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January 4, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Caught Masturbating!


I am straight, but I loved this experience! The other day, after I read some of these stories, I decided to masturbate. It was in the middle of the day, and my parents were in the living room watching a movie. I was rubbing myself, and then put two fingers in and started to go in and out. I heard the front door close, but didn't care because I was feeling so good and I had just started moaning. My best friend Megan decided to surprise me and come over. She walked in my room, and saw me under the covers moaning. I was shocked, and hid myself. She asked what I was doing, then came over and sat down next to me. I said I was looking for something that fell down there. She didn't believe me, and got up and pulled the covers back, revealing my naked self, with my soaking wet vagina and wet covers. She quickly ran over and closed the door and locked it. She walked back over with a big smile on her face, and passionately kissed me. I could not believe what was happening!!! She slowly undressed herself, while never breaking the kiss. She then took her shirt off, and bra, revealing her hard nipples. She then took her short shorts and panties off, showing her red, throbbing, wet pussy. She stuck two fingers inside me, and made me moan. She then started kissing down my body, and began to eat me out!! I came all over her face, but she didn't care. I then pinned her down to the bed, and started kissing her, while fingering her at the same time. She came, and I went down there and licked up her juices, and then started to eat her out. We 69'd, and then rubbed each other's pussy's together for a while. Then, she said hold on for a second. She went over to her bag and pulled out a vibrating dildo. I always carry this on me in case of emergencies and I can't take it anymore She got a huge smile on her face, walked over, and shoved it in me literally without hesitation and turned it on. I had a powerful orgasm and she licked up every last bit of it. We decided to get dressed for now. We went into the living room together and sat down on the floor. That night, we had even more fun, but I'm going to have to post that later .....I have a very impatient girl named Megan naked right next to me holding her new dildo.
-straight but loved it

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January 6, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

First Time Masturbating

How I began masturbating: When I was ten or eleven I had a female friend, and I used to sleep over her house a lot. We were just beginning to get sexual feelings and started experimenting with each other. We would do something called 'playing sex' where one of us would pretend to be the boy, and get on top of the other and grind into them. We didn't know what it really meant and didn't do anything else but just enjoyed the 'good feelings'. When I was twelve or thirteen my next door neighbors friend would visit often and she had a daughter my age and we became best friends. One night we slept over and started talking about sex when we were sleeping in the same bed and ended up grinding with our clothes on. It was so exiting! We would do things like take pictures of our nipples and show them to each other. We were both completely straight but experimenting was new and exiting! It would make me moan in pleasure! How I masturbate: Now I'm older (not allowed to put ages, but let's say it starts with S and ends with x, and may or may not have a 'teen' after it;)) normally I put on some porn and that gets me wet straight away. Most of the time it's lesbian porn because although i'm straight it focuses on female pleasuring. Now and again I will come across a video with a sexy man licking a girl out but it's rare. I like friction on my little clitoris, so I rub my clitoris in circles till I cum and then lick my dripping wet juices up. Sometimes I will stick a finger or two if i'm turned on in and leave them there whilst I rub my clitoris with my other hand, but it hurts if I finger myself because i'm a virgin. Sometimes, I will grind up against things or watch myself in the mirror and play with my D cups and rub my clitoris till I moan.

January 13, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Bisexual

Self-Pleasuring is Awesome

Hot Masturbation

I am so horny after reading all these posts. It has gotten me to take my panties off and start vigorously rubbing my clitoris as I read. mmmmmm.... I always masturbate behind my boyfriends back. When he is out of the house,

I like to lay back on the bed , take all of my clothes off and open up some lesbian porn on the internet. Lesbian porn turns me on so so much even though i've always been straight. It is a bit of a fantasy of mine. Anyway I masturbate by rubbing my clitoris and fingering my pussy to the hot porn on my laptop. I get so excited watching girls eat each others pussies! I use a vibrator on my clitoris sometimes and stick a dildo in my pussy. I like to tense my muscles in my pussy to create waves of pleasure. I always moan to make it seem more real and fantasize that the women in the video are licking and fingering me. mm...

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January 13, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Masturbation Technique Variation

Undies to perfection

While I was reading these and feeling myself get so wet I ran across one where she said that she used a thong to insert into her vagina and then went to hump her pillow. I decided to try this with a small pair of my underwear since I have yet to purchase a thong. It felt amazing to slowly push the undies into my drenched vagina while gently pulling apart the walls. Instead of playing with myself(because my roommate is here) I came back to my computer with the undies still inside of me. The feeling off sitting on it makes my vagina pulse and make me only want more. I moved my hips to find a comfortable or pleasurable position. I also found that with a good pair of pants on no one can tell and you can walk around with the undies in. When you walk you can feel your thighs rubbing against it, only stimulating it more. I have had it in for about ten minutes and it's almost like teasing yourself it's fantastic.

January 17, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Memorable Self-Pleasuring

Hot Wet and Trembling

So I've been reading through some of the enteries and they have reminded me of one of the most memorable masturbation experiences I've ever had. So I was home alone because my parents were at work. I had the whole Saturday to myself. I had been on this site which allowed me to chat to people my own age. This one boy started to get very flirty with me so I played along. Then he started to say what he wanted to do to me. At the time I was in the kitchen making coffee, but when I read what he had but I couldn't concentrait. I was so wet by the time I'd finished reading it that some was slowly making its way down my thighs, it just turned me on more. I ran to the living room with my lap top and began to touch my self as he descibed, playing with my breasts and pinching my nipples. Then I completely stripped naked and started to play with my clitoris. I was so wet I was dipping onto the carpet but I really didn't care. Then a thought came to me, it had recently snowed outside. I went outside a got a handful of pre white snow and brought it back to where I was on the carpet. Then I started to push a finger inside my vagina, pumping it a little. I pick up a bit of snow and made it compact then stuck it in my vagina. It was FREEZING but felt so good, I got even more wet and even more aroused. I did it again and then started to pump in and out with a thick marker pen. It didn't take long and with a quick flick of my clitoris I was squirting everywhere for the first time in my life. I do mean everywhere. I was shocked at first but the feeling was intense that I kept going and I squirted 3 more times. I was so worn out after that, but I will be eternally greatful for what the guy wrote to me that day, I never will forget it.

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January 19, 2013 -

Other Masturbatory Entry

Ball of fun

I place a small ball on my clitoris with my undies on and I sit there and rub I walk with it rubbing and pressing on my vag I stay horny so my ball keeps me going good all day

NOTICE:  Some older stories have been moved to the 2012 archives

January 20, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Lesbian

Urgent Need to Masturbate

Pornography epiphany

I am a big Homestuck fan, and I definitely got into it because of the porn. I don't remember how I found it, but I found a site devoted to lesbian pairings and it was all incredibly beautiful and incredibly hot. Before I had only been able to get off to girls squirting, but I was just floored this stuff. Arching backs, fists clenched in sheets, genuine expressions of arousal, tenderness, love, tongues, blushes...it was too much.

I saved as much as I could before going to bed and the next day, it was all I could think about. I was blushing in class and I kept having to go to the bathroom to check if my wetness was staining my underwear.

That afternoon, I went back to the pictures and found my hairbrush. I used to occasionally use it to spice up humping but I utterly needed to be filled because rubbing my clitoris alone just wasn't doing it for me. So I thrust the brush in and pumped and rubbed and panted until I came close to coming.

Unfortunately, I could not make myself come like that (never have), and had to hump a pillow on the corner of my bed to finish. It was not one of my best orgasms, but I felt such powerful arousal like I had never felt before.

I have been masturbating more now, every night. My sex drive is higher than before. I found a source of porn drawn for lesbians by lesbians, and it has given me more powerful sex fantasies and more of a significance to the idea of sexual pleasure in general.

January 20, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Bisexual

Memorable Self-Pleasuring

Extreme mastubation

It all began over a year ago at Sandy's cousin Frank's house. Me and my girlfriend Sandy began playing beer pong with her cousin and three of his friends. Sandy and I live together and are sexually active with each other but we are both bisexual. Eventually we were talked into playing strip poker and after an hour or so we were all pretty much naked or close to it. That first night Sandy and I along with the four guys all masturbated in front of each other. We began partying a couple times a month and it got more intimate each week. Sandy and I talked about it and we both enjoyed the attention we were getting from the guys and by the second month were maturbating each other. Now I know how lame this may sound but we both enjoy being satisfied by the guys. In a short time it became like a game and Sandy and I were like objects. The sensations they administered to our bodies are the most arousing fellings I have ever experienced. Sandy and I do masturbate them each time and we also give them oral sex but thats nothing compared to how they arouse and stimulate Sandy and I. I never dreamed that I would allow four guys play with my body and can't discribe what eight hands feel like fondeling and penitrating me. Not just with their fingers but also a collection of sex toys and vibrators. Each time we are at Franks house I orgasm more than I thought possible and Sandy agress with me. Sandy and I watch each other being masturbated by the guys and that alone causes me to get turned on. When I think about it I know these guys are using us and know it should humiliate me but I am so aroused I don't care what they think of me. Right from the start Sandy and I insisted there be no intercouse but now that has even changed but we do insist they use condoms all the time. When Sandy and I have sex together we do to each other some of the things the guys do with the sex toys. Thes guys degrade us but we still go to Franks house at least twice a month. Why I am not embarrassed while this is going on I can't explain especially when all four are satisfying me as Sandy watches them and me. We are all naked but the positions they arrange me in leaves me so fully exposed to them I should feel some type of humiliation but only allow them to keep satisfying me. As they penitrate my vagina and anus with the sex toys and vibrators and I either give oral sex or masturbated them. I have at certain times jerked off two of them while giving a third one oral sex which sounds ridiculous but they are the ones who position me to be able to do that. I watch Sandy do the same and think the fact that I have these guys so excited also increases the way I am aroused so much. Frank is Sandys cousin but that doesn't stop him from treating her the same way he does me. Another weird aspect of this is that I like all these guys and see them all the time especially at the pub every Friday night. We never talk about it with the guys and Sandy and I never say anything about it to our other friends. I also have sex with a guy I work with sometimes but never even tell Sandy about him. Its Sunday morning right now and last night we again were at Franks house. As much as I realize how shameful this may be I don't feel personal shame about it as long as some of my friends and family don't know of it.

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January 21, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Anonymous Masturbator Confessions

discovering my fetish and more

I never thought I would say this but I think I am developing a foot fetish. I guess it started out from having to grab onto a foot during particularly odd masturbation positions. Or sometimes after orgasms I would lay on my stomach and rub my feet together, my toes gliding down my feet and sending an electric shock through my body. Now its come to the point where I squeeze my feet while I'm masturbating. I also like to imagine laying on my bed with my legs spread open pleasuring my soaking wet pussy while a cute boy from school rubs my feet. I don't know why, but fantasizing about people I know gets me off a lot faster than a celebrity that is loads more attractive. I think in a way it makes me feel naughty or like I have a secret when I see the person. I can see a person just hours after I was moaning their name during an earth-shattering orgasm and they wouldn't even suspect it. On an unrelated note, I find it fascinating that I can spend an entire masturbation session thinking of women but nearly the second I start to cum my mind switches to men. I hope someone can relate to some part of this story, I feel as if it came out a little weird lol. -R

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January 22, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Fantasies while Masturbating

Medieval Fantasy

When I am feeling in the mood, I tend to write stories like this or see them as though they were a movie in my head. This might help you if you need a little inspiration. Though this definitely doesn't happen in real life, it gives me hope that someday my lover will be just as good.

It was a dark and rainy evening. Nathaniel had stoked the fire in the hearth to provide a great warmth to the cottage, though the thunder drowned out the crackling. Annamaria stood with her dress clinging to her from the rain soaking it as she rushed to get the clothes from the wash line. She watched Nathaniel as he bent over the fire and poked the dying embers and igniting the kindling. She felt a lust for his body as she marveled the muscles tensed in his hips and thighs, crouched over the hearth. He then pulled off his cloak and left it on a hook over the fire. His skin was deliciously wet from the rain as well, having pulled in most of the firewood before the downpour. Annamaria could smell the woodsy musk saturating his skin. She felt the longing deepen as he removed his shirt to reveal the tone muscles in his chest and abdomen. His pants hung low on his waist, barely holding up from the saturation. She too removed the cloak fastened at her neck, allowing it to fall to her outstretched arms. She grazed his skin on the way to the fire, hanging up her cloak next to his on the opposite hook.

His hand caught hers and she felt a tingling in her skin where his made contact. She felt him draw her into his embrace, pressing his groin to hers, as he began to swell. His lips were soft and longing as he kissed her lips, slowly but then with more passion. She felt his tongue trace her lips before they parted and he explored her mouth with increasing vigor. She felt a ping of desire begin in her chest and circle lower to her waist. Nathaniel pulled the strings of her bodice loose and let it fall to the floor between them, all the while caressing her lips with his tongue and exploring her mouth. He then knelt to the floor taking her with him, forcing her onto her back and pulling her skirt up to her waist, painfully slowly, caressing the skin of her thighs with the wet material. She felt a wetness beginning between her legs as he moved and continued his slow kissing, drawing out the desire, from her lips to her throat and down to her unbuttoned shirt. Annamaria then ran her hands from his chest down his abs to his waist, cupping his swollen groin through the wet cloth, teasing it with a tender caress and making a small gran escape his lips. She felt his desire but knew he did not want to come so soon. She then unbuttoned the soaked material of his waist and pulled it down to reveal his white skin and enlarged manhood. He pulled the buttons of wet shirt apart, to reveal her erect nipples and white breasts to the warm air. He was slickening as he sucked the nipple of her right breast and cupped her clothed mound simultaneously. She moaned with pleasure as his hands and lips explored her body slowly and deliberately. His pants were at his knees but they hardly contain him as he pressed his erection against her panties and She ached for the feeling of him against her bare skin and spread her legs around his waist, inviting him in. He unbuttoned the clasp to her skirt and allowed it to shelter her body from the floor. The material around her mound was wet and sticky as he pulled them down and finally off. He rose up for a moment and undid his boots, and finally pulled his pants the rest of the way off to reveal himself completely. She breathed in a moan as he laid his body against hers between her legs. He then kissed her down from pis to chest and swirled his tongue around her nipples before continuing down to her waist. He traced her hips with his tongue and when she opened herself up more. He licked her clitoris with impressive vigor. She burned with desire as he at first teased and then began to tickle her womanhood. She moaned deeply and loudly as he continued until, she cried out with pleasure. She felt the muscles in her abdomen shaking with the pleasure of it, but he was not done.

He then pressed a single finger into her vagina and plunged it deep within her and hooked it upward as he did so making her tingle with more pleasure. He then withdrew and pushed in and out over and over, until he brought her to climax again. She could see white dots in her vision as he kissed her, with the taste of her still on his tongue. He relaxed a little before continuing the pursuit of her body. He pressed his erection against her groin and slid it between her lips without entering her. He glided himself with her wetness pressing himself between her skins, without entering her. He then teased her clitoris with his manhood and finally pressed himself inside her. She felt the deep penetration as he glided deeper and deeper until his entire shaft was sheathed inside her. He paused a moment as he stared into her deep green eyes.

“I love you Annamaria,” he whispered, holding himself still for her reply. I love you too, Nathaniel.” She whispered back.

He then pulled himself out until he was barely inside of her and then slowly pushed himself back in, his body catching the rhythm. She moaned with pleasure as he did so, but she wanted him deeper than he could go from this angle. She then forced him on his back and rode him, feeling him plunge deeper and deeper insider than he had gone before. She felt his erection bump against her cervix with slight pain but it felt good, a gentle pain, a pain she had longed to feel. She rode his body until the orgasm rose into her chest and bowed her back, before she collapsed against him with his member still inside her. She had felt him climax seconds before she had felt her own, rising up into her body . Nathaniel and Annamaria fell asleep by the hearth tangled in each other’s arms, feeling the tingles of their first acts of lovemaking pulling them closer together.

January 22, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

The Ultimate Female Masturbation Experience

Pervert boyfriend

I've been dating Richie for 7 months and when we first had sex it was all the normal things. After a couple months he began to get more kinky and talked me into tieing each other up and satisfying each other. I was leery about doing this in the beginning but now am happy to amuse him and have him satisfy me like never before. I let him tie me down spread eagle and also let him blindfold me. I am well aroused even before he touches my vagina and without knowing what he will do next am having orgasms that make me scream with delight. Even when he shaves me it has me wet almost immediately. He uses dildos and vibrators and for the first time in my life I am delighted with the effects of haveing a vibrator both penitrate my vagina and anus. My entire body is explored and I am often exhausted when he is finished and can no longer climax. I also tie him down and blindfold him and aside from only masturbating him I also use a vibrator to penitrate him. I've never done anything like that with anyone else but Richie loves to cum when I jerk him off with the vibrator inserted in his rectum. We do give each other oral sex and have intercouse, but more often now we consentrate on masturbating each other and basically ravaging each others bodies. Its not something I ever thought of but Richie seems to think of a different way to arouse me every time. Another thing we do is masturbate each other in public places. We do it every time we go to a movie and have many times in resturants and a few local bars. There have been times when other people knew what we were doing but to Richie thats part of the excitment. To me its embarrassing when I'm in a state of arousal and a guy or girl or both are watching me orgasm. Afterwards I laugh about it and have massturbated Richie in the car many times. He once masturbated me in his cousins kitchen with cousin standing at the stove making hambergers. His cousin knew what Richie was doing but I was so aroused I just let him satisfy me then we all just laughed about it. Richie has gotten me as bad as he is with this stuff but I have never been more satisfied than I am now.

January 22, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Bisexual

Caught Masturbating!

Best day ever

I came home from school one day and no one else was home. I usually masturbated in my room late when everyone was asleep so I was sure no one would barge in so I took this chance to masturbate in the living room. My T.V. is brand new and has internet so I searched up some porn and watched a girl masturbating for a couple minutes before I found myself naked from the bottom down and rubbing my clitoris really hard and fast. I was too into masturbating that I didn't notice my friend had came in from the back door which was open during the day and she was standing there watching me with her hand over her pussy. I quickly jumped up and tried to put my pants on but she just pushed me back down and began kissing me full on while inserting her finger into me. That was my first kiss and I didn't know what to do but she was in control so I didn't care. I'm straight, well as far as I know and I didn't care about that either. After a couple minutes of us making out and her fingering me, she laid me on the couch and took off her pants and panties and stuffed her pussy right over my face. I happily licked her always wondering what pussy tasted like. She basically humped my face before I felt her quivering and she almost fell on me from an orgasm. I took this as my chance. I laid her down and positioned my pussy over hers which would provide the lubrication since her's was covered in cum. I began humping her hard which caused us both to orgasm that time. After that, we calmed down and just laid there watching the porn. Finally she stood and told me to get dressed so we could go to her house, she said she had something for us to use. We got dressed and crossed the street to her house. She wasn't home alone but her grandmother never really bothers us when I'm there. We went into the computer room and she put on some porn and told me to stay there for a minute. I did and again I started rubbing my clitoris but this time I kept my pants on. She came back in and smiled when she saw me jilling off and said it was good I was wet. I noticed she had a box in her hand and she put it on the desk beside the computer and pulled out hitachi wand or whatever it's called. We positioned ourselves on the floor and took off our pants and all our clothes basically. She put the wand in between us and set it on high putting it on both our clits. I orgasmed in five minutes. We kept doing it for an hour before her mom walked in and quickly walked out. My friend said her mom always walked in on her masturbating so it was normal. Her house was really open about it. I slept over her house that night and we kept going at it all night. We were so tired the next day at school. But when I was in history, she texted me and we met up in the bathroom. It was empty I guess a grade had a field trip so there wasn't as many people there that day. We went into a bathroom stall and she basically ate me out then and there. The rest of the day I was so hot and horny that I kept moving in my seat and rubbing myself when ever I could. We've kept up with things like that for like a month now. I love it! Now I don't feel so alone when it comes to masturbating and it feels so much better with a friend!

January 25, 2013 -

breasts and mirrors

This is mainly a reply for an older woman who I think is called Mary and who sent in a lovely contribution on December 2nd about masturbating in her undies at home in her bedroom. I soooo love her descriptions and have replied before to her on the site. I think she is probably from my Mum's generation since she uses wonderful, sexy British words like 'knickers' and 'fanny' and refers to her big breasts as her 'girls'. When I read her stories I can't help thinking, OMG, she is like an older version of me! In fact during my last 'session', when my Mum and Dad and brothers were all out, I took my laptop upstairs, slipped into my 'masturbation-bra' in front of my mirror and kept the computer open so that I could read and copy Mary's story as I touched. God, Mary, if you do read this I hope you feel like I do, that sometimes we are masturbating 'together' through this wonderful website. Like you, I love talking out loud to myself when the house is empty and I'm undressing. I'm a 32d now and I think I look really good in a white or black underwired bra. I can really 'fill out' a pretty bra and I have quite a round tummy and a big curvy pale bum as well.. My breasts get a lot of attention from others and I love pampering them and getting that amazing feeling you described of 'breast-pride' when I put my shoulders back and push them forward in my bra or when I'm topless. Since reading your story, I have started calling them 'my girls', and find it thrilling when I reach the point where my girls just have to be freed to sit out plump and swollen over my bra wiring. Honestly, I feel a cup-sise bigger when I do that and my nipples rise up like tulips when I do. I love having my plain white or black everyday 'tesco' knickers down at my knees with my girls out breast-proud over my cups and my full hairy bush presented too. Oh Mary, I loved thinking about your big hairy blonde mum-fanny exposed like my dark triangle and puffy lips in your bedroom moments. I have copied you too in saying things like 'Rachel, you have to get your girls out, your fannylips parted and your big bum displayed before the others come home....' If the house is empty, I will shout out my own full name, 'Rachel! I love you!' as I masturbate, my fanny completely exposed and my big breasts often brushing the glass. OMG...I am soaked writing this and love imagining our two fannies in our two mirrors, Mary, we we masturbating together and it feels so marvellous, so natural. Think of me. Love you!

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January 26, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

First Time Masturbating

Not Ashamed

I am a 21 year old virgin and have been plagued with the idea that it is wrong to masturbate since I was a very young age. My stepmother, a hardcore Catholic, has insisted that therapy and long hours in Bible sessions, as well as no alone time, would cure me of my “disease.”

Since I have been a Wiccan, I have discovered many things about the world. First, there is nothing which says that masturbation is wrong anywhere in the Bible. Every quote that was given against it was later added to the cannon by religious agents to stop the Celts and other pagan groups from doing things that were against the religion and against man-made morality. Sex was only supposed to be participated in for procreation to be done between man and woman in wedlock.

It has been proven in many studies that increased pleasure through masturbation or in sexual activities increases the likelihood of conception and also is a stress reliever. It also has many cardiovascular benefits and increases brainwaves to increase cognitive function.

So if anyone tells you that masturbation is wrong, do your research. It is only as wrong as you believe it is and as far as my research goes, there are no ill effects unless you are into some painful and kinky practices.

January 27, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Unique or Strange Story

wet and wild

I've started masturbating ever since I was 12. At first I started masturbating by making a double wedgie and using a rounded highlighter and rubbing it insanely against my clitoris. It was an amazing expirience until I made my own awesome wild. I have my own room and find it better masturbating by night;) so what I do is that I take off all my clothes except my panties (i give my self a double webgie it feels so amazing to feel the pressure) behind door leave my double D titties hanging under my bra. I grab my big hard long pillow that is my size and I get on it and I start riding it like crazy, it's all hands free and I just feel on my tits and lick my nipples and grind and hump the pillow fantasizing about my boyfriend and I occasionally use my butt homemade dildo and ufft it feels amazing I cum like crazy and have such a powerful orgasm. My pussy is throbbing after that wet and wild session and during the awesome moment I'm getting triple pleasure without the use of any man ;)

January 28, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Self-Pleasuring is Awesome

Dorm Room Session

I go to college, and I live in a dorm with two other girls. Which has its up side because they are great but I often need to rub my clitoris and watch porn. I grew up with my own room so I would have full blown sessions. I like to piss while I masturbate, it has become one my favorite fetishes. There is just something about feeling piss run down your pussy while you're rubbing your clitoris. So I often cant get that deep into my masturbation session. So this is going to be my second time getting off today since I cant do a full session until I get home. I am going home on saturday and I can not wait to spread my legs on my bed and watch some lesbian porn while they piss on eachother and piss with them. I just want to piss so bad and I cant cause I do not know when my roommates are coming back. Just got to wait till saturday. Till then ladies!! Happy masturbating!!

January 29, 2013 -

Over 40 Years of Masturbating

Another update on the 62 an d 65 years olds

Some of you may remember I posted three entries here last year ending on 1st October as someone who was a very shy unmarried 62 year old who despite being very flat chested and of a slender build enjoyed occasional masturbation and longed for male company. Then by chance I met someone three years older than me. After a long period of adjustment we came together and it has literally changed our lives. I am writing this because I have become well aware there are many people who are very shy sexually yet within them are huge pent up feelings so this may be of some help.

The extraordinary thing for us is the distance of life’s journey we have travelled in the past year starting with lots of embarrassments and failure to ‘perform’ for one reason or another. I feel that much of this is coloured by tiredness and expectations that are set too high when all that is needed is relaxation in a nice soothing atmosphere and just letting things happen but most precious of all apart from true love is a good sense of humour surrounding a really good cuddle. This may be in stark contrast to how people a third of our age may feel and act as evidenced by many entries here (yet which I enjoy reading – just wish I had the energy!)

Our foreign holiday was a real turning point. It allowed us to speak sexually and erotically much more freely. We still do not actually live together but savour up the weekends. I simply love to prepare things for when he arrives on a Friday evening. I love cooking so prepare a nice meal. The doorbell rings. My heart beats even faster. We throw arms around each other and embrace then sit on a lounge sofa arm in arm enjoying a glass of wine. He joins me in the kitchen as I complete the preparations. As I pass by him I sometimes run my hand over his crotch and naughtily ask how he is feeling. Can’t wait for you is the usual response. After dinner I would lay over his knees with my feet up over the sides having coffee. I love it when he runs his fingers through my hair and then over my chest lifting my torso to meet his hand pressure. I would then position myself to run my hand inside his trousers onto his lovely firm bum. He would often steer my hand to the front under his pants so as to feel his penis. After all these months he is now able to get a good erection most of the time and to hold it for a fair length of time.

Before going to bed we would both take a shower together., He would soap me all over, rub my pussy and between my legs and I would wash his bum, balls and penis. Then to bed. More chit-chat as he would lie beside me circling his fingers all around the outer edges of my pussy with the occasional running of the back of his hand on to the outer edge of my clitoris. As it naturally gets wet he would gently run a finger right into my vagina. I would press his hand down onto my pubic bone and raise up to meet that pressure. My breathing would get deeper and louder. But we are moving too fast. I shift my position to give him full attention.

Sitting beside him with his arm over my shoulder I would draw back the duvet and see his probably half erect penis. Very lightly with my fingers I would explore his pubic hair down between his legs , around his balls and back up again teasing him but not actually touching his penis. I could sense his desire for action as his becomes more erect and I can see glistening moist on the tip. It is when he presses my hand down on it I would invariably whisper what do you feel like doing. More often than not we would like to be masturbated rather than go for full intercourse however much we like that as well. As time has gone by we have both learned how best to stimulate each other. I have never had a problem achieving an orgasm but he has much to his embarrassment and frustration. I suppose I just love looking at and playing with his penis in whatever state.

I will start to circle my finger tips over his tip which he finds exquisite. I can feel the shaft throbbing with desire. I slowly run my fingers up and down the full length of his erection. If it goes flaccid we stop and chat more. The moment will come when he tells me he feels he is about to cum. I love that moment. Whilst very keen to let me finish him off he sometimes will take over. I carefully watch his exact position for maximum stimulation. Then OMG it happens. His sticky semen does not spurt out but dribbles down the shaft and onto his pubic hair. I rub it into his skin. I put my head on his chest. His heart is pounding. He goes flaccid and we both sleep a while. Maybe half an hour later I would sit astride over him, raise my body straight up as he starts to explore between my legs leading to him licking my clitoris and getting his tongue as far into my vagina as possible. What he really likes is for me to masturbate myself in that position writhing all over him as I climax. Next day we would at some point have intercourse. I just love his stiff penis rubbing up against my clitoris. I just love the full length right inside my vagina. I just love him to massage my bum. I just love to massage his bum and press it against me as he humps me from the missionary position. I just love him running his hand over my tits, such that they are, and tweeking my nipples. So life at the moment is good and exciting.

So for all of you out there lets have some tips about what to experiment with next.

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January 29, 2013 -

Masturbation Technique Variation

New boyfriend worries

I am a thirty one year old blond with medium length straight hair. I am 5 foot six and a 36b, many say attractive. I live on my own in a very small apartment about thirty miles out of London where I have a job which is convenient but do not particularly enjoy.

Over the past ten years I have had two longstanding boyfriends. Eventually things did not work out and it was I who ended the relationships which was all very painful at the time. In the past couple of years I have been without company so have very occasionally satisfied myself learning how to masturbate for which I thank the many entries on this website. Yet I am keen to start another relationship with someone who I met recently at the wedding of his sister. He lives the other side of London and we have been out several times but it is only recently that we have gone to bed together. I’m a bit tensed up because I really like him and I want this to work

I am a very sensous person and love to take my time in an erotic atmosphere with touch and kissing. When we first had sex it all seemed to happen too quickly. I rarely actually achieve an orgasm anyway. On the other hand he seemed more interested in satisfying himself rather than me. I have now been invited to his parent’s house abroad for a vacation and I only hope we can work something out. I guess there is a lot of talking and basic touching to do first . Any advice will be most welcome?? Will then let you know what actually happened later .

January 29, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Bisexual

Masturbation Technique Variation

New But Old to Masturbation

I've got an infatuation with masturbation. I only learned to orgasm through clitoral stimulation just last year unintentionally while riding my now husband. I then reached orgasm from him going down on me, which feels completely different than orgasm during sex. It's unimaginable. We both have full time jobs now and our sleep schedule ant time we get to see each other is weird. I always wondered about getting that same orgasm through masturbation. I've explored inside myself plenty, and have found that I can even squirt! But I always failed or couldn't get myself over the edge to orgasm with my clitoris.

Well I finally did last night! And It was amazing, knowing the familiar contractions of my pussy and the rush of pleasure running through my body.

After reading some of this page and my man left for work I decided I was going to masturbate again; I was kind of scared I wouldn't be able to do it again. So I got started, licked my nipples a little, used a clitoral stimulating gel, and worked myself close to orgasm. I was having the same problem, really wierd, and couldnt get myself to cum for anything. I had read online about pillow humping, so hrny and ready to orgasm hard I grabbed my pillow from behind my head. I folded it and rode it until I came, just like I had last night. I'm so happy I can do this for myself, and will be doing this many many many times to come. (:

January 31, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Other Masturbatory Entry

Masturbation Story

Keep in mind that this story is NOT true whatsoever, just one I made up hoping you will get wet from it. Enjoy

When my boyfriend came over to me masturbating, I expected him to leave nervously. Instead, Alex sat down next to me as I rubbed my clitoris, unable to stop. Need some help? He said with a sexy smirk. I smiled as Alex lead me to the bedroom and removed my clothes, kissing me hard. Alex moved his hand over to the table beside me and grabbed a condom he had left from last time. I helped Alex put it on and leaned back, moaning as he entered me.

February 2, 2013 -

Rubbing My Pussy

I love to masterbate! I am a virgin so I dont get to finger myself but I have put a finger inside me. I wiggled it slightly nd it felt amazing! anyways my best method to masterbate is by rubbing my clitoris hard and wild. First I read stories online like the ones on this site. Then, even tho im straight, I watch lesbian porn. While watching porn I take a make up brush nd tickle my clitoris with it. Then when I cant take that anymore I use my fingers to rub my pussy but only thro my panties! when I cant take tht anymore I rub without my panties just enough to make it feel good, but not to orgasm. Next I take a electric toothbrush nd place it on my clitoris. It feels amazing, feeling those vibrations on my clitoris. Then while the toothbrush is on I start to move it up nd down slowly gaining speed nd thn getting rough nd wild ohhhh I jus love it! when im very close to cumming I stop. FInally, I take my fingers nd start to rub my clitoris hard nd rough. mmmmmm. Idk but the feeling of skin to skin beats all so I finally have an earth shattering orgasm! Mmm I feel my clitoris throbbing right now guess its time to go masterbate ;)

February 3, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Fantasies while Masturbating

Well, what I usually do for self-pleasure is I start by waiting until I have to use the restroom. I wait as long as possible because after a while of holding it, you start to get nice feelings in your lower parts. You usually get shocks of having to use the restroom... Some people don't enjoy these and use the restroom as soon as possible, I on the other hand, hold it. Then I will go on a site like this and read the most stories I can. That usually gets me very wet and ready to go. I start by thinking of something very erotic. Like a guy in my classes who is very attractive and has a nice body. Then I imagine him pulling me into the janitors closet and making love to me very sexily and quickly. We usually play it dirty in these quick hook-ups. After, we make out for a very long time, and giving each other mutual masturbation. He then takes a dildo he was storing in his gym-bag and shoves it into me... Pulling and Pushing very quickly until I cum. Then he takes the cum, puts it all over his large dick and once again forces it into me, only after taking the dildo out. While all of this is happening he is sucking my rock hard nipples and rubbing my clitoris. soon after I cum again. After the fantasy I usually take a vibrating tooth brush and put it on my clitoris. Some times, I tease my self by taking the tooth brush off whenever I am about to hit the climax, I usually repeat this 3 or 4 times. It makes the orgasm so much better. If I am in the mood, I take the end of a Sharpie marker and shove that into my pussy, pulling it in and out quickly until I cum all over my self. I will repeat this many times until my whole lower part is a wet mess. I usually then just keep myself there sitting in my juices, then I would go to bed, full of pleasure and covered in my Cum... Hope this helps I guess. And as most women say, Happy Masturbating ;)

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February 4, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Self-Pleasuring is Awesome

must try this

I usually watch porn or read these stories and by then I'm horny and want to get going so I start rubbing my clitoris and it feels so good. I start getting wet and once my panties are drenched I lay down on my stomach with my hand rubbing my clitoris while I thrust into my hand I guess. I start to grind on my hand and its like I'm f**king myself. my hand is actually soaked and you can hear the wet juices while I rub around my wet pussy. I sometimes take my hand out from down there and lick my fingers clean. I squirt so quick and I think I'm going to go do this now. I'm so horny writing this. mmm have fun

February 6, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

First Time Masturbating

Just began masturbating and LOVE IT

I recently began masturbating and am loving trying out new techniques! The first few times I couldn't figure out how to orgasm or if I was getting close, but now I can definitely tell when it happens! I get this rush through my whole body, I feel hot and almost light-headed, and I moan uncontrollably. I have found that clitoral stimulation is best for me, because when I finger myself it feels good but does not have the same intense effect. I found that my favorite masturbation technique is to hump or ride the arm of a small couch in my room. I straddle the arm and move my pelvis back and forth to create friction. I don't want to put my bare vagina on a piece of furniture so I usually wear a very thin thong and nothing else. I start out grinding back and forth slowly and as I start to feel stimulated I rub against it faster and faster until I hit that orgasm! It almost always works, and it feels amazing because it gives you that feeling of rubbing up against something even though no one else is there.

February 7, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Anonymous Masturbator Confessions

Im probably not alone in this

I grew up with a brother a year older then me. From an early age with played doctors and nurses and knew every inch of each others bodies. But as we grew older our parents left for work early mornings and we were left to get ready for school and prepare our food. Due to our early explorations as I said we were familars with each other but as the years had passed our bodies had atarted to change , I found the joys of masturbation and had also stumbles a few times on my brother indulging the same art. But with him it seemed to be a game as on several occasions with time getting on and us getting late for school we both needed the bathroom at the same time. At first it wasnt a problem taking a wee or showering didnt bother us and we finished quicker not having to wait for one and other. But my real sexual awakenings happened one day when entering the bathroom I was confronted with my brother masturbating sitting on the side of the tub.I turned away back to my room but as I saw the clock I knew I must shower, I shouted at first to him to kindly do that in the bedroom as I climbed in the shower and after I finished he was gone. I had my first erotic thought that night thinking about what I had seen, and several days later I was in the same situation , time getting on , my brother 'Trying to get rid of morning wood ' as he called it and having to shower knowing he was masturbating outside. One morning I awake and knowing I had plenty of time I drived for the bathroom , I had been there a couple of minutes and teeth brush I had started showering when the door opened and my bro was at it again , through the curtain I could see him , he would always sit on the side of the tub until he felt his climax approach then he would ejac in the sink and wash it all away. This time I watched him go through it all and standing out of view I was bringing myself off with my hand. Like I say I think it all became a game with him nearly every other day.

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February 8, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Anal Masturbation

Finishing up

I like to lay on my bed and start off by turning on some lesbian porn and reading these stories. I then start to rub my nipples, making them hard. I pull and twist them until my pussy starts to get wet. I begin to rub my clitoris, while still pulling on my nipples. I will start to push two fingers into my pussy, letting my wet juices drip down to my asshole. While I am still in my pussy I will rub the outside of my asshole with my other hand. I stick one finger into my ass (this feels so good). I get on my hands and knees and get out three toys; My thick dildo goes into my wet pussy and a vibrating dildo goes on my clitoris. I push the thick dildo in and out and rub the vibrater, starting out low and slowly getting faster, on my clitoris. When I start to feel really horny I take the final vibrating dildo and stick it in my asshole. It is hard to keep from cumming all over the bed when I shove that in my ass. I work the dildo and the vibrator until I cum all over myself. I pull out the dildo and my pussy jucies drip out. I like to lick off all of my jucies off of the thick dildo. Writing this now is making me horny and as soon as I am finished writing I am going to do this. I am already pulling on my hard nipples.

Happy Masturbating ;)

February 9, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Self-Pleasuring is Awesome

wet ride

I was so horny and needed something up my vagina so I looked around and saw my toothbrush and I grabbed it and started sliding it up. I was pulling it in and out while standing up but I thought I should take it to the bed. I propped 4 pillows under me and layed down naked and kept sliding it in and out. it felt so good and I started getting really wet. and I mean REALLY wet. like my whole area was soaked. I pulled the toothbrush out a few times and licked the juices off and put it back in. I started shoving it in harder and faster I just wanted to cum. you could hear the juices because it was so loud ramming the toothbrush in. Instead of my hand doing the work, I wanted to do the work so I started humping while the toothbrush was in and grinding with in it me and bouncing on it. I pulled it out and started to rub my clitoris and it was so noisy when all the wetness. I finally came in my hand.

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February 10, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Self-Pleasuring is Awesome

Masturbation is Freedom

I love to masturbate. It makes my pussy feel so good, and it makes me feel so free. I like it when I masturbate for hours, I feel so nasty, it makes my pussy tingle just thinking about laying in my bed pleasing my pussy for hours on end, edging closer to cumming and then backing off. I love to watch porn, all kinds: outdoor sex, pissing sex, guys jacking off, cum shots, swallowing cum. After rubbing my clitoris for long enough I come o this site and read guy and girl stories. I love reading guy stories I like to hear about them jacking off and then shooting their sweet cum. Then I come here and read some of these stories about ladies like myself who like to be dirty and share it with the world. Right now I am sitting in my bed rubbing my pussy, in the middle of a session about an hour in, and I feel so good. I am about to start taking my clothes off, and doing what I really like to do in my sessions, which is piss on myself. I love to rub my clitoris and feel piss coming out my pussy it is the best thing in the world. I often can not piss in my sessions but when I do it makes my masturbation so much better. I just love to rub my pussy and have for a while and over time I have latched on to my own little fetishes. Well I'm about to go read some more of these stories,and watch some porn and rub my pussy and piss till I cant hold back my orgasm anymore.

February 11, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

The Ultimate Female Masturbation Experience

Hot tubs are incredible.

For all the girls who have a hot tub at home, this might help you!

I'm only a teenager and I've masturbated for about two years now and recently, I've realised that there is a new way to do it with your hot tub/jacuzzi. I only used to masturbate by rubbing my clitoris faster and faster until I had an orgasm, but it only lasted for about 5 seconds and didn't give me much pleasure. But recently when I've been alone in my hot tub, I've been experimenting. I take off my bikini bottoms and top so I'm completely naked. The 20 degrees water feels so good on my naked body and I start to stimulate my nipples and breasts. Then I use the jet at the far end of the tub and turn it on full power. I move up to the jet and put my feet up on the walls beside it and push my pussy up to the jet. I then waggle my hips back and forward varying the pressure, and then side to side. It takes about 30 seconds to get going for me but I've never had such an intense orgasm. It lasts for over a minute and I am literally screaming the entire time it's so good. I talk dirty to myself too and im left shaking after it. Hope this helps!!

February 11, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

First Time Masturbating

best suprise in the world

I have been touching myself and doing little things like that ever since I can remember I am in my late teens now. About six months ago I was bored and getting really curious and horny and I had just gotten my own laptop. I had been researching masturbation and watching porn and I was getting really wet. no onw was home so the timing was perfect! I made a homemade dildo looking think with a small lotion bottle and some suran rap. I was sitting in a chair and I startred rubbing it on my clitoris it got hard right away and it felt amamzing!! I was rubbing it faster and faster then I stuck a finger up my hole and kept rubbing then I orgasmed so huge and I didnt see it coming it was great!!!!! now I masturbate almost everyday and its a great sress relief I love it!!

February 11, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Anonymous Masturbator Confessions

bestfriends with benefits

Okay so I have this best friend (soul-sister, known eachother since forever)and we tell eachother everything and so everything together. One night she was over at my house and we decided to watch porn becuase I was talking about masturbation and she siad she had never done it before. I get turned on and wet really easily so of course after watching porn I could feel my rock hard clitoris. she asked me how I masturbate and I decided to just show her( we were so close it wasnt wierd...yet) I started and had been doing it for about a minute then she stood up in front of my and kissed me and started to massage my clitoris and I did the same to her. we had done little thngs like this when we were younger but it never went this far. It was amazing! then we fell over on to my bed and fingered eachother then I rolled over on my back and she sat on my face and I ate her out and she screamed loud and cummed all over my face! then we did a proper 68 and scissored till we both came a few times and fell over naked and fell asleep. We are both definetly straight but we have kind of a friends with benefits deal going on. what are bestfreinds for??(: happy masturbating!

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February 12, 2013 - Sexual Preference - In-Between

Masturbation Technique

Reaching a full orgasm

I have been masterbating for a few years now, and a achieve a strong sensation but never achieve a full orgasm!! I still live with my pArents so I don't own any toys but I have various ways of pleasuring myself. I have tried using a shower head but that doesn't do much for me, my favourite is using my toothbrush (a vibrating one) and rubbing it hard against my clitoris. From this I begin to become very aroused and start to pant, but I never achieve a full organ because the feeling of pleasure starts to go after a few minutes :( I am still a Virgin but I desperately want to orgasm!! Any help? Thanks

February 18, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Bisexual

Other Masturbatory Entry

Horny Much

Oh my gosh I love this site! I'm a young college student and I honestly can't go a couple days without masterbating, I'm always horny! I start by watching lesbian porn. I consider myself straight, but honestly I LOVE lesbian porn. Also, while I was drunk I made out with a girl but I don't remember, how much does that suck! But she was cute (; So anyway, I watch lesbian porn while wearing a super thin shirt. I'll push my bra aside and rub my nipples until I get really horny and wet. Then I rip off all of my clothes and, once I settle on a video, I rub myself furiously to the girls humping on screen, I love to climax when they do!

Another way I masterbate is to push the showerhead on my clitoris when it's on full-blast. I haven't done it in days, but I think I will today! I think I shall masterbate for an hour more until doing homework. Oh my gosh I can't wait to have a boyfriend/husband I feel comfortable enough to have sex with, I want to wait for it to be the perfect time, I'll know when that is. He's in for a wild ride! Happy masterbating beautiful ladies (3

February 19, 2013 -

How I masturbate

First I read these stories and get wet, while I read them I tease myself by lightly rubbing my vagina through my panties. Then I go in my room and get 2 pillows and stack them on top of eachother. I straddle them and hump slowly, picking up pace. I make sexy moans and noises becuz it turns me on a lot! Then I feel a great tingle in my pussy, before you know it im screaming sexily and humping so hard!! Then after I orgasm a few times I get up and I see a bit of cum on the pillow! But thats not all. next I get my laptop and look at sexy boys jacking off. As I do this I grind against my bed and finger myself. I groan and moan and then I cum a lot!!!!!!!!! happy masturbating lovelies!(;

February 28, 2013 - Sexual Preference - I would rather not say.

Sex Toys and Masturbation Tools

Back massager

When I was younger I bought a back massager. It is inside a teddy bear. I am far too scared to enter anything into my vagina and am a virgin. I take off my underwear and slowly caress my nipples. I get wet and I then get my teddy and begin to hump it. Start off slowly then get faster. To turn myself on while I do this, I will read this website and see what other people do to pleasure themselves. As I climax to an orgasm I breathe heavily and begin to smile. It worries me that I have never cummed. But I don't care because it feels good anyway. I do this nearly ever night I can. I keep quiet about it as I am embarrassed that someone will find out.

March 1, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Bisexual

Memorable Self-Pleasuring

Fingering each other

I love this site. This is my first time writing but all of you have made me so wet and hot. I am in the process of getting a divorce and haven't had sex for 7 months now. To take care of myself, I've been fingering myself several times a week, sometimes all weekend long. What gets me really juicy is when I remember playing house with my neighbor, Maureen, when I was 9 and she was 8. We'd run down to my basement and say I'm the mommy and your the daddy. We'd then lay down on the couch and begin kissing each other. I'd love it when she'd touch my nipples and make them hard while she slid her finger down my pants. She'd unbutton my blouse and strip me while she kissed me. We'd both begin to breathe heavy and she'd sway her hips back and forth till she couldn't stand it any more. I'd then watch her finger herself to the point of shear ecstacy. We'd be moaning and kissing each other and rubbing each other nipples, ooh it was so nice. We'd also sometimes go swimming in her pool and I'd slip my toe on her clitty. That eventually led to us kissing in the pool, sliding our fingers in our bikini bottoms fingering each other's clitty, moaning. I'd feel her wet pussy even in the water. We'd also sometimes build a tent and lean it up against the wall of her house. We'd play with each other, rubbing each other nipples and stripping while breathing heavy. What really makes me hot is remembering when I invited her to sleep over in my tent in my backyard. While she was trying to sleep, I put my hands down her pants and began to rub. She wriggled and sighed softly, I kissed her while I swayed my hips up against her butt. Her pussy was so wet, and my finger smelt of her pussy. Oh how I wanted to continue this as we got older. We both spoke about how much bigger our tits would be when we were older and how nice it would be to touch each other. We both agreed we couldn't wait. But I moved away. I have always remembered that time and whenever I masterbate, I think of her and rub myself. What I've found is that I have incredibly sensitive nipples. I can rub and rub for an hour and make myself cum over and over moaning so loud and that's only with my nipples. I then touch my soaking wet pussy and gather juices on my finger, slide my finger in my hot mouth and diddle myself some more. Oh how I want a girl to eat me, to touch my hard nipples, kiss me passionately for hours and have me sit on her face. I also want to approach someone in a ladies restroom, either having them listen to me hump myself in the next stall or having me listen to them. I would then be invited to their stall. I really want to forcefully push them against the bathroom wall, put my hand down their blouse, suck their perky nipples with my tongue and flick those nipples while kissing warm, wet tongue sharing kisses. Oh, I'm getting wet. I really want to play with you now, baby. I'd slowly slide my hand down your pants while holding you forcefully against the wall. I'd watch you cum, watch you how you roll your eyes because it feels so good. oh, I'm rubbing myself now, feeling my pussy lips, moaning, breathing heavy. Oh I'd like to watch you masterbate and rub your nipples. Lets do it you horny dirty girl, let me suck you, let me eat you out. Oh god, I'm going to cum. Please cum with me, do it now, oh, I'm cumming, cum with me, oh I'm jerking off, cum with me, eat me, put your mouth on my love button and let me ride her face now, please, please.

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March 1, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Memorable Self-Pleasuring

Partying with Benefits

My friend and I both like crazy parties. So at the last party we went to, we found two very good-looking guys to hook up with. One of the guys brought me into the bathroom stall and started to kiss me. We started to kiss a lot and finally got some tongue action. Finally, he grabbed my breast and squeezed my ass with his other hand. Then, he unzipped my party dress and took my thong off. He started to lick my clitoris very slowly and then very fast. I moaned until he stuck his whole hand into my vagina. I gasped and he grinned. Do you like that? He asked me. Oh, yes. Get me wet. He started rapidly going in and out of me. I had a major orgasm and then I gave him his treat. I slowly started to give him a hand job and then put his big, throbbing dick in my mouth. He moaned and told me don't stop. Then, we had sex and he shoved his 9 inch up my vagina. That was probably the most pleasurable night of my life ;)

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March 2, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Undecided

First Time Masturbating

My sexy guy

I know this guy and we were both in a group of friends and we used to have sleepovers all the time with these people. One night I got up to go to the bathroom and when I got out I went back to the lounge were we were all sleeping and saw him with no pants on and Vaseline lying next to him. I was only 11 but I knew that he was masturbating immediately. When he saw me he apologised but I said it was ok because I'm very polite. Then he asked me whether I masturbated. I said yes and he asked how I cummed. I found it rly strange but we were rly good friends like rly rly good friends so I decided to help him out. By the time I had told him, he asked if I wanted to play skittle game. I was sure he was a very sexy guy by this stage and thought I should. So he put his hands around my waist and pulled me closer. He then put his hands down my pants, exploring. I ripped off his press stud tshirt and lay on top of him. He was rubbing my clitoris and it felt amazing. I was scared we would get caught but didn't want to stop. I started to rub his nipples and penis as he rubbed my clitoris faster and faster. I started to hump him and he started to moan in the back of his vocal chords. His moan was georgeous. It made me want to keep going forever. He stared to rub his balls on my clitoris and at that moment, his brother tim stumbled into the room wondering what was going on. This made us both stop, him lying naked on me. He looked shocked, all if us were. Soon enough we had convinced him to join in the fun, after all it wasn't like we were boyfriend girlfriend or anything, we were just having a bit of fun. Tim started to rub my clitoris as tommy, the first, stared to make his brothers penis erect. Some people may find that very very bad indeed but they were both sexy and nobody cared in the moment. I started to pant heavily as Tim rubbed my clitoris faster and faster and then I had the most brilliant sensation as I cummed. I didn't know what happened but it felt good and I wanted the boys to get the same sensation as I did. They cummed soon after and then we all fell asleep to sweet sexy dreams.

March 3, 2013 - Sexual Preference - In-Between

Anonymous Masturbator Confessions


I live with a good friend of mine who is gay/bicurious. While we were moving apartments and sometimes when we are tired, we'll sleep together. Sometimes while he's asleep I'll masturbate, either imagining him or a couple of my friends with us. When I become aroused my labia start swelling and I get really wet, and when I'm sitting or walking they're easily stimulated. I like to rub my lips together and stick my fingers in till I can hear them sloshing around inside. now that we both have our separate bedrooms I can use my vibrator and I absolutely cannot stay quiet. I love imagining my roommate sticking himself up my vagina and using me till I'm raw,or spreading my ass till I can't stand. I love the scent of my juices and I get off hearing my self gasp when I hit the good spots. Unfortunately, I'm at work right now, so I'll have to imagine straddling someone quietly.

March 6, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

First Time Masturbating

21 still a virgin.

As a small child my mother told me that I would hump my hands and I would do this a couple times a day, Evan at night I would take my teddy and hump that. I never new what I was doing until I was older.

I still sometimes hump my hands or my pillow, but I now start my process by reading some stories or watching girl on girl porn to get me really wet. I have really gotten in to direct clitoral stimulation with vaginal penetration. I have a vibrator that I can use for penetration as well, It has 3 settings I love to start it on the low setting on my clitoris then work up to the highest setting and I orgasm in no time, but if I want to take things slow I will have the vibrator on low circling my clitoris, then turn it off and slip it into my vagina and pump until I cum. The other day I was so relaxed and into my masturbation, that I lost control of my bladder and ended up peeing (I know some people will think I squirted, but I looked into it and It was defiantly pee). I will usually do this at night or when im home alone. At night is the best as I love the thought of getting caught just like when I was a child.

I love masturbating and hope that I will love sex just as much,

Stay kinky ;) and Keep the stories coming.

March 7, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Undecided

Other Masturbatory Entry

Water pressure

Just to let you know, water pressure from a tub faucet is the best way for me. I start by taking a long, hot shower, then I turn the shower off and sit down in the tub and scoot up to the faucet and get my vag up in there real good and start to thrust back and forth. Eventually, I start to feel an orgasm coming, and cum appears all over the top of the water in the bottom of the tub. I start to tense up and then I start to shake and shake and shake. Each time I get the best orgasm. I reccomend it!

March 8, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Masturbation Technique

I have been looking for new techniques to use for masturbation so I tried this. I wanted to get aroused first so I took my extra electric toothbrush head and placed it right up against my clitoris, with the bristles right on my nub. I like to keep my underwear clean so I folded 2 kleenex in half and laid it right over my pussy and the toothbrush head and put my underwear and pants back on. I went around the house doing stuff and thinking of how good it felt right on my clitoris. The movement of your legs makes it feel amazing and gets u sooo aroused! After about an hour of this torture I go into my room and take off all my clothes. I lay on the floor and put my legs up on the front of my dresser; which spreads my pussy soo wide! The closer u get to the dresser the farther apart your legs go. Then I take the base of the electric toothbrush and attach it to the head and turn it on and put it right on my clitoris. OMG I cum instantly and soo hard!!! This was the best thing I ever tried. Go ahead and try it ladies its AMAZING!! I have the head on my clitoris right now and I have to go take care of this urge. Enjoy!

March 8, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Undecided

Memorable Self-Pleasuring

A time I shall never forget

Okay so just acouple seconds ago I was reading these stories with my wet pussy it was soaked.I started to get horny so I teased my self and I started masturbating at the age of 9 yrs old.after I teased myself I rubbed my clitoris in anyway possible I started to feel my body tngiling and I started to breathe heavily.I was having my firtst full-body orgasm.I have had a regular orgasm before just not a full body one!It felt sensational that I just HAD to write it.I will nowsay what I did to reach this.

1.Tease yourself 2.Once you really need to finger ur self hard 3.Get a stuffed animal and hump it radically while still fingering ur self 4.Once ur breathing heavily and ur body is tingllin you have had a full body orgasm

Gosh girls I gotta go do that again ;) Happy masturbating.

March 8, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Masturbation Technique

Welcome to my guilty pleasure

Hi y'all this is my first post so hang in there! But I have this proven method that is too good not to share. First I go into my bathroom and bring my laptop. I take off all my clothes. I lie on the floor and position 2-3 towels under my hips. I read some Erotic things and then I watch some porn. Normally rough sex or blow jobs really work for me. Then I just hump the crap out of the towels. All through my body I get this intense tingly feeling. I keep humping for 5 more seconds then clamp my legs together with the towel in between. Then keep going. It feels crazy good! Every girl should try! Good luck

March 13, 2013 -

Memorable Self-Pleasuring

New boyfriend worries Ppart 2

I wrote on the 29th January and said I would come back to describe my experiences after having a holiday alone with my new boyfriend at his parents home on a Mediterranean island. Aged 31, I have had two boyfriend over a period of ten years, the first of which I terminated as it was going nowhere and the other where he, by then my fiancee, suddenly and unexpectedly walked out on me. I was devastated and in the past two years have withdrawn into myself, had no boyfriends and, despite being very sensual and fantasise about male bodies, which by sheer chance led me to this websites, I simply turned off sexually, as women can do much better than men. Very occasionally I masturbated but very rarely reached an orgasm. Instead I was happy in my job, being with friends and family. Then I met Jason (not his real name) two months ago at a friends wedding and we began to hit it off well. I have been to bed with him only twice but we were both rather hesitant, he having had similar emotional upsets. Neither of us wanted to hurt each other so generally we just did a lot of kissing and cuddling. But it was obvious we both wanted to take things further albeit slowly hence our holiday together Surprising that it may seem, up to that point neither of us had seen each other naked.

So here I was in this romantic quiet surroundings sitting beside a pool in the garden on a hot evening both dressed in shorts, loose shirt and sunglasses and hat having a drink. We then moved to the kitchen and prepared some pasta, as I love cooking. Our conversation gradually drifted into intimacy. Arm in arm we wandered outside along the road to the nearby beach. As he put his arm around me he gently squeezed my 36B firm boob and I ran my hand across his bum. You are making me feel very sexy he said. Me too.

Later, albeit with some apprehension, we slowly went up to the bedroom with a magnificent view out to sea. I took a shower on my own and came back wrapped in a soft white towel. He followed and put on a bath robe. Sitting next to me he held my hand tightly and asked how I felt. Happy and relaxed but my heart is beating fast. I wonder why, I teased. Beckoning me to stand up with him next to the large double bed he slowly removed my towel saying what a beautiful body I had, which of course made me feel good and wanted. He cupped my boobs and gently sucked on my tits which by now were erect and hugely sensitive. What an erotic feeling after so long a time. He then turned me around, held my boobs and slowly ran his hand down to my tummy circling it with his light touch fingers as if teasing me before brushing the palm of his hand across my trimmed brown full V shaped pubic hair.

Against my bum I could feel his erection which I had not seen before. I was beginning to react in anticipation. I wanted to go further and felt safe to let go of any inhibitions. Facing each other, me at 5ft 6 to his nearly 6 ft, he drew me towards him by pressing his hand on my bum. I then took off his bath robe to see him in complete nudity and what a fine site it was. He had the biggest erection I had ever seen probably about eight inches, circumcised and with trimmed black pubic hair. As we embraced I ran my hand down his chest. He whispered, don't try to stimulate me just now. I have been waiting for this for several days and I will simply prematurely ejaculate. We then laid side by side on the bed just enjoying each others nakedness. As he ran his hands through my medium length straight blond hair I massaged his shoulders. By this stage I wanted some stimulation so drew his hand towards me which he then circled with two fingers and pressed the palm of his hand down on my pelvis. Opening my legs he began to touch my clitoris which had already become wet. This enabled him to run his index finger and later two into my vagina with ease. I had almost forgotten its exquisite feeling. Being one for a slow romantic build up I asked him to continue exploring. This ranged from very light to very powerful rubbing along my labia, stimulating my clitoris which is very sensitive, full finger thrusts into my vagina and going down to kiss and lick my openings. As he laid down between my legs he also held my boobs. It felt wonderful but no orgasm - yet.

He then rolled on top of me and started to hump me. But there was a problem. As I have said it was so big that as he humped it hurt deep inside me. By now he was so aroused with pleasure that on withdrawing he pressed my hand hard over him saying he urgently wanted to cum. I was keen to prolong all this so deliberately ran my hands around his abdomen, down and between his legs, brushing across his balls but avoiding his penis This sent him even more wild. I then slowly took his very stiff member and began to slowly run three fingers up and down the entire shaft. After only about a minute he raised his bum, groaned loudly then had a massive orgasm. His semen shot up and onto his tummy.

We slept very soundly but I woke before him and began to think I really must try and have a proper orgasm. During the day we had moments to talk about this in a very relaxed and intimate way which was great. We agreed that we both needed to take lots of time and not be worried about performance just for the sake of it. He told me he masturbated almost every day and had a high libido. Both he and I really wanted to cum with him inside me so with his particularly large penis we had to find a way of not hurting me. We discovered that a way to do this was for him to ride high over my body face to face effectively having his penis thrusting down rather than upwards and at the same time providing stronger clitoral stimulation . During the week I watched what he did to himself and learned how best he wanted it done by me. I found all this hugely erotic. We were fast gaining confidence in each other.

As I have said I have rarely had an orgasm but I do know its one thing to have a tingling feeling 'down there' and another to have the full thing. Previous experience showed I preferred my partner to stimulate me rather than to play with myself. He suggested that because my tits are so sensitive maybe just stimulating them may do the trick. He had brought a vibrator because he liked to buzz against his balls and between his legs. I had never used one before but found that a real turn on. We slowly began to talk dirty which was another turn on. Finally towards the end of our holiday he squatted over my chest as I held his sides and he used a finger from one hand to stimulate my clitoris and one from the other hand to slide into my vagina, taking his time and gradually getting faster. Something strange was happening. I began to breath faster and deeper. I could feel what seemed like contractions. I was beginning to sweat. I called out aloud and gripped the sides of his bum. All this was a clear message for him to carry on. Finally it just happened. OMG.

I arrived back in my little apartment as he returned to the other side of London. Unfortunately we can't see each other regularly because of his job but I feel good. We are able to talk, laugh, cry, talk dirty, freely describe our desires and fears. As part of this journey I feel I need to explore my body rather more and try and have an orgasm on my own.

With that in mind I have begun to look at the movies on your website So last night Jason and I set up skype between us. I managed to organise it so that he could watch what I was doing with him giving encouraging words. He kept on saying it really turned him on. Didn't quite make it but am getting closer! The main thing is it's a wonderful feeling. Meanwhile I get a huge turn on as I watch him play with himself in his own private space. What he seems to like best is to lie on his back spending ages just fiddling until the urge is too much. He then gets up, kneels on the bed in front of a mirror and watches himself ejaculate. At the same time he sound records what's going on then emails it to me as an attachment. I must somehow organise to do the same thing.

Penis Documentary
Free picture site that was started to adress myths about penises (size and shape). This site also has a penis survey.

March 16, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Bisexual

First Time Masturbating

Awesome technique

Well this really works for me... What you need is a deodrent (Roll on) A rubber glove (Preferably latex) And a form of lubricant

First I like to get a little horny by watching lesbian porn then avoiding touching my clitoris I cover the deodrent with one of the fingers of the glove then I rub some lubricant over my body then on the deodrent. Start to tease your self in any way you want but avoid touching your clitoris, for now. Place the deodrent by your hole then with the palm of your hand do quick hard pushes on the lid of the deodrent. Happy masturbating!

March 17, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Urgent Need to Masturbate

Sexy fantasies

When I masturbate, I always fantasize about the guy I'm in love with. First, it starts out slowly. Were on the bed making out and then he starts to take my clothes off slowly. He takes off all my clothes except my thong and then he puts his mouth to my vagina and rips my thong off with his teeth. He smiles sexily at me and starts shoving his toung in my wet vagina. He fingers me hard, and I moan and wrap my legs around his neck. Then he slowly makes his way up my body, kissing and licking and biting my skin. I start to grind on him and I get on top and straddle his body. As I'm grinding I get him undressed and rub his penis against my pussy suddenly, he comes inside of me and I scream and moan while he wildly thrusts inside me . we do this for quite some time and I cum all over him. I scream his name and leave little love bites all over his neck. He humps me until I am raw and sore all over. Then when were all finished we take a nice long shower together and have sex a few more times . Note that this story is not real. Happy masturbation


March 17, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Self-Pleasuring is Awesome

Getting off

I love to masterbate when I'm all alone and have no plans. It actual makes sex with my boyfriend better because he likes it that I know how I like it. I first start by either reading these stories or watching porn. Lesbian or normal. I'm straight as could be but I like when my boyfriend eats me out and lesbians can do that better in porn sometimes. But anyways, I get completely naked and play with my tits and nips first gets me goin. I lay on my back with my knees bent and legs spread. I watch someone get eaten out and my pussy starts to get real wet. I resist the urge to rub my clitoris and finger my pussy till I can feel my juices running. Eventually I start rubbing my clitoris and it feels so good. I will work my way down to my pussy and I just go crazy. I keep my legs spread and one hand rubbing my clitoris and the other fingering my pussy. After about fifteen minutes I have an amazing orgasm and cum all over. Sometimes I go for another round right after and I cum again in about five minutes. When I cum it is the best feeling ever which I'm horny now just thinking about it and feel the need to get myself to cum.

March 24, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Memorable Self-Pleasuring

my toes curled

I have been self pleasuring myself since the thrid grade...i still have my v card.but one day I wwas watching porn and I wanted to try something new...so I got into the bath tub..turned the water on starting it off on a nice cool temp. running the water aganist my clitoris... my body started to feel this feeling I turned the temp up...moaning not to loud didnt want my parents to here...i came...it felt so good my toes curled up and all..best orgasm I ever had..i do this 3 to 4 times a week....

The next thing I will like to try is something with a female...im not gay...these stories with girl on girl action makes me wanna try...

And some of yall stories get me so wet...i like this site...

March 24, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Bisexual

Fantasies while Masturbating

Best Friend Fantasy

I have this fantasy that gets me off every time. So here it goes:

I invite my best friend Hannah over to hang out in the hot tub. Before she comes over I decide that I have just enough time to masturbate before she gets here. I slide into the hot tub wearing my pink strapless bikini that makes my tits look great. I begin to rub my clitoris slowly in a circular motion, moaning because it feels so good. I start to rub faster and harder over top of my bikini bottoms. Just as I am about to slide my bottoms off the door bell rings. I stop rubbing noticing that my heart is beating fast.

I get up and answer the door and greet Hannah. She about 5'5 (a little taller than me) with blue eyes and long blonde hair. She is wearing a tight black tank top that shows of her perfect tits and short jean shorts that make her legs look really long and sexy. I look her up and down licking my lips. Hey Hannah! I say. Hey! I tell her that she can change in the bathroom. I sit down and wait for her to come back. She walks out of the house wearing a tight bright pink bikini. I look her up and down licking my lips as I imagine what's underneath her bikini. Wow! That looks amazing on you! She says thanks as she blushes and returns the compliment.

Are you ready to get in? I ask trying to divert my attention. She says yes and I lead her to the hot tub and turn on the heat and the jets. I slowly slide in moaning how good it feels. After I'm in I open my eyes and see her staring at me with a sexy grin on her face. She slides in to the tub slowly and I head a slight moan. I'm really glad you came over, I really needed this! I say. Why? Did something happen? she asks. Yes I say waiting a few seconds...well what happened? she asks. Well I'm really attracted to someone I say blushing. Really, who? she asks smiling. I don't say anything because I'm extremely embarrassed and nervous about what she will think. She asks if it's a guy or a girl and I say a girl. She asks her name and I say that it starts with an 'H'. She finally asks if it's her and I reply Yes.

I look away shyly not knowing what to say. Hannah slides closer and runs her fingertips so lightly up and down my arm. I look up at her and smile, she smiles back. Then she says I feel the same way about you. I begin to blush shocked that she liked me as well. I lean in and kiss her lightly then I begin to deepen the kiss as I pull her on top of me so that she is sitting on my lap.

She wraps her legs around my waist and I begin to massage her breasts. After a few seconds I feel her breasts get hard under my touch. I reach up and slide off her top and she does the same to me. I begin to suck on her nipples and circle my tongue in circles around her nipples. She moans and I realize that I want her more than ever.

March 25, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Self-Pleasuring is Awesome

Vibrations and Masturbation

I have been reading entries on this site for a very long time but now Ive finally decided to write my own. I am in my late teens and find myself very horny.. a lot! First I come on here to read stories to get myself nice and wet and once Ive read all the new ones I go on purnhub (best porn website ever)and watch lesbian porn! Even though Im straight I love watching girls get ate out, it just gets me even more wet. Once Im to the point were am Im rubbing myself and cant stop I go get my vibrator and hop in the shower where I tease myself by starting on low. While im in the shower teasing myself my breathing picks up and I cant take it anymore and just skip medium vibrations and go straight to maximum where I cum in just a few seconds, my toes curled and back arching, im at the point where it would hurt to walk. I want to go again but I never can because im so tired from the first, I wish I could put the vibrator in my pussy but Im still a virgin! Last I just touch myself while the water is hitting my pussy trying to regain my strength. If I use my bullet then ill cum in less than a minute, but wheres the fun in that? Happy Masturbating ladies!!;)

March 26, 2013 -

replying to Rachel

This is a response to Rachel who recently replied to my story about mirror masturbation and who had me weak at the knees thinking of her touching her big breasts and hairy quim on the site. The best I can say is that I am writing this late at night with my husband and sons asleep and my white size 14 Tesco knickers slipped down to my thighs. My bush feels thick and warm and my plump fanny is tingling and moist. I've loosened my top and have my nice big paps sitting out over my cups. The feel just amazing Rachel and to be honest my pink nipples have risen to a stiffness I almost never get. Yes, I can feel my heart racing and waves of breast-pride passing through me. I have read your story over and over and it makes me want to stop everything and masturbate imagining your brunette girl-fanny and my pale creamy mum-fanny in our mirrors. Although I can only whisper, I am copying you in saying aloud 'I'm Mary Strachan and I love my big 38D mum-paps out on display like this!' Yes, I think I must be your mother's age and that excites me knowing that I'm sharing self-love with a younger girl who just might have her everyday pants off as she works her wet sex with her fingers. I love you thinking of me as all British and mature and respectable, with my girls out like your girls and my big bum swaying as I touch myself. God this is wonderful and I can picture us giggling and girly as we slide our pants down and show one another how we love our own female bodies. I hope you don't mind me saying so, but I am imagining you holding my big traditional knickers against your wet fannyfolds as you masturbate. And oh dear God I'm going to cum!!

March 27, 2013 -

Masturbation Technique

I just tried this

So, a really long time ago, I went to an arcade, and I won one of those inflatable footballs. So, not very long ago, I found it again, and I war reaaaaally horny. So I took of my pants, and just rode it, and it felt AMAZING. if you ever find something infaltable like that, try it

March 29, 2013 -

Self-Pleasuring is Awesome

Spring Break All Nighter

I love to Masturbate!!! It feels so good..I have been keeping this secret from everyone that I masturbate, even my boyfriend. I want it to be something that is just me and some free time. So I live in a dorm and I had to come back from break early and the room is all clear. I had a hard day and wanted to unwind..I have been watching porno and reading stories for a couple hours and I have not even really started. I am going to rub my clitoris so good tonight, I am probably going to be moaning and talking dirty to myself. I like to tell myself how nasty I am and how I am a bad girl for doing this to myself. I am going to piss myself tonight too..I love to start pissing in my sessions it makes me feel so good!! Something about pissing turns me on so much.. I started watching porno where they piss on each other and my pussy just cant take it. I am so happy and excited to keep the night going. I can see this being a long night of pleasure, piss,porn, and stories. My pussy is tingling while I write this post...And I am caressing my nipples while I write I love nights like tonight where I can do exactly what I love to do which is play with my pussy by myself.. I always know how to make myself cum so hard...eventhough my spring break was kinda over because I had to come back early for stuff..I am going to have one of the best nights of my break tonight.. In my room by myself... oh yes!!!! I hope I am not too tired so I can wake up and start rubbing my pussy. My last days by myself will be devoted to pleasing my pussy and de-stressing and humping myself good is the best way to de-stress!! Happy Masturbating!!! I know I am so Happy!!

March 30, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Bisexual

Fantasies while Masturbating

Horny after humping

One day in the after noon I was hanging out with some friends and we were all pretty horny and were in my friends basement and we were the only ones there, ( the 4 of us ) and we always have pretty sexual conversations so we all get kind of horny. I was sitting on the couch in between the two guys that were there and I could tell they both had boners so that turned me on even more. One of the guys named Chad put his hand on my thigh over my yoga pants and said, You look so sexy right now, why don't you come sit on my lap babe so I straddled him and started humping him, I could feel his rock hard boner on my pussy which felt amazing. Everyone else was saying that we should go to the bathroom so that I could take care of him which I was looking forward to doing later. By this time I was getting so wet. He started to cores my pussy over my yoga pants and I looked into his eye's with a naughty look and said, this is making me so horny. Just to tease him I sat back in the middle of him and the other guy George. I got up and walked over to my friend Alexandra and kissed her on the cheek and then we started making out, she was an amazing kisser. Then George walked over to us turned me around kissed me and started to feel me up. He took me back over to the couch and I started humping him while we kissed. This kind of thing went on for another good hour than we all had to go home. When I got home I was still pretty horny so I went to my room and took off all of my clothes except my panties ( I find that rubbing and tickling my pussy over my panties gets my hornier) and started to rub my pussy and started to moan. I rubbed on my clint more and more, faster and faster until I could feel I was going to climax and then took off my panties and started to finger myself with 2 fingers while rubbing my clint. I was so close to having an orgasm and this was the best before feeling I had ever had. I was the only one home right then so I started moaning loud and talking dirty as if I was having sex with somebody and then I had the best orgasm from masterbation that I had ever had!! My body kept on shaking for a good minute and then I fell asleep because that orgasm was so good that it exhausted me. That was just a couple days ago and I am getting horny typing this again and am getting wet so write again later!

March 31, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

First Time Masturbating

Ohh yeahhh

Ohh my gosh. I'm totally new to the whole masturbation thing. I though it was gross so I just recently realized it was normal. I was laying in my bex for the first time and me and my friend make a fake social profile. We were talking dirty to a guy and I started feeling funny down towards my vagina. Well, I know just about all there is to know so I knew I was horny. Of course, me being younger I couldn't do anything about it but touch myself. I just kinda touched it for a while..didn't rub or anything..because I didn't know what to do. I finally decided to go on google to figure out how to get sexual pleasure. I saw many posts that said to rub your clitoris. So, I started rubbing in a circular motion.. I'm just gonnq skip to the good part. I got reallly stiff and thrusted my vagina up. I started rubbing in a circular motion and it felt amazing. I started tingling all over and just wanted to curl my toes and moan.. I started breathing heavy and got really hot.. It died down for a few minutes but then I got aroused again and it repeated.. it was amazing!

March 31, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Lesbian

Fantasies while Masturbating

My Kind Of Fun

I love this website so much. Everytime I read these stores, I get soo horny. So I thought that I would create my own story. Hope this makes you as horny as it made me.

So, I had a doctors appointment at 3 and since it was only 8am , I decided to take the time to pleasure myself as I woke up really horny. Luckily I was home alone! I got up and stripped. I love watching myself strip. It gets me hot. I rubbed my c cup boobs. I licked my nipples and played with them till they were hard. I lay on my bed and and rubbed my drippng wet clitoris. I rubbed my clitoris and as I was about to come, I took out my vibrator. I put it on my clitoris and humped my pussy with 3 fingers really hard till I came. I moaned and moaned and I arched my back, grabbed the sheets and as soon and the feeling stoped, I got up and I was really hot. I took a shower and finished myself off.

I was going to my gyna and he is HOT! ! Everytime I see him, I get soo soo hard. I decided it was time to get something out of my many visits. I put on my top with no bra so my nipples were totally exposed. And they were hard. I wore a v neck and a really short skirt with a sexy thong. On the way, I openedd my legs and lifted my skirt. I love being in the car and pleasuring myself with my dildo. As I was rubbing my clitoris, a guy in a truck looked out of his window and saw me. I got a rush as he yelled for me, I came and squirted all over the steering wheel. I HAD AN EARTH SHAKING orgasm and I almost had an accident. Lucky me.

Hey Dr Harris gave me a ground shaking smile, I love him so much. Any way, he asked me to take my clothes off so he could check my pussy. I made moaning sounds as he touched my clitoris. He asked me if I masturbated and I told him no. He said it can release sexual tension. You should. Its a great reliever. Wanna show me a tecnique? He unexpectedly shoved his fingers inside me and pushed so hard. I was screaming! He licked my clitoris and I came in only a few minutes. When I came he kept rubbing and humping my pussy that I came again. He kept going. I was crying and after the fourth time, I squirted. He licked me off and kissed me. He kissed me with so much passion and he shoved me against the wall and pushed himself on me. I felt his hard penis and I gave him a blow job. He then picked me up and humped the living hell out of my ass and pussy. He came on my face and I licked it all up. After he came I gave him another bj and he humped my pussy. He shoved me against the wall and he made me his bitch and I loved every second of it. I called his name and he made me deepthroat him and then he picked me up and put me on his table and humped my pussy. His 7 inch penis was pounding my pussy and then he came inside me. Now we are happily married and im pregnant and we still have wild sex!

April 1, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Undecided

First Time Masturbating

Kissing in the Closet

This is a true story. When I was about 8 or 9 I lived in an apartment complex. I was friends with an older girl who was about 11, let's call her Lexi. One day I was over at her house and we were alone. Lexi led me into the living room and ask me if I wanted to have fun. I said yes of course and Lexi got up on the arm of the sofa and started humping it. At first I was confused and then Lexi told me to try it on the other arm. It felt amazing(It is a very good technique I use quite often.) So later that day me and Lexi go over to another girl's house, let's call her Hannah, Hannah was about 7. We go to Hannah's room and decide to play a game, 2 of us would get in the closet and close the door and we would have to kiss(with tongues) for 30 seconds while the 3rd person counted outside the closet. After awhile we decided it was to dark in the closet and moved to the bed.It was mine and Lexi's turn and after the time was up she kept kissing me, then finally climbed on top off me and started to pull me pants off. I let her. Then she stuck her fingers in me and I moaned with pleasure and she worked her fingers inside me until I was practically screaming with pleasure, then she stopped and pulled her fingers out and stuck them into my mouth and said Lick them clean then do me, And I did. Lexi and I also smoked together so the next day we decided to do something different while smoking. We would both take a drag then kiss and blow smoke into the others mouth.(I continued smoking for the rest of my life)

April 1, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Undecided


My life as a professional Masturbator.

When I was around 8 years old my best friend and I were playing house in the woods behind my house. She asked me if I wanted to play a new game called Butt-Speach. So I went into her bathroom and she started touching my vagina and I touched hers. I really liked it even though I was only 9. Years later we faded from being friends, but now I masturbate all the time. I live at home and am still in high school so I try not to make it really obvious in my house at night. I use everything I can. I started with rubbing my pillow on my vagina really hard, then my fingers in my clitoris. When I got bored of that I googled some new ways and found a stuffed animal could be very arousing. It is. I hump stuffed monkies tales all the time now and I usually get around 4-5 orgasms a night with it. Once when I was home alone I used the handle of a spoon while watching porn on my computer then erased the history. I like to read a lot of horror too. So whenever I finish a novel with a few characters I really particularly liked I pretend I was those characters and I am having sex with their loves. It's so fantastic. I tried to quit once because I thought it was unhealthy then I saw it wasn't and I have never felt happier. Masturbating could be a profession for me. As soon as I finish writing this I will masturbate some tonight.

April 2, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Undecided

First Time Masturbating

My Best Friend Taught Me

When I was 14, my parents left me and my best friend alone for a weekend. While rummaging through her bag, I discovered her dildo. I asked her what it was, and she said you use it when you touch yourself. I asked her what that meant, and she said she would show me. She stripped off her clothes, revealing her big boobs and trimmed pussy. She told me to take off my clothes. My boobs were much smaller, just puffy nipples at that point, and I shaved my puss. She then sat down in front of me, and began to stroke her thighs, saying that made her wet, and I should do what she did. Then she began to circle her fingers around her clitoris, and finally put two fingers inside her vag. She started to moan, and moan loudly! Then she started to scream and shake with pleasure. My bestie said that was called an orgasm, and told me to try. I rubbed my clitoris with one hand and fingered my vag with the other, and started to get hot and sweaty and my pussy started to pulse. The pulsing grew bigger and bigger, until I came. It was a really good orgasm, too. When I came to, my friend said she would teach me how to use a dildo. I went to my parent's room, and found my mom's dildo, which was even bigger than my friend's. We went back to my room, laid down, and we put the dildos inside us. It felt awesome! The big dildo was sooo much better than my fingers! We both came in seconds. Then I rolled over and started to kiss her. I asked her if she had ever wondered what it would be like if we masterbated another girl. She said no, but she'd like to find out. We kissed and fondled each other's boobs, then we started to fondle our pussys. My friend stopped, and flipped over so she could eat me out. I loved it! I started to eat her pussy too. We both had explosive orgasms, and we were naked, masterbating, scissoring, and 69ing for the rest of the weekend. We still do it whenever we can, with each other and with our friends. Have fun girls! Happy masterbating!

April 5, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

The Ultimate Female Masturbation Experience

Gel brush

I have this hair brush with a gel handle I wrap it in Saran Wrap and put Vaseline on it and ride that thing. It feels so good I think I'm going to do it right now. It even is better when you're on your period cause it is way more wet and slippery. It feels real good since the handle is hard but squishy at the same time. I just wish when it was in my vagina it didn't slide out while humping a pillow. But other then that it makes me moan and get dripping wet. Hope this makes you girls horny (;

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April 5, 2013 - Sexual Preference - In-Between

First Time Masturbating

The techniques I use

I started masturbating when I was like 7, but I didn't know really what I was doing. As I got older, like 11, I finally understood more about sex and stuff and was able to understand. now I go a bit further with masturbation. I first started to use a four legged vibrator, the ones places normally sell for muscles and stuff. Soon, I finally began to stick my finger inside and found out what my G spot was. I also used my electric toothbrush and sometimes stuck it inside. something I just started to di was I would take a needless syringe, those ones that are normally meant for medicine and fill it with lotion. I then would stick it inside me and squeeze it inside of me, it feels like someone is coming inside you. I'm not really bisexual, I would like to date men, but absurdly, I would actually like to be a guy and date other guys. I started learning about sex by finding something called YAOI. It's pretty much gay fictional characters having sex and its a real turn on. It will make you so horny. There's also YURI which is girl x girl.

April 6, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

First Time Masturbating

First time is the best

I just came for the first time and realized that using a thong or black lacy underwear are perfect. I like to stretch it across my clitoris then suck my fingers and rub them around my pussy lips. I suck on my fingers once more and make them soaked with slobber then insert them into my vagina and pump. Then I go and take my electric toothbrush, like people on here have said to use, and it works just like a vibrator but is more effective because it is smaller.

April 6, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Memorable Self-Pleasuring

First time having sex

When I was little I had this friend, let's name him L. Our moms used to hang out together... all the time! We would always be on the computer or something. One day I said to L, Hey! Let's play mommy and daddy and make a baby. L had said that he had seen his dad watching something and said that his thingy would go in my hole, so we did it. I remember him grasping my boobs while thrusting into me and kissing me. We are still great friends today and we laugh at the story now. We still occasionally touch each other and sleep in the same bed but we don't do the dirty anymore. Instead we are more like masturbation buddies.He helps me and I help him. No L is not gay, in fact he has a girlfriend (not me) and I have a boyfriend but I told my boyfriend about it and he thought it was HOT.

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April 10, 2013 -

Best Masturbation Experience Ever

Okay, so I've been masturbating for a little while and I've tried a bunch of different stuff, like the faucet, fingers, showerhead, and towels and stuff. But about a year ago I discovered my electric toothbrush, and it is the BEST thing I ever found. I take off my pants and panties, or I'll stand in front of a full length mirror and slowly take my clothes off to turn myself on. Next I put my finger in and out of my wet pussy to make myself even wetter, then I grab my toothbrush, lie down and spread legs, and turn it on. I hold it right on top of my clitoris and slowly move it around. When I feel myself start to cum, I turn it off and calm down for a minute. Then I take a thin marker, bend over in the mirror, and push it up my ass (it hurts a little the first time, but its sooo worth it). Then I take my razor and push it into my pussy. After that I spread my legs again and turn the toothbrush on, press it on my clitoris, and let it make me cum over and over. While the toothbrush is on, I use my other hand to pinch my nipples, and move the razor and marker around. Within 5 minutes I'm in the middle of a bone-shattering orgasm.

Hope this helps!

April 12, 2013 - Sexual Preference - I would rather not say.

First Time Masturbating

First time masturbating

When I was 9 I walked into my step- mum's room to look a t myself in the biggest mirror in the house. When I was deciding if I liked my outfit or not I saw my step-mum in the reflection lying on the bed. I turned around to apologize but stopped when I realised that she wasn't any clothes. She asked if I had ever masturbated before and I said no,then she asked if I would like to and I said yes, soi laid next to her in the bed. she told me to strip naked so I did and then said to copy what she was doing. She licked her fingers so I did the same and we then began to slowly rub those fingers on our clitoris. Soon we pushed our fingers into our vaginas and I could feel the best thing I have ever felt, and I could tell that my step- mum was feeling it too so we pushed our fingers in and out faster and faster and I reached over a grabbed my step-mum's huge boob. I started shaking so I continued to speed up until I couldn't handle it and I let out a loud moan and heard my step-mum do the same. We breathed heavily for about 20 seconds and continued touching each other. For the next 5 years we did the same thing every Wednesday night until she bought me my own sex toys and she said I should start doing it on my own.

April 18, 2013 -

Masturbation Technique

Reply to new boyfriend worries

I have read with much interest the lady who wrote on 13 March saying that the full thrusting of her partner's 8 .5 inch penis was hurting her. What a great shame as the two seemed to otherwise be having an enviously good time. Thought she might like to know that my partner and I have exactly the same problem. It has led to greatly enjoying masturbating each other. I simply love stimulating and watching his huge penis to big orgasms. He in turn is very sensitive to my needs and through masturbation he gives me or watches me do it to get deep orgasms. Obviously he would like to have sex with me to get his orgasm so there are a couple of things we do. One is to place a pillow between our stomachs which reduces the erect length inside me. Another is for him to enter from the rear and if I pull my knees up that seems to help and also gets his tip closer to my g-spot. Anyway good luck.

April 19, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Undecided

Fantasies while Masturbating


I have had a crush on a boy who goes to my church ever since I first saw him. He is really hot and I have always wanted to have sex with him. To by extreme annoyance, our parents recently began dating. So now he's my almost stepbrother, and I will never really be able to be with him with our parents consent. That would just be too wierd! Here's my masturbating fantasy about him. We are at home alone watching a tv show. He says to me: hey have you heard about this site? It has really cool videos I think we'd enjoy... I say: no I haven't heard of it. Lets look at it just to see what it's like? He goes to the site and of course it is a porn site. We watch gay, lesbian, and straight porn until I start feeling horny. He says: hey, I've never had an orgasm before (don't worry, we're both in seventh grade.) I say: no, I haven't either. He suggests we bob masturbate and try to come. I agree. Then he takes off his pants and I do too, and we start masturbating through our underwear. We both start grunting and moaning, and we are both shaking. Then he says: why don't you rub my penis? And I say: why not? And you can rub my clitoris! He agrees, then we turn off the porn site and lock the door. We both completely strip, then I see his penis is already erect and wet. I am already feeling an orgasm coming on. Then he puts his hand on my clitoris and starts rubbing really hard. Then I start stroking his penis and we both feel an orgasm starting. Then we rub really hard and BOOOM! We both orgasm; he squirts all over the floor and I scream really loudly. We get really wet together, and we are both really tired, so we entwine ourselves on the couch and fall asleep until late, when as soon as we getup, we look at each other and say let's have sex again and we orgasm all night playing with each other and then we kiss and live happily ever after.

April 19, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Bisexual

Urgent Need to Masturbate

I've always had an urgent sex drive...

When I was young and dry-humping boys on my parent's couch, I was quite driven to hump until I had an orgasm. It didn't take long. I'm still like that. I get instantly turned on. I feel pressure above my pubic bone and my clitoris starts to swell and throb. From that moment on, I can think of little besides sex. My panties are quickly wet.

I've found myself incredibly aroused in some odd circumstances. I had to go into a rest room stall and relieve myself once while waiting tables. I was so turned on that walking was making my juices drip down my thighs. I was thinking about nothing but sex and knew that I couldn't go on if I didn't get off.

I washed my hands and slipped into a stall. I quickly had my hands in my panties and started stroking my clitoris with a finger on each side of it, rubbing them up and down in synchronicity. I love that. It is delightfully stimulating when you don't have lots of time. I had a cigar and a condom which made a make shift dildo. Once I have penetration and clitoral stimulation combined - I am gone. I rubbed my clitoris faster and worked that fat cigar in and out, thrusting my hips as much as I could because that makes me come harder. I used the heel of my hand to put some pressure on my pubic bone and pull the skin up as I rubbed my stiff, swollen clitoris with adoration and fantasizing that a woman would open the door and start licking my clitoris.

I have the toilet seat down. I'm sitting on top with the cigar crammed in my vagina, my knees wide apart. My left hand supports my weight a little and my right is working my clitoris. I am bouncing up and down on the cigar, humping it. My head is thrown back and I can feel the fabric of my blouse rubbing against my hard nipples. I can't stop. The first tickle of orgasm rises up through my being. I will try to resist - to drag out the pleasure - but it comes over me so fast and barely stop in time. As I start again, it builds quickly but again, I stop. The third time, it's all too much and I have a moaning, panting, squirting orgasm. The toilet is wet and so is the floor.

I exit the stall to discover that I wasn't alone but that is another story.

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April 25, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Self-Pleasuring is Awesome

Playing with myself at home..

I've had a few sexual partners in my time but right now I've been single for about a year and have been masturbating since the age of 12, so I have been able to experiement with different techniques..

So when I know I will be in the house alone, I look forward to a bit of me-time. Firstly I take a nice warm shower, towel dry myself and sit down on my bed. There is a mirror opposite my bed so I look at myself whilst I rub my nipples to make them hard. Sitting up, I spread my legs, lick my finger and gently massage my clitoris in a circular motion, feeling each sensation and bending my head back with the pleasure. I then enter one finger as deep as possible as it will go, and then insert two into my now wet vagina.

Now am in the mood, I take out my 6-inch vibrator and strawberry flavoured lube which is my favourite one. I lean against the wall on the edge of my bed and spread my legs. I squirt a blob of the lube onto my hard clitoris, the warm sensation is the best feeling. I then take my vibrator (currently switched off) and rub in the lube all over my vagina, focusing on my clitoris, using one hand to hold back the skin on the top of my vagina to heighten the sensitivity. I then take the vibrator and slowly enter it inside of me as deep as it will go, my back arching and softly moaning with the pleasure. I begin to pound it inside of me, my breathing getting heavier and my legs becoming like jelly.

I squirt a fresh bit of lube onto my clitoris and this time turn my vibrator onto its lowest setting, this is my favourite part. I part my vagina with a finger either side, and hold the vibrator against my clitoris, deeply moaning at the new pleasure. I rub it around in circular motions, my legs automatically spreading themselves apart. The wetness of the lube increases the pleasure as I feel the vibrator circling. I carry on this for a few minutes until I can feel an orgasm coming.

By this time, my position has slouched right down to the bottom of the wall. I lie down fully on the bed on one side, and raise one leg, positioning it against the wall. I then increase the speed and apply more lube, pushing the vibrator gently and then harder against my clitoris, my body is writhing with the sensations, my breathing is so loud as I stop myself from screaming. I can feel an orgasm coming, I move my hips to meet the sensations of the vibrator and my body writhes and I moan as I have an amazing clitoral orgasm.

April 26, 2013 - Sexual Preference - In-Between

First Time Masturbating

first time scare

My first time masturbating was an Monday morning before school. I was 13 and watched a lot of porn, but never touched myself but for some reason this day I had to. My first time masturbating was an Monday morning before school. I was 13 and watched a lot of porn, but never touched myself but for some reason this day I had to. it was 4:30 in the morning and I had two hours before I had to go to school and a hour and a half until my mom woke up and I was watching amature porn and,the girl pussy was so wet and I could hear her scream and moan and I touched my pussy.and stuck a finger in my pussy hole and juices came out then I rubbed my clitoris it was so sensitive and it took me a minute to get wat I was doing to myself and I went faster and I felt this shock and I stopped and got scared I thought I hurt myself so I but it felt gud so I kept doing it and I came all over my bed and I moaned super loud so I dropped my phone and faked sleep so I wouldn't get caught but now I masturbate all the,time to porn and these stories they get me,super wet but I just recently.found this site so yea this is my first story I wrote but trust more and better will be coming but bout to masturbate now to lesbian porn enjoy ITwas 4:30 in the morning and I had two hours before I had to go to school and a hour and a half until my mom woke up and I was watching amature porn and,the girl pussy was so wet and I could hear her scream and moan and I touched my pussy.and stuck a finger in my pussy hole and juices came out then I rubbed my clitoris it was so sensitive and it took me a minute to get wat I was doing to myself and I went faster and I felt this shock and I stopped and got scared I thought I hurt myself so I but it felt gud so I kept doing it and I came all over my bed and I moaned super loud so I dropped my phone and faked sleep so I wouldn't get caught but now I masturbate all the,time to porn and these stories they get me,super wet but I just recently.found this site so yea this is my first story I wrote but trust more and better will be coming but bout to masturbate now to lesbian porn enjoy

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May 1, 2013 -


Great outdoor experience

It was an amazing experience I had outdoors in the summer when I was 15. I am typically a pretty horny girl so this one day I got really horny and I decided to go skinny dipping in my pool. My younger brother was home but I didnt think he would come out. So I went outside and untied my bathing suit top and bottoms and walked in the pool. I took one of those pool noodles and stuck it between my legs and start to grind it back and forth, I moved so nicely on it, it was soo pleasurable. Then I went over to the atairs and grinding my pussy on the edge of the stairs until I orgasmed, but I wanted to do one last thing that I had always been cutious about which was to masturbate with the pool jets. So I turn on the jets in the stairs and I bent over on all fours in doggystyle position and shoved my pussy rigt up against the jet so it blew right in my pussy. In the middle of me orgasming, my brother came up and I didnt hear him....he saw everything....it was the most pleasurable orgasm ive ever had but at the same time embarassing cause my brother just saw me completely naked and orgasming, but I really sugest people try this if youre up for the challenge !

May 2, 2013 -


I get Nastier by the second

Today I was just laying in my bed..taking a nap between classes while my roommates were gone. And I started watching some porno. I stumbled upon hairjobs where women raps mens dicks in their hair and jack them off. There was this one video in particular that I keep rubbing my clitoris to. I think it is the girl because she talks so dirty, I couldnt help but my rub my pussy. I get nastier the longer I watch porn. I started off just liking to touch my pussy and find porno first it was pissing I love watching porn movies where they piss on eachother, then I began to like watching guys jack off and cumm, then I started liking bukkakes and girls faces get covered in cum and swallow it, now I like hairjobs, but I think my favorite has to be watching guys cum and pisssing. I love to watch a man talk dirty while rubbing his dick off and cumming on camera. It makes my pussy throb.. I have only gotten freakier but I like it...My porn thing is a secret and I love it that way, it makes me feel good to watch things I would never do myself. I do piss on myself when I masturbate sometimes but thats only when I have a full blown session. I spread my legs rub my clitoris and piss..Trust me its amazing. I just wanted to type this because I found something new and because posting on this site makes me so hott.. and when I come back and read my own post I just cant help m=but rub my pussy and take me back to when I wrote. Happy Masturbating !!!

May 3, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Bisexual


I love how I taste

when I was 21 some of my friends talked about tasting there own juices when they sucked there boyfriends penis after they had sex with them. I had never done this. Another time some other friends talked about licking a toy they used while there boy friend watched. It seamed to be a trend for a girl to taste her own juices. I was sure if this was to turn boys on or that a womans sexual juices tasted good. A few days later I was home and feeling horny so I went through my routine of masturbation I would take a shower and have the shower spray on my clitoris until I had an orgasm. after my orgasm I decided to taste myself. I was real nervous but I did it quick, I ran my finger across by pussy and put my finger in my mouth. I couldnt taste much mostly water. then I decided to really give it a try. I dried off making sure I was completly dry. I went to my bed and began to rub my clitoris with my fingers. I didn;t usually masturbate this way. The shower was quicker and more convient. Since I had already had one orgasm I was able to have one pretty quick. I layed there breathing heavy a little nervous about what I was going to do. Then I thought I wanted to make sure there was enough there to taste. So I decided to give myself one more orgasm. It took my a while this time but my orgasm was much more intense and I could feel my wetness running down into my ass. I was very wet. I put my fingers between my legs and felt my wetness. I scupped up as much as I could and brought the wettness to my mouth. I sucked on my fingers swallowing my juices. The flavor was so sexual. I really enjoyed it. I reached down to get more. Soon this became a part of every masturbation. Now anytime I feel moisture between my legs I have to taste it. Sometime I masturbate more to get my juices flowing then I do an orgasm. I know that my orgasms are much more intense when I have some of my pussy juice in my mouth.

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May 3, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Memorable Self-Pleasuring

Missing My Husband

My husband had to go away on business, leaving me behind. We have a very active sex life, so I always find it difficult when he is away. I miss having daily sex and become frustrated quite quickly.

While he was away on his most recent trip, I had an appointment at the spa for a Brazilian. I went in for my waxing, but when I left and got in the car, my thong was rubbing up against my pussy in a way that made me feel as though I was going to cum. I called my husband right away. He told me that I was under no circumstances to have an orgasm until he said so.

That made me ten times hornier than I had been. I went home and carried on about my evening. I was so horny, my nipples were erect and straining against the fabric of my bra and my pussy was sopping wet.

I called him at bed time and he asked me if I was still horny. When I told him yes, he told me to look in the drawer of my bedside table. He had left a butt plug, nipple clamps, and a vibrator in there. He told me to turn on a porno, put the clamps on my nipples, insert the butt plug, and use the vibrator to get myself close to cumming, but not to orgasm under any circumstances.

I had never done any edging before, and it was so intense. Finally after about 30 minutes he told me to stop, so I did.

The next night he called me via Skype. He again told me to go to our room, put the clams on my nipples, insert the butt plug, and use the vibrator. He was enjoying watching me put on a show for him. He told me to get on my hands and knees and point my ass at the computer so he could watch me cum, so I did. It was the most intense orgasm of my life. I now look forward to his business trips because he always leaves a surprise for me in my bedside table.

May 6, 2013 -

Masturbation Technique Variation

how to squirt

Start by sticking something in your vagina then push it out using only your vaginas muscles as fast as you can and hopefully you will squirt like I do! I love it and do it all the time!!

May 9, 2013 - Sexual Preference - In-Between

Anonymous Masturbator Confessions

I love reading these storys about how you women like to masturbate but I better tell you that I am a man who likes to masturbate as much you the only that is better is I like to eat pussy theres nothing better than once you get the taste my wife got me to eat her pussy she was so hot an juicy I drank every drop of her juicy cum an she loves it just writing about it makes me want it more I heard her call me that she is ready so I am going to eat her out now who knows what will happen next

May 12, 2013 -

Unique or Strange Story

Unusual techniques

If you object to reading a post from a man, please skip....

I liked the story from the woman whose secret pleasure is to watch videos of guys cumming and pissing -- and also confessed that sometimes she loves to rub her clitoris and piss. I also liked the story from the woman who masturbated in a swimming pool and perfectly positioned herself so the pool water jet went right up her vagina. One time I managed to have that jet shoot right up my asshole, which I'd opened. It was awesome!

I'm another man who loves reading women's masturbation stories and seeing that you-all can be just as creative about ways to get off as us guys. I'm married, and my wife really loves it when I lay on my back and jerk off onto my stomach and chest -- her joy is in watching me shoot my load, and she comments on how high (that was a really good one....not as high today, are you distracted by something?) and then in licking up my cum and feeding it to me. She also likes to follow me into the bathroom and watch me piss.

One time she even sat naked on a stool in front of me with her legs spread while I was sitting on the toilet, and suddenly interrupted fingering herself to reach between my legs and caught an explosive poop as it ejected itself. Holding it in her hand, she resumed masturbating with her other hand and had a lovely orgasm while I watched. She rubbed the poop over her titties and my chest, and then we both jumped in the shower and let the water send it all down the drain.

Am I a lucky guy, or what?

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May 14, 2013 -

feeling pretty

I like to put on my prettiest pair of panties (tonight they are a ruffled leopard with a red bow) and some music to set the mood. I lie on my bed with nothing but my panties on and slowly start to caress my inner thighs and breasts. I take care to let my fingers dance on the outside of my panties over my wet lips, but don't touch just yet. I wait until I cannot resist it any longer, until my pussy is throbbing in anticipation and soaking wet through my panties. I stick one finger in, and then lick my juices off just to get a taste. I slowly finger myself with one hand while I play with my clit with the other. I keep going harder and faster until my body starts to shake and I have the greatest orgasm. I repeat till I fall asleep. Now if you would excuse me I can't keep my hands away from myself any longer

May 16, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Masturbation Technique Variation

How I do it

One way I like to do it is the simple way. Sometimes I make my own porn videos on my phone or watch some online until I'm wet. I dont always start that way, sometimes I just cant hold it in much longer so I go some place secret to do it. I open my legs and use two fingers to rub my clit in circles fast or slow (you can do it the way you like) , or just use my middle finger, close my legs tight and go up and down on my clit. It feels so good. Sometimes I slip my hands in my pants and just go crazy! These can be really fun, especially when you add new things to it. Hope this helps!

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May 16, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Self-Pleasuring is Awesome

Horny Time

I looove this site. Okay, so here's what I do: I live at home so sometimes it sucks when I'm horny and there's people home, what is a girl to do?! Luckily, my parents got me a laptop so what I do is sneak it into the bathroom with me. Then, I look up some awesome lesbian porn, sometimes straight porn if I'm in the mood. I'm straight when it comes to relationships and being with someone, I can't picture myself being with anyone but a man, but when it comes to sexual preferences, I've always been drawn to lesbian porn, I've even kissed a girl before! It's amazing. So anyway, I put on a really thin shirt and look up porn and after a while of touching my nipples through my shirt I get super horny. When I'm ready, I'll rip of my shorts and rub my pussy really hard while hearing the moans of the girls on screen. It's amazing! After I've orgasmed, sometimes I wait and then start again! Another favorite of mine is the showerhead...actually, I might go do that right now! Happy masterbating ladies!

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May 19, 2013 -

Anal Masturbation

Double it

I like using two dildos when I masturbate. One in my pussy and one in my ass I can prop myself on the floor and bounce up and down on them whole my tits bounce

May 20, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Memorable Self-Pleasuring

My first time

My very first time I was a young girl,and I was at my aunts house. My teenage cousin and her best friend were hanging out in my cousins room,and I begged to come in .They laughed ,and told me to come in. My cousins best friend was sitting up on the bed,and she was wearing no bra or tshirt. My cousin was also without a tshirt or a bra,and they were both in their panties. I started to leave the room, but my cousin told me I could stay,and she then asked me if I wanted to have fun. They then both came over to me and my cousin rubbed my nipples through my small tank top, while her friend licked my leg ,and then as her tongue slid up my thigh,she stopped ,and began rubbing my inner thigh until she came to the tender spot between my legs. My cousin by that time had gently removed my tank top and was caressing each taut little nipple. I was writhing back and forth from this strange new sensation,and her friend then took one finger and inserted it into my soft pink flesh,and I gasped as pleasure coursed through my body. Then they began touching each other's nipples,and between each others legs. I just watched in utter fascination. I had never known that you could make your own body feel like that

May 21, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

First Time Masturbating

late blomer

I never started to masterbate till very recently . I am a mother of 4, ages 29 to 13 . I decided to be alone 14 years ago after a very bad relationship. my last pregnancy made me lose my sex drive for 5 years and then I started to have phone sex with an online friend, he told me how to touch myself where and how hard and which way to move my fingers, he would tell me use bob sometimes and after not having sex for so very long it was intense. having him on the phone saying my name over and over and telling me what to do it was hot and he had me gushing , slippery, warm, sweet smelling liquid mmmmmmmmmm I was hooked and when he was no longer there for me. I had to learn on my own what I liked and didn't like. I have a great memory and great imagination. I would remember him telling me what to do and I started to hear him moan my name I would get so wet and my pussy would be aching to be touched I would rub my nipples with the palm of my hand and feel my brown nipples getting hard. I would move my hips and look for a hand to play with my pussy, so I would start to play touch my lips feel the wetness and my imagination would take over I would think of what I wanted and what I liked , I would slowly and lightly touch my clit and slide m finger just down my lips feel how wet they are mmmm I would then get hornier and need to be touched more firmly , I would start to rub harder with my legs open and with my free hand take my breast in my mouth and bite down on my nipple I sometimes like to think of being tied up and touched and teased and pleased my recent fantasy is with a neighbour who I see looking at me with horny eyes I think of him when I rub my pussy hard and fast I push down hard and rub back and forth hard and fast ohhh myyy get so slippery and wet I have a very strong vaginal muscle from always doing kegels, when I have an orgasm my vagina clamps down very tightly I imagine my neighbour trying to enter me with his penis but it is clamped down too tightly he cannot that thought alone makes me touch again and rub slower and lightly and pinching my nipples hard makes me all wet again the third or forth orgasm I have to hold my legs up in the air and rub the now very hard clitoris pushing down hard and rubbing hard and fast and I can feel cum dripping down my asshole and I imagine being fingered in my ass that makes me so very horny I hold up my legs and rub above my clitoris up and around it and I gush out so much liquid I thought I peed so I tasted it but it was sweet and smelled so good my vagina musle is clamped down again , this time it stays that way for a longer time and I am so sensitive I only have to think of him and I squeeze hard and I can orgam again then I can finally have a good nights sleep I choose to only masterbate no man in my life for 14 years now

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May 23, 2013 -

Self-Pleasuring is Awesome

Best Stress Reliever

I have been going through a lot lately and my stress levels were high so after a long drive to LA in traffic I decided to de-stress...I began watching some porn on my favorite site and I immediately began to feel good..I started watching men jack off their dicks and squirt cum all over the place. Those are some of my favorite videos. I love watching men cum, it makes me feel so nasty and makes my pussy tingle.. I think I am minorly addicted to porno, I try to stop watching it but I always come back because it makes me feel so good when I lay down and watch porn and touch my pussy and rub my clit. I had to stop because someone came in my room but I can not wait till I can start touching my pussy again and making me feel good which will decrease my stress. I love to masturbate and rub on my clit, and my titties. I love sex with my boyfriend,but the fact that I can please myself and watch nasty things that I could never do makes me so hot and bothered. I think I might like my masturbation sessions better than sex. After my roommate leaves I am gonna watch some more of nasty clips and rub my pussy and talk dirty to myself and cum. I might try and cum twice today because I think I need extra attention. I love masturbation and I will never stop, even if I try.. Happy Masturbating!!!

May 24, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Masturbation Technique

Beleive me....... AMAZING

(I'm already getting wet just thinking about this!!! By the way, you might have heard of using the shower head, but this way is even better, and is in detail so you can do it in the most pleasurable way possible!!!)I get in the shower blah blah blah... So, I turn the shower head to a reasonable tempurature (Only so the pleasure can last!!!) and lie down on my back and put my legs straddled on the bathtub wall. I put the shower head up to my clit and start pumping it over and over. OMG It feels sooo good! Once it starts to get in rhythem, I turn the tempurature down and the freezing cold is like...alright, I give up on adjectives... after that, I just talk dirty to myself and pant, moan, scream, etc. Then, after the cold doesn't feel cold any more, I turn the temp. up... when I do this, It feels like a guy is aither cumming inside me, or pissing, so I just fantasize that... This, made me scream in pleasure so many times......... The orgasm shook through my entire body, like,I actually made my neighbors knock on my door with concern because I was screaming so loud, (Another story I might just share in another post). Sometimes I fing myself making out with the bathtub wall. (Yes, the wall... while typing this, the 9 in. dildo dissapeared in my pussy)


May 27, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Bisexual

Anonymous Masturbator Confessions

he'd die if he knew

So I have a confession to make. Throughout middle school and early high school, I had a close male friend that would make it a habit of calling me at night after coming home from his almost constant sporting events. This meant I was already in bed when he'ds call and almost every time he did, I would be in the middle of pleasuring myself. It was rather embaressing being interupted by my mother bringing me the phone but I never had the heart to hang up on him or tell him to go to bed. After about the fourth time of this happening I decided that I would just take up where I had left off prior to answering the phone while he mindlessly chattered away about his day. Now THIS was exciting. It drove me wild having to monitor my breathing and pay just enough attention to the talk to make half hearted replies. The risk of him suspecting something was going on was a new thrill to me. My orgasms were more intense and it was a struggle to remain silent while I came and he was waxing on about what he had for dinner or some such thing. After about two weeks of this new fun activity, I started noticing some new changes in me. While we were at school, if he started talking to me, I would get so aroused so fast that I ached painfully. The sound of the home phone ringing would also send me into a bout of lust. One day in english class he was giving a speech on something and it went on for so long I actually orgasmed there in my seat, no clitoral stimuli needed. For a couple years the late night calls continued and to this day, he has no freaking clue that I was getting off to the sound of his voice.

May 27, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Anonymous Masturbator Confessions

For Rachel and Mary

post #2 Although I am straight I usually watch lesbian porn to get me off until I have recently become fascinated with the messages between Rachel and Mary. When I come on here I am looking forward to reading what you two have to say to each other as they both will get me nice and wet.I get so anxious to read your messages to each other and am often disappointed when I realize there are not any recent post from you two. I wish we could all just communicate off site together and share even deeper stories with each other. I am 19 and am not very full figured but I do have large 'girls' that really do delight me in my masturbation sessions. Mary really turns me on, it is just something about an older woman with her own family that turns me on, I would love to just meet one and maybe even masturbate with one. As I am writing this to you two I am getting very wet, trying to wait to touch my chi chi as I like to call her. I start off by touching and caressing my big brown 'girls', I can feel them getting harder and starting to point out. oh how I like to just rub them. Now I will tease my chi chi by rubbing lightly on my thigh, getting closer and closer. I stop for a sec and take my top and panties off and lay in front of the mirror, I sit Indian style and began to take my bra off in a sexy way. mmmm.. my girls are standing proud!! Im getting so wet, I just started touching down there it took me a little over an hour to write this but now I have to finish business while I still can. forever masturbating.

May 31, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Caught Masturbating!

caught masturbating by best friend

I am straight but this experience was so fun and exciting I h ass d to share it! One day I was in my room and felt the urge to touch myself, so I went to my room and laid in my bed then got undressed and starting fingering myself. I was starting to get really wet and turned on when my best friend walked in. She immediately knew What I was doing and shut the door. As she was walking over to me she began to undress. Then she laid on top of me and began to kiss me. While we were kissing she started to stick her finger deep inside my pussy then another. I began to moan and before I knew it she was eating me out. She ran he tongue all over my clit until I came all over her. She licked up every last bit and I loved it. We started to kiss again but this time I was fingering her. I then remembered I had a strap on vibrator and I quickly grabbed it. I put it on and got on top of her. I spread her legs and slowly went deep inside her. I pulled all the way out and went back in. As I pulled out again I thrusted into her hard and fast. Soon she began to moan so I went even faster. After she came she said she wanted to watch me pleasure myself so I fingered sf as she sat on my bed and watched. I slowly rubbed my clit as I become extremely wet until I couldn't take it any longer and had a intense orgasm.

June 2, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

The Ultimate Female Masturbation Experience

My manfriend and I with a young man at the Marriott

I'm a needy lady in my early 50's and Lee is in his mid 70's,I've known him for years,a real nice guy. We started dating a few months ago and after a few weeks got to sex. He told me of his prostate cancer 6 yrs ago and that he is burnt out down there, but he can, with help from Levitra, get it up and has orgasms, but no semen. We have been having mutual masturbation sessions for a while now sometimes with Porn and others 'cause we are horny. I have cum from his hands and mouth and gushed into his mouth once. He has jerked off on my tits, but the only discharge is a little lubricating fluid. I love men and love to watch them cum and to feel it on my face and in my mouth. Lee knows I see a few of our friends and he is OK with it.I finally brought up to him that I know he loves to see the guys ejaculate on the porn dvds,it excites him as he doesn't have cum any more. I asked him if he wanted to watch me with another guy but we both agree that it can't be with our friends,word would get out. He came up with the idea that we go to the Airport Marriott and pickup a business man.We did it . I told the guy our predicament and that I would give him a blowjob if Lee could watch and that when he came Lee would be up close and lick it up and French kiss me. We did it and I mastubated while I was sucking the guy and came a gusher in Lee's mouth and all over his face and then I felt the guy straining and jacked him faster and told Lee here it comes and I pulled away as he shot load after load on my face and boobs .Lee started licking the cum from my boobs and then up to my neck and face and I noticed he was jacking and then he put his tongue in my mouth and I gushed again and felt Lee get all stiff and then release,as he was frenching me he came,but no jism!It was thrilling and even the guy said he would never forget the experience.I had told Lee that I did not want to depend on him for my orgasms,but if we can repeat experiences like this I won't have to see other men. He is such a nice guy and will do anything for me I think it is my turn. Maybe I'll have something to write about in the future.

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June 2, 2013 - Sexual Preference - In-Between

Masturabatory Editorial

Horney older woman and lover

I am horny most every day, and even at my age—I am a mature woman—I am horny often. I like this site to get even more aroused than I’d otherwise be, and it’s fun to read others’ experiences. Today reading those stories really got me off, and I’m horny, wet, and hot right now.

One of my favorite encounters with a man was one who loved to watch me dress to get ready to go out dancing. After a few drinks, we’d dance the night away, come home and make love for hours. He loved going down on me and was a good lover, inventive and very oral. I get wet just thinking about him eating me.

One night he sat in a chair opposite my dressing area and watched me dress for dancing. We didn’t make it to the dance because he had a huge hard-on so stripped, and make wonderful love to me.

While I masturbate these days (I am now alone and love the time to masturbate whenever I wish!) I fantasize that he’ll walk in my door and take me down and eat me. He taught me so much about jerking off and liked to watch me masturbate.

The other thing about me is that I love to come a second time following love-making, so my current lover will make love to me and then masturbate me with his juices.—the perfect lubricate and I come big time!

June 2, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Fantasies while Masturbating

Confessing to my bestfriend

Ok so, this is my first entry. To start off I LOVE MASTURBATING. I do not know if I've ever had an orgasm, but I've climaxed before, and I've never felt soooogood. Well this is how I masturbate: I start by teasing myself down there, then I start to get reall horny. Then I go to the bathroom. I rub my clit. AHHH so good. Then I start to get my finger and instert it into my vagina. Ahhhh so good. I shove it in and out fast. Then I'm all wet. Then I run my clit really fast. And then I curl my toes and I can barely breath and I'm moaning like never before and then I feel all my juices. Then I run out of energy and can't do it anymore :p Well. This experience felt really good so. I wanted to tell my best friend. We know it's healthy and stuff. So one day I ask her and she said no. Have you? So then I say yes... And then I run away. And then she asked me what I did and I told her. A week later she told me she did it too. And since that day I showed her these stories. And we aren't a lesbian or anything but we really want to masturbate next to each other. I'm not allowed to go to other people's houses so we don't know where. But we are really open about it. And I love masturbating!!!!! Ahhhh so good.

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June 3, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

The Ultimate Female Masturbation Experience

locker room fun

I was in gym class and I was so horny I could feel my vagina plusing through my shorts. I ran into the locker room and locked the door. I took off my pants and started rubbing around my bare pussy. as I rubbed I started becoming wet. I could feel the juices start to drip. mm I rubbed aroind harder and heard the sploshing wet noises as my hand rammed into my wet pussy. I started going quicker and then shoved 2 fingers in my tight hole and pulled in and out in and out waiting to cum. I went faster and harder but I just wasnt having it. I got up and positioned by pussy on the edge of a locker and started moving up and down. the feeling was insane. it was so wet which made my pussy slide right nice up and down splashig my juices around. I stuck my finger in one last time and came all over the lockers. after I pulled out and licked my fingers clean moaning at all the wetness.

June 4, 2013 - Sexual Preference - In-Between

Memorable Self-Pleasuring

With a friend

When I was younger, I was extremely into masturbation, I did it daily. My moms coworker had a daughter the same age of me and she would bring her over to my house when they'd be at work and so we'd be home alone all day. One day we got talking about masturbating and how much we did it and what we did. We talked about lesbian porn and how we watched it and we talked about how we thought girls boobs were hot and how we have always wanted to try it. I then told her how I was horny and she agreed so we started to masturbate, we turned on some lesbian porn and layed in my bed and put the blankets over us and start rubbing are clits. We were talking about how we like to rub them and our techniques and then we would see who would cum first. We started doing this frequently atleast every time she'd come over and we even would go in the hot tub and take turns masturbating on the jets. It was a very memorable time in my life and I often fantasize about doing more but that never happened.

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June 5, 2013 -

Mary replying

This is for the young lady who contributed ocommented so sweetly on the messages between me and Rachel.

Yes, this is Mary here and I am very flattered and aroused by the things you have said. I am just what you say: an older Scottish mum with a happy marriage and three sons in their late teens and early twenties. As I wrote in my posts to Rachel, I came to female masturbation in a serious way quite late on. I am from a religious background where masturbation was not really talked about. This has not prevented me having a wonderful married life with my husband, but it meant exploring my own body alone was more really part of things. Sharing my 'discovery' of masturbation here on this sight was really liberating and erotic for me–-how I began by just looking at my big breasts in my bra, experiencing amazing breastpride with my shoulders back and my 38ds pushed out; loving my 'girls' with my bra off and my large pink nipples coaxed up to their full, maternal stiffness. Then slipping my ordinary, everyday mum-knickers down from my big curvy bum and my 42 inch hips, to reveal my thick blonde bush of pubic curls and my warm swollen fanny. Ohhh...I can hardly tell you how exciting I still find my private moments in front of my cheval mirror just looking at my curves and opening my fanny to my fingers.

Talking to Rachel really wakened me up about all this. She seems like the younger girl I wish I had been. When she writes I can picture her big shapely breasts, her plump tummy, her delicious nipples and her perfect hairy brunette fanny. I love her natural British undies; her bedroom moments and her stunning orgasms. I now masturbate a lot and I think much more than I've ever done before about sharing these special private moments with other girls like Rachel and you. It feels like sharing here, when I sit writing with my white cotton pants at my knees, my fingers lost in my bush and my mind connecting with Rachel and with you. And I am really, truly, intensely, beginning to climax while I am writing this!

I'm sorry for the spelling and grammar mistakes in what I wrote a short time ago! I think I was just so excited as I typed. I've also been rude in not encouraging you to reply. I hope you will and I hope Rachel sees and replies too. Although I have orgasmed once tonight, I am still masturbating reading your message and picturing your chi-chi. I'm completely naked part from my knickers hanging around one ankle. My fanny is still soaking and I've rubbed some of my natural juices into my nipples, which are enlarged to their full nursing size. I feel so topless and exposed like this, but so completely sexual I think I'd masturbate with anyone. I've also pulled my bumcheeks apart so that my most pink private places can be seen, glistening. Ohhhh godddd....it's happening again......

Editor's Notes: We are very sorry, but we are unable to maintain a message board on this page. You may notice that people sometimes respond to or reference another entry if they relate to it. But unfortunately, back-and-forth personal messaging between participants must be kept to a minimum. Therefore, personal messaging is usually deleted because we can not archive it within our project parameters. To find out more about why this site exists, please visit: http://advancedmasturbation.com/mission.html -- Once again, we do apologize for those entries that end up getting deleted. Please feel free to write another entry after reading the link above and also reviewing the guidelines in the area where entries are submitted.  (Edit AZ6)

June 6, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Self-Pleasuring is Awesome

I love to masturbate...I can not wait to have some true alone time so I can hump myself so good..I want to rub my pussy till I can hold it anymore and I just start to piss..and I like to start with my panties on, and it makes me feel nasty as I wet my panties..and then I take them off. I have had masturbation sessions that are hours of just watching porno, rubbing my pussy, pissing, talking dirty to myself and cumming hard. I cant have one of those because I share my room right now and my roommates come in and out of the room. In about a week or so..I am gonna give it to myself..Right now I am just having a mini session which Is making me so excited..Happy Masturbating Ladies!!

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June 7, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Lesbian

Unique or Strange Story


mmm.... I literally just finished my best masturbating session and my roomate is going to be here soon. Alright girls, my roomate is super hot, and I can just imagine her scissoring me right now but.... todays session, I starting off with rubbing my clit through my panties with my remote control for the tv, then I stripped them off and my pussy was throbbing and totes red! So as I said, my roomate is SUPA hot, and adding to that, I want her to eat me. So I took her toothbrush and started rubbing it around my vajayjay and it was like she was licking me with her saliva dripping down my leg, and I came all over the fluffy pink couch, and the end table. Since that place was a mess, I moved on to another area... this time? Her bed. I started humping her pillow, then I sorta had to pee so that came out pretty fast onto her pillow, but I kept humping. Shortly after,I licked the pillow (and it's piss) imagining that I was licking her vajayjay. And, I came all over her bed!My bod was shaking so bad (and still is). So, the next area of destruction was the kitchen as we call it. I took a bag of grapes and stuffed them in my vajayjay and my ass, I think I got at least 5 in each. So then, I teased myself by yo-yoing them in and out, then when I was ready, I squeezed as hard as I could and they came flying out with a little more piss ;). I then started humping the counter/table and then had to piss and cum again so I pissed all over the counter and walked around a little while it was spurting out so it covered almost everything. Then, Everything around me, is being rode and humped, and obviously juiced on. After that, I start licking it up. I hope that my roomate will be turned on, and we will have endless masturbating, and lesbian sex!!! (Or, if she gets really pissed she'll just give up and rip her clothes off revealing her d-cup tits!!!

June 8, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Urgent Need to Masturbate

My roaring sexuality

I am no stranger when it comes to masterbation, as I get older my addiction to pleasure grows stronger to the point where I want to rip my panties off where ever I am. I started my sexual solo journey by humping teddy bears, sometimes with my panties on but it was most enjoyable when it was off. It' aroused me because I could feel my juices moisten my favorite bear. On the days I was lazy I would just position the bears head close to my clit and squeeze the orgasm out. With that position I could go undetected, I often go it once my mom was asleep. I moved on to sliding my vagina on my blankets this took me about twenty minutes to get any pleasure able stimulation, and made my clit sore. I never really rubbed my nipples I'm the type of girl that likes to rub and squeeze my over sized ass. Playing a little rubbing my thick thighs, that sends me wild I get so turned on by my own body. I get carried away and make videos filming my self twerking in tiny booty shorts, grabbing my shaven vagina while shaken my tits. My videos I save so I can watch later. My sister and I use to talk about masterbation and usually did at the same time separately but I always came too fast and would stop her from finishing because of the embarrassment. We never watched each other, it was more like privately in the open; I could hear the creaking of the bed heavy breathing. We don't inform each other anymore I wait until she's asleep now or got to the bathroom and Jill off. My favorite position is lying on my back my panties around my ankles, my breast out legs spread enough for me to reach my glistening pearl. I no longer rub urgently unless I'm watching Japanese porn, I like not knowing what the girl is saying as she gets her Pussy licked I imagine getting oral., or some guy with a big package take away my virginity as he pounds away and I beg him to stop. My biggest fantasy I have as my fingers are working down by my gentials I imagine my friend coming over we are having a sleep over, I'm in my lace panties as I usually am she starts slapping and grabbing my ass, she does that sometimes. I get wet and lean further so she can get a good view of my soaked panties. She the grabs my fat vagina and massages it, ultimately slipping her hand in my panties to rub along my swollen lips. She gets to my pearl and pinches it, I want her fingers in me and I want he tongue to lick at my juices. As I wish she removes my panties my vagina is gets she eats me out from the back licking vigorously with my puffy pussy on her face. I Cum right there my legs shaking as I tremble and she kisses my pussy lightly. Omg I cum so hard after my fantasy.

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June 8, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Bisexual

Masturbation Technique

My fake toy

Every night I usually take the end of a razor (thats girls use to shave) and I will mastrubate until I cum. it feels really good! also...i have a body pillow that I will put ontop of me and hump until I climax....or any other big object like that. im also concerned about my clit...it hurts a lot whenever I rub it. is this normal? And I (this is kind of weird)...but when I have to pee I keep pushing right below my waist...i dont know what its called but below your stomach kind of on your waist. it feels amazing! sorry this is kind of a weird story. hope this helps!

June 9, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Self-Pleasuring is Awesome

Sunday Funday

I am so turned on right now.I have been trying to get a session going for the past day but it didn't work. But I woke up this morning with masturbation on my mind. I was supposed to go to church but I decided to stay home. I have been watching porn for almost three hours and now I feel like rubbing my clit so hard but I want a long session today to the point that when I cum I will be so tired. After I masturbate I usually feel bad about it because of all the nasty things I watch like guys cumming of girls faces, pissing, and my favorite which is guys jerking off their dicks.Also the nasty things I think and say...but I do not even care because I can not stop masturbating. I have been masturbating since I was a teen and it has only gotten better with time. I keep getting nastier and watching dirtier things...and I wouldnt want it any other way. I am so happy to have some peace and alone time to rub my pussy and piss. I love to piss on myself while I masturbate it just makes me feel so naughty and nasty. I know it is a little wrong but I don't give a crap because when I am into a session all I care about is feeling pleasure,and feeling nasty. Sometimes I wish I would never cumm so I could feel like this all the time. Everytime I do nasty stuff right after when my high is gone I get really weird but this time I a gonna try and be proud of this nasty feeling. I don't piss and masturbate often but whenever I do, I cumm so hard!!! Well everyone enjoy their Sunday I know I a enjoying mine.

June 10, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Bisexual

Self-Pleasuring is Awesome

The Fear of Getting Caught

Ok so I have been masterbating since I was about twelve, and I have recently discovered that my best friend does it too; that is an amazing thought if you know what I mean;) just knowing I am not the only one is a fabulous feeling when I'm in the mood! Now, I am only achieve a good orgasm when I'm watching some hardcore porn on my phone, yet I don't have wifi connection in my room, so I have to use my parents room instead and oh my gosh I have never experienced such an intense orgasm until I used their bed! I feel so naughty (I'm only a teen btw) and I've also found that when I'm going solo, I like to roll around on the bed (only if I'm naked) and it feels just like I'm having sex! I feel so free and just like the girls in my porn movies! It's amazing! Masterbation when fearing of getting caught is by far my biggest turn on! Happy bean-flicking ladies!!!

June 13, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Caught Masturbating!

Son-In Law Caught Me

I first came across this web-site some three months, but I've never had the courage to make a contribution. So having plucked up the nerve to write this story I do hope it's considered a worthy contribution.

I'm in my mid-fifties and I'm divorced 7 years. Similar to countless other single females, due to the lack of a regular sex-life, I masturbate to ease my sexual urges and needs; and yes, quite often I use a vibrator, which has a rabbit attachment. So when masturbating I get the thrills on my clitoris whilst experiencing the satisfaction of a penis deep inside my pussy; albeit an artificial one. And occasionally, when feeling so turned and horny, when I cum my pussy squirts its juices.

My story is about the time when I had to spend a few weeks at my daughters house whilst she was in hospital; female problems. However I was looking after her husband and the grand-kids. It was a few days into my stay. Having seen my Son-in-Law [SIL] of to work and the grand-kids off to school, I set about ironing a stack of clothes which had piled since my daughter entered hospital. After a couple of hours I finished the ironing, put the grand-kids clothes away in their bedroom wardrobes. Then, not wanting to intrude on his personal effects, I left SIL clothes on a bedroom side table. But I did sort out my daughters clothes and put them into her wardrobe and other places. However, putting her underwear into the appropriate drawer I happened upon a vibrator. Wow, I thought, like her Mum my daughter also uses a vibrator.

I left the bedroom but during the next few hours, and it wasn't the fact that my daughter uses a vibrator, but the fact that the vibrator was there. I hadn't masturbated since being at my daughters, and the more I thought about the vibrator the more I wanted it.

Eventually the need to masturbate got the better of me. I went to her bedroom, undressed and took out the vibrator from the bedside drawer, then laid on the bed. I caressed my breasts, tweaking the nipples. Slowly I moved a hand down my body, fingers mingling in my dense pubic hair and onto the lips of my pussy. I soon made it wet and pushed two fingers inside my pussy. A thumb sought my clitoris and whilst jilling my pussy I began masturbating my pussy,

I was on the point of my orgasm then stopped. Taking hold of the vibrator I turned it on, opening my pussy lips I put the head of the vibrator onto my clitoris. The sensation was so good but I wanted a penis!! inside me. With some reluctance I moved the vibrator from my clitoris and slowly pushed it into my pussy. I took the full eight inches and began f......g my-self. I stroked a finger on my clitoris.

With a finger thrilling my clitoris, the vibrator f.....g deep inside my pussy, it didn't take too long before I got what I wanted. The entire sensation was over-powering. It was week since I had lasted masturbated and in the safety of being alone in the house I let my emotions run free. I yelled and screamed as my climax pulsated through my head and body, and then hitting my pussy and clitoris with so much force.

Gee that was some sensation, such an over-powering climax. I lay on the bed gasping for breath, my body shaking. After gaining some control of my-self I slowly removed the vibrator from my pussy; then I heard a voice. 'Nice one Mum, that was some performance.' I looked towards the bedroom door and to my horror stood my SIL.

The reality of being caught masturbating by my SIL, what could I do, what could I say. I was horrified, and to say the least totally ashamed of my-self. Not just for the fact of being caught masturbating by my SIL, but why can't I control my sexual emotions, why can't I control my need to masturbate.

He came and sat on the bed, I tried to cover my boobs and pussy with my hands, but what was the point. He had just witnessed his wife's Mum masturbating and f.....g her-self with a vibrator. He could see the everything in my face that said: I'm so sorry, I'm ashamed of my-self, please don't tell my daughter. His words were an attempt to comfort me.

He masturbates, 'L,' [my daughter] masturbates, [which I knew from her early teenage years she did] and in our intimate occasions 'L' has told me that her Mum also masturbate. Relax Mum, it's nothing to be ashamed of, at times we all need to masturbate. Then he added. If it's any consolation Mum, for me watching you masturbate, then I confess. Since 'L' has been in hospital and you staying here, from the laundry basket I have took and used your panties to masturbate with.

So until my daughter returned from hospital. I used her vibrator to masturbate and f..k with, and my SIL used my panties for his own masturbating needs.

For right reasons, not sexually. I love my Son-in-Law.

June 15, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Masturbation Technique Variation

The best way to get it done

So I like to come on sites like these and read the stories and experiences other women describe. I like to imagine the women jilling off. Mhhh there pink pussy nice and tight. And may I add I am straight to. Yes I know it weird. Anyway I like to lay on my tummy when I am ready these stories and I wait until I get wet enough. Sometime when I have the courage to delay the diddling of my skittles I like to rub my A cup breast. Yes I am small and proud! Getting back to the story, when u feel like I cannot take it anymore I slide my hand on my pussy and slide my index finger from the opening if my vagina to the hood of my clit. Then I take my index and my middle finger and I start to rub my clitoris up and down, side to side, and in circular motions. Then I flip onto my back and take my left hand and split open my pussyfoot using my index and my middle finger. My right hand is going wild on my clit! At this point I cannot stop rubbing and I moan a little. I keep going until my body cannot take it and I lay there with a big smile on my face. Mhhhh I think I'm going to go finger myself hard now. I hoped this help you guy with masturbating like the other stories helped me. Happy fingering and go hard for me :).

June 16, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Caught Masturbating!

Best Friend Fun

One day when my best friend came over for a sleepover she asked me if I masturbate. I said no as I didn't know what it was. She said she would show me. First she told me to go onto a lesbian porn site on her tablet and watch it so I could get wet. After watching a few videos she looked at me and said you want to try that right? I said of course! She smiled and started to passionately kiss my lips and I kissed back. She then shoved her toungue into my mouth and I did the same. I started to take off her clothes while never breaking our lips apart and she did the same. When we were both naked she shoved me onto my bed an started grinding her pussy against mine and started to squeeze my boobs. It felt so good! After she saw me moaning she smirked and started to rub my clit with her thumb and lick my nipple making it hard. Then she took her free hand and put her fingers into my vagina. I moaned and moaned. Then she went to her bag and took a vibrating toothbrush out and put it against my clit and rubbed it in circles at the highest speed. When I chummed she stopped and ate me out and I did the same to her. This was an all night party I will never forget!

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This site all about the tools needed to get the best orgasms from anal stimulation. There are a variety of items available that produce a range of sensations from gentle pleasure to super-intense feelings or even aggressive sensuality.

June 22, 2013 -

Self-Pleasuring is Awesome

Home Alone

I just got to my new apartment and I got here early. So I began laying on my bed and watch porn. I have been watching porn for a few hours and I started rubbing my pussy. I was gonna do a quicky but It is my first and probably only night alone in my apartment before everyone moves in. So I layed down a towel on my bed and I started pissing on myself and I rub my clit. This is the nest thing in the world. Whenever I do it like this I feel so nasty and it makes my masturbation experience better. I am actually pissing a little while I write this..I can feel the piss running down my pissing..oooh it feels so good.. I am probably gonna be in this session for a little while. And I might have round two again tonight. I love it when I am alone, because I get to be sooo fucking nasty. I am watching all kinds of porn. I just watched a video called I wanna cum inside your mom and it so nasty watching guys creampie in older women. I love cumm..cumm turns me on..all my favorite videos involve a man cumming either in some girls face or pussy, or on himself while jerking off. I love seeing cum shoot out of mens dicks. Sometimes I wish I could sit a dozen men in a room and watch them jerk it and hear them and see them explode. I love making myself feel good...no one can make me feel as good as I am feeling right now. I keep my masturbation a secret from everyone because I want to remain as nasty and freaky as I am and I want to have this alone time with me, myself, and I.

June 23, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Bisexual

Self-Pleasuring is Awesome


I started masturbating about a year ago, and I have always done the same thing. Clitoral simulation. I will always go to the bathroom in my house or at my school, sit down on the stool, open my legs, and just rub my clit like there is no tomorrow. It feels so good to do! A few times, I have sat on the floor with my pelvis&pussy toward the ground and I'll rub my clit.. My orgasms are so good! I havent had my daily session yet, so im gonna have to be on my way!! Happy Masturbating! :)

June 24, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Undecided

First Time Masturbating

Frist time I've masturbate

I've been going to this website for years now so I decided to tell my first time masturbating. I was 13 at the time and (funny enough) all my family members was there. My mom just had surgery so there was at least 20 ppl at my house. To help with her pain, she bought those vibrator massage thingy. I was in my moms bedroom just watching tv by my self, and I was playing around with the message and then I remembered My older cousin (male) telling me and my other cousin how he liked the feeling of something vibrating on his penis ( he didn't say it like that since he was 13 ,14 at the time but that was basically how it went). Remembering that I wondered if I would get the same feeling too. So with the vibrator, I put it ( I didnt know at the time) in my ciltoris area.

It felt amazing! Then another idea got in to me that it might feel better with out my pants so I took my pants off and did it again. It was also incredible. Then I thought 'what about no underwear' so with no underwear on and the possibility of someone walking in at any moment I got an orgasm ( I think, still not compelety sure but I was breathless after) I quickly put my clothes back on and pretend it never happened the rest of the day.

I now sort of stolen that message vibrator a year or so after that but my mom hasn't question were it is too me at least. Now that I'm in college, it's a little hardener for me to masturbate at my dorm but The second I go home and my mom goes to sleep, I masturbate the whole night away

June 25, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Anonymous Masturbator Confessions

The perfect masturbation technique for me

i have been masturbating since I was about 12. when I was younger I had a funny (horny) feeling so I put the shower head against my vagina (clitoris, I didn't know it then) it felt amazing. I began to do it night after night. best feeling. but now that im older, I have access to more things. on amazon I purchased a vibrating head massager. when I bought it I was legit only using on my head, but one day I took it apart and had a shocking yet amazing discovery. it was a purple vibrator. so I use that mow. im actually going to use it now. happy masturbation ladies (3

June 26, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Caught Masturbating!

BFF walk in

My BFF Carrie came over to my house and I didn't know I was naked in my room under my covers masturbating and moaning when Carrie came in my room and jumped on my bed taking off my covers exposing my hard nipples and soaked vagina she locked my door and stripped she instantly jumped on me and ducked my nipple causing me to get a Lil more wet she kissed me slowly and licked my juice then she jammed her fingers in my vagina and started to thrust in and out fast and I started to have the biggest orgasm I ever had she went to her back pack and grabbed an electric tooth brush I licked up her juices then she jammed the tooth brush in my vagina and turned it on and thrusted it in and out and it felt so amazing she pulled out and grabbed ice out of the glass in my room then she put the ice in my vagina and restarted the tooth brush then she licked my boobs and kept thrusting I started to cum everywhere on my bed then I took out the tooth brush and put it in her doing the same thing and she moaned I left it in her and humped her face and she licked my juice

June 26, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Masturbation Technique

Turkey baster

If u like the taste of your juice use a turkey baster it makes a great sex toy and u can drink ur juice

June 27, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Masturbation Technique

I love putting my anal beads into my ass and a 2 inch round ball into my pussy and putting a tight leotard on over them to hold them in then getting dressed and go to work, the ball and the beads rub all day long and I cum loads and have great orgasms!!!!! DEFINATELY GIVE IT A TRY LADIES!!!!!

Happy masturbating!!!!!

June 27, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Caught Masturbating!

Caught in class

I am currently a science teacher at a university. there is no way to see into my classroom from the corridor and it is on the first floor so know one could see me. It was late after school and I thought know body else was in the building so I decided to strip naked and rub my nipples on my huge boobs. I switched the projector on and put on some lesbian porn on the big screen. I moved to tables so I could lay on the floor and straight away I shoved my fingers into my already soaked pussy. I used my other hand to massage my clit and I licked my tits. I was in the middle of possibly the best Orgasm I have ever had when my student walked in, saying she needed to ask me something. She immediately stopped and stared at my pussy as I came all over the floor. I am 100% straight but she leaped on top of me and striped naked while kissing my lips and nipples. Her DD boobs pressed against my even larger boobs and her pussy rubbed against my soaked pussy. I just orgasmed but couldn't wait to have another so I begun fingering her pussy and sucking on her nipples until they were erect. She did the same to me then we ended doing a 69. Her pussy was in my mouth and cum was all over my face and I licked up every drop of it. We weren't finished though, so I unlocked a draw in the room and pulled out 2 vibrators and pushed one into her and one into me. We then started masturbating ourselves next to each other, with our tits on each other until we came and moaned unbeliavably loud. We started panting then after a rest we started again and contined for about another hour, she then had to leave we we do this whenever we get the chance


June 29, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Memorable Self-Pleasuring

I love to masturbate

I love to masturbate. I is one of my favorite things to do. The feeling of that orgasm just shoots up through your body. I am only in high school, but I have been masturbating for about two years now. I was home alone one day, nobody else was there. I dont know what is was but something got me so turned on. I started to rub my tits and they were becoming rock hard immediately. I started to undress and I turned some porn on. I am in love with watching make masturbation videos. I was rubbing my clit and humping my pillow when all of a sudden the door rang. I was being so pleased that I couldnt get up to go see who it was. They looked in the window and they saw me. I knew who it was to, it was my best guy friend. I didnt have the nerve to get up, so I just kept rubbing. A few seconds later, he opened the door and came in. He slowly started stripping his clothes, until he was wearing nothing. He walked over and shoved his half hard dick in my mouth. It tasted so good. I sucked him, and then he caressed my breasts and gave me oral sex and then he stuck hi rock hard dick into my vagina and humped. I was screaming with pleasure. He put his dick and my mouth and the semen shot out. Until this day, that is the best sex that I have ever had, and we are still great sex buddies

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June 30, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

First Time Masturbating

My Friend and I

It was summer break and I was just about to become a senior. I had one hell of a party and my friend Mandi spent the night. My parent went on vaction. Mandi and I started to talk about sex and how it would feel. Let's just say one thing lead to another and we were both naked. She got in my bed and slow told me to come here. She asked me if I had ever done it with a girl before. Of corse not, I told her and she said let me do all the work. So she laid me down on the silky sheets. I was already wet from her licking my thighs. Then she took my legs and postition then on her sholders and went in deep. I could feel her tongue in my pussy in and out in and out. I pushed her head in deeper and she stuck her tongue in further. Then took my hands and legs and tied then to the ends of the bed. Then went in deeper I screamed I'm cuming I'm cuming. She didnt care I came all over her face. Then she untied me and we 69 for as long as our tongues could move. She said I bet I can make you come in less than 30 sec and didnt know what to say I just looked at her. She opened my legs for the last time and stuck her tongue in I came in that instant....

June 30, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Memorable Self-Pleasuring

Oh My

I had this back messager once and my friend and I were home alone after cheerleading.So she told me that her dad would watch these videos and at that time I didnt know what it ment. So she went to porn.hub which by the way is the best porn site ever. She pulled up this lesbian porn and then told me to get the messager she saw in my room. I went to go get it and by the time I got it she was undressed and the computer was sitting on my bed she asked me if I have ever been with a girl before. Anyway on this led to another and we were in the same bed as each other naked. We found this dildo in my moms room and she told me to stick it in her as deep as possible. She came instantly and I licked her clean even though she came again. I had still not yet been able to find out what it would be like to be with a girl. Oh but she sure did show me...

July 3, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Lesbian

Masturbation Technique Variation

Nightly routine

When I masturbate I turn on my computer and watch a little bit of lesbian porn to get me wet. Once I'm horny, I turn my computer off(you can keep watching but when I do that I always have to worry about my computer being in the way). Next, I use an oil(I like baby oil) and squirt it on my stomach. I rub the oil on my stomach and my boobs, taking extra care of rubbing those in a relaxing motion. Once I'm finished with that, I take the baby oil and squirt it directly on my pussy. The sensation is so erotic. I use my hands and rub the oil around, sometimes sticking a finger or two inside of me as a little bit of a tease. Once I'm all oiled up, I explore my entire body, imagining the lesbians I watched earlier. When I can hardly take it anymore, I finally grab a banana, stick it in a condom, and slide it into my dripping pussy. I fuck myself with the banana(I used to have a dildo but I lost it and have yet to repurchase), spread my legs so one foot is on the floor, the other on the wall about shoulder length. While I'm fucking my pussy, I take a vibrating back massager and stick it on my clit. The combined sensation blows my mind. After I've had my first orgasm, I lie down and start to explore myself gently. I usually like to slide two fingers back and forth between my pussy lips, sometimes bringing them up to my mouth so I can taste my juices. I then finger myself until I can feel myself beginning to climax, at which point I like to pay more attention to my clit;)

July 3, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

The Ultimate Female Masturbation Experience

Long Time No See

I got into masturbation when I was really young. When I was around four I used to finger myself and I enjoyed to sensation. When I got to the first grade I made a friend, and she was a dirty girl just like me. One day at recess we decided to play house. She said we had to wait until recess was over to start playing. We waited under the bridge part of the playground and the whole time she had her hand under my skirt. When the bell rang and everyone had gone back to class we were all alone on the playground. She started kissing me on the mouth and she rubbed my little pussy with her small hand. I was breathing heavily into her mouth, and starting to moan. Get on your back she said, so I laid down. She started kissing me again and she pulled my shirt up and started licking my pert little nipples. Now I was moaning loudly; I'd never felt anything like it. Do me now she commanded. I sat up and she pulled her shirt up so I could lick her nipples. I sucked and she moaned too. She pushed me back down and pulled my skirt off, while she pulled down her own pants. She straddled my waist and started grinding her pussy into mine. We went on like that for a long time, both of us moaning and breathing heavily, until a teacher found us. She was expelled and I didn't see her again... Until the eighth grade, when her family moved next door to me.

My mom said I should go over and introduce myself since they had a daughter my own age. When I got there, I saw that the door was open so I let myself in. I heard noise from a bedroom upstairs and I followed the noise until I came upon a room. Inside was the girl from first grade, on the floor, viciously humping a large pillow. I blushed and muttered an apology but she quickly got up. I remember you, she said. I remembered her too, and after seeing her fucking that pillow I was more turned on than ever, and she could tell. She pulled me into her bedroom and locked the door. We started off the same way we had years ago, licking our nipples and grinding our pussies, but soon things got way more heated. She gave me a lap dance and I licked her round titties, while gyrating into her. She stuck a finger up my wet pussy, and I came quickly. I pushed her off of me and put my titties up to her pussy, stimulating her clit with my erect nipples. She came all over my chest and I licked it up. As I put on my clothes she whispered Come over tonight and I nodded.

July 7, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

First Time Masturbating

Oh My God

I have been exploring myself since I was about 11 but that was just rubbing and when it felt good, I stopped. It was a couple of years ago when I researched masturbation and decided to try it out. At first I tried rubbing while on the floor but that didn't work at all. The next night, I watched some lesbian porn and rubbed my clit. I started feeling tingly so I put a finger in and pulled it in and out. Then I inserted another and stroked the front wall of my vagina hard and fast. I started feeling light headed and took my fingers out and vigorously rubbed my clit from side to side. I felt like I had to pee but I just rubbed even faster. I let go and come came flying out and the muscles around my groin, butt and vagina were twitching and I just felt so relaxed and content. I continued doing this every night and it was wonderful (but then I had to stop for a week, which made me SO agitated and horny). I find that making the come here motion on the frontward side of the inside makes me feel SOOOO good and it only takes a couple of minutes to come.

July 7, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Lesbian

Masturbation Technique


I usually masturbate with a hairbrush, lying on my back and thrusting it into myself whilst opening up the porn I intend to masturbate to. Then I set a pillow on the corner of my bed and straddle it, hairbrush still inside, and lift my legs to increase pressure on the general genital area until I come The orgasms work, but they're not particularly long or satisfying. Problem is that I don't have the patience to come by hand.

A week ago at LGBT center, we were making safe sex kits and one of the staff mentioned that they had picked up some ribbed and studded condoms. I thought that might be interesting, so I took one. That night I put the condom over the brush and went through my general routine, and it felt excellent. I'm usually very quiet, but I was gasping. I took several more of the condoms the next day.

Last night I was on my back, engaging in the first part using the ribbed condom, when I felt myself getting very very close to coming. Whenever I pulled the brush out, I felt myself clenching at it. I repositioned my hand so I could thrust it in and out more quickly, and I eventually came, contracting and squeezing, whimpering and panting, rippling around the brush and writhing. It was the longest and most satisfying orgasm I've had in my life. I can't wait to do it again!

July 7, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

The Ultimate Female Masturbation Experience

You Have Got To Try This

I started masturbating when I was about 10. First I just humped the side of the bed, but after that I got more adventurous and started touching myself. Even though I love the sensation, it didn't cut it for me. I have a detachable shower head and I decided to spray the jet directly on my clit. OH MY GOD. That was the absolute BEST FEELING EVER! I had the most intense orgasm and I could even stand up without my knees wobbling. YOU HAVE GOT TO TRY THIS!!!!!!!!!

July 8, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Anonymous Masturbator Confessions

watching porn by myself

When Lee and I watch porn together he has the sound off so as not to attract his downstairs condo neighbor. Today he set up a site and turned the sound on as his neighbor was gone for the weekend, then he went to play golf. I sat down and clicked on the site he had ready. It showed a wife taking many loads and I could hear her moaning and the guys making their hot groans as they shot their loads mostly on her face but also on her belly and boobs. It reminded me when Lee got the ball team to cum all over my body, but this broad took loads on her face and in her mouth and it was so hot I came 3 different time in less than 20 minutes. I read the paper but the thought of those loads all over her made me watch it again and I continued to jill myself and came again and again. This went on all morning and by the time Lee got back I was exhausted. He asked me if I had a good time and I told him you'll never know how good.I love to hear the noises the guys make when they strain to shoot their loads . Try it out girls,you won't be sorry.

July 9, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Memorable Self-Pleasuring

We had a great time

I am 2 minutes younger than my twin. Some people say we were holding hands when we were born and that I slipped right out after my twin, not wanting to be left alone in ther for too long. Are we identical, yes and no. We both have blue eyes and blond hair. He both weigh the same, even to this day. We are the same height, 5'10 tall. If we sit next to each other, you can tell that we are related and that we are twins. We are both right handed. My favorite color is blu and my twin likes red But that's where the similarities end. I have long hair and my twin has short hair and our plumbing is definitely different. Most of mine is internal, while his is external. Yup, my twin is my brother. The day our parents brought us home, they took pictures of us on their bed. They put down a sheepskin robe, undressed us and took our pictures, nude-naked. Our Mom is a professional photographer so those photos came out great because she develops all her own. Every year on our birthday, she would lay down the sheepskin robe, undress us, an photograph us on the robe. For the first 3 years we shared a room together in our cribs. Then we graduated to junior youth beds, in the same room. Our mom bathed us together nightly before putting us to bed. When we turned 10 years old, our parents bought us a full sized bed that we shared. At 10 y/o we were allowed to now take showers, together before getting ready for bed. On our 10th birthday, we posed for the annual photo, which we called our Birthday Suit Photo, because we were nude-naked when the photos were taken. We never were told the medical terminology for our private parts. My Mom said mine was called a 'Hooha' and my brother's was called a 'Doodle. We never touched each other's hooha or doodle. On our 13th Christmas we went down stairs to open our presents. Mom handed each of us a box and we opened it. They contained cotton night shirts, blue for me, red for my brother. She told us to go put them on and come back. So we went into the downstairs bathroom, took off our pajamas and put on the night shirts, which came about 3 below our butts. We went back out to the living room and when we sat down on the floor, I could see my brother's doodle and he could see my hooha, because the shirts were a little short. This did not bother our parents, nor us as a matter of fact. My parents had on striped pajamas, green striped for dad and red striped for mom. Se had her cameral and lights all set up for a photo session. We usually did not take Christmas photos, but this was different because were now teenagers at 13 y/o. So, Mom set up the poses. We were told to take off our night shirts. I sat on Dad's lap with my legs straddling his legs so that my hooha was exposed to the camera. My brother sat on my Mom's lap in the same matter si that his doodle was showing. Then Mom took about 5 pictures. Then she and Dad took one had and covered my hooha and my brother's doodle and Mom took another 5 pictures. She had a very long shutter cable so that she could trigger the camera as we sat on the sofa. Then we put our night shirts back on. She would send the covered up photos to friends and the uncovered photos to relatives. That night when we went to bed after showering, we went to get our pajamas, and they were gone. So we had to wear the night shirts. When we slept together, we would usually spoon. This particular night as my brother slept close to me, I feld something hard rubbing in my butt crack. I asked him what he was doing and said he didn't know but it felt good. He kept doing it and then he started to breathe heavy and moan a little. I turned over and he had pulled up his night shirt up and was rubbing his doodle with his hand. I looked down and suddenly this thick, heavy, white, gooey cream squirted out all over his belly. I asked him what it was and he didn't know but it made him feel good. I asked him if it hurt when he did it, and he said no. I touched it and it was warm and sticky. I tasted it and it was warm and salty. He tasted it too. Every couple of nights he would do it all over again. A couple of nights as he was rubbing my butt crack with his doodle, he squirted me with the cream. It felt good. I began to play with my hooha and I got the same feeling he got, except that I got all wet and leaky. He would never squirt me in my hooha. When we turne 16, my Mom had us undress and sit on the sheepskin robe for our annual birthday suit photo. This time we were sitting there and my Mom asked my brother why his doodle was sticking out and sure enough there it was as hard as a rock. He said he didn't know. Shw told him to get rid of it. He told her there was only one way he could do that and that was buy rubbing it. So she told him to do it. He was getting up to go in to the bathroom to do it when she said, No, do it right there while your sitting next to your sister. He asked if she was going to watch and she said yes. So he started to rub his doodle. She asked him if he was getting close and he said yes. She said that when he was going to squirt, instead of squirting on the robe, he was to squirt it on my leg. I looked at my Mom and she said, What? It's a natural thing. So my brother squirted a very very large glob of his thick, white cream on my leg. My Mom took pictures as he was squirting it out and then she took more pictures of it on my leg and then more pictures of the two of us smiling and laughing about it. When we graduated from High School, Mom took pictures of us in out caps and gowns. Then we opened up our gowns and we were nude-naked. More pictures The contrast between our orange graduation gowns, our dark brown almost black crotch hair and our blond hair made an interesting picture. Our caps were white, because our school colors were orange and white. Then we took off our gowns and mom took a whole bunch of pictures of us in various poses. Then Mom said that beginning that night we no longer had to wear any pajamas or night shirts to bed. She told us that we could start sleeping nude-naked every night. We said, You're kidding. She said No, you're high school graduates now and can sleep like adults. It wa good not to have to wear the nigh shirts any more, because we had grown taller and the nigh shirts didn't ever reach to out hooha or doodle anymore. So why bother wearing them. That night we had a very enjoyable sleep. My brother squirted his cream on my butt and for the first time I let him touch my hooha so he could taste my leaky Hoo-Ha juice as I called it. He liked it very much and I liked him tasting it. We did learn that my hooha is called my Labia and that his doodle is called a penis, but we liked the names Mom gave to them and still call them that.

Editor's Notes: I hate to delete entries when people have made a lot of effort to write a story, but this is really pushing our guidelines to the limit, and people are complaining about other entries from this writer. This page is monitored, and violations will eventually get deleted. For more info about this site, please read the guidelines in the text entry area below and also see the following page: http://advancedmasturbation.com/mission.html

July 10, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Sex Toys and Masturbation Tools

Good vibrations

A few days ago I was extremely horny and wanted to try something completely new. I came across an old vibrating toothbrush I had without a head. I had no idea what glorious orgasms awaited me. I decided to take a shower so no one could hear me cry out. I began letting the handle touch my clit while I shampooed and shaved. I was soaking wet already but this just intensified my need to come. Then it hit me. Use the vibrating tip instead. Let me tell you, every woman needs a vibrating toothbrush. I had the most intense and thrilling orgasm I've ever had and I've been masturbating since I was a toddler. My showers will never be the same ;)

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July 10, 2013 - Sexual Preference - In-Between

Self-Pleasuring is Awesome

Loved this

Hey ladies, if you are bi curious or in between, listen to this. I have always wanted to have a sexual experience with another girl and I've gotten quite tired of a man pleasing me. Ever had this feeling? Well, I'll share my story on how I found out how much I love having another female do the job!(: One day when I was at my best friend of 9 years' house we were on this site giggling to each other about some of our masturbation experiences. Then we came across these 2 stories that stuck out the most to us and I became so horny I started rubbing my clit under her blanket and she was shocked at me doing so. She then began to do so, I went to check if anyone was in her house and it was just us two. I walked over to her and I said, Are you thinking what I'm thinking? She said, Mm, well we are best friends, lets experiment a little! I then began kissing her from her luscious lips down to her navel. Then she flipped me over and took control! So unexpected! She unbuttoned my pants while never breaking our kiss and ripped my shirt off of me! This turned me on so much. I then helped her take her shirt off and her shorts. I unhooked my bra and she did the same, she then pulled down my lace panties and began kissing me on my inner thighs and on my belly around my belly button and licked all over. Without any hesitation she stuck two fingers inside of me and made me gasp for air and moan. She pushed her fingers in and out of me while licking my clit oh so gently. I felt the pressure as I was about to cum, I then squirted all over her bed and face and I watched and bit my lip as she licked every drop of it up. The seductive look in her eyes just made me even more excited. I then laid her down and began grinding on her swaying my hips back and forth as she grabbed my boobs as we made out I stuck two fingers in her and she moaned as we continued kissing. She bit my lip and said, oh baby go down on me I then went down and this was my first time doing this, I licked her all over her little pussy and shortly after she screamed and squirted all over my face and I licked it off. BEST EXPERIENCE EVER. Every time I masturbate I think of her and my pussy begins to get SO wet. mmm, I'm getting horny just typing this, time to call her up and see if she's free! Happy Masturbating ladies! And if you're curious about experimenting with the same sex, Go for it!! Nobody knows your body better than someone with the same parts! Have fun!

July 10, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Urgent Need to Masturbate

Anal and vibrations

One day I was masturbating my clit with my electric razor, (blades removed) and relized I desperately had to take a shit. I kept the vibrations on my pussy as I moved to the toilet, got comfortable and proseaded to take a dump. The shit felt like a man slowly retracting his cock after anal sex and I loved it! All the while, I Kept the razor pushed up against my dripping clit and slowly massaged my firm teen B cup breasts. After that day, I was inspired. Every mastubation session sense I stuff my ass with a powerful vibrator with the razor on my clit ( I have found it to have the strongest vibrations out of my toys)

Happy mastubation ladies!

July 18, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Masturbation Technique

Guitar capo fun

I've been masturbating for quite a while now, and using my fingers to do the jobs wasn't tuning me on these days! I still live with my parents so buying a sex toy wasn't an option, so one day I was looking around my house for something to stick in my pussy. In my bedroom I stumbled upon my guitar capo.. The very sight made me wet! I immediately turned on some porn and grabbed the capo and shoved it inside my begging pussy. It was heaven! It has a curved edge in it that just hits my g-spot perfectly! I started off slow then I built up faster and faster until I head my pussy juices squelching, I started pumping it inside of me moaning loader and louder each pound, I grabbed my small A cup tits and began pinching and flicking them until they were hard. Then just as I was reaching a climax I pulled the capo out of me and squirted my creamy white come, my pussy was pulsing and my body shivered as I reached the end of my orgasm.

Now my guitar capo is my best friend.

July 18, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Anonymous Masturbator Confessions

Secret masturbation

I am a busy mom. Sometimes on really busy days I don't have any time for myself. So when my kids are at soccer practice, I stay in the car. I look around to make sure nobody can see me. Then I put my diet coke bottle under my bottom. The little curved part is just the right size to rub my clit. I leave my panties on in case I have to get out of the car. I grind my clit on it just a little at first until I get wet. Then I slip my hand up my shirt really slow and squeeze my nipples. Just one at a time, because I don't want anyone to know what I am doing. Oh, I start to get really hot. It makes me grind on that bottle even harder and faster. I try to make sure noone can see but at some point I just don't care anymore. I'm so wet. I'm grinding and grinding and then I get the biggest orgasm. I have to moan with my mouth shut so I don't draw attention. After that, I slip the coke bottle back in my drink holder and I finger myself until practice is over.

July 19, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Bisexual

First Time Masturbating

Chat Room

The first time I ever masturbated, my parents were out of the house the whole day. Alone and bored, I decided to check out this video chat room my friend had been visiting for a fair amount of time. The first person I chatted with was a man. Panicked when he asked for my age, I replied that I was sixteen. And he believed me.

The conversation started out like any other would--friendly and fun. When the conversation began to slow, I suggested we play twenty questions.

His first question was: have you ever masturbated?. When I answered that I hadn't, he told me to get naked and do everything he told me to.

I stripped and sat down, waiting for him to tell me what to do. I did everything he told me to like the submissive little slut I am--loving how he looked at me as he watched.

I grabbed my little AA cup tits, twisting, pinching, and pulling my nipples. Running a hand down my body, I continued playing with one of my tits. When my nails dug into my nipples, I moaned in pleasure as the pain shot through my body.

My other hand ran down my stomach to my pussy. It was wet and throbbing, juices running down my thighs. I started rubbing my clit, going nice and slow as I played with my nipples.

I started going faster, closing my eyes and moaning as I rubbed my little clit. I kept going at it for another minute or so--until I thought I had peed all over the chair.

Embarrassed, I stopped and told him what had happened. He explained to me that I had squirted and he wanted it to happen again.

I put my legs up on the desk and pulled the chair closer to it, spreading my pussy lips as far apart as they could spread.

Rubbing my clit as fast as I could, I squirted all over the computer screen. Wanting more, I kept going.

I heard him ask: are you a virgin?. When I said yes, he responded by telling me to put a finger in my pussy.

Hesitant, I slowly slid a finger in, moaning as I hit my g-spot. I rubbed it slowly as I played with my clit with my other hand.

My moans grew louder and louder as I squirted again. It wasn't enough for me. I kept playing my my clit and g-spot, moaning more and more until I felt a wave of heat and incredible pleasure wash over me. I squirted one last time before moving my hands up to my little tits, playing with them as he told me how amazing that was and he had been jacking off the entire time.

He stood up and showed me his soft cock, cum still dripping off it. Even more aroused, I ended the chat and did it all over again--thinking of his cock the entire time.

July 20, 2013 -

First Time Masturbating

My first time was when I was about 12 my friend said someone told her that if you rub your clit it felt good and if you did it for a while you would get this amazing feeling (a orgasm) she said for me to try and we both hit an orgasm it felt so good! Sometimes she would take a bobby pin and we would run eachother with it and we would orgasm in minutes! One time my friend even started cunning and sometimes we would play doctor and we would run and explore eachothers clits. I wish my friend and I still did it now I'm older in my teens and I love to masterbate whenever I caN I am not even horny and might go mastrbate now haha! Happy masterbating!

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July 20, 2013 -

Masturbation Biography

Surge in female sex drive

I am a straight female who has never had much of a sex drive. I have only had sex with two men in my whole life. One was a one-time drunken encounter which I regret. The other was a very long-term relationship that ended so badly that it broke my heart and I swore off relationships. Sadly, that was over 20 years ago!

I have never been on the pill, had regular periods, but still never had a high sex drive that would compel me to masturbate or otherwise seek sex with someone new. Sex just wasn't something I ever really thought about. Sure, I would touch myself sometimes, but never to climax. Sometimes I had some pretty vivid sex dreams where I woke up fingering myself a bit, but that was about it. This probably sounds pretty odd to the average person.

Well, that all changed a couple of months ago. There has been some fantastic surge in my hormones lately because all I can think about is sex and masturbating and when and where I can next climax.

It is great to finally understand what all the fuss is about, and my new self-exploration has taught me a lot about myself. I can reach clitoral and vaginal orgasms now, sometimes in just a few minutes -- even in the bathroom stall at work. My 'tools' are mainly my hands, a bullet egg (good for grinding on during my long commute), and a rounded plastic wand that is supposed to be used to diminish under-eye puffiness but works wonders for a quickie! I am able to make myself 'squirt' quite regularly and love it!

One day last week I was almost caught in my car with my hand down my pants reaching a clitoral orgasm. This has taught me to be more careful with my location choices because I cannot afford to lose my job. In fact, now I am afraid that I might have turned this into a compulsion and that I am addicted to the endorphin release. On the other hand I know that my sex drive will soon end as quickly as it began when full menopause kicks in, so maybe I should just enjoy the hormone rush now because the ride will soon be over.

If you are young and have a healthy sex drive, count your blessings. Have fun and be careful!

July 22, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Masturabatory Editorial

Reaction to stories about the fraternal twins

To the young woman who wrote these stories about having sex with her twin brother, her parents, and both sets of grandparents -- please look up the word INCEST. Now please go and get some professional help.

What happened to you, what is still happening to you, IF TRUE, is wrong, immoral, and illegal. You have been taken advantage of. You certainly do not seem to be 'non compos mentis,' but your descriptive words (e.g., doodle, nude-naked) seem to be coming from a childish point of view. That leads me to think you have been physically and mentally abused.

To the moderator of this site -- please consider removing these stories before somebody else thinks that this is a good idea and starts abusing their children or grandchildren in this manner. It is not hot. It is not normal. It is sick. It is horrific. That young woman needs counseling and she needs it now.

Editor's Notes: Most of that stuff has been deleted. A lot of it had nothing to do with masturbation anyway.

July 24, 2013 - Sexual Preference - I would rather not say.

Masturbation fantasies and confusion or insight about Straight, Bisexual, or Lesbian Sexual Identities


I was over at my best friend's house of ten years. It was just the two of us at her house. We decided that we wanted to go skinny dipping in her pool, so we got in and then we started to undress. We talked about other people masturbating, and then we said neither one of us had done it. My friend looked at me and asked, Want to? I said sure. So we got out and went on the lounge chairs by her pool, and we started to masturbate. It was like a couch/bed chair so we were right next to each other. We rubbed our clit and then started to hump the pillows she had on the couch. Before I knew it, she was kissing me, and I liked it. Then she started to hump me really fast. I pinned her to the bed and sucked her big tits. Then I went down and licked her wet pussy. Then we switched. She threw the covers over us and ate me out. We went on like this for hours.

July 25, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Undecided

Fantasies while Masturbating

Wet Dream

I consider myself straight but I love watching and masterbating to lesbian porn & to the awesome stories on this site. The other night, I had the most vivid wet dream, though. I was away at some sports camp with my old best friend. She has a rocking body with DD boobs, a toned stomach, long legs, and flowy blonde hair. In my dream, we were roommates at some camp. Suddenly, we were timidly sitting on the same bed and we started to make out. I remember kissing down her neck and, when she didn't react, I sucked really hard. Then she let out a moan and I sucked on her neck harder until she took off her top and I sucked on her nipples. I think that's when the bell sounded for all of us to go to the main lobby. I stopped sucking and got up, but then she opened her legs with a sad look and said your not going to suck on my clit? This dream has been my fantasy while masterbating for the past week, I even kept pics of her on my phone to masterbate to. Well anyway, hope this intrigued you, happy masterbating!

July 26, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Urgent Need to Masturbate

Porn gets me off

Yesterday Lee got a DVD in the mail and we spent most of the afternoon jack and jilling,the name of the DVD is CUM! and it shows hundreds of guys jerking off on themselves on each other on their bodys,faces, and in the mouth many eat their own cum and lick up the others also.OMG I have never seen so many dicks and so many loads and so many ways the guys jerk themselves and most of the dicks are regular size not porn size and some of them are really handsome. I lost count of how many times I came and Lee got off twice .When he goes to play golf Sat. I'm going to try to set a new orgasm record.I wish these guys could shoot those loads all over me.

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July 29, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Bisexual

Memorable Self-Pleasuring

A game I invented

It was late in the night and I was very aroused. I didn't want just to masturbate. I wanted to get aroused more and more and exaust myself but I have roomates and needed to be quiet. So I decided I'll play a little math game.

I stick a finger (or two fingers; or a dildo, or a vibrator - your choice! I chose one finger) once in my pussy and go deep. Then with the same finger I roll my clit. Then I stick my finger twice in my pussy and after that roll my clit twice. Then 1,2,3 in my pussy. 1,2,3 rolls on my clit. And so on... I was so aroused and wet that I couldn't get any higher than 35 times of entering my pussy and 35 times of rolling my clit.

I hope you got what I mean, really. All the best (orgasms) and have a nice day and masturbation, lovelies!

July 29, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Sex Toys and Masturbation Tools

Advice before masturbating

This advice will hopefully enhance your experience with self-exploration and stimultation.

First, empty your bladder before you begin. Wash your hands and any objects you plan to use with antibacterial soap and water. This is very important. You do not want to get an infection. Find a secluded spot where you feel safe and have some privacy. Relax.

If you are young, do not worry about trying to get a vibrator or a dildo. Use your hands. Be gentle with yourself. Start by caressing your whole body. Find your clitoris and explore the amazing sensations that a clitoral orgasm can provide. There are plenty of websites out there that can offer a diagram of exactly where it is.

If anything you are doing hurts, stop. If you are going to insert objects that are not made to be inserted, be careful. I have read on this site about pencils and items like that, and all I can think is OUCH. I have also read about electric toothbrushes. Please be careful. The brush bristles may create microscopic tears. If you are going to use a banana, do not use one that is too ripe. You don't want it falling apart inside of you. Use a condom and lubricant on anything like bananas and cucumbers. Bigger is not necessarily better and may do more harm than good.

Try to find small, plastic, rounded objects -- a tampon with a plastic applicator and a rounded tip will work, for example. Make sure that you are excited enough (wet enough) for anything you are going to insert into your vagina. If not, use a water-based lubricant. Start slowly and work your way up.

Avoid lying in the prone (face down) position to masturbate. It may possibly lead to sexual dysfunction later in life. Lie on your back instead. If you get very wet, then a towel under your behind will help to keep your bed or couch dry.

Masturbation is healthy and natural. Enjoy yourself, but don't overdo it. Everything in moderation is good advice.

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July 30, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Bisexual

The Ultimate Female Masturbation Experience

Solo Session

So, i've been masturbating since I was probably about 15. And I usually just went with clit stimulation, as it worked every time and was pretty awesome. It wasn't until about 8 years later, that I discovered anal stimulation. I had never thought about purchasing any types of toys before, but I thought it would be a good idea to get one. I bought a vibrating dildo that was about 9 inches long and about 2 inches across. Nice size for a first timer I thought. I first started to use it for vaginal usage, using it at the highest speed possible, bringing myself to the edge over and over again each night. Then, feeling daring, I got it all lubed up with my own juices and decided to slide it into my ass. OH MY GODS... That was probably the best feeling I had ever had. I mean, I had used my fingers and a few larger markers up my ass before, but the dildo was by far the largest and the most amazingly good stretch I have ever felt. Now, I know after you put something in your ass, it is to never go back into your cunt, so it is now my favourite anal toy. I clean it thoroughly after each use and keep it wrapped up in a clean bandanna to keep it from getting dirty. But, this toy is probably the best thing ever. The stretching feeling as I push it as deep as it can go, which is about 5 or 6 inches before I have to stop. I tend to turn the vibration on high and it causes me to go crazy with pleasure. Also, I bought myself an electrical toothbrush that I use on my clit. When I want to reach that edge quickly, and have an amazingly intense orgasm, I will stick my dildo up my ass and turn it on full blast and hold the toothbrush against my clit. Within minutes, I am cumming my crazing, back arching, silent moans and screams on my lips, and my sheets soaking.

Well, guess what i'm off to do... Happy Masturbating Ladies!

July 30, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Masturbation Technique Variation

Whew what a rush

I found the greatest thing to use for self masturbation. I discovered little tiny baby zucchini squashes in the produce department. They are about 5 long. Clean then off good, insert one into a lubricated condom (I prefer the lamb-skin type) and then go to town on yourself. It's like having sex with a midget or a very young, small cocked teenager. Just don't let go of the condom when you're f------ yourself, those lamb-skins will slip right up in there and it would be very embarrassing to have to go to the ER to get it removed.

August 1, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Masturbation Technique

Laptop Pleasure

I've been masturbating for years. When I was younger I would just stick a sock in my underwear and grid until I climaxed, then as I got older I would try to rub my clit. Eventually I got bored of that as well then I decided that maybe I wanted to feel something inside of me. My mom had bought me some clay that never dries out and so I started to shape that into a dildo. I was a virgin then so it hurt a lot and I didn't enjoy it at all.

Recently I found it again and I came on here to read some stories. I got the crazy idea of sticking some of the clay on the bottom of my laptop while I was reading so I didn't have to put my laptop away to enjoy myself. I shaped the clay into a tiny penis shape then tried my hardest to get it to suction cup stick to the bottom of my laptop (it didn't work that well at sticking, but it works perfectly find in every other aspect ;) ) Basically once that is there I hump the clay and press the laptop down onto my lap. It was incredible, I did it last night and again tonight. I can't believe I didn't think about this sooner.

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August 3, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Memorable Self-Pleasuring

first time fingering

first I lay on my back and I day dream about this story while I slowly rub my clit.. this is from my boyfriends point if view: I spread her legs wide and rubbed my fingers along her painties up and down. her juices started to soak through the material and I moved them to the side. I quickly rubbed up and down her slit wanting her to get wet. cmon baby I painted, going fast. I rubbed my finger near the entrance but it wasnt wet enough for me. I put my finger in my mouth then slowly slipped it in her pussy. she squirmed and moved back. I pumped it in and out. Justin.. she moaned. your too tight baby I was concentrated on pumping my finger in and out of this tight pussy. she started getting wet and I pulled my finger out. I licked up and down 2 fingers getting them slippery and ready. I tried pushing my fingers in but they wouldnt budge. ugh I moaned ramming them in. ow Justin it hurts. she pulled back so my fingers slipped out. im gonna make you cum baby, let me show you I put 3 fingers in and her walls clenched around me. juices starting pouring down my hand and I knew what I had to do. her pussy was so tight. I loved it. I thrusted in and out going hard trying to make her squirt. Justin harder she moaned squirming around on my hand. she started slapping her pussy and grinding it on my fingers. I rubbed her juices all over her slit rubbing up and down covering it with all the wetness. she squirmed and rammed her pussy on my finger and came all over my fingers making me lick them up. her pussy was so wet I stuck my fingers in again and finished her off. so while thinking about this story im roughly rubbing my wet pussy all over. I lay on my stomach with my hand down on my vagina and I start thrusting and grinding and rubbing around on my hand. my juiced start leaking down on my hand making wet slopping noises. I take thr end of a toothbrush and pull it in and out quickly thinking of Justin saying cmon baby let it go and with that I let my orgasm go and I cum all over my hands.

August 3, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Undecided

Masturbation Technique

Cardboard fun

I started when I was 11 and since I was to young to get any toys or stuff like that I used my hands. I've never accually stuck anything up there but the clit tickling just wasn't enough for me anymore so lucky for me I have a walk in closet and one day after I got out of the shower I was really horney and no one was home so I decided to just go in there and then I started rubbing my clit slow and then fast and I was still all wet from my shower and then turned on some lex porn it always gets me wet So as I was rubbing my clit then I started rubbing my big tits along and I was getting so wet. I discovered a new way I seem u had a huge bear and a cardboard cut out of a superstar so I was all wet and I put the bear under me oh yah it was a really hard bear so it felt AMAZING. I would grind that thing like there was no tomorrow and rub my tits at the same time I felt like I was in heaven . As I was grinding the bear I grabbed the cut out and since it was in the shape of a person I pretended to fu** that. Oh my god it felt amazing. It really helps if u put really dirty thoughts in your mind I always get so wet after it feels so good oh yah and I put this oil stuff that makes it really slippery and it gets me all wet and slippery and I don't have to worry about getting caught because my closet has a lock on it.. Just writing it makes me wet maybe ill go do it now

August 7, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight


OMG what a Thrill

Well I have been reading all these stories on here and getting very wet, I want to try the chatroulette thing, but they have stopped nudity, so I started to search on the net, I found various sites all wanting my card details, so I thought I'd better not sign up for one of those sites.

I was beginning to give up and thought I would have to just finger myself in front of my laptop with the cam on, when on about page 5 of the search I found a site called omgcafe.com, it's full of guys wanking and there's no chat involved, so I loaded up the page and thought what do I do now, but I just clicked women and it loaded up and asked me to accept my cam , which I did and there I was on cam in front of a load of guys, I nearly came in my panties, suddenly all these other cams came to life and I had 12 dicks showing to me, that was it I thought what power and thrill it was.

I started teasing them with my boobs first, I think they could see my panties were wet, 3 guys exploded before I removed my panties, I couldn't hold back any longer, they came off and my shaven pussy was on show to the world, I grabbed a hairbrush and set about thrusting it in and out, OMG I must of came 6 times and was soaked, I made 8 guys cum for me, which made me wetter.

this was the best afternoon of my holidays so far, so guess what I'll be doing through the summer break, I'll be showing and having fun on omgcafe. ellie x

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August 8, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Masturabatory Editorial

Math game rocks

If you have not read it already, go back and read the post from July 29 from the lady who invented the 'math game.'

I thought I would give it a try and found it to be great! Try it yourself and you'll see what I mean. The hardest part is keeping count to see how far you can get before climaxing.

Thank you for the great suggestion!

August 10, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

my own show

I slowly put on a show for no one in particular. I'll pretend to be a porn star with an audience, and show them how I masturbate. It turns me on so much!

August 11, 2013 - Sexual Preference - In-Between

Anonymous Masturbator Confessions

Best friend holiday experience

I've know J since we were very little, were very close and she is by far my best friend. I'd been invited by her parents to go on holiday with them to Spain, as J's older sister was going away this year with her boyfriend, so before we went, J helped me choose a new bikini, I picked out a nice white mini shortie which went up my bum just a little, J said it looked really sexy so I bought it, the top wasn't that important as we both intended to try going topless.

When we got to the hotel, J and I had our own room, just down the corridor from her parents, we unpacked and I layed on the bed as J took a shower, when she'd finished she come out naked (we'd seen each other naked lots of times) and said, what do you think of my new hair style, pointing at her pubic hair which she'd shaved into a little landing strip about the thickness of her finger, we'd talked about shaving ourselves before as all our friends in school said they were doing it, but hadn't got round to actually doing it. I said it looked great, super sexy, she said she did it a couple of days ago and asked if I'd done anything with mine yet, I told her I did my bikini line the other day but that was it (I keep my pubic hair trimmed really short as I don't like it all bushy), J said why didn't I jump in the shower and sort it out now while we were on holiday, I said I was a little nervous about doing it, what would my mum say if she found out, and all rubbish like that, but my resilience didn't last long, so I said okay in the end, I stripped off and J handed me a new razor, I got in the shower and set to work as J watched me, I tried to do a landing strip as well, but cocked it up, so in the end I shaved the lot off, I was a little nervous around my labia as they stick out, unlike J's, but everything was fine and I was all done in about 10 minutes, I quite liked the effect, made me look like I was 10 again and you could clearly see my labia, J said I looked really hot and that I had a super sexy lippy pussy, we had a good fit of giggles for ages after that.

Next morning I could see J's hand moving back and forth over her pussy under the sheet, I said, are you playing with herself, she jumped a little saying I thought you were still asleep and no I'm not playing with myself, I'm teasing myself, I told her to show me, so J pulled the sheet back, her legs were apart and she was running just her fingers tips over her pussy and labia, try it she said, it feels great with no pubic hair, and she was right, the skin was so sensitive and I gave myself some super sensations, we didn't have that much time so we soon had to stop which was a shame. We met up with her parents and walked to the beach and settled in for the day, J had a black tie sided bikini, the bottoms of which were on the limit of being too small, but looked really sexy, we didn't dare go topless in front of her dad but her mum was. J and I got plenty of looks as we walked along the waters edge and we were soon checking out all the guys. Later back at our room after showers we were laying on our bed naked talking about the guys we'd seen, we were running our finger tips over ourselves like we did that morning and after a while I noticed J had started rubbing over her clit, I didn't say anything but just watched her, her movements were becoming faster and I could tell she was pressing harder, J pushed her hand between her legs so her fingers were inside her and rubbed over her clit with the palm of her hand, after a minute or so she looked over at me and said, you going to join me, I told her I was getting there but was enjoying watching her, (we'd masturbated together before but this was the first time I'd actually seen her do it, as we'd only done it in the dark or under bed covers before now), when I did start I found I was very wet, my clit seemed to be super sensitive with no hair to get in the way and I was enjoying watching J go at it, she had her eyes closed and was starting to breath quicker, I started working on my clit in a big way and fingering myself with my other hand, after a minute or so I could hear J cumming, I looked over at her again and listened as she made really little noises as she orgasmed (like she always did), I then turned my attentions to myself, closed my eyes, legs up and got down to what I like to do and was shuddering to orgasm within 5 minutes, when I'd calmed down I opened my eyes to find J sitting on the end of my bed about a meter away from me, she said that watching me cum was the most amazing thing she'd ever seen, then we both burst out laughing, we laid together for a while on my bed talking and I let her run a finger tip around my pink puffy aureoles and over my nipples then down to my smooth pubic mound, J asked if it was nice and I said it was, then we got dressed to meet up with her parents again.

After a couple of days we went off on our own to a different part of the beach so we could go topless, we told her mum what we were going to do and she told us she'd phone later for a meet up time, we covered ourselves in cream and started tanning, It felt really sexy showing off my boobs for the first time in public, J pulled her bikini bottoms up her bum like a thong to get more of a tan and I did the same and rolled the waist band down a little too, swimming topless felt great too. Back at the hotel after our shower together, we helped each other put after sun lotion on, she was rubbing it over my back, bum and the tops of my legs, then came round the front and started putting it over my boobs, I did the same to her, ooh! J said, this fells nice, I asked if she was getting turned on, and she said maybe, her hand then brushed over my pussy and J said, I think you need another shave down there, your getting a bit of stubble, I said I know but I'll do it tomorrow as I'm not getting back in the shower now, J said, I could do it for you now if you'd let me, I could use the after sun lotion, so, I laid on the bed, propping myself up on my elbows and let her get on with it, J was very gentile with me and used some tissues to wipe the razor on, I held my legs up and apart when she had to start shaving around my labia, and it felt nice letting her touch and rub me, when she'd finished, J put a little more cream on her finger tips and started rubbing it all over my pussy, which was completely unnecessary, I asked if she was enjoying playing with my pussy, she said she was and wasn't I enjoying it as well, I had to admit that it felt great, even though it was another girl, my best friend, doing to me, but it felt much better than any boy I'd let touch me there, so I slowly laid back down leaving my legs akimbo and let J bring me to another shuddering orgasm, rubbing over my clit and labia. When she'd finished and I'd got my breath back, I asked J if she'd fingered me, she said, oh sorry, I didn't know you wanted me to, I will next time though, then you can do it to me, she gave me a quick little kiss on the lips and said we'd better get dressed to meet up with her mum and dad again. Later that evening before we went to sleep J said, Hope you didn't mind what I did to you earlier, if I did then she was very sorry, I said I was cool with it, then J asked had I enjoy it and did I want to do it again, I told her I had enjoyed it very much and yes I'd like to do it again, then J came and joined me in my bed, we touched each other for a little while and then we want to sleep.

For the rest of the holiday we sort of couldn't leave each other alone, every time we got back to the bedroom it would be cloths off and playing with each other or ourselves, we showered together and soaped each other with fingers going everywhere, and I mean in every hole, which was a new experience for J, I'd been slipping a finger or two up my bum when masturbating soaped up in the shower for a little while and quite enjoyed it, J was amazed when I told her that I did it, we did oral on each other, J seemed to be into it more than I was and would go down on me 3 times to my 1 on her, we 69'd and rubbed our pussy's together like we'd seen in porn films we'd watched on the Internet, and we slept together every night. One night while we were out with her parents, J lifted her mini skirt up and flashed at me, she didn't have any knickers on and I got a full view of her landing strip pussy, I couldn't stop giggling and I think her father thought I'd lost it. Next evening we both went without a bra and knickers on, first time in my life I'd gone out without knickers outside my house, I'd gone braless lots of times, but I was a little nervous knowing someone might see up my short skirt, but it was no different to someone seeing up my short skirt while wearing and a g-string (which is what the both of us usualy wear), but it was also a great turn on knowing someone might have seen, we took photos of each other naked in the bedroom doing all sorts of things to each other or to ourselves and J made a film of me having an orgasm as I wanted to see what I looked like, WOW, then I did the same for J.

When we got home we put all the photos and things on her laptop and we've had a real good laugh looking at them all when we get the chance, plus all the other holiday photos from the beach, what a laugh. Since we got back we've only had one opportunity to really be with each other, J made me cum 3 times that afternoon and we 69'd for ages and ages, we used J's hair brush handle on each other like we did on holiday, then she said she had an idea and disappeared down stairs and brought back up a banana and a big long carrot, which we had great fun with, first time I'd used a banana or a carrot, wont be the last. My parents have got a big garden and we're planning on doing some camping there while we're still on school holidays, so we'll have plenty of time to do what we like to each other, can't wait, I'm still shaved and no my mother hasn't found out (how could she), J still has her landing strip but it's getting thinner, so she could be like me soon. Hope you like our story, J's sitting next to me while I tap it out, filling in details that I've missed out.

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August 14, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Undecided

First Time Masturbating

How I do it

I love to masturbate and I started when I was twelve. At first I did it at night with the end of a sharper marker going in and out of my vagina and it was very arousing , I would soon get wet. Then as I got older I started while my parents were away and I would grab a cold thin cucumber and thrust it in and out, it felt so good and I in fact still do it today when my boyfriend is out of the house I also used a vibrating toothbrush against my clit and I would get wet in no time. Now that I'm older me and my boyfriend frequently masturbate and sometimes spice it up with a bit of bondage. Well, that's all!hope this helped and happy masturbating !!:)

August 14, 2013 -

what I like to do is put 3-4 pillows on the floor, stick a marker in my hole, and start humping it. I swear it feels SOO amazing you guys should try it. Sometimes I even watch lesbian porn and it turns me on.

August 14, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Masturbation Technique Variation

giant lego brick b

My fave masturbation technique is a slight variation from putting a solid under a pillow and riding it. I first tried it out when my boyfriend was out but I had a strong desire to be sexually pleased so, after hearing the dildo-under-pillow technique I grabbed the first long this I saw this happened to be a piggy bank in the shape of a giant Lego brick. I placed this between my two pillows which were standing on their sides and started riding it . Trust me , you won't last long !!! :)

August 14, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Masturabatory Editorial

Please be careful

Markers seem to be a popular choice for masturbation in some of these posts, but you need to be very careful about inserting anything like that with sharp edges. Bigger objects are not necessarily better. Please wash your hands and any objects you use with antibacterial soap and rinse very well with water before and after masturbating. You should make yourself wet before you insert an object, not only as a result.

If you are inserting objects anally, you should not insert that same object vaginally (even after washing). Keep those objects separate. Getting an infection or an internal tear is no fun. Do you really want to go to a doctor for antibiotics or a pelvic exam due to a masturbation injury?

Rather than using sharp objects, why not just use your fingers? Just make sure your nails are not long and sharp. We all like to have fun. You should not hurt afterwards. You should not bleed, unless you are on your period. Some women like to masturbate during their period because it can help to alleviate cramps. Just lie on a towel or in the tub so you don't have to worry about stains.

Relax in a private place and use your imagination to fantasize about something or someone sexy. Use your hands and fingers to touch yourself all over your body (especially your nipples) before moving on to the clitoral and/or vaginal stimulation. Learn the location of your G-spot and try to stimulate that with your finger. Once you hit it, the vaginal contractions (orgasm) you will experience will be worth the wait!

Please don't lie face down to masturbate -- lie on your back and let the sensations sweep over you naturally. If you need to insert something, look for something with rounded edges that is smooth. You can look in the make-up aisle and find something that works. I came (pun intended) upon a wand to reduce under-eye puffiness that works wonders. Sometimes when I am horny but in a big hurry that little wand is magical!

Please have fun and remember to be careful. :-D

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August 14, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Sex Toys and Masturbation Tools

Back massager

When I get really horny and nobody is around, I go up to my parents bedroom where there is a back massager on the desk. I turn it on the highest level and then I put the bumpy site on my bare clit and squirt in under 5 minutes. It's so hot and it makes me so horny. When my parents are here, I close my door and I read entries like this while I rub my clit with a balled up sock. It's so good and it makes me squirt in seconds.

August 14, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

One more thing ...

I forgot to mention that you should empty your bladder before you start (in addition to washing your hands). That way when you are very excited and feel pressure like you have to pee, you will know for sure that it is not urine but female ejaculation that is clear and water-like. This is different than the vaginal lubrication which is thicker and may be white-ish in color. Both are normal. When you get wet, it could be one or the other or even both. I'm getting happy thoughts just writing this post!

August 17, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Self-Pleasuring is Awesome

Early Masturbation

I've stumbled upon this site about 6 years ago and have always loved reading all of the entries. I've been masturbating ever since I was a little girl. I would hump things in my bedroom and take off my panties and feel my wet pussy when I was around 6 or 7 years old. It would be late at night and I would play with my pussy under the sheets really quiet so that my parents wouldn't hear me. I was such a horny little girl. I would hump everything and remember stumbling upon my dad's porn collection a couple times. Seeing the big boobs and wide open pussies always turned me on so much. I would just remember those models when I was palying with myself at night. The first time I came was when I was about 12 and was looking at picture pornography and thinking about the two lesbians in the picture so hard that I felt my body shake and I had my first orgasm. Ever since then I would always love playing with myself. Although I am straight and had many sexual encounters wtih men no one can please me like myself.

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August 17, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Fantasies while Masturbating

Straight but desperately curious

I'm a straight female and I have enjoyed masturbating since I was little, about 5 or 6. I learnt about masturbating when I was at a sleepover at a friends house, and she showed me how to make myself feel good and from then I was hooked. I now have a boyfriend who I have a lot of fun with sexually but I still love masturbating when he's not around. As I got older I've experimented with porn and electric toothbrushes (wow!) but there's something I've always wanted to do. Since my first masturbation experience I've wanted to do it with a friend, it gives me such a thrill to think about it. During a discussion at a girly sleepover recently I found out that my best friend masturbates too, and since then I can't stop thinking about what it would be like for us to do it together, but I'm scared to ask incase I lose her friendship!! I guess for now ill keep it in my imagination, and long for the day we can get naked and experiment together ;) Ok I'm off to go masturbate, my pussy is wet and throbbing!!!

August 19, 2013 -

Self-Pleasuring is Awesome


I have been waiting to play with my pussy for days. On my drive home all I could think of was getting home laying in my bed and having a masturbation session. I do not plan on a quickie tonight..I want to be masturbating for hours... I just started and it is feeling sooo goood... I can barely keep from cumming... Right now I am watching videos of guys jerking their dicks off and cumming..it is really getting me close but Im determined to make this a marathon night..atleast two hours of pleasuring myself.. and then when I cum..hopefully I can rest and play with myself again…Now Im at a little over an hour…my pussy feels so good..I just watched the hottest fucky tranny get fucked so hard..I love watching tranny porn because I get to see two dicks shoot their hot cumm load..I fucking love cum..sometimes I just imagine myself being a whore and letting guys cum all over me.. Now I am almost three hours in..and I have begun pissing on myself it feels so good..I know I am gonna pop soon..I am a little sad I wish I could go all night..but I am sure this is not the last you will hear from me this week...Oh my god!! it feels so fucking good...Alone to fuck myself...finally

August 28, 2013 -

mary masturbating

It has been a little while since I have written and I am not sure Rachel has contributed anything either. This is Mary and I continue to discover more and more about the joys of masturbation which I have learned on this site and with Rachel’s help. It is accurate to say now that deep masturbation of the kind I have discussed here is now a vital part of my life and a even more important to me than sex with my darling husband, Michael. I have even reached the point where I will sometimes put my husband off sex if I think I am about to get some ‘me time’ alone in my room and in front of my mirror. I know from what I have found on his computer that my husband looks at soft pornography on the net and a part of me really wishes I could just say to him, ‘Michael, we both masturbate and I think we both need it so much, let’s just watch one another do it and orgasm together.’ I am not sure he is ready for that and I am not sure how he would react to the amazing climaxes I achieve when I am alone, better than those I get when we make love. I have now got masturbating down to an art. I love to sit for ages initially, just looking at my pretty face, long blonde hair and blue eyes in my mirror -- and my voluptuous shape. It reminds me a lot of my teen moments in my bedroom at home after school, watching my curvy body develop and my big breasts fill out. Now as a middle-aged mum I find myself actually trembling as I begin to undress, perhaps taking off the smart tops and skirts and the functional black tights I wear as a teacher and gazing at myself in my white everyday undies. I have always loved white underwear and thrilled to buying white bras and knickers from when I first started shopping for them by myself. I got my first bra at 12 and from there just seemed to blossom into my female shape. Again, I can sit for ages just looking at my white underwired 38d bra and gently tracing my breast-curves through the cups. Let me stress that I am not really bi or anything, but I do adore breasts – my own and other women’s and girls’. I have always loved quietly looking and comparing and size-guessing, knowing that other women are doing the same to me (I think all busty girls do it all the time). Checking out the breasts of my curvy colleagues in school stiffens my nipples and prepares me for undressing at home. I’ll sometimes focus in on a particular colleague or friend’s breasts and stroke my bra cups thinking of them. As I have said here before, I also adore my big traditional knickers. I think my plump bum and wide hips look beautiful in the simplest of full-cut traditional pants (panties for you Americans!) straight from a supermarket. I love the way size 14 cotton knickers hug my bum-shape and outline the big outer labia of my mum-fanny. I know I use that old-fashioned Scottish word ‘fanny’ for down below, but I delight in saying it and hearing it and it’s the word I was brought up with. If the house is empty, it excites me to call out ‘My breasts! My Fanny!’ as I touch myself. I hardly ever actually fantasize about another girl (or man!), preferring instead to think just about myself and the beauty of my hourglass body. When the time is right, I unhook my bra and draw it away from my big paps. That’s another word I love saying, I think because my mum and gran, who were both busty ladies, also referred to their breasts as their ‘paps’ and it makes me feel all girly to say it. As Rachel knows, I have also as a woman talked about them as ‘my girls’ and getting ‘my girls’ out is a moment of perfect joy for me. They are pale and heavy and peddulous, with a slight sag over my tummy. My nipples aroused are very enlarged and pink and unbelievably sensitive. I love massaging and puckering and working them till they stand out like a nursing mother’s teats. ‘Oh dear god, my girls!’ I’ll often say, when my breasts swell. That’s also usually the point when I slowly draw down my white knickers. I lean back and ease them downwards slowly, because as I have said before, I am really blonde and bushy, my pubic hair forming a thick, wide triangle of curls at the base of my full round belly. By this time my bush is usually soaked and my pants damp with girl-juice. I sometimes think of myself posing like the housewives Michael looks at on the web – my thighs parted and my mature fanny opening like a flower. My vagina is deep pink and glistening with wetness and draws my fingers to it so naturally. I feel exposed and displayed and female, as if sex were just everything I live for. From the pictures he has on file, Michael seems to really like big mature bums and recently I have taken to bum- posing in my mirror, highlighting my hips and even delicately parting my bumcrack like those wives who pose for their husbands never believing they would show their photos! Then I am quite simply Mary, a masturbating, Scottish 50-something mum in her bedroom, my eyes glazed with sex, lost dreamily in my own body and circling my clitoris and my fannylips in slow deep movements, pulling urgently on my breasts and moving steadily to an explosive, urgent climax, where I shout out something like ‘Sweet, dear God! I am going to come! Oh Jesus! My breasts, my fanny!! I love you, Mary! I love you , Mary!! I am cummmminggg!!!’

August 28, 2013 -

Self-Pleasuring is Awesome


I think I may be addicted to Porn and masturbation, but I do not really care..I fucking love it..I have been looking at porn for a couple hours...and now I am about to start touching my pussy.. It feels so good I do think about sometimes during my day about how I can not wait to get home...Is that so wrong..I dont think so..right now I am watching some pron rubbing my nipples and my pussy. I want to drag this one out a little..Im gonna make my pussy feel good and the fact that it feels so fucking good it cant be bad..

August 29, 2013 -


August 29, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Anal Masturbation

Omg love anal

I just wanna say I love anal masturbation

August 30, 2013 -

Press and go

Reading the stories on this site gets my pussy tingling. I begin to hump whatever surface I am on when I hear stories about others masturbating. I then get a tshirt and roll it up as round as I can and pound my pussy up against it until my juices start to rush. I now have a trick where I can just press my pussy up against something hard and squirt its so amazing. I come over and over and over again, leaving me throbbing. It is best when I masturbate when I have to pee. Or when I stop and go stop and go until I really bust a big nut.

September 1, 2013 -

Memorable Self-Pleasuring

Hot Tub Fun

A while ago, I was at a friends place and we decided to go for a late night relax in the hot tub. We turned the bubble jets on full and started talking about sex and masturbation, and started to get a little horny. We had never done anything together but had always talked about that stuff and she shared a secret technique she liked to use in the hot tub. So we decided to try it. First we took off our bathers so that we were naked, it made everything so much more intense. We started by playing with our nipples, and each others at one point, and then I tried out her technique. I went in front of the bubble jet that was on full blast and opened up my legs wide, I rested my feet on the steps and made sure I was balanced so that the strong force of the flow was shooting straight into my vagina, and on my clit. I was moaning so much my friend started to get so horny and wanted to help, so while I moaned and groaned, she came up next to me and started to play with one of my nipples and put the other nipple in her mouth. As she licked and sucked I started to come, and it was the most intense orgasm of my life. It was such a strong sensation that rippled all through my body and made me shake. I did the same for my friend and we have done it several more times since. We dont talk much anymore since we left school but I am moving out of home soon and I hope to have a hot tub installed so that I can experience those orgasms again, it was truly memorable.

September 1, 2013 -

Memorable Self-Pleasuring

This is what I did today as my masturbation experience: I looked up hot photos of Jolene Blalock and 7 of 9 (I'm a Trekkie), and then I read some stories on this site. When I felt my pussy is was SOAKED! So I did a quick masturbation while standing up getting a snack. Lovely! Now it's time to do some more extended masturbation - bye girls!

September 3, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Fantasies while Masturbating

sex toy fantasy

First off I just want to say that when I found this website I think I fell in love with it. the stories and tips and techniques on here are just so interesting and fun...i have been masturbating for almost two years now (have to yet to really orgasm) and I love it. I do it everynight before I go to bed or when im home alone. I also have quite a few fantasies...one of my favorites has to be where im handcuffed and tied or held down by my boyfriend and just played with, with a vibrating/dildo/or anal beads in my ass and a virbator in my tight wet pussy while has my breasts and nipples played with and my boyfriend eating me out. IT just gets me so wet thinking about it. My boyfriend seems pretty intent on making my fantasy come true...fingers crossed

September 8, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Memorable Self-Pleasuring

House sitting

My parents were going away for 10 days with my younger sister (15) and I had been asked if I would like to come home to house sit and look after the pets, I'm a 3rd year University student, was in between summer jobs and thought it would be nice to spend some time on my own away from my 3 mad girlie friends who I share a house with, so I said yes, I asked my boyfriend to come as well but he couldn't make it till the following weekend, which meant I'd have a whole 7 days on my own to do as I liked, mmmmmmmmm, he he I thought. I arrived home on the Friday afternoon, caught up on all the family stuff, talked with my sister, who was (is) growing up and changing so much, I was shown what to do by my dad while they were away, like what to water, how much food to give, etc, etc (as if I'd never done it before !!).

They left early Saturday morning, I heard them go but didn't get up as I'd said goodbye the night before, then went back to sleep. I woke up about 11, rolled out of bed and walked naked to the bathroom to have a shower, washed my hair and body then gave my pussy a once over with the razor as I hadn't done it for a couple of days, at the moment I like it baby smooth, but I've had all sorts of shapes and styles over the years, seems to be the thing to do at the moment, 2 of my house mates also shave themselves and the other has a landing strip, even my bf shaves most of his pubes, just leaves a little trimmed bit on top, looks sexy. Once that was done I squatted down with the shower head playing the gets of water over my pussy and lips, we have a really good powerful shower and I loved masturbating with it when I lived at home, I soon had my free hand rubbing over my clit as well before inserting a few fingers in my pussy, then I placed the shower head on the floor so it was still spraying water over at my pussy and inserted a finger up my arse (I like anal stuff), with both my holes filled I finger fucked myself to orgasm, with the tiny jets of water helping me along. When I'd finished I toweled myself off and walk into my parents bedroom as they had a full length mirror in there, I looked at myself for a while thinking that I had a good body and that I liked it, I then cupped my breasts, squeezing them together before pulling at my little brown nipples, making then stick out, I slid a hand down to my smooth pussy and let my dark puckered labia pass between my fingers, before pulling them open and down with both hands like I used to do when I was younger, I then turned around and bent down with my legs apart and pulled my arse cheeks apart to look at my little brown hole and my labia below it, which I also pulled open before pushing a finger up my still wet pussy hole, watching myself as it slid in and out, then I stood up and turned around and sucked the same finger into my mouth, licking off all my pussy juice, which always turns the boys on and I like the taste of myself, I then headed off to the kitchen naked to get something to eat, where I found a note along with some money saying that I'd better get some food shopping done as my mum didn't have time to do any for me, so after eating I put on a g-string and mini shorts, dance tee shirt and no bra, then drove to the big supermarket about 20 miles away. At the check out I caught the guy behind me looking down my tee shirt as I picked things out of the trolley, my own fault really as the shirt was a bit baggy and I didn't have a bra so you couldn't expect him not to look at the free show, maybe he saw my string sticking out as well, which it tended to with this particular pair mini shorts, that I don't know, maybe it gave him something to think about when he next pulled himself off.

Next day was a real hot one so I decided to do some sunbathing in the garden, I didn't bring a bikini so I looked through my sisters drawers but found nothing, I did find that my sisters choice of knickers had changed to much the same as I wore, a shaw sign that she was growing up, so I thought I'd go in my bra and knickers (shorty's), I grabbed a book, towel, suncream and off I went. I should say that my parents have a bungalow in the countryside with no neighbors around at all and a solid hedge that goes all the way round, few cars pass each day and no one ever walks passed so it's very remote, I hated it when I was younger as I wanted to be close to my friends, but now I love it. After a few minutes I decided to go naked as I'd never sunbathed naked before, in fact I'd never been outside naked, I covered myself in cream and laid out to tan, after about an hour I felt really horny, I couldn't concentrate on my book and kept thinking about sex, I walked back to the house, got a drink, grabbed my I phone and my laptop, then returned to the garden, it felt so horny walking around the place naked I can tell you, I looked up some sex stories on the computer, read for a while then did some sexting with my bf telling him what I was doing, I sent him a photo as he didn't believe me at first, and he sent me one of his erection, I felt between my legs and I was absolutely drenched, I do get very wet and this time was no different, it was literally running out of me, I rubbed some over my clit and it felt good, so I got to work on myself in the garden with fingers going in everywhere, I pulled myself back from the edge of cumming a few times just to keep the pleasure going for longer before I exploded into a soft moaning orgasm then laid completely still for about 5 minutes before sexting my bf telling him what I'd done, he later sent me a photo of cock with his hand around it and cum running down it's length and over his hand, nice.

Next day I was back tanning naked in the garden and again I felt really horny doing it, this time I wanted more than just fingers and I remembered that my mum had a little something hidden in her bedroom that I found while snooping one day when I was 16, so I thought I'd check to see if she still had it, I'd left mine back at home in my room, and I was hoping none of the other girls borrowed it while I was away. My mums used to be hidden in her knicker draw (good place to hid things, NOT) and there it was, but this time she had 2, her old one was a stranded white vibrator about 6 inches long, but the new one was about 8 inches long, purple, fatter and shaped like a cock and looked superb, I took them both and gave them a good wash in the bathroom before heading to my bedroom, I laid on my bed and played with my breasts and nipples for a while, then I moved down to my pussy, teasing my lips and clitoris hood with my finger tips before switching on the new vibrator, it was much quieter compared to the old one and felt great as I played it over my clit, I ran it over, around and between my very wet labia before letting it slip inside me, it felt so good to have something bigger other than just my fingers for the last couple of days, working it in and out of me that I knew I wasn't going to last long, I took the old vibro, switched it on placing it on my clit and in about a minute I was in orgasm heaven, letting out little moans of pleasure and breathing quickly as my orgasm washed over me, I still wanted more so I brought up my legs holding them back with my arms, I left the purple vibro in my pussy quietly buzzing away and took the old white one, putting some of my pussy juice on it, of which their was a lot of, before pushing it slowly into my arse, oh my god did it fell good, I love doing anal but having both holes filled at once feels even better, I often do it with my bf and my vibro, he does me up the arse while I do myself with my vibrator, heaven, I continued to give myself a good workout holding both toys in place with one hand while going to town on my clit with the other as well as thrusting my hips back and forth to get a better felling, I had myself cumming again in about 5 minutes, I even left a wet patch on my sheet (not unusual for me) I had so much pussy juice coming out of me, I cleaned myself and everything else up and headed back to the garden satisfied. Later that evening I was sexting with my bf when I had an idea to drive him mad, I got my mums new vibro, got naked, laid on my bed with my legs wide apart, stuck it up my pussy and took a photo of it, then sent it to him saying, look what your missing, after about five minutes and lots more sexting, I stuck it in my mouth quite deep and took another photo saying, this is what I could be doing to you if you were here, well I was right, It did drive him mad, and he promised to try and get there as soon as possible.

The rest of the week was much the same and I tanned everyday naked in the garden, in fact I stayed naked most of the week, lots of masturbating, watching porn, reading sex stories, sexting, photos going back and forth, and rude conversations with him on the phone, he said he could arrive a day earlier than planned and we arranged that I would pick him up at the train station the Friday afternoon, I showered and shaved myself( I shave myself as a rule every other day) so I was nice and smooth for him, then put on the same dance tee shirt and no bra, a shortish bouncy light cotton skirt and no panties, I looked at myself in my parents mirror, pulled the tee shirt off one shoulder, approved the look and set off to meet him, at the station I had an idea as his train pulled in, a few people come out of the station and I was happy to see that he was the last one, as he come towards me I lifted my skirt and flashed my smooth pussy at him which gave him a big smile and we played with each other all the way to my parents home while driving in my car, he soon had a big erection which I pulled out with a little help from him, and he had hands up inside my tee shirt and between my legs, which set the tone for the whole weekend, pure sex, masturbation time was finished for a while.

September 8, 2013 -

Masturbation Biography

Rachel masturbating

Oh God. This is Rachel. I hope everyone has seen Mary’s beautiful description of her masturbation sessions, which are just soo beautiful and tender. My pants were soaked the first time I read it and now I am simply giddy with desire looking at it again.

I am so like her in having masturbation at the absolute centre of everything I do sexually. I also love my girly underwear sessions, just looking and posing and touching my white Freya underwired bra and my white cotton pants. I love the feel of big simple knickers on my bumcheeks and over my thick dark pubic bush. I too have very hesitantly begun ‘bum posing’ in my mirror, displaying my big 38 inch hourglass arse and massaging my smooth buttocks. And, yes, the feeling of parting my bum cheeks softly to expose what I’ve learned the adult sites call my ‘bum crack’ makes me feel just amazingly feminine. I’ve begun to recognise myself as an ‘all tits and bum’ girl and I just adore the sensation of revealing my most private places to my own fingers.

Like Mary, when it’s time to get my big paps out I take ages to slip off my bra. For even though I now find my bottom more and more erogenous, my breasts are my pride and joy. I sit with my bra half on and off, my knickers half down from my tingling fanny, and my bushy triangle of pubic girl-curls exposed. Then the girls come out, my cups drawn down and my nipples up like a winter’s day. Do lots of girls like calling out their own name as they masturbate? I love it if the house is empty and I can shout out ‘Oh Rachel! Look at your gorgeous knockers and your tender belly!’ By that stage, like Mary, my fanny is swollen and open and I love copying a ‘spread’ picture from the web of a girl ages with me frigging herself truly truly senseless to the wettest most wrenching orgasm you could wish for. ‘Maryyyyyyyy!!!!!!’

September 8, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Self-Pleasuring is Awesome

I love to masturbate

I really love masturbating!!!! im a girl and any time I get bored I masturbate. I always love it when Im getting myself horny and im reading these stories or looking at lesbian pictures. im totally straight I just really like it for some reason. dicks are just un attractive lol. so I always start out by lightly stroking my vagina and teasing my self. then I stick my finger in my wet vag and go in and out slowly. I always rub around the inside and eventually get to my clit. here is the technical part (TRY THIS)you put both your thumbs on either side of your clit on the inside of your lips and you rub. its UHMAZEING. I do this until I reach orgasm a few times. mmmmmm it feels so good ;)

September 9, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Other Masturbatory Entry

Oral B

Long story short I went out and purchased one of those electric toothbrushes. Besides the fact of being super loud it works pretty darn well. Can't wait to experiment more with it! I love reading stories and helpful advice off this site! More stories to come hopefully :)

September 9, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Other Masturbatory Entry

Oral B

Long story short I went out and purchased one of those electric toothbrushes. Besides the fact of being super loud it works pretty darn well. Can't wait to experiment more with it! I love reading stories and helpful advice off this site! More stories to come hopefully :)

September 14, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Masturbation Technique Variation

My fantasy

ffff fdf

September 14, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Masturbation Technique Variation

My fantasy

ffff fdf

September 14, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

First Time Masturbating

The First Time - Now

The first time I masturbated was when I was a young toddler, my room was right across from my parents room at the time. Well one day I heard some noises coming from their room, it sounded like my mom was hurt or in pain and I was concerned, so I walked across the small distance from my room and I stopped at the entrance of their room. I saw my dad on top of my mom but I didn't know what they were doing, I quietly said mommy? a few times because I wanted to see if she was alright. I never got an answer back and I decided to go back into my room and lie down. So I went into my room (since I was a toddler, I had a huge collection of stuffed animals and an obsession with carebears), and I grabbed my giant blue carebear and decided to try to do what I saw my parents doing. I took my jammy bottoms off and stuck the carebear into my underwear and proceeded to hump it, it was an amazing feeling and most nights I would proceed to do it. I stopped masturbating when my first day of school rolled around. However I did start back up again when I was in the middle of elementary years. I have masturbated on and off since then (by humping pillows/blankets/stuffed animals/etc.) and I have never stuck anything in me (not even my fingers). I have been masturbating this way for ten years now and I still enjoy it!:)

September 20, 2013 -


September 22, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Memorable Self-Pleasuring

cum without a touch

My husband and I had just had an amazing screw. We went out for a ride on our motorcycle. I'm cuddled up to his back with my pussy pressing against his butt. I'm so wet from our sex. I'm hot and still ready even though he cum in me and I cum hard too. The vibration from the motorcycle engine buzzes my already hot pussy and I imagine him licking my clit and putting his fingers up my cunt and ass. His cum trickles out from between my legs As I get to the best part of my fantasy..he's sucking my clit and fingering my ass and cunt hole... I sat there on the bike and cum just imagining him even touching me. It was so hot! I masturbated without even touching my self! I've never cum so hard!

September 22, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Memorable Self-Pleasuring

cum without a touch

My husband and I had just had an amazing screw. We went out for a ride on our motorcycle. I'm cuddled up to his back with my pussy pressing against his butt. I'm so wet from our sex. I'm hot and still ready even though he cum in me and I cum hard too. The vibration from the motorcycle engine buzzes my already hot pussy and I imagine him licking my clit and putting his fingers up my cunt and ass. His cum trickles out from between my legs As I get to the best part of my fantasy..he's sucking my clit and fingering my ass and cunt hole... I sat there on the bike and cum just imagining him even touching me. It was so hot! I masturbated without even touching my self! I've never cum so hard!

September 22, 2013 -


September 23, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight


Holding It

I don't know why I've always had an interest in wetting myself. Even when I was a kid, I used to have dreams about it, even though I was worried about ever having an accident in real life. As a teen, I would drink a lot of water and pee on myself in the bathroom, but as I got older, I didn't like the peeing part as much. Now, it's just the desperation feeling and the thrill of leaking a little before running to the toilet. I did over-stretch my bladder once by not going until it was extremely painful and actually losing control. I held off on holding it for a long time afterwards and would have minor leaks for days. I've started doing Kegel exercises to get the strength back and have been gradually practicing holding again. Today, especially after coffee, I've held it twice to the point of about an 8 in discomfort. It turns me on to do it, too, so I'm slightly wet and feel myself dripping from being aroused. I also had 4 cups of water (which was hard because I usually don't drink that much water during the day) and 2 meal supplement shakes. The first time I held it today I got to the point of having to bend my knees and squirming because of the discomfort. The second time, I did feel myself leaking a little so I went to the toilet. After each time was when I would drink more water so I could fill back up again. My bladder gets so tight, and I'm trying not to talk about it too much because it gets me so aroused. I want to find the balance between pleasure and pain because I can't pee when I'm aroused but I don't want to get to that point of sharp pains and serious leaks again. My clit is starting to throb, so I'm going to stop talking about it for a while. 3:17 Got that first need-to-go jolt when I stood up. I'm going to see how long it takes before I start dancing. 3:37 Used my massage app to curb the urge a little and played with my nipples. I'm back up to about an 8 now. Have an hour left at work, but I might just go ahead and go when I get to 9.5. I'm squirming and hunched a little now, my thighs pressed tightly together. I really want to go. Crossing my ankles and taking deep breaths. 3:43 I stood up. The pressure is about a 9. I might have to go to the bathroom soon. Crossing my thighs. I feel it a little wanting to come out! Going to sit again. Bopping up and down in my chair slowly. I need to go so badly. My thighs are clenching independently of me. Someone else is in the bathroom now, so I'll have to wait a little longer. 3:46 I want to let go so badly, but this woman is still in there. My pussy is convulsing a little. This would happen. Might have to go to the men's bathroom before I totally lose it. 3:48 A little tried to trickle out. I am totally about to burst! Irony. Toilet flushed. I can hold it a little longer. Slowly panting. I can make it, though. 3:58 I went into the bathroom and waited for another minute before I went. I was hunched over, and my knees were buckling. Looking at the toilet made it even harder to hold it. I moaned when I finally sat down and let it out. I peed for about a minute. Felt good. 4:21 I might hold it one more time today, depending on who is home...Or I'll just masturbate to videos and stories of others desperate to go.

September 23, 2013 -

Masturabatory Editorial

Response to Holding It

While your bladder may not literally burst, you are asking for trouble. For example, you are increasing your risk of contracting a serious UTI (urinary tract infection).

I always empty my bladder completely before I begin masturbating. I am much more comfortable 'squirting' knowing that it really is a form of female ejaculation consisting of fluid produced by the Skene's gland because I am excited. The pressure buildup and the release can be similar to passing urine and maybe that's why it turns you on so much.

Please try it. I know you'll like it better.

September 24, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Undecided

Other Masturbatory Entry

help me orgasm

okay so i've been masturbating for about 4 months now and at first, we had this really old eletric toothbrush that I would put on my clit. I would sit on the toilet just holding it on my clit. sometime I would feel an orgasm coming but I would always stop because I wasn't used to the tingling feeling or even I didn't kow what it was. one day we were cleaning out my bathroom and my mom threw away the electric toothbrush. I had a soni-care electric but I was always grossed out to use my real toothbrush. but anyways, once we got rid of the toothbrush, I tried rubbing, and kissing nipples. I tried everything. i'm a virgin so I dont finger. one day I was looking for something in my moms closet and I found a vibrating dildo. yupp, dirty momma. haha but anyways, whenever I was homealone I would take it out, undress my bottom halve and virbrate it on my clit. I would never out it in bc it was huge. then I thought to myself, well using the soni-care in the tub wouldnt be as gross (still is). so I locked my door, took a shower, and filled the tub just a little so it was sticky and gross. it felt amazing! I would lie flat on my back and put the toothbrush between my thighs having it on my clit. I would rub and pull my nipples thiking and moaning. I would feel a shiver go up my spine or something adn I would cum, but that wasn't an orgasm. every once and a while after about 30 mins of doing that, I feel an orgasm coming. I let it come an I moan and shiver and cramps fill my body, and im expecting to cum, but nothing coms out. I can let a little dribble out when I sit up, but when I orgasm nothing comes out. is that normal? im really young so I dont feel like asking my mum. im so hooked on masturbating every night I can't stop. it feels amazing! I will be rechecking so I would love it if some you experienced masturbaters would reply to orgasm girl? thanks for reading I would love some advice!

September 24, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Undecided

Other Masturbatory Entry

help me orgasm

okay so i've been masturbating for about 4 months now and at first, we had this really old eletric toothbrush that I would put on my clit. I would sit on the toilet just holding it on my clit. sometime I would feel an orgasm coming but I would always stop because I wasn't used to the tingling feeling or even I didn't kow what it was. one day we were cleaning out my bathroom and my mom threw away the electric toothbrush. I had a soni-care electric but I was always grossed out to use my real toothbrush. but anyways, once we got rid of the toothbrush, I tried rubbing, and kissing nipples. I tried everything. i'm a virgin so I dont finger. one day I was looking for something in my moms closet and I found a vibrating dildo. yupp, dirty momma. haha but anyways, whenever I was homealone I would take it out, undress my bottom halve and virbrate it on my clit. I would never out it in bc it was huge. then I thought to myself, well using the soni-care in the tub wouldnt be as gross (still is). so I locked my door, took a shower, and filled the tub just a little so it was sticky and gross. it felt amazing! I would lie flat on my back and put the toothbrush between my thighs having it on my clit. I would rub and pull my nipples thiking and moaning. I would feel a shiver go up my spine or something adn I would cum, but that wasn't an orgasm. every once and a while after about 30 mins of doing that, I feel an orgasm coming. I let it come an I moan and shiver and cramps fill my body, and im expecting to cum, but nothing coms out. I can let a little dribble out when I sit up, but when I orgasm nothing comes out. is that normal? im really young so I dont feel like asking my mum. im so hooked on masturbating every night I can't stop. it feels amazing! I will be rechecking so I would love it if some you experienced masturbaters would reply to orgasm girl? thanks for reading I would love some advice!

September 24, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Undecided

Other Masturbatory Entry

help me orgasm

okay so i've been masturbating for about 4 months now and at first, we had this really old eletric toothbrush that I would put on my clit. I would sit on the toilet just holding it on my clit. sometime I would feel an orgasm coming but I would always stop because I wasn't used to the tingling feeling or even I didn't kow what it was. one day we were cleaning out my bathroom and my mom threw away the electric toothbrush. I had a soni-care electric but I was always grossed out to use my real toothbrush. but anyways, once we got rid of the toothbrush, I tried rubbing, and kissing nipples. I tried everything. i'm a virgin so I dont finger. one day I was looking for something in my moms closet and I found a vibrating dildo. yupp, dirty momma. haha but anyways, whenever I was homealone I would take it out, undress my bottom halve and virbrate it on my clit. I would never out it in bc it was huge. then I thought to myself, well using the soni-care in the tub wouldnt be as gross (still is). so I locked my door, took a shower, and filled the tub just a little so it was sticky and gross. it felt amazing! I would lie flat on my back and put the toothbrush between my thighs having it on my clit. I would rub and pull my nipples thiking and moaning. I would feel a shiver go up my spine or something adn I would cum, but that wasn't an orgasm. every once and a while after about 30 mins of doing that, I feel an orgasm coming. I let it come an I moan and shiver and cramps fill my body, and im expecting to cum, but nothing coms out. I can let a little dribble out when I sit up, but when I orgasm nothing comes out. is that normal? im really young so I dont feel like asking my mum. im so hooked on masturbating every night I can't stop. it feels amazing! I will be rechecking so I would love it if some you experienced masturbaters would reply to orgasm girl? thanks for reading I would love some advice!

September 25, 2013 - Sexual Preference - In-Between

Anal Masturbation

Secret anal pleasure

I'm a female in college. Every now and then I enjoy lubing up a tampon and sliding it into my ass for a few hours; feeling it penetrating me all day is a delicious guilty pleasure, especially in public. It's exciting to hold conversations with people while I can feel my anus gripping the tampon, it feels dirty but so good. Sitting down in the corner of a restaurant is especially nice because nobody can see me squirming my butt back and forth under the tablecloth to stimulate myself. Sitting in class is difficult, but great when certain guys are in the room. Whenever I spend a day with a tampon in my ass I have to masturbate at least once every couple of hours, it's wonderfully intense.

October 6, 2013 -

Best lesbian encounter!

Me and my best friend are super close and one day we decided to play a game, we didn't know how it started, but we played it anyway. It was called 'playing sex'. Me and her would take turns making each other feel good, which it did. We never went further then grinding, and making out.

Anyway, one day we were 'playing sex' just grinding with our clothes on, like usual. But today I was super horny and needed someone to touch me, so I slowly lead her hand down to my thong, she slipped her finger onto my clit and said I make myself cum over you and then said Let me show you how you do it She pulled my thong down, rubbing my clit, telling me if I was doing it right. She poked her finger inside me and started pumping it as fast as she could. It felt so good, she kept saying that she'll make me scream And I didn't know what that meant at the time.

After what seemed like forever, I finally climaxed, crying out her out her name. She laughed and lied next to me and said You felt so good. Want to kiss? I nodded and we made out, under the covers. After a few moments, I decided to slip my finger across her clit, she moaned into the kiss, not pulling away. I kept doing that, until she flipped us over and rubbed ourselfs together.

Even though we're older, we still do this now :)

October 7, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Bisexual

Urgent Need to Masturbate

Okay so me and my boyfriend were video chatting one day and I was laying down then the next thing I knew he pulled out his long creamy dick and started stroking it. I was trying so hard to control myself but I got way to wet for my own good and started slowly rubbing my clit and I couldn't stop because it felt so good while watching him stroke. Then he ejected and I imagined him injecting inside of me and I started cumming. Anyway we kept going and I orgasmed like 9 times..I was so tired afterward.

October 9, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Bisexual

Masturbation Technique

The phone

Hey gals ;) My friend and I text on and off a lot. And by text I mean send each other pictures ;) He has a story on here too! So anyway, the other night, he sent me some pictures. We are only juniors in highschool so he still has some growing to do but he currently has a seven inch penis. We exchanged some pics and when his penis showed up on my phone, I suddenly felt my pussy getting wet so I decided to masturbate while we talked about us having sex. (It's a fantasy of ours) after about five minutes in I got a real good n wierd idea. I was soaking wet n trembling from a previous orgasm, so after a few minutes, I got ready for my experiment. I pulled up the best pic he sent on my phone. His cock looked so thick and tasty, it's veins bulging. It was obvious he had been masturbating to my pics because there was precum oozing In the photo. I layed back and spread my legs. I started to finger myself to the photo and soon my hand was soaked! I then took my phone penis and slowly inserted it inside of me. It was amazing! I started pumping faster n faster so that my tits were jiggling. I soon came, but luckily I got my phone out beforehand. I love this technique now! Anyone who sects like I do should definitely try this if/when you can! More posts soon and enjoy!!!

October 10, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Bisexual

Self-Pleasuring is Awesome

Friendly fun

Hey ladies! It's me, the girl who humps her phone! I'm going to call myself Klay from now on so you know your reading MY post. So last night I was texting my sex buddy and we were talking about porn . He told me he loves lesbo porn and those oil massage ones. I personally like lesbo porn and the kind where teens get banged by huge penises. So this convo made me real wet so I came on here and masturbated to this. My friend said he made an account on Pornhub and what's us girls to be friends wth him on there! So if you want to know his screen name lemme know! ;) and btw girls, try slapping your pussy when your about to cum...it makes me go almost completely numb when I do it! Happy masturbating (3

October 10, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Undecided

Masturbation Technique

Water Bottle

Let me just say I love reading all these stories, they get me so wet and give me so many ideas.

The only way I can get off is either in the shower, or late at night after every one's asleep so I usually do the shower. After all, removable shower head for the win. ;)

But, I found another house hold item that works amazing too.

I take an empty water bottle (store bought, right now we have Poland Springs in the house). I fill it with warm water. Then I squat in the shower and rub/bounce on it. You can control how hard, how fast, but the ripples in the bottom against your clit feel SO good.

Plus, when your in the shower you can use the water if it gets too dry.

Ohh, I just got so wet thinking about it.

Good thing I need to shower tonight! ;)

October 12, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Anonymous Masturbator Confessions

Naughty little girl

I am a 36DD. I love watching lesbian porn because I love big boobs, even though I am straight. When I was younger, around 10, I would play what me and my friend called The Game. Me and her would hump each other and touch each others chests. We even kissed with tongue. Now that I'm little less than a decade older I love to masturbate. I'm a virgin and I just started fingering myself recently, I used to hump a blanket. I love watching porn where a girl is on top and here boobs are bouncing everywhere! My favorite way to masturbate is by laying on my stomach wearing just panties. I put my arm over my butt and me each through to rub my clitoris.

October 12, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Anonymous Masturbator Confessions

Naughty little girl

I am a 36DD. I love watching lesbian porn because I love big boobs, even though I am straight. When I was younger, around 10, I would play what me and my friend called The Game. Me and her would hump each other and touch each others chests. We even kissed with tongue. Now that I'm little less than a decade older I love to masturbate. I'm a virgin and I just started fingering myself recently, I used to hump a blanket. I love watching porn where a girl is on top and here boobs are bouncing everywhere! My favorite way to masturbate is by laying on my stomach wearing just panties. I put my arm over my butt and me each through to rub my clitoris.

October 13, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Bisexual

Urgent Need to Masturbate

Arousing myself

Hey it's Klay :) so last night I was watching some hardcore porn and I was dripping about five minutes in. I rubbed my self with panties on throughout the whole thing, and at the end I had a HUGE orgasm. I was rubbing so fast I went numb when I climaxed. This drained the hell out of me, so I fell asleep shortly afterwards. This morning I woke up soaking wet because I had a dream the I was the one in the video I watched. I was so horny that I never even left my bed. I just grabbed my pillow and humped it real hard n fast. The whole time I would watch my titties jiggle. I soon start to feel a tingling sensation above my clit, and I slowed down. I kept going, but this time I put my hand between my pussy and the pillow. Within a few minutes, I was having one of the most arousing orgasms I'd had in a while. My vagina was pulsating, and my hand was soaked. I licked it clean and then fell back to sleep.

Enjoy! Expect another post soon ladies ;D

October 15, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

First Time Masturbating

Completely forgot about it

I met a guy in some random chat. We became friends...then after just a few weeks, became lovers. Then one bored afternoon, we were like... Him: Have you tried masturbating before? Me: Nope. What's masturbating? And his reaction is like he just saw a ghost. He was so shocked that at 16, I haven't tried masturbating yet. So he thought me how to...I easily got the hang of it, and fell in love with it. I sleep with my parents coz I don't have a room yet. So the safest time to masturbate is at night while they're deep asleep. What I do is take off my panty the rub and rub and rub my clit, slower then really fast and hard and deep while shaking up and down as if my boy's dick is going in and out of me..It felt so real...so good..so heavenly..until I reach orgasm and repeat and and can't hold it any longer then I get a good night sleep.


October 17, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Self-Pleasuring is Awesome

I am sooo horny

October 19, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Undecided

Anonymous Masturbator Confessions

what happened to the twins

So yeah just wondering!:)

October 20, 2013 -

Fantasies while Masturbating

My Best Friend

So recently I've really been wanting to masturbate with my best friend, so whenever I get horny I think of this fantasy

Truth or dare? I asked my best friend jennie. Dare. She replyed. I was thinking of something looking up and down at her body. She was 54, she had blue eyes, dirty blond hair, and fair skin. She was lean to go along with her small a cup boobs, and she had beautiful long legs, which she would always show off. I, on the other hand, was 51, had brown eyes, had tan skin, a curvier body, bigger boobs, and short legs. I dare you to take your shirt off. I said simply. Ok she pulled tank top of, revealing her small boobs and black lace bra. Truth or dare. She asked me. Truth. I answered. Have you ever masturbated? She asked, eyes full of curiosity. No. I lied. Have you? All the time, want me to show you how? Sure. Jennie took the rest of her clothes off, except her panties. She told me to go on the other side so I can look at her pussy. I did as told, she slowly took off her panties, revealing her slighly hairy kitty. It was a bit wet. First you need to get turned on. She said, rubbing her nipples. She moaned, I could feel myself getting a little wet. She started to move her hands to her thighs. I couldn't take it anymore. I took off all my clothes and lied next to jennie. She laughed Anxious, are we? I blushed a little. Jennie suddenly jumped on top of me. She grinded our pussies together and passionately kissed me. I moaned her name. She kissed down my neck and stopped at my c cup boobs. She flicked her tounged against my nipple, she then sucked on it and did the same to the other. I cried out in pleasure. She kissed further down my body, she stopped at my mound. She rubbed my inner thighs, creeping toward my throbbing wet pussy. Please, touch me. I begged. She plunged a finger into my vagina. Ooooh, yes, more, pease! I screamed. Shhhh, someone's gonna hear us. She slowly moved her finger in and out. I try to hold in my moans but failed. Ooooohh, jennnnnie, more, eat me! She took her finger out of my pussy and licked it clean. She started to lick my clit, flicking it with her tounge. Mmmmmmmmm, I moaned. She then licked my slit and down, she stucked her tounge in my glory hole. Aaaaaahhh. I screamed, bucking my hips as I climaxed. Can I taste you. I asked after coming down from my high. She flipped us over to the 69 position. As I ate her out, she finished licking off my juices. I licked up and down her slit, I then kissed her pussy lips, I stuck my tounge in her vagina moving it quickly in and out. Kkkkaaaaaayyllleeee. She moaned as her juices flowed out of her. I licked her clean. She flipped us again, kissing me passionately again. Her mom knocked on the door. Jennie quickly put her clothes on and threw a blanket at me to cover up. Are you two okay, I heard screaming. Her mom asked. Were just tickling each other, jennie laughed. Okay, go to bed it's getting late. Jennie lied next to me under the blanket, she rubbed my clit, you need to be quiet next time she said seductively. I eventually fell to a blissful sleep.

October 23, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Anonymous Masturbator Confessions

Touching Scenes

After I got married I didn't masturbate so much as when I was single. Usually doing so because of frustration if my man didn't satisfy me with sex. Sometimes it was good, sometimes he seemed indifferent. Last year he passed away and so I was left a widow at 76 years old. We'd practically stopped having sex and neither of us were bothered too much about the lack of it. Recently I noticed that a male neighbour opposite me is often naked in his living room. His curtains are practically closed to the outside world but I can see from my bedroom window. There's a gap of 18 inches left open. Now I don't know why he doesn't completely close his curtain but I do know that he never looks in my direction, I feel it's safe to watch him. At first his nudity was arousing to me and after a few sightings over a couple of weeks I laid on my bed and masturbated for the first time in maybe five years.. I hadn't forgotten what to do and the orgasm I got was amazing I thought it would kill me it left me breathless. After several months I discovered that early in the morning he masturbates and I spied on him watching his actions. When I saw the cum spurting I almost had my orgasm and it only took a short while of playing with myself to finish me off. I have caught him at it around twice a week for quite a while now. I've seen him licking the precum off his fingers, using oil to make his dick harder and glistening in the morning sunlight. I stand naked and spy on him while I tease my clit and nipples, It's awesome. He swallowed his own cum one time and that pushed me over the edge immediately. I know it's wrong to watch him but hell, he could close the damn curtain and I think he somehow knows I'm there. Too many coincidences are piling up on top of each other now. I wont stop so long as he pretends he doesnt know.

October 31, 2013 - Sexual Preference - In-Between

Caught Masturbating!

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November 1, 2013 -

Memorable Self-Pleasuring

Girlfriends and more.

One of my most memorable times was when I was younger. I had been secretly (of course) masturnating for a while and enjoying it. There was a new girl who had moved into the neighborhood. Her name was Cathy. She was a tiny bit on the plump side and had short orange hair and freckles. She seemed quite ordinary, but nice enough. Well, the two of were starting to be friends, which was nice. One morning I went over to her house, which was four houses away. It was summer, so I went just wearing shorts and a top and barefoot. Cathy was surprised and impressed about my being barefoot, saying how she was too shy to ever do that outside of the house. I didn't think it was a big deal, and said something about how she should get used to it. Cathy thought that was a daring idea, and she confessed how she thought that I was so cool, because I was thin and pretty (I thought of myself as just being average)and did daring things like going barefoot outdoors. She said how she was sure that lots of boys had to find me attractive - which I realistically denied, and was very curious about what it was like to fool around. My own experiences, as I told her, were mearger at best. She said that she had never kissed a boy, and wondered what it was like to do that. I said that it was easy and that it wasn't like a big deal, really. I told her that you just touched your lips to his and that was about it. Naturally she was eager to find out what that was like, so we agreed to do a kiss together so she could see. We were sitting on her bed, and we slowly leaned forward, closing our eyes, and we put our lips together. I was a little surprised to feel her lips pressing against mine, so I pressed mine back against hers, actually making it like a real kiss. After we pulled back, she was all blushes and saying how good it had felt. I agreed that it had felt good, so just for the heck of it, we did another kiss. his time we let it last much longer, and allowed our lips to move around, and it was quite amorous really. As we both found, when we pulled back and smiled, saying how it had felt pretty nice. Cathy said she liked how easy it was doing that with me, and how she could probably never work up the nerve to do that with a boy. I assured her that she would get her chance, but she said how right then it was an opportunity for her to practice. Going along with it, and not finding that I especially minded (it was easy doing that with her, and not all nervous like with a boy) we did some more kising and enjoyed it. The next day we got together, and we both giggled about our kissig lesson. For fun, Cathy and I kissed again. Like the day before, nobody was home, so we were free to do that. We sat in her bedroom, on the bed, both of us barefoot, and we started kissing. Very quickly, to keep our balance, we had our hands on each other's arms. Managing that, we quickly found ourselves slipping our arms around each other as we kissed and we were hugging and holding each other close. Quit wonderfully, it was becoming very romantic and we were kind of rubbing against each other. She had larger breasts than I did, and I could feel their soft fullness against me. I remember smilin and telling her what nice breasts she had. To my surprise, Cathy said how we could take our tops off and be bare breastsed while we were kissing. It sounded like fun, so we both took our tops and bras off. She had these lovely full breasts and large nipples. Mine breasts were much smaller and sort of pointed with nipples sticking out. Admiringly, we gently felt each other's breasts. Then, feeling careless, I leaned over and kissed both of her nipples. She thought hat was wonderful, so I sucked on both of them a little bit. After I did that, she sucked on my nipples and fondled my breasts. This was a considerably turn on for both of us. We kissed and fondled, and we started taking the rest of our clothes off until we were both naked. It was so wonderful and ecxiting being this way together. While we were kissing, I slipped my hand down to feel her pubic hair, and then let my fingers find her clit, which I began to massage. Cathy was completely taken by this. As I began masturbating bher, she started doing the same to me. After maybe twenty minutes I managed to give her an orgasm. Then she gave me one. It was about the best one that I had ever had! For ther rest of that summer, Cathy and I were lovers and this was one of my most memorable experiences.

November 1, 2013 -

Urgent Need to Masturbate

Enjoying Being Female

I am a forty-eight year old woman and have been divorced for almost four years now. At first it was a struggle to start a life all on my own at my age. Fortunately I had a good job, but it wasn't easy. Then I began to settle into having a life that was my own, and enjoying this. I was free to walk around the house in the nude if I felt like. Something which I found that I quite liked doing. And, more personally, I began to rediscover how satisfying masturbation was. I did very little of this while I was married, and to be honest I probably should have done more. My husband was not all that terrific in the bed department. But like I said, I re-discovered the pleasures of self-stimulation, of being able to control my own orgasm and just thinking of myself. Rubbing my clit became one of my favorite past times. Then one day I happened to be naked in the kitchen, and ther was this large carrot sitting there on the counter. Feeling in a daring mood, I suppose, I took the carrot up to my bedroom, stretched out on the bed with my legs apart, and introduced the carrot to my vagina. It was quite exciting. I had never used a toy before, and this was a whole new experience. I can tell you that over the next two days, that carrot got quite a work out. I would slip inside of my vagina and do the usual in and out, then I began to use it to tease and rub my clit with. This made me very wet and that spilled down over my anal opening. Teasingly, I began tickling my butt hole with the carrot, and eventually I slid it into my butt and began pumping it in and out. I could absolutely not believe how much this arousaed me. I had never experienced anal sex before, and this was so exciting and wonderful. That day I had the most intense orgasm ever! Well, after a few weeks of finding toys, I actually went out and very self-consciously bought myself a dildo. My rubber playmate became my intimate best friend and went into every opening that I had and repeatedly! I never knew that masturbation could be so much fun or so fullfilling!

November 3, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Bisexual

Masturbation Biography

My masturbation

I think I started masturbating when I was 4 years old. Of course I didn't know what I was doing, but it felt good and I couldn't understand why my parents were so much against it. I would just rub my clitoris a lot, usually when I was lying on my stomach.

When I was 6 I had this friend who I would play with. We were pretending to be a couple and to have a home and kids (stuffed animals). We would masturbate with rubbing our pussies with stuffed animals. We even kissed sometimes.

After a year or two these plays continued, this time with another friend. She always wanted to be a boy in our plays and we would kiss alot (because that's what couples do), be naked under blankets and touch each others' pussies because it felt so good. We even kissed each others' clitoris.

I continued to masturbate on my own, sometimes a lot, not exactly knowing what I was doing but it felt so good. I always preferred rubbing my clitoris, I didn't find putting fingers inside very pleasant. Sometimes when my parents weren't home I took videos of myself masturbating and humping a pillow, and later on watch them and masturbate. One trick of mine was to place a superball on my clitoris, go lie on the floor with on my stomach and rub it until I came (amazing).

I grew older and started watching porn sometimes, continued masturbating and once tried it with an electric toothbrush. It blew my mind away. I would come so hard, my pussy pulsating furiously a long time after I had come. That's when I decided to buy myself a vibrator, which was indeed a very good buy. I still do it quite often, I like to watch lesbian porn (I guess I would consider myself a bisexual even tho I do have a boyfriend)or just reading stories like these. They make me very horny.

November 6, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Self-Pleasuring is Awesome

I am a 17 year old girl, with long curly brown hair that goes down about half-way down my back. I have very pale skin, big dark blue eyes, and a few freckles on my nose. I'm 5'7 and 115 pounds. I started masturbating around 9 years old. I had no idea what I was doing, but every night I would rub my pussy on my pillow and I would hump it until I reached an orgasm. Now I'd consider myself an expert - I've tried just about everything in the book. Usually I like to start off with reading some erotic stories or reading some masturbation techniques/stories, or even watching some lesbian porn once in a while. (I'm straight, but I find that lesbian porn is so much more erotic, plus it focuses more on female masturbation.) Once I'm nice and dripping wet, I massage my tits and work my way down to my pussy, still fully clothed. I'll rub it a little bit with my clothes still on, and then slowly remove all my clothes so I'm completely naked. I'll lie down on my bed and feel my pussy juices that roll down my leg onto my nice round butt. Taking my middle finger, I'll put a finger into my sweet, wet, dripping hole and slide the juices around on my clitoris. Next I pinch my clitoris with my thumb and index finger, and roll it between the two. This feels soooo good. Once I feel like I'm about to orgasm, I stop abruptly. At this point usually I grab a marker or something and put it up my vagina, pumping it in and out. While still pumping the marker in and out, I go wild on my clitoris until I have an explosive orgasm. I'm so wet just from writing this. Better go masturbate! Happy masturbating ladies!

November 7, 2013 - Sexual Preference - In-Between

Self-Pleasuring is Awesome

Cuddly Friends

I have to say that I am an older, divorced woman, and I have never thought of myself as being a lesbian, nor have ever felt any particular attraction to my own sex. A year ago, however, I moved into a new apartment and discovered the joy and pleasure of female sexual compansionship, and that being a lesbian is something that is not at all required. There was a younger living two doors away. We started to see each other quite often, and we got to talking. After a few weeks, we decided that it would be nice to get together for coffee some morning. We joked that we could make it early, and just wear our bath robes, so this is what we did. She came over, early, happily barefoot and in her fuzzy robe, and I was the same. We sat and had coffee and talked, and our discussion got onto relationships. It turned out that she was divorced too, and understood exactly how disappointing men could be. We laughed and joked about that, and agreed that it was not at all easy to have truly romantic relationship from a male perspective, and admitted how nice it would be to experience that. Of course, we said how it took another woman to udnerstand. Well, having gotten that far, we teasingly joked about how maybe we should try getting into bed together. I don't know if we were really serious, but the idea was definietly not unappealing right then. Enough, for the two of us to feel more uninhibited that we might bhave otherwise. We tried being a little playfully cuddly and found it was quite nice. Our hands found their way into the front of each otehr's robe to discover that we were both bare breastsed, and we sat there stimulating each other's nipples, and eventually to kiss and suck on them in a most arousing way. That was about all it took for us to go into my bedroom and abandone our robes and slip naked between the sheets. We were kissing and fondling passionately, and in no time at all we were giving each other a most serious orgasm! I know that we were both a little surprised by our behavior, but we decided to enjoy the same thing the next morning and di so quite sucessfully! Now the two of us have been having this female fling for well over the last ten months, and we have absolutely no plans to stop. All I can say is, give it a try!

November 9, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Bisexual


I love masturbating in front of my boyfriend

Mmm...I LOVE masturbating in front of my boyfriend. I'll either be naked or have my pussy exposed while I'm lying on my back with my legs open so he has a clear view. It's a real turn-on for me if I'm naked and he's dressed. I love it when he's engaged in another activity (reading, on the computer) when I start and has no idea I'm about to start masturbating. Then there's that moment I catch his eye and I've got his full attention from that point on. I start off slow and then rub my clit faster and faster until I cum hard. It's usually a solo act on my part, but I have no objection to him finger fucking my pussy and my ass while I'm rubbing my clit. No objection- that's the understatement of the year! I love it. I even love it if he's just stroking my leg.

We currently have a long distance relationship, but that doesn't stop me from masturbating in front of him as I frequently send pictures and videos. Of course I'd rather be there with him, but it gives me a tingle knowing I've just sent him a surprise email and wondering when he'll be able to open it and wondering just how hard it will make him. It's a bonus when I know I've made him hard out in public. Mmm...

November 9, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Memorable Self-Pleasuring


One summer, our parents went on vacation for a week and left my older sister and myself at home together. Both of us were all right with that, and happy that mom and dad wanted to get away by themseleves. Anyway, we didn't mind having the house to ourselves. One morning, my sister, feeling somewhat uninhibited, strolled out of the bathroom after her shower with nothing on. Of course she did it deliberately, and I thought it was wonderful and daring. I took off my clothes and the two us enjoyed being naked around the house. We were sitting in the living room, and my sister said how this making her feel horny, and I confessed that I was turned on by it, too. So right there in front of me, my sister pushed her hand down between her legs and starts massaging her clitoris. Naturally, I began massage and rubbing mine. It was so exciting doing this naked together. She had an intense orgasm and so did I. We were both sitting there breathing hard and recovering. For that entire next week, while mom and dad were gone, my sister and I went naked and masturbated together frequently and had the best time. Even after mom and dad got back, the two of us continued to have some very enjoyable masturbation session and even got into mutual masturbation. Even to this day we still managed to get together and enjoy a little fun once or twice a year. That first time with my sister, thogh, was truly the most memorable and exciting.

November 11, 2013 -

First Time Masturbating

When I first started

I first started masturbating at age 9 or 10. I just rubbed and rubbed my pussy. It felt so good! Now that I'm older, I still masturbate, and masturbate 3-7 hours a night. I love masturbating!

November 12, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Self-Pleasuring is Awesome

Long Time

It has been a while since I have posted something on here. Today I was just laying in bed and began to rub my nipples and it got me horny. I want to have a session today and have some fun. I want to be rubbing my pussy for a couple hours and really showing myself a good time. Right now Im on another site reading about peoples nasty stories of masturbation and my favorite fetish. My pussy is starting to tingle but I have to admit I am a little nervous to give it to myself.I have started rubbing my pussy little by little, I am still reading I have not started watching porn yet. I like to rub my pissy and piss while masturbating so I am not sure if I will get to do this. But I just wanted to post about my session :)

November 14, 2013 -



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November 14, 2013 -

Other Masturbatory Entry

Reporting Abuse

November 14, 2013 - Exhibitionism masterbateshitpanty

This trolling entry is irrelevant, abusive and unsavoury.

November 18, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Unique or Strange Story


To put a long story short, I lived with an anxiety disorder for several years before I finally saw a doctor and, after several months of counseling, was put on an antidepressant. I feel remarkably better now, and I no longer have to deal with the constant feeling that everything is spiraling out of control. I can actually go out with friends and not sit there feeling so insecure I refuse to speak. All this improvement came with a price, however... one that was written right in the information that came with my medication. May cause sexual dysfunction including difficulty reaching orgasm.

I'd been masturbating for years, and suddenly it was like I didn't know how to get myself off anymore. All my old tricks that used to guarantee a quick orgasm no longer worked, and I would work myself up only to sit there frustrated and orgasm-less. I was forced to resort to alternative techniques since simple clit and g-spot stimulation just weren't working anymore. Soon every time I actually orgasmed it was due almost entirely to anal masturbation. The strength of the orgasms I got this way actually surprised me, but I have to be in a certain mood to want to go through the trouble of anything anal. Plus, while this is kind of gross, it needed to be done at a time when there was nothing else up there to interfere.

One night, while watching some gay porn, I discovered the practice of sounding. Men would get themselves hard and then insert a thin metal rod into the hole in their penis. It scared me a little bit at first, but based on the noises they were making and how quickly they got off, it must have been good. Eventually I started to wonder if females could do the same thing, which lead to some particularly embarrassing google searches. It turns out that girls can, in fact, practice urethral play (otherwise known as sounding), and once I tried it I only wished I had discovered it sooner.

While the thought of shoving something in the hole you pee from may be disconcerting and even sound painful, it's something you can't judge until you've tried it.

The number one rule when doing anything related to your urethra (the tube your pee comes from) is cleanliness. You don't want to go shoving bladder-infection material up there! So anything you use has to be able to be sterilized, like hard plastic or metal. Glass isn't a good idea as there's always a chance of breakage. Both the object and your hands need to be cleaned with alcohol or some other sanitizer before play, and you shouldn't engage in any kind of anal masturbation after your hands are clean to avoid the risk of cross-contamination.

I don't particularly want to shell out the money to buy a set of metal sounds, nor do I want the hassle of trying to have sex toys mailed to the home where I live with my parents. Using household objects is fine as long as you use common sense and make sure to clean them well. I have a liquid eyeliner tube that I like to use. The handle very thin at the end but it tapers up to a larger diameter, and the bottom is quite a bit larger than the rest, preventing any danger of it slipping completely inside. I also sometimes use the handle of one of my makeup brushes.

When I first start masturbating this way, I like to gently rub around my vagina and clit and then finger myself to work myself up. I don't usually start sounding until I have myself really wet, because I like to use my juices as lube for the sound. Commercial lube is probably better, but again, I don't really need it. When I'm finally ready to start, I find the opening of my urethra with a finger on one hand and then use that finger as a guide to find the hole with the sound in my other hand. I push in really gently and just move in and out really shallowly at first, until I feel it start to relax and become easier. The feelings are different depending on how deep you go. It's really unique compared to any other kind of stimulation I've experienced... it's nearly impossible to describe. It feels a little like you need to pee, but in a really good way.

The only thing you want to avoid is forcing something in there if it feels like it doesn't want to go. Your urethra is capable of stretching, but it happens slowly. If you try to force it to accept something before it's ready, you risk tears and other damage.

It's a good idea to pee after you orgasm, because this washes away any bacteria that may have managed to get up in there and drastically reduces the risk of infection.

Basically, I highly recommend googling it and looking around a little before trying sounding. But it's seriously one of the best feelings I've ever experienced and it's allowed me to have some variety in masturbation since I started taking my antidepressant.

Being forced to find new ways to get off has made me try a lot of kinky things. Most of which have turned out amazingly ;)

November 18, 2013 - Sexual Preference - I would rather not say.

The Worst Self-Pleasure Experience


I was masturbating myself then I pooped my pants

November 19, 2013 -

Unique or Strange Story

Clean Seats

One day my om had asked me to drop her off at work, her job is about 30 minutes away from our house and we only have one car so I agreed even though at the time I was really really horny. I have a boyfriend and we`ve never had sex , I`m still a virgin but thinking about him doing sexual things to me just makes me soo horny. The need to stick my hand down my pants would not go away the whole I was driving my mom to her job. Once I finally got her there I was on my way back home when the need to just fuck myself would not go away. I pulled over into a nearby shopping center and parked in a parking space toward the back and climbed into my backseat. I felt this huge adrenaline rush as I unzipped my jeans and pulled them off spreading my legs apart showing off my pussy. I was scared someone would catch me,but then again I was excited for someone too. I slowly started circling my clit, as I sucked on my middle finger thinking it was my boyfriends big dick. I kept circling faster as I inserted my middle finger pumping it into me. By this time I was moaning so loud. I inserted another finger into my pussy as I pumped faster going faster on my clit. I went faster and faster both at the same time. I just thought about my boyfriend fucking me until I couldn't take it, I started screaming his name. I cummed squirting onto the seat. I was breathing so hard still circling my clit I managed to give myself a second orgasm. I laid back exhausted and so happy I had gotten out all of my sexual frustration. The only question was where could I get my mom`s seat cleaned.

November 20, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Urgent Need to Masturbate

My first really deep orgasm

It all started out with just an itchy vagina. Sometimes the area where the hairline meets inside of the lips just begs for a good scratching! So I slid my hands down my stomach and under my pajama waistband and just started giving my lips a good scratching. One hand on each lip, pulled apart, index finger just going up and down the hairline. I love the feeling of the hair going between my fingers and skin. After getting my scratch on, decided to go about my day, however, as I was scratching, I noticed my scent. There was something appealing about it- rich and deep with a little twang. I sniffed my fingers and got more of it. I got turned on and started thinking about my man, Andrew.

I got on my super comfy bed and started fantasizing. All the noises he would make during an excellent blowjob. How he would grasp the sheets and moan, the feeling of his stomach against my ass as he takes me from behind. Getting face-first into that scent that I myself am now turned on by. Writhing around in my sheets only made it feel more real. I started getting wet and decided to read a few stories to keep my interest going. I read all these stories and thought, how come I can never orgasm like that? This time I was determined.

I laid back and rubbed hard on the pubic bone. They say it alerts the nerves to give you a more powerful orgasm. After that, I lightly explored for wetness. First just a fingertip in, then a little further.

I just started working at it. One middle finger in my pussy, the other hand index at my clit. It felt pretty good! I kept on going and it started heating up. I started getting wetter and I was in the throes! My finger was moving inside of me as the other finger rubbed my clit. It got fast and furious as I imagined Andrew inside me. His thick, strong cock pulsing in this warm wetness. Yes! I said in my head. More! Come inside me! He obliged and got deeper, thrusting in need. Things were really getting intense- my fingers had started moving in two different directions! I was feeling really good.

Then something amazing happened. My vagina opened up. I could suddenly get so much deeper than before. I went for it. Instantly my back arched. My moans got breathier. No longer the mmmm, ooh of a light satisfaction, they had become open- mouthed, voiced gasps of pleasure. I pushed in deeper and circled wildly. My hands pushed down as my hips bucked up. I could feel the heat and pressure all over. Yes, Andrew, yes yes yes YES YES YES!!!!!!

Finally! A huge orgasm occurred, bursting from an impossible deepness. I went so deep and so hard, I was sore and trembling. I laid in bed reveling at this newfound satisfaction. After a while, I went to the bathroom to clean myself up. As I sat on the toilet, legs open, I smelled again, in satisfaction the scent that started it all.

November 22, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Sex Toys and Masturbation Tools


Whenever I get horny, I try to wait a while or even as long as possible without giving in to my desires. My whole body tingles as my mind races and I think about being penetrated. I sometimes go to bed horny and when I wake up put on some porn and pleasure myself. A butt plug and a vibrator will really turnyme on and I can only last for a few minutes. After I finish I lick my juices and fall asleep completely exhausted.

November 24, 2013 -

Urgent Need to Masturbate

I started when I was about 10 or 9, The first thing I used was my electric toothbrush, I just stuck the handle against my clit because the vibration noise made me feel 'the tinglys' on my vagina. I then switched over to the head, using the bristles against my clit and loving it.

I switched out of that with the tub faucet technique, Here's what I do: I just scoot under the tub and spread my vagina open for the stream to hit my clit spot on, my bathtub faucet is kinda old and powerful, it was mean't to fill up a bathtub fast, so the water comes down hard and fast in a steady stream. Which makes me a happy girl.

It feels really good and comes down so fast it shock me at firsts, but I orgasm within seconds if I let it fall right on my clit!

November 30, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

First Time Masturbating

How I started

When I was little I had gotten out of the pool on summer holidays and was lounging naked in my room waiting for my hair to dry. I had a massive brown teddy called Homer that my uncle had won me at a carnival, and I was wrestling him and pretending to beat him up a bit.

At one point I ended up sitting on his head, and his little plastic nose pressed into my naked vulva area. The feeling was a little strange at first. I looked down at my groin for a while, then experimented getting up and sitting down again, making the plastic nose push against my vulva again and again. Eventually I worked out that I could lean forward and with a crude humping motion glide the plastic nose around my genitals.

I can't recall if it was hitting my clitoris or not, but I started humping harder and harder so the pressure of my groin squashed onto the teddy caused a very pleasurable sensation that was undeniably sexual. After a while my hips got tired so I sat up and looked at my vulva. My lips had turned a rosy pink colour, and everything felt a little sensitive to the touch.

From then on, Homer became my hump buddy for the next 4 years! I would rock myself to sleep with him between my thighs at night time, with my nightie pulled up and my bare butt stuck in the air as I humped away on him. My parents caught me a couple of times, but were liberated enough to leave me be, and I never really felt that what I was doing was dirty. However I somehow knew it was something I should do in private, whether that impression came from an earlier incident in youth or not I can't recall.

Eventually I moved on to different implements (shower heads, pool jets, fingers, pencils), but my times with Homer will always stick with me as a funny little example of the universal need for pleasure.

December 1, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Memorable Self-Pleasuring

close cousins

As a teenager, some details from my childhood remain hazy. However, I still remember a few details from the times I visited my female cousin who is only a few months older than me. We were very young, maybe about 5 or 6 years old, and wanted to try some things our parents did. We thought sex was just kissing and making out, so we would lay on our stomachs on the bed, facing each other, and try to kiss. It seemed gross to us, so we never actually did it. Whenever we were at her house, we had more privacy. Her parents didn't check up on us often and her siblings avoided us as much as possible. We wanted to try the closest thing to sex as we could. So one of us would be the girl and lay under the blanket on the bed. I usually played the guy since she was a bit older and chose who would play what role. I lied on top of her and bunched the blanket into a ball and put it right between us. As we moved our hips, it rubbed us in all the right ways. We would continue until it got tiring for both of us, then switch positions. One day, her curtains were pulled all the way back, revealing us to her elderly neighbor. Fearful of getting caught, we ended our little sessions. I'm slightly scared to ask her is she remembers those times, but I sure haven't forgotten them.

December 1, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Anonymous Masturbator Confessions

Cousin Playing

When I was younger , I use to spend the night over cousin. One time me and my cousin was on the computer looking for games to play that when my cousin accidentally click on the history we was young we had no idea what we was doing but somehow we ended up the computer website history and then when we saw our first porno we assume it was something my cousin dad was watching before we got there but after watching the girls for a while me and my cousin decide to copy what the girls was doing to each other we had no idea knowing what we was doing was bad but I know for sure we both liked it because every month we did the same thing.

December 1, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Self-Pleasuring is Awesome

quick and easy

yo. if you don't have a lot of time and you are always horny like I am, then here's a tip. 1.go into your bathroom and get your electric toothbrush if you have one 2.strip from your waist(or stayed dressed if that floats your boat) 3.sit on a towel on the edge of your bathtub(or rug,bed,toilet,etc.) 4.put the bristles of your toothbrush against your clitoris and turn it on 5.enjoy(cum very frigging HARD!)

December 2, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Memorable Self-Pleasuring

Memorable Voyeuristic Masturbation

Voyeuristic Masturbation I am a teenager and I have been masturbating since I was 9. I have tried many different ways but the best orgasm for me came in an unexpected manner. A friend of the family, that I have known all my life, was staying over one Summer night. I have always thought of him as a handsome sexy older man. I love hugging him and feeling my breasts pushing into his firm chest every chance I get. When I was younger my little sister and I would climb into bed with him and snuggle as close to him as possible. I have even rubbed my crotch against his leg while he was sleeping. It felt so good! That unforgetable night I was 12. It was to hot to sleep so I got up and went to get a drink from the kitchen. Looking into the living room I could see him lying on the couch. The light from the night light in the room made it light enough that I could easily see him lying there. He was stretched out with no covers over him and he was only wearing a pair of boxers. I walked quietly up to the couch. For some reason my curiosity to see him sleeping without him knowing I was there was overwhelming. As my eyes roamed freely over his body I could feel my vagina getting wet and my clitoris and nipples grew stiff and sensitive. I pulled my night shirt over my head and dropped my panties to the floor. Standing there naked just a foot or so away from him was so exciting that I could feel the moisture from my vagina seeping down my thighs. I didn't want him to catch me standing there like that but the chance of him awaking was strangely arousing. In a strange way I wanted him to come awake and take me in his arms and caress me and make love to me, but the thought also frightened me. Standing there quivering, with a mixture of sexual excitement and the fear of getting caught, I drank in every inch of his male body with my eyes. As I looked closer at him I realize that the fly on his boxers was wide open and his splendid penis was exposed to my view. I had seen my Father's penis before but this was a dream come true. I had fantisized about his penis for years. I was ecstatic at the view of his magnificent maleness layed out on display for my eyes only. Every feeling of fear left my thoughts as the craving to see his gorgeous penis closer took over. I leaned closer to drink in this unexepected delight. My vulva rubbed against the arm of the couch and sparks of pleasure jumped in my body. I had jerked back with the first flash but I slowly spread my thighs and rested my vulva against the couch's arm. I began a slow rocking humping of the couch. The pressure of my rocking against my swollen clitoris on the couch was heavenly. My hands rub my breasts and my eyes never left his penis. I noticed that his scrotum moved slightly and his penis began to enlarge as I watched it. I could tell he was still asleep as his breathing never changed. My excitement grew as his penis enlarged slowly into an unbelievably beautiful erection. My breathing and the tempo of my rubbing increased as he got larger. I began to have an overwhelming desire to feel his swollen penis between my thighs and pushing up into me. I tried to keep from moaning as I felt my orgasm approaching. Suddenly I was jerking uncontrollably and my breath whooshed out of me with a stifled groan. Waves of intense pleasure raced from my vulva through out my body. My eyes snapped shut as points of lights exploded on the back of my eye lids. I had to quickly catch myself with my hands on the back of the couch as the feeling was so overpowering that I almost fell forward on to him. My knees wanted to buckle and I could feel the muscles in my vagina, thighs and butt spasming against the arm of the couch. The pleasure waves slowly subsided until I could stand without fear of falling. I picked up my night clothes and hurried back to my bed. I spent the next couple of hours rubbing my clitoris and seeing his beautiful penis in my memory. I must have came at least four more times before I drifter contentedly off to sleep. This was the most intense orgasm I have had to date.I still tresure this memory and use it when I masturbate. Every time he comes to visit I give him a hug and I get wet all over again.

December 2, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Bisexual

Caught Masturbating!


I was home from school one day so I decided to watch some porn and masturbate. I was getting so into it that I didn't hear the front door close. Next thing I know, I hear a voice saying enjoying ourselves know, our we? My sister is standing at my door while I have my finger in my pussy. I am completely in shock!She steps in the room, closes the door, and slowly starts to undress. She then says, I guess I should join you. We ended up masturbating together for the next hour. This has now become a daily routine, and my sister and I are closer than ever ;)

December 7, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Other Masturbatory Entry


Hey girls!!! I wanna text and email you baby's I have a big dick! Talk to me

December 8, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Memorable Self-Pleasuring

First time squirting

When I first started exploring porn, one of the first videos I watched was a woman squirting. I was fascinated and wondered what it would feel like. When I spoke to my boyfriend about it he said he found it hot, so I wanted to see if I could make myself do it. I started with an electric tooth brush to see if the vibrations would work, and wow did it work! I put the vibrating bristles on my clit and started cumming within minutes. I saw that a little cum had dribbled out but it wasn't a squirt. One night I was feeling really horny so I watched some porn and started rubbing my clit. I'd get myself really close to cumming but then stop, until I desperately needed to let go. I sat on the edge of the bed with my legs spread and rubbed my wet pulsing clit, and as I started breathing heavier and tensing up, to my surprise juicy cum came shooting out and ran all down my legs and squirted everywhere! It was so intense my eyes rolled back and I was trembling. I came for a few minutes until I was drenched in beautiful juices that I rubbed into my pussy. When I did it in front of my boyfriend he loved it so much he made me squirt on him so we could roll around in my juices and have sex. Definitely won't ever forget that!!! I'm so glad I can do that now, it's so amazing!

December 10, 2013 -


˙ž[ ˙ž[ ˙ž[

December 11, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Anonymous Masturbator Confessions

My Son

I have a confession as a mother, which may or may not be all that uncommon. Thjis started about a year ago. One day I happened to se my son (who is over eighteen, by the way) naked in his room with an erection. I was positively amazed by how large his penis was! I really had no idea that his penis was a good ten to twelve inches when it was hard! Of course my seing him was accidental and I apologized. Afterward he was quite embarrassed, and I told him that he didn't have to be, and he confessed mostly it was because of the size of his penis. This was something that he had always been terribly self-conscious about. I could see what he was saying. I assured him that he shouldn't be embarrassed, and I told him that I thought it was quite a treat getting to see such a large, handsome endowment as his. This made him feel better, and I teased him a little about it and he remarked on how he would have to give me a show every now and then. I happily said how that would be fine with me. A few days later I saw him walk naked from the bathroom to his room after a shower, and he was sporting the most magnificent hard on! I smiled and he smiled, and we botgh enjoyed his exhibition. After that, he began to let me see him naked and fully erect quite a bit, and I loved it. In fact, feeling slightly guilty over this, I began masturbation to images of his boner, and even wondering what it would be like to have it in me. I know this is not the proper mother thing, but I certainly have enjoyed such tempting thoughts, I can tell you. What's more, I have actually gotten to enjoy seeing him masturbate to completion in front of me - to both of our approval, and I think that it is only a matter of time before we find ourselves being mutually agreeable to doing more. I must admit that just the thought is terribly arousing and exciting!

December 11, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

First Time Masturbating

Oh so nice

When I was younger, my mother and father divorced, so it was just my mom and myself. One day during the summer we had come home from using the public pool. We went into the house and into the laundry room, and my mother said that we should take off our damp swimsuits. Of course it was just the us girls. I was a little shy, but we striped off, and there we were naked together. I thought it was amusing to see my mom's rather large breasts and all of her pubic hair. My mom just smiled and said how much fun it was being naked and how good it felt, and I modestly agreed. Then she remarked on how good it felt to touch yourself down there, and she put her fingers between her legs and lightly touched herself. I was amazed to see her do that, already knowing that it did feel good it felt. I slipped my hand down and touched my clit lightly and we stood there doing that together, both us enjoying the pleasure. Then my mother closed her eyes and moaned a little and had an orgasm. I quickly gave myself one, too. It was so nice doing that together and so deliciously daring. A few days later, one morning my mom and I were in the living room together, both of us in our robes. My mom said how it would be nice just to be naked, so we took off our robes and there we were. After maybe half an hour of our being in the buff, my mom asked if I wanted to go up to her room and we could play with outselves again like we had. So we did. We laid on the bed and began masturbating ourselves and once more were quite successful in satisfying ourselevs. After this time, this started to become a regular activity that my mom and I would enjoy together, and we began to enjoy mutual masturbation. This wenty on for years, and it was so nice that two of us could be close like this.

December 11, 2013 -


˙ž[ ˙ž[ ˙ž[

December 12, 2013 - Sexual Preference - In-Between

Anonymous Masturbator Confessions


I have to confess that I had a wonderful lesbian affair which lasted for over two years. No one, and most of all my parents, have no idea, of course. When I was younger, I had a girlfriend who openly interested in being romantic with me. At the time it sort of bothered me and I was not very responsive, beyond our sharing a few kisses that were more amorous on her part than mine. Later, though, when I thought about the idea of two females being passionate, I did find it rather intriguing and mildly erotic, in spite of my not having attraction to other females as such. Then, after college, when I was on my own, I had a neighbor who was in her early fifties and had been divorced for several years. We got to be friends. I can only describe her as being rather average, although nice looking. When it came to men, she admitted that she had no desire to become involved in another serious relationship, and at the time I had just ended a year long relationship and pretty much could understand what she was saying. We laughed about what the alternative was, and agreed that might not be so bad. Quite agreeably, we teasingly shared an affectionate moment and quite enjoyed it. I know that with my girlfriend years before it just had not felt right doing anything like that. But this time, I felt very relaxed and quite enjoyed the pleasure of being all- female like that together. It was very easy for the two of to become romantic, and we went to her bedroom and got our of our clothes and were naked in each others arms in no time. Basically, we just kissed and fondled and caressed, and engaged in mutual masturbation that day, but it turned out to be such a ownderful experience for both of us. Over the next month we serious began to have a lesbian affair, and I had no problem in enjoying oral sex with her. Something which I never thought that I would ever do with another woman. Our affair finally ended when I was offered a very good overseas job. I regreted leaving, but she agreed that this would be good for me. No, I have not sought other women since, because I know that it would never be the same. Although in the back of my thoughts, I do dream of perhaps someday rewacquainting meself with such satisfying female pleasures.

December 12, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Memorable Self-Pleasuring

Getting Started

I pretty much discovered masturbation like any young girl, and of course I found it a whole lot of fun. My parents were divorced, and lots of times I would go and spend time at my dad's house, which sort of out in the country, with no neighbors close by. While he was at work, I could secretly enjoy being naked, which was teasing and a turn on. There was a large fireplace with lots of throw pillos around, and I would go and sprawl on the pillows and act like a seductive vixen and happily masturbate myself to marvelous climaxes. The house also had a large deck out back, and feeling daring, I began to go outside and lay on one of the lounge chairs and pleasure myself. I really found being outdoors a turn on, and I loved how exciting it was. I began to find it thrilling to go the stairs and walk out to the trees. Of course here I was, this skinny kid, but I felt so sexy, and I loved being that adventurous. I got in the habit of when I reached the trees, probably a hundred feet away, I was rub my clit to a terrific orgasm that was so intense, because I was so turned on. Then one day I was naked out on the deck, and my father returned home unexpectedly. He was surprised and I was so embarrassed. I told him that I was sunbathing in the nude, and he merely said that was fine with him, seeing how private it was. After that, I was a whole lot more cautious and never got caught again.

December 14, 2013 -

Self-Pleasuring is Awesome

fun night alone

Let's just start out saying I loveee to masturbate! It's so funn. So whenever I'm home alone I find myself wanting to touch myself.. so I go through this whole process. I go on here and read these stories, they get me all turned on. Then I watch lesbian porn, but never touch myself. Than I go run the bath which has jets. I back into it doggy style, setting the jets on low and just moan. I play with my boobs alot. After I get really close to coming I stop. Then I get out and go lay on my bed putting my vibrator on my clit, and turn porn back on. I wait as long as I possibly can than turn it off. I used to be a Sttipper. So I have a pole at home. I like to put on something sexy grind away. Feeling the coolness makes me climax right away. When I can't take it anymore I cum screaming.

December 16, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

The Ultimate Female Masturbation Experience

Lesbian Encounter

I was in my bedroom, jilling off with my legs spread wide open and pussy out in the open. I was so caught up in ramming my fingers in and out of me that I didn't notice my best friend standing there at my door just watching me masturbate myself. I tried hiding myself while she closed the door and came came over to me, kissing me passionately which caught me by surprise. She started taking her clothes off without breakin the kiss and trailed her hand down to my soaling wet pussy. She stuck three fingers inside me without hesitation and I screamed from the pleasure. She broke the kiss and started to suck on my clit while pushing her fingers in and out of me fast. I could already feel my orgasm coming on and I turned us over so I could hump her face. I screamed again when one of my strongest orgasms broke out and making me squirt all over her face which she licked clean. I smiled and kissed her on the mouth before trailing kisses down to her own pussy. She was already wet that I just licked her all over her pussy lips and clit. She moaned as I stuck my tongue into her pussy and stuck a finger up her hole. I did this for five minute before she started to moan loudly and hold my face as she orgasmed. I licked all her juices up and kissed her pussy. I then grabbed my two sides dildo that was in my drawer and she took it from me and told me toady down on my back. I did what she told me and laid down with my legs spread afar. She licked the dildo before putting the whole 7 inches inside me, making me moan instantly. After making me have two more orgasms and me repaying the favor, we both got under the wet covers and fell asleep in each others arms

December 21, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Memorable Self-Pleasuring

My time in computer class

I was in computer class one day in 8th grade.I sat in the back,2 rows away from the teacher no one sat behind me.We were watching a movie since it was the end of the year.I was watching it.And I accidentally rubbed my clit across my chair.And it felt so good.I kept doing it again and again.I could feel my breathing getting heavier and heavier.And my heart was racing as I worried if I get caught from my classmates.The people sitting next to left to sit with their friends.And I felt a little bit of relief.I kept rubbing harder and harder.And I tried to keep my oustself together.But inside all I wanted to do was scream in pleasure.I felt a really intense feeling a few minutes in.I orgasmed.Then I calmed down.I went to the bathroom and saw my pussy was soaked.

December 23, 2013 -


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December 24, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Other Masturbatory Entry

On the Phone With Him 3

My boyfriend and I started our relationship in an extremely sexual way. We started off as friends who sexted eachother all the time, then we fell in love. We are both very horny creatures and we are both into s&m. Well, since I had too move out of his place, we haven't gotten to please eachother nearly as often as we used too. There was a summer that we litterally spent more than %90 of our time just being naked and loving eachother. When I get in the mood, I try to send him little hints about how naughty I'm being. Sometimes I call him and don't say anything, I just let him hear me moan and play with myself, he gets hard and starts playing with himself, and when I hear him moan it sends me into a frenzy! I sit there and play with my clit and just go wild! Mmm and sometimes we sext eachother and he'll tell me what to do, most of the time he tells me to go slow and it's torture. Mmm I miss having my legs wrapped around him and he pounds me so hard that I scream. Just thinking about it makes me want to moan. Mmmm I'd better go take care of myself, have fun ladies ;)

December 24, 2013 - Sexual Preference - In-Between

Anonymous Masturbator Confessions

Good Friends

I am in my twenties, unmarried and I will admit, a bit overweight. At work, I started to become friends with another young woman much like myself, unmarried and slightly overweight. The two of us found that we had a lot in common. I invited her over to my apartment for a glass of wine. Well, the two of us started talking about relationships and guys, and how heavy girls were not appreciated, and in general commensiserating on how we wouldn't mind having a romantic interlude in the bedroom. We both laughed and said how maybe we should take matters into our own hands and not bother with guys, and how maybe it might be just as nice together as girls. Neither of us had tried this, but we were feeling uninhibited, and figured, why not? So we went into my bedroom and stripped and started to be nakedly friendly. We began kissing and that was so delicious, and we played with the ample fullness of her each other's breasts, and one thing soon led to another. It was so wonderful being in each other's arms, with our hands between each other's legs being incredibly stimulated. We even got daring, and licked each other's clit, sliding our fingers in and out of each other's pussy. Over the next two hours we enjoyed giving one another two good orasms. Afterwards, we both felt completely thrilled with our new found freedom to be female lovers. I can only say to anyone out there, do not be afraid to try it. Friendship in bed can be fantatsic!

December 24, 2013 - Sexual Preference - In-Between

Anonymous Masturbator Confessions

Very Good Friends Too

I just read the story from the overweight young woman and her friend, and it could have been my own! Like the two of them, my friend and I have discovred the pleasure of female friendship in the romantic department. We both confess in not being able to get a decent boyfriend, and we know that this is due to our weight. However, we are perfectly happy being plump and nude together, and take great delight in one another's female attitude towards enjoying sex. Both of us say, go for it gals! Why miss out on the good things in life? Not lesbians, just lovers and friends!

December 24, 2013 - Sexual Preference - In-Between

First Time Masturbating

Learning How

When I was younger, my sister used to jill me. She was two years older than me, and when we were home by ourselves, lots of times we would go naked around the house just for fun. My sister knew all about masturbation, and she said that she would show how, because it felt so good. So we sat on her bed, and she started rubbing my clit with her finger, and I was amazed by the stimulation! She kept at it, and soon I was having an orgasm. It was so incredible. After that, we began masturbating each other. Mom found out what we were doing, but she was okay with it, figuring that we were just having some innocent fun. Sometimes after we did that, mom would smile and say, Oh, you gilrs! And we would grin modestly, but we enjoyed the fact that we didn't have to hide our activities. Mom was accepting of our going around the house naked sometimes, and she even started going naked too on occasion. Although my sister and I never got to jill with mom.

December 26, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Other Masturbatory Entry

Door and duvet girl

Well, I started pleasing myself when I was quite young, but I didn't realise that it was masturbating.When I went to the toilet when I was younger I looked at the door, and thought it would be a bit like a ride. So I put one leg either side of the door, held on to the handles with my hands and started rubbing my vagina against the door, it felt sooooo good. But I found myself doing this more and more frequently.I thought a while back that it would be more like actual sex if I was lied down on my bed, so I layed on my bed so I got the duvet and placed it between my legs, I then started to rub my vagina against it. Try it it's brilliant!!!

December 27, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

First Time Masturbating

My first time

I started masturbating very young. At five years old, I remember clearly my very first experience of it; I accidentally discovered a porn channel whilst pushing random numbers into the TV remote. I watched in confusion and amazement as a man lay on top of a naked woman, moving up and down on her and doing something to (what I only knew then as) her 'privates'. I remember her moaning in pleasure and just staring in awe until someone realised what I was watching and immediately turned it off, telling me it was 'grown up TV'. I ran to my room, still confused but I was desperate to replicate what I had just seen in the best way I could. So I took off all my clothes, lay down, pretending to be the woman, and picked up the large blue teddy that was always on my bed, curiously putting it near my 'privates'. The feeling when the bear's hard nose first touched there was amazing and completely new; before I knew it I was rubbing frantically away at my pussy experiencing this wonderful sensation, trying to spread my legs as wide as I could. I never orgasmed at this time, I would just do it until I was sleepy from the pleasure, and so I would do it every night before bed.

One day my friend from school came over to my house and whilst we were playing with dolls in my room I told her how it feels good to touch down there. She was fascinated when I told her about rubbing it with teddy bear and asked for me to show her, so not knowing it was bad at all, I pulled off my panties and lay down on my back, spread my legs and did as I always did, rubbing the teddy's nose hard into my clit and making little sighing sounds as I pressed harder and harder. She lay down and started to do the same thing with one of my dolls, rubbing away, making those same sounds as she felt that first experience of sexual pleasure. From then on she would come over often and we would hide away in my room 'playing sex', just lying there and rubbing ourselves until one day she asked if I thought it would feel the same if she did it to me. So we tried. It was innocent fun and remember it incredibly clearly; she rubbed the bear's nose against me and then she replaced the bear with her own fingers, and then we swapped and I did the same thing to her. I always looked forward to her visits and 'playing sex'. As time went on I decided to be the man and I would sit on top of her naked, as I had seen that very first time I watched porn. I would hump her, replicating the man, and rub my pussy against hers, creating for both of us an extremely intense and amazing feeling. Sometimes we would swap and she would sit on top and hump and grind away until we were both tired. One day when we were doing this, I was on top and humping against her pussy and we were both moaning and I suddenly began to feel a build up of pleasure, so I went faster and faster, humping away as hard as I could, and that was when I had my first orgasm. It was the world's best feeling, and I rubbed my friend until she felt it too. I often wonder if she remembers those days as well as I do.

December 27, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Sex Toys and Masturbation Tools

Friendly surprise

I just got into college I was assigned a roommate, I didn't know her at all and it was just me and her in the dorm. For the first couple weeks we just got to know eachother, but very soon we became very close. She and I were both straight but were expirimentimg. One night we both went to the showers and met back at the dorm. Only dressed in a silk robe, my roommate came over and started undressing me while passionately kisses me, she slipped off her robe and eventually we were both naked, hair wet and skin still damp from our showers I am sittin on our kitchen counter, legs spread, while she is gently fingering my wet smooth vigina and kissin me. We make our way to my bed as she's massaging my breast I am fingering her. She guides my hand up while she adjusts herself to spread legs in an opposite position as I am. With both our legs spread she rubs our pussys together. The clit to clit felt sensational, I orgasmed many times. Since then, we mess around almost every might.

December 29, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Go girls

I must apologize and admit I am a guy, but I just want to say I love coming on this site and reading all you ladies' masturbation stories. They are so wonderful and really make me hard!!!!! Please keep them cumming ;) !!!!!!!

December 29, 2013 - Sexual Preference - In-Between

The Ultimate Female Masturbation Experience

A Very Friendly Afternoon

After being divorced fr the last five years, as a mature woman, I have begun to settle into having my own life and enjoyin this. I have a divorced friende my own age, who had also begun to re- discover the pleasures of being single. The two of us were having lunch at my place and enjoying each other's company, and talkin about life and relationships, and of course with both of us admitting how we wouldn't mind having a little uncomplicated romantic interlude - only without it becoming all involved. Well, the fact that we both saw this from a female perspective presented the idea that maybe we should enjoy something along those lines in a female way. With neither of us having any experience in this dpartment, we innocently tried kissing to see what that ws like. Would it be awkward, unappealing? We had no idea. Putting our lips togther, we were both surprised by both how easy and pleasing this was. Sharing some romantic kisses certainly bega to get us into the mood. We progressed to gently fondling each other's breasts through our clohting, and this added the the pleasure. We decided to take the next step and went into my bedroom to undress. We laid naked on the bed in each other's arms and kissed and touched and caressed. We kissed and sucked on each other's nipples, while our hands wandered between one another's legs. My fingers slipped into her wet vagina, while her went into mine, and we stimulated each other's now thorughly aroused clits. Our physical excitement was boundless! Our mutual masturbation became love making resulkting in two very satisfying orgasms that left uf panting and in need of recovery. Needless to say, we were both absolutely thrilled with including this kind of intimacy in our friendship. Now two or three times a month we enjoy ourselves in the bedroom and are ever so glad that we had the courage to try this!

December 31, 2013 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Masturbation Biography

Orgasming my way into the New Year

I first discovered masturbation when I was about 5 or 6 years old. I clearly remember climbing the fireman's pole for our school PE class and experiencing this amazing sensation between my legs. As I climbed to the top of the pole, I clung on with my arms as I humped the cold metal to my first glorious orgasm. I didn't know exactly what it was that is discovered, but in the last 25 years I have masturbated my way around the globe and in all sorts of different places and different ways.

I am particularly turned on by masturbating in inappropriate places or in places where I risk being caught. When I was about sixteen I discovered that I could get myself off by fingering myself rather than having to hump something. I usually start by putting my hands into my pants and sliding my finger from my clitorus down my slit, plunging my finger into my vagina in order to spread my juices around my pussy. Sometimes I lick the juices off my fingers, imagining that someone is watching and is aroused by the show I'm putting on for them. I slowly circle the hood of my clitorus whilst using my other hand to fondle my breasts. As I build up speed I imagine having a big cock filling and pounding my pussy. As I reach my crescendo my toes curl, my back arches and that familiar warm tingly sensation explodes in my pussy radiating through my whole body.

I have had many memorable experiences masturbating including in clothes shop changing rooms, in bed with my cousin, in most of the places I've worked, in my car driving on the motorway, and on the beach. My fantasy for having people watch me touch myself has been fulfilled with various lovers who have been delighted to be with a woman who knows what she likes and is confident enough to pleasure herself. One of my previous partners used to like me lying on him (my pussy near his face and feet either side of his head) as I fingered myself to an orgasm - it was such a turn on to know that he had a front row seat, and he'd usually then lick me to another orgasm before taking me with his big thick cock. Amazing.

So seeing in this New Year, it only seems appropriate to welcome it in with some self loving. I'm staying at a friend's house in the room next door to my friend and her boyfriend. I kind of hope they hear me making myself cum or walk in to find me naked and fingering myself on their spare bed. I'll finish here so that I can satisfy myself and will be fantasising of you lovely ladies getting yourself off to my story! Happy new year :-)

January 2, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Undecided

The Ultimate Female Masturbation Experience

Round moisturizer tubes

Last night I was really bored and really horny so I laid in bed spread my legs and looked up some hot lesbian porn I think I'm straight but watching girls is more pleasurable. After a while I started rubbing myself and I felt my softwet vagina I spread it's juices all over my clit and asshole. It felt amazing soon I started rubbing my clit harder and harder until my legs shook and my toes curled and I organsmed. Then I started all Over this time I waited and stopped myself from orgasming. I got up and tried to find anything that was safe and big enough to shove inside me. I found a clinique moisturizer tube and slowly put it inside me. My pussy was so wet I rubbed my clit while sliding the tube in and out. It was my best masturbating experience ever. I enjoy masturbating more than sex because men don't know how to touch a clit. Someday I hope I'm lucky enough to have an encounter with a girl. She would understand and rub her pussy all over mine and rub me until I cum she could eat me out until I scream but for now I only wish

January 3, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Unique or Strange Story

The genuine article

I discovered masturbation when I was about eight or nine years old by using stuffed toys, and then later moved onto using my hands. Well when I was a young teenager I got a bit bored of manual masturbation and decided to experiment. Since I have never had a boyfriend I guess I was always horny most of the time. And, I was always a weird kid. So what I did, was I decided to make my own homemade sex doll to see what it would be like to do it with a real boy. So what I did, was I got some jeans and stuffed some clothes inside of them. I rolled up some thick hoodies and trousers and stuffed them inside the jeans so that they would feel like the legs, and then I got a shirt. It was actually my brothers shirt, and I stuffed some more shirts inside of that and folded them up so it felt like a real human body (almost.) And then I got some socks and put gloves inside them plus another pair of socks over them, so it had feet. Last of all I got a sock, and then stuffed the sock with loads of other socks for the penis and put it into the trousers. Finally, I printed out a picture off the internet of a really cute guy and put it in front. I can honestly say, it felt like I was humping a real boy! Well, almost. I guess it was like what having sex with a dead person would be like as the body could not move, but still. That would probably put me off. First what I did was go on the internet and read stories like this to make me hot, or sometimes I write erotic fiction and let my fantasies pour out to get me into the mood, and then I grab my boy, and hump him while imagining that I am humping a really cute boy. And I orgasm every time and have no troubles reaching climax this way. I suppose you could put a dildo inside or a vibrating dildo but I can't get a hold of one as I still live with my parents. Anyway I even used to sleep with it in my bed, though it took up most of the room. I would put a hot water bottle on it for a few minutes before I went to bed and when I got in bed I would cuddle it, pretending it was a real boy. It felt warm, just like a real body. I kept it for like a few months and one morning I slept in pretty late and my dad came in to wake me up. And he saw the foot of the doll and picked it up. He said huh. and then walked out. He didn't seem to notice the rest of the body I had made, but he did notice the sock foot. That was embarrassing.

January 3, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Memorable Self-Pleasuring

the dog licked pussy

once, I was bored and home alone. So I decided to get naked and play with myself. I spread my legs and opened my lips. I rubbed my pussy till it was really wet. I rubbed around my clit and it was so pleasurable. I then decided to go a bit further and insert a finger into my pussy with a curling motion and then I licked the juices off my fingers. Well then my staffie dog came in and started sniffing my crotch while my legs were still open. I was surprised, having his cold wet nose sniffing my vagina, but it wasn't bad. Then, he started to lick. And this, was the most amazing experience ever. He continued to lick up my juices and this was really turning me on so much that I began to moan with pleasure. It was like someone was giving me oral, except a million times better. The dog's long sticky tongue went deeper into my pussy until I climaxed and got come all over his face, although he didn't notice and carried on licking until I had to shoo him away. That was the best experience masturbating of my life, but I haven't done it again since. I guess I just haven't had time alone in the house as much or I have been afraid.

January 3, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Self-Pleasuring is Awesome

love it

I just rub on my clit normally. Feels so good. But when I was younger I used to try with stuffed animals, or a pillow. Or I’d roll up a bit of the duvet and hump it. Pretending it was Justin Bieber. I use the shower head sometimes... And once I took my electric toothbrush and turned it on and massaged my clit with it. It was like a mini vibrator! Needless to say I did clean it afterwards. I don’t really want cum in my teeth... you can roll a blanket a few times into a ball or a knot it into a sausage shape, feels just like a penis! If you do it correctly, it feels almost like the real thing. You can use socks too, like what if you got like a sock, and stuffed other socks inside it? I guess it would be like a fluffy dildo. You can also use asparagus, or those long thin peppers or you could use sausages as well like hot dogs. Or salami or cumberland. Or like the person before said, you could make a sex doll. You could get some clothes, like some jeans, and stuff that so they’re solid and then get a shirt and stuff that so that you have a real human body form. You could stuff it with Newspaper. Clothes. You could even stuff it with blankets. Clothes would probably be ideal. And you could get like, a sock and like, stuff it with other socks or you could put like a dildo or a vibrator or something in there, and you could print out a picture of your favourite celebrity and put it on top so you can indulge in an erotic fantasy come to life. I WOULD PUT justin Bieber’s face on it. If you want to undress the imaginary guy You could like get nude coloured tights and stick them on top of some others and more nude coloured clothes, I’m sure you could find some. If you're worried about the feel of the skin, I don't know what you could do. Coat him in rubber? Make a lifesize model out of playdoh? Actually that would be a good idea because then you could replicate a penis you wouldn’t need a dildo. And you could change the body if it gets boring or too.... damaged, and make it better. Give it more muscles, make its penis bigger, make it thinner, you know? And then you could like put clothes on it and then you could have the fun of stripping it and having sex with it. Most of the dolls are made with latex, but the more expensive models are made of silicon. It is the closest material to human skin. Some implants are silicon as well so it figures. And then what if I wanted to do it with Justin Bieber? Then I just take out my handy J Biebs doll and have a good time. I want to find out what it’s like to do it with a real boy. Happy masturabting! :)

January 3, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Bisexual

Self-Pleasuring is Awesome

what I do

I masturbate often, I love it! I have a vibrator. It produces such an intense orgasm. But that’s only when I’m feeling indulgent and fancy. Normally I take two fingers and shove them in and out of my pussy. I think you need to be quite loose to do it. If you’re a virgin, you would probably have more problems doing it that way. once I hit my G-spot. I love that feeling. Mmm yeah... Once I stuck a pen up there. And a hairbrush. I used lube obviously. And have you ever tried using dildoes? It feels just like a real penis. You can also use vegetables as dildoes. Like, get a cucumber or a carrot or a banana and stick it up there. You could use lube or oils to make it easier to put them in. If you can't get a hold of that stuff then you could use butter, water, vaseline. Grease or oils. You could even use your finger to put a bit of saliva on. But if you get turned on by something, you get in the mood see, the vagina produces a natural lubricant anyways, so... But for some girls that doesn’t work. It’s all about finding what works best for you. You could put a condom on them as well if that is any easier. After you've used them you should just throw them away. (I wouldn't eat them.) I also heard that if you get like a condom and you put like 2 golf balls in and then like, a vegetable of your choice, like a parsnip, then it looks and feels like a real penis. But still, I suppose nothing could replace a real man, with a real heart. Good luck girls.

January 3, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Masturbation Biography

have fun

I used to do it to my toys, but I used to wear my knickers when I did it. I did use to hump my teddies and I also used to hump the wall and the floor sometimes but that was when I was bored. It was a boredom thing and I would just like hump the wall and the floor. Or I would lie naked on the floor and hump my hand, or the bed. And sometimes I would wear a pair of knickers and pull them up tight so I had a wedgie, and then wear a pair of short shorts that were pretty tight, and then get my pillow and hump the f*** out of it. I usually do it at night when everyone is asleep so I don’t get caught. I heard my parents having sex once. And it actually turned me on and I masturbated to the sound of them having sex.

January 4, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight

First Time Masturbating

Oh so good

I was about nine when I discovered the pleasures of masturbation, and it quickly became my favorite past time. Whenever I could, and was alone, I would walk around the house naked, which was very arousing. I loved to masturbate my clit in the living room and the kitchen. Then I started to become more daring, and I would venture out into our fenced backyard naked and pleasure myself there and have the most intense orgams imaginable!

January 7, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Bisexual

Caught Masturbating!

Best friend fun

so one day I has home alone because we had a P.A day at school but my parents where at work. I started to get board so I disided to put some porn on my new HD tv. I has soo horny. I was teasing my clit and man was I went. I was sticking anything I could find up my wet horny hole. I was just about to climax when I felt someone stairing at me. I turnd around and found my friend looking at me with her pants on the ground and she was playing with her cilt. wow... IM SO HORNY NOW she said. I just looked at her and I new. so I grabed her and we ran upstairs to my room. I was dripping wet just thinking about fucking her. I went to my moms room and got some vibraters, dildos, some rope and a strap on. when I can back she was on my bed naked. fuck me you dirty girl. you dont have to tell me twice. I jumped on her and eat her out as hard and fast as I could. she orgasimed and cummed all over my face. I liked it up and then she returned the favore. after that we used the vibraters and dildos and orgasimed soo many times. there was a pudle of cumme on my floor.i told her to liedown because I had a supries for her. I tied her hands and feet to the end of the bed. I put on my strapon and fucked her as hard as I could. I need to teach you a lesson about spying on people you dirty horny girl. we fucked and fucked all night. we even 69'd and sissord for a while. when we woke up that morning, we made out and took a shower. I used the shower head to bring her to her knees. we went downstairs to get some food befor we continued. when we got downstairs, my mom was sitting on the kitchen table fucking herself.( we were both naked aswell). I looked at my mom and then at my friend, you could tell we where all thinking the same thing. the three of us went back upstairs and fucked eachother. it was the best day of my life. my mom told me that my dad was going on a three day work trip and that I could invite my friend over and we could do it again together. I cant wait!!!!!!! my mom is even bringing me to go buy some new toys. I love my mom and my BFF

January 7, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Lesbian

Self-Pleasuring is Awesome

girls are great

okay so, when I was about ten years old, me and my best friend, lets call her Makayla, were having a sleepover and we would always play truth or dare. so once she dared me to touch her down there, so I did. I dared her the same thing... I remember the feeling so well, it was like heaven, and then she licked me down there and such, she's completely straight though. anyways, for masturbation, I usually read some of there stories to get in the mood, my pussy is already throbbing by just writing this, and then I take off my clothes slowly, and tease myself, then I take my index finger of my right hand and spread my legs as wide as they go and flick my finger up and down on the right side of my clitoris. it takes a while to get a good feeling, but it's worth it... right when i'm about to reach orgasm, I stop, and then do it again until i'm about to reach orgasm.. sometimes I do this ten times, and I finally let myself reach orgasm and it's the best feeling in the world, I can't even walk properly after, it gets me moaning so hard, ugh i'm dripping wet right now.

January 9, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Undecided

Memorable Self-Pleasuring

A First With Mom

My story took place about a month ago. I came home from tennis practice and I just didn't quite feel right. I had an uncomfortable feeling in my lower belly below my belly button. I lied down on the couch hoping it would go away. Mom came into the living room and asked me if I was OK. I told her about my belly situation. Mom sat next to me on the couch and asked me if maybe a 'tummy rub would help. I told her I thought that would be good idea. Mom began gently rubbing my belly with the palm of her hand and her fingers. I told her she was rubbing to high. Mom lowered her hand and began massaging me below my belly button. I told her it felt nice and that it was also quite relaxing. I felt the palm of her hand directly above my pubic bone and her finger tips resting at the top of my vulva as she continued the massage. I kiddingly told her to be careful or she might accidentally excite me. Mom just smiled and continued her oh so nice massage. Then it happened! I felt her finger tips slip under my waistband of my tennis shorts and my panties. Her hand slowly moved down and now I felt the heel of her hand pressing down on my vulva. I was rapidly becoming sexually aroused particularly since I hadn't jilled in over a week. Mom then said, should I stop? I just shook my head. Mom now began to use her fingers to pet my vulva for awhile. I slightly opened my legs and shortly after I felt her finger pushing inside my slit. I was ready to explode. Mom then told me I was so wet.I could feel her finger rubbing back and forth over my clit and I opened my legs even wider. Then, mom began to pull off my shorts as well as my panties. I spread my legs as wide as I could and felt two fingers enter my hole. Mom began to finger me while at the same time massaging my clit. As she did this I reached up under my top and began to squeeze my nipples. In a short period of time I enjoyed a very intense orgasm. Mom then took her fingers out of the hole and put them to my mouth. I sucked off my cum fluids from her fingers.

I asked mom if she would like me to please her and she said she would have to think about it for awhile.

This was the most enjoyable and intense masturbation experience I've ever had. I know lot of people frown on this sort of mother-daughter experience but I honestly don't care. I really enjoyed it and I think mom did also. I think it's just a question of when before I please her.

January 11, 2014 -


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January 13, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Self-Pleasuring is Awesome

Making Love to my self

I have been making love to myself for years.I tried to quit at one time but I have come to realize that it is so natural and a part of my life.Also,if I elver get married again I want to be able to please my husband sexually. I mostly do it by spreading my legs and rubbing on my clitoris and vagina until I orgasm.I founf out recently that I can achieve great orgasms with an ice cream scoop!

January 14, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Self-Pleasuring is Awesome

I love touching myself

Masturbation is so gooood. I havent been doing it for a while but I think about it often...I gave gone through a lot and I need to release.. I have been looking at porn and reading nasty stories... I am about to start rubbing my pussy..I am hoping I can have a good time and really fuck myself.. I am so horny and need this.. Fuck Yes..I cant wait to touch it..my pussy is waiting for it

January 14, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Undecided

The Ultimate Female Masturbation Experience

Round moisturizer tubes

Last night I was really bored and really horny so I laid in bed spread my legs and looked up some hot lesbian porn I think I'm straight but watching girls is more pleasurable. After a while I started rubbing myself and I felt my softwet vagina I spread it's juices all over my clit and asshole. It felt amazing soon I started rubbing my clit harder and harder until my legs shook and my toes curled and I organsmed. Then I started all Over this time I waited and stopped myself from orgasming. I got up and tried to find anything that was safe and big enough to shove inside me. I found a clinique moisturizer tube and slowly put it inside me. My pussy was so wet I rubbed my clit while sliding the tube in and out. It was my best masturbating experience ever. I enjoy masturbating more than sex because men don't know how to touch a clit. Someday I hope I'm lucky enough to have an encounter with a girl. She would understand and rub her pussy all over mine and rub me until I cum she could eat me out until I scream but for now I only wish

January 15, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Self-Pleasuring is Awesome

I made awesome love to myself tonight

I have been making love to myself for years and felt so guilty about it for a long time but not any more, I have even branched out to using home made sex toys! Tonight I made love to my self by first ururlingrubbing myslef with an ice cream scoop and then by inserting the end of an old t so much likiron.it felt so much like the real thing..I have not made love to a man in years!!!! So this is a great sexual release for me! I cannot believe that I am writing this stuff! I use an old curling iron wrapped in a disposable glove and I use baby oli for lubrication

January 20, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Masturbation Technique

Naughty day

This is how my day has gone so far,

I woke up and took a hot steamy shower and started touching my tight pussy, I got out of the shower and decided to try something new because usually I just rub my clit until I'm screaming in pleasure but I decided to mix it up, so I took my panties and shoved them all the way inside my very tight pussy and left out a little bit, just long enough to reach my clit, and I took a pillow and laid a blanket on it, I twisted the blanket so it was kind of like a log down the center of the pillow and I laid on top of it, propped my head up with some pillows grabbed my head board with both hands and have been riding this for hours, it is soaked and I've had orgasms so many times today, I'm actually moving my body around right now to feel the pleasure

January 20, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Undecided

Anonymous Masturbator Confessions

Older can be better

I am a divorced woman in my fifties. About a year after my divorce, I started to settle in to having my own life. Well, one day, just feeling carelessly uninhibited, I decided to be naked around my apartment. I loved how that felt and how sexy it was, and I found it to be very arousing. While I was married my sex life was just average, and I had never really masturbated since I was quite young. Well, I reacquainted myself with doing that, and discovered just what a joy it could be. It began to have the most wonderful orgasm! Very quickly, being naked and masturbating started to become one of my favorite pastimes, and it made me realize really how bored I had been with my sex life when I had been married. Frankly, I found the typical male approach to sex and fun fairly dull. Now, I have started to be quite curious about having a female sex partner. I have yet to meet anyone, and I am not about to go to a lesbian bar. But I have joined a few womens' clubs and hope to maybe find someone female with my own sense of curiosity. Wish me luck! If any other older women out there have any advice to offer, please post here.

January 20, 2014 - Sexual Preference - In-Between

Memorable Self-Pleasuring

Sweet Times

When I was younger I had a romantic relationship with another girl. The two of us were friends, although I wouldn't necessarily say that we had been all that close. One day, though, we were out walking in a secluded area not too far from where we lived. It was summer and warm and nice out. We were walkiing along, and we found a place to sit. While we were sitting there, we started talking about boys and love and romance, with the two of wishing that we could have something special and wonderful in the way of romance. Although, agreeing that we didn't know any boys who were at all romantic, and how that was pretty much just a girls' thing to dream about. I guess we were both feeling in a romantic mood, and just as friends, we kissed. It really wasn't meant to be anything, but when our lips were together, it felt so wonderful. That was enough to make both of us want to experience more. So we spent the next half hour or so kissing and just savoring how nice it was. The next day, we tried kissing again, and it was just as wonderful. Like we had discovered this secret romantic world all our own. We went up to our secluded place after that, and we started making out, being quite amorous with each other. Then, maybe a week or so later, we were at her house, and nobody was home, so we began kissing, and then we thought how romantic it would be if we were naked together. So we took off our clohtes and it was so easy to be lovers. We masturbated one another and had intense orgasms. After that, it became so special to have an orgams together as females. This went on for over a year between us, until my family moved away. I never found another female frined to be close to like that. Many years later I tried having a same sex experience a few times, but somehow it was just never as special nor as wonderful. I am still open to having a female friend, and who knows? Maybe it will happen. I certainly hope so.

January 20, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Masturbation Addiction?

Hair brush orgasm

After reading loads of stories I fount myself undress and listing to porn (the noise of sex). I was rubbing my vagina a sudden idea came over me to get my hair brush and just stick it in. I rubbed for a bit then slowly put my hairbrush in and out then really fast imagining that it was a penis in my vagina I was moaning so bad but I tried to keep a hand over my mouth so my mum wouldn't hear. The feeling was getting stronger and stronger like a wanted to pee when I decided to let go all the world disappreard its was only about me and my vagina. I kept going and going until decided to try anal I never had tried anal masturbation before so this was a new idea to me I slowly put the hairbrush in and out and the feeling was so good so good!!!!!

January 21, 2014 -

Masturbation on the bus

I'm a single woman in her twenties. I work in an office 35 miles from home and take the bus to and from work 5 days a week and can always find an empty seat next to another gal or guy. I'm not more good looking than other women, but have had some of my most pleasurable experiences 3 out of every 5 days on the bus, usually in the morning. I wear a skirt at work and I think that's the reason why guys and some lesbians always seem to brush up against my legs during the ride. I don't move away from their glances or touches, I rather enjoy the feelings and sensations. Last week, for example, I sat next to a nice looking guy, probably in his 30's and a company executive type. He pretended to be asleep but after about 15 minutes, he opened his eyes and before I knew it, his hand was brushing against my knee as he smiled briefly at me and then looked out the window. I smiled back, then closed my eyes. After another 5 minutes, I felt his hand moving lightly up my leg. I bristled from the touch and he moved his hand away. After closing my eyes again, I relaxed and the next thing I knew, I felt his hand against my butt u nder my skirt. I moved my butt up off the seat and he slowly pushed his hand under me. I could feel myself getting aroused and sensed my vagina becoming moist just thinking about what was to happen next. I lowered my butt on his hand. I have small breasts and almost never wear a bra. My coat was laying across my lap and knew that he could see my hardening nipples through my top. The sensations were beginning to drive me crazy as I felt his fingers raising between my cheeks and starting to probe and rub my pussy lips. Before long, his two fingers had made their way deep inside me, with a little help from me moving each cheek to accomodate him. He flexed his fingers in and out of me and my lips were feeling wet and about to burst. With my eyes closed, I moved closer to him and rubbed my hard nipples against his arm. My breathing became quicker and deep as he masturbated my pussy faster and faster. I put my head against his shoulder and began to moan quietly, just loud enough for him to hear me. He pulled part of my coat across his lap and in an instant, my hand was stroking his enormous erection, which he had freed from his pants. After we masturbated each other for another 15 minutes, I could hold on no longer and had the most explosive orgasm ever. It was so intense that I almost passed out, but not before feeling his jets of hot sperm hitting my hand and running down his shaft. He wouldn't stop fingering my pussy and my orgasm must have lasted for a good 2-3 minutes. He cleaned up and kissed me gently as the bus pulled into the bus station. I hope to see him again very soon. Maybe he'll save me a seat.

January 22, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Other

Memorable Self-Pleasuring

A very Sensuous Hot bath

ast nightI made ove to mysef in the bathtubit was so awesome! I used very hot water and soothing bath I got in the tub and simpy reaxed I then spashed watter a over me and carresed mysef a over and then I spread my egs apart and massaged mysef unti I got hard then I took a botte and fieed itwith watter and squirtted mysef aover and had the best orgasms ever! I was in a tropica wet paradise!!then I got up dried mysef and put on some body otion and went to seep peacefuy

January 28, 2014 - Sexual Preference - In-Between

The Ultimate Female Masturbation Experience

Older and definitely better

This is in response to Older Can Be Better. My story is very much like yours. I was divorced and this gave me a chance to reacquaint myself with masturbational pleasures, and discovering how draggy my sex life had really been when I was married. I don't blame my husband, it just worked out that way, like it does for many people I suppose. But living on my own, I quickly discovered the pleasure of walking nude around my own apartment, and delighting in enjoying masturbational pleasures. In fact, I became quite enthralled by the female aspect of things, and I started to become quite curious about what it would be like having some sexual fun with another woman. Well, apparently I was not alone in this. I met another woman my age and also divorced, and the two of became just casual friends. But soon we became discussing out past marriages and insufficent sex lives, and just fro fun we quite mutually decided to see what having a little between-girls fun could be like. We were quite relaxed about getting naked together, and found that quite nice to do as friends. Although I will admit that we were both a little shy on how to get started. So I began playing with her nipples, which she found arousing, and I slowly worked up the nerve to work my way down lower. I found her clitoris quite aroused, large and firm, and my own was as well. I gently began to massage her clitoris with my finger and received some very pleased moans. Then, curious, I slipped my fingers down to play with her vaginal lips, and then let my finger slide into her wet vagina. I was pleasantly surprised not to find it at all awkward to do this, but very enjoyable. I fingered her vagina and continued to rub her clit, and managed to give her a most intense orgams. This was something that she was happy to then provide me with. We had the most satisfying session together that day. Well, of course, the two of us decided to coninue our fun. So over the next few days we indulged ourselves again. This time while I was massaging and stimulating her clitoris, I daring leaned over and applied my tongue to it. It was so much licking her firm bump and giving her an orgasm that way. After this, oiral sex became standard for both of us. Since that time, we have begun kissing and holding one anothe rromantically and enjoying the sheer pleasure of having the best orgasm together. It has been pure heaven, I can tell you! So, don't hestitate - give it a try. I think you will be surprised at just how many woman are looking for a female friend to enjoy intimate pleasure with!

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February 2, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Self-Pleasuring is Awesome

First Time But Not A First Timer

I'm a college student, and I still live with my parents. So you could say that I've mastered the be quiet so you don't get caught masturbation. So tonight I was horny like I always am and decided to read some of the other stories on here to get me wet and ready. I started to rub my clit with my fingers. It felt so good! I started to rub harder and harder and the next thing I knew I was cumming and for the first time ever I was squirting! I could feel the liquid run down my pussy and onto my bed! I just laid in it for a couple of minutes in the after glow, smiling.

February 2, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Fantasies while Masturbating

wanting you

Let me just say that I am straight. However, lesbian things turn me on so much. I love to think about another experienced lesbian touching me..... my boobs, my tummy, my legs..... my vagina.....my clit. Then watch her finger me and suck my clit, ...put her tongue inside while rubbing my clit. Whoever is reading this, and you're a woman that's a lesbian or curious, just know that I want you..... gosh I want you. If you were here, I'd take my time with you ..... touch you, caress you..... suck your nipples hard and slow, finger you deep and slow, kiss your body everywhere and lick it gently everywhere. You dirty girl, I know you love that..... don't you? I can feel the warmth from your pussy, rubbing yourself while you read this, you're so hot. I'm rubbing myself too, I'm going so fast, I wish you were here to do it for me.... put your thigh on my vagina while my thigh is between yours, then ride my thigh like no tomorrow. .... our juices allover each others legs, moaning, sweating, breathing hard. Oh you naughty little girl,....... you want to come...... ride my hard nipple and squirt on my tits...... gosh you're so naughty, reading this and fantasizing with me...... mmmmmm I'm coming,...come with me you naughty little girl, spank yourselfhard because you're so dirty ....... ooooo yes!!!! Come with me...... I'm coming. ... I feel the burning sensation .. .... I'm coming, I'm coming, I'M COMING!!!!!!!!! ahhhhhh damn baby, you're so good.... . That was amazing..... thank you.

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February 2, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Fantasies while Masturbating

wanting you

Let me just say that I am straight. However, lesbian things turn me on so much. I love to think about another experienced lesbian touching me..... my boobs, my tummy, my legs..... my vagina.....my clit. Then watch her finger me and suck my clit, ...put her tongue inside while rubbing my clit. Whoever is reading this, and you're a woman that's a lesbian or curious, just know that I want you..... gosh I want you. If you were here, I'd take my time with you ..... touch you, caress you..... suck your nipples hard and slow, finger you deep and slow, kiss your body everywhere and lick it gently everywhere. You dirty girl, I know you love that..... don't you? I can feel the warmth from your pussy, rubbing yourself while you read this, you're so hot. I'm rubbing myself too, I'm going so fast, I wish you were here to do it for me.... put your thigh on my vagina while my thigh is between yours, then ride my thigh like no tomorrow. .... our juices allover each others legs, moaning, sweating, breathing hard. Oh you naughty little girl,....... you want to come...... ride my hard nipple and squirt on my tits...... gosh you're so naughty, reading this and fantasizing with me...... mmmmmm I'm coming,...come with me you naughty little girl, spank yourself hard because you're so dirty ....... ooooo yes!!!! Come with me...... I'm coming. ... I feel the burning sensation .. .... I'm coming, I'm coming, I'M COMING!!!!!!!!! ahhhhhh damn baby, you're so good.... . That was amazing..... thank you.

February 6, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Bisexual

Unique or Strange Story

At the office

I can't get off without touching myself. Most men and women don't mind and even like to watch (I am bi). My first masturbation experience was when I was 8 and watched porn for the first time then had a bath and touched myself for the first time, when I was nine I discovered that my girl friend down the street humped a pole in her basement until she came so I would lay in a mattress and watch touch myself while I watched her. Usually I just tease my clit until I get super wet, sometimes experimenting with vaginal or anal penetration but its purely the clitoral stimulation that makes me lose control. That being said I like to be teased...a lot!!! So this one day at work I was wearing a short skirt and a blazer with a vest and my friend with benefits was texting me naughty things and I could feel my nipples getting hard and I got so wet it started running down my legs. I am a business professional and I had clients so I tried to focus on the meeting at hard and started to clench to keep the chair from getting wet. I asked my boss if I could excuse myself but he said I had to finish the meeting so I continued clenching. I could feel my clit throbbing and I wanted nothing more than to go to the bathroom cover my mouth and touch myself until I came. I tried to think of something else but I couldn't get the image of him bending me over my desk out of my head. He phoned me and I stood up abruptly saying it was an emergency went to my office and quickly shut the door. He told me not to touch myself but to bend over my desk with my legs spread, take off my panties and close my eyes while I kept clenching. Then he described in detail how he was going to drive to my office, push me face down on my desk and take me from behind until I came screaming. He said he didn't care if I got fired or arrested I was a very bad girl and I needed to be punished immediately. I bit down on my hand and came so hard I fell into my chair and made a puddle. As a result I couldn't leave my office for the rest of the day until my skirt dried. This was an amazing hands off experience for me, I did not know it was possible to cum this way...so hot that I could have been caught!!!

February 7, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Masturbation Technique

external massage

I begin by rubbing my labia up and down avoiding direct stimulation. I then deeply massage my entire pelvic area. At the pubis I press firmly just above wherethe slit starts. As I press, I begin to move my hands in cicles. This should be done with your fingertips. As I increase the pressure I begin to just graze my clit with one of my fingers. I switch to again deep massaging my inner legs. At the bottom where my vagina stops, on the outer areas I press deeply where my fingers are pushing my pussylips almost down into my pussy. I then deeply massage up from the bottom to the middle of my lips. I press my pussylips together until I can feel my clit root through my pussylips. It feels like im jerking off mr clit. I continue these movements alternating from one to another. It makes me sooo wet and I continually bring myself close to cumming but I dont. I finish it up only after I have witheld my orgasm for several hours. To finish I do the circular motion above my clit, just grazing it until I orgasm. Since ive witheld my climax its so intense that I squirt powerfully. Its amazing!

February 8, 2014 -

Sex Toys and Masturbation Tools

Ultimate Solo Clitoral Pleasure

I like to use the small travel size shampoo bottles, though the regular size should work just the same. Make sure its clean. Put lube around the opening of the bottle and on your clit, then put the opening of the bottle on your clit and squeeze the bottle for a suction effect. I like to hold the bottle in place and thrust. I sometimes imagine its what it feels like to be inside a woman, even though I'm straight the thought really turns me on. I also find you can lightly pull and push at the bottle. Every time you pull or thrust the suction feels amazing. Your clit will get bigger because this works like a pump so don't worry. Some type of lubrication is essential, the more the better. Have Fun!

February 9, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Memorable Self-Pleasuring

Long Distance Love

I have had a friend for years now who was quick to become my boyfriend and I will just say that we are in love and I know now that I will never know another experience that is both amazing emotionally as it is physically. I thought that this would be the place to post some of our amazing experiences together. We live in separate cities and met at a social event a few years back and have kept in touch ever since.

It all started in the spring, I will not say the day or year out of respect for my love. We were still just friends then. However, we have always held a certain attraction to each other despite our platonic status. That one spring day changed our lives. It was warm day and we were both attending an Anime convention (we grew up being nerds and were proud of it). He was donning a Sora cosplay from the video game, Kingdom Hearts while I was dressed as Yuna from the video game, Final Fantasy X. On that day I felt ready to admit my crush to him but was deterred as I thought that he did not feel the same way about me. Man, was I ever so wrong about that.

Every time he and I made a simple physical connection it was as if it had set fire to my body that would quickly spread lower and lower..I often fantasized what it would have been like to feel his hands brush over my skin and his warm lips down my neck..every time that I stood near him, my face felt flushed an hot because it was becoming harder to control myself..

It all started as a joke, just outside the convention; some friends and I were sitting out in the grass. Somehow, we got onto a topic that I responded to with fake moaning sounds. I tilted my head back and arched my body and writhed in the grass, moaning and gasping loudly..and that's when I noticed my now love's face growing tense as a noticeable bulge formed in his pants. That's when I knew that he wanted me..

From then on we have webcamed each other. We always start off talking about how we felt that one day to ignite the fire..we talk about how wet and swollen I become just thinking about him and what it would be like to feel the thickness of his cock push into my body as his hands caress my breasts, traveling down to my nether regions till his finger tips found my clit, rubbing it gently..I will never forget the first few times we saw each other..my pussy was already soaking my panties as he was telling me things that he wanted to do to me..how he wanted me against the wall and writhing beneath him, he took one look at my breasts and told me how much he wanted to suck and lick my hard nipples..how much he just wanted to reach down and rub me till his hand was slick..how he wanted to slide his fingers inside of me slowly..as things were getting heavy he pulled out his thick aching cock..never in my life had I wanted to go down on a man and suck him off until I saw him..my eyes ravished the size of his length as I though of just how much I would be able to take in my mouth..I wanted to suck real slow and hard and make it last..

I removed my clothes and had let him see entirety of my body and we watched each other pleasure ourselves, oh how I love watching him cum..! I love to watch all of his creamy fluid shoot out from the head, the more he cums the better! It never fails at turning me on..

Mmm..I want to ride him so bad..want him to touch me everywhere for his thumbs to run circles around my nipples until they were hard..I always writhe to thought of him..

I am currently waiting for him tonight so we can share similar sessions..I long for the day when we can finally experience each other in the flesh..

February 9, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Sex Toys and Masturbation Tools

Kettler toning ball fun

I love this site and was reading through when I started to feel really horny, I was looking for new techniques and was struggling to find one I hadn't already tried. Then I remembered I have a new exercise toy a kettler toning ball 1.5kg. So here I am sat in my onesie I put the toning ball into my knickers and pulled them high, and closed my onesie instantly the cold ball felt amazing I got very wet feeling it pressed against my pussy. I tried to just sit down pretend it wasn't there letting it tease me, but I got up and got into a wide leg stance and started almost doing quick squatting movements the ball was heavy and bouncing up and down mmmm I was dripping all over it this felt amazing and my legs are getting a work out too ;) so I lay on my back in the floor and put my legs up on my chair and let the weight of the ball rest on my pussy mmmm then I got up into doggy style and started making a humping movement the ball is very wet now and I just want to cum so bad but I'm having too much fun!! Putting my arms on the coffee table and kneeling on the floor the ball weighs down a bit I can feel my pussy drip onto it and its so warm gently rocking back and forth teasing my clit!! Reaching into my onesie I pull gently on my nipple feels amazing...... Taking off my onesie I gently caress my boobs and let the ball sit tight against my pussy I rub against it slowly then faster stopping before its too late and then restarting I can't hold on I'm going to cum. Oh my god so good best sensation I've ever had from grinding!! Also try inflatable boxing bags lay down on the floor and straddle it it feels amazing. I would love to try a full size exercise ball as well! Tips.... If your knickers can't hold the weight put shorts over the top and experiment with different positions and porn would really get you going ;) Thanks for reading, Enjoy!!

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February 10, 2014 -

Masturbation Technique

Another finger

Okay I decide to do something new I always wanted to know how it felt to have someone put there hands in my pants so I grabbed a pair of gloves and filled it with flour then I tied it so the flour want waste out and to my surpise it actually feel like another person hand on my clit

February 10, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight

First Time Masturbating

When I was 6

I was 6 years old and I walked home from school each afternoon. There was no school bus in those days. WW II had not started yet. There was construction work on my normal road so I cut through a pasture. I walked by an abandoned shed. I heard odd noises inside. I was a little frightened and puzzled so I quietly walked around the side and looked in through a dirty window. There was a teen guy sitting on an old chair and his hand was going really fast on his penis. Of course I didn't know it was called that back then.

I was amazed and wondered what he was doing. It looked like it hurt and he had a painful look on his face. His eyes were shut. Suddenly he went faster--moaned--and white syrup shot out. He quivered and moaned some more. He stopped for a moment and took a few heavy breaths and started all over again. I kept watching.

In a few minutes he moaned again and white stuff flew out again. This time he wiped himself off with a piece of paper he had with him, buttoned up his pants, looked around before going outside and left.

I started going this way after school and once in a while I would catch him doing the same thing. Finally I was curious enough and brave enough that when he shot out the white syrup the second time and before he buttoned up, I went inside. At first he was acting weird but then I asked how he did that.

He decided I was OK so he showed me. He had me drop my pants and then he showed me how to stroke my penis. It finally started to get hard. I stopped. He laughed and told me it was supposed to do that. He said to keep going. I did. And after about 40 or 50 strokes a really strange feeling came to my little penis. I thought it was going to be painful as I remember the look on his face. He told me it was supposed to feel that way and that over time it would get better.

He was right. For the next few weeks we would meet and he would masturbate and I would too. I would always beat him by a minute or so. Youth I suppose.

He moved away that next year but I kept going to the old falling-down shed on my own. When I was 12 and almost 13, white syrup came of my penis too. I was moaning and had my eyes shut. I have been doing that for many years now. I was married twice and have 5 kids. I live alone now and ever so often I get the urge. Of course now I use one of the new PILLS. Still feels fantastic and I often think of that teenage guy that showed me how oh so long ago.

February 12, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight

First Time Masturbating

me and my bf

i was over at my bf house and no one was home then we started kissing and we both got really horny so i took off my pants then my panties then my shirt and bra and we sat there and masturbated I came in like 1 minute then he got a vibrator and I used that it was the best feeling ever I cummed everywhere now were both married with 2 beautiful girls and I still rub my clit every now and then and we masturbate in the shower together sometimes

February 16, 2014 - Sexual Preference - In-Between

Memorable Self-Pleasuring

Finally Something Good

I was married for over twenty-five years, and have now been divorced for the last five years. I have a neighbor a few years younger than me, also divorced. The two of us both like men, but frankly neither of us have any desire to become involved in another long term male-female relationship. One morning Linsey was at my house and we got talking about this. Neither of us had ever had a same-sex experience before, but we laughed about that as maybe being a pleasant alternative. So we thought we would try it. We got aked in my bedroom and started kissing and touching, and before either of us knew it, we were mastubating one another to the most wonderful and satisfying orgasm! This was the best love that either of us had experienced in years, and the all-female part made it so relaxed and enjoyable. I hardly need to say how we have continued this intimate part of our friendship now for this entire past year, and with absolutely no regrets. I can only suggested that women who have wondered about this, go ahead and give it a try! You might just find a whole njew wonderful freedom which you never dreamed possible!

February 16, 2014 - Sexual Preference - In-Between

Anonymous Masturbator Confessions

Girl Love

I am in my early twenties and single and, I thought, quite straight. This last summer, though, I met another young woman my age and also single, at an art gallery. The two of us got to talking while we were there, and we decided to go have have a coffee together. We enjoyed each other's company and we exchanged phone number so we could get together again. So that next weekend we did just that, and had a good time, and we had the begiinings of what seemed like a nice friendship. Well, the next time that we got together, we went out and looked through some shops and a couple more art galleries, and we went for a walk in the park. We both took off our sandals and walked barefoot, and it was great being together. There was just this really good female rapport between us. She invited me over to her place, which wasn't too far from the park, so we went there. She made us some coffee, and said how nice our being together was, and I agreed, and there was this really nice friendly moment between us standing there in the kitchen. Because it seemed like something we both felt like doing, we kissed on the lips. I admit that I have never kissed another girl in this way before, but it felt so nice and special doing this with her. It was this really beautiful between female moments, and we let ourselves become quite amorous. We started touching and caressing while we kissed, and in no time at all we were in her bedroom getting out of our clothes and laying naked together on the bed. We kissed each other's breasts and nipples, and she slipped her hand between my legs, lightly caressing my vaginal lips, which I never knew were that sensitive. Occassionally her finger would go into the opening of my vagina, which was very wet, and that would excite me even more. Then I began playing with her vagina, which I found thrilling to do. Finally, we began stroking each other's clit and gave one another a tremendous orgasm! We laid there and cuddled and then went and finished our coffee in the buff, and I finally got dressed and went home. I was so totally surprised with myself, and over how incredible the sex had been with her. That very next weekend, the two of made love again, and again it was so wonderful! bSince then we have been friends and lovers, although I cannot describe either of us as being lesbian. Rathger, this has just been something beautiful between two females, and I am ever so glad that I was uninhibited enough to indulege in this with another woman!

February 18, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Self-Pleasuring is Awesome

Love to Play

Masturbation is my best friend...sometimes I just cant or don't want to stop myself. I am laying in bed rubbing my clit little by little. I love the feeling of touching my pussy and rubbing my nipples. I am reading stories on this sit and another piss fetish site.. I have been stressed and down and porn and self fucking makes me better. Right now I just moved the mirror to face the bed so I could see myself rub my pussy..I like watching myself and talking dirty..Fuck yes!!! I have been rubbing my clit for an hour now..my pussy is tingling so good right now..Im just a nasty girl... I like to masturbate for hours.. I like to thoroughly fuck myself..this feels so good..I feel so nasty..Im about to take my clothes off... ooh yeah..im gonna look at my naked pussy and rub it and piss...I love masturbating... I have been masturbating since I was younger and it gets better the longer I do it...because I get nastier and nastier..

February 19, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Masturbation Biography

My Masturbation Experiences from childhood to teenage years.

This is my first memory of anything vaguely sexual happening in my life. I must have been about 3 or 4 and there was a boy whose Mum was friends with my Mum. We were sitting in my kitchen under the table, which had a large cloth over it, so we were both hidden. I can't even remember how it happened but we both ended up with a pants down, he was showing me his penis and I was showing him my vagina. I had moved my labia apart and my hole was on full display. He was uncircumcised and was rolling his foreskin back and forth. We didn't touch each other or ourselves really, just enough to satisfy our curiosities, not to cause any real pleasure.

Nothing else happened between us, and as I grew older I became increasing;y nervous and shy around guys. This led to me forming a strong bond with my best friend, let;s call her Daisy. We were about 10 when it started. Daisy was in the same situation, and whilst discussing at a sleepover what it would be like to kiss a boy. We decided to see what it was like. It was very PG 13, our lips barely touching as we pecked each other for a few minutes. We laughed about it and went back to watching the film. As sleepovers continue over the next few months, we grew bolder and more comfortable with each other. That being said, it was still pretty tame compared with the amazing stories I've read on this website. We It got to the point where we would sit close to each other, both with one leg around the others waist, our pussies pushed up against each other, only slightly grinding. Our pecks had turned into gentle making out. I remember feeling suddenly overwhelmed by this and when I get nervous I get nauseous. When I said this to her, she agreed that it had gone to far and she wanted to stop. Later that evening, when I had calmed down, I approached the subject again, but I think my hesitance earlier, had permanently put her off and we never did anything like that again. I'm sad to say that our friendship suffered through the remaining months we had at primary school, but we stayed in contact after we moved to separate secondary schools and we still go to the same dance classes. I think we both got over it as we grew up and now we are great friends again.

Moving onto the scary world that is higher education! I was so awkward and easily manipulated in my first couple of years. At the end of my second year, age 13 at this point, I went with a number of my friends on a class trip to Spain for five days. The coach journey was long, 16 hours either way. Being bored and immature, we eventually got onto the inevitable game of Truth or Dare. But we were still only about twenty metres from our teachers, so it was noting more than making out. Unfortunately, my friend, let's call her Claire, was sitting next to me and she was a bit too up for anything. After making out with a few of the guys sitting near me - they were obviously awful, too wet and too lizard like with their tongue - someone dared Claire to make out with me. I didn't want to seem like a prude and she kind of took control. We made out for like ten seconds. I did not enjoy and I was really uncomfortable. I really regretted it, especially when it travelled round my class and people gave me judgemental looks around school. A little piece of advice - don't do anything your not comfortable with, there is always consequences, and also,make sure you're not pressuring anyone into doing anything.

Over that summer break, one of my friends, Rachel had a party in a tent in her garden. we did all the normal stuff and then went into the garden to tell scary stories. I eventually fell asleep and woke up a few hours later, to see several of the girls playing a game. They would take it in turns to kiss each other. It wasn't really kissing, I think they thought that would make them lesbians, but then pressed their open mouths against each other, careful to keep their tongues apart. They would roll about whilst doing this, their arms wrapped around each other and legs entangled, pussies pressed together, but not moving. I watched for a minute or two before Rachel noticed me awake and encouraged me to join in. I did and whilst the strange mouth position felt weird, I was quite aroused by the rolling and the heat from her pussy on mine. I didn't know about masturbation so I just lay in bed with this tingling sensation between my thighs. I stopped after a few gos because I didn't understand this feeling and I felt like I was getting out of control.

When I was fourteen, the hormones were going crazy and I was at my guy friends house, Jacob, with Daniel and Carrie. Thiings went from a game of truth of dare to us just making out and touching each other up pretty quickly. I made out with Daniel for a good twenty minutes without a break, which given I had never kissed anyone for over a minute was a pretty big step up. Whilst this was happening he was touching me up and stroking my belly. Eventually me and Carrie switched and Jacob got things started with me. We made out a bit but he was more experimental, biting my lip, kissing my face, my jaw and my neck and giving me a hickey (which I do not recommend, they feel great but are really embarrassing for the next few days. If you are going to do it, do it on the collarbone because it doesn't show) he touched my boobs and wiggled his fingers under the wire of my bra. I was really excited but we didn't go any further because we all had to go home.

However, a week later at Daniel's house, we skipped Truth or Dare and got straight to making out. Me and Jacob ended up making out in Daniel's bed. it got really hot and he was properly touching me up, but then like the last time we had to go home and nothing ever happened again. For a while there wasn't an opportunity but after that we had grown too far aprt and it would have been weird. It was a shame but just a month later, I had another experience.

This time with Sophie. She was staying over at my house and we were talking about boys. I mentioned my experience with Jacob and how nice the hickey he gave he had felt. She said she had never had one and wanted to know what it would felt like. I asked her if she wanted me to give her one. She said yes, but I suggested not doing it on her neck because it would show. She agreed and suggested I gave it to her on her stomach. This involved my lifting her shirt and lying across the bed so I had easy access to her stomach. I gave her the best one I could given that that one time was my only experience. She said it fet really nice. Then she asked if I wanted one. I said yes and she lifted my shirt to reveal my stomach, but she lay in between my legs, her tits resting on the tops of my thighs. I was becoming increasingly aroused and as I felt her tongue running across my skin, I felt that tingling sensation in between my legs again. I closed my eyes and tilted my head slightly back. When she was done, she looked at me and said,'Can you do me again?' I didn't reply, just lay back down and started to kiss her stomach, this time lying between her legs like she had done for me. I could feel the warmth from her pussy radiating onto my chest. I was so hot. We continued this, swapping back and forth, each time getting slightly less like a hickey and more like a kiss, as we navigated our way south. Our shirts came off because it seemed silly to have to keep lifting them. Then, as I reached the top of her pajama shorts, my Mum called us down for dinner. We were both blushing and had slightly puffy eyes from lying down for so long when we went down stairs. By the time we had gone back up, the moment had passed and we were both trying not to be awkward but it was clear we were uncomfortable.

I sometimes think about that night. In my head, we were in house and my parents had gone away for the weekend. She carried on kissing my stomach until she reached the top of my pajama shorts, when she looked up at me, and seeing the longing in my eyes and feeling my racing pulse, she trailed her tongue up my body to my collarbone, where started to kiss me gently, up to behind my ear, along my jaw bone, hesitantly on the edge of my lips. Then I close the distance and we start passionately making out , her legs straddling my waist my legs bent and resting against her ass.After several minutes, she starts gently caressing my breasts, and then reaches behind me and unhooks my bra. I do the same to her. She sits up her a minute, squeezing my breats and tweaking my nipples in time to the rocking of her hips against my stomach. Then she suddenly slides down my body, lying back between her legs and puts my nipple in her mouth. I gasp as she sucks, kisses and nibbles it until it is really hard, then she moves to the other one, which needs much less work, because I am so horny at this point. She kisses down my stomach and then skips over my throbbing pussy and begins kissing me along the inner thigh. She lightly presses her open mouth around as much of my mound as she can and then she wiggles her head slightly. This wave of pleasure is unbelievable and I gasp. She smiles and gently pulls off my pajama shorts, then runs her tongue the length of my soaking wet panties. My back bends, trying to get my pussy as close to her mouth as possible. She wiggles her tongue against clitoris, giving me a wicked smile as she sees the pleasure she's giving me. She moves forward ever so slightly and bites the elastic of my panties and slides them smoothy from ym leg. Then she kisses back down my leg, slowing down and becoming more intense as she nears my dripping wet pussy. She ran a finger down my vagina, and then licked it off. 'Wow, you taste amazing'. She does the same thing and reaches up to give me a taste. It tastes sweet and delicious. She slides her wet finger easily into my hole and begins moving it slowly in and out. I am having the most pleasure I have ever had in my life. She slides another one in with a little more difficulty but it feels SO good. She begins to slide them faster and further each time. Then suddenly, out of nowehere, I feel her mouth on my clit, kissing it gently. After getting used to this new experience, she tentatively licks my hard throbbing clit. 'yes, yes, yes, yes' I say quickly as I gasp for more air. She licks faster and harder as she slips in a third finger and thrusts even harder. I started convulsing in my first orgasm, but she kept going harder and faster, until I was screaming. She licked all along my shaved pussy and then came forwards to kiss me again. I could taste myself in her mouth. After I had caught my breath, I flipped her over and kissed down her body in the same way she had to me, kissing, sucking, biting her nipples. I pulled of her shorts and panties, much less elegantly than she had done mine, but I kissed down her leg and around her pussy before I licked all the way along it, tasting her sweet juices. She jerked slightly as my tongue ran over her clitoris, so I went back to it and flicked the hard clit with my tongue, I stuck a finger inside her herm but she was so wet I'm not sure it was doing much, I thrust in two more and then shoved them in a and out. I moved to sit on her leg, so that I had better access to her clit with my other hand. I began rubbing it slowly and then faster and faster until she was convulsing. I carried on a little further, having moved back in between her legs and she squirted her juices onto my face. I stayed down there for five minutes, carefully licking up every last drop and then coming back up to kiss her. Both of us exhausted, we fell asleep. But the next morning , we ate each other out again in a 69, violently smashing a clits together. Then we got in the shower to clean off. She brought me to my knees with the shower head. Which left me at a convenient height to eat her out with three fingers up her. We ate some breakfast, but whilst in the fridge, Sophie found a can of whipped cream and, right there on the kitchen floor she quirted cream all over me and ate it up. She each pushed the nozzle into my vagina and then licked my clitoris and fingered me until I squirted cream onto her which she shared with me. I returned the favour. We slowly moved around the house, only getting a few metres before our urges got too great and we started making out and fingering each other furiously. Eventually she falls asleep on the couch and I rummage through my parents closet, hoping to find some toys. I find a vibrator, a two-sided 16 inch dildo and a strap on. I put the toys on the side and fall asleep ext to her, byt not touching because I know if I do, I won't sleep. I wake up in the late afternoon to a vibrator rubbing against my clit and a naughty smile of Sophie's face. This would continue all weekend and for many years after. Of course that's just a fantasy but it is hot enough for me to get wet just writing it.

Im not a lesbian and I often have a similar fantasy about the guy I like, this just works for me because it MIGht have happened and the start actually happened.

Onto my actually masturbation, I had the most amazing orgasm this afternoon. I am too young to buy toys, but I really want a vibrator. I know some people use electric toothbrushes or back massagers but I don't have either of those. I have to be in the mood, and I certainly was. Then I start watching or reading porn, I find this site great because they're more realistic which I prefer because I can imagine myself as one of the people. I tend to read lesbian porn, but definitely not exclusively, I like stuff, but not too rough and I don;t have any fetishes. I don't touch myself other than rubbing my legs. When I am so wet, I am struggling not to touch myself, I go into the bathroom and run a bath, lay a towel on the ground and lie down. I fondle my boobs and squeeze my nipples until they are really hard. Then I take off my panties so I am completely naked and I run a finger along my vagina so it is wet and then slip it in just once. Then I gently rub my clit at the same slow speed and light pressure until I can;t take it any longer, Then I speed up and press harder. This gets me to my first orgasm. It is great because it has the most build up, but they get more powerful and intense as I go on. Also, I have to be quiet, because I am rarely in the house alone. I think my orgasms would be more intense if I could moan and get into a bit more. After I have climaxed maybe two or three more times, I start sticking things in my hole. I usually start with my toothbrush because it is small. I push it in and out really fast until I feel like I want something bigger. My razor has wider end then the main bit of the handle and it feels great as it stretches my hole to go in. I also have hairbrushes of varying sizes. I have one that I can only get in when I am really wet and after a bit of stretching, but it feels amazing. I am still a virgin, so I have to be more careful and when I first started I was literally just using tampons with a plastic applicators still attached. I don;t think you need to have had sex to penetrate yourself, you just need to be careful and work up to the bigger things. I still can't get more than five inches in me, and I have been masturbating for years. Anyway, I have multiple orgasms by rubbing my clit and pushing makeshift dildos into my vagina. After every climax, I slowly down, only rubbing my clit in gentle little circles until I feel myself building up to it when I will continue how I was before. I also really like something small in my ass. I tend to use an old toothbrush and shove it in. I goes about an inch easily, but with a fairly strong shove, it easily slides in another two inches. I don;t move it around to much but I find it intensifies my orgasms. Just make sure you keep your vaginal and anal toys separate and try to wash before and after every use.

Oh My God, I just realised how long this is. Sorry about that, but thank you if you stuck with it until the end. Hopefully some of it was at least vaguely helpful or interesting.

February 27, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Fantasies while Masturbating

With a girl

Let's not lie, every girl at some point has fantasies of a woman. I love watch lesbian porn and reading some girl on girl entries. It gets my juices following as I rub my clit. I would love for a woman to suck my nipple and eat out my pussy. It's a fantasy I hope comes true at least one. I am straight, I like men, but one experience with a woman would be great. Have delicate hands rub your body, a soft mouth like your nipples. It would be worth to experience once.

March 2, 2014 -

Mary's married masturbation

It’s been quite a while since I wrote and I haven’t seen Rachel on here for ages, but recent experiences have prompted me to write again because this website has helped me so much with my life as a mature woman, wife and masturbator. I wrote before about how my ‘discovery’ of masturbation left me wondering about my husband Michael and what he might think of me. As I said previously, we are a loving and happy couple now in middle age and from quite traditional backgrounds who never really spoke very openly about these things. I discovered by accident a few years ago that Michael had some naughty pictures of half-dressed or naked wives and mums hidden away on the computer in his study and probably collected from websites. By that time my own midlife discovery of masturbation was well underway and it pleased me to think that Michael too had his ‘alone’ moments with his pictures, relieving himself at his pc. But I never ever thought it would be a topic we could discuss together without huge embarrassment. The pictures were mostly of the ‘tits and bum’ kind, involving everyday busty and curvy women like me who looked as though they’d allowed their husbands (sometimes reluctantly) to take their photos as they undressed at home. As I became more confident with my own body in its poses and responses in front of my mirror, I decided I needed to take the chance and speak to Michael more openly about our shared needs. A few months ago, when I was preparing to go to bed I decided tentatively to test things a bit. I wandered into Michael’s study where he was working away on spreadsheets and said I was heading upstairs. He smiled and leaned back, tired from lots of routine screen-time. My heart was beating fast and I was really uncertain, but as he kissed me goodnight on the cheek, I kind of half blurted out–– ‘Michael, I know that you don’t just do your work late at night at the pc. I know you have folders of pictures with undressed women in them and I know that you masturbate when I’ve gone upstairs and I want you to know that I am ok with it; in fact more than ok...I think it’s natural and fine and ....’ Michael’s face went beetroot red. He seemed very confused and all he could manage was, ‘Mary, I....’ ‘It’s alright,’ I continued. ‘I also want you to know that I masturbate too Michael. Sometimes in bed at night when you’re downstairs, mostly when everyone is out and I can strip and touch myself and look in my mirror and...’ He looked at me. ‘Oh my God, Mary,’ he said. There was a long pause. ‘Everything you say––it’s true…I do have those photos. I do masturbate here. I have thought about it….I have thought about you… wondered if you ever….oh dear God…’ ‘I do, Michael. I do. I do masturbate. I masturbate lots and lots and more and more. Not because I don’t love you, because I do. I love you forever. But I’m learning how to love myself too. How to love my own body and touch and arouse it…’ There was tension between us, like electricity in the air, but I couldn’t stop saying what I needed to say. ‘And Michael….when I masturbate in front of my mirror…alone…when I undress and touch…it’s….so so wonderful. The feelings…so…intense…it’s….’ Michael’s eyes had welled up. His face was scarlet. ‘….better than anything...?’ he ventured. ‘…better than our love making….?’ ‘Yes, Michael. It’s better than anything we do together…’ I was not sure how he would take this. ‘For me too, Mary,’ he whispered. ‘It is for me too. When I masturbate to my pictures…It is better than anything.’ In that moment, I loved Michael more than ever. ‘Michael,’ I said. ‘Show me your photographs…’ We were both visibly trembling. I watched Michael turn to his keyboard. A few clicks later a lovely looking mum filled his screen. She was a little younger than us, standing in her living room. She looked slightly uncomfortable in front of the camera. She was dressed only in her underwear. But her bra was drawn down from her ample pale breasts and her pants were at her ankles, exposing a thick triangle of pubic curls. I spoke firmly and confidently. ‘Michael….take down your trousers and pants…Show me what you do…with your girls…’ The next period in that room was almost completely silent between us, as if these exchanges gave us permission simply to be ourselves. As I watched Michael loosen his belt, I opened my grey teacher’s skirt. I was looking at him and the beautiful unsure mum on his screen. Beneath my skirt I wore thick black tights with simple white everyday knickers visible beneath. I quickly began opening my blouse and revealing my white matching and very functional bra holding my big 38d breasts. Already my girls felt huge and my nipples were spiking up through my cups. I felt a powerful surge of desire to touch myself and my heart raced as Michael’s erect penis bulged through his briefs and then just rested confidently in his hand. I was so, so thrilled that despite my undressing, most of his attention rested on the pretty mum on his screen. I so much wanted him to masturbate as if I weren’t there. And I had a sharp OMG moment when I realised that his penis looked larger than ever before the image. I too felt incredibly breastproud, pushing my girls out like the lady on screen. I was moving faster now, as I saw Michael heading to complete nakedness, allowing me to see his most private of acts. I unhooked my bra and my big breasts sat out free, natural and heavy. My nipples were simply enormous. I raised my bum and began sliding my tights and knickers down over my buttocks, sensing their sway and curve. My knickers were already very damp. ‘Oh Jesus, Mary, this is just soo good…!’ I heard Michael say as his wanking began in earnest. ‘I know darling. But concentrate on her. Not me. I am focused on my own body and I am loving it. We are masturbating in the same room. But for ourselves.’ He moaned slightly and the rhythm of his wanking increased. As I spoke, I removed my tights and panties completely, raising my plump arse so that my full hairy mound was presented. I started pawing my soft breast-bags, working my titflesh and petting and pulling on my engorged pink nipples. I was steadily entering that zone I go into when frigging alone at my cheval mirror; saying my own name out loud and talking salaciously about my big Marytits; my proud pale mum-paps. I looked up at Michael’s screen and saw how overcome he was by the woman in the photograph. He stood up sometimes and pressed his horizontal erection to his computer screen, moving it over her bodyshape and moaning. ‘Dear God, Michael,’ I sighed, ‘you have never been quite so stiff for me…Your erection looks soo long.’ ‘I know my darling. I cannot believe how erect I am…’ His response prompted me to part my own pale thighs further––boldly exhibiting my thick blonde bush while also revealing the open wet folds of my fannylips. My vagina was pulsating with arousal and I could tell that my inner labia had opened maybe wider than I had ever known, making me feel so completely female and so utterly exposed. My breathing was fast and shallow. ‘Ohh…Michael….next time…next time…I want you to photograph me and post me on the internet! I want to be wanked over! Oh my God. I think all women want to be wanked over like this!’ Michael was flushed now with desire, wanking close to the screen and pausing only to glance at my frigging as my fingers focused on working in circles my enlarged clitoris. ‘Does your girl…your girl…have a name, Michael?’ ‘Yes…Her name is Victoria. She does not know her husband shows her.’ ‘Ohhhhhh…’ I managed, his words carrying both Michael and me to the edges of orgasm. ‘I love that! Wank to her.’ ‘Cum for her, Michael. Cum for your Victoria and I will climax looking at her too!’ He needed no further encouragement. Bracing his hips and angling his cock, he shouted out her name and suddenly spasmed intensely over his screen, sending spouts of semen over it on to her face and breasts and fanny. The sight of him sent me over too and I felt a massive, massive orgasm convulse my naked and exposed body, with my lips drawn wide apart and my vagina oval and open. I too shouted out her name as huge surges of girljuice flowed over my eager fingers. As we settled into our post-orgasm tiredness, dwelling in our own wetnesses, I realised I had opened a new chapter on our marriage. After many, many more moments like this one, I hope sharing it can help other couples experience the shared bliss of open masturbation.

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March 2, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Bisexual

Anonymous Masturbator Confessions

I've masturbated for a long time. Since I was little I have liked touching myself. Even right now, I am playing with my clit. But by far my best masturbation experience was when I met a guy on Skype. He was handsome, and we video chatted a few times before. But one night, after I took a shower I was feeling horny. So I called him for a video chat, and he answered right away. We spoke for a while before he told me he was masturbating himself. He asked me to help him, so I said yes.

First, he told me to suck on my finger, I did. He told me to go in and out, and I did. Real slow at first. Then I pretended to deep throat him, and I could feel my pussy getting really wet. Then he told me to touch myself, so I did. After a minute I lifted, my finger and popper it in my mouth. It was salty, but I told him I tasted good and that I was super wet for him.

Them he wanted more. He wanted to see my pussy, but I was a little embarrassed because I was hairy down there. But I got over my fear and leaner back, my pussy facing him. He told me to put one finer in, so I did and it felt so good. Then he asks for anothe, and as I did I looked down at his face and saw his mouth in an 'o' shape. It got me More horny, so I pumped faster until I had enough.

I asked to see him cum, and he said yes as long as I showed him my tits. So I sat back up and lifted my shirt, my double d's popping out and jiggling. My pussy was dripping, so I started touching myself as he showed me his big dick. Soon, we both came and I was shaking. We said goodnight and went to bed.

Now I like to masturbate to the thought of my best friend or some celeb catching me in the act. It's super hot, at least for me.

After writing this I'm super horny again, so I think I'll go call that boy up for a session. ;)

March 3, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Bisexual

Anonymous Masturbator Confessions

I've masturbated for a long time. Since I was little I have liked touching myself. Even right now, I am playing with my clit. But by far my best masturbation experience was when I met a guy on Skype. He was handsome, and we video chatted a few times before. But one night, after I took a shower I was feeling horny. So I called him for a video chat, and he answered right away. We spoke for a while before he told me he was masturbating himself. He asked me to help him, so I said yes.

First, he told me to suck on my finger, I did. He told me to go in and out, and I did. Real slow at first. Then I pretended to deep throat him, and I could feel my pussy getting really wet. Then he told me to touch myself, so I did. After a minute I lifted, my finger and popper it in my mouth. It was salty, but I told him I tasted good and that I was super wet for him.

Them he wanted more. He wanted to see my pussy, but I was a little embarrassed because I was hairy down there. But I got over my fear and leaner back, my pussy facing him. He told me to put one finer in, so I did and it felt so good. Then he asks for anothe, and as I did I looked down at his face and saw his mouth in an 'o' shape. It got me More horny, so I pumped faster until I had enough.

I asked to see him cum, and he said yes as long as I showed him my tits. So I sat back up and lifted my shirt, my double d's popping out and jiggling. My pussy was dripping, so I started touching myself as he showed me his big dick. Soon, we both came and I was shaking. We said goodnight and went to bed.

Now I like to masturbate to the thought of my best friend or some celeb catching me in the act. It's super hot, at least for me.

After writing this I'm super horny again, so I think I'll go call that boy up for a session. ;)

March 7, 2014 - Sexual Preference - In-Between

Anonymous Masturbator Confessions

Mother and Daughter Fun

This is something that no one knows, but that I thought that I would confess on here for others. About two years ago, my mother and I began to enjoy masturbation together. Neither of us are lebians, nor bisexual. Although I have listed myself as being in-between and this would describe my mother, too. The two of us have certainly opened up our views on things quite a bit when it comes to same-sex experiences and fun, although so far our experiences have been limited to just the two of us. I will say, though, that it would not be entirely unthinkable for either of us to find ourself having a little playful fun with other females sometime. My mom has been divorced from my dad for eight years, and I often stop by to visit. One day it was during the summer and it was very warm, and I was complaining about the heat. My mom carelessly said how we could just be nude around the house. I guess that we were both feeling uninhibited, so for fun we decided to take our clohtes off. It was the first time that we had actually been naked together. At first I know that we both felt a little modest, but we quickly got past that. It felt quite naice being naked and natural. And, as we found, it was something of a teasing turn on, as well. We both grineed and laughed about that, and mentioned how it might be nice to just go ahead and take care of things. So, to be comfortable, we headed into her bedroom, and got onto the bed. Stretching out side by side, we laid there and began to rather immodestly rub our clits. Well, that was quite exciting doing that naked and in front of each other. In no time mom was having and orgasm and so was I. It felt soooo good! Anyway, we kept our clohtes off and had lunch and basically were quite happy being natural. The next weekened I was over at her place, and the two of us were giggling over our having been so indulgent, and we decided to enjoy having another rub session. So we got naked and went into her bedrrom, and stretched out on the bed. I suppose that we were both feeling playful and somewhat curious, and thinking of additional stimulation, so we started to finger each others clit, which led to our caressing the outer lips and our fingers slipping into each others thoroughly wet vagina. In no time at all, we had very successfully masturbated one another to a very intense orgasm. Even without saying as much, we both knew that we were hooked on our having this kind of mother-daughter fun together. We got together that next weekend, and without hesitation decided to have some more naked fun. This time we got more adventurous, and we tried oral sex. Normally, for both of us, we would have never thought of having our mouth between another woman's legs, but in this instance, it was such a wonderfully exciting thing to do, and so sucessful. We managed that afternoon to give each other three full orgasms! Neither had ever felt so relaxed and more physically excited, and had enjoyed sex more! My mom and I were both surprised with ourselves, first for having tried this, and for having dared to try it together. But also for finding naked female comansionship so satisfying! Now, once or twice a month at least, Mom and I enjoy ourselves thoroughly and we have absolutely no regrets!

March 8, 2014 - Sexual Preference - In-Between

Anonymous Masturbator Confessions

Finally Getting There

I am a divorced woman in my early fifties. I have started to enjoy having my own life for the past six years, and I really have found that I have no desire to become involved in another serious relationship. As I began to meet other divorced women my age, I discovered that they felt the same way. They were not anti-men or anything like that, but like me, they simply did not want all of the complications that usually are involved with male-female relationships. Well, rather discretely, I was introduced into the pleasures of female friendships of a more personal nature. I had never felt any attractions as such to other women, but I quickly learned justhow wonderful and romantic it could to have sexual moments with another female. I have found this to be extremely satisfying, as I am sure that so many other women my age, and divorced, have also found. Unfortunately, there seems to be so little written on this aspect of sexuality. I suppose because most women, like myself, do not want to label themselves as being lesbians when they are not. There really seems to be no middle ground or understanding here, and I think that this is a very large gap in our society and social conscience which needs to be filled. Anyone else with this kind of experience, I urge you to write a line or two and share it.

March 9, 2014 - Sexual Preference - In-Between

The Ultimate Female Masturbation Experience

A Wonderful First

Last summer was special because I had just graduated. My parents had just gone away for a few days on a trip, and my best friend from school and I got together. We were talking about our going off to differnt colleges, and how much we were going to miss things, not to mention each other. Well, we were sitting there, practically ready to start crying, and we hugged and held one another. The two of us had been pretty close for the last couple of years, but just as friends. We were both interested in guys and not in other girls. But there we were holding each other, and suddenly we were kissing, fully on the lips. It wasn't even surprising that we were doing this. But we were kissing and it was quite passionate, and like something that we both wanted to do. We had our mouths together and we were using our tongues. And then we were feeling each others' breasts and saying how good this felt. We were sitting in the living room on the sofa, and we started taking our clohtes off, and in a minute we were both naked and sharing all of this hot passion. We started masturbating each other and we were both climaxing! When we recovered, neither of us could believe that we just had this awesome female sexual moment together or how much we had enjoyed it! While my parents were gone, the two of us spent hours naked and laying on the bed thrilling each other. Then, after that, we carried on this practically torid lesbian love affair for the rest of the summer, and some come that following Christmas when we were both back home. I never thought of myself as falling for another girl, and either did she. But now we are both so looking forward to next summer. Our parents have no idea of course that their daughters are having a lesbian love afffair, and so far we have been relucntant to tell them. We thought that we should just wait and see how things go. Although, dreamily, we have talked about movin away and living together. Maybe. Who knows?

March 10, 2014 - Sexual Preference - In-Between

Anonymous Masturbator Confessions

One Afternoon

I am in my mid-twenties and single. I have had several very nice and satisfying male-female relationships, although I have yet to find the right guy to be really serious about. That just hasn't happened and I'm really in no rush. I know another woman, a few years older than me, also single, and who is just into enjoying having her own life at the moment. We have quite a bit in common. We both like literature and books and music, and she plays the flute beautifully. We started getting together, lots ot times at her place, for coffee and talk. One afternoon we were doing that, and it was raining, making it just this cozy sort of day to be indoors. In a way, I suppose we were both feeling in a somewhat casual, romantic mood. We were sitting on the sofa, both of us barefoot - which we often are, feeling relaxed, and she said how raining days were perfect for cuddling and spending in bed. I agreed, and we sort of looked at one another, and we slowly leaned over and kissed. It was such a perfect thing to do, and almost like something in literature, our female lips felt so satisfying together. We got up and went into her bedroom and undressed, and slipped naked into bed. For the next several hours we made love and it was so beautiful that I can hardly begin to describe it! Of course, after that, it was just natural that the two of continue having this wonderful female love affair. I was so surprised with myself for responding in this way, but I am so glad that I did. It was like discovering a whole new part of myself, and that has been amazing!

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March 12, 2014 - Sexual Preference - In-Between

Memorable Self-Pleasuring

Girls together

I am in my late twenties and single. Recently I started having a friendship with another woman at work, a year younger than myself, and also single. We got together a few times to go out. One evening at her place, we had a couple of glasses of wine, and we were both getting silly, and we started smooching with each other. It was harmless and playful. Well, the next time we got together, a week later, we got quite friendly again, and this time without the wine. We just uninhibitedly let ourselves go, and it took no effort, I can tell you, for us to be naked in bed and masturbating each other like crazy. We gave each other a couple of good orgasms in a way that only another female would understand and appreciate. No surprise after that experience, the two of us have continued to enjoy the pleasures of female sex. It is so wonderful and uncomplicated!

March 12, 2014 - Sexual Preference - In-Between

Memorable Self-Pleasuring

Another One

I happened upon this site and read a number of the stories, so I thought that I would add mine. I am another divorced middle aged woman who had discovered the joy of female sex, and I am not a lesbian, nor do I intend to become one. Although I have been having a wonderful fling with another woman, also divorced and my age, and both of us are positively thrilled with this arrangement! I would highly recommend it to any woman, and say not to shy away from the chance to have this experience! For us, this has been extremely satisfying and emotionally rewarding. I hope that more women like me will write and related their own experiences.

March 14, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Masturabatory Editorial

Lesbianism Is Not Female Masturbation

If you look at the archives for female masturbation stories in 2010 and the 2013-14 archives, you see a great contrast. The 2010 female masturbation story archive is full of entries that are actually about female masturbation. The 2013-14 female masturbation stories archive is dominated by descriptions of teenage or pre-teen girls having their first lesbian experiences and by accounts by divorced women embittered against men who have for the first time in their lives tried lesbianism and are sounding a trumpet to other women that they should do likewise.

This is not female masturbation. Women touching other women and women orally stimulating other women are not masturbation. They are interpersonal sexual encounters; some would call it having sex. Masturbation is self-stimulation. These lesbian posts are not about self-stimulation, and they don't belong in this archive. There is a separate lesbian archive available to these posters.

I advocate that the lesbian posts in the masturbation archive be moved to the lesbian archive and that this archive be returned to its original purpose.

March 15, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Bisexual

Masturbation Technique Variation

Oh my god best session ever.

I was home alone, and it was about 11AM. There were children outside, so I closed my window. I turned on some lesbian porn, put a picture of my boyfriend's face as my computer background, and then licked my breast. I was doing this till I felt my underwear getting really wet, and then I stripped down to nakedness and teased my clit. Then, I licked my fingers for about a minute, and savored the taste. I did this a few times, until I was near an orgasm. Then, I started massaging my clit, and then, when I was near an orgasm, I started to rub fast. Best Orgasm Ever. Then, I started humping my electric toothbrush. I came, and then I had 3-5 more orgasms. Then, my best friend walked in on me, and started having sex with me. We kissed, and then she pulled out a dildo. We used this for awhile and just had so many orgasms.. Then, my boyfriend walked in on us, and it became a threesome, best day ever.

March 15, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Memorable Self-Pleasuring

Watching Sarah masturbate.

My husband has convinced me to write about this experience I had which started about 16 years ago when I was renting a flat with Sarah. Here it goes.

I'd moved to the east end of the city for my new job & answered an add to share a flat with another female. That's when I met Sarah who was much like me & one year older. We both hit it off right away with mutual interests. An added bonus for me was Sarah got me a free membership at the fitness center where she worked which was a short walk away.

I'd always worked out since my gymnastic & dance days. Once I was out of school I quit both but I just had to keep my body fit. I felt I was growing old as a 22 year old. Oh how crazy that was!

I was with Sarah for a little over a week & we became the best of friends in a short time. Each day after work I'd hit the club to workout & I'd see Sarah each time either teaching class or on the floor training others. On this night she was off a bit earlier than usual so her shower time was the same as mine. We met in the lockers & I got to see her complete nude figure for the first time. She was simply amazing! She had the most toned body I'd ever saw in my life. We wrapped our towels around our bodies then headed for the showers & sauna. Being an all female sauna we used our towels to lay on & once more I got a good view of her delicate yet hard body. We laughed & giggled once we were the only two left in the sauna because of the two older women who had big black bushes around their pussies. We were both shaven clean which was becoming quite popular at the time.

It was one of those nights when the high heat of the day stayed into the night. Back at the flat we both wore shorts & a tee. Before long Sarah took off her tee & still complained of the heat. I wasn't sure if it was all about the heat of if she just wanted to show off her fit body to me. Either way I was fine with it. I had never had a sexual relationship with a female & had no intension of it either. What followed was a real eye opener for me plus it slowly pushed my sexual feelings to allow another woman to make me excited without ever touching me.

We were watching a video since we had no money for cable. It was the movie flash dance which was even old back then but we both loved it & thought it was the best thing a girl could aspire to do at the time. DANCE her ass off! After the movie was done we sat with the light of the blank TV screen shinning on our wet steamy bodies. I was sitting in an old squeaky arm chair & Sarah was at the end of the couch facing me with her long legs stretched out. We fantasized about dancing & I told Sarah about my younger years of dance which was nothing like what we just watched. She was so interested & told me I had a dancers body & said I should go for it & try to do it now. I told her no way & she asked me to dance a bit for her. I stood & did a few sexy moves for fun then sat back in the chair. Sarah kept telling me how nice my body was & that I should love it. The she began commenting on my boobs. She said I was lucky to have small firm boobs because that would help as a dancer. She also had very small hard boobs but she had nipples twice as long as mine & at the time they were long & erect. Our conversations turned to boobs & nipples for s short time then the conversation died. Dead silence. Then Sarah asked me a question that made me afraid at first. She asked if I loved my body all over. When I asked what she meant she opened her legs & slowly ran her fingers to her clitoris area & made a circle with her fingers & said you know, like this then she closed her legs & pulled her knees in & smiled. I was a little shocked & just smiled at her.

Sarah told me she was sorry for being so bold & I told her it was no big deal & not to worry for being a normal woman. I told her she was right & I admitted to her that I masturbated. Sarah was so happy that I told her & she began wouldn't stop talking about it. She asked me how often I did it, if I used a vibe or a dildo & so much more. By the time we were done talking she knew when & how I learned to masturbate right down to how many times I come when I do it. Then I asked Sarah a few questions to take the heat off of me. She opened up like a book & I never had to ask her another question. She spouted ou her entire life history & she confided in me about a friend that she shared mutual masturbation with which was a new thing for me. Then she did something even more shocking for me. As she told me about her friend & how she looked when she climaxed, Sarah slid her hand under her tiny panties & massaged her clitoris while she imitated her friends orgasm. She was good. VERY good! It was almost like she was really coming. Then as she stopped pretending she left her hand on the clitoris & began to slowly move it around saying it felt way too good to stop. I said nothing & seconds later Sarah asked if I was comfortable with her giving herself an orgasm right then because she was so excited. All I said was sure I'm fine & that was a green light for Sarah to keep going.

It was the first time I'd ever saw another girl masturbate. I sat motionless not knowing if I should speak or not. Sarah soon put her legs together then slid off her panties & opened her legs facing right toward me. I sat motionless & all I could hear was her breathing & the odd little Oh plus the sloshy noise of her fingers on her clit. What surprised me about the entire night was how excited I was. It was like there were two super hot guys with hard cocks ready to enter in both ends of me but instead it was a girl masturbating for me to watch. All I could think about was that I wanted so badly to do the same thing. Then Sarah asked me if I was going to join her for a few orgasms. I stupidly said no, I think due to my strict background which looks down anything involving same sex play.

I watched Sarah masturbate for about five minutes then I could tell she was getting close to her orgasm. Her breathing became a bit more hard & her bodies muscles began to flex through her tight tanned skin. Sarah stretched out & pointed her toes & with her head to one side her entire body flexed hard then it began to twitch with spasms of orgasm. Her head lifted up & forward & her mouth opened up. Softly she chanted OH OH OH until her body went limp &e her finger stopped moving. She took deep breaths & she put her arm over her forehead. Her body twitched & wiggled for a while afterward until I saw a big smile & she took her arm down & looked at me & said I needed that so bad & laughed.

I was so excited! I wanted to do it so bad but I didn't. Sarah asked me if I was & again I said no & that I was fine with just watching her. With that she told me I didn't know what I was missing & went back to massage her clitoris. I watched another episode of Sarah masturbating which was a lot of fun. Later Sarah was back in her bed & I was on the pullout where I gave my clitoris the most lovely workout. I came more times than I remember that night. The next morning Sarah asked me if I was OK with the night before. When I said yes she laughed I told me she heard me & even peaked at me masturbating after she'd gone to bed. That actually made me feel better.

That night was the first of many times I sat & watched Sarah masturbate. I must have watched her at least a dozen times before I finally gave in one night & joined her. Sarah was so happy when I told her I was going to do it. Sarah had bought a load of soft porn movies & a few harder types that she liked to watch. I soon became interested too & soon the soft gave way to much harder but still well done porn movies made for women.

The first night I said yes Sarah we had just turned on the movie & I was out on the couch by myself while Sarah showered. I took off my clothes & began masturbating. It felt really naughty & just knowing Sarah would soon be back to catch me was very exciting. I turned down the volume & sat nude masturbating gently so as not to orgasm. I heard the shower stop & shortly after the door open. I kept my fingers massaging my clitoris as I heard her footsteps coming closer. I looked straight ahead & then I saw her beside me. I looked up at her naked body & she was smiling down at me & all she said was good girl, you deserve it which made me feel so warm & sexy inside. Sarah sat & didn't begin to pleasure herself. All she did is watch me & comment on how nice I looked & she kept asking me how it felt. She made me feel special inside. Then I could feel myself climbing the orgasm ladder. I looked right into Sarah's eyes & told her to watch me come for her. My orgasm was long & deep & my body rocked & wiggled as it usually does but it felt so good this time because she was there to experience it with me. We talked after a while then we masturbated together with the TV volume off. Nothing but our breathing, moans & sloshing sounds of our fingers.

In the months to follow we did this ritual often & introduced our favorite toys. We never brought a guy home. We had too much fun on our own. Sarah brought another friend into our fun which was not good for me at first but it soon became just as good. We kept our trio together for almost two full years before Sarah met a guy & decided to get married. The other girl Cindy & I got together a few times & we even shared kisses & she was the first girl I ever tasted & she also tasted me. I learned how nicely a woman can make me come with her tongue I suppose because she knows just how & where it needs to be. I too could make her come hard & fast with my mouth. That lasted a very short time though. Cindy began to feel she loved me & wanted a relationship which I wanted none of. It was just good clean fun for me.

There you have it. Now my secret that only a few have ever known is out there for the world to read. It's like my two shades of blonde.

March 19, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Self-Pleasuring is Awesome

My Favorite Passtime

I discovered masturbation at a young age but I didn't know I was actually masturbating, but I knew it was a personal thing so I never told anybody. When I actually learned about masturbation and how good it can feel, I started to explore my vagina and what feels good. First I started with a vibrating toothbrush, then I started to use my hands. I then discovered how to use the shower head to masturbate and now that is what I use mostly for my clit. The first time sticking something into my vagina was hurtful but then as I kept doing it I stretched and it started to feel good. I love to masturbate but I have never cum before and I really wish I could experience that. I try to keep going but I get this extreme sensation and I pull away. I just can't seem to keep going. Well, my advice is definitely use the shower head or your fingers for clit stimulation, it feels amazing!

March 23, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Masturbation Technique

First time strap on

I've been masturbating for a while now. Usually I get off by grinding on pillows and watching porn but I wanted to try something different. My friends moms are lesbians and they have a bunch of sex toys so one day she have me one of their unused strap on dildos. I was really excited to use it so one night I got it out and attached it to my big stuffed teddy bear. I took off my bra and licked my fingers so when I touched my nipples it felt like someone was licking them. I was anxious to start so I got on my back and placed the bear between my legs. At forts being penetrated hurt but it started to feel really good. I was trying hard not to moan but the feeling was so intense. I gyrated my hips against the bear pushing the dildo in and out. I felt myself reaching climax and I allowed myself one moan of ecstasy before falling back on my pillows, breathless, sweaty, and satisfied.

Confidential Female Sex and Masturbation Issues
Free site that has women's sex survey archives, personal experiences, sexuality issues, and masturbation among women.

Confidential Male Sex and Masturbation Issues
Free site that includes sex survey archives, frequent questions and answers about masturbation, as well as personal sex stories. No email address is required to view this site.

March 25, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Self-Pleasuring is Awesome

Giving time to myself

I love to touch my pussy.. I love having enough time to please myself fully..It turns me on more the longer I play with myself. Right now I am 2 hours in on this session and I am taking a 15 minute break to prolong playing with myself.. Rubbing my clit while reading stories and watching porn really makes me happy. I think of touching myself all the time, and then I have a pissing fetish..so sometimes I want to piss on things.. I have been watching all types of porn.. I just wish I could play with my pussy forever. The only issue is when I cum..my mind clears and I feel bad about everything. I wish my nastiness lasted forever..Until then I am gonna finish taking my break and keep rubbing my pussy .

March 31, 2014 -

This is how I get off

Hey girls! I've been masturbating for a few years now and love it so much. I'm horny all the time and love the thrill of my pussy being wet in public. When I first started masturbating I was on omegle talking to some guy who was the same age as me. We got talking just about normal things, then he asked me if I masturbated, I said no and was a bit embarrassed. We kept on talking and he convinced me that it would be a good idea to masturbate with him. We described ourselves to each other, and then we started to talk dirty. I was wearing a tank top, bra and panties and was laying on my bed. He walked me through what I had to do cause I had no idea. Once we had dirty talked for a while I could feel my pussy getting wet, and I was getting exciting he then guided me yo take my panties off, and feel my boobs at the same time. Now my pussy was throbbing with intent! I slid my finger up and down my slit a few time to tease myself, then was told to rub my clit. It was the best thing that I had ever felt!! He kept talking dirty to me, it lasted about half an hour, both of us, by that stage I was completely naked and humping my hand and squeezing my nipple! Then we both came and I had a massive orgasm! My first and one of my best.

Since then I've gotten more adventurous with what I like to do. Nowadays when no one is home I strip down and walk around the house, this makes get so horny!!! I hump random things that I can for fun. I then cover all of my body in baby oil and start feeling my boobs and just around my pussy. I then try and find something that I can penetrate myself with, normal I have a few plastic teat tubes that go well. I'll go on a porn site and watch some girls masturbate, I find those so erotic!! Or go on this site and read some stories. Then I put the first test tube in my pussy and try and keep it in with no hands, it takes some practice but so worth it!! Then I put one in my ass too, double penetration turns me on so much!! By this stage in dripping wet and my juices are on the floor. Then I start to pull on my clit and hit it, and I love to moan when I'm doing this it makes it so much sexier.after about 15 mins I'm ready to explode!!! I start to pulls and push the test tubes in and out of my pussy and pussy at the same time!!! In a matter of minutes I'm screaming and squirt everywhere Hope you like the story girls, and guys ;)

April 2, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight

The Ultimate Female Masturbation Experience


Okay, so this is my best experience masturbating.

I was lying in my bed bored, and I was trying to find out what masturbation was. Suddenly, I had the urge in my you-know-what. It kept on feeling tingly. I suddenly pulled my jeans down and put my hand to my vag. My finger accidentally in it, and it felt wet and amazing and so pleasurable. I decided to rub around a bit to get this wonderful feeling again. A few minutes after this heavy feeling began to grow in my rump. I had the willpower to continue going, and then I had a full orgasm. I moaned very loudly.

Second Time:

I was stripping down for my nightly session, but I wanted to try something new. I ripped off my pants and panties, and put my vagina to my mouth, and licked myself for about two hours.

April 7, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Fantasies while Masturbating

My fantacy

I've been having this fantasy for a long time and I just thought I would share it. I hope you like it (: John grabbed me by my arm pulled me in and looked deep into my eyes. He moved the hair out of my face and then passionately kissed me. He kissed me like it was the last kiss he was ever going to have. He slowly took of my shirt, then my bra and continued to kiss me down my neck then to my chest. I took his shirt off to revel his 6 pack oh my gosh his 6 pack was perfect. John throw me on the bed and rubbed my pussy though my leggings oh it felt so good. I could hardly handle it I ripped my leggings off and then he kissed my thighs and my pussy over my under wear. Then with his teeth he slowly started to take my panties off. He kissed my pussy lips then my clit ohhhh I couldn't handle it I wanted him so bad! Then he slowly licked from my pussy to my clit back and forth then he finally stuck two fingers in my pussy and fingered me so hard then right before I climaxed he stopped. I could see his hard throbbing cock though his jeans I ripped off his pants and pulled out his huge hard cock I slowly kissed it down the shaft then licked it back up. Then he took my head and shoved it down my throat. I could barely breath then he took it out. I sucked his cock for a while until nether of us could handle it any more. I wanted him inside of me! He grabbed my head and kissed me then he bent me over and spanked me because I was a dirty bad girl. Then he slowly slid his cock into my dripping wet pussy and he went in and out very slow then he started speeding up. Ohhhh I was screaming with pleassaure! Then right before he was going to cum I sucked is cock until he came in my mouth and I swalled it and I liked it.

April 10, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Bisexual

Sex Toys and Masturbation Tools

Interesting Vibrator

So, this happened not too long ago, I was home alone watching tv and I started thinking about some in my house. I remembered seeing the back massager in a drawer next to one of the beds in my house and I thought back to a site that talked about home vibrators. I thought no ones home might as well give it a go, so I went upstairs and pull out the massager and my room.

I locked the door behind me in case someone got home, dropped my pants and leaned back against the side of my mattress with my legs spread wide till my vagina opened enough that I wouldn't have to spread it myself. I had already been thinking about all the possible ways I could do this, do I put the handle in my hole, do I grip the handle in between my legs and close to my clit, the possibilities were endless at this point. I switched between the settings trying to decide between low and high and I said fuck it and turned it on high. The massager had these two red balls that were the main point of vibration and I pressed it softly on my clit and the feel was almost immediate.

My vagina relaxed and I started to squirt pee, it surprised me, at this point I didn't really care. I started to feel the warm pleasure roll up from my thighs down my body and it was usually only happened when I teased my clit with my nails. It felt so good that I didn't stop once just a constant vibrating pressure down on my clit. The muscles in my body started twitching shortly after and my breathing quickened. The feeling rocked through me and I started to gasp softly. I don't usually make any noise when I masturbate, but the closer to the edge I got the more my breathing turned into little ahs and ohs. I was so close to the edge so much faster than I had ever been and it get some much better than just rubbing my self off. My back started to arch the closer I got and my hands squeezed the handle tightly, the twitching was constant and finally an almost burning pleasure rocked like waves we my pussy and it was the most intense organs am I had ever experienced before in my life. I almost fell off the bed, and soft moans and heavy breathing was the only thing I could possibly say at that point.

Afterwards I could barely walk for a few minutes and put the massager away for safe keeping because there is no way I would ever NOT use that thing again. Thank you internet.

April 13, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight

The Ultimate Female Masturbation Experience

Lesbian porn an electric toothbrush my fingers and my wet pussy

Although I am strait this was the bet day of my life!! It was a Wednesday and I just came home from school. Nobody was home and since it was the beginning if summer it was super hot. I opened the door/window to let some fresh air in. All day I had been feeling pretty horny and I really wanted to masturbate. So I called my parent to ask when they will be home. They both said they will not be home till late in the evening. So the coast was clear, I grabbed my laptop and ran upstairs to my room. Imideatly I looked up some lesbian porn and turned it up the full volume. Getting wetter by the second I started to undress myself. Slowly stripping of my new bought thong and bra, I grabbed my breasts. My hands were spring down my nude body as I grabbed the electric toothbrush I had earlier positioned next to me, ready to come to Action. With my left hand I slid the toothbrush over my bare breasts, I mmediatly arrousing me, while my right hand was working my pussy. First I slowly rubbed my pointer finger on my clitorus. Now the toothbrushes had reached my vagina as well. As the head of the toothbrush was vibrating on my clitorus I had my first orgasm of this day. It was massive and when it was over I was directly in desire of another one. So I started moving my fingers through my soaking wet pussy moaning loudly. Only then I realized that that the porn was still going. I wanted the moaning of the girl who's pussy was getting licked on the intranet to be louder so I went to get my loudspeakers. I attached them to my laptop and turned to volume up so loud I was afraid the naughtiest we're gonna here. But I did not care. Now I was starting to get my second orgasm moaning as loud as I had never den before. I started squirting all over my bed shears but did not care. In the next 20 minutes I had another 2 orgasms. I love masturbating and do it daily! Hope you enjoyed my storie!! By the way after writing his I am really wet now so I'm gonna go masturbate!!

April 20, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight

First Time Masturbating

My first time

When I was 7-years-old I had this really big, body-length pillow and sometimes I would sleep with my legs wrapped around it. One night I happened to roll on top of it and I felt it rub against my clit. At first it scared me because I'd never felt anything like it, so I didn't tell anyone about it. A few weeks later I started getting this strange feeling in the pit of my stomach and around my girly part as I used to call it. That night when I was in bed and everyone was asleep, I brought the pillow into bed with me. I laid down on my side and lifted up my shirt so that my flat chest was exposed. I grabbed the pillow and pretended to kiss it while I played with my pert little nipples. I got on top of the pillow and started grinding on it. It felt so good that I kept going for nearly an hour. Eventually I got tired, but I masturbated this way for a long time.

April 20, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Other

Anal Masturbation

stunning seo guys

iy1tKi Thanks for the post.Much thanks again. Keep writing.

April 22, 2014 - Sexual Preference - In-Between

First Time Masturbating

First Orgasm

I hadn't been a virgin for years when I had my first orgasm. I'd actually been quite 'promiscuous' - I use the quote marks because I didn't and still don't believe that there was anything morally wrong in what I did, nor do I believe that anyone should be shamed for having a lot of consenting adult partners during their life. But, despite having had numerous partners, I had never had an orgasm. I kind of thought I had - I psyched myself into thinking that I had cum when I stopped enjoying whatever we'd been doing up to that point - but I now know that I hadn't.

After a few years of 'sleeping around', I settled down into a monogamous relationship with my current partner. About a year in, my partner was away visiting his family and I went to bed. I always sleep on my belly but with a pillow under my hips because without the pillow I get backache. So I started having some fantasies and began rubbing my clit against the pillow going side to side. I found this to be very enjoyable and, to my surprise, I had my first orgasm this way. It took me about half an hour to get there, but in the end I orgasmed - I think that what I had needed to orgasm and hadn't been getting from sex was stimulation of not just the part of my clit that's in front of my pussy, but the part that seems to go up to my bellybutton - and stimulation of all of that at once is what gave me an orgasm.

Now whenever I get the chance I masturbate using a pillow and I can cum in about 10 minutes. I imagine that there is a dominant man in the room who is controlling my movements and controlling my orgasm. I will get myself to the bring of orgasm and then slow down or stop, imagining that the man is ordering me to stop, teasing me for his own satisfaction. I'll do this a few times before allowing myself to orgasm - and when I do this, the orgasm is even more intense. But I still haven't had an orgasm from a partner. I don't think I can blame my partner for lack of effort - I couldn't even get myself off using my fingers (believe me, I've tried!) so how can I expect him to? To this day, all of my orgasms have come from humping a pillow.

April 22, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight

First Time Masturbating


I was raised in a very strict homene with morals and heavy discipline . Around 9 yrs I started to develop breasts and soon the hair followed. I often had the urge to scratch the itch as my hair was growing . I was caught just adjusting my undies and oh did I get a talking to about touching down there. I almost got a whipping. I was deathly afraid after that of touching my self in any way . I would clean and bathe my self very carefully as not to feel guilty about the feeling I would experience. Around 12 I had a good deal of hair now and c cup breasts . I liked looking at my naked body and knowing it was a sin then felt guilty about it . It was very difficult to bathe at times and fight the urge to rub my self as I washed it felt soon good. Then I once again would feel the guilt. By 14 I was more filled out and I was more sensitive than ever. Looking at men would make me feel very itchy in my crotch but then the guilt of sin would come over. All I could hear was my mother scolding me. At 15 being the goog girl I was my parents had confidence in me and left me in charge of my siblings while they ran erons. I told then to behave while I went to take my shower early . I was taking my shower as usual and as I washed and my hand reached my private I washed as normal and just kept rubbing not even thinking what I was doing , then I list my self , ribbing more and more , I just lifted my right leg on to the tub, looking down at my self I could see my huge lips surrounded by hair. I had never really looked at my self. It looked so beautiful as I ran my fingers through my wetness . The water sounded so surreal as the shower ran. I continued exploring caressing my self . As I rubbed and rubbed then sliding my finger up and down I felt an opening , for some reason It felt like it wanted something and I started to slowly push in my finger ,more and more it slid right in ohhhh I was panting with excitement as my hand now cupped my lips with my finger inside me I had this huge euruption that I later discover was an orgasim. I lived what I had experienced and wanted more. I graabed a brush tv at was much bigger than my finger and started to insert in to myself as I watched , it was big and I loved how it felt as I tried to enter me but something seemed to be preventing it from really going ant fret her as I continued . I was so hot now sitting spread eagle looking at this brush handle as I tried more and more the sensation was so good . I continued in and out so slowly just taking in all the sensations I was experiancing . Some how I got out of hand and in my thrusting of my pelvis the tapered handle all of a sudden went in deeper, ooooooooooooooooaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh I gasped as one I had this brush deep in me , I closed my eyes and saw stars as my whole body reacted to the penetration. It seemed for ever befor I caught my breath . I guess I popped my cherry that day I did not see the bood it probably washed away. I was hooked after that. Whinch lead to wonderful showers.

April 23, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Bisexual

The Ultimate Female Masturbation Experience

About 3 years ago I was at a friends dorm room, and we both had mutual feelings for each other. the night we masturbated together is a night I will never forget. watching him jerk off sitting right next to me was the biggest turn on and my pussy was dripping wet so quickly that I couldn't finger myself fast enough we decided to take turns helping each other get off and I sat on his lap yanking on his erect penis while he pumped his fingers hard and fast inside my soaking wet pussy. This happened for about 45 minuets.

April 28, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Self-Pleasuring is Awesome

Wake and Shake

Goodmorning..It is a good morning for me. I woke up this morning at 6:30 on my own and had masturbation on my mind. I feel like I have been waiting to rub my pussy like this. I have had a lot of short quick pussy rubs just to get me through the day but this is a pussy rubbing session. Been reading nasty stories and watching porn for 2 hours and I feel so good.. I like to piss when I masturbate so this is the first time I have pissed in a while. Im feeling so fucking horny and I come to this site and read all the stories and reread my own stories which turns me on more of how nasty I am. I am about to take my shirt off so I can rub my nipples, and make them hard. Im gonna fuck myself soo good, Im glad this is how I am starting my day and my week on a Monday morning. Have a great morning because I know I am. Happy Masturbating :)

Prostate Simulation = Huge Orgasms
If you haven't experienced a prostate orgasm -- you haven't really been living. The male g-spot orgasm will make you think about orgasms in a new and exciting way.

April 28, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Self-Pleasuring is Awesome

Still At It

I posted a few hours ago about wake and shake, where I woke up at 6 in the morning and started watching porn, reading nasty stories and rubbing my pussy. It has been nearly 6 hours, I did take a 40 minute break but it has been hours of me doing this nasty behavior. I feel so hot and bothered right now. I was rubbing my nipples while giving my pussy a break a few seconds ago. I don't want it to end but I know it has to soon. But before it does I am going to start pissing on myself. It feels so good and its so naughty. I am enjoying myself so much I might just come back tonight and fuck myself again. I need to pleasure myself more, and this is the start of it.

April 29, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight


Started with exibitionism

Around the age of only 12 I realized I was attractive and built well for my age. My masturbation was more frequent when I knew boys or even older men were checking me out. I know most thought me older than I was and there were times when high school guys asked me out. By the time I was 13 it was obvious to me that I was an exhibitionist even though I didn't even know what that word was at the time. All I was sure of is that when I was seen naked I was automatically aroused. I have no siblings so at 13 I was home alone after school until my parents came home early evening. During the summer my grandmother was there everyday but mainly only watched her soap operas and I did pretty much whatever I wanted. That year is when my exhibitionism and masturbation went wild. After school I would invite boys over to watch tv or play video games. Some were my age but others a little younger. They seldom refused, first all because they knew I wouldn't be dressed modestly and secondly the fact I would shower while they were here. It was simple because I have my own private bathroom in my bedroom. All I had to do was let the boys watch tv or play video in my bedroom as I showered only a few feet away and never close the bathroom door completely. I could clearly see them peeking in at me just by looking into the medicine cabinet mirror. At first I only let them see me shower and dry off and dress. As soon as they went home I masturbated. It didn't take long however before I began letting them see me masturbate. I don't even know how many boys watched me but I know there were a lot, perhaps as many as 20 or more over those years and some of them frequently. Some of them I didn't even know very well and came with other boys I did know. This went on for several years and when I think about it now it seems odd my parents never found out about it. I was 15 when my dad got transferred to another city and I was very dissapointed moving away which I now know was a good thing, never realizing or considering at the time about my reputation. The next few years weren't as pleasing for my fetish until I began dating Drew. We do have sex often but he also knows about my fetish and accomadates my need to expose myself and have other guys watch me masturbate. He has not only brought his friends to watch me but also men he works with. Drew does this for me almost once every week, normally on a Friday or Saturday night. He admits he enjoys these guys looking at me naked and playing with myself with both my fingers and sex toys. There is never more than one guy he brings and he even shaves me in front of them sometimes. Some of these guys have been here a few times but I am so aroused by this I keep track now of every time a new guy comes over. I know for a fact that there is a total of 33 guys who have not only seen me naked but have watched me maturbate. As soon as these guys leave Drew and I have a blissful night of sex. I'm aware Drew only does this to have sex with me but he still doesn't understand how I am totally overcome with arousal while these guys are watching me. It even amazes me how often and how instense my orgasms are and I don't know why. I think about it sometimes and wonder if its a blessing or a curse. The thing is that even when I am alone masturbating I always orgasm several times. I can't imagine what some of these guys may think of me but I know they think I am crazy. I end up exposing myself to them in ways I have never even seen myself. I have no embarrasment whatsoever being seen naked or letting them see my reaction to my orgasms. I not only stimulate myself vaginally but also use a vibrator most of the time to stimulate myself rectally. The things these guys have seen me do to myself and some of the positions I'm in should be a humiliation, but for me it is far from that and more of an extreme turn on for me.

April 29, 2014 -

The Ultimate Female Masturbation Experience

That movie set me off

I was 14 home alone watching the TV story of that butafucko guy with Alyssa Milano . I was already charged up a little and then the scene of that little green devil with that huge erection really just set me off. I had been masturbating for about a 3years and since I used tampons I had started inserting a sharpe in me some times. We'll that scene just hit me down there it made me so horney , I had seen pictures and drawings of peckers but that image just set something off in me. I started rubbing my clit throughout my jeans to the point they were soaked and soon came off. I sat naked on the coutch with my heels on the edge of the couch looking at my wet lips and inner lips. They were so pink and liquid was pouring out of me. I never had taken souch a long look at my self .

I went to my room and got on the bed placed a mirror on a pillow to see better as I teased my self. Oooommmmmmm. Yes as I rubbed my self placing the sharpe in me , oh yes I said watching it slide in and out. Then I wanted something bigger, a marker oooooooooaaaaa , I was on fire . Never had I seen my self naked in this state . My mind went nuts, I wated to do it badly I wanted sex , I wanted some one to do me ! We'll no bf so I had to think, yes the kitchen I go and find bananas. We had 2 sizes the medium and large, I took both.

As I walked back I was shaking as my heart was pounding my nipples were standing straight out almost hurting from being so erect . As I walked back I could feel my engorged excited volva rubbing agents my thighs as I walked , ummmmm the feeling of what I was planning was killing me.

Now in the bath room floor in the full length mirror I see my whole body, I am shaking with excitement knowing that what I. am going to do is sort of bad or maybe taboo but I cannot stand the urge. Down I go looking at my self I can see my hole as I placed the medim banana and slowly I push it in , ooooohhhh yeah slowly I feel the banana entering and I can see it going in , I take a breather, ok yes feels good more it goes uuuuummmm ooooo.

I was cussing up a storm as I was taking a breather looking at my naked sweaty body, nipples up and rosie lips surrounded by my jet black hair. How excited I was loving this feeling , oh I guess this is sex I said yeah !!!! Out goes the banana it was covered in my juices and almost semed to plop out making a squoosh sound. I was like wow. Still charged there was no going back 3 years of masturbationcoild not match this.

I grabed the bigger banana and once again watched as I placed the tip in my canal my lips were aching and in I start watching as I start it was wider I defiantly could feel the difference as I pused in more oooooooaaaaummm too much I backed off , wow it was intense and I felt more pressure , again I went to push , I was not going to quit and my body was asking for it.no stopping I said I was too horney,and here I go slowly pushing the banana in as the tip disappeared.

once again felt the pressure of my opening , heavily breathing panting I went in more , oooogggaaa I said feeling some discomfort , taking another breather, I did this in and out ever so slowly basically teasing myself tying to go deeper , until enough was enough and then oooooooaaaaahhhh shit it was finally in . Oh my goodness I fell back on my back trying to catch my breath feeling very full , panting and breathing heavily I sat up in a daze saying YEAH !!!!! I could see that huge banana at least 1/2 way in me, I just sat there admiring and trying to comprehend all that just had happened and how that banana felt uuummmmm.

Now I started to move it in and out still in extacy as every stroke seemed so intense and then it shot out as I had my very first orgasim knocking me out . I just may there crying in joy and pain of what I had done and experienced.

I tried to get up but my legs hurt like I had Charlie hoarse. I was also soar in side.

The bananas seemed sort of limp. I needed a shower I was all soaked in sweat, I could smell my self all those juices and my sweat combined were aussom.

When I got up the next day I was sort of soar that lasted for couple of days but it was very well worth it.

April 29, 2014 -

Sex Toys and Masturbation Tools

First dildo

I was sitting for some friends and the kids always went to bed early no questions asked. I had watched them for about a year know and always just watched tv . I need to go use the wash room and the hallway was broken so had to use the master bath I was tinkling and noticed the bottom cabinet sort of stuck open and was held open slightly by something so I opened it to readjust the item and found a nice dildo. I started to chuckle as I took a look and then said cool . It was sort of big I thaight and had this suction cup on the end. I was 16 and had just started having sex with my Bo about a month back so I really was not sure of the sizes . As I examined it playing with it I got hot and said why not they were not expected for at least 3 more hours. I washed it good and stripped teasing my now excited clit practicing giving it a blow job but the silacone was not as good as the real thing . It was nice and soon I was inserting it in . Oh wow it was bigger than my Bo and longer. This was much better as I continued for a while , organism after orgasim , not quitting me at all like by Bo. We only had sex missionary style and I decided to go doggy. After several attempts I found a good spot and the right height, I slowly started to back in to it and since it was free I had to use my hand to steady it until it finally entered me . Oh my it felt sooooooogood I was screaming in side , as I loved how it filled me up as I pused and pused and oooooooaaaaaa oops too long I felt it hit my cervic. Ouch wow I froze and looked to to my left and saw my self on the door mirror , naked in all fours . I liked the way I looked with my breasts hanging down nipples erect ass in the air with this devilish smirk liking what I sawand was feeling. . I kept looking left as I moved forward seeing that dildo enlarge as I moved out. Ooommmmm yes I really liked the view and then made it disappear as I moved back in on it. I was in control I could just feel it slide in and out so smoothly as I watched going ever so slow as I tested the length to my cervic . Oh my I would go fast and then slow sweating and humping keeping my whimpers to my self. It was a erotic sight if I ever saw one . Me doing my self as I wanted no quick cumb here I was in control. More and more , harder,slower , out rub on my lips back in yes yes orgasim after orgasim with a duck in me how heavenly. Finally I was drenched in sweat my knees all red from the hard floor one last big thrust as I rubbed my clit with the dildo in up to my cervic I had a huge mindblowing organum letting out a deep groun uuuuggggggaaaaawwwwwwuuuuu. I was spent breathing heavy I could not get up I was very soar all over but I had to clean up. Still shaky putting on my clothes cleaning up the dildo placing it back. I walked out sort of stammering legs and crotch very tender just in time to hear them arrive . Oh my I was fucking for at least 2-3 hours I lost track. I eventually got one of my oun.

May 1, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Bisexual

Caught Masturbating!

Caught my bff masterbating...

What a great site this is! I have only read a few stories & have already masturbated..twice! Please keep them coming! I wanted to share one of my best stories about 5 years ago my best friend since college was staying with me from out of state. She was staying in the guest room & me in mine. We wanted to take naps & I was supposed to wake her up at a certain time. When I entered her room I was shocked to find her with her panties off and she was rubbing her pussy. Her eyes were closed and she was really into. I stood frozen & just watching. I could not move. I was never so turned on in my whole life. My whole pussy was on fire. I had never seen a woman masturbate before (in person). She opened her eyes & saw me. She was so embarrassed and started to apologize. I was so horny. I don't even know what came over me. I had never been with a another women, other than some harmless clothed humping episodes as a teenager but I told her I want to lick your pussy so bad right now! She didn't hesitate and opened her legs. The experience was so awesome. It tasted so good. It was such a rush to make her come with my tongue. I licked and sucked on her clit until she came and then she returned the favor. I don't ever remember liking being eaten out as much as that moment. It was so amazing. She knew exactly what to do, taking her time tonguing my vagina and my ass. Ooooh that was dangerously good. Until she zeroed in on my clit & I exploded. We got together a few more times that trip. I had to be careful, as my husband is there and has no idea. She is now divorced and we still live several states away but we still me at least once a year for some great pussy licking. We meet in Vegas every summer. We both indulge in some lesbian affairs apart from each other. I had had sex with my waxer and a neighbor. Stories for another day.....

May 5, 2014 -

Fantasies while Masturbating


We were talking to one another (my friend and I) and then he randomly started dirty talking me, telling me what he'd do to me if he was with me: What turns you on? Ok I'd kiss your neck while rubbing your wet pussy and feeling you up, I'd rub my hard dick on your pussy and bite your arms and neck. I'd bite your ass whilst you sucked my rock hard dick and then I'd put it deep inside your pussy, whilst kissing you hard and feeling your tits. I'd fuck you hard and deep whilst kissing your neck and rubbing your clit. I'd cum deep inside you and keep going until you were screaming my name and had cummed yourself he then asked me what I'd do if it was my choice. I was so turned on now. I said I'd slowly take off your top whilst kissing your neck with you moaning into my hair. I'd grab your dick through your trousers and massage your balls with my hand making you hard showing how much you wanted me. I'd then take off your trousers and take off your underwear. I'd look at you kissing you hard and then get down to your dick and suck it deeply whilst you were practically humping my face. You'd cum in my mouth but I'd keep on going until I decided I was finished. You'd then rip off my top and rub my tits and you'd bite my neck. Then you'd kiss down my body whilst rubbing my tits, you'd take off my trousers and then take off my pants with your teeth and you'd lick my wet pussy and hard as you could until I cummed in your mouth whilst you were playing with my clit. Then you couldn't last any longer and got on top of me and fucked me long and hard until we both cummed you kissing my neck and me moaning into your chest. After this I imagined this happening and I fucked myself with my fingers. I lay in my bed just picturing what my friend was doing and his huge hard dick. I then cummed and I was done.

May 5, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight

First Time Masturbating

My Electronics Engineer friend

I started dating a man I met at the library. He was researching some foreign literature for a project he was working on for a large aerospace company. It was innocent. I could not reach a book on the 8th shelf--he grabbed it for me and we sat down at the same table. It was the usual--asked for a date, we went 'out' three times--he kissed me. I 'French kissed' and we moved rapidly on from there. We had sex several times, when we could, over the next few months.

He asked me if I ever masturbated. I was slightly embarrassed at first and then I said yes. He said he did too. And could he watch. That was a shocker for just a moment and then I said 'what the heck'.

He watched me finger myself until I had an orgasm. I really wanted another one as it was exciting having him watch me. A week later he stopped by with a camera. He said, I want to film you. Not for the video, but I want to time you. I am an engineer and I want to make something for you. I said, OK! I took off my clothes and got on the bed. He sat up the camera and it had a stop watch that would appear in the video he said.

He said, I want you to finish twice. OK? He started the camera and I started masturbating with a small dildo that I liked. the camera rolled. When I came to almost noisy finish -- I kept on going. Tom filmed it all.

Two weeks later he knocked on the door. He had a small box in his hand. Come in Tom.

He led me to the bedroom and asked me to strip. I did and lay on the bed. I wasn't sure but I thought he had something special. He did. It was an 8 soft plastic dong. There was a wire leading from the base and a pushbutton box like a TV remote. Here. You take this. I don't think you will need it as I have computer programmed the dildo to the timing of the two orgasms you had last month.

He stripped off too and kissed me and stroked me, kissed my breasts, and got me hot. He stuck in the dildo and pushed a button. I shut my eyes. Wow! It was good. It speeded up just a bit and then went faster. It kept buzzing and vibrating and going in and out. Tom held the base. I orgazemed at about the same time as it was programmed from the data on the video from two weeks ago. It kept going and I could feel another one growing--I moaned lightly and here it goes I said. I finished with a whopper orgasm. Quick give me the remote. I wanted a third one. He gave it to me and I hit the speed control--I almost screamed and I finished in less then two minutes. I kept going and did it again. Exhausted, I shut it off.

Why are you doing this Tom? I didn't want to tell you but I have to work on a Test Site overseas. I will be gone almost 3 months. This is to entertain you until I get back.

It was awesome. I hope it doesn't burn out on me. That is why I made a spare. He pulled another one out of the box. It was an inch longer and just a bit more in diameter. Wow! You think of everything. He smiled. I don't want to lose you. This will work until I get back home.

I liked the 'home'. I'll dream of you every time I use it.

By the middle of the second month I was using his invention almost every night. Some nights I would only do the two it was programmed for and then I would look at his photo and go for the third one at least once a week. I can hardly wait until he gets home. I think I will try for four cums when Tom gets back. Marsha

May 6, 2014 -

The Ultimate Female Masturbation Experience

Harry potter broom

I was 12 and the Harry potter toys wear out . I revived the vibrating broom. Ot was cool to run around pretending to fly around as it vibrated. We'll let me tell you besides the fantasy of flying it started to hit a certain area which felt very good. My parents had no clue as far as I knew but as I played more and more it felt better and better. I Would disappear to the basement play room pretending to play with my dolls but instead I would grab my broom stick and let it vibrate as I straddled it yumm. Yumm yumm. It felt good through my jeans and then I decided to ware a skirt and oooooommm yea much better soaking my undies. No organisms yet but the stimulation had me hooked. I remember standing there wet as can be dress up,undies to the side of my clit holding the broom up as it vibrated , and slowly sliding it up and down oooooohhh . I told one of my friends about it and when I had her sleep over we took turns watching each other ride the wave. The poor stick was soaking wet in our juices.

May 8, 2014 -

sarah's story

I wonder if anyone else has responded to the wonderful contributions of the woman called ‘Mary’ who has written a few times of her adventures in masturbation. I think there is a girl called Rachel who sometimes responds, in much the same way as I have. I was really struck by Mary’s most recent description of masturbating WITH her husband, which seemed to be a terrific discovery for both of them and which has led Mary to feel the desire to be exposed online. I have had very similar experiences and she reminded me of them. My name is Sarah, I’m in my early 40s, from England, and happily married for 16 years to Simon, who is the same age. I’m a Mum of teenage girls.

We’re not religious or anything, but my views about these things were coloured strongly by my feminism when I was younger. Simon and I would have said when we were first married that we were against adult pictures and adult stories and websites because they were anti-women and stopped women being equal to men. This all started to change for me in my mid-30s in circumstances similar to Mary’s. I work in a museum and I was hunting out old files of mine on the pc at home when I came a cross a folder marked ‘webpics’. I realised it was Simon’s.

When I opened it, I was astonished to see lots of explicit photographs of women undressed, in their undies, topless and naked. They were all what Mary calls ‘softcore’ and looked like wives and mums in their 30s, 40s and 50s posing a bit nervously for their husbands. There were hundreds of them on the pc and I was amazed and shocked to see them and to think that Simon had collected them. I noticed a pattern in them in that they mostly tended to be Size 14-16 mum-types, with large breasts and big bottoms and natural hairy fannies (sometimes reluctantly drawn apart for the camera). In other words––they were like me. I’m a 5’4 brunette, about 150lbs with 36d breasts, large brown nipples and 40-inch hips. I wear size 14 knickers and I have my full, curly black bush, which I’ve never shaved. I have what Mary would call ‘a big natural fanny’ and a round mummytummy. To begin with I was really angry and kept thinking about the things Simon and I had both said about being so against this sort of stuff. Then a strange thing happened. As I flicked through the photographs and looked at more and more of the women my gaze started to linger on them, focusing on their breasts and their rounded bellies; their curvy bums and their sexy underwear choices. I noticed bras and pants similar to mine. I’ve never considered myself bi or anything like that, but as I looked more I’d open a photo and think, wow, she is really lovely. They all appeared so everyday and ordinary, all not really very sure about being photographed, but their breasts and fannies were beautifully womanly and I found myself realising that Simon was, like Mary’s husband, a ‘tits and bums’ man as I visualised him masturbating at the terminal, looking at the pictures.

Eventually, I came to one of a woman roughly my own age standing in her front room with her big white breasts out over her bra and her knickers half down exposing her thicket of pubic hair. She was clearly unsure about being photographed and her husband had probably shared her picture online without telling her. I felt my nipples simply harden and my bra tighten around my breasts. I thought, Good God, I really need to strip and I really need to do it now. I stood back and hurriedly removed my blouse, skirt, my shoes and my tan tights. I just knew I looked good in my white bra and pants, with my nipples stiff and my fanny beginning to throb. Suddenly I had a really dirty thought and fetched the family camera, soon taking selfies in imitation of the women on the screen and posing in my simple undies––my face clearly in each one. It was soo risky and exciting. Christ, I thought at one point—this is normally the sort of thing of which I would so seriously disapprove! You know? I could almost feel my feminism changing–- becoming more femme—as I photographed myself: my straps and cups down; first one breast, then both, revealed; my touching and cradling and fondling. Petting and pushing my breasts like a developing schoolgirl. That amazing sensation that Mary calls ‘breastpride’ was overcoming me. Then the slow exposure of my fanny: my knickers drawn down; my big hairy muff; my knickers at my ankles and my urgent need to open my legs like the mums I’d seen on screen, baring my open wet vagina. Sweet Jesus I’d never been so wet!

I just knew I had to do one final thing before I truly climaxed. I noticed a lot of the pictures came from a single website. Fired up by my arousal, giddy with desire, I made myself naked and took some truly explicit photos of my body: my legs parted wide; my bumcheeks open. I went to the website from which most of Simon’s photos came and was astonished and excited to see thousands of photos of the same kind. The more I looked the more I thought, I just NEED to be shown there!! Amazingly it was really easy to join and, trembling, I connected the camera and began uploading my own photographs. OMG, I cannot explain how thrilling it was to see myself up there. The pictures weren't very good quality, but there were a couple that captured me and my curves and my bush. The thought of lots of men (and women!) masturbating over me, a feminist and an ordinary mum, took me to the very edge. And as I frigged myself deeply I realised, like Mary, I had never been quite so wet or turned on as this. I was shouting so loudly, one of the girls later asked me if I’d been arguing with someone! But when my orgasm arrived, it was deep and low and quiet, as my whole body spasmed, my mound rose up shamelessly and my girljuices poured from my vagina. I started to cry, it was so intense, realising that my life had changed forever.

May 8, 2014 -

Anonymous Masturbator Confessions

Jail bait

I was 14 and had a crush on an old family friend who was much older. He was a big teaser and I loved his attention. All my masturbation sessions involved him. I dressed to impress only him. Many boys wanted me but I only wanted him. Every function he attended I was close by bad would go get a quick Jill several times during the function in hopes go fulfilling my dream of having him ride me hard. When I turned 15 he took me out to dinner for my birthday and I experienced how he treated his girls and that sent me on a crusade to land him. I had the most erotic dream that night that I grabbed a brush and Did my self over and over all night losing my virginity to a dam brush. We'll I hunted and tried to seduce him after that. When he had a date with him I wold just cut in the conversation not even acknowledging his date. Fights almost started over him . Girls came and went and I kept at him trying so hard to seduce him throwing hints and being a wench. Well that's for the other site.

May 9, 2014 - Sexual Preference - In-Between

Memorable Self-Pleasuring

That Summer Girl

This happened when I was much younger. There was an girl who lived in my neighborhood who was three years older than me. I really admired her and thought she was the coolest. She had dark hair, was very pretty, and always looked so sexy, although not in a provocative way. She would just dress normal really, but in her sleeeveless tops and jeans and sandals, she just looked so sexy to me. Since she lived close by I saw her around a lot, and the two of us would say hi and talk some times. That summer, one day we went for a walk in this secluded woodsy sort of area not far from where we lived. She was quiet and reflective and intelligent, and I thought it was so great to get to be with her. We walked along, and then we sat in the shade on some grass. She took her sandals off and said how good it felt to be barefoot, and I took mine off and agreed, and she talked about how nice it was to just get away from everyone and everything and enjoy nature, and she talked about how romantic that was. The way that she talked about things just sounded so wonderful and philosophic. We stretched out and laid there on our elbows side by side and talked. We talked some about boys, with her saying how it was a shame that most boys never seemed to appreciate romantic things, and that it really took another girl to understand. I knew what she was saying and I thought she was right, from what little experience I really had with boys. Right then it was nice and so inviting, the two of us being together as girls. She touched my face and smiled. Then she slowly leaned over and kissed me on the lips. I was a little susprised, but I didn't mind. I thought it was very special and I kissed her back. Then we both smiled in a kind of modest, giggly way, and we kissed some more, becoming quite passionate. It was so easy and delightful to be doing this with her, and I didn't see anything wrong with it. After about an hour of being romantic, we went back home. A few days later the two of us went back to the same spot and we kissed and made out again, and we contnued to do this together for the rest of that summer. Nothing more than that ever happened, but I still find myself dreaming of my doing more with her, and wishing that I had.

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May 12, 2014 -

a day at my bf house

i started dating this boy I love him to death I was at his house and we were home alone I was only wearing a shirt that exposed my stomach but not my breast and I was wearing a miniskirt without panties because I normally dont wear panties so we were watching this romantic movie and a scene came up where they started to make out and I said to my bf that I really miss when we make out with eachother and he said he misses seeing me naked and kissing me so I started to feel horny I stood up bent over and my bf saw my ass and I saw he was getting hard so I said I was geting hot babe can you undress me so he took my shirt off then my skirt and he started to kiss me then he took his clothes off he put on a condom and put his penis into my vagina I came in like a minute he started to eat me out and I gave him a blowjob we then took a shower together and I slept over his house we slept naked the next morning we made out for like 2 hours then he started to suck my nipples and he started to finger me and I squirted for the first time now I am married too him and we have 3 beautiful young girls and we still have sex daily

May 15, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Bisexual

Masturbating with a partner hot sexy time

I was at my boyfriends apartment last weekend, and we were lounging around in our underwear. We decided to watch some porn because I told him I was getting horny watching his penis pitch a tent in his boxers. It made me so hot when he stuck his hand down the front of my panties and started fingering me. I eagerly ditched the panties and pulled out my vibrator. Before I had time to react he pinned me to the bed, and plunged the vibrator in my already wet throbbing pussy. He had the most devilish grin on his face when he turned it on high and started humping me with his boxers still on. The amount of electrifying pleasure that coursed through my body when his erection rammed into the vibrator was enough to make me scream. I orgasmed 2 times before he started sucking on my clit while the vibrator was still inside of me. I am getting so horny just writing this after about twenty minuets of licking and vibrator penetration I begged him through hitched breathy pants to screw me hard. He removed his boxers. yanked his penis a few times to make sure he was still hard and he positioned himself over my wet slippery entrance. it didn't take much force in thrusting for him to slip right in despite the fact that I was very tight. He wasted no time in pounding it into me and I honestly lost track of how many times he came inside of me. I masturbate every night and thinking about what happened is enough to make me go nuts.

May 17, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Lesbian

Masturbation Technique Variation

Can you mix ativan and trazadone

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May 18, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Bisexual

Memorable Self-Pleasuring

first sexual adventure with my best friend who is now my girlfriend

I am 21 and my best friend is 3 days younger than me. We literally have been friends our entire lives. Well her aunt and uncle were away this weekend, and I naturally slept over her house practically the entire week prior to the weekend.It wasn't until Friday night that we confessed to each other how we felt about each other, and we became girlfriends. Last night was the best night of my life. I'm going to call her K in this as to not break the rule about revealing names. K is beautiful, 5 feet tall, slender body, fair skin long chestnut brown hair supple breasts and a shaved pussy that is smooth to the touch. The freckles on her face make me smile, and I always get lost in her emerald green eyes. Now going back to last night I soon learned that in our relationship we took turns being the dominant person, however she completely caught me off guard.I was laying on her bed staring at the ceiling , and she was sitting next to me. Now I was wearing a skirt without any panties because They were too confining. Somehow I didn't even notice that she put her hand on my lower stomach and started massaging me until she reached the top of my vagina. That's when I felt her pointer finger trace my slit and her cold finger sent shock waves of pleasure through me. Without warning she stood up on the bed stripped down to nothing but her thigh high socks and she mounted me. I noticed that her hairless crotch was dripping, and that turned me on even more. She bent down and pulled off my skirt, and unbuttoned my top leaving my arms in the sleeves. First she made sure our slits where touching before she placed her hands on my shoulders and started feverishly humping me. Just talking about this is making me want to do sexy things to her. K continued to do that for a good 10 minuets before she stopped and slid down sitting in between my legs. By now my legs were spread and my pussy lips where parted. Juices flowing steadily out of me. She gained this rather devilish grin on her face when she reached over to a bag on the floor and grabbed a thick vibrator. it resembled a realistic looking penis. After she lubed it up K stuck it in side of me and turned it on low. Taking it she thrusted the phallic member in and out of my throbbing red pussy gradually turning up the speed I was going nuts as she did this and play with my pussy lips at the same time. I was moaning her name loud and proud and I could feel an orgasm building up. I didn't have to make sure I was quiet because her bedroom was in her basement and the walls were practically sound proof. Being the only people there all weekend we had freedom to do what we wanted. It took a bit before a big orgasm rocked through my body, but it was like nothing I had ever felt before. I was sure she had finished until she placed her hands underneath my butt lifting me up off the bed. She started licking me clean occasionally sucking my clit and sticking her tongue in and out of me She said she loved the way I tasted and that turned me on even more than I already was. After she was done licking me clean she sat in front of me with her legs spread, and she motioned for me to move closer. She had said this will be the last thing that is required of me to do everything else will be optional. So I naturally scooted forward until our pussies touched once more. I leaned back propping myself up with my elbows as K situated herself a little better. We started rubbing and bumping our throbbing pussies together. The mere squishing noise was enough to drive me nuts. We were both moaning and groaning and vigorously scissoring each other until we both felt our bodies buckle under us. I laid next to her with my head on her lower stomach and my hand gently caressing her pussy. I occasionally stuck a finger or two inside just to feel her squirm. It was my turn, although I was exhausted I wanted to have some more fun. I went into my bag and grabbed a double ended dildo. I put one end inside of me before I climbed back on the bed. K eagerly spread her legs holding them at the knees. I positioned the hard phallic object at her opening and thrusted deep inside of her. She let go of her legs wrapping them around me as we feverishly went at it again. This time however, it did not take as long as it had the first time she had stuck a dildo inside of me. Once we finished we 69'd cleaning up each other's juices, and ended with a hot and heavy make out session where I left a few hickeys on various places on her body. We plan on getting a hotel room tonight so we can be away from any interruptions it'll be great. I will be sure to write another entry about it after it happens.

May 19, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Lesbian

First Time Masturbating

My First Time

I didnt actually know I was lesbian until this happened:

My friend came over to my house and we were videoing each other on my friends phone. I wanted to kiss her, so we went behind the shed and kissed. I havent seen her for a week though! But that was in 2012!

May 21, 2014 - Sexual Preference - I would rather not say.


We'll one time I pissed my pants and started to masterbuating with my girl friend standing in the for way

May 21, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Bisexual

Caught Masturbating!


I first started masturbating when I was 10 years old I was in the shower it was the day before school started and I was feeling really horny I slid my hand down near my pussy and I felt my sponge press against my pussy it felt great I then laid down on the wall of the tub and slowly got the idea to touch my pussy I rubbed my clit harder and faster I moaned softly I then felt all tingly I got scared and wanted to stop but I was feeling to good I then got thr crazy idea to shove my fingers up my pussy I stuck 2 fingers in my small pussy and went up and down faster and harder I then cummed i'll never forget my first

May 24, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Lesbian

Anal Masturbation

fuck time

One day I was bored so I went on the computer and loked up some lesbian porn. I started feeling really weird and then I had this strange feeling in my vagina. I started rubbing my boobs and then started rubbing my clit. it was the most fab expirience! I went upstairs and grabbed my hairbrush (its got a rubber handle) and started rubbing it all over me. I then went closer to my vagina and started having an orgasm.

May 25, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Bisexual

Caught Masturbating!

Best Surprise

I came home from school to find no one home. So I took the chance. I went toy room forgetting to lock the door. I started reading some of these stories. I was so turned on. I began to ruby clit. I began to moan. I was so into I never noticed my friend. She stood watching. I saw her and I grabbed my cover to cover my nude body. I asked how long she'd been there. She told me about 5 minutes. She then started walking over to me with a slight smile on her face. She started to kiss me with passion. She started to put her hand down my body. Slowly made her way to my vagina. She kissed it lightly. I knew what was happening. I liked what was happening. Oh I'm getting wet. She began to eat me out and it didn't take long for me to orgasm. She licked up my juices and kissed me again. I got on top of her and striped her. Then I put my hand on her clit and started to rub it. I kissed down her body and started to lick her out. After she orgasmed I licked every bit up. Then we made out and then we 69'd. Then sissored. I've never orgasms so many times. Oh I'm touching myself. Touch me. Lick me. Feel my wet pussy. Oh I'm gonna cum. Let me cum on your face. Oh I'm cumming. Oh God!

May 25, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Other Masturbatory Entry

One Heck Of A Time

Well, first I would like to say I love this site :) I have a few ways I masturbate so here they are. First, Well, in the mornings/ after a shower I like to get off. I get out the bathtub and lay on my towel on the floor. I wait until my body is dry, and my pussy super dry for a good reason. Then I usually come on this site I like and watch some hot porn. During, I am rubbing my clit and imagining being eaten out (has never happened). When I am very little wet, I take an old hairbrush with a thick handle and put it in my pussy. I pump it in and out slow and fast It hurts but feels so good, like a hard cock in me. If I'm home alone, I get really dirty and scream and talk dirty loud. I also sometimes do the same with the plunger :)

At night, I do my dry hump if I am not alone. What I do is stick a thick lip gloss in my vagina, and sext my best friend in South Carolina. We did it tonight, and oh my god I got so wet. I also fold a pillow hotdog style, and place it between my legs so the pillow and lip gloss are touching making it a lil painful. After that, I squeeze the pillow and hump away until I can't take it any longer.

Happy masturbation

May 26, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight


My bff

I was 16.I was having a sleepover in my friends.I fell asleep in the middle of the movie.I woke up because I had something tied around my hands.I felt something tied to my feet too.it was 2am.Then i noticed my friend in tongs and a bra.There was a tiny table beside her with toys.5 dildos,vibrator ect.She smiled and said -OH you are awake.Then she went over to me and sat on me.She kissed me i wasnt sure what was going on but I liked it.Then she took off my pj bottoms and starded to lick me out.OH it felt so good.Then she pushed a huge dildo into me.She said it called a horse dick.The pain felt sooo good.Then I had an orgams and she cleaned it.Then she untied me and said to tie her up. Will write later what happend next.

Happy masturbation :D

May 27, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Memorable Self-Pleasuring

Round Two

So I am a virgin, but I believe heavily on masturbation until I am ready to have sex. I am still in high school and I have a high urges to masturbate all the time, I love masturbating in my room, in the bathroom, in the car, I've even done it outside in my backyard.

I love the feeling of hot cum rushing out of my fat pussy lips it just turns me on even more, anyway this one day my boyfriend was feeling really horny and well we were on Skype talking. He started rubbing on his cock and I was instantly turned on and he told me to touch myself. I was scared at first, but I took off my shorts and panties and laid on my bed so that I was angled to where my boyfriend could see my whole pussy. He started rubbing his cock faster and it turned me on more. I started rubbing my pussy that was already wet in circles taking my left hand putting two fingers deep in my pussy pumping them in and out.

I started moaning my boyfriends name, my fingers moving fast in and out of my tight swollen hole, I circle my clit really fast taking my hand licking my cum not really paying attention to my boyfriend who`s eyes where straight on me. I kept going hard as each wave of my intense orgasm pumped through. I circled my clit fast my fingers still in my pussy when I came hard only this time I squirt all over my bed. I never squirt of felt an orgasm that intense I was so exhausted that I just laid in my bed breathing heavily.

My boyfriend was stunned that he came twice, ever since then we've done this on Skype ever week and it not only gets me off every time, but it brings us closer in our relationship.

All in all happy masturbating!

May 28, 2014 - Sexual Preference - In-Between

Memorable Self-Pleasuring

That's My Mom

This happened several years ago. My dad wasn't home. He was away on a business trip for a few days, so it was just mom and myself, and we were having a good time just being girls together. We got to talking and laughing and feeling uninhibited, and joking about sex and admitting that we were feeling in the mood. Feeling daring, we decided to get naked and masturbate together. Mom and I weren't used to being naked together, so that was fun and kind of a turn on for both of us. Well, we got to masturbating and having the best time, working up to a really good orgasm. That went so well and was so much fun, that while my dad was gone we had half a dozen more masturbation sessions together, which ended up becoming mutual masturbation session, which was even better! Neither of us had ever done anthing wih another female before so this was the first time for both of us, and it proved to be quite exciting. Of course after that, mom and I continued to enjoy mutual masturbation, and to this day my dad has no idea that his wife and daughter have been having the best girls' time together when they get the chance!

June 1, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Bisexual

The Ultimate Female Masturbation Experience

Masturbation Story

I like to go into my room, lock the door, and sometimes I'll take my clothes off. I lay down on my bed and start grabbing my boobs (d cups;)) I also either watch porn or go on this website and read the stories. I wait till I'm really wet and then I tease my clit. Pulling back the hood and barley applying pressure to the clit with nothing between my finger and that wonderful bundle of nerves.When I start to feel like I'm going to cum, I stop touching myself and wait or the feeling to go away. I might still be touching my clit but not enough to give pleasure. I press 3 fingers against my clit flat out, and start rubbing really fast in a circular motion and sometimes I g up and down grinding on my hand. Once I feel close I stick my middle finger in and start curling it upwards against my G-Spot. I start being rough, curling my finger and moving it in a circular notion really hard and fast. Same with the 3 fingers on my clit. I start feeling like I'm going to explode. When I FINALLY have my orgasm I start shaking and trembling. I even squirt a little bit. Sometimes I'll stop once I have orgasmed for like 5 seconds and I barley rub by lit. Then after about another 3 seconds I start rubbing and curling my finger fast and I orgasm for the 2nd time. I just did this and thought I would share ;)

June 2, 2014 -

I love coming on this site and reading all of the stories!! It makes me so horny. I'm 16 and masturbate at least once a day, I just can't get enough of it. I often talk to my friends about masturbating because I want to know everything about it. One of my friends lets call her M, I was talked to her one night and feeling daring I asked her. She's really shy but she said she did. After a while she wanted to stop talking about it, ao I didn't push her. That night that's al I could think about, her perfect body spasming and she cam... Mmmm. That night I had the best session thinking of her, and have been ever since and squirted massively everytime. Now all I can think of is wanting to have sex with her, maybe one day... ��. Super horny now girls!! Please reply if you want

June 2, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Bisexual


Caught cum handed

My first time masturbating was when I was in bed.I had turned around and the duvet had got stuck in between by legs.I pulled to get it out and it tightened giving me pleasure . I found out about this site and I started humping it gives me massive orgasms! My parents were out so I had decided to please myself and watch some porn and hump my bed so I did I was on the floor cumming with an orgasm when my best friend walked in (she knew where I kept the spare key)… I did not realise she was there until she started eating my pussy. We are now lovers and lesbian fuckers.

June 4, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Memorable Self-Pleasuring

Pool time

When I was about 14, I had been swimming in my neighbors pools for a few weeks since we didn't have a pool in out backyard. I had been swimming for a few hours by myself and decided to take a break. I was leaning up against the pool wall when I just suddenly felt the urge to touch myself. I closed my eyes and starting caressing my inner thigh, once I started to feel my pussy throbbing I began to untie my top and squeeze my plump breasts'. I was so horny I became unaware of my surroundings and begin rubbing my clit slowly and then all of a sudden I heard the sliding glass door open and it was my neighbor, shirtless, sweaty, I could just imagine him shoving his big cock in me. He began a conversation with me, I didn't stop rubbing my pussy for one second, it was so hot. There were a few lengthy seconds where he just stared at me and I could tell he was getting hard, he knew what I was doing and he didn't stop me. Once I came I leaned my head back and let out a heavy breathe, then got out of the pool, topless, and went back home.

June 5, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight

First Time Masturbating


My friend told me about masturbation I don't know how to do it.and can't see videos or porn bez my house its wrong can anyone tell me than it be very help

June 8, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Memorable Self-Pleasuring

A very nice peeping tom boss

I work at a fairly large plumbing company and do all the dispatching for my boss and the other 7 plumbers working for him. He pays me very well and is extremely nice to me. Almost 2 years ago he even let me move into the apartment in back of the store front at very low rent. Its only like a studio apartment but convenient and very modern. Within the first month I discovered my boss had an alteriative motive for letting me have the apartment. There is a total of 3 peeping holes which access every inch of my small apartment including the bathroom. I was suprized he is a peeping tom but right from the start I wasn't upset or mad about it. As a matter of fact it has caused me to become an exibitionist. Quite a few nights a week he says he is staying in his office late to do paperwork but I know thats when he peeks in at me. Not only him but I am sure there are a few of the men who work here that he also permits to peek in at me. I not only masturbate more than ever but when I know my boss or one of the other men are watching me I actually orgasm much more. I don't think he lets all the other plumbers watch me but am sure there are a few he does and I don't know which ones they are. As time has gone on I have become more brazen as to how I display myself. Aside from them watching me shower and shaving myself I put myself in what would be considered humiliating positions while masturbating, exposing my body to the fullest extent. I am so aroused knowing I'm being watched I regularly have multible orgasms. I didn't at first want them to see me using the toilet but after only a short time I didn't care if they saw me, same as when I have my period, I'm sure they have seen me changing tampons. My boyfriend and I have sex often but I am usually at his place on the weekends. I'm not sure if my boss or any of them ever saw us have sex because we rarely do at my apartment. I love my job and really like my boss and all the guys who work here. I never did anything like this before I got this job and can't explain why this gets me so aroused. I know I am belittleing myself but the minute I know my boss and another guy are in the office I am aroused even before I get undressed. I'm am naked more often than ever before and even sleep that way which I also never did before.

June 9, 2014 -


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June 11, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Bisexual

Anal Masturbation


I must have been dreaming about sex cause when I woke up my hand was in my pants!

June 12, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight


getting off with porn and othe times with guys

I'm jilling off watching a bukake video. When my boyfriend 1st showed me one of these there were many guys standing over a girl and jerking and cumming on her and I would gat off with my own hand many times until he was ready and then he would cum on me. Now the bukakes all cum on the girls face and after the 1st few shots I'm cuming the girls are smiling and encouraging the guys to cum and soon my boyfriend stands up and shoots his stuff on my face and I cummmm!now the bukake is 40or50 guys unloading in the girls mouth and on her tongue and they seem to have so much fun and enjoy swallowing and licking and laughing and I can't stop cumming with my hand until I'm worn out.No one has ever cum in my mouth except my ex and my new boyfriend but { I know these girls are being paid] but I think I want to try it,but how can I get a lot of guys to do it and what if I want it to stop and they won't?I don't think my boyfriend would understand oh here I cumm again

June 12, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Memorable Self-Pleasuring

Why not.

I was very young still learning the basics and l was up late watching the tube and a steamy foreign movie was on and I was about to turn it off after getting board of reding subtitles. When I suddenly saw the young girl in her room looking at her self in the mirror, she was examining her body as I often did. She was much older than me more of a developed than me . As I watched her touching herself I began to get very aroused looking at her. Her hands were caressing her nice breasts as they worked there way down. As the screen flashed quick shots of a man s hands fondling her,I quickly understood that was her fantasy. As the scene continued I hid more and more excited taking off my clothes being drawn in to the movie. My hands went down to my aching wet excited shaking lips as the camera was now showing more flashes of her rubbing herself and the man taking constantly on screen. I was wet all over as my body was shaking with desire if what I was experiencing. I felt like I was there being touched by the man. My nipples were so erect that they started to sort of hurt as I carefully guided over them . I spread my legs wide feeling all of my now drenched wet lips that were so sensitive to the touch as I had to reduce my pressure as I touched them,chills ran up my spine. Rubbing and rubbing I was in heaven never having so much pleasure as I had touched my self before. Then the scene on him on top of her grinding her in flashes, I knew he had to be In her as she moaned softly. I had my finger inside me in and out as I had done before many times , oh so good it was and I then saw her reach for her brush and I got the hint as she moaned even more. I looked at my brush and said why not and I quickly reached it and in it goes , wow I said oh yes as it was sliding in , oh much better than my finger as it continued to enter more. Oh it was so much bigger and I could feel it fill me up as I stopped to catch my breath. I then looked down to see my legs up and open with this brush in my self. Oooooooaaaaummm what a sight as I was in a sort of drugged state and I just started to pump it in and out as my hips asked for more and more until I felt this huge shock com over me and my body bucked all over sending shocks from my toes to my hair. . The brush came out as I buckled and had my first organism. It took me a while to recover and I was sweaty all over like I had taking a shower. Wow what a discovery I was hooked and the fun began. There was no stoping my lust for orgasim.

June 15, 2014 - Sexual Preference - In-Between

The Ultimate Female Masturbation Experience

learning the ropes

When I was younger, my sister who is a year older than me, and I, learned all about the pleasures of masturbation together. Whenever we were alone, we would get naked and play around together, discover what felt good. Soon, we were rubbing each other's clit and having an orgasm. Well naturally that felt so fantastic, that we just had to keep at it and enjoying ourselves whenever we got the chance. This continued on for a number of years, and we do have fond memories!

June 16, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Self-Pleasuring is Awesome

In The Closet

I have been so horny lately but I have been holding back because im not home. I woke up this morning feeling nasty. So I started watching my favorite porn site and rubbing my pussy. I love to piss myself during sessions. I didn't want to make a mess so I pulled some clothes out of my closet and pissed into them. I emptied my bladder into all my clothes. It turned me on sooo much.. I am about to start rubbing my pussy and touching my clit until I orgasm. I fucking love playing with myself

June 17, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight


A compelling fetish

Even now boys and men don't find me attractive and I have never had a long time relationship. I know I'm not a pretty woman and have always had a weight problem, I'm just a large person. I have had intercouse quite a few times but the majority of my sex life has been limited to masturbation. My collection of sex toys has become extreme and I have everything from assorted dildos to some of the most stimulating vibrators availible. What I don't have is a real boyfriend but rather a long list of guys both older and younger who take advantage of me but allow me to satisfy my fetish. I am not proud of it but I have an obsession to fondle male genitals and by masturbating them I have orgasms without hardly touching myself or haveing one of them touch me. Most of the time I am not undressed but have the guys naked getting great pleasure out of having them come. I suppose I don't undress because I am basically ashamed of my body. There are a few of the guys who I do get naked with but seldom ever have intercouse, it is simply limited to masturbation but I am the one doing most of it. For five years, I can't imagine how many men I have jerked off, some many times and other times when he was a complete stranger from the various taverns I go to. There are many I bring back to my apartment and it seems they are the ones I can have more control over. I think that is also part of my fetish because the more one of these guys submit to me the more pleasure I get from it. Over a period of time there are 11 guys who allow me to use vibrators and some dildos to penitrate them. There are seven of them who allow me to shave their pubic hair which for some reason is one of my favorite things. Many of these guys are handsome or fairly handsome but some are not at all good looking. It doesn't seem to matter to me because my main focus is on their genitals and anus. I feel myself getting wet as soon as I begin playing with them making it last as long as possible. I often orgasm 3 or more times just by jerking them off and am even more excited when I can penitrate them with a dildo or one of my vibrators. I know some of them are embarrassed by the ways I touch and see them and to be honest I do try to humiliate them especially when penitrating their rectum. They can't be that shy about it though because they come back everytime I invite them. I'm not sure why but almost all of these men are smaller than me and I suppose I like thin guys because they seem more submissive to me. The younger guys are in their mid to late 20's and the oldest guy I jerk off I know is well over sixty. Some are single but I think many of them are married. Many of them are willing to masturbate me also but there are some that I just don't want them to. While masturbating them I often masturbate myself at the same time using a dildo and/or vibrator. Most often I am dressed while masturbating them and I wear a skirt without panties and often I only wear a bathrobe. There are not many of them that I am fully naked in front of and the guys I am naked with I have known for a long time. There are also a few who I will give a combination of oral sex and masturbation to but most of them I don't and its only jerking them off and penitrating them. It does suprize me how many actually let me abuse their anus while masturbating them. There are a few I had to talk into it but others I just went ahead and penitrated them without asking their permission. I think they are the ones who are slighty intimadated towards me and allow me to fulfill my cravings. Four are actually guys who I am sure are afaid of me but still come to my apartment a few times a month. I can clearly see they are humiliated by what I do with them but keep coming back because of how I satisfy them. I'm sure none of these men are aware of how extremely pleased and aroused I am by having them submit to my fetish. I usually get them to ejaculate at least twice while they are here but doubt if they know how often I orgasm while maturbating them. I use baby oil and mix vaseline all over their genitals and am especially turned on by penitrating their anus with a vibrator. When I do that I usually have a vibrator inserted in myself also and climax constantly. They are generally men who don't know each other but some I know do, so there is no doubt I am the topic of conversation with some of them. Sometimes I ask or call one of them to come over but often they ask me if they can. I'm sure most of them feel they are taking advantage of me especially the ones who are married. Almost all of them are cicumsized with an average size penis. Two of them are very large and a few have a rather small penis and they are the ones who seem to get embarrassed more often. Another of my favorite things to watch is after I get them to ejaculate the first time is to see how their penis goes limp. Then the fun of getting them erect again which often takes quite a bit of time as I not only fondle thier penis but also play with their scrotum and anus. Its like a power binge for me and excites me all over again. Quite a few of them get delerious and not only say things to encourage me but openly make sounds of delight which is also apealling to me. The more turned on I can get them the same happens to me. Sometimes I can't remember how many orgasms I have had and often masturbate myself again after they go home. It is seldom that I have intercouse but the way things are I really don't need it often because I am totally satisfied sexually with what I am doing. Even when alone I am fully capable of satisfying myself paticularly because of the extensive amount of vibrators I have. Aside from different sizes some are not just vibrators but pulsating toys that are extremely titalating which I also use on a lot of the men. At least 3 times a week one of these guys is here and I know them from 4 different taverns I go to on a regular basis. This fetish has controlled me for many years now and there are times that I masturbate a guy I don't know well, in his car and a number of times in a mens room and a few times in a ladies room. I don't even know what my fetish is totally because I just love touching and seeing a mans private parts. I think also it has to do somewhat with domination although I never whip or hurt any of them. Another aspect is I enjoy humiliating them when possible although some of them never seem to be embarrassed no matter what I do or how I have them positioned. I think the fact I have control is also important to me and the more submissive they are the more it excites me. This isn't something I can discuss with my friends or family but fully enjoy what I am doing. Only one of my woman friends know I like jerking off men but she is unaware of how many men I am involved with and at present there are 18 I can name off the top of my head. There are more but I forget names and just call quite a few honey. Its something that is compelling to me so I am really not ashamed of what I have been doing for so long.

June 17, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Fantasies while Masturbating

Friday Night Fantasies

I had just started masturbating when I started having fantasies. At first I was thinking of my crush but I was never getting off so I started to masturbate to songs by people I thought were hot and tv shows with my favorite actors. On netflix I started the show Friday Night Lights and by the time I finished the first season I thought all of the guys were incredibly sexy. Towards the middle of the second season I would think about getting fingered in the locker room during halftime, one of players going down on me, I even imagined sex with my favorite character in the middle of the football field. The orgasms came so fast and they felt so good. The only bad part was that none of it really happened.

Prostate Simulation = Huge Orgasms
If you haven't experienced a prostate orgasm -- you haven't really been living. The male g-spot orgasm will make you think about orgasms in a new and exciting way.

June 20, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Undecided

Masturbation Technique

Banana dildos

I've been masturbating for years (through clitoral stimulation) but in my more recent 'teen' years ive been aching to know what a penis would feel like inside of me (virgin).

Today my curiosity burst inside me and I had to know. I scavenged around the house for an hour looking for something soft, but hard, and big. I began to tire of my search but looked in the freezer as a last resort, I found a frozen banana. I warmed the banana up under the sink and carved the top into more of a round shape and then put a condom on it. I thrusted that banana inside of me, the pain was horribly good, I could not stop myself and before long I had an earth shattering, body tremmering, ORGASM.

Please try this and indulge in my experience with me!


June 22, 2014 -


I was fascinated .

I was up in the middle of the night and needed to pee. I quietly made my way to the washroom as I passed my brothers room on heard an odd noise. The door was sort of open a little to help the air circulate. I glanced in to my surprise my brother had his hand on his penis stroking it up and down as he watched the tv. It was very late and he found some soft porn lat at night. His bed faced away from the door so he had no real way of seeing me unless he turned around. I stood there quietly as he slowly in what seemed a start stop method stroked him self until he came squirting on to a napkin. I quietly left and from then on every night I got up to see if I could catch another glimpse. I finally figured out his schedule and pretty much I was able to see him doing his thing. It was very exciting and I would go quietly to my room and have a very intense jilling. This went on for years and when I finally was allowed to date I had amassed a wealth of knowledge. I defiantly saw my brother training him self to prolong his erection and control his cumming. During my dating several guys I was always sort of disappointed as they usually were more interested in self gratification quickly cumming and then wanting to leave. In college I finally met a much more mature guy and I asked him after several months to just do him self in front of me. With excitement he proclaimed any time . Now I had my kicks. And in reality I was even more turned on watching him which stroke himself , watching him was even better than foreplay as far as I was concerned which lead to more aggressive sex. Yeah.

June 23, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Bisexual

Masturbation Biography

Fantasies fetishes and experiences of a brunette teen

I'll start with my first experiences. They were at the ages of five and six, and mainly consisted of me holding my toy puppy inbetween my legs when I needed to pee but was scared of getting up, so if you did this too you aren't alone haha. This stopped because I stopped being scared of the dark, and didn't start up again until I was 12. Even then it was only for a few times and I didn't know what my clit was, so it involved skinny papermate pens and fingering. I didn't go past one finger, though.

This stopped for a few months, until I turned 13. That was when I discovered this website, and I have loved it ever since. I also discovered porn, but wasn't aware of my bisexuality. My mum is Christian, and doesn's stand up for gay rights, so I kept it buried. I still haven't come out, and don't intend to.

Back to the porn, however. At first I was only aware of the trashy, man-directed porn that sites like porn hub contain. I discovered the porn on tumblr after a desperate search for woman-friendly porn three months earlier and I haven't looked back since. They have black and white, lesbian (not the crap that guys like to watch), sensual photos, kink and fetish galore if you look in the right places ;)

My most used masturbation technique is clitoral rubbing, because it is the most discreet and I can achieve multiple orgasms with it. But my.favourite thing to do is when I am home alone. I take out a condom (studded or ribbed are amazing), and pull them over an extra large sour spray container with a rounded end. I bring up porn on tumblr, trying to get two gifs on the same page (one of a girl being fucked and one of girls eating out girls- redheads especially, and ocassionally with tattoos and piercings). I clear my bed and take all my clothes of except for lacey underwear- if you live in Australia, I recommend the shop Cotton On Body, it is worth every single dollar. My favorite pair is a white fade to turquoise ombre pair of frenchies. I will then choose how to start: clitoral rubbing or finger penetration.

If I choose clit to start with, I will rub my clit inbetween both index fingers while laying on my back with my legs spread wide, moaning as much as I want, because nobody can hear me. As soon as I can tell I'm close to orgasm, I stop and slide in two fingers, flicking them against my g-spot and pretending my female friend is eating me out. Then I slide in the wrapped makeshift dildo, pumping my hips and moaning names of people I know, because they will never find out I thought of them as I came, and that makes me feel all the more naughty. I continue this until I'm just about to come, and then I will stop thrusting and tense my muscles while rubbing my clit again, talking dirty to myself.

A handy tip I've learned with the muscle tensing is that it causes the toy to come out, meaning for about a minute and a half it hits my sweet spot, so I can have vaginal and clitoral stimulation at the same time- I definitely recommend it if you can't acheive orgasm by vaginal penetration only, like me.

Now I'll go on to my fetishes- redheads. I love dark red hair with piercings. The kind of piercings and tats that are on pink pirate's facebook page- ugh, she is sexy as hell. My next fetish- film noir style porn. It's hard to find, but d a m n. I also love being called Miss *name here*, hands in my hair, the occasional scratch, love bites, sitting on a bench with the person I'm kissing inbetween my legs, in front of a window, and whipped cream.

Before you assume I'm a slut, I haven't done these.

The most adventurous masturbation experience of mine was in the cinema while my best female friend was next to me- I got off on the tension and the fact that she was completely unaware. It was just rubbing my clit, but it was an orgasm worth nearly being found out over.

Another memorable orgasm was in the sick bed of my old Christian school. I was thirteen and it was October I think- so if anyone else has done this in their school in WA (Perth, actually) it may have been in the very same bed ;)

My friends and I actually talked about masturbation a few weeks ago, but we are in the awkward state where we want to talk about it but don't want to be the first to ask, so if anyone has any tips about escaping that, please share and I'll love you forever ;)

I'm actually working on writing a compilation of one-shot erotic fantasies that I hold dear to me. If anyone knows if it's illegal for minors to write erotica in Australia I would love to know.

And finally, to the fantasies. I'm not going to make them hugely detailed because typing on a phone sucks, to be honest. Any names I mention are fake.

Me and my boy crush, Tom, in the drama room at night. In the prop room, on a pile of discarded costumes, with him on top of me, holding my wrists down (I've been pinned by his wrists before in a drama improvisation, and they are inescapable. I was trying not to look extremely turned on by the whole thing but failed miserably). I want him to thrust into me, no warning, but gentleness, and I want to fucking hear him moan my name, and after that we would do it against the wall, with me still pinned and screaming. After that I'd give him a blowjob on stage, for the non existent audience to see. And on the way back to his house we would pull over on the side of the road and have sex in the backseat, on top of a blanket. After that we would pull the blanket over us and we wouldn't bother going home, we'd spend the night spooning on the backseat, him using my chest as a pillow.

I will post more later, but until then, have fun xxxx -Brunette with a fantasy

June 24, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Bisexual

Unique or Strange Story

One of my favourite masturbation techniques

Hey, girls! This may sound unusual but it is honestly a must-try for anyone- especially people who cannot buy sex toys because they are under the legal age or people who want to try penetration for the first time. All you need is a string of beads and yourself.

Step one~ choose a necklace. This can be any necklace, of any bead diameter, as long as it has beads and no rough edges. A faux pearl necklace is good, but real pearls are better, if you are willing to spend that much. Make sure the necklace is clean.

Step two~ insert each bead one by one. Use lube if you want.

Step three~ pull them out as fast or slow as you want! but I would recommend striking a balance between so slow you can't feel it and so fast it's over. Or, you can hump a pillow or rub your clit while they're in there. Take precautions to make sure they don't get stuck in there though haha

Have fun masturbating- I know I have, I just came three times before writing this!

-Brunette with a fantasy

June 25, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Bisexual

Anonymous Masturbator Confessions

Front Pocket Rockets and Finf

My friends and I started calling tampons front pocket rockets. Because all the girls at school carry them in their front bag pocket, and, well, pocket rocket is kind of obvious. But a really fun thing I do with these is masturbate with them.

First, I start thrusting into it, moaning loudly if I'm alone. Once you've had enough of that, you push it in so that it's just past your g-spot, enough that you can finger it and still feel the tampon. (Use whatever size you want ;). Fingering is just a whole lot more pleasurable this way, and at intervals you can tug on the string and then push it back in.

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June 25, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Bisexual

Anonymous Masturbator Confessions

Front Pocket Rockets and Finding Your G-Spot

My friends and I started calling tampons front pocket rockets. Because all the girls at school carry them in their front bag pocket, and, well, pocket rocket is kind of obvious. But a really fun thing I do with these is masturbate with them.

First, I start thrusting into it, moaning loudly if I'm alone. Once you've had enough of that, you push it in so that it's just past your g-spot, enough that you can finger it and still feel the tampon. (Use whatever size you want ;). Fingering is just a whole lot more pleasurable this way, and at intervals you can tug on the string and then push it back in.

If you don't know where your g-spot is, place a finger inside you and make a 'come hither' motion towards you. You should feel a bumpy area somewhere in that general direction. That is your g-spot. Have fun with it!

Happy masturbating, girls!

June 25, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Bisexual

Masturbation Technique Variation

Techniques for the Cinema- Definitely Going to be Good for When 50 Shades of Grey Comes Out

I know I've posted a lot lately but it's for your benefit xx

If you're worried about getting in to see the movie, wear loads of makeup, but a ticket for a different movie and either find out what theatre it's in or just walk in and out looking for it. Me and my friends did this when we were thirteen to see a horror movie and it worked without a hitch. I may or may not have gotten off then as well...

1) knuckles Make a fist and choose a knuckle. I prefer the index finger knuckle. It gives me great orgasms. But, anyway, you need to sit cross legged, with a big shirt on if you're really worried people will see, and have at your clit with the knuckle. It's not very obvious unless you start moaning ;)

2)the clit flick Self explanatory haha

3)small vibrator Anal, vaginal or clitoral. It doesn't really matter as long as it has a remote control, so you can stop when you've come or tease yourself. If you're worried about the noise then wear a maxi pad as well, but I guarantee that if the movie is 50 Shades you won't be the only one moaning. If you're seeing it with someone, give each other the remotes for your vibes so you can turn them on and off at your will.

4)phone Set your alarm to vibrate and set it (if you want surprises ask someone else to) to any time you'll be in the cinema. Or if the movie is at a slow bit, start a dirty conversation with someone.

If anyone notices you, you may even be able to convince them to join in. Otherwise they might try and get you kicked out. If you know the person, scream and run.

-brunette with a fantasy

June 26, 2014 - Sexual Preference - I would rather not say.


hot and horny

I love masterbating, one time me and my friend were just swimming at her house while her parents were away and she started asking me about who I was into and if I masterbate and I told her I did and she all the sudden kissed me and started backing me up into the pool wall. I was confused but it felt right so I let her continue. She untied my bikini top and massaged my breasts going down to lick and suck my nipples. I got so turned on an wet, I let out a few moans then untied her top and pushed our chests together and started kissing her hard. She pulled me forward and told me to masterbate with the jets. I happily agreed and pulled down my bikini bottoms spread my legs and pushed back into the jet to where it was right on my pussy. I moaned loudly it felt amazing, I started rubbing my clit and looked up at her she had her hand in her bottoms and was rubbing hard. god you look so f......g amazing she said I got up and laid on the concrete beside the pool and motioned for her to come to me. she did and I pulled down her bottom and pulled her down to lay beside me, I started rubbing her clit while kissing her and soon I pushed three fingers into her quickly sliding them in and out. she moaned and moaned, oh god baby I'm gonna cum she yelled, I pulled my fingers out and she squirted all over me. I got on top of her and started grinding our pussies together and I came so hard and soon after so did she. she laid me down on my back and fingered me so hard and I squirted all over her hand and chest. she led me inside and laid me on the bed and we scissored and 69 and I came so much that day, I love that girl and god I'm so wet right now, I'm off to a longgggg session of pussy f*****g. have fun ladies. (;

June 26, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Anonymous Masturbator Confessions

Re pocket rocket.

I loved the way I felt when I would rub my self as I bathed which lead to more rubbing in bed. Eventually Aunt Flo came around and along with the boobs and hair that I shaved since I was in swimming which required the insertion of a tampon. At first I really thought it was yucky even though I did enjoy rubbing the out side. Eventually I got used to the monthly insertion. One month I was feeling sort of yucky thinking my cycle was early I decide to insert the tampon and we lit felt sort if good as it entered , I guess since I was not really on my cycle the feeling was not of the monthly bloating associated normally. Mmmm I thought , not bad as I was now sort of excited. I guess it was just something I ate that night making me feel bloated. Later I was in bed late at night plying with my self and I remembered the feeling , so I reached for the pocket rocket and I was very wet and in it went, mmmm very smooth I thought and I just brought my knees up in the air as I started to slowly push and pull out the rocket. Wow it was a very good new feeling as I continued bringing my other hand to slowly caress and feel my lips as I did thus. I was quiet as can be since every body was sleeping making sure no one hurd me. The feeling was intense and I had to stop. I had a new toy and almost every night I would be soaked in my juices as I masturbated this way. Soon I got the idea of trying some thing bigger and found a highlighter . Yes I was ready as I started off with the rocket and then to the highlighter, right in it goes mmmmm oh much better , I could tell it was just slightly bigger and better. This progressed to looking for more items to try. It was sort of weard every thing that had a handle or shaft I would analyze and consider trying out. I was visiting an relative who smoked cigars and I noticed a nice size tube that held a cigar. It was very enticing and since they were laying around the home I decided to help my self to one. I was shaking with lust and could not wait for every body to go to bed. Finally I felt it was safe , I was so wet with excitement . I once again started with the rocket as a worm up progressing to the marker then the cigar tube was apt hand. I place it at my opening(yes I washed it well) I could feel the cool tip as I proceed to carefully push in, it was opening me up much more ad I felt it enter, ooooooooaaaahhhh slowly I progressed being careful but liking the sensation I was ready to scream it was very stimulating and exciting this fit perfect as I felt my hand touch my lips, oh I had shoved the whole thing in , I looked down only see the bottom sticking out as I pulled my hand away. That tube was pretty long and I had the whole thing in me , I have to admit looking in the moon light at my lips with a tube hanging out knowing it was deep in me really took my breath away. I was panting with excitement and had to pull it out it was too much to handle. I took a break and wanted to try again, again slowly and oh yeah much better as I bottomed out some thing came over me I just started to thrust my hips agents my hand like I was humping the air and booom I had my first real orgasim with that tube in me , as my body shook and my muscles tightened up I could feel how stiff they tube was as my body pushed it out , I was soaking wet and sweaty all over from my organism. I had to confess to my friend what I had experienced and the next visit I lifted one for her.

June 29, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Caught Masturbating!

Caught in the bath

It all started when I was home alone while my parents were both at work. I have been masterbating for 2 years now and I love to do it in the bath. I love to take a long bath while the water directly hits my pussy and clit. I just recently have begun to squirt like crazy when I orgasm and the other day I squirted all the way to the ceiling. I was hoping to squirt like that again but my best friend walked in the the bathroom while I was moaning and screaming at my orgasm. me and my best friend have never told each other about masterbating so she was kinda surprised but didn't leave all she did was she turned her back and asked what I was doing. I couldn't speak because I was so out of breath. I finally asked her if she ever does this and she said yes. suddenly I could see her completely naked feeling her pussy and grabbing her nipples. we both went into the kitchen, grabbed a banana and fiercely thrusted the banana into our pussies. we had so many orgasms in the kitchen and it was soaking everywhere. I had one squirt that lasted more than 30 seconds. we both were so exhausted we fell asleep on top of each other naked on the kitchen table. later that night my parents came home and screamed when they saw us naked and soaking on the kitchen

June 30, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Memorable Self-Pleasuring

First time

I will always remember my first time masterbating. I was 8 I think and I was taking a shower before I went to bed. I began washing my body as I normally do and accidentally dragged my finger over my pussy. I kinda stuttered and thought to myself what did I just do. I touched that area again and felt the most amazing sensation. my brother was the only one in the house so I wasn't afraid of getting caught. I knew I would get in a lot of trouble because it felt really dirty and wrong. but as I moved my hand faster and faster I started to uncontrollably moan and scream. well as my legs started to shake I heard a knock on the door. I suddenly said whatt and my brother asked are you ok I told him that I was fine and I was just singing in the shower. I heard him leave so I rubbed again I felt the most amazing feeling and this weird liquid oozed and squirted out everywhere. I almost fell over it was so amazing. I wanted to do it again so I came out of the bathroom but the door was blocked by my brother. I screamed at him and asked what are you doing. he didn't say a word he just ran to his room with his pants around his ankles. I stepped in this weird white juice that was sticky and warm. I then ran to my room still thinking about what I did in the shower. I wanted to feel that feeling again and again. I sat in my bed naked and began to rub and smack my pussy then I inserted my finger and took it out. so much juice came out and it felt so amazing. I couldnt stop my bed became soaking wet I felt so tired after. I did it more than 5 times later that day. I checked on my brother because I was still mad at him and then I caught him grabbing this thing where my pussy was and there was a lot of that white stuff that was on the floor. I asked him can you feel it too and he said yeaaa. I then asked him if he could help me do it again. I taught him how to do it and he put 3 fingers into me I then squirted my juices all over him and his clothes. he was soaking wet soaking

July 1, 2014 -

Anonymous Masturbator Confessions

The yearning

Growing up my parents were divorced and mom had many friends over the years. All the men were very nice to my sister and I and as we got older we started to understand what was going on . Mom would never let any man sleep over but we figured she was doing it with them at there place so we would not get any ideas or bad examples. We always had a sitter until we were older and allowed to be by our selfs. I was the oldest and now left in charge. Our dad was not around that often so some of moms men were sort of our men figures in our lives. I became very fond of a particular friend she had as so did my younger sister. When I would see him I always felt butterflies in my tummy and felt very worm in my crotch. Over time I started to feel my self and progressed to rubbing that itch I was feeling especially at night. Often I would have some dream of being touched all over by a man and would wake up with my had deep in my shorts rubbing very hard. He was my vision during my developing years as I masturbated nightly to his image. Oh how I fantasied about kissing him and having his fingers all over my naked lusting body. Yes I lusted for him , even though I had never been touched he was my thrust. I started having vivid dreams and thought of how it would be with him . The internet brought me to this and other sites which really turned me one and helped in my pleasing sessions. Porn was new to me at first I was not really in to it but soon I was hooked on all the visual and written stimulus . I learned a lot and refined my masturbation techniques which greatly enhanced my new found organism still to his image. My mother stopped seeing him but I would run in to him while riding by bicycle , he only lived a couple of blocks away. I started to make an effort to see him often thinking something could happen. That was my teenage fantasy. I worked dress scantly or in very tight fitting clothes hoping that he would notice me . I was throwing my self at him and still he did not get the hint. I did notice he would look me over up and down which always made me very excited but that was it. Still I had a dream I wanted him , he was always in my mind. I would do any thing for him and finally I was so horney I told him how I felt . We'll he was shocked but very caring telling me that I was too young for him and it was a faze all teens go through . He told me look when you are 18 if I am still around and you are still interested we can try but it will have to stay between us and no further. We'll years later and a couple of Bfs later I guess I was over him bit I still thank him for all our secret sessions even if in only in my mind. I did look him up and that's another story.

July 2, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Sex Toys and Masturbation Tools

Bigger is Better . . . at least for me

I've been masturbating for years. My first discovery was with the full stream hot of water when I was in the bathtub. I was just a kid and all I knew back then was that it felt good. As I got older I started inserting different objects into my vagina while I masturbated. Over the years I dicovered that bigger objects in my vagina along with a vibrator really increases the intensity of my orgasm. I've tried all kinds of things from perfume bottle, to cucumber to corn on the cob (be sure to put a condom on the corn). I've also discovered that I really enjoy the feeling of having both my vagina and my ass full. My husband discovered my love of feeling full sometimes he brings out all the toys for our play sessions. I am in a doggy style position so he has full access to my holes. After making sure I am fully lubed he will insert a dildo in my vagina. He moves it in and out while fingering my ass. I reach down and rub my clit while he does this. Eventually he gets a second dildo and inserts it in my ass very slowly. Once in, he starts moving dildo number one in and out of my vagina again. I have very strong orgasms in no time with this technique. He recently bought me a VERY large dildo which has been a great addition to our playtimes. It feels great inside me and I cum easily multiple times with it.

I haven't told my husband yet, but I still want something bigger. When I was home alone one afternoon I cleaned and lubed up the big end of a metal baseball bat. I was wet with anticipation and after some effort I managed to slide down onto it. My knees got wobbly from its size but in a minute or two it felts wonderful. I moved up and down on the bat while fingering myself and started to cum so hard! It was such an intense orgasm!! I can't wait to think up the next BIG item I'd like to insert into my box.

July 3, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Anonymous Masturbator Confessions

Not anymore

This is something that still today embarrasses me, mainly when I see some of the men who as teens had seen me naked many times and watched me masturbate. I'm much older now but now live in the same home town. Aside from exposing myself when I was young there were many boys I allowed to watch me masturbate while naked. Some I allowed to masturbate me and in turn I mastubated a few of them although never having intercouse with any. It went on for a couple years and at times there were more than just one of them present. I not only let them see me naked but also made a complete fool of myself by having them see me pleasure myself. At the time having them watch me caused me to cum many times. I cringe today when I think of how many ways I exposed myself to them and how they watched my reactions to my many orgasms. After high school I stopped doing it and for quite a few years lived in another city. The guilt of it faded for awaile but when I moved back home I started seeing men who once were the boys I did this with. Most of them are married and I know a lot of their wives. Only one of them spoke about it to me but I feel ashamed everytime I see or talk to one of them. I'm especially humiliated when my husband is with me and I see one of them at a store or anywhere. Thankfully we are buying a house on the outskirts of town which hopefully will make my contact with these men less frequent.

July 4, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Bisexual

Sex Toys and Masturbation Tools

Makeshift dildo

Okay so I use the handle of my razor as a dildo (without the razor attached of course) because it's rounded at the end and it's smooth. After I took a long hot shower, I got out dried off everything except my mound. I played with myself for about ten minuets and got myself super wet and super slippery I took the handle of my razor and slid into my hole up to the part where you can reattach the razor. It stays in place because of the wider part at the top. I finished drying off with it in my pussy, and I got dressed with it still inside of me. I started pushing on the top of the handle through my shorts, and as I write this I am humping a pillow. The feeling of being full is great. I do this everytime I take a shower and no one expects a thing. ;)

July 4, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Self-Pleasuring is Awesome

Freedom Day

Today is the fourth of july and Im glad that I have the freedom to rub my pussy and watch as much porn as I Want. It feels so good stroking my clot while watching people get fucked on my screen. Then I start whispering dirty little things to myself about how nasty I am and naughty. I know outside fireworks are exploding well inside my pussy is exploding. I have been so horny and I cant even deal with how good my pussy feels right now. And right now I am laying on a old blanket that has dried from my last session and now I am pissing on it..little by little. I love to piss and rub my pussy. I am so proud to say I am free to be nasty all night long by watching porn, playing with my pussy and pissing on myself. Happy freedom day...

July 5, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight


obsession... 2 nights a week

My uncle owns a spa in center city where I work two nights a week for the last three years. I start at 4pm and close at 9pm. Six months after I started working there one night there was water coming into the office. My uncle is never there the nights I work so I started looking around for the source. I had never gone back where the hot water heaters are but when I did one of them was leaking. That was the first time that I found out I could see into the mens locker room. The wall where the locker room naturally has plaster on the inside. Where the five hot water heaters are the walls only have the support beams. Theres 5 places where the gaps are big enough to look in mostly where the pipes and heat vents are. Its an easy job and three other people are working while I'm there so the following week I started going in and watching guys while they were naked. My uncle has 157 regular male members and by now I more than likely have seen half of them nude. Most of them are young men mostly white guys but also many black, hispanic and a few asian. I get so turned on watching them I masturbate every night I work there. I can see most of them in the shower area and even can see them pee at tthe urinals. Its fun just watching them undress but I really like seeing them in the shower the most. I've seen every penis size there is by now and at times I see some of them get hard when they are washing themselves. Thats when I masturbate most of the time when they are touching themselves. My boyfriend works out there a couple times a month but he don't know I have watched him shower a few times. I get real wet just looking in at all those naked men. Most of them who come in the nights I work I know all their names and talk to them a lot. I go back there a couple times each night I work just telling the other people working there that I'm taking a break. My uncle wasn't happy when that hot water heater broke but I am. I don't know what it is but I like talking to the men I see naked mostly the real good looking ones. Before I started working there the only man I ever saw naked is my boyfriend and once my brother when he was in high school. I seen naked men on the internet but its not like the real thing. I suppose I should feel bad about doing this but it gets me aroused so much I look forward to going to work there.

July 7, 2014 -


Family fun

I was looking for my younger brother and heard a noise in the basement. I quietly snuck down there and in a corner room he had his back facing me with his pants and undies down . I moved to see on the side and saw him playing with him self. What are you doing and what happened to you dinky as wee called it. Oh my I asked are you ok it's all swollen. Yes he said it does it on its oun. Oh I was concerned. Really I said. What are you doing to it then? We'll he said it feels really good. And he showed me how he was rubbing it and he told me it was really sensitive when it gets hard and the only way to get it to go down is to message it. So I watched as he continued on . Finally he stopped all flush and breathing heavily falling to the floor. I continued to watch as it did get smaller . The next day I saw him head down stairs and I followed to observe. This went on for a while and I did notice I got a funny feeling between my legs and just also needed to scratch it . Oh it felt very good also. Eventually I dropped my pants to join him and we from then on would watch each other. Later he was acting very odd and called me to follow so I did. And we started to do our thing when he said watch this. He started to grunt and then he started shooting streams of white stuff up in the air put of his tip. I froze amazed as it looked like his dinky was spitting . It was so cool and I defiantly wanted to see that again . We continued for many years just watching each other never having the balls to touch him or let him touch me but the orgasimgs I eventually would have were to die for. I now love watching my man just stroke him self as long as he can handle it as I do my self.

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July 9, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight

First Time Masturbating

I jogging

I was hooked on jogging and working out it was a thrill to feel good . I was jogging as normal and clause to home I started to feel be boobs sort of become sensitive with each stride. I also felt and itch in my cunny. I was sweating up a storm and figures my undies were wet and chafing me. The more I bounced the more I itched. I t was getting very unbearable. I did not want to stop in the open to see what was the cause so I picked up the pace making it worse. Finally I arrived at home quickly running to the bath driving my shorts and looked to see what was causing my itching, as I looked it seemed that my cunny was swollen and as I touched it something took over . I just started to rub my self up and down more and more , the more I did it the better it felt and I kept cupping the whole cunny . Then my finger slipped in spreading my lips as I continued rubbing. Oo ummm it armed I was losing control of my hand , I wanted to stop this but my mind said no more more. Yes yes I was shaking with a rush of something I had not experienced before . I kept rubbing and my finger found its way to the upper flap line it knew to go there and I felt thus little ball there and ooooooooooo wow , tap wow tat wow more taping and then my first orgasm of my life. Oh my I finally recovered after what seemed forever. My legs felt like the had muscle cramps I was so soar , when I came my legs just tightened up . Oh wow the orgasm was new and beautiful. But my leg muscles paid for it. It still happens to this day but it's worth it.

July 10, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Memorable Self-Pleasuring

First vibrator experience

My family is quite strict so we won't talk about sex and masturbation at home..but I discovered it myself at age of 14..now I'm 19 and dating a hot guy named Kevin. It's fun he could do what I do for him. We masturbated and 69 sometimes. Normally he inserted 2 fingers in me and f*ck me nicely and I will cum very quickly. So we bought a vibe on web, we were both excited when we received it! It has appearance like a doll so people won't find out that we actually bought a vibe!

When we got home, he touched every inch of me, push me down on the bed. What are you doing, I asked Kevin. Shh, I'm gonna bring you the best pleasure you ever have, he smiled and took my panties off. Oh Kevin, please don't! I begged at him, but he faced my pussy and lick it straight away. Dear it felt so good, I moaned in pleasure. I felt his tongue moving at my pussy, licking in and out. My vagina was so wet with my cum and his saliva! Then, he turned on the vibe and put on my clit. It was sooooo good. The vibration was strong and intense. He made circular motion at my clit and shove it to my vagina afterwards.

This is great Kevin, keep going! I shouted at him. He shoved the vibe in and out. I can't stand it any longer and cum so hard!! My orgasm was powerful. No Kevin stop it, no!! Instead he turned in on stronger vibration I cum again !! I squirted hell lot!!

That was not the end, Kevin put on a condom on his erected, 8 long dick and inserted me. We both orgasm about 4 times and I blowjob for Kevin to finish.

Happy orgasm everyone!

July 12, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Undecided

Fantasies while Masturbating

The Graffiti Tunnel

Lately, I've began to develope feelings for my best guy fried. On the occasion I like to think about him doing dirty things to me, but quickly cut it off out of guilt. However, yesterday, he and my best girl friend visited me. We went on a walk and I showed them to a tunnel littered with graffiti.

After they left, I couldn't help myself from imagining if he came and visited by himself. It would be rather unexpected. I would dress quickly after being told of the sudden arrival. Being half asleep, my attire would be rather relaxed.

The two of us walk over the overpass, sitting on one of the concrete slopes. Lying there, cooling down from the summer heat, we remain silent. He suddenly says to me, rather sheepishly, I kinda came here to, uh, have sex with you. Heh.

This flusters me in both semi-flattery and full on anger. I' scorn him. What do you mean, 'came here to have sex with me'? I stand up. My fists ball up tightly. You thought that I'd just say yes?

I-I just thought that-that you were giving me vibes! He stammers an excuse.



I release my anger and just sigh.

Wait- uh...!

Oh, hush. Let's just go to the graffiti tunnel or something... I say rather dejectedly.


Slightly fuming at the request still, I walk ahead, sitting in the tunnel's shade at my arrival. His face remains a little awkward, unable to start a conversation. I sigh again. Hey, I'm sorry for yelling at you...

His face is rather surprised. No! I should be apologizing... He looks down. I'm such an idiot. What was I thinking...?

I frown. You're not an idiot. I just up and burst into happiness. You're wonderful!

He flinches. No, I'm not. I'm horrible.

I grab a part of his shirt. C'mon! Let's go explore!

He reluctantly follows.

There is gravel strewn about. Some in mounts, others in thin lines. As said in the nickname, to our left and right is artwork. Some borderline disturbing and others actually rather amazing. At the end is a pipe, pitch black and all to terrifying. We make our way to that pipe.

Wanna go in?

Eh... It looks kinda dangerous. But I wanna go in still. Involuntarily, I pull myself closer to him for comfort. His hot breath brushes my neck and I feel a moan wanting to come out. My face flushes and I look to at him, bent over trying to get a better look in the tunnel. He turns to me as if to say something, but stops. Both of us are stuck in this weird staring contest until he says, You smell good.

I twitch at the sound of his voice so close to me. Moving away, I try and come up with a reply. Uh-I know. Perfume always smells good.

Not good. This situation is NOT GOOD. Oh man, oh man. This is not going to end well- er, yes it will but it'll come out with bad things too! Did not plan on losing my virginity in a graffiti tunnel at all! But that would be a helluva story to tell when talking about it when I'm older. Oh when'd you lose your virginity? With my best guy friend in a graffiti tunnel. I giggle.

He makes a puzzled expression.

Oh uh. Nothing. I step near him to make my way through to the other side of the tunnel since gravel is in the way. As a result, I accidentally rub against him. A muffled groan is heard which makes me shutter. I look up at him. My lips quiver. Gosh darn it, I want to kiss him so bad but it's best if I don't. Before I can move away, his lips touch mine. The kiss was clearly hesitant, very light to the touch. Which is the very same reason, I pressed even harder. He pull me into a tighter embrace, my pelvis compact against his... oh wow, is that? I pull away, to look down at what I believe to be an erect penis. Holy frapplesssss- Oh man, he's sucking on my neck. We starting to rub on each other, faster and faster. He flips me around and pushes me in the wall. Oh god, I want to do this so bad, but I know I shouldn't but-but- UGH. This feels so good. Forget it! I'm doing it!

He-Hey. I manage to stammer out with a shaky breath.

He comes up from my neck and stares at me. His eyes swirl with lust.

You said you like tongue kissing right? I look away. Maybe we could try that?

Really? He asks pretty happily.

Ye-Yeah. You're gonna have to teach me though.

We close in on each other, slowly. I open my mouth to let him in. He slick, warm appendage wraps itself around mine. My breathing picks up. I finally find the courage to start moving my own. Everything sounds so squishy. My tongue and his tongue, the rubbing of our private parts... He slips his hand under my shirt, rubbing and squeezing my breast. Man, I can't deal with this. My vagina is throbbing against his member. Mind blurring in the heat of passion, I grab at his shirt, pulling at it with force. Moaning out his name, grinding harder and harder, I feel as if I'm going to explode!

...And then he pulls away. And I almost whimper louder than what I let out. It's pretty obvious he wants to go in for more, but he moves back and sits on a gravel. Close my legs, perplexed, and slide down.

Hey, what's wrong? I ask him, trying not to let my disappointment be heard.

I'm pretty sure that I'm just taking advantage of you. He looks away, self-hate evident.

What do ya mean?

I was talking with Her last night and... I guess I was jealous and scared I was falling behind in the 'race'. He pulls out a condom (The sight of which makes me flinch, I thought he was maybe joking earlier.) and toys around with it, not making eye contact. You still seem so innocent. You still try to help me even though I screwed up so badly when we were dating. I-

I told you to forget about it. It's in the past. Plus, if you focus on the good parts, it wasn't so bad!

He let out a laugh. What good parts?



You really need to stop beating yourself up. Whatever you did wrong with Her or me, just try and fix it. That's all we can ask. I smile then smirk. It's not like you're Father Time and can turn back time and change it. Anyhow, I wouldn't want you to change it. There's a good chance that I wouldn't be at the level of progress I am at because of it.

He stays silent.

I move over and hug him. I'm sorry.

He hugs me back. Stop apologizing. It's not your fault.

It's everyone's fault. We all play a part, we can't get off scott free ya'know? We all mess up someway or another.

Stop it.

Stop what?

Being a good person. He hugs me tighter.

Haha, I can't do that. I'm just being me.

Then be someone else. I swear I don't know how the world is going to handle you...

With lots of freedom and happiness.. .And video games. I chuckle. Hugging him real tight one last time, I recede back to my now cold spot.

Thanks for being my friend. He smiles, a hint of sadness still there.

I blast out a thumbs up. No problem! I laugh. Thanks for being my friend too.

We're silent for a bit. The tunnel doesn't have ventilation so we're sweating. Cicadas are heard in the distance. Occasional bikers pass, unaware of our existence.


I look up to a mischievous face.

Have sex with me.

I frown. No.

He whines. Aw, c'mon! Have sex with me.


He smirks. But you wanted to earlier~!

I'm flabbergasted at the memory and he busts up laughing. I cringe. I did NOT.

He composes himself partially and smirks. Did too.

I blush angrily. DID. NOT.

He pounces and starts to tickle me. C'mon~! Have sex with me~!

I try to remain strong over my giggles. No!

He tickles me more furiously. C'mon! You know you want too~!

I growl, but before I can reply, he kisses me. I get sad. No...

We stare at each other. I look at him in want but knowing better. So I turn my head. We should probably get going. He says my name, but I cover his mouth with my hands. You're still in that twisted competition of yours. It's probably best if we just go our separate ways for awhile.

He licks my hand, and I recoil.

Gross, man!

He ignores me. I'm probably not going to win anyway. I'm far from first place. And there's so many other guys...

Don't say that! I urge. I bet you can win! J- My involuntary movements of hips in my moment of encourage created some friction... down there... S-sorry. Uh- but still! Just believe in yourself!

...Yeah. He looks down.

Um... I sit up and hug him. No worries. Everything works out in the end if you work hard toward it.

I hope so.

I tend to get opportunities a lot. With certain opportunities concerning things like romance or things of its nature, I tend to pass it up. It's best if I don't focus on it right now. I need to focus on studying before school so I can get catch up them get ahead. I need to figure out where I'm going to college. Not this. Not relationships other than friendship and family. I can't focus on romance right now. I refuse.

Are you okay?

I realize I had been hugging way too tight. Oh! I'm sorry! Yeah!

He still looks so sad. I wish I could make him happy. Quickly, I glance at his lips. I purse my own in self punishment for thinking about kissing him.

He calls my name and I look up to a surprise kiss. It's so comforting. We keep kissing. At first their soft and sweet, but then we pull into a deep kiss. He lays me gradually on the floor. We look at each other again.

I really like you. He says to me.

I scrunch up my face. I really like you too. He sits up, while I stay down. I rub my thighs on his sides. Do you want to?

He scrunches his face in embarrassment. Only if yo do.

I nod. I really do.

He comes down and we kiss again. Our bodies start to move. It feels so good. It starts to tingle. And he begins to move lower down my body. He takes off his over shirt and lays it below me before he takes off my shirt. Immediately, I flinch. Embarrassed at being exposed. He takes off his shirt in an attempt to make it even. He slips of my sports bra and starts sucking on my breast. Lost in a haze of pleasure, I fumble my hands down his chest down to his belt line. Steadily, I reach down to feel his penis bulge. Groans at the touch, and I immediately rub my vagina at the sound, moaning along. Then I move my hand back to his member and begin to stroke its protruding outline. He sucks my breast even harder. I'm at a loss at what to do. Just a little scared at having intercourse for the first time, so I'm drawing blanks. The instant idea is to take out his penis and start rubbing it... I wonder if he'll be okay with it... Forgetting about the simple action of asking, I unzip his pants and go in. I string out his penis. Oh whoa! Okay, I can handle this. I start rubbing it to test out the texture. It feels, hm. I actually think its nice. Smooth, aw yeah. Now slip it in-! Whoops, not yet. Alright, I've got this. I start pumping my hand around his member. Trying my best, and it's apparently working, because he's tongue kissing me right now. Mm, the amount of wetness feels oh-so yummy.

I feel his hands trail down to my jeans, unbuttoning them. A little bit of anxiety kicks in. I'm not sure what a normal vagina is supposed to look like and Laci Green said that they're all different, but goodness, hentai and your sister spatting, Why is it dark? all those some years ago when you were like twelve' years old does NOT help your self-esteem and- Holy Jingles Bells! I glance at him and with my eyes say I love you, before melting.

He's rubbing my wet panties right now. Experimentally circling all the right places, I'm falling apart at his touch. He rubs against my panties and kisses me. Then starts to go down and I flip out. The anxiety begins to set it, but his tongue down there stops all thoughts in a throe of blurred events. I almost orgasm in his mouth but I move out the way and sit up. He does the same a little confused. But then I bend over and lick his tip for a taste. I engulf my mouth around his length. Piping up and down, going deeper and deeper with each move. Hearing him moan and breathe shakily, make me go faster. I hear him say something but didn't quite figure out what it was until a burst of fluid exploded in my mouth. I swallow, but some managed to escape in the initial launch. So when I sit up, there was a decent amount of mess on my face. I smile awkwardly. I must look like a dunce!

He begins a search. Next thing I know, I'm pounced on. I'm being kissed all over and trying my best to return the favor. He shows me a condom and I fully understand know. Okay, phew. Goodness gracious... I'm ready.

Is it okay if-?

I kiss him and giggle. Yeah.

He fumbles with the condom and then readies himself. Anxiety, I feel it taking over.


I take a deep breath. Mhm.

And boom goes the dynamite! Wow~! I can't even...! It's like I've died and been reborn again- How- What- The world seems so much brighter even if we're in a tunnel. Life is paradise times eight to me right now. The feeling of a penis in you is- Wow. It stings a bit but I'm cool with it!

He slides in and out of me. I hear squishing and squashing and lots of it. The sound really turns me on. I try to push him even deeper into me. Caught in a sensual rhythm, I'm not even paying attention to the world of the fact that I might have just heard a rat-mouse squeak in the distance. Wow. More, please!-- Is what I would like to say.

He plunges into me. Now I feel rather... odd. There's something inside me. Oh wow. How do I handle this? Resounding from the sewer pipe, I hear a rat-mouse. Someone help-!

He starts moving... Was he stunned for a sec- Oh hey now, that feels good. He slides in and out even more. I start moving too. We pick up a decent beat. How is this suppose to actually go?

We keep going. And he's HUT THE MOST WONDERFUL PLACE EVER! I bringing him down for a kiss. That's the spot! I moan out.

He looks surprised at first, but then smiles and keeps going. His face is just so delicious. The look of pure pleasure is so tantalizing. I love hiw he wears the look of lust. He keeps hitting that spot over and over an- I gasp, shakily as I orgasm. He pulls out and comes too.

Whoa. Wow. My mind is skyrocketing. What was this?!

Man, everything feels good. He lies next to me and I cuddle him. He looks so shocked yet happy right now. Haha, wow. That was fun. Wait- That was sex. I just had sex.... VAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?!

.:: Author's Note::.

That's not what I imagined whilst fantasizing,er- kinda. I mostly focused in on the sex part. But I ended up writing a story... Sorry. Haha. ^^; I hope you enjoyed the read. :) If not, I'm sorry. ;-;

Anyhow! Have a wonderful time masturbating! Ja ne!


July 12, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Memorable Self-Pleasuring


So last night, it was late and I was on omegle out of boredom. The guy asked for my kik, so I gave it to him. We talked for a while and he ended up telling me he was horny and asked if I wanted to see and he asked for my snapchat. So I gave it to him. We ended up sending eachother quite a few dirty pictures and talking dirty. I started off by rubbing my boobs and my clit. Normally, I would just rub my clit, but last night, that wasn't enough. I looked around my room and found a thin highlighter and a mascara and washed them off in the bathroom. First, I put the highlighter in, and then I switched to the mascara, and eventually I needed both. I was so wet, it was dripping down my thighs, I'd never been this wet before. I ended up doing that for about 8 minutes and I came so hard, it was a good thing I had a towel under me. It was the best orgasm I've ever had by far.

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July 15, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight

First Time Masturbating

Best friends with a secret

I came home from school one day I was since I can't put age start with a s ends with a x and maybe have teen soo I have my own room and I wanted to have fun since my brothers where at there friends parents at work till 11 I was naked under my blankets touching my self I remember I forgot to close my door but it was just half way open. I was getting really into it and started rubbing my clit and getting really wet when my best friend walked in on me I was acting like my phone when off and I was getting it she knew what I was doing she closed the door and locked it. She started kissing me I liked it and started kissing her back she started taking her clothes off I helped her take them off and I started hissing her massive boobs and sucking her nippls. I kissed her all the way till her pussy I started eating her out and and she moans louder than ever she came all over my face and she said My turn she put me on my back and said Close your eyes she went to her book bag and got her dildo she put it in me and turned it on and when crazy I rubed my clit it was 6 and she got to stay the night my brothers where staying at a friends house and parents where still at work by them we where 69 ing and where planing to stop we did so many positions.We still have girls night and are little secret

July 17, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Bisexual

Unique or Strange Story

group therapy

Aside from being bisexual I am also fond of exhibitionism, mutual and group masturbation. I've had sex with 4 other women and numerious men over years. Gloria has been a sexual partner for many years and the first girl I ever had sex with. She is married and has a very openminded husband and the three of us have had sex numerous times but more often limit it to masturbation and mutual masturbation. We also have a small group of friends I was introduced to by Gloria and her husband. They are swingers also and trade partners with two other couples. Gloria got me involved with the group back in 2012 and now with me it consists of 2 other women and 4 men. One is a couple Gloria and her husband swing with. I'm the youngest although close in age to most of them. At first I was leery of getting involved with them because they all, including me, have a variety of likes and dislikes. I personally don't mind being tied down but I do not like being spanked or whipped. I like mastubating both the men and women and love it being done to me by both. I enjoy both sexes looking at my body and also like to see everyone naked together. I can't believe sometimes how open minded they all are and the crazy things we do to each other especially with some of the strange sex toys we use on each other. We do everything imaginable and I participate in most of it. Both Gloria and the other woman do let the men spank, tie down and whip them, sometimes their buttocks is raw and masturbate them during and after the whipping. I don't do this but I have spanked and whipped all 4 of the men at one time or another. I do let them tie me down but that usually consists of mastubation, oral sex and often intercouse sometimes only with one of them but also all 4 are involved. That is when the sex toys are used the most and anal stimulation is always done to any of us including the men. None of us have pubic hair and except for Gloria's husband the other 3 men are cicumcised. Im single and one of the other men is and one of them is married but his wife won't get involved with us even though she does change partners with Gloria and her husband sometimes. I never met her but she obviously doesn't like her husband Steve being in our group. Steve is the one who has a medical exam fetish and it seemed to rub off on the other guys because they all like it. We always go to Gloria's house usually twice a month and thats where all the sex toys and tables are. Steve went to the expence of buying an examination table and speculums a couple years ago equiped with sturrups. Its used for us girls most of the time but we get revenge by having the guys submit to our exams. I don't object to it and neither do Gloria and the other girl. The guys take turns using the speculums and I actually enjoy them seeing me that way and like seeing the other girls having the same done to them. I don't even mind the anal exam knowing they will soon use vibrators and dildos assuring me of powerful orgasms. Us girls also use the speculum on the men annally which I know two of them don't like but tolerate although they do like to be penitrated with vibrators. When we do penitrate the men with the speculum one of us is also holding their penis and scrotum and they are aroused as it goes on. Gloria also has a long table downstairs which each of us like including the men. Each time one of us (we take turns) is tied down spread eagle and blinfolded. I love this because now I am the center of attraction and the other girls and all 4 men are playing with my body. I'm given oral sex and penitrated with dildos and vibrators while having my breasts kissed and sucked never knowing who is doing what. I'm not even sure whos kissing me but can usually tell when its Gloria. As I lay there I have a penis in each hand and the guys often cum on me which I don't mind. I perform oral sex on one of them each time and I don't mind if they cum in my mouth but I don't like to swallow it as Gloria does. There is also a padded type saw horse where again we are tied and blindfolded and bent over it. It seemed strange at first but I found it pleasurable right from the start. Us girls are basically assaulted both vaginally and anally by the guys and the women. The guys have intercouse with us and also anal intercouse, but also dildos and vibrators are used. Myself and the other girls often use a strapon with each other which I know the guys like watching. We also use the stapon dildo to penitrate the men anally and they all seem content since one of us is masturbating them as it is done. It seems like none of us has any inhabitions about anything we do to each other and we all get along wonderfully. It goes on for hours always on a Friday or Saturday night. We have food and drinks, laugh and tell jokes and have normal conversations and the minute we walk into the house we undress. Even when we are taking a break we all stay naked take a shower, often two at a time, but always a guy with a girl or two girls. I take at least two showers each time I'm there and although the men wear condoms when having intercouse with us the rest of the time they don't. None of the girls mind the men cumming on us but thats the reason we shower often and the guys do also. Gloria, myself and the other girl are bisexual but none of the guys are. Aside from this group I do have a man I date occassionally and do have sex with him even though I know he is married. He also likes when we masturbate each other but I am only with him a few times a month. I haven't had a regular boyfriend for quite a few years and honestly don't need one. Gloria also comes to my apartment a few times a month and we satisfy each other with masturbation and also use a strap on and sex toys. I also mastubate alone very often and am very satisfied with my sex life. I work out everyday and try to keep as fit as possible. We are all in good shape except for Steve who keeps on trying to lose weight but isn't very successful. He's really not that fat and it doesn't bother me anyway because he is a very handsome guy. Between the four guys only one of them has a small penis but even that doen't matter to any of us. Gloria's husband is well endowed but I do wish he was curcumcised. All in all we like each other to the extent we go out together to dinner and shows. Steve doesn't join us but it is because his wife doesn't want to be with us. Gloria and her husband know her but the rest of us don't but I know she don't like Steve being involved with us. None of my other friends or my family know anything about this. My parents and brother know Gloria for many years and have met her husband. What they don't know is how close I am with them.

July 17, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Memorable Self-Pleasuring

Was young and craving stimulation

This is something that went on from early 1982 to mid 1983. My X husband was a professor at a small college in Texas and our dwelling was a 3rd floor apartment connected to a 2 storie dorm. The building we lived in housed professors and other people that worked there. The dorm was all male students. My X was 10 1/2 years older than me and at first our sex life was great, that is until school started. He did lectures at night and on Saturdays and the only day we had together was Sundays when he would be exhusted. I only worked part time and at a young age had a boring life and began masturbating almost daily. The first month I had masturbated in every room of our apartment trying different ways to stimulate myself and finally got the nerve to buy a vibrator. The days I didn't work I never dressed and was naked hours at a time. About six weeks went by and I was ironing some of my husbands shirts in the bedroom. I suddenly realized there were three male students on the roof looking at me through my open window. These guys ware all around my age and I think maybe older. I was naked and left the room right away and as I stood in the hallway I couldn't believe the experience had me aroused. I don't know how long they were watching me but my first reaction was shock and yet in the hallway I became wet with excitment. As I stood there still shaking I began to masturbate not even sure why I reacted that way. The way the apartment was designed the only rooms visible from that roof was our kitchen and bedroom. From that day on I began letting as many of these guys see me naked as I possibly could. It didn't take long for me to begin masturbating as they watched me and they soon began coming closer to my window. The nights my husband had lectures I left the window open a foot or so and they began coming right up to my apartment window. There were groups sometimes, smoking and drinking beer watching me naked putting clothes away and finally getting on my bed to masturbate. I'd leave the light on and watch from the darkend kitchen window to see if they were sneaking over closer to my room. that when I would go into the bedroom and disrobe. I had more orgasms as they watched me than I ever did having sex with my husband and the vibrator was the best $22.95 I ever spent. Back in those years there was no cell phones or very few, not like today where they all have cameras. What I never thought about was video cameras and that was my downfall. I never knew who or when they filmed me but it was done not just showing me naked but many times masturbating. Some how On June 4, 1983 one of those students left it on my husbands desk. I surmise it was a senior and that is what destroyed my marriage which ended up being a good thing. My X tried to forgive me but he never did and by mid July we seperated. I moved back home and lived with my parents for a year then went out on my own where I met my present husband. He is much more sexual than my X ever was and we not only have good sex together we often masturbate each other and he enjoys watching me do it to myself. He knows I was married before but not about my bout with exhibitionism or my addiction to masturbation. I naver told him about the video and don't know what ever happened to it. I tried to get it from my X but he wouldn't let me have it. Rather that fight with our devorce I just walked away and now don't know why I ever married him. I was young and thought I was in love with him. He was handsome and smart but thats all I can say good about him.

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July 18, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Undecided

Caught Masturbating!

so embarrasing

When I was about 11 and I had first discovered masturbation, unlike most kids I knew EXACTLY what I was doing and at that age I knew a little more than I should have about sex. I was in the bath and I was masturbating and in that house, we didn't have a lock on the bathroom door but I always shut it tightly and covered.myself with the shower curtain. I was having an off day and I was ruining the water on my prissy for about half n hour.and.I just couldn't vim fore some reason. Anyway, my older sister who was 15 at the.time.enter to get into the shower and she burst in and saw what as doing and she was so shocked and screamed at me `what are you doing?` so I just said that I saw movie on tv with a girl doing that and she just walked out and I couldn't speak to.her for a whole month

July 18, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Self-Pleasuring is Awesome

I love masterbating

Once I'm home alone I like to run to my room and lick the door. I take my clothes off except my pantties and bra. I lay down on my bed and start to tease myself by running my hands softly down to my pussy and giving it a little tap each time until I'm nice and wet. I can feel my panties moisten and it makes me so horny thinking about the dirty things in my mind ;) I slip my hand under my bra and rub my nipple. I feels so good an it puts me off the edge! I have to moan! ;o I can't help to take my bra off and rub both of my tits! Aghh! The feeling makes me even more wet. Mmm. My tits are so big I can suck an lick them my self. I feels so good! I just can't help it anymore!! I take my pantties off and feel my wet pussy. I slip my fingers up and down slowly. Ooooh baby. I rub faster and faster! Mmmm up! Down! Up! Down!! Side to side! Yes! Baby! Yes! Circles and circles around my clit! I shove my dildo in and out my wet slippery pussy while I rub my clit at the same time! I'm ready to come!! I'm ready! Ohhh. Baby. I felt so good ;)

July 18, 2014 -

Memorable Self-Pleasuring

Crazy for balks and the bat

I started baby siting for a neighbors and they had a son who I had to change his diaper. He was the first penis I we exposed to. It was interesting small but interesting.

Later I watched some slightly older kids and they were still in potty training I would see them naked also.

I guess every body had confidence in my sitting services that I was watching kids of every age.

The older they gat the less I saw.

I was watching a certain young boy who was I wild say a mamas boy and I had to draw his bath, his mom always did .

I filed the tub and called him and already naked he shows up.

He was more developed that I expected as he just got right in, I tried not to stare but got a goid look at him since he semed to me standing straight out.

I giggled at the event.

That night I was very affected by the sight and felt vary warm and restless as I lay in bed.

I guess seeing his erection as his balls hanging bouncing was exciting as I had a good petting of my cunny.

After I would watch him eneter the tub I wild go the the other bath and pet my self so wonderfully to the pint of sweating.

Soon I was allowed to have a bf and we messed around like any teenagers which lead to fondeling .

I finally god a good hand full of a hard pecker and he came instantly.

This continued and I loved how he looked all hard and erect with those balks hanging down.

We did have sex but I really just enjoyed playing with him driving him crazy making him cum and cum.

When I would get a deferent man if he would not let me gave my way I woild breake up.

I love watching a msn squirm and moan as o jerk him off, I do it to pleased them and me.

The longer they last the more I want them.

I masturbate as I jerk them off and if they last to the point I am ready to cumb then I will let them in me so we can cumb together. Yyyuummmmm..

July 18, 2014 -

Memorable Self-Pleasuring

Crazy for balks and the bat

I started baby siting for a neighbors and they had a son who I had to change his diaper. He was the first penis I we exposed to. It was interesting small but interesting.

Later I watched some slightly older kids and they were still in potty training I would see them naked also.

I guess every body had confidence in my sitting services that I was watching kids of every age.

The older they gat the less I saw.

I was watching a certain young boy who was I wild say a mamas boy and I had to draw his bath, his mom always did .

I filed the tub and called him and already naked he shows up.

He was more developed that I expected as he just got right in, I tried not to stare but got a goid look at him since he semed to me standing straight out.

I giggled at the event.

That night I was very affected by the sight and felt vary warm and restless as I lay in bed.

I guess seeing his erection as his balls hanging bouncing was exciting as I had a good petting of my cunny.

After I would watch him eneter the tub I wild go the the other bath and pet my self so wonderfully to the pint of sweating.

Soon I was allowed to have a bf and we messed around like any teenagers which lead to fondeling .

I finally god a good hand full of a hard pecker and he came instantly.

This continued and I loved how he looked all hard and erect with those balks hanging down.

We did have sex but I really just enjoyed playing with him driving him crazy making him cum and cum.

When I would get a deferent man if he would not let me gave my way I woild breake up.

I love watching a msn squirm and moan as o jerk him off, I do it to pleased them and me.

The longer they last the more I want them.

I masturbate as I jerk them off and if they last to the point I am ready to cumb then I will let them in me so we can cumb together. Yyyuummmmm..

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July 20, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight


Nude Beach Masturbation

I love to lie with my legs open and knees up on nude beaches and see men sneak up to look at my vagina. I keep my hat over my face but look through it's holes and watch men playing with their cocks as they stare at my vagina. I am soon wet and dribbling as I am so aroused. Soon my clitoris is sticking right out of my vagina and I just have to touch it. The men love this and they soon ejaculate on the sand in front of me. I sit away from the crown and I have had a group of men watching me and masturbating. If I go into the sand hills even more men will squat around me watch me and masturbate. I always pretend I don't know they are there and pretend I am just warming my open vagina in the sun while I doze off under my hat with it's convenient tiny viewing holes. I always end up masturbating myself and have wonderful orgasms. The spot between my legs on my towel is always soaking wet. I have even slipped my wet second finger of my left under my buttocks and up my anus as I masturbate for more stimulation and to be more shocking for my audience. Other times I have used a assorted butt plugs and dildos, always seemingly half asleep. Often men will masturbate standing over me and I feel the hot sperm fall on me. Still I will pretend I am unaware of their presence.

July 20, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight

The Ultimate Female Masturbation Experience

Men Bargained for Me to Perform

Many years ago when I was very poor, adventurous and wild I hitch hiked by myself in a foreign country. When three handsome young men offered me a lift I accepted. As they looked nice I took a risk. We stopped in a forest for lunch and got talking about where I would stay that night. They said I could stay with them as long as I liked if I would give them a thrill. The thrill was that I pose naked and masturbate in front of them and let them film me. I was very short of money, tired and desperately needed a place to rest. I agreed and stripped off. They loved my show and got naked and also masturbated. I could not believe how sexy I felt. It got worse as they asked if they could tie me up. I was feeling so sexy my inhibitions melted away. They tied me with my wrists together to a tree branch above me and my legs very wide apart to some roots. I must have been crazy. I did not realise that being exposed was so sexy. They were all very erect and fondled my pussy, arse and tits. Soon I was pouring juice from my wet pussy. They filmed everything in detail. Curiously I let them do anything to me, even a mock whipping with rope. They made me come many times and masturbated in front of me which I enjoyed very much indeed as they were very handsome and very well hung indeed. They even fingered my arse over and over with one, two and three fingers and that made me come to my amazement. I stayed with them for two weeks and watched the film they made. It made us so aroused we all masturbated together and also had sex. They never hurt me and it was a good experience. I hitch hiked for the rest of my trip and had many other erotic experiences. I would ask if we could swim in a lake and I would be naked. The men would love to watch me and get naked too. I would say I felt aroused by the beauty of nature and begin to fondle myself. Soon they would join me. Sometimes it would be a couple. I am now no longer so poor and am mature and respectable. Memories of that trip, however, even so long ago, always makes me feel sexually aroused and I masturbate and hope someone will watch me.

July 21, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight


Blind Man Curtains Open Night

I was staying with friends in a new area and went for a walk by myself at night. I passed a house and noticed the curtains were open and there was a naked man inside laying on a bed doing some thing to himself. Shocked and fascinated I stopped hid behind a bush and looked into the room. The man was sliding something up his anus. I got a thrill to be peeping at him doing such as intimate thing. I also noticed he was blind and would not be able to see me anyway. I went right up to the window and looked in. He was sliding a candle up his anus and had a huge erect penis. I became very excited and my vagina became wet so I had to masturbate. Luckily it was late and no one was around. I pulled my panties off and masturbated as I watched this erotic male scene. He was facing the window with his legs wide apart and sliding the candle in and out of his anus and rubbing his penis. His balls were bouncing up and down delightfully. Suddenly he ejaculated loads of cum all over his stomach. This made me cum too. Now knowing he was blind I walked past his house during the day. There was a lane behind his house so I looked over the fence. To my delight he was naked in his garden. Other day he was naked by his pool. He would often masturbate and put things up his anus. I was amazed and delighted and would spend hours watching him. One day, knowing he was blind I slipped through his side gate and watched him only a few metres away. I watched him close up doing all sorts of sexy things. I had to go home and masturbate after. My friends told me about him and how everyone knew what he did. People were apparently nice to him. No one complained as he was lonely, blind and mentally slow. Quite a few women secretly enjoyed watching him however as he was could not see them. Some women visited him and took him food. I wondered if he knew he was being watched. I also wondered if some women also secretly enjoyed his huge cock after delivering their pot roast. As long as everyone were happy it seemed a good arrangement. I never told anyone I took photos of him naked!

July 21, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Fantasies while Masturbating

Naked and Humiliated in Public Ancient Times

My fantasy is about being punished naked in public for being an immoral woman in the Elizabethan period in England. I am taken to the crowded central market place and stripped naked and tightly secured in strong wooden stocks. I am positioned with my knees pushed back as far as they will go and my thighs wide open. In this extremely, obscene, embarrassing position my vagina and anus are wide open for all the men and women to see. Men and women I even knew could see me like that. I recognised people from my village looking at me and I was filled with shame. I saw lust in their eyes however and knew they were not pure as they made out to be. Even the women looked in lust. Strangely I began to feel erotic stirrings within my vagina and my juices begin to seep. Men and women smiled knowingly at each other. Part of the punishment for being an immoral woman was that I could be fondled in public. A man selected a huge cucumber from the vegetable stall and began working it up my vagina until it was all the way up. I found it extremely arousing although humiliating. I struggled against the thick wooden stocks but my wrists and ankles were locked tightly so I could not move one inch. A knowing women began to tease my clitoris until I wanted to explode in orgasm. A man found a large carrot and slowly worked it all the way up my arse. I struggled again against the thick wooden stocks but it was hopeless. My breasts were squeezed and nipples tormented. My clitoris was erect and throbbing and I found the people looking lustfully and mockingly at me very erotic indeed. A women then seriously began to rub my clitoris until I was moving my hips in a pre-orgasmic motion. Everyone watched in anticipation. A man and a woman pushed the cucumber in my vagina and carrot in my arse up and down roughly for more stimulation. Others squeezed my breasts and pinched my nipples mercilessly. Soon I was a quivering, lurching trapped tormented female body feeling extreme sexual passion. Suddenly I orgasmed with a huge cry as my body lurched upwards. There was laughter and jeering from a large crowd. The cucumber and carrot were removed from my vagina and arse. I lay there with my orgasmic juices flowing from my open vagina for everyone to see. It was total humiliation but strangely very powerfully satisfying sexually. Some men urinated on me and women poured bed chambers over me. This was the double standards of the day. I saw men who enjoyed my body on my bed many times. I also saw their wives who did not know their husbands had ravished my body many times.

July 22, 2014 - Sexual Preference - In-Between

Self-Pleasuring is Awesome

Only the Best

Like so many women, a few years ago I found myself in my forties and divorced and starting a new life. Believe me, the last thing that I wanted to do, was to becoming onvolved in another relationship. Friends were always trying to fix me, and I was always declining the invitation to date their divorced brother, cousin, and even father. I got my own apartment, moved in, and was quite happy with that. After a couple of motnhs, I slowly began to get to know my neighbors from seeing them coming and going. There was a woman my own age, and the two of naturally began talking. Her name was Barb, and like me, she was divorced, so we had a lot in common, and we started getting together for coffee. I have to admit that Barb was quite cute. She was attractive enough, about like me, nowhere near stunning, but about average. Two middle-aged women who coud lose a few pounds. She would come over to my place in her jeans and sweatshirt and barefoot, which I always thought was rather fun and even a little sexy I suppose. Because of her, I started going around barefoot, more than I ever had, and found that it was fun and a little sexy. Anyway, the two of us of course talked about our marrfiages and our divorces, and more or less how we were completely down on ever starting another relationship. And we both secretly lamented on how nice it would to find a convenient someone of the male persuasion just for some good sex, realizing that such arrangements were nearly impossible to ever find. Anyway, we were starting to become regular friends. There were a few warm evenings when she talked me into going out for a barefoot walk with her, saying how I should loosen up and that it wouldn't kill me. So I did, and I enjoyed it, except for how dirty it made my feet. She said that it made her feet dirty too, but that she didn't mind, she just scrubbed them off in the bath. Then we laughed and dsaid how we could always have a bubble bath and scrub each other's feet. It sounded silly and like fun, so I filled up the tub with lots of bubbles, fixed two glasses of wine, and we got undressed and slipped in! Well, there we were nakedly enjoying ourselves, drinking our wine and scrubbing each other's feet. Then we rinsed off, got out of the tub, and started to pat one another dry with a towel. It was amusingly friendly doing that, and we complimented each other one what nice breasts and nipples the other had - we both have fairly full breasts and large nipples. Then in an admiring way we began to gently feel and fondle each other's breasts. Feeling adventurous, I Kissed her nipples and she did the same to mine. That may well have been a mistake, because it was quite an enticing thing to do. We kissed fully on the mouth and then kissed and sucked on each other's nipples, with our hands gliding downward into our pubic hair. In another minute we were stretched out together on my bed, masturbating one another. We both had the best orgasms! After twenty minutes we were thoroughly wet and exhausted. The next day, maybe feeling a little modest about our having gotten so carried away, we got together and confessed how wonderful that had been! Enough said, for we were back naked in my bedroom having sex. This has been going on now between us for the last two years and with no regrets! Neither of us think of ourselves as being lesbian, although ouyr friendship certainly is. No matter, friends an have fun, too!

July 23, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Memorable Self-Pleasuring

A fantastic memory

This is a great sight! I've been reading for a few weeks now trying to get the nerve to write about some of my own masturbation memoirs. Here is the first of quite a few I have. I feel so sexy knowing so many people are going to now know what I did.

I was ___ at the time, a very sexually hungry girl but also a bit shy. I'd had sex with three guys by that time but none of them had ever masturbated for me.

At the time I'd moved out from home to be close to my first full time real job at a bank. I lucked out finding a room to rent from a woman who was about my age now, early 30's. Fay & I had a lot in common mostly our desire to workout & keep our bodies fit. Fay had ben recently divorced & had an old but beautiful home. She worked part time as a fitness & yoga instructor & she got me a membership at her club for next to nothing. All I had to do was a bit of clean up every few nights & that was it.

Fay & I became very close. She would stay back to help me clean up then we'd lock up & go home. One night after the gym closed down we were cleaning up & feeling a bit crazy. Since Fay had the keys she said we should use the jet tub after we were done since we were all alone. As soon as we were done we showered then when we got out Fay said to just grab my towel because we did not need suits. I followed her in the nude to the tub then we got in & began joking & laughing. I felt very sexy being nude with her out where most times the place was full of people.

Later back at home Fay said we should go out on the deck with a glass of wine. It was dark out & very hot that Friday night. On the deck it was light enough to see but not to be seen by other from far away. Fay stood up & pulled of her t top & wiggled out of her shorts leaving nothing at all to cover her. She let out a big sigh then sat back in the lounge chair & said she was much more comfortable now & said I was free to join her & told me how good it felt to have the night warm breeze caressing her skin all over. Fay had already broken my shy barrier & I was feeling very sexy at that point so off came my clothes too. Fay began talking about sex sex sex. I was fine with it but a bit shocked at how graphic she was. Before long she began asking me questions about my sex life then she turned the conversation to masturbation asking me my opinion about it. It was the first time I ever talked to anyone about masturbation. I had been very active for years & I loved masturbating but it was one of my deep secrets & not something I shared. In no time Fay had me spilling my life story about how I first learned to do it & how often, how I did it & it I used sex toys, which I do even though my fingers can give me mind blowing orgasms & lots of them in no time. I've always been very gifted in the orgasm area.

I was getting so aroused that night that I could feel my clitoris was swollen & I was dribbling down my pussy lips that were curled back & open. I sat up straight it the deck chair & pulled both feet up beside me letting my privates push out on display on the dimly lit deck. Fay made a comment about how puffy I was before long & I was doing it for that purpose, to be noticed. All I could think about was that I wanted to make myself come. Long deep hard & many times.

Fay opened her legs toward me & smiled saying she too was feeling like I was. She kept her pussy shaved almost completely clean like mine except for she had a tiny tuft on top & it did look nice. For me no hair is preferred though even today. Fay began to sway her body like she was dancing in the lounge & talked about what a nice time she was having. Then she asked a question & I knew just where she was going with it. She asked do you know what would make this night even better right now & when she did my heart almost pounded out of my chest. I smiled & answered more like a question than an answer with one soft word....an orgasm? Then after a very short pause I added or two to which Fay said boldly & loudly YES!

I could not believe what I had just said but I was so glad I did! Instantly my heart began to beat harder & faster & I could feel my breathing get faster & more shallow. All I could think about was that I was going to masturbate right then & there with Fay. I was going to watch & be watched while I played with my clitoris & blasted off a few of my hard loud orgasms that I had been depressing ever since I moved in with her.

Right away Fay said we should go inside just in case of being heard. We went in & sat across from each other, Fay on the sofa & me on the big arm chair. Fay slouched down leaning back of the sofa with her feet on the floor. She opened her legs & went right to work on her clitoris. She drew me in like a bee to honey. My legs opened & with my eyes locked on her I pulled my legs open & let each bare foot hang over the side of the arm chair. I dipped my fingers into my soaked curled lips then drew a nice bit of clear gelled juice up & over my clitoris & began circles around & around my pointy pleasure nub. It felt better than it had in a long time & I suppose it was from the long build up talking about sex all night. I felt so dirty & sexy. Once I began masturbating it also felt so right like it was perfectly normal to masturbate with Fay.

The feeling of orgasm was there almost instantly! Within 10 seconds I felt that nice feeling that comes a few minutes before orgasm but usually at least a few minutes after I start. Wow it was nice & I made sure to vocalize my pleasurable feelings for Fay to hear. I decided I was holding nothing back at all. No sounds, no physical movements & certainly no signs of my pleasure. I began to moan & role my hips with my fingers enjoying the building feeling of orgasm. It was not far away at all. It grew closer & closer & I began to move my fingers fast from side to side rather than in the circles like I had been. Now it was all about my coming & it was going to be a long hard one. I could tell from all the pre-excitement. I announced my approaching orgasm as my fingers flicked faster & harder, My tummy moved hard up & down & my small firm breasts pressed out with my long nipples pointed to the sky. I could feel my body beginning to climb closer & closer. I pressed my breasts out even harder & I looked down over my body to see the show myself. I was arched up so hard my ribs looked like they were going to break through my skin. I lifted my hips off the chair & pressed my toes deeply & pointed into the chairs arms then it hit hard. My orgasm blasted through me like a tornado. I bucked hard never lifting my fingers away from my clitoris. I was not letting this go until I just couldn't take it any longer. My hips slammed hard into the air with each wave of orgasmic bliss. It went on & on like it was never going to stop & I did my best to keep it live as long as I could. My orgasm lasted about 45 seconds if I was to count the big build up that happens just before the big climax. Once my body began descending off it's orgasmic high shivers of aftergasm as I call it pulsed off & on not allowing me to regain full control for at least a full minute longer.

All the while I was showing off my masturbation & orgasm skills, Fay was gazing at me with huge wide open eyes. It added such a thrill my overall enjoyment & my first time sharing experience. As my body began to soften & go limp Fay's hand picked up it's pace & she told me that what I had just done for her was one of the most beautiful things she'd ever witnessed. It made me feel very loving all of a sudden yet still sexy. A bit odd & nice too.

I had to rest a bit so I moved to where I could she Fay well & watched her continue to masturbate. She massaged her clitoris differently than I do. She used nothing but up & down fingers, one on either side of her clit keeping it massaged from both sides at once. Fay moaned & wiggled not taking her eyes off me as if to make sure I was watching her. Soon her body tightened up & her legs pointed straight out. She held her breath & became very quiet while her face winced up as if he was in pain. Her eyes were squeezed shut & she was almost straight out on the lounge. She took one deep breath & whispered I'm coming then her head pulled up as if she was looking down at her feet. Right then her toes pointed straight down like a ballerina & she began to let out fast breaths like she as blowing out candles. Her body twitched wile she muttered out oh, oh, oh, oh. oh. oooooohhhhh. Then she stopped touching her clit & enjoyed the quivering orgasm she was having. She looked so nice! What a pleasure it was to see her come like that.

We talked a bit after she calmed down & I told her I had to do it a while longer & that once was never enough for me. Fay watched me masturbate & come again & it felt as sexy the second time as it did the first. I came three more time before she did it again. In all we spent about an hour masturbating & talking that night. I came so much my body was stiff although it may have been from my workout too. Either way it was about the most fun I can remember having up to that point in my life.

Masturbating together became a normal yet very sexy event for us. We never hid ourselves even if he other was not in the mood. Because I do it so often there were many times I masturbated in my room with the door open for her to hear. Sometimes she'd walk by the door & stop in to say hello & ask how it was that night or morning. Just her quick stop & for her to watch me for a few seconds was even a thrill. Sometimes it was the other way around but not often. Unless I had just masturbated myself silly most I would usually join her if I found her masturbating of came home to her already coming without me. Once I was just getting home & she was deep into vibrating her clitoris. I watched without joining her just to take in her actions without any distractions. It was a very sexy evening but I did end up doing it a short time later.

One other thing I will tell you about that we did which could be a story on it's own but I want to tell it now. By the way I've stopped to masturbate to orgasm 5 times throughout this story. I love telling about myself!

Fay confided in me that she would have se with one of the younger guys at the gym as a boodie call. She'd pointed him out to me & he was so cute & sexy & about my age then! He looked even younger with absolutely no hair on his body. One night he was over & they were in her room making a ton of noise. It was driving me crazy so I slid off my shorts & began to masturbate listening to then. They stopped after a while & were talking then I heard them come out of the room. Fay knocked on my door & asked if she could talk to me. She said she told him what we did together & at first I was horrified thinking we could be found out. Fay assured me no one would find out because his Mother went to the gym & he would be way too embarrassed if she found out. The reason she was telling me this was she asked if I wanted to come to the living room & do it while he watched us. It was another first & another sexual high for me. I was feeling horny & thought why not! We talked for only seconds of small talk before Fay told me to drop my clothes & lets get started. I was a bit shaky but did it with a smile. Fay said I should sit beside her this time & he sat across from us. We began massaging our clits & mine was ah so ready from the workout it had already been given. I cannot remember his name at all.... but Fay told him he could join us if he could. He was only wearing jeans & they were off right away. He could do it alright! His lean slim body had a very nice long penis & it was VERY hard. He sat in the big arm chair where I liked to sit, up straight with his legs crossed. He took his penis in hand & began moving it up & down in short strokes. He was cut nice & tight so the head of his penis was showing at all times. He used only 2 fingers & his thumb to move his penis skin up & down & it was like watching an angel masturbate. He was so sweet looking! I watched & played & came in no time at all, once again making sure the show was a good one. Big orgasms & lots of body movement which is really quite normal for me although I did spice it just a bit more than normal for his enjoyment.

When he came it was like nothing I'd seen before. Any guys I saw come were always inside my pussy or in my mouth when they came, or I was jerking them. Never did I get to see how they did it themselves & so very well too. He let out a long groan & his hand moved ever so slowly just under the head of his penis as nice shots of semen squirted onto his hairless slim body. His penis looked like it would break from all the veins popping out so hard. He did lots of panting & he twitched ever so slightly with each shot of semen but then he got real quiet.

Fay got him a towel & wiped him off telling him to relax. His penis stayed hard for quite a long time but not fully erect. Just nice & full & I think he was sitting to show it off as much as possible. I asked if they were ok with me giving myself just one more orgasm that night & they both said sure. I felt like a queen masturbating & coming long & hard with two people as my audience. I never wanted to stop!

We only masturbated with him that one time but it was so much fun! Fay had him over for sex a few other times but she soon got a BF & that was that. I moved from her home almost a year later & we never got together again for some reason. I would like to meet up again some time & maybe even try it one again.

That's all there is about Fay & I. There were many times after but no use writing about those. They were all the same. Masturbate & watch. Lots of fun for both of us though.

I hope to write again soon. Fay & the young guy really brought me out of my shell. Before that time I would have never let someone see me masturbate. After I moved away showing myself masturbating or watching someone else do it became my fantasy with a need to fulfill & fulfill I did. Many times.

I hope some of you enjoy my memories as much as I did living them & writing about them. I feel very sexually stimulate write now. It's time for me to enjoy a few more orgasms before going to sleep.

Buy for now.

July 23, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Anonymous Masturbator Confessions

Garden Phallus

My new house has a carving of a phallus on a stump in the back garden. It is at a perfect height for a lady my size. A few blocks away is a block of flats where men look from their balconies into my yard with binoculars. They are far enough away for me to not know they are looking at me in particular. This carving is of a perfect smooth wooden penis and testicles and a shape for a clitoris to rub on at the bottom. The previous owner must have been a sexy lady indeed. I am very ashamed to admit that my very secret confession is that I go out into the garden naked on warm sunny days and ride this perfect cock. I can see men looking at me with binoculars and it makes me very excited. The cock is big and thick and I feel it touch my cervix. I have amazing orgasms as the shape for the clitoris is perfectly positioned to massage it. I wonder if a zoom lenses secretly record my erotic garden exercises. I also wonder if my new neighbours peep through the picket fences on two sides and the back lane. I am so aroused by then I could not stop anyway. I am waiting for a explicit photo of me naked and mounted to be put in my letterbox. I also slide this lovely penis very slowly and carefully up my arsehole which also results in an orgasm while I finger my vagina and clitoris. I am expecting a man to come to my door one day to see me in person. At last I have told someone my secret confession. Thank you for reading it. I hope it was not too shocking. I am a professional and quite a conservative lady otherwise. I surprise myself.

July 23, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Caught Masturbating!

Someone Outside My Bedroom Window

I am a tall single woman with large breasts and nipples and seem to attract attention in my neighbourhood. Sometimes it is awkward and sometimes nice. My bedroom and en-suite bathroom faces the road and public footpath in the front of my house. I have a wall and small private courtyard in front of my window which has a sliding door. I sit there on sunny mornings after my shower. One night I had come out of my bath at night and was masturbating on my bed facing the window. I did not know my window and curtains were open a little bit as the night was hot. I heard whispering coming from outside my window. At first I was shocked but then aroused. As I listened the voices sounded like two men. What they were saying about my body aroused me even more. Later I heard what sounded like men masturbating. By now my vagina was very wet and my clitoris and nipples hard with excitement. I had a wonderful orgasm and wondered if I was an exhibitionist. I was very aroused with this new situation and had a night camera and microphone secretly installed in the courtyard and a monitor screen in my bedroom. From that night onwards I left my bedroom curtains and window open a little bit and my camera, microphone and monitor switched on. One night after my evening bath I was masturbating on my bed again, at the same time, and heard the same noises as before. I looked at my monitor screen was amazed to see two men I knew in my courtyard looking through my window. The things they were saying about by breasts and vagina made me very wet. Soon on my screen I saw them pull their pants down and began playing with their penises. The whole situation was overwhelmingly arousing for me. I opened my vagina facing the window and showed them everything. I played with my clitoris and nipples and even my anus. I put three fingers into my now very wet vagina. Soon I had amazing orgasm. To my delight I saw the men ejaculate big wads of sperm onto my patio. I always bath at the same time and them men came regularly. Over the following weeks these men and other men and even a couple and some women crept into my private courtyard to watch me naked and masturbating. I have recorded all this on my camera and can reply it any time. I have done everything for my audience. Every time I think of a new thing to do I do it. Each stage makes me more aroused. I have used every type of dildo and vibrator up my vagina and anus. Some are huge with big rings and nobs on the shafts. I have shaved my vagina and anus. I have inserted vagina, clitoris and nipple rings. I have done every erotic thing I can think of. My orgasms have become more and more powerful and so has my audiences orgasms. It has been very thrilling and totally satisfying sexually. I have squirted many times. I lay on my back with my legs bent up and open to the window. I love to watch the monitor screen to see the men and even women masturbating and hear the very erotic whispering. It is wonderful to play it all back and masturbate again. Sometimes if I am having sex with a man I will ask him if he will come at that time and be filmed. He will always think it is very arousing.

July 23, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight

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Wonderfrul Website

This is a wonderful website for women! There is so little opportunity to express ourselves publically. I always want to confess my fantasies and unusual sexual activities and hear other women do the same. This helps me feel I am not so bizarre and abnormal as I sometimes think I am. I have a huge range of fantasies and unusual ways to become aroused and finally orgasm. They range from voyeurism to exhibitionism from masochism, bondage, submission to domination. I do all sorts of things to satisfy my sexual urges. Perhaps there is even sex addiction. I will try and write these now I have found this great open minded website.

July 24, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight

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Good old times

I am not a prude bit I consider my self very conservative.

I was I guess a normal teen growing up and puberty took hold I was introduced to all the wonderful hormones that com along.

By a certain age the boobs started slowly growing and the pubic hair followed.

I also noticed that I was drawn to look at my older brother in a sort of wears way noticing that he also seemed to look at me more often especially when I was in my pjs.

I was sort of confused by his looks even if he tried to be sly about it since I seemed to to times hate it and at others really saver his checking me out.

This went on for some time and I did often have dreams with him or other in them making out with me.

Masturbation was just barely starting as I was drawn by my body calling me to touch my self many times as I bathed or layer in bed.

The draw was insatiable and un stoppable .

I slowly learned what my body wanted and had to feed the itch.

Morning after school and at night.

Yes I was hooked to masturbation.

I could not get enough stimulation and wound up wearing a pad almost every day at school, sitting there in class bouncing my thighs together was wonderful and kept me wet .

I often glance at the other boys and girls to what they did wondering if they were as horney as I .

Once in a while if a boy had swet pants on I could make out his package up or down, just the outline drove me crazy.

Things got crazy as I tried different methods from humping the pillow, the shower and just ribbing on items.

My favorite was to get super hot and wet then from the crisper retrieve a cool carrot or cucumber and slowly glide it between my lips as I stood at the counter oooooommmmm. Still remember.

The feeling of a cool hard shaft rubbing up and down was the best and as I fantasized and brought my self to a wonderful orgasim.

These wonderful veggies also served another purpose.

The fact that the carrots came in various sizes as I would rub my clit well since I would take nice long steady strokes up and down they would naturally find my canal.

It may sound dirty but many of my friends actually had similar inclinations with other objects.

Any way the body's hormones and the pleasure I was experiencing were un controllable , I admit if my brother or a friend had caught me at the right moment in many of my sessions I would have let them fuck me right there.

So I settled for my own self love and yes slowly graduated to bigger items to insert as I fulfilled my listing for orgasims.

Finally by accident my brothers game was cancelled and I walked in as usual hot and horney ready for a good session with my vegetable and heard a squeaky noise from up stairs.

Carefully I made my way up with a knife ready for defense and there was my brother , eyes closed cock in hand laying on his bed in full action .

I was amazed at his size , not knowing how big they should be. Oh it was so beautiful as he continued stroking and then the surprise , huge globs of cumb shooting all over.

I quietly moved back down the stairs and he herd a noise and called out , I answered I was home.

I went to the bathroom to take a shower , actually ran the water yo drown out my huge rubbing I was about to have.

July 24, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Memorable Self-Pleasuring


I was in my prime I guess for my age of development still not deflowered . I was masterbating constantly like the world was going to end. My parents were building me a room in the basement so every body had there own room now that we were older. One of our old family friends was downing most of the work so it was ok if I was there while he worked.

I was interested and watched the construction as it progressed.

The room was not filly finished and I moved in.

He retuned to complete the trim around the room and had to move my bed from the wall, we'll look here male boxers as he picked them up.

Oh I was embarrassed they were mine I said.

Sure as he teased.

I knew him well and knew he was a very honest person.

Then he said I don't believe you they seem a little big for you .

No I like them Loose for bed.

Oh I get it no problem easy access.

I was blushing , no really they are my pjs.

Don't worry your secret is safe with me.

Oh man he was thinking I had a boy down here.

Then he said I do believe you boxers are very comfortable, that's all I wear .I understand about privacy , we all need our privacy especially at that age.

Oh I knew what he was referring to and we'll he was only about 10 years older than me so I figured then it is true every body must do it.

He was a good family friend and attractive.

I felt very frisky and I watched him as he glanced at me scanning my body and cleavage driving me crazy.

Something came over me I was losing control feeling devilish .

He left saying he would return tomorrow to Finish.

I heard the door close and stripped laying on the bed masturbating when I heard hey I forgot , and I looked up and he was right in the door looking at me as I froze.

I was so hot I was not going to stop because he was who I was masturbating to.

I figured it to late he saw me now and I was so close to reaching orgasim.

I glanced and he did not leave and proceeded to drop his pants and pulled his pecker as it bounced up and out.

His eyes were focused on my crotch as I spread my legs wide to give him a good view as I watched him stroke him self.

Wow he was huge to say compared to the one boy I had seen a couple years ago.

On and on he went and started picking up speed as he stroked faster and fasted grunting in delight standing there finally shooting spunk up in the air as I stuck a finger in me and furiously rubbed my button to a massive climax, looking at his huge erection as he leaned back supporting him self on the door frame.

I rolled over and I heard him dress and leave .

Wow It only happened once with but we both smile with a huge grin every time we see each other.

July 25, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight

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Very naughty

I think I was a little more naughty than my peers.

I had the wet dreams involving my father and other people like some of my girl friends during puberty.

But my neighbor who was a hunk seemed to stand out in my mind more often and even if he was much older I still fantasized about making out with him.

My neighbor was mid 20s and married with no kids.

His wife worked the second shift so we did nit see much of her until the weekends.

My bedroom was across there room and we both had windows facing each other.

Once in a while o wild look and when his light was on cold see a little between the blinds.

I figured out quickly that turning off my light delivered better results , but never really say much.

He was the object of my desires just like many adolescent girls have of boys men.

In time my infatuation with him grew and I found my self looking more and more hoping to many see something.

I did get to see him in his boxers and wow it was fodder for my imagination.

I was masturbating to his image at every turn wanting his touch and wild caress my self pretending it was him.

I desperately wanted him to notice me and every time he was out I would make an excuse to talk to him as I strutted my self around him.

He made me quiver as he would smile and look at me out if the corner of his eye.

I figured if I could see in so could he so I decided to adjust my blinds so that if he looked my way he could see in .

At first I was a little shy and would still go to close the blinds after walking around in my undies.

I was careful not to look straight at his room but just quickly glancing to see if he was there.

I got used to walking around in my undies and eventually would change wondering if he was looking.

It drove me crazy thinking he may be watching me.

I started to notice that soon after I turned on my light his light and tv went off and wondered if he was falling asleep or watching me, knew he usually used to stay up late watching tv.

I convinced my self he was aware that I was in full view as he hopefully sat in the dark.

This made me more daring and now I started with a routine walking around in my undies and then stripping nude while I fumbled around or would drop my robe after a shower exposing my self.

I was getting very a roused and just thinking he was looking at me probably listing as I was made for the best masturbation sessions in the dark.

One night I was very excited for some reason more than normal and got very brave , I was shaking all over as I sat on the edge of my bed facing the window naked spreading my legs knowing he may be there and I wanted him to see what I had in between my legs along with my breasts .

The excitement was too much and I had to give my self a huge jilling wondering, hoping he was watching.

I repeated my masturbation sessions hopping for some sign of him over and over again.

Every time I saw him he acted like normal so I was not sure he wax watching me , maybe he dud really fall asleep.

No madder It was still a huge thrill thinking he was watching.

To my surprise one night his light did not go off and this caught my attention, I acted like normal and as I glanced I noticed he was walking around his room naked.

Oh I was not ready for this even though I always wanted to see I panicked and closed my blinds and tuned off my lights.

Finally I grasped the situation and with the lights still off peaked through the blinds , to see him standing there side ways with the tv on so I could see his naked body and his erection standing up.

Oh I was so nervous and excited , he did not look my way as he started to message himself and then slowly stroked it up and down.

I watched intently , I don't know how long he took but my hand was following his every stroke as I mastubated my self to him.

Finally the payoff watching his spunk shooting up in the air as I came loosing my legs falling down.

Oh unbelievable I was spent and crawled in to bed.

We continued our window show for years until his wife ruined it by changing shifts.

Those were some of my best orgasims, I still se him when I visit my parents and reminisce as we smile and greet.

July 25, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight

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Exhibitionism Humiliation Bondage

My greatest turn on is to have men strip me and do all kinds of things to me as they all watch. I orgasm and squirt out od control as I get so excited. I love to be tied up and be totally helpless. To be filmed is another huge turn on for me. I love men to tied me in the most lewd wicked obscene exposed positions possible. I love it when men insert all sorts of object up my pussy and arse. I have had a group of men stick needles into my nipples pussy lips and clit hood. My pussy runs generously if this is done. A big object up my arse makes me squirt over and over. I like to be whipped. I like a cane or whip. My thighs are tied up and wide open. I am bound very tight indeed. Several times the men have had a dog lick my open pussy and it has drive me wild and made me squirt many times. I am deeply ashamed of all this as I have come from a religious family. Often this is done in the bush and strangers know we go there and they watch too. Nature excited me also. I have my vagina lips clit hood and nipples inserted with many rings. Often the men make me squat over a slippery wooden pole while they film the expressions on my face. The pole is long and thick and gets thicker at the base so as to spread my vagina to the maximum. I love the pain pleasure sensation and the humiliation I feel in that position. The make me masturbate on film while I lie on my back on the grass. I have to squat over the pole and insert it into my anus as well. I must do this very slowly and carefully using only my own juices as lubrication. Men tease my clitoris as I go down. This is very exciting for me. I love to see strangers looking at me from behind the bushes. Often couples will come and I see the women suck the men's cocks. Once, with the pole all the way up my anus, and me sitting on the ground, the men let ants crawl all over my vagina and clitoris. It was very scary, humiliating but also very exciting. The film is very erotic indeed. I am the sex slave.

July 26, 2014 -

Anonymous Masturbator Confessions

I knew man looked

Growing up and becoming aware of my development and it was very intense, I semed to always feel a tingle in my slit. During this time I started to become very visual and noticed when I was being checked out which at first embrrassed me, but that soon changed. I met a fine boy and was very excited as the fact he was basically drolling at me, I was not dressed slutty or even revealing much cleavage bit his advances really left me wet.His advances and drolling got me wet, I had a good excellent night masturabting.After abserving men boys eye movement as they looked at the girls I figured what they looked at, breasts , rear ends and the crotch. I now had some information and changed my style to get athe attention I wanted. Tight low cut shirts and pants, shorts and especially sweat pants that really showed my curves especially in the front. I have very defined lips and a hump that sticks out.it was great I woild wear my clotthes sort of loose and out of the home pull up the pants and pull down the top to get the gawks.Teasing and showing what I had was the most exciting knowing I was getting the look of lust and it was funny watching their eyes quickly look away when I looked at them. Once in a while some woild Just stay staring at me not carring, others woild not even bother. I woild get home and have massive humping and rubbing sessions knowing that I was probably the object of their masturbation.Dressing this way got me a lot of attention but I was in it for the fun. I was too young to date or even have sex and masterbating was all I really needed. It was a psychological thing just knowing that men and boys gawked at my body along with the feeling of the tight fabrics hugging my crotch was wonderful.

July 27, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Bisexual

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Too young to masterbate

I was looking up porn on my grandmother's computer at about 13. I felt weird and guilty but so turned on. I grabbed the closest object to me(fat crayola marker) and started masturbating. That wasn't enough though. I searched the house until I found something bigger I decided to use a medium to large sized curling iron (un plugged. I just shoved it in. But it still wasn't enough so I took a vegetable a pretty good sized one and shoved it up my butt. I had my first ever orgasm when I did that. But then it felt weird with the curling iron in my pussy so I took it out got on all fours and fingered myself. After that with the curling iron now in my butt and the vegetable disposed of I started rubbing my nipples and sucking on them. I was on my bed by this point and I just came everywhere but I just rubbed it on myself. I love to find big stuff to shove inside of me. And I like doing it everywhere. I have done it so many times oh god!!! I love it when I can ride something like the chair or the arm of the couch. I am still technically a virgin but I love when I masturbate. At least three times a day. My fantasy is to have a guy butt-f*** me while a girl eats me out and I'm chained and whipped!! I'm already wet! Is it weird because I'm still in high school?

July 28, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight

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Married Couple Next Door

I am a virgin from a strict Roman Catholic family and so no sex before marriage, even masturbation, is the rule. My bedroom looks down into the bedroom of a young married couple. The horizontal slatted wooden blinds are at an angle where I can see in even when they are closed. They are not aware of this. When I turn my light out I can feely look into their room and see them naked and having sex. I get very aroused and masturbate. I am very ashamed but can't help it. I have seen them do everything on their big double bed. They are beautiful and it is very lovely to watch. I have seen them have oral sex, vaginal sex and anal sex. I have seen them tie each other up and do many very erotic things to each other. Sometimes they even seem cruel to each other and this excites me for some reason. The girl even slides lubricated metal rods down her husband's lovely big thick penis which shocked me very much but still aroused me a lot and made me orgasm. I am very ashamed to admit I look at their private intimate sex married secrets but to have them so close and beautiful is hard to ignore. I have amazing orgasms. They are always nice to me and do not know what I do.

July 29, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight

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In the shower

I do not remember when was the first time I mastrbated but it just kind of happened. I di it for a while even without knowing wat I was doing, but I knew it felt awesome. Now since I still live with my family I can only do it at night with my fingers, but when I'm alone I get some real alone time going ;) first I read some of the stories here or watch some porn, almost anything turns me on if I'm in the right mood. I mostly rub myself with my fingers or a cold objet, sometimes I put a nail polish bottle in my panties and hump the pillow with it. When im finally realy wet and my pussy is begging for more i get in the shower and I turn on the water but not through the shower head, just the usual stream and i open my legs wide an let the water presure on my clit it feels damn good then to add more effect I get on my knees and bend forward (as if I were doing the doggy style, yes I have a big shower) and I get my ass up and let the water stream tickle my clit from behind and it feels amazing while I play with my nipples and moan silently, in a minute I have a really good orgasm and while I have it I still force my clit under the stream even though it hurts a little it feels so amazing. Happy masturbating, girls :)

July 29, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight

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Shameful but pleasurable relationship

My husband died 15 years ago leaving me with two sons who today I only see a few times a year. My oldest made a career in the Army and my youngest lives in Boston because of his job. I have dated a couple men but have never pursued a long term relationship and reverted back to masturbation to satisfy my sexual needs. I am semi-handicapped from an injury years back and have cronic leg and back pain from nerve damage that two operations failed to cure. Fortunately my husband left me finacially secure and a house I have lived in for 22 years. I take two prescription drugs that often leave me lithargic but I still masturbate daily at least one time and often twice a day or night. I bought a dildo about ten years ago and then invested in a vibrator that has four different attachments. I have experimented with every way possible to satisfy myself and have no trouble having many orgasms. Its like I have to masturbate even when I'm not in a sexual mood and have grown fond of anal penitration along with my usual methods. I do watch porn and have thoughts of intercouse which I haven't had in many years. I have never felt ashamed of the ways I have masturbated, that is, until approxamatly three years ago. My elder cousin Reba and her husband Sam were always very good and supportive of me since my husbands death. They live close by and over the years Sam has always helped me with repairs around my house. Reba and Sam are here a few times a month for dinner and we go to shows or the movies also a few times a month. Sam always came about twice a week to do gardening for me or fix a problem with my house. They have a key to my house and one day just about three years ago I was watching porn and masturbating naked on my bed. I had taken a strong pain pill that morning and forgot Sam was coming over that day to put a new belt on my clothes dryer. I never heard him come in and for the longest time didn't notice him standing in the doorway watching me. The most humiliating part of it was that I had a vibrator penitrating my anus and was fastly using the dildo in and out of my vagina keeping the rythym with the porn I was watching. When I realized he was there I had just orgasmed and screamed before I burst into tears. Sam walked away at that point and I quickly put on a robe and went into the kitchen after him still crying. I told him I was sorry he saw me like that a dozen times and he only hugged me and kept telling me it was alright and not to be embarrassed about it which I truly was. I think I was in a state of shock but we sat down and talked for an hour or so. Most of it was about our sex lives and I couldn't believe how open I was with him about my masturbation, with tears rolling down my face. I believe the pills I took that morning had me telling him how I masturbate and how often. My crying stopped and Sam was sympathetic and said I deserved to be able to satisfy myself and became inquisitive about my vibrator and the dildo I was using. He eventually asked to let me see them and I cleaned them off and brought them to the kitchen for him to look at. All the sudden I felt more comfortable talking about it and as he looked at the vibrator and its attachments he admitted he never saw anything like that. He began laughing and I was able to have at least a grin on my face as we discussed how I used them. Then he told me how his sex life had diminished over the years and how Reba seldom disired any sexual activity. When I think back I have known Sam since a few years before I got married and have been very close to him and Reba since my husband died. We had talked about everything over those years including sex and everything else I can think of. He didn't fix my dryer that day but by the time he went home I was at ease because he said he wouldn't tell Reba what he had witnessed. Things went on as usual and I saw Reba a much as before and Sam continued to come to my house twice a week. There was no more shame with me about how Sam saw me that day but he began talking about it and asking me if I had recently masturbated. We talked about it each time he was here and I openly told him things I did to bring myself to climax. He asked me questions often even asking me how long I had been shaving my vagina area which he always called my pussy. This went on for months where I told him personal things like how many orgasms I have and how anal stimulation arouses me. Then he began asking to watch me again and admitting to me that the day he saw me it aroused him terribly and he masturbated that night with thoughts of it. He kept asking and asking and being so close to Reba was my main reason not to do that. I said to Sam many times that aside from Reba being my cousin she is also my closet friend and that he was also. Sam began telling me that he to had began masturbating more and saying I was his insperation for it and thanked me, telling me how thrilling it was to see me masturbating myself that day. He kept asking to watch me again and after a few months and because of my lack of better judgement I finally told him I would let him. The worst part about it aside from my original embarrassment was that I deep down enjoyed having him watch me masturbate. The first month I began letting him in my bedroom he watched me three times but as each week went by it was more often. By the end of that first year every time he came here I masturbated in front of him which was at least twice every week. I enjoyed having him look at me naked and even though he never exposed himself the first year I could see he had an erection especially when he had shorts on. Then he would admittedly go to my bathroom to masturbate himself. It seemed that for some reason Sam didn't want me to see his penis until one day he asked if I would mind if he masturbated while he was watching me. I couldn't help but smile when he laid old newspaper down on the floor before he unbuckled his trousers exposing himself to me for the first time. Thats when I understood why he never exposed himself before, he had a small penis and was never cicumsized. Within another month or so things got a lot more intimate between us starting with me letting him touch my breasts and vagina. Soon after he began mastubating me and shortly after that used my vibrator and dildo to penatrate me. He confided in me that Reba and he only had intercouse all the years they were married. He never masturbated her or had her masturbate him, never used a dildo on her, never had oral sex and never penitrated her annally. He told me that day he never really saw Reba react to stimulation the way I do and it was rare that he ever even saw Reba's anus. Here he was that day penitrating my anus with the dildo and masturbating me with the vibrator at the same time. That was also the first time I masturbated him and he admitted it was the first time in his life a woman ever did that for him. I see Reba often like always and talk to her on the phone almost everyday. I still have guilt and shame for what Sam and I do but it is easier to deal with than it was three years ago. I'm certain Reba hasn't a clue as to what goes on with me and Sam and we are comfortable with each other even though we do feel ashamed about it. We talk about Reba and I know Sam does love her and I love her which saddens me but Sam and I look foward to each others intimate time together. Its a strange relationship since as much as we like each other there is no so called love connection. We never have intercouse or oral sex and don't ever even kiss each other. The only time Sam does kiss me on the cheek is usually when we are together with Reba. When I know Sam is coming over I never dress and only have my robe on when he arrives. I am always naked when we go to my bedroom but the odd thing is that Sam has never been completely naked. He does take off his pants and underware but always has his shirt and socks on. I think he is embarrassed about his body in particular his penis and the way his testicals hand so long. He can never cum more than one time so I normally don't mastubate him until I am satisfied. He has an erection as soon as I take my robe off and does stay hard while he is masturbating me. He talks while he is penitrating me always telling me how it excites and arouses him thanking me for letting him see me the way no other woman has. When I think about it Sam sees my private parts in ways my husband never had and makes me wish I was more open sexually with my husband. My husband and I did have sex often, did masturbate each other and have oral sex but never had anal sex or any dildo or vibrators during our marriage. Now I'm letting Sam do things to me and see me in positions my husband never thought of. There are days I think to much and am sad about how deceitful I am when it comes to Reba, but the minute Sam comes to my house those thoughts go away. Sam tells me it bothers him that he is cheating on her but admits as I do that the sexual satisfaction we give each other makes it impossible to stop. The days I'm alone I still masturbate, still watch porn and think about how Sam penitrates me. When Sam is penitrating me I can see lust on his face and how excited he gets by the ways I respond. I can tell the pleasure he gets not only by seeing my naked body but knowing when I have an orgasm just by the things I might say or the way I sound. When he first began masturbating me he was nervous and unsure how or where to touch me and how fast or slow to penitrate me. For a long time now he is more confident in himself and knows how to stimulate me and bring me to multible orgasms and tells me how many I have. There were times in the past when he used to much or to little KY on the dildo and vibrator but now he knows exactly how much to use. He stimulates me more with his fingers now and plays with my anus and vagina before using the dildo or vibrator. He always uses the KY when he finally penitrates my anus but most of the time now I am so wet there is no need for the KY to masturbate me vaginally. I completely trust Sam and submit to what I consider ways he likes to observe my nakedness and know he enjoys veiwing me from the back. He knows of my leg and back problems so he helps me move around where I am on my kness and elbows with him in back of me with my vagina and anus in clear view for him. I'm not the least bit embarrassed by it and am happy to know how much Sam enjoys it. There are days when it is painful but I do it anyway just to please him. He also likes my butt at the very end of the bed when laying on my back where my privates are more exposed. In a way he has taken liberties with me but I enjoy every minute of it and aroused as soon as he touches me. As much as Sam and I have remorse because of Reba we are not willing to give it up. What does make me feel better is the fact that Sam loves Reba very much and treats her like a queen. He pampers her and does everything possible to keep her happy. She to tells me how much she loves Sam and what a wonderful husband he is. They travel twice a year for a couple weeks which I know makes Reba extremely happy and this year they are going to Paris. I will miss Sam but am glad they get along so well after being married as long as they have.

July 30, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Anal Masturbation

Seen In The Dunes

I was sunbathing alone naked in the sand dunes. Oiling my body excited me to the point that I was sliding my finger up my anus for the first time. It felt so good I kept doing it and was looking for something bigger to put up there. There was nothing else except the olive oil bottle. It was slim with a long neck. It slipped up sweetly with all the oil on it and around my anus and buttocks. What I did not know was there was a very handsome man watching me. As I put my head down I looked back between my legs and saw him behind a bush. He had a perfect view of my anus and vagina from the rear. I kept sliding the slippery bottle in and out of my rectum and watching him. He did not know. I felt vary aroused indeed with him looking up my vagina and anus. I became even more excited when he pulled his bathers off and began to rub a beautiful huge swollen circumcised cock. Juice trickled quickly from my excited vagina and I knew he would see it. I put my head on the ground to free both hands and rubbed my clit and kept the bottle going in my rectum. All the time I watched the man behind me. I knew he would ejaculate soon so I kept up with him. We orgasmed together and I was so excited I squirted everywhere. I lay down exhausted but happy. I heard a voice say, that was a beautiful sight. The man was now sitting next to me on my big towel. I did not answer and lay on my front where I had dropped. You have a lovely arse he said and began to spread my legs wide apart and put more oil on my buttocks and anus. I see you like something in there he said. I lay there silently trying to decide what to do. His finger was exploring deep inside my rectum and it felt wonderful. He spread my buttocks as far apart as possible and his lovely cock was suddenly inside me. It felt huge, as it was my first time, but lovely as I was so oily and also wet from my own juices. I knew my anus ring was being stretched however. He was thick and long. I gasped as he went all the way up as he got more excited. Then he went faster and took my breath away! Suddenly he orgasmed deep up inside me and I felt the hot sperm gush inside me. He fell exhausted onto my back and lay there in the hot sun.

July 30, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight

First Time Masturbating

This Website Started Me

I discovered this website, and although I have tried not to masturbate for religious reasons, I could not resist after reading the last story about anal masturbation in the sand dunes. Like the woman I used a slim oily bottle in my anus and my fingers in my vagina and on my clitoris. I orgasmed straight away as I thought about that men with the woman in the dunes and how sexy it must have been to be so warm oily and slippery in the sun. I then used the same oily slippery bottle in my vagina to orgasm again and again. I am now quite sore, very guilty but relaxed after a lot of sexual tension for a long time. I will be married soon and am looking for ward to it. I know my husband is imaginative and romantic as we have discussed everything about sex. We love the beach and so we can do what I read about above.

July 30, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Memorable Self-Pleasuring


I like to masturbate all the time. I didn't really explore myself until my I started dating my current boyfriend two years ago. Bryce and I met at a college party and we hooked up the first night that we ever met. Thats when I found out how kinky he was. When I first saw him I thought that he was the sexiest thing that I had ever seen. We talked and later that night he took me upstairs to his bedrooms in the house, which was his that he shared with three other friends. He threw me on the bed and we started making out but then he asked if I wanted to experiment. He took a box out from under his bed and in it was a dildo and an electric toothbrush. Bryce striped me down to when I was wearing nothing and then he tied up all four of my limbs and blindfolded me. I had no idea what was going on and I was totally at his mercy. Then, he started eating me out. it felt so good but I was not a virgin and had been with many different people so I told him that this wasn't enough. Thats when I heard the electric toothbrush turn on. Bryce pressed the toothbrush into my clit and almost immediately I had one of the best orgasms that ive ever experienced. I squirted all over Bryce and then he instantly orgasm-ed as well. We had oral and regular sex for the rest of the night and we just kept pleasuring each other. It was the best night of my life.

July 30, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight

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My way

Ever since my aunt married her husband I was attracted to him. I was very young and my dad was a delinquent so my uncle became more of an influence. I love his hugs and as I grew older his bear hugs took on a different feeling.His worm strong embrace and a his manly scent always left me with a worm feeling. When puberty hit I was introduced to the birds and bees. I sort of already knew something through friends ect. Every time we visited I made sure I got a bear hug during the visit. Along with the hug he would crack my back and once in a while his hand would rub on my but as we parted, which I did not mind at all it was just a graze nothing els. With my development my boobs started to grow and that added to the pleasure of the hug.i noticed how I was feeling a little more flushed as we parted and my bobs had just been crushed agents his chest.Later at home I was rubbing having a good time and he came I to my thoughts. I usually fantasized about boys in class or a tv personality but this was deferent. It was more intense as my breathing increased and heart started to pound . I knew this was wrong but still it was just a fantasy so I kept on. Thinking back to our embrace , his touch and scent as he hugged me, it was always a quick firm hug but it was intense for me at that moment. I continued caressing my self teasing my pearl as I tried to prolong my session pretending he was the one caressing my pearl . Finally I had the most wet , longest orgasim to date leaving me stiff as a board while I came in silence. I continued thinking about my uncle but my orgasims were not as intense.We went to visit a couple of weeks later and once more his embrace left me wet, I don't know if he knew I was using him as a primer by rubbing my breasts on him we hugged , saving the feeling for my bed when we got back home. I could not wait for every one to go to bed so I could masturbate , and let me tell you I was missing his touch to repeat my mind blowing orgasim. Our hug lasts not more than a second but it is something about having physical contact with him.I am sort of jealous of my aunt and often wonder how often and how they have sex. But for now I will settle for his hugs.

July 30, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Anonymous Masturbator Confessions

Being Tortured Porn

I am a virgin from a conservative family but I love porn of the bondage type. I found a website where women are tied, up totally naked and are whipped and tortured everywhere, including especially in their sexual areas. It seems really awful I know, and I am not a wicked person, but they make me so very wet and horny and I have great orgasms. I feel very embarrassed and guilty and I cannot explain it. I always erase the history on my laptop. Seeing a woman's vagina open, her thighs tied apart with rope, and men teasing her clitoris is so very hot for me. I dream about it and masturbate for ages. I think it comes from early high school days where boys I knew used to tie me up and tease me in sex games. I was a favourite as I developed pubic hair and breasts early. I was a champion swimmer and you could see everything in my thin wet nylon elastic racing swimsuit. I was often at the beach also and the boys could see me developing. After school they would invite me to their house when the parents we at work.

July 31, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight


Sweet Shy Man Part 1

The man next door is very sweet but terribly shy of women and lived alone. I also lived alone and it has taken a long time for him to get to know me over the fence. Slowly he would overcome his shyness enough to do some gardening. One day he stopped to have tea and scones. I knew he liked me and also my body. I asked him if he could be my gardener and I would pay him. He said yes to the gardening but no to the money. He was very kind, sweet and generous. One day he saw me sunbathing in my bikini as he was gardening. He tried not to look but I did see his erection under his trousers. At least I knew he was a sexual being! Slowly I wore less during summer the months until he would trim the edges even if I was sunbathing completely naked. I knew he enjoyed looking at my body as he had to adjust his penis all the time as he was continually erect. One day we talked about sex and he admitted he never had sex as he was so shy of women. He said he enjoyed seeing me naked however. From then on I was naked whenever he came over. I asked him what he knew about women's sexuality and he admitted again he knew very little. I offered to teach him and he haltingly agreed. I began by opening my legs and showing him my vagina and clitoris and explaining how a woman's clitoris was very sensitive and an erotic centre piece. He was very embarrassed but stayed. I also talked about men's sexuality and his penis. He admitted he masturbated. I asked what he fantasized about when he masturbated. He admitted it was me sunbathing naked on my lawn. I asked him if he would show me his penis. Very, very shyly indeed, with much reassurance from me, he very slowly and shyly undressed until he was completely naked like myself. He had a lovely body and gorgeous big penis and big round testicles. I just let him sit there naked and told him he was very handsome. He blushed and became erect and apologised and covered it up. I said I was naked and my clitoris was erect so he could be naked with his penis erect. Slowly he took his hands away from his erect organ and let me look at it. I said is was a very handsome penis indeed. His face was still very red! I showed him how I masturbated and got him to try to give me an orgasm. Slowly over the weeks I trained him to make me orgasm with his fingers, his mouth, tongue and a dildo. It was done on my back lawn in the warm sun next to me pool. I told him exactly what I liked and he did as he was told. He was shocked at my orgasms but I explained how much pleasure he gave me and he relaxed and slowly regained confidence. I would lay on my back on a towel on the lawn with his between my bent legs. I taught him to use my juices and finger my anus which I have always enjoyed. I am not sure if the neighbours tried to watch over the fences or not. I think they did but I did not care. He was so sweet and gentle and it was so good to see him gain confidence in himself. I also trained him to give me more and more pleasure each time. He did everything I dreamed of, with no hesitation, once he got used to me and my vagina, clitoris, breasts, nipples and anus. He did not care about himself at all but was happy giving me pleasure as long as I wanted it. I saw his penis erect and swollen and dripping juices from the lovely big slit in the end of it's head. Sometimes he would orgasm spontaneously as he licked my clitoris in a sixty nine position without me even touching him. This position was good as I could get him used to me sucking his penis, testicles and anus. Soon I would teach him about intercourse, both vaginal and anal. I was looking forward to it but had to go slowly as I did not want to scare him away. I also wanted to find out why he was so shy of women. Had a girl hurt him or was his mother dominating or over possessive and protecting. Even worse had his mother told him women were bad or sluts. Was I a slut? I am not but I hoped he did not think so. I always tried to be just nice kind sweet and even mothering to him. Maybe his mother was like this and I was like her and he liked it. More next time. Cheers for now dearest girls and ladies.

July 31, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight


Man's Naked Penis Under His Shorts

I sat in front of a man at the beach and suddenly realised I could see right up his shorts. I was amazed to see his penis just hanging down but not visible to anyone else from the side. I saw it move and swell and erect and even dribble in the hot sun. It made me very horny and I found myself rubbing my clit against my towel on the sand. Two men were watching my movements but I did not care. From then on I looked for erotic situations at the beach and found plenty. I learned to orgasm on my towel. It made the beach a place of erotic adventure. I would take off my bikini top to arouse men and even sunbathe naked away from crowds, families or children. Sometimes men would masturbate in front to me. I would always rub myself on my towel. Men would know exactly what I was doing when they saw my hips moving up and down.

July 31, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Anonymous Masturbator Confessions

I'm K and I love men's ejaculate

when I was 17 my boyfriend made me give him a hand job and I did not lioke it we progressed to intercourse and I got pregnant and we married. We had 3 lovely children and years of sex, some good and some not so good.I gave Roger handjobs when I had my period and blow jobs on special occasions but hardly ever let him cum in my mouth, I hated it.We've been divorced for many years now and I've been with many men. They all want the blowjobs and all want to cum in my mouth. It always seemed like I was being forced to do something I didn't want to do.Several years later Lee and I got together and had normal sex and it was fun.One time he took me on a vacation to NYC and we went to movies that showed what I called dirty then and now I now it is porn. I found watching was a great turn on and loved watching the guys shoot their loads on the girls bodys, and boobs, and sometimes in their mouth and winced when I would see that. We went to one theater that showed short black and white dirty movies and we would play with each other and sometimes Lee would cumm on my hand and arm and sometimes I would feel my self get wet too.After the 1st time Lee told me he had a bunch of these short movies at home and we could watch them there and from then on every time I would visit him we would sit on his couch and he would set up his projector and we would watch and get hotter and hotter until we had to go to bed and have sex and he would finish right away ,and then lick my pussy until I finished too.One time we were in NYC and saw Marilyn Chambers lay her head over a pool table and a guy fu** ed her in the mouth and we saw his stuff overflowin out of it. I came then without touching my self,1st time ever. While driving home I to;d Lee that I wanted to do that and wished I could have a bunch of guys shoot their loads on me,also,and he said maybe we can make that happen and we have told that story here in the mutual section. We've also told of graduating to having a whole softball team jerkoff over my body and how I love it and how Lee can cum in my mouth and I love itand how after I watched my cousin service the softball team and take some of them in her mouth, Lee let some guys cum in mine too,but just Lee the guy and me, not a whole group, and I realized that it wasn't dirty but sexy and I felt empowered that I could make a guy do that WITH me NOT to me.Now when I visit Lee in FL and he lets me join his old man porn J/O sessions I let the guys cum on my boobs when I jack them off.Lee and I did something recently that was so hot and then turned dirty. He had each of his j/o guys bring another and we watched porn and were lying on the floor naked and kissing and the guys were to j/o on our faces ,and it was neat feeling the warm cum and then a few of them started to call Lee a fag and Queer and me a pig for licking their cum of each others face and out of our mouths while French kissing and it ruined it

July 31, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Anonymous Masturbator Confessions

K continued

I got up and went to his bathroom and he made the guys use the other one and leave.He then took me to bed and made love to me telling me that it was only a couple of them and they weren't part of the regulars and I shouldn't stop doing something I like because others are narrow minded, and probably the guys were insecure as he was when he was young. A couple of days later Lee's regular j/o session was on and the 3 regulars came 2 of which were with us the other day.Lee asked them if they felt that way he would stop their meetings,he thought they enjoyed j/o'ing together INCLUDING cumming on him and on his face and in his mouth and did they think he was queer?All 3 said they were in it with him,and lover it that I would join in when I visited and to prove it they would take turns being jazzed on in the future and bill said he would suck the others off right now to prove it.I told them they could do that another time and since that was cleared up and I'm the only girl I want each of them to cum in my mouth today. We watched cumshot videos and each one of them stroked and then said ready and shot his wad in my mouth while the others watched. I let it drool down my chin and boobs like Lee likes and then scooped it up and put it back in my mouth and swallowed like the porn girls do.I smiled at the guys and felt wet myself but not a real orgasm,just nice. We all were happy and high 5'ved each other and the guys said see you next time. After they were gone I told Lee I want to have a bunch of them over the next time I'm down and have them all shoot all over my face and I won't mind if some gets in my mouth as I LIKE CUM! If the porngirls can have fun doing it so can I!the end for now. If one of you girls want us to try something you may want to do ask us.

July 31, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight


Sounding a Penis What is That Girls

I went to x hamster porn website and searched for sounding as I wondered what it was. I was very turned on to see a girl sliding a rod down a man's penis. She also stick fine needles through the head of his penis right at the end and right into his testicles. It must have hurt with all those sensitive nerve endings there. I was totally fascinated and watched for ages and of course it made me masturbate. The girl said it was better than sex so it was her fetish. I did not know you could do that to a man. I would love to do it to a man too. I masturbate to these kind of videos a lot now and dream. I have powerful orgasms. There is women's sounding in her pee hole too. That sounds sexy too. I can spell *euretha sorry

August 1, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight


Nudity was ok.

I had a older brother and he decided to move his bead to the basement since we were older and getting crowded sharing a room. I actually spent a lot of time down there for privacy and to do homework it was more quiet. He had a cool stereo and TV set up so I usually was there when he was out. One Saturday morning I was 1/2 way down the stairs thinking he was gone to work and no he was home oops, I was about to leave but my eyes caught a glimpse of something under his sheets sort of long in his crotch. Oh I soon realized he had an erection and that was the outline. I stood there starting at that shaft under the sheet , boy it looked very big and long , not that I had seen any to compare to but I had heard of these things.I soon felt flush and I knew why , yes I was turned on. This I just stood there quietly , soon his hand made it way to his penis and I watched as he seemed to squeeze and caress it over the sheet .Still I stood there watching intensely knowing he could wake up any time and catch me. It was dark where I was on the stairs and the light was shining on him so I felt I had a small chance of playing it off if he saw me.He stopped as he woke up and I carefully walked back up. I learned how to really tiptoe and where avoid stepping to prevent the wood from creaking and giving me away. I watched him many weeks and refined my masturbation techniques always thinking of how big he looked under that sheet .I wanted to see more but how? I figured that I turned the space Hester up he may drop the sheet . So I crept up and turned I up quietly back to the stairs. It took a while and yes he tossed and turned , finally the sheet was off. Waiting was tough but eventually I got to see his pecker push out through his boxers. Oh yeah I said to my self cool , he was very big as it was peaking out through the slit. Soon his hand found its way to his shaft and he fondled him self as I watched. I also now started kneeling down upside down from the top step since he did look one day at the stairs as he was waking up. It was sort of un comfortable but worth it. His hand was warped around his erection as he seemed to stroke him self in his sleep. This was driving me crazy. He stopped and put it away as he got up.Dam it was a good show as I made my way to the wash to shower and have a good Jill. I watched every weekend , I would get up very early and go do my thing. He drove me crazy and finally I hit pay dirt he was hard as usual and started to stroke himself but then he seemed to wake up to pull down his boxers and went to town stroking as he dipped his other finger on his head spreading the clear liquid that was coming out all over his head as he stroked . I did not blink at all for fear of missing something and then the surprise , he started shooting all over . I kept this up for a long time.

August 1, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Anonymous Masturbator Confessions

Watching Men in Pain

I am very ashamed to admit I love to watch pornography showing women causing men pain as they tease them sexually in bondage videos. My clitoris gets very swollen and hard my nipples erect and my vagina flows pre-cum juices. I have to get naked and masturbate as I watch these very cruel but erotic scenes of naked men bound and teased mercilessly by beautiful women. Their penises testicles anus and anywhere else sensitive it tormented by needles, whips, canes, weights and even electricity. They are bound naked and helpless in soundproof basements. My mind swims in a kind of erotic delicious fantasy dream world. I imagine I am in charge of the torture. Maybe it is a military prison and I must extract information from the men. It is vital to protect my country my mission goes. These men are merciless. I must be the same!

August 2, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Anonymous Masturbator Confessions

Watching Men in Pain

This fantasy makes me so wet I must masturbate. I am in charge of extracting information from dangerous men who threaten my country. I can tie them any way and do whatever I like. I can have my armed female assistants help me tied them and then be left alone to torture them in private. This is so sexually exciting for me that my panties are soaking wet in no time. I can do anything I like to the man's penis, testicles, anus, nipples, armpits, buttocks, inner thighs and anywhere else sensitive. I love the man's penis to be very erect to make me enjoy the job. This sight thrills me. I love to tease his penis and threaten to emasculate him. I love the fear in his eyes. I have sets long needles I use to stick through his member. I see him draw his breath in gasps as I push them through the shaft and head of his erect cock. Soon I must undress myself and begin to masturbate in front of him but not orgasm. I want it to last. This is also part of the teasing of the prisoner. The head of his penis is most sensitive. Here I stick needles right through the soft nob until they stick out the other side. I may stick as many as six right through his lovely, swollen, bright pink, mushroom shaped, glans organ, so it looks like a pin decoration. The most exciting place to stick a pin is down the hole of his cock. His intense pain is very erotic to see. My vagina gushes juices at this lewd, sexual sight. I am glad no one can see me doing this as I am ashamed of my lustful, cruel activities even though it is allowed as part of my job. I also love to tie up his testicles so they are confined and swell and bulge and turn to a pink bluish colour. To stick a needle right through them is also a delicious feeling for me. The look of fear on the helpless man's face is wonderful. I must make him talk however. So my job is perfect for me as I get satisfying work and intense pleasure. My prisoner's cock will be dribbling all the time during these sessions and sometimes the man will spontaneously ejaculate. I love this but try to deny him release of sexual tension or bladder relief. I want him to be bursting! My clitoris is throbbing madly during these sessions and I often have to masturbate to orgasm. I try not to but sometimes I cannot stand it any longer. I let the man see me do everything between my legs.

August 2, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Anonymous Masturbator Confessions

Watching Men in Pain

In my masturbation fantasy as a female military intelligence interrogator, getting information from men,I find a man's testicles are a very persuasive set of organs to manipulate. Here the man's virility literally 'hangs'. Here the testosterone is made and where his children spring from in his sperm when he squirts into a vagina. I love to put a thick rubber ring around both of them and see them swell up, telling the man they will drop off if he does not tell me what I want to know. I strip naked and play with myself as I watch his balls swell. I am very aroused by this. I have also hung weights from these lovely fleshly balls, adding more as I go until it is painful. Testicles are perhaps most useful due the pain that is caused by squeezing them. This I do with my hands as I look into the man's eyes saying 'talk to me darling!' The height of terror however is if I place his balls on a cruel cutter and threaten to castrate him. He will have a huge feeling of loss of his manhood. This he really fears! I love the way testicles hang in a venerable way down between a man's legs. I have them tied with their feet very wide apart and their hands above their heads. Testicles can be beaten in this position. All these fantasy thoughts make me ejaculate and orgasm very powerfully over and over as I dream delicious images.

August 2, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Undecided

First Time Masturbating

Crazy good.

I was always told not to play with my self. Not polite ect. I followed for a while but still wondered. I figured yes it was not lady like to touch or adjust the undies in public. But in private I did touch and it felt good. During bathing it happened often just a little rub here and there along with looking. The areoles started to swell a little and I knew I was changing along with my little lips becoming more sensitive . I would stand at the mirror and look at my body daily and in my diary I kept a very detail log. I was able to measure my development and also my feelings as I explored my lips and sensitive nipples.i became very sensitive to my touch which felt wonderful . My breasts were slowly growing and my pubic hair started to get thicker and darker , my peach was getting very harry and even more sensitive, my lips seemed to grow as we'll but even more as I caressed them. My hand mirror was my friend as I would sit Indian style and take a good look as I parted my lips exploring where all the clear fluid was coming from. Oh the hole between all my lips. I would look and take my finger to dip it in the fluid and then rub my little ball up on top watching with the mirror as I delivered some in describable pleasure to my self.i can remember just sitting there for hours at a time when I was alone until I was exhausted and drained . Slowly I got brave and the hole was calling me to enter , after all what was is it for but to have something inside . I watched intently as my tip entered, mmm not bad as fluid ran out. Looking as I pushed in a little more mmm oh I could feel it and then past the knuckle. Yes it felt very good I felt it in and I also felt the pressure around my finger mmmmm . I was gasping with joy as I did this , ok then my middle finger , slightly thicker and longer, slowly the tip mmm yes a difference , more uuuummm wow I am shaking and can't stand it and boooooomm I came with my finger in I felt my lips spasm and my finger felt it also as I tried to contain my self. Panting breathing deep basically almost crying at the ferocity of the orgasin. I was drenched in sweat as I gathered my self. Thank goodness I was home alone. The hair was getting in my way so I trimmed it to get a better view and I liked how much better my lips looked with short hair. I continued to look at my self as I fingered my self to orgasim , some times leaving my finger in , others taking it out to watch my hole do its thing as I came. Now I take a video and feed my computer as I have an orgasim to watch, I often watch my self as a primer to finish off. I showed my videos to one if my female friends , getting her hot and we filmed each other as we came , watching the muscles contract mmmmmm hot and erotic doing each other .Some of the men I have dated like porn and when I pull a file of me it gets them crazy , and then I film their orgasims , for later use. Watching a penis and it's pumping motion as the cumb is forced out is one of my vices along with holding it as this happens.Some times as a man starts to cumb I will bear down on the shaft at the base of the head with a good firm squeeze making the man squirm . Mmmmmmmyeahhhhhhh.

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August 3, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Anonymous Masturbator Confessions

Watching Men in Pain

In my masturbation fantasy, as a woman intelligence officer I am authorised to strip naked, bind forcefully and 'strongly encourage' men or women, from enemy, armies to reveal military secrets. They have been trained to resist but I must get past this. Pain is the only way. Electricity is a powerful and erotic medium for shock and pain. This of course hugely excites me sexually in my fantasy, as I masturbate thinking of penises, testicles, anuses, armpits and nipples being tormented. If it is a woman I imagine tormenting vaginas, clitorises, anuses, breasts, nipples and armpits. To see these, sometimes very beautiful, naked male and female bodies, spreadeagled and tightly bound, jerking to electric shocks, to very, very sensitive areas of their body, makes me quickly orgasm very powerfully! A woman's clitoris and man's penis head are delicious organs to tease torment and torture with electricity. Images of these organs becoming instantly erect and swollen which excites me very much as I play with my clitoris as I masturbate. It is a voyeuristic fetish of mine as well as a sadistic sexual fetish. This worries me a lot and I wonder if I am just evil. In every other area of my life however I am very normal and traditional. It helps me to know if other women are the same. I know sexual domination and submission are real desires.

August 3, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Anonymous Masturbator Confessions

Watching Men in Pain

In my fantasy, during masturbation, I love to tease and torture a man's anus and rectum as a female military intelligence interrogator. To have the man bent over a waist high bar, with his feet tied very wide apart and wrists tied similarly over the other side, is a very erotic sight for me. I have two female assistants hold the man's buttocks wide apart while I tease his open anus and into his rectum. If I want to do it alone, which is often the case, to be more secretive and erotic and more cruel, I tape them open. I have a large range of anal dildos, some I can strap on and mount the man myself and have intercourse in his rectum. Some strap on cock shaped dildos are two headed and I can masturbate my vagina as I penetrate the man. I can feel a big cock inside me which is wonderful. I love to hear the man gasp as I enter him from the rear. I love him to be helpless and see his feet tied wide apart and his cock and balls hanging down in from the rear view. Sometimes I hope he will not talk about military secrets so I can keep doing it to him as torture to make him talk. Seeing the cock slide into his anus is wonderful especially if it a young cute man. If he is looking like he may talk I use lubrication. If not I penetrate him dry which is painful. The anal rim is very sensitive and I love to stick needles into it. My vagina is pouring it's juices by now as this is so sexy for me in my fantasy as I masturbate. To stick needles into the man's anus itself is even more exciting for me as the man's reaction is thrilling in a lewd lustful sadistic way. During this my nipples and clitoris is erect and throbbing intensely and I want to orgasm but hold off as long as possible. Some times I invite women to watch as I find this exciting. I love to see the man's face so I have a mirror in front of him. During these fantasies, if I am in bed, my towel under me is soaked with my juices. When I orgasm, it is so powerful I squirt everywhere during multiple orgasms. Some times it is a naked bound woman I have to interrogate. This is also very erotic for me.

August 5, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight


Country club spy

I have worked in a large country club for eight years and last year when Mr. K. died, I got his job and his old office. He was a gay man and shortly after I moved into his office I discovered that under two pictures part of the wall was missing. There were slits in the party wall which I knew was the mens locker room. These slits are only a fraction of an inch wide but about six or seven inches across. Since he was gay I assumed he was peeping at the men since most of the showers, urinals and locker area are visible. The pictures were screwed onto the wall so I quickly put them back up with the screw driver that was in the middle drawer of the desk. He also had a dead bolt on the office door and I'm sure the reason he worked late was to see the men naked. I don't stay late as often as he did but I do two or three nights a week and I have been doing the same thing he had done so often, peek at the naked men. I can't believe how aroused it makes me and I masturbate more than ever watching them. Over the past eleven months I must have seen almost every member and their guests naked. Even after I orgasm I keep looking in at them and all the sudden I get aroused again. I lock the dead bolt and strip to watch them and it has become so compeling for me I stay for hours at a time watching and playing with myself. I've known most of these men for a long time, most are very well to do since they spend a lot of money to be a member. When I see the good looking men around the club I can almost picture their penis and its size. I know which men are not cicumcized and who has the largest or smallest penis. I also know which ones don't shower and which ones don't wash their hands after they urinate. I do watch the urinals sometimes but my main focus is on the showers and locker area where I see them totally naked. I thought about replacing the pictures that Mr. K. had screwed on the wall but I don't in case the slits are ever discovered. I would die if the management found out what I am doing. My boss thinks I am dedicated to my job because he goes home before I do the nights I watch the men. What I like also is when I see these men touching themselves. I never saw any masturbating in the shower, I suppose because the showers are stalls and are not fully enclosed. The slit on the left side of the office is where the lockers are and when I peek there they are only a few feet away. The other slit is where I see the showers but they are only seven or eight feet away about the same distance as the urinals. I live alone and don't date often and since I started watching the men I began masturbating everyday and have as many as three times in one day. I have had sex toys for years but never took any to work with me before. I don't take a vibrator because I am so near the men where the lockers are I am afraid they would hear it buzz. I take a dildo all the time and when I watch them I pretend its their penis in me. I have no way of knowing how many men I have seen naked and there are many who are only guests of the members. I love it when the younger men get done playing racket ball or basketball since they are in the showers longer and take more time getting dressed. Some of the older men are also built well and one in particular I fantisize about his penis being in me. There are seven young men who I see naked at least two or three times a week and all of them are very good looking. I not only see them naked but see them and talk to them in the club a couple times a week. I also see and speak to most of the mens wifes or girlfriends and I get along well with every member. My job is to cater to them and I know I do a good job, my reward has turned out to be seeing so many unsuspecting men naked. I try to comprehend how many nude men I have seen since I started peeking in. I think hundreds but then again, counting their guests, maybe as many as a thousand and I'm still not sure. I sit home at night thinking about it and am sure I have seen every shape and size a penis could possibly be. I had seen naked men before but they were the men I have dated over years and its not the same because I had sex with them. The men at the club are not lovers but the sight of them gets me so aroused, masturbation is a must. There are many I would love to have sex with but it can't happen. This past year I am sure that I have only had intercouse about a dozen times with a man I have known for years but is more of a friends with benefits type relationship. Seeing all those men naked has become an addiction and there are times when I'll concentrate on one guy because he has a nice rear or the way his penis and scrotum look. I do this most of the time when they are drying themselves at the lockers and so close I could almost touch them if there was no wall. I stand there plunging the dildo into me wanting to scream or at least moan with the pleasure I'm having. I never make a sound but want to and usually satisfy myself several times. I'm not certain how long those slits have been there but Mr. K. worked here for over twenty years. Everyone knew he was gay but he was well liked by everyone and no one ever suspected or found out about the slits in the wall. I have never been in the mens locker room but think Mr. K. made the slits to see into places where he knew the men would be naked most of the time. Talking to the men in the clubhouse or bar is also exciting to me. Just having a conversation without them knowing I see them shower, undress and dress, when they are comfortable with their nudity, will sometimes have me aroused. I complement them telling them how well they are dressed or how handsome they look today with the sight of them naked in the back of my mind. I have no scruples about watching them, no remorse doing so, and what they don't know won't hurt them. Thanks Mr. K.

August 6, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Anonymous Masturbator Confessions

My mom used to have a friend over for dinner with her son. Tom was sooo HOT!!! He had the cutest smile and a rocking body. At dinner we used to secretly flirt with each other. One night a felt something under the table. He was sitting next to me and our mothers were talking to each other. His hands touched my leg softly, insecure. I looked at him and smiled. From the on every dinner we sat next to other. He started getting his hand higher up my thigh and eventualy I started touching him too. My mother found out that we were flirting and orderd me to stop. That made me want him more. I restrained myshelf and followed her command. He didn't understand. He wanted me so much. My pussy was wet just by looking at him.

One night my mom ask her friend to stay over. Tom looked happy. We sat next to each other. Suddenly his hand was rubbing my pussy. I was startled. I coudn't ask him to stop without raising suspision. It felt so good. His hand worked around my string and slowly he entered his fingers into me. One by one I felt his fingers enter me. Our mothers didn't notice us, they were in a deep conversation. During dinner tom keept tounching me. I felt so hot. When everyone finished eating ( tom was rubbing me sooo hard ) my mom asked me to clean up. Dissapointed I shoved toms hand away, stood up and started to clear off the table. Tom said he would help and followed me into the kitchen. When I set down the plates I turned around to go back when tom grabed me from behing and pulled me back. He started kissing me fast at first but then he slowed down. He pulled his head back and looked at me. Tell me now if you want me to stop he said. I grabed his hair and pulled his body against mine. I started to kiss him. Our bodies pressed together. I felt his penis raising. I started rubbing my hand down his pants. My mother called from the living room asking if we wanted to go get ice cream with them. Tom laughed and wispered NO into my ear. I answered my mom. Sha said they would also go to a bar and would be back in three hours. She told me that she left a matras in my room so tom had a place to sleep and that his mom would sleep in her room. When our moms left we ran upstairs. Kissing each other wildly. We went into my room and started pulling off each others clothes. Tom then pushed me onto the bed and started working his way down my body. He licked my pussy and started rubbing my clit. I got a tingly feeling and them had an orgasim. After I got on my knees and gave tom a blowjob. We then got on the bed together and ther he slowly enterd me. His penis felt good as it was rubbing against my g-spot and tom started rubbing my clit with one and in a with minutes we were both eroused and together we came. It was the best feeling in the world. I squirted all over him while he was coming over me. After we slept in each others arms. We woke up a little later and started masterbating each other until our moms came home. That night we slept in each others arms, naked.

To our surprise our moms started dating. We even moved in together. We didn't mind because we knew our moms wouldn't last and we got to have sex every night. At night tom would sneek into my room and lock the door. We would the masterbate waching each other and the we would have amazing sex. every night I squirted. We would fall asleep together and wake up early in the morning to have sex again. We were quiet. Of course. Tom would after go bavk to his room while I got ready for school. In the afternoon when we both got back from school and noone was home we would sit on the couch watching porn. We would always masterbate together. Basically we always had sex. It was amazing.

It all turned out well because our moms stopped dating and let us rent a appartment together when we went to college. We had the best time of our lifes and ended up marrying each other. We now have three kids and still have sex all the time!!!

SORRY this story took sooooo long but I thought it was worth telling.

August 7, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Caught Masturbating!

Caught at College

So I am a college student and this happen recently...true story. I have a crush on my Chinese Professor of course there is an age gap I am 18 and he could possibly be in his 30s but he look very hot and plus he is funny. Usually when there is a hot teacher I will begin to do either two things be a teacher pet or I will become a slacker and in this case sadly I was slacking on my school work in his class I did not do it intentionally it just I got distracted and begin daydreaming so he ask me can I see him doing his free time meaning when he not teaching a class so I ask him was it okay to see him tomorrow evening and he agreed. So the following day I went to his office at my college every professor have thier on office some in thier class or somewhere else in the bulding but his office was in his class, as I enter I notice no one was there and his office door was wide open I went in and at first I stood there waiting then I got bored and decide to sit in his chair all of sudden I had this strange feeling I begin to think about him sitting in this same chair I got horny just thinking about it. Then I begin to place my hand on top of my pants I begin think of him doing that to me I put my hand under my shirt and fondle with my breast a little which made me even more horny I unbutton my jeans and started rubbing my clit I buried my face on his desk and start moaning his name about time I was about cum I lifted up my head and saw him standing there in front of the door I was so embarrassed I button up my pants and got out of there as fast as I can. I was so ashame I got caught I figured he might don't even want to teach me any more so I skip class the next day he emailed me the same day I skip asking to see me again I am a bit nervous but also I am a bit excited for some reason.

August 9, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Anonymous Masturbator Confessions

Watching Men in Pain

My masturbation fantasy is to have men in humiliation and pain to make them talk to me as a female interrogator. In the area anal torture, to get information, I have a man squat over a pole. He must take it all the way up his rectum. I am instantly wet when I see him naked and struggling to get it up his anus. As an added bonus this makes him very erect as well. Even much more erotic I slide a big smooth slippery rod down his penis hole. This sight is very arousing in my masturbation fantasy. The man is bound with his wrists tied behind his back and his feet loosely changed. He must balance over the big pole. I like to be alone but sometimes I invite young women to see him and made him feel more humiliated. He will also be aroused and I will see juices dribble out of his penis even with the rod in it. Men of different cultures are more humiliated being naked and tortured helpless in front of women. To be tortured by a woman is even worse. In some cultures it is traditional to hand captured men over to the women. The things I have read that these women do to the men is very arousing for me indeed.

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August 9, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Anonymous Masturbator Confessions

Watching Men in Pain

Women an other cultures are given captured men by their own men to do as they like to them. My fantasy is instantly to imagine lurid castration scenes in wild places. Men are held down by wild tribal women and their pants and underpants are pulled down and thrown away. They are then tied naked in the market place and their feet tied wide apart. The exciting event then takes place. An elderly women approached the terrified man with her sharp knife and holds his testicles in her hands. All the village women are watching. The old woman pulls the man's scrotum skin down and slowly cuts his testicles off. A cheers goes up and the man's manhood is cut off. This scene makes my clit so hard. I thrust my dildo up my wet vagina. Oh how I would like to have been there. My orgasm is wonderful. I feel very ashamed of my fantasy. It came from research about women in war. I would never do these things. It is the anticipation that thrills me. Other women tie men naked over anthills. I imagine the delicious pain of ants biting men's testicles and penis head, so sensitive! Ants crawling up his rectum is also an exquisite fantasy in cruelty and intoxicating eroticism for me during my masturbation. My clit is throbbing.

August 10, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Anonymous Masturbator Confessions

Watching Men in Pain

It must be wonderful to cut a man's testicles off. To open the sac and pull them out and cut off the cords that bring the sperm from the prostate. I am very wet at the idea. In my fantasy I would have them in my hands like eggs. Then I would sow up his scrotum and see him without his big bull's balls. He would now seem so weak and feminine. His testosterone would now cease! Lovely. He could be my slave. I would never fear rape from him again. My clit and nipples were so erect. I am masturbating. I make him walk around and let women tease him. He would have useless semen. We use him as anal fun. We let men use his anus. We watch and masturbate. His cock is like a gun with no bullets. Big men screw him. The girls won.

August 10, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Memorable Self-Pleasuring


I always have masturbated. And I mean always. I remember a time when I was in my room on the weekend, (7 at the time) I got really horny. Even though I had no idea what horny meant back then. I was just getting out the shower and I was drying off. So I decided to lay on my bed spread naked. I continued to be horny when I began rubbing my pussy really hard. It felt amazing. I couldn't take it anymore, so I went on my left hand side and grabbed a pillow and began riding it really hard. My panties felt wet, I started to get this tingling feeling all around my body and I got scared so I stopped. I was doing this for a couple weeks. But then one night I was sleeping in my moms room because I had a bad dream, and I woke up in the middle of the night. My moms television shows came on the night before so the channel was left on it's previous setting. Little did I know there was an ad for Girls Gone Wild that cane on at about 3am. I got really hot and turned on. I began rubbing my pussy, but I guess it got really obvious because my mom asked what I was doing. Of course I said nothing. But finally I went to sleep. The next day at school I told my friend about the experience I had the night before. She was so amazed when I told her about the GGW ad, and asked me what they were doing. I said they were showing their boobies and they were kissing and eachother. Her eyes lit up, and she pulled me behind the bleachers and kissed me forcefully. I had watched porn before so I had a clue of what I was doing. I grabbed her boobs, but she smacked my hand down and said let's go to the bathroom. She locked us into a stall and said if I wanted to try French kissing. I said yes. We made out fir about two minutes, and then she stopped. She said she didn't like it and I agreed that I didn't like it, even though I was so hot. She asked if we could secretly be married. And I said yes. Then I asked if I could touch her boobies again, and she said yes. She said I could touch her butt and boobs whenever I wanted only if she could touch mine. And I said yes. A teacher knocked on the stall and told us to get out or else our recess was suspended. So she gave me a kiss goodbye and we both left.

August 14, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Anonymous Masturbator Confessions

My Bath Schedule

I live alone and am a person of strict habit and order. It is just my personality. Every night at 10-00pm I have my bath and go to sleep. I am always at work on time. I manage a gymnasium and keep my figure perfect by a strict regime of exercise and diet. My 38-26-36 figure on a 5ft 10ins 25 year old body gets a lot of attention wherever I go. I must inspire my clients by my example to keep trim. I must keep my large breasts supported by good strong chest muscles. I don't want them to sad at that size. It is hard work. Size 36 would have been quite enough. I also seemed to have also inspired my male neighbour. I noticed as soon as I come out of my bath his bedroom light goes out. I can however still see his outline and movement of him naked and masturbating. Knowing he is definitely watching me from his darkened bedroom turns me on hugely! I parade naked and masturbate and do as many disgusting things as possible. My orgasms are awesome. I am deeply ashamed but can't help it. It is like a demon of lust drives me. Well, I know it is. I must be a hopeless addictive exhibitionist. This is very worrying because I am in business, well known and a Christian. Christians struggle with weaknesses too. I just hope only my neighbour watches me. I hope he keeps it to himself. I think he does as no one else comes to look. I think this began as a girl when the boy next door asked me to undress for him. I never forgot the thrill of him looking at me naked, being excited and playing with his penis. Our early experiences shape us. Sexual deviations are not good as I am finding out. They are hard to stop. Going to the beach is good and bad. I like the attention but cannot control it. I see men with very big erect penises under their very thin elastic nylon stretch bathers. Some even slip their penises out of the side of these stretch bathers and masturbate and ejaculate in front of me. This happens if they catch me staring their erections and if no one is around. It is very arousing and confuses my strict Christian morality. My bathers are often wet in the crotch if I am aroused. If men knowing older men see this it is a huge give away and encouragement to for them. Once I weakened and went to a nude beach. I caused a lot of interest with my breasts and I was hugely aroused. My vagina was very wet and men saw it. A lot of men masturbated that day. I keep dreaming of going back. I am scared I will masturbate on the beach for them. I have a problem when I do gym and swimwear modelling as well. Attention arouses me and my crotch gets wet. I am looking forward to being married soon and my husband can help me with my sexual outlet.

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August 17, 2014 - Sexual Preference - In-Between

Anonymous Masturbator Confessions

A fantasy lived out sucking cocks

Back in 2001 I competed in a fitness competition & I should have one. I came in third place & both first & second place girls were not as fir as me nor could they do as hard of a routine as me. I certainly believe it was fixed.

Since I have kept my body in peak performance level shape unlike so many of the others. I still have a very low fat content & a very high muscular ratio.

Over the years I have spent a ton of hours in gyms working out & keeping fit. One of my most favorite things to do is to strut my naked body in front of all the other ladies be they fit or not. I feel good being fit & sexy & I love to show off.

My boobs are small, B sized but perky & they sit with no droop & the nipples point in a slight upward direction. To me they are perfect but some guys say I am flat. Those guys never saw ne nude. If they did I'm sure they would love my boobs. Not one guy who has seen me naked has complained about my boobs & every woman who has commented on them says they are perfect. I agree with the ladies. Firm hard & pointy is perfect.

I have a few fantasies I'd like to share with the world. I love my body dearly & I masturbate daily & often times a few times a day. I would like to share one of my favorite fantasies & also tell you all about something I did a few years ago that still turns me on to think about. Both the fantasy & the real memory are something I think about while my vibe is pressed to my clitoris & I give myself endless orgasms. Yes I am multi orgasmic & so happy to I am.

First my fantasy that I know will never come true in full, but I'd like it to share it & tell you about a part of it that has come to be real.

It all began with my girlfriend years ago telling me about the time she spent away as an exchange student. While she was away in Germany she & her new friend were caught smoking by the girls mother. She & the girl were taken to the fathers workshop by the mother. She was quite vivid in her story telling me how they were both told to strip off their clothes & bend over holding the edge of the bench while the mother canned their asses hard. She told me they each stood bent over nude & got 30 swipes of the cane on their bare asses & the mother made whomever was watching count out each time she hit the others ass. She said she watched the other girls ass grow bright red stripes all the while in fear of her being next. When it was her turn she told me she squealed like crazy each time the cane hit her bare ass. She said she'd never felt anything so stinging in her life before & that she'd never even got a mild spanking until that time.

Her story made me very excited & that night I masturbated thinking about how I would have liked to have been there to witness the canning. Since that time I have dreamed of my own fantasy that involves caning & even more.

First let me tell you I love hot guys & sucking hard cocks. When a hot guy shoots in love juice in my mouth it drives me nuts!!!! I love the feeling of come shooting in my mouth & the taste is so dam good!!! If I had it my way each time I make love it would end with me enjoying a big loud of hot come in my mouth. I don't know why you guys out there don't masturbate & come in your hande & slurp it back. If you would only try it I know you'd like it. Also, it's a known fact that come makes a person feel better in spirits. There are still back wood tribes to this day that will gather the elders & the younger men together. The younger men will masturbate then when they come the elders eat the come believing they will be more happy & healthy because of it. The women do not participate which is pretty sad. I masturbate & dream of the young men jerking off & squirting their come into all the older women's mouths each day. Naked dark tanned young men jerking off their long hard cocks & squirting come.... Mmmmm that sounds good to me.

So here is one of my favorite fantasies.

I'm hired by a secret army to train their young men. My job is to ready them & keep their minds off of women & sex. Each day I am given new recruits. I am stationed in a far away area & the new recruits are dropped for my training each day.

I usually get 25 new recruits every few days. They are dropped off by bus & left with me to train & picked up that night. I wait for the new recruits to get off the bus then they are at attention until the bus leaves. Once the bus is gone I show them to a large open room like a gymnasium where they are told to stand all in a row. Each one is fit & trim with no body hair. They have been shaved over their entire bodies for some military reason before they arrive. I command them to arrange themselves into the big open room then they are to stand tall while I ask questions.

First I ask who has not ejaculated in the last 24 hours & they are to step forward. Since they have been busy all the recruits step forward. Then I ask who usually masturbates daily & they all step forward again. I tell them they all need to strip off all their clothing & masturbate & that I have to confirm ejaculation from each one of them.

They all do as they are told & seconds later there are 25hot bodies all between 20 & 25 jerking off in front of me. I go down the line & give each one a small cup that they are to deposit their come into. I tell them they have 5 minutes to do it & I stand back to watch. One by one I see their hot bodies jerking then buckling in orgasmic pleasure as they shoot their sperm into the cups provided. Five minutes later & tell them time is up then all those who have ejaculated can leave. There are 10 recruits who have not had success in ejaculating yet & I make them stand & wait. Each one s standing tall with shoulders back. His body is rippled with muscles but not large & bulky. Thin & sleek is how they are built.

I tell them ejaculation is required before they can leave & that I must take them to the next level.

I stand before the first recruit looking down at his long hard penis pointing toward me. I tell him he must do his best to ejaculate within a short time & that I will help him. I kneel down & take a handful of lube which has been recommended for me to use to make them come fast. The lube is drizzled onto the penis then I hold back the foreskin & begin running my hand back & forth along the shaft in order to make them ejaculate. I tell each one before I begin that they are to tell me once they feel ejaculation coming on. The first recruit lasts less than a minute before he tell me he is about to ejaculate. I see his body tighten then just before he begins to ejaculate I open my mouth & tilt my head back. I point his large hard penis to my open mouth waiting for his sperm to shoot out. Soon I feel the first long shot of sperm shoot hard into my wide open mouth. It hits hard onto the back of my throat then another follows right after. In all 6 hard full shots of sperm enter my open mouth & I close & swallow once I know he has finished. This is what I must do to make sure all the sperm is out of his body.

One by one I go down the row of recruits who are standing at attention with their hard penises ready to make ejaculate. I make each masturbate then ejaculate in my mouth. I count each spasm of ejaculate & record it to compare to the next week. It takes almost 30 minutes to make them all ejaculate in my mouth. Each one tastes a bit different.

That is my fantasy & now I'll share what has come true for me. I never told anyone of my fantasies before but I did share one desire with a boyfriend who was very open. He was one of the best lovers I've ever had & he brought a friend for us to love with which I enjoyed so much. I have a video of myself on my hands & knees getting loved in both ends by these two beautiful men. I've watched the movie so many times & still it turns me on to see myself with two fit men sliding their hardness into my pussy & mouth at the same time. I don't think it will ever get old. Even though I cannot see them come I know when they do & I can see their bodies react & hear their moaning & I remember feeling the one shoot hard into my mouth. His come was so hot & good. I should have done them both in my mouth for the video.

The same kind warm gentle man invited one more of his friends to be with us on my 27th birthday. He knew how much I love come & allowed me to have him & his two friends at once. What a rush it was to make each one come in my mouth just like in my fantasy. Even though it was only three guys it was still very exciting. I finished my boyfriend last. He was the only penis inside my body other than my mouth. I don't see it as the same. Penis in mouth is not like in my pussy. GD come is good!!!

That is all I want to tell for now. As I have been writing I have been sitting in my chair backward. I'm nude & have my pillow in front on the base of the chair. I have a rabbit vibe nestled in the pillow & inserted in my puss that has given me at least 15 orgasms while I wrote this. If you ladies are reading, you should get one of these things! I come very hard with this toy & it's taken almost 2 hours to write this all out.

My hands are shaking now from coming so much. This has truly been a great feeling to tell my fantasies & a some things I have done. Guys out there, you should really think hard about allowing your girl to live out her fantasies & help her if you can. Most girls have fantasies about more than one guy & I know your friend would help. If your girl is like me she will love the feeling of two or more cocks in her body or doing each one while the next waits to be sucked or jerked. I love cocks & it's a natural thing. Women love cocks & the more the better. Cocks cocks cocks. Mmmm I love cocks & come. All you ladies out there, don't be afraid to ask. You just might get what you want. Ahhh, I need to come one more time. Oh I just came again a minute ago.

Happy masturbating & cock sucking.

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August 18, 2014 -

Masturbation Technique

licking without a toung

Ok so I recently discovered a good way to make it feel like you are being licked. Btw its amazing. You have to take a large makeup brush, get it wet (do this preferably in the shower) and put lube on it and move in a young like motion on your pussy. It works wonders. And when you're done you can wash the lube off under the tub faucet. IT IS AMAZING. happy masturbating. ;)

August 22, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight


Male Ward Nurse

I am a nurse and work in a male a ward. When I have to bed wash a man I get very wet when I wash his penis and it gets erect. Some men are huge when they get an erection and it excites me so much. I often have to go into the toilet and masturbate myself. Some men beg me to make them come and often I cannot resist. I shut the door and drawer the screen around the bed. Sometimes I have taken my panties and bra off before I go in and I open my uniform at the front to show the man my vagina. I feel sorry for the men as they have not had sex for ages or seen a naked vagina or breasts. I love to warm soap and flannel wash the men's arsehole, balls and cock. I make them hold their knees up and open their thighs so I can see everything they have and make them feel submissive. Some men like me to finger their arses. I enjoy this. I love to watch their faces react as I do things to them. On late night shifts men get very horny. They beg me to come in and masturbate them. Some cannot sleep because of erotic dreams. I feel so sorry for them. I do all I can for them without getting into trouble. I love the young good looking well hung ones of course. When I have no panties or bra I open the front of my uniform and let them feel me. They love it so much and make me come so quickly as I get so excited. I love to take a long time to flannel wash them with lovely warm flannels as they enjoy it so much. I massage their anus, testicles and penis over and over and soon they squirt sperm all over their chests. It is easy to clean them up with the flannel. They call me their angel. I love it. It is so sexy. I love my job. The men are so nice to me and I see them after they leave hospital. I have had good relationships with them after and have remained good friends. They say I helped them stay sexually and emotionally sane in hospital. They always say I had the bests breasts and nipples of all the nurses. I know I am a voyeur. All those naked bed washes does not take away the thrill of looking.

August 23, 2014 - Sexual Preference - In-Between

Memorable Self-Pleasuring

First time with Liz

I met Liz some years ago when she attended one of my yoga classes I instruct. We got to know each other better through relaxing in the whirlpool tub after class was over. Liz is now my best friend & the one person I can confide in for almost anything. We are always there for each other. Before writing this story I told Liz about finding Advance Masturbation & I asked her if she would be OK with me writing about us if I changed our names. She agreed & here I am to tell you about us. Liz, you will read some of my inner most thoughts about how I feel about you. Some things are not as easy to say in person.

I am very tuned in to my own body & masturbation is a big part of how I enjoy life. I can't imagine not enjoying my own body. I keep extremely fit for myself. I enjoy masturbating about the same as I do sex with my man & sometimes even more. With him I enjoy the romance & sex but sometimes I feel it's for his needs only & I'm left without enjoying the orgasms I crave. When he's away & I'm alone I can take a good hour or more reading stimulating stories or watching my steamy girl porn while I masturbate with fingers or better, with one of my vibes. Why not? It feels great & who doesn't like multiple orgasms!

Liz & I now get together out of the gym quite often shopping, dancing or many times just a quiet night in when my man is away or it's girls night out. The topic of our talks quite often is sex related one way or another. Liz is a very open & sexual woman & she too admits she keeps fit for herself, not for others. I suppose for me I keep fit for men too. I enjoy the attention I get.

Liz & I went away this one weekend with shopping front & center. We stayed at a quiet motel close to she shopping action. On the Saturday night after a nice dinner we walked back to our room talking along the way about Liz's ex & how he never spent time giving her oral pleasure for who knows why. We both started going into great detail of how it felt having our clitorises licked & tried to describe the difference in how an oral orgasm feels compared to our own fingers & then a vibe. To my surprise Liz had never experienced the feeling of a vibe on her clit. She's only had oral, fingers & humping type orgasms. I tried to explain how much I enjoyed my vibe & that although the orgasms were similar, they were different too. By the time we reached the motel I was ready to strip off & masturbate my brains out. I didn't bring a vibe thinking I would never use it for the 2 days. I planned long showers with the stream to my clit for my pleasure that weekend.

I then had a great idea. Just short of the motel's front door I grabbed Liz's shoulder & asked her if she was ready to feel what an orgasm felt with a vibe. Smiling she asked if I had one with me. I told her no but said we could make do easily as I turned her to walk away from the front door. We walked to a close store & I bought 4 electric toothbrushes all the same then 2 that were different. I bought a bag or thick elastic bands then we left. It was not the first time I had to make due & be creative for a sex toy. All the way home we laughed & joked still buzzing a bit from the wines with dinner. Back in the room we both took off our clothes which for us is nothing since we see each other nude so often. This time for me it was different though. I felt a sexual surge as soon as we were naked. I'm sure it was because of what was about to happen.

I showered first then as Liz cleaned up I got our toys ready to play with. I took 2 of the vibrating brushes & bound them back to back with the bands. It gives a perfect spot between the vibrating heads to place your clit for a very nice buzzing orgasm. I made one for each of us. Then the other 2 brushes needed nothing at all. They were the type where the head twists back & forth real fast. That type works wonders if placed with the back side placed against one's clit. The movement from side to side going so fast feels like the fasted fingers ever masturbating your clit.

I got the room ready propping the large pillows against the headboard of the two beds & pulling the quilting down. I put my towel on the bed knowing there was chance of a wet spray when I came. I sometimes squirt pretty hard if I'm overly excited & that night I was. Liz came out with her towel on then dropped it smiling at what she saw. She bounced onto the bed beside me & asked where the toys were clapping tiny short almost silent claps. She was acting like a kid about to open birthday gifts. I showed her the 2 types of toys & told her my suggestion that we first try the single twisting type brush. I held it out & took mine in hand too. I leaned back on the big pillows & spread my legs open. Right then I realized we could watch ourselves & each other in the big mirrors on the walls at each beds end. I gave a mini instruction to Liz as I flicked on the button & laid the brushes fast twisting head against my clitoris. I was already puffy with excitement & my engorged clit was oh so ready for stimulation. The second it touched my clit it felt amazing! OMG did it feel good & adding the excitement of Liz being there & also me teaching her a new way to masturbate pushed my excitement through the roof. I watch Liz place her brush in the perfect spot against her clit. Her face had a look of wonder on it then as soon as I heard the click......her eyebrows lifted & her mouth opened up with a shocking smile then to the shape of a silent OH. All I heard after that was soft & whispered OMG over & over again. Liz looked like she was experiencing something special. I know I was. We both kept our tiny toys in just the right spot for maybe 3 minutes before I was ready to have the first of many orgasms. I never stop at one or even two. Why would I? I can easily have 20 or so medium to wild sized orgasms & if I use my fingers to probe my g-spot I can go to extreme wet orgasms. I have a dildo that ensures heavy squirting extreme orgasms but it was not with me that weekend.

My orgasm came on very fast using the twisting brush. I kept my eyes open to watch Liz while my clit pulsed orgasms into my core. As usual my legs lifted & I pulled my feet close to each side of me with legs open wide & my feel loosely dangling down. I could see my head pull forward & I have this strange shutter happen. My shoulders lift & my head jerks forward until all the spasms of orgasm have passed. My orgasmic pleasure was so much higher than normal due to Liz's company. Just as my own orgasm was beginning to fade & my body was softening from the tension I saw Liz climbing the ladder of orgasm. Watching her lean long body was so exciting! As orgasm cam closer she stretched out long & tight on the bed still holding the toy to her clit. Her face looked like she was in a bit of pain even though I knew it was joy. Her breathing got harder & harder then she held her breath & I could see every muscle in her long lean body tighten up. Her toes pointed straight down & her chest lifted off the bed. She took a few gasps for air then I watched one of the most beautiful things happen that I have ever seen in my entire life. Once Liz's orgasm hits it's climax she has her boobs which are small but very hard pressed as high as her body will arch to the sky. Her legs are apart just enough to allow access to her clitoris but the muscles are tight. As orgasm happens she holds in that position tight & hard & breaths out short blasts of air with each spasm. Her body ever so slightly jerks about 8 or so times then once orgasm has passed she slinks into a pool of mush & draws deep breaths into her upper core. I enjoyed watching her so much. She had the arm closest to me over her head laid on the bed while her ribcage expanded & dropped over & over until she gained control. What a beautiful thing to witness. It's etched in my memory forever.

We both laughed & laughed & agreed how great it was to be such good friends that we could share our intimate & secret moments together so openly. Soon our toys were back to our clits while we watched each other in the big mirrors again. I so wanted to squirt & inserted 2 fingers deeply into my vagina. I tried & had great wonderful orgasms but the squirt never came which was fine with me. The orgasms I had that night were amazing! We both had one of the best nights we can remember. We never got to the banded vibes that night. We almost masturbated ourselves to sleeps that night & I slept like a baby. The next morning I woke to the sound of a whirl which was Liz on the bad beside me masturbating with the brush again. I turned onto my side & propped my head up on my hand & just watched her. After watching Liz come a few times I had to join her. This time I got the other toy that I had made & it worked so well! I got Liz to try it too & she had some good orgasms with it. Now Liz has a few good toys in her nightstand same as I do.

Watching Liz masturbate has become one of my favorite parts of my sex life. Her watching me is a mind thrill as well. We love each other but not sexually. We've never kissed nor talked about it. I'm not sure how Liz feels about it. I'm not ready to move into a sexual relationship with a woman & I don't think I ever will. I do enjoy the mutual masturbation more than I can explain. It's a strange feeling & hard to understand. If Liz was to ask me to make love with her I would try it & I think it would be very loving & sexual too. I feel it would lead to problems afterward. I can't have that type of relationship while with a man & I don't want to leave my man. It's perfect for me as we are. Great friends who get together & enjoy our secret lives masturbating & sharing our soles. It's been a good thing so far & I want to keep it that way.

Liz, now you know a bit of how I feel & I hope you are happy with what I have written here. It was fun to share our secret & still be candid. I may have opened a new door or locked one that was about to open. I fantasize about making love with you but I think it should remain a fantasy. Maybe. I'm slightly confused & maybe we can talk about it soon.

I love you Liz, D.

August 24, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Anonymous Masturbator Confessions

Was it wrong

I was home alone cleaning the basement and came across some old VHS tapes that were un labeled . We still had an old VHS player that we watch he my baby home movies so I thought they were of me. We'll I was in for a shock , they were pornos. I was sort of interested at seeing a man naked and was not disappointed but then realized it was my parents , much younger. My excitement quickly turned and In disgusted I turned it off. I placed them back and continued cleaning but the image stayed on my mind and I remembered having a couple of wet dreams of my father. I guess it was normal since several of my friends had admitted to the same. I had a teaser and something was calling me to watch the video. Nervously and excited shaking i popped the video back in. There were my parents naked kissing each other and my dad had a huge erection, I expected penetration but then mom took him in her mouth, ooooshit I said , surprised at what was happening , obviously dad liked it and then he retuned the favor. My eyes were glued to the tube as I felt my hand rubbing my crutch and breasts. Then mom got on her knees and dad grabbed his huge erection and I could see slightly as he entered mom. Wow my Jeans were soaked I had to take them off. I found my self rubbing intensely harder and harder as they switched , mom was on top and I could clearly see dads penis entering mom. I was shocked that she could take the whole thing in. I am on the coutch now all,naked with my legs spread wide as I am having orgasim after orgasim ,sweating up a storm un able to take my eyes off the tube as the scenes change. Wow my parents really had a lot of sex and seemed to record them selves often. I take a look at my swollen lips and decide a finger in going in , oooooo wow . It was my first finger and my cunny wanted more ! Yes I coiled feel my hole and how it welcomed the penetration along with my new excitement and appreciation of how my wet engorged lips looked as I sat there. I was horney as he'll and tried 2 fingers oooohhaa wow. I had to stop before every one came home. It was tough and I was exhausted . All week I masturbated at night unable to get those thoughts out of my head. I could not look at my parents in the old way but had a new appreciation for their bodies and really giving dad a Hug was now a primer to start me off for the night. Every Saturday I was home alone for a couple of hours and I had a date with the VHS , this was like a drug I ended my fix and my orgasims to fulfill my desires. I started pretending I was mom and got in to the positions she was in as dad did her as I did my self ,,, I could not handle it any more and had to find something bigger than my finger. Along came the carrot , thin at the tip and slowly growing as it entered, oooohhhh, my carrot was my new friend . Over several months I did my self in many positions slowly increasing the size if the carrot , and the sensation was different as I changed positions, oh the orgasims were unbelievable . I can't say how thick the carrot got but I stopped when it looked like the thickness of my dad and seemed a little uncomfortable at times. When I finally had sex with a bf it was still exciting.

August 24, 2014 - Sexual Preference - In-Between

The Ultimate Female Masturbation Experience

Summer love and fun

When I was younger a friend and I developed a little bit of a mutual crush. We didn't think of it as being lesbian or anything like that, just two friends really liking each other a lot. Although, we knew that this was something that friends should be discrete about too, because we didn't want anyone to think that we were gay or anything. Like I said, we were both aware of having these mildly romantic feelings. One afternoon we were sitting on her bed in her room, and nobody was home. We were talking and we felt this sort of enticement to be be close. Closer, anyway, than we had ever dared be. We leaned over and kissed each other on the mouth. It wasn't just one of those frinedly little between friends pecks, either. We really kissed and we used our tongues. I don't think that either of us had even done this with a boy. It was so exciting. While we continued to kiss, we began feeling each other's breasts, massaging them through our shirts. Well, it didn't long for us to start taking each other's shirt and bra off, and to be playing with each othe's bare breasts. We started kissing and sucking on each other's nipples, and then our shorts came off, and we were masturbating each other thoroughly! We both had the best and most intense orgasm! It was so wonderful doing and sharing this together as frineds and as girls. Afer our first time, we just continued to be lovers, and thyis went on all throughout school. Neither of us ever became a lesbian because of this, but that was the most memorable summer of love and fun that I have ever had!

August 25, 2014 - Sexual Preference - In-Between

Anonymous Masturbator Confessions


This is something which I have never told anybody, and certainly my husband has absolutely no idea. I was curious about female mutual masturbation and came across this site which has been an eye opner for me. This started a little over a year ago. I have always gotten along quite well with my motherinlaw. She is very nice, and very attractive, blone and curvy, and has been divorced for about ten years. The two of us were going to have coffee one morning after she invited me to stop by. When I did, it was fairly early, and she had just come from the shower and had a robe on. I said how I was afraid that maybe I had come too early, and she said no, that it was just fine, and how she was ready to have a cup of coffee. She laughed and said how, if I wanted, she could get me a robe to wear as well. We both laughed, and then she said that she could just imagine what her son (my husband) would think if he found out that we were sitting around in robes having coffee, and humerously taking it a step further I said how we could always just be sitting there with nothing on. We both laughed some more over our being daring enough to have that kind of fun. So we sat at the kitchen table and I slipped off my sandals, and she teasingly asked if that was all I was going to take off, and said how she had nothing on beneath her robe, and all that she had to do was to slip it off. We laughed some more, and I teased back and said how that would be okay with me. One thing sort of led to another, and there I was getting undressed and she was taking her robe off, and we were both naked. We playfully embraced and did a few small affectionate kisses on the lips. The whole thing was quite wonderful and exciting, and we did several much more amorous kisses. Certainly without intending to, we found ourselves in her bedroom being uninhibitally sexual with one another. She was fingering my vagina and rubbing my clit, and I was doing the same to her. We even tried licking each other's click, and that was supurb! In short order we were giving each other the best and most intense orgasm ever! Needless tosay, we didn't stop there. But after that we started getting together to enjoy some friendly lesbian sex very much to our mutal pleasure. I feel so guilty when it comes to deceiving my husband, but I just can't help myself when it comes to his mother.

August 26, 2014 -

Caught Masturbating!

Oh so caught

This happened when I was younger. Like any healthy girl I had discovered the pleasures of masturbation and loved doing that. For me it was the most wonderful thing in the world. I would lay naked on my bed and rub my clit to the most marvelous orgasm, really, really savoring the experience. One morning I was doing that, and in walks my mother with an armload of laundry. I could see that she looked surprised, and I was certainly was, caught laying there naked with my hand between my legs. I can only imagine what my face must have looked like. Getting over initial surprise, mom just looked at me and smiled in the amsued way, and asked if I was haing fun. I didn't know what to say, of course. She apologized for intruding, saying that she didn't realize that I was in my room. I just choked that it was ok, feeling inctedibly self-conscious. Still smiling and looking amused, she assured me that I shouldn't be embarrassed and said that she was soory that she had interupted, and then she left. I didn't have any idea that my mom could be so cool.

August 26, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Anonymous Masturbator Confessions

So Embarrassed

I am a divorced mother with a nineteen year old son who still living at hom while he goes to college. The two of us have always gotten along and have been close. Several months ago, and without his knowing, I happened to see him naked with an erection. Of course I was surprised. There was my son, this good looking young man, and he had this quite large, handsome erection! Like I said, he had no idea that I saw him, and I wasn't about to embarrass him and saying anything. It would have just been one of those little incidents, only afterward I was quite taken by the sight of my son, and found myself thinking about this. Soon, to the point where I was finding myself becoming aroused. I was a little disturbed having such a response to my own son, but it was harmless. Then, one afternoon (when he was not at home) I decided to get naked and lay on my bed and masturbate. Very quickly I found myself thinking about my son and his penis. That proved sufficient to provide me with a most satisfying orgasm. Having thoroughly enjoyed that, I found myself regularly masturbating while not only thinking about my son, but actually fantasizing about him and what it would like to have his hard penis in me, and him telling me how he had always wanted to have sex with me. Even that he wanted to get me pregnant! This has gone on for some time now and I continue to feel so embarrassed about it on the one hand, and on the other I find it so enjoyable! It has even crossed my mind to see if I could get him to have sex with me, only I am so afraid that of what he would think of his mother. So of course I have not done this, and have merely contented myself with self-pleasure, which is still very satisfying.

August 26, 2014 - Sexual Preference - In-Between

Caught Masturbating!

mattz crorkz

Ew5DTT Thanks for the auspicious writeup. It in truth was a amusement account it. Glance advanced to more brought agreeable from you! By the way, how could we keep up a correspondence?

August 26, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Undecided

Caught Masturbating!

mattz crorkz

HCERpl I've been absent for some time, but now I remember why I used to love this website. Thanks , I'll try and check back more often. How frequently you update your site?

August 27, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Urgent Need to Masturbate

My parents friend

If my mother knew the situation she has gotten me into and how I have reacted to it, she would die. My company transferred me to NY last year and my mother arranged for me to get a small aprtment near work. It is owned by Theo who my parents have known for many years and my mother worked with for a long time. They alwys said what a great guy he is but they didn't know about his dark side and now my dark side. It took a month before I found elaborate peeping areas where he could see into all three rooms. I can't explain why but instead of feeling insulted by it I felt complimented for some strange reason. He knew I was going there a month or more before I moved in. Just by the location of these openings and the clever ways they are hidden I knew it took him much thought and time doing it, not to mention the cost. I think he actually renovated the entire apartment and can see where the bathroom was enlarged since the shower area is so deep there is no need for a door or curtain. The aparment is like a studio type and the kitchenette and living area is one room of the three where he also has a peeping opening. The first one I found was in the bedroom but now I know there are four with 2 in the bathroom. Theo sees me naked every day or night that he wants to and I believe he has let two other men watch me. I have met both of them and they are all around the age of my parents. Its something I don't fully understand but I get excited knowing they see me naked. I masturbate very often especially when I know one or both of the other men are visiting Theo. Four months ago I began dating Doug and by now I'm sure they have also seen me and Doug having sex many times. Doug is unaware of this and I know it would upset him but it excites me even more while having sex with him knowing Theo is watching us and more so if the other men are there. I am naked more than I have ever been when I know Theo is home. I clean my apartment and even cook sometimes in the nude knowing I am being seen by Theo and his friends. I have been mastubating since I was about twelve but never has anyone seen me doing it before. I was never caught by my parents or siblings and never intentionally let anyone see me doing it not even past boyfriends. I ask myself what is it that makes me masturbate so often and why I enjoy being seen naked so much. Its become a few nights a week when I not only masturbate while in the shower but lay in my bed naked afterwards and do it again. I don't even know whats behind the walls where the peeping openings are since the entrance to my apartment is a private entrance. I have been in Theo's apartment a number of times but still don't know where or how he hides the openings even though I have looked for them. What he doesn't know is that sometimes I can actually hear Theo talking to one or both of the other men. Because of that I think he must have part of his walls cut out somewhere. He has sight of every part of the apartment and even when I am sure he is watching me I have no scruples as to what I am doing while naked. It just causes me to become aroused and it doesn't even matter what I'm doing as long as I'm nude. This past weekend my boyfriend and I were having sex and I'm sure he heard Theo talking, asking me if I heard that. I just said the walls are thin and left it at that. From now on I'm going to play music when he comes so he don't suspect anything. I never turn off all the lights when we have sex because insanely I like Theo and his friends watching us. What made me become like this I don't know and never did such a thing before. All I know is the excitment it gives me and the need to masturbate as often as I do.

August 30, 2014 - Sexual Preference - In-Between

Anonymous Masturbator Confessions

A friends helping hand on school summer break

Hi there, I've not long found this site and I think it's great, so I thought you'd like to read what happened with a friend of mine a couple of weeks ago, hope you enjoy it. I was on a sleepover at a friends house and was very turned on as we'd been looking up porn and talking about sex, anyway, we ended up masturbating next to each other under the bed covers, keeping our underwear on, and both ending up having orgasms, this was the first time I'd ever done it with somebody and I thought it was good fun. Next morning Amy suggested we compare our boobs, I didn't mind this and it was nice to see her boobs and nice brown nipples compared to my little pink ones, I even let her touch and squeeze my boobs before I did the same to her, then she suggested comparing our pussy's, I said I wasn't sure about it, but Amy said, oh come on, we both know we shave and it'll be fun to see how different we are, so in the end I said okay and got naked, I was a little shy at first but soon relaxed, Amy's pussy was very tidy with everything tucked away except for a tiny amount of labia showing, mine on the other hand was the complete opposite to hers, with large labia protruding, Amy seemed fascinated by them, so I laid on the bed propping myself up with my elbows and spread my legs wide giving her a good view, I rubbed my fingers over my labia to open them a little as Amy got closer for a better look, she said they were beautiful and before I could do anything she touched them, running her finger over my lips, I jumped when she did this and she said she was sorry and should have asked first, I said that's okay, I'm cool about it, so she went back to running her finger along and over my labia, after a couple of minutes Amy asked if it felt nice and I said yes, well, she said how about if I do this then, and she rubbed 2 fingers over my clit in a circular moment while looking at me straight in the eye, I told her that if she didn't stop soon, she was going to make me wet,(not that I wasn't already) Amy said she'd like to see that and carried on rubbing over my clit for a while before moving back to my lips and rubbing a finger between them, I knew I was going to be wet and Amy seemed to love it, rubbing my pussy juice over my lips and clit before slipping a finger up me, at which point I asked her to stop as I thought things had gone far enough, she asked if I wanted to do the same to her, so I ended up touching and rubbing her and quite enjoyed feeling and seeing how different she was from me, then we both masturbated next to each other on bed and I really enjoyed watching Amy as she orgasmed. Later that day Amy said she was sorry for what had happened that morning, I said it was okay and there was no need to be sorry and that it had been fun, good she said because maybe we can do it again some time and if you want we could go a little further, so I told her I'd think about it. About a week or so later I text Amy saying I had the house to myself for the whole day so why didn't she come over and she was there within 15 minutes, it didn't take long before we were naked together in my bed, taking up where we left off last time, she asked if I was happy doing this and I said I was still cool about it, I was very wet indeed as Amy ran her fingers over my clit and pussy lips then pushed first one then 2 fingers up me, this time I let her do it and I reached down to touch her wet pussy, after about 5 minutes she moved position and before I knew it she was licking my pussy, it felt great and I didn't stop her, I'd seen this in porn loads of times but as I'd never had oral before, I had no idea how good it felt, Amy seemed to be everywhere all at the same time, clit, lips, pussy, everything, it was driving me made and she had me cumming within 5 minutes, god it felt like nothing I've ever experienced before and my orgasm was huge, once I'd calmed down I grabbed Amy and gave her pussy some serious attention, I did give her oral too but it didn't seem to work on her as well as it did on me, but I did bring her to orgasm using my fingers over her little clit with one hand and 2 fingers in her wet squelchy pussy with my other. We later had a soapy shower together which was great fun, fingers everywhere, then we had some fun trying on all my sexy little underwear and doing a little cat walk for each other wearing it, I even borrowed some of my sisters underwear to try on, and they really are small and sexy. We messed around with each other for most of the day, then she told me who else she'd masturbated with, some of the names surprised me, but she said she'd never gone as far as we had with any of them, I said Id really enjoyed it and looked forward to it happening again soon, then she went home.

August 31, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Fantasies while Masturbating

Being in Charge of Men

I have huge fantasies about being in charge of men. It could be anywhere; maybe in hospital, prison or the army. I can make them strip naked for me and I can inspect them and do body searches. They will get erections as they cannot help it. I can make them bend over and stick my fingers up their arses to see it they have drugs concealed there. This will make them even more erect. I will drag it out and push my fingers right up and feel around for ages, even using two fingers. I will inspect their cocks and balls and spend a lot of time and enjoy seeing their cocks dribble as they are so excited. I have to treat some men for STDs and insert things up their cocks. this is painful for them but I enjoy having control over them. I love to hear them gasp as the tube goes up their cock holes. I love to feel their balls and say I am testing them for cancer. All the time I am watching their cocks swell and dribble. Sometimes I can ask for sperm samples and have the authority to be present when they ejaculate. I love to watch them screw up their faces, grunt and come into the container. I dress very formally to make them feel inferior, more naked and vulnerable. I enjoy having a man on his own. These fantasies make me very wet and I have great orgasms. If it is a prisoner of war I can torture him to get information. This is an extra thrill for me and makes me very horny indeed. I am in charge of his whole body, including his cock, balls and arse. So sexy!

September 2, 2014 - Sexual Preference - In-Between

The Ultimate Female Masturbation Experience

Not Over the Hill

As a divorced middle-aged woman I was at that point in my life where everything seemed just blah so far as the future was concerned. I really was not interested in dating and meeying men. I tried, and frankly none were in the least romantic or passionate, or they were looking for a housekeeper. I met another divorced woman my age at work. The two of us started to casually hit it off, and we went out after work for a drink and then dinner a few times. One Saturday I invited her over to my place for coffee that morning. The two of us started talking about our past marriage, and men and dating, and we were both at the same place, unhappy and unsatisfied. The conversation playfully got around to how maybe we should consider having some female companionship and fun, just to try it. Well, both of us were willing, so we got naked in my bedroom, and very quickly we were having the most wonderful time. Neither of us were lesbian, but much to our mutual delight there was no embarrassment nor awkwardness in kissing and masturbating one another. We both knew just how to play with the outer and inner labia, when to insert a finger, and how to massage each other's clit. We quickly brought each other to the most intense orgasm, and we did not stop there. Over the next several hours, nakedly pausing for coffee, we enjoyed the sheer pleasure of giving each other several more much desired orgasms. Needless to say, we are now two female lovers who are having the best time of our entire lives! Sorry fellas, but you really do need to shape up.

September 4, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Fantasies while Masturbating

Women in Bondage

I have just been watching 'xhamster' bondage section of the porn and find I am very wet now. To go to 'BDSM Files' and see girls tied helpless and it is wonderful. I masturbate and come so many times! I see in detail all they do to the girls.

September 4, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Fantasies while Masturbating

Women in Bondage

I have found 'BDSM Files' directly on Google and you can see girls there in a great range of very exciting bondage situations. I imagine I am one of these girls as I masturbate. It is extremely erotic for me and I have many strong orgasms while I watch them. I also imagine a lot of people watching me helpless and they masturbate too. They men squirt cum all over me. I love sperm all over my face and in my mouth. My mouth is tied open and men fill it with their semen. I have huge vibrators up my pussy and arsehole. They vibrate on a high, rough, strong setting and I cum continuously and my body shakes uncontrollably. It is wonderful indeed. I love the tied, bound, tight, widely spreadeagled, helpless feeling and also the people watching and mocking me and looking at me naked.

September 5, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Fantasies while Masturbating

Girls in Bondage

My favourite BDSM File via xhamster porn website is number 046 and it gets me going so much. The girl is naked and spread in a wonderful way and tied. She squirts twice. Her thighs are tied right back and wide open. Her feet are wide apart. I feel so horny watching. It is girl on girl. An electric vibrator strap on is used and slowly turned up to the limit. Electric tongs are used inside her thighs. A vibrator is used on her clit. She orgasms strongly and loudly twice. I am soaked and orgasm with her every time I watch it. I play it all the time as it is in my favourites. Sorry to go on about it but I love it so much! Enjoy.

September 7, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Caught Masturbating!

Yup, my teacher caught me in the middle of intense masturbation. He caught me with clamps on my nips, a vibrating plug up my butt, my legs bound with my belt, and me in doggy position, about to pound my slippery vagina with a 12 inch dildo. So how did he catch me? Well he tuned into my live cam, of course! Each week, I put on a show in front a small internet audience who watch me masturbate and do things to myself on request. Now, most of these men are regulars, but occasionally, a few new audience members pop up now and then.

That day, I tuned into my live show exactly at 7 PM, and was delighted to be merged by the images of my viewers cocks. I greeted them all, and told them how especially horny I was that day. And then I asked them what I should do first. On request I got rid of all my clothes, and first thing first, put on my nipple clamps. All of my sex toys were graciously gifted by my viewers. I was told to face my ass to the camera, and told to buckle my legs. Then told to insert the vibrator up my bum and begin to use the dildo, I happily obliged. As I inserted the dildo, I heard the noise of a ding from computer, telling me someone had arrived at my show. Well, well, a new member to my show, let me see your face! I said happily, still facing away from the laptop, not seeing anything. I heard the sound of someone moving a webcam, telling me my new viewer was eager to see me face to face. I peeked through my legs to look at the screen, and almost screamed from shock. I fell over to my side in surprise, when my teacher finally clearly saw my face. I watched his face contort in horror, as he immediately signed off.

September 11, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Undecided

First Time Masturbating

Inexperienced Girl Help

I am 15 and I have never masturbated before. I tried the other day and rubbed one spot tyat got me really wet. But I don't think I was close to orgasming. I tried fingering myself but didn't really feel any 'pleasure'. I need help from you girls! I read these storiea and get so wet but dont know how to masturbate!! Please help me because I have never done this. How did you do it your first time?? Please help?

September 12, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight

To Inexperienced girl help

There's information here on the site that might help you. On the main page under Women there's a section called Female Techniques. Click on it and check them out. There are so many that at least one (and probably more) might give you the help you're looking for.

Do let us know how it goes!

September 13, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight

The Ultimate Female Masturbation Experience

Stop and Go delight

My girlfriend and I have lived together for 10 months. She lost her husband in Iraq—I have never been married. Her husband had GI insurance and also purchased an additional insurance that pays her a monthly fee until she marries. We probably won’t.

We read about the Stop and Go method having sex. It is great so we experimented after a couple months. She had a baby by her husband, but it was still born. Her vagina was stretched. I ordered her a dildo that was 8” by 2” Dia. At first I would use in in the Stop and Go method, but she couldn’t control herself near the end—she would grab my hand with both hands and go 90 miles an hour.

So I got some Velcro and strapped her wrists to the headboard. When she comes close to climax, I stop for almost a minute. She writhes and groans. Then I start again. I soon stop. She is almost shouting for me to keep going. I stop for a few seconds and go again. I do this about 8 or 9 times and then I stroke the dildo fast—she finishes at least two times in a row and sometimes three. I let her (and me) rest for about five or six minutes and then I Stop and Go again. During this second go around, Nancy is really wild. She is almost screaming. After about ten or so Stops I quickly pull the Velcro and she grabs my hand and finishes at least three more times.

We ordered a jack-off tool and next week she will do the Stop and Go method to me.

September 13, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Anonymous Masturbator Confessions

Technology is great

We live in a wonderful world and the internet has opened up many doors for me. Really where els can one go to research things like porn for free. I do. It started around well I can't say but I was in puberty and looking at guys like they looked at me. So I wanted to see a penis and just looked one up . We'll being so young they looked pretty huge on screen and really sort of scared me thinking about that huge thing entering my little hole . I had mastubated for a while and often inserted a finger to feel my self up. Looking at boys and men took on a new direction , I wondered how there package looked. Cut or un cut, Harry or shaven like I liked to see. Thanks to the internet I can really get a good Jill in private and let my fantasies roll.

September 15, 2014 -

Self loving

So my favourite way to get off is with my vibrator! I start by stroking and cupping my breasts, running my palm over my nipples to tease them and then pinching my nipples between my thumb and finger then slightly tug! I then usually get my vibrator between my lips and rest it on my clit to tease myself which gets me excited! After moment or two I'll slide a finger in to see how wet I am! And then continue with the vibrator on my clit while fondling my breasts the whole time! Then as I feeling close to climaxing I stop and I'm dripping wet so I slide in a couple of fingers and gently massage myself, warming and stretching my myself so I can easily push my vibrator slowly inside this drives me crazy! I love taking it slowly and deeply to begin with! And then switch it on. I thrust it in and out a few times before I let it slide nearly all the way out and let it rest just before it pops out and this is amazing sitting against my g spot! And after a moment I'll gently slide him backwards and forwards rubbing my g spot, making me cum hard!

September 15, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Other Masturbatory Entry

how I've grown to love masturbation sex by myself and with men

This is also about mutual,exhibition and voyeurism and more. My boyfriend,Lee, has written about our experiences here and lets me confess here too.I've told how I hated my ex making me give him blowjobs and how my girlfriends used to say they hated it too. How that all changed with Lee,how I began to love watching porn in the NYC theaters with Lee,how we would get each other off while we watched, how I got so hot one time that I told him I wanted to have a group of guys shoot their loads on me and how Lee got some gay guys to do it for me and then later in life how we got together again and how my sex life with my new husband was so bad and then nothing,and Lee and I would get together a few times a year and jack and jill to his porn movies and internet, and then getting together with other men,twice a whole softball team and they would shoot their loads all over me and how we tricked a guy into thinking he was cumming in my mouth but Lee got his mouth on it and took the load, and how we now let small groups of guys cum on us at the same time. We still have regular sex but our groups are some special fun and I get myself off just thinking about it,as I'm doing now.Lee is off playing golf and he left me a note of an internet site that has a group of gay men cumming in other guys mouths. The first time I watched this kind of porn I would think-get him,serves him right,see how you like it, but now that I've found that I like to have guys shoot their loads on my face and in my mouth, I find it is neat to watch guys doing it to guys,sometimes a black guy will have his face covered with white stuff and it looks so good,one time I watched a black guy shoot his load in slow motion with a closeup of the hole in the tip of his cock oozing his stuff and it runs down the shaft and all over his hand and it looks so sexy I want to lick it up.oh I'm cumming again, I cant wait for Lee to get back and have him lick my clit while I watch the men's faces and mouths getting covered. I'll be sure to get Lee off too!

September 21, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Memorable Self-Pleasuring

What little supervision leads to.

I imagine most people remember the first time they had an orgasm but my first time is still vivid in my memory. I grew up living with my grandmother for reasons I'd rather not get into. My grandfather drove a taxi and worked long hours. To make ends meet my grandma watched two kids after school and during the summer months starting when I was about 8. Richard was a baby I think 1 at the time and Barry was 10. We did interact with the baby lots of times but Richard and I would spend most of the time in my room watching tv and playing video games. My grandma is a very heavy woman and I can't recall to many times over years that she came upstairs except at bedtime. Not mention that she has always been addicted to her soap operas and other tv shows like the price is right. Barry and I got along very well and hardly ever argued. I'm not sure if Barry had any sexual thoughts at the time but I certainly didn't and suppose I was very naive about sex in general. The bathroom was right across from my bedroom and Barry would go in and urinate without closing the door. Why I'm not sure but I began doing the same and just pull down my shorts and sit on the toilet not caring if Barry saw me. The weather is warm here year round so we always had light clothing on such as shorts and t shirts. Barry went around barechested lots of times and I did sometimes since at that age there was nothing to hide. My grandma bought me a small pool in the yard which Barry and I went in a couple times a week but other than that we played in my room most of the time. The first time we were in the pool and went back upstairs and it was my grandma who told us to shower before getting dressed. I doubt if she had any thoughts about what that would cause to happen. When Barry and I got back upstairs we got to the bathroom and if I remember correctly, he asked if I wanted to shower first. I guess I said no and right in front of me he took off his bathing suit and got into the shower. I had seen his penis many times before that when he was peeing but this was the first time I saw him naked. I just stood watching him as he took his shower and when he came out he left the water running and told me to get in it. Because he was naked I suppose it was ok and took off my bathing suit and got into the shower with him watching me. There was no shyness with either of us and we cassualy dried of and dressed in front of each other, then played a video game. At that time we had only known each other for about 4 months and yet we were perfectly at ease with each other dressed or undressed.

Each time we went in the pool we showered the same way, him going first and leaving the water running for me. We began talking about each others bodies and one day Barry suggested we stay naked for a while. We just sat side by side nude playing the video games. We bagan staying naked together often for an hour or more and then one day Barry had what I know now was an erection. I was amazed looking at it because it was so much bigger than before. Thats when he told me he could get it like that when he wanted to. Now I'm not sure if he was masturbating at the time or whether he was able to ejaculate but he showed me that by him rubbing and jerking his penis it would get hard. He and I had the sense even at that age that my grandma should not know about any of this and we said so to each other. I suppose we knew it was not the right thing but continued being naked around each other. There was no touching each other at that time but I was intrigued that his penis would grow when he touched himself. He did it sometimes telling me it felt good to him but there were many times I asked him to get it hard and I would watch as he played with himself. It went on for a while then one day he ejaculated with me watching him. He said it never happened before but I often wonder today if he was lying about that. He started telling me that I also could touch myself and that it would probably feel good to me to. Thats when I first started experimenting with masturbation. I started out by only rubbing the outside of my vagina and although I did get some pleasure it was far from an actual orgasm. As months went by I would watch Barry masturbate several times a week seeing him cum everytime, still not understanding the the why or how. Like most kids my knowlege of sex increased from talking to other kids my age. Months and months went by and by this time I was colse to 10 and thats when I started fingering myself and for the first time had an orgasm. Barry and I began masturbating at the same time and aware by now that my grandma better not find out what we are doing almost everyday during the week. About a week after my 10th birthday Barry asked me to touch his penis which he had never asked me to do before. We both knew by then the pleasures we got from masturbating but had never really touched each others genitals. I defenitly knew it was wrong but I took his penis in my hand and jerked him off. Its funny now but I remember some of his cum landing on my leg just above my knee and saying something to him like icky or yuk. A few days later I did it again and thats when he asked to touch my vagina. I admit I did feel uncomfortable at first but I just layed there and let Barry touch my vagina and finger me to orgasm. I began to develop slightly and Barry even would mention I was getting boobs even though they were only like small buds. For a little more than a year it became masturbation together some days and mutual masturbation other days. I was 11 and Barry 13, my boobs were an little bigger then and I let Barry fondle me and masturbate me and I jerking him off all that time. Then his dad got transferred on his job from Tampa to San Francisco. We did talk on the phone for a short time but I never saw him again. I continued masturbating often and never had any kind of sex with a boy until I was 19. I have a boyfriend now and we do have great sex with each other and by my reguest often masturbate each other. The fist few months we were having sex it was strickly intercouse but it was me who instigated the mutual masturbation and oral sex. I'm sure I did that because of the pleasures I got with Barry years ago and when I am jerking off my boyfriend now it brings back memories of long ago.

September 28, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight

The Ultimate Female Masturbation Experience

Best Friends

Although I've always been straight, that certainly doesn't mean that I don't fantasize about masturbating and having sex with another girl. Specifically my best friend. She's the type of girl that anyone would have sex with- whether they're straight or not. She has this long, blonde hair that falls down to just below her boobs. Her skin is flawless, and she has the perfect body. No one can deny that she isn't incredibly sexy. Now- we're strictly friends, but, sometimes we get a bit flirty with each other. We'll touch each other a little bit, or tease each other. Three nights ago, we both played hooky from school and had an entire day to go shopping and of course, later, get a bit tipsy at her house. We're both pretty good girls, but we've both been working incredibly hard and we wanted to treat ourselves for a day. After a few shots of vodka, we were already touching each other and joking about how we'd always wondered what'd be like to get with a girl. After another shot, we'd quickly gone from leg stroking to touching each other's boobs. We were sitting on her kitchen counter, listening to the Arctic Monkeys, and feeling each other up. To say the least, I was pretty damn excited. She took off her shirt, showing me her pretty lacy white bra with the pink bow in the middle. She hopped off the counter and giggled, blowing me a kiss- and proceeding to take off her skirt. Her underwear was matching, unlike mine. Somehow she always manages to look so sexy and put together. Following suit, I removed my clothes. We began to kiss, sitting on her counter, feeling each other's boobs. I climbed into her lap, and stroked the entire length of her body, starting from her shoulders down to her thighs. Our kissing was really passionate- we've both kissed enough guys to know what we were doing, but kissing a girl is a whole other ballgame. It felt beautiful and soft and right. She flipped me around, pinning me down onto the counter, making her kiss deeper and continuously more passionate. She then removed my bra, and felt my perky nipples. Smiling, she sucked on my boobs and kissed my stomach, slowly getting closer to my pussy. I nodded to her to let her know that it was okay, so she pulled off my pink thong to reveal my incredibly wet, throbbing, shaved pussy. I was so turned on it was ridiculous. I'd dreamed about this for months on end. She spread apart my pussy lips, running her tongue down my clit, down to my vagina, and back up again, in a pattern. I was already moaning at this point. She licked my clitoris around in a circle, getting faster and faster and faster, stopping just before I orgasmed, teasing me. She joked about the pool of liquid I was making on the counter. (It was quite literally a pool. I was dripping.) Suddenly, she stuck two fingers in me and started shoving them in and out really fast, making me gasp. She was really good at the whole girl on girl thing. I rubbed my clitoris as she sucked on my boobs and pounded on my pussy. Then something that never has happened to me happened- I squirted all over the counter. I've never squirted in my life, so it was definitely a new and shocking experience. She smiled as I shook on the counter, dripping everywhere. I quickly returned the favour, sucking on her sweet, dripping wet slit, making her squirt just like I did. God, that was the best night. Ladies- if you ever get the chance to do girl on girl, I'm telling you- do it!! I'm so horny from just writing this story that I'm going to have to go get myself off. Happy masturbating all of you ;)

October 3, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight


Handsome guy

The couple (Lee and Sandra) who lived next door were very friendly and my mom and Sandra would go shopping together and every Wednesday night went to bingo. Their house was a one story ranch house and from my bedroom window I could see into their master bedroom. I was almost 13 at the time and the first time I saw Lee naked I thought it was accidental. Well as it turned out I would see him naked and masturbating every Wednesday night and knew shortly that he was doing it on purpose, knowing I was watching him. Wednesday nights were the only time the drapes were fully open and he would occassionally look up at my bedroom window. I did keep my room dark but I am sure he knew I watched him every week and began getting naked myself and masturbate while watching him. This went on for just about 4 years up until the time I went to college. Lee was a really good looking guy and I still masturbate at times thinking about him. Even while in college during the summers I watched him sometimes when my mom and Sandra went to bingo but he didn't do it as often then. I did realize he was an exibitionist but he was so good looking naked it got me aroused all the time. His body was close to perfect and I loved watching him walking around his bedroom naked and especially loved watching him masturbate.

October 11, 2014 -

Anonymous Masturbator Confessions

Why Not

I am a middle-aged woman, and have been divorced for five years now. To be honest, I began to enjoy having my own life. My house is very private and with no neighbors to worry about, and I found myself enjoying the fun of being a naked at home. This is something that I never really ever did before, but now I delight in the personal freedom and enjoy being bare. I also find it quite stimulating arousing, and indulgently masturbate whenever I feel like it. Six months ago, a female friend who is my own age and also divorced, happened to stop by one morning, and caught me in the all-together. She wasn't shocked and thought that it was amusing, and invited her to be naked if she wanted. Feeling uninhibited, she happily removed her clothes and there we were - two naked friends. It was so delightful, and we both found it to be quite arousing. It took little encouragement for us to begin masturbating one another. All I can say is, with each of us knowing just what to do, we both had the most stimulating and satisfying orgasms. Of course we were both a little modest about being so indulgentltly lesbian, and yet we we were both extremely pleased with what we had accomplished together. Since that time, she and I have shared an absolutely marvelous sex life that is so satisfying all female.

October 12, 2014 - Sexual Preference - I would rather not say.

The Ultimate Female Masturbation Experience

showering girl help

So i use the shower on jet to masturbate and it feels soooo good. But it takes forever for and i dont always come. And my family are noticing im in the shower long. I need help coming without a shower. Ive tried literally everything! Please help. I cannot purchase a vibrator or anything and live in a really small town hours from a city. So i dont have anything that vibrates. I dont really like penetration... please help

October 13, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Masturbation Technique

Love is the Answer

I believe, without love with another person, sex by itself is a sad and lonely affair. I believe what God says in the Bible, A man should leave his mother and father and join to his wife and the two should become one flesh. (Genesis Chapter 1 and 2).

October 13, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Bisexual

Caught Masturbating!


I have lived in a small town for years. I had lived in a house but the house beside me had been empty for years, that was until a couple of weeks ago. Now before this house had been occupied I did not need to worry about closing currents other than at the front of the house where the street was. Now I tend to find myself very horny and I mean all the time. I probably masturbate ten times a day. So anyways, I was surfing the internet and suddenly a pop up add for naughty coatrooms comes up. At this point I was in the middle of my living room and I am so horny it hurts. I feel a aching in between my legs, a tight sensation. At that point I am thankful that I am wearing sweat pants because they come off so easily. I was racing to take off my clothes. Racing to start touching myself. I had started off slowly by making slow circles around my clit. It did not take my long before I was soaking wet. At this point I used my other had to enter myself. I only had one finger inside me and was about to add the second when out of the cover of my eye I noticed the neighbor starring at me with a well defined pitched tent. I was not going to stop now. Instead I took and spread my legs further apart giving him more of a show. I did not look right at him because I did not want him to know that I saw him. Instead I used the corner of my eye to see him. When I looked at him again I noticed that he now how his penis out of his pants and was stroking himself. He was wide but not long. I wanted so badly to be filled by him that I now used two fingers. I rested the palm of my hand on my clit so that as I moved in an out I was massaging my clit. This freed for my to rub my nipples. Now I no longer cared. I was starring right at my neighbor, right as his penis as he stroked himself. When I finally climaxed I felt like my climax would never end as wave after wave of pleasure came to me. I was screaming and moaning so loud. When the orgasms finally stopped I well sedated. I did not stay sedated for long. As I wrote this I had to stop and masturbate twice. I hope my neighbor catches me again. Or maybe I can catch him sometime.

October 20, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Over 40 Years of Masturbating

older wife

I must be one of the few older women on this site. I am over 60 but my husband and i still enjoy sex. It may not be intense as years aago but we still pleasure each other. i enjoy jerking him off and cumming all over my nipples. He will lick one nipple and being able i lick the other. We walk around the house in just our underwear and times i don't wear a bra which really turns hubby on. he will start rubbibg his crotch as i watch, and offer him my boobs. It really turns us both on. I think I will turn hubby on now since writing this has aroused me. Let's hear of other older women still enjoying some FUN.

October 21, 2014 - Sexual Preference - In-Between



3gRMY5 Terrific paintings! This is the type of info that are supposed to be shared around the web. Shame on Google for not positioning this post upper! Come on over and discuss with my web site . Thanks =)

October 21, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Memorable Self-Pleasuring

Catching Lisa

I roomed with Lisa for 8 months. It was a big step for me since I had the freedom back home to masturbate any time I needed to with an empty house so much of the time. My father travelled & my mom was just out a lot & when she was home she spent much of her time in the gardens.

I was & still am very loud when I orgasm. For me it just makes the feeling better to let it all out. It may have a lot to do with my very first orgasm. I was in a field all alone practicing what a friend had directed me to do with specific instructions. My first was huge, massive & explosive. I had no idea anything could feel that good. The climax made me shake & squeal with pleasure. I spent the entire day doing it over & over again until my clit was too sore to touch. Needles to say I enjoyed it so much that masturbation became a daily & frequent event.

For quite some time I thought I masturbated far too much & more than any of my friends. I never spoke to any of them other than Ronda, the one who taught me how. She told me she did it every day a few times each. She never went on about how great it was, she only said it felt good to do it. I could never say it was good. Great, fantastic, out of this world, mind blowing, anything but good! Maybe mine just felt better. For years I had no idea, until I met Lisa.

Lisa's dad was richer than most people I knew. I rented a room from him in the house Lisa was in which he owned. One night I had to be out late & I was purposely very quiet when I came in hoping not to wake Lisa. As I crept down the hall to get to my bedroom I could see the light was on in the TV room. Still not making noise & tiptoed barefoot to see if Lisa was still up or if the TV had been left on. The closer I got I heard the moans of people having sex which was on the TV. As I turned the last corner I got a full view of Lisa laying back on the sofa with her feet propped up on the coffee table & legs wide apart & a vibe buzzing at her clitoris while she stuffed a large dildo in & out of her body. I was first shocked but so pleasantly surprised. I stood frozen for a few seconds until Lisa opened her eyes & screamed out loud with a big OH! I backed away & told her how sorry I was but she instantly called me back. Feeling a bit awkward combined with a quick building sexual desire I went back to the entrance to the room. Lisa's legs ere now closed & the vibe was off & the dildo was in her hand glistening with her bodies juices. She was not shy though & did not hide her body.

Lisa told me she should be the one who was sorry for not being more carful then immediately asked if I was OK with what had just happened. Before I could answer she said it was no big deal for her as long as I was OK. My sexy feeling was building very fast since I'd already planned to flick off my own clitoris to s few wild orgasms prior to any of this happening. I told Lisa about my plans to go to my room & do the same thing & it felt so good to admit it to her. Lisa told me as long as we were both planning the same thing that I should stay & watch the movie as long as I was cool with it.

When Lisa asked me to join her my tummy flopped over about 4 times before I could even answer her with a big YES & OK. What I turn on. I went to my room & told Lisa I just had to clean up a bit. I stripped naked & went to the shower, scrubbed the day off & gave my pussy a quick shave to be nice & smooth just like I saw Lisa's was. It had been a few days since I'd shaved. Walked nude down the hall to see Lisa felt so exciting! I was nude & about to masturbate with my new friend!

When I got back Lisa was already spread open & buzzing at her clitoris. She said I had a lot of catching up to so since she'd came a few times already. I sat down on the big arm chair off to one side but still within a good view of Lisa. All I had was my fingers but I can orgasm so well from masturbating like that. For me it's the raw way to do it & I love doing it that way. Vibes are great but I come way to fast. I find the slow climb to orgasm when I use my fingers gets me off hard & the orgasm is more of a tears then a hard long one. I just love it!

What was also a big deal for me was that Lisa was built almost exactly the same as me. We were both very skinny with tiny boobs. I have long pointed nipples but Lisa had these wide areolas that were all puffed out. The entire brown area was puffy & fat. It looked pretty cool but I still like having pong nipples. The guys say they like big boobs but they sure look at my nipples a lot when I wear shear tops to allow them to poke through.

As soon as I began to massage my clitoris I felt this warm feeling come over me. The hum of Lisa's vibe giving her pleasure & watching her lean body was a thrill all on it's own. Lisa came fast & hard. Even today I can close my eyes & see her orgasm building as she held her breath & tightened her muscles. I see her press her toes to the floor & lift her heels high. Her leg muscles flexed & when her orgasm began I watched her entire upper body flex & role with each pulse of orgasm. SHe had such nice tone & her tummy muscles rolled like little waves of water. Her tiny boobs moved back & forth as her right arm slid the dildo in & out of her puffy lips. It was such a beautiful sight to see that it made me cum right away after her. I made the most of my orgasm too. My body rolled much like hers but I made sure not to hold back on my vocal pleasure too. I came long & hard & my body jerked & twitched while I rocked my hips & pumped at my hand. My orgasm felt like it would never stop & when it did I laid back & caught my breath, I opened my eyes to see Lisa smiling at me with her finger to her lips like a shhhhhh. She said I will alert the neighbors with an orgasm like that.

I hardly watched the movie at all. Being with & seeing Lisa masturbate & orgasm was such a my thrill for me. Lisa played for a while more then slouched into the sofa & laid on her side & said she was all done. I was still pretty excited & while softly stroking my clitoris I told her I was not quite done. She smiled & told me there was no reason for me to stop just because she did. She said she would just relax & watch & that I should keep going until I was satisfied. Again I felt even more sexually aroused. Lisa had just asked me to masturbate all by myself while she watched. It was the hottest I can ever remember feeling other than when I had 3 guys at once. After my boyfriend filled my pussy from behind with his big cock & I sucked each of the other 2 cocks for a very long time, my boyfriend came in my mouth while his friends came on my body. So HOT! I fantasize about swallowing the hot cum from each one & I would have done it for sure except for I think that would have made my BF a bit mad. He didn't mind me sucking them but swallowing their cum would have been too much. Still it was fun to swallow him & to hear & feel the others shoot hot cum on my bare skin. That was hard to top & happened a few years after my time with Lisa.

I masturbated & came 3 more times that night. Each time Lisa told me how great to see. I did my best to keep quiet which Lisa reminded me of too. I did my best but made up for it with a body that bucked & twisted with pleasure, all while Lisa watched.

I was so happy that our mutual masturbating began so early rather than close to when I had to move on. We had 7 months of fun together. Toward the end of my stay, Lisa's friend Jennifer came to visit one weekend. She was extremely tall, dark hair & very nice. She spent 3 days with us & Finally on the last night Lisa told her about how we had fun together & asked if she wanted to join us. We talked about it & I thought it would happen but she backed down at the last minute. Lisa asked her if she would be ok if we did it once she went to bed. She said sure & later she was off to bed. Lisa & I were both pretty horny & I tried to keep quiet. When we were almost ready to stop Jen came out with a sheet wrapped around her & said it sounded too good to miss out on. She sat down beside Lisa & used her fingers like me. When Jen came her body hardly moved & the only noise heard was a soft ah, maybe 4 or 5 times then she'd squeeze her legs together & smile. Later we talked about how our orgasms felt in general. We all agreed that mine must be way harder than most judging by my bodies reaction. I'm not unhappy about that.

Writing about that time in my life was almost like being there again. I know it was no huge story like some of you have & it was a bit mild but for me it was so much fun. I took off my clothes about half way through & massaged my clitoris to 2 nice hard orgasms. It's so good & I'm going to do it now for a while before I go to sleep. I love my body & how it feels when I orgasm. Thank you for reading.

October 27, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Over 40 Years of Masturbating

This Pensioner Still Enjoys Masturbating

I am a regular visitor to this intriguing web-site and I note with a great deal interest the contribution from, 'Older Wife’ - 20th. October 2014. Who, as she is turned 60, says she must be one of the few older women on the site, and wants to hear from other older women still enjoying FUN.

The category I ticked is '40+ Years of Masturbation.' However I'm in my late sixties, so perhaps the category should read - '50+ Years of Masturbation' and I still enjoy pleasuring my-self; and why not? Just because I'm in my more senior years why should I deny my-self such a wonderful pleasure. Within my family and circle of friends there a few of us, both male and female turned 60, who still enjoy masturbating. However, there others who are aware that I masturbate and look down on me with disgust as though I'm sexually depraved: people of my age shouldn't even be thinking about masturbating, never mind doing it.

For me masturbating is not just about bringing my-self to an orgasm. It’s similar to making love with a partner, before the thrilling overwhelming orgasm and climax of sexual intercourse, fore- play is just as important, hands caressing, fondling and exciting each other’s body. And it’s the same when I masturbate. I really enjoy fingering inside my pussy, finger tips teasing and at the same time exciting my clitoris, taking my time and slowly working my-self towards a breath-taking orgasm and climax.

I was 14 when I first started masturbating, with a finger or two inside my pussy I pleasured my- self several times a day. But whilst I enjoyed doing it I could never reach the orgasm that some of my friends were describing. It wasn't until, during one of our 'girlie talks,' when my older Sister explained to me the little button called the 'clitoris.' On her-self she showed me how to reach an orgasm with her fingers inside her pussy and fingers of her other hand gently caressing her clitoris.

Then it was my turn and wow!! Doing what she had just demonstrated to me within a couple of minutes I was writhing in a fantastic mind blowing sensation that, and obviously, I'd never before experienced. My first real orgasm.

As an aside. No, my Sister and I never masturbated each other. Although there were occasions when we barged into each other’s bedroom, the bathroom, and one or the other would be masturbating. And yes, my older Sister still masturbates.

I was sixteen when I surrendered my virginity to my then boy-friend, and during my late teenage years I had sex with several other boy-friends. Of course I enjoyed the thrilling pleasures when making love, but as much as I did, in my own privacy I was still infatuated with masturbating my- self.

At twenty years old I met and began courting my husband to be; and two later we were married. Through-out our marriage we had a fantastic sex-life, and yes almost every day I masturbated. And because I did, during the early years of our marriage my obsession caused arguments. My husband thought I masturbated because of his inability to sexually satisfy me; but oh yes he could. And the countless occasions when we watched each other masturbate, especially him watching me, that brought out the exhibitionist in me.

Sadly the marriage broke down a few years ago.

That said, a typical day in my life. I sleep nude and each morning rising from my bed I very rarely get dressed; I enjoy been nude in the house. After eating breakfast and completing a few house chores I sit in the dining-room, I now want and need to masturbate. So with fingers lovingly probing inside my pussy and gently exciting my clitoris, at first slowly, but as the sensation begins to build my fingers are working faster and faster bringing my-self to an orgasm.

Having satisfied my early morning need, after taking a shower and dressing I’m now ready to face the world. At times I’m out shopping, visiting family and friends, or they visit my house. Come mid- afternoon and I’m alone in the house I often masturbate again, only this time it’s a quickie; and most times I like doing it a standing position. So with my skirt hitch up to my waist and knickers removed I masturbate and within a few minutes I've brought my-self to an orgasm.

At the end of the day, in the comfort of my bed I make love to my-self: Hands caressing my breasts, finger-tips tweaking my nipples, fingers lovingly twirling inside my pussy, fingers thrilling my clitoris. I use my vibrator on the intimate parts of my body where fingers have been. I slide the vibrator into my pussy and slowly f…k my-self, fingers return to my clitoris. I work my fingers and the vibrator faster and I’m lost in my own world. That wonderful familiar sensation starts creeping into me and I’m beginning to cum. Then it hits me, that breath-taking climatic orgasm shooting through my loins, I keep thrilling my-self for as long as I can, but after a minute or so the sensation on my clitoris and inside my pussy is too much and reluctantly I have to stop.

So ladies this female pensioner still masturbates. I want to, I need to and most certainly I enjoy doing it. And as the contribution from ‘Older Wife’ asks, I too would like to hear from other older women who still enjoy having FUN.

October 28, 2014 - Sexual Preference - In-Between

The Ultimate Female Masturbation Experience

Friends are Lovely

I found this site and read a few stories on it which are like mine, so I thought that I would go ahead and add my own. It's another stories about a divorced middle-aged woman who has found that having a friendship with another middle-age divorced woman can be absolutely marvelous! No, I never had lesbian desires. Yet, when Barb and myself managed to shed our inhibitions, we found female sex thrilling beyond belief! The first time that we got naked together we were both so aroused that we could hardly contain ourselves. We spent the most romantic, naked and sexual afternoon together and with no regrets! All I can say is that I wish I had tried this years ago! Mutual masturbation with someone of the same sex can be so satisfying and so can making love.

October 28, 2014 - Sexual Preference - In-Between

Caught Masturbating!

Mom was so Cool

This happened when I was younger. My best friend and I began fooling around together and indluging in mutual masturbation. One afternoon my mother happened to come home and she caught us naked together on my bed doing what we liked to do best. Of course I thought that my mom was going to be mad and think that we were total lesbians and all of that. My was mom was so cool about it, though. She didn't act surprised, and she told me that she saw nothing wrong with two friends having some fun like that together. She also said how she would prefer me to be that with another girl than a boy. So after that, my friend and I were free to enjoy oursleves as much as we wanted. I discovered that I didn't have to feel guilty or deviant just bbecause I found have sex with another female to be fun and satisfying. Now that I'm older, I am very much male-oriented, but I still on occasion enjoy getting into bed with a girlfriend for some close and satusfying female intimacy without having to think of myself as being a lesbian. Tnhanks mom for all of your understanding!

October 30, 2014 - Sexual Preference - In-Between

The Ultimate Female Masturbation Experience


I got a job working in the local library. I was young and single and liking the life I had. I worked with a young Korean girl my own age. She was very nice, kind of quiet and shy. The two of us started to become friends. We got together a few times and it was nice and we enjoyed each other's company. One Saturday I was over at her place. It was winter and snowing outside, so we were sitting on the sofa having coffee, and just relaxing, feeling snug and warm. We started talking about boyfriends and relationships, our experiences, and how it was always so complicated and all of that. It was obvious that we were both in agreement about things. She said how nice it was to have an understanding friend, and I told her the same. Well, there was just this pleasant closeness between us, and I suppose we were both feeling in a romantic sort of mood. So we kissed, and that was so nice to do as friends. We were both a little surprised over our doing that and our liking it. So we kissed some more and started romantically making out. It wasn't long before we were both getting aroused and we started to fondle each other's breats through our clothing while we kissed. I said something about how we had better be careful or we were going end up out of our clothes in in bed together. Being quite honest about it, she said how she wouldn't mind that. So we went into the bedroom and got naked and slipped into bed. It was so wonderful being this way together and we continued to make out and to masturbate one another. We even started aving oral sex and gave each other the most wonderful orgasm. We both admittted that we had never enjoyed sex more. So after that, the two of us became lovers and have been going steady now for almost a year. It has been wonderful!

November 2, 2014 - Sexual Preference - I would rather not say.

First Time Masturbating


I JUST HAD SEX WITH MY SCIENCE TEACHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

November 2, 2014 -

The Ultimate Female Masturbation Experience

So Nice

This happened when I was younger. My father was gone for a few days on business and it was just mom and myself. With it just being the two of us, mom and I were both feeling more uninhibited. Just for fun, after taking a shower, I came out of the bathroom naked. Mom just laughed at my being so daring and I teased her into being naked, too. We were both all smiles and grins. It was the first time that we had been naked togtehr, and we admitted that it was a tun on. Well, mom and I playfully had a feel of each other's bare boobs, and then we slipped a hand down below. We were laughing and rubbing one another, and mom suggested that we get more comfortable in the bedroom. So we went into her room and got on the bed and began seriously masturbating one another. After about ten minutes, we gave each other the best orgasm! We did that about five more times while dad was gone. Of course dad never knew that we did this, and continued to have some playful fun. It was the best experience getting to be sexual with my mom.

November 2, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Undecided

Anonymous Masturbator Confessions

I was Surprised

I am middle-aged and have been divorced for two years. When I moved into my apatment I met a woman ten years younger than myself, and single. The two of us started to become friends, and we genuinely enjoyed each other's company. She had ended a fairly seriously relationship a number of months before, and was concentrating on having and enjoying her own life, which was prety much where I was at. As friends it seemed so easy and natural for the two of us to start having playfully affectionate feelings towards one another. Over the next few months we just normally enjoyed this, and even the teasing suggestiveness of it. It wasn't long before we let things become more uninhibited and we kissed on the lips, doing so quite romantically and deliberately. Soon we decided to see what it was like to be nakedly loving in bed together. The experience was so warm and pleasing for both of us. I was amazed by the completely exciting and totally satisfying orgasms she gave me. Just as I was excited and pleased to be able to do the same for her. We both had to question oursevles if we were actually lesbians, and we decided that we were liked that only with each other. Now I can understand why girls and women find it so easy to be bisexual, and I only wish that I had been open minded about this years ago. My advice to any woman would be to try it, and they might be very surprised like I was!

November 3, 2014 - Sexual Preference - In-Between

Anonymous Masturbator Confessions

Family Moments

This is something which nobody knows. I am a divorced woman with a divorced daughter. Just for fun one summer, and because the weather was warm, when she came over for a visit, the two of us decided to be nude. Well, it was delightfully uninhibited for both of us, and we indulged in a little bare titie play, which lead to our masturbating one another. We had the absolutely best time, and it was so much fun doing this as mother and daughter. We have been mastrurbating friends for over two years now, and we both just love it. It is so simple and nice, and we do on occasion enjoy oral as well. Family momnents, as we found, can be so pleasing!

November 4, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Urgent Need to Masturbate

Living with a very young man

I worked with Sylvia for 23 years knowing all about her son Eli who always had trouble with school and caused her much anguish. Her husband left her many years ago and tragically she died of cancer three and a half years ago. She was quite older than I and asked me to check up on Eli whenever I could. Sylvia did leave substantial funds to Eli but he obviously didn't know how to control his budget. They lived in an apartment and when Eli began asking my advice about his finances I invited him to move in with me and set him up with a savings account. He only has a menial job making only a little more than minimum wage. Aside from his lack of knowledge he became very dependent of me and was and is like a dumb teenager dispite his age. He's not a very big guy but is very good looking and has a well formed body. Our age difference is significant and I began taking advantage of seeing him at various times when he wasn't fully dressed and began seeing him in his underware often and a few times naked. It didn't happen overnight but after many months went by he became increasingly more comfortable around me. I suppose the same was true with me since I also became less modest with the way I was clothed around him and am sure he had seen me naked a few times and often in night clothing, some revealing. I never married but do date a man several times a month and even though we have sex I also masturbate often. I found myself getting aroused seeing Eli undressed or even in shorts or underware. By the time the first year went by Eli was oblivious to the fact that I was invading his privacy, by entering the bathroom or going into his room. He simply didn't mind or object when I saw him naked and I myself began putting myself in situations where he could see me naked. By seeing him naked or him seeing me that way caused me such arousal that I would masturbate more often and sometimes two or three times in one day. That year I caught him masturbating twice and although I knew it embarrassed him I almost encouraged him telling him it was perfectly normal for him to do.

He confides in me with anything, talking about his job and a few girls he likes. He has had a few dates over the years but has never had a steady girlfriend. I know for a fact that he has no sexual feeling towards me but for some reason he is still childish and has no inclination how his nudity around me causes me such arousal. A long time ago I mentioned to him not to lock his bedroom door and never lock the bathroom. It sounds and is rediculous but I said the reason was in case he or I fell or got sick. I never lock the bathroom door and only lock my bedroom when I masturbate. I go into the bathroom often when I know Eli is in the shower and once or twice a week ask him to bring me something while I am in the shower or just standing there naked. I am still built well for my age and know for sure that he does like looking at my body. There are times when either he or I are naked when I engage him in some kind of conversation which has me yearning to masturbate. Its been over a year now that I began shaving my vaginal hair and although Eli has never said anything about it I see him looking at me there more often. As often as we see each other naked we never dicuss it and as time has past the frequency has increased along with the amout of time we see each other that way. The first few times I saw him naked he did cover his genitals with his hands but never has since then. Even back then he never complained about it or told me not to come in his room or the bathroom. It did take some time before he was comfortable enough to have him see me naked especially when in the shower. Now when I summon him to bring me something like a bar of soap, shampoo or just a towel he seems eager to see me naked. I used to hide my vibrator but now it is on top of my dresser most of the time. I see him looking at it at times and he only asked once what it was. I tried to act as though it embarrassed me but bluntly told him I use it to masturbate myself at which he only smiled at me. I seldom see him with an erection but over the last year or two have many times mainly when he is in the shower. I suppose he masturbates often but never does when I am in the room. When he does have an erection he turns away so I can't see it. He knows I have have seen him masturbating but again we never dicuss that or the nudity around each other. Having Eli live here has been great for me and I suspect he appreciates it as well.

November 4, 2014 -

Self-Pleasuring is Awesome

How I masturbate and why I love it

I love masturbating. I'm not aloud to say how old I am so I'll just say I'm a teenager. Anyway, I just wanted to right this because I'm really horny and I know writing this will send me over the edge! So here goes nothing! Okay well I LOVE rubbing my pussy. I love that warm throbbing inside when I cum. I fantasize about a guy rubbing my pussy for me all the time. Mmmm just thinking about it now is making me wet. My best friend and I have masturbated in front of each other many times. It's so exciting! I'm straight but I love watching female masturbation videos. I love watching girls rub and finger themselves ugh. My best friend and I eill masturbate in her showrr by laying down in the tub and having the shower pointed in the perfect spot. Mmm it feels so good. The last time I masturbated in front of her we used her heavy duty back massager. OMG. I kept my panties on and I just held it tight against my clit and it was pure bliss. I regreat not taking my panties off because I think if I would have had the back massager against my bare pussy it would have been even better. Another way I love masturbating is in the shower. My favorite way is going on all fours and spraying the water at my pussy from behing. Mmm fuck I want to sooo bad right now. My pussy is throbbing so hard so I think I'm gonna go watch some porn then get to work! :)

November 5, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Memorable Self-Pleasuring

The first gyni

I think I was around 13 or so and it was time to get my first gyni exam that was more tha the normal physical. At the dr mom as usual did not join me in the room since he the dr her gyni she felt comfortable. Well the exam started and I sat in the bed as she opened my gown and soon she showed me how to exam my breasts and explained what to look for during the exam. All around feeling my breasts from the outside in to my nipples and I was now very erect. Then she took my hand and guided me to make sure I knew what I felt and how to proberly check. I was rather enjoying her feeling me up and the my oun self as she watched smiling saying very good. Then I lay down as she did her thing working her way down. The dreaed pelvic exam was near. Ok spreading my legs for the exam,I was so nervous almost shaking feeling her hand spreading my ilips as she explained what she was doing. Oh my I felt the excitement with her touch , trying to control this feeling this was a medical exam after all. She seemed to be untreated in my lips and continued moving them around some and brushed agents something very sensitive. I liked to rub hear and there some times but at that time masturbatin was not in my dictionary. Very good every thing looks normal and proced to have me look at my self to once agin become fermiliar with my self pointing out my parts and what to look for. Oh I was excited and noticed how read and soft my lips looked with a little liquid seeping out. All was explained . Ok I need to examine the pelvic and I lay down as once agin explaining I felt her finger enter , oh , relax she says, this was sort of uncortable but in a sense also not a bad feeling after all , ok some pushing on my tummy and then her finger moved around in side, I can tell you I was soaking wet as she seemed to roll her finger around some. The she slowly pulled out and oh relief but still it was not bad. Then I felt her rubing my lips saying let me dry you off some and oh a little message as she said always make sure every thing that goes down here is always very clean. The exam was over. At home I reflected on my exam and my interest was peaked as I took a good look at my self in the mirror examine my budding breast and took a look at my hary coved lips . The exam left me in a sort of floating daze. I grabed a chair and sat in front of my mirror as I spread my legs Looking at my lips spreading the hair. I spread every thing like she showed me and felt how smooth my lips were and then found the little cap and ooooooo aaaa zzzzz what a jolt hit as I pulled it back just a hair. It was incredable , I remember at the exam a little jolt but this was much more intense. I take a look again and carefully pull it back and ooooh this little thing was buding head wa visible I released my breath and ohhh the air hit it ooooooo very sensitive. I was dizy and had to stop this was too intense. I continued to explore and slowly found my self waking a monster thanks to my gyni. I followed her advise messaging my breast waking my senses and when I did eventually insert small things in me everything that I wound up using was always very clean.

November 7, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Self-Pleasuring is Awesome

Back to Pissing and it feels so good

This feels so good. I havent masturbated and made my pussy feel this good in a while. I found a new pissing site and it made my pussy so wet. I am about to piss all over my bedding I think I am going to piss over my dirty clothes in a pile too. I am feeling so fucking nasty. I love to piss.. Im glad this nasty love is back. The thing that pushed me over the edge is watching this nasty girl piss into a drawer at work. Fuck!!! it was so good. I am about to start pissing!! Oh fuck!! That hot piss coming out of my pussy just felt so good. Hopefully I don't flood my bed.

November 12, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Anonymous Masturbator Confessions

It Has Been So Exciting

My parents divorced shortly after I finished highschool. Since thern I have remained closed to both my mother and father, and over the last few years my father and I have started to become very close. I have gone to spend the occasional weekend at his place, and my father and I started to become quite affectionate. We both loved the forbiden part of it I guess and found this to be quite exciting. After sort of playfully flirting with the idea of our doing a little more, one day we got naked and we indulged in some mutual masturbation. We both was mazed by how incredible this was. I loved feeling my father's fingers playing with my clit and vagina and giving me an orgasm, and I was so thrilled to hold and rubb his erection and watch his semen squirt out! So far we have not taken it any farther this than, but I suspect that we might manage in the near future!

November 12, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Anonymous Masturbator Confessions

Allowing a phony to abuse but satisfy me

A very cute older man convinced me he was a doctor three years ago. I serve him at the diner I work in three or four times a week and everyone reffered to him as Doctor K.. I enjoyed talking to him even when he asked if he could accomodate my gyno needs telling me he could give me free exams. I was never offended when he asked me personal questions even about my sex life, if I masturbated and how often I orgasmed among other things. He seemed harmless and I found it laughable many times and it just continued for a couple years. During that first two years I did learn he did work in a hospital but is retired and was never a doctor. I just let him continue having him believe I thought he was a real doctor as did two of the other girls I work with. It was October 2013 when I found out my boyfriend cheated on me and I still can't explain what my motive was but let Doctor K. take me back to his house after my shift. Whats dispicable is that I actually allowed him to examine me naked. I couldn't believe he actually had an examine table in his back bedroom along with all the tools of the trade. He pretended to be professional about it and I just played along with him I think to spite my boyfriend. I undressed for Doctor K. and laid on the exam table allowing him to ajust my legs and put me in the sturrups. He had latex gloves, a stethiscope and like a dummy I just leaid there letting him probe my body. It was obvious he wasn't a doctor but to be honest it amused me how hard he tried to act like one. He started by just feeling me up then put on the latex gloves and began fingering me. I think I went along at first just to please him but he soon had me aroused and ended by maturbating me to orgasm. That night I made him promise not to tell anyone at the diner that I let him examine me, still going along with that pretense of him being a doctor.

About two weeks later he asked again if I would come over his house again and he would like to do a check up. I almost laughed since he was still under the impression that I thought he was truly a doctor. I really like K. and he is bascically a lonely old man and just cute and I know it overwhelmed him when I not only let him see me naked but let him touch my entire body and masturbate me. By this time I was back with my boyfriend but I thought what the heck I let him do it again. We got to his back room and again I got on the exam table naked and again let him have fun with me. He was more eager to masturbate me this time and I admit he had me really aroused and I ended up having a few orgasms this time. Since that night I go to his house three or four times a month and I have the feeling he still thinks I believe he is a doctor. Each time he has done something different and now penitrates me anally as well. He insists on giving me breast exams first and then invades my vagina and anus where I am so excited I never try to stop him. By the time he is done with me I'm completely satisfied sexually having many orgasms each time. I never ask but I suspect he has a sexual problem and probably can't get an erection. He has never tried to have me touch him and I have never even seen his penis. He touches my breasts with bare hands but when he penitrates my vagina and anus he always has the latex gloves on and uses lubricant especially when he penitrates my rectum.

Its nothing like a real exam but thats what both of us call it even today. I do tell him it would embarrass me if the people at work knew about it so he has never said anything in front of them. My boyfriend and I get along well right now but obviously I never tell him about this and it gives me a degree of satisfaction that I am allowing Dr. K. to do this all the time. When I am naked on that exam table just the way K. is looking at me gets me turned on. Its amusing also the way he has sort of took over and tells me what he is going to do or the way he has me turn over. I amaze myself also because I allow him to do this and conform to the many ways he has me displayed to him. My legs get tired of being in the sturrups sometimes so he'll have me lay on my side or back and examine me from the rear. What he's really doing is masturbating me and exposing me in the most intimate ways. I tell myself I let him do this because hes so cute but the satisfaction I get is something I never experienced before. I still don't know a lot about him but do know his wife died a long time ago. I also know he is over 70 years older and probably late 70's. He is fun to talk to and be with and sure knows how to satisfy me. I can't tell anyone about this because they'll think I am crazy.

November 14, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight

The Ultimate Female Masturbation Experience


i was in my livingroom when i just felt horny i got my electric toothbrush and put it against my clit and it felt like heaven. i started cumming instantly i started to rub my clit and it felt so good.

November 15, 2014 - Sexual Preference - In-Between

Memorable Self-Pleasuring

Somewhere in Summer

I'm young and single, and I have never thought of myself as being a lesbian, or bisexual. Since I was younger, though, I had always been curious about what it would like to simply mess around with another girl, and I had found the idea quite enticing, although the opportunity had never presented itself to me.

This last summer I happened to meet another female my age in the park. The two of us casually got to talking, and there was this very pleasing female-chemistry between us. This was something that we were both aware of, and that we both just nonchalantly were open to. Well, nobody was around and we were encouraging of this mutual attraction. Just for the fun of it and being very friendly, we kissed on the lips. It felt so good doing that as two females and we were both quite taken with this. Impulsively, she asked if I wanted to go to her apartment, and I said, yes.

So we went to her place and as soon as we were inside, we found ourselves kissing quite passionately. Again, it just felt so wonderful and exciting to be doing this together. She asked how I felt about getting naked and, being in the mood, I said that would be fine with me. We were out of our clothes and going into her bedroom to sprawl on the bed in each other's arms, as we kissed. Our hands soon were moving down between each other's legs, stroking each other's clits and finger our vaginas. After a very active twenty minutes we gave each other the best orgasms.

We agreed the meet that next weekend, which we did, and more splendid sex followed. Now we have been friends for over six months and we have enjoyed having the most rewarding female friendship imaginable. I only wish that I could have tried this sooner, but I supose that all things just come in their own time.

November 22, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Fantasies while Masturbating


I must confess that during my development I had many dreams of me and my dad once in a while but mor often it was of one of my uncles. He married my favorite aunt and over the years I grew more and more attracted to him. He was kind strong and handsome, but most of all he was a good man a provider unlike my delinquent lazy father. I love my dad but I woild never Mary a person like him. I always looked forward to receiving a hug from my uncle and as puberty set it it was It meant even more to me. He always gave me a very firm Hug and I always asked him to crack my back knowing my breasts woild be firmly agent his chest. The Hugs were always quick but delicious.my breasts quicly grew and there was more between us as I continued to get hugs and the bigger I grew the better I higged him in return. I lived his scent of a sweaty man, not heavly cologned.His scent attracted me and left me aroused after our hugs.I developed a routine of holding off from touching my self if I knew we were going to see them and every day the urge woild grow and grow in antisapitation of his touch. That day I would be soaking wet and jittery as we woild meet , although I had to act normal my vigana was on fire.At home I woild go to bed early stating I had a lot of home work to do and under the covers slowly tease my vigana rubing my lips up and down slowly for hours fantasizing he was icking me , almost entering my hole but only a constant tease all that time untill I coiuld not hold back any more knowing my body right befor I was about to climax I was ready and then a deep thrust with my middle finger to climax fantasizing he was in me as we came together. I got brazen and one visit to there home I snuck in to there room and located his dirty clothe and took a sweaty shirt of his and hid it in my purse. Oh my that. O that nights as I masturbated I pulled out his shirt and took a deep long lasting as I came , causing me to have repeated orgasims, it was incredable , the lights were off and I could barly contain my self from crying out as my body shook. I was still a Virgin but wanted the real thing and if he was there I woild have let him take me. But hat had to Waite .

November 23, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Self-Pleasuring is Awesome

So hot

When I am home alone, I take off my clothes and come to this site. I first go to the male masturbation stories and pictures because it makes me hot to see the expressions on the men's faces when they are jerking off. Then I come to the female stories and read about the techniques other women use to get off. Then I rub my hot, wet pussy and imagine experiencing some of those stories. Today, I am especially turned on by the lady who masturbated with the stranger on the bus. My pussy is so hot and throbbing. I take one hand to squeeze my nipples. This is so stimulating. Then I take my middle finger and rub it in a circular motion on my clit. It feels so good!

November 23, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Bisexual

Sex Toys and Masturbation Tools

It's Bananas

So, I'm still in high school, but I'm still a virgin but don't let that fool you I love the theory of masturbation and having a nice fat cock in me or even a girls pretty tongue licking it. So today I had the urge to watch porn, but there's this one porn star Skin Diamond, well she turns me on in more ways allowed. If you have never watched her I recomend you do, anyway there is this hot lesbian orgy that she is in with 4 other girls and they all have dildos and are licking and fucking each other and I watch almost all of the movie without touching my pussy even though I know its wet. Finally I can't take it anymore and I go into the bathroom and bring a condom that my mom has given me. Even though im a virgin my mom still wants me safe if that urge comes along anyway, I go into the kitchen and grab a banana and go back into the bathroom. I slide the condom on the banana and lay a towel on the bathroom floor and strip down and start playing with my pussy. I rub it back and forth until I can't take it any longer and I stick the banana into my pussy. It hurts but I keep going until I feel it deep inside me and I slowly move it in and out and I think back to this really hot guy I know and him fucking me, I keep going while rubbing my pussy and I end up coming hard I let my fingers play around in my juices and just lay back breathing. I now have a new love for bananas.

November 25, 2014 -



I spent the summers with my aunt and uncle. They had no kids and it was good time that spoiled me rotten. Often auntie woild work late and it was just us hanging around especially enjoying the pool. In time I started to grow out and I looked at men and boys diferantly , that were taking on a more interesting eye. Since my uncle was the only one around he was the subject at hand.I woild look at his package often especially when he was getting out of the pool. I also did the typical girly walk thinking back to get I his attention hoping he was checking me out. This happened over several summers. My mom and aunt had very developed bodies and I was following in there footsteps. This summer as usual I woild ask my uncle to apply sunscreen to my back like always. His touch was suplended and I now had c cups sporting. We were laying out and I noticed he was checking me out as I applied the rest. Yes I like that, I perposly lay on my back as long as I could stand showcasing every thing I had. I flipped and he left. I followed shortly inside to get a drink. Quietly I came in and I heard some huffing and muffled noises bit the door was closed. I went out the the window and looked in through the blinds to see him in the bath room with his hand on his huge hard in stroking him self Very fast and then loads of the cumb shot out. I hit the mother load yeah bit I was faint with feeling so horny at seing him.I hurried back to the pool and he came out with refreshments. I excused my self to the wash my self, still with his image of masturbating It was my turn. I droped my bottoms and pulled up my top to message my brests and started jilling oh oh oh , I had my eyes closed imagining I was there in front of him.Back to the pool I was laying after a dip and reapplying the sun block and he was just watching as we talked I lifted the front of my bottoms and applied lotion deep to my bone , high enough to see my trimmed hair , since I could see it I knew he also could see my bone , I acted like it was normal and asked him to do my back. After that off he went and I followed , yes once again his pecker was out and he was stroking it fiercely.Nexy I decided to lay on my tummy and as he did my back I asked him to undo my top.I lay for a while and acting like I forgot got up and let him see my brests as I aplied lotion wher I was getting red. I also the started walking around in my underware since it was like him seing me in my bikini.I noticed he loked at me more often especially when I had very tight camies on.We took turns peaking on each other masturbatin in the bath . I continued with my lifting of my bikini and applying sun block deep so he could see my bone and hair , at his angle maby a lip, and finally it happened I was in the bath and he just opned the door with his huge boner and walked in standing next to me, no telling or touching ok.i shook my head yes. He stood to the side and started to slowly stroke up and down , he motioned me to undress and I did as hus eyes looked at me allover. He pointed and I did I spread my legs opening my lips so he could see as I rubed my self and watched him shoot his spunk. We did this all summer when we were alone but we broke a rule or to.

November 27, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight

First Time Masturbating

Self-pleasuring at age 9

I have been self-pleasuring since I was 9 years old. Some times when I'm really hot, I think back to when it all began. I was in class at 9 years of age when I noticed my classmate, Amy use the erase end of her pencil to self pleasure in class. We were seated toward the back of the class, but it was hot knowing you could get caught. Amy would grab her pencil and poke at her pussy through her pants. She tried to keep a straight face, but I noticed it was hard as it became more intense. I would sometimes get off just thinking about it. I would sometimes mentally focus on jilling off and would squeeze my pussy muscles until I had an intense orgasm. Trying to keep a straight face was tough.

November 27, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Caught Masturbating!

Caught my friend at a sleepover

When I was in middle school, my friend and I would alternate having sleepovers at each other's house. When she slept over at my house, we let out the sofa bed in the den. One night, my friend thought I had fallen asleep. She proceeded to turn on her stomach and start humping her finger. She was humping so hard and so fast, I don't know how she thought I wouldn't notice. I pretended to still be asleep and while she was still pleasuring herself, I slipped my hand in my panties and started rubbing my pussy. I kept imagining what she would do if she caught me. I kept imagining which one of us would cum first and if we would be able to suppress the moaning once we came. She came first and when she was done, she fell asleep. I kept rubbing my hot, wet pussy until I came. It was so good! My panties were soaked from all the hot cum. On nights like tonight, I lay in bed and fantasize about that night and rub my pussy until I cum.

November 30, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Self-Pleasuring is Awesome

My love hole

I like to shave my pussy on the bed so I can look in the mirror and see how big and fat my pussy is. I never realized how big my pussy was until guys started admiring my cameltoe when I wear tight pants. My lips are so fat and wet now. I lay in bed and rub my big love hole until it is super wet. Sometimes, I get my vibrator and massage my clit. Then I will lube up my anal plug and watch myself in the mirror while I insert it in my rear. Right now, I am so excited about rubbing my love hole that my nipples are becoming so sensitive and hard and my pussy is throbbing and wet. I am going to squeeze my nipples for a bit and then I'm going to finger my pussy until I cum so hard.

December 3, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Other Masturbatory Entry

watching Lee eat cum from a guy while I get off

I had a surprise for Lee today. The one guy that will do stuff with Lee came over while Lee was golfing. I told him[Bill} that Lee wants to hold a boner and feel warm jizz so much as he misses it since his cancer 7 yrs ago. I told Bill he was to let Lee jerk him off while I watch and then let Lee know when you are cumming so Lee can take it on his face and in his mouth and then I'm going to French kiss Lee.Bill said he wants to cum in my mouth and let Lee kiss me but I told him, not this time. Anyway Lee gets home and showers and comes in the living room to see Bill and I nude playing with ourselves watching porn. I tell Lee to grab Bill's cock and go to work,and he looks at Bill and asks is this OK with you and Bill says get over here while I'm still hard. Lee grabs hold and squeezes Bills cock and I can see it getting even bigger and I start jilling my self and Bill says hurry put it in your mouth and I see the stuff cumming out the sides of Lee's mouth and I take his head and stick my tongue in his mouth and slurp out the stuff and spray it on Lee's face and then lick it off. Wow was that a memorable experience

December 4, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Masturbation Technique

Nude Beach

I get a wet vagina hand hard clit when I lie behind a nude man at our nude beach. I look up at his penis, testicles and anus in front of me and rub myself on my towel. I soon orgasm on my towel but no one knows what I do as I do it slowly. I love it. If the man sees me there I notice his penis swells and dribbles. He is not allowed to get an erection or masturbate in public so he just dribbles pre-cum quietly. I feel sorry for him!

December 4, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Anonymous Masturbator Confessions

If Anyone Knew

I want to confess something as a divorced middleaged mom that absolutely no one knows, and which happened at the beginning of this summer. My son came over for a visit one morning, and I had just gotten out of the shower and had nothing on but my robe. I was feeling in an uninhibited nd flirty playful mood. My son and I were standing the kitchen and just for fun I hugged him. I pressed my breasts up agianst him and he could tell that I had nothing on beneath my robe. He grinned and I laughed and said how that was kind of nice. I could see that he looked a little unsure about how he should respond, and I casually mentioned how no one would know about the two of us having a little fun. He said that was fine with him, so I playfully opened my robe and let him have a look, and he thought that was great. So invited him to be naked with me. He got out of his clothes and almost right away was getting an erection, which I thought was wonderful. I started to fondle his length while he played with my boobs. Then he advanced from there and started rubbing my clit, which made me so wet. After about ten minutes of doing this, I started to have an orgasm and he ejaculated. It was so exciting to have his seme squirting over my stomach and spilling onto my feet. Needless to say, we had the best time together that morning. After our experience, the two of us have continued to have some playful fun and it has been the most most wonderful thing!

December 4, 2014 -

Anonymous Masturbator Confessions


I have been divorced for four years. After being married for two years, my son got divorced. One day the two of us were talking about all of this and feeling particularly close. I don't know, it just seemed like something that we both wanted to do, and we ended up in bed having sex. The two of us being this close was so wonderful, only it was unplanned and we didn't take any precautions. I had told myself that our just having intercourse once would be ok. Unfortunately a few weeks after that I discovered that I was pregnant. There was no doubt that my son was the father. Of course I told him and we talked about the situation, and he said that he was very supportive of my having the baby. Well, to avoid a lot of talk, we moved to another town and I had a baby boy. Since we were living together and no one has any idea that we are actually mother and son, we decided that he should get me pregnant again, and this time we had a little girl. Of course we really don't know what we're going to tell the children, or if their parentage will just remain our secret, which I suspect that it will. Both my son and I are surprised by this turn of events in our lives, but for both of us it has truly been a very wonderful experience.

December 7, 2014 - Sexual Preference - In-Between

The Ultimate Female Masturbation Experience

Getting Friendly

When I was younger, like most girls, I had secretly discovered the pleasure and thrill of masturbation. Of course I was naturally very cautious about ever doing anything sexual with boys, so to me the natural alternative was to try and have some sexual fun with another girl. I knew this one girl who was kind of quite and shy, and I sort of made up my mind to see if I could get her to do anything. One afternood I was over at her house and we were sitting up in her room. Nobody was home, so I thought that was the perfect chance to see if I could get her interested. We started talking about boys, with her admitting that she had never really done anything with a boy. I told her that I never had either, and being quite casual about it, I mentioned that was why girls usually just did things with other girls. She of course thought was daring. We were sitting on the bed, so for fun, I pushed her over and fell on top of her. We were both laughing. I kissed her on the mouth. She was surprised, but I kissed her again, and to my surprise she kissed me back! And I mean, she really kissed me. Seeing that she willing, I started to feel her through her blouse, and then I started to unbutton it, and slipped my hand into the cup of her bra to feel her bare breats. She offered no objections, so I took her blouse and bra off and then removed mine. I kissed and sucked on her nipples and she did the same to mine. By this time we were both becoming enormously tunred on, so I had no difficulty in getting her out of the rest of her clothes, and I took mine off. Suddenly we were naked making out and our hands were rubbing each other's clits. It didn't take either of us long to have an orgasm. After that time, the two of became lovers and friends, and remained that way for several years. It was so wonderful!

December 7, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Memorable Self-Pleasuring

My First Time

So in School I was assigned a project with this guy (lets call him Z) Z. I had a crush on him for awhile now. so we had been working together for a while now and got to know each other even more. One day my parents had left for business trip of I had the house to myself so I invited Z to my house to work on project. After awhile Z started to get a little more close to me and more handsy with me. Before I knew it we were making out in my room. He started to take my clothes. Soon our later we both were naked making out. Then he slowly started going down on me. First he kissed my neck and then he moved to my breast, he started sucking on them ugh felt so good. After that he finally start kissing my inner thighs and the my pussy. He started eating me out I had never felt something so good like this. Next you know he slowly inserts his penis in me. Oh gosh he went in and out start slowly and then faster. When I felt like I was going to come he ate me out. I finally squirted all over his face. Since he started me I finished him;) He came on my mouth it tasted so good. Now we are dating and every friday we go either to my house or his and he have sex.

December 8, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Self-Pleasuring is Awesome

Something is making me touch myself constantly lately - don't know why

I was brought up strict Roman Catholic and masturbation is considered basically for lack of a better term; a sin. I started getting tingly feelings in my kitty (yes, that's what I call it because it doesn't make it sound so bad) when I was about 11 and found out touching there felt so good. I didn't get off though for a long time after that, and felt so guilty after. Then I went through a stage when I would do it pretty often but often felt guilty afterwards, like I had done something bad. Never knew something that was deemed so bad, could feel soooo good though, those few seconds of utter orgasmic shaking was worth feeling a little bad, and didn't stop me for awhile.

I went on a medication that curbed my sexual appetite and didn't touch myself for a long time. I had sex, but I could always fake it, and as for touching my kitty I'd still feel guilty (even though I was having sex) and say, okay, that's the last time. And I didn't for a long time.

I'm straight, and have a hubby now and have sex (not really experimental..yet, I'm slow getting out of the gate, but on my way to trying new things as of late) and recently found myself getting turned on by watching a girl masturbate on the internet on a site I wound up on accidentally. When I realized I was directed to the wrong site, instead of hitting the back button, I sat and watched and got so turned on. I could feel my kitty getting wet and I wasn't even touching it! I got up and got myself off and it felt so good that a few days later I wanted to do it again. But it took so long that my arm and hand were hurting and tired. After about 30 minutes of trying, even looking at sexy pics, I gave up.

I got online and looked up what to do if it takes so long to masturbate that your arm hurts and wound up here. Found out some people had the same situation and sometimes that's pretty much the norm even if you're uber turned on! I got really turned on reading some of the stories and then next thing I knew I was grinding my kitty on my jeans as I sat reading them and got up and went to get myself off. It took awhile though. I decided I was gonna try every day until I got a good one and for the last few days have been trying, using my imagination or watching sexy videos. Having sex is good, but I have never had a real O while having it, and my hubby's libido can slack sometimes between when he's in the mood. I wanna get off now and it's on my mind all the time.

I read on here to use an electric toothbrush, put a plastic sandwich baggie over it and put it on your clit and try it. I immediately started getting weak in my legs and probably would of came in another minute but didn't want to answer why I was brushing my teeth so often that day! So next time I have free me time I'm going to do it and keep doing it until I have multiples. I found a video of a girl who got multiples off a dildo and it's so sexy to watch her, I'm going to watch her while I use my toothbrush on my clit and hopefully get off as much as she did. The video is like almost 4 minutes long and omg, the girl got off about 5 or 6 times. It was soooo sexy to see. I can't wait for me time. I'm not going to feel guilty either. Here's to hoping for an interesting time next time I get to try. I want to right now so bad but can't. UGH I hope I can soon, I could feel them start right after a few seconds of turning the toothbrush on. I'm wet now! Might turn the volume down and go watch the girl now to get me started, wait, I already am grinding my kitty into my chair as I type I see. *blush* This site will do that, and so does thinking of that girl who can get off so quick and often.

Oh by the way, I ordered a vibrator the other day when I thought something was wrong and was tired of it taking so long and my arm hurting. I can't wait for that experience. It has little bunny ears that wrap around your clit and wiggle while you play with the vibrator inside. AHHHH I just want to all the time, I'm constantly horny the last week! Anyway wish me luck ;) And to you all too!

December 10, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Urgent Need to Masturbate

Since June 2012

Two much younger men have been spying on me and I have transformed into a blatant exhibitionist. I live in a loft style apartment and they not only look in at me from the skylight on the roof but also from windows at the fire escape which I intentionally have uncovered enough to acccomadate them. They live on the floor below me and I do see them often in the lobby and do say hello. I avoid conversations with them and don't want them to realize that I am aware they watch me a few nights a week. They are able to see into most of my apartment especially the bath and bedrooms. The very first time I knew they were looking in at me I was aroused just knowing they saw me naked. Dispite being quite older then they are I still consider myself attractive and have a nice figure for my age. I am not a nudist but since I first discovered them looking in I am naked more often than any other time in my life. They not only watch me shower but as time has past I masturbate more often and get so aroused just knowing they can see me. My boyfreind doesn't stay here to often but I know on a few occassions they have also witnessed me having sex. Most of the time they watch me shower and masturbate either in the bathroom or my bedroom. These young men are always well dressed when I see them in the lobby and I think one is a lawyer just by a few things he has spoken about. They are friendly but I avoid getting to know them to well and limit my talking to them to short conversations. Having them see me naked has become so exciting to me I am sexually aroused almost every night of the week and anticipate their presence on the roof or fire escape.

December 13, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Self-Pleasuring is Awesome

I have been masturbating for about 4 years and I discovered masturbation through a magazine my mother bought, in the magazine they explained how to do kegals*. So I tried to do these exercises of pulling and pushing my vagina muscle when all of a sudden my undies were wet and I was panting, my nipples were hard and I had an insatiable urge to touch myself! I played with myself in about 8 different ways that night. I didn't sleep and I had many surges of pleasure, as at the time I didn't know they were called orgasms.

Four years later and I am still as horny as ever I prefer to rub my clit through my pantie and shove the fabric in my vagina, an orgasm is an adrenaline, similar to the feeling of thirst being quenched but the thirst is never quite quenched. I find that masturbating regularly has helped me to become more comfortable with myself as a women. Sometimes I play with myself six times a day. Usually I only masturbate 3 to 5 times a week.

Many things turn me on, but there's nothing like a little stimulation from my fingers to help out my vagina in need!

December 13, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Self-Pleasuring is Awesome


I have been masturbating for about 4 years and I discovered masturbation through a magazine my mother bought, in the magazine they explained how to do kegals*. So I tried to do these exercises of pulling and pushing my vagina muscle when all of a sudden my undies were wet and I was panting, my nipples were hard and I had an insatiable urge to touch myself! I played with myself in about 8 different ways that night. I didn't sleep and I had many surges of pleasure, as at the time I didn't know they were called orgasms.

Four years later and I am still as horny as ever I prefer to rub my clit through my pantie and shove the fabric in my vagina, an orgasm is an adrenaline, similar to the feeling of thirst being quenched but the thirst is never quite quenched. I find that masturbating regularly has helped me to become more comfortable with myself as a women. Sometimes I play with myself six times a day. Usually I only masturbate 3 to 5 times a week.

Many things turn me on, but there's nothing like a little stimulation from my fingers to help out my vagina in need!

December 13, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight

First Time Masturbating

first time with niece time

was good until the 2nd night whilst lying in bed beside my uncle watching tv my arm slid down and brushed over something on his body hard and long I asked my uncle what it was and he told me around 2 or 3 times nothing for little girls to know about but my curiosity had got the better off me so I grabbed hold off it with my hand and I said im not letting go until you show me what it is.When you start reading my story you will automatically think this is another one off those stories about sexual abuse on a little girl I also believe in fate too so read on and when you read to the end think back on it and ask yourself who was it who really abused who and was I really abused or the abuser also was this a fantastic gift and memory that my uncle gave to me to happily look back on over the years to come or to look back on in disgust in adults who sometimes touch young girls of a similar age to me back then. I remember back to when I was a little girl I had quite a poor but a happy upbringing due to my mother and father divorcing just after I was born I still don't know who he is to this day. I had just passed my 8th birthday and instead of getting a birthday present on my birthday from my uncle (mums brother) he had booked up my first holiday abroad with him to go to Spain for two weeks just him and me. When we arrived there had been a mix up with the room which had been booked the hotel only had one room left which was a studio apt we had no option but to take it. Now as you know there is only a pull out sofa type bed in a studio room so we had to sleep together. Everything At my age I knew what a willie was as I,d seen one of my baby cousins one lots off times but this was something completely new to me judging by the size of it. He made me swear that if he showed me what it was that I would never ever tell anyone about it ever so I agreed to it I was absolutely mesmerised by it when I saw it to me this thing looked huge it was around 7 or 8 in size. He eventually got me to loosen my grip on it and he showed me how to stroke it up and down I knew within myself this was sex and a sex act I was doing on him as id obviously heard about this at school. After a short time he was moaning and groaning at my newly found skills until his moment happened to me this was one off the most amazing things I'd ever seen or done in my whole life it and was me that had made this happen I felt so proud of myself in doing this. When it had stopped and he calmed down he said to me if you want will you please let me show you what it feels like to feel as good as I had just made him feel too. So he asked me to strip off my pjz too and be naked just like as he was. When I was naked his hands , fingers , lips and tongue went to work all over me these were some new feelings I,d never experienced it felt so fantastic and it was now my turn to start moaning and groaning like he had done earlier. When my moment came I thought I,d wee,d the bed and I actually started to cry he held me in his arms and explained to me that I had'nt wee,d the bed that it was something very special and wonderful that I had just experienced. For the rest off this holiday we done all the normal things like go swimming in the pool go to the beach sightseeing ect but each night when we returned to our room we done so many amazing things to each other and gave one another so many wonderful feelings to one another that i'll never forget it it was half way through the first week I lost my virginity with him he was so so patient and so tender with me during doing this with me for my first time . It was during this two weeks holiday that my uncle explained to me and showed to me as only a little girl should or could understand about how nice sexual contact between two people regardless off age should be and could be such a wonderful experience. For the whole off that holiday he showed me love , kindness , patience and understanding when we returned back home my uncle was killed in an car accident two weeks later so I look back to that time I spent with him on our holiday with some very mixed emotions this all happened 10 years ago but feels like just yesterday to me.

December 19, 2014 -

Anonymous Masturbator Confessions


I was on Vication with my parents and I was full of sand so I went to the showers to rince off. They were next to the beach and about 4 across. I was rincing off and did not notice some one had started using the shower nex to me I was facing away. I turned a little to the right and opned my bottoms to look and let the shower stream enter to rince in side. I was so focused on my hair watching the water flughs out the sand. Then all do a sudden out of the corner of my eye I caught a body. It was a man and he had his trunks also open and I could see a huge thing sticking up. I just stared at it for a spell and he closed his shorts and left. The next several days I was feeling very odd in my private. I saw him at the pool hanging out and he went to the bathrooms. The were in a hallway around the pool towards the bottom of the deck. Pretty secluded. I decided to follow and also use the washroom. When I got there he was just leaving the men's room and saw me . He stopped and just opned his shorts in front of me for me to look which I did he motioned for me to open mine so I did as he leans in to see better. He then placed his hand in his shorts pulling it down and started stroking him self as I watched , real fast and then streams of white stuff shot out on the wall. I was just frozen and he pulled his shorts back up and placed his hand on my cunny in my bottom going me a quick feel and let go wanlking away as he heard some one approaching. This was crazy and exciting and dangerous thinking back.Later that afternoon once again I followed him and we met but he pulled me in to the men's room in a stall it was cramped but still he droped his shorts and wow the full thing I droped my bottoms and pulled down my top and he once more jerked off as I watched he slightly touched me on my brests and sliped a finger in my cunny real slow and then outThen we snuck out and never sawhim again. I went to the ladies room and procede to finger my self untill I was soar and went to the room letting my parents know I was going for a nap and proced to continue fucking my self for the rest of the day.

December 20, 2014 -


The best

My parents were divorced and my mother had many friends over the years. I really became atracted to one T . Over time I wanted his affection like mom did but I was just a girl but still I had dreams. While we were swimming I would prance around in my suit showing off my development hoping he was interested.He would look and then look away , still I liked it. At home I started walking around in my undies for him to see me , but mom would get up set sending me to dress. When he was home with me alone for a spell I would sit with my legs spread hoping he would take a look but I had underware on. I changed that and started wearing lose shorts with no undies and would sit at an angle for him to be able to see my now harry muff. It was so exciting mom could not see what I was doing and I could quicly close up if she moved. I could see him eying me and I was just getting more brazen. When mom would leave to the other room I woild itch my muff moving the fabric over more to really expose all. Things got better when mom would run an erron . We were alone and I just started to rub my self draping my legs over the chair , he was locked looking straight at my crotch. He got up dropping his pants roling out his pecker which made my jaw drop as he mastubated to shooting off. He was a fine hot man and we continued our shows. I was devistated when mom broke up and then dated a loser. He just was not my type.

December 22, 2014 -

Anonymous Masturbator Confessions


I was on Vication with my family. On the third day we took an excursion abou 2 hours away.Geting back to the bus we were last on board and mom and dad were able to sit together with my yunger siblings. I wound up next to one of the guys from our hotel. He was cool and we had met playing volleyball earlier in our stay. The bus wad cold due to the AC and it was going to be a long ride back due to the rain.I covered my self with my beach towel as I dized off. Every one was tired and the bus was quiet.I was experiencing a very erotic dream of humping my pillow but I felt something on my tummy close to my pelvic area.i was in and out of sleep realizing I was hugging his left arm with my head on his shoulder as we slept.I knew I may have placed his hand there as I hugged him and the towel was covering us. Too sleepy and tired I thaight it was a dream and went back to sleep.My dream got better and more realistic , very hot and steamy . I had to wake up now with his hand further down and just above my bump. Oh my what to do ? I was contemplating move ,stop him, move his arm ?afterall I was still hugging him.no this was too good to pass up.it was dark and very quiet except for the rain and the roar of the engin.we were covered up in my towel.i tried to stay still acting like I was deep asleep excited beyond belief.His hand shifted down a little more now his fingers were making contact with my pubic bone. I was shaking inside with excitement , I was so wet and could feel my lips swollen being held snuggley agenst my swim trunks.Finally his fingers moved down slowly over my lips and back up several times, I had to let out a sy as I was holding my breath . Up and down and side to side he slowly traced my lips ,top to bottom and leadt to right then squeezing my lips as he semed to just fallow all around my suit.He pused down the middle of my lips mmmm. He continued on and I could feel how wet I was by the seat soaking my but.Then his fingers pulled aside my loose shorts and inserted his hand in my suite from the side, moving my suite to the side releasing my lips from the fabric.wow what a charge I spread my leg a little more feeing his fingers now between my lips , oh so good as he moved up and down. He reached my hole and wemy around it spreading my lips in a circular motion. Teasing my hole with his index finger and holding his Palm agenst every thing els.then so slowly I felt his finger entr just the tip and back out ,then again a little more and slowly more, now I am hugging squeezing his left arm and we defintly know we are awake.wow more and he stops as I shudder holding my breath trying to keep quiet as I am having an orgasim . It was tough to keep quiet feeling his finger inside as my muscles contracts and I held my breath. It was too mutch I puled him out.stil I held on to his arm tight agenst my brest calming down. Still quiet and I wanted more directing him back down. three more times as we heard the buss driver announce that we were approching out hotel.i fixed my self and wraped the towel agent my waist covering up my wet shorts. In the room every one crashed and I just had to stand in the shower to rince off and took a good long look at my still swollen lips as they semed to talk to me saying I want more , yes I had to finger my self wow more and more.i then knew it was safe to insert things in and well let's say I found something a little bigger a brush handle , I was so horney I placed my back agent the corner of the shower sat on the tub spread my legs looking at my lips and canal . My pussy was calling me , more stimulation , more please. My pussy yes dirty pussy had just been fingered out by a 20 something guy I was almost a little les than half his age and my pussy took over wanting more and more. I chickened out and went to bed. Still I tossed and tuned wet and swollen as hell. I looked at the clock 3 in the morning aching wet swollen lips calling my fingers still not good enough. I said ok and gave in to my pussy . In to the bath placing a towl on the floor and grabed my victim the brush . No not like this back to the corner on the tub , look look my pussy called look at me and do me.i had my legs spread pink lips hanging out from my hir and asking for more. I rubed the brush handle around my hole. Shaking tried to push in the tip ooooo.mmm toooo much ohhh more yes it felt good , Moore again every time a little more feeling good but with some pressure ,I got in a rithium just pushing in the tip in and out wher I felt comfortable , oh yeah this was to die for , the shower was running to cover my moans even though I was in a different room but the door was open between the rooms.i was having a blast the tapered handle was magical as I was in heaven. Still my pussey was in contrioll and I got out of hand my pelvis semed to lunge forward as my hand pused the brush in and oooooooo fuck a huge grown came out and ah ah ah ah is all I could say aaaahhh shit. I had taken in the handle . My body responded with spasms as I came over and over looking at this brush in my pussy sort of bouncing up some surrounded by my harry lips as I came and came. I still remeber how my body looked with that brush hanging out as all my muscles stiffed with every orgasim. Then it got uncomfortable and I pulled it out to catch my breath . Muscles stiff allover I stagered to bed and passed out .

December 22, 2014 -


My brother

my brother in the shower as he was bathing.

The door was un locked and I was just going to go 1 and sneak out.

Through the curtian I could make him out and he as doing somthing odd at his waist.

I peaked around the curtian and he had one hand on the wall bracing him self and with the other stroking his engorged thing.

I was yunger but not stupid , still it was so big not what I expected , that woild hurt for sure.

He was going fast up and down and boom the squirts.

Yes my first look.

I snuck out and went to my room to hump.

Humping was my thing bit his pecker was so huge.

I had some very nasty thaughts and even dreamed of him in me.

I contined to sneak and peake watching him jerk off.

Often thinking what a shame , I would love to touch or have him.

He was my brother and still I wanted him if I could .

The penis was so beautiful huge , long , calling me.

I could not Waite to date .

Still even though he was my older brother I started to lust after that huge thing.

When I did get a bf I was sort of disappointed at the size but still it was good.

December 22, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Masturabatory Editorial

Love this site

I don't agree wth many things written here but I undersatand .

I as young when I was exposed to a male member by accident. Although it was in appropriate I did ask to see.

Seeing lead to more .

I was in a trampling with an older cousin and he was wearing shorts with boxers underneath.

At a point in time I was laying down an he was jumping making me bounce up a spell.

I saw his penis and balls hanging and bouncing.

Then we wound up alone and as he sat I could see the tip hand down and almost out.

What's that I stupidly asked.

Well it not for little girls he said and closed his legs.

Then he just opned them again and now it semed bigger and pushing out.

That's what older girls like he said it the penis and your to young yet , but here you can look just don't tell.

He lifted his shorts and it moved up and got even bigger.

He looked around and we were Farr from every body here don't tell but you can touch if you want.

So I was like ok it was neat.

I touched it , wow ,careful he said , why , it's very sensitive .

I did not understand and he said here do this taking my hand and having me strike him them he came .

Wow I was speechless.

Luckley it was now dark and we headed in .

That was it .

Still he wanted me to do it again another time but I understood it was sort of wrong and even though I did enjoy it I had to say no it was too dangerous and well wrong for family and the age between us.

December 22, 2014 -

Anonymous Masturbator Confessions

My way

I discover on day that the tighter the jeans the better . Beside my own hand the tight fabrics and the seam splitting my lips as I walk deliver very delightful sensation , not to mention the looks.yum yum.

December 23, 2014 -

Memorable Self-Pleasuring

Sensitive skin

I have very sensitive skin along with my brother . Well sensitive genetals.From child hood my mother woild apply some ointment to our privates as we called them after bathing to reduce the schafing from our underware. We were Tom boys I guess and the heat and hoarsing around made us itch. After our bath mother woild dry us off and apply the cream.My brother was almost 2 years younger so he was first. I enjoyed watching as mom applied the ointment and his little bubble semed to grow a bit.I like the sensation on my little crack . When we were older we were on our oun bathing and mother sort of made me in charge of making sure we lubed up. We bathed loking and comparing our selfs and watching him slowly sort of get a little bigger in time , especially as he applied the cream. I found it very neat and liked watching him do it and woild some times poke at it to his dismay, not so hard it's sensative. So feeling bad I offerd to apply the ointment and well it was even more fun than watching. It was very neat to rub my finger with the ointment all around his little head and tube as I called it and marveling as he semed to extend out and perk up.The time came when mom had us bathe alone , I guess we giggled to loud playing around. Still once in a while he would return as I was bathing to apply the lube , which I would some times watch or after to assist. He semed to really prefer I do it. Mom walked in on us but we were done and he was brushing his teeth so it semed no big deal . By that time I was budding my areoleas . We continued for another year and by then he semed to grow longer and a little thicker as my hair started to thicken and darken. I also noticed that looking and applying the cream gave me some butterflies in my tummy and lower area in my crack. It was very neat now more defined and he started making some noises as the cream was applied saying it felt splended. I also liked how my lips had started to really give me a very good feeling as I apllied the cream. Along with my brests continual development his hair also started to darken. Mom walked on us just comparing but he had a very hard long tube sticking out all cramy from the head to his balls, as I stood in the tub. No no kids no more of this only one person in the bath room at a time for now on. I later got the talk which did more to excite me than scare me. Wrong thing was to educate me because I liked seing him and I understood I was the cause of his excitement now. I had already been touching my self with the cream. I missed seing and helping him , but it was taboo but I still had my immignation thanks to the cream.

December 23, 2014 -

Anonymous Masturbator Confessions

Odd light

I awoke one early morning and noticed a shimmer sort of on my wall. I wanted over and there was as small hole in the wallpaper and some light was shining through. Odd I never noticed the small hole and it sort of blended in with the pattern. I went back to sleep and forgot about it for some time . One day I was looking for something in dads closet and after moving a box I noticed a rather large hole in the wall with a sort of smaller hole on the other side , I took a look and oh it was my room.. I had a clear view of my bed. I was disgusted my dad had been peaking on me. But how long? I was very sad for a bit but then sort of odd came over me. We were alone just the 2 of us and I did love him had dreams of us . My body did lust for a man even though I was still young but very grown in my woman hood. From then on. My masturbatin sessions were full nude and knowing he may be watching was a thrill in it self.

December 25, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight

The Ultimate Female Masturbation Experience

cumming while watching gay porn

While lee is playing golf I'm watching a porn site with all young men with handsome HARD cocks cumming on each other,I'm using lee's magic wand vibrator on my clit and have cum twice already and am going back in a minute. I love watching the cum spurting on their tonges and then they lick it off Im cumming just thinking about it,it is so better than watching guys jerk off on girls with fat ugly cocks. lee says gay guys are lucky and I know what he means,cumming without romance

December 25, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Lesbian

Self-Pleasuring is Awesome

aaaaaaa yes

I am a virgin. And I masturbate everyday. But inserting isn't that fun like clitoral. I put my hand down there and touch it. Lick my fingers but they're already wet. I'm masturbating. I'm rubbing it round and round and thinking of females making me do it. I see females pressing my 36 F cups and making them boogy and putting pumps and sucking them so harddddd. Oh yea. I see my hand is now full wet. I want someone to lick my clit. Its so wet . I imagine women especially mommies and old big titties squirting on me . inserting their nipples in my hole. I want them to play with my clit and make me shout out so loud. I want women to squirt gallons on me as I'm soaking wet. I want them to fist me so I squirt like a big pipe. Oh yea please ladies do it to me. Oh aaaaah do it please mmm lick it fist it oh yeah aaaaaaaaouch mmmmmm suck my boobies and make em milk and use me as your slave aaaaa my tits are bouncing who needs em?

December 26, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Fantasies while Masturbating

Women with penises

Lately I have been googling sex pictures and recently I stumbled across pictures of shemales. I came across several pictures of women with penises and this made me very aroused. I've never had a sexual experience with another female before, but I wonder what it would be like to have the best of both worlds: nice, plump tits and a big, long dick. I imagine us licking and sucking each other's tits and then I imagine licking and sucking her big cock. This would be so awesome because no one would know why I'm so excited about my new best friend. Just thinking about riding a huge cock and squeezing her nipples is a turn on. Then she would flip me over and unload a huge load of cum all over me. Just thinking about this has me hot and soon my fingers will be rubbing my hot pussy (in deep circles). I can't wait to cum!

December 26, 2014 -


Started at puberty

I grew up in a rural area of New Mexico and as early as I can remember was never embarrassed about my body or anyone seeing me naked. I think what contributed to my immodesty was that my mother married Roberto when I was about two. I then had a half sister and brother who I still live with. The thing was that I often saw my sister and brother naked but also my mom and Roberto at a very young age. Forget nudism, it was only an extreme lack of privacy because of the way our house was laid out and the fact that Roberto's youngest brother Carlos moved in. There are only two bedrooms on the second floor so Roberto put a partition up in the attic where I slept on one side and Carlos on the other side. It is only a wall of paneling to the steps so there is little privacy on both sides. We do have a pretty large bathroom but the doorway only has a sliding plastic slat type door that gets stuck all the time and is difficult to open and close. Carlos is only four years older than me but we did and still get along. I was still very young then and even after he moved in I still never had any inhabitions about my body. When I was very young Roberto would bathe me along with my siblings but as I got older I bathed alone. That never mattered since Roberto and Carlos still saw me naked and I began to notice how they seemed to enjoy seeing me like that. My mother had to know that they saw me naked often and had to know I saw them naked at times. I'm not certain but think I bagan masturbating at around eleven and shortly after began sleeping naked all the time, simply because it felt good sleeping that way.

When I began developing I still never objected to any of them seeing me nude and my mom never said anything about it to me. Now before I go on I just want it understood that I was never molested by either Roberto or Carlos. I do know there are times when they intentionally look for me presuming I'm naked. I know to that Roberto has seen me masturbating in the bathroom many times but obviously has never told my mom. Although my bedroom is only a half an attic I do have my own tv and was never concerned that I had little privacy. Carlos is well aware that I sleep naked and I often see him looking in at me. He is aware that I see him naked also but has always been more modest than me. I mostly masturbate in my bed and even today have no conseption of how often Carlos has watched me. As I got older I was more aware of when he was and it only aroused me more knowing he was. All through my teen years this went on and numerous times some of Carlos's friends were in the house and saw me naked or close to it. We all still live there and even though I am an adult now I still expose myself to Roberto usually while in the bathroom knowing he is right outside. Carlos still peeks in at me often and a few times a month I am able to have one or more of his friends see me naked. I never actually saw Carlos masturbating but think he does sometimes when he is watching me. I never look over towards the partition opening when I am masturbating but can usually tell when he is there. I don't see Roberto naked as much as I did years ago but know he still likes seeing me like that. I have had only two boyfriends so far and have had sex with both and like them seeing me naked as well. It just arouses me when it happens and I enjoy it when Carlos has one of his friends at the house especially when he has them in his side of the attic. Not now but when we were younger he often had a friend stay overnight and I always made sure they saw me nude and liked it best if I got them to watch me masturbating. His one friend Jesse saw me naked and saw me masturbating more than any of the other guys did and Carlos knew they did. I just can't help the feeling I get and doubt my mom is aware of Roberto's and Carlos's interest in seeing me naked so often.

December 26, 2014 - Sexual Preference - In-Between

Over 40 Years of Masturbating

70 Years of Delight

Just found this site today and have been reading both the male and female entries. It is interesting to see the difference in how boy vs. girls approach and enjoy the entire subject. There are some real differences. I found a number of entries in the male category of ‘’40+ Years of Masturbating’’. As far as I read, I saw no such entries in the female category, so I figured I would make a post and even up the score a bit.

I am over retirement age by a bunch and have been masturbating regularly and delightfully for 70 years now. I was blessed and born with a large clitoris which helped along the interest and the pleasure. Having a large clit at that early age certainly gave me a focus point that a lot of guys have with a penis, but not as many girls. I consider myself a masturbation addict. I began to touch myself when I was in kindergarten got caught by my mom and ….oh my gosh…the end of the world!! At any rate it had felt so good that I continued to rub my clitoris sporadically and being much more secretive. A couple of years later a little neighbor boy showed me his penis and rubbed it in front of me. I was greatly impressed by this and going home took a good look at my much smaller ‘’equipment’. I began to rub my clitoris like he had rubbed his penis and it wasn’t very long before I had my first wonderful orgasm. Well, I was determined to have a bunch more of those and I have. For those who are wondering, I have a hubby whom I love dearly. We haven’t been able to get it together sexually. He has his private life and I have mine, never the twain to meet.

While I haven’t masturbated every day of my life, it comes pretty close. There are times when hormones really do a number on the sex drive of a woman. I am no exception. I have had my ‘dry’ times and my ‘hormones are going nutty’ times when I just can’t seem to get enough. I seem to be in one of them now. (Yea!) I am a member on a porn site which features porn videos for every persuasion, have 'friends' which cater to every sexual interest of mine, young men, older men, and a whole lot of men who just like to masturbate and have us gals watch them.

Yep…to finalize…so here we have a really old broad who watches porn almost every day, plays with her clit on a regular basis (that being several times a week now) likes to see guys any age jacking off and watching them cum. I have conversations with them thru the porn site and also thru email. Arousing, sexy conversations. Not too bad for an old lady huh? There is hope out there girls. Never give it up. Masturbation is wonderful. Try it…you’ll like it!

December 27, 2014 - Sexual Preference - Undecided

Self-Pleasuring is Awesome

Every Night

I'm always so horny and I've tried nearly everything I can as a teenage girl with conservative parents. But I always love to tease myself with what I have. First, I always start off with a beaded necklace. I fold it in two and shove it in me, leaving the tag to hang out. I usually watch some porn while I do this, preferably female masturbation. I get so horny when I take it out, sometimes I cum from just that! I usually fuck myself after. I used to use pencils with thick eraser tops. But now, I use a hairbrush handle. It was the best decision ever! I cum so quickly. It makes me wet so fast and I'm quivering just thinking about it. I'm writing this with the necklace in now and I can't stop shaking. See ya!

December 28, 2014 -

Anonymous Masturbator Confessions


We were at our grand parents for our usual gatherings . In the evening all the kids woild play hide and seek in the huge Victorian house. I ran up stars to hide in a closet and quicly heard steps approching , darn that was fast I thaught. It was very dark when the door opned and some one came in to hide also. I whispered this is taken and they bumped in to me closing the door saying shh. A little justling around the clothes and we just stood there very quiet , a little snug for 2, but ok. Then I felt a hand on my bum and thigh , oh just an accident I thaught keeping quiet. Then once again a little longer and sort of rubing me. Stop it I said !. Well once again on my thigh and I was about to say something but heard noises in the hall and kept quiet as the touching continued. As the kids ran around the hand moved around to my waist and in my inner thigh as another came around mt chest grabbing my brest. Oh I reasied mow I was being fondled and just froze in shockbut at the same time surprised at how I was actually letting it happen liking the feeling I was experiencing.They were hugging me tight I could feel hus hard thing in my rear as he pulled us together . One hand on my brest and the other now in my excited crotch. Mu shirt came up as his hand went under to go under my braw and my nipples were hard in his fingers . As the other hand went down my shorts as I sucked in my tummy , reaching my hair and throbbing lips. The feelings were amazing , I did nit know who it was yet but knew it was a guy , but did not care this was so incredable. His touch allover my excited brests and erect nipples was so new as his hand went deep in to my wet hot lips were I had often thaught of in dreams and fantasies .I felt Hum sort of pushing agent by bum as he pused his hand deeper in my wet shorts spreading my lips with a finger , I moaned quietly as I had a huge jolt go through my body.Then we heard the door open to the room and noises comming closer , his hands pulled out and the door opned as I was discovered and ran out Joing the group , looking a little tussled. We all ran away and no one saw who was in the closet with me. Later as we were giving our good by huggs I gave my favorite uncle a hug and noticed his cologn semed to smell firmilar. In the car I kept smelling him and it hit me who it was in the closet wow what an amazing awakening.

December 30, 2014 -

Public Play Time

I have been so horny and I wanted to do something nasty. Since its the holidays my dormitories are empty and I'm here by myself. A few days ago I started watching some of my favorite piss videos and rubbing my pussy. It started feeling so good that piss just started leaking from my pussy. I didn't want to piss my bed today I wanted to piss somewhere nasty and new. A thought popped into my head to piss in a public place. I thought to walk into my lounge and piss on one of the couch chairs. I was bursting so much I had to piss a little on my carpet. It felt so good watching the piss run from my pussy on to carpet. After rubbing my clit, I walked to my lounge in my wet sweatpants and walked to the chair pulled down my pants and rubbed my pussy on the chair and emptied my bladder into the chair. It was so much piss it overflowed onto the floor. After that I rubbed myself off until I exploded in pleasure. As I think about it right now, I want to do it again. I need to release myself in a naughty place and get off one more time. I need to release my stress by pissing, rubbing my clit and cumming. I love rubbing my pussy, it is amazing.

January 3, 2015 - Sexual Preference - Undecided

Anonymous Masturbator Confessions

She still doesn't know

So it's my winter break right now and my breaks I use for masturbation and watching Netflix. (I recently found this site and I love it ;) ) But anyway, my friend was staying over and it was getting close to almost a week she'd been here and I was feeling pretty horny. And whenever she stays we share my twin sized bed, not very big for two teenage year old girls to be sharing but we manage it anyway. When she does stay, one of us sleeps at the head of the bed and the other at the foot. If we wanted to 69 we easily could but that would never happen. So, like I was saying, I was feeling horny and we were already in bed so I looked up some porn and turned the volume real low, ( I was using headphones to listen to music) and I stuck my hand down in my pants to start masturbsting. I was decently wet so it wasn't too hard to start to get riled up. When I masturbate, I have a tendency to move because I think it makes it more enjoyable. So I was rubbing and rubbing and checking ever so often to she if she had any idea as to what I was inches away. It took a little bit but then I finally got close to my breaking point. Mmm I was so horny by then and it took all my will power not to shake or moan as I finally came. Mmm and this isn't my first time masturbating while my friend was only a little bit away.

Another time was during my Thanksgiving break where my friend stayed most of it and I was feeling quite horny, like I am now rubbing and thinking about those experiences, so I was sitting a chair a little bit behind my friend who was sitting in the floor skyping her girlfriend. It was cold in my room so I grabbed a blanket that was beside me and wrapped up in it. I stuck one hang under the blanket and into my pants, I wasn't quite too wet yet and I couldn't lick my finger so I just rubbed until I started to seep. Mmm thinking about these makes me feel so hot. So I turned some porn on and turned the volume completely down and started to get to work. I moved some during this session but not too much. What made it even more fun was that she would turn back to me to say something now and then and she could've caught me at any moment. This time I could move more and make a little bit more noise than the other night. I contined on with what I was doing until I reached my breaking point. I shook some as my orgasm took over and bit my lip slightly. My breath was uneven after and smirked to myself as I successfully rubbed one out without Her knowing at all.

I feel better knowing someone knows my little secret ;)

Mm well ladies I turned myself on so, happy masturbating ;)

January 3, 2015 - Sexual Preference - In-Between

Unique or Strange Story

The bathroom surprise

I masturbate all the time, any chance I have I just have to masturbate. So anyway a couple of months ago I was at a shopping centre, this shopping centre was quite old and it wasn't crowded at all apart from the occasional person or two and the workers when I had this sudden urge to masturbate so I tried to find the nearest bathroom. When I got in I washed my hands and just totally stripped off, I was so desperate I started taking my pants off before I got in the cubicle, the restroom looked empty and I was so horny that I didn't see that the cubicle next to me was occupied, for about 5 minutes I was moaning and touching my body everywhere and I got really wet, when all of a sudden I heard another moan. I just took a look to see if I could see anyone's feet and sure enough there was someone in the stall next to me I could see a pair of high heels. Then a lady spoke and said please don't stop moaning, it helps me. I said im sorry I didn't know u were in here by then I had started to put my clothes back on and walk out, I was washing my hands and about to leave when I heard the cubicle door behind me open, I turned around and A lady around my age and and height stood there with her bra and no panties on, I could see her work skirt on the rack next to the toilet was soaking wet. She walked up to me and pulled my pants and my panties off, I was shocked because I'm straight but the fact of her touching me made me excited. I started to walk to the cubicle with her and pull all my clothes off, she let me sit on the toilet seat while she helped me get even more wet, we would take turns in letting each of us put fingers inside one another, we did that for about 3 hours until she pulled out a dildo (a very large one too), she just pushed it straight in and out of her for 5 minutes when she finally pushed it in me. She let me do the work and decided to put her vagina near my face while I licked her clitoris and she put her fingers in and rubbed, she reached an orgasm and squirted all over me and when she did I got the best orgasm that lasted for a while. After I had had an orgasm she said that it was my turn to squirt. So she told me to bend over on all fours with my legs slightly spread, when I got set up she put 2 fingers in and moved them in and out for ages I got so wet, she then put the dildo in and applied pressure while rubbing my clit after about 2 minutes I had squirted all over the floor it was the best. We just sat there masturbasting and fingering each other for another 2 hours while talking about sex. We left the shopping centre together and she gave me a contact number to contact her and now every Wednesday we catch up and do the same thing we did that day. We are like best friends now and I will never forget that day!

January 6, 2015 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Caught Masturbating!

My Uncle ED caught masturbating

“Professor Barnes. May I skip your class tomorrow? I have a chance to catch a flight home at half-price if I go today.” “Sure. You can read on the plane.” He handed me four sheets of paper stapled in the corner. “Just come and talk to me about when you get back from Christmas and New Years.” He looked down at his papers—he had been looking at my breasts.

The plane landed on time. I picked up a Hertz and headed for my grandmother’s home—we were all meeting there tomorrow. I knew there was always a bedroom for me. I parked in back and came through the side door. I sat my travel bag in the ante-room off the kitchen and headed for the living room. I saw a jacket and a cowboy hat over the back of a chair. “My uncle Ed is the only one who wears a cowboy hat. I wonder where he is?” He had married my aunt Rose when he got home from the First Gulf War. She had died 8 years ago, but he was part of family and always invited. I headed upstairs. This is a big old 1940’s house. I heard a noise in the far bedroom—the door was almost closed. I carefully eased it open. Uncle Ed was beating his meat—laid flat out on the bed. He was grunting and was about to finish. I was horny. I had not had a guy for several weeks. Too much college work to do. I burst into the room. “Stop! Stop uncle Ed.” He sat up in a panic. I took off my coat. My sweater. My blouse. And pulled down my skirt almost in one motion. “Save it for me Uncle Ed. It was growing soft, but suddenly it started to grow. I took off my panties and came to the bed totally naked. He was already naked. His member was rock hard now. I crawled on top and inserted it into my now moist pussy. Ed just laid there. I started moving back and forth. He was so close to cumming when I came in that he came in about 20 strokes. “Keep going! Keep going! I can cum again.” I moved faster and faster. After about 5 or 6 minutes, I felt it. I was going to finish. “I’m finishing Ed. I’m finishing!” “Me too. Ah’m gonna go again.” We hugged and kissed and ‘messed’ around for another half an hour. Ed was getting hard again. This time he got behind me and let me set the pace. I started of slow. I would start and stop. Start and stop. Finally Ed said, “You are driving me crazy.” “I know. I am driving myself crazy. Let’s go.” We both blasted at once. During the year end time off, we were able to sneak a screw five more times in the next week. Now back to college and studies. “I wonder if Professor Barnes had a good holiday. I don’t think he is married. Maybe I can do a little promotional work on him and get an A grade. Hmmm.”

January 8, 2015 - Sexual Preference - Straight


Dispicable woman

I've been married for 27 years to a wonderful man and have two grown children. I never had to work all these years since my husband has a very good job but also travels overseas and is away often. We do have good sex but I have also been masturbating for many years especially while he is away. Last year a neighbor I have known for a long time asked me if I was able to care for her son twice a week knowing I volunteered at a senior citizen care center. Her son is a young man in his early 20's who has suffered with nerve damage to his back and legs for many years. I did know him but not well at the time and she asked if I could care for him on Tuedays and Thursdays offering to pay me, which I declined. Donald is a handsome young man but has much difficulty walking and needs constant care which is mostly done by his mother. When she first asked I was under the impression she needed me to cook for him and assit him in getting around the house. As it worked out he also needed assistance in dressing and getting to the bathroom and it became apparent that some days he was unable to get out of bed. The first dozen times I took care of him his embarrassment was so noticeable he not only blushed but often had tears when I undressed him for his bath or assisted him using the toilet. I know this sounds awful but I actually very much enjoyed seeing him naked so much so I began masturbating each time often while still at his house. The first few months it was only two times when he couldn't get out of bed and obviously the most humiliating times for him when I bathed him while in bed. He turned beet red with embarrassment but I was excited while washing his genitals and anus and just seeing him naked.

As time went on he was less embarrassed about me seeing him naked but I began taking advantage of the situation and would try to see him naked as much as possible. About six months had gone by and at that point I had bathed him many times in his bed. Shamefully it always aroused me and I began having him naked for longer periods of time and truly enjoyed washing his scrotum and penis. A few times I could tell his penis was getting a semi erection but think he was so embarrassed he never got a full erection. It was this past September the first time he got a full erection while I was washing him and he was in tears apoligizing to me. It was me who caused him to get aroused by the way I had him exposed to me and took a long times washing between his legs. I told him not to feel bad about it and it was ok and he can't help it. Little did he realize but I was also aroused and as soon as I dressed him went in the other room to masturbate. Since then it happens often and each morning I get there I always ask if he would prefer staying in bed that day hopeing he says yes which he does usually at least one of the days each week. I just began telling him not to be embarrassed if he has an erection and that I am not offended by it because its a natural reaction. What he doesn't seem to understand is how I specifically arrange his legs wide open and spend so much time washing his privates for my benefit. He has no conception of how arousing it is for me. Even though I use a wash cloth I also use my bare hands touching his penis and scrotum. I even enjoy washing his anal area and wash his testicals from the rear at times fully knowing it is arousing to him but also arousing me. His mother thanks me everyday when she gets home and often tells me her son likes me very much. I never masturbate him but do know he masturbates although I have only seen him doing it twice. I masturbate everytime I bathe him in his bed, sometimes right away but other times when I get home. I keep doing it and know some of the things I do still embarrass him just by the way I see him and puposely expose him to me.

I am able to get him to have an erection every time I wash him and he still sometimes tells me he is sorry as many times as I have told him not to apoligize for it. I'm sure he never tells his mother about this since I'm sure she would have said something to me. I don't know why for sure but I so much enjoy seeing this young man naked and touching his genitals gets me so aroused I can hardly wait to masturbate. Even when I don't wash him I still get to see him naked since I prepare his bath and help undress him. Once in the tub I leave the room but once he is done I help him out of the tub and also help dry him off. As much as I feel sorry for his condition its exciting for me to just see him naked. He probably thinks of me as some old woman, since I am older than his mother. I'm not to old to appreciate a young naked body and have the ability to arouse a young man. This has turned into a fetish to me and I keep taking more liberties when I wash him. I put him in positions at times where he can't see me washing his gentials and instead of using the wash cloth I use my bare hands. I always bend up his knees and open his legs as far as possible fully exposing him to me which alone gets me aroused. I'll have one hand touching his testicals and anus while I wash his penis with the other hand. This seems to get him aroused fast and I enjoy seeing him get hard. Its a dispicable thing to do to this young man but I get so much pleasure from it I can't explain how I react to it.

January 12, 2015 - Sexual Preference - I would rather not say.

First Time Masturbating


The first time i masturbated it

January 13, 2015 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Self-Pleasuring is Awesome

After School Special

Ooooh fuck yeah!!! I just love rubbing my pussy so much. It feels so good. After a long day of classes I decided to start watching some porn. It started turning me on. I finally touched myself and it felt amazing. I started rubbing my nipples too. I keep replaying the time I pissed on furniture and I just want to spray my piss a few places. Soon I will be moving and stuff renovated so Im going to go to town that weekend.

January 15, 2015 - Sexual Preference - Straight

First Time Masturbating

my toy in him

I have always wanted to do this. Me and my boyfriend were watching Some hot porn videos and I was playing With my rabbit which I really like, and he was playing with him self and I noticed that he had His other hand down by his balls. I asked what he was doing come to find out he was playing with his ass. I have played with it before and we both love it I get so wet. So he asked me if I wanted to do him with my rabbit. I was not going to turn this down so he got on his knee and I would say his world was rocked the way he moaned was unreal my pussy was dripping wet. With his face in the future he was bent over I held a hold his back kinda like how when he fuck me he could not stop shaking. It was such a turn on for me to give him that kind of pleasure. I gave it to him so good he came in my hand. This is by far the best thing we have done together.

January 17, 2015 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Anonymous Masturbator Confessions

So beautiful

I was home early from school and thaught the house was empty, ad I made my way to my room I heard noises in my parents room.Concened I peaked in to find my step dad out of the shower drying him self with a huge woodie. Oh my , I said to my self he is huge and beautiful. I had not seen a real man or boy naked , jut the picture n health class. This was so amazing a rel woodie or erection 10 feet away. My eyes were locked absorbing his every detail.I stood there too long and he saw me and started to apologies and cover up. I blushed and also apologized. That night in the shower I had the most mind blowing orgasim fantasing about his beautiful manhoid. I would have also married him. The next day I ran home hoping to once again walk by and hope fully catch a glimps. He left the door open and I was waiting to hear the water stop, I peakd around the door and once again watched him nude erect and he woild not look at the door as he finished drying him self. Several days of this and we knew that each other was aware of what was going on. I decided to go take a shower thinking develish and leave my door open and hoped he would get the hint. You know when you are being watched! I woild dry my hair covering my face with my whole body facing the door but not being able to see him made it more exciting. Taking a hot shower and having my niplles erect from the cold air. Soon I was treated to him pleasing him self and watched as his head shot the dangerous cumb out. Yes I knew that was wat got a girl pregnant. Eventually we got very comfortable watching each other and I felt such a drive and draw to him still a girl but catching the eye of a man. To a yung teen this is the best to be liked,seen and admired , but the best was the ability to see a man naked in his prime naturally pleasing him self and not being ashamed hiding in a room.When the time was right and I was mutch older we well you figue it out.

January 18, 2015 - Sexual Preference - Undecided

First Time Masturbating

Teddy bear

The first time I started 'masturbating' was probably when I was about 4/5. I've got 2 memorable experiences from then. The first: I was alone in the living room and was wathing scary movie with a teddy beside me. I think it was mr happy teddy. Anyway a sec scene came on and I decided to copy them. I looked over at the teddy and lay him down. I mounted him whilst still looking at the screen and started grinding my groin really hard against his face. I moved my hips ba and fourth and really forced down my pussy on him. I got a little bored and stopped.

The other one is when one of my friends was over. I'm not sure why but me and her went onto the top bunk of my bunk bed and we got under the covers. She got on top of me and started grinding really fast on me. Both fully clothed. We were getting really hot and sweaty and flustered under those covers. Oh it was good and it felt so bad. I barely knew what I was doing but I knew that I liked it. She just kept grinding on me so hard and we switched and I pressed my self so hard against her sweaty body.

The first time I started mastrubating properly I must've been about 12. I was sore down there and so had to treat it with cream. One day it was so sore I just kept rubbing the cream on and thought wow this feels good. So when I was home alone I'd sit in the bathroom and put my cream on And experiment with my fingers. First I used 2 fingers and just slid them up and down but it just wasn't doing it for me. So I tried going km circles... Oh my god yes! It's the technique I still do now! And I'm actually doing it now, I'll come to that in A sec. Anyway I kept doing this until I got bored. But one day I could feel myself climaxing and getting all tense and I thought I was going to pee and I got confused and scared so stopped. But the next time I kept constantly pushing out ( or pulling in, if you keep continually doing this especially at climax (don't stop) then it's easier to orgasm)) and I came to cllimax and I kept going and went faster and harder and then this huge sensation came over my body. Ohhhhhh god! I was shaking all over, I couldn't touch my now extremely sensitive little clit. It was amazing.

I'm masturbating right now and it feels so good. I'm moving my finger clockwise on my hard clit. My pussy is so soft and wet I really want someone to come and lick it... Ooo please lick my clit! My body keeps jolting and I'm getting so so wet. I'm gonna cum! Uh uh uh uhh uhhhhhhh uhhhhhhh YES YES, oh yes! Uhhh I feel like I'm going to piss everywhere. I wish I could. Oh baby! UHHHHHHH

January 18, 2015 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Caught Masturbating!

New Years Orgasm Surprise

I first started masturbating at 12, now I'm way older.

In my late teens I'll give you that. Well, it was a few days after Christmas and Eveyone in my family decided to go out, and have a few drinks, while I being the youngest out of four has to stay home. I have no quite reached the age limit yet for drinking.

As midnight arrived we all bid our goodbyes and my family told me they'll be back early hours in the morning which I didn't mind. I had time to myself.

I put on a pron video and started my night, I had multiple orgasm. Each one hitting higher and high, but I was not yet satisfied. So I walked through the kitchen to the lounge naked. I sat in front and placed my laptop in front of my naked self. I grabbed my toy, shoving it in me. The moans from the laptop made me hotter and wetter. My hips thrusting towards the toy.

Just as I was going to reach my peak, the front door opens and slammed shut.

J*** it was my brothers best friend and he had just called out his name. It was to late for me to pick up my things and run for the flight of stairs, he was already standing in the door way of the lounge.

Hi I squeaked out, my cheeks reddened and I was a mess. Naked hot and sweaty. He didn't stand there long before he dashed towards me, a buldge in his pants. He spread my legs open and pulled the toy out and replaced it with his mouth. I threw my head back, cupping his head and pulling his hair.

His finger thrusted into me and I moaned loudly, moaning out his name. You see I've had a crush on my brothers best friend since I was little. We all grew up together.

He pushed his finger in deeper and I came undone. I moaned loudly and breathlessly.

He stoodup smirking above me. His hands reaches for his flyer and put popped his friend.

My turn sweetheart let's just say things got a little more then touchy feely. Since that night, we have been dating and now married with a daughter. Our sex life has gone beyond the boundaries. Way over the line.

January 22, 2015 - Sexual Preference - Undecided

First Time Masturbating

my first experience

So, I discovered masturbation quite early, with 8 or 9 years I think. I liked to hump a pillow or a teddy bear and I never orgasmed, but enjoyed the tingling sensations in my belly. I have not masturbated regularly until I was thirteen however and even then I could only cum by humping a heap of blankets or my pillow. Today however I like circling my lubed clit in circular motions and sticking my fingers in my pussy until I cum all over my fingers. A few weeks ago I have bought a vibrator which I love sticking into my hole and riding it while one of my hands massages my clit and the other tweaks my nipples. I do that a lot since Im basically horny 24/7 and just right now Im sitting here with my little vibe pulsing inside of me. Happy masturbation, ladies!

January 26, 2015 -

Masturbation Biography

A late solo starter

I am a 34 year old unmarried female from North London UK and my job takes me abroad a lot. Im 5'8 150lbs, dark brown longish hair often pinned back I live on my own in a small apartment and have fairly recently broken up with my boyfriend of many years and who is ten years older than myself. I made the break as he, a married man, deceived me and it simply could not go on. I loved him to bits and its taken a long time to get over him. Am now beginning to look ahead but freely confess to being sexually frustrated. As much as I would like to enjoy sex with a man I am wary and choosy. People will say get release by solo masturbation.. Oddly enough I was very pleased when my b/f played with me and loved masturbating him but the trouble is it does not come naturally to do it on myself. In fact the first time I ever did that was when I was 19. Very late really. I am slowly gaining confidence and now do it maybe a couple of times a week. Always in bed and without the aid of porn I have a vivid imagination so fantasising is easy. I love to take a hot relaxing bath first soaking with lots of soap suds. I usually put my panties and bra on again as I get in bed as its part of my foreplay. I turn the lights low. Its private, safe and I can do and make as much noise as I like. My right hand will slowly wander under my duvet across to my boobs. I unhook my 36B bra and start to fondle my tits which are by now erect and sensitive. After a time my hand then moves across my stomach and a finger will slide along the front elastic of my panties. I can feel the top of my pubic hair which is dark brown and trimmed. As I remove my panties I run hands down over my thighs and finally brush across my pussy. I can begin to feel myself getting wet. A right hand finger circles around my clit and vaginal entrance. Much better with fingers than a vibrator (which I rarely use) With my other hand a finger is inserted as far as possible up my vagina just finger fucking. Both working together getting faster and harder against my body I begin to feel those internal contractions heralding an orgasm. In the excitement I will take one hand and again fondle my boobs. My bum will lift up. I will moan and groan and sometime shout out as I build up to and finally have an orgasm. It is so releasing and satisfying. Oh I long to find Mr Right, that we can make love, share our lives and be fucked - hard!

January 26, 2015 -


Whipped Cream and My Dog

I've always loved masturbating. I remember playing with my parents vibrator...which they said was a massager and for some reason just started rubbing my vagina. I was about 5 and was in heaven. Masturbated as much as I could, whenever I could, without my parents finding out.

One day while they were at the store. I was about 13. I was mixing up some whipped cream for a cake my Mom had just made. Our Great Dane came in from outside and he loved whipped cream. I'd always give him the beaters to lick....which gave me the idea to spread the whipped cream on my vagina and let him lick me. I took the bowl into the living room with our dog following and pulled down my shorts and panties. I laid across the foot cushion and spread myself with the whipped cream. My dog went wild and started licking. I spread my legs as far as I could and his strong tongue licked and licked my quivering clit. I was going crazy and pushing my self hard into his tongue. I came and came. Then I heard the backdoor slam and jumped up, pulling my shorts up. There was whipped cream all over the foot cushion. My parents asked what happened and I know I was forty shades of red. I said I was just giving Duke some whipped cream, but I noticed the whipped cream was down the insides of my legs. My Mom looked pissed and my Dad just smiled embarrassingly and left the room. It was never mentioned again....but I continued to have my whipped cream adventures deep into college days with assorted dogs and even cats....and once in a while now. I've never had a dog with as strong a tongue as Duke...he was amazing! I even like to spread the whipped cream on my breasts and let them lick it off there...

January 27, 2015 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Fantasies while Masturbating


I must admit everything I have written is fantasy. I get aroused writing them and then orgasm.

January 28, 2015 - Sexual Preference - Straight

The Ultimate Female Masturbation Experience

My Best Time Masturbating

My senior year of high school I was very OK with my body. My friends all were okay with their bodies as well and almost every time we were at someones house we would all be naked with each other because we didn't care. It is the same clothes we were born in so its fine to be around people in the complete nude. One time we ended up going to my house and my friend recently got a boyfriend, who now 14 years later is still with her, and we all thought he was super hot. All of us being 5 people. They got to my house and within 2 minutes every one was naked sitting on my couches talking. We started talking about her boyfriend and sex and boys in general and all of us, you could see, was getting horny. One of my friends suggested we should put on some porn. I grabbed my laptop and through on whatever video showed up first. Almost immediately after I put it on everyone was fingering themselves. They were earlier too but they were really going at it at this point. By the third video everyone had already orgasmed at least once but we kept going. At this point some of us were helping the others pussy, like my friend was fingering me and I was fingering her. By the time we finished my floor was soaked but I didn't care. It was the best time I've ever masturbated. To this day we still get together once a week and masturbate with each other, though now it occasionally gets to the next level. We use to always lightly finger ourselves because we were high schoolers, our conversations normally got to sex one way or another. But that was the best time I've ever masturbated.

January 29, 2015 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Anonymous Masturbator Confessions

Just neded to do it.

I was home and it was late and I was very restless. I could not seem to sleep , so I turned on the tube . I was watching a cool teen movie about Beverly hills and as the girls talked about sex it was funny but exciting at the same time. Soon the scene showed the girl on the bathroom floor with what was insinuated by the buzzing sound was a vibe as she having a good time. The volume was low on the TV but just enough to make ot the noise. Watching her facial expressions and body movements wer very provocative and I was so turned on. I started rubing my clit as I usually did pleasing my self. I was so wet it was incredable how much liquid I had oozing out and I felt extra sensative as I shuddered from cuping my lips together squeezing the top where it really was sort of jolting..once in a while I woild insert a finger but tonight watching this scene I figured I well I wanted more. Something was taking over as I continued rubing and I spread my legs to insert a finger then 2 , still my mind was losing controll and my clit was telling me more and more harder and harder, so I kept going , whimpering quietly in pure joy. My head turned to my night stand and there was my brush, my hand just reached to it like a remote control was moving it and the brush handle went straight to my lips. Slowly I rubed it up and down my lips to the top and down to the bottom. Mmmmmaaaa yes so good and smooth. Oh I was just pretending it was a penis rubing and teasing me. Mmmmm yes more and more slowly the handle woild stop at my entrance and enter so slightly. Yes mmmm yes, slow up and down , I was laying on the pillow in an incline watching my self as the TV flickered. Watching the handle straddled by my lips as I continued stroking them. Still I could not stop I wanted more and more the sensation was unbelievable and I did not nor could I stop. I tried but still the draw was too much. My niplles were starting to hurt from being so erect for so long. I continued as the handle semed to push in deeper every time and my opening was craving for more and more as I carefully complied pushing harder , feeling the brush opening my canal. I was now drenched I sweat , trying to keep quiet and enjoying my self. More and more ever so slowly I woild push in and after a bit pull out and push in again every time feeling my self open more and more as the handle went in further. Then at last I had a firm grip on the brush and my body just did the craziest thing I did a un controlled pelvic thrust and the brush went right in , oh I held my breath in surprise and quickly pulled the brush out. Wow it was the best for a second and I panacked pulling it out. I took a break to catch my breath reflecting on all the feelings I had just experienced. I contined rubing my lips and once more the brush was at my opening and wanted in so my lips said more and I pushed in once more to my delight. A couple of strokes was enough and I had to stop it was so intense and I was tender. We became good pals after that , we had dates every night .

January 31, 2015 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Memorable Self-Pleasuring

Horny dream

I've just stumbled on this site and I think it's wonderful that you can tell other girls about your experience and read about their's, wow.

So, I'm not a great one for masturbating, I maybe do it once a month or longer sometimes, I didn't start masurbating until I was 16 but I do masturbate, I've never done it in front of anyone or with a girl friend and I don't own a vibrator, I fact I've never had anything other than fingers or a penis inside me, I'm not a prude about sex, I like sex, I like to wear small sexy undies and will go without if nessesary, I like doing oral and do not spit, and I will also do anal, which can be very good with the right guy, I have watched porn lots of times but not that often on my own, I know it says about not putting your age but to give you an idea, I'm over 21 and under 25, 5'9 and a 34b, I rent an appartment, have a good job and live on my own, but my pet hate is pubic hair, I had pubic hair growing at 10 and hated it, by 12 I was trimming it short with scissors before starting to use my dad's hair trimmers a while later, giving myself a n°1 about once a month whenever my parents were out shopping or something, by 14 I was shaving smooth and have been doing so ever since, I have had a little landing strip a few times but I much prefer to be shaved smooth.

Last night I had a very horny dream indeed and it felf very real, I my have even had an orgasm which could have been the reason for me waking up, I layed there for a minute getting my breath back before sliding a hand inside my panties and finding I was very wet, I had no idea of the time as it was still dark outside, I ran my finger tips over my wet labia and around the hood of my clitoris a few times before kicking off the covers, quickly followed by my panties and got back to masturbating, I rubbed over my clit with one hand and after pulling up my tee shirt started playing with breasts and nipples with my other hand, my nipples were already erect and I like to roll them between my finger tips, which is what I did, I pulled my legs up and slipped a finger, then 2 inside myself, I was so wet I was making squelching noises as my fingers moved quickly in and out, I brought down my right hand from my breasts and started rubbing over my clitoris, slowly building up speed and bringing myself to a shuddering orgasm, I pulled off my tee shirt layed there for quite a while after, tasting myself when I licked my fingers and rubbing the wetness over and around my nipples, then I pulled the covers back up, rolled over and went back to sleep naked.

On waking up late, I had a shower and breakfast, I still felt a little horny and thought I'd look some things up on the internet, which soon moved on to sex, I looked at some porn then at some girl selfes, most of them naked, not bad looking girls either, then fell on this site looking for things about masturbation, I started reading some of the entries and found I was getting turned on, I had on a fairly tight huggy vest top, no bra, a little g-string and some legging, I started holding my breasts as I read, rubbing over them slowly, giving them little squeezes, then my other hand was rubbing between my legs, over my leggings, some of the stories were better than others but I kept reading, my hands were then inside my top and leggings and I was again very wet, I moved to the edge of the sofa so I could get my hand between my legs better and then played with my labia for a while, I couldn't beleive I was masturbating again in the same day, I had never done this before in my life, I pulled my leggings and string down around my ankles and balanced the computer on my thighs with my legs apart as much as I could and got back to rubbing my clit, I did this not too fast and not too slow, keeping the feeling going for ages before I couldn't hold out any longer and had another shuddering orgasm, pulling my computer of me just in time before it fell to the floor, after I'd calmed down I looked at all my wetness on my fingers and over my smooth pussy and started to gently play with it, putting my fingers in myself and pull them out slowly, making strings with my wetness, then rubbing it over my lips and clit, which then lead me to start masturbating again, giving myself a 3rd orgasm in less than 12 hours, maybe a 4th if I include the one I think I had in my sleep, something I've never ever done before, what a day so far, maybe I'll start masturbating a little more often than before, this sites given me some great ideas to try out, and maybe I will get a vibrator or something like that, today was fun, and horny.

February 1, 2015 - Sexual Preference - Straight


Extreme orgasms

I bought myself a dildo and vibrator kit I beleived I had the best orgasms ever. Last year I moved into a new apartment and the first week I was there I was in my livig room pleasuring myself, when I realized there was an older man standing at my front door watching me. There is a small diamond shaped window in the door and all I saw was a man smiling. I didn't know how long he was watching me but I was naked and had not only masturbated with a dildo but also pleased myself with the vibrator with my legs wide apart. I later found out he is the maintanance supervisor and began seeing and talking to him several times a week. He never said anything about seeing me right away but after a month or so said he only came to my door that day to introduce himself. He admitted he should have walked away but said he was so happy seeing a young girl naked he couldn't leave. I finally asked him how long he watched me and he said about fifteen minutes and thanked me for making his day. I was embarrassed about it but at the same time thought it was cool and in a way it sort of turned me on. I actually got friendly with Sam to the point where he would kid around about it telling me how much he enjoyed it. The subject kept coming up for months and he actually began asking me if he could peek in again. By that time I had covered the window with a curtain but found myself wishing I didn't. About 8 months went by and Sam just kept complementing me and also telling me he thinks about it often and wishes he could see me masturbating again. Now this is hard for me to admit but one day we were talking and I admitted to him that it actually was a turn on knowing he saw me. With that he asked why I wouldn't let him watch again. By that time I had met his wife and certain he never told her about it.

As crazy as it sounds I started wondering what it would be like to have a man his age watch me masturbate. My boyfriend has watched me and also masturbated me many times but I just began wondering what it would be like if Sam watched me. On Saturday afternoon he mentioned it again and the thought of it somehow had me turned on. I think he almost passed out when I told him he could come in and watch me. I brought him into my living room and got my dildo kit from my bedroom. I was nervous and think it was embarrassing at first also thinking I was going out of my mind doing something like that. I have never been ashamed of my body but here I was takeing my clothes off in front of a man then laying on the sofa with my legs wide open fingering myself. I knew I was blushing slightly but for some reason I got wet almost immediately. I first took a dildo and began penitrating myself then used the vibrator. I could see Sam was fascinated which aroused me to no end. I just had a series of orgasms that I never experienced before. By him watching me something just made me orgasm repeatedly and I realized this was the most extreme masturbation I had ever had. More than even the many times my boyfriend watched me and I can't discribe how exciting it was for me and I suppose for Sam. That was six months ago and since then I have not only let Sam watch me at least three times a month but started letting him use the dildo and vibrator to masturbate me. I have never noticed if he had an erection and suspect he is unable to since he is old although he is very into doing it for me. I also let him fondle my breasts and can't begin to explain how aroused I get and the frequency and intensity of the orgasms I have. Sam has vowed secrecy and the last thing I want is for his wife or my boyfriend to find out about it.

February 1, 2015 - Sexual Preference - Straight

First Time Masturbating

Discovering myself

This is my first time sharing, and I'm kinda shy... but here goes nothing. I think I was about eleven when I first found out what masturbation was, and even then I still didn't know what I was doing, or what it was called. I was in the bath and I had found this little doll with frizzy red hair in a box that was kept under the sink, and I got curious and put her hair up into a ponytail on the top of her head then I slid the end of the doll's hair inside of me. I didn't know what I was doing but I did know it felt good so I slid more of the doll's hair inside of me. The doll was neck deep before I stopped. I remember not really understanding that feeling and not caring, I got out of the bath that night feeling great. I don't do that any more because we had the throw the doll away (her head fell off). I'm not sure what the point of this story was, but I felt like sharing, so yeah. Anyway as many of you ladies say, Happy masturbating.

February 5, 2015 - Sexual Preference - Other

Masturbation Biography

crorkzz backz

G7gN7G We stumbled over here by a different website and thought I might check things out. I like what I see so now i am following you. Look forward to finding out about your web page yet again.

February 6, 2015 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Anonymous Masturbator Confessions

Chat Line Masturbation

I love to talk to a man on a chat line and masturbate with him. We share all our fantasies and secrets. It is so horny I get off. Being a stranger I never have to meet him. I love it. I have not done a cam session or let him see me naked yet. The man next door sees me naked in my garden by the pool sunbathing. That is very horny. I never let him know I know he is watching. I see him through the open picket fence. I can see him masturbating.

February 7, 2015 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Caught Masturbating!

Roommate masturbation

I'm in college and I have a roommate which means I cant masturbate unless she is gone. But recently, I have been getting brave enough touch myself after I notice that she is asleep. Usually I'll just rub my clit to get myself wet. If I am super horny, I will roll over so my face is in my pillow and hump my blankets until I cum. I breathe heavily so my face has to be in the pillow to muffle the sounds. After I cum from humping the bundle, I will rub my tender clit which sends a shiver up my spine. My pussy starts to drip cum and I am so wet. I cant do this very often because she is a light sleeper.

One night, I woke up after I heard a little moan. She talks in her sleep so I didnt think anything of it. I shut my eyes again when I heard another moan and heavy breathing. All of a sudden, I heard the sound of my roommate fingering herself so vigorously that her pussy was making wet sounds. I got turned on and started touching myself. I wanted to stay quiet though so she didnt think I was weird. Her moans grew louder and louder, and she started to say yes through her heavy breathes.

I started to finger myself and my pussy was soaking. She could hear my wet pussy too. She stopped.

April? she questioned.

Keep going Lisa, I'm so turned on.

I hear her stick her fingers back in her pussy as she continued to masturbate for me. I couldnt take it anymore. I wanted to touch her. I got up from my bed and walked over to her. I spread her legs, and shoved two fingers deep in her pussy. She shivered and her pussy tightened around my fingers as she began to drip. I started to finger her as she was asking me to eat her out.

I've never done it before, but she said it was easy. I put my face to her pussy and looked at it. It was so beautiful, like a flower. I found her clit and began to lick it. I licked it hard and fast in circles. She was humping my face hard, making my tongue go as fast as she wanted. She said she wanted to sit on my face so she turned over and rode my face until came all over my face. I drank her juices in.

Your turn she told me.

Her face went down to my pussy and she didnt hesitate. She started licking my clit vigorously and fingering my at the same time. I came in two minutes. We began kissing and just rubbing each others slits.

April, open your legs she told me. I did as she said.

She put her pussy directly on mine. This is tribbing, now just rub your pussy on mine. I started to rub and our clits were grinding. It felt so good, I asked her to go faster.

Fuck April, I'm gonna cum. She made me turn over and started rubbing her pussy on my ass. It was so wet. I was so horny, I needed my clit touched. So i began to masturbate and rub my clit as she was getting off on my ass. We came at the same time.

Is that your first time? Lisa asked.

Yes, was it yours? I asked back.

No, I've done that before. I've wanted to do that with you for a long time. I hear your masturbate all the time and I get off to it. I wanted you to hear me.

After that, we masturbated a lot together. Im gonna masturbate right now.

February 8, 2015 - Sexual Preference - Bisexual

Masturbation Biography



February 8, 2015 -

Fantasies while Masturbating

Amazing Babysitter Fantasy

So I do a lot of babysitting jobs and there's one in particular where the parents are both very attractive people. I am straight but I do enjoy watching straight and lesbian porn and I will admit when a woman is attractive. Anyway, lets call this couple Michael and Tanya. Michael is so sexy. He has an accent that is super cute and his body is muscly and hot. Tanya is petite and slender with long sleek hair, and her breasts always look so perfectly shaped under her dresses. So I find them very attractive and for some reason I found myself having a sexual fantasy about them the other day as I was drifting off to sleep. When I woke up from the dream I felt so horny and I just HAD to masturbate, so I thought about that dream and had such an incredible orgasm. I thought I'd share the fantasy here:

I had put the children to bed and they were both asleep. It was getting late but I knew I'd be there for another couple hour or so. I cleaned up a bit and walked to the other end of the house (it is a big house so it's quite a fair way from where the children are, so I knew I didn't have to be too quiet) and walked into Michael and Tanya's bedroom to put away a blanket the kids were using. I sat down on the bed and looked at a photo of them on the night stand, they were in bathing suits and hugging each other. I felt a tingle through my body as I thought of them half naked and wet, bodies pressing against each other. The bed was so soft beneath me I lied down with my head on the pillow. I gently ran my hand over my body as I pictured them in those bathing suits...and out of them. I couldn't handle it any longer. I took off my shirt and pants, leaving only my underwear on. I teased my breasts over my bra and put my hand down my panties. I was already so wet. I started to gently rub up and down my pussy, teasing my clit and sending shivers down my spine. My other hand was in my bra caressing my nipples softly.

I was enjoying myself so much I didn't even hear Michael and Tanya come in the door, home early. I kept rubbing myself and softly moaning until they opened the bedroom door and walked in. I was mortified, I jumped up and covered myself with a pillow, telling them I was so sorry. They stared for a moment, looked at each other and gave each other a little smile and they closed the door. Michael started to remove his jumper and Tanya said Don't be sorry, it looked great until you covered up, maybe we can help you finish.. She took the pillow away and lied me back down on the bed, stripping off her dress and revealing her beautiful body in her underwear. Michael had stripped completely naked and took off Tanya's underwear. They were both standing in front of me, naked, their amazingly sexy bodies driving me crazy. Michaels penis was thick and growing as he looked at Tanya and me. Tanya's breasts were lovely and round, her nipples hardened as she leaned in and took off my bra.

She kissed my breasts and gently teased my nipples with her tongue, softly biting them with her lips and sucking them. She took my panties off and kissed my body all over. Michael had joined us on the bed, and we started to rub each other and feel each other's bodies. Tanya and I took turns to suck Michaels penis and he took turns eating us out and we all were pleasuring each other in every way possible.

Tanya straddled me and we rubbed our pussies together while Michael jerked off over us. Finally, michael entered me and pounded me hard as Tanya licked and sucked my nipples. I made her crouch over my face and I licked her pussy hard until I could taste her cumming. Michael lifted me onto him and I rode him so hard until I exploded. Michael came too after that, moaning hard and thrusting as he shot his juices inside me. He then had his way with Tanya and came again as I sat over his face while he ate me out.

This continued for hours and we did it every time I came to babysit after...

So that's the fantasy that drove me wild, it still does as I write it now. My pussy is throbbing and begging for attention, so off I go to masturbate! Happy orgasming ladies ;)

February 14, 2015 -

The Ultimate Female Masturbation Experience

Back at it

I am a middle age woman. Two years after my divorce, I re-discovered the pleasures of masturbation. This was something which I found extrmely staisfying and fun to do, and it took me back to when I was younger and firt learned to masturbate. However, when I made friends with another woman my age and also divorced, it was surpprisingly easy for both of us to begin enjoying this pleasure with one another. Neither have ever had any lesbian desires, but with each other we have discovered a whole new realm of sexual excitement and friendship. I only wish that perahps I had tried this years ago.

February 16, 2015 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Memorable Self-Pleasuring

I've always had a hard time getting along with other girls, and have had very few female friends. One summer I met this girl named Angie while sitting at a park. We started talking and immediately hit it off. We had so much in common, and quickly became very good friends. After a party one night she back to my place and we laid in my bed talking. Somehow we got on the topic of sex, and she told me about how she thought she might be a lesbian because of some experiences she had when she was younger. She told me about how her and her girl friends used to make out and touch each other. I was surprised she was telling me these things, but I had had similar experiences so I shared some of my stories with her. We couldn't believe how much we had in common, especially that we had both experimented with other girls when we were younger.

The next thing I knew we were making out. She climbed on top of me, her slender flexible athletic body arching as she bent down to kiss me. We started grinding on each others legs, rubbing each others clits with our knees. We kept doing this for a long time, until we both got tired and fell asleep holding each other.

The next day when we woke up, still laying in bed, she told me that she was glad we had done that the night before, and told me how horny she was just thinking about it. Hearing her talk about it made me horny too, and we started making out again. We laid in bed all day, kissing, caressing each other, rubbing each others clits through our underwear.

We started hanging out more often, and every time she would come over we would mess around. One day she brought a double ended dildo, and even though I laughed at first when she pulled it out, I felt a surge of excitement rush through me. We took each others clothes off and laid down on my bed. I took the dildo and started to rub her clit with it, then I slowly inserted one end of it inside of her. She started moaning, and I began slowly pushing and pulling the dildo in and out of her. She looked up at me and whispered for me to put the other end of the dildo inside of me so we could both enjoy it. I laid down with my legs wrapped around hers and moved closer until the dildo was deep inside of us both. Then we started rubbing our pussies together, rocking our bodies back and forth, pushing the dildo deeper inside of each other with each thrust. It felt amazing, and we were both moaning in ecstasy, thrusting harder and harder against each other.

One night she stayed over and as she was laying between my legs with her back pressed against me breasts, I put my arm around her and started rubbing her clit with my hand, her body felt so good writhing in pleasure against mine.

Eventually we fell out of touch, and though we were still friends, we hadn't spoke in a few years. One day she calls me out of the blue and I invite her over to my new house so we can catch up on each others lives. I gave her a tour of my house and once we were in my bedroom we both sat down on the end of the bed and sat there talking. She brought up how we used to play with each other, and how she had missed it, how she thought about it all the time, and how she would always get so horny just thinking about the things we had done together. I had missed it too, and had pleasured myself many times while thinking about her and the things we had done, but I didn't tell her, I didn't really have a chance to, we had started kissing each other and making out. I nibbled her bottom lip, she kissed my neck, I took her shirt off, she took off her bra, I kissed her nipples, flicked them with the tip of my tongue, and nibbled on them every so lightly. The window to my room was open and the curtains were pulled back, and a light breeze tickled her naked skin. It was daylight outside, and at any moment someone could have walked by the window and seen what we were doing, but we were so intensely aroused that we didn't care. I pulled off her jeans and panties and gently pushed her back onto the bed. I kissed her deeply on the lips, caressed her tongue with mine, then I kissed her neck. I moved lower, kissing her nipples, first one and then the other, she began to moan. Then I kissed her stomach, and kept going lower and lower, kissing her all the way down. I spread her legs apart and kissed her inner thighs, then I buried my face into her wet pussy. I licked her slowly at fist, dragging my tongue up and down from her clit to her opening, ever so often I would thrust my tongue inside of her and she would let out a squeal of pleasure. Then I softly spelled out the alphabet on her clit with my tongue. She was moaning loudly, and I was dripping wet. I sucked on her clit and flicked it with my tongue, I inserted my index and middle finger inside of her and started rubbing her G-spot, she started moaning louder and softly played with my hair. I began licking her clit faster and faster, her body writhing, thrusting up and down. I put my hands under her perfect ass and pulled her pussy onto my face, she put her hand on the back of my head, pushing my face into her, moaning even louder, while I'm licking her clit ravenously. Then she half whispers, half screams, that she is cumming and I thrust my fingers into her while continuing to lick. Then I feel the warm gush of her juices start to drip down her pussy, and I slowly finger her while I softly lick up the cum as it's coming out of her. She lays there, quivering all over, still moaning, slowly moving her hips up and down as she relishes her orgasm. I climb up into the bed and lay next to her, she looks at me smiling. She tells me that it was amazing and that she has never had an orgasm that strong before, no guy has ever made her feel that way. She lays her hand on my pussy, and I lay my hand over hers. I guide her fingers, playing with myself with her hand, pushing her fingers inside of me. I rest my hand on her arm as she continues playing with me, I moan softly as she goes back and forth from rubbing my clit to thrusting her fingers inside of me. I was still so turned on from eating her out that I felt myself about to climax after only five minutes. I put my hand back on hers and rubbed my clit with my fingers over her fingers, faster, harder, and faster still. Then she grabbed my hand and pushed my fingers onto my clit and began using her hand to make me rub myself, as she thrust her fingers inside of me again, while I continued masturbating as she fingered me. Then I felt the orgasm surge through my entire body, it felt so good that I didn't want to stop. I pulled my hand back and she grabbed it in hers and she licked the cum off of my fingers while her other hand continued to slowly massage me on the inside.

We have since both gotten into long term relationships with men, and have fallen out of touch with each other again, she is currently engaged to be married and has a kid, but I still think about that day all the time, especially when I am masturbating, and if I am not masturbating when I think of it, I get so turned on that I have to.

February 17, 2015 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Caught Masturbating!

Mystery Masturbation

I often masturbate when my boyfriend leaves the house, but he was laid off of work a few weeks ago and hardly goes anywhere now. We have been together for eight years, and he still has no clue that I masturbate. So tonight I decided that when he went to bed I would sit up and play with myself. I opened an incognito window so nothing would show up on my browser history, and came to this site for some hot reading material. I like to reach and watch lesbian stuff, and especially enjoy mutual masturbation and oral sex between women. So I started reading this wonderfully detailed and sexy story of two girls playing with each other, and I started playing with myself. The story continues getting even hotter as one of the girls begins to eat the other girls pussy, and I am so wet, my hand down my pajama pants rubbing my clit, it feels soooo good. Then just as I am about to cum, I hear the bedroom door open. I am only a room away in the office, and my heart starts racing and I'm shaking with fear of being caught, but at the same time it was so exciting knowing that I was about to be caught masturbating, that I had to force myself to stop, and quickly switch over to another window. I hear him walk past and go down the hall to the bathroom, and my heart is still racing when I decide that I will continue masturbating while he is in the bathroom. So I quickly put my hand back into my pajama pants and start rubbing my clit even faster than before. When I hear the toilet flush, I cum! I quickly pull my hand out of my pants, my fingers are covered in my juices, and am in the middle of having a sensational orgasm when he walks down the hall and comes into the office. I pretend I am looking at stuff on Pinterest, and he asks when I am coming to bed. I tell him I'll be in in a few, and he turns around and goes back to the bedroom and shuts the door. So I sit there for a minute and make sure he has gone back to bed, before I get up and go into the bathroom. I am still so turned on from the whole experience of almost being caught that I masturbate again in the bathroom! Leaning against the bathroom counter, I rub my clit until I orgasm again! After washing up (because I had made a very wet mess of myself) I decided to post my story before going to bed. Sweet dreams!

February 18, 2015 - Sexual Preference - Straight

Memorable Self-Pleasuring


So I started masturbating about 4 years ago and I used to be so ashamed of it thinking that it was weird or abnormal for a girl to do. But now I realize that there's nothing to be ashamed of and I absolutely love doing it. I've been with my boyfriend for over a year and we don't have sex regularly but we fool around a lot and we are really comfortable around each other. Most of the time when I masturbate I watch porn which makes me really horny but I was texting my boyfriend and we started talking about the things we wanted to do to each other. I had never said that I masturbated but I'm sure he assumed so. Anyways, he made a comment about wanting to feel my hand down his pants and I told him it was too bad that it was down mine. We started going back and forth and my pussy was getting really wet. I laid on my stomach (I did this to feel more pressure) with my legs spread apart and spread my pussy lips with both hands. I fingered myself a little bit which made me even more wet before I placed my pointer finger on my clit and started flicking my finger back and forth. I started off slowly and continued to get faster and faster. We continued sexting and with each message I was getting hornier. I kept telling him how wet I was and how badly I wanted to feel him inside of me and he kept responding with how he wanted to eat me out and feel himself deep inside my tight pussy... I kept rubbing my clit faster and faster and couldn't help but moan. When I got really close, I would stop and hold off until I couldn't take it anymore and had the most amazing orgasm of my life. Having a boyfriend who knows my body and knows what effects me is incredible and now we regularly help each