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Masturbation is the most frequently practiced sexual activity around the world. In most cultures at this time, it's no longer taboo to discuss to basic male and female masturbation or advanced techniques. This site is a free adult documentary resource for men and women with masturbation tips, videos, images, and stories. No registration is necessary for the demonstration pages on this site. Private info need not be given in order to access any of the top-level pages, illustrations, minimovies, or photographs. We have contracted editor-reviewed advertisers to pay for the rent and upkeep of this site. We review ads for external sites to guarantee safety and privacy for you and your computer.

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The site also has a separate and unique section for ejaculation videos and photographs. Though masturbation may feel almost like an innate instinct for some individuals, others benefit from methodology demonstrations, comparison videos, films, products, and stories. We do respect the undeniable fact that there are folks who don't masturbate, and there's nothing wrong with those who don't do it. Our intention is not to alter people's private choices or spiritual principles. We want to document the masturbatory activities in society as they are instead of how we think they ought to be. This permits us to benefit from longitudinal studies of these perspectives and activities. We are hoping to provide our readers with a site that is representative of the overall societal perception and the numerous different expressions of self-pleasure. As society and cultures change over the passage of time we would like to see the way in which the perception of masturbation changes. For more information on the purpose of this site, please see the Advanced Masturbation Statement of Intent Page. If you are only seeking basic masturbation information, please go directly to our Basic Masturbation Education page. This site is not intended for young students or sensitive viewers. As an alternative, we kindly ask those who fit this criteria to please use our Youth and Sensitive Viewer Resource List.

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male masturbation
Male Masturbation


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female mastrubation
Female Masturbation

Girls Masturbating  group masturbation videos  Men - Masturbation Videos -

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Most Popular Female Techniques with Illustrations and Pictures:

Basic Female Techniques
Benefits while Laying on the Stomach
The Doggie Position
Sitting Position
Pros and Cons to Masturbation while Standing
Female Masturbating in the Sideways Position
Froggy Technique
The Female Contortionist
Nipple Masturbating
Car Jacking Off - Car Jilling Off
Hands-Free Masturbation
Large Objects in the Vagina

Female Masturbating Stories Archives:

Female Jilling Off Tips

Female Stories and Tips

Jilling off in January, Female Masturbation in February, March, April, May, Jilling in June, Women Masterbating in July, August, September, October, November, Female Masturbation in December

Jilling in January,   February,   March,   April,   May 2011, Jilling in June, Women Masturbating in July, August, September, October, November, December


Male Masturbation
(Continued from the column to the right)

Male Masturbation Stories

Over 2,000 male entries are now archived; including fantasy, real-life true male stories, opinions, and personal experiences.

Male Story Archives:

Masturbate with a Condom?

How to Masturbate with Self Control Techniques

Masturbate by Stimulating the Penis Glans

Male Masturbation Stories 2010

True Stories by Real Men

Jacking Off Tips 2006

Jacking Off Tips 2006-2

Jack Off Tips 2007

Jack Off Tips 2008

Masturbating in 2009



Most Popular Male Masturbation Techniques

# 1 Basic Full-Fist Technique
Basic Thumb-Forefinger
The Mushroom
Campfire Method
Headless Jerking
 Poking out of the Pulpit
Backhand Masturbation
Interlocking Grip
Foreskin Grip
Boxer Rub Masturbation
Upward Squeeze
Downward Squeeze
Too Full Hand's Full
Circular Masturbating
Palm, Belly, and Penis Sandwich
What? Packing Tape!
Table Hump Masturbation
Butt Resting on Heels
Pole Straddle (tight rope)
Pelvis Momentum Explosion
Masturbate the Head and Balls

Oral Lip Imitation Method
Pelvic Thruster Tease
Wring it Out Masturbation
Thumb Concentration on Glans

Backhand Circular
Intercourse Masturbation w/ Couch
Deep Scrotum & Testicle Massage
Maximum Penis Head Stimulation
Perfect Bathtub Masturbation
Water Flow on Testicles
Tease the Tip
Pillow Humping Hands-Free
Backhand Pelvic Thrust
Sexual Intercourse Imitation
Hands-Free Pelvic Grind
Glass Balls Masturbation
Ice Cold Golden Testicles
Forearm Stroking Technique
Pull, Bend, Squeeze
Underhanded Masturbation
Squat and Spurt
Fast Finger
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Free Masturbation Videos

Male Masturbation Videos
Straight guys with very big penises show how to jack off. Video number five shows a guy masturbate with a pierced penis.

Masturbating Ejaculation Pictures
Thirteen masturbating picture pages.

Masturbation Ejaculation Videos
Over forty videos.

Mutual Masturbation

Male and female, pics, vids. Fantasy, true, and personal stories about mutual masturbating.

Anal Masturbation

Pictures of anal masturbating with a dildo and readers' suggestions for alternative methods. Also includes instructions on how to masturbate the prostate gland.

Lube Reviews

Jerking off and Jilling off lubrication evaluations.

Masturbating Myths
False masturbation information revealed.

In the various English speaking regions of the world, masturbating has different slang terms and synonyms. This websites editors will usually use the term "masturbate" because this is the clinically correct term. But we want to conduct a study of different slang synonym terms used. Some examples of regional Slang Synonyms and spelling variations include the following words and phrases:
Wanking (U.K., Aus.)
Masterbation (spelling)
Jilling  (female)
Jilling Off
Fingering (female)
Jacking off
Jacking Off
Jackin off
Masterbating (spelling)
Whacking off
Jerking off
Jerking Off
Fap, Fapping
Handjob Jerking, Jerkin
Mastrubation (sp.)
Masterbate (sp.)
Jerking Off

Official translations from languages around the world:
The Word "Masturbation" Translated

Educational Subjects

Educational and information masturbation videos, writers resource articles, and a mini thesaurus.

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Masturbation technique videos or pictures, research reports, your masturbation biography, resource lists, the science of ejaculation, history of masterbating, the science of the penis and/or the vagina. Also - pictures and/or short movies or animated GIF files that illustrate how to masterbate, techniques, and/or ejaculations.

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