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January 1, 2008

The Tease

When I masturbate, I use a little technique called the tease to get me warmed up. I slide my fingers up and down the hood of the clitoris, this is similar to when men slide their foreskin up and down their penis.

I find that by stimulating the areas around my clitoris, rather than just touching it directly, I can achieve a better orgasm.

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January 2, 2008

balloon animals

fin dyour self some modelling balloons (the really long ones) and a handpump. run yourself a nice hot bubble bath, submerge your balloon pump under the water with a balloon (desiered colour) and you can pump water in to it (desired length) start slowly use any movement u enjoy and when u feel yourself coming to a climax stop and count to 10 start again, and when u feel another climax coming stop and count to 20. do this up to 100. or if you feel for something mindblowing count up in 5's I do this like once a week, its wonderful and trains your mind and body, to know when to stop and when to really start!

January 2, 2008


clitoris stimulation.. i.e. vibrators specified for the area

January 2, 2008

Veg-out or in

You will need:

Small corn cob Condom Lubricant Imagination

Use a small (or what ever size you can handle) corn cob (husked) covered with a condom, to prevent any thing staying in that shouldn't, as a dildo. Lube well. The extra texture of the kernels is a great sensation. Rubbing the cob up and down against your clitoris and then alternately dipping in works good. Boil or microwave the cob before hand for a warm sensation. (Make sure it is not too hot!) A very small cob with the same technique is great for anal too! Or try both at the same time with two!

January 2, 2008

Vibrating Panties

When using a vibrator, I often leae my panties on and tease myself by vibrating over my panties. Sometimes I cum in them anyways.

January 2, 2008

Rolling Rolling Rolling

Take your thumb and pointer finger (either hand) and grasp the clitoris in between your fingers. Gently begin rolling the clitoris in between your fingers. You can adjust the pressure and speed of the rotations to your liking. Produces very nice orgasms!

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January 2, 2008

Getting it Started

I find that sometimes it is hard to get your natural lubrications flowing, especially if you have a lot on your mind and your imagination isn't cutting it. I find it helpful to lick my middle and index finger before rubbing the clitoris and hood. Once I become wet, I like to put those same fingers back in my mouth so I can get a little taste. That always helps me reach an orgasm.

January 3, 2008

Water Method

this involves a shower massage, or some kind of fast moving water (hot tubs work too)

I personally achieve the greatest orgasms from this method, but that can change from woman to woman

what you do is you place yourself in a position where you're kind of hucnhing over (think hunched shoulders and pelvic area stopped in mid thrust) and manuver around to have the water pulsating onto your clitoris. thrust a little if you feel it needed, and if you're using a shower massage you can move that around a little for extra stimulation. the best part about this is that, generally, the water does all the work, so your hands and arms don't get tired like they do from manual stimulation!

January 6, 2008

Clit rub

I masturbate about three times a week sometimes more. I start by tickling and rubbing my clitoris slowly until it becomes red and errect. As I become wetter, I start rubbing it with two fingers from left to right as fast as I can go. Sometines I rub my breasts and nipples. When I rub really fast, I then climax. It's a better orgasm than if using a vibrator. I usually masturbate in bed or in the bath. I fantasise that someone is watching, gets turned on and wants to join in.

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January 7, 2008

Hand held shower

I find shower masturbation to be the best. Water is awesome.

January 9, 2008

Water therapy

Lie on your back, aim the bath tub spout between your legs, turn the water on, and let the water to the rest! You can also ajust the tempurature to warmer or cooler to intensify the feelings. Sometimes just switching the temp from cold to warm or vice versa will be enough to make me climax.

It also helps if you jirate alittle.

January 10, 2008

Nipple Pinch or Rub

My nipples are very sensitive. I pinch or rub them while I finger my clitoris. It excites me. I always use lube when I masturbate. If I am using my fingers I don't use a lot of lube, but if I am using toys, I pour it on.

January 10, 2008

Husband's Knee

Sometimes in the morning I feel very aroused when I wake up. I position myself so that I am on my side clasping my husbands knee between my legs and then I grind away until I climax. He never seems to mind this activity *grin*

January 12, 2008


A short one. Can be done through your cloths or otherwise. Sit on a chair or your bed with your leg tucked underneath you so as your heel is in contact with your vagina. Rub away!

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January 13, 2008

Electric Toothbrush

While an electric toothbrush is great for brushing teeth...its also to good to have one (a separate one, of course) for strong clitoral orgasms.

I find the rotating head of an electric toothbrush to be more powerful than any vibrator. Its fun and different. Try it out ladies!

January 14, 2008

The Dialanator

I like to put mycell phone inside me and have my boyfriend call me as I toutch my clitoris. I love it!

January 14, 2008


I rub my nipples and slowly move one hand down to my clitoris and put the chapstick/lip smaker in there. I push in and out it feels really good and... sit on a pole and move back and forth. it is great sensations I use my bed pole

January 14, 2008

Simple Masturbation

I use a simple method for masturbation. First I get in bed and fantasize. Then, I start to massage my clit continuing my fantasizing.Now, I insert a makeshift dildo (in this case, a blush brush) and I end up with a wonderful orgasam.

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January 16, 2008

The Jerk

When I masturbate I put two fingers in my vagina and jerk it up and down while inside the vagina instead of going in and out.

January 16, 2008


I find that the best way of reaching my orgasm is by using things like veetables. Generally penis shaped objects such as cucumbers, bananas, and carrots replicate the male penis in both size and shape. it is up to you wether you want to take it slow or fast, it all depends on how often you do it. the first time it may feel odd, but try using a condom and or a form of lubrication. it is just like sex, it will kinda hurt the first time but eventually, you will find no other substitute.

January 18, 2008

The Tingle

When you want a great orgasm, just take some lip plumping lipgloss and rub it all over your pussy. Then masturbate with a venus vibrator on your clit and in your pussy. Your pussy will feel cold and tingly, which is great, especially at orgasm.

January 19, 2008

Nipple Pinching

This gets my orgasm more intense if you gently pinch your nipples as you rub your clit, keep doing it till you have a shattering orgasm.

January 20, 2008

pilloiw hummping

Fold a pillow in half or to the right height thickness hardness ect. then jump on top and rub you clit back and foth and hump away. somtimes if isnt enought put a deodrent can or somthing harder underneath the pillow to realy rub aginst you clit

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January 20, 2008

head down clit up

I start by kneeling and then leaning on one of my shouldners (so your bum is in sthe air) a rub my clit. the way your body is postioned feels amazing. plus you realy can let your juices flow and it makes a lovley nois and realy lubes up

January 24, 2008

balloon fun

this sounds funny but I swear by it less than a minute and I cum!!!!! take a balloon and fill it with warm water. smother that warm balloon in lube and put it on your vaginal area doesn't even have to be directly on your clit. and rub away!!!! the sound it makes along with the warmth it has its AMAZING!!!!

January 25, 2008

El Scorcher De La Cum

To get things really fired up, I do the usual, regular preperation (e.g. The Tease) to get me wet. Then I whip out the old 'pyro jelly' (or sometimes Vix vapour rub does the trick) and smear just a fraction on my inner labia and clitoris. The ingrediants in this substance cause a very unique type of stimulation, which enhances the masturbation process. It feels especially good when I spread my lips and play with my clitoris - the feeling of air on the jelly being utterly amazing.

Using this method I can bring myself to orgasm easily within half a minute and the orgasm is totally unlike any other. The jelly brings a strange erotic feeling to the release.

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January 27, 2008

Spread wide

I use my middle finger and come down onto the top of my hood, making small circles. I find direct clitoral stimulation at this point a little much so this is just a warm up. What makes me really hot is to arch my back a bit and spread my legs wide, wide, wide. I like to imagine that I'm being watched. The cool air on my exposed parts is very stimulating. I also imagine being tied in that position with my swollen tender clit exposed...hold on, I'll be right back, ha ha!

January 29, 2008

clit-to-knuckle relation

while in bed: start by closeing your fingers in a fist around the thumb so you can see/feel the knuckle sticking out. lay on your stomach in bed while your legs are stratled but knees still bent. then position your fist point up massaging the clit and hump away! best to tease the nipples as well...

Sitting in a chair: cross legs, lady style, and put thumb knuckel on clit and rub. easy for movie theater.

January 30, 2008


ok this feels awesome! firs grab roll-on-deodorant... then get all naked start touching ur tits and scrub & roll the deodorant in ur clitoris...!!! it feels so great!! just don't use ur actual deodorant please!

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January 30, 2008

Washing Machine

My washing machine is quite old and vibrates a great deal, and that's how I discovered my latest masturbating thrill. Before the machine goes onto fast spin I hitch-up my skirt, or dress, with my legs apart I straddle a corner section and through my panties I press my clitoris against the machine. As the machine begins to accelerate it also vibrates and at full speed it's bringing me to a wonderful orgasm. Ladies for a quick thrill it's fantastic. It takes about two minutes, and on countless occasions I've done it this way with my husband in the next room and he's not even aware that I've been masturbated.

February 1, 2008

Vintage Vibrators

Try Wahl, it's a heavy duty workhorse. The body is gray plastic and it comes with several detachable heads. All are round and about 2 1/2 inches in diameter. My favorite is the red one with fingers. I discovered this when at my brother and sister-in-law's house. I think it is from the late 50s. It produces a wonderful climax.

I also figured out that I could strap it to myself by inserting it into a tight pair of underwear, which would leave my hands free to stimulate my nipples. Tons of fun and no man necessary!

February 2, 2008

balloon animals same author

if you find you hair brush handle not thick enough. get a pair of tights of a long sock, wrap it around the handle and put a condom on.

February 2, 2008

Double stuff

I like get all my pointer and index fingers lubed on each hand with what ever lube I have, I then kneel on my bed, lean forward and take on hand behind me and place two fingers firmly in my ass and then take the other hand in front of me and stick two finger in my vagina and press them into my g-spot. I then rock my clit forcefully on my palm, while fucking myself in the ass with the other hand with an in and out motion.

It is amazing!

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February 2, 2008

Fist of Furey

What I do is I make a fist with my right hand and put my left hand over it. Then I lie down on my stomach ans rub my clit using cercular motions. I can always get some cummage. If its not working try moving your fist in opppsite directions!

February 4, 2008

Vaginal heaven

put a cushion or one of the point end of your duvet in between your legs lie down on your front and beginning thrusting your self moving backwards and forwards, this helps me reach climax and beyond!

February 4, 2008

Like a man.

I like to lay on my side. I take my vibrator and rest it on my clit, then clamp my legs down on it. Then, I know it sounds wierd, I basically jack off the vibrator. The vibrations and the up-and-down movement on my clit makes me cum really fast.

I want to know what can be used as a make-shift dildo though?

February 5, 2008

ass plus pussy

if u enjoy putting a finger in your ass while masturbating do this technique. like back on ur bed and put insert a pen in your ass (carful of safe side) then do ur as usual pussy fingering. the small pen in ur ass will add more pleasure. do not turn around while you are having the pen in ur ass. enjoy. loll

February 5, 2008

Pen spin

My ex would use a multi-sided pen (octagonal). She would place it between her labia and spin it by rubbing her hands together.

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February 8, 2008

Squeezer haha

What I sometimes do is put my palm over my pussy and squeeze hard, then let go and repeat until I'm horny. It's sort of a bit of foreplay, then I stroke my clit for a while and just before you orgasm, you put 2 fingers in ur pussy and bend them up and down against the outer side. lol

February 8, 2008

Dental hygiene

I love to use my electric toothbrush, or you can a really cheap electric tooth and put LITHIUM batteries, for the extra power!!! I also LOVE to use a minty or cinnamon toothpaste ! it gives it a great tingling feel! I usually cum in about a minute!!!

February 8, 2008

Bedtime Tease

I Just lie on y bed with my legs open and against the wall. I open my vagina and I start off by slowly rubbing the clit, sometimes I get faster and faster and just to tease myself, just as im about to climax I whip my fingers away and I can feel my clit pounding...i dom tis over until I cum on the wall..Hmmmm

February 9, 2008

double it

Before I got an acual vibrating dildoe, I used the jelly handle on my hairbrush. I would put my butt in the air(as if getting ready to do doggy) and I would get started with the brush, moving in and out at whatever pressure, and speed felt great at the moment. Then, I would bring in my little climax bunny(any clitoral stimulator would work) and I would hold the bunny on my clit and fire away at the hair brush. Believe me, in less that a minute at going with the two together I drip out cum. I actually cum so hard that I have to take a break, then about half an hour later, I come back to the bedroom for more! Enjoy!

February 9, 2008

Cheap vibe has great results

What I use as a makeshift vibe when I masturbate is the Atom Massager which is a cheap hand massager on my clitoris with the hood pulled back. Before I start using it, I slick up my clitoris with my saliva or vaginal fluids, use my fingertips to rub up and down until the blood flows to my genitals, and then slowly press down on the base of my clitoris, under the hood with the vibrator, contracting my muscles. It feels really good, and especially on ovulation, I orgasm really quickly, and usually multiple times, if I put extra effort into it. Just google atom massager to find places to buy it. I got mine at Staples for ten dollars, but it's cheaper on the internet. The only thing is, it's not really big enough for penetration, so I only use it on my clitoris.

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February 11, 2008


you must lie on your back with your finger slowly circling the clit and then as you get wetter and wetter get closer move ur finger closer to the clit and then go at it!! the circles at the start really lead in nice and gets me an orgasm everytime

February 11, 2008


This is called the abc rub because you write the alphabet on your clit.

First, sit or find a comfortable postition and hold open your clitoral hood with one hand. Then slowly using your index finger of the other hand, write the ABC's on your clit

This techinique might have to be repeated a few times before something starts to feel good, but when it does, you'll love it.

February 12, 2008


What I do, is sit on my couch's arm rest. Then I hump it. Sometimes I make moaning noises, this speeds up my climax. I also visualize a fantasy. You can do this naked, or even fully dressed.

February 12, 2008

Cell Phone

I place my cell phone on my clitoris. Then go through the vibrating settings. I orgasm in a minute or two from this.

February 12, 2008

Shower Head Fantasies

Cum, here we come! Whenever I want to reach an orgasm, I hop in the Shower! Just get your showerhead and aim it at your clitoris. turn the water on whatever pressureyou find comfortable. Thne find the right temperature and CUM CUM CUM!!!!

February 15, 2008

The Clit Flick

I like to rub myself for a bit to make myself wet. then I slowly flick my clit with my index finger and I watch porn or read erotic stories. Then I start to flick faster and fuck myself with my fingers, then I fuck harder and flick faster until I cum like crazy. works well.

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February 15, 2008

Spray Sensation

I do this about once a week

tage one of the mini calgon body spray bottles and insert it into your vagina. Push it in back and forth while rubbing your clit.

If you want you can put warm water in the bottle too because it adds more sensation.

February 15, 2008


First I put towels down on the bed to prevent it getting wet when my vagina squirts! Then I use my vibrator on low intensity, downwards from the top of my clitoral hood, over the clitoris, and all the way down over my perineum and anus. I do this for a while to get warmed up and juicy. When I feel ready, I push really hard, just in the right spot of my clitoris, for a short time. I get the most intense, incredible, knee shaking screaming orgasm. It's great!

February 17, 2008


My favorite masterbation! I grab my remote control and I lay flat on my bed with my legs straddled gently teasing myself with it, then I stop and I begin to suck and lick on my breasts, I am a D-cup so I have no problems doing this, i'm usually moaning and pretty wet by this point. I grab my right breast and lick and suck all over it, while i'm doing this I stroke the remote control up and down my clitoris-to my vagina opening- to my anus, and I cum so hard. The closer I am to my climax the faster I lick my titi's and stroke the remote control up and down and against my vagina. It feels so good, TRUST ME!

February 17, 2008

pen up

I sit on the floor. start my rubbing my clit so iit goes a little red! then I get a pen and stick it up my vigina. Then I lift my self up and down and put more and more weight on it I rub my clit at the same time and get harder and harder. I sometimes rub my tits and then I go tingly all over! I love the feeling people must tym it!

February 17, 2008

two finger twist

This will have you cumming in no time! Start on your back by licking your pointer and middle fingers and rub your nipples until your pussy is really really wet then insert the two fingers and twist and untwist them. Rub your nipples for a better cum! Enjoy!

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February 17, 2008


I'm all about a little foreplay first to get things nice and wet. I'll start with one finger usually the middle inside of my clit then the wetter I get I'll add another. And to really get things going, have a little lubricant nearby. I'm usually so wet I don't need it for the clitoris, but when I want to increase the pleasure, I use it for anal stimulation. Fingers in the clit plus fingers in the my anus equals one happy girl. Oh yeah, trust me the outcome is so worth the cum!! Enjoy!

February 18, 2008

Brush 'em

I use my hair brush, slowly moving the handle up and down my clit. I then shove the handle into my pussy as hard as I can a few times. It never fails.

February 18, 2008

Hand Rubbing

I lay on my stomach, with our without clothes, and place both hands between my legs and rug away using my hands to rub agains my clit. For added effect I will get my dildo, insert it and again lay on my stomache using my hands to rub my clit. Feels great.

February 19, 2008

Bathroom bliss

I like to do it in the bathroom, but you can do it with any countertop. Slip a throw pillow or stuffed animal between your legs, then slide yourself over the corner of the sink or counter. Move in circular motions or up and down, exerting pressure on your clit. I like to put all my weight on the corner, lifting my feet off the floor and allowing the edge of the corner to push up into my vagina for a stronger orgasim. Bonus: this strengthens and tones your calves

February 19, 2008


I'm not a girl but my girlfriend likes it when I give her the shocker. In case you don't know what a shocker is-. It is when someone or yourself takes the index and middle fingers and puts it in your pussy. The last (pinky) finger is in the anus. All three fingers at the same time. AKA- 2 in the pink 1 in the stink

February 19, 2008


Take any blanket, big or small and fold it up, then lay on to of it and start grinding away. I usually have an orgasm 3 times within 20min.

February 19, 2008

No Fail Masturbation Technique

I like to masturbate anywhere but usually in bed or on the couch. First step in to get completely undressed. Next a little warming lube applied to the clit and on my finger which I then moisten inside my vagina. The heat feels hot. While the lower region warms up I pay a little attention to my breasts and nipples making them rock hard. Travel down to the clit and rub it until it is swollen and wet. Then I will finger myself repeatedly this really gets my breathing going and I will start to moan which I feel really makes me cum harder. I might tease myself and go back to the nipples but usually I can not wait and I will go to my clit with a teasing flicking motion back and forth, left to right, as I get really turned on I will press my index and middle finger very firmly into the hood area and really get moving with an up and down motion at a rapid pace while panting, moaning and maybe screaming. I will come hard and good...but that's not it...I will wait about one minute give or take and go for a second. This time I go straight for the hood and firm and fast with the fingers...it is over fast and really intense..Enough talk some action now~~

February 23, 2008

How to masturbate home without family noticing

Since I still live at home, masturbating without detection can be difficult. I usually go into my bathroom to do it, my reason is I have to go #2, -- Hey they buy it! Before now, I think about erotic things and how bad it is that i'm doing this, and it gets me really hot and wet. I really like to use a dildo to orgasm, so I use the handle of my hairbrush. To keep it clean, I use the finger of a rubber glove, it's better than a condom because you can use it like five times and they don't attract attention if found. I put some lube on it if necessary and slowly start to insert it; going in and out a few times before trying to find my g-spot. while I do this, i'm rubbing my clit, and it feels so good. I work up to a climax, and then back away from it a few times, I love to tease myself it makes the orgasms so much more intense. I usually fantasize about my boyfriend and try to simulate what sex is like. Always make sure not to spend too long, or the fmaily could get suspicious. I cum a few times and then i'm done, I feel dirty afterward, but that just turns me on more for the next time.

February 23, 2008

sock job

I find that rolling up a pair of socks (thick sports ones work really well) and placing them on the bed, whilst I hump them gives a quick and good orgasm.

February 24, 2008

g spot gurarantee

ok..you will need a condom or barrier, and lube. (i prefer to lay on my back) warm up your clit a little to get you excited and ready.. those curls in your hair can be more than just pretty... take your curling iron, and put the condom on it, lube it up, and slowly work it into your pussy (make sure the handle that clapses the hair is up. after rubbing and sliding it all in, pinch the handle that would normaly let go of the curl, and it will push direct pressure on your g spot. (be careful if you do this and work it in and out at the same time.. dont want anything pinched..) myself, I prefer to lay on my back.. and work it in and out for a while.. if you have a box spring on your bed.. you can tuck the handle of the curling iron into the corner.. and raise urself up on and off of it.. then I lay down, with it still in me, and a vibrator on my clit. while I bring my clit to the max, I squeeze the handle on the iron.. right on my g- spot.. OMG the results.. can lead you to the wettest orgasm ever.

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February 24, 2008

Golf anyone

place 2 CLEAN, unused, golf balls in your underware, walk around your place doing normal stuff, thinking of what turns you on, you will be come so hot with the balls in your pants, rolling against your clit, you can't help but rub yourself, add the electric tooth brush trick with your panties on, from the outside turns up the heat too. Be sure to wash your balls well when done....repeat as neccessary!

February 26, 2008

Sexy in the mirror

In front of a full length mirror with a small bench/stool I spread my legs. I begin by gently touch my nipples till they are nice and hard. Then I lick my fingers spread my clit open with two fingers. I stroke my clit until it gets hot and swollen with excitement. When I am dripping wet I insert my toy -the rabbit , I pinch my nipples just to point before I cum. I stop and continue this a few more times until I decide it's time for the ultimate orgasm. The juices starts flowing as I scream with excitement and pound that vibrator in and out. Video this if you can. You'll get better each time and so will your orgasm.

February 26, 2008

Chair Jerk

For those of you that like to watch porn and read erotic fiction, you can pleasure yourself without even moving off the chair of your computer! Strip down to your panties (some chairs have rough edges) adjust your pussy so your clit is on the part where the chair ends and rub your pussy back and forth against the edge of the chair. It feels really great, guaranteed to have a great orgasm, and is convenient for all of you porn lovers.

February 27, 2008

Rolling tube

Take a long, straight tube or stick like Dildo, and put it into your vagina and roll it like you'd be setting a fire on a camp. It feels great. You may lift it up and down while rolling, too!

February 28, 2008

the slow down

masturbate using your preffered tool, [best with good ol' hand]. except instead of letting yourself orgasm right away, when you feel the climax start to build, stop masturbating and let the feeling die down a bit. do this as long as you can, and you will get mind numbing orgasms.

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March 2, 2008


Get completley naked and get on your stomach and prop yourself up with your knees. Rub your clit with one finger and do it fast. If you squeeze your abs and but when your having an orgasm it makes if feel SOOO much better because there is more blood flow.

March 2, 2008

watch it

sqwat down with legs wide open, place a video cam right beneath you, then video yourself rubbing ur clit. then before you reach your orgasm stop the video and masturbate while watching urself masturbate.

March 2, 2008




March 2, 2008

Palm of my hand Orgasm

When I need a quick fix...I start by sucking on my pointer and middle finger to get them wet and warm. Then, rub my clit to get it a little wet. Make sure the palm of ur hand is real warm, spread ur lips apart as far as u can, then put the palm of ur hand over ur clit and rub it accordingly to ur liking. Plant ur feet to the bed/floor and hump the palm of ur hand while it rubs ur clit. Awesome orgasm!

March 3, 2008


My Way Is To Lie On My Side. I Gently Make Direct Contact With My Clitoris. In A Circular Motion In Either Direction, I Move My Index And Middle Finger. When I Am Really Wet, I Rub The Cum Around My Vagina Lips. Tip: To GetReally Turned On Try This, Reading And Looking At Porn On Your Cellphone. Get A Good Fantasy Going And Dirty Text Fantasies On Chatlines!

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March 3, 2008

All In

When I masturbate I bring both hands together and just shove it up my vaginba hard and fast, rubbing it against the wall.

March 4, 2008

when on your time of the month

When you're on your period, and have inserted a tampon (i find using the super ones work better), if you rub your clit it gives great orgasms without the menstral mess. I also find that if you massage your clit while putting pressure underneath it and pressing down towards your vagina feels amazing.

March 4, 2008

Easy masturbating

When I want an orgasm, I simply sit at the computer. I find porn through Google and imagine that I am in the picture. Then I rub my clit and vaginal area. Usually, I don't even have to rub to start tingling and getting leg shakes.

March 5, 2008

My Bullet

When I am surfing the web and reading all of the great masturbation stories out there I get so wet that I just have to masturbate. I have a small bullet vibrator and it is absolutely the best for a really intense orgasm. I use it mostly right underneath my clit but when I am really horny I move it up and down directly on my clit and cum in about 3 or 4 minutes and the best part is you can do it over and over without getting too sensitive. My husband bought it for me a couple of months ago so that when I am home alone and horny I can use it, sometimes I call him up at work when I know that they aren't busy and I let him hear me cum. It always gets him in the mood for when he comes home and we masturbate together before we have sex.

March 5, 2008

Anal Play

I like to warm up by taking a long shower, soaping up my breasts and thighs and feeling all the blood rush to my vagina. Then I get into bed and spread my legs as far as they go and begin to rub my nipples and upper thighs.

When I can't stand it anymore, I slide my index finger into my pussy a few times to get it really wet and use it as lube to massage my clit. I use a circular motion and use my other hand (middle finger) to massage my anus. Usually I just stay on the outside, but if I'm really turned on, I'll slip my finger inside until I cum.

Most of the time I fantasize about watching a guy masturbate. Sometimes I use a dildo and pretend that I am the guy masturbating. Usually I'm so turned on that I cum in 20 seconds, so I usually masturbate 3 or 4 more times until I'm totally satisfied.

March 6, 2008


First of all m a 42 year old housewife wid two sons.Well I first start rubbing myself through my panties.This is a huge turnon especially if cloth is satin.Then I pinch my nipples lightly at the same time removing my panties.I then have my pussy get rubbed all along the side of the bed or I just straddle the pillow.. This is a gud technique as it produces lot of lubrication which I have to wipe wid my panties.

March 7, 2008


pile up 1 or 2 pillows on your bed and get a twoel and roll it so its long like a snake. then lay that long ways on top of your pillows. straddle the pillows and take your pants off. start grinding the towel back and forth making sure your clitoris is getting grinded as well. this is amazing, it realy works. you can also do it on your partner with or without clothes. when he is hard. its amazing!!!!!

March 8, 2008

Vegie fun sausages

I love cucumbers, there is nothing like it, I lube really well and slip it in and out till I orgasm. Now, Im very particular when I shop for cucumbers. Another exciting thing to do is I buy polish sausage or simular to it. Put a nice condom over it, it feels so much like the real thing, then I just lay there and fantasise about whomever, its the best and closess thing to the real penis you can find. Try it you wont regret it and the sausages can cum in different sizes, Im using one now that is quite thicker and longer.

March 11, 2008

string of beads

I use a string of beads to get off. I start by rubbing the beads over my clit until I get turned on. then, I finger myself with the beads. I would reccomend pushing the beads all the way into your pussy, and then continue to flick your clit until you think you're going to orgasm. right before you do, pull the beads out quickly in an upwards motion, against your clit. it feels magnificent! good luck.


March 14, 2008

Electric Toothbrush

Go to a drugstore and buy a cheap electric toothbrush, specifically for masturbating. Remove the brush part, most are detachable anyway to replace the bristles. There is a little metal bar that causes it to vibrate. You can either use this side or the reverse, directly on the clit. Amazing, and no one ever suspects a toothbrush!

March 14, 2008

Any Which Way

OMG - where to start! I get so horny reading stuff on the net - that I want to explode there and then! Once wet, I like to gently touch myself in and out of my lips - teasing my clit. My nipples are so sensitive - I could cum just by playing with them. By this time I'm dripping! To get a really deep orgasm I like to penetrate myself slowly with about 2 fingers - that together with stimulating my clit gives me a mind-blowing orgasm. Another way - is when I'm going down on my partner in bed, I rub my clit on a crease in the sheet . . .we very often both cum together!

March 14, 2008

sexy story

I get on the floor in front of a mirror, hold my dildo upright, and slowly ease my pussy down onto my dildo. I gradually go up and down and I watch myself. This makes my juices flow as I see my pussy thrusting up and down. I then start to gently rub my clit as I continue to ride my dildo. I begin to moan as I watch myself. I then turn over on my back and bring my legs up towards the ceiling. I bring my dildo around and again stick it into my pussy. I begin to rapidly bring my dildo in and out of my pussy as I watch. I do this for about 5 minutes until I can't stand it anymore. At this point, my lips are swollen and red. I then begin to rub my clit as I continue to make that hard object go in and out of my pussy. I am now aching for orgasm, but only want to savor the moment. I then put my dildo against the wall where I can get it from behind. I slowly back up to it and stick my pussy into it and begin thrusting hard back and forth. Oh, it really feels good now. I then reach around and rub my clit with my finger rapidly as I am endulging the dildo. I start moaning because it feels so good. I am so wet. I hear the sound of my juices. I am close to orgasm. I finish By turning over on my back and again inserting my dildo, rubbing my clit to orgasm, while moaning loudly in great pleasure. The longer the wait the more intense.

March 17, 2008


with or without underclothes on, sit on the floor (tile if possible;coldness feels great) and open ur pussy lips and set them over the leg of the chair. rub up and down against the knots in the wood till u orgasm. Nake sure you lube first or you will make ur clit raw.

March 17, 2008


The best way for me to masturbate is to hump something. Sometimes I rub my pussy on the back of a chair. I have to push my pussy way out to get it to rub on the chair. The more I push my pussy and squeeze my butt cheeks, the better it is. I also like to hump pillows. I get naked, pile up pillows on the bed, then straddle them and start humping. I like to watch myself in the mirror while I do it. I usually squirt when I cum, so I put a towel on the pillows before I start. Another way I like to do it, is to get on my knees in front of the sofa and hump the cushion. Sometimes I put a dildo under the cushion so it sticks out a little and fuck it that way. I always have extraordinary orgasms.

March 18, 2008

fruits and veges.

take a normal carrot and cut ridges and groves in it. the feeling is so amazing!

A brocolli and cauliflower in the vagina feels really good as well.

corn is good for sensation.

lady's finger soso

March 18, 2008

Chair straddle

Sit on chair or toilet and you can do this with your clothes on. I even do it in the car!

On chair or toilet:

Hike up your pants so the crotch seam is right at your clit. Take your hands under the chair and pull up so it pushes your clit against the chair, then wiggle forward and back and it feels awesome! You can do it for hours!

In the car:

Hike up your pants so the crotch seam is right at your clit. Lean back your chair and tighten your seatbelt then sit up again. Hold up your pants and move forward and back and you'll get a GREAT SENSATION!

March 18, 2008

Couch Erotica

If you have a long couch, take one or two pillows and place it on the back edge of the couch. Then put some sheets of pillow-cases on top of the pillows to keep them from getting dirty. Then get on top of the pillow pile and bounce up and down softly to get aroused. When fully aroused, lie stomach down on the pillows and stretch yourself out. Now start humping the pillows, first softly then slowly harder and harder. It makes you a bit breathless if your not in good fitness (like me) but it get's you a good, quick orgasm in less than 2 minutes. Good luck!

March 19, 2008

Rulers and Pillows

I use a few techniques when I am horny and many have been mentioned such as using a pillow. I use a V shaped pillow which you can straighten out and lie full length against so you can wrap your legs around it and grind it. If it is not hard enough I get something solid underneath it. If I want to tease myself a bit more I also use a ruler with which I rub my clit. I lie on my back and have my legs spread and rub my clit with a ruler up and down. It is also a turn on when you do it in a bath or shower with the shower head pumping in your pussy.

If you have a dildo or vib put it in your ass it is such a turn on rubing your clit and feeling your ass being thrilled too

March 21, 2008

Nuckle Rub

Get in the bath tub first. Then squirt a tiny bit of conditioner on your clit.then wet and rub side to side with your nuckles!It creates an amazing sensation!

March 22, 2008

Shower Orgasms

I get the best orgasms when I place something (a pen, the end of a razor, a toothbrush, etc.) in my rectum and then us the shower massager to stimulate my clitoris. I reach orgasms a lot quicker and can do it over and over.

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March 22, 2008

Jack Knobber

You can find one online by googling jack knobber 2. They are about $6 or so? I bought my first one years ago and have been in love ever since. They are technically for the removal of knots in your back, etc. and are suited for this purpose very well. I like it because I can keep it near the bed and no one is the wiser. Sometimes I will start out by teasing myself with it, I place one knob on my vulva and the other on my clit. The other two knobs are then held between my legs. I like to pinch my nipples to really get the best sensation. It also makes a great g-spot stimulator when inside. There are 4 knobs in 2 different sizes. It can be used in a miriad of ways if you spend some time playing with it.

March 23, 2008

my everyday

I love to first say I live alone!!! now I always masturbate the same way cause I have tryed many different ways and this is by far the best! I start by undressing, after im all nude I pull out my toys! I first lube up my anal beads, and start to put a few in my ass for starters, then I watch other people masturbating online, soon after that I turn on my vibrating dildo and start fucking myself softly at first then harder and harder! I then pull out my anal beads and stick my butt plug in me, after I get it well in me I lay back and turn on my magic wand vibrator and start vibrating my brains out with it on low then when I feel an orgasm coming I quickly turn up the speed to high while smiling just waiting for my extreme orgasm!!! (i just got done doing this)lol!!! now I turn everythingg off and leave my ass plug in cause I know im about to repeat this process and have another orgasm untill I cum again!

March 25, 2008


Get an old t-shirt and put it in your underwhere, then put on some jeans, button and zip them all the way up. Then hold the t-shirt in place and hump away! I get orgasms out of this every time!

March 25, 2008

jetted bath technique

I love to fill my jetted tub with warm water then turn on the jetts. I position my clit on a jet by kneeling so that I can thrust my hip back and forth to vary the pressure of stimulation. It usually takes only 1 to 2 minutes to cum.

March 26, 2008

The Big Squeeze

This can be done one of two ways, with or without actual porn. I like to fantasize about my husband jerking off. While doing this, I simply cross my legs (thigh over thigh) and squeeze my clit while playing with my nipples until I cum!! It's amazing. My other method is simply to put something between my legs (i.e., a pillow, a towel, a blanket, etc.). I then cross my legs and begin squeezing. I'll squeeze and stop, and squeeze and stop and continue this until I just can't take it any more. . . . And then I have one of the best orgasms ever!!!

Happy Masturbating!

March 27, 2008

magic marker screw

you will need: -magic marker (doesnt matter the color) -condom/rubber glove (whatever you can get ur hands on)

1) first you put the magic marker in a condom/rubber glove so if there is an ink leakage it wont cum out and harm u. 2) then you get in bed or where ever you wish to try this. 3) next you put it in ur vagina and screw away at ur own pace. if u like it hard and fast you should cum in less than thirty seconds depending on how horny u are. u can rub the cum on ur clitorals for an even more intense orgasm. works for me almost every night

*hint* works best if properly seduced.

March 28, 2008

Marti Gras Beads

I get assorted size marti gras beads and push them up my hole. It feel good when standing up and taking then out. I definetly recommend.

March 29, 2008

bath brush

I find it very hard to climax with just my hand so I use a bath brush. Get a bath brush with a long handle and a hand grip. The hand grip is perfect for rubbing over you clit. You can increase speed and pressure as you desire and it feels great inside you.

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March 30, 2008

Crayola Fun

So since I have a roommate getting off has to be quick and dirty. The best thing I've found has been Crayola I.Q. colour markers! They have a textured grip right abve the cap that feels amazing. I like to rub the smooth part over my clit to get me excited then slide it in to my pussy and push it against the top of my vaginal wall (where your G-spot is) when I start getting close to orgasm I'll pull out the marker a little bit and rub the textured bit against my clitoris until my knees are knocking. The best part is you can do it in a desk chair. Enjoy

March 31, 2008

the old fashioned way and more--MIND BLOWING ORGASMS

what I like to do is begin by rubbing my clitoris (while its dry) and wait for my pussy to lube itself up. I stroke it faster and faster until I climax. I stop for a minute or so until I can hardly stand the anticipation of another mind-blowing orgasm any longer! then, I rub my clit some more and if im wet enough, ill shove my index and middle fingers inside myself and take my other unused hand and continue to rub my clit. if im not wet, I suck on my fingers and pretend theyre a dick, and then continue touching myself and licking off my juices. when im really wet, I stick my fingers in and out with increasing speed while maintaing the rubbing of my clit with my other hand. its so much pleasure I can hardly stand it. after the orgasm, ill smile, and rest for a minute. I then put my panties and pajama bottoms on, and take my TV remote and rub it over my clit/labia. this orgasm has a different feeling, sort of relaxing...my sesh is now finished as I curl up under my covers and read, reflecting on the great orgasms before falling asleep...

April 1, 2008

High powered-vibrating-suction

I tried using the hose of the vacuum. Just start off with your vacuum turned on and bring it close to your clit. You will end up with a high powered vibrating suction that will get you there in less than 10 seconds!!!! Very intense!! Back off and reapply and you'll go again and again.

April 2, 2008

Ejaculation method

first start up with touching your clitoris and getting fully oozy wet. the take a small bottle filled with oil with a little hole in its cork/cap. the slide the bottle in and out of the pussy slowly and increase the speed. when u are about to cum, press the bottle. this gives the effect of a boy cumming in u. and also lick your cum it is very tasty you will enjoy it.

April 2, 2008

Left feeling wonderfull

First off find your favorite toy or penis shapped object. then strip totallly naked and lay down. I usually do this in my bedroom or on the couch, but I put a towel under me so I can have a quik clean up. Then first strat by rubbing your toy on it side up and down over you clit and vagina to get the juices really flowing. once you get the juices flowing hard use your index finger and spread it over your vagina lips and clit. Then go at your clit with your finger untill you feel yourself getting to climax. then stop and start toying with your vagina. Tease yourself by inserting the tip of you object then pulling out. Keep doing this untill you have all of it in and go at it hard. While your pumping in and out start go at your clit again. when you feel yourself climaxing stop, count to ten, then go at it again. Do this untill you are ready to orgasim. It will be so intense and mindblowing. I tell you everytime I do it Im left weak and I have to lie there for about fivw minutes before I can even move. YOu won't be disappointed.

April 4, 2008

cheap vibrator

I don't personnaly like to buy the $50 vibrators so i've gone to using a batery powered toothbrush. these are usually only $5 at the grocery store and best of all these come in all shapes and sizes find your best fit. Use them for stimulating your clortis or try going in and out.

April 4, 2008

On your stomach

I have many masturbating techniques. My all time favorite is to lie on the bed on my stomach. I place my bullet on top of a pillow and rub my clit back and forth over it. I have large breasts, so I push up on my hands and swing my nipples across a blanket, towel, or anything with a grain. Swinging the nipples across the blanket while humping rubbing the clit on the vibratoing bullet gives my intensive orgasms. It feels so good. I cum and moan and moan and cum. Try it!

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April 6, 2008

Easy Slide

When I masturbate I go in order like this: 1. I take my nipples in each hand and roll in my fingers, like you would roll a coin...and feel the thrilling sensation traveling all the way down to my cunt. 2. Then I trace my finger all the way around my cunt, tickling and teasing myself with pleasure... 3. Then I move closer to my clit, and then stick my fingers in my pussy to get some of the juice all over. 4. With one hand I spread the lips of my pussy super wide so that my bare, sensitive and tender clit is exposed right in the middle. You want to make it so that the clit can't move at all, and make sure it is covered with pussy juice 5. With my other hand I take two fingers and move them quickly back and forth, left to right, over my clit, the juices making my fingers slide quickly and easily. 6. Without the clit moving with it, my fingers can twiddle as quick as possible, and I usually cum within 15 seconds its so powerful...but, of course, one orgasm is never enough for me

Just make sure you spread your lips nice and tight

April 7, 2008

A Mirror and a Vibrating Bullet

What I find best able to cum with is that I will strip naked grab my bullet and a little compact mirror. I place the mirror just right so I can see my pussy and ass. I use the bullet to stimulate my clit and watch my cum drip down from my pussy to my ass. It gets me so riled, I just have to plunge my fingers in and finger myself (while also using the bullet on my clit)until I have an orgasm which leaves me shaking with pleasure. Enjoy!

April 7, 2008

Bondage - sort of...

Often I get my boyfriend to tie me to the bed so I can't move and put my vibrator on my clit so it won't fall off - this way I have multiple orgasms and I shout the house down. He usually puts some porn on for me or fucks someone so I can watch. - It's great .

April 11, 2008

Best Orgasm

I start off but getting a shampoo or consitioner bottle and sitting it on the side of the bath tub then with either clothes on or off I sit on it and I hump away, at the same time u can play with ur nipples bestttt orgasm and sometimes if that dont work after doing that im sooo turned on I stick 2 fingers in my pussy mmm enjoy after writing this I have to do it myself

April 13, 2008

Nice Rubdown

I've been masturbating for a long time now, and the best way yet I have found is to be naked, maybe even looking at porn, stack up some bed pillows, and take a towel either crumpled or rolled up, then rub back and fourth on it. You can even use organic aloe vera as a lubricant if none is available. It feels so good, and depending on your speed and pressure, you can orgasm fast or slow.

April 13, 2008


Water is really great, place your bum up against your bath tub with the water pouring down right on the clit is a sure way to get there fast. Also thrust your self on the hot tub jets changing the speed to try new things. but a different way to get there is using the Wave vibrating face cleanser thing. I wear pants while I do it, but I turn it on a rub it against my vagina and clit in different directions until I get that right spot and it feels great!

April 13, 2008

Slippery Hot Water Bottle

This one sounds bizarre but it is sooooo good, I promise. I discovered it by accident when I was about 12 and been doing it ever since! I just get a hot water bottle (fill with warm not boiling water) this only works with the hot water bottle that is smooth surfaced (not ridged) then I put lubricant on it, place it on a couple of pillows for extra height and then grind yourself into pure heaven!!!!!

April 15, 2008

icy sensation

take one of those waterproof sheets and add one icecube in it, then wrap the cube up with the waterproof sheet. then place it on your vagina area, do any motion that makes u happy. u'll get an ice sensation and feel pleasurable too!

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April 15, 2008

Tickle pleasure

an easy sensation.

step 1) lie on your bed or something, remove your underwear.

step 2) use your index finger and fourth finger to open and stretch the vagina opening, it'll feel good (trust me)

step 3) once you opened the vagina, now use your middle finger and try tickling the inside.

who knows, u might just have an orgasm!

April 16, 2008

hump away

First you need to get a large stuffed animal and cut a small hole in it. Then stick your vibe or toothbrush in the whole and make sure its nice and tight in there. Then you can lube it up with whatever you want and ride it rough and fast. Make sure you hold on to the toothbrush or vibe a little while riding it. Then once you get nice and wet start doing a come hither motion up your hole stimilating your g-spot, it makes extra juices flow. repeat and use those juices on your clit.

April 16, 2008

love your tits and you may squirt

all it takes for me to need to get myself off is one glance of my naked boobs. they are real and and big (36 C) and perky and I can just start rubbing the nipples and I get wet instantly. but wait,keep at your tits! I rub and twist my now hard nipples and grab the whole swollen tit and massage them as they deserve!!! when your pussy can no longer wait, put your fingers in your wet hole and rub your clit with juice. use one finger only and prolong the ride to climax. keep squeezing and pulling hard on a tit. when I can take it no longer, I add a finger to my clit rub and orgasm. this techinque is the only thing that has ever made me squirt!!! honest - it was unreal! I shot juice 6 inches out of my hole and actually screamed. give it a try...sincerely, rasberry nipple girl

April 18, 2008

hump hump hump

I live at home so it is hard to masturbate, luckly I have a lock on my door so I am always trying out new ways. I found the best way to get orgasm is to roll up several pillows and pile them on top of each other and simply hump them, it is very affective and also helps if u put the pillows on a bean bag, though I am not sure why! you just have to try this as it gives loads of pleasure!

April 23, 2008

Stomach flop

I masturbate about three times a week (maybe more). My favorite position is to lie on my stomach with one or both hands underneath me. I begin humping my hands and I orgasm within minutes. It also feels good if you stimulate yourself before humping your hands.

Another technique that I try is using my pointer finger, I slowly enter my vagina and rub back and forth. This mimics the sensation of having a penis inside you and it makes for an amazing orgasm. Good luck.

April 24, 2008

Piano Bench

This technique works with any corner of a hard surface. My first experience with it was on a piano bench.

First I get naked, then position my pussy over the corner of the bench (or counter top, table, etc.) I spread my pussy lips to expose my clit, and press it onto the corner. Then, with my clit pressed against the surface and my pussy lips wrapping the corner, I cross my arms under my DD tits and hunch the corner. I lift my legs up so my feet are off the floor, and hump faster and faster, back and forth and in a circular motion. It doesn't take long to start getting really wet, which just makes it feel even better... I especially like to think about being watched, and what the view is from behind, with my dripping wet pussy spread wide open and rubbing all over the corner. I keep humping the hard corner until I cum, or I switch gears and fuck myself with a finger or two, especially from behind. This is so hot. I love to cum this way.

April 29, 2008

cock or golf

Take at least three Golf Ball and a condom. Put these balls into the condom one after another. And then take it and insert your lovely vagina slowly. When all the balls have reached inside, pull around the edge of the condom outside(don' pull out). It's a lovely sensation. Number of balls can be increased as you like but not less than three. Lubrication is recommed if your vagina is dry.

May 1, 2008

water bottle

I like to get myself into a position were my vagina is higher that than my head. then I fill a water bottle (a squirt top one) with warm water. then I remove the cover from the tip and use it like a dildoe, and right before I have an orgasm, I sqeeze the bottle and let the water squirt into my vagina.

May 3, 2008

Explore yourself.

When I masturbate I like to start off by removing all my clothes and just lying in bed. I then slowly run the tips of my fingers over my nipples, I like to feel them get erect. I continue doing this all over my body with my eyes closed so I only use my other senses rather than sight. After touching my body, I make my way down to my clit and run my fingers around it, making sure that I am wet and I feel that pounding sensation when you just want it so bad. I then insert a dildo into my vagina and slowly move it up and down. Eventually I start bringing up the speed until I can't take it anymore. Right when I feel like I'm going to climax, I start shoving the dildo even harder inside me and faster. The sensation is wonderful.

May 4, 2008

dirty laundry

I like to masturbate wen im alone in my house. I start off by fantazising about girls or someone watching my touch myself in a private area. So sometimes I stand by my window n rub my D breasts or I open my door and rub them and my pussy through my panties wen I kno no1 is there, jus tha thrill of getting caught is great.

I then go to my kitchen and get random stuff like canned corn or kraft cheese or mayonaise and put it inside my panties, when I know im all wet and nasty I get in the shower and let the tub faucet hit my clit

Wen all the goods are washed off I hump my bathroom floor

I then take the toilet plunge even if its dirty and I rub the stick of the plunge on my clit then I use the plastic plunge side n I rub and plunge my hot pussy

I record myself and take pics

I then get back in the shower and get under the faucet

I put my dirty panties in my mouth and I can taste and smell my juices

I then cum like nobody's buisness

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May 5, 2008

how I do it

My favourite way is to lie on my back with my les spread as far as I can. I pull to hood of my clit back with my left hand and then gently rub just to the right of my clitoris with the middle finger of my right hand. As the sensations build I increase the speed and pressure to two fingers rubbing, just avoiding actually touching my clit altogether until it becomes unbearable. Finally, I am rubbing furiously with my right hand all over my clit whilst I put either a vibe or a dildo or a brush handle inside myself. Never fails. I also love to stand in the shower and use the showerhead on super pulse. It makes my knees tremble but it's mindblowing.

May 6, 2008

The Alphabet

I practice my ABC's while masturbating. While lying on my back I rub my clitoris as if I were spelling out the letters of the alphabet!! Try it it feels so good when you get to W or S!

May 10, 2008

this is the best

I like to start by watching women masturbate online first then I find a longer porn and I strip down and start by rubbing my nipples and the inside of my thighs. I run my hand over the top of my pussy a few times and then start to let my fingers go inside just to get lubed up a bit. I rub my clit and keep going and put my fingers up inside my pussy rubbing my Gspot. then back up and rub my clit. This gets me so wet. I like to go slow because I find this gets me the best orgasm. I also prop about three pillow behind me and open the shades with the lights on and hope that someone sees me fingering myself. I find that the thought of someone else enjoying me pleasuring myself is the best! I am wet right now....I am going to finger myself for like a hour after this

May 10, 2008

riding fun

I fold a pillow and place my brush(or anything similar) in between, allowing the handle to stick out. After positioning the brush so that it doesn’t move, I simply ride away. This leaves my hands free to play with my clit and nipples. careful not to hurt yourself!

May 18, 2008

Improve showerhead orgasms

Like many ladies I am quite a fan of the showerhead orgasm. In case you did not read about it, you aim the stream of water at your clitoris. But for an even better effect, find an object to penetrate yourself with simultaneously. I find that the best orgasms occur when your vagina has something to clamp onto. Although it is better to move the penetrative object in and out, it is still an improvement as long as it is in there.

May 18, 2008

Make your own vibrator

If you do not have a vibrator, a normal massager can work well. Even if it is too powerful or not concentrated enough to directly apply to your clitoris, you can find an intermediary object (like a candle, carrot, even pen) to go between the massager and your clitoris.

May 18, 2008

Towel Sausage

I roll a bath towel thats been soaked in warm water until it resembles a sausage. I then stradle the towel, holding the ends with both hands. I then proceed to rock the towel forwards and backwards over my cunt, adjusting my body until I get the best stimulation from the towel rubbing against my clit. This is quick technique that I use after shower, when I don't have time to spend playing with myself in bed.

May 21, 2008

On the London underground

On the London Underground I love to sit and put my coat on top of my lap. I keep one hand holding my newspaper (which I pretend to read!), and the other I keep under my coat. I slip into my jeans and on top of my panties. Then I gently rub my clitoris and with this rubbing and the movements on the train, I find myself cumming in minutes! I end up soaking my panties which I love as I have to sit there for another 20 minutes, soaking in my own juices. I love knowing that when I'm teaching later that day I'll be doing so in cum-filled panties. I always know the smell of my pussy is very strong when I cum, which can be awkward on the tube! I have seen many men look around the tube when they get 'that smell' but luckily they've never known it was me! When I cum, I have to stop myself moaning but I've always wondered if my face is a giveaway as I can never control it. I am so embarrased even writing this, and would die if anyone found out who I was - I would never even tell my closest friends this.

May 22, 2008

Hands-Free Penetration With Wine Bottle

I really hate having to use my hands to penetrate myself (no matter with what); it makes me feel uncomfortable to try and use my right hand for my clitoris and my left hand for the dildo/whatever, and switching hands doesn't work for me, while penetration only doesn't do it for me without clitoral stimulation (or at least, it's quite rare).

And then one night I found the best thing- a wine bottle, or at least the narrow neck of a [clean] wine bottle (please, there's no way I could take the big end!). I just get it inside and then crook up my leg (right or left, doesn't matter, and if you're an enthusiastic thruster, switching will help from tiring one leg out) so that my calf pushes it up inside, and then you can work your leg and rock your body onto it. Voila! Hands-free penetration that leaves your fingers to do the walking. I just love it so much!

May 23, 2008


first, you put your pointer finger in your clit and lay on your stomach and cross your legs. move your finger up and down fast and at the same time, hump your hand. it works great!!

May 24, 2008

edge of my mattress

I love to straddle the edge of my mattress (usually naked) and just grind my vagina along the edge until I cum. Fortunately, my sheets soak up my juices. Sometimes I have to wear underwear to avoid getting my vagina too iratated. I 've found this to be a guaranteed way to cum ral hard. Try this method.

May 29, 2008

warm bottle

I use a plastic bottle big or small, fill it up with warm to hot water. I lie on my back and to get myself going I get some sexy silky underwear and start by rubbing them up and down between my leg to get me in the mood, then I place the bottle between my legs rubbing it gently off my clit, this gets me so horny sometimes I put the bottle on top of a pillow and start humping it. this gives you an unbelievable orgasm, you can even try finishing the orgasm by emptying the water over your clit. try it!

May 30, 2008

2 ways for great orgasms

the first involves using a back massager - it's the kind that has 2 protruding knobs with several speeds and can heat up. I simply place it on the ground and mount it so I'm hovering over one of the knobs. I usually don't turn on the heat functionality because I always come too fast to even feel the heat. I slowly lower myself onto the knob, the vibrations just grazing my clit. Within 2 mintues, I'm grinding my clit into the vibrating knob and it always makes me scream when I come.

the second way is when I have a bit more time and feel like teasing myself and building my orgasm. Coupled with porn, I use my vibrating bullet and g-spot vibrator. While watching porn, I graze the bullet lightly over my clit until my I get wet, then I dip my bullet into my juices and glide it all over my pussy, circling and concentrating more and more on my clit. When I get really wet, I slowly insert my vibrator into my hot pussy; pulling it out all the way and then inserting it a little deeper each time. I like to angle it a bit to ensure that my g-spot is getting massaged. By this time, I can barely stand it but I try to hold back from ramming the entire vibrator into my pussy and coming hard. When I work the vibrator is all the way in, I turn up the speed of the bullet and slide my vibrator in and out all the way going faster and faster until I'm at the brink of orgasm. I slow down and stop inserting my vibrator - I do this several times until I can't stand it anymore. When I'm ready to come, I ram the vibrator all the way in, turn it on and turn up the speed of the bullet all the way, and with sliding the vibrator rapidly in and out of my pussy and the bullet buzzing away on my clit, I literally scream when I come. My orgasms usually last about 10-12 seconds and is completely mind-blowing.

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June 1, 2008

Female masurbation

sit with your knees folded and then lay back--- this gives great exposure to your clit. Rub your clit lightly with your palm to get it really erect. Lube your fingers really good, usually saliva will do. Rub and circle your clit, alternating between the clit and hood. you can also rock your asshole against the heel of your foot. The position makes it really easy to orgasm.

June 1, 2008


Sharpie markers work wonders! Okay, take one or two to start. Put them in your pussy and start slowly, in and out. Then keep getting faster. Just when you're about to cum put in one more to make three it feels amazing!! Try it. Also, while you're doing all this rub your pussy a bit it feels so much better. Best to watch porn while you're doing it.

June 1, 2008

a bottle

lie on the bed with your legs spread out. now get a bottle of some sort (i use my lotion bottle it works a treat) and rub against your clit slowly. start to do it faster as and when you want to and harder...the result is amazing! my legs were shaking for ages afterwards and I cummed everywhere :P

June 1, 2008

Double Penetration

This is my second favorite way to masturbate. To prep myself I get some jelly and rub it on my anus. Then I like to rub and pinch my nipples until their rock hard. I take a pillow fold it up and place it on the floor. Then I like to lie with my face in the pillow and with my but in the air. I keep my legs far enough for my arms to slide through and reach my pussy and ass. One hand I used for pinching my nipples the other I rub my clit. When it's nice and swollen I like to push my hood back and rub on the left side of my clit towards the base. It sends incredible tingles throughout my whole body. Once I get used to it I apply more pressure. Then I get my dildo or handbrush or whatever I have around and slide it into my pussy. By then it's so wet that I don't need lude. Then I get my second one and slowly slide it into my ass. This sensation is incredible for me so I spend a few minutes with my dildo hanging out pussy and slowly push the one deeper into my anus. From there I switch between fucking my pussy, ass, and rubbing my clit. If you don't have a dildo almost anything else penis shaped will do. Cucumber, permanent marker(make sure you clean it first), fingers, hand brush handles, (handle of anything really!).

June 2, 2008


I usually have problems getting the bets orgasm in the world. yesterday I did it. you need a vibrator, jeans and panties. put in the vibrator and wear your jeans and panties. let it keep going for about an hour and each time the orgasm cums you clench your muscles tightly. don't let it out. I found an hour super good but half an hour good enough.

June 2, 2008

Masturbating on the highway

Drive on the highway wearing only a short skirt or dress with no panties. Pull your clothes up so your female sex area is exposed. Trucker drivers love seeing a strange, inviting, open vaginal hole. When a trucker notices your exposed labia, stick your fingers in and out of you and rub the juice all over your lips and clitoris. The truckers will stay driving along side your vehicle and watch you masturbate. I like to pull my breasts out after a while and have them totally exposed also. You will find you get extra wet and hot doing this in front of a stranger on the highway. Eventually I have my skirt completely pulled up, my hips rolled so the area between my legs is completely visible. After doing this for a while you will be so hot you will gladly let any man enter your vagina and deposit his sperm in you. Masturbating in front of strangers who are excited to watch, causes one to lose all inhibitions and morals. This is a great technique if you really want to push your boundaries and just let yourself go and be used like a sex object. I finally stopped at a rest stop, and got in the back seat of my SUV. The trucker followed me knowing what I was going to do. I laid on the back seat with my legs spread wide open waiting for this stranger to come use me as his sperm dumpster. He was not attractive at all and normally I would have never had sex with a guy like him, which just made me feel even sluttier. I felt compelled by my horniness to be used by this stranger purely as sex object. I let him stick his hard male shaft in me and I started to have an orgasm right away, he pumped away for a few minutes and shot his sperm load inside my very, very wet vagina. By the time he got inside me, my juices had flowed down the sides of my legs.

June 3, 2008

This really works

This is a sure way to get you that desired orgasm. Find something, such as modeling clay that can easily be shaped however you wish. If you like it big, shape it big! Next, slide a condom over it. Lay in bed and star to fantasize and rub your clit slowly. If you start to climax, stop and settle down for a few seconds. After you do this a few times, start pumping your mold into your vagina. Do it slowly, and gradually get faster. For best results, push it up against your g-spot rather than just in and out. Do this while rubbing your clit in circular motions and you'll be in heaven.

June 8, 2008


Get in a jacuzzi tub (if you have it) fill it up & turn on the jets of course. Well lay your legs over the side & position yourself to where the water is hitting your clit, and just move around a little and enjoy. Best orgasms ever.

or rub lay on your back and rub your clit slowly and right before you finish use your other hand and stick 1 or 2 fingers right inside your vagina and rub the wall. Then contin to rub your clit. increase your speed and then enjoy the finish.

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June 14, 2008

Masturbation Ideas and Fun

My fantasy is I like to get naked and wait for the doctor to see me for an inspection ! then I lie on my back on my bed with my legs as wide open as they can be , watching myself closely in the mirror, Then I slowly rub the palm of my hand all over my Vagina making sure im really wet and ready and insterting a couple of fingers in and out to bring out the juices and then when I am throbing I know im ready to start, fantasising that the doctor and his students all watching me I use three fingers to rub my clitoris and hood in a really slow and circular motion, I know that the sooner I come that they will grab my legs and spread them even wider and inspect me. They will lick out my juices too for closer inspection so I have to do it quickly. I tend to Masturbate around 4 times a week and prior to my period always very keen to do it even more!. Its a great sensation and Im wet just thinking about it now , im off to see my doctor now... I have to moan as find it turns me on even more and the though of someone seeing me through my window or a neighbour hearing me excites me a lot! Try doing in your car as well when in traffic or stop in a side road and hope no one sees you... thats also a nice experience, I come so quickly I often wish I could make it last forever...

June 16, 2008

people watching

I enjoy playing with myself in my car while someone else drives. I put my legs up on the dash board and play with myself. the sensation of other people seeing me is such a turn on and sometimes I will see other people join in on the fun.

also I watch my neighbor masturbate and I will join too. I get the best orgasm knowing some one watches me

June 17, 2008

Easy Masturbation

I had never masturrbated before until a friend of mine offered this tipfor an easy cum. All you do is sit on a ledge like the toilet or something with no clothes on. Fantasizeabout something then cupyour hand around your pubic area.Itdoes stimulate the clitoris. MOveyour cupped hand around in circles quickly or slowly and Iswear I have the best orgasms every time!Try it itsoundsilly but it works!

June 19, 2008

Towel Roll

Rolling up a normal hand towel so it resembles a penis works very well for female masturbation. place one or two pillows on bed (depending on how high you want to be elevated) and place the rolled up towel between your legs, and hump it so it seems like you are dry hunping with a partner. this stimulates the clit and gives a great orgasm. I didnt think it was going to work when I first heard about it, but then I tried it and the first time I had great success. good luck!!

June 20, 2008


I first get in one of my best fitting bathing suits and take a swim in my pool or take a long warm bath to keep me relaxed. After, I lay flat on my bed and fantasize about my friend. I don't know why, but it just works. My clit then becomes erect and I just tease myselg but gently rubbing it. This builds up more excitement. Next, just grasp you clit between your thumb and index finger and squeeze and rub. Use your other hand to rub the bottom of your vagina. This feels wonderful and gives a great sensation.

June 21, 2008

At homee

Because I still live at home, It's hard for me to get time to masturbate. I have a brother who walks in randomly and my room is in the front of our house. I usually start off by coming and reading some suggestions or watching porn on (A HREF=http://videos.advancedmasturbation.com)Advanced Masturbation Videos(/A). I'm usually completely clothed. I rub my thighs and around my area, not quite rubbing. I'm usually in my kitchen chair, ((as a desk chair))so I have to keep everything quiet. After I feel myself start to get wet, I take my shorts off but leave my panties on Through my panties I rub my clit, feeling soaked. I usually soak my panties. After this, I watch some more porn and I stick my hands down my panties. I rub the top of my hood softly and tease myself. Finally I reach down with my left hand and open my clit with my pointer finger and my ring finger. My middle finger rubbs up and down my clit. Usually, my hips reach up to meet my hand. I can feel myself getting excited and I rub harder and softer. I usually feel myself start to climaz, but I stop before I do. Then I repeat over and over. Hours of fun and I try to stay quiet. When I feel bold, I leave my door unlocked and my curtains open so that somebody coul find me masturbating. It's very thrilling to think about.

June 23, 2008

Fake Penis

When I masturbate, if I have a condom or balloon, i'll fill it up with hot water. Not too full though. I put a little lub on it and on my clit and I slide it up in my vagina. I jerk it in and out like a penis. It feels like I am actually having sex with a guy.

June 24, 2008

Spiral Notebook

I like to take the metal spiral of a spiral bound notebook and vigorously rub it up and down on my clit and between my pussy lips. I have tried this technique with my legs tightly closed around the notebook and with them spread wide and spread wide is best. I cum in less that a minute this way.

June 26, 2008

coffee table leg

I have a knee high coffee table with square legs in the bedroom. I put my laptop on it and begin by watching porn, any videos of people masturbating does the trick for me. I position myself so I am straddling the outside corner of the leg, and I begin thrusting at it, the corners arent sharp, its a wood table, finished of course so no splinters. Then I work myself up, I strip. I begin rubbing my nipples, twisting and licking them, sometimes I fantasize I am watching my husband jerk off, that makes me really hot. then I thrust faster and faster, I can feel my wet pussy, and the sensations are wonderful as I press my clit into the table. its awesome cause the table provides me with something to hold on to as I thrust faster and harder until I finally cum watching other people writhing on the screen like myself

June 28, 2008

Shower Head

When I go shower, I often lay on my back and aim the shower head at my clitoris. It feels SOOOO good! It's also clean and private ( for people who don't want anyone to know since it's emberessing )I totally recommend it. You can cum really quicky too! I like to imagine being held hostage by someone I like and they wanna fuck me.

June 30, 2008

Works For Me

I love to sit at my computer and read masturbation stories or watch porn. My computer is in the front window of our house so it's about 20 feet from the sidewalk. I begin by playing with my nipples, which are very sensitive. I'm usually naked from the waist down but keep my shirt on without a bra so if anyone is passing it looks normal. After my nipples are hard and I'm wet I will slide one hand down and start to tease my clit all the while looking for passer-bys. When I'm really wet and humping the end of the chair I place a latex dildo inside and scoot to the edge of my chair and hunch so that it is more of a backwards and forwards motion vs an in and out. It only takes a few minutes to get me off and even faster if someone passes by and looks in.

July 2, 2008


Humping is the best way to get off. I start by humpming and moving my hips mid air. Then I start to message my nipples. I move on to the bed, I lay on my stomach and start grinding the mattress, harder and harder. I roll over and begin to rub my clit, I never stop grinding my hips. I cum pretty hard and when I am at my point, I take my pussy and I hump a pillow or mattress.

July 4, 2008

Putting the ring finger to good use

Usually I masturbate using my ring finger, it's slightly less rough than the middle and index finger, It feels best rubbing in an upward and downward motion. Arching your back also exposes the clitoris more, making you reach into an orgasm quicker. Usually my free hand is gently rubbing on one of my nipples for an enhanced feeling all over my body.

July 5, 2008

Bathroom Vanity

Right before I get into the shower, I clean the corner of the vanity and put my pussy lips, like kissing the corner and move up and down, when I am about to come I move in circular motion that weakens my knees and my jucies star running.

July 7, 2008

toilet fun

I like to straddle the toilet ledge, and hump away!! you can try it naked or with underwear on, see what works best.

July 7, 2008

Masturbating when you have your once-a-month.

I am addicted to mastubating. So when I have my period, I still get really horny, and I really need something to calm it all down. But I'm the kind of woman, who doesn't like to touch herself when she has her 'thing'. So one day, I decided to try a tissue. (kleenex)! And it really worked! I have to admit, that it did take a little longer to get to an orgasm, and it didn't feel aaaas good as normal, but it did satisfy me. So if you have your period, and you don't know what to do get over the edge, just try it!

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July 8, 2008

hair brush

all you need I somewhere comfy to sit, a barrel hairbrush and if possible a comb or another brush with ridges on it.first wet the comb or brush and start rubbing it really fast up and down your clit.then when you feel wet enough slide in the end of the barreled brushand start pumping it really fast.at the same time start rubbing your clit really hard with your fingers-works every time

July 9, 2008

masturbating with a woman

If you really want to get off- masturbate with a woman-it is too hot. We usually start out by slowly caressing each others breasts- soft pinches to our nipples. Then we use our tongues to lubricate our nipples- I usually moaning like crazy by now. We then get on the couch and sit next to one another- spread our legs and rub each others clits, slowly then faster. Start humping you hips up and down- that's what does it for me as well. All the while we are rubbing our nipples. I usually lean over and start licking her nipples- and eventually I eat her clit. It is too hot- but I always come when I finger her and she fingers me. Keeping your legs really wide feels so good- the orgasm is intense.

July 12, 2008


basically what ni tend to do wehne I want o mastrubate is that I wear really sluttish revelaing clothes and ill make a suggestion that frills is the best shoop for this slutty turn on clothes...any ways ten I slowly remove these clothes one by one...first I rmove my top and then slowly reveal my breast nipple and then I reveal all my breasts and then I slowly take off the rest of my clothes and moan while im shoving a hair brsuh into my pussy and have my pinky finger in my bum hole...i alos find that adding lots of vaseline allows you to have more pleasure oh and also film ur self and watch it over and gueess wat u have another mastrubation... 2in 1

July 12, 2008

Hanger Ecstacy

I love a little pain with my pleasure! I take the kind of plastic hanger that is used for skirts or pants - the ones with two clamps. I space the clamps the same distance apart as my nipples, open them and clamp them down hard. It is almost impossible not to scream, but the effect ripples to my clit immediately! (To start, you might want to kneel by your bed and rest your breasts and the hanger on your mattress, but soon I promise you, you will want to kneel and let the full weight of the hanger pull on your nipples.) The pain and heat to my nipples is incredible and I like to shove a few ice cubes up my ass at the same time - the cold and heat are amazing!! Then with the hanger pulling on my nipples and the pain shooting through me, I use a vibrator on my clit. I come in seconds! To make it even better, I sometimes take the clamps off my nipples which is such a relief and them clamp them back on, sending waves of pain through me again. I guarantee this is the best orgasm you will ever have. Sometimes my nipples bleed a little and they ache for days, which makes me ready to do it again and again.

July 13, 2008

Triple Anal

I just randomly came across this. I usually just masterbate with my fingers with slight stimulation of the ass, but never did any penetration. Though, as I was reading through these wonderful suggestion, I came upon one involving pens/sharpies. I was intrigued and thought I would try it. I got myself very wet by slowly stroking my clit, and penetrating my pussy only slightly with my middle finger. After I was very wet, I dipped a sharpie into my pussy and lub'd it up. I also smeared some of my wetness on my ass, getting it ready. I then slowly pushed the sharpie into my ass, and let it sit their, adjusting to the feeling. God's, it feels soooo good. I kept stroking my pussy and thrusting the sharpie in and out of my ass, and thought, 'Hell, let's add another...' I looked around and found a pen. I lub'd that up and slowly added it to my ass, feeling the wonderful tightness around the two items. Though it still felt slightly empty. I then added another pen, and nearly came from the feeling of all three of them in my ass. I then began to stroke my pussy even more vigorously, and when I came, I had an orgasm for about 15 seconds. I couldn't move for at least ten minutes afterwards.

Happy Masturbating

July 15, 2008

The tingle that's magic

One of my favorite ways to get aroused and start something with myself, so to speak is to use Dr. Bronners All-One Magic Soap, peppermint - which smells fantastic and really wakes you up but best of all when it hits sensitive bits - boy or girl, it tingles and cools like you wouldn't believe. The sensation is really intense but not painful and just wakes everything and makes me more sensitive than normal because otherwise I can spend literally an entire day rubbing myself and humping things and not reach orgasm. I highly recommend it along with a shower sprayer!

July 15, 2008

Suck My Clit for only 1.00

I have always enjoyed receiving oral sex and especially like having my clit sucked. I am constantly searched for something that duplicates that feeling when I masturbate. I’ve tried most of the sex toys on the market, but have not found anything that truly worked. I have even tried using a vacuum cleaner, and although it did make me cum and felt wonderful, I was always worried about germs. It was also so loud and powerful that you had to be extremely careful not to suck your clit off! Finally I have stumbled onto something that does work, makes me cum and is just powerful enough and is sold at the dollar store! I’m not exactly sure what it is called, but it is sold as a product to cleanse the pores on your face. And, that it is what I purchased it for…until one day I got this great idea. It is especially enjoyable if you use it while stimulating your g-spot. Guaranteed squirting….make sure you have plenty of towels and AA batteries!

July 17, 2008

new glass dildo

I bought a glass didldo to develope my masturbation techniques. But like my two vibrators it was disappointing after a while.

I have been using my fingers since 11. My little goblin in the bush is used to them. So I rub and shake, press and tap the insatiably tiny devil, stop and go. At last he will give me the gift of a tremendous orgasm as usual.

NO technical aid necessary to have pussy fun!

July 17, 2008

Party Like a REAL Rock Star

I play bass guitar in a local band (not saying the name of the band, you'll just have to guess (; ), and I discovered this trick while lonely and horny one day while my future hubby was at work....

.....if you have an electric bass guitar around the house, it can not only make music but can also function as a discreet vibrator/dildo! get naked and play with yourself until you're nice and wet, then take your bass and slowly insert one of the upper rounded corners near the base of the neck into yourself...start strumming the E string (the fat string closest to you, in case you don't play); the vibrations are AMAZING, and I guarantee you'll have an intense orgasm. it's even better if you can do this in front of a full-length mirror with some heavy rock music (i recommend Black Sabbath, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Nirvana, or really any rock band you like with a good heavy beat) and watch yourself try to keep your thrusting with the rhythm!

I find this works best if you prop the bass upright, grab onto the neck, ride it with the corner inside of you, and kind of slide up and down on it like a stripper riding a pole (if you lean the neck towards your body, the neck of the bass will also rub and vibrate against your clit...bonus!)....only then will you REALLY party like a rock star!

July 17, 2008

the clit tease

When I get horny, I always go on a free porn site and find a video that I like, sit up right and remove te undies etc, then spit on my index finger and put it on the slit on my pussy and move my hand up intill the point ov my finger is on my clit then put pressure on it and move size to side realy fast, I find it usefull if u go in the rythm ov that your watching, I like to watch girls get fingerd so id go in the same rythm that there doing, it give me a great thrill and when im cumming I run and grab a good size body spray can and move it in and out of my pussy realy fast and I make my self squirt lol hope this helps xx

July 19, 2008

Pull Ups

So get a pull up bar or something else you can do pull ups on. Start your pull ups and the motion makes you horny. Then lube up a make shift dildo and stick it in your vagina or your ass. The motion plus the dildo lead to smashing orgasms

July 20, 2008


I get the best orgasms when after getting all wet by rubbing my clit, I slowly start inserting fingers into my pussy, one by one, until I am literally fucking myself with my hand as my other hand still plays with my clit. It hits the G spot which makes for the most intense orgasms. Plus your partner is happy when he gets to watch!

July 22, 2008


While experimenting one day with different things I came upon the vacuem. Noticing that it had a long sleak handle and semi circular at the top I decided to give it a try. you can either rub against the handle with your clothes on or take them off. With them off you can take your vacuem anywhere and have a lil fun. I like to start by moving the handle slowly in little circles getting closer and closer till I can't take it and just insert it in and you can move it at any pace you want in and out. If your handle detaches lucky you you can then place it in a fashion where you hold it and sit on top of it and hump away! You can also plug in and turn it on for a extra vibration feeling.

July 23, 2008


It is really so exiting using vegetables like brinjal, carrot, cucumberm etc. or fruits like banana. Better would be the exitement when used after wrapping any of these with a condom.

July 25, 2008

Burning Sensation

I usualy spread my legs wide open, lying on my back, take my index finger and rub it on the very tip of my clit until I get the burning feeling in my vaginal areas and in my feet. as soon as I get the feeling, I rub it faster and finger my vagina with two fingers on my other hand until I cum. this sometimes makes me squirt! it's amazing!

July 27, 2008

Chilled Pepsi

What you need: A chilled bottle of Pepsi( glass bottle) When to do: When you are already wet and lubricated. What to do: Open the cap of the bottle and place the bottle on the floor. Remove your panties and then sit on the bottle in such a way that it enters you as much as you can handle.Now pick the bottle with one hand while it is still inserted in your vagina. Now shake the bottle vigourously so that the chilling fizz goes deep inside you. The cold of the fizz and the heat inside the vagina will rock you to orgasm after orgasm. You would feel like fainting with pleasure. Precaution: Wash throughly after the act.

July 31, 2008

Masturbation together - a great shared pleasure

My hubby and I love to masturbate together. It wasn't until quite a few years after we got married that we discovered that we both loved masturbating, and had been doing so privately all the time that we were also having sex together. Although we both like intercourse as well (who doesn't!), the thing that gets us most turned on is to masturbate in front of each other. I love watching him stroking away at his cock while I am playing with myself, and we will often do this while watching porn together. This always leads on eventually to intercourse, and because we've got ourselves incredibly turned on by then we both have wonderfully intense orgasms. Because we are totally open with each other about our masturbation, I will often tell him when I am feeling really horny and he doesn't feel the need to join in if he doesn't feel like it. So sometimes I will just settle down on the couch (or go up to bed for ten or fifteen minutes), pull my pants down and go at it until I have a great orgasm, while he is just going about his business. The fact that he can see me while I am stroking away greatly adds to my arousal and pleasure! Likewise, he feels free to do the same, although seeing him slip his clothes down and start stroking away at his gorgeous hard cock nearly always makes me change my mind about the importance of what I was doing and join him in some self-pleasuring of my own! We also often tell each other later on when we have indulged in a session by ourselves, and I love the thought of him settling down by himself with his hand and his cock and maybe a sexy book or film, stroking away until he comes, and I particularly like the fact that I know what naughty things he is getting up to by himself. It's probably my biggest fantasy when I am masturbating by myself, thinking about him doing likewise. So all in all we are both avid masturbators and get a real thrill from both doing it, whether in each other's presence or not. Keep up the masturbation, all of you - it definitely keeps sex alive for us!

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August 1, 2008

burn cds

okay this is the best. all u do is get one of the cd racks that burnt cds come on. the ones that are circular at the bottom w/ a long thing stickin out the middle. place it on a chair in front of a computer while watchin porn and lower yourself onto it. just hump the shi* outta it while it goes in and out u its amazing

August 1, 2008

Balloon and Marbles

Get a long balloon (the ones you would use for balloon animals) and some marbles. Blow the balloon up a bit - not fully, and insert inside your vagina. Add as many marbles as you feel comfortable with (no less than 4, otherwise it isn't nearly as satisfying.) Blow up the remaining space in the balloon. It should feel tight inside your vagina. Don't worry. As you become more hot, the balloon and marbles will move more easily. Then, put on your underwear and pants and do normal everyday stuff (stay at home though. It would be embarrassing for the balloon to pop in public, and the marbles can be noisy at times.)

August 4, 2008

ball bearing balloon

my friend is a nurse and had me try this. I take a surgical glove or balloon and put two marbles or ball bearings inside. then I places the balloon with the balls inside myself and pumps it slightly up with a small pump, like one used for sports balls, and tie so the air and balls can't come out inside me, which would be bad. then, I get dressed for the day and go about my usual routine. the balls rolling around inside me is so amazing that I often either come without any extra touching, or I stop several times during the day to get off. its so great!

August 4, 2008

amazing position

masturbate as you normally would with a vibrator, electric toothbrush, or fingers but in this position. Lie on your back and pull your bent legs up to your chest as far as possible, this creates a wonderful feeling in your clit as it is stratched. you can also rock back and forward as you cum

August 11, 2008

Woman on top

My favorite way to cum: Stack two pillows lengthwise and straddle them. Place a vibrator between your legs (either under the top pillowcase or outside, depending on how strong you like the vibrations) and get it situated so it is snug against your clitoris. Turn it on. Adjust so that the strongest vibration is against your clit, then ride as fast and hard as you like. This is a very intense orgasm. Have fun!

August 12, 2008


I sometimes like to put a little menthol or peppermint lipgloss or balm on my clitoris. Occasionally I will rub it all around and inside my vagina. The feeling of heat and coolness gradually builds with my orgasm, and lasts well beyond it. It also acts as a great lubricant. It creates a coolness that cant be described!

August 13, 2008

Full pleasure

Walk around your house doing day to day things with no underwear on Watch some porn but don't do anything Strip off and rub your clit, varying the pressure until you've nearly reached orgasm Then grab some pillows and hump away Works every time

August 22, 2008

thong straddle

The way I masturbate is I stack three towels on top of each other, have a mirror at handy, strip down, and put on my sexiest thong. I then jump on the towels and hump like crazy while watching my butt riding the towels in the mirror.... plus the thong makes it all the sexier. after this I lie on my back and start rubbing my clitoris.... first starting slow than gradually rubbing its harder and faster. I cum within seconds. try it ladies! works wonders.

August 25, 2008


using a small mirror, I put it on the ground and stick one of those dildo shaped penis that can stick to a smooth surface and stick it on the mirror. Then after lubing it or gettting my juices running I squat and watch myself get fucked, while I stimulate my clit. I also talk to myself dirty like, oh you nasty bitch, you like watching yourself get fucked look at your wet cunt swallowing that big dick. Its a big turn on. If not you can use a dildo or anying as you masturbate. If you have those mirrors on the wall you can stick the dildo about up to your knee for doggy or near the floor where you can lie down and prop your head up so you can see it go in. I especially love to spread out my lips and watch myself cum as I see my muscles contracting and my cum comming out of my vagina, its so hot.

August 27, 2008

Shower Fun

Well sometimes when I get really horny and I can't be bothered to use my fingers to stimulate my clit, i'll jump in the shower. If your shower cord is long enough, lie down, and press the stream right onto your clit. Move it around and up and down and then when you get close, keep it in the same place or about 5 second, AMAZING orgasms. I get one every time I go in there.

August 28, 2008


This is a bit tricky to execute but WOW - what a wave!

You need a large bathtub - preferrably a sunken tub with a ledge around the edge. YOu may want to practice 'the position' a few times before trying for real (see below) Fill tub with cool water - not COLD, but cool enough - at least cool as room temp water would be (Colder if you dare!) Fill about half way at least.

Get yourself started in your favourite way - watch a video, finger, vibe - doesn't matter, just make sure you are naked before you start. I do it in the bedroom 'cause my tub is in the ensuite.

Work your way to a good frenzy - nice and wet, warm glow flowing all over you. Head over to the tub, keep rubbing so you don't loose the glow.

Now support yourself over the tub - heels at one end, legs spread out and elbows/shoulders supporting the other end - you are a bridge over the water. Any you are really horny! Butt up (out of the water) and in a good position to masterbate with your finger (or waterproof vibe) This just came to me as I'm writing this technique - I've never tried one but a waterproof 'butterfly' type remote controlled vibe that gets attached to you might be a good modification - I must try that! It will make supporting easier.

While supported over the tub, keep rubbing your clit, nice and slow, but firm and let the pending orgasm build. Now keep going.

Suddenly you will hit a point where you realize that you are about to have a great orgasm (the tight muscles from supporting yourself helps). As you continue to rub, you get closer to the orgasm. At this point, a battle between your clit and your brain kicks into high gear. Your clit wants to come so badly, it demands your fingers to work harder and faster. Your brain suddenly remembers that water - and the temperature!

You know the feeling - you can't (won't) stop and keep on rubbing, in spite of your brain screaming at you to stop!

When the orgasm hits, and your limbs suddenly go limp (trust me, they will) you will plunge into the cold water giving a second incredible wave of ecstacy as all of your senses explode at once. Multiple orgasm is one thing - a multiple from 2 difference sources of stimulation within seconds of each other is beyond description.

Get out of the tub (carefully - your legs won't know what hit them) and drain it. Re-fill with warm water and slip in - and enjoy the moment!

August 29, 2008

dont judge a book by its cover

now you might think this sounds completely ridiculus but it honestly gets me off multiple times in under a minute. take a book, about an inch think (text book works perfectly) with your jeams or paties on put the book between your legs, cross your legs and hump it by flexing your butt cheeks while grasping the top of the book. it rubs the clit in such a forcefull way. try it a few times and youll get what im talkin about

August 29, 2008

dont judge a book by its cover

now you might think this sounds completely ridiculus but it honestly gets me off multiple times in under a minute. take a book, about an inch thick (text book works perfectly) with your jeans or paties on put the book between your legs, cross your legs and hump it by flexing your butt cheeks and pulling it towards you. it rubs the clit in such a forcefull way. try it a few times and youll get what im talkin about

September 2, 2008

Let the ice heat you up

Take as many ice cubes as u want,basically depending on how long u can last

This can work both while u r dressed as well as undressed.

Slide in the ice cube(s) inside ur panty and position it inside ur pussy, hold it with ur fingers and let in explore ur organ! slowly u'll find urself getting hotter despite the chill of the ice and of course wet like never before...

now insert ur fingers and rub ur pussy, faster and then slower till u reach the climax. also u can insert ur middle finger inside ur vagina and go deep... That really turns me on!

Take few more ice cubes if u r not done yet, and rub them ovr ur clits.. am sure by the time u r done, u wud have juices all the way till ur thighs and u cant stop moaning n screamin all along!!

September 7, 2008


I love this technique, you feel as though you are flying! First you need an ottoman or simular object. I prefer to get in the mood by slowly undrressing and touching my body all over. Paying close attention to my rock hard nipples. then I stroke my pussy to get the juices flowing, if I ama bit dry a little lube or vaseline helps. Then I place a towel on the corner of the ottoman, (keeps things cleaner and the towel gives added sensations). I then straddle the ottoman, placing my pussy dirrectly at the corner, lift your feet off of the ground and use the ottoman to support your body weight. Rock back and forth rubbing your pussy on the corner. You will be flying in no time!! I hope you have fun trying this one!!

September 8, 2008


The barrel end of a brush works like a charm. If it has ribbed edges, even better. Rub it slowly up and down your clit, then stick it inside you when you feel wet enough. Stroke your pussy, and add some fingers while you pump the brush harder and harder.

Humping pillows gets me going quite nicely too. Being completely naked really makes it, and sometimes putting the face of a stuffed animal on my pussy while I ride the pillow is pretty hot.

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September 8, 2008


Take your digital camera and film yourself jerking off. It's really hot to go back and watch them, especially since it takes seconds and you can make several and delete them at will. Take close ups of your pussy while you finger yourself. Moan too, it helps. Don't forget to be rub your breasts and stroke your clit.

September 12, 2008

buzzing off

I have found that my most intense orgasms come when I buzz myself off by using an electric razor on my clit. Remove the shaving head with the blades obviously. This will reveal a tiny knob that vibrates very quickly when the motor is turned on. I enjoy this so much that I have worn out several razors and have also found that models vary inside. If you find a good one, you will experience mind blowing clitoral orgasms. Held directly onto my clit, orgasm is guaranteed and usually only seconds away. I also tease my clit through my panties or bed sheets for a slower orgasm. I can make myself cum as many times as I need to or want to with this method. I almost always combine it with nipple play...pinching, pulling, twisting, sucking on my own nipples. I often insert a toy in my vagina also while enjoying this method. By the way....men will LOVE to watch you get yourself off in this way...trust me.

September 14, 2008

aquarium heater

September 1, 2008 (originally)

The aquarium heater is a perfect dildo. I lubricate it and insert into my vagina while using my vibrator. It's glass so it cleans up really well when you are finished

September 19, 2008

Multiple Dildoes

I have three dildoes. I start out first by lubing up the anal dildo and getting on all fours. Once it has been inserted, I roll over on my back. I use the smaller vibrator for stimulating my nipples, then I use the larger vibrator going up and down on my clit while squeezing my nipples. It feels good having all parts massaged at the same time. Orgasms are reached within minutes.

September 22, 2008

shampoo bottle

I like to spread my legs as wide as possible and the rub my whole vulva area up and down the whole lenth of the bottle after a minute or so I press it in a thrusting motion making sure that it making contact with my clitoris I start out slow then I speed it up as it starts to feel good slowing down as I have an orgasm

September 25, 2008

milk madness

when I masturbate I pour milk down my pussy and I put my fingers in and out of my pussy it is all wet my orgasm comes quickly.

September 26, 2008


I first started getting myself off by accident! I was at a school dance with my boyfriend and we were dancing way to close, and before I knew it, I almost came right there! Whenever I masterbate now, that's one of the first things that gets me off!

I love to look at free porn at work, which is possible because I'm in the back of the office. So I'll look at porn right before I have to go home, and I'm REALLY horny by the time I get home. I immediately take all of my clothes off and just let myself go. I'll lay stomach down with my ass in the air and just rub and touch my clit, occasionally moving in and out of my pussy. I try to keep my legs spread as much as I can and my ass in the air for as long as I can stand until I cum all over the place!

There have been SEVERAL times that my boyfriend has come home to find me screaming as I'm having an orgasm! And as much as I LOVE making myself cum, there's nothing like having a shocked, hard, and now extremely turned on boyfriend come up behind you in that PERFECT position you've created and just fuck you like crazy until you cum all over again!!!

September 28, 2008


get yourself wet manually and using your imagination, as you feel yourself getting starting to get hot grab your electric toothbrush on the highest setting and place directly on clit. Most fabulously mindblowing orgasm ever Try infront of mirror its so fucking amazing to see your muscles contracting from the fab feeling your getting. try also sticking your fingers in your pussy while the electric toothbrush is working ...its magic

September 28, 2008


Sometimes I use a thick screwdriver to screw myself off (pun intended). Clean the tool first and use a condom (or plastic glove). And enjoy.

September 29, 2008

My masturabtion methods

I have been masturabting since I was about 12,. Female 46, married.. I first get completely undressed, open all the blinds in the house and walk around naked, touching myself all the time, I look at porn on net, mostly women, I would love to have a woman just once, I get so wet and horny while looking and reading, I start rubbing my pussy and ass, I rub my pussy juice on my ass and insert a finger inside my ass,moving it in and out with the other hand I am inserting 2 fingers deep inside my pussy fucking myself, I remove my fingers from my pussy and like all my juices off, I am so hot by then I want to come I go into the family room, open the front door, hoping someone will walk up, I have my pillows in on the floor, lay down play with my pussy more squeeze my nipples, I have a dildo also, I sert my didle onside of me, put my pillows between my legs and fuck the hell out of myself, and yes my postal carrier has come up and stood there and watched. I also do myself outside in day light ion my deck I insert fingers and hump away.i masturbate in the car, hottub shower, I love cold cucumbers popcycles too and they taste good after u cum on them

October 2, 2008

thigh squeezing

It is no new technique of course. But going back to my roots humping my knuckles or pillows in the prone position I detected the thigh squeezing method again.

It had been so helpful when petting as ateen and preteen!!!! Now I have my fun almost everywhere. I have only to muffle my sounds and to hide my face at the delightful end.

Most times I enjoy myself in the train with this unconspicious technique. At home normal jilling off will lead nearer to God.

When I had to rub away my problems, it was so difficult to find a place. To do it on public toilets or the like is a turn off. So my soft movements are unconspicious. And if one detects my secret, I don´t care. Just strangers.

October 3, 2008

Nipple Squeeze

I like to have my nipples stimulated while I am using my dildo in my pussy. Problem is that I don't have enough hands. The solution is to find either the old fashioned clothes pins. Be careful. Test them to make sure they aren't too strong. I have gone through several dozen until I find two that are just strong enough that they feel like my lover gently biting my nipples. That way I can use both my hands on the vibrator. I have been masturbating a long time, and this is something I have just been doing a short period of time, and it really turns me on faster and I come so much more intensely!!

October 6, 2008

Suck it

I masturbate heaps have a few toys my favourite is my beautiful vaccun cleaner which you can ajust the sucking.

I use plastic to cover the main hole(the soft plastic that has air bubbles) tape the plastic to the vac cut a small slit in the plastic by this stage I,m feeling sooo horny an wet ,turn on the vac at a slow suck sit on my lover thats gonna make me have multiple hard mind blowing orgasms then I ride that sucker till I collapes on the floor by the time I,m done the vac is on full suck an hour or more has past . try it ladies you need to live alone. Leigh

October 10, 2008

Water BottleBus Ride

This is easy. All you need is a dollar store squirt bottle, whatever colour. Lie down on your bed *Placing a towel underneath you in a good idea too.*. Do whatever you usually do to masterbate, *I just use my fingers.* and when you feel your orgasm building, stop everything. Grab the water bottle, and squirt it on your already- ready clit, and squirt away!

It feels really good.

My other technique, is pretty risky, but if you're good, you won't get caught. I take the bus everyday to work and back, about a 30-35 minute ride. Plus, it's early in the morning, when i'm generally my horniest, so I take my jacket, slide it across my lap, and pull out a newspaper, or magazine, and put it completely over my front, so no one can see my hands. I slide my hands down my jeans, and gently glide my fingers across my clit. To keep from moaning, I bite my lip gently, and naturally, during masterbation, my face makes funny looks, so I try to control it, and make it seem i'm disturbed about something in the paper. I might shake my head once or twice, to exaggerate the point of upset. When I hit my climax, i'm generally on the last stop before I need to get off, so I finish, and then rub my pnties all over my clit, so the juices soak up, and I fold the paper up, and look out the window, as if nothing ever happened.

October 13, 2008

Similar to the ABC technique

Thanks for that by the way I started with the ABC's and LOVED M (I did all caps) but then I got stuck on O, either because the circles felt so good or I was just too excited to get to the end of the alphabet. I concentrated on the actual clit but with a very soft touch and a lubed index finger. I also like to watch myself, so I get a little compact with a mirror, set it up so I can see my entire vagina, spread my legs wide open, pull up the mons, which stretches and enlongates the clit and the labia and just watch the juices start to flow. It's a real turn on and I can't WAIT to let my boyfriend watch me do it... RRRAAWWWRR!!!

October 20, 2008

mmmm baby

lie on your bed with belts tied onto your breasts and stomach. lube up your clit with a q-tip and place a vibrator down there... oh my god! it feels so sexy! move your hips around in different directions... this site helped me so much about learning so many horny delights! - one more technique is to sit on a pillow with something hard in it and hump away!

October 28, 2008

roller brush thong shower head

wear a thong, then snap and drag the string several times over your clit and pussy until they're really sensitive and you want to cum...

then take a roller brush with round bristles and insert and withdraw it quickly into your vagina while simultaneously aiming the shower massager on your clit

major orgasm guaranteed!

October 29, 2008


I have always loved panties, both to see them on other girls or myself, I always sit legs up, and wide spread, gazing at the crotch panel, the elastic bands, seams, and feel the panel seam to seam as I get wet. Sometimes I start rubbing through the panel, tracing the seam curving on my butt and cum that way through the material, cotton, nylon, satin, silk, they are all good. Or I place a satin robe on my body pillow, wearing satin or nylon panties I hump the pillow till I cum several times. Done this with girlfriends, it's quite smooth, almost frictionless, mind blowing orgasms and never just one. My b/f will squirt all over my pantied butt as I hump the pillow for him, he even does it in panties. I love to see women showing their panties in public, especially the plain old style grannies. I always want to walk up and feel her panties, rub her off through them. I always smell and lick my panties after i've cum several times in them, can't really think of a time I masturbated without my panties. would love to hear from other girls/women into panties, it's always guys raving about them. Also helps to be shaved smooth, the panel feels wild on a bare puss. happy masturbating

October 29, 2008

rub and let go

first have a nice hot bath and then get naked on your bed, then if you got any nude magazines or videos watch them and start to rub your clit slow, then when your close to orgasim stop and start again, this feels so great, it just makes it longer and more time to pleasure yourself.

November 5, 2008

Ballon cum

right,make sure you read this carefully,to get the BEST ORGASM EVER!!!!!! You get a ballon(one of the long ones),and fill it with slices of cucumber(has to be cucumber,because it has sharp edges),and put some water in it too. Then,tie the ballon,and put it down your pants(I highly recommend doing it with very tight pants on,coz that way its pressed right up against u'r clitoris)and PULL your pants up as high as you can.This will feel BRILLIANT!!!If you've got a day at home on your own,you can put ytour trousers on aswell,and just go about your daily activities.W O W!! An ALL DAY ORGASM GUARENTEED.Trust me i've tried it.If u'r more ADVENTUROUS,go to work like it!!! (only if ur prepared to be asked questions,coz it al make a big round shape in your pants,and its REALLY noticebale). HAPPY ORGASM!!

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November 5, 2008

Fun for one

I like to put on something sexy, turn the lights down low and lay back in bed. First you start teasing your nipples. Lick them, suck them, squeeze them. Then when I am so turned on I am about to come, I get my dildo out and insert it slowly into my vagina while clamping down. It is such a tease. When the dildo is good and lubricated I insert it anally and play with my clitoris. Some times I like to use nipple clamps so I can have both my hands free to pump the dildo in and out and to play with my clitoris until I orgasm so hard that I can't walk.

November 6, 2008

Vibrating Fun

You need a vibrating toothbrush and some lub Wash the toothbrush and strip, setting it next to you. Rub and squeeze your nipples, till' you cum. If you need to think of your most erotic fantasy, moan and groan and get into it. Don't be afraid to move also. Rub your clit and when your almost there grab the toothbrush, turn it on and pump in in and out. Don't forget to breath. Enjoy

November 6, 2008

My technique

well first I read some of these stories then I rub my clit and get nice and wet what works the best for me is while rubbing my clit I uses the index finger of my other band and bang myself at the same time some times a use a drum stick or a brush I cum so fast thrn eat it all up. But sometimes I masturbate with a friend we both lay on our back and position each others hands were it feels good and we rub and fingure band some times I even eat her cum

November 7, 2008

iced nipples

I take ice cubes and rub them on my nipples while I am naked lying on my back. I spread my legs and begin to grind my pussy in mid air. My nipples get so hard and I start rubbing my clit. I then take more ice cubes and shove them far into my pussy while I am humping a pillow. The feeling of cold and hot and grinding gets me off. Spread your legs really wide and while grinding the pillow- then take another ice cube and insert it into your anus, it gets me off immediately. It is ever better when you can do it with another woman, this way you can play with your nipples while she inserts the cubes into your wet pussy.... eventually we eat each other out.

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November 8, 2008

Glove Dildo

Okay this works fantastic!!! 1. get a latex glove and fill it with hot or cold water until it fills out 2. talking on of the fingers of the glove put it in your vagina 3. NOW WORK A WAY!!! IN AND OUT OR CIRCLES

November 11, 2008

pillow heven

ok. this is for the newcomers to masturbation. I statred firstly by hopping in to something sexy and than rubbing with extreme intensity on a pillow. than wraping my legs arund the pillow and wait for heven.works well if the pillow is soft.

November 12, 2008

my best lover

When I get all bothered and am home alone, I get totally nude and the fun begins. My vibrators are my best friends at times. I usally start out with some warming lube and lube from my clit to my anal area. While humping my gspot vibrator, I take my medium sized dildo and insert it into my ass. This feels so great, I am now getting it at both ends!! When I cant stand it any longer I get up on my knees in the bed using my body weight to hold both vibrators in place then take the g spot vibrator and rub it hard and fast over my clit. I cum so hard that I shake. I love it!!!!

November 20, 2008

Bike Seat Fun

I love doing this and I want to share with all you coz I think you may like it too, not sure if anyone else has done this either but I have orgasmed every time... Sometimes when I get horny and want to be daring I get my bike out and angle the seat up slightly at the front and set off into town or somewhere there are people coz it turns me on soooooo much imagining that I am being watched and that 'being cought' factor really kicks in! I usually wear a skirt when I do this but I keep my panties on, I have tried it in jeans too but its not as good.

When I get to a spot that I think will be good I put my feet on the floor and put my legs together with the seat pressing against my vagina and I start to rock my hips back and too and it feels sooo good, and having the seat angled up slightly gives me something to put pressure on my clit so when I start to feel I'm getting close I can get pressure on my clit and just press into the seat so I can orgasm which is usually VERY strong and having people there while I am having an orgasm REALLY turns me on! The feeling of riding home with my panties wet adds to the sensations too!!

Hope you have as much fun as me if you try this!!

November 26, 2008

Clean as a whistle...

I find that my most intense orgasms come when I've freshly shaven my pussy. I like to take a nice, long hot shower and carefully shave my pussy until it's super smooth. I will flick my clit as I'm shaving and it makes me quiver.

Then, I'll go into my bedroom, and with the curtains open, I will lay, wet and naked on my bed with my legs spread wide open, and I will turn my vibrator onto the lowest setting and I will tease myself with just the tip of it in my wet pussy.

I lick my fingers and then rub my clit at the same time I'm starting to slide the vibrator all the way into myself, grinding into my fingers, tasting myself, and sliding my finger over and around my clit until I am moaning and writhing around until I cum so hard.

Hmmm....I think I need to go take a shower now.

November 29, 2008

Sucking myself off

One of my favorite techniques makes me feel like I am giving my clit a blow-job. I use a flavor injector (found at any cooking store) and I cut off then end of the injector, leaving a hole the size of my clit. I leave the plunger inside of the injector. I sit on my bathroom floor with a large mirror propped in front of my spread legs so that I can see my pussy. I position the hole of the injector over my clit, and use the plunger in and out to perform the sucking motion on my clit. It's heaven! Sometimes I hold the plunger out a bit for 10 seconds, long enough to stimulate the area, then I continue plunging my clit in-out-in-out. It feels like someone is sucking my juicy clit, sucking me off! Now my clit is engorged, and larger than normal, and extremely sensitive. Then I sit my tool aside and rub with my finger. My clit is so swollen and sensitive now that all it takes is a mere feather touch of my finger to bring me to orgasm. Mmmmmmm. I tease and tease my clit, barely rubbing it now as it's huge and ready to burst, then I finally let myself cum. I wait one minute, then I rub myself to orgasm immmediately again a 2nd time. Then I wait one more minute and rub my clit off again for a 3rd time. When I am done, my pussy is so swollen and wet that I need a shower, and even then I carry my pussy- juices smell around in my cunt all day long...

December 7, 2008

ice cream

My roommate used a silver bullet vibrator and an ice cream scoop. She spread her pussy lips and put the outside curve of the scoop in her pussy then put the vibrator in the scoop and turned it on. WOW

December 8, 2008

boy friend's cock

I love to sit on my boy friend's lap in this way that his dick come between my legs so I could rub my clit on his dick .& I move my clit backwards and forwards on his dick it realy makes me feel like having a real sex

December 12, 2008

Don't forget the labia

I only recently discovered how much I'd been missing out on by going straight for toy insertion or clit stimulation while masturbating. The nerves of the clitoris actually extend up through the mons and down through the outer labia. Stimulation to these areas before proceeding to direct clitoral stimulation or penetration has proven to really intensify my orgasms. Slow, deep massage of the labia with fingers or a small vibrator feels great. For an even better buildup, if I have the time, I will start by massaging the insides of my thighs and slowly circle inward and upward to close the massage in on my labia.

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December 15, 2008

nipple stimulation

I love to take time to masturbate, enough time to brush, pinch slightly, caress, play with fabrics on my nipples. It makes me so horny and horny is so good... I love to watch women having delicious orgasms and tease myself to the brink again and again and alternate between fingers and vibrator for a long, rewarding self-pleasure session. I love the sex with my man. It's as wild and shattering as it should. Luckily, both him and I agree that masturbation is essencial, though. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmyeahhhhhhhhhhhhhh

December 20, 2008


I like to fit my guitar amp in my vagina and strum away. Heavy distortion works best

December 24, 2008


I love it when I masturbate in by long bed or on the floor! What you do is strech your legs out and put your whole body straight and then you can spred your legs a little bit or keep em' closed but either way it is delicious! then you tighten up your whole body then tease then do whatever you want.

December 26, 2008


when I started masturbating, I would just rub my clit and off I would go. but obviously that didnt work for long, early morning I would sneak into the kitchen and put a banana in the freezer.(the old sensation is unbelievable) then, when everybody went to sleep I would go grab the banana and go into my room. I have a massager(like a back massager) that vibrates, (so if you need a toy, all you have to do is go to the nearest walmart!) I would start off by turning the massager on and just placing it on my clit, pushing harder, the feeling gets the pussy really wet, so as soon as I think im going to climax, I insert the banana as hard as I could, instead of an in and out motion, use up and down while pushing the massager harder onto yourself, it may take a little longer, but it is well worth it, trust me!

December 27, 2008


This is one that I do in the tub, if you take your pointer and middle finger and make a upside down V on the clitoris and flick and massage the area.

Electric toothbrush, on the clitoris... Best if done through underwear.

Tub faucet: can be very intense but offers an out of this world orgasm.

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December 27, 2008

Bracelet yourself

You'll need a bracelet with smooth spherical beads for this one. Lie on your back and tease your clitoris through your panties, till you stat to get wet. Simultaneously, tease/pinch/ massage your breasts. (Fantasizing/watching porn/reading something erotic helps too.) Then slip the bracelet into your panties and rub them all over your clitoris and vaginal area. When you're a little more aroused, push most (but not all) of the bracelet into your vagina,contract your muscles around it and jiggle it around a litte with your hads till you cum. The part that stays out lets you move it around and ensures you can take it out when you're done.It's a slow relaxed technique, but it builds up steadily, and brings on an orgasm every single time.

If you want a great feeling between your legs all day, wear a slightly tight pair of panties with the bracelet in the crotch. They massage your vaginal area whenever you move your legs.

Alternately, you could make a long string of beads, stuff it in a condom and use it as a dildo. The beads give it an added texture for more more interesting and exciting stimulation.

The best part is, te bracelet is such a common acessory for any lady, that you could carry it around to use anywhere and nobody would be the wiser!

December 27, 2008

Lovely Brush Handle

Alright, I basically just take a brush I don't use anymore and have fun. Its great for masturbating! I get totally naked and sit back, spreading my legs and then I begin to tease myself with the handle of the brush, just enough to get me nice and hot. Sometimes I slip it into my vagina, but I can get a nice orgasm by just rubbing it up and down and finding a nice hotspot - keep rubbing and you'll see what I mean. Experiment though - brush handles are GREAT. X3

December 28, 2008

Tooth Paste Fan Tingle

Well I take Creast tooth paste nd I take a tab rub in around the inner lips nd on the clit then I play with my clit nd lay down in front of the fan. iht make the tooth paste cool nd tinlge inside making iht a wonderful sensation

December 29, 2008

Bear Back

Typically, I. start with the tease' then I find a small and fluffy (or whatever size desired) teddy bear. What you do is: 1. Make sure you are wearing loose or streachy panties. 2. Place the teddy bear so that one or it's limbs in inside your vagina. 3. Ball up the rest of the bear and stick it in your panties. 4. Lay on your stomach with both hands on the outside of your panties, by the bear. 5. Hump away

I do this technique every other day, it works really well for me

December 30, 2008

Oral Behavior

Get an electric toothbrush from the store. Lay on your stomach on your bed. Stick the head of the toothbrush on your clit.Turn on. Enjoy.

***Don't try putting it inside. It kills.***

Also, if you microwave a hot dog or sausage for 15 seconds then put it in a condom it feels just like a penis. Just not as thick.

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Continued...   Female Masturbation Stories and Tips - 2009

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