms every time

Jilling Off in June 3, 2010


lst year, my mom and dad got me a venus vibrance razor for christmas. the blades eventually got really expensive and it wasn't worth it so I stopped using it. a while back I was watching secret life of the american teenager and they were talking about masturbation. me,not knowing what it was, looked it up. I was really curious and wondered about it. I was looking at tips and most of them said to use a vibrator. I immediately thought, I don't have one, but I have stuff that vibrates. so I went and got my venus vibrance, made sure it was clean, turned it on,and started massaging my clit. it feels GREAT! so now whenever I get horny, I just whip out my razor. I actually had my first orgasm with it the first time I used it.

Jilling in June 4, 2010

Corner rub

When I'm on my period, I use this method. I take my shirt off and lick my nipples a little bit. Then I take off my jeans and such, until I'm in nothing but my boxer shorts. I put a pillow on the corner of my bed and look at a little bit of authentic lesbian alt-porn (not straight, actually lesbian), then I fold the pillow in half, straddle it, and lean into the corner of my bed. I then lift my legs up and forward. The orgasm is short, but intense.

Jilling in June 4, 2010


I'm in my mid teens and I love masturbation! What I like to do is stick a marker in my pussy and wiggle it about and put a vibrator on my clit. I always squirt, so it's always pretty messy for me

Jilling in June 4, 2010

Home-Alone Hot-Tub Orgams

ok well first off i'm a girl haha.....When no one is home and i'm horny, I first read some amazing stories on here that arouse me. Then I just get naked and go into my moms bathtub. Its exactly like a hot-tub with jets and everything, but it has a faucet too. it has AMAZINGGG, hard, fast water pressure! I sit on my ass andd hold myself upp with my elbows. I orgasm as soon as the water hits my g-spot, ass-hole, clit, or vagina! my vagina is throbbing so haard it feels like my heart is down there! I love it! I just sit there until I cum everywhere! I could stay there all day! ohh yeahh baby..I moan and moan and squirt and cum and squeeze my tits and rock my hips and orgasm the entire time! once im done, my vagina is STILL throbbing its awesomee....I might have to go try it noww hahaahaha have funn!

Jilling in June 4, 2010

Dolphin Vibrator

I have vibrator with a dolphin for clit massage that is absolutely heavenly. I use it after a long hot shower and am totally relaxed. I inser the vibe in to my muff and let myself get nice and lubricated. then I slide it slowly in farther until the dolphin is massaging my clit. I change the speed and rythm until I can take no more.

Jilling in June 5, 2010

Hot tub

I have a hot tub and whenever I sit in it, I make sure no-one's looking, then I put my hands inside my bathing suit, rub my clit in circular motions with my left hand and rub my hole with my right, thinking about the guys I like doing me at the same time. Mindblowing

Jilling in June 5, 2010

With Help From Friends

I was at my friends birthday party. It was a sleepover. There were about 7 girls there. After we went to bed I started masturbating, hoping none of the other girls would notice. The girl having the sleepover said What are you doing? and I said Nothing. The a different girl said Are you masturbating? I said Ummmm.... No Then she said It's alright. I masturbate. In fact I'm doing right now. I said Oohh ok I'm masturbating Then that started a whole conversation about masturbation. It turned everyone in that room masturbated regularly. Then one of the girls stood up on the bed and started stripping. Everyone was gettin horny. Then we gave each other lap dances and we played with each other. Then we licked each others boobs, pussies and arses. It was a memorable night. Now, about 10 years later, I am dating the girl who had that party and we masturbate together and have sex very very often.

Jilling in June 6, 2010


I started masturbating at a young age. I'm not sure how I discovered the sick pleasure. I usually lay on my back and rub my clit left right up and down. I have also tried other methods listed on this site, THEY WORK! I recently tried to stick a marker in my vagina after I was really wet. The sensation was great. Now I have tried my finger and that feels excellent. I have also got my friends into masturbating and at parties we do it quite often. Now I wanna move to the next level!!!!!

Jilling in June 6, 2010

Watching Myself

I am married, but have to travel by myself on business from time to time.

I don't masturbate when I am alone, although I will play with myself when my husband asks.

I found myself in a hotel that had mirrored closet doors right next to the bed. The first night there I watched myself as I got ready for bed. This began to turn me on. So I stripped naked and arranged some pillows to prop up my head so that I could see myself in the mirror. I then spread my legs wide and at first just looked at my pussy and ass. I began to fantasize that I was watching another woman.

Then I began to gently rub my clit and pussy lips while I watched myself. This really got me wet.

I went into the bathroom and got one of those little bottles of shampoo and watched myself put it inside my pussy. I humped myself with the bottle while I rubbed my clit with my other hand. I had probably the most intense organism I ever had.

I only stayed one night at that hotel, but I must have spent three hours looking in that mirror enjoying myself. I told my husband about this and he wants to find some kind of mirror to add to our bedroom.

Jilling in June 6, 2010

Then and Now

I masturbated from a young age. I think I was about 4 or 5 when I first started to touch myself. I can't remember the first time I discovered masturbation but I was young. There Were quite a few things I used to like to do: I used to get down to my panties, no vest or nightie (this is when I was about 5) and stuff a teddy bear down my panties and then rub against it in my bed. I didn't know what an orgasm was or why I was addicted to the feeling, all I knew was that when I rubbed it felt nice and eventually my legs would go stiff, I'd feel like I needed a pee and I'd feel very very happy. At the age of about 7 I confided in my best friend aboutt what I did and she said she did it too. Eventually at a sleepover we both laid on the floor, side by side, and masturbated. We discussed our orgasms (though we didn't know whatt it was). A few weeks later we tried it on each other; we used to go into the school toilets and masturbate with and on each other. Eventually this stopped. I masturbated every single night. I mostly used my bedsheets and rubbed them against my pussy to achieve orgasm. At the age of 11, me and my friend, who I mentioned before, were at a sleepover,everyone else was asleep and we were cuddling. Eventually we began to kiss and then I put her on the floor and sucked at her tits (they were big compared to mine) and I also sucked her pussy, she later returned the favour. We didn't speak properly again but I masturbated every night thinking about what we had done. Now i'm in my late teens. I am a virgin because I havent met anyone who wants to hump me yet, but I masturbate every night, still using my bedsheets. A few nights ago my parents were away and my brother was in bed. I was very very horny. I got a wine bottle and put it on the bed, then slowly sank onto it so it was all the way up my ass. I had a mirror across the room. As I bounced and bounced, I could see my tits flopping up and down, which I really enjoyed. I also put pins on my nipples which turns me on loads. I put a tube of mascara up my pussy while I rode the bottle, and then came. I did this for about an hour, achieving six orgasms. I was exhausted afterwards. But It was so much fun, I'll have to do it again. Well that's it really. I'm quite wet now.

Jilling in June 6, 2010


The best way for me to get off is by reading these stories. They turn me on like no other. I have the internet on my BlackBerry which makes it that more enjoyable in bed. I lay there at night and go to this page and read the new stories posted everyday. I start to get wet and rub my clit in small little circles making me even more excited. It takes about 5 stories to get me really wet but its the biggest turn on ever. As I reach orgasm I feel my body contract and shiver and my abs get tight and I feel the need to lift my head off of the pillow. After I'm done, I smile satisfied in bed

Jilling in June 6, 2010


What I like to do is first I rub my clit through my pants then I strip fully naked. I rub my tits. I lick my finger and pinch all over my tits to make them nice and hard. After that I take out 2 vibrators. I take the first oe and suck on it then I rub it against my clit in circular motions and rub up and down on my vagina. Then once I get really horny I take the second vibro and shove it in and out of my vagina while stimulating my clit with the other vibro. It is amazing and makes me cum fast!

Jilling in June 6, 2010

amazing first

first I come to pages like this and read the stories till I start getting wet the I go and watch some animated porn which for some reason gets me really horny anyway I watch for a while while trying really hard not to touch my self but after about 10 min I cant take it anymore. then I take off my pants and start rubbing my Clint through my pants till I get soaked I take off my panties and start rubbing my entire vag as hard as I can. causing myself to have an amazing orgasm!!! I reapeat this for hours till I cant take it anymore and cant even stand for 5 min after

Jilling in June 7, 2010


When I was younger I always used to slide down the banisters in my house but stopped after my brother fell off them and broke his arm. One day, I got a wave of nostalgia and swinging my leg over the banister I planned to slide down them but chickened out and ended up grabbing onto the post and trying to pull myself back up. The rubbing sensation on my clit and the strain of muscles in my legs, hips and stomach sent a wave of pleasure through me and I climbed off the banisters shaking. Later on when no-one was in the house I climbed back on and holding onto the top post of the banisters pulled myself up and down the wooden railing rubbing my clit on it, through my pants. Soon I was really wet and was gasping for breath and pulling myself up one last time I orgasmed for the first time. I had, out of curiosity, tried other masturbation techniques before but none had ever given me the stimulation and mind blowing orgasm as this technique did, one I had discovered completely by accident. Whenever the house was empty I would run to the stairs and do it all over again sometimes three or four times in a row for multiple orgasms. As I grew up I experimented with different things using small clit stimulators in my vagina or ass as I rubbed on the wood or doing it completely naked although there is a bit too much friction and you can't rub yourself on the wood as easily. This only works though on banisters that have nothing on either side which may be dnagerous so be very careful and always keep one foot on the stairs beside you. Of course, before you try this, make sure there is no-one else in the house as I was nearly caught humping our banisters entirely naked with a small vibrator in my ass and that's always gonna be awkward, also make sure any nearby curtains are drawn as you also never want to be spotted by a neighbour.

June 7, 2010

Don't Get Caught

Ok so I have a thing about masturbating in areas in my home where I can get caught. For me it's a thrill. First I start by reading a porn story. Than I lay on my back on the living room floor or in my room with the door open. No one is home of course. I than rub my hands massaging myself on my stomache and legs.

I than move onto my tits. I rub, pinch, twist and do anything to make them oversensitive and make me squirm. One my lower half feels neglected I rub the lips with out entering. Once I'm wet enough I start to rub my clit with one hand and twick my nipples with the other.

Once it feels like I'm about to orgasm, I stop. I pay attention to just my nipples. Once I'm squirming again I roll over onto my stomach. With one hand I rub my clit at a desired pase. The other is teasing my lips and hole. I also move my hips to get friction from the carpet. It feels so good and has me screaming.

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Jilling Off in June 8, 2010

Oh dear sweet hairbrush...

Recently, I started using a new technique. I tease my clit a little until I'm wet, then I stick my hairbrush into my vagina. Then, I grind against the corner of the bed, with the brush hitting my G spot. It is awesome. For added pleasure, tighten your kegel muscles as you grind.

Jilling Off in June 8, 2010

Dare or Double Dare

I was always a reserved child I never did anything out of the ordinary and I didn't start masturbating until second year of grammar school. I was sitting at the back of my geography class, bored and I went to sit up clenching my legs together and felt a wave of pleausre rise from between my legs up through my body. I didn't know what it was but I wanted more. I slipped my hand into my skirt pocket and began to rub the lips of my pussy but it wasn't working so I teased them apart and started to rub what I found underneath and suddenly again I felt that wave of pleasure. Soon I could feel a wetness in my panties and I took my hand out of my pocket and began to slip it down my skirt without letting the people near me see what I was doing. I slowly pushed my finger into my vagina and had to clench my teeth together to stop from gasping. I knew I wanted more but if I stayed in the classroom I knew I would get caught although it was such a turn on. I asked to go to the bathroom and ran through the corridors to the toilet. I ran inside but to my dissapointment I saw three girl sitting on the sinks chatting but I went into a cubicle anyway sat on the seat pulled dpwn my panties and started to silently ease my finger in and out of my pussy. Soon I had all my clothes off shoved in one corner were no-one would see them under the door. I kept pushing my finger inside me while I bit on my nipples and rubbed my clit I didn't think I could contain myself anymore when finally the other girls left and I was able to shout out and come watching my juices flow into the toilet.

Jilling Off in June 8, 2010

Balloon Burst

I start by rubbing my lips up and down while sitting on my couch when no one is home. Then I take a small water balloon (my pussy is small) and put it in me. I go slowly back and forth with the balloon and keep rubbing my vagina lips fast. My pussy is so small that sometimes the balloon bursts while in me and gives me a huge orgasm. I do it almost every 12 hours.

Jilling Off in June 8, 2010


I had the hardest time getting an orgasm. I tried everything. Then I came across the stories of using mardI gras beads. This works! I cut the beads so it was just one string, lubed it up, then sawed it in between my legs. Amazing orgasm!

Jilling Off in June 9, 2010

Rub and Finger

Okay so first I read these then while I'm reading I put my hand slightly above my clit and rub quickly up and down then when I'm really excite I go into the bathroom and continue the rubbing motion then after a bit I put a finger in my vaginia. I go in and out for a while then rub some more. Then I put two fingers and go in and out. Then I have a great orgasm. I do this about once a week

Jilling Off in June 9, 2010


I started masturbating when I was about 10. Now I do it regularly. But now I do it with one of my close friend. It started when we were 13 and having sleepover. (just the two of us) We were sharing the same bed. All of a sudden my friend was rubbing my leg. When I looked at her, she pecked me on the cheek. Then I told her I wanted more. She grabbed my face and we started french kissing. I took off her shorts and she took off mine. She started toching me and sucking my tits. It felt so good. It made me feel wrong, but that only made me want more. Now we do it everytime we have a sleepover!

Jilling Off in June 9, 2010

Friends Soon

When we were in adolecent ed, somebody asked what masturbation was. I already had heard of it, but didn't know what it exactly was. So I looked it up online. I found this website. I squat over a hand mirror and tease my clit. I have found it so enjoyable. My friend and I are going to have a two night sleepover soon. I am going to bring it up to her. I imagine us laying on my bed and me masturbating her while she is on her back, and the same with me. We are both totally straight. I hope that she agrees with me. I am getting turned on just thinking about masturbating with her. She and I have been best friends for years, so I think that she might agree. I'll reply soon!!!

Jilling Off in June 9, 2010


Am in my late teens ages and I love masterbation ...

I just read about this site and wellum wet just reading this stories and it's great I also watch porn Les. Or straight. Wih tights u feel lots if presure stick some up and move around ull have a smile afterwards luck gurlz!

Jilling Off in June 10, 2010

Rub and Moan

I usually wait until I am alone...First I read a masturbation story or watch a video, and then when I can feel my pussy getting wet, I get naked. I start to squeeze my breast and rub my clit, while moaning and fantasizing that my boyfriend is doing this to me. I rub harder and harder and pretty soon my legs start tingling and then I have a great orgasm!

Jilling Off in June 10, 2010

One night in the bathroom

Okay I was horny and was in my bath room then my pussy was getting wetter and hot so I took off my pants along with my panties.Then I locked the door and sat on the floor. I started touching my clit and started to rub it very slowly. I had to cover my mouth from moaning so my mom wouldnt hear me. But it felt so good! I cummed every where. lol

Jilling Off in June 11, 2010

Use condom

this is one of the best things that I have tried! get a condom and fill it up with water..tie the end..freeze it..and you have a home made dildo! enjoy girls

Jilling Off in June 11, 2010

Tasting yourself

Whenever you get horny enough, try tasting yourself, it really makes me hot! Also, if you enjoy that try your own cum of a dildo, I just imagine sucking it of a boy's penis instead.

Jilling Off in June 13, 2010

how did I do that

well I've been masturbating for as long as I can remember. it happened by mistake the first time. I was laying in bed pressing different parts of my mound. it felt really good but I couldn't figure out what caused it. (I was really young) anyway. I read about masturbating and gave it a try. I don't have any toys but if I shake my finger really fast like a vibrator on my clit. Ohhh. It feels sooo good. sometimes I jut rub my clit in circles or press my mound really hard and I'll climax for any of these.

Jilling Off in June 13, 2010

Through the Ages

When I was very young, my cousin(who was 2 years younger but much more sexually mature) introduced me to mutual masturbation. I felt safe because I trusted her. We usually began licking eachothers pussies, and, because I cum alot, it was easy to make me cum. Obviously I enjoyed being eaten than doing the eating, so we usually got the guys involved and they were always willing to lick our pussies. A couple times my brother got involved, and would finger us, our sometimes we took turns doing the 69. We experimented alot.

When I was about 12, I tore my clitoris. It was one of the most painful things of ym life, and it was really embarrassing when I had to explain to my mom/the doctor about it. I had not masturbated since then until recently (im 18 now). I found this site and got maky techniques. Since my parents werent home, I spent 4 hours trying different techniques. I had a semiorgasm just playing with my clit and around it. strangely enough, I got alot of pleasure when I played with the hole urine comes out of. My most intense orgasm came from the shower head. Shower heads often have a massage setting on it that feels great around the whole vaginal area, especially your clit. My shower was also broken so the temperature would randomly change from cold to warm to hot which gave me such an intense orgasm I was panting after.

Other things I enjoy include: Ice in the vagina, markers, anal stimulation, nipple pinching, and fantasizing.

Happy Masturbating, hope you enjoyed

Jilling Off in June 13, 2010

Clit only

I've been masturbating for about a year. I find I can only orgasm from my clit. I try penetration but I dont feel anything. I don't have any toys or even a vibrating toothbrush. I'm getting kinda bored with just clit stuff.

Jilling Off in June 13, 2010

egg yolk

well... the first thing I do is take allllllll my clothes off even tho I dnt wear much then I stroke myself with an egg. make sure u wet it down with melted hot butter first. then slowly stroke vagina entrance untill u have u have a combonation of cum and butter. and ull get arroused. then wen the egg bursts ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh mama! x marks the spot! I started masterbating sense I was 3 or 4. well dnt judge I didnt knw wat I was doing! hmmmm u should try and cook up urself some niceeeeee scrambled eggs. oh and the big yellow part going between my but crack upp and downnn feels soo deliteful!

Jilling Off in June 13, 2010

A Must Read

Ive gone through many boyfriends that I regret, and Im only in my teens. I met an older guy and from the moment our eyes met in his rear view mirror.. Ik he was going to be mine. Well its been about 2 years since I've met him. He is that one man that can turn me on when I hear his voice, see his picture, or hear his name. Pretty much my dream man. We are not currently together but we both know we will be together when I am old enough and when the time is right. In the mean time, we are great friends and I currently have a boyfriend. The sex is horrible, and all I can ever imagine in being with the man of my dreams. When I get really lonely and I miss him.. I listen to his music. He's a rapper.. and not one of those wanna be's, he has got genuine talent. While listening to his music.. a combination of his voice and maybe a picture of him really helps me get in the mood. So that's tip number one. I rarely hear about women using pictures of somebody close, or signifigant other. It definately helps if it's a good head shot and you can see their eyes. Sensuality is important. Touching everything on my body.. running my fingers through my hair, rubbing my thighs and butt, leaving a shirt and bra on... but running my hand under it as if somebody else were doing it. Touch yourself all over, hard soft, and most importantly.. start rubbing your hole. Message gently and hard. When you become wet.. fantasize about a good time you had with your signifigant other. A time that turns you on is preferable.

Now this part is easy if your high maintence. A curling iron is my favorite. And Im not really that tight.. (nothing to do with previous sexual expierences), but I think its more of I enjoy BIG. I have a curling iron used for HUGE curls.. penetration is a tight squeeze but once your in... its like opening a whole new expierence. Not exactly hurting so good for me, but others it might. Just use one that you know you can handle. If you don't have a curling iron (which would be the best bc it has a handle) there's always cucumbers, skinny bottles for hairspray or perfume, markers or whatever you choose.

While still touching yourself all over. Motion your object in and out slow at first.. and gradually just go all out. Imagining really helps. Make fantasies. Open your mind. My mind can run across the pacific and back if Im in a good enough mood.

Masturbation is natural. Using your sight, touch, hearing, and mind definately opens your expierence.

Jilling Off in June 13, 2010

all types of masturbation...

Okay, so i've been masturbating since, like I was 5. I used to take my blanket and put it under my pussy and get on my rocking horse and just rockk. oh my godd. the pleasure. after my mom took that away from me I would take my blanket sit on a chair and hump the blanket while putting presure on it. then, when I turned about 10 I actually started watching porn. for some reason lesbian porn turns me on even though i'm straight. I love to read lesbian stories, and I guess i'm a little bi-curious. now I like to read these stories, and try out different masturbating ideas. one website said to put a hot, wet maxI pad and hump the side of the tub. instant organism. and plus i'm only fourteen.

Jilling Off in June 14, 2010

The heeling touch

Ever since I can remember I have always gotten off the same, rather unusual, way. I sit cross legged on the floor and dig the hard end of my heel into my sex. I can sort of wriggle against it and the blunt pressure on my sex also feels realy nice. I usually do this just after my bath as part of my evening routine but also do it sat watching TV if alone and horny. Sometimes feeling 'nice' is enough but more often than not after 20 minutes or so of the foreplay I want to orgasm and then I change my position and action a bit. I kneel with my ankles crossed and my knees wide apart, normally facing the couch or bed on which I put my hands for balance. With my bodyweigh pressing my sex onto my up-pointing heel the sensations get very strong and by rocking my hips the magic soon happens and I cum. When playing after a bath I do this naked or maybe with panties on if my period is due and I'm discharging a bit much. If its downstairs, even if I'm alone in the house I will always keep decent by wearing one of my Lycra leggings. These are stretchy enough not to restrict my legs, are decent if someone comes to the door and are really slippy and smooth on my heel when I have to go faster.

Jilling Off in June 14, 2010

Smooth Away Vibe

I started masturbating when I was 15 years old. As I got older, I started discovering new ways of masturbation. I just recently bought one of those Smooth Away Vibe Sensations. The little vibrator that comes with it is so powerful. When I am alone, I take off all my clothes and start rubbing myself all over. Then I grab the vibrator and start rubbing it all over my body. Then I put it on my clit and start rubbing it in a circular motion. It makes me cum every time and I am very satisfied.

Jilling Off in June 14, 2010

Mmmmm Masturbation

I'm in my late teens and recently I have been masturbating loads. I wait until night time or when the rest of my family are out and put on my favourite music and strip. Then I get a pillow and hump it until I start getting really horny and wet. Then I lie on my back andstart to rub my clit in circles and up and down. I suck two fingers and then rub them around my vaginal hole. I insert a couple of fingers and continue to rub my clit, getting faster and faster. I thrust my hips upwards and take deep breaths. Then I get an amazing orgasm and my hole body twitches and my legs spasm. It feels sooo good. I can't wait to do it later!

Jilling Off in June 14, 2010


First I start by laying in my bed with my laptop and I take off all of my clothes. Then I read the stories on this webstie and rub my clit untill I get soo wet and hot. Next I watch porn for about 20 minutes until im so horny I could cum by just touching myself once. Then I take a tube of lipgloss and shove up up my vagina and then take my electric hairbrush and pput it on my clit. I cum so hard. I am so horny right now. Oh my god. im trying really hard not to hump myself right now. oh my god.

Jilling Off in June 14, 2010

Scented panties

One of the things that has always enhanced my experiences while masturbating is when there is a wonderful scent, whether from a candle burning, in a warm cinnamon-scented bubble bath, or even having fresh flowers in my bedroom. My main masturbation technique results from my specific anatomy, as the fleshy hood over my clitoris protrudes far enough out where I can grip it between my index and middle fingers and stroke the clitoris through it, and I glide the hood over it, firmly and slowly. I find controlling my breathing and not letting myself speed up as I start to cum is the key; I remain in control and let the orgasm build and at the height hold still and pinch my clitoris tight through the hood.

This may sound strange, but I do also find masturbating and bringing myself to a slow orgasm right as I am pooping to be satisfying as that whole crotch area feels electric and full. Don't knock it 'til you try it!

As far as enhancing the experience with scents, a couple of years ago my husband had admitted he liked to take my worn panties from the hamper and sniff them when he masturbated sometimes. That kind of turned me on. I had always liked to dip my fingers in my vagina and put my the wetness from my fingers on my lips and in my mouth. I like that taste of sex. I also tried sniffing my scent from my panties when I masturbated and found that it really worked for me, especially during and right after my period when I am extremely horny most months. The hormones maybe?

I am straight, but I do think it's natural for women to be able to find other women attractive. So here we go: When our next door neighbors go out of town, we watch their house, bring in the mail, water the plants, etc. My neighbor is an attractive gal a few years younger than me. Last summer when they were gone, I went into their bedroom closet where they had laundry on the floor. I found two pairs of her panties and the scent made me weak in the knees. There was a strong musky odor that was intoxicating.

Taking advantage of opportunities to try other women's panties has become my thing and even planning how to do this is enough to turn me on.

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Jilling Off in June 14, 2010

Jilling Off in June 14, 2010

electric toothbrush

i've been doing this for quite a while, and it works so well! I get horny, and watch lesbian porn. i'm straight but something about it gets me soo wet. then I go straight to the bathroom to take a shower, grab my electric tooth brush, put it right on my clit and start fingering myself. best orgasms ever!

Jilling Off in June 14, 2010

easy bathtub orgasm

in a bathtub I scoot as close as I can to the water and make sure its coming out nice and hard. then I place my pussy underneath it and it feels like a mega vibrator mmmm I get so horny and start screaming while I do it its also a good way to get wet quick then I use me first and middle finger to finger myself when its over..

Jilling Off in June 14, 2010

Ice Cubing

I'm Talya Lustig, a hot gold coast australian. I love to put icecubes in my PUSSAY until I explode with a river of cumsicle juices! It is delicious. Afterwards, I drink the juices up! Mmmm. I'm single right now because the guy that I like isn't into me and he's sleeping with some other chick but oh well!!!!!!!!

Jilling Off in June 16, 2010

It happend

I get horny almost everynight and porn just dosnt do it for me anymore I didnt wanna see it happen I wanted to feel it. I stick wide varitiy of shapes sizes thicknesses and temperatured things in my vagina and and sometimes ill take like a cord or an ipod charger cord and push it in my pussy and push it in and pull it out non stop it gets me wet and from there I finger myself in every direction and spit on my pussy I leave my door unlocked n sit on my bed with no covers I find that the more I worry to get cought the better it feels then ill go to the shower and hold the head tight to my pussy and I shake and quiver till I cum all over then get a motorized toothbrush and ram it in until I cum once gain

Jilling Off in June 16, 2010

Pillow Female masterbation

Wow I found a good way that is just simple a quite quick if you ask me. Roll up an pillow or two. Sit on it. Put on a video that turns you on. Ride the pillow in different motions, round, square. It works best when done slow. You get the greatest sensation ever.

Jilling Off in June 18, 2010

dont get caught.

what really gets me goin is when I know someones awake of a night, in the room next to me, and that at any moment, they could catch me. I gently ease my pants off, and feeel my pussy through my panties. when I feel myself getting wet, I push a little harder. then I pull my panties down to my ankles, and rub my clit in slow circular movements. then I slip my index finger inside. the thrill of knowing I could be caught at any second gives me the best orgasms ever!

Jilling Off in June 19, 2010

Thick markers clit

Well. if you don't want to buy vibrators, or dildos. Use a thick sharpie, or a thick highlighter. I have both, and what I do is I go take a 'shower' and while im in the shower I take both of the markers with me, and I put the thinner one in my bum, and the other in my vaj hole. I turn on the shower water. wait till it's about cooler then warm. and I put the shower head on blast. I direct it towards my clit. and in my shower I have this thing where I can put the shower head, and I put it there so I have access to both of my hands. and I move both of the markers slow, and then I go faster. and I take the one in my vaj out and put small ice cubes in there. and OMFG it feels sooooo good (3 I do it almost everyday. and it feels so amazing (3

Jilling Off in June 19, 2010

Clit Tickle Tease

First, slowly rub your clit with your pointing finger. Then speed up very gentle and rub your pointing finger back and forth on your clit.As you move your finger as fast as possible, it should start to feel like a tickle. Eventually,this tickle builds up to an amazingly wet orgasm!

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Jilling Off in June 20, 2010

My tecniques

I have a different tecnique for mastubating for different occasions. Like, when my family is at home and close by, I usally get on the computer and type up a slutty story. Then when they leave I hump myself rght in the computer chair. I also watch porn- guy on guy really turns me on. When people are home, I touch myself super quiet like on my bed, o take a shower and let the water do the work. When I masturbate, I usually just rub my clit- usualy circling it reall slow for as long as I can, then working faster untill i'm rubbing furiously. If I have time, I try to stop right befoe I come, wait, then start again. I do this as mny times as I can before I physically can't stop my hand from rubbing anymore- my back arches up off the bed, ass clenches, jaw locks. If i'm alone, I always scream- it heightens the orgasm. There is one video online that I watch of an 'invisible' man wo just humps girlies and they have no idea who- I sometimes imagine being humped by him.

Jilling Off in June 21, 2010

Baby Bottle pop the little toy no one will suspect

I am a teen and I havent been masterbating for long, but I have my ways. I take a baby bottle pop (finished, just the plastic.) and fill the bottom half way with my moms K.Y. I then play with my lips and everything else at the same time, then when I get a little dry, I take the top of the bab bottle pop off, dip it in the K.Y. and message my vagina, then I dip my finger in the lube, and stick it as far up as I can go. Boy does it feel good!

Jilling Off in June 21, 2010

A Day in Masturbation

In the summer mornings, I turn on my laptop and crawl back into bed. I look up lesbian porn which gets me wet. While using the mouse in my right hand, I put pressure on my lips right at the top where my clit is. I have a nice little orgasm,suttle, quiet, nice. Around ten, I get out of bed and take a shower. After I am all clean, I squat down and finer the alphabet twice : once across my clit, and once around my vagina. I leave my clothes in my room. Once I have walked back to my room, I spread my towel out on the carpet. I open the blinds and window so everyone can hear me. I lay back on the towel and spread my legs wide. I finger myself a little, then suck on my breasts. I then play with my clit until I cum and reach orgasm.

Jilling Off in June 21, 2010

sex toy

so I was just sleeping in the living room . my brother came and watched some hot porn that made me really into it . I got up slowly pretending I didnt know what he was doing . I just said hey , what you doing? then he just said nothing,im going to a party tell mom he forgot his porn so I watched it in my room . I did what the girls were doing in the video . then I just BURSTED ! my bro came , saw me , started sucking me . then we did anals together . we dontt alk about it with each other but we still do it with each other . I did it with him and his friends . im their sex toy

Jilling Off in June 22, 2010


Well I guess here it goes. I woke up in the middle of the night one night with my legs seperated. I was on my left sid, my right leg was under my comforter and my left one was not. I was too lazy to pull the comforter back over my left leg so I pulled my left leg in flipping myself onto my stomach. To my surprise the comforter stayed inbetween my legs. I had heard of masterbation before this but never really thought of it unil this point. I got curious on what it would feel like to try to shove/ have sex with my comforter. So I tryied it.

First I bunched up my comforter in between my legs until I really had to work to be able to feel both legs touching each other after I put my hand right in front of my area and I pushed it. This didn't do much so I started to move all different was with my body while holding th comforte in place and pressing as hard as possible. I finally started feeling some thing and before I knew it I had an orgy. It takes different amounts of time each time I do it now but I still get an incredibly desired feeling which I love to aim for every night.

After a while of doing this a few times a week I found it started working less. I tried imagining extremely horny things and I would rub my body all over until I got even a little horny. I would imagine this story going on in my head and I would start. The feeling is so amazing I wish I could do it every night but sadly monthly gifts stop me and the thought that I shouldn't be doing it and the thought that someone is watching me and the little amount of time I have

Jilling Off in June 22, 2010

My way

I usually start by just lightly touching my clit and feeling whether I am wet or not. Once i'm in bed I look on this website or similar ones to read about other peoples ideas and it makes me so horny.

I keep touching/rubbing my clit until I feel that i'm about to cum and then I stop just before I do. I turn off my laptop and then start again, usually going right into an intense, massive orgasm after about 5 or 6 times of stopping.

I still haven't learnt how to squirt, though.

Jilling Off in June 23, 2010

BlanketPillow Rider

Make sure you have: Pillow or Blanket and that you are alone! -Blanket 1. Roll up a blanket 2. Put it between your legs 3. RIDE IT LIKE A DICK! -Pillow 1. Fold a pillow length wise 2. Stick between your legs 3. RIDE IT LIKE A DICK!

These are easy orgasms that get you feeling great and it takes less than 2 mins. Make sure you ride it fast like you would it if you were having sex! Have fun!

Jilling Off in June 23, 2010

Homedic Vibrator

I found this massager in a closet at home, it has two vibrating balls on it, and it is perfect and you can change the level of vibration. one goes on your pussy and the other ball goes on your ass and you can get two orgasms! it's amazing!

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Jilling Off in June 24, 2010

Icy Orgasm

I first started masturbating when I was 12, but I never got an orgasm until I tried ice. I laid on my bed, and shoved ice into my asshole and my clit. I climaxed immediatly. The only mistake I made was I forgot to put a towel underneath me, so the water, and my cum, got all over my bedsheets. Luckily it dried up before morning.

Jilling Off in June 25, 2010

Fitting Room Fetish

Great to do next time you go shopping. Make sure you take a jacket Enter a fitting room. Strip down (to your panties are fine too). Roll up your jacket and start humping it. I tried this today and I had a good climax. If they're are security cameras, remeber 2 things, don't be ashamed it is only narural abd wouldn't it be hot, guys staring your hot, naked body masturbating? HAVE FUN!! ;-D

Jilling Off in June 25, 2010

never imagined

Well I was about nine, home alone and really bored so I just went searching through my sisters room, I found her cell and called my bff I asked her to come over and then I saw my sisters camera! I looked through it and found this video of the other night it was her and her bff having sex!! I was shocked I never knew she felt that way about girls. It was very exciting so I started to masturbate moving slowly up and down on my clit, ooo it felt so good. I started to finger myself and I moaned rwally loud I was sitting there masturbating on my sisters floor for about a half hour when I heard a noise, I turned around and my bff Sydney was right there with her hand in her skirt she walked over to me and was all like sorry for watching and so we were kinda just sitting there in awkward silence I began touching her leg and kissing her I took off her shirt and bra, I sucked on her breast and already had her moaning. I kissed down her stomach sitting in between her legs rubbing them. I went up her skirt and then I grabbed her breasts. I kissed her shoving my tounge in her mouth then I went down kissing her neck, she moaned uhhh oh god, it felt so good giving her this pleasure. I sucked on her nipples again humping her I stopped and she lightly rubbed the outside of my shorts saying do u like that uhhh I moaned harder wat she said she was confused rub it harder, she did, we moaned together. oh oh oh oh god yeah she was turning me on. I pulled of her skinrt and rubbed her clit then went down holding on to her breasts and licked her making love to her vagina she moaned so loud and comed in my mouth over and over it tasted sooo sweet. She did the sme to me and we humped naked I stuck everything I could find into her, she bled a little but we do this often now she doesnt know it but I touch her when she sleeps over I like to watch her sleep naked and rub myself we strip for each other all the time!!

Jilling Off in June 25, 2010

never imagined

Well I was about nine, home alone and really bored so I just went searching through my sisters room, I found her cell and called my bff I asked her to come over and then I saw my sisters camera! I looked through it and found this video of the other night it was her and her bff having sex!! I was shocked I never knew she felt that way about girls. It was very exciting so I started to masturbate moving slowly up and down on my clit, ooo it felt so good. I started to finger myself and I moaned rwally loud I was sitting there masturbating on my sisters floor for about a half hour when I heard a noise, I turned around and my bff Sydney was right there with her hand in her skirt she walked over to me and was all like sorry for watching and so we were kinda just sitting there in awkward silence I began touching her leg and kissing her I took off her shirt and bra, I sucked on her breast and already had her moaning. I kissed down her stomach sitting in between her legs rubbing them. I went up her skirt and then I grabbed her breasts. I kissed her shoving my tounge in her mouth then I went down kissing her neck, she moaned uhhh oh god, it felt so good giving her this pleasure. I sucked on her nipples again humping her I stopped and she lightly rubbed the outside of my shorts saying do u like that uhhh I moaned harder wat she said she was confused rub it harder, she did, we moaned together. oh oh oh oh god yeah she was turning me on. I pulled of her skinrt and rubbed her clit then went down holding on to her breasts and licked her making love to her vagina she moaned so loud and comed in my mouth over and over it tasted sooo sweet. She did the sme to me and we humped naked I stuck everything I could find into her, she bled a little but we do this often now she doesnt know it but I touch her when she sleeps over I like to watch her sleep naked and rub myself we strip for each other all the time!!

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Jilling Off in June 25, 2010

The only way to orgasm

The only way I can cum is read erotic stories. I read the stories and use my neutrogena wave on my clit. I move it around until I find the right spot and leave it there for a few minutes. I cum in a few minutes, and then when I'm about to orgasm, I stop until the feeling passes. Then, I put my wave aside and work with my fingers until I feel orgasm. Then I stop and repeat. Sometimes I do this for 2 hours! Best orgasm evar!!

Jilling Off in June 26, 2010

For non-sensative girls

I started at 12. I was watching secret life and talked about it i asked my mom and se told me what it was. At first it was hard for me because my pussy isn't sensative at all. So for those girls like me heres what to do: first read a bunch of these story's or watch some porn untill your really wet. Then take some of the ...wetness and put it on your clit and start rubbing slowly with little pressure. Then go harder and faster but not too fast. then once your clit is really sensative go on top of undies and start to rub. go up and down front to back. get faster and faster and the start humping the air. You may not orgasm but its good for girls who are just starting and dont want to yet. Hope you enjoy!

June 26, 2010


Okay, I've been masturbating for about a year and I've only recently figured out the best technique ever!

All you need is: small hand weight oral b toothbrush

When you take the brush head off of the Oral-b toothbrush, there is a small metal rod with a ball on the end. When you turn it on, it goes really fast. All you have to do is put it on your clit (inside your panties so it will stay) and put the weight there. I cum instantly! And I get an orgasm so good, I cant even stand! Then after ive done this a couple times, I use my hand! My pussy gets so sensitive! Then I penetrate with my fingers and go back to the tooth brush and ride it. Try it! The toothbrush is inexpensive and VERY ggod!

Jilling in June 27, 2010


I was just reading these stories and I saw how many times using mascara tubes were mentioned so I tried it. I stuck it in and rubbed my clit and tits and had the best orgasm EVER! going to try it again later

Jilling in June 27, 2010

Ohh Yeahh

My parents are NEVER home. Once a week, when they arnt, I masturbate so hard. I Have MANY Teq. and I switch Out Every Week... so They dont Get Olldd. P.S. Dont Forget to Moannn (Sounds stupid = actually works)

1. get completlly NAKED 2. play with my breasts, rub them, ihave big boobs so maybe even pust them together and jump up and down 3.get REALLY horny untill I cant help but touch my naked, wet vajj 4.get some of my saliva and just rub it around my pussy 5.I play with my pussy and just read some of these stories 6. I turn over and hump the S*it out of my pillow and get my jucy cum and spit everywhere 7. I ride the pillow like a dick

*I also use a dild00

I Lay so my bottom half (waist down) is on my Pillow (^ it helps me a lot) I rub it around my vajj and penitrate a few times then I trust it deep into my awaiting Pleasure Kitty (AKA Vajj) I take it out and stick it it my ass ohhh so ggod. I stop before every climax and keep doing this until I have to let myself climax and cumm my sweet juices all over my lovely pillow(3

*Ice Anyone??

I lay on my oh-so-helpful Pillow and stick an ice cube up my asshle. I finger myself, having doing this many times I found my g-spot. I have to be really horny to get this to work. I yell F*uck me harder untill I get sooo ready to cum I stick another ice cube in my vajj and just cum with delight.


I might sound like I masturbate a lot... and I do but it feels sooo good. and id love to just cum all over a huge vainy dick.... I even fantasize one one many of my rutine days

hope this helped


Jilling in June 28, 2010

the hot tub

One day one of my girlfriends asked me and a few others to her house to use her hot tub with her. unfortunatly I was the onlyone who turned up. she did not care about the others just aslong as I came. however we started talking and she asked me if I had ever thaught about being lesbian. I said yes she said she wanted to be one we took off our bikinis and got completely naked. we both enjoyed it alot so we got serious. when we got out we layed down on a large hammok and she asked me if I ever masterbated before I said no and she isked me if I wanted to be shown since I was lesbian and we were both lying there naked I said yes. so she went inside and baught out a bag and put it aside then she came to me and put her hand on the top of of my vagina and started rubbing it. she then took her other hand and with two fingers started moving them in and out and she started to go faster. she asked if I liked it and evidently I said yes. so she asked me if I wanted to do the same to her. I did. we then started doing it our selves. we started talking about our vagina and what o0ther wimen had seen them. no one but her had seen minr before she said the same. she asked me if I ever masterbated I said no. so did she she said that she had seen two wimen doing it in a car. later on she picked up the bag and pulled out two cylindrical objects. the said to use it the same way I used my fingers to masterbate and that is all. I did what she said and I enjoyed it alot I started to have lots of orgasms. she asked if I had enought but I said no once again she got something out of the bag. it was a thing that was long and strapped on the her vagina and butt. then she said spread your legs and put it in my vagina and it looked like how a male and female had sex. we kept on masterbating till we started oral and we enjoyed it so much that out of both of our vaginas we started to cum we sucked eachothers and we did the same every day untill we moved in.

Jilling in June 28, 2010

bathtub with no hands

Well this occured to when one of my classmates told me he had a friend that turned the shower on and let the water fall on her clit. after many years I remered it on time I was horny so I git into the bathroom and turned the lower fausset in a medium preasure. Then I lay down in the bathtub and I raise my legs on the wall so my vagina is right under the fausset and think of sexy stuff until I feel it coming. for more pleasure when ur about to climax raise ur vagina out of the water flow and the but it back slowly

Jilling in June 28, 2010

humpim my pillow

I take a pillow and put in between my legs while I have a vibrator or dildo up my cunt. I like to hump my pillow thinking I'm on top of a man riding his cock. I bounce up and down so I can feel my tits bouncing. I really get into it and start to moan. I can go slow or fast. I will put my fingers down on my clit while I do this and masturbate. This gives me such and intense orgasm.

Jilling in June 28, 2010

Daddy's Naughty Videos

The first time I masturbated was when I was about 12 or 13. I was curious about what I looked like down there, so I laid down on my bedroom floor in front of my mirror naked and touched myself, pulling my lips apart to get a better view. Since nobody else was home I went into my parents' room and looked through my dad's drawers for porn to turn me on. Sure enough, I found some kinky porn and took it to the living room to watch it. I could feel myself getting wetter and wetter so I rubbed myself like the girl I was watching. She was smacking her clit then licking her fingers and rubbing them on it- this felt very good. Then she started to put her fingers inside her vagina. She moaned so I did too. It was really hot and naughty to hump myself on the couch where people sat and I liked it- it turned me on and made me come even harder than before. I was panting uncontrollably and bursting with pleasure until I felt like I had to pee. I just went in and out faster until I squirted juice. After I climaxed, I licked my fingers and talked dirty while rubbing myself to slow my heart rate down AND continue the immense pleasure I felt. I cursed out loud when I heard a car coming down the driveway and I put up the DVD quickly and got in the shower to hump myself some more. I'm 14 now and to this day I haven't told anyone that I masturbate atleast twice a week b/c I'm a Christian and I don't know if it's bad or not. Then when I started my period this year, I skipped to super tampons and my mom said she was surprised at how big my vagina was. I blushed and said it was weird but oh well it's not my fault. I'm such a good girl that no one suspects that I dance with myself on a regular basis. I figure it's a good way to abstain from sex- why get someone else to do it if you can do it yourself? So anyway, thanks daddy for being a pervert so I can pleasure myself lol

Jilling in June 28, 2010

2 words- Phone sex

Me and my boyfriend have been having phone sex. We will both masturbate on the phone, and say sexy stuff, for example everything we want to do to each other. That on top of pleasuring yourself, I personally use a back messager on my clit, hearing your boyfriend come will send you over the edge if your not already. Have fun!!

Jilling in June 29, 2010

Brushin The Pussy

I simply lay on my back and imagine a big dick comin towards me then I get a hair brush and shove it in as far as it goes!

Jilling in June 29, 2010

Clit - Tickling

I am in my early teens. Ive never had access to dildos or sex toys before, so I've been using my hands and other objects. I love the smell of cum and that's probably why I masturbate so much and for some reason I prefer pussy instead of dick. Anyway, I take off all my clothes and my bra butleav panties on.sit oncomputer chair in my room sitting upright with my back curved and my legs spread wide open. Then I start to grind on the chair, moving my vagina up and down on the chair. I grind at a very fast pace and I try to find the spot where it tickles my clit the most. When I feel myself getting close to orgasm, I start thrusting my vagina harder and faster until I reach climax. By then, I am cumming a lot and my panties are soaking wet with my cum. I slow then and stop for a second. Then I take off my panties and get myself on the same position on the chair and repeat the same thing I did with my panties on. This time, I start to finger my clit every five seconds, then go back to grinding on the chair with fast speed. I thrust my vagina up and down harder and harder each time. It feels so good that I literally start having to pee. I am then cumming all over the place and my cum is all over the chair. After the grinding, I go lay on the bed and start playing and pulling and softly tugging at my pubic hair. I twist it around my finger and rub it. Then I start rubbing my clit in circular motions and flicking my clit with my finger. I am now cumming all over the place and cum is running down my legs and all over my inner thighs. I suddenly get an urge to pee so I go to the bathroom and pee while rubbing my clit. It feels so good, and by the time I am out of the bathroom and back on the bed, my whole pubic area is soaking in cum. My vagina and inner thighs are so sore from pleasure that it feels funny to walk a little bit. Now I reach down with my hand and pick up some cum with my fingers and put them in my mouth and start sucking on them. Then I go to the chair and start licking off the cum I left on it (which I will wash off later so nobody will be surprised when they see the chair). After that, I go back to the bed and take a pen and start shoving it deep into my vagina while humping up and down on it. I release it and then relax for a few seconds when I reach climax, then start it up again and repeat it for like, ten more times. Cum is all over the sheets and I'm fully sastified. Then I start my WHOOOLE masturbating process all over again. This process will make you never want to stop. I do believe that every girl should masturbate. For me, it has boosted my self-esteem to a full 100% and it makes me feel sexy because I'm getting to know, love, and appreciate my body. To all my fellow female masturbators of all ages, Good Luck!! and I hoped you've learned a few ways to pleasure yourself while reading my story.

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June 30, 2010


Being a girl and only humping me, I wondered what it was like to be with another girl. I am attracted to girls but the problem is that I really like the way that a cock makes me feel, especially when it fills my pussy with cum! The bigger the better! While sharing this dilemma with a friend she suggested I try out a shemale. A what? A shemale, a chick with a dick. Where do you find a shemale? Look on the internet, there are hundreds right here in our town.

That night after she left I eagerly sat down on the computer and in no time was chatting with a shemale that lived 10 minutes from me. Kendra told me that she lived her life as a woman but was born with a cock. Talking to her about her 8-inch cock got me all hot and bothered. Kendra said she could be at my house in 30 minutes, and I agreed.

When I opened the door, Kendra was standing there and looked so pretty. Her long red hair and long skinny legs. Her breasts were not big but a mouth full is all I need to enjoy myself, I thought. Kendra came in and immediately got down to business. She stripped in as she walked through the door. As soon as I closed the door she grabbed me and kissed me so intimately. I pulled my hands around from her back and gently caressed her breast. Kendra ran her hand down my chest with a gentle squeeze of my tit and then down to my clit she went. I have never been fingered like that before. Where has this shemale chick been all my life? I could barely stand up as Kendra slid her whole hand in and out of my wet womanly opening. I bent down and began to suck Kendra's dick. Her cock is so large that it gagged me as she pushed in and pulled out again. I looked up and asked Kendra, can you hump me with your dick and cum in my pussy? Yes she stated.

I leaned back and spread my legs as wide as they would open exposing my cleanly shaven pussy. My pussy is so wet it is dripping. Kendra slid her cock inside and rocked back and forth. I have never had such a large cock inside of me; it is so deep I yelled. You like it, she asked? Yes, I want more, ram it into me harder and don't f***ing stop. Kendra did, she rammed her cock into me so hard, I came up off the floor. Kendra continued until she couldn't wait any longer, do you want me to cum inside of you or on your face, she asked? Cum inside me please, you shemale bitch, now now!

She cried out I'm cumming!, and blasted her hot sticky shemale load deep inside my pussy! This was just enough for me to get off and the feel of her hot jizz inside me made me cum too. I want to taste you now, she said, then she rolled off me, got on her knees and began eating my cum dripping pussy. It only took me about 2 minutes to climax in her face again!

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