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Rotation slapping Jackoff

Pinch the skin under your penishead between your index and third fingers with your hand in the traditional jackoff position. Holding your penis in a loose embrace use a circular jerking motion so that as you stroke, your balls are being jerked about and a slapping motion occurs with your penishead. It feels wonderful, requires a firm grip on the foreskin, and helps if you massage your balls with your other hand. Be careful because the rotational, centrifugal force causes precum to splatter about. When I feel that old familiar feeling of eminent cumming, I edge and wait it out and start again. This is my very favorite technique and it's a combination of two that I found out about using computer sites. Happy wanking!

bouncing up and down

I'd love to see a video of the bouncing penis method. I love masturbating this way but it requires more words to explain whereas a picture tells it all. One induces rhythmic oscillation of the penis by tugging on the scrotum at a rate that puts the penis in harmonic oscillation. This can give thrilling sensations and prolonged masturbation sessions.

Two handed snaps

Touch thumb to thumb, fore finger to forefinger, middle finger to middle finger. Once erect, place your hands in this postion at the thickest part of the erect penis under the head, just below the flap of skin from the head to the shaft. Begin to make a snapping motioning first right then left, as if you were trying to snap your fingers. You can go slow or fast for different sensations and move up and down the shaft to make the head of the penis wobble back and forth. This is especially effective if you are on your back or in a situation where you don't want to make slurpy noises with lubrication.

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Talc dry rub masturbation

For a great variation with any masturbation technique, use talcum powder or some other sort of finely ground powder instead of wet lube. It creates the sensation of a calloused hand of a partner masterubating you if you grip backwards with thumb towards your pubic area.

Leg Rub

I started off using this method where I take my penis and place it on my leg, then put my hand flattened out on my penis and started pushing it downward and towards the inside of my leg, this takes a lot of work and if you push down too hard not as much semen will come out. No Lubrication Needed. I love this technique.

mirror wanking

I use a full length mirror and stand naked in front of it and slowely stroke myself to erection. I lube up my penis and grab my balls with my left hand and pump my penis with my right. I like to take up diffrent posisions like kneeling or side on or crouching and watching my body reactions to the exstreme stimulation then I shoot my load all over the mirror and I love to stand and watch my penis after it has exploded. Try spanking yourself as well not just on your arse but your legs and belly its fantastic. My next mirror wank I will record it useing my cam and watch it back afterwards.

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anal stimulation

Inserting objects into my anus and very vigorously rubbing my prostate just at my pain threshhold gives me the most intense multiple orgasms I could ever dream of. After a few orgasms, I lay out on the floor or bed quivering uncontrollably for about 30 seconds.

homemade stimulator

ill lay out a piece of saran wrap and a towel I then start to pull and tug on my soft penis till its nice and hard and creamy then I coat it with cocoa butter and wrap it tight with saran wrap then I wrap the towel real tight around the saran wrap [use plenty of lube] I then sandwich my penis between pillows and lay down on them and work my throbbing penis in and out I like to watch my balls swing in a mirror behind me while im working it I also like to lube my ass and work my fingers in an after I get nice an wet in my ass I like to grap hold of my ass and lips and stretch it open and watch in mirror I get so turned on then I work my penis till I cum usally screaming and very weak needing to rest

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masturbating it through white cotton briefs

gently wrap your hand around your penis wile wering a pair of white cotton full cut briefs then gently stroke it threw the cotton untill you come


I very much enjoy tugging on a soft penis feeling it ooze cream and lathering it up as it grows in my hand im very bicurious as how good it would feel to suck a soft sweet penis up into a hard throbbing tool I love to lay on my chest with my horny virgin ass high in the air and my penis straight down and milk it I love to think about a creamy penis rubbing all over my ass and working its head in just a little just enough to cream me up inside and get me wide open I want to feel a thick horse penis head push my ass open and work all the way in I want to feel my ass get all wet I want it deep while my horse size penis is pounding my hungry ass I want to stroke my penis till its lathered and throbbing from each thrust I want to feel his balls slapping me as he pounds me I want my ass to stretched as wide as it will go I want to feel him throb I want to feel him thrust deep an pull down hard as he shoots his cum in me I want to feel the cum running down my shaft as I use it for lube to stroke my penis into a screaming frenzy of orgasam.

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