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-- January 1, 2009

period masturbation

its wrong but I have the best way to cum wen on ur period lie on the floor or on ur bed then take ur knickers of or just lie completly naked ram 2 fingers in ur pussy just make quick circular movents with these fingers and go up and down and in and out at the same time I scratch the side aswell for great results u get so hot and u start to bleed a little less then u cum and its so nice I do it at the beginning of my period and it somehow stops me getting as many period pains as usual make sure u wash ur fingers afterwards some people I know lick them after period masturbation buit I wouldnt do this at all I tried it once it tasted nice but I dont do it now cause I just want to masterbate so much I cant take my hand out for 30 minutes then I wait 5 and do it more also if u imagine having sex and get men to imagine u naked and tell u how they would hav sex with u it makes ur pussy so hot and wet u just start fingering urself without realising it

-- January 1, 2009

Sausage Please

A condom and a sausage (thawed). Lay on your back and stimulate your nipples and lightly rub your clitoris. Once your pussy juices start flowing insert the sausage with the condom into your vagina and push it in to your desired spot, while still stimulating your clitoris rotate the sausage in/out and slightly up/down. As your feel ready to climax stop rubbing the clitoris and push the sausage harder and deeper. This may take a while but the orgasm is awesome and if you do this in the shower or keep a vibrating toothbrush near by it can offer an out of this world follow-up orgasm.

-- January 1, 2009

Direct Contact

If you lay back in the shower or bed where ever you like and seperate your vaginal lips. Take your pointer finger and slightly pull back on the skin right on your clit, this should expose a little fleshy ball. Rub, flick and tap on this or even allow the shower or tub faucet to hit directly on this spot and you will have an out of this world orgasm, may be sensitive so start out slow and see what you can handle, but oh so worth it.

-- January 8, 2009

lemme GIVE it to ya

Ladies, ladies! After viewing a few videos and pictures, then reading many, many beautiful techniques, I'm rubbing myself so much I can't stand it anymore! Or, should I say, SIT here at my chair any longer and MUST retreat to the bed for just a moment. My favorite, quick & easy, never-fail is to be on my tummy. Spreading my knees apart just a bit with my feet behind me, somehow helps get me in just the perfect position. I like to start out with my hands (yes, both!) under me to softly fondle myself all around my pelvic area, imagining it were another woman touching me to get me into the mood. At the same time I'm thinking about how I'd like to caress her, too. I love a woman's touch, it's never hurried or fumbled and distracting, instead knows exactly what to do. I quickly become so wet I can feel it start to drip and I just HAVE to feel it. I can hear it make that sexy sound, you know what I'm talking about, and turns me on even more as I slowly slide my middle finger just barely inside my vagina to feel my juices. I spread my lips with the other hand and start lubing my clit with the same pussy-drenched finger in a swirling motion, and feel the swelling sensation build up until I get so hard from polishing my pearl. So big, wet and slippery! I just gotta have it, and wanna give it to you. That's when I'll shift to laying on top of you, or what feels similar to you or your thigh. I'll take one hand out and grab up above my head at the bed (couch, rug, wherever I happened to be at the time!) and start sliding on my other fingers/hand, then I get into full rhythm and have to grab & hold on with both hands while digging my elbows into the surface just below me - whichever it may be! This is when my feet kick-up and cross over where they almost dig into my thighs & butt, where the intense feeling is making my toes curl and my eyes feel as though they're rolling back into my head. Just when I'm almost there, my body quivers & shakes, my ribs tighten yet every muscle seems to relax, and the uncontrollable urge to moan out loud... then, wham! I'm done, laying there with every point in my body pulsating. My pussy throbs and will tremor at the slightest breeze, shivering until her warm lips softly touch mine with a slow, wet kiss... ...should I go on? there's more! (there's always more)

-- January 8, 2009

The tickle

First I think about guys jacking off. Then I rub my clit in small slow circles getting faster as I get more wet. Then right before I orgasm I arch my back and keep making small fast circles on my clit. The cum runs out of you as you orgasm.

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-- January 11, 2009

Toothbrush and Dildo

It took me a while to work out that this technique is WONDERFUL!!!

Use and electric toothbrush on your clitoris (use bristles part) and make small circular motions. Insert a dildo into your vagina and move slowly in and out - get faster as your pleasure increases.

When you are about to orgasm, turn the brush off, and wait for about 10 seconds and then start again - eventually the orgasm will be better than if you climaxed the first time.

When you finally want to climax, increase the pressure of the brush against your clitoris, and move the dildo much faster and harder so you are touching the back wall of your vagina.


-- January 16, 2009

Pantyhose or tights

I wear only pantyhose bare and pull back and forth and have the seam dig in into my clit and labia. Sometime it will create a run into my pantyhose, but it is worth it. Sometime I use the wool tights, and have the scratchiness rub my clit, It does not take long before you get wet. Now I wear no panties under my pantyhose, it feels so good.

-- January 17, 2009

Jack Rabbit

I have a jack rabbit vibrator that is the best. I start out looking at pics, male masturbation, male doing oral on female, nude pictures, etc. While watching, I play/rub my nipples to get them hard. I tease my clit with the tip of the vibe to help my juices flow. Seeing those big dicks turns me on. Once I'm good and wet, I abandon the computer, lay down on the floor or bed, and insert the vibe. With the vibe inside and the rabbit ears tickling my clit it feels so GOOD!! You have the feeling of fullness plus the clit being tickled. I have a MASSIVE ORGASM. The jack rabbit is my best friend!

-- January 18, 2009

For The Younger Girls out there..

Okay well I know for the younger girls who are reading this or maybe te older virgins. Dildoing is Painfull. So here is what I do.

Take some time to strip down while rubbing you tits, stomach inner legs and pussy.. but DON'T TOUCH YOUR CLIT YET. Rub all around until you feel so irresistibly horny. Slowly lay down on you bed and get something about the size of a lipstick container and slowly ease it into your vagina. You react better when there is something for your Vagina to grip to. Fantasize about something and rub your inner extremities but again. Dont touch your clit yet. Get under the covers naked. It feels great dry hump for about a minute then start to rub your clit and thrust your pelvis. Believe me.. grunting help. You could also record your self (even if you want to delete it afterwards) Just so you know something is watching you. You can also masterbate to your own video.

-- January 25, 2009


Take something long, skinny, and smooth (a ballpoint pen works) and insert it into your vagina. Spit into your hand and rub it over the entire vagina/g-spot area. Pump the object in and out while rubbing your g-spot. Works every time!

-- January 26, 2009

not new but feels great

What I do is put my hands down my pants in bed flat, I find my vagina and I start putting my fingers in their and I do for like an hour I love it!

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-- January 27, 2009

The ultimate tease

I begin by reading erotic stories. I especially like reading websites like this or reading about girls first orgasma. I then get completely naked and lie on my front. I use one hand to spread my pussy lips as wide as they can go so my clit pokes right out of its hood. I then dip my fingers into my pussy to get them nice and wet. I gently stroke the tip of my clit until I am close to orgasm then I stop and wait for the feeling to pass. The more you do this the more intense the orgasm will be. When I want to come I force myself open even wider so my clit pops out even more and continue with a steady pace. My clit feels like it is going to burn off it is that sensitive but the orgasm I have doing this is unreal and I often pass out. (Your clit will try to pop back as you come but as long as you puch down with your othe hand it will stay there.) I let my fiancee pump a dildo in and out of me the last time I tried this and the effect was amazing!

-- January 28, 2009

All wet

My favorite time to masturbate is in the afternoon. I lay on the bed, sit on the couch or lay on the floor. I use gel, lotion or my own juices. I play with my nipples, this really gets me wet, and I imagine that someone is coming or looking in the window, or I think of my man in front of me masturbating to me. I'm wet just talking about it... I put my finger down in my wet spot and gently massage all over, I rub my clitoris and around the area, going back and forth down to my wetness. I concentrate on my clitoris as I come closer to orgasm, or slow it down when I want it to last. I let myself cum and rub all over with all my wetness, and moan and scream with ectasy. Now I'm going to masturbate, now that I'm all wet!

-- January 28, 2009

Yellow Squash

I love the different shapes and curves. The thicker the better...Sometimes it takes a while to work it in because of the thick sections...I always use a condom over top......or if it's really thick I use a latex glove and spread my legs as wide and pull them up as close to my chest as I can and work it in and out slowly...I can screw myself for hours....

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-- February 5, 2009

Solo Sighs

When I get horny and feel comfy & content, I will either strip naked or put on my pajamas, then crawl up under my thick, heavy, warm blankets. Lying on my stomach, I then raise my buttocks slightly in the air and place both my arms and hands around my vagina. I grasp my butt for a good grip while my hands are cupped. I then relax and start rotating my hips and thrusting my right forarm with my vagina in circular motions feeling the sensations to my vagina on each circular movement. I then start to fantasise that there is another woman in the room with me watching me then walks over and starts gently rubbing my back and butt through that blankets while I masturbate whispering to me, Do you like that? Does that feel good? Now at this point, my circular motions start to get faster. (I like to watch myself through the reflection from my tv screen. Seeing the blankets go up and down make me climax more.) The image of the comforting woman sitting beside me rubbing makes me hump and rotate my hips to my vagina faster and faster. The sensations feel so good, I start to moan and sigh almost to where I can't breathe. By this point my right forearm is wet from my vaginal lubrication. Then a feeling shots through my whole body as I let out a cry and my body gets stiff and starts to tremble as I lets out crys and moans. I then slowly hump my forearm very gently as my body twiches from the senativity on my clit until my orgasum is complete. Slight dizziness, watery eyes, drousiness, out of breath, and a smile with relief & satisfaction will occur after a this great orgasum. I then roll over and rub my cliturious and and its lubrication for fulfillness. Sometimes I fall alseep right afterward.

-- February 8, 2009

anything will do

My first time I was about seven or eight, my friend told me to follow her. We lay on the floor just under the bed on top of rolled pillows. We held hands as we moved back on forth on top of them. I had no idea what I was felling but it was great and I still get myself off that way.

After reading some of these reviews I got really horny and coupled two methods.

I cleaned a marker and rubbed it down with menthol. I rolled up two pillows and put the marker in the middle slowly lowering myself unto the marker

-- February 11, 2009

glove fun

my absolute favorite way to get off is to take a latex glove and fill it with water. put one of the fingers into your pussy under your panties. then get on a pillow and hump. the orgasm is amazing!!

-- February 21, 2009

The Position

I love to masturbate in front of my husband. I am also very oral, so my husband came up with the perfect position. He says I want you in The Lips Tits & Clits Position. This means I must undress completely and lie down on the bed on my back with my head over the side, holding my legs spread apart so he can see my pussy. He then enters my mouth with his erect penis, but does not move. This locks my lips around his penis at least halfway down the shaft. He then holds my ankles with his hands, spreading my legs up toward my head but pinned to the mattress. This leaves my hands free to pleasure myself. I begin by spreading my labia wide just like my spread legs. I pull them apart and stretch them upward so he can see my clitoris and vagina. He still hasn't begun thrusting his penis in my mouth, but it is hard as a rock. I insert my fingers in my vagina to get them wet, then I slowly begin circling my clit. In this position, I can't see very much, but he can. This gives him a full view of my mouth, my breasts and my pussy. In other words, the lips, tits and clits position. While I masturbate, he keeps my mouth full so I can't talk to him. This makes me feel totally subservient to him, which is a turn on for me. Around and around my fingers go on my clitoris, but I know it would make him angry if I satisfied myself with an orgasm. Even though I can have several orgasms like this, he won't let me. One time when I disobeyed, he spanked me. This made me feel like a whore, because his penis was still in my mouth as he slapped the insides of my thighs and spanked my bottom. I will never have an orgasm again unless he lets me, since this was humiliating. Although it makes me feel a little like a whore, he pinches my tits and pulls them while I masturbate for him like this. This is exciting since my mouth, nipples and pussy all get attention at the same time. I feel totally under his control, except I get to pleasure myself just the way I want. I think part of the turn on is being an exhibitionist in front of my husband, completely spread out like this for his visual and oral enjoyment. I think the most exciting time I ever had being in The Position was when my friend Cathy had me and my husband over for dinner a few weeks ago. We started talking about sex, and I don't know what got into me, maybe it was the wine, but I said to Cathy, You won't know how good oral sex can be unless you've assumed the position. When Cathy wanted an explanation, my husband said Why don't you show her. We had an agreement that whenever he wanted me to be in The Position, I was not to say another word. I was supposed to go into the bedroom, undress and lie down like we agreed. So despite the embarrassment, I got up from the table and went into Cathy's bedroom. The exhibitionist part of me took over, and I became very wet at the thought that my best friend was about to see my private parts. At first, Cathy was embarrassed and tried to talk my husband into calling it off, but in a very firm voice he said, No, she's my wife and I want to show you just how great she is in bed. Never had I dreamed I would be masturbating and performing fellatio in front of anyone, let alone my best friend. But there I was spread out on her bed, completely naked, with my husband's penis in my mouth. As I masturbated, Cathy began to undress. She told my husband that she was going to show him her body and let him see how she does it to herself, but not to try anything with her. Since my head was on the opposite side of the bed from her, I could not see the show Cathy was giving to him. I heard her say Do you like my tits, do you like my pussy, so I knew she was completely male masturbation, male doing oral on female, nude pictures. As he watched her, he began moving his penis in and out of my mouth. This really excited me, so I masturbated faster and faster, nearly making my self come. Cathy said I can't believe I'm watching this and doing this. My husband replied. So Cathy, before you come, do you want to watch Sarah drink my semen? My husband then ordered me to have my orgasm. When I exploded, he took his penis out of my mouth and said Cathy come over here and watch this. He then began to masturbate using his hand and my mouth, rubbing his shaft across my lips as I kissed it. He then told me to keep my mouth open, which I did. The semen shot inside my mouth as Cathy watched. Cathy exploded by herself, and lay down on the bed, saying I can't believe I just did that. After about 15 minutes, we went back to dinner. Cathy thanked my husband for showing her the position. A week later she told me she had a date with her boyfriend and tried the position. She said he was in her mouth for over an hour and when he ejaculated, it was the greatest amount of semen she's ever swallowed in her life. She keeps promising to have her boyfriend video her this way and show it to me just to be even. She said she wanted to have us over to dinner with her boyfriend for a double date position night, but she can't talk her boyfriend into having sex in front of someone. This morning Cathy emailed me asking us if we want to have dinner just with her next weekend, and suggested it be clothing optional. She's hinted that she wants to see my husband's penis in my pussy, but I don't know how he will feel about that. Some things should be private, and I think that's one of them. Doing it doggie style in front of my best friend is a little degrading, and the missionary position is about love making, not fun sex like the lips, tits and clits position. If he really insists on doing it in front of her, I will. But I'd much rather do The Position, since I like it when someone watches while I masturbate.

-- February 28, 2009


We have all heard about humping pillows. Well try this one out. Stack your pillows to your desired height. Don't put anything hard under the pillows instead try this. Get a plastic shopping bag and slip the top pillow into it. Lube yourself up with desired lube. Strattle the pillows and spread you lips open as far as you can and rest your clit onto the bag. Start humping away and you will have the BEST ORGASM EVER! It feels like you are getting eaten! WOW!!!

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-- March 2, 2009

kitchen spatula

I like to take a spatula out of the kitchen and go into my bedroom. I lay on my bed and take off all my clothes. Then I put some lubricant on the spatula or spit or anything I can get to and take the tip of the spatula and rub it gently on my clit. Slowly and gently at first. the more I do it, the more I get into it and start going back and forth harder and faster harder and faster. sometimes I even flick my clit with it. it gets me to orgasm quite fast...

-- March 3, 2009

good and satisfying...

it starts in your head so relax 1st, while I watch porn i'm twisting, rubbing and manipulating my nipples simultaneously doing kegels(pussy pushups)then I apply my pussy pumper which pulsates and sucks at my clit...i can come like this but I don't allow myself to yet...now I can either insert the bullet between my clit and the p.p. or use my kitty stimulator in the shape of a cat tail or whale tail is the best! I can stimulate myself to multiple orgasms short and sweet AND wet until I finally feel the drums pounding in my body and yes, I do ejaculate streams! Problem now is that this technique has spoiled me and I long to do it daily but afraid I will break something! lol i'm a milf mom 50 yrs old!( up and horny,i'm gonna tease myself of and on... waiting for the kids to go to school at 7:30 so mom can get off before I go grocery shopping! just imagine my fun!

-- March 5, 2009

magic wand

I have been masturbating since I was a kid, always using my fingers..but over the years, I learned how to master it,rubbing my clit till I would climax.. but sometimes I dont have the time with my busy schedule and thats where the hitachi magic wand comes it...i would place it directly on my clit and in a matter of seconds, I would have a mind blowing orgasm.. It gives me the best climax ever.. But I would love to masturbate with another female one of these days.. Just pleasing each other, that would be awesome.. Happy masturbating ladies...

-- March 8, 2009

Just lean back

Great ideas here! Ladies, when you're straddling a few pillows & riding your dildo, be sure to try leaning back a little bit. It gives you much better sensation when you work your clit, and makes it much easier to maneuver. Also, most of the entries say that you should lube up your clit - try working your clit when it's not soaking wet, it's different but I like it alot

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-- March 16, 2009

Warning Plus Masturbation

First the warning. Don't use fruits and vegetables, because, despite the fact I've only heard about it once, there was a lady who used a carrot and it punctured the walls of her vagina. That let air into her arteries and to her heart, killing her. Please be careful, use something very safe.

I use a long light up stick from a party. It's about 6 inches, but it's smooth so I know it's safe. It lights up and flashes colors, too... but anyways, I usually lay on my back and stimulate my clit for a little, just to warm up, then push it in and out of my pussy, changing speeds and such as I see fit. Sometimes I flip on my stomach with my butt in the air and go up and down on it. I'm going to have to try some of these other techniques though.

-- March 17, 2009

carrot hold

take a cold medium sized carrot. put a condom on it and lube. then lay on ur back with ur legs spread, panties ON! slide the panties to one side and then push the carrot into you. put the panties so they are on properly and walk arround. feels great!

-- March 24, 2009

hurts so good

what I like to do is get like 5 or 6 panties on and keep punching where my clit is. it make pressure on your clit

-- March 26, 2009

Minty Fresh

What I sometimes do is take some minty toothpaste (Colgate is yummy) and rub it on my clit or my entire pussy. To enhance it, I rub some on my anus too. It makes it really cool and minty. It's also really discreet and no one usually cant tell (unless of course they smell your cunt). I usually do it a few minutes to half an hour before I shower. Then I get in the shower and take my shower head and spray my pussy clean. Then I spray my clit and finger my anus until I cum hard.

You can also taste the mintyness mixed with sweet pussy juices if you decided to finger and taste.

Highly recommended.

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-- March 30, 2009

wonderful ridges

okay when you are about to go in the shower bring a hairbrush with ridges on the handle. then when the water temp is to your liking lie down and and aim a jet stream at your clit then in the same position take the hairbrush handle and rub it up and down on your clit and surrounding areas. then get faster and faster with the water pounding and you fantasizing... it is truly amazing.

-- March 31, 2009


I found out one day that for those fans or mothers with grown sons or daughters that if you take a starwars lightsaber or a saber of any kind that you can undo the top and take the tip off of it, then you have a makeshift dildo right there, its quite fun playing with it.

-- March 31, 2009


My male friend and I often have detailed conversations about self- love. I ask him things, then he asks me.

Often times it's about techniques or what we fantasize about and needless to say all the questions and answers get us both pretty hot.

So sometimes I'll just finger myself like crazy, other times I just caress my clit and sometimes I ride a mount of pillows...

Any of my techniques are pretty good, but if you have a guy friend that you really trust and wouldn't mind sharing these things with, definitely try it because many many a night you'll find yourself getting hot and heavy just thinking about the conversations...

-- April 2, 2009

NO Bristles

I tried the suggestion of using an electric toothbrush but it was too loud. I live at home so that is bad. I had an idea though: I took the replacable head off the toothbrush and ran it up and down my labia outside my underwear. It felt great and I alst reached orgams, I almost got caught too. I do want to warn you, NEVER put the vibrating metal directly on your skin, it seriously hurts.

-- April 4, 2009


I like to imagine a hot guy as I rub my thighs before slowly getting to my pussy. I pull at my lips then start to rub slowly on the clitoris before getting faster and faster. All the while I imagine a hot guy licking me out, and I keep rubbing until I squirt all over the place.

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-- April 15, 2009

KY Warming Lubes

I bought a set of KY warming lubes and warming massage oils at the drugstore a while back and found the sensation of the warming massage oil extremely satisfying. Don't put too much on an area though because the burn tends to feel like a rash if you use too much. Also, if you've ever been south of the border, you've probably seen those paper mache fruits and vegetables, be sure to do some shopping for the bananas. The hardened banana shaped creation features tapered, glossy ends and since both ends aren't identical, you have two different insertions available.

I am also curious about the KY His and Her Chemistry lubes, but I am currently single so I don't have anyone to try it out with

-- April 17, 2009

in the car

some of the best orgasms come from driving. I think it's the danger that's involved. The thought that someone might see me....It's incredible! I will wear something loose, on purpose, knowing that when I get in the car I'll be in for a great time. I will rub my clit through my lightweight cotton shorts until I get on a straight road. I like to pull my shorts to the side and expose my pussy. I always shave, and I love the feeling of a nice, soft wet pussy. As I drive, I hold on to the steering wheel with my left hand and rub myself with my right hand. I rub the lips, then take a turn sticking 2 fingers inside. Then I will circle my clit. I also love the feeling of taking my shorts and pulling them tight up my lips. I tug at the shorts and thrust at the same time. Sometimes I like to hurry and come, other times I like to tease myself and masturbate for 20 minutes. When I come, it's VERY strong. My shoulders get extremely tense and I do moan and groan loud. As soon as I'm done, I always suck my fingers.... Good times....

-- April 22, 2009

Makeup Brush

I like to take my makeup brush and use the soft brush part to tease my pussy and then when I get horny I turn it around and use the hard part and shove it up my pussy until I orgasm

-- April 23, 2009

bath tub

lay back on the tub with your pussy under the water spout as its running, of course you'll have to prop your legs up on the wall or something but ITS THE BEST FEELING EVERR!! the hell wit a man

-- April 25, 2009


I started masturbating when I was 8 or 7. I would take my panties of and hump the side of the bed. Sometimes for privacy I'd take a sofa cushion in the bathroom and do it there. Now that I'm older I'd usually use a small flashlight(yep. small, my vajay-jay hurts when it's too big) and some lube to pleasure myself. Currently, I masturbate almost every night before I go to bed(I'm sleeping pretty well ever since). I would lay on my stomach and watch hentai, as I'm getting aroused I would curl my legs so my genitals would be exposed, then when I'm really hot and aroused to the point were my lower stomach hurts, I would place a cylindrical container(like a shower mist bottle) so I'd lay on it and just hump on it(with my undies on) until I orgasm. Sometimes I stop or slow down when I'm at the peak, it gets very intense when I do it.

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-- April 25, 2009


What I like to do is take an electric toothbrush, but DO NOT put it in your pussy, and tease your clit with it. But first pay with your tits. When your wet take the toothbrush and turn it on but test your sides of your clit to see which one is the weakest side. While your toothbrush is on ful blast put it on your weak side and leave it there. It usually doesnt take long to reach orgasm, after, if you really want to, you can use your toothbrush to brush your teeth. Tasting the wonderfully tasting pussy juices and the minty fresh tooth paste mixed it delicious!!!!!

-- April 25, 2009

Doctors with hearts

I see a medical doctor twice a month, who masterbates me to orgasm to help me with then tension in my life. It is wonderful and was first practiced at a large hospital in the 20s and 30s to help women with the nervous problems. There is always a nurse standing in the room which I sort of like. The dr. has me lie naked on the table on my front. She starts inserting finer into my rectum and twists and turns...then turns me over - sometimes my feet in stirrupts (I LOVE THIS) and she massages my vaging inserting fingers there too. The either the nurse or I hold open the lips and the dr starts moving the skin over the clit downwards, exposing the clit - at which point she really works it and I almost always have a full orgasm, from the toes up and back again. I feel very relaxed for days.

-- April 25, 2009


For me, it's all about anal. I like getting onto the floor and into the doggy position on a towel (though you dont need one). I'll rub my lubed fingers around my anus and put something slippery on a tampon. I'll push it in sloooowly till only the string is poking out. Then I'll re-dress with the tampon still inside my anus. Sometimes it feels like it's slipping out but not when inserted properly. I often feel like I need to use the bathroom to (but I dont, its just the tampon), but it's kind of nice to deny myself the trip. Try tugging on the string if you like(without pulling the tampon out). Well, i'll leave it in for as long as I can wait, which is usually not very long because as I return to the bathroom and resume the position, feeling the tampons head poking out slightly, I just beam with delight. slowly slide out the tampon and savor the strange, strong feeling. Oh, god it's great. Sometimes i'll insert the tampon in the morning and take it out after I get home from work at night.


-- April 26, 2009

A bit noisy but worth it

Take a latex glove and put the head of your electric toothbrush in one of the fingers. This will allow you to safely use the bristles of the toothbrush on your clit with the latex as a barrier. Switch the toothbrush on and circle the head of the toothbrush on your clit. Heaven! Dont ever use bare bristles on yourself because this can really hurt and can even give you thrush.

-- April 27, 2009

Sneaky masturbation

I only use pillows. No other technique works with me. First, I fold the pillow in half, then I mount it. Then, I hump it and slide back on it a lot. Then, when I start thinking about orgasms, I grind, slide, and pound. Within a few seconds, I dry orgasm. Thinking about penises while humping speeds it up. I have never wet orgasmed, but I get wet while humping. I'm 13, so I stay very quiet while orgasming. I have always locked my bedroom door while masturbating.

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-- April 27, 2009

A toothbrush technique

the best way I think is to use an electric toothbrush.but the best part to use is the tounge scruber part.my advise for the best results is the 360 degree colgate toothbrush.

-- April 28, 2009

Fuck The Pillow

Pile up a few pillows on the bed, put a small stuffed animal you can ride on top.... then place a terry cloth towel over it all.... Then simply hump! Ride it back and forth til climax

-- April 28, 2009


Put on a tight pair of panties and stick a small round object inside them... Not in your pussy. Then sit down, lay down, walk around... let it roll around inside, then once you can stand it no more, finger your pussy, while stimulating your clit! Sooooo goood!

-- April 30, 2009

cold water

When I masturbate in the shower, I find that using very cool water- warm on your skin but cold on your pussy- helps me to climax harder and longer. It takes a bit more time, but it adds a nice chill along with your orgasm. Switching from hot to cold water before I come also produces a unique sensation that leads to a very satisfying orgasm. Expect your voice to go up at least two octaves.

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-- April 30, 2009

night moods

I live in a house full of people, so I like masturbating at one or two in the morning, when I know everyone else is sleep.

I close the door and sleep naked. Then I lie on my back, pillow over my face for darkness, and start rubbing my nipples (which are very sensitive). My fantasy is always a man I like (I'm currently single) in the room, watching, getting off on me. I slowly make my way to my pussy, right middle finger tickling my clit (or it's almost like when you scratch your head... that fast, stiff motion). I stick my left middle and ring fingers in, crooking my fingers and rubbing them against my pubic bone. By this time I'm shaking. It helps to moan (which I do, a lot) and then I flip over onto my stomach and move faster and faster with my middle finger and then I come all over the sheets, writing in ecstasy.

The other thing I like to do is go in the bathroom and touch my nipples in the mirror. I like watching the faces I make. When I'm all wet, I get into the shower, take down my shower head and set it to the pulsate setting and thrust away. Right before I come, I usually bring the shower head close to my pussy and rub it up and down my labia and then draw it back so it hits on my clit. I like to get on my knees and lean over the showerhead and then say the word FUCK! over and over again until I come. And I also like to lay down in the bottom of the bathtub and lift my legs high in the air.The orgasms from this are amazing.I squirt all over the place and then go back to my room to start over again until morning.

-- April 30, 2009


You take a small marker (or big depending on what you like) and insert it into your vagina, but don't touch you clit yet, I usally take a bit of tape and tape it to my leg, or pubic bone to make sure the marker stays in, once it is held in place stand up and go do a few chores, wash dishes, vacumme but what evr you do dont touch your clit,you start to get so wet you go insain, because when you move around it wiggles in you and then when your ready go to town, it feels great!

-- May 3, 2009

Slippery Sliding

Girls you have to try this technique it just feels so so (((((AMAZING))))). Ok first I make a little pile of pillows and then I take either a piece of leather or a clean plastic bin bag and place it on top of the pillows. Next I cover the material in lubricant- anything works really, lotion or real lubricant. Sometimes I even pour a small amount of water on top of the lotion. Then I take off all my clothes and sit on top of the pile. When the cool, wet surface first touches your cunt you get such a thrill. I then press my cunt hard against the wet, slippery surface and start to hump the pillows through the lubricated leather. Your cunt slides over the material so easily it feels sooo good. Sometimes I even place a small bag full of ice cubes underneath the material and on top of the pillow and hump it slowly. This method can be a little bit messy but trust me you will have the time of your life. Just the idea of wet, wet leather wrapped around my cunt gets me so HOT!!! ENJOY!

-- May 4, 2009

Spandex ectasy

I love to put on nylon spandex cycling shorts and go out in public find a nice bench like the ones in walmart slowly open and close my legs over and over the mixed stimulation of the fabric is rdal hot

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-- May 4, 2009


I start off watching porno movies .. or even women touching theirselves! I then take off my clothes.. rubbing my boobs. then I touch my clit and my lips.. I rub in a circular motion, I go and go .. and then I nearly cum. but I stop, and rub my nipples some more. then start again. Rub your clit whilst thrusting a round hairbrush in and out of your vagina! works ever time

-- May 6, 2009

Take your time

The longer I hold out before cumming the better my orgasm feels. I start out slow reading something like this website or erotic stories. Then I start to get really wet and take off my clothes. I get whatever im going to masturbate with ready like a cucumber with a condom on it. I stroke myself and touch myself making me really want to put something inside of me. The longer I'm turned on playing with myself the more intense the feeling when I finally start masturbating. Once I start screwing myself I like to watch some porn usually girl on girl because its them playing with each other like I am. When I finally come I love to moan and take deep breaths I think it makes the experience more intense.

-- May 7, 2009

Splish splash in the tub

first of all, I get in the tub, lock the door and put my clothes at the bottom of the the door so no one knows, then I turn on the water and I put it on warm and I spread my legs and let the water spurt on my clits and even in my pussy hole. it takes a long time but to me it feels amazing! if only I had a take off shower head. man in would be in there for HOURS! hope you try it.

-- May 8, 2009

Close Attention.

Content good. Grammer Bad. Spelling the worst ever! Is this really the way to show the most wonderful experience in the world of female orgasm?

-- May 8, 2009


Well when you get into the shower, leave the fauset on. Get the water to the right temperature (not too cold or too hot). Lay down under the fauset with ur legs straight up. Find the right spot (were it feels right) Stick you back up. Keeping ur butt and shoulders down. That will make the water closer to the top of your pussy. You can start moving your back up and down at the speed you want. I usualy do this when I just enter the shower. It feels SO good when the water is hitting your clit. I start trusting up and down. OMG that makes my body get all tingily and my toes curl and moan a little. You should try it next time you get into the shower. I also suggest to finger yourself before laying down. At night in the bed, I love to watch porn. I wait untill I get wet (I get REALY wet and fast) and horny. I get one hand under the covers and massage around my pussy untill I get aroused. I take one finger and tease myself untill I take two and stick them inside. I start trusting in and out, up and down untill my fingers get realy wet and my juices are dripping down. I clean up and get lube, get a small amount and place it around my pussy. It gets all nice and cold. Well I should stop now because I'm getting realy hot and wet. Hahaha. We'll I hope this work because I'm about to do my job again =]

-- May 10, 2009


I was 8 when I first remember slipping something in me for the FUN' It was a coolpop tube straight from the freezer. I was so Hot and had at least 5 thousand Chigger[redbug] bites around my WEE wEE.I was just aimming to slide it under me WRONG The thing was 10 inches long and it disappered and melted then came back out with me shaking and quivering and every muscle in my body screamed WHou YaH like my Marine Daddy on succesfull compleation of a detail.I did 20 of them that day and my legs were so weak and shakey they cramp hurt all night.I next day was school and sports and bed by 8;00 next day mom worked and took me to day care after school . @2:45 My DCF was nyla. she was just like me,our mom's worked together.During nap time we talked about my love of theCOLDtreat she said she had to try it, She liked what the boy's were doing to her but they never made anything feel That Good.besides they got dirty hands and scratchy nails That days Snacks SHORT Genaric pop cycles on two sticks. But close enough for us, we knew this dark Cedar Tree BATCAVE where the School building and thick brush met. we crawled in and jerked down our cotton panties started to do the DeeD and somehow we took each others HANDLEs and it was the bestest ever.The old bell rang but it was not our school, this was Day sitters.We seen COPS, Fire trucks then Mom coming to the School. from under the hedge so we came out and headed to our meeting room. the cops came on us and picked us up to run us to an EMT truck and a big buzz was about us being abducted. and raped. they took our panties down and found us with PURPLE and ORANGE stains deep into us and we sobbed out our story . teacher confirmed the color of our popcycles. my mom was embarassed for me. She cried all the way home but did not speak to me about it. she ask if I was hungry or thirsty as moms always do but she never let the cat out of the bag to dad or anyone. As if by majik I started finding Teen sex ed books and coming of age with girl/girl relationships. And The wonder of wonders was the new small soft toys that resembled a human penis. I was in a different Day care and supervised damn close. I never stopped using popIce for my fun ,when alone. Mom came home with a bunch of stuff from her new job as a DENTAL Education Director.{gives the school program on hygene]!0am -2pm every day. [Yeah no bitchy Daycare old bats]I grabbed a 'Hummingbird' flosser and jerked back quick' it Shocked' me but it was the vibes,,,,, UH= I had to stop the urge to stick it on my hump right in front of mom an Dad I was (9) and feeling very girly,my titties were long and pointy like lemons cut in half. the old hump Fuzz waz turning dark red. the feeling of popcycles was kicking my butt dizzy.Here was my prayers answered.and she had a hundred million of them [maybe not] but at least 144 the carton said so.And piles of the forked floss fork/knife sets.She demonstrated on me for dad along with the training videos. in fact she did it 12 times before dinner and twice after.I sneaked away to bed at 7:30 while she was working on Dad.as soon as I got under the covers I got it out from my Bra and began to run it over my TTs/Tummy/ TWAT. just on the cl`eye-tore-us it was WayFAr to HOT for inside.My tittys liked it so much they told my pussy and then my poohole LOOK OUT HERE she COMES' I was so tense untll it ran a while and by then I was gripping the head board to stay on my bed.My teeth hurt from gritting them to keep from screaming for joy. and the first EVER full scale orgasm wracked my body into a lump of giggling jelly. I sighed a while and let myleft hand go to it and move it to the side. The righthand holding it on was numb and stuck to my side with sweat. My legs were doubled up over my shoulders like a squished BarBie.several moments later the tingling was still waving my tummy and jerking my thighs.I flicked on my light and Saw my mother by the open door for a flashing second.I just KNEW I had closed it tight bc I was going to be naked and JILLING. I leaned forward and her toes were still in site,MOTHER you are not very nice to spy on me She stepped around the corner into the room,closed the door behind her. I am not sorry I watched,I think you did a great job and are getting to be a Woman very fast, You know, some girls Never learn to have a Climax in their life.And you are not even ten yet and have had the finest one I know about I was so embarassed my eyes were full of tears and my heart was hurtingI'll stop it mommy, please don't get mad again and not talk to me she came to my bed and we laid out to hug and she soothed my hairHoney I am not mad at you for finding out about your body. or the THING with the Girl at Dayschool either. I didn't talk because I had no idea what to say about it to a nine year old, if you were 12 maybe 13 yes I would lay it out for you in Spades'she sniffed back tears but you are my little baby girl and you do better at This than I do ,what can I say?? I turned to face her more You do this too??? she smiled a teary moment Yes' I think all girls do but no one mentions it ' When your father is Deployed I do it 2-3 times a night. and in the shower or washing dishes. I think you know enough about me . But I need to know about You and the joy you have in it, I was suddenly my mothers friend not her baby Ok mom.I just like the feeling for some reason.and it just keeps getting better, that little thing made the best gift you could ever get me Better than a Whole barbie Town and all the seires of Dolls. she ruffed my hair and kissed my head Girl we better show you how to change the batteries cause this will not be a hobbie of the forgotten like Pokemon I'll get you a good battery toothbrush with a plaque scratcher too. Thats what I use the most and best. but NO sensidyne toothpaste it will deaden the nerves down there too. I was now acting like I knew about every thing she said though I didn't have a CLUE.BUT at that moment I loved my mother like never before and it still makes me feel so full of love for her.

-- May 10, 2009


I happen to climax very quickly, so if I'm ever home, I'll get on my computer and look up porn (videos or stories, both get me hot) and I'll just read or watch while I'm sitting in my chair and rubbing my clit. You can also use a vibrator, hump a pillow, do it on the floor, whatever is the most comfortable for you.

In fact, you can do just about ANYTHING, as long of you have the computer screen facing you. Even the sound can get me off.

If you have a boyfriend or husband, try asking them to masturbate to the porn with you! It really turns me on, watching him get off, and my boyfriend loves it.

-- May 12, 2009

slightly taboo.

Ok, ladies, put on a pair of tight panties,drink a lot of water and get your self ready for the best orgasm ever!

now laydown with an old pillow under you bum or the other way round- you can be on your front or back it doesnt matter!

start touching yourself- nipples,clit,arse...what ever gets you wet, rub yourself until your clit is hard and is poking out of its hood, now, start to wet yorself a little...it WILL feel great! keep rubbing at that clitty until you feel your about to come, then STOP! wait 5 minutes and start again,this time when you come, wet yourself. your orgasm will feel longer and more intense! plus you feel a little bit naughty!

Im now off to do this as my panties are wet and my clit is hard and throbbing!

-- May 12, 2009

drives me crazy

I live wih my family so I am always woried that I will get caught one day. I like t go into my room, shut the door, and I start by slowly rubbing up and down my clothed body, I rub my neck imagining someone kissing it. then I slowly tak my clothes off, one article at a time. then I rub my naked body up and down. by this time im lying on my back, and stratig to get really wet, I pay a lot of attention to my tits at first. squeezing them, and playing with my nips. then I move lower, by the time I get to m pussy it is already twitchin with anxiety. I rub the lips and over my hole without touching my clit. I slide two or three fingers inside of me. I get a long thin object like a thin deodernt cn in a condom. I rub it over my pussy and finally touch my clit, slowly I slide it ito me, and pump it in and out imagining someone banging my. with my other hand I rub my clit, doing little circles and applying lots of preassure. it drives me crazy. before not too long I feel myself about to climax, I stop touching my clit, and continue to bang myself with my can. after a while I go back to my clit and after a few times I let myself climax. it feels amazing!!!

sometimes if im feeling daring I bang my arse aswell in turn with my pussy. trying to stop myself from being heard is the most exciting part. I always imagine someone walking in.

I also video myself, and masturbate to that, or commercial porn. Works a treat!

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-- May 15, 2009

Cooling Sensation

This works especially on a hot summer day. Use ice cubes and rub them around your clit and anal. This numbs the area. Then insert an ice cube in your pussy and one in your anal. It feels so good just to let them sit in there. The cooling sensation is amazing!!! If your feeling good try to see how many ice cubes you can fit in your pussy or anal.

-- May 16, 2009

Hands on

I get naked and lie down on my back. Take slow deep breaths as I rub my hands all over my body. Next I concentrate on massaging my breasts - this lasts for a good few minutes until I finally start teasing my nipples erect. By now, my pussy is feeling very wet. I move on to my clit, rubbing it with my middle finger - up and down, in a circular motion. I do this until I can stand it no more, this may be 30 minutes since I started (at this stage, my hips are thrusting, my legs flaying, my back arched). When I get to this stage, I insert the middle and ring fingers of my other hand into my vagina and find my g-spot. I move these fingers in a 'come here' motion while at the same time still rubbing my clit with my other hand. I relax, keep breathing, keep working my hands, letting my body take over. The pressure builds and builds until I finally explode. This technique takes time but will give you the best organisms!!!

-- May 16, 2009


This is the best way ever. If you have a STRONG water/bathtub faucet; turn it on as hard as it goes. (the harder the better) then position yourself (completely naked) beneath the shooting water. I usually make it so the water shoots right in there. Also try different water temperatures, I like cold. I have a sensitive spot right at the beginning of my vagina lips and ill pray the water right there and try and hold myself in position, because it feels like you wanna pull back. After I do this I go into my room and finger myself anally and orally. Sometimes I use objects, like pens.

-- May 17, 2009


I like to take a bottle *like a lotion bottle* and lube it up and put it in undies so that my pussy lips on either side I think sit down in a chair and rock back and forth on it once i'm horny enough I move faster and start tapping the end of the bottle it's amazing great for people who are still virgins and don't want to stick anything up them

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-- May 19, 2009

baby oil and cabinet doors

When I get very horny, and I cannot wait for my husband to get home from work,I will get myself lubed with baby oil. Then I will spread my pussy lips and lean against the corner of my low bathroom cabinet door and bounce up and down against it, along with rubbing my clit against it. I get a wild orgasm in under 2 minutes.

-- May 21, 2009

Mardi Gras

If you have some old Mardi Gras beads or some round beaded jewelry, try using it when you masturbate. First get really relaxed and let your hands drift all over your body. Then rub the beads on the outside of your vagina and around the clitoris. The different textures on your skin feels really fantastic. More beads you got the better. Different sized beads feel awesome as well.

-- May 24, 2009

Two Thongs Two Lips

For this technique you use two thongs (they can not have a thick string), turn them backwards and wear them both at the same time. Make sure that you pull them both forward (towards your lips) until their is pressure on your crack. Seperate the two strings so that they are not inside the vagina and make sure ONLY your lips are in between the two strings. And then rub up and down over your lips with two fingers (DO NOT rub directly on the clitoris)...this technique is the best. It took me over 45mins to cum.

-- May 24, 2009

over the top orgasim

first watch your favorite porn video until you are so horny it hurts! Then remove ALL your clothing and on the floor or even on the bed lay down with your legs wide open. Take your middle finger and index finger and rub your clit. Start off really slow. Then faster. Then right before you get the orgasim take your cum and rub it all over your vagina. Then get back to rubbing AS FAST AS YOU CAN! WOW! It's amazing how good it feels.

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-- May 25, 2009

I use porn

I just started watching porn this past week cause I was so horny. I am straight but for some reason, I get extremely turned on when I see a woman suck another woman's clit. What really got me hot and juicy was watching a lesbian strap fuck another lesbian. Talk about kinky!! I do not believe I am turning into a bi-sexual, but I sure damn want to see lesbians go at each other. I just hope I don't get addicted to porn, but if I do, I know I will be having some pretty intense orgasms!!!

-- May 25, 2009


I like to listen to music when I play with myself. Most songs have the same basic formula of Verse One, then Chorus, then Verse Two, then another chorus, then bridge, then climax, then the chorus again. If you get yourself really close to coming just before the climax, then listen to it (during the climax, the song speeds up quite a bit), it makes your orgasm more intense.

-- May 25, 2009


Burt's Bees lipbalm/chapstick has an active ingredient of peppermint oil that feels really, really good on the genitals. It's a little overpowering for some people, though. If it's too much for you, rinse off with warm water. When it's good, though, it feels warm and cold at the same time, and very tingly.

-- May 26, 2009

Eco Friendly Warm Water Bottle In Your Panties

I was drinking water out of an eco friendly poland water bottle when I noticed that bottle easily squished in my hands hands. I tried both cold water and hot water and hot water is defintely better! Here's what made me cum so incredibly like nothing before. It's easy, inexpensive, and feels like a real warm, juicy, big dick is rubbing your lips, clit, the opening of your vagina and the end of the bottle also slightly rubs the anus hole accidentally like a penis does while you ride it - SLOWLY - is key. Makes you cum harder. Aftr I masturbated my nipples for about 20-30 min and was watching some lesbian porn, my pussy was really wet. I then slipped the bottle in my panties and sat facing the back of a dining chair. The bottle was secure as I opened up the lips as much as I could when I carefully placed it. I then rode the water bottle up and down, down and up very slowly as I would rub a penis with the lips of my vagina and clit. I came so hard and the orgasm was wonderful. warming the water and bottle in the microwave for about 50 seconds is best. The second time I tried I sat on top 2 fluffy pillow after I placed the warm bottle in my panties. The pillows push the soft squishy,warm bottle deeper against the clit and in the clips. Face the headboard and hold the head board as you ride the water bottle and you'll feel shocks through your system as your lips feel the warm water through the pretend penis. Ride it again and again. I am going to. I horny as hell right now - gotta go and CUM. Good luck!

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-- May 27, 2009

Plain and Simple

Ok so im still young and still have a lot of learning to do but I always masterbate, probably everyday if I get the chance. I start by reading pages like these or erotic stories but I wont touch myself yet, this teases me and starts getting me really horny, once I think I am wet enough I will gently touch my clit, when I feeli am about to have an orgasm I stop and wait till the feeling blows over I then insert one finger into my pussy and get deeper and deeper, circuling my finger at a steady pace, I then insert another finger and thrust them deeper than before I keep doing this untill I am about to reach another orgasm, I have only ever reached 3, I orgasm, cum and stuff really easily, too easily I think! I will then go back to rubbing my clit but putting more pressure on it, I then realise I am about to orgasm but this time I let myself, and it feels AMAZING! By holding off orgasms it really builds it up and makes it sensational and the feeling is great ! Try it, especially younger people who havn't really had much experience, I think you will like it.

-- May 27, 2009

Sonicare toothbrush and a vibrator...

Okay, so sometimes I just get so randomly horny that I just HAVE to run up to my bed and masturbate. I have a sonicare toothbrush, and I put plastic wrap around the brush part of it and secure it with a hair tie so it won't move around. I begin teasing and tickling my clit with the back end, NOT the bristles, but the flat part behind the bristles. Then I get this incredible urge for something to fill my vagina so I lube up my cheap vibrator and shove it in there. I move it up and down and in and out and find some wonderful explosive sensations deep in my pussy. The vibrator is kept in my left hand, but the toothbrush is in my right. I keep doing this for hours. it's amazing!

-- May 28, 2009

Pantie Fun

I lay on my stomach and I take off my panties. I ball them up and place them right under my pussy. Then I spread my pussy lips so that my clit is stucking out some. Then I move my body around in a circular motion and I think of someone eating my pussy. As I move in a circle I say eat it baby eat it. This make me wetter and before I know it i'm shaking and it feels so good.

-- May 29, 2009

Ohh well...

Well I just start taking all my clothes off and touch my breasts pretending its my boyfriend...my nipples get hard and then I like to get naked and get in bed. I usually take an electric toothbrush or I press my legs together.. ohhh im getting wet! I caress my clit.. and I love reading about sex, masturbating etc. Just take it nice and slowwww. Keep touching ur breasts. Keep ur door and window openn! Look at yourself in the mirror. Take a Mardi Gras necklace and run it up and down ur pussy.. run ur hand up and down ur body.. its amazingg and I want to masturbate all the timee!

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-- May 31, 2009

seriously fucking myself

I like to lay down naked at night and open my legs and tease my pussy. when I start to get wet I stick my finger in my tight hole and take all my juices and rub my pussy up and down until I feel like im about to come, but I stop and take my wet fingers and rub the outside of my asshole with my right hand and play and rub my nipples with the left. I stick my fingers in my pussy and when I feel like im about to cum again I rub my asshole for the best senesation, and I move my left hand down to my clit and rub hard and slow. it makes your body numb, its what makes me moan.

-- June 3, 2009

Water Explosion

First, go to the bathroom and step into the tub. Squat down like a frog and open your legs up wide...start rubbing your clitoris any way you like. Take a washcloth and soak it in cold water. Lean back a bit and place the washcloth on your bikini line (just above your vagina)and squeeze it so that the cold water comes out. Immeadiatley start rubbing your clitoris in a circular motion and enjoy!! Do this a few more times for a spectacular feeling!

-- June 3, 2009

cleanlyness is next to godlyness

I love to take a wash cloth(dry) and roll it- then cover in Suran wrap( to reduced size and keep things clean.) and then an electric tooth brush for my clit. Stack pillows as desired. I lay on my belly on top of the pillows warm myself up with the electric toothbrush then insert wash cloth toy-a little at a time ( still useing the toothbrush). Before I knew it I was yelling and having a great time- my first time useing this method was yesterday and OMG - I'm usually a light weight but I wanted to keep going, and I did.the even better news is that the toothbrush noise is kept a little quieter with you on top and there is really no mess afterwards, remember to put a towel over the pillows. Mine were fairly wet, another perk is that these items are at home and free. Speaking of homemade toys - I found a suggestion to use a turkey baster. Incert clit iinto the open end and pump away with the balloon end,I don't own a turkey baster so I can't vouch but I'm dieing to try it.

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-- June 4, 2009


After viewing videos and porn, I really get into the mood. I usually cross my legs then start caressing my boobs. My nipples get hard very easy and playing with them...it really turns me on. I usually pull and pinch the nipples before licking them (I have DDs, so they are easy to lick). Once I'm turned on even more, I'm usually wet and start playing with my clit by rubbing up and down. I lay down on the ground as I insert one, two, three fingers while still flicking/licking my nipples. I set my laptop up on the ground and start filiming myself and repeat the steps above. I then insert a vibe...when I get close, I slow the vibe down, I repeat this before I let myself cum. Filming myself turns me on and I love to watch it when I'm done!

-- June 5, 2009

kids crayola cutter

ok so I don' wanna buy a vibration dildo, but another good way is the crayola cutter it vibrates. there is a sharp part but just remove that will a screw driver. use the end against you clit and insert it into your pussy. you can also use a back massager with the three legs that takes you to extreme highs. insert one leg into your pussy and the other to will be next to you clit. but the middle part with the switch on it and that will rest on your clit and vibrate.=]

-- June 5, 2009

What if they see me

I too love the thought that someone might see. I often take a ride out on the ranch 4 wheeler and strip off my clothes and ride around the pasture, the hum of the vehicle beneath my pussy. I wet my nipples and arch my back, the breeze licking them until they are hard. With the cows all round, I stop the ATV and lay back on the seat under the big blue sky. I lift my legs into the air and take my clit between my thumb and forefinger and rub it back and forth. I take turns teasing my tits by rubbing the palms of my hands lightly across them, then I'll squeeze and pull them. There's a fine line between pain and pleasure. What I'd give if my tits were big enough for me to lick and suck...what a rush! I keep on rubbing my big clit and start to stick the finger from my free hand into my ass. My knees are pulled all the way back brushing my rock hard nipples until I cum all over the seat...I can do this several times before I'm through....

-- June 5, 2009

Candle Stick

Take a long candle stick and place a condom over it. Rub it over your clit and vagaina and then penetrate yourself. It feels soooo real. You'll cum like crazy!

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-- June 6, 2009

Under the shower

You have to take the shower hose, screw the head off and point the water coming from the hose against you clitoris. Also you use your fingers on one hand. Regulate the water intensity to make it last longer or to have a nicer orgasm. Or you can just put the water on maximum and spread you legs under a tap. They both work and with them I have been able to get a maximum of 6 orgasms in 30 min! Just find your own technique.

-- June 6, 2009

Mirror myself

What I like to do is lie a mirror down on my bed and strip down carefully while thinking about a man stripping me . Then I climb onto my bed so I'm hovering over the mirror on my hands and needs. once I'm there I make sure I can see myself in the mirror and start touching myself, alternating between rubbing my nipples and my pelvic area ad thighs but not touching my clit. when i'm feeling really horny I grab something about the size of a tampon but hard and insert it into my vagina slowly pumping in and out getting faster as I imagine a man is doing it with his penis.

-- June 6, 2009

tube of lip gloss

Get completely naked and massage your nipples and outerwall of your vagina. Get a tube of lip gloss and slowly put it in your vagina and pull it in and out. You can increase speeds as you cum. This will make you horny and dripping with cum. It helps if you look at porn or read about other peoples fantasies. Good luck all you fuck lovers!

-- June 7, 2009

Anal Gaping

I always love to really stretch myself out, I like to lay back on my bed with a big bottle of lube and put as much of my fist in my asshole as I can, mean while rubbing my clit and it always helps to piss yourself to add to that nasty slut feeling, haha really I think anal is the best way to increase a orgasm majorly

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-- June 10, 2009


Go in the bathroom and get out a hand mirror, place it between your legs. Get out a toothbrush and clean the handle end. Open your lips with your left hand (while watching in the mirror) Start by rubbing all around inside. Then slow and gently put the end of the tooth brush in your pussy. Turn it around and go up and down. Make sure you watch in hand mirror. OOO I'm wet now.

-- June 10, 2009


Whenever i'm feeling turned on, I quickly head to the bathroom to take a shower. I dont really take a shower though, I unscrew the top of the shower head (this only really works if you have a shower hose) so that's it's just one straight stream of water, and it's very powerful. Then I put the stream of water on my clit, but it's often too powerful so I use my thumb against the opening of the hose to moderate how much water hits me. Sometimes this alone just brings me to orgasm, but alot of the times I fantasize about my boyfriend or another girl doing stuff to me. Have fun ladies

-- June 11, 2009


if you have a corner on the side of your bed or sofa, finger yourself first and maybe watch some porn when your in the mood get up and rub your virgina on the corner of your bed or sofa untill you get an orgasm, its lush. you may need to use a pilliow in between if the corner is hard and not very sodt.

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-- June 11, 2009

fun with gloves

take you fingers put them in your mouth get a lot of spit and put it on the clit swirl it a round take a glove full of water poke a hole in the middle so it can squirt in your pussy and get an awesome orgy

-- June 12, 2009

curling iron ice cubes

I use my curling iron and put a condom or wrap plastic wrap around it and slide it in and out of my wet, throbbing vagina. then, I take my vibrator and place it on my clit until I shake and cum. amaaazing. also, before you start touching yourself, put ice cubes inside your vagina. just the sensation of feeling the cold cubes melting in your warm pussy just puts you over the edge.

-- June 13, 2009

cucumber or pickle

I once had a few cucumbers in the house and was feeling horny.. I decided to lubricate one of them.... and used it as a dildo.. it was so smooth and hard I had a wonderful time with it and even fantasized I was giving a man a blow job as I sucked it un and down...over the years I have also used smaller cucumbers like pickles... and put a condom over them and just have fun ... I use the tip to rub on my clit.. it is truly delicious.. when I am in the supermarket..I always look to see if there are some straight ones.. and pick the best one...when I get home... I put it in some warm water first..them put a condom on it.. I have tried bananas but they get soft..and the peel does not feel nice.. cucumbers are the best dildos!!!

-- June 14, 2009

All By Myself

So I was skeptical about masturbating. I had never even been close to an orgasm with my bfs so how could I do manage to get one by myself? Lay on your stomach, hips/butt in the air, insert one or two fingers into your vagina, but at the same time either rub your clit with your free hand or use a vibrator (thats what I did)..it works wonders!! you will not be disapointed!

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-- June 15, 2009

Water bottle

I hope I have helped more women CUM closer to reaching a heightened orgasm with the warm water bottle. It's still my favorite or all the toys I've used (which isn't many). Remember, the water definitely needs to warmed up in the microwave and the eco friendly bottles are the absolute best. The bottle in my panties is a little restrictive, but when you place the bottle on the pillows, spread your lips (after you are wet to help you ride is easier) and push downwards and make sure the bottle slides up and down and down and up. The sensations are WONDERFUL. It feels like a dick is rubbing against your lips and your clit is excited until you can't take it anymore. I have NEVER felt like this before. the neck of bottle and top are rigid enough to feel like a tongue licking your clit. I CUM so hard and the orgasm is so strong. I'm not a lesbian, but watching lesbian videos of woman sitting on other women's face so they can lick, suck and make the partner's cum is so unbelievable sexy and I promise you will CUM for hours. (PS... the hotter the bottle, the bigger the orgasm!) Try it and let me know!

-- June 16, 2009

Color Time

first get completely naked and u can either lay on your back or sit on something round like a toilet seat then take a fat Crayola or Rose Art marker and rub all over your vagina! when your about to orgasm stop and do it again the feeling is great and the orgasm is FANTASTIC!!

-- June 19, 2009

In The shower

When you're in the shower, switch the shower head to the jets. On my shower head there are two jet options: 1-3 jets pulsing rapidly and 2-one jet constantly shooting out water.(i use the single jet)spread your legs and point the jet at your clit and move it back and forth or just leave it there, you will very soon have a strong amazing orgazim.you'll be sensitive at first you have to think about how good it's going to feel and just hold it on there till the magic happens.

-- June 21, 2009

Mirror Myself full entry

What I like to do is lie a mirror down on my bed and strip down carefully while thinking about a man stripping me . Then I climb onto my bed so I'm hovering over the mirror on my hands and needs. once I'm there I make sure I can see myself in the mirror and start touching myself, alternating between rubbing my nipples and my pelvic area ad thighs but not touching my clit. when i'm feeling really horny I grab something about the size of a tampon but hard and insert it into my vagina slowly pumping in and out getting faster as I imagine a man is doing it with his penis. Only now do I start touching my clitoris. I feel it and i'm still pumping in and out and touching myself all over. I get really excited and cum is like dripping out of me. THen when I feel my orgasm come I just slide the mirror out from underneath me and catch me cum in my hand or a bag and cary on pumping and feeling all over until i'm all bown out. its best orgasm i've ever had because you get that sense of feeeling like someones watching you do it and you can see it while you're pimping with whatever you use. its really good. after i've done that I generally hump some pillows o osmething when they're rolled up just to calm me down but keep me exciteedc. I like to do this in my room with the lights off but with a single flashlight or something pointing at me vagina. it soo good.

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-- June 24, 2009

rubber glove

this is the best!!! I take a rubber latex glove and in one of the fingers put in a hard object, I usually like to use a razor handle, lip gloss tube, whatever. then I fill the glove full of very warm water and start putting the hard finger in and out and in out. after humping it for a while and fingering my clit, I know i'm about to orgasm!! when I know I won't be able to wait much longer, I put a little whole in the tip of the finger that has the object and then while i'm going in and out of myself I start to squeeze the water inside me. as I start to cum, I pierce the glove and both me and the glove full of hot water explode. mmmmmmm love it!!

-- June 24, 2009

Massage Pillow

You can buy a massage pillow from places like Amazon.com or Walmart that has a massager in it and you are able to remove it and use it as a vibrator - The massage pillow I own has a roundish massager in it and because it doesn't fit inside my vagina I use it for great clit orgasms.

-- June 25, 2009


Hey girls ive found a realy nice way of masturbating it involves using a dildo but a dildo u make yourself. Take a small bottle of water about half a litre sized bottle and put it in the freezer overnight and when you get it out in the morning youll find its turned to ice simply get a pair of scissors or a knife and cut away the bottle youll end up with a solid dildo like lookin piece of ice about 7 inches long and about 2-3 inches wide masturbatin with this gets me so wet its unreal you realy should try it

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-- June 25, 2009

when you gotta pee

I love to look at porn, mostly watching guys jack off but I like to watch a woman rub on herself... the badder the better I drink water while I watch porn, lots of it untill I think I will pee myself, I just keep wiggling and squeezing my legs together until I could almost cum, then I go into the shower and squat, I rub my girl until she can't wait and let I let go - it is the most intense orgasim you will ever have as your pee shoots out and your clit throbs, immediatly you can cum again and have a totally diffrent feeling... I really like to fuck my husband and he loves the golden shower but it is sooo messy! Oh god, one more thing I love is to rock on a ribbed water bottle that full - I discovered this one by accident - we were going river rafting and your water bottle has to be put in the waist band of your shorts all I had on were bikini bottoms and they guy leading the group told me to put it between my legs or sit on it, lol, I sat on it, it was so good, it came in a raft with 3 guys, it was exciting, too bad I wasn't bolder cause I could have fucked them all right then and there... but I am a little shy and didn't know how to initiate it! Now I watch my porn while on the phone with my sweetie and rock on my water bottle, it feels excellent!

-- June 27, 2009

Edward Cullen

I am obsessed with Twilight and Edward Cullen, so I grab one of the books and start reading about Edward and Bella making out, or in Breaking Dawn them doing it. while I'm reading, I play with my nipples and stroke my boobs, and I take my bra off, but keep my shirt on. I like to at first wear a pad in my panties, so that I cant feel my wetness as much at first. I then get my computer and start reading stuff on a website like this, it makes me really wet. then I slowly start taking off my pants, and I lay down flat on my bed. I then grab a cleaned marker, I like the thin ones. I put it into my vagina, from the side of the panties, and I push it in and out. I then take off my shirt, and continue pushing the marker in and out. I have the air on, so my room is cold. I then rub my cold boobs with my cold hands, imagining it is edward cullen. then I take off my underwear, imagining it is edward taking them off. Then I take the marker out of my vagina and I insert a couple fingers and rub around, and I rub outside my vagina too. im so wet at this point. then I grab several markers and insert them one at a time into my vagina, and I make them go in and out, starting out slowly and increasing the pace. I then let go of them and try to push them out on my own using the force of my vagina and all the natural lubrication that has happened. after they have come out, I slowly and gently rub myself all over, especially outside my vagina, and I rub all of my natural lubrication all over me, especially on my breasts and pubic area.

-- June 28, 2009

massage masturbator

what I like to do is watch porn or read some erotic lit then get all wet til I can barely take it, rub all around my pussy, stroke my slit up and down with a ballpoint pen, take one of those back massagers that you can get usually for about $10 and take 2 of the little pivots and slip it into my vagina angled at my gspot and turn it on to vibrate and lay on my side for a while (5 to 10 mins) then when I cant take it anymore and want to scream I take it out, ram 2 fingers (the middle and ring finger) into my pussy really hard so I can feel all my juices..sometimes I squirt. then I go take a shower.

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-- June 29, 2009

Ice Please

What I like to do is go into the kitchen and put the icemaker on cubed then get about half a cup of ice... Then i'll go take the glass of ice into the bathroom with me i'll strip down completely nude and tease my nipples, Then i'll set the ice on the ground and lay on the ground next to it with my head laying on the floor and my butt up in the air then take once ice cube at a time and slowly slide it into my pussy and sometimes I even slip a couple into my anul region and when i'm filled with ice (as much as I can handle anyways some people can't handle alot) i'll take a old shirt or towel (shirts smaller so it puts more pressure) and i'll roll it up and put it between my legs so then slowly get into a sitting position while pulling as hard as I can on the shirt or towel and rock back and forth for a while it feels sooo good! and you wouldn't believe the chill you get from it

-- June 30, 2009

Got a Light

While I have heard about people using hairbrushes and miscellaneous containers for masturbation, but I gave something else a try.

I had a waterproof flashlight sitting around, and I was incredibly horny on my period. The flashlight served perfectly as a makeshift dildo, seeing as it had a rounded top and some wonderful ridges. I started by humping some pillows to get wet, and I slowly lowered myself onto the flashlight - holding it steady with one hand - while rubbing my clit with a free hand and getting faster.

I was going to the point where I came quick and hard, within a few minutes, and the orgasm itself was AMAZING. It feels better if you stop rubbing your clit for a while then start to ride on it harder, then get back to rubbing to build up the orgasm. You could also try slipping a condom and/or some lube over the flashlight to make everything smoother, but clean-up is already easy; all you need to do is rinse off the flashlight and any mess you made.

Doing this in a bathroom is recommended, because this could easily make you squirt everywhere. Also, having nobody be around is great; I was moaning and making noise in about a minute of starting.

Good for girls on their periods, too.

-- July 2, 2009

Overall pleasure

Ok best feeling in the world. First you need a lot of lotion, a fan, ice cubes, and if u want to film yourself, a camera. Squirt a ton of lotion on ur tummy. Rub the lotion around you're tits, tummy etc. Starting at your nipples, with your fingernail, draw a spiral very lightly in the lotion. As you get aroused, do it harder. Do this in front of a fan if you want shivers. Flick at your nipples while stroking your inner thighs while fantasizing. Insert some Ice cubes into vag. Felling it melt inside of you is awesome trust me. (opt: icein anus) keep stoking ur legs and work your way to your clit. Now don't rub it yet. Put anice cube inbetween ur lips but don't let it fall in to ur vj. Finally caress ur clit when the ice melts. ( opt: try a turkey basted on clit. AWESOME!!!!!!!!!) ok I know this takes a long time, but it is sooooooo worth it.

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-- July 2, 2009

on my own

whenever I get the chance to masturbate, I always find one technique will guarantee orgasm within minutes. ill play with my clit until im wet, dipping in and out to keep me moist. then ill lay my palm at the top of my vagina so that the middle finger is in line with the parting of your lips and the end of your finger is at the entrance to your vagina. using my other hand I will push hard on top of my hand whilst sliding it up and down. the pressure on your clit makes you come and the end of you finger sliding slightly in and out of your vagina tops off a mindblowing clitoral orgasm

-- July 4, 2009

I Feel Good

When I'm alone, I sit in the living-room; I usually watch porn, or read about masturbation experiences. Whilst watching porn, I stick my hands down my trousers, into my pants and I caress my vagina/clitoris until I'm 'ready'. When I'm slightly wet, I go to my bed-room and strip - full nudity, ladies; this is an experience not to be forgotten. I lie on my bed, with my legs spread widely, and finger myself - altering the speed, the technique etc. makes me really excited. Then, I have a swivel chair at my desk which makes it very pleasurable. I sit on the chair, finger myself and rest my legs upon different surfaces (e.g. my bed, the desk etc.). I feel really good when I'm doing it, and afterwards. Enjoy!

-- July 5, 2009

beaded necklace

I always use a cheap beaded plastic necklace...they are only a couple of quid and make me come every time.

I start using a single strand and hold one end behind me and the other in front of me. I then rub it back and forwards between my legs. when I am feeling wet I get two necklaces or use on folded in half. the friction of the beads rubbing together and against my clit is amazing. I just pull it backwards and forwards for as long as I can bear (which is usually not long cos the orgasm is so great). its amazing and works every time!

by the way use neclaces which are just plastic beads (no metal links or anything as this would hurt)

-- July 7, 2009

Stuffed Animal

I usually take either a stuffed animal or (when im in the shower) a shower scrunchie, Sometimes a wash cloth, and rub it up and down on my clit. It gives you an instant orgasm

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-- July 7, 2009


Well, to start I get myself going with a few light touches and then I start rubbing my clit then I bring myself to the brink of climax and stop, taking a few deep breaths so I can calm down oh so slightly. After that I get a bear or you could use a pillow or something firm and place it carefully right by my clit and then insert my fingers and away I go. Its perfect and it gets me going. I recommend it. Another simple one is a high powered jet, I once did in the pool which was very good because of the risk of being caught. =P

-- July 7, 2009

towel toilet

On the toilet I set two stacks of towels but leave room for your dildo. I use a bottle of lotion. I just slide over the bottle, no lube, and start pumping and wiggling away. the towels provide a sturdy structure much as pellows but they dont move and because theyre sturdy its more rideing a man. You can wrap your legs around the toilet, kick them backwards, or bend them. best part is if you want more dildo in you, simply remove some towels. Lean back too. Best orgasm without a man.

-- July 7, 2009

Pillow FunDeodrant Fun

Still kinda young but not a virgin anymore. I like getting completely naked,then put a thong on and pull it tight so the material is digging into my vagina, I then get a pillow and stradde it, holding both ends so its tight underneath me then start rocking back and forth until I orgasm.

Another good things is take a deodrant bottle, and slam it in and out of yourself, good esp if you can do it infron of a mirror

-- July 13, 2009

ride it

grab any lace up shoe and put your desired object in it face up so its at the same angle an erect penis would be at. then stuff the rest of the shoe with socks to make the dildo stay in place and start to ride! it gives the most amazing orgasm and some exercise at the same time.. dont we women just love to multitask!

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-- July 15, 2009

Vibrating Razor Handle

I recently discovered that you can pop the blade head off of a man's vibrating face razor. Once you do, there's a tip underneath that's a little like a ballpoint pen. I was in the shower, so I turned the water on pretty hot and sat at the end of the tub, letting the water fall on me. My back was against the wall with my knees pulled up an spread apart; I placed the tip of the razor inside the hood of my clit, then pressed the on button. The feeling was incredible! I just sat there feeling the vibrations for about a minute, sometimes pressing the handle harder into my clit and sometimes pulling it out so it was barely touching. Then suddenly I was shaking and I could feel my clit starting to throb. The vibrations felt more intense and my hips were thrusting up without me telling them to. I had to knot a hand in my hair and try to control my breathing so I wouldn't get caught. Finally I drew a deep breath and had a shuddering orgasm, my body convulsing from how strong it was. It was incredible, and it was in the shower so I didn't have to clean up the flood of cum

-- July 15, 2009


My favorite way of reaching an orgasm is laying on the bathtub with my legs spread and letting the water from the faucet hit me right on my clit. That is by far the best orgasms I have ever gotten. It feels better than being eaten out I think...

-- July 16, 2009

Horsein' Around

I have a weird way of masturbation but it is great and it will give you a mind blowing orgasm. I live in arizona so there is lot of horseback riding so what I do is I ride english ( I know it sounds weird for arizona but I do) So what I do is when I am doing siting trot I take mt feet out the stirrups and I do sitting trot when ur bumping up and down it feels wonderful on ur clit just like a vibrator kinda and when I do it gives me an amzing orgasm if u ride make sure u try it. Also nobody can tell what ur doing. U will wanna scream cause it is soo good but just hold ur breth it makes it feel better.


-- July 19, 2009

fingering in the shower

if your cubicle is big enough, lie down with your knees spead apart. let the warm water fall onto your vagina, as it will slowly massage you. begin rubbing your clit, and work your way inside your pussy. finger yourself with one or two fingers, at different speeds. this feels SOO good!

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-- July 22, 2009

Child's Play

I, personally, use many different techniques in order to bring myself to a climax. I often spend the day playing with my clit on and off, teasing myself which makes the orgasm at the end of the day even better. I'll watch videos, look at pictures or read things about masturbating off of this site and play with myself to get wet then I'll slip into my bedroom (unless someone is home, then I wait till night and hide under the covers) and I'll make out with a 3 foot bear I have to get myself more horny. I'll lay a small stuffed dog I have and put it between the bears legs (often propped up with a pillow) and ride it long and hard. If this doesn't work rather quickly I'll lie on my back and rub the dog rather hard against my lips and clit. The simple touch of that dog can make me orgasm.

If I need tobe more discrete I'll use a small tube of Mascara in the bathroom. I'll hold the very end of it, push it in as far as it will go and move it in circular motions so that my fingers are rubbing the outside. I'll also tighten and loosen my vagina which makes it easier to climax.

Sometimes if I just want a quick, simple and discrete masturbaition I'll lie on my back under the covers on my bed, move my panties aside and rub my clit until I'm wet. then I insert me first and middle fingers into my vagina and move them, alternately, back and forth whlile pressing hard against my clit and I usually cum pretty fast.

-- July 22, 2009

Penis Envy

I have a fetish for watching hot guys jack off...watching the way the cum shoots out of them makes me wish I had a hard cock...of course I'd play with it all day! I love to use my favorite bullet vibe, and put it right on my clit. It has adjustable speed, and I start it on low to get me nice and wet, and my clit nice and hard. I start watching straight male porn and go on video sites that let me watch guys getting off, and by then, I'm wet and super sensitive. I find a good video where a hot guy is shooting his load, and I build up and cum right with him, usually soaking my pants and panties in the process... Happy Jilling ladies!

Editor's Notes:  Recommended for you (1) Straight Guys Masturbating on Film, (2) Men Masturbating, and the free section (3) Straight Guys Masturbate

-- July 24, 2009

Simply toe curling

First I start off by laying in bed, then I get on my phone and start reading tips or erotic stories this usually starts to get me in the mood. When I start to get wet I cross my legs and alternate between tightening them and untightening them. Then I began to carress my breasts until I can't wait to touch my clit. I start by taking off my shorts and then I touch my pussy while I still have my panties on and I loove feeling how wet I am. Then I finally remove my panties and I open my legs wide and I dip my middle finger into my juices and I rub my clit in circles first fast and then slow and then in back and forth and alternating speeds. It's only a matter of seconds before I orgasm. It's great. Just keep the window open and the door unlocked and it's an experience that'll make ur toes curl..

-- July 29, 2009


Go to the kitchen and get a big metal spoon. Get on your back and put the rounded-bump side on your clit. It's cold, but it will warm up. Start rubbing it up and down applying constant pressure. Keep going until you have an amazing orgasm.

-- July 30, 2009

privacy please

first take something to insert into your vagina put it in between your mattress put a condom or a baggy with some lube or vasaline and insert it in your vagina have fun

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-- August 4, 2009

Cool Breeze

I know it sounds weird but try it, get some burts bees lip balm and rub on or around your clit, the minty feeling is amazing!

then just uses your fingers as you please, your orgasm is AMAZING!

-- August 5, 2009

Best Technique for use when you go out

this is a really good way to keep urself on the edge a long time !

you can just do this an go out to work, for friends houses, wherever

Basically you need 1. cucumber/carrot 2. Underwear 3. the pad u put in the pants when in period

Basically. you cut the cucumber or carrot down so it just fits snuggly into your pussy, cut off any of the fruit/veg which is sticking out ! ! now put on ur pants with the pad on it ! and walk around ! feel the AMAZINGNESSSS ! ! ! ! u can go anywhere with it ! and when u feel like squirting anywhere ! just use ur fingers to push it in and out while massaging ur clit ! Then orgazm ! ! ! ! and no need to worry about any leaks have fun ! ! !

-- August 6, 2009


First read sitess like this, that should make you a little wet. Then go lay on your bed, stack 3 or 4 pillows, and then put a stuffed animal on toop of them and put a towel to cover it all--this CAN get messy. Ride the pillows & stuffed animal for a little bit then take your finger and rub all around your vag but DONT TOUCH THE CLIT YET. When you start to get wetter take just one finger and rub your clit until you wanna scream and yell. Stop, then blow on your breasts, then rub the clit again don't think about how much it hurts, AMAZING orgasm.

Masturbation Stories - Male and Female Masturbation Stories, Experiences, and Techniques.Free - Anyone can share their own text or read others. You might find the best way to stimulate your clitoris or your penis. It should be said that less formal use words are used, such as: Humping, Jilling Off, Jacking Off, Jerking Off, Wanking, and Fingering. If this type of language is offensive to you, you may not want to go to this part of the site.

-- August 6, 2009


what I do is I get a shoe with a smooth side. I then start to rube my opening of my vj. Then I start to rub the lips and then eventually and gradually go to my clit. Eventually you come close to an orgasm and then I start to go and take a shower really quickly so the water can hit my clit and it gives you hte best orgasm in the world!!!

-- August 11, 2009

late nights

I love staying up late watching the b-grade porn on cinemax. I dont care if it sucks, it makes me so horny. ill record them so I can just fast forward through the story line and watch the action..i like girl on girl the best..ive always secretly wanted to try it. ill just wear underwear and my boyfriends' shirt and stroke my clit really slowly and gently with my fingers over the undies until I can feel myself dripping through the fabric. I can go for hours just teasing myself like that. once I cant handle it and I just need to feel how wet I am ill take of my undies and spead my legs wide. I get my middle finger wet with my juice and start rubbing my clit with my soaking wet finger. ill keep getting wetter and wetter but I wont let myself come until ive gone for a long time and my clit is just begging for it. when I cant stop myself any longer ill get fingers really wet with some lube and and stroke my clit until I burst..the longer you can go without coming, the better. believe me. now that im all wet, I just have to wait for my boyfriend to get here. but until then...

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-- August 11, 2009

hot tub

I go out to our hot tub - during the day or night - take off my clothes and get in. I first enjoy the warm water swirling all around my tits, butt, and vagina lips. As I get turned on, I spread my legs to let the raging water of the jets rush between my thighs. I then position myself - legs spread - in a way that the water from the rotating jets blows against my clit and in/around my vagina. I ride the pulsing water, somewhat grinding it and thrusting with it and it creates an orgasm like nothing I've ever experienced. I can't sit in the hot tub without cumming anymore!! To be more discrete, you can wear your swimming suit - just pull it to the side of your clit and enjoy.

-- August 12, 2009


First I look at lesbian sex porn ( I am not a lesbian I am bi but straight porn doesn't make me horny) then I get my jeans and pull them up so they are rubbing against my pussy, then when I get really wet & horny I put on my webcam (no one can see me but I sometimes like to think they can) and I take off my shirt & rub my nipples until they are rock hard then I take off my jeans & panties and put some lube on my finger and rub my clit whilst I am watching lesbian sex (i only watch pussy licking). Then I have an amazing orgasm!

-- August 16, 2009


I have always humped things, bed corner, stuffed animals, sofa arms, other girls, mound of panties. I cum wildly with all of them. I used to get home from school, do my homework, then spend a couple of hours masturbating before my parents got home. I even tried wearing my mom's dirty panties from the hamper and humping my pillow, both hands under it. OMG what an orgasm, I soaked the panties, the spread wide feeling the panel, got me hot again, so I humped my stuffed bear through the panties cumming hard. I always cum from humping. I also rub my thighs in class an cum right in front of everyone. i'm definately bi, i'd love to hump another girl's pussy till we cum n cum. i'm gonna go hump right now.

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-- August 17, 2009

panty fetish

I have somewhat a panty fetish so put on a nice pair of cotton panties., the tighter the better. grab a vibrator bud...im sadly still a virgin, but a small dildo should work, place it into your pussy and cover it back up and rub . I get wet in no time! I squirt so the wet temptation makes me feel better! just keep rubbing! my best friend had suggested me inserting a cell phone, using another phone or home phone call yourself make sure it on vibrate and let it keep repeating! never tried it tho!

-- August 18, 2009

Wave Rider

I masturbate everynight, and orgasm everynight What I do is I lie in bed and take off my bottoms under the covers. Then I put my feet together and push them up so its like im sitting with my feet together, but laying down. The I use the NEUTROGENA WAVE and push it down hard on my clit. It feels SENSATIONAL (!!!!!!) if you push down on it real hard, then slowwwlyyyy push it down toward your hole....it does take some time, but I get screaming-orgasms everytime

-- August 19, 2009


I live with my family so I have to be sneaky. When im in the bathroom I get a marker pen (it has a rounded end and its smooth) I wet it. then I get a vibrating razor,but take the blades off, And turn it on and put it on my clit. And stick the pen inside me. I get an orgasm straight away. :P feels so good

have fun xoxo

-- August 19, 2009

Rubber Frizbee

I have this rubber frizbee thing, I think it's meant for use in swimming pools... Anyway, if you ge it slightly wet (I prefer cold water) and then roll it around a finger it sticks. Then you can rub it around or slap your clit area gently and it feels really nice, it would probably penetrate nicely too, but I don't do that...try it out!

-- August 20, 2009

Q-tip lovings

First, I lie down completely naked on my bed. Then start to tease my nipples by lightly touching them with the tips of my fingers. Now apply a lube (or Vaseline works too) to the end of a Q-tip, slowly and lightly rub that end to your nipple (I like to just 2 Q-tips so I can get both nipples at the same time). This makes your nipples extremely erect and sensitive. This sensation sending pulses down to my clit, by this time I'm dripping wet. I slowly run my hands down my body to my pussy. I abandon the Q-tips for just a few minutes and tease my pussy's lips by pulling on them and rubbing them...never touching my clit yet though. When I've teased myself to the point that I'm so horny I can't stand it, I take the lubed up Q-tip end, and imagine that it's the tip of my girlfriend's wet tongue barely teasing my hard erect clit. I pull the hood of my clit back and slowly flick the Q-tip over the hard clit. This will send shivers down my body and make my nipples get even harder. Now, instead of flicking it over my clit, I start to rub the Q-tip in slow circles applying a little more pressure. Then take the second Q-tip together with the first and rub it over my clit in harder and faster circles...I come so hard from this technique and soak myself. I usually drive 2 fingers inside me after I come and taste my sweet juices. It definitely holds me over until the next time I see my girlfriend and get my lovings from her. =]

-- August 22, 2009

If you have time

I first ride some pillows and take of all my clothes and get into my sheets and finger yourself around your lips I do this only when nobodys home because I don't want to get caught then stick a hair brush inside of your vagina and pump it up and down ( porn helps if you watch it first) untill u get really horny and different speeds helps too Then get into the tub and put your legs up and I have the water hit above your clit or around it I haven't tried in your vagina though then dry off and get in your bed humping the bed naked it feels SO good I get horny the fastest by humping then rub your tits and inner thighs and get some mardigra beads and hold one end from your butt And the other from your vagina and slide them from side to side then u could ride some pillow while sliding the beads and finished off using the hair brush u get crazy orgasms and crazy horny I'm gonna go do it now have fun

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-- August 23, 2009

Prolonged Pleasure

I have been masterbating since I was very young.I have tried vibrators,vibrating toothbrushes,water jets and several other things.But I've found that massaging my clit with one finger or stroking my clit with 2 fingers gives me the best results.First I use clit stimulating gel or creme. This prolongs the pleasure.Then I begin to rub my clit.An occasional tweak of a nipple feels good,too. If I feel I am going to orgasm before I'm ready,I stop for a few minutes,maybe pee,rub on more gel, then start again. Occasionally I go so long that my clit starts to get a little sore. Holding a piece of ice on it for a minute returns it back to normal.I have been doing this regularly for years, and always have superb orgasms after hours of pleasurable massage.

-- August 24, 2009


I've been masturbating since I was 8 or so, and this has given me the best results. I would get my waterbottle that squirts water easily by squeezing. If you dont have one poke a hole in a plastic bottle. Then I get myself horny by watching two women go at it. I take off all my clothes and lay on my bed I usually tease myself to near climax let it subside then do it again. Once Im are fully horny I insert the top part and squeeze a bit of water. I keep alternating the amount and strength.

Amazing orgasm!!

-- August 27, 2009

remote fun

Well first I start my watching porn or reading erotic stories. Then I get naked and lie on my bed with my legs wide apart. First I simply rub around my vagina and then slowly zoom in on the clit, rubbing it in slow but firm circles. Then when Im nice and horny, I take a remote control, with the buttons facing down and put it right on my vagina. I start by moving the remote up and down my vagina (from the clit all the way down to the vagina opening). Then I speed it up as I feel myself increase with pleasure. Before long I am coming uncontrollably. It feels sooo good!

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-- August 29, 2009

Mirror image

I stand infront on my mirror rubbing my body with my spit without touching my pussy at all then I take the mirror and lay it on the floor I crouch over it on my knees so my pussy lips are pulled open I then rubb my clit and slowly insert my finger aand thrust it up and fown I then lick my finger and make sexy noises its also fun to insert a vibrater and squirt everywere!!!!

-- August 29, 2009

Simple yet so pleasing

you lay on your side while you put a pillow in between your legs. make sure the pillow folds and you feel it in between your lips. then close your legs and grind on it slowly, touch yourself all over while doing this, or even lift your butt cheek with your hand to feel the pillow more. its slow but so pleasing and last forever! lol!

-- August 30, 2009

Water masturbation

At the end of the day, I would step into the shower and do my thing, after I have done my thing, I take the shower head off top and change the speed to the most orgasm giving! Place the shower head to your clitoris and it'll give you a great orgasm! I do this every day and my water bills are high! Oh and if your doing it in the morning, don't get late for work! I've been fired at least twice for masturabating! (33

-- August 31, 2009

Triple Play

I first learned about this technique when my friend told me about it. First you lie on your back with your legs spread apart and stick your index finger inside you vagina and rub it around until its wet. Then you stick that same finger in your asshole. Next you put your thumb in your vagina and use the other hand to massage your clit. you might have to work at it for a little bit but the end result is AMAZING. probably one of the best orgasms I have ever had by myself. =]

-- August 31, 2009

Body pillow

I've been masturbating for a couple of years now (I'm almost 17), and it was starting to lose it's fun because I just always did the same thing; rubbed my clit until I orgasmed. So today I decided to google some tips, to try and liven things up. I came across this site and read all the tips, which got me really hot and wet. I decided to give some things a try. Then, I did something not suggested, and it felt AMAZING. I got a body pillow (or you could use 2 pillows) and folded it in half with the crease side facing up. I then got a tube of mascara, though I'm sure anything tube shaped would work, and rolled it up into a dishtowel sized piece of fabric. I left about half the tube sticking out of the fabric. Then, you wedge the fabric roll into the crease on the pillow, mascara tube sticking out. I sat down on the tube so it was in side of me, then rubbed up and down so the pillow rubbed my clit and the tube hit my g-spot. It was wonderful. I had the folded end of the pillow by my chest so I could have my legs under each end of the body pillow. Works great and uses all household items. Time for some more! Enjoy ladies

-- September 2, 2009

home alone

If I ever have a day at home, I like to see how many times I can orgasm. I start when I wake up. Normally I am not the only one home, but I like to get myself horny, starting by rubbing myself head to toe, imagining someone else's hands on me. Then I slowly finger myslef and rub my clit until I cant take it anymore, I get faster until I orgasm. Once everyone else is gone, I move somewhere more open, (the lounge, bathroom etc) keeping all doors unlocked. I like to think of being watched, or caught, it gets me really horny.

I continue to masturbate all day with various objects. Reading stories like the ones on here, watchin porn, talking to others about sex. My record is 24 times in one day.

-- September 5, 2009

hott ice

okay, i'll take ice and shove it up as far as it could go. then I start imagening my last orgy and how awesome it was. I finger myself super hard and fast. by the time I get an orgasm, the ice has melted and is pouring out my pussy. its amazing!

-- September 5, 2009

nice and slow

This is simple.. all you do is take a finger or two and stick it inside you. with your other hand tickle your clit with light pressure and quick movements and if you want you can do this kneeling and thrust. when you feel like you are about to orgasm stop. wait a little bit and start again. if you keep doing this you start getting really wet. when you finally want to orgasm keep the same light and fast motion but don't stop. the more you wait the better the orgasm.

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-- September 6, 2009

Fun and easy

When you're taking a bath or you just suddenly feel horny, just lay on the floor naked. Start playing with your nipples. Lick your fingers and start rubbing them so it would be like someone were licking it. then get yourself in a very comfortable position while doing that. Get a pillow, lay your vagina near the end of the pillow and start humping back and forth.then when you've had enough, turn on your backside and spit on your hand and rub it on your vagina so it will be all wet. and start fantasizing about something. then massage your clit and stick a finger in your vagina and make it go in and out, at a speed that is perfectly comfortable for you.

it feels amazing!

-- September 8, 2009


So I was at home the other day and really really horny, so I decided to masturbate, I started with just my fingers, rubbing my body, teasing my clit, and I got hungry for more! So I grabbed the golf umbrella from the stand and used the handle as a dildo. It was so good, perfect size and shape, and you can hold it with your feet while lying down and fuck it crazy!

If you are feeling really adventurous (as I was) go outside, and stick the end in the ground, you can fuck it standing up. I did and it was amazing, the thought of nearly getting caught made it even better.

Further on the golf side of things, handles of the clubs can be used, as one of my good girl friends and I found out. Makes golf a little more interesting!

-- September 9, 2009


What I do is I get a step ladder, strip down and shove the doorknob in my bedroom in my vagina. The shape feels so different, and I won't even get started on the pleasure of having it in your ass! But you do need to wash it after

-- September 12, 2009

Beds Beds Beds

What I do is sometimes when I am alone at my house or everyone is asleep I take off all my clothes. I take the sheeets off of part of my bed, and then I just start going back and fourth on the edge slowly and then faster and faster and faster. Eventually I cum so many times after doing this I have to take a wash cloth and wipe off the side of the bed I used.

-- September 12, 2009

holding it in

u spread you vaginal lips and take a turky baster filled with warm water and a little ways in to you vagina. make sure its in tightly. then push the water out not letting any out of ur vagina. then remove the tucky baster and try to hold it in for as long as u can. then release it and it feels great

-- September 13, 2009


This one you can do anytime after you get the hang of it. First I lay on my bed, usually reading a sex story on my computer at the same time, and stick both hand (with my jeans still on) and start pushing the seam against myself, in and out in and out. After orgasming from that a few times and getting the hang of it I am now able to sit in a chair and rub my legs together and orgasm from the seam hitting me.

-- September 15, 2009

Better Bath Time

I started reading these teniques a couple months ago and have really enjoyed masturbating. I tried the faucet technique and found something even better. Lay on your back with your legs straight up and your vagina under the faucet. Turn on the water as high as it will go. Then reach down and pull your lips apart, exposing your clit. Let the water hit your clit for a bit, then move slightly so that it goes straight into you. It feels amazing!

-- September 24, 2009

I luv playing with dolls

recently I read about someone who'd masturbated with a doll at the age of 12...so I tried it...first using it to rub my clit, then I inserted it and found that by going in and out or twisting it around it stimulated my spot and soon felt like a dick! if I position the arms just so...i get clitoral stimulation at the same time.

be sure to take the clothes off the doll first.

-- September 29, 2009


I was home the other day and was really horny. I didnt have my usual toothbrush and dildo with me, so I went to the ridge and saw a pack of sausages. I got a few of them and put them in a condom. It felt nearly just like a penis. It was awesome. Later I froze it inside the condom because it was a little squished, and used it later frozen, and that was even better. The sensation of having a froen penis was intense. Came everywhere

-- September 29, 2009


Ok so I have an x-box, and I was playing it the other day, and got really horny in the middle of a game. So I stripped off, and started rubbing myself, nipples, clit, and fingered myself. I remembered that the x-box controls viabrate at times during the games. So I shoved it up my hole, and continued to rub myself, I held the trigger down so I kept running into the side (in a racing game) so it kept viabrating. When I was nearly ready to climax, I stopped it viabrating and continued to fuck myself with it, I did that 3 or 4 times, until I coldnt take it anymore. The orgasm was so intense and long!

So get your nerd on ladies!

-- October 1, 2009

Orgasm Doctor

I like to use a curling iron when its off and put it inside my pussy while using a vibrator. I usually fantasize about a girls first orgasm. I wish I knew where to find a doctor who will masturbate my pussy for me.

-- October 6, 2009

Two holes one orgasm

if yu can get a dildo in your ass and then masturbate normally with your vagina, your orgasm will be more intense. especially good if your into anal

-- October 6, 2009

Plain and Simple

I just watch porn while my roomate is away and I rub my clit while I'm still sitting down. If I'm feeling energetic, I'll go up to my bed, strip naked, and rub myself until I cum. But if I don't feel like getting up and I'm watching something good, I'll just rub myself with one hand down my pants until I cum right in front of my computer!

-- October 8, 2009

Pillows Cottonbuds

What I like to do is take the pillowcase off one of my pillows. Then I get in either of my three positions. The first position is laying the pillow on the bed and straddling it. Then I grind my hips. The second position is laying on my back with my legs bent up, feet flat on the mattress. I then grip the pillow and push it hard into my clit. The third position is similar to the first. I rest the pillow down like I do in the first position and then straddle it, but then I lean back and put my hands behind me on the bed for support. I've used these techniques all my life and they are very good. You can use any variations if you'd like.

The next thing I like to do is get a cotton bud (some people might call them Q-Tips I think but they are the sticks with the little bits of cotton on each end used for cleaning your ears) and a glass of room temperature water, usually just straight from the tap. I get my pillow and take the pillowcase off it like I do in the technique above and lay down on my back with my legs bent up and feet flat on the mattress. I have the cotton bud and glass of water ready to go beside my bed on the table. Then I grab my pillow and use it like I do in the second position noted above. I do that for a little then stop and relax for a moment before dipping the cotton bud into the glass of water and rubbing it gently on my clit. I recommend not doing this for too long unless you want a quick climax. It gets you very excited very quickly; I only lasted about 8 minutes using this whole method. Then, you can keep going with the cotton bud or stop that and continue with the pillow. If you decide to keep going with the pillow, alternate using the pillow and the cotton bud.

Have fun

-- October 8, 2009


I first always watch female masturbation videos and lesbian porn (not lesbian but it involves the va-jay-jay and it gets me really horny) then what I do when my clit is screaming to be touched is I lay on my back with my legs spread open. I then start rubbing around my vagina with my underwear still on. I start to move my fingers in circles around my clitoris (underwear still on). after it starts to feel really good and I wanna keep going, I stop and take my underwear off. before I get back to rubbing I always do a technique I INVENTED. its AMAZING! so what you do (it might take a few tries to get the placing right) but you take your 2 index fingers and put your clit/clit hood in between the 2 fingers. then you start rubbing your clit over one of your fingers. ITS AN AMAZING SENSATION. if you want you can keep going with that but after im about to climax I stop and go back to rubbing and get an orgasm off of that. but I have climaxed with my technique sooo much. its amazing. its my personal favorite.

-- October 10, 2009

Belt up

When I am feeling horney especially if my mother and father are out I go up to my room and undress. I then go to my wardrob were I have wide 8cm leather belt. I put it on and tighten it up as hard as I can, until my insides feel quite congested. I put lube on my right hand thumb and forefinger and lay down on my bed. I gently caress my labia and clit with my left hand until I start getting wet, then with my thumb in my vagina and my finger in my anus I tap my thumb and finger together inside me. I gives me a fantastic feeling and I start to tingle I rub my breasts and clitoris alternately with my left hand whilst still mving my right hand thumb and finger in and out and tapping them together when they are both fully inside. I explode with a tremendous orgasm which I can carry on for quite a time.It is great you should try it.

-- October 11, 2009

masturbating the tip

I like to take off all my clothes and get into bed laying on my stomach and my kness, with my legs as far apart as posssible. Reaching down I lightly touch things and then start teasing my clit. I like to touch the very tip (ball) and move my finger very slightly just resting on the ball. As I am doing this it does not take long for me to get wet. I fantaze about touching other women, what it would be like. Fingering my clit, I will sometimes use a silver bullet vibrator putting it directly on my clit and pull it up, teasing my clit doing this as long as I can to draw it out. Keeping my leggs open wide makes it harder to cum but when I do I explode. Then trying again, I keep my legs closed and my finger in my clit. Fingering fast. My fantasy would be to be laying on my back,no clothes on, leggs drawn up and open and a female is playing with my clit. My clit is dry and she touches the ball with her finger and angles up just slightly moving. My clit feels hard and swollen. With her other hand she is holding my lips wide open not letting the head go back in side. She just continues to tease my clit. She would be standing between my legs pushing my leggs open wider with her elbos. Making it hard to cum, as she just continues to tease eventually wetting the tip she rubbs the clit directly making me burn but feel so good. I ask her to stop but she says I can hande it! I explode.

-- October 14, 2009

Recording really works

I started masturbating when I was about 6,7,or maybe even 8! What I like to do,is take sluty and dirty pictures of myself,and record me (on my cell phone) slowly taking my clothes off,and sucking on my nipples. Then,i talk dirty to my self into my cell phone,then replay it,as im masturbating. So,i look at my dirty and sluty pictures,and I watch my vidoes,of me. And listen to my self. I usually say suff like,Oh yeah,you like that bitch? Do you want it harder? or I repeat over and over again. Oh fuck me.Fuck me,Fuck me! Oh,baby! FUCK ME! HARDER! So,i lay on my back,and stick 2 (or 3 or more it depends on how much you can handle) fingers insinde of my vagina,and go up and down,and in and out. And I suck the jucies off of my fingers,(whatever you like or your into) But,anyways,before I masturbate tho,i have to be arroused,the pictures,videos,and voice recording just don't cut it for me! So,i look up porn pictures on the internet,and watching videos. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE! Imagining a girl in my room,sucking my nipples,and another girl,toungeing my vagina. Wow,man it gets you off so good! And I love reading erotic storys like this! Well,i'm gonna go masturbate now. So bye! Oh yes,and HAVE FUN WITH IT! And take very creative vidoes,voice recordings,and pictures,byebye! I hope you have fun with it,

-- October 17, 2009

Cold Water Bottle

I sometimes put a water bottle in the fridge for hours, & when I'm about to go to bed, I get the bottle & the fun begins! I like to read off this site, or erotic stories & look at naked girl pictures first to get me wet & horny. I then strip naked & squat in front of my big mirror. I tease my breasts & nipples until their hard, & I continue feeling all over my body, my tummy & pelvic area especially. I then move my hands to my inner thighs & pussy and rub & massage it, starting out slow then faster. Now I'm even wetter! I take my cold water bottle & rub it all over me, my nipples, breasts, tummy, clitoris, vagina....everything. I'm really moaning & can feel my breaths getting shorter. I look at all the erotic faces I'm making in the mirror, and then I move to the bed! I lay flat & spread my legs apart, rubbing my clit and lips with my hands & my nipples. Again, I take the bottle & put it between my thighs & I press them together, oh my god he coldnes is AMAZING! I rub it on my nipples again, & then spread my lips & apply pressure from the cold bottle to my aching clitoris. I feel so goooood, I feel like I'm gonna cum. But, I flip to my tummy & apply the bottle to my clit & lips again. I fantasize about gay/ lesbian sex. I thrust the bottle against my clit, up & down, faster & faster. I keep humping the bottle & grinding my hips against it, I moan & groan, but before I release, I stop thrusting for a minute & then I start again. The more I do this, the better the orgasm! I finally let myself cum, I'm moaning, dirty talking, thrusting faster & faster until it's all over. Oh god it's the best!!

-- October 18, 2009

fun fun fun

I like to take a dining room chair with slots in the back, cover a pillow with a plastic bag, and shove it through one of the slots. I set another pillow on the seat and stick my vibrator inside me. I sit down backwards, straddling the chair, put a little lube on the plastic pillow, and press my clit against it. I grab the headrest with one hand, and lean back as far as I can. If you try this, you'll know exactly where to go from here You can use the pillow you're sitting on to position your dildo or vibrator to hit just the right spot inside of you, and the lubed plastic against the rest of your pussy feels just like getting eaten out. If I'm really anxious, I'll stick something hard inside the plastic pillow to rub my clit against, but it's amazing either way!

-- October 21, 2009

Clothes Pegs

I looove yousing clothes pegs (for hanging your washing) on my clit. I take three of them, put two on my outer lips so I can then pull them apart and clip them to my top. My clitoris is all exposed then. Then I take the third one and clip it on my clit. Great sensation when you keep pulling it off and clipping it back on, spinning it round, pushing it up and down.. sometimes I clip a peg to my clit, put my trousers back on and walk around with it on.

-- October 21, 2009

Slow and steady

I like to wait until no one else is home so I am relaxed and ready to please myself. I start off by laying, completly naked on back with my knees raised up. Then I slowly caress my breasts, gently at first runnung my fingers over them slowly. When I start to feel turned on I move my hands up and down the rest of my body and just lightly flick my fingers over my nipples. Then I like to squeeze them gently and roll them betweeen my finger and thumb.

I then open my legs and whilst still caressing my nipples with one hand I tease myself with the other hand slighty allowing my fingers to run over my clit. When I feel so turned on I want to come right there and then, I very gently begin to rub around the outside of m clit in cirluar motion. Then I apply direct pressure and rub quite hard and fast. I like to bring myself really close to orgasm and then stop. I lay there for a min just rubbling my nipples before slowly starting on my vagina again. I will insert my finger inside myself and and rub the length of my whole vagina including my clit, I go faster and faster until I can feel an intense orgasm coming, then if I can control myself, I stop again and go back to my nipples.

Then when I just can't take it anymore I go for full clitoral contact rubbing directly, hard and fast until I let the orgasm explode. It can take a while ladies, but the more times you can bring yourself close and stop and start again, the more intense the final release is. My god it feels good.

-- October 24, 2009

amazing sensations

This is a combination of some of the previously mentioned ones. there are several methods I use to masturbate. 1) when I am in my room, I will read erotic stories or watch erotic videos and look at picture, I will hold back until it feels like I can't take it anymore. at that point I will start to slowly tease myself by rubbing my already wet vagina in a circular motion. I slowly slip 1 finger in my tight hole and then two and then as many as I can fit in there until it is tight and sore! this is all with one hand. then with my other hand I will start pinching and rubbing my nipples to help the sensations. all the while think of the videos, and hot guys dicks which I want thrust inside of me. I am sopping wet by this point, when I do this I make sure I am lying on a towel. next I take another towel and roll it and hump it like crazy so that I am out of breath and can't even move anymore! it feels so good and really help.

2) when I am in the shower I will stand there and slowly work myself by rubbing my boos and vagina in circular motions and slowly working my fingers into my wet vagina. next I will take an old toothbrush with a thick handle and stand there with the water pouring down on me and stick the handle of the toothbrush inside of me. I will slowly move the toothbrush in and out and twisting it around, etc. next I will turn the shower into running like a bath. lay down in the bath tub and aim the faucet so that the water squirts right into my clitoris and vagina (whichever I feel like at the time). then since I had already started working myself my tight hole has started opening up and I slowly insert the handle of a hairbrush and work that into me. also with the other end you can use the bristles of the toothbrush to stimulate the vagina making it wetter and more mind tingling. 3)another technique is to take a condom and open it up. till the condom with tissue paper or scrunchies. next get a couple of pillows and place the filled condom on top. slowly insert the condo into you and straddle the pillows. next hump away, it feels like a real dick is in you and feels amazing. make sure the pillow is covered in a towel otherwise you WILL make a mess, it's guaranteed(; 4)another one, you can place your video camera on a desk or something and work yourself while it is recording. it really helps if you put sexy music on and do a strip tease first. then once your done you can always always always go back and review the video. it makes the orgasm so much better because there is the worry that someone else might find the video and watch. 5) last one, you might view this as disgusting but whatever. if you are feeling naughty and live with someone you know has toys. go into their room, use their toys and work yourself on their bed with the door unlocked. the idea that you could get caught and in major trouble creates a major orgasm and is absolutely amazing. and better yet, record yourself. hope you enjoyed(; i'm going to go and work myself now, a hot teen really needs to work herself every now and then, especially when they are single(;

-- October 25, 2009

Double Rub

Well, yes, im a boy. but I found this really great way of masturbating the clit, here it goes;

lay onyour back and get comfortable, you need to be naked to do this really, it requires both hands...

after you have got horny, you should be wet inside, or just around the hole/lips. Use that wetness to rub your clit... BUT. with one hand, pull back the hood of the clit, (this is where the magic happens....

With your other hand, use the pointy finger and the middle finger in a peace symbol, but about 1cm apart and slowly (with wetness on them)and rub back and forth, so the beat on your clit will be double what it is if you do it with 1 finger.

I get feedback almost instantly from my girlfriend and I just thought I would share the technique with you guys...i mean girls... have fun,

OH!, if your doing it with your boy/girlfriend... lie back on their tummy, so they can easily reach around for you

-- October 25, 2009

full hand

1. open your vagina wide with both hands keep them open with one hand 2. stick your entire hand in and feel the best you have felt in masterbating

-- October 25, 2009


I only started masturbating recently... I LOVE IT. I play with my clit, and do it really hard and fast. it gets me off pretty quickly. I like using carrots, too. there's no need to put a condom on it, just lube it up a bit, with Vaseline or spit. there's nothing better than using a cold, hard carrot in your wet pussy, whilst rubbing your swollen clit. its even better if you think someone will catch you doing it. I'm straight, with a boyfriend. still a virgin (16) but really want a girl to lick me, finger me. the thought makes me so hot.

-- October 25, 2009

Pilliow Eatin Heaven

This is not a story , but a comment thanking you for oneof your stories. I love this story. It worked wonderfully. It's now they only way I masterbate.

-- October 26, 2009

Post Sex

My favorite time to masterbate is soon after sex. I know that sounds silly, but I don't always cum from penetration so sometimes I need to finish up. By this time, I'm really wet -- just dripping & my clit is just tingling. I wait untill he goes to clean up in the bathroom && then I finger my clit like crazy with my right hand. I get really aggressive with it. I have to hurry because I don't want him to come back & catch me so I really have to work the clit. Its so hot because I'm already crazy wet & turned on. When I get close to cumming I take my left hand & gently rub the lips of my pussy right where the entrance is. Then I rub my clit harder && faster & shove 1 or 2 fingers inside me as I cum so hard I'm shaking. It happens so fast he never knows I did it. Sometimes I pretend I'm with another guy (or girl) & I have to hurry so he doesn't catch us together! its a real thrill!!

-- October 28, 2009

If you're too shy to buy a vibrator...

My first toy was something called a Squiggle Wiggle Pen. It's a pen with removable cartridges that vibrates to make what you write all squiggly. When I was 14 I discovered that when I touched my clit with the vibrating end it felt AMAZING. I totally burned out the motor on that thing from playing with it so much! I dunno if they sell those anymore.

A better alternative, though, are those cheap massager thingys that you can find at drugstores... you know, the ones that light up and come in fun colors and have multiple legs that you're SUPPOSED to press to a sore muscle... but just put one of those against your clit and prepare for awesomeness! I actually snapped one of the legs off accidentally from pressing it so hard against me! Gotta go find a new one...

-- October 29, 2009

Fingers everywhere

I get myself all worked up by visiting somewhere like this and read about how other people get themselves off. During this time I feel my pussy start to throb and I know that it is getting wet and is crying out to be stroked, but I delay touching for as long as I can. I am usually fully clothed at this point, but make sure that I have easy access to my pussy for when the time comes. Now, for example, my jeans are pulled down slightly, as after I have written this I am going to have to... This is how I do it. I run my finger up and down the length of my lips several times. They are usually soaking wet by this point. I then circle the area around my clit, without touching it. This is usually followed by inserting a couple of fingers into my pussy and then finally I pull them out and rub my clit hard and fast. if I am feeling really horny, I use my other hand to spread my juices around to my butt and slowly insert a finger whilst rubbing my clit. It doesn't take long until I am cumming and then I make myself come again and sometimes again.

-- October 30, 2009

Lint Roller

If you're into anal masturbation then you will LOVE this. Take a lint roller (the one with the sticky paper) and make sure it has a smooth handle. Cut off the handle right at the top where the paper is (it should resemble a butt plug toy). Lube it up and insert! I like to use my vibrator on my clit while it is in my butt. The orgasm is hard and long! AMAZING!!! Sometimes I'll lounge around the house with it in and I'm soaking wet when my husband gets home.

Since we use lint rollers often, I just throw it away when I'm done. No need to worry about cleaning and reusing it. Probably isn't sanitary anyway.

-- October 31, 2009

Self Love

Ever since I started maturbating I've been looking for the perfect objects to use, since I can't afford any fancy toy or dildo. So, about a year ago I was looking through some of my old art supplies, and I found this huge blue sharpie pen, and an idea popped into my head. So, I put all of my things away, and climbed into my soft bed. I wasn't entirely wet yet, but I just couldn't wait. So I put a glob of spit onto my index finger and lubed my way into myself. I rubbed around my vaganal walls for a minute until I was real horny. Then I reached over and grabbed my vibrating tooth brush(I'm pretty sure every woman has been there), and lubed the tip of it with my salava. Then I turned it on, and hovered it slowly over my clit. My insides began to contract as I teased myself, then I pushed the blue sharpie into my vagina, and began to pump in and out slowly. As I become closer and closer to my climax, I press the vibrating toothbrush all the way down onto my clit, and rub it around however I please. I rub the toothbrush around faster and fater as I near orgasm, thrusting my hips or moving them around helps sometimes, and as my small blood filled pearl is about to burst, I stop, and wait a few seconds, building up tension like this usually results in a better orgasm. Then when I'm finally ready to let loose, I gold down the vibrator to my clit and pump in and out of myself fast, hard and deep. It's so amazing! I can't help but smile when I'm done. Works every time. Also, using a video camera and recording yourself may help you acheive orgasm faster for the impatient ones(Like me!). Knowing something is watching you can make you hornier.

-- November 6, 2009

Chinese water pleasure

If you've never heard of Chinese water torture, this would be the opposite, at the opposite end anyway. Lay on your back in the tub. Scoot up till your pussy is right under the faucet(if you have a wall behind it you may want to stretch your legs first). Turn on the water(I like it warm) till it just barely drips(or runs. up to you, your level of intensity) and let it drip right at the point where the skin folds above the clit. Rub your body - nipples, breasts, chest, belly, inner thighs, etc. I like to rock my hips as I become aroused, so it hits different spots of my pussy. Sometimes I'll use my fingers and fold back my lips and let it hit right around the rim of my vagina. As I get close to a climax, I may turn up the water, for more pressure. If you let it drip for as long as you can take it you will have an pretty incredible orgasm.

-- November 8, 2009

Like wow.

I first take a small object -one of those rubber bands to ponytail your hair with two or three balls are perfect.-,put it in my panties and then just walk around, watch tv, whatever. Then after a while when i'm all wet I get to the bathtube and let the water run just on my pussy. When i'm about to cum I force myself not to and stop the water spring. Wait a minute or so and then start again. BEST-ORGASMS-EVER.

November 10, 2009


I like to turn on my showerhead to pulse, and just lie down in the tub and let it hut my clit. I get the most intense orgasms ever that just leave you screaming and totally satisfied. the best thing about it is my parents dont have to know a thing!lol. youve got to try it I got my first orgasm doing that, and im pretty young. if you think it doesn't work for yoy, you probably have to move your hips forward, and aim lower, also spread your legs really wide. its like heaven, it really helps to have a towel underneath you for comfortability, and its also great to have some sort of head rest. You can always just use the bathtub facuet, but its a litle more uncomortable for me that way, and harder to move around. try the shower!!! its amazing :P

November 17, 2009


I like to use my PS2 controller as a vibrator. Just find a game that you can use to make the controller vibrate (I use Bloodrayne 2, whenever there's a machine gun.) Then I use my hairbrush handle and move it in and out of my vagina, to get wet. I put one of the controller handles on my clit and the other touching the hairbrush. I move it back and forth so that if rubs my clit and makes the hairbrush sorta vibrate. And sometimes, if I'm feeling particularily naughty, I like to rub my nipples then put clothespins on. Oh, my GOD. It's just... amazing. Have a nice day

November 19, 2009

Pencil Pusher

You get a pencil and hold on to it. Start by rubbing your clit or watch porn till you get horny. When your'e wet enough, insert the pencil to your vagina. Any position works, Doggy-Style, Girl on Top, as long as you don't get hurt, your fine!!!

(This is PERFECT for virgins!!!! Also, climax will happen!!)

December 1, 2009


I really love to lie back in the empty bath, spread my legs under the tap, and turn the warm water on high pressure so it jets right onto my clit. It's best to keep the plug out because once the water fills up the water pressure weakens. I feel sensations running up my body and I tilt my head back, breathing heavily. After a few minutes (yes, that quick!) I feel my clit pusling under the jetstream and my legs start to twitch and shake as I orgasm. This is amaaazing AND if you keep holding it there you can have many many orgasms in a row.

December 1, 2009

If u cant get a vibrator

Before I was 18 and could buy and sex toys I would go and buy a hummingbird vibrating flosser. First you start off placing it on ur nipples. this can make some girls sick. once youve had enuff keep it vibrating and slide it down ur stomach to your pussy. pull apart your lips and put it on and off your clit. this teases it making the orgasm more intence. once you cant stand it hold it on ur clit and buck your hips. This makes the most AMAZING orgasm if you cant get ahold of sex toys

December 7, 2009

tickle tickle

I love being tied up, it gives me such great excitement! my boyfriend ties me to his bed, so I can't move my arms and he gently tickles me, everywhere. my stomach is really sensitive and when he touches me there, I go crazy! and when I can't take it anymore I let him untie me and we both masturbate together. I don't even need toys! just my good old hand and I can make myself cum in a matter of minutes!

December 9, 2009


I have a few male friends who I am very comfortable with, We often have phone sex. And wow it is the next best thing to the real thing. I start off by imagining what we would do, then either of us call and the fun begins!

We play out to each other what we would do, rubbing all over, teasing and playing. I take photo's and send it to him after and he does the same. It works a treat :-)

Have fun ladies!

December 12, 2009

clit rubbing

I like to take my middle finger and ring finger and put them on either side of my clit and rub in circles or move my hand up and down really fast. I watch alot of porn first or webcams on an adult site I go to. Sometimes I chat with someone while I'm rubbing and imagine them rubbing me. I always cum so hard!!!

December 14, 2009

Rubbing Deep

This happens almost daily. When I find myself turned on, I start out with a little KY. I was a little hesitant to purchase the lubricant, but it has been one of the greatest purchases ever. I am usually wet by the time I use the KY, but it adds such an incredible sensation to my wet juices. I begin by slowly rubbing my clit then insert my middle finger into my vagina. I move my finger around gently in circles until I find my G-spot which I massage deep and continuously. I then switch off from moving my finger side to side, in circular motions, and in and out of my vagina and then touching my clit. By this point I am extremely wet and the juices are flowing. Not long after when I am more excited than ever, I can expect to squirt all over. AMAZING feeling.

December 15, 2009

Doctor showed me the way

I actually learned to masturbate from my doctor when I was 14. I thought I had a slight discharge and my mother sent me to a gynecologist. I had never had this kind of examination and was very nervous. He said he wasn't going to hurt me, just see if there was a problem. I felt him part the lips of the vulva and he also put 2 fingers in my vagina and one finger in my ass. He told me to get dressed and come into his office. He told me that there was nothing wrong, there were only normal excretions. He asked me if I had a heavy feeling in my stomach and thighs. He said this was sexual arousal and I could do something about that. He asked me if I tickled by twat. I assumed he meant did I masturbate but it excited me to hear it expressed like that and I could feel myself getting wet. He told me that talking dirty was a way to preparee for satisfaction. He asked me how I tickled myself and when I started. I was 13 and started rubbing myself over my panties. He told me I had to take my panties off in order to explore. He got a book that showed the vagina and clitoris. First time I heard clitoris -- he said clit. He asked me to rub myself over my panties and tell him how I came and was I satisfied. I wasn't satisfied. He told me to take off my panties, go into the xamining room and spread my legs apart as wide as I could. He told me to touch myself following the picture he showed me. This was the first time I had touched myself bare like that and it felt so good. I wanted to tickle as he said. He asked me to show him how I tickled and where. I started exploring myself while he held my lips apart to expose the clit. He said I could rub myself all over. He put a finger in my vagina and wiggled it. I was really excited and wanted to come. Too soon he said. Had to learn to play and postpone orgasm. I started to play with myself and was a little embarassed to be doing that in fron of him. He was encouraging when I started to explore. I put a finger in my vagina like he did and felt an entirely new sensation. He came behind me and put a finger in my ass and wiggled it. He told me I was in a perfect position for an orgasm. I wiggled my finger in my vagina and he wiggled his finger in my ass. Then I started to rub my clit. He told me I could postpone orgasm if I wanted to. But I was feeling so many sensations I couldn't stand it. I started rubbing really fast and exploded. There were waves of pleasure that made me feel I could start over again. He told me to experiment with that to see if I could have another orgasm after the first one. He took his finger out of my ass and suggested a small narrow tube for that purpose. He asked me if I had had fun and if I would keep on rubbing through panties. Definitely not. I would be bare assed from then on. He reached out his hand and cupped my vagina, slipping his thumb on my clit. He started rubbing in a circular movement, slowly at first and then increasing pressure. I lifted my butt and bore down as he rubbed harder and harder. When the orgasm came I felt it all over my body. I was throbbing with pleasure. He said this was only a taste, much more would come later. I thanked him and left forever grateful.

December 18, 2009

Blend Er Up

I was baking and recently discovered a new technique. I used a blender on my clit. I had a pad on. It would probably hurt if I did it without. WATCH OUT FOR LOOSE CLOTHING!!! Its easy to get caught up. MASSIVE ORGASMS LADIES!!!! So.. Put A Pad On.. Turn ur Blender Up On High and Blend Er Up!!!!

December 20, 2009

Screw me now.

My technique gives me the best orgasims. I take a screwdriver with a condom on it and start fucking my self slowly. After five minutes, my bum is covered in cum. Try it, you really won't regret it.

December 20, 2009


rightttttt, im 12 years old. and I dont have a vibrating toothbrush, so I get my normal toothbrush, and lube up the none bristley end with some showergel, then begin to instert, gettin faster, and see how far u can get the toothbrush up you, ive managed to get it all up me, then when u take it out, alll u do is squirttt! ITS LOVELY.

December 20, 2009


I like to get on here, and read these stories to get me horny, then I go to my room, but DONT lock the door (I like the idea of gettin caught, makes it hotter). I strip down and rub myself up and down, massaging my breasts. I finger myself, but DONT touch my clit yet. When I can feel my clit screaming for pleasure I rub it gently, teasing myself. When I'm about to come I stop, and then tease myself over and over again. The orgasm Is AMAZING!

It is even better when I film myself, or when I have phone sex, talking about it or making so at least you can see it again makes it so much hotter and more intense. I definately reccomend it :-)

Happy masturbating :-)

December 25, 2009

Feels so Gooood

Okay, this feels so amazing. Sit on the toilet (that works best for me) take a small brush (think travel kit size) and slowly move it up and down. The bristels feel amazing. It feels super wet. Good luck ladies!!

December 28, 2009


For a quick fix, I part my outer labia and rub the shaft of my clitoris back and forth with an index finger -- sort of like rolling a pencil from side to side just fractions of an inch. I've been doing that since I was five or six years old. It doesn't always bring an orgasm, but it's great for relieving tension. If a session goes longer and friction starts to build up and overtake the pleasure, all I need to do is dip into my vulva/vagina for some natural lube to loosen things back up. Sometimes I can pull back the hood and massage the bulb of my clitoris directly, and sometimes it's too intense.

When I have more time to spare, I have a more elaborate routine that saves the clitoris until the very last: Lying on my back with my breasts bared, I start by gently caressing them, working toward my nipples. I take a long time with each nipple, rubbing, dandling, and kneadling them between my pads of my fingertips. Partway through I throw off the blankets and move to my side, because I like to see the way my breasts and hips curve in that position, and I also enjoy running my hands down the length of my body if my nipples need a tiny breather. When my thighs feel moist and my hips start to rock, I roll onto my belly and prop myself on my elbows. With the mound of my vulva pressing against the mattress, I cup my hands so my nipples brush my palms as my torso follows the movement of my hips -- that alone is usually enough to bring me to orgasm, so I try to go slowly and resist touching my vulva for as long as possible. (Sometimes I cheat and slip a finger between my labia for a few seconds if they get too slick and swollen to resist, but I always avoid my clitoris unless I want to jumpstart the climax.) For me, there's nothing more tantalizing than nipple-palming, and no better position than belly down. When my thighs start to clench and my vagina's throbbing, I abandon one nipple and reach down to creep into my vulva from behind. I let my fingers lightly skim my labia and the opening to my vagina before I give up and plunge two or three inside. Finally, as I begin to thrust, my other hand comes down to cradle the mound of my vulva in my palm while two fingers press and squeeze my clitoris. I usually drift off to sleep as the pulsing subsides...


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