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-- December 5, 2005

water jet

This technique is applicable only to those having foreskin. Fill up your foreskin with lot of water (until it looks swellen), hold tight the tips of skin to stop water leaking out. Show the water filled area under a bathroom tap (having some good pressure) for sometimes... you will really enjoy it....

-- December 5, 2005

two hand double pleasure

One must have a fairly long penis to enjoy this method. After obtaining a full erection, lube the penis with baby oil. With one hand take the penis as close to the base as possible. Place the penis in the other hand so that the head is in the palm of the hand and the fingers extend down the length of the penis. Start masturbating the penis with the hand close to the base. At the same time slide the other hand up and down the penis. The motion of the hands will be in opposite directions. The base hand will be moving upward while the top hand will be going down. The sensation is wonderful. If one is uncircumcised, move the foreskin over the head of the penis as you push up and down. Enjoy.

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-- December 9, 2005

Testicle stretch

Naked squeeze your testicles between your legs and thrust your hips upwards gripping your penis tight with both hands. Keep thrusting until ejacaulation. It's a great sensation that feels like a great blowjob.

-- December 11, 2005

PC Squeeze

Lie face down on the bed or floor. Reaching from behind, grab your penis and balls and pull them tightly backwards between your thighs and tightly clamp your thigh muscles around your package. Start humping the bed (putting a pillow under your hips to increase the arch feels even better) and with your thigh muscles squeeze the base of your penis while flexing your PC muscles while humping. You can hump as fast or slow as you like and take as much time as you need. Your penis gets rock hard and the orgasm is well worth it! For easy clean up and a different intense feeling, you can wear a tight fitting pair of briefs and position your penis head between your butt cheeks. The feeling of shooting your load on your own asshole is totally wicked.

-- December 13, 2005

Pumping Wieghts with your erection

I start with a full erection. Then I like to tie a string onto my penid right below the head. The string is about 12 long. I tie a weight to the other end of the string and when I pump my penis as if I am tring to increase the size of my erection, it lifts into the air a little and starts to swing. I stand in front of a mirror the whole time and watch myself. Soon my pumping pays off and I have a very intense orgasm. The only thing that has turned me on more is to masturbate in front of another person.

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-- December 13, 2005


With an erect penis, place it between you legs, lube the penis first and make like your having intercourse by moving penis back and forth between your legs, it's awesome when you come and stimulated the head of your penis like nothing else

-- December 13, 2005

my own blow job

When I was younger, I could bend my back far enough to suck my own penis. It was really great to lick around the end with my own tongue. I had a girlfriend try a blow job on me, but I could not come.

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-- December 14, 2005

Rubbing penis and Balls on Bed or Bathtub Bottom

This is Hal. I have masturbated since I was a young boy. Fortunately the good doctor that circumcised me left enough foreskin so that I get good feeling without lubrication. I first, as a young boy found that I got off by lying on my stomach in bed and humping the sheet below until I got hard and shot my juice. From there I would do the same thing in the bath by lying on my stomach and hump the bottom of the wash tub. Also, at times I would soap up real good and lubricate my penis with soap and pump my penis. That can be a bit dangerous as the soap sometimes gets down in the penis hole and burns. I like to use a rubber band or similar device behind my balls to help get my penis big. Rubbing my dick between a womens tits gets me hot and even hotter when the pre-cum juice comes out and my wife runs her fingers in it and sucks it into her mouth. In school we had those old lift top desks and we would play with our peniss to the girls delight and shoot cum on to paper or a handkerchief and give it to the girl next to us. Never got caught doing this.My penis is 6 to 7 inches erect and I can hold off cumming for a long time. Enjoying every bit of it. The pre-cum makes the penis really slippery and tasting it makes a guy even more into it

-- December 14, 2005

Glory Hole Technique

I'm Peter, I do about all the ways indicated in some of your testimonials. I like to cut a reasonable hole in a piece of cardboard so that I can poke my penis through far enough so that I can reach it from the other side and pretend that i'm masturbating through a Glory Hole. It even feels better when one pokes the balls through the hole. One imagines that he is actually in a Glory Hole and someone is sucking his penis and balls. When I ejaculate it shoots a good 6 feet. Just imagining that someone you don't know is getting you off is a tremendous bang. Another way to do the Glory Hole technique is to take a banana and peel it and use the peel or the banana squashed in your hand while masturbating and get the feel of getting it up in a guys anus on the oher side. One can do the same with a hole drilled through a board and sanded smooth to be more solid.

-- December 14, 2005

Comdom With Friends Cum In It

Jack--I enjoy getting a male friend shooting his cum into a comdom and then giving it to me so that I can put on the same comdom and masturbate and feel his juice making me hot and then cumming in the same comdom. His juice and my pre- cum rubbing on my penis really gives a guy a real great feeling.

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-- December 15, 2005

Comment on Method 7 Backhand

I usually masturbate my penis using Method #7, the Backhand, until I am just about to ejaculate, then quickly switching to Method #1 to enjoy and aim the semen spurts. Your suggestion of extending the first finger downward while doing the Backhand method, such the finger gently stimulates the scrotum between the two balls, results in a quite pleasant sensation. Thanks for the idea!

-- December 16, 2005

Under the pillow Masturbation

How could you have overlooked humping a pillow, in various positions??

Or just lying on your stomach and moving around?

-- December 17, 2005


masturbate like you normally would with one hand, but when you feel like you are about to climax, grab an ice pack with the other hand. the feeling of something warm in one hand and cold in the other intensifies the effect of an orgasm

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-- December 17, 2005

Head Games

First I get a boner any way possible then when everything is nice and hard I lay on my back and make a ring with my finger and thumb. I use this to softly rub the rim of my glans barely touching it but touching enough to feel really good. This leads to a great orgasm and usually I shoot cum all over myself. For addded pleasure I sometimes eat my cum

-- December 18, 2005


Hey Guys... Well the way I find works out best when masturbating my penis, is when you have an erection start by using your 3 fingers thumb index and middle, and gently stroke it while you do that grab your testicles and squeez them to your comfort level, and it also helps me out if I put my finger(s) in my ass, or seriously when another man penetrates you the feeling is incredible.

-- December 20, 2005

The Slide Away Masturbation

Point your penis down toward the ground. Then make an o.k. sign with your fingers. Slip the o.k. sign over your penis, then squeeze and slide your hand away from your groin. You can do this slowly or fast. You can also think about sex during your masturbation, which improves the sensation.

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-- December 23, 2005

Nut Rubbing and Dick Shaking

Hi everyone:

There’s a triple-powerful type of masturbation.

The method is as follows: The dude rubs his balls (gently squeezing and unsqueezing his balls). While rubbing the nuts, he presses his thumb against the base of the penis and rubs the penis base in circles. The closer he is to cumming, the faster he rubs his nuts. NOTE: Because this is an INDIRECT form of masturbation, the dude needs to be REALLY horny and cannot have cum in at least 24 hours. Often, just rubbing the nuts ALONE will make a guy cum about three times more powerfully.

Another method: Just shake the dick from the base and do nothing else. To start, shake a semi-flaccid dick A TINGE, just enough to feel a funny feeling, like an invisible string of cum is being gently pulled out. Ball squeezing can be interspersed here and there. When the dude can take no more, he shakes the penis quickly. NOTE: Once the dick gets really hard, it's harder to shake the penis, but nut rubbing is enough to make the dick go down a little. Dick shaking (from the BASE and a SEMI-FLACCID penis) makes the MOST powerful orgasm a guy could EVER have. Also, plain nut rubbing.

Most guys cum too easily rubbing up and down a penis. Ball rubbing and dick shaking are paradoxically indirect and more powerful. Getting one’s prostate pounded, nut rubbing and dick shaking provide the MOST POWERFUL orgasm a guy could EVER have.

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-- December 24, 2005

Self Facial

Masturbate any way you like until you are nearing the time to shoot your load. Now using a wall, bed, chair, etc. Fix your body so your penis is right in your face. Now just pump one out. The loads of hot cum hitting your face is amazing. If you are really adventerous you might even open your mouth up for a couple of squirts and taste your own stuff. It also looks pretty cool in the mirror when you are done.

-- December 25, 2005

Pillow Rubbing

Placing a clean, soft t-shirt on a pillow. Lying down on the pillow and rubbing the penis and belly against the pillow. This prevents the touching of the penis with the palms -- which some males don't like to do.

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