Male Ejaculation Videos

This documentary video shows a male who has an ejaculation with over 12 semen ejections. He has an approximately average penis size.

Details about the content of the video:

The ejaculating in the video is performed by a white male. He is 28 years old. His skin tone is a light complexion. His pubic hair is trimmed to about 2 cm. The context of the scene is a private solo masturbation session. In this case, the viewer will see what appears to be a clinical or laboratory setting. The vantage point of the viewer is an examiner. The penis is held near a piece of glass on an angle so the semen streams down the glass. The position of the glass enables the viewer to see an extremely unique perspective. As the masturbator ejaculates onto the glass, all sides of the ejaculation deposits can be seen at the exact same time. The amount of semen expelled in the ejaculation is approximately 2 to 3 teaspoons (i.e., about 10 to 15 mL). This amount of semen is moderately above normal, and at the high end of the average range for ejaculatory volume. There are over 12 semen ejections with shooting ejections in the first half of the video and dribbles in the second half. This number of semen ejections is considered high and well above average. This man has created many ejaculation videos, and his site is worth a visit. Details are posted at the end of the movie.

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