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mushroom ass rub

this is not easy but worth a try. before you get hard push your penis down under you balls and up in to your crack aganst your anus. start rubbing your mushroom with your other hand while pressing it against the anus, you will really cum. three things are important 1 you must be stnding 2 you will need lube 3 you must start before you get hard.

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-- November 29, 2005

One handed fingering

Only for the uncircumsized!

Support your penis with the 3rd, 4th & 5th fingers of your hand. Push thumb into foreskin. Not between foreskin & glans but just so that it is surrounded by the folds of skin. Start with ball of thumb on top of glans then twirl or rotate the thumb around the tip & the glans. You can try with other fingers too. Once natural lubrication starts it becomes much more pleasurable. You can easily catch the mess.

NB nails must be well pared & smooth otherwise ouch! Also don't prolong this for more than 15-20 minutes as you can get burns.

-- November 30, 2005

unbearable ecstasy

Masturbat to ejaculation in any way youy like but as you ejaculate - keep on rubbing the slippery sensitive glanse - don't stop. I find it unbearable but fantastic - so unbearable it's better to get someone else to masturbate whilst you are held so that you cannot escape

-- November 30, 2005

Finger sticking

when masturbating, have you ever thought of incresing the sensation by sticking your fingers in your anus. I have used this so many times and makes me jack off quickly. You can also use this with a comb (the handel part of corse) and insert and take out, at different times. (its like being thrusted by another guy's penis into your anal).

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-- December 1, 2005

Fitting the shoe

Get a shoe fitter and lube both the penis and the shoe fitter liberally. Rub the shoe fitter against the back of your penis -- the side where the frenulum is/was located

-- December 1, 2005

Pinching Nipples While wanking

While stroking my penis in the traditional way, I use my other hand to pinch my nipples, alternating from one to the other. Not only does it make my penis feel more, but my nipples have become much more sensitive and much larger. I only have to touch them and they swell.

-- December 2, 2005

Nipple Pinching and Ball Squeezing

While stroking my penis with one hand, I use the other to either squeeze my nipples or my balls (very gently, it is very painful to squeeze hard). I also play with my balls by rubbing them through my scrotum. I find that these things make my penis feel more, also my nipples have become larger and more sensitive

-- December 2, 2005

Water Current

This is a very effective technique that I use often. At some pools, there are strong currents of water that squirt out from the side which are bubbly. Move your penis in front of it so the gushing water directly hits and pushes back your penis. Leave it there for a while. The pleasure will be intense and you will definitely have the best orgasm of your life! This only works effectively a few times. Then you have to wait a while and then try again.

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-- December 3, 2005

Foreskin Masturbation Fun

If you are uncircumcized, hold your penis at the top when it is soft with your left fist. Insert your right index or middle finger and move it up and down as fast as you can. If your penis is big enough and your foreskin can stretch enough, try it with two or three fingers. Another way is to draw your foreskin back as far as you can, close your left hand around the foreskin and move it up and down fast. This way works better with lubrication and will also work with an erection, at least for me. (My foreskin is stretched a lot, it was a lot tighter and more elastic when I was younger.

-- December 3, 2005

Vary the Positions

I find that wanking feels different in different positions, even if using the same techniques. Try lying down, sitting, standing, kneeling, or squatting. If you are standing, stand on tiptoe and thrust out your pelvis. This will increase the sensation in your penis and make it feel more. If you are lying down, let your semen shoot out on your belly or chest (it feels nice and warm). If you are more adventurous and feel to taste your cum, lie down, through your legs over your head so your penis is pointing at your face and try to come on your face or even in your mouth, If you have a certain kind of build, and are fairly thin, you may even be able to suck your own penis. I used to be able to suck mine when I was young, and believe me, there is no sensation like it. It was really something to feel the semen coming through my penis and hitting the back of my throat. I got to like it so much that even after I was no longer flexible enough to suck my penis, I still always ate my semen. I did the last time I jerked off, which was a couple of hours ago. If you are young, don't worry about how much you masturbate. In my lifetime I have ejaculated about 18,000 times. Your penis does not get used up. it just gets better the more you use it.

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-- December 3, 2005

Blanket Grind

I have been using this technique since I was 8. First ball up a soft blanket on the bed then strip down to a pair of briefs of boxerbriefs pulling your shaft out of the hole. Next lay face down on the bed so that your shaft is centered in the balled up blanket. Next take one of your hands and put it under the blanket palm side up so that it is gently cupping your balls. Next take your other hand and making a loose fist place it under the blanket at the base of you’re penis then start grinding your hips in different random directions. The feeling of the soft blanket rubbing your underwear that is rubbing your nut while your shaft is in a soft blanket is intense.

-- December 4, 2005

Coming More Than Once

Not sure if this is for everybody or is even a techniqe, but I masturbate regularly. When I feel to have an orgasm, I take off all my clothes, sit down at the dining room table, and stroke my penis until I come. Sometimes I let my semen come on my penis, sometimes in my hand, and sometimes stand up and let it come on the table (it no longer shoots out, just drips). I usally scoop it up with my fingers then lick it off, drink it from my hand, or lick it from the table. (I have done this for years and love the taste of my semen). I don't stop masturbating, but play with my penis in a gentle way. The feeling is very intense and almost too much for a while, then my penis gets soft for 5-l5 minutes. The feeling comes back and it gets hard again. Masturbating feels different, my penis feels more naked. When I was younger I would do this 4 or 5 times in a 2 or 3 hour session. Now I masturbate less often and only come 2 or 3 times. I am not sure if everyone could or would want to do this. I used to lose the feeling to masturbate after ejaculating, but for many years now I always feel to masturbate; the feeling in my penis never goes down much. I find now that I am old orgasms are less intense and I have fewer. But wanking even without orgasm feels a lot more, and I masturbate a lot more. It seems when I was young there was always pressure to have an orgasm, now I just masturbate to enjoy the feeling in my penis. I am not sure if that is because I masturbated so much or just because I enjoy it so much.

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-- December 4, 2005

The V

PLace your Index finger and the middle finger over the peis to form a V shape. Then, start moving up and down. This stimulates the gland under the head of the penis, resulting in a better orgasm and more ejaculation.

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