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Fleshlight reviews and stories; including pictures, tips and tricks. Videos and personal experiences with the FleshLight models.

LUBRICATION ? - Lube Required

DIFFICULTY LEVEL - Overall, the Fleshlight is very easy to use. At first, the Fleshlight might cause a fast but extremely intense ejaculation. With continued use, the man will naturally adjust his rhythm and speed. This enables him to experience new and different types of orgasms. Practice over time will eventually cause an orgasm with a longer and more euphoric sensation during the build-up to the climax. The Fleshlight user can achieve awesome "full-body" extended orgasms.


INTERESTING NOTE - The Fleshlight is also useful for treating and preventing premature ejaculation. Fleshlight practice enables the man to train his penis to last longer during sex with a partner. In recognition of this fact, the company started producing the Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit, also known as the STU.   Also, be sure to check out the Performance Package


Advanced Masturbation has never officially endorsed any masturbation tool before this one, but the Fleshlight is different. The Fleshlight is the most popular advanced masturbating tool in the world. It provides the most intense and distinctly realistic pleasure
At last count, over FOUR MILLION Fleshlights were sold around the world (4,185,231*).
* 4,185,231 Fleshlights sold as of the 31st May 2011


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"It's MUCH better than just jacking off."
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More Fleshlights, Pictures + Videos

Straight Guys - Girls Perform the Fleshlite demos on the Videos Below:

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Fleshjack Pics and Videos for Gay Men, Bisexual men, and Str8 guys who don't mind seeing other guys nude.

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Fleshlight Masturbating Videos and Pictures
Fleshlight masturbating pictures and videos
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Fleshlight "Fleshjack" Site - Fleshjack is an alternative product line geared towards Gay, Bisexual, and Str8 guys who don't mind looking at other nude men.

Reader's Reviews and Tips for the Fleshlight:

-- May 27, 2011

Warm Sensation - Fleshlight Reviews

(1) You can warm the inner Fleshlight sleeves by removing it from the case and soaking it in warm water in a tub or sink. If needed, drain the water and repeat the process with new warm water. VERY IMPORTANT - Definitely do NOT boil / microwave the sleeves. Shake it until most of the water is gone and put sleeve back into the Fleshlight case.
(2) You can adjust the tightness of the cap at the bottom to cause various feelings of the suction.
(3) F inish by applying a liberal amount of approved-lube to the orifice and your penis.
(4) If the Fleshlight is still cold, try warming the lube inside its container in the sink/tub at the same time as the sleeve. The Fleshlight now has proper lube, and it is ready to use.

-- April 12, 2011

Flesh Light Tips - Between the Mattresses

Guys... i bought a fleshlight, i have the Original Fleshlight (maybe super) ribbed. Sometimes i put the fleshlight between the box spring and mattress of my bed and have sex with it, but you HAVE to use lube. and it feels VERY VERY close to sex. The only thing missing is the warmth, which you can soak it in hot water.

fleshlight on penis

-- April 15, 2011

Vibrating fleshlight tips - anal stimulation

ok so like I own a fleshlight but NOT the tube that it goes in, just the bit you stick your penis into. Now I prefer it this way because I own a leather sofa, so I just put the flesh into the crack of the sofa and I can actually prefer an act of sexual intercourse feels really good as you can go as hard and deep and fast as you like and you wont hurt them anyway if you have a small vibrator or some vibrating machine of some sort be it computer controller or mobile phone...selatape it to the end of the flesh and I assure you, you will be ejaculating in MINUTES, but it has to be a strong vibration now to advance this even further....anal stimulation at the same time will send your cumming rocketing out your tip so fast you feel as if the hole is to small to let out the amount you wanna let flow ....for a final stage....have something vibrating in your ass at the same time..... me personally my set up is like this

small vibrator INSIDE the flesh. flesh inside the crack of the sofa and thickish sized vibrating dildo under me for me to ride on this set up is perfect as when I slide my penis in and out the flesh, the dildo itself is also going in and out of MY flesh :D

I love this set up, I cum so hard I cant actually hold in the moan...im pretty sure iv been heard cumming by my next door flatmate :S

but its just too intense...im pretty damn sure I orgasm EVERYTIME hope you lot give it ago

If you don't have one, Get Your Fleshlight Here

-- April 18, 2011

Fleshlight Review

I masturbate with a fleshlight and I have to say I was completely skeptical of it but after finally purchasing it I can say it was immensely worth it. I use it whenever I can instead of my hand. It gives such a satisfying and pleasurable feeling. The orgasms I have with the Fleshlight are far superior to anything that isn't sex.

-- September 18, 2010

My Fleshlite

I just got my new twista fleshlite an its so awesome i am very hot an horny an have been all my life i had a lot of intercourse an i masturbate a lot i live alone now i am 68 yrs old when i got my new Fleshlite tool i just cant leave it alone it the best ever when i am alone i can hardly wait to use it i get naked warm it up insert my cock in it an lay on the bed an pump away. its the best ever - FLESHLITE - thank you

Tera Patrick Twista
tera patrick fleshlight picture
Fleshlight Girls - Tera Patrick Twista (inside view)

-- September 12, 2009

fleshlight masturbarton

I got my new fleshlight about two months ago it is realy great I live alone so when I get home I cant to use it I the first thing I do is get naked then I warm up my new tool an insert my penis an pump away till I am about to cum I stop an enjoy the warmth of it it feels like a hot pussy then I slide in an out very slow till I cum it is the best ever I use it every morning an again at nite sometime I will use twice at nite I realy love it its the best toy I have ever used I am 65 yrs old an just writing about it I am so hot for it I am going to go use now bye

-- October 6, 2009

Fleshlight Owner for 2 Years

I've owned a Fleshlight now for about 2 years. I own a vagina ice wonderwave Fleshlight and it is wonderful. There is no masturbation like this. I've used it between the mattress and boxsprings, the shoe method and just up and down masturbation motions. I would suggest everyone own one of these. The clean up can be a pain but the orgasms are worth it.

-- October 9, 2009

Eight tried and trusted tips for the Fleshlight

I have had a Fleshlight for almost ten years and its the finest investment I ever made. Here are a few hints on variations and modifications I have made and tried:

1) I drilled and fitted a small enema hose connector to the bottom lid of my flesh light. I then added a short length of surgical tubing and a one way valve facing outwards. It relases air when you thrust in and closes when you withdraw causing amazing grip and delicious slurping noises.

2) I have added two small thick elastic bands to the top end of the insert and keep them there by making small cuts in the ribs. This increases the grip.

3) I find that perfumed shower gel soap is far better than ordinary lubes and foams nicely too. Good to add a little to your nipples and massage very gently too. I also use a small hypodermic syringe (with no needle!) with this gel to add a little warm water next to my penis without withdrawing for added wetness and slipperyness.

4) I always use my Fleshlight in between the mattress and the bed base leaving my hands free for anal or nipple stimulation. Wrap the Fleshlight in a small towel first to give a better grip in the bed wedge above.

5) For the most natural feeling it is best to warm the Fleshlight assembly. I don't take it out of the container but put the entire assembly upside down into a large tin of hot water. Saves time and effort. I dismantle & clean it once a month though in Dettol water.

6) If you are in need of a quick fix use a hairdryer for a couple of minutes to heat the sleeve from both ends with the cap removed.

7) For an entirely different feeling turn the Lady version upside down so the clit is nearest the floor. Deeper penetration & feels like doggy style.

8) For a fun variation, lubricate the Fleshlight sleeve and insert a Femidom with the supplied retaining ring.


If you don't have one, Get Your Fleshlight Here and then tell us what you think of it.

If you already have a Fleshlight, Write a Review and/or Your Tips.

-- January 6, 2009

Fleshlight and The Matress

I find the fleshlight extremely pleasuring to use. I find the best way to use it is too heat it up, place it in between the mattress and bed frame, and pretend it's a girl/boy. Extremely pleasing, and feels really real.

-- January 5, 2009

fleshlight lover

I got my new tool two weeks ago I live alone I have been using it every time I get a chance it is wonderful I keep it in nite stand when I look at it I get a instant erection I use it every nite an in the morning I just cant get enough of it it is the best tool in my life

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-- April 8, 2009

More Fleshlight reviews

I just got my new fleshlight, fleshlight girl  - Tera Patrick, lotus texture. This thing is amazing!!! It feels very real, very natural, like a girl who's very comfortable and relaxed. I am not the biggest equipped but I'm not tiny. Other toys,sleeves I've tried have been too tight to consider realistic. This toy has got it down. the material is almost creepy when you take it apart to clean it. surely an amazing product, don't waste time or money on anything else!!!

Tera Patrick Lotus
terra patrick lotus
Tera Partick Lotus Texture (inside)
fleshlight girls - tera patrick
Terra Patrick - See All Fleshlight Girls

-- April 24, 2009

amazing tool

i received my new tool today luck would have it my wife is working for the next twenty fours so i am all alone to play with it i read the instuctions an warmed it up then i inserted my penis into it an started to thrust in an out real slow at first then i went faster belive me it was amazing i nearly lost my mind i just coundnt stop then it happenedi ejaculted the biggest load ever i like it better than intercouse with my wife but i would not tell her that i used it four times today   thank you for such a awesome tool

-- April 29, 2009

a friend showed me his fleshlite

my friend that i used to masturbate with showed me his new fleshlite and said it was the greatest tool. He knows about my love of masturbating, so i asked him if he would get a fleshlite for me because my wife did not like me masturbating.  i was worried that if it came in the mail and she found it, i dont think she would understand. so after a week he brought it over.   it just so happend that my wife was away for a week. After i read the insturstions, i got naked, warmed it up, and then very slowly i slid it onto my throbing cock. It was amazing.  i just couldnt get over the way it felt as i thrust in and out.   i stuck it under the matress and an pumped away till was about to cum.  i stopped for a while cause i didnt want to cum yet.  the urge passed but i was still hard as a rock.  then i just thrust in an out real slow i enjoyed so much i didnt want it to end too soon.  now the build up is so great that i had to cum.  when i did i came an came so much.  i did not think it would stop cumming.  it left me weak in the knees.  i want to thank the person who came up with idea for the fleshlite.  its the most wonderful toy.  i used my fleshlite twice a day till my wife came home.   now i want her to leave for two weeks!!!

fleshlight sliced view fleshlight cut in half

-- April 25, 2009

The Fleshlight works great, even after 9 months

I've had my fleshlight for about 9 months. I really enjoy it late at night or early in the morning. It really helps me get off! You have to use lube & then your ready for action. It makes my hard cock feel so good moving it in & out until I cum.

-- June 2, 2009

awesome tool

i read about the fleshlights so i just had to have one i love to masturbate i thought this might be a change an belive me was i suprised the first time i used it i came the biggest load ever i didnt think i would stop cumming it was so intense it is the best masturbation tool for me i use it three to four times a week thats a lot for me for i am pushing sixty yrs an i cum every time i use it

If you don't have one, Get Your Fleshlight Here and then tell us what you think of it. Your reviews will determine if this site continues to endorse the Flesh Light products.

If you already have a Fleshlight, Write your Reviews and/or your Tips.

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