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The purpose of this new documentary is the demonstration and discussion of ejaculation by way of masturbation. This site contains pictures and videos of the nude male body, including the penis. All information is purely educational and is offered voluntarily.

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New Ejaculation Videos
Six new videos added for 2012

Now they are longer length and better quality. (More coming soon.)



Pictures of Male Masturbation Ejaculation Ejaculation Pictures 9   Male Masturbation Ejaculation Videos Men Ejaculating on Videos
Shooting Ejaculation Cumshot Pics Ejaculation Pics 10 Masturbation Ejaculation Movies Ejaculating Vids
Ejaculation Pictures Ejaculation Pics 11 Vibrating Penis Ejaculation Male Masturbation Ejaculating on Videos
Ejaculation Pics 4 Ejaculation Picts Shooting Ejaculation Videos Male Masturbation Ejaculation Movies
Ejaculation Pics 5 Ejaculation Pics 13 Ejaculating on Video while Filming Penis Thirteen Masturbation Ejaculation Videos
Ejaculation Pics 6   Masturbating Ejaculation Movies Spraying Ejaculation Masturbation Videos
Ejaculation Pix   Ejaculation Movies Fifteen Masturbation Ejaculation Video
Ejaculation Pictures 8   Fake Ejaculation Movies? Sixteen Masturbation Ejaculation Videos

"J3", Our Website Founder's Ejaculation Pictures and Videos

Male Masturbation Ejaculation Videos

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Single Stream Ejaculation Pictures  
This shows a single stream during the same ejaculation.

Double Stream Ejaculation Pictures
This pic shows a double stream of semen from the penis.

Ejaculation with Oil - Pics and Video
This is an advanced procedure, and may be risky. Vegetable oil is pumped inside the penis and is then allowed to ejaculate, also serving as a lubricant for masturbation.

Ejaculation Video
This short video demonstrates a male ejaculation. Observe the pumping at the base of the penis.

Ejaculation Video 2
Another masturbation video demonstration, showing a stronger ejaculation. Here, seven bursts occur.

Advanced Ejaculating Tube Picture
A tube is inserted into the penis and lubrication is gradually forced out of the tube as it is inserted. Once the tube is in place, about 2 cm above the prostate, semen will ejaculate up the tube during masturbation.

Ejaculation Velocity Low Picture
Low velocity ejaculation pic with masturbating into the hand, requiring that the semen be held back at first.

Comparison Ejaculation Videos
Compare the 2 ejaculations - Low Volume and Low Velocity These 2 videos compare the variation in semen volume coming from the same male.

Increase Ejaculation Volume?

Does Increasing the Amount of Seman Really Make a Bigger and Better Ejaculation?

Bigger, Better Ejaculation? Does the increased about of semen really make the orgasm feel more powerful, better, and/or longer lasting? In what ways are the large volume ejaculations more satisfying to a man? How Semenax Supposedly Works


Ejaculation Video 17 # 17
Masturbating and Ejaculating Demonstration 01 by "C.A."

Masturbating and Ejaculating Videos # 18
Masturbation and Ejaculate Demonstration 02 by "C.A."

He Masturbated until Ejaculating on Video # 19
A Masturbated Ejaculation Demonstration 03 by "C.A."

Masturbation Ejaculation Videos # 20
Masturbating to Slow and Long Ejaculating Demonstration - 04 by "H.J."

Masturbate and Ejaculate Movie # 21
Masturbation with Squirting Ejaculation Demonstration - 05 by "W.S."

Masturbation and Ejaculation Movie # 22
Another Squirting Ejaculation Demonstration - 06 by "W.S."

Masturbation and Ejaculating Movie  # 23
Ejaculation Video by Q.C.

Ejaculation Cumshots # 24
Ejaculating Video by F.W.

Male Masturbation and Ejaculation CumShot - Video 25
An interesting video of a man masturbating with a clear expression of semen on his shirt.

Slow Motion Ejaculation, 1 of 3 - Video 26

Slow Motion Ejaculation, 2 of 3 - Videos 27

Slow Motion Ejaculation, 3 of 3 - Video 28

Hands Free Ejaculation - Videos 29
This man masturbated his testicles and then removed his hands for a moment followed by a hands-free ejaculation.

Newest Male Masturbation and Ejaculation Videos

Clear Semen Video # 30

Quick and Powerful Ejaculation  # 31

Penis Ejaculation Movie - Blow Your Wad # 32

Backhand Penis Grip with Butt Resting on Heels #33

Masturbating and Ejaculating Outdoors #34

Scrotum Tug Masturbation and Ejaculation #35

Cock Strapped Ejaculating Video   (1 of 2) #36

Hands-Free Ejaculation with a Cock Ring / Cock Strap (2 of 2) #37

Masturbation with Ejaculation on Top of a Vagina #38

Black Male Masturbation and Ejaculation Videos   (1 of 2) #39

Black Man Masturbating and Ejaculating  (2 of 2) #40

White Male Uncut Uncircumcised Masturbation and Cumshot Videos  #41

Free site Female masturbation and Male masturbation. Includes techniques, pictures, videos, stories, Fleshlight reviews, and ejaculation videos.

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