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Scrotal Jack Off - Masturbation

first, if you can, gently move your balls back up into yourself so that your scrotum is hanging it a bit so that it's nice and loose and warm...then, bend your penis down, while at the same time wrapping your sack around the sides, eveloping the penis...grip fairly tightly to keep the skin wrapped around your penis while you jack off.. a variation I enjoy (but you must have a fairly loose, good sized scrotum) is to hold my penis with one hand, and form a sort of "vagina" with my ball sack....i then stick my penis into this "vagina",'s amazing...and when you that is good masturbation.

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anal dildo jack off

My wife has a "jack rabbit" dildo/vibrator. We do mutual masturbation, the rabbit is one of her favorites. I have 'borrowed' it on several occasions for solo masturbation sessions. I like to watch, so I get in a chair in front of a floor to ceiling wall mirror. pull the chair close to the mirror, spread my legs and put my feet on the mirror. Put a little KY on my penis and a little on my asshole. The dildo portion of the rabbit has a twisting, slightly thrusting action to it. Getting ready for the session usually gets me erect, if not, a little stroking will. I press the dildo against my anus, gradually I work it in and then slowly in and out. I then begin to slowly jack off, continuing to work the dildo in and out of my rectum. When I reach that high level of arousal, (just before orgasm) I try to keep it there as long as possible by varing or stopping my stroking. Eventually it happens though- one hell of an orgasm, I'm feeling it AND seeing it!


Marker Masturbation

Put a tight balloon on a marker so that the marker doesnt fall out. Then lube it up and stick up ur anus. Then lube your penis and start doing the campfire masturbation method. The orgasm is wonderful!


Subwoofer Masturbation

I was reading around online earlier today on a tech website and ran across a post about 33hz (a frequency of sound) and women having orgasms. The thought of using sound for pleasureable sensations had never occurred to me. Instantly I was once again envying women for their wonderful ratio of low input (handsfree masturbation vibrator) to pleasure. Obviously in this case, the girl would sit on top of my subwoofer. But what about for a guy? Well my sound system is a Logitech z5500. Its subwoofer is 187 Watts, has a 10" driver, and is has INCREDIBLE bass. If you love music I'd highly recommend picking this up (well also for the reason of this thread lol), as its usually $275-300. Here it is: So I thought: "How in the world I could get some stimulation without the direct speaker->clothing->genitals contact that women can have (through sitting...gosh I am jealous...good car sound system..._fun_ driving...)?" Well I came up with an idea...that hole in the side of the subwoofer is there to ensure no bass gets muffled. When you turn up the volume on a song with bass and put your hand by the hole, you can feel a TON of air moving with the is the nature of bass. So I'll need a good song, or better, a program that simply produces bass, and tons of it. So I googled some and found AudioTester: After playing around with my sound system and the program, I found anything from 20-30 hertz to be optimal...The actual range of the system is 33 hertz, but it does go lower, it just needs more power to do so. I chose 26 (although 23 might have been better). Well sticking myself in there of course didn't work...vibrating air doesn't do anything. So I kept thinking...I usually use some soft clothing (like pajamas) when I masturbate (great results) why don't I wrap myself up as usual and try that way? While I couldn't absorb the air vibrations by myself, the clothing did the trick and picked up all the vibrations and transfered them to me. Even better, I was able to catch all the bass coming out of the whole and muffle it, which greatly decreased the noise (not much sound from the diaphram on the face of the speaker). I was able to do this without cranking it up that high at all, which was good, considering I'm in a dorm room and didn't want people interrupting me. IT WORKS! I've found an effortless way to enjoy myself! Hurray for sound systems! Not only were the vibrations transfered to my shaft, but with all the cloth quickly contacting/leaving my skin as a result of the pulsating air, the sensation was awesome! I don't know how long it took me, but it was rather quick. I'm so excited now! You other guys should go get this system, some pajamas and have some fun! I think it would work for you women as well...either sitting on top of the subwoofer or turning it on its side and sitting on the hole/maybe using a tshirt as a diaphram to pick up of the vibrations, get some momentum/force, and hit you. I'll have to come up with a way to make the bass pulsate for more effect, maybe replace the bass of a good song with this 23hz stuff and turn down the rest so that the volume level is proportional. Let me know if anyone else tries this!

Editor's Notes: Bass can cause an orgasm; and it also cause the nerves in the anus to become very sensitive if exposed to bass for long periods. Both men and women can get cravings for bass, and some can even become addicted. This may or may not be a good thing, depending on how you feel about sexual bass, anal sensations, and cravings. Well, some people say the same is true from vibrations on a motorcycle. No wonder why so many people drive around listing to loud music or on a motorcycle!

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I have done this type of masturbation many times in the past. First, I find a strong door in the house. Just to ensure that I cause no damage to the hinges, I put a small block of wood under the door. I am naked and I put a towel over the top corner of the door to cusion my hands and protect my chest. I then do a pull-up and the end of the door until my chest is even with the top of the door. As I do this I put a lot of pressure on my abbs and pubic area. This intense pressure and the extreme tightness in my abbs will get me aroused in no time. I will usually orgasm with-in a minute or two. I doesn't matter if my penis is pointing up or down. It will get erect in 20 seconds and orgasm shortly after that. Another great way to have a hands free orgasm is to use a large sub woofer. Turn up the volume with a good base song and slowly squat over the speaker. Gently let the head touch the edge of the speaker. As you soon get erect lower yourself some more. Soon your balls will be touching the speaker as you hard penis is pointing up. When the happens you will cum in no time.


masturbation - rubin both

this masturbation method is great, but you have to be real horny, you grab your penis like a baseball bat and start rubbin,the at the same time start fiddiling with your balls,fiddiling with your balls is great, I dont know if you guys will think the same.But rubbin my penis and fondiling with my balls is grest, TRY IT.

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The Index

Take your index finger and stick it right at the base of your penis then put your middle finger at the bottom of your penis then stroke it very fast. It's a basic move that I learned out by myself when I first masturbated.


lay on back w/ spread legs

This technique is very pleasing. You lay in bed on your back with your knees bent and legs spread. Preferably do this when you're already in bed after sleeping, the bed is warm and comfortable. After a shower is good too. Because you are laying on your back with your head resting the climax is very powerful. Just make sure to put something on your belly to prevent a big mess. Otherwise this fantastic.


3 finger twist

The 3 finger twist is nice. You rub your penis head with your index finger, middle finger and thumb in a circular motion going one way then the other like a top load washing machine. Use various speeds and pressure as needed.

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water masturbation

I found that a handful of cold tap water poured on your penis is a great stimulant and makes you very horny. It also promotes the pre-cum to come out early and be used as a natural lubricant.


Caress that ass

Caress your ass while you wank. It's really nice. get a handful of room temp water and pour it on your ass. Your ass is now softer and has more elasticity. keep rubbin your ass as you wank it feels great.



Touch is very important and stimulates your whole body. Touch your whole body with one hand. Rub your inner thighs, your upper thighs, your ass, your chest, your whole body wherever you feel you need or get excited by touching. Wank with the other hand using a light feathery down to up rub using 3 finger and wet your whole body to make this even more sensational. Re-wet your penis as needed.Also use a slow to mid paced rhythm, never rush wanking. The longer you take, the better the climax. It is also good to touch yourself in a very sexy way with both hands while you're in bed under the covers until you get a rock hard penis. Now rub your penis head with dry hands very slowly using the 3 main fingers. Don't wet your penis with anything, just keep rubbing the dry penis with your dry hands. I know this sounds a bit painful but you should start slowly each time as the friction is more intense. Using the dry technique is supurb because once the pre-cum starts to flow it just keeps flowing and flowing with a little help ofcourse. To help the pre-cum flow use your finger to squeeze out the precum out of your penis from down to up on the soft side of the shaft. Keep doing this every time you get dry. masturbate more for more pre-cum. You can make your penis so wet from it starting off completely dry. This technique is especially good when you are already really fuckin horny.

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Rip off one pubic hair off your genital area and place it on your penis head and leave it there for as long as you can. Go do something you have to do (whatever but not wanking...yet). Then later you'll feel a tingling sensation on your penis and will become wet and horny. Now go have a wank and preferably remove the pube off your penis head because you're now ready to cum really hard and climax wonderfully.


another way to masturbate

another to masturbate is to bath in hot water and rub a cold bar of soap at the bottom of your testicles


dont be afraid to masturbate

hey dont be afraid to masturbate it's normal.i think mast people in the world have done it. im not afraid and im 12.i specially like the one where you put ur arms crossed for the feeling of having the partner on top.


tongue feel

while in the shower, take a spray head and spread your legs. let the water spray from behind making a forward and back motion. it will feel like someones tongue is licking between your ass and balls and will give you an enormous boner and when you jackoff you will experience a huge climax and sperm shot

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