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-- December 26, 2005

Sink Hump

Get fully hard and lube up and stand at the bathroom sink. Slip in your penis and start sliding in and out like your are having intercourse unitl you ejaculate. For even better sensation hold on very tight and you will cum really quickly.

-- December 26, 2005

Combo StrokeRub

Remain without masturbation for at least 2-3 days!

1. Shave your balls and the lower shaft

2. Lubricate your erect penis and your balls (moisturizing cream)

3. Use your loose fist to masturbate

4. Keep masturbating the shaft

5. Add more lubrication when it starts to dry

6. Continue masturbating

7. Switch hands from time to time

8. Rub, squeeze and pull your balls from time to time

9. Press gently the halway point between your scrotum and anus from time to time

10. Masturbate for a minimum of 1 1/2 hours, preferably at least 2 hours before ejaculating. This way your ejaculation will be more powerful as your penis is DEFINITELY ROCK HARD ERECT and ready.

11. When you get absolutely too frustrated and eager to ejaculate, take a firm hold of your penis shaft with your better hand, press the point gently with your other hand and shuttle your shaft furiously until you feel there's no return and just before you ejaculate your load all over the place REMEMBER to squeeze your penis shaft while you stroke it...

The ejaculation is like an explosion!!! This is the best possible way.

-- December 27, 2005

The Vicks Vapor Rub

Get your Dick hard,then use lots of vicks vapor rub. Rub it in real good on shaft,nuts,and around ass. It might feel just a little warm at first but keep on working it,you will love it.

-- December 28, 2005

Sleeping bag fun

I love this very much. Tightly roll a sleeping bag and put it inside it's cover and tie it with leaving the gap so that your penis can enter. Lube your penis and wear a condom over it. First blow air in the condom and then relaese it so that it slides freely over the penis. Insert the penis in the sleeping bag innermost fold and enjoy the beautiful feeling of taking a mature women's loose vagina or anal cavity.

-- December 29, 2005

Leaning Back and Masturbating

I love masturbating then when I tried it on a chair leaning back man it felt great and I ejaculated in secconds instead of lying on the bed and doing it It made it more enjoyable with the fantasys as well.

The Best Blowjob Robot 
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-- December 29, 2005


Borrow your partners rabbit vibrator, the type with the seperate clitoral stimulator. Lie on your back and rest your penis between the main body of the vibrator and the clit stimulator with the vibe at right angles to your penis. Pull back your foreskin and position the vibe so that the clit stimulator is resting on the base of the glans. Get the clit stimulator buzzing and keep the foreskin pulled back. If you're lucky your partner will have a vibe with multiple settings, experiment until you find the one that has the most effect. I have the most powerful orgasms this way but don't use it too often or for too long as the vibe can dull your sensitivity.

-- December 31, 2005

Masturbate with Artificial Vaginas

get an artificial vagina and screw it, maybe use thevibebut I love to feel myself doit without the vibes and get my true reward and feel that spunk spurt out of my penis slit.

Vagina Documentary
Free picture site that was created to address myths about vagina appearances and to show the various types of vaginas. Also includes a survey.


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