Advanced Ejaculation Videos

This educational video depicts a male who has an ejaculation with 6½ semen eruptions. He has a moderately above average penis size.

Info on the man masturbating and the video content:

The masturbation in the video is performed by a young white man. His age is 24 and has a medium build. His skin tone is a medium tan complexion. His pubic hair is trimmed to about 2 or 3 cm. The chest is smooth or shaved/waxed. His penis is moderately above average in length, and approximately average in girth/width/circumference. It has a slight bend to the left (from his viewpoint). A bend to the left or right is relatively common, and does not interfere with ejaculations or sexual activities. The context of the scene is solo and completely private. The vantage point of the viewer is theoretically the role of a voyeur. The amount of semen expelled in the ejaculation is approximately 1½ to 2 teaspoons (i.e., about 7 to 10 mL). The first eruption of semen is a slight "shot", while the following eruptions are "dribbles". Ejaculations with shots and/or dribbles are quite common and normal either combined or entirely one or the other. The semen is almost entirely white. However, it should be noted that semen can range in color from clear to white, grayish, light brown, or yellow. The color can vary among different men, and it can also vary with each different ejaculatory expression from the same man.

The new section of ejaculation videos is encoded in the FLV format, which is the same format used on YouTube. We are hoping this enables more people to view the Ejaculation from Masturbation documentary demonstration videos. You may have to update your browser or install Adobe Flash to see the newly formatted videos. If the demand is high enough, we may be able to create special pages for iPhone-iPad users.

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